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Author Topic: ~ame's OS domain~ Bloodstained: Part 8 (AyakAnna) 05/02/2016  (Read 56937 times)

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~ame's OS domain~ Pheromone Detective (TomoTomo) 22/03/2015
« Reply #40 on: March 22, 2015, 08:54:03 AM »
hello there~

just want to drop this OS here...

just a random idea popping out of my mind...

This is for anyone who watches or have watched Bimyo~

All Hail Pheromone Detective!


Pheromone Detective

[Kasai Tomomi & Itano Tomomi]

(Tomochin’s POV)

“Be sure to watch her closely, okay?” The police officer told me and I politely answered in the affirmative.

I sat myself on the corner of the room. Two officers entered – with them is the suspect to be interrogated.

“I’ll just call her now, Itano-san.” The police officer left me and the suspect inside the small, windowless room that is dimly lit.

It gave me some time to scrutinize the person with me.

He is a man – in early twenties, I suppose. I wonder what crime he was being suspected with… He looks kind and harmless.

The man looked at me with his black eyes – his gaze piercing through me…

My scrutiny was put to an end when the door opened… I heard light footsteps.

“Sou sou… the new detective trainee, deshou?” It was an extremely lovely voice. Is she the… pheromone detective?

I slowly looked at her and the moment my eyes met hers, I felt my body shiver. She was too damn beautiful! It was as if my jaw dropped to the ground.

“Phe—pheromone detective!” The man exclaimed and it caught her attention…

“Hmmm… So, it was the misleading man, again… So, are you ready to answer a couple of questions from me?”

She walked towards the man and sat a few meters away from him.

“So, mister… as what I’ve known… you were suspected of murder… At 11:18PM, you rode the elevator going up the victim’s unit… Then at 11:27PM, you were already out of her unit. She opened the door for you and you left her unit at 11:29PM… All of it was according to the CCTV files.” She shifted her sitting position, moving her perfect legs gracefully.

The man diverted his gaze from her legs to the table… “That’s quite true… but could it be possible to kill her for less than two minutes?”

“Quite possible, she died of arsenic poisoning. You could’ve easily swiped the poison on her tea cup…”

“But… was any tea cup found on the crime scene?”

The lady gulped. “No… there isn’t any… but… there are still ways on how you can carry out a murder that fast.”

“Like what? It wasn’t me who killed her.” The man said with a straight face.

“And who killed her then?” The pheromone detective said as she stood up. She straightened up her skirt…

“I—I don’t know…” The man’s voice sounded shrilly.

“Why— at last… your voice exhibited a hint of guilt… Tell me…” She walked towards the man and moved her face closer to his.

“Did you kill her?” Her voice was clear and it rang through my ears…

“No… I—I didn’t.” The man looked flustered.

“Well then… if you tell me who killed her… I’ll reward you with something… good.” She whispered to him.

The man gulped. He was perspiring a lot. His calm face now flushed.

Even I… feel something weird now. I didn’t know that her pheromones can affect girls, too…

The man stuttered. “A—ano…”

The pheromone detective walked towards me and assisted me to stand up.

She dragged me near the man. Her next actions surprised me…

She slipped her hand beneath my back, pulling me closer to her. She caressed my face. Then, she opened up two buttons of her tops, revealing her collarbones.

“Come on, mister… The ladies here are waiting…” Then, she started unbuttoning two of the upper buttons of my tops, too.

I can see that the man was watching us. His actions were now unusually weird. Time by time, he shifted positions on his chair.

“Why so quiet? Don’t let us wait here all day…” Her voice was so enticing…

“You know… I—I…”

The lady moved her face closer to mine, until hers was just an inch away from mine. “Yes… we are listening…”

I feel her hot breathe on my skin… and it made my heart beat faster.

She looked at the man with her lovely eyes.

“I—I did it, okay! I injected a syringe on her neck containing a strong solution of arsenic! I did it! I killed her!!!” The calm man lost control and was now suddenly screaming.

Two police officers restrained him and put hand cuffs on him.

“He’s guilty.” The pheromone detective said as she let go of me.

The man was dragged away by the officers. He was sweating a lot and there was a – err – a bump on his pants…

The lady beside me sighed as she held my hand and dragged me out of the room. “Men really are—“

She hadn’t finished her statement because our boss approached us. “Great job as always, Kasai-san! As well as you, Itano-san…”

“We’ll be going home now, sir…”

“Okay… See both of you tomorrow!” We are about to leave. “By the way… Kasai-san, please drive Itano-san to where she will stay for the night… She’s staying at a local inn somewhere near your house…”


“It’s an order, Kasai.”

“Okay… I’ll take care of her…”

We immediately left and walked to the parking lot…

She walked towards a car – it was so expensive-looking.

“Hop in.” I did what she said.

She started driving.

“Ano… I—I’m sorry for bothering you today…”

“It’s alright… Besides, I haven’t thanked you yet for helping me with that man… Chiyuu~” She glanced at me with a smile. She was so beautiful!


“By the way… I’m Kasai Tomomi… and you are?”


Whoa! We have same names.

“Itano Tomomi desu.”

“Tomomi? Wow~ We have same names then… What a coincidence! You can call me Tomo~ Chiyuu~”

“Then, you can call me Tomochin… That’s what my friends call me.”

She stopped driving. I haven’t noticed that we are already outside the inn because I was just staring at her.

We got off the car and walked inside the inn… We entered the small room I was currently occupying.

“Do you want anything, Tomo? Coffee? Tea? Or juice? Please make yourself comfortable…”

“A glass of cold water is enough…” She said as she removed her coat.

I handed her a glass of cold water and put some sweets on the table. I sat in front of her…

We had a small talk about our work…

“You were so skillful on your work, Tomo… just like what you did a while ago…”

“Yeah, that criminal resisted my charm last time… I’m glad you were there… You helped me a lot… You’re so beautiful… and – hot.”


I felt butterflies in my stomach…

“I haven’t thought that your pheromones… can affect girls, too.”

She was about to drink but she stopped.

“Sou sou… it had an effect on you, I see…” She placed the glass back on the table and leaned closer to me.

She smirked.

“That’s not what I mean… demo—“

“Then… what do you mean? Chiyuu~”


“I—I like you…”


Did I just—

I brought my hands up to cover my face that is surely red now.

“I see… I see… Nee, Tomochin… You have a potential to become a pheromone detective, too… It would be nice if we would be partners…” She leaned closer and closer to me.


“Tomochin is pretty but at the same time, she acts so cute, too. Tomochin is so sexy… Chiyuu~” Her voice was so soothing and alluring…

I can’t help it!

I leaned forward, allowing my lips to touch hers. I closed my eyes as we both moved into the kiss. Seems like she wanted this, too.

“I want you, Tomochin.”

It was weird. It was our first meeting yet we ended up kissing already… I wonder what else can happen tonight…

The End

thanks for reading!

hope you liked it, guys~ <3

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Pheromone Detective (TomoTomo) 22/03/2015
« Reply #41 on: March 23, 2015, 04:32:22 AM »
Author-san, thanks for make me bite my lips for hold my pervy smile cause i read it when my lecturer explain something XD
Great fic, author-san^0^
Newbie. Yoroshiku Oneigashimasu ^^

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Pheromone Detective (TomoTomo) 22/03/2015
« Reply #42 on: March 23, 2015, 02:40:13 PM »
why is it hot in hear? just kidding :P

more longer fics please!!!! and more mayuki, kojiyuu, atsumina, yuiparu, sayamilky, wmatsui, tomotomo...

Thanks :)

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Pheromone Detective (TomoTomo) 22/03/2015
« Reply #43 on: March 25, 2015, 09:27:25 AM »
@junchan48: sneaky junchan. what if you're lecturer caught you?  :on lol: thanks for reading this short fic  :shy1:

@kymkamwm48: hihihihi it's because of Tomo~mi's oozing pheromones...  :luvluv2: i'll try writing some longer fics... and MaYuki fics someday~  :on lol: i haven't tried writing MaYuki and YuiParu.  :kekeke: thanks for reading!  :shy1:

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~ame's OS domain~ Wonderland (MaYuki) 30/03/2015
« Reply #44 on: March 30, 2015, 08:12:56 AM »


ametakarano's back... and i have something new here~

my first MaYuki fic... it's an OS though...

but still i'm hoping you'll enjoy this!



[Watanabe Mayu & Kashiwagi Yuki]

Mayu, the petite girl, chases a bunny through the woods. Jumping fast, round and round, it escapes the girl’s gaze.

“Where are you, Mr. Bunny?” She shouted as her eyes roamed the place. There wasn’t a trace of the fluffy, white bunny.

One step forward and Mayu stepped upon something – a hole. And there she goes, falling and falling down.

“Aaaaaaaah~!” The downfall felt like forever. Soon enough, a soft thud was heard.

“Oh!” What luck – she fell into a bed of leaves. “That’s why… it didn’t hurt. Thank you leaves.”

She stood up and walked, still looking for the bunny… and there it is!

She followed the bunny but it was really fast. It went inside an open door and before it closes the door, the bunny stuck its tongue out – teasing Mayu.

“Did it just—” She said as she finally reached the closed door.

She hesitated opening it. A mysteriously, comedic cat appeared, floating up in the air and grinning.


“Who are you? And why do you know my name?”

“Mayuyu, I’m the Cheshire Cat… I know you, you don’t know me… I believe you don’t really need to know why I know your name. It isn’t important… I just knew it, that’s all.”

“Okay… but may I ask something?”

“You are already asking something, Mayuyu.”

“Do you know where does this door lead to?”

“It’s the door where… you can see what you’re looking for.” The Cheshire Cat said as it floated around her.

It got her really curious so she decided to open up the door.

It lead her to a smoky room – was it really smoke or just steam? She closed the door behind her and took two steps forward.

Then, she saw a silhouette of a person. The steam began to slowly disappear, making her vision clearer and clearer.

She can now clearly see the figure before her eyes…



A lady was stripping off her clothes. Mayu realized that she was inside a bathroom! She turned around only to find out that the door, from which she entered in, disappeared!

“What?! I—I need to get out of here now!” She thought to herself as her heart beats faster than usual.

She quickly ran towards the other door without the lady noticing her presence.

When she finally got out, she let out a sigh.

“That was close.”

Then, she remembered what she saw inside. “The lady was so beautiful… and has some… nice curves and— Wait! What am I thinking?!” She thought to herself.

“Did you like what you saw, Mayuyu?” It was the Cheshire Cat again, talking to her as she walked into a hallway.

“You told me it was the door that leads to what I’m looking for… but there isn’t Mr. Bunny inside! You’re a liar!” Mayu glared at the mysterious animal.

“But maybe… that’s really what you’re looking for, not the bunny.” The cat smirked at Mayu. The cat’s words made Mayu blush. Once more, she remembered the lady…

She heard some heavy footsteps approaching her way, so she entered another room to hide herself.

“They are coming this way!” She murmured as she hid under the large round mantel-covered table.

Soon enough, someone came in.

She accidentally heard what they were talking about.

“Just a drop of this liquid would be fatal. The afternoon tea will be served to her in a little while… Just make sure that no one other than you tampers her food… It will add guilt to me if someone else would be killed.”

“I understand… I’ll handle this one carefully.”

The persons left the room.

“They’re planning a murder… But, who will be the victim?”

Well, it was not her problem anymore. Her problem is to find her way home… and to find that bunny.

After a minute or two, she went out of the room… but some guards spotted her!

Run, Mayu, run!

But she was cornered by plenty of guards. They seized her. “Let’s bring her to the princess.”

They dragged her whilst walking down the hallway. They soon entered a large hall…

“Yuki oujo-sama, we found a stranger inside the palace.”

She saw whom the guard was talking to. The princess…


The princess was the same lady whom she saw naked a while ago. She was much lovelier now… The beautiful princess made her heart beat in a frenzied rhythm. This is weird. She’s a girl… but… it felt like she was falling in love.

“But she looks harmless…” The princess, whose name was Yuki, said as she looked carefully at Mayu. “What’s your name?”

“Watanabe Mayu…”

“What are you doing to my palace?”

“I—I was just looking for something – a bunny…”

“What—are you serious?” Yuki asked.

Mayu nodded.

Yuki started to laugh. “That’s a funny reason of you…”

Yuki’s hearty laugh stopped when someone entered the room.

“Yuki oujo-sama, the afternoon tea is ready. Would you want it to be served right now?”

“Yes, please.”

The girl soon reentered the room bringing in a tray with a cup of tea. “Here it is, oujo-sama.”

“Thank you…”

Yuki was about to lift up the cup when…


She stared at Mayu.

“Please don’t drink that!”

“But why?”

“It was poisoned!” Mayu said. She realized that Yuki was the girl whom the persons were trying to murder. And the servant was the one whom she accidentally eavesdropped a while ago.

Yuki was shocked of what Mayu said.

“Servant, explain. Is what she saying true?”

“Of course it isn’t true, oujo-sama.” The servant said confidently.

“Believe me… I’m telling you the truth. If you want to be sure… then, let the servant drink that! Just to see if it really isn’t poisoned.” Mayu said.

“Can you drink this?” Yuki said to the servant.

“D—demo… oujo-sama… that tea is prepared for you.” The servant stuttered, she started to get nervous.

“It’s an order.” – Yuki

“I… I cannot.”

“So, you really were trying to poison me, huh?” Yuki smirked. “Guards, let Mayu go… Arrest this girl, instead.”

The guards seized the servant and went out of the room.

“Mayu, I want to thank you… for saving my life.” Yuki said as she walked towards Mayu. “What can I do to thank you? I mean, you can ask me to do anything…”

“Hime-sama… I know what I’m about to say would be the weirdest thing you’ll ever hear in your life… but… you instantly made me fall in love… Yuki Hime-sama… will you marry me?” Mayu said as she looked directly at Yuki’s eyes.

Yuki smiled at Mayu. “But… why not? I was about to ask you that… I’m glad you asked me first.” She winked at Mayu.


“R—really?” Mayu said, it felt unbelievable for her.

“Yes, I’ll be your wife, Mayu…” Yuki cupped Mayu’s cheeks. “What I’m about to do isn’t so ladylike… and it isn’t how a princess should act… but… I just can’t resist your—” She didn’t finish what she was saying because she quickly kissed Mayu’s lips. Mayu gently closed her eyes; the feel of Yuki’s lips on hers was heavenly.


“MAYUYUYUYUYUYUYU~~” Mayu felt someone shaking her up. She opened her eyes… and saw her friend, Jurina. “At last, you woke up!”

“It was just a dream?” She whispered.

“What? Let’s go now; I’ll introduce you to my friend.” Jurina said as she pulled Mayu up and lead her somewhere else.

A girl was standing before her eyes.

“Yukirin… Meet my friend, Mayuyu.” The girl turned around to face Mayu and Jurina.


“Hi, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki… and you are?” The girl looked like the princess in her dreams!

“W—watanabe Mayu. Nice to meet you.”

The girl shook her hands. The feel of this girl’s hand make her remember the last part of her dream.

“You know, Mayu-chan… It’s weird but… have I met you before?” Yuki showed her a beautiful smile. It made her heart beat fast… same as how the princess did in her dreams.

Was she the princess in her dreams?

“No. I don’t think so, Yuki-chan… This was the first time we’ve met…” Mayu said controlling her emotions.

“But… it really felt familiar. I wonder why…”

“So, friends?” Mayu asked Yuki, she wasn’t letting go of Yuki’s hand.

Yuki nodded with a big smile on her face. Mayu returned her smile.

She realized that what the Cheshire Cat said about the door was true…

It really leads Mayu to what she was looking for… or who she was really looking for.


so, how's it?


i hope you enjoyed it!

comments are accepted -- whether good or bad comments! thank you guys!  :wub:

thanks for reading!  :luvluv2:


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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Wonderland (MaYuki) 30/03/2015
« Reply #45 on: March 30, 2015, 01:22:08 PM »
Jurina was the Cheshire Cat, wasn't she? :3

Just sayin'. ;3

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Wonderland (MaYuki) 30/03/2015
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WELL  :glasses:

THAT WAS REALLY CUTE~!  :ptam-aww: :luvluv1: :luvluv2:  :nya:

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Wonderland (MaYuki) 30/03/2015
« Reply #47 on: March 31, 2015, 02:29:10 PM »
hahahahahahahahaha it's so cute~  :heart:

reminds me of 'Sakura Princess'   :love:

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~ame's OS domain~ Stalker (AtsuMina) 05/04/2015
« Reply #48 on: April 05, 2015, 10:01:34 AM »
@Ruka Kikuchi: yes, jurina is a perfect fit for the cheshire cat in mayu's dreams~ nyao~  :nya:

@yuuchans: thanks for reading that one..  :wriggly:

@kymkamwm48:  :shy1: :shy1: :shy1:

here's a short AtsuMina OS...

i hope you like it guys~



[Maeda Atsuko & Takahashi Minami]

One last glance at the mirror, and there it is – I think I’m ready…

The ribbons that I used to wear back then, I wear them no more… but still… this is the same Takahashi Minami…

The staff called us out and announced the official start of the handshake event. I walked to the lane I was assigned to…


There are so many people who fall in line just to meet us… and seeing them, well, making them happy… is more than enough to make us happy, too…

The smiles on their faces never fail to make my heartbeat fast…

The event was officially started.

Soon enough, I began smiling and shaking hands of people from the different walks of life… But there’s one certain person who caught my eye.

I believe he is a man, for he wore a loose hoodie jacket and a cap. It’s weird because he even wore sunglasses… I thought people here wanted to see me… but why is he hiding his eyes? And another thing… the presence – his presence felt so familiar.

He walked slowly towards me… and as the distance between us shrunk… the weirder I feel. I smiled at him… he didn’t smile? But why? I reached out my hand and he shook it with his cold hands… He’s not saying anything… He’s not even smiling… W—what’s the matter with this guy?

“T—thank you…” I said, my voice sounded shrilly. The man just nodded and then politely left, giving way to the other fans…

The thought of that man really bothered me the whole event…

After the handshake event, Aki-P asked me to stay at the place to discuss things about the group. It’s just the normal discussion; he even brought up the topic about my coming graduation at the end of the year… It was a brief discussion though and it didn’t take us an hour to chat…

After that, I decided to go home already. I bade goodbye to my manager and to the other staff who are still at the place…

I started walking down the road…

But then, all of a sudden… I felt a weird feeling that someone’s following me…

I looked behind me, but there’s no one there…

Maybe it’s just paranoia – just an illusion. But really… I feel uneasy.

I know… that behind me… there really is someone following me. I can feel its gaze. Once more, I looked behind me… and…


Oh no… behind me… there’s a man. The same man who attended the handshake event. The same man with the hoodie jacket, sunglasses, and the cold hands. I am certain that he is following me…

I walked faster…

I avoided looking at the man behind me… but I know he walked faster too.

I can hear his footsteps in a faster rate.

My heartbeat was now thumping in a frenzied rhythm… I started to run…

But before I totally got away… I felt someone holding my arm.


He covered my mouth with his cold hands…



B—but… this is crazy. His voice… sounded like…


I stood there frozen. The person beside me laughed ever so lightly.

“D—did I scare you, Minami?”

He really sounds like Atsuko.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s me – Atsuko.”

The person said as he removed the hands that covered my face. My tears began falling… I—I was really afraid.

“Don’t cry…” The person really is Atsuko. She made me face her. “I’ll explain…”

She looked really worried. It seems like I can’t stop my tears from falling… I’m afraid… but I’m happy. I miss Atsuko so badly. It’s been weeks since I last saw her…

“I’m sorry if I scared you… I dressed like this because I wanted to surprise you. I—I miss you, Minami. I miss you so much…” She embraced me. I was crying… and now I’m laughing.

That’s it! That’s why the presence felt so familiar… it’s because… the person is Atsuko. I’m so dumb not to notice it the moment I set my eyes on the person…

“Atsuko… you meanie.”

She broke off from the embrace and held my face. She removed the sunglasses that covered her eyes. “Forgive me… Hehehe.” She smiled at me… and that single smile is enough to erase all my fear.

“I miss you, Minami…” She kissed my forehead. It made me blush… and my throat run dry.

“I miss you, too… Atsuko.” I hugged her.

“I love you, Minami…”

“I love you, too… Atsuko.”

“So… what shall we do now? I’m not planning to stand here all night…” I told her. “Let’s go somewhere else… besides… you owe me something… so I’m hoping you’ll make it up tonight, ne?”

I said that to her with a smile.


that's all...

so, how's it guys?  :sweat:

thanks for reading... and comments are highly appreciated.  :whistle:


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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Stalker (AtsuMina) 05/04/2015
« Reply #49 on: April 05, 2015, 04:01:08 PM »
Finally Atsumina with some Sneaky Acchan. :shy1:  :luvluv2: :heart:
and lol~ i just notice that you always use  :wigglypanda:

 :on lol: gotta love that panda  :on lol:

:wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Stalker (AtsuMina) 05/04/2015
« Reply #50 on: April 05, 2015, 07:08:25 PM »
Awww... love Atsumina  :heart:
I hope another soon  :twothumbs

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Stalker (AtsuMina) 05/04/2015
« Reply #51 on: April 06, 2015, 07:47:13 AM »
Even if it was a surprise seem to be a cruel joke...

For idols... stalkers are their nightmare right???!!!

But interesting OS there

Thank you for the atsumina OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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~ame's OS domain~ Happy Birthday, Minami! (AtsuMina) 08/04/2015
« Reply #52 on: April 08, 2015, 09:40:42 AM »
@yuuchans: tehehehe yes, i love that panda! so wiggly~~

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

@Dianalrs: here's another one~


@cisda83: hehe it really is cruel... i agree with you... i don't even know why a plot like that emerged in my mind. hahaha. i must really be going crazy~ anyways, thanks for reading~



here's another AtsuMina!

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

because it's takahashi-san's birthday!


Happy Birthday, Minami!

[Maeda Atsuko & Takahashi Minami]

   (Nee, Minami… What time is it now?)
   “It’s 12:01 AM, why?”
   (Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you… Hahaha.)
   “Eh… Atsuko. Thank you.”
   (I was the first to greet you.)
   “Yes, you are…”
   (Ano… Minami…)
   (I’m sorry I’m not sure if I can see you later…)
   “Ah… It’s alright, Atsuko. I understand… Besides, we can see each other on another day.”
   (But it’s your birthday…)
   “Yes, I know… but I don’t think we can do anything about it… so—”
   (I miss you, Minami.)
   “I miss you, too… Atsuko.”
   (I love you, Minami…)
   “I love you, Atsuko…”
   (I know…)
   “Ano… Atsuko… I—I’m feeling sleepy now… Let’s go to sleep?”
   (Okay… Good night, Minami… Sweet dreams. I love you.)
   “Good night, Atsuko… I’ll hang up now… I love you, too.”

And Minami ended the phone call. Without realizing it, she fell asleep too fast.

And now… Minami was dreaming.

Dreaming what kind of dream?


She sees Atsuko in her dream – wearing a sexy black dress. They were inside her room.

“What are you doing here?”

“Don’t you miss me?” Atsuko pouted.

“I do miss you, Atsuko… I was just surprised… that you’re here.”

“Well… I’m really here…” Atsuko said as she slowly walked towards Minami. As the distance between them shortens, Minami’s heartbeat thumped faster and faster. And when she can be reached by Atsuko, she tried to step back. She was afraid that her heart’s going to explode once they get any closer. She stepped backwards, but Atsuko walked two steps forward… She stepped backward again, but then she fell into the soft mattress.

“Nee… Minami…” Atsuko reached behind her dress, and slowly, yes, slowly, she unzipped it… The dress fell lightly on the floor.



Minami’s eyes almost gawked at the sight… Atsuko wasn’t wearing anything under her dress! Minami can now clearly see her gorgeous body. She tried to look away, but it seems like her eyes were like magnets that were attracted to Atsuko’s bare skin.

“Happy birthday, Minami…”


“Dreaming of me, huh?”

It was Atsuko’s voice. Minami opened her eyes from sleep. And she was shocked to see Atsuko right in front of her eyes…

“This is just a dream, right—OUCH!” She pinched herself. No, this isn’t a dream.

“Good morning, Minami…”

“B—but… you said you can’t see me today—” Minami said as she sat up on her bed. It was really Atsuko, the real Atsuko, not the one in her dreams…

Atsuko gave a light laugh. “I—I lied. I went here early this morning… I wanted to surprise you… It’s your birthday, after all…”

Minami let out a sigh.

“Are you not happy?” Atsuko pouted. Then Minami remembered her dreams… she was now blushing very red.

“Of course I am happy… I miss you, Atsuko.” She hugged Atsuko.

“By the way, Minami… You dreamed of me, right? I heard you say my name a few times when I was watching you sleep…”


“Oh, why aren’t you saying anything? What kind of dream was that, Minami?” Then, Atsuko chuckled.

“A—ano…” Minami stuttered. Her throat was suddenly dry. “N—nothing, just you and me…”

“Oh… so what were we doing in your dream?” Atsuko smirked.

Minami, on the other hand, looked away to hide her eyes. “Nothing… just the usual…”

“You are lying… I know, Minami.” Atsuko made Minami face her. She moved her face closer to Minami.

“I—I heard you moaning… in a lewd way.” She whispered to Minami.

Minami’s face was now as red as a tomato. It seems like her head’s going to explode at any moment… She was suddenly out of words.

“I’m just joking, Minami…” Atsuko laughed.

Minami almost face palmed – because of too much embarrassment she was secretly facing, she was embarrassed of herself for having dreamed that kind of dream.

Atsuko inched herself closer to Minami. “But really, I would want to hear you like that…” She stared deeply into Minami’s eyes.

Minami’s heartbeat was really really fast. And so is Atsuko’s. The two of them are alone in Minami’s apartment – inside Minami’s room.

It wasn’t the right time to do anything crazy… but their screaming hearts and hot bodies cannot be restrained.

Atsuko caressed Minami’s face so gently and soon enough, a kiss was shared by the two of them. Free hands started roaming aimlessly, falling here and there… and everywhere.

“Minami… I want you…” Atsuko said as she removed Minami’s upper clothes, revealing her body. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath her shirt.

Atsuko then removed her clothes as they were still kissing…

They suddenly stopped, feeling the need to breathe. And then, all of a sudden, Atsuko’s bare body was right before Minami’s eyes.

“Happy birthday, Minami…” Atsuko said as she attacked Minami’s sensitive neck. Minami let out a soft moan… “A—Atsuko… T—thank you.”

The scenes on Minami’s dream flashed back on her mind… It is… her dream coming to life. What a nice birthday gift – and a nice way to start her special day.


so... how's it?

any comments? suggestions? criticisms?

i hope you enjoyed!


thanks for reading~


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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Happy Birthday, Minami! (AtsuMina) 08/04/2015
« Reply #53 on: April 08, 2015, 10:25:24 AM »
That was .... interesting gift for Minami..  :drool:
Dream turned in true.. hihi..  :D

Hope to see something like this more.!  :)
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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Happy Birthday, Minami! (AtsuMina) 08/04/2015
« Reply #54 on: April 09, 2015, 12:51:46 AM »
Oh... Atsuko surprised visit for Minami's B'day

It's good lovely love story

Thank you for the Atsumina OS

Can't wait to see more Atsumina's

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Happy Birthday, Minami! (AtsuMina) 08/04/2015
« Reply #55 on: April 09, 2015, 01:36:34 AM »
Atsumina sweet moment~
Wuhuuu..too sweet~

Thanks for the update~
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Happy Birthday, Minami! (AtsuMina) 08/04/2015
« Reply #56 on: April 09, 2015, 06:21:26 AM »
LOL  :on lol:
as expected minami will get some smexy time from her ace,its her birthday after all. XD
It was cute though, how minami's avoiding the topic, when Atsuko caught her dreaming about her.  :cathappy: :deco:
And Acchan being the teaser one like always~  :hiakhiakhiak: :luvluv1: :kekeke:

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~ame's OS domain~ Enjoy Your Life! (Part 1) 01/05/2015
« Reply #57 on: May 01, 2015, 11:07:22 AM »
well, minna-sama...

here's an OS for a non-cliche pair...

and it's just the part 1... so, there'll be more upcoming parts...

mostly the original K members are here...


i hope you still enjoy!


Enjoy Your Life!

(Natsumi’s POV)

“Matsubara-san!” A voice called from behind me.

“Yes?” I replied briefly, without stopping what I’m doing – well I’m actually baking the last batch of chocolate cupcakes for his day. Actually, I own a small cake shop.

“There are some girls looking for you…” My assistant said.

“Eh?” I put the tray of cupcakes inside the oven. “These will be done in a couple of minutes… Will you please look for these?”

“Yes, I will, Matsubara-san!”

I smiled at her as I took off my apron. I slowly walked out of the kitchen.

“Natsumii!” At the seat at the corner of the room, two girls were seated there.

I approached them and sat on the vacant seat at their table. “Sae, Sayaka, what brought you here?”

“How are you, Natsumii? It’s a long while since we’ve last seen you…” – Sayaka

“I’m doing well. Managing this cake shop and baking sweets keep me busy.”

“That’s great…” Sayaka said. “By the way, did you change your phone number? We’ve been trying to call you, but—”

I nodded lightly. My fast-thinking assistant approached our table with a tray of goods. She unloaded it and gave me and my two visitors each a cup of freshly-brewed coffee and a cheesecake.

“Wow! These look good… Thank you~!” – Sae

We ate the cheesecake while conversing. “By the way, why are the two of you here?”

“Tomo~mi asked us to drop by and invite you to her birthday party… That would be tomorrow afternoon…”

T—tomorrow?! I don’t even have a gift!

“B—but there will be no one to manage this shop…” I said hesitantly.

“Don’t worry, Matsubara-san. I’ll look for the shop tomorrow…” My assistant said as she approached us. “You can count on me…”

“Oh, come on, Natsumii! It’s been ages since they’ve last seen you! A one-day break from work won’t hurt!” Sae said with a bright smile. “Thank you, assistant-san!”

I took a sip of my coffee. It tastes good… Maybe I can trust my assistant with the shop for a day. “Well… Okay… I’ll go.”

“Great! Tomo will be so happy!” Sae cheered like crazy.

“Another thing…” Sayaka said. “Would you mind dropping over there?”

She handed me a small paper with an address. “Ayaka will be going, too… but she still has classes until 5PM… We’re planning to leave at 4PM at the train station.”


Sae nodded. “You know we’re quite afraid that she travels alone… but we promised to lend Tomo a hand in the preparation, eh…”

“And besides you’re the one who’s possibly taking that same road leading to the train station…”

“Oh, I see… Where will it be held?” I asked as thoughts about Ayaka instantly flew in my mind. I haven’t forgotten those shining eyes and her crooked teeth, that midget! I wonder what happened to her these past years…

“Here’s Tomo’s address… Is it okay to drop by at Ayaka’s? – Sayaka

“Sure…” I said as I sipped my coffee.

The next day…

I spent the whole morning in baking a cake for Tomo – that’s my birthday gift for her since I don’t really have time to go shopping for a nice present. It was a large strawberry cake with a “Happy Birthday, Tomo~mi!” written on it. After that, I went back to my house and prepared myself…

After I got dressed, I decided to go back to my shop first to get the cake and also to tell my assistant few more instructions.

“I’m counting on you…”

“Don’t worry, Matsubara-san! I can manage… I clearly remember all your instructions…” My assistant said with a smile.

“Well, I put my trust into you…” I picked up the box which contained the cake as I headed for the door. “I’ll be going now… Thank you!”

I smiled at my assistant as I rode my motorcycle…

“Have a safe trip… and enjoy, Matsubara-san!”

I drove my motorcycle fast. The cake wasn’t really a problem because I installed a basket in front, wherein the box could be placed, beforehand.

The afternoon breeze blew on my body as I wonder what had become of Ayaka… I haven’t seen her again for years. Was she still the same midget girl that I knew, years ago?

I arrived at the address Sayaka has given to me… There are groups of teens leaving the building at the moment.

I went closer and the door was left open…  I peered in and…

I saw her dancing in front of a large mirror. Her long, brown hair tied in a ponytail. She doesn’t seem to notice me so I stopped by the door and continued watching her.

“So you finally had a dance studio of your own…” My voice echoed in the room. It startled her… and it made me chuckle…

She looked at me. “Matsubara? You scared me!”

She smiled at me… and I found myself locked up in her gaze. What a beautiful woman she had become… Her teeth weren’t crooked anymore. Back then, her hair was short and black. But now, it was long, curly, and brown-colored. But her eyes were indeed the same pair of shining eyes… like before.

I looked away to avoid her gaze. “Well… Sayaka and Sae asked me to drop by here and accompany you on the way to Tomo’s party… I didn’t expect to walk in while you’re still dancing. I expected to find you already dressed and ready to go.” I coldly said.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to—” Her smile disappeared.

“If you want you can go now.” She looked down at the floor.

“I don’t think I can. I left my word to them…”

But she didn’t answer…

“You better get dressed… I’ll wait for you here.”

She left me and headed to another door.

After a couple of minutes…

I decided to go out of the building. It’s better outside because the breeze feels refreshing.

“Matsubara— oh, there you are!”

I looked at where the voice was coming from. And my jaw almost dropped seeing Ayaka dressed like that. She’s damn beautiful! She untied her hair and it lightly fell down her back. The wind blew and so her hair flew with the wind… It was so beautiful. So beautiful that the moment I set my eyes on her… I felt my heart skip a beat.

From those dancing attire she wore a while ago, she changed into a cute, peach dress. It fits perfectly on her petite body…

“Let’s go?” She asked me as she went closer… I diverted my gaze away from her because I felt a heat creeping on my cheeks.

(Ayaka’s POV)

“Let’s go?” I asked her but she just looked away. Don’t I look good?

She went near a motorcycle and then she looked at me while getting another helmet.

“Don’t tell me—”

She nodded. Why is she acting all too quiet? Really… She hadn’t changed at all since I’ve last seen her years ago. Well except for her shorter hair… But she looks so cool with her outfit today – those black skinny jeans and a fitting long-sleeve tops.

“I thought we’ll be taking the train…”

“Here…” She handed me another helmet. “Wear that. We’re going to get there faster than the train.”

“EH?! I’m not yet ready to die, Matsubara!” I said as I sat behind her. It was difficult to ride a motorcycle while wearing a dress!

“Are you ready now?” She asked me and I said yes. “Wait… Hold me so you won’t—”

I already did what she was about to say. I put my hands on her shoulders…

“Let’s go.”

She started the engine and drove really fast.

“MATSUBARA! I DON’T WANT TO DIE YET!!!” I said as I wrapped my arms tightly around her waist. I closed my eyes as I feel the cool air brushing up against all my exposed skin.

“Don’t be afraid… Trust me, Ayaka.” She said with her soft voice. It made me feel relieved but still my hands remained tightly hugging her.

I haven’t felt any fear anymore until we finally arrived at Tomo’s place. There were noises already which mean we are the only ones not present inside. Natsumi got off the motorcycle first. I was having a hard time getting off the vehicle… and whilst I was in the process of going down, I lost balance and… I was about to fall…

But a pair of arms catched me before I did fall… My face was so close to hers… and it made my heart beat faster…

“You okay?” She said and I felt her breath on my skin. I didn’t answer. I just kept my eyes stare at hers… only to find out that I’m already smiling… “W—why are you… smiling like that?”


“Eh?!?!” I snapped out back to reality with a reddened face. “N—never mind… Let’s go inside.”

I walked ahead of her… but I felt her hand grabbed my wrist, stopping me… “Wait, Ayaka…”

In less than a second, she pulled me close to her and embraced me… tight. “I missed you.”

My heartbeat rate was now doubled… and my face seems so hot. I felt my throat suddenly dried… “Natsumi…”

She let go of the embrace… but not with my wrist. “Let’s go inside now…”


thanks for reading!

hope you liked it... and i'll post the next part in the upcoming days...

btw, thanks to everyone who commented on "Happy Birthday, Minami!"!  :inlove:

and thanks for Ruka-senpai and Cometerz-senpai for getting me into AyakaNatsumi mode.  :P


 :on slopkiss:


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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Enjoy Your Life! (Part 1) 01/05/2015
« Reply #58 on: May 01, 2015, 06:06:55 PM »
YES YES YES NATSUME!!!!!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:



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Re: ~ame's OS domain~ Enjoy Your Life! (Part 1) 01/05/2015
« Reply #59 on: May 02, 2015, 02:55:38 AM »
TK DAISUKI!!!!!! link Old TK members tgt with tomo~mi's BD ^^ I luv it!!!!! pls continue!!! ^^ looking forward to nei~

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