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Author Topic: [shortcut48's SHORTS] Paruru Shrinks! (YuiParu OS)  (Read 2051 times)

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (F) 04-19
« Reply #20 on: April 19, 2017, 07:36:39 PM »
Good ending author san. I hope you make sequel for Yuiparu.

I been looking for one good story for them.

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (F) 04-19
« Reply #21 on: April 19, 2017, 07:45:38 PM »
Woaa... Woaa...  Hiroki is such a badass!  :onionwhip:

And what do you mean by those who have read TTM... this is it... don't tell me you're gonna make a sequel bout TTM Cut-sama?  Say yes pls, say it...
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (F) 04-19
« Reply #22 on: April 19, 2017, 07:50:27 PM »
So Things that Mix will get a sequel...

That means the AKB48 girls are gonna go to the very depths of he'll to rescue Maru?


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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (F) 04-19
« Reply #23 on: April 19, 2017, 11:14:05 PM »
oh its a 3 shot only?
hmmm my first sayamilky main pairing fic.... i cant really say since while reading it sometimes I end up imagine that sayanee is  Jurina and milky is sakura and end up just getting super excited all by myself LOL I'm sorry

and did i heard a sequel of things that mix?
i wonder will it started right after the last chapter?? or will it a prequel kind of? like before the fic even started? or even same event but different POI? or a mix of all coz its things that mix (okay bad pun sorry). looking forward to anything itll be~

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (F) 04-19
« Reply #24 on: April 20, 2017, 12:37:12 PM »
What? No little details behind the door.  :ding:
Hahahahaha. Just kidding. I got the ending that I was hoping for anyways. XD

So that's what you meant about Hiroki.......  :mon huh2:
But man. Hiroki so bad ass.  :mon cigar:
Where did he learn all of that? And how the heck did Sayanee found out about him?

So it's finally time...........  :on comhere:  :farofflook:  :on roll:

Bring on the thunder!!!!!!  :cool1: :angry1: :on GJ: :mon beam:

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[shortcut48's SHORTS] Paruru Shrinks! (OS)
« Reply #25 on: July 31, 2017, 04:38:12 PM »
Paruru Shrinks! (OS)

A HEAVY SIGH came out of Paruru as she her eyes landed to the person who opened the door of the fitting room. She tried to massage her head to somehow ease the throbbing pain in her temple but it is no use. A tough long day she had after a series of drama shoots but she never thought the impossible task that she will be facing for the day is this one.

“What?” Yui asked her with a knot formed by her meeting eyebrows. “Is this still not good enough?” She twirled around to give Paru a better look of her 7th choice for the night. It was a loose black shirt with some cool white prints on it paired with some ragged, tattered jeans. This set of clothes is on trend lately but Paru can’t help but to wonder why this doesn’t look good at Yui at all. This is really getting more and more frustrating.

“Mou~” she groaned. She pulled Yui out of the dressing room and took her place. “Go with that. We’ll be really late if we keep on changing your clothes.”

“What’s wrong with my clothes anyway?” Yui looked at her shirt. “You chose it for me so I thought this will be fine.”

Paru gave her a cold stare before rolling her eyes. “There’s nothing wrong with the clothes. You just really can’t fit with them!”

That’s all and she shut the door close blowing Yui away who is already eating a mouthful of salt. The latter just shrugged her shoulders and waited for Paruru to finish changing.

Five minutes have already passed but the girl is still not coming out. Yui decided to be more patient but it has been a good 15 minutes. There is no Paruru coming out.

“Paruru...” Yui called out after a series of soft knocks. She’s trying to remember if Paru brought a lot of clothes to try but she realized that everything fits Paruru so there’s no need for that.

“Paruru...” she called out again, this time a bit louder. Yui backed out when she heard thuds coming from the room as if someone is jumping up and down.

“Are you alright!?” Yui asked but only silence answered her. She heard another jump followed by a loud thudding sound which made her jerked. Finally the door of the fitting room opened. It made a creaking sound which added to the suspense.

When the door opened to its fullest, Yui’s jaw dropped straight to the ground, her eyes almost jumped out of their socket. For a moment she lost her voice. When she finally found it there was nothing that she could say more.



SAYANEE and the others were alerted with the non-stop ringing of her door bell. She went to see who it is only to find Yui’s sweaty image in the monitor. The NMB ace quickly placed her glass of wine on the table before rushing towards her door. Finally, the pair that they have been waiting for has arrived.

“Yuihan, why are—WOAH!”

Sayanee almost twirled when Yui rushed her way in like a swift of wind. The General Manager swept all the liquors she saw and hid them at Sayaka’s kitchen. She even snatched the drinks that are already in the hands of the other members.

“What the hell are you doing, Yuihan?” Sayanee asked as she watches Yui tiring herself with cleaning all the liquors. “Don’t tell me that you are passing a new law in the group about liquor ban.”

“Luckily I’ve already graduated before that ban gets approved.” Itano Tomomi, AKB’s original fashion queen commented while protecting her glass to be snatched by Yui. “Seriously, what is with that outfit, Yuihan? And where is Paruru?”

“Listen to me, Itano-san. This is an emergency so I would really appreciate it if you give up your drink just for now.” Yui finally talked. Tomochin scowled but in the end she gave her favourite drink up.

“Yuihan~” Milky cutely called. She clung to Sayanee’s arm which the other girl let her do. “Why so killjoy? At least greet Sayaka-chan first before forbidding us of liquor.”

“Oh? Happy birthday, Sayanee.” Yui casually said with a small wave to Sayanee and then went back with cleaning. When she’s already satisfied, she wiped the sweat from her forehead and faced the other members. “I have a reason for this.”

The GM jolted back to the door and opened it. “Paruru-chan, it’s okay now. You can come in.”

The members’ neck almost stretched up just to see what’s happening. Yui opened the door widely but there is no Paruru coming in. Everyone gasped when a cute, little girl took a peek from the door. The little girl was blushing; probably shy of all the girls that are looking at her.

“Don’t worry, Paruru-chan. They are friends. They won’t hurt you.”

The members shrieked. Did they just hear Yui called that kid Paruru? Could it be…?

“Did Paruru shrink!?” Sasshi shouted while covering her mouth. “Is that child seriously Paruru!?”

The little girl finally made her way but she still cowers as she hides behind Yui’s legs. She takes a peek from time to time but immediately hides back. She’s wearing a normal set of clothes but her cuteness is still on point. That shy behaviour immediately melted the hearts of the other members.

“Oh my goodness~” The members giggled as they made their way towards Paruru who tried to use Yui as a shield from people who seem to be predators in her eyes. The members showered her with praise; she doesn’t know who to listen to. This made the young Paruru cry as she seeks help from Yui. The GM gave out a sigh and carried her to her arms. Paruru immediately hugged Yui and buried her face to Yui’s shoulder.

“Don’t stress her.” Yui uttered under her breath. “She’s already stressed that’s why she shrunk back.”

In this world where idols are being the source of warmth and happiness of other people, they are the ones who are very prone of stress. Whenever everything gets heavy and they couldn’t handle it all, their bodies tend to revert back to their child form together with their minds. It’s like the emergency button for them to breathe and clear their heads from all the worries. They degenerate to being a child to be stress-free for a moment.

This is the reason why they are being assigned in pairs. They have to look at each other. It would be bad if they suddenly revert in a public place. They could be easily kidnapped by stalkers. Just like the incident when Kojima Haruna suddenly became a kid in kindergarten, she was almost taken by men riding on a suspicious vehicle. Thankfully, Oshima Yuko, the great squirrel, was there to save her from that big pinch.

But for Shimazaki Haruka, this is surprisingly her first time that she reverted to this form. Everybody knows how weak she is with pressure but they never saw her reverting. Somehow, everyone has been waiting for this day to arrive.

“Is that the clothes you’ve prepared for Paruru-chan, Yuihan?” Tomochin asked with a hint of disgust in her face. “I’m sure she wouldn’t like it. You better change her clothes.”

Yui sighed and flashed an apologetic face. She’s also aware that Paru won’t like the clothes she prepared for her in case she reverts like this. She also know that the reason why Paru is trying her hardest to choose a fitting outfit for her tonight is because she promised Tomochin that she would make the current GM stylish. Somehow, this truth makes her heart clench. Paruru isn’t really doing it to help her but she is doing it just to please her beloved senpai.

Shortly after that, Sayaka’s dog, Neon came to greet Yui who is a frequent visitor of the house. The dog barked as if asking Yui to pet her. The GM squatted to brush Neon’s fur which the dog really likes. It seems like Paruru was pleased with the appearance of Neon. She looked at Yui with her teary eyes as if asking permission if she could touch the dog as well.

Yui smiled at her and help her stretched her hands towards the said pet. Neon was tame enough to just let this cute kid pet her. An adorable chuckle was then heard from Paruru which made everyone adore her even more. The girl’s dimples are ten times more attractive now that she is an innocent—they thought she was.

Yui let her back to her feet and she went to play with Neon. The other members followed the young Paruru, snapping pictures of the little girl as she snickers adorably. Yui sat on the sofa as the adrenaline rush is finally subsiding.

“Paruru-chan~ here, take this.” Miyuki handed Paruru a lollipop. The girl looked at the small present for her then went to look at Yui. The GM just gestured that she could go and accept it and she did. She took the lollipop from Miyuki and put it in her mouth while still looking at the said girl suspiciously.

Chenks… (Thanks)” Paru uttered which was then followed by giggles from the members.

“Ne, ne, Sayaka~” Miyuki called out to the birthday girl. “How about let us practice being parents with Paruru-chan?”

Sayanee’s eyes widened, she felt her cheeks burned for a moment. “Here we go again with your wild imaginations, Miyuki.”

The Fisher just hugged her even tighter as she flashes Sayaka her signature gum smile. “It wouldn’t be bad to practice for our future, right?”

Sayanee felt arrows striking her poor heart. She really couldn’t handle Watanabe Miyuki at all. She then went to call Neon to her side which left the cute Paruru looking at their way. Miyuki carried Neon to her arms.

“Come here, Paruru-chan.” Sayanee called out to her. With a lot of hesitation, the child went to Sayanee’s way. She just let herself be carried by the NMB ace. The look of satisfaction found in Sayanee’s face didn’t escape Miyuki’s eyes. She gave Sayaka a meaningful smile.

The two played with Paru and Neon. The little girl letting out chuckles is like an angel playing with their hearts. Paru seemed like she has let her heart open for Sayaka and Milky. Everything was going on really well when the girl suddenly grabbed Sayanee’s chin. She paused for a moment while looking at Sayanee’s chin. After that she flashed an innocent smile.


Sayanee froze right in the moment. Did the young Paruru seriously dis her?

Paruru then turned to Milky and with the exact same innocent smile, she said,

“Femme Fatale.”

Even Milky paused. They heard laughs from the surrounding members. Even though she has reverted to being a child, Paru’s salty character is still there. Neon jumped out of Miyuki’s arms which made Paru wanted to be released. Sayaka let her go, still shocked of what the girl said.

“How could a little girl like her knows a word such as femme fatale?” Sayanee asked Miyuki. The other girl just shrugged her shoulders.

“Ohhhh~!” Jurina giggled in excitement. “Seeing Paruru-chan this cute makes me want to see you become a child, Sakuratan.”

Sakura gave out a frustrated sigh. After the management decided to pair her with the SKE ace whenever she is in Tokyo, she hasn’t stopped feeling a bit stressed out. She always feel like Jurina is planning something just to force her revert. “Why are you so excited to see me in my child form, Jurina-chan?”

For the HKT princess, reverting is such a big problem. Her original pair, Haruppi, has reverted a hundred times and everytime she degenerates it’s always a tiring work for Sakura to watch over her. Haruppi’s katsuzetsu gets even worse when she turns into a kid and Sakura couldn’t get anything what she is saying.

“Well…” Jurina stretched her arms but her other arm casually arched around Sakura’s shoulders. “I just think that you’ll be really cute when you revert. Don’t worry…” She placed her face near Sakura’s which sent some static energy to the other girl. Jurina then whispered to her. “I will take good care of you and shower you with kisses.”

Paruru who was chasing after Neon stopped in front of them and looked at them with those curious eyes. Jurina smiled at her. “What’s up, Paruru-chan?”

Paru stayed quiet for a moment but then,



The little girl then turned to Sakura who snorted out laughter after hearing Paruru called Jurina a player. She thought that she was safe but Paruru isn’t over.


That’s all and the little girl went to chase Neon again. The two were left speechless.

Paruru then went to her next stop. She stopped where Tomochin and Sasshi are sitting. Tomochin carried her with a wide smile on her face. “How is our immovable ace doing?”

Paru’s eyes glittered while looking at Tomochin’s face. She reached out to touch her senpai’s cheeks.

“Onee-chan, kirei~”

Tomochin giggled. Finally, something good came out of the child’s lips. She rubbed her cheeks to Paru’s which made the girl chuckle. “What a good girl we have here!”

“What about me? What about me?” Sasshi pointed at herself while presenting her face to Paruru. The girl looked at her for a moment but then buried her face to Tomochin’s shoulder. She took a peek of Sasshi before casually saying,



Everyone on the room laughed. Paru just can’t stop roasting everyone. Yui was laughing on her own place. She’s enjoying this type of Paruru but seeing that out of all the people in the room, Tomochin being the only one getting praised pinches her heart.

“Paruru-chan is really cute, right?” Kitahara Rie suddenly popped out of nowhere, handing her a glass of water. She took the glass from the NGT captain followed with a faint expression of gratitude. The other woman just sat beside her.

“I didn’t expect that she would revert at this time. I wonder what made that take place.” Rie commented while her eyes are still fixed to where Paruru is.

“I think it is my fault, Rie-san.” Yui sighed and then took a gulp of the water given to her. “I think I’m really unattractive.”

Kitarie tilted her head to the side. “What are you talking about, Yuihan? You are really attractive!” She turned her body towards Yui and held the girl’s hand. “Believe me or not, you are really an admirable person!”

Yui blushed at that very moment. “Do you think so, Rie-san?”

The other girl eagerly nodded. “You are! You’ve been with me in a unit, remember? I think I could enumerate a hundred things that make you really amazing!”

“T-Thank you, Rie-sa—“

Yui wasn’t able to finish her sentence when she felt something tugging her pants. When she looked down, she saw Paruru looking at her. Probably it is her time to be roasted. The little girl raised her hands as if asking Yui to carry her. Yui did what was instructed and placed Paru in her lap.

Paruru started to be so clingy. She hugged Yui while looking at Rie with a scowl as if she is telling the other girl something. Paru then looked up at Yui and with that cute, blushing face she said,

“Nee-chan, daisuki.”

Yui felt her heart stopped beating for a millisecond. The girl then turned to Kitarie, pouting.

“This nee-chan is mine, go away unagi inu.”

Rie’s eyes widened for a moment but then she laughed. She stood from her seat and took a stretch.

“I know, I know.” Rie sighed. “I’m not going to steal Yuihan from you, Paruru-chan.” She then gave Paruru soft pats to her head before leaving.

Yuihan then turned to Paruru who is currently rubbing her eyes. She is still shocked with the sudden confession from the young Paruru.

“Nee-chan, sleepy~”

“Ohh, are you?” Yui looked at her watch. It’s already past 12am. It’s not right for a kid like Paruru to be awake at this time. Yui carried her and immediately waved goodbye to the other girls. She apologized for leaving early and she just promised Sayanee that she would treat her to her favorite Yaoi restaurant as a gift. The other girls are still asking to take more pictures of the reverted Paruru but the over-protective GM refused and left as soon as possible.

Yui’s room is just two floors down from Sayanee’s apartment anyway. She fixed her bed, dusted it off so that the girl will not criticize her bed just like last time. After that, she led Paru into brushing her teeth and helped her change into a bigger shirt. This is a preparation if ever Paru would revert back to normal. Most of the time, just after a good night sleep, they will go back to their normal form.

She had Paru lay to her bed and then she went to check Twitter and 755 to monitor the activities of the other members. She is the General Manager anyway; it is her responsibility to make sure that the members are behaving well in their social media accounts. Yui couldn’t help but to be anxious about a certain hashtag that has started trending. How would she even explain this?

She was sitting in her study table when she suddenly felt a familiar tugging in her pants. It was Paru.

“Can’t sleep, Princess?” Yui asked as she placed her hand on the little girl’s head.

“Un.” The girl cutely nodded. “Please tell me a story.”

Yui sighed. “Okay, spoiled little one.” She closed her laptop and went back to bed. She helped Paru walk because she was dragging her shirt like crazy.

She lay on the bed with the kid. She was even surprised when the child hugged her and looked up at her as if waiting for a story to come out of her lips. Yui gave out a faint smile. She cleared her throat and came out with a story.

“Once upon a time, there was a girl who auditioned to Japan’s biggest idol group. She was just influenced by a friend to do that audition but she unexpectedly made the cut even though she didn’t sing…”

Yui started combing the girl’s hair as she eagerly listens to her story.

“This girl became a part of the 9th generation and eventually became the ace of her class. She sucks at dancing. She’s not good in singing. She’s also bad in socializing. She’s well aware of that. This girl believes that she isn’t a good fit for an idol. But the nation loved her. She gained a lot of support. I guess the fans saw her efforts.

She loves her job. I remember the time she cried at me because she thought she couldn’t do anything properly. But you know, I love how she depends on me whenever she’s down. I love how she runs at me first to ask for advice. I love that side of her…”

Yui then gave out a bitter smile. Why is she even telling this to a kid?

“But lately she became more independent. She had solo activities, starred in dramas and became a main star in a film. She became more and more beautiful, more successful, more well-known… while I am just here watching her. Supporting her in the sidelines. Hoping that one day she will come back to me and lean on me again. I know you won’t understand this selfish request of mine but…”

Yui turned to the girl only to find out that she’s already deep in her sleep. The GM sighed. She looked at the cute face of the sleeping child. Knowing Paruru, she will really find this kind of story boring and no doubt, she would instantly doze off.

Yui gave out a faint smile. She remembered this young Paru telling her that she loves her. That really made her night.

“At least you should’ve finished my story…” Yui carefully bumped her forehead to the kid’s forehead. She then closed her eyes. “At least you should have heard the revelation of the name of the character… That girl is called Shimazaki Haruka… she is the girl the current General Manager of the 48Group loves the most…”




A RAY OF light blinded Paruru as it flashed directly to her eyelids. She stretched out and rolled over the bed while trying to rub off the sleep from her eyes. She looked around and found herself in a familiar room. When was the last time that she came to this place on earth? It feels like it has been years but there is not a single change in the said room.

She sat up and almost shrieked when she found out that she’s only wearing a loose, unstylish tee. Her face instantly reddened at a certain thought. As far as she could remember she was with Yui trying on clothes for Sayaka’s birthday party. She heard that Tomochin would come and she instantly worried about Yui after hearing the news.

Paru thought that she should help her bestfriend so that Tomochin would not be able to say anything about that way she dresses. She’s aware that Yui is notorious for being a poor dresser to the point that even Aki-P mentioned about it in a magazine interview.

Even though she is the one that initiates the teasing, she wants to be the only one to tease Yui about it. She wants to be the only one.

Speaking of Yui, Paruru jumped out of the bed and grabbed her clothes that were neatly placed in a chair. She had to go find Yui to confirm if what she was thinking of is true. But wait, if that was true why does she feel so well-rested?

After changing, she immediately went out of the room only to find out a kid trying to play with Yui’s cat, Bisu. Knots were formed on Paruru’s forehead. She examined the kid who seemed to be unaware of her presence. The girl was stuck in the shirt that Yui was wearing last night.

Bisu gave out a loud meow before running away for the girl has been pulling her tail. The animal seemed like it got hurt thus the reason for escaping. The girl froze for a moment before she finally noticed Paruru. She immediately smiled at the sight of the salty girl.

“No way…” Paruru gasped. “You’re Yui, right?”

Paruru picked up the little girl who just chuckled endlessly. She immediately looked for her phone and found it in her purse back in the bedroom. Whenever Yui feels like reverting, she would send Paru a message for a notice so Paru hurriedly checked her LINE. And there it is--Yui’s message.



Sorry, I feel like I’m going to degenerate. The night is just so stressful. If you want to ask me about it, you better check twitter.


The lady did what was instructed. She almost wanted to throw her phone away because what welcomed her at the said social media were photos of her reversion. It seems like the members had so much fun seeing her in her child form. There was even a family picture of her with SayaMilky as her parents, Jurina trying to kiss her but she shove her away with a slap while Sakura is seen on the background laughing, a wacky picture where she is hugging Tomochin while Sasshi looks like a monster trying to steal her away.

Paruru felt the energy from her body being drained. She dropped herself on the sofa, her furious eyes fixed on the screen while little Yui is trying to steal her phone away.

“Mou, Yuihan…” She mumbled. “Why do you have to bring me there at the first place?”

She kept scrolling down and saw that Yui retweeted a video posted Jurina. In that video she was sitting on Yui’s lap and then told the GM those words.

Paru immediately closed the app, her cheeks bright red in embarrassment. She then turned to Yui with a scowl. “Why do you have to retweet that!? You actually liked it, don’t you?”

The little Yui just innocently smiled at her. Paru sighed as she went back to Yui’s note.


I’m stressing on how I should explain everything to you. I don’t want you to be angry to me because I brought you to the party. I just panicked. It was the first time that my pair reverted. I didn’t know what to do. I really regret bringing you there.


“Regret?” Paru rolled her eyes. “But you retweeted the video.”


I filed your leave in case you won’t generate back to your normal size. But I know that once you are back, I will go take your place so I’m really sorry. Just send me to sleep and I will be alright. I’m really sorry, Paru.


That’s the end of the message; Paru gave out a sigh and raised the little Yui. The girl is still chuckling while she is trying to make her look at her way.

“Why do you always have to say sorry, Yuihan? Stop saying sorry…”

Paruru hugged the little kid. Deep in her heart she was moved on how Yui took care of her when she reverted. Probably she has been waiting for that day—the day that she would be back to Yui’s arms.

The kid hugged her back but flashing a curious face. Paru just laughed at her and pinched her nose.

“I’m not angry… Get back now…” Paru whispered and hugged little Yui again. “The little me might’ve told you already but… I will tell you properly once you revert back.”



This is for everyone requesting a YuiParu fic for me. This is kind of rushed since I made it last night while feeling so sleepy. I tried to edit it but I still feel strange. Maybe because I got used of having Paruru paired with my OC. Somehow it feels awkward not having them a pair now. You felt it too, right?

Sorry for all the Sasshi wotas... That is just for comedy... We all know that Sasshi is not ugly! Don’t hunt me down. XD

Anyway, the idea came from porkofdoom-san. She requested me about a fic where Paruru degenerates to her child form. Thank you, porkofdoom-san~~

Well, I hope you enjoyed this cheap YuiParu OS from me. I will try to make a better YuiParu next time or let’s just wait for porkofdoom-san to post hers. XD
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] Paruru Shrinks! (OS)
« Reply #26 on: July 31, 2017, 06:40:28 PM »
I think you already know what I would say but I'll say it again!
I knew it I had to suggest this to you since, I know (smirk) that you'll know Paru better since she's your oshi. :3 Of course I have to comment about Milky being.. well, Milky HAHA!! The shakure king just can't live in peace without being roasted also the other members lol! And I really enjoyed how Paru rubbed cheeks with Tomochin. Kinda unfair for the others but Yuihan ya dork, she even got an innocent cute heart-wrenching confession with dimpled shy smile from Paruuuu.

Anyway, thank uuuu. And that ending was a surprise!!! Hahahaha! I just can't believe Yuihan got stressed out after those events (If i got a cute confession too maybe I'll gladly welcome death as well) xDDD

Omaigahd! This is just so gay. But yeah, Cut-san thank u for putting up with my shenanigans lol xD (A yuiparu fic atlast!!!)

Heart heart!!! ;) :heart:
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] Paruru Shrinks! (OS)
« Reply #27 on: July 31, 2017, 11:45:07 PM »
I really loved it.
Yui and Paruru ... wish they had given us some more time ...
In short ... I think that there are no more couples ... it seems that Jurina and Sakura is the only couple that is seeing now and that is liked.
You could write the regression of Jurina or Sakura! As another part of this fic.

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] Paruru Shrinks! (YuiParu OS)
« Reply #28 on: August 02, 2017, 03:56:27 PM »
uwaa, new OS uptade, this is so cute, i think i've got diabetes, idol will shrink eh ? i really curious what if sayanee shrink back to a child (since she is my kami-oshimen) haha.... and well who will reject sayamilky as parent ? (even thought i'm in love with sayanee but if it's milky then it's okay *in big delusion*) haha aahh too much sugar on this fic cut-sama thank you

ps.: sorry for replying here but i got every TTM reference in waste of wish hehe and thanks for the info about maru's jacket (i'm going to search and buy the most similiar one hahaha)

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] Paruru Shrinks! (YuiParu OS)
« Reply #29 on: August 03, 2017, 05:04:30 AM »
キュート すぎる~~

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