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Author Topic: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 8 (AyakAnna) 05/02/2016  (Read 55644 times)

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~ame's OS domain~ Enjoy Your Life! (Part 2) 07/05/2015
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@Cometerz48: I LOVE YOU TOO!  :on slopkiss: i got hooked into NatsUme because of Samurai Princess~ *hugs cometerz-chan back*  :rock: i'm glad you liked it...  :on GJ:

@luvsidney: ehehe original team K is my favorite team ever!  :on asmo: i know you'll like this chapter~  :glasses: :kekeke:

so minna-sama...

here's the part 2.

some SaeYaka, YukaNacchi, and NatsUme moments here.

hope you'll like this!


Enjoy Your Life!
~Part 2~

(Sayaka’s POV)

“Sayaka-chan! Let’s take a picture with the birthday girl!” Nonti said as she dragged me towards the others.

“Who’s going to take our picture?” Yuka asked.

“I will…” Meetan said with a smile as she walked out of the kitchen.

Tomo~mi handed Meetan the camera and all of us positioned and gave our best smiles.

“One… Two… Three… Say cheese!” Meetan said as she clicked on the button.

“By the way… it’s past 7PM now… where could Natsumi and Ayaka be?” Sae whispered to me.

 “I don’t know… but maybe they’ll be arriving soon…”

“Saechan!! Let’s go harass Erena and Manami! Before Meetan lays her hand on them!” Yuko said as she pulled Sae away from me.

“Eh?!” Sae protested but Yuko was incredibly strong.

I sighed as I watched them tease the two youngest girls here…

I was wondering where the other two girls were now? I went towards the window and looked outside, waiting for Natsumi and Ayaka…

I hope they aren’t lost…

After a minute, I saw a motorcycle stop in front of the house… That must be Natsumi’s… but I thought they’ll be taking the train… Well, that doesn’t matter anymore… at least they arrived here whole and safe…

I silently watched the two girls as I slightly peered out of the window…

Natsumi got off the motorcycle first. Ayaka was having a hard time going off and she was about to fall… but Natsumi quickly caught her.

It was funny watching them from my place…

“So… are they already there?” I was startled when Sae spoke behind me. She chuckled as she peered through the window, too…

Ayaka noticed that they were staring at each other for quite a long time now, so she straightened her dress and was about to walk away when…


Natsumi pulled her close and embraced her tight.

I can feel my own heart beating fast as I watched them. I quickly stole a glance at Sae and was surprised to catch her staring at me.

I quickly diverted my eyes because I felt my heart doubled its rate… I knew I was blushing and I can’t let Sae see that…

The doorbell rang and Tomomi personally opened the door.

“Happy birthday, Tomomi!” Natsumi and Ayaka said in chorus. And Natsumi was holding Ayaka’s wrist.

“Natsumi! Ayaka!” She screamed in delight as she saw the two girls standing at her doorstep. “At last! We’re complete now…”

“Let’s get the party started!!” Kana shouted.

“By the way, here’s my gift…”

Ayaka rummaged through her bag in search of the wrapped box.

“Tomomi… Here’s for you…” Natsumi said as she handed her the box of cake.

“Wow! Thank you!” She smiled as she opened the box and placed the cake on the table…

Yu lighted the candles on. “Birthday girl must wish first before anything else!”

We sang a birthday song and then Tomomi closed her eyes and wished. She then blew the candles…

“Now… it’s time for the real party!” Nacchi turned on the radio to play some party music.

We all got a plate of food each and it was overflowing with the dishes Sae, Tomo, and I cooked.

“Oishi~” – Kaoru

“I can’t believe Saechan cooked this! Hehehe…” – Ayana

Sae pouted. “Ayana-chan is so mean!”

We all laughed at her childish action.

After our hearty dinner and the funny stories we shared, we ate the cake Natsumi baked.

“Sayaka-chan…” I looked at Sae who called me.



She cut me off when she placed a tissue on the side of my lips…

“There’s some icing over there…” She said as she wiped it off.

I know I’m blushing right now… and it is so embarrassing! >/////<

“Oi! Let’s get the real party started now!” We heard Yuka somewhere and we all turned our heads to face her…

Eh?! So that’s the real party… Seriously…?

“Masuda!!” Nacchi went over to Yuka and tried to snatch the bottle of champagne away. “You still haven’t changed a bit!”

Yuka just chuckled at Nacchi’s remark. “Why? We’re all at the legal age by now… Right?”

Nacchi looked away from her and folded her arms… “Hmph! You drunkass!”

“Come on, Sato! Don’t ruin the fun!!” She said to Nacchi as she tickled her waist.

“M—Masuda!! Hahaha! Stop it!” Nacchi ran to the couch and tried to hide behind Nonti but Yuka was one naughty kid, she only stopped when Meetan told her to stop.

“Cut it off already, Yuka… and let’s have some of that champagne now…” – Meetan

Yuka automatically stopped and using a corkscrew opened the bottle of liquor.

“You sure know how to stop Yuka…” – Nonti

“Yuka already acts like a drunkass though she hasn’t even drunk any alcohol yet…” – Kana

“What more when she’s already drunk… for real?!” Nacchi said as she threw a sharp glare to Yuka.

“Then I’m at your responsibility.” Yuka winked at Nacchi.

“Masuda!!” Nacchi, in return, flicked Yuka’s forehead.

We laughed at the two bickering girls as we each had a glass of champagne.

“Kampai~” We all said in unison.

After some time of drinking and laughing…

Manami, Erena, and Kaoru were already asleep and drunk now since they are not used to drinking…

Yuka, Yuko, Sae, Tomo, and Nonti were the ones who drunk the most amongst all of us. The rest of the girls had drunk in minimal amounts…

“Saechan is already asleep…” Ayana whispered to me.

I looked at Sae and yes, her eyes were already closed. I stood up and went towards her. “Our Genking is sleeping already… I’ll go bring her to bed now.”

Sae slightly opened her eyes and smiled. “Yeah… Sayaka and I will sleep now…”

Ayana helped me in assisting Sae to walk. The girl can’t even stand up right.

“The futon is already made there… I think our three young girls occupied my bed already.” – Tomo

“Thank you…”

We shortly reached Tomo’s room. Yes, the three girls slept on the bed. We laid Sae on a futon.

“I guess we don’t have much futon…” Ayana commented as she smoothened the blanket covering the three girls. “So we must sleep in pairs…”

“I think I’ll be sleeping now, too. How about you, Ayana-chan?”

“I’ll go spend some more time with the others. Good night, Sayaka-chan…” Ayana said as she turned off the lights and closed the door as she went out.

I was covering Sae’s body with a blanket when the girl held my hand and… pulled me. I ended up falling on top of the drunken girl…


“W—why?” My voice sounded shaky. I don’t know if it’s because of our awkward position or maybe I was just nervous of getting too much close to Sae.

I was about to stand up but Sae quickly wrapped her arms around me, catching me up in a warm embrace. My heart went crazy with just her normal embrace…

Sae giggled. “You’re so stiff, Sayaka…”

I can’t seem to think right. “You can’t possibly sleep when I’m right here… I’m not a pillow, Sae…”

“I know… but please let me embrace you…” The way she said that brought warmth in my chest that I never felt before. I can’t say anything…

“It’s not really a nice way to say this but… I know this is my only chance…” Sae whispered to me. “Sayaka… I—I love you.”


My eyes widened after hearing those words. I don’t know if it’s true or if it’s just an effect of Sae’s drunkness. “Sae… I—”

“Sssssh…” She cut me off. “I know I’m just a sister for you… but… I can’t help it. I can’t stop myself from falling for you…”

Her voice was shrilly. I can feel her body shaking lightly. Is she crying?

She let go of me. Supported by my arms and elbows, I moved inches away from her but still above. She really was crying…


“I’m drunk… but I know what I’m saying—”

“I love you, Sae… more than a sister.”

Her eyes widened. “Is that… true?”

I nodded in reply as Sae pulled me again closer. Our lips met and upon the contact, my eyes closed itself automatically…

We pulled out for some air and we continued staring at each other’s smiling face.

“I’m happy…” She said.

I laid myself beside her. “Me too… Now, let’s sleep?”

(Natsuki’s POV)

“Masuda! You’ve had enough already!” I stood up and flicked the drunken Yuka’s forehead again.

She was the most drunk among all of us…

“Yeah… I think so, too… I can’t feel my legs anymore. Hahaha…” She chuckled at her drunken state.

I brought her arms up to my shoulder and assisted her to stand up…

“Can you manage?” Meetan asked me. And I gave her a thumb up.

Yuka was giggling as we headed to the stairs.

As we reached the room, Yuka quickly limped over a futon… She was giggling non-stop.

“Oi, be quiet! They’re sleeping already!”

“I—I can’t seem to stop! Hahahaha!” I covered her mouth with my hand but it just muffled the sound of her laugh.

It isn’t effective… Her muffled laughter just echoed around the room…

I need to think of something to make her stop.

I removed my hands from her mouth and… replaced it with my own lips.

I—I was kissing her! Is this for real?!

I don’t even know why I did that!

But surely it made her stop from giggling. Well, she was stoned from my actions…

I soon pulled away from her when we’ve been in that position for too long.

“At last, you’ve been stopped…” I coldly said as I watched her lying on the futon.

I was about to leave when… “Don’t leave me…” I heard her said it very softly.

“Why not? There are the other girls sleeping here…”

“Yeah… but you’re not… So can you please stay by my side… even just for tonight, Natsuki?”

At any moment, my heart can explode already. “Yuka…”


I went towards her and lied beside her… I covered us in a blanket.

“Thank you and… good night.” She said with a smile.

(Natsumi’s POV)

When Nacchi brought Yuka over to the room, we have been quieter.

Yuko, Nonti, and Tomo still drank…

“Natsumi, come and join us here!” – Nonti

“I think I’ll pass… I’m bad with alcohol.” I briefly said.

On the other side, Yuko and Tomo was pulling Ayaka over them

They’ve been successful, though.

“Kana, come here! You also Yu and Ayana! And Meetan, too!” – Nonti

“I can’t drink too much… I’m afraid of baby fats.” Meetan joked, but part of it was true.

“Uh… I don’t think I can… You’ll need someone sober later.” – Ayana

“Hahaha. You’re right there, Ayana-chan… Natsumi and Meetan can’t carry Nonti!” – Kana

In the end, Kana and Yu joined them, too…

When all the bottles of liquor were emptied, Ayana-chan, Meetan, and I assisted all the drunken girls up to Tomo’s room.

“I don’t think three girls will be able to share a futon…” – Meetan

We laid Tomo and Kana, Yuko and Ayaka, Yu and Nonti, in pairs for each futon. Now, there’s only one futon remaining… and the three of us won’t fit inside.

“Definitely… You two can share that. I’ll go sleep at the couch…” I suggested.

“Is that really okay, Natsumi?” – Ayana

I nodded as I turned off the light. “Good night…”

I went down to the living room with a blanket in my hand. The glasses were still at the table… So, I cleaned the table and washed the glasses on the kitchen sink first.

After that, I laid myself on the couch…

But… I don’t feel sleepy…

My mind was dreamy. The scenes earlier tonight were replayed back into my mind…

When she was falling off the motorcycle… and I caught her in time.

I was staring at her and she’s staring at me… and she was smiling…

A smile that I haven’t seen for quite a long time… A smile that is enough to make my heart melt…

And then she walked away… but I… I didn’t know why I embraced her.

“Wait, Ayaka… I missed you.”

The sweet scent of her hair enveloped my nose. It was the same scent as before…

I can feel my own heart beating fast now… Why? Why am I feeling this way? Why do I want to see her right now? I miss her presence already—”

“Natsumi…?” I heard a familiar voice – none other than Ayaka’s.

I opened my eyes and saw her walking down the stairs while holding her head…

“W—why?” Her sudden appearance made me nervous, all of a sudden.

“I was awakened because of Yuka’s snore… Then I felt a bit of dizziness…”

“Come on, and have a seat…”

I stood up and went to the kitchen. I can still hear her voice from here.

“Did I wake you up?” She asked me.

“No… I can’t sleep… Maybe because of the alcohol.” I briefly said.

Both of us were silent for a short moment…

After a while, I went back to where Ayaka was, with two cups of coffee on my hand. Her eyes were tightly shut and her back rested on the couch.

Sensing my arrival, she opened her eyes just as I was sitting beside her. I pointed at the cup of coffee. “It’ll wear the dizziness away…”

“Thank you…” She said as she brought the cup to her lips and took a sip. “Wow… it tastes good.”

I just smiled at her.

“By the way, may I ask you something?” She put her cup down.

“Sure… Anything…”

“W—why did you… embrace me?”


Her simple question left me speechless.

“Nee… Natsumi…”

“I—I don’t know. Maybe because I… I just missed you.”

I can’t seem to look at her because I know I was blushing now…

“Natsumi… You know it was weird… We haven’t seen each other for years… and I was thinking now… Yeah, I missed Natsumi, too…” Then, she paused to sip some coffee. “But I guess that doesn’t explain why I’m still longing for you… when I’m already seeing you now…”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, either… I just want to be with you more… I guess.”

That’s exactly the same thing I was feeling right now… I brought up my cup and drank all the coffee. I guess the caffeine just intensified my heartbeat.

“I don’t know… Maybe because I was too drunk…” She let out a light laugh as she emptied her cup, too.

Will I tell her what I’m feeling?

I looked at her… My gaze shot through her lovely, brown eyes. “Ayaka… I’m not drunk… but… I think I—I’m feeling the same…”

Finally, I’ve said it! I can see her blush all of a sudden… It felt so awkward so I got up and brought the empty cups to the kitchen…

When I got back, she was still sitting there… and her gaze followed me…

“You look cute in that pink dress…”

She blushed again after hearing that compliment. “You still look cool… just like before.”

I felt a heat creeping on my face… I sat beside her on the couch.

“What time is it now, Natsumi?”

I checked my watch. “It’s eleven minutes past one already…”

“Oh… but I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep up there…” She said.

“Why not?”

“Because of Yuka’s snore…”

And then we chuckled. After getting tired of doing so, she rested her head on my left shoulder…

It was crazy – just a simple contact with her makes my heart thump.

“Then, you can sleep here…” I said, trying to control the shrillness of my voice.

“How about you? I—I don’t want to sleep here alone…”

“I’ll be watching over you.”

“Eh?! You won’t sleep?! No! No!” Ayaka protested.

“I don’t feel sleepy yet…”

She was about to stand up but she lost her balance… and fell over on top of me. Her face was so close to mine… I can clearly observe her flawless face – the brown eye, pointed nose, blushing cheeks, and those pink, enticing lips.

“Natsumi…” She touched my red-colored cheeks. Then, she closed the distance between our lips.

She moved into the kiss. I was surprised about how my body reacted and I was now kissing her back.

This is wrong… but everything felt so right!

She pulled away from me for some air… But once again, we let our lips meet…

“You better sleep now, midget…” I told her.

She just smiled at me. I pulled her over and she rested her head on my lap. I stroked her long hair and soon enough she was sweetly sleeping.

I just watched her sleeping face. It looks so beautiful. What happened still confuses me but… deep in my heart… I knew I was so happy.


so. that's it...


thanks for reading!  :byebye:

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~ame's OS domain~ Enjoy Your Life! (Part 3) 15/05/2015
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i'm back~


Enjoy Your Life!
~ Part 3 ~

(Ayaka’s POV)

“Okay… Class dismissed!” I announced as I wiped off the sweat dripping on my forehead.

My students thanked me and quickly freshened themselves up before packing up their bags and leaving me alone in the studio.

As soon as I was alone… my mind became occupied with random thoughts of her – that of Natsumi’s.


The next morning after Tomo~mi’s birthday…

The moment I opened my eyes after a short sleep, I found her asleep – with my head still resting on her lap. I slowly lifted my head and sat beside her on the couch.

Her sleeping face looks so cute, so cute that I want to pinch her cheek. I was just staring at her when she opened her eyes.

She was a bit surprised when our gazes met.

“O—ohayo…” I said, trying to break the sudden awkward moment between us.

“I didn’t mean to… watch you sleeping but—” I paused to look at her. “You were just too cute.”

In an instance, her cheeks became tinted with a pink hue. She wasn’t saying anything. So, I just shut my mouth closed too until some of the girls went down to the living room to join us.

Some of the girls, including Natsumi, prepared our breakfast.

It was quite weird because Sae and Sayaka were acting weird, as well as Yuka and Nacchi… It was unusual that they were behaving so quiet and polite and not teasing one another…

Well, that goes the same with Natsumi and I. We haven’t talked since last night… She was acting all too quiet and I can feel that she was trying to distance herself away from me…

B—but why? What happened last night confuses me…

After quite some time, we all decided to part ways and go home…

Natsumi rode her motorcycle alone while the rest of us took the train…


A week has passed now and since then… I haven’t seen her face again, nor even received a mail from her…

I—I wanted to see her! I miss her silent sweetness… and the taste of her lips haunted me for nights.

My mind was soon occupied with what if’s… But what if she doesn’t want to see me, too? What if she doesn’t feel the same as what I feel? What if she thinks that what happened that night was just a crappy mistake and it’s just an effect of drunkenness?

I was just staring at myself in the mirror as these thoughts traversed my mind… Then, I fancy I heard the sound of a motorcycle outside the studio. I just shrugged my shoulders. Maybe it’s just my imagination…

Then, it startled me when the door banged open and I saw in the mirror her reflection dashing towards me…

My heartbeat raced when I felt her warm arms wrapped on my body, as well as her body was too close to mine. “Natsumi…”

I know it was real. It wasn’t my imagination. She was embracing me tightly… for real.

That sudden realization made me teary-eyed. Does this mean that… she misses me, too?

She quickly spun me around and pinned me to the mirror behind me. And soon, I found her lips crashing with mine. My eyes were closed and I can feel every single movement of our lips. The kiss felt so good… and satisfying.

We stopped to let our lungs be filled with air once again. Her forehead touched mine as we stared deeply at each other’s eyes.

“Natsumi… W—why?”

“Tell me… Did you miss me?” She asked in a serious tone.

I was unsure of what to say. Yes, I really miss her… but what if—

“Ayaka!” She called out in a loud voice as she noticed my sudden indecision. I can see her bit her lip to control her emotions.

“I—I’m confused… Ayaka…” She said in a calmer voice now – almost a whisper. “So please tell me… Did you miss me?”

“Yes, I miss you… and I’m glad that you’re now here, before my eyes.”

I said, letting go of all my inhibitions. She quickly embraced me again.

“I’m sorry if I acted like a jerk this past week… I tried to… shake off what I feel. You know, it felt unbelievable and… things went on real fast—”

“Ssssssh…” I cut her off by touching her lips with my finger. “You don’t need to explain. There’s only one thing that I want to know…”

“What is it?” She asked me with scrunched brows.

“Matsubara Natsumi… do you love me?”

“I—I’m not sure. I don’t really know…”

Her words pinched my heart. I—I thought she feels the same as what I feel… but I guess… I was wrong. Everything was just so wrong… Maybe I was just assuming things too much—

“All I know is that… I can’t live my life now the way I used to before… without you by my side.” She touched my chin so that I can directly face her.

I was speechless because there’s too much happiness overflowing in my heart.

“Umeda Ayaka… I hope we can be like this… forever. I don’t want to be alone anymore…”


“I haven’t been in love before that’s why I don’t really know how it feels like… but when I’m with you… it felt different – a feeling I’ve never felt before. When I’m with you, it felt wonderful. Even without saying anything… Even our skins don’t touch… Just your presence beside me… It will be enough.”

Suddenly, it felt like I’ve lost my tongue… and my mind can’t seem to form the words that can express all that I feel now.

“And if that weird and unfamiliar feeling is what they call love… then… I’m in love with you, Ayaka…” She whispered to me.


“What is it?” And once again, she was smiling, staring at me with her eyes.

“It’s weird but I know that… I love you, Natsumi. I want to be with you always… and by the way… you made me miss you so bad. I miss the taste of your lips…”

The way I said it, made her blush. I smirked at her.

“So does that mean that I can kiss you… again?”

“Why are you asking permission now… when in the first place, it was you who barged in here to kiss me a while ago…?”

Her cheeks were now very red.

“So, is your answer… a yes…?”

“No…” I clung to her neck. Since she was obviously taller than me, I pulled her downwards – so near to my face… and gave her a peck on her lips. “Because I’ll be the one to do the honors…”

She chuckled at my sudden bold action. She looks so cute… “You’re one sneaky midget…”

She pinched my cheek.

“Oh, am I…? But you liked it, didn’t you?” I teased her while smirking. She honestly gave a slight nod.

She was just so adorably cute, so I kissed her again. She was kissing me back with much passion as I. After that momentarily collision of our lips, we stared at each other again, while still panting.

“I never thought that you’ve grown into quite an aggressive woman…” She commented.

I just pouted my lips. “Don’t worry… You’re going to meet all sides of me in the near future. And so I will meet all kinds of Natsumi, too… right?” Then, I winked at her…


and done!

that's it.

i hope you liked it.

 :on gay:

thanks for reading!  :byebye:

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Enjoy Your Life! (Part 3) 15/05/2015
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ah.... when I was away the story ended... ^^"
i love this old TK story... although it's just have a short story for saeyaka ^^"

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~ame's OS domain~ Maneki Neko (AtsuMina) 04/06/2015
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ame-chan here~  :on cny1:

and she's with an atsumina os.  :on hypto:

have you watched Kamisama no Iu Toori (this one's just a trailer, though)?

if yes, then that's great... you'll be able to relate well to this short one-shot.


here it is~

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

Maneki Neko

“Nyan~ Nyan~ Nyan~ Nyan~ Nyan~” The cat said as she lunges to eat mice – it was rather the people wearing mouse costume.

That was absolutely cute. Her thin voice fitted perfectly with this giant neko character… and this live action was interesting.

Those thoughts passed by my mind as I was watching Kamisama no Iu Toori’s live action. It was currently on the Maneki Neko’s part. She was this giant cat’s seiyuu…

“Motto~ Motto~~”

I even imagined her face, replacing that of the cat, as I heard her voice…

I can’t help but to smile… Suddenly, I felt this strong urge to see her… But I guess she’s really busy, not to even call me or send me an e-mail. It has been a week without hearing any news directly from her.

I concentrated back on watching the movie…

And as it was approaching the good part, I heard my phone ringing.

Quickly, I reached for my phone and answered it immediately as soon as it showed her name on the screen.

Just hearing her voice made my heart pump a louder and faster beat…
   (Are you… busy? Did I interrupt you or something?)
   “Not really…”
   (Eh? So, what are you doing right now?)
Her simple question made me out of words.
   “I—I’m just… watching s—something…”
   (What is it exactly?)
   “Kamisama no Iu Toori…”
   (For real?! Eeeeeh!)
It was weird but I can imagine her blushing right now.
   “Yeah, your voice is so… cute.”
Even I had a patch of red on my cheeks as I smiled, glad she can’t see me right now.
   (Is that the reason why you’re smiling right now?)
   “Eh?! How do you say so???”
Is she reading my mind or something?
   (Because I know you, Minami… Hahaha…)
Her chuckle was even cuter… than Maneki Neko’s voice.
   (By the way… would you mind if I come over to your house now?)
   “Sure… I’ll just clean my room…”
   (No need. It’s fine if it isn’t that clean. As long as you’re there, it’ll be fine…)
Atsuko sure knows how to make my heart go… dokidoki. I don’t really know what else to say because I can’t help myself from smiling from ear-to-ear.
   “Okay, then… What time would you be going?”
   (Actually… I’m standing outside your house now.)

With my phone still on my ear, I quickly ran down to the door… And yes, there she is, with her bright, wide smile.

“Seriously, Atsuko…”

“I missed you…” I earned a warm embrace from her. “…so much.”

“Same as I…” I returned her embrace with a much tighter one. I don’t ever want to let go of her… “I guess you were too busy this past week.”

“Un… I’m sorry I haven’t texted you for days.”

“It’s alright, I understand you…” I smiled at her. I miss that smile of hers… and I was too happy now that I got to see it.

“Ah, you said you were watching Kamisama no Iu Toori, right…?”

I nodded. I almost forgot I was halfway watching that movie. “Do you want to watch it with me?”

She accepted my invitation and we walked up to my room.

It was already halfway of the movie and things just got more exciting…

On the other hand, Atsuko snaked her hand around mine and she gently held it. Our fingers intertwined, perfectly filling up the spaces between them. Her hand was warm and it made my palm sweat, but she still didn’t let go of it…

We stayed still in that position until the movie ended…

“Whoa! That was one tragic ending, I didn’t expect that… Ichika would—”

My words were cut off when she kissed me quickly…

It was just a few-second collision of our lips yet it made me feel an awakening jolt of an electric-like force inside my body.

“Nee… Minami… Who will now scratch the cat’s back? How will the cat be able to sleep when there’s no one to scratch her back…?”

It was weird, but was she… imitating Maneki Neko?

It was funny as hell. Atsuko, sure, is weird sometimes…

“If you don’t scratch the cat’s back and if it didn’t fall asleep… then… the cat will eat you out…”

I let out a hearty laugh, and then I soon realized what she really meant when she said that the cat will eat me out!

Oh crap! It sent another jolt of electric-like force in my body…

My throat was suddenly dry as I nervously spoke. “Then, I—I will…”

I don’t know if I was nervous… or I was just too excited! Dammit!


Atsuko removed her fancy clothes and jumped on my bed with just her underwear on.

“Do you really need to…” I looked away as my face suddenly felt hot.

She nodded. Then, I start to gently scratch her back.

Her skin was so soft and white and I was doing it so gently, trying not to damage her flawless skin…

“Aa~ It feels good, Minami~”

I can almost imagine I was Takahata Shun, scratching the giant cat’s back.

“Atsuko…” I let out a chuckle.

“What is it?”

“What we’re doing right now feels a bit weird… right?”

“Not really. It actually feels good.”

She turned her head to look at me. She was serious about it! And it almost made me burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry… I’ll scratch your back too, later…” She said that with her usual innocence that she has. She was way too cute!

“No, it’s alright—” Atsuko was glaring at me! “W—why…?”

“Never mind.” She said in an attempt to get off of the bed.


I pulled her down and pinned her to the bed.

“Minami! Let go of me!” She said but I didn’t move. I was just on top of her, pinning her down to the soft mattress.

“Minami! Let me go—”

She raised her voice but I silenced her with a kiss.

A deep kiss…

I closed my eyes, feeling the softness of her lips and the fast beating of my heart…

She submitted to her inner feelings and was now kissing me back…

It wasn’t really like me – I mean, I’m not the one who usually initiate these things… I wasn’t usually doing the first move. Not until now.

We pulled back to breathe some air. Our noses were touching and sweat trickled down our temples.

“You always ruin the mood, Minami…” She chuckled.

I smiled at her.

“I really missed you, Atsuko…”

I said it, from the bottom of my heart…

“It’s obvious…” Her face was flushed. Even her sincere gaze was enough to make my heart melt…

“Sorry if I’m a bit dense most of the time…”

“Maneki Neko will forgive you, but as a punishment for ruining its mood… then, it’ll eat you out! Rawr~”

“That’s a really cute warning…”

“I’m dead serious.”

I didn’t expect what she next did. Just how swift her movements are… to be able to switch our position and she was now the one on top of me…

Dokidoki… There goes my heart again…

“Jaa… Minami… Itadakimasu~” She closed the small distance between us – letting me drown into her warm kisses and love, again…


 :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

i hope you enjoyed it~

i'm outta here.  :on crazygran:

jaa.. thanks for reading~

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Maneki Neko (AtsuMina) 04/06/2015
« Reply #64 on: June 04, 2015, 01:50:19 PM »
That was such a nice Atsumina moment!
Thank you for the fic!  :love:
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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Maneki Neko (AtsuMina) 04/06/2015
« Reply #65 on: June 04, 2015, 01:50:58 PM »
hi hi.. it was good OS.. thank you author-san!  :hee:

[finaly new OS with Atsumina pairing.. short, but enough to be good  8) ]
Hope to see more this kind of OS from you!

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Maneki Neko (AtsuMina) 04/06/2015
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That is a nice OS  :twothumbs
Thank you for your fic  :wub:
Hope to see more Atsumina OS FROM YOU :)

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~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained (AyakAnna) 22/10/2015
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thanks to all who have commented for Maneki Neko... phoenix0i, black_maa, and nguyen23~

anyways, here's a new OS.

I believe that there are only few writers (excluding Hana-chan and Ruka-senpai) who include my KamiOshi in their characters that's why... I'm writing lots of stories including my lovely Ume Baba~  :heart:

Please bear with me.

I just really love Umeda Ayaka-sama.  :nya:

here's an OS with a Vampire Ume theme!

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:


(Umeda Ayaka X Ijiri Anna)

(Anna’s POV)

“Bye bye, Antan!! Take care!” Emichi said while waving her hand goodbye.

I waved my hand back and left my friends at the station.

It was past 11PM already… I should’ve slept over at Emichi’s house… but I chose to go home and spend the night at my own apartment. And why? Because I have morning classes tomorrow at the university I currently attend to.

I let out a sigh as I strolled along the well-lighted but quiet street.

The cold evening breeze blew and it made my skirt flutter in the wind.

It felt weird every time I go home late in the evening…

It felt like there is someone’s gaze following me… when there really is no one out on the streets.

A pair of eyes watching me from the darkness… but… maybe it’s just a fragment of my own imagination.

I felt uneasy and I started to walk faster than usual. It was extremely quiet that even the rustling of the wind can be clearly heard…

Paranoia then attacks. I began imagining hearing footsteps following me behind… I’m afraid to look back. What would I do if there’s really someone following me…?

But what if I was just frightening myself by my own imagination? This is all so crazy…

So I gathered all my courage and peered behind me…

Certainly, there is no one behind. It was only me on this cold, quiet street.

I began to laugh at my own foolish thought… My laughter resounded through the empty space.



What was that?!

My senses were heightened again. I’m sure that I’ve heard another pair of laughter which is not mine.

It was so creepy that I started to run… In just a few more blocks, I’ll reach it back home.

I arrived at home safely but still panting from exhaustion.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I locked the main door and headed to my room.

I opened the lights and was about to strip my clothes off to change when I noticed that the window was wide open.

When I was about to close the window, a brush of wind passed through and even the lights were turned off.

“Wha—mmmph!” Something cold covered my mouth. My heart beats loudly because I am totally afraid!

Who the hell is this person? And how did this creature get inside? I’m sure that I locked the doors…

My heart pounded very fast when I felt the cold body behind me, dragging me to the bed. The person sat on the edge of my bed and dragged me to sit on the person’s lap.


I tried to fight back but the other hand secured both of my hands. I tried kicking the person but it seems that the person wasn’t getting hurt.

“Ijiri-san, that won’t do. Anyways, forgive me for barging in…”

It is a woman’s voice.

How come did she know my name?!

“I guess you are confused… I’ll explain. I’ve been watching you since then, Ijiri Anna-san. You are the only one who noticed my presence on the lonely streets… That’s why I followed you everywhere…”

She’s a stalker? This is seriously creepy!

“You shouldn’t go home this late… There are many criminals out the streets and with you looking so good in your uniform… you’re quite prone to rapists.”

What does she mean? There’s no one out the streets at this hour…

“It’s never safe to go home late… Yesterday, there was a group of men watching you from the dark. They wanted to lay their hands on you that’s why they waited for you tonight… They stood behind a certain dark corner but before you can even get closer to them, I beat the hell out of those maniacs!”

I was speechless. It was weird… I’m not afraid anymore. Instead, my heart pounds out loud because of happiness. It was the first time I met her. I should be afraid of her. That’s the normal response… but no, I feel so comfortable having her here… near me.

“There were quite some occasions like that happening before, too…”

She let her hand uncover my mouth. Her other hand released both of my hands. But it was me who didn’t move at all. It was me who chose to remain sitting on her lap…

“But you don’t have to worry… As long as I’m here, I won’t let anyone hurt you…”

“T—Thank you…”

“I’m happy that I got to get this close to you…” She whispered.


N—No… I can’t fall in love with someone I just met!

But being close to her feels so… comfortable.

She is a girl, Ijiri!!

Who cares? I—I think I’m starting to… like her.

My head was in confusion and we were both silent when I blurted out words that I never imagined saying… “Kiss me…”

She was taken aback because she let out a gasp…

“T—That’s not what I mean… I—I didn’t mean to…” I stuttered.

I felt her fingers brush my hair out of my neck. Then, her lips replaced her fingers. She gently kissed my neck…

I arbitrarily let out a soft moan. The touch of her lips felt unusually warm…

“Just tell me if you want me to stop… Then, I’ll stop…”

She said then continued on gently kissing me…

I know this is wrong but it felt so right… I can’t deny the fact that I wanted what she was doing.

“You smell nice, Ijiri-san…”

“Call me by my first name…”

Then, I felt her stop…

“If I don’t stop right now… I might just hurt you…”


She gently lifted me and let me sit beside her. I turned my head to look at her…

“Because I’m not a human…”

She is beautiful but her skin looks quite pale-white… Her brown-colored eyes, pointed nose, and those pink luscious lips caught my eyes.

She was not a human? How come…? She looks perfectly normal.

“I’m a vampire…” She revealed her fangs.


A vampire in front of me? It was just so unbelievable!

“See? I guess I must leave you now…” She said as she headed towards the window.

“No, please…”  I caught her wrist in a grip. “Stay with me…”

I spun her around and embraced her.

What am I doing? This is so embarrassing!

My heart thumped louder because of the contact.

“But if I stay here with you for a longer time… I might not get a hold of myself…” She said in a pale whisper.

“Will you kill me?”

“Of course not! It’s not like that… You’re too precious to me…”

“Then, what is the problem…?” I looked straight at her eyes.

She diverted her eyes away. “Y—You’re too young to understand my problem…”

“Then, bite me.”

Her eyes gawked in surprise. “Don’t even suggest something like that!”

“But why? You said you won’t kill me? What really is your problem?!”

“I—I can’t tell you… You’re too young to understand…”

“You keep on repeating that… Age is just a number! And I’m old enough. I’m 20 already!”

“See? You are indeed young…”

“How old are you?”

“Ichi, ni, roku…”

1-2-6? 126?!

I guess my surprise was clearly shown on my face… Ms. Vampire frowned.

“I’ll go… Ijiri-san…”

“Don’t go.” I held her tighter.

“Why not?” She coldly asked. Her gaze pierced through my heart, making it skip a beat.

“I—I don’t know… I just want you by my side.”

“Are you not afraid…?”

I shook my head and smiled. “There’s no reason to be afraid.”

My eyes were fixed on her quivering lips. It looks really soft…

That’s why… I pulled her head closer and our lips met. The contact electrified my whole body. It is indeed soft…

The vampire kissed me deeper… We were kissing passionately until we stopped to catch our breaths.

She panted as she looked straight into my eyes. “Ijiri-san… I—I don’t think this is right…”

She looked so exhausted. Maybe, she’s thirsty. I don’t know what got into me…

“You can bite me and suck my blood to quench your thirst… You look so tired.” I suggested.

Maybe I was really not on my right mind to even suggest something like that.

She looked undecided. I tilted my head and offered her my white neck and it made her gulp.

She went behind me and… sniffed the scent of my neck.

“You smell so good, ah…”

I cleared my throat when I felt her mouth close to my skin.

“This will hurt, but later you won’t feel anything anymore…” She whispered. Then, I felt her fangs tore the layers of my skin.


The pain subsided when she started sucking my blood. I can feel something weird arising inside of me… It felt so warm inside. I felt needy of something… something that I don’t know!

I panted when she pulled out her fangs… My body felt weaker than usual and I let my body slouch on her.

“Are you okay?” She asked concernedly. Her eyes were shining more lustrous than a while ago.

I nodded my head lightly as I unbuttoned my upper uniform. It really felt so hot…

“Ijiri-san, hey…”

She cleared her throat when she laid her eyes on my half-opened blouse…

I had her sit facing me. We kissed again… I can taste my own blood on her still bloodstained lips. We felt both needy, pulling each other into a deeper contact…

After some time, I felt quite tired so I laid myself on the bed. Supported by her elbows, she was on top of me, staring at me.

“Ijiri-san, if you don’t stop me now, I won’t stop until the night ends…” She warned.

“I said call me by my name…”

“Anna…” She whispered as she plunged into my neck. She kissed and sucked, leaving love marks along.

My heart pounds really loud.

What am I feeling?

Do I really like her? Or I just like what she’s doing? Why everything that she’s doing does feel so good – so right? I’ve just met her! Why am I willing to give her all of me?

I was thinking too much not to notice that I was already half-naked. She slowly removed my skirt and panties, leaving me with nothing but my bare skin.

She explored every part of my body. Her touch was magical. My moans – both lewd and loud, echoed through the room as she started pleasuring me…

Everything felt just like her bite. Painful at first but when it subsides, it will make you needy – wanting for more.

When she was fully satisfied, and so was I, she moved her face close to mine and stared deeply into my eyes…

“I love you, Anna…” It was all that she said… My cheeks blushed and my heart skipped a beat.

“Thank you for being there to protect me…” I slowly said while still panting.

“I’m so happy…” She said as she kissed my forehead.

“You should sleep now and take a rest…”

“I want to wake up with you beside me…”

“Even I wanted to see you wake up… But that I can’t promise, I’m sorry…” She said.

“But I’ll see you again, right?”

She nodded. “I’m always watching you from the dark… Just call me and I’ll be here…”

“Un…” I agreed. She laid herself beside me and held my hand. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep with a smile on my face…

The next morning…

I woke up alone. My head hurts a bit due to lack of sleep but I have this kind of new energy in me…


“Just call my name and I’ll be here…”

But I don’t recall asking for her name!

Ugh, Ijiri Anna, you’re a baka!

I roamed my eyes around the room. The window was wide open… I’m naked… That means everything that happened last night was real…

But she didn’t tell me her name… Maybe she will never come back again…

I tried to dismiss the thought and prepared myself for school…

I arrived at school just in time. Emichi, Moka, and the others greeted me cheerfully as usual.

“You look quite tired, Antan…” – Moka

“What happened to your neck?” – IsoKana

“Oh…” As for my neck, I put a bandage on it to hide her bite as well as the love marks she left.

“Got some scratch…”

“You should be more careful…” – Emichi

Our conversation ended when the teacher entered the room…

“Good morning, class… I’m your lecturer for today.”

That voice was familiar!

When I stared at the new teacher, I let out a gasp.


Except for the glasses she wore, she looked like that vampire…

But this is impossible…

“My name is Umeda Ayaka…”

Umeda Ayaka…

Is that the vampire’s name? Or am I just thinking too much about her?

The class soon ended…

“So, that’s it for today. Thank you for listening. Your regular teacher will be back tomorrow… Class dismissed.”

“Antan, we’ll go ahead. See you tomorrow!” Emichi and the other left.

When I finished packing up my things, it was only the two of us inside the room.

I stood up and was about to head outside when I passed by her table…

“Ijiri-san…” She said as she removed her glasses.


She really is that vampire!

How did I know? Because of the way my heart beats when she’s near.

“I just want to check out if you are fine…”

“Thank you…”

“One more thing… last night, I forgot to tell you my name…”

“Umeda Ayaka…”

She smiled.

“I love you… Anna.”


“See you later, my Kyura…”


I like Ijiri Anna-san, too. And I think Ume seems close with BII members like Kanakichi and Shu. I've seen a couple of her and Antan's and I really find it cute... that's why... AyakAnna, I present to you.  :luvluv2:

thanks for reading!

comments, criticisms, and requests are accepted!

thanks for reading!


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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained (AyakAnna) 22/10/2015
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Kyaa! Kyura returns! X3

I seriously luv Ume-chan as a vampire. :3

Thanx! :heart:

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained (AyakAnna) 22/10/2015
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I only write your character when I get asked to...

anyways interesting OS
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~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 2 (AyakAnna) 27/10/2015
« Reply #70 on: October 27, 2015, 10:45:05 AM »
Quote from: Ruka Kikuchi on: October 22, 2015, 01:22:24 PM
Kyaa! Kyura returns! X3

I seriously luv Ume-chan as a vampire. :3

Thanx! :heart:

Same as I, but for me... Ume-sama is more of an angel to me.  :pen_whirl:

Quote from: kuro_808 on: October 22, 2015, 07:58:44 PM
I only write your character when I get asked to...

anyways interesting OS

I think I know who requests you to write about Ume.  :gmon sing:

anyways, because of certain circumstances... I decided to continue this story.

Well, I guess we can call this as a collaboration between Cometerz48 and me.  :on GJ:

Thanks so much, Hana-chan!  :on slopkiss:

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

~ Part 2 ~

(Anna’s POV)

Silently watching the moon from outside the window, I sat on the edge of my bed as I waited for her. Nights have been like this for the past week. I let out a sigh as I glanced at the wall clock. It was almost midnight already… I wonder… where might she be?

Few more minutes passed and there was no sign of her yet.

I started to feel uneasy that’s why I stood up and went towards the window. I peered outside. It was not really dark because of the moon and plenty of man-made lights illuminating the streets. I let out a sigh as I whispered a certain name in thin air. “Ayaka…”

Then, after a few moments, I felt a strong gush of wind passing by me.


It was her, after all.

I turned to face her and immediately my heart got struck by her lovely smile. “I’m sorry I had you wait for me for too long…”

Barely shaking my head, I let out a smile. “It’s alright.”

Ayaka held my hand and pulled me close. “I missed you already, Anna…” She said as she caressed my face. It felt like I was drowning from her gaze. I was supposed to feel chilly because I was wearing my pajamas only and considering that it was normally the start of the winter season already – but I don’t. Once she was near, I would never feel cold anymore…

Every night was like this for the past week. I’ll call out to her and she’ll appear at an instant. Things really went fast…

Most of the times, she will spend the night watching me sleep. We would lie beside each other and talk about ourselves until we feel sleepy. The morning after, she would always wake me up with a smile brimming on her face. I have been really happier these past days… I wonder… Is this what they call love?

“Are you feeling sleepy yet?” Ayaka asked softly.

I slightly shook my head. “Not yet. I want to talk a bit more with you…”

“What do you want to talk about?”

Ayaka and I laid ourselves on the soft mattress. My bed was small that’s why we were lying to each other really close.

I wrapped my arms around her thin, pale body and both of us remained silent for a while as we enjoyed the feel and warmth of each other.

“Nee, Ayaka…”


“Do you really like me?”

“Yes…” Her brief answer was enough to make my heart pound.

“How? And why?”

“Is a reason important? I like you – no, I love you… That’s it. I don’t know how or why, I just feel that I do love you.”

Her melodic voice seems to resound around the room. I can’t think of anything else to say.

“How about you? I think you have a reason…” Her fingers stroked my hair. They were cold, as usual.

“No, I don’t have any… I just feel so comfortable with you. I can feel my fast-beating heart every time you’re around…”

“Anna, do you love me?” She suddenly asked.

The question struck me.

Do I love her? How can I be sure that this is love? I don’t know… I haven’t been in love before. But if this isn’t love, then what is this? The pounding heart, cold and sweaty hands, blushing cheeks, and the weird warmth inside my heart… what is it?

“Well…” I paused as I threw a glance at her. A pair of shining brown irises met mine. “I—I haven’t been in love before that’s why… I don’t really know.”

Ayaka showed a kind smile. But I think I saw a hint of sadness in her eyes. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or… anything else. Ayaka diverted her eyes to stare at the ceiling.

“Ayaka… You’re almost 100 years old already, right? Say, have you ever been in love before?”

After I blurted out those words, I stared at her intently and tried to make-up my mind on what kind of emotion was plastered on her face.

The vampire didn’t speak and slowly, the smile disappeared from her lips. She looked quite displeased of the question… and an awkward atmosphere filled the air.

“I guess so… but that was long ago.” Even her tone sounded cold. “Why’d you suddenly ask?”

“I’m just curious… I want to know more about you…” Another weird question came blurting out of my mouth. “How many persons have you slept with?”

 “What do you mean by slept with? Just normal sleep or—”

“The intimate thing, you know…”

Her cheeks were flushed with a bright red hue. “Seriously, Anna? Your question makes me feel that you think I’m quite some lusty brat…” She paused and seemed to be thinking. “Well… if you consider our first meeting was intimate, then… it’s two.”

Even I felt a bit of warmth on my cheeks because she answered my questions too honestly. I didn’t really expect an answer like that from her. She was really hot, not to mention that she was indeed a good kisser. I’m lucky, I guess.

“I guess I’m you’re first.” She said with a smirk drawn on her face. I blushed redder this time and I tried to bury my face on her chest to hide my flushed face. She giggled at my action. It was really cute to hear her like that… that’s why it made me giggle, too.

Then, the thought came up to me. So, does the person she slept with is also the person she loved before? I wonder… what kind of person was he or she? I suddenly felt too shy to ask her that. That’s why I decided to save the question for the future.

“Don’t you have classes for tomorrow?”

“I do have.”

“Well, I advise that you sleep now, Ijiri.”

“Whoa! Calling me by my surname sounds quite a serious warning from you if ever I don’t accept your suggestion.”

She smiled at me. “You can think of it like that. Tonight’s chat was enough, I guess. We can still talk about things tomorrow…”

“Un…” I nodded like a child. Ayaka tugged both of us under the blankets. She shifted closer and left a kiss of my forehead.

“Good night…” She wrapped her arms around me, keeping me all warm. “Sweet dreams for both of us.”

(Ayaka’s POV)

“Have you ever been in love before?”

I can’t sleep. That question was played in repeat on my mind. I snuggled to Anna as close as possible while watching her sleeping face. She surely is pretty. It seems like she was having a good dream because she smiled and shifted a bit closer to me.

“How many persons have you slept with?”

That was an unexpected question. I was astounded after hearing that but gladly I managed to keep my thoughts clear and gave her an honest answer. Ijiri Anna sure is one curious lady. And it made me more interested in her…

Once again, I stared intently at her face.

I let out a sigh… and closed my eyes in an attempt to sleep. I can faintly hear the soft sound of raindrops which started to fall down. It trickled slowly down the windowpane, producing a light soothing sound. Not noticing that it was quite effective, my thoughts slowly ascended up to the land of dreams.

Dark. Everything was dark until a string of light fell from above and illuminated a certain figure. With, the figure’s back facing me… I knew who it is. I went closer to the figure but it seems that I’m not. It felt like for every step I’m taking, the figure slowly travels far away from me. I ran towards the figure and tried to reach it with my bare hands but it disappeared in an instant, leaving me alone… under the string of light which the figure was under a while ago.

I looked up and my eyes, for a moment, were blinded by the light.

“Nee, Ayaka…”

Whispered a voice from behind me.


I turned and shot a glance to the person with the familiar voice. And I saw her. It took me a few seconds to take it all in my mind… and when I tried to reach for her again, she began disappearing into the misty horizon. I called out to her but it seems that she cannot hear me anymore.

“No… Not again.”

(Anna’s POV)

I was awakened when I hear someone groaning beside me. Quite pissed because of the annoying sound, I covered my head with a pillow before I suddenly realize that it was Ayaka who was groaning. My mind snapped back into reality, but still hazy because of the sudden awakening.

When I turned my eyes to look at the vampire, her eyes were tightly shut and she was groaning and murmuring something that it too soft, vaguely enough for me to understand it. She was sweating a lot. My hands traveled, leading my palm to her forehead. She’s burning!

“Ayaka… Nee, Ayaka!” I shook the pale body in attempt to wake her up from her sleep. But she was having a nightmare, I guess. I called out to her loudly, but to no avail.

I need to do something! I was about to stand up to provide a cool towel to put into her forehead but my hand was caught in a tight grip.

“Please… D—Don’t go…” I vaguely hear her say. Tears formed in the corners of her tightly closed eyes and it streamed down her cheeks. “No… Not again.”

What could she be dreaming…?

Ijiri, snap out of it! You need to do something to bring her fever down!

I did my best to get off of her strong grip, but my tracks were stopped when she screamed. “No!!! N—Natsumi!!!”

(Emika’s POV)

Instead of drawing out the blinds, I turned on the dim light on the table beside the bed. I glanced at the figure lying on the bed with the blankets tugged carefully. It has been half a year since I’ve had this person in my home. He was peacefully sleeping, not even making any loud snores. I’ll just leave his food and medicine by the table and I’ll head to school just like what I normally do.

Before I close the door, I stole one last glance at the person and murmured. “Jaa ne…”

Once I left the room, I shut the door lightly and tiredly leaned on the wooden door. Letting out a sigh, I knew I was prepared to leave.

I went to school, as usual. But suddenly thoughts about him come floating into my mind, distracting me from the lectures and discussions. It makes me so eager to go home to see his lovely face. Everything went just like the usual daily basis except for the fact that my friend, Anna, didn’t attend our classes today…

I wonder…what happened to her?

It came bugging my mind, too. We have been really close friends but I have never told him about the person who was living with me. She would sometimes ask me if I can let her spend the night at my house, but I constantly refused her in the fear of her knowing about my housemate.

But today, I’m worried about her absence. Maybe I should visit her once class ends…?

(Anna’s POV)

The whole morning passed with me just looking after Ayaka. Her temperature’s still high but it’s quite lower than a while ago. She hasn’t woken up yet.

My thoughts were in confusion, I can’t bring her to the hospital simply because she was a vampire. You know why I can’t. I don’t want to call any of my friends, even Emichi because I haven’t got the chance to tell her about my relationship with Ayaka. It was only the two of us… I hope she’ll wake up soon.

Time passed really slowly. When the afternoon came, the doorbell suddenly rang. A visitor – and it’s not a great idea to have someone visit me now. I just wish it isn’t any of my family…

(Emika’s POV)

Just like what I had decided a while ago, I went to Anna’s apartment. I rang the doorbell. It took her quite some time to open the door.

“Hey…” I said with a smile. “You look grim.”

“Emichi… w—what brought you all the way here?”

“Well, I’m worried since you didn’t attend classes today. That’s why I brought here some notes so that you won’t be left behind for the next class…” I said cheerfully but Anna doesn’t look pleased about seeing me. “Won’t you let me enter first before the chat?”

“Well…” She seems to be a bit lost in her thoughts. Anna opened the door wide enough for me to squeeze myself in. “I’m sorry for making you worry. I’m not sick or anything… I’m just not in the mood to attend classes today.”

I knew she was lying. She’s my close friend, how can I not know? It made me more curious to know what her real reason is.

“Do you want anything? Anyways, thanks for the notes.”

“Anything will do.” I answered curtly.

Anna quickly headed to the kitchen. Her place looks quite a bit messy. I stood up and piled some of her books on the wooden shelf. But before I was able to pile everything in, I heard a loud groan somewhere. And I bet it’s coming from upstairs. With my curiosity to the edge, I traveled the staircase and found myself in front of Antan’s room. I pushed the door open and the sight of a pale figure on her bed shocked me.

I vaguely heard Anna’s footsteps and when she found out that I’ve seen something there, she murmured. “No way… E—Emichi…”

But my attention was towards the figure on the bed. My eyes were stuck staring at her…


Several pictures went through my mind. I shook my head from disbelief…



So, that's it. I hope I'll be able to post the next part as soon as possible. Thank you for reading~

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 2 (AyakAnna) 27/10/2015
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uh-oh, will Emika find out?! O_O

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 2 (AyakAnna) 27/10/2015
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This is going to be a fun revelation :)

As for the Ume... its that person although I'm trying to work around some other things XD
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~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 3 (AyakAnna) 30/10/2015
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Quote from: Ruka Kikuchi on: October 27, 2015, 12:04:00 PM
uh-oh, will Emika find out?! O_O

We'll see~  :dunno:

Quote from: kuro_808 on: October 27, 2015, 07:04:33 PM
This is going to be a fun revelation :)

As for the Ume... its that person although I'm trying to work around some other things XD

Uwaah I followed you on tumblr. I really like the OS with Ume's male version, Ayato.  :on bleed:

here's part 3.

took a while before i finally manage to post this. Again, thanks to Cometerz48~

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~ Part 3 ~

(Anna’s POV)

My eyes widened when I saw Emika standing in front of my room. She has this really shocked expression on her face. Ayaka, on the other hand, was groaning badly.

“No way… E—Emichi…” I murmured. But she just remained staring at the pale body.

“I’ll explain later. For the meantime, help me with this…” I said to her as I quickly walk into my room to aid for Ayaka’s condition.

My friend followed me inside. Ayaka’s body trembled.

“We need to call the doctor!” Emika exclaimed.

“No!! We’ll manage!”

She stared at me in disbelief. “Why not call one?!”

“She won’t forgive me if I call one…”

“But she wouldn’t know about this!”

For a moment, things between the two of us became a bit intense. I was undecided for a while. What shall we do? All I know is that there is a greater risk to her life if anyone else finds out what kind of creature Ayaka really is.

“Please… j—just help me with this…” Arbitrarily, a stream of tears fell down from my eyes.


When I heard that, I gave Emika a quick hug. “Thanks!”

She approached closer and touched Ayaka.

“You have a thermometer? We need to check on her body temperature.”

I obtained the device and we used it to check on Ayaka. “40 degrees Celsius… It’s high!” She pronounced.

“We need to cool her down… I hope you don’t mind doing that? I’ll leave you two here to prepare something that she can eat once she wakes up.”

Emika instructed me on what to do and just before leaving the room she gave me one more task. “Ah, I almost forgot! Change her clothes into something more comfortable…”


This is the most challenging task she gave me. Indeed.

The last thing I heard was the sound of the door being closed.

Now, back to business.

I went close to the vampire and brushed away the strands of hair which slightly covers her face. Then, I wiped the soaked towel gently on her face. She was burning and her breathing was rapid. She slightly flinched when the wet cloth came in contact to her skin.

With trembling hands, I proceeded and removed her black long-sleeve top. I tried not to stare at her too much as my hands found its way to the zipper of her pants. Its trembling increased and even my heart started pounding faster. I quickly unzipped it and slowly slid it out, unwrapping her pale white, flawlessly smooth thighs and legs.

Mindlessly wiping her slim body, I did my best not to stare and droll at the sight. If she wasn’t in this condition I might’ve—just kidding!

When I was done with the task, I went over the cabinet and rummaged it for some clothes. Will I change her underwear, too? My nose almost bled at the thought. But no! Brace yourself, Ijiri! I know I need to and I must compose myself. But seriously, my heart was pounding faster than ever. It might explode at any moment, you know…

Yeah, and so I did it quickly! Then, I put on her a new pair of clothes and a fever patch on her forehead (Yeah, the one that is bought at convenience stores. I’m not sure what it’s really called. Let’s just call it as fever patch.)

This is the first time I’ve seen her sleeping. At that moment, I have observed her face clearly… Even when she’s asleep, she’s really pretty. All I wanted to do at that moment was to stare at her but Emika is there downstairs, she might need an extra hand from me. I tugged the vampire under the blanket and before leaving the room, I gave her a peck on the forehead.

“I hope you wake up soon. I miss you, Ayaka…” I whispered.

(Emika’s POV)

Rummaging over Antan’s kitchen and looking for available ingredients, my hand froze in mid-air as I searched for some garlic. Suddenly, I remembered him. He doesn’t like garlic. For a moment, I was undecided whether to put some or not…

“Ah! Emichi…” It was Antan who descended down the stairs. “You’re looking for garlic? I don’t have some. She’s allergic to it.”

“Thanks for telling me… By the way, how’s your friend? You’ve done everything I told you?” I said to divert my thoughts away from him. Antan’s cheeks slightly blushed.

She responded with a soft “un…” then went closer to watch what I am doing.

“Is she the reason why you skipped today’s class, Antan?” I started firing to her the questions formed in my mind.

She nodded again. “I can’t leave her in that condition.” She added.

“Who is she? And why is she here?”

Anna looked away to avoid my eyes. It took her a moment to answer. “Her name’s Umeda Ayaka…”

“Umeda Ayaka? You mean—”

“Yeah, the guest faculty who taught us last week… I met her a day before that day. We became friends and she visits here often…”

Oh, that’s it.

That must be the strange feeling I felt when I first laid my eyes on her. She looked kind of familiar, now I know…

“Why is she here?”

“Well…” Antan paused then she looked down. “I asked her to come over and accompany me… I didn’t know that she was not f—feeling well…”

Her voice was shaky. I know that she was trying not to cry.

“So, she’s that important to you…” It was more of a statement than a question. Antan looked at me and her eyes affirmed what I just said.

Somehow, I can relate myself to her. That’s what I felt when I first met him…

“Do you like her?” I asked even though her answer was not really necessary. I know that she does.

Anna gave a slight nod. “I’m lucky that you came over… Thanks for helping us.”

I smiled at her. “I was worried about you… You should’ve told me.”

“I’m sorry, Emichi…”

Somehow, I felt a lurk of guilt in the back of my mind. I kept myself busy to divert my thoughts away. “I guess this is done. Just reheat it if she doesn’t wake up sooner. Are you sure you don’t want to call a doctor?”

“Yeah, I think I can manage now. I’ll call you later…”

Once I removed my apron, I straightened my clothes and bade goodbye to Anna. “So, I guess I’ll get going now…”

“Thanks so much, Emichi… By the way, please don’t tell anyone about this.” Anna said as she gave me a warm hug.

“Sure thing.”

The fullness of the moon shone above me as I walked to the train station. I can still remember the first time I met him and how my life changed these past six months having him near me. I fell in love with him and was falling for him more and more for every passing day. It was difficult – an unrequited love. But I can’t stop myself. I don’t know how to.
I know I will be happy just seeing him, having him near me. I am always close to him but his heart was way beyond what my hands can reach.

Even when I was awake, I was dreaming of him. Quietly filling up my mind, thoughts about him will snatch me away from reality and I will have my eyes open but not seeing anything at all.

Just like what’s happening now.

My feet just took me home without me noticing it.

I went inside my house and the first thing I did was to check on him. Slowly, I opened the door of his room making a soft creek. But all that I saw inside was an empty bed. Where is he?!


(Anna’s POV)

When Emika left, I went back to my room to check out on Ayaka. Her fever was starting to subside and her breathing was starting to go back to normal. I should remember what Emika taught me today in case this happens again in the future… Whoa! I shouldn’t be imagining about our future yet! I was a bit embarrassed of myself because I know I was blushing very red and it is all because of my stupid imagination.


Yes, I wanted to be with her in the future. I want us to be together forever…

“A—Anna…” I thought it was just another imagination but I was mistaken, Ayaka has woken up.

“Hey…” I brought my hand into her cheek and caressed it. “How are you feeling now?”

“It’s warm…” Her thin lips curled into a smile. “I’m feeling better.”

“You should eat. You haven’t had anything this whole day. I’ll just get some food.”

I went back with the soup Emika made a while ago. She was sitting up the bed and staring at her body with a puzzled look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I don’t think I was wearing these last night…”

“Oh…” Heat crept up my face and it turned bright red. “I—I changed your clothes into something comfy.”

I rarely see her blush but right now, she is. “Y—You mean—”

I nodded as I approached closer. “Now, we’re even.” I smirked.

“Hmph!” She pouted like a child. Ah~ Kawaii~

The aroma of the soup filled the air as I made my way to sit on the edge of the bed. “It’s better to eat it while it’s still hot…”

“Hand it over… I’ll manage.”

“No. Just relax there, I’ll feed you…”

“I don’t like it. I’m older than you.”

I can’t help but to giggle. Ayaka was acting childlike. This side of her sure was cute.

“Yeah, but I’m taller than you.” A deadly glare went my way after I teased her. “Just kidding… Anyways, say ‘Ah…’.”

“Okay, okay! I give up.”

I was feeding her and she was constantly pouting because of slight embarrassment. It was a nice sight.

Then, another thing came up to my mind. The name I heard her say – Natsumi, who might she be?

“Nee… Can I ask you something?”

“Hm? What is it?”

I cleared my throat first before speaking up. “Who is Natsumi?”

Ayaka stared at me, frozen. It happened for quite a moment then she diverted her eyes away. “H—How did you—”

“You were calling her in your dreams…” Upon the realization, I felt a pinch inside my heart. I wanted her to dream of me as much as I dream of her.

She looked at me quizzically.  “It’s not important. Really. Never mind about her…”

“Please tell me!” I blurted out.

“Why? Does knowing my past really that important to you?”

“I just want to know you better…”

“You already know who I am. Who I am now, it was still the same me back then…”

It seems like there’s no point in opposing her. She won’t tell me about Natsumi. But why? I got more curious… but where can I get answers if she doesn’t tell me what I want to know?

“Natsumi is an old friend of mine and we have parted ways some years ago… that’s why it’s not really important to knowing her.” She stared at me and showed me her usual kind smile.

Feeling defeated, I let out a sigh and continued feeding her.

I’ll do something to know about her past.

(Third Person’s POV)

The moonlight illuminated the place. There was a dead silence around the cemetery. Until a set of footsteps are heard approaching a certain grave. The person kneeled down and his icy fingers touched the land where the body was buried.

“I miss you…” His soft voice resounded loud and clear. “Misato…”

Tears started to fall down from his eyes as images started playing back on his mind. The warm smile of the shy girl whom he loved… he can’t forget that.

“Well, well, well…”

Another footsteps were heard. The newly-arrived woman pointed her gun to the person. “I think today’s my lucky day…”

“You won’t get me, hunter.”

“Don’t just call me hunter, I have a name. I’m Oshima Yuko.”

“I have no time for this midget.”

The hunter was surely pissed after the person called her a midget. She began firing her gun… “Don’t dare call me like that! I’ll surely kill you, vampire!”

The person swiftly dodged the incoming bullets. It pissed Yuko even more and started firing faster but the person was much faster than expected. He didn’t know that there was someone else watching them from a distance.

“Gotcha.” Yuko pronounced as she fired again.

The vampire smirked after dodging the silver bullet. “I don’t think so…”

Yuko smirked. “Uh oh…”

Then, the vampire felt his shoulder hurt. But he’s certain that he has dodged all of Yuko’s bullets. It was now bleeding badly.

“Nice job…” Yuko said as her eyes looked at another figure hiding behind the vampire.

He should escape. Or else he’ll die.

He charged and attacked Yuko. The girl didn’t expect the sudden attack and fell down the ground, unarmed. The vampire swiftly ran away from the hunters, escaping.

“You’re a coward, Ayato!” He can still vaguely hear a familiar voice as he ran to escape. He knew who it is.

“I need to find her…” He murmured.

But he was injured.

Then, he found himself back in front of the house where he stayed. He pressed the doorbell and a girl went to open the door. The vampire entered quickly. Her eyes widened when she saw the vampire partly-covered in blood.

“Emika, help me…” He managed to say before fainting.



That's it for now.

Thanks for reading!  :on slopkiss: :byebye:

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 3 (AyakAnna) 30/10/2015
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The dangers of being a vampire and the fact of the heart covering all :thumbsup
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~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 4 (AyakAnna) 05/11/2015
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Quote from: kuro_808 on: October 30, 2015, 06:57:59 AM
The dangers of being a vampire and the fact of the heart covering all :thumbsup

Indeed.  :thumbsup

here's Part 4.


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~ Part 4 ~

(Emika’s POV)

“Emika, help me…” He said with a weak voice before he closed his eyes, collapsing in front of me.

“Ayato!” Totally worried, I felt my heart race wildly as I saw the gush of blood flowing out of his injured shoulder. I don’t know how but I managed to carry the man’s body to the couch. Maybe it’s because of my adrenaline.

The man made no sound as I peeled off his top. The cloth had a cut where the bullet pierced through, injuring deeply upon the flesh beneath.

With quick movements, I obtained the medicine kit and a pair of tweezers. My hands became soaked with the warm, crimson liquid as they fumbled to get the bullet out.

I was having a hard time getting the bullet out because it sank deeper than I expected. As I held the scalpel in my hand, I tried to cut off a small portion to widen the opening of the wound.

“Come on, Emika…” I mumbled to myself as I used the tweezers to reach the bullet. Once the metal was fastened to it, I slowly pulled it out, letting more blood to flow out of Ayato’s flesh.

The three-inch long piece of metal glistened differently than normal steel. Who could’ve done this to him?

“Emi… ka…” Hearing his soft voice, I turned to look back at him. “I’m thirsty…”

I went to the kitchen with a rapid movement to get a glass of water.

“Ayato… here—” There is a loud sound of shattered glass as I accidentally dropped the glass when his hand grabbed my wrist tight. Then he pulled me, letting me fall on top of him with my neck too close to his face.

He locked me there with his arms bracing my body.

My heart pounded loudly because of our awkward position…


I screamed when I felt something pierce my neck. It was him who bit me.

My thoughts were in a bizarre and my body started to weaken as he started sucking and drinking my blood.

“Aya… to…” I wanted to stop him but I can’t…

Am I going to die now?

But then, I felt him stop. My body weakly collapsed atop his. I was breathing rapidly because of a weird sensation I felt moments ago. He loosened his embrace and his hand caressed my cheek.

“Forgive me, Emika…” His hot breath lingered on my skin.

“Forgive me for not telling you that I am a… vampire.” I vaguely heard him say before my eyes closed itself out of fatigue.

(Third Person’s POV)


Inside a certain headquarters, Yuko, assisted by her partner, has arrived after their encounter with the vampire.

“Welcome back!” They were greeted by a girl with a warm smile. “Hey, what happened to Yuko?”

“I’m fine, Yuka. But Ayato has escaped.” Yuko said, pissed. They assisted her to sit on the couch.

“I’m sure he’s definitely weak now… We got to hurt his shoulder.” Yuko’s partner said.

“We should get rid of both of them as soon as possible.” Yuka pronounced.

“How about the other one?” She added.

A tension was formed inside the room. Yuko’s partner gritted her teeth and clenched her fist.

“Hey, calm down…” Yuko said to her as she patted her back.

She turned to Yuka and explained. “We still haven’t got the chance. It is risky if we attack her in the city.”

“But what if she escapes before we kill her?” Yuka posted another question as she checked on Yuko’s small wound that she got from Ayato’s attack.

“That won’t happen! We’ll work out on it…” The midget said. “By the way, where are our assistants?”

“We’re here, boss~” Two new figures entered the room.

“Nice timing… We’ll have a meeting now.” Yuko said.

“Not yet, Yuko… You should take a rest first. For the meantime, we can ask these two to get back to work again…” Yuko’s partner said.

“I can manage! We must get Ayato now that he’s weak!” Yuko protested.

“I agree with her, Yuko. Let’s take our time and plan this out carefully…” Even Yuka didn’t accept Yuko’s protests.

Yuko’s partner turned to speak to the newly-arrived girls. “You have any reports, Come and Ame?”

“Hai.” They answered in unison before taking their seat in front of their superiors.

“We’ve been checking the surveillance cameras we’ve set across the city and we’ve spotted Umeda Ayaka in a certain street several times.” Come, the younger one, said as she adjusted her eyeglasses.

A light of hope seem to shine inside the room.

“Come, how often have you seen her appear on the street you say?”

“Almost every night for the past few weeks…”

“One more thing, we’ve noticed an appearance of an individual whom we assumed she was following…” Ame, the older yet shorter one, stated.

“A possible victim…?” Yuka asked.

“We don’t think so. She’s still alive until now…” Come replied.

“Really…? Have you known the person’s identity?” Yuko’s partner asked with scrunched eyebrows.

Ame and Come glanced at each other before continuing…

It was Ame who first spoke up. “Her name’s Ijiri Anna, 20 years old and a university student. We’ve got all her other personal information.”

“And we’ve found something interesting…” Come added. The superiors looked at them with curiosity. Their young assistants told them the details.

(Ayato’s POV)

What have I done?

Staring at Emika in her unconscious state elevates my guilt. Why did I even bite her? I put some bandage in her wound as well as mine and transferred her to her room. She was the one who helped me for the past months and yet I’ve hurt her. Was it fate? That those people close to me will have to suffer even to the point of death? I can’t accept a fate like that… I need to protect the people who are precious to me. I must always protect them just like how Misato has protected me.

Just like how Misato sacrificed everything for the sake of protecting me…

Even sacrificing her life… for the sake of protecting me…

Nonaka Misato.

I miss you…

Aside from my sister, there is one special person in my life. Yes, her name is Nonaka Misato. She knew who I really am yet she trusted me. She loved me. And I loved her. We were living a simple yet happy life together until that day…

That tragic day that I never imagined happening… It happened years ago.


“Thank you for making my wish come true…” She whispered then she planted a soft kiss on my cheek. Her warm smile greeted me as I glanced at her.

Misato once told me a wish. Ever since she was a child, she dreamed of hiking up to the top of a high mountain. Then, one day she asked me if I can come with her and hike. As if I can reject her. With just her smile, I agreed in an instant.

That’s why we are here. On the top of a mountain, watching the stars on the night sky… Because of my condition, we decided to start hiking late in the afternoon because I’m weak with sunlight. Compared to other vampires, I really am weak because it has been a long time since I last drank human blood.

“Do you really love the mountain that much?” I asked her.

Misato shook her head, letting her short brown hair sway in the wind. “It’s not about the mountain, but who I am with when I go up there…”


She flashed a smile before looking at the vast horizon. “When I was a child, I dreamed of hiking up in the mountain… with the person whom I love the most…”

When she said that, I felt my heart thumping really fast. It is really cold up here but I’m feeling warm. It’s dark but I can see a patch of pink bringing color to her cheeks.

“Misato… I’m a—”

She cut my words off when she placed a finger on my lips. “I don’t care. All I know is that I love you, Ayato…”

It came from her lips. And was sealed by her lips and mine, pressing in an instant.

“I love you, Misato.”

Then, we leaned closer and shared another kiss.

“Yokatta… I don’t know what to do in case you will reject me…” She said shyly as she looked at the ground.

I held her chin and made her face me, making our eyes locked in each other’s gaze.

But before any of us spoke another word, we heard unusual sounds.

“What’s that?” Misato asked me. I just shrugged my shoulders because even I don’t know what or who caused those sounds.

“Stay here…” I told her before taking up a path down the mountain to check out on the source of the sound. Misato tried to stop me but I need to make sure that there isn’t any danger.

“No. Stay with me, Ayato.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back… I’ll just check it out.” I flashed a smile to make her feel relieved. In the end, she let me go.

Traversing the dark path down, I looked everywhere, trying to sense any danger. I kept on walking until I sensed someone following me. At first I thought it was Misato but, no, the sound of the footsteps is different.

“Who are you?!” I called out in the empty space.

There was no reply. I called out until a figure appeared in front of me...

"Ayato-san..." The woman said before she pointed her gun to me. "Please die."

"Yada, you can't kill me..." I pronounced as my eyes glowed showing its natural blood red shade.

"At last, you've showed your true form..." She stated as other girls started to appear, surrounding me inside a circle with all their guns pointing at me.

There were about seven girls around me... I was thinking more about Misato's safety rather than mine. If I escape now and take Misato home, there's a big possibility that someone will got to follow us. Even Misato's life will be in danger.

I tried to jump to a tree branch. After I did that, all the bullets started flying to me. I simply dodged them but there were just too many...

I need to lead them away from where Misato is. And I need to do it fast...

"You're fast, vampire! But can you keep up with us?" A small woman with squirrel-like teeth shouted. She seems to be enjoying this, huh!

They started firing again with more bullets targeted upon me. I'm starting to get tired just by dodging the bullets and there was a bullet that I failed to dodge.

I got hit on my left leg.

"Ayato!!!" Someone screamed. My heart almost sunk when I realized that it was Misato. I quickly turned my head to look at her. She was running towards me, and there were bullets flying from all directions.

"Misato!!!" Even the girls didn't expect Misato's appearance.

It happened too fast.

The next thing I saw is Misato falling down to the ground.

I rapidly ran and caught her body before it hits the ground.

"Stay alive... for me." She said weakly.

"Misato..." My tears flowed out my eyes.

Before my mind can process what happened, Misato was dead.

I was blank. My mind went blank.


The hunters caught me. They tortured me. I thought it was the end. But when thoughts about Misato visits me in my dreams, it felt like I need to fight and comply with her last words.

"Stay alive... for me."

It lasted for years. I managed to survive with my injured leg. When I got the chance, I escaped from the hunters' grasp.

I was too weak by that time and it was also the time when I met Emika.

Emika... She was like Misato for some reasons. But they were two different people. I came to love them in different ways.

She nursed me. She didn't know my true personality until moments ago. She was shy yet very kind and gentle.

Again, I stared at her still unconscious body.

It was my fault. She suffered because of me. Letting out a sigh, my fingers caressed Emika's face which somehow reminded me of Misato's.

Emika slowly opened her eyes.

"I'm sorry..." It was all that I can say. I don't know if she heard that or was I speaking too soft?

She didn't speak for a moment.


She slightly shook her head and tried to sit up. I swiftly made my way by her side to assist her.

"Thank you..." She blushed.

"Emika, I'm really sorry." I held her hand.

"It doesn't matter now." She said without even looking at me. "Ayato..."

Slowly, she faced me with tears forming in her eyes. "You really made me worry."

That kindness. It was only Emika who possessed it.


"There's one more thing..." Emika's tears started to appear. "I think... I'm in love with you, Ayato..."


P.S. Thanks Cometerz48, again and again!  :luvluv2:

I hope you liked it.

Thanks for reading~  :on slopkiss: :byebye:

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 4 (AyakAnna) 05/11/2015
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The reminder of Ayato's past is haunting yet I think the establishment of that will only drive them further :nervous
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~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 5 (AyakAnna) 12/11/2015
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Quote from: kuro_808 on: November 05, 2015, 07:53:24 PM
The reminder of Ayato's past is haunting yet I think the establishment of that will only drive them further :nervous

Misato VS Emika. LOL Let the battle begin.  :rock:  :nervous  XD

here's an update.

 :wigglypanda:  :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

~ Part 5 ~

(Emika’s POV)

“I think… I’m in love with you, Ayato…”

Never in my life had I imagined confessing to someone. A man must be the one to confess to a woman and not the other way around… but this feeling has wanted to get out of me. If I didn’t do it, my heart might suddenly blow up…

The silence between the two of us made me more nervous. I cannot read what’s written on his face.

“Emika… I…”

His sudden pause made me breathless. In my heart, I was secretly hoping for him to feel the same for me… but whether he does or does not, that wouldn’t change anything…

Ayato looked away.

“I’m sorry. I—I can’t…”

Hearing his soft voice utter that and the sound of his footsteps as he left the room triggered more of my tears to fall.

(Third Person’s POV)

Back at the hunters’ headquarters…

Four of the hunters sat by the couch as they awaited for the arrival of the rest of the gang. They had sent Yuko to her room to have some time to rest. She was persistent about wanting to join the sudden meeting that their leader had ordered, but Yuka and her partner didn’t allow her to. The midget gave up and went to her own room.

“Aren’t they quite late?” Yuka blurted out. The other three was about to agree when the door swung open, revealing three new figures walking inside the room…

“Hey, sorry for being late…” Said a short-haired girl with a round face that goes by the name of Kobayashi Kana.

“How’s the mission?” Sato Natsuki, a tall girl with long black curls asked them.

“Well… It was not as successful as planned but we managed to even injure Ayato…” Yuko’s partner stated.

“Hm, I see… So, let’s start our meeting…” The eldest of them and their leader, Noro Kayo, pronounced. “Where’s Yuko, anyway?”

“Umeda Ayato had given her some scratch.” Yuka answered. “We made her take some rest.”

“Sou ka…”

Natsuki took a seat beside Yuka and Kana sat beside her. Nonti took her seat too and their discussion began.

“I’ll start. The three of us had an encounter with a vampire and it was not easy as we expected but we managed to annihilate her. Come and Ame has indeed done a good job in tracking them.” Nonti said with a smile plastered on her face. “How about you and Yuko? Ayato has escaped again?”

Yuko’s partner nodded with a grim look on her face. “We almost got him. I’m sure he’s definitely weak now…”

“Not unless she drank human blood.” Kana stated.

“How about Umeda Ayaka?” Natsuki asked.

“These two here have something interesting to tell…” Yuka said, pertaining to Ame and Come.

“Out with it.” – Nonti



The two girls have been watching the records of the surveillance cameras they’ve set all around. “So, this is where they’re getting food, huh.”

A smirk was shown on Come’s face. “I have an idea…”

She whispered the matter to Ame and the clever idea made the latter smile. “I’ll just obtain the solution.”

The younger went back to the surveillance videos as the elder left. She then noticed the usual appearance of Ayato in a certain cemetery. She contacted Yuko to tell her the usual spot the vampire was spotted. Then, they planned out the entrapment operation for the vampire.

When Ame came back, the two of them went back to work.

“Let’s go?” The elder suggested.


They traveled to a certain forest. This is where Ayaka usually hunts. They’re not really planning a direct attack to the vampire because she is much stronger compared to the two of them. They have a different plan, though.

“This is a strong solution made of vervain.”

“Nice~ Let’s do it.”

Come caught a rabbit and injected to its veins the solution. Ame did the same to another animal. They did it to all possible prey of the vampire.

Meanwhile, Ayaka was in the same forest hunting for her food. She was unaware of the plan plotted against her. She continued on her hunting and drank animal blood. The vampire began to notice the unusual taste of the blood… and felt her throat getting dry – like it was burning.

Her senses were heightened when she felt a presence of someone nearby. Walking into the middle of the forest, she saw two figures staring at the animals with syringes in their hands. She realized the plan and was about to attack the figures.

Come and Ame also noticed Ayaka. They exchanged glances and escaped before Ayaka get them in her grasps.

Ayaka was faster than them but when she was about to reach the two, they just mysteriously vanished. Fooled, Ayaka stared at the innocent rabbits jumping around her as she began to feel her body starting to weaken.

“It must be vervain…” She used her super speed and went away.

The two hunters watched from a distance as Ayaka weakly escaped. They knew that their plan was successful. They smiled at each other and went back to their base.


“We managed to follow her and found out that she was hiding at Ijiri Anna’s house.” Ame stated.

“And who is this Ijiri Anna?”

Come described Anna and a smile was formed on the leader’s face. “Seems like she still haven’t got over her past…” Nonti let out a laugh.

“Let me handle this.” With clenched fists, Yuko’s partner stood up. “I’ll go spy on Ijiri.”

“Very well, Natsumi…”

(Anna’s POV)

A couple of days after…

Everything was back to normal, I guess… Ayaka decided to return to our school as a teacher so that we can see each other more often. I liked her plan, because I’ll get to see her during the day, too. But we cannot really talk like how we usually chat, that’s why it’s a bit awkward acting like we are mere acquaintances.

Emika was acting a bit strange, though. I don’t really know why…

I asked her what her problem is but she just smiled and told me it’s nothing. She said she’s just not feeling really well…

“Maybe you should rest at the infirmary.” I suggested. Emika smiled sheepishly. “I’ll come with you…”

“Okay, I will…”

“They’ll give you medicine for headache.”

She nodded and diverted back her attention to the book she’s reading. I let out a sigh. I’m not used when Emika acts like this.

I stared at the door waiting for our teacher to arrive. In a span of few minutes, she did. Wearing her square-framed glasses and a four-inch stiletto matching her black pencil skirt and dark blue long-sleeve top, Ayaka walked flawlessly through the room. All eyes were on her because she exudes a really outstanding aura.

She looked at me and flashed a smile before introducing herself again. The class started and all I ever did was to stare at her and tried to listen to the discussion. It was indeed difficult because she was so pretty that it really distracts me. I don’t really care about the discussion now…  I can always have some private tutorial lessons from her. Mehehehe. Anna, you’re a pervert!

When the class ended, I waited for all other students to leave the room.

“Emika, wait for me. I’ll come with you to the infirmary.”

She replied bluntly with a soft nod.

I approached Ayaka who was arranging her things inside her bag. She quickly looked at me with a big smile on her face. “You were not really listening to me a while ago, right?”

“Well…” I smiled at her. “I’m going to ask you if you can teach me later tonight. Since it was you who distracted me from listening…”

“You should get used to it, Ijiri-san.”


“But okay, I’ll teach you later.” Ayaka winked at me.

Goodness. If we weren’t at school, I might’ve kissed her right now!

“Arigato. Jaa, see you later…” I told her as I left the room.

Emika was leaning on the wall as she waited for me. I waved my hand at her and we walked to the infirmary.

It wasn’t too long until we reached the infirmary. I knocked at the door and it was quickly opened by an unfamiliar person.

“Ano… Is the doctor in?”

The woman flashed a smile as she opened the door wide, letting the two of us enter. “Well, Doctor Takada was on vacation and I’m her replacement.”

“Oh, I see.” I turned to look at Emika. “My friend here is not really feeling well. Can she use a spare bed to lie and rest even for a while?”

“Sure.” The lady said. She stood up and asked us to follow her. She straightened the white bed sheet and let Emika rest on that bed. “What are you feeling, Miss—“

“Kamieda Emika desu. I have a headache.”

The doctor reached inside the medicine cabinet for a pill for headache. “Here, drink this.”

Emichi did what the doctor told her to. After that, the doctor and I left her to rest and try to have a quiet sleep. The doctor sat on her chair and I sat on the couch opposite hers.

“Is it alright if I wait for her here?”

“Yes, it is. Then, I guess you can keep me company for a while. I was alone here ever since this morning… No one really comes often to the infirmary.”

“I’m Ijiri Anna.” I introduced myself to the new doctor.

“Nice to meet you, Ijiri-san. I’m Doctor Matsubara…” She extended her hand and shook mine. Her lips curved into a smile as she pointed to her name tag with her name 'Matsubara N.' written on it.

(Ayato's POV)

Days have passed since that night I rejected Emika. Things have been awkward for both of us and I tried to distance myself from her...

More than my guilty conscience, it was more of genuine concern having myself look after her. I can't forgive myself if something bad happens to her. I was still bothered because some of the hunters might have tracked me down. I don't want to endanger Emika's life that's why I decided to protect her no matter what happens.

I rejected her not because I don't love her.

It's just because...

I want to make sure that it is because she is Emika herself that I see in her and not her resemblance with Misato. I want to be fair to her. I don't want to hurt her more and I believe that it is a better choice.

Right now, I'm here on top of a roof looking after Emika. She's attending her classes right now and she was not really acting like her usual self. As vampires, we are entitled to have certain superhuman abilities like super speed and really good eyesight. Even I'm really far from Emika, I can see her clearly.

She was reading a book...

Until she stopped when their teacher entered the room--


The teacher.

Looks extremely familiar.

I jumped to the neighboring roofs to have a closer look on the object.


"Umeda Ayaka?" I muttered softly having my heart contained in a mix of emotions.


Thanks for reading.  :byebye:

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 5 (AyakAnna)12/11/2015
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The hunters after the vampire and now in a way the battle is getting heated up :thumbsup
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~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 6 (AyakAnna) 28/11/2015
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Quote from: kuro_808 on: November 12, 2015, 09:28:25 PM
The hunters after the vampire and now in a way the battle is getting heated up :thumbsup

Let's get ready to rumble.  :sweatdrop:

yeah, still managed to post an update.

BIG THANKS to Come-chan for helping me up with this~~  :on slopkiss:

Jaa... Minna-sama, douzo~

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

~ Part 6 ~

(Third Person’s POV)
With his hood protecting him from the sunlight, Ayato jumped through the roofs to get a good look of what caught his interest. He was happy but at the same time fury arose because of the sight of the familiar person…
But before he could get any closer, he saw her walking out of the lecture hall.
He stayed at his current position and from the windows, he observed the woman walking through the hallway…
Realizing where she might probably go, Ayato travelled closer to the school buildings. There was only one possible entrance to that place – a small window.
There is a way to get inside. First, he assured by peering through the window that there wasn’t anyone inside the girls’ toilet.
Clear… There’s no one inside.
He sneakily entered through the window and waited inside an empty cubicle.
Ayato knew the sound of her footsteps. That’s why he listened carefully as he awaited for her arrival…
In a short span of time, she entered the toilet with her heels slamming on the tiled floor. Umeda Ayaka, on the other hand, was unaware of Ayato’s presence.
When Ayato opened the door of the cubicle, he grabbed Ayaka’s hand and pulled her inside…
Ayaka was shocked upon seeing the man. At that moment, she cannot believe what her eyes are seeing… The man eyed her with much intensity and they both knew what each of them wanted – to hear the truth behind the years that have passed…
It was as if both of them can read each other’s mind…
“Let’s settle this at the rooftop. There’s rarely anyone there at this hour…” Ayaka told him.
Ayato nodded then he climbed out of the window, leaving Ayaka inside the toilet. The woman was still confused of what’s happening as she traversed the usual path to the rooftop.
Ayaka just passed along the hallway when Anna went out of the clinic. She noticed Ayaka who looks like she was in a hurry. Anna decided to sneakily follow her.
The vampire was unaware of Anna’s presence few meters behind her. Her mind was too occupied that she wasn’t able to sense Anna…

(Anna’s POV)
Where is she going?
My mind began to wonder as I keep on following her. I assumed that she was going to the rooftop and I guess I am right…
But why…?
Ayaka opened the door and she slipped out of it to the open space behind. Then, she closed the door. I waited for a little time before slightly pushing the door open, allowing me to have a small space to peer through.
There’s someone waiting there, a man wearing a black jacket with a hood covering his head. He removed his sunglasses as Ayaka approached closer to him…
Who is he?
“Ayato… You’re alive…” I can vaguely hear Ayaka murmur.
Eavesdropping isn’t good but…

(Ayaka’s POV)
“Ayato… You’re alive…” I barely murmured when we met face-to-face again.
He still looks the same just like when I last saw him years ago…
I seriously missed him… My dear twin brother…
“Yes, I am. It’s been so long, my dear sister…” He coldly said as a smirk was formed on his face.
“I thought you escaped—” He cut my words off when he suddenly slammed my back to the roof’s fence. He was so fast, just as always… Faster than I am.
“I didn’t kill her! They did it! They caught me and framed me up, Ayaka!”
Ayato clenched his fist. He was angry I could tell.
“Then what happened, Ayato?” I tried to keep myself calm. As the eldest, I knew I must keep my composure in front of him. “Tell me.”
“I’ll tell you what happened.” He growled lowly with his fangs made an appearance. “I rot up under their tortures for years, my dear sister! And with the memories of Misato’s death that haunted me every night, it was just like being in complete hell!”
His words made me speechless and motionless. I never heard of him for years.. Not a single thing ever since that day….
“How about you? Roaming and drinking human blood freely?” he asked gruffly. “I can see you’re wandering freely under the sun...”
I looked at him sharply, “You have no idea what has happened…”
“Time to exchange our story then, eh?”  He said letting go off my collar but still standing so close to me.
I sighed and buttoned down my shirt, but only halfway. I could tell his eyes widened when I showed him the upper part of my back, lined up with healed bullet holes. “I got betrayed. Seven hunters with seven guns welcomed me back from slumber one morning.”
“You can hide the scars?” he touched one of the healed scars on my back. It doesn’t hurt anymore like it used to, but his fingers felt colder there. “Ohori cast a spell on that?”
I nodded, “Miyazawa and the others saved me. They tried to look for you as well, but the hunters were hard to track and so did finding their HQ.”

His eyes fluttered, “I see…” he then leaned back also on the fence beside me. “She betrayed you then?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” I said firmly. “Especially about her.”
“You should start now.” He said. “She joined the hunters now and she’s here in the city.”
My eyes widened, “She’s here..? What-how-..?”
“A few days ago, about half a year after my escape from their HQ, I visited Micha’s grave, downtown. They’re just there, waiting for me.” He mumbled. “It was your ex that shot me.”
My heart sank upon the name, “Natsumi..?”
Then as if someone heard my voice, a sudden voice thudded from the rooftop door. As if someone was eavesdropping. I looked at Ayato and saw him nodded, then the two of us approached the door…

“You have three seconds to show your face.” I said clearly and coolly. But I was surprised to see the door opened and showed a certain figure. “Anna..?”

(Anna’s POV)
“Ayaka…” I fumbled. They noticed my presence and I have no choice to show up from behind the door, Ayaka would forgive me for sure. But I looked at the man, he was slightly taller than Ayaka, about my height. But he was muscular under his hoodies, and his face…
He was beautiful, like a sculpture made out of marble. He was beautiful like Ayaka, except for his short wavy hair.
As if Ayaka noticed my eyes on him, she cleared her throat. “Anna, meet my twin brother, Ayato. Ayato, this is Anna.”
I was too occupied looking deep into his eyes, as if there were lots to tell from the pair of eyes. The deep shade of brown tells off sadness, pain, betrayals… But I also saw great kindness from him…
As if he was reading my mind, he smirked friendlily. “I see you and my sister have built a relationship. Be mindful though, she’s sensitive on some parts especially under-“
“Ayato!” growled Ayaka. She gave his brother a look which was replied with a sly smile formed by his lips. I couldn’t help not to giggle seeing the two siblings teasing each other.
“You never told me you have a brother, what’s more; a twins!” I said to Ayaka.
Ayato raised his eyebrows, “You never told her? That’s very mean of you.”
“I have reasons, Ayato.” Said Ayaka firmly before holding my hand. “She’s not ready.”

Ayato’s eyebrows scrunched up, “Well, it’s time for you to open up now. She’ll know it sooner or later.”
“Ayato.” Said Ayaka once. Her tone sounded dangerous, as if she’s trying to make him back off. Her grip tightened on my hand, it was crushing my fingers.
“A-Ayaka...” I mumbled in pain. “Your grip…”
She snapped out and let go off my fingers in instant, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to!!”
“No, it’s fine...” I smiled weakly, trying to shake off the pain. “But you… Ayato is right, you’d have to tell me. Even if I’d know about it sooner or later.”
Ayaka looked at me in pain, it hurts me to see her that way. It was as if these great memories she has been keeping inside of her all the time, unable to tell it off to anybody. It burdened her for years, I bet.
“But before you do...” said Ayato eyeing something on the distance. I looked at where he was looking and saw two black crows standing on the wiring top of the rooftop fences. “You see what I see?”
I looked over at Ayaka who’s eying the same thing in question, but I saw her smiling grimly at the sight. I was totally confused, “What are you guys talking about?”
“Two crows,” said Ayaka cracking her knuckles. “And none of them cried to each other.”
“You know what I think? One each and sees who gets them faster.” Grinned Ayato.
“Deal,” then they suddenly disappeared into the thin air. I glanced around, trying to spot them and the next thing I knew, they were already on top of the fence. The two crows cried loudly and tried to flew away, but the twins were faster and even Ayato plunged himself to catch one of the crow. He caught it on the leg and smirked as the other hand holds his body hanging on the fence. Then I saw Ayaka eying the crow in her hand, it was screeching loudly now and struggling in her grasp. It was as if Ayaka eying it as dinner.
Once Ayato propelled himself up back to the rooftop, he received the crow from her sister and grasped the two crows in each hand. “You know, it’s been a long time since I have roast crow. Oh yes, I can eat some roasts now so you two better start showing yourself.”
It was as if the two crows understood what he said, the two crows morphed or transformed bigger and bigger. Their black feathers blended in until they turned to black coats…
“Shape shifters.” Said Ayaka half-heartedly. “And I definitely recognized this two.”
The next thing I knew, Ayato was no longer holding two crows. Instead, he was holding two girls dangling upside down by their legs. One girl was struggling to get her glasses not to drop down to the floor, while the other one has simply given up to struggle on Ayato’s grasp.
“Hello, Come and Ame.” Said Ayato. “Caught up with the two of you, eh?”
The girl with the glasses gulped nervously despite being the tallest one, her eyes bulged at the sight of the two vampires. Her eyes peered at me nervously as if trying to say ‘save me!!!’
The other girl, shorter but with longer hair crossed her arms and sighed in annoyance instead. “You do realize that involving a mere human in this business means danger, Umeda? I see you brought it upon one.” She eyed me carefully.
Ayaka stepped in front of me as if she tried to protect me from her eyes, “Don’t you even dare, Ame. You hunters have businesses with us, not her.”
“You know the rule, Umeda Ayaka.” Said Ame. “Know one and be one. Otherwise it’s a death sentence.”
“Is that why you, Hunters killed Nonaka Misato? Because she knew I’m a vampire?” growled Ayato shaking the two shape shifters. “You two are still kids, so better tell me who ordered to fire at Nonaka Misato. And I mean it now.”
“All I can tell you is that she’s in the city.” Said Come nervously. “I swear we weren’t there at the time when you got caught! We’re not involved.”
“Come!!” snarled Ame at her friend for spoiling at the vampires.
“You two weren’t involved, but your Vervain does a great job, eh?” said Ayaka. “You poisoned me, brats.”
My eyes widened, “What? Vervain..? Poison? It was them?”
Ayaka nodded, “I definitely can still remember your scents, brats. One smells like orange and the other one smells like strawberry. You two shape shifted just before I caught you.”
“Vervain?” asked Ayato. “Are you alright then, sis?”
“I’m fine now, thanks to Anna.” Said Ayaka.

“Is that why you got sick…? What do you call it, vervain?”

“I’ll explain it to you later…” Ayaka gave an assuring smile before she turned her attention back to the two young hunters.

“Now, you two…” The twins both eyed them dangerously. Gulping nervously, the hunters glanced at each other. Ayato shook them as he asked. “Your HQ, where is it located?!”

“We don’t know!!” They synchronously said with shaky voices. Ayato shook them harder but the shape shifters weren’t saying anything. Ayaka smirked with a hint of annoyance caused by the hard-headed kids.

“We can’t tell you any location, even we know nothing. Our fellow hunters always pick us up on spot!” Shouted Ame as she rolled her eyes. Pissed, Ayato quickened his pace but they remained silent.

“Hey!!” Come yelled for she was struggling really hard under Ayato’s grasp. “Please slow down! My glasses are going to drop!!”

Ayaka let out a sigh. “Guess we really can’t get anything from them. We’re just wasting time here, Ayato.”

“Yeah, sis. So what’s our plan?”

Ayaka just shrugged her shoulders and reached for my hand again. “I’ll leave the decision in your hands. We’ll get going, I guess. Bye bye…”

Ayaka and I were to leave; I glanced once more to her twin brother. He was eyeing the two girls, but then he sighed as he let go of them. It made a soft thud when the two girls dropped to the floor. Once more, I see them morphed into tiny, feathered crows and they quickly flew away. Ayato soon vanished, too.

I turned my attention to Ayaka who was staring at me. “Doushite?”

She slightly shook her head. “I guess you’re really confused right now. Please come with me, and I’ll tell you everything.”

Looking at her eyes somehow lets me look deeper inside her. It shows pain and nostalgia of the past memories. My lips curved into a smile as I nodded to her suggestion. “Ah! I’ll just drop by the clinic…”

“Okay, then I’ll head first to the faculty room to get my remaining stuff. Let’s meet at the parking area.” Said Ayaka as she gave me a peck on my cheek before we parted ways.

(Natsumi’s POV)

I leaned my back on my chair. And so she’s Ijiri Anna. I guess we resemble each other a bit but… I was different from her and so she’s different from me too, in many aspects. I felt restless that why I stood up and tried to walk around the room.

Certain memories of my past occasionally came back into my mind. These memories that I thought were the best ones turned out to be the regretful part of my life. I lived in a warped, delusional world before… when I was still with her… but now I’ve opened my eyes and I saw who they really were – shameless, selfish monsters without a heart.

They’ll make you fall in love. They’ll make you give them everything of you. Then, they’ll suck all of your blood and kill you, leaving you empty and dead.

The last part didn’t happen to me, though, because I was warned beforehand. But the tragic fate was set upon my beloved cousin, Misato. He killed her. That monster. After that incident, I promised to myself that I will exterminate those monsters until my last dying breath.

I stopped in my tracks when something caught my attention.

I went closer to the body lying on the bed and looked intently at the weird mark on her neck. It was a bit covered by her hair that’s why I can’t see it clearly so I tried to brush her hair.

There’s no mistaking it. It’s clearly a vampire’s bite. But who did this to her? The twins? Or another vampire? I need to save her and Ijiri before it’s too late…

“Ano…” I heard her say. “What are you doing, Doctor Matsubara?”

“Erm… Just checking your temperature.” I said as I straightened my clothes. “Are you feeling better now?”

The girl nodded as she sat at the bed. “Kamieda-san, do you believe in mythical creatures?”


“Mythical creatures like werewolves, shape shifters, vampires…?”

She diverted her eyes away after I posted the question. “Do they really exist? I wonder…”

“I believe that they do exist… isn’t that weird?” I let out a dry laughter then I walked back to my chair and let my body rest on it. Kamieda soon followed, I bet she assured that the scar was hidden.

“Anyways… what happened to your neck?”

“My neck…?”


“Insect bites.” Answered Kamieda straight-forwardly. She surely thinks fast. My lips curved into a sly smile.

“Please sign this logbook, first, before you go.”

“Thank you so much, Doctor Matsubara.” Kamieda Emika said before leaving the infirmary.

(Anna’s POV)

I knocked at the door and shortly, the doctor came out to meet me.

“Oh, Kamieda-san left just a few minutes ago.” Said Dr. Matsubara.

After I heard that, I bade goodbye to the new doctor and I left to meet with Ayaka. I searched inside my pocket for my phone to check if Emika left any message. Oh, there’s nothing. She must’ve forgotten about it so I sent her a text message to check out on her.

Meanwhile, I reached the parking area and Ayaka was already waiting for me outside her car. She doesn’t usually use her car when she visits me and it is really my first time riding on it. Ayaka opened the door for me and I gladly accepted her invitation.

“Where are we going?” I posted up a question.

She smirked. “My apartment.”

“Eh?! Hontou ni?!” I blurted out. I never really asked her about her place so seriously I have no idea where or what it looks like. Does she also sleep inside a coffin like classic vampires on movies?

"No, I do sleep on a normal bed." Answered Ayaka. Without me asking her.

Uwaaaah! Why can she read my mind?! Am I that easy to read?

"Sometimes, you think weird, Anna..."

Seriously, can she always read what I'm thinking??? Kyaaah. Uso! Then that means... YADA!

"And quite perverted in some ways, too." Ayaka's smile widened then she winked at me. This is embarrassing. Seriously.

"Hmph!" I pouted my lips as I looked at the scenery outside the car's window. We were still in the city, so that means she lives normally like a human does.

I kept myself busy looking at the scenery not even to notice that we made a stop at a certain street. It wasn't really far from home but it's not as urban as it is compared to where I live in.

"We're here." pronounced Ayaka. She opened the car door and I stepped out of the car. The warmth of the surroundings welcomed me and she grabbed my hand before dragging me to the door of her apartment. She quickly inserted the key to the lock and opened the door.

It was like a normal, two-storey house. Usual furniture, appliances and other stuff.

"You're hungry?"

I shook my head. "Maybe later."

"I can see you're excited to hear about my past." Letting out a sigh, she tightened her grip on my hand and led me into another place.

It was a basement. But this is the exciting part; it's no normal basement where old stuffs are placed. This is an amazing basement, indeed. We entered inside the large room full of ancient artifacts and weapons, such things seen inside a museum. My eyes almost bulged out of amazement of the sight and I swear my jaw almost dropped.

"Are these—"

"Genuine?" Ayaka nodded. "Remember, I was living for almost a century on this world, it has been my hobby back then to collect things like these..."

“Sugoi!!!” I exclaimed as my eyes roamed around. There were large glass cases where brooches, necklaces, and other jewelries were all lined up. A rack of various swords, from wooden katana up to fancy metallic swords, was displayed, too. Daggers and guns of different sizes were located inside the shelves.

It was all so amazing except for the fact that everything inside this room also possesses memories Ayaka had from her past.

I gave her a warm smile after firmly pressing on her hand. “Tell me, I’ll listen to everything…”

(Ayaka’s POV)

Her soft hand pressed mine as she looked deep into my eyes. She wanted the pure truth behind me, I can feel it. That’s why I don’t have any reason to hide it anymore. No matter how painful it is, the truth will always set us free…


Ayato and I were born into this world, almost twelve decades ago… We belong to a poor family. Thirteen years after giving birth to us, our mother became terribly sick, that’s why our father decided to sell us to feudal lords for us to survive…

We were so young back then, our arms were so thin… but that doesn’t stop our new owner to subject us to usual slavery. The two of us lived a life of a ragged slave. We cannot depend on anyone except ourselves.

We weren’t treated like humans anymore. They make us do all the farm work yet they don’t give us enough food. Having our meals three times a day was a rare occasion to us. One more thing, our masters beat us whenever we fail to do what they ordered us to do.

Things lasted for a couple of years, almost six to seven years…

It was that certain occasion, a certain night, when I, alone, was asked to go to my master’s sleeping quarters. It was a rare occasion because I always had Ayato by my side when we are given orders.

And so, as instructed, I went there and knocked on the door.

“Enter.” My master said.

I let the door slide open and slipped myself inside. I bowed before him.

“Come closer.” Ordered him, which I easily did.

I was standing about half a meter away from him when he spoke again, “Closer…”

Taking two steps forward, it felt awkward being so close to him. My master stood up, his chest almost right on my face. He leaned down, shifting his face close to mine and he held my chin so that I was looking at him. I felt uneasy being close to someone who isn’t my twin brother.

“Your face looks so beautiful…” He said as he caressed my face before moving closer and closer to me. Back then, I know nothing about what he was planning to do… but I just don’t like him close to me. I tossed my right hand in the air and it landed on his left cheek giving him a loud slap.

“How dare you!” He didn’t expect it, I bet. He turned his gaze back to me with glaring eyes. A patch of red appeared into his face and he screamed for the guards.

The guards appeared shortly. Even Ayato… Our master ordered the guards to get us and we are to be punished. Struggling wouldn’t really get us anywhere; they are far plenty compared to the two of us.

The guards got us by their hands. Ayato glanced at me with a confused look on his face as if trying to ask me what has happened.

“Beat them and then leave them in the forest to die!! Let nature befall my punishment on them!”

Like what he has ordered. Ayato and I were tied together and was beaten using a whip. It was too painful, enough to make me almost numb…

Our scarred and bruised bodies were brought to the middle of the forest. The guards left us there with devilish grins on their faces…

“Ayato, gomen ne…” I managed to speak softly to my twin brother. “I just can’t let master get close to me.”

“You did great, sis… His red cheek sure hurts.” He smiled at me. I never noticed that I was already crying…

“Is this… our end?” That was what I was thinking at that moment. That this is our last moment.

Ayato wiped my tears away and then he brushed my hair with his fingers. “I don’t know, Ayaka. I’m still hoping that we can survive—”

Then, an unusual sound was heard. As if someone was watching us through the thick bushes…

My heart pounded loudly. I reached for Ayato’s hand and gently held it. In case that is a wild animal, I don’t think there’s any chance of escape. Our limbs were not functioning at all and so we can’t even stand upright…

Inside my mind, I was praying…

Slowly, I feel all my muscles stiffen. I bet Ayato was feeling the same because his body leaned on mine for support. My body felt too heavy that I wanted to sleep already… but I was afraid to close my eyes… because if I do, this may really be our end.

Through our hazy vision, we vaguely saw a figure stepping out of the bushes.

It was not any wild animal; instead it was a tall woman with short, spiky hair, wearing a black coat. At first, I thought it was an assassin sent by master to assure our death.

But it turns out that I was wrong…

When the woman walked towards us, she grinned and it showed off her fangs.

It was a creature far more dangerous than any wild animal… Lately, this creature has been a talk of the town. People say that they’re killing humans by drinking its blood until it’s drained to the last drop.

We are surely unfortunate. This is really the end…

Little by little, the distance between us shrunk. She stared deep into my eyes as if it’s looking into my soul.

In my mind, there was a very little hope that we’ll still be saved…

The woman moved her face close to mine and whispered, “Do you still… wish to live?”

“Yes…” I managed to answer. “Will you save us? Or rather, kill us?”

The mysterious woman sniffed at my neck. “Whatever it is that you wish…”

“Save us… please…”

After I uttered those words, I felt the woman’s fangs digging deep into my neck. I can still feel it as she sucked and started drinking my blood. My strength slowly draws away until I feel my eyelids closing by itself gently.

The next thing I knew… I woke up to the sight of Ayato chattering with the woman from last night. We were in an unfamiliar place. It was weird because it felt like I was inside a new body. All of my bruises from the previous night were gone. The two of them soon noticed me…

“You sure got plenty of rest, I bet.” The woman smiled at me as she approached closer. “Let me introduce myself first, I’m Miyazawa Sae…”

“I’m Umeda Ayaka.” I sat up and shook her cold hand. “Thank you for saving us…”

“Well, I haven’t explained the matter to you yet.” Said Miyazawa as she scratched the back of her head. “But before that… I guess you are hungry. You were asleep for almost three days.”

“Eh?! Three days??” Then, as if on cue, my stomach growled loudly. Ayato and Miyazawa roared into laughter making me want to hide my face out of embarrassment.

“Guess that answers it…” Miyazawa said as she reached for a golden chalice and hand it over to me. “Douzo…”

Looking over the chalice, my eyes almost bulged out. “W—What’s this?!”

“Blood.” Ayato was the one who answered my question. “Guess what, we’re vampires now, Sis.”


Everything started from there. Miyazawa-san and Ayato explained everything to me. At first, it was really confusing for me, how things have changed that easy. Ayato has quickly coped up with the situation. After I drank the blood from the golden chalice, it indicated the beginning of the acceptance of my new fate.

Miyazawa Sae became our guardian. She told us up to the minimal details of being a vampire, including the benefits and the dangers of being one. She also introduced us to the circle of vampire friends that she has. All of them were nice actually.

She introduced us to someone in particular, Ohori Megumi-san. She’s a vampire, too, but there’s more to it, she’s also interested in studying spells and casting them. She was very important to the vampire community because she can help them adjust to their surroundings by her spells.

We lived like normal vampires for a long time. Hunting at nighttime, sleeping during the day… we have watched how the world changed for a hundred years. We don’t usually stay long at a certain place, because our bodies age really slow compared to a human body, and doing so will arise suspicion. The three of us lived together and travelled all along the country looking for some new place to stay. Slowly, I began to embrace my new life…


Anna listened to me carefully, I can clearly read her mind but what fascinates me is the expression she’s showing on her face. It suddenly felt nostalgic, having told the story of my past and being inside a room full of old stuff.

“So you keep in touch with Miyazawa-san until now?” Asked Anna.

“Hai. She’s with the others. They’ve been searching for Ayato but to no avail. Good thing I’ve found him now...” Squeezing her hand, I winked at her to tease her. “And I’ve found you.”

She blushed instantly and was trying to hold her smile. “Continue with your story!!”

And that’s what I did.


Nothing really unusual happened for many years. My normal life lasted until I met her. Yes, I mean Natsumi.

It was a certain night that summer many years ago, when our paths crossed. By that time, we recently moved to a place away the city – to a place near the sea. I was hunting that night, and so is Ayato while Sae was visiting her friend, Akimoto Sayaka-san.

Being in a less-populated and remote place like this somehow made my hunting easier. I saw few animals lurking around, near the beach.

I lunged myself near the prey and grabbed it forcefully. It struggled upon my grasp but I was fast, I plunged my fangs on the poor meat.

As I was in the act, I heard soft footsteps behind me.

“Uh, excuse me… You’re new here, right?”

The person said. It was too late to escape because she already caught me in act. I remained motionless with my back facing the person.

“Please bury that thing properly.” Said the person.

“Eh?” I was surprised by her words.

“I mean, it will be a nice natural fertilizer for herbs.”

Puzzled, I looked at the person. When our eyes met, I’ve never seen any surprise or fear in hers. That caught my interest. Has she seen a vampire before? Why isn’t she afraid?

“Are you not afraid…?”

She lightly shook her head. “Why would I be?”

“Because I—”

“I have read about vampires before. And since I saw you getting contented by consuming animal blood, I think you’re harmless for now.” The girl walked closer. It was then when I noticed our height difference.

She grabbed the dead body from my hands and asked me to follow her. We walked a short distance to a place where there are various plants. “Please bury the dead bodies here. This is where I usually get herbs. One more thing… there’s a nearby forest here and there’s an overpopulation of rabbits there. Maybe you can help solve the problem.”

I nodded and made a hole on the ground where I dumped the dead animal. She smiled at me as she thanked me. Then, she reached for me and using her handkerchief, she wiped the remaining blood from my lips. My fangs disappeared in an instant and I felt my heart beating really fast.

“What’s your name?” Asked the girl.

“Umeda Ayaka.”

“I’m Matsubara Natsumi.” She offered her hand and I shook it. “Yoroshiku…”

Natsumi, I’ll definitely remember that name, especially when summer and sea comes into my mind.

The two of us meet every night by the beach. We became closer and closer until we became best friends. Natsumi told me many things about herself, including her interest in collecting herbs and other stuff about biology. I told her many things about me too and how I lived for almost a century. Natsumi also told me about her cousin and her painful past, the death of her parents and her cousin’s parents when they were younger. She told me how they lived together and how they managed to survive.

Natsumi was my first love. I was contented just by having her beside me. I never imagined getting our relationship into the next level since I highly doubt that she feels the same for me.

But, one night… Natsumi approached me with bothered eyes. I asked her what’s the matter about but then she confronted me with a question I never imagined happening.

“What would you do if I leave?”

I was speechless. The thought made my heart painful.

“Ayaka, I need you to answer.”

“Where are you going?”

“Somewhere far.”

“Why? For what reason?” I asked her. Natsumi remained silent for a moment.

“Do you want me to stay? Or you want me to go?”

“I’ll support your decision—”

“Without considering my decision and my reason, what do you want me to do?”

“Of course…” I looked away trying to hide my face. “I’ll be sad if you leave. But that’s too selfish of me.”

“A relative of mine offered us a scholarship in a good school in Tokyo, she said I can study any course that I want and that goes the same for my cousin. My cousin doesn’t want to leave but she was pursuing me because she knows about my dream… If they offered it to me before I wouldn’t have any doubts and I’ll surely go for it. But now… I’m having doubts.”

“Why?” I felt my throat suddenly dry. It was painful inside my chest. “If you really want it, you should go for it…”

“But there’s one thing that I want more than that…” I looked back at her. She stared at me deeply as if trying to look inside my heart. “And that is to be with you always. Because… I love you.”

It felt unbelievable. My heart raced after hearing her words. I’m sure I was blushing very red. Natsumi asked me a question. “Do you like me, Ayaka?”

I shook my head. “No, it was more than just liking you. Natsumi, I love you.” I answered before leaning my face close to hers. We shared our first kiss.

Because of that, Natsumi didn’t accept her relative’s offer and decided to stay. The following night, I asked her out to meet Ayato since Sae was still away. I also asked her to bring her cousin with her so that I can meet her too.

She was easily accepted by Ayato. The suggestion that the cousins start to live with us in the same house came up. It surprised me actually, but I liked the suggestion because I will have more time with Natsumi. The two of them accepted the suggestion and the following day, they moved into our house.

Days have been happier since then. We sometimes quarrel over little things but at the end of the day, we’ll reconcile and everything will be back to normal. My brother and her cousin became close too. Months passed and things have been like this.

It lasted until one afternoon, Ayato and Misato decided to go hike on a mountain. So that leaves the two of us alone in the house.

“What do you want for dinner?” I asked Natsumi.

“Anything. You?”

“I don’t really mind about what I eat.” I flashed a smile at her. “I just want to cook for you tonight.”

“Why acting so sweet suddenly?” Asked Natsumi. I just pouted my lips at her. “Just kidding.”

In the end, I cooked her favorite food and we shared the same dinner. No hunting for me tonight. No collecting herbs for her. We just let time pass as we laid on the bed, talking about our plans for the future.

“You know, Misato likes your brother.” She suddenly brought up that topic.

“I’m certain that Ayato likes her, too.”

“Really? Then, that’s good news…” Natsumi let out a sigh as she caressed my hand. “I want to be with you forever, Ayaka… but I don’t think it would be possible.”

“Why not? We love each other, right?”

“Yes… but as I’m growing old, you’ll remain like that. I want to share my future with you.”

I held her hand tight. I haven’t thought about that thing before. I want the same thing as what she wishes. But I don’t know what to do.

“Let’s get married.” I blurted out suddenly. Her eyes widened as she looked at me, as if trying to read if it’s a joke or I was serious. “I’m serious.”

“I want to. But we’re both… girls.” Natsumi proposed a temporary solution for our problems as she let out a sigh again. “Let’s pretend that we didn’t talk about those things. Let’s not plan for our future… Let it come our way. For now, we should enjoy what we have.”

She snuggled close to me. I love the warm feeling when she draws close to me. “Okay…”

When she wrapped her arms around my body, it eventually made me feel warm.

“Ayaka…” I really like it when I hear her sweet voice calling my name. I never saw it coming, Natsumi shifted her face, closing the distance between us and allowing our lips to touch. The contact made my heart skip a beat, making my head spin as we kissed.

I didn’t manage to control my feelings. My body acted on its own, making my hands roam around her body. Natsumi was submissive to my actions, neither did she complain nor stop me. Maybe she wanted this too.

That night, we both decided to give each other our everything.

The morning after, I woke up beside Natsumi. She wore a smile on her lips as she slept. I was certain that I made her happy last night… Few minutes later, she woke up and greeted me like what she usually does. For a short moment, we remained lying on the bed as we stayed snuggling close to one another.

“Maybe we should get dressed… I don’t want Ayato and Misato to see us like this.” I suggested and she agreed with a smile.

The whole morning passed but there weren’t any sign of Ayato and Misato yet. We were starting to get worried that’s why she decided to check them out at the town proper.

Natsumi returned home mad and with teary eyes. I asked her what the matter was but she ended up screaming and crying in front of me.

“Hey! Calm down, Natsumi!” I reached for her hand but she just shrugged it off.

“How can I?! Misato’s dead!!” The revelation struck my heart. It was almost unbelievable but it doesn’t look like it was some kind of joke or something. “And what’s more? It was your brother who killed her!”

She said before breaking down into tears.

My brother? But how…? Ayato wouldn’t do something like that. He loves Misato…

“W—What…?” I muttered.

“Misato… is dead. Ayato killed her and now he has escaped…” Repeated Natsumi.

My mind was having a hard time processing what she said. It was so unbelievable that her words are enough to choke me up…

Natsumi just remained crying as I walked closer and tried to touch her but she just shrugged my hand off and ran for the door. “Don’t even try to follow me!!” She warned before slamming the door close.

I remained waiting for her all day until nighttime when she came home with red, puffed eyes. “I’m sorry about earlier…” She immediately said.

I walked close to her and embraced her. “I know you’re not okay right now… But I promise we’ll get over this soon… I’ll find my twin and he’ll bring light to the matter. I just can’t believe that he killed Misato and escaped.”

“Yet he did. I’ve seen the marks on Misato’s neck…”

I patted her back and assured her that we’ll solve the matter once she got herself back together. She agreed and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for both of us…

It suddenly felt awkward. Things tend to change really fast sometimes…

We had our dinner and she brought in a pot of tea because she said she wanted some so that she can possibly sleep…

She handed over a cup to me and I sipped the tea. Natsumi immediately emptied her cup and got a refill. After I finished mine, we went to our room and laid ourselves on the soft bed.

Natsumi sighed as she faced me. “If only last night didn’t end…”

There was great sadness and pain painted in her eyes. I want to erase it because I can’t bear seeing her like that but the sudden turn of events was out of my control. I’m sad about Misato’s death and one more thing; I was seriously worried about Ayato. What could’ve happened to him? And where is he right now?

I don’t know if those problems made my body react differently…

But I feel a sudden burning sensation inside my throat. It felt unusually cold and I know I was shaking…

“Are you alright?” Asked Natsumi. I nodded in affirmation.

“Let’s sleep?” I suggested. I can’t tell her what I’m feeling because I don’t want to add up to her burdens right now.

I can feel that my muscles are suddenly stiff, even my breathing became hard… Maybe I just really need to sleep…

As my body was resting, my subconscious mind remained active…

I’m now inside a forest, alone, when I heard someone running towards my way. She was screaming, panting and was in total panic. Then, I realized that the person was Misato…

As if she wasn’t seeing me, she passed by my way and hid behind a tree. Few seconds later, I saw Ayato walking towards us too. He had a devilish grin on his face. “Misato! You can run but you can never hide from me!”

I glanced at Misato, she was crying while crouched on the ground. Ayato was coming closer and closer to her. I tried to hold Ayato to stop him but I just pass through his body, as if I was an apparition.

It was too late for Misato to escape because he was already standing behind her. Bracing his hands around her body, he sniffed at her neck. Then, his fangs pierced through the skin and he began drinking her blood. Her body slowly weakens and she slouched on him for support but he didn’t mind and just continued on his act.

Then suddenly, bullets flew in all directions. It struck both Ayato and Misato several times and they both fell to the ground, dead and bathing in their own blood.

Even I was hit by many bullets… It felt true because it was really painful…

I woke up from my dream to the sight of seven persons wearing masks and pointing their guns towards me. I can’t move at all because I’m already hit by plenty of silver bullets.

Then another person came and pointed her gun right at my chest. She pulled the trigger and the bullet pierced through my body. My eyelids felt so heavy, I was about to close my eyes but before I do, I vaguely saw the last person remove her mask…

My heart sunk and it felt like I was going to die. “N—Natsumi… Why…?”

That moment, I thought I was going to die but then I woke up and found out that Miyazawa luckily came and saved me. It happened that Akimoto-san came along and had been a great help to us…

She immediately brought me to Ohori-san to help in healing my wounds.

I woke up with bandages covering my chest and back, even my legs have been hit by the silver bullets probably to assure that I cannot escape. The injuries were still painful but the worst thing is when I saw Natsumi shot me. It somehow made an invisible hole inside my heart. Whenever I think about it, the thought always bring me back to tears. Her betrayal was the most painful thing I received…

Miyazawa and the others did their best to find Ayato. They’re quite having thoughts that the hunters caught him but their HQ was too hard to track. Years passed without me having any news about Ayato and Natsumi… I did my best to move on… and gladly succeeded. Then, I finally met you…


(Anna’s POV)

I never knew that she had suffered so much before…

“Anna, gomen ne… You got yourself in danger because of me.” Ayaka let go of my hand and reached over the bottom shelf. She pulled out a wooden box and opened it to reveal an old pistol. “Keep this thing… and use it when needed.”

“What is this for?” I asked as I received the object from her. It wasn’t as heavy as expected but it was my first time holding a gun.

“For protection. They’ll now keep an eye on you, too.” Warned Ayaka.

Slightly nodding my head, I slid it inside my jeans’ pocket and glanced at my watch. “I didn’t notice the time… I still have classes tomorrow.”

“You can spend the night here. We’ll go to school together tomorrow…” Suggested Ayaka with a smile. I agreed to her suggestion.

For the first time, she cooked dinner for me. It really made me happy.

After watching the stars on the balcony, we decided to retire to bed… I took a quick shower first and had a change of clothes which I borrowed from her (her bigger clothes, though) as she took a shower…

Ayaka shortly came out of the bathroom. Seeing her like that somehow makes me think that she’s a normal human. She flashed a smile as she sat at the edge of the bed.

“Let’s sleep?” She asked. I hovered above the soft mattress and she lay beside me.

“Ayaka… Can I ask you something?”

“Hm?” She turned her head towards me,

“Do you regret your life?”

She shook her head then she winked at me. “Because I met you…”

“Seriously?!” I swear I was blushing very red right now.

“But I am serious!” She pouted her lips. It was seriously cute!

I cannot contain the surge of emotion that overflowed out of my heart… I leaned closer and kissed her.

It startled her, I bet. Before I knew it, I moved on top of her as we kissed passionately. She was respondent but when I tried to get my shirt out of the way; she held my hand and stopped me.

“We need to get up early tomorrow…” She said softly. She has a point there. I lay back on her side, still panting from the momentary encounter. Ayaka brushed my hair… She smiled at me before giving me a kiss on my forehead. “Sweet dreams, Anna…”

“You too…” I returned her smile and closed my eyes happily.

(Ayato’s POV)

“This will get me nowhere.” I murmured as I observed the two shape shifters move from one place to another. They knew that I was following them… Of course, they will try to mislead me. For now, I’ll leave Come and Ame to their own businesses.

For the meantime, I wanted to check out on Emika.

Jumping through the roofs, it was just a short matter of time before I reached her house… Emika was on her desk, reading a book, when I knocked at the window…

She didn’t expect me to appear suddenly but she let me enter.

“Hey…” I climbed over swiftly. “Just wanted to check you out.”

“I’m fine.” Responded Emika. “You want to eat? I still have some stew.”

“Gee, I miss you stew…” I commented.

Emika led the way down the stairs, followed by me up to the kitchen. She got the pot of stew and turned the electric stove on. Leaning over the wall, I intently watched Emika’s actions.

After I rejected her confession, Emika slowly distanced herself away from me as if trying to draw her feeling away. Her sudden change really bothered me. I kept on thinking about her when I don’t see her. And when I’m with her, I wanted to reach for her and make her look at me like what she has always done before.

“Nee, Emika…”

“Yes?” She didn’t even look at me and kept herself busy in preparing the stew.

I approached closer and hugged her from behind. “Please let me protect you.”

She was surprised by actions yet she managed to keep her composure. “Protect me from what?”

“From any form of danger.” I answered firmly before tightening the embrace.

“You’re just making things hard for me.” She answered coldly. But I was persistent; I will make her agree with me.

“Just let me protect you. I swear I won’t let anyone hurt you, Emika.”

She didn’t speak but she nodded lightly. Ayato, you are selfish. You said you will not let anyone hurt her, yet it was you who keep on hurting her.

(Ayaka’s POV)

The next morning, the two of us woke up early and did the usual morning routine. We rode my car on the way to school...

Anna was a bit cautious and had me drop her off to a nearby department store.

I did what she said and drove the remaining distance to the parking area of the school.

As soon as I stopped the car, I grabbed my bag and stepped out of it. The wind blew my hair but it was not the reason why I remained standing still...

It was because I was standing face to face with her. I didn't know what to feel at that moment.



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