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Author Topic: Humans And Robots - Chapter 24 (Kojiyuu + Others) 28/12/2016 (COMPLETED)  (Read 47780 times)

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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 14 (Kojiyuu + Others) 22/9/2015
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 :barf:  Yuko 's super strenght....

I just read this chap now....
And your in hiatus.....

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Humans And Robots - Chapter 15 (Kojiyuu + Others) 14/12/2015
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jhom_09 = Ahahha. Thank you. Do take your time in trying to write your stories! Don't give up!  :on GJ:
niineechan = Nope, she ain't a monster. It's just that she was injected with some liquid that enhances her abilities to a whole new level.  :kekeke:
rindg = Well here's the next part! Sorry for the long wait though.  :kneelbow:
arawche079 = Eheheh.. I'm back now!

Hello fellow readers!  :luvluv2:
I'm finally back! Did you miss me?  :hee:
Anyhow, I'm done with exams and I should be able to update regularly (once a week). LWTC and HAR will be taking turns on updates each week.
Let's start shall we?

Chapter 15
"Ready Yuko?" Sayanee asked as she nodded her head. "Go all out." She whispered before Yuko started taking her stance.


No one pov
'I can do this.. Just let it go wild.' Yuko took a deep breath as she calmed herself down.

Yuko took her stance and closed her eyes. A few seconds went by, as everyone held their breath. All of a sudden, Yuko's eyes shot opened, surprising the others.

Yuko let out a war cry before moving her fist in, onto the boulder. Everyone who was watching jaw dropped as 25 of the boulders were smashed in the process, but Yuko wasn't done.

Her fist remains at the same place as she focused all her energy into it. Yuko opened her fist, putting a high amount of force that causes the boulders to break into pieces.

Yuko fell onto one of her knees as she panted. The place that once had 50 boulders stacked, is now full of rubles as all 50 boulders broke.


"Yuko!" Haruna was alerted as soon as Yuko fell onto her knee. She ran into the mainfield, hoping to help her squirrel with Mayu in tow.

Meanwhile the others were in awe. "Did you see that?" Jurina stated enthusiastically as everyone solemnly nodded their head. "Her strength is inhumane.." Tomochin muttered under her breath that didn't went unnoticed by the others.

"Yuko-san is so strong." Tomo~mi stated as Jurina nodded her head in agreement furiously.

Rena pouted as she saw the scene in front of her. "Yuko-san is taking my title away." Jurina giggled seeing her Rena acting like that while the others laughed seeing how Rena was acting.

"And what is your title?" Jurina asked, feigning innocence.

"The strongest of the group." Rena continued pouting as Jurina pinched her on the nose. "Then you'll be the Gekikara-est in the group!" Jurina stated cheerfully while the others let out a snicker.


"... That was.." Yukirin started as the others were still stunned by Yuko's strength.

"Sugoi ne, Yuko-san." Milky stated as the others nodded their head in agreement. Sayaka tapped on a button, instantly connecting her over to the mainfield with a screen appearing.

"Yuko, are you alright?" Sayaka asked a she observed Yuko who was still weak from that move. Haruna was beside her with a bottle and telling her to control her breathing.

"..Yes." Yuko smiled reassuringly at Sayaka who gave her a nod. "Sayanee, was that the highest count of boulders?" Sayaka questioned as Sayanee nodded her head.

"Yuko, did you have any control of that amount of strength you exerted?" Yuko leaned back onto the ground, thinking deeply. "..No. I just told myself to let it go wild." Yuko shrugged as she sat back up.

"So far, the highest amount of boulders that Yuko can destroy while she still has control over her strength was 25." Sayanee stated after checking on her notes.

'She can only control half of what she can't control.. But, if Yuko can break through 25 boulders with her strength being under control, I think this is pretty good. I believe Sayanee will be able to help her even more.'

Sayaka thought to herself before giving a small nod in understanding as she told Yuko to take a break for at least 15 minutes to cool herself down.

"And why exactly are the rest of you here?" Sayaka asked with an eyebrow raised, looking at Takamina and Rena's group. All of them let out a nervous laughter.

"W-We were having our break when we heard some sound." Jurina stated nervously while Rena continued.

"Therefore we decided to see what was going on. Jurina, I think break times over. Let's head back over." Rena gave a small bow before hastily dragging Jurina along with her.

"Same case here." Takamina raised her hand in defense. "We'll be heading off now." Acchan added as they started exiting the main field.

Sayaka sighed as Mariko laughed. "Kojima-san and Mayu, please do make sure Yuko is in a good condition before she continues her training." Mayu nodded her head as Haruna was practically all over Yuko, worried for her well-being.

"Did you overexert yourself?" Haruna asked gently as Yuko shook her head and gave Haruna a reassuring smile before patting her on the head. "I'm fine Nyan nyan.."


"To this extent eh.." Mariko muttered. "What do you mean?" Sayaka look confusedly at Mariko. "Yuko's strength." Mariko sighed as she rubbed her temples. "Ma. I guess it's a good thing." Mariko smiled a little as Yukirin and Milky nodded.

"Well, we'll be going back to the other room now." Yukirin said as she pulled Milky along. "All the best." Sayaka said as they left. "Well then, let's get back to business too." Sayaka looked over to Mariko who gave her a nod.


"I hope Yuko's fine." Takamina said as Tomo~mi nodded her head in agreement. "She'll be fine." Tomochin said as Acchan reached out to Takamina's hand, gently grasping it.

"Tomochin is right. After all, she is Yuko." Acchan smiled reassuringly as she gave Takamina a small squeeze, eliciting a blush from her.

"Ah! Takamina-san, I have something I need to do." Tomo~mi said as the others look at her with an eyebrow raised.

"Eh? What about training?" Takamina asked as Tomo~mi rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly.

"It's really important.. I'll explain myself to Sayaka if she questions." 'It's not like she doesn't know what is going on..'

"Anyhow, I'm sorry and please excuse me." With that, Tomo~mi bowed before taking her leave.

"Eh?" Takamina stared blankly as they watched her leave. "Tomochin, any idea what's going on?" Acchan questioned as Tomochin thought for a while but nothing came to her. She shook her head as they sighed. 'What's going on..'


"Oshiriko-chan, Sayanee. I think that's it for today. We don't want you to overexert yourself." Mayu sighed after checking Yuko's condition.

Yuko was about to retort but she was stopped by Mayu who gave her a stern glare.

"Not to forget that you trained this morning as well. Oh right. What was it again? 3 versus 1?" Mayu raised an eyebrow at Yuko who pouted.

"Fine with me. We will start tomorrow." Sayanee agreed as she told Yuko to rest well before tomorrow's training.

"Otsukaresama." Yuko said as Sayanee replied politely in return before taking her leave.

"I'll be heading to see if Yukirin needs help. Kojima-san, you can stay with Yuko. I'll inform you if there's any good news." Mayu said with a smile as the other two muttered a thank you to Mayu who waved it off.

"Stupid Yuuchan." Haruna muttered right under her breath but it didn't went unnoticed by Yuko. "..And why am I stupid?" Yuko asked with an eyebrow raised, amused as Haruna stared at her. "Because Yuuchan is Yuuchan." Haruna sighed as she gently urged for Yuko to stand up.

Yuko laughed at her statement. Haruna had an arm wrapped around Yuko's waist, supporting her as they made their way back.

"Ah, I nearly forgotten. Nyan nyan? Can I borrow your phone? I left mine back in our room." Yuko asked as Haruna fished for her phone in her pocket. She passed it over to Yuko who muttered a thank you in reply.

"Hello? Tomo~mi? Yuko here." Yuko greeted with a grin on her face. "I'm done with training do you need help?" Yuko asked as Haruna took a glance at Yuko, wondering what was going on.

"Ah, wait a minute. There's another call coming in, chiyuu." Tomo~mi said as she answered said call after seeing who the caller was.

"Sayaka!" Tomo~mi greeted.

"Tomo~mi? Is today THAT day?" Sayaka asked as Yuko smiled widely and answered her with a yes.

"Sou.. I nearly forgot. Well then, shall we meet up now? Mariko knows what's going on." Sayaka asked as the other two heard Mariko laughing on the other side.

"Mmn. I'll be bringing Nyan nyan with me though. Oh, I'll be heading back to bath first." Yuko said as she checked the time.

"I'll be seeing you in 30 minutes?" Yuko stated unsure but the other two waved it off and agreed. The call was ended as that was said. Yuko looked around taking in her surroundings, she found out that she was already back to her place.

"Yuuchan? What's going on?" Haruna tilted her head to the side in confusion. Yuko giggled and told her on what was going on.


"Ehhhhhhhhhhh? It's their anniversary?" Haruna said aloud surprising Yuko as she lost her footing. Haruna quickly held onto Yuko, preventing her from falling as Yuko sweat dropped.

"Nyan nyan, not so loud." Yuko reprimanded but she smiled a little, seeing how her cat was acting.

"We'll be helping Tomo~mi with the surprise as soon as I'm done bathing." Yuko added as Haruna gave her a nod.

"Do you want to bath with me, Nyan nyan?" Yuko asked as she started to removed her shirt and pants.

Haruna blushed seeing Yuko clad only in her underwear. Yuko took a glance and inwardly smirked, seeing that Haruna was blushing.

"Nyan nyan?" This snapped Haruna out of her reverie and she gave Yuko a meek nod. 'Heh.. It's been a while since we last bath together. This will be fun.'


"So, Tomo~mi. Do you have any plans?" Sayaka asked as she nodded her head enthusiastically.

"I gave a lot of thought on it. I want us to relive our first date." Tomi~mi said with a sweet smile, making the other two soften their gaze on her.

"I see. So what do you need us to help you with?" Mariko asked curiously. 'Since she already knows what she wants to do, why does she need us?'

Tomo~mi smiled sheepishly as she clapped her hands together and bowed her head. "Well since there's going to be the four of you.. I was thinking.. Maybe.. Er.." Tomo~mi fidgeted as the other two looked on with an eyebrow raised.

"Tomo~mi. Calm down and tell us." Sayaka urged gently as she took a deep breath calming herself down.

"I need one of you to help me take photos of the date. When the date is over, I want to compile the photos, making it an album and give it to her." Tomo~mi nervously looked up.

Mariko raised her hand and volunteered for that task. "Leave it to me!" Mariko playfully saluted at Tomo~mi who giggled.

Tomo~mi took out her phone and called for Yuko. After the line was connected, she put it on loudspeaker for the others to hear.

The phone was answered a few beeps later.

"Yuko-chan, we-" Tomo~mi was stopped as she heard a moan from the other side of the phone.

Sayaka and Tomo~mi blushed hard as Mariko had her trolled face on.

"Heh. Already making love in broad daylight eh.." Mariko said aloud.

There was a loud thud on the other side of the phone and soon a groaned was heard. "Y-Yuuchan! Are you alright? I'm sorry." Haruna's voice was heard as Yuko told her it's okay.

"Why hello there, good timing you have." Yuko said feigning annoyance, eliciting laughter from the other three.

"Yuko-chan, back on topic. I need you and Haruna-chan to help me decorate a place." Tomo~mi started, getting serious.

"The school's rooftop?" Yuko asked as a small smile graced her lips.

"Mmn! I'll leave it to you alright?" Tomo~mi asked as Yuko smiled widely although the others couldn't see. "Leave it to us! Nyan nyan, let's get going." Yuko said before ending the call.

"And what do you need me for?" Sayaka asked with an eyebrow raised.

"I need you to be the middleman. I need you to help me call her out." Tomo~mi said as Sayaka nodded her head.

"Where do you want to meet up?" Sayaka asked as she eyed the monitor that was displaying the town as everyone was busy with their life.

"Our school. Do not let her dress too flashily, I don't want to attract unnecessary attention." Sayaka nodded at her request.

"The date will be starting about an hour from now. The rooftop will be the last checkpoint or place that we'll be heading to." Tomo~mi added as the other two gave her a thumbs up.

"Now now, hurry up and go make yourself pretty. Right, take your clothing and head over to my room to bath. We will have to avoid her bumping into you right? I'll have to search for my camera. Oh, and Sayaka. You can help me after you're done with bringing her to the destined place." Mariko said as Sayaka gave her a nod and Tomo~mi thanked her. "Yosh, let's do our best!"


Author pov
The five of them went to work on the task that were given to them. Well then,  let's head over to see how Yuko and Haruna was doing.


"Yuuchan.." Haruna panted aloud as Yuko had kabe-don her on the door and the two started their make out session.

'Here we go again..' I sighed as I rubbed my temples.

"Oi. You two. No making out. Not at least until you're done with your task." I shouted over to the two, surprising them.

"A-Ara, author-san." Yuko greeted as Haruna blushed and hid at the crook of Yuko's neck.

"You two heard what I said, right?" I asked as the two nodded while Yuko laughed nervously.

"We'll be getting back to work.." Yuko added as she gave Haruna a quick peck on the lips.

"Yuuchan!" Haruna turned redder as she pouted at Yuko's actions.

"Author-san.. I have a question." Haruna started as she looked nervously at me. I raised and eyebrow, urging her to ask her question.

"Why are you appearing in the story?" Haruna asked as Yuko gasped, covering Haruna's mouth while looking nervously at me. "She didn't meant what she said." Yuko defended as I stared at the two before smiling a little at them.

The two sighed in relieve before relaxing a little. "I guess I just wanted to check on how everything will be going. After all, can't the author make an appearance on her own story?" I asked as the other two laughed and shook their heads.

"Well then, I'll be off. Keep your hands to yourself you two." I said before taking my leave.

No one pov
"Ah. Bye bye~" Yuko said as Haruna sighed. "She was the one who wrote that we were making out." Haruna pouted as Yuko laughed.

"Let her have her fun." Yuko gently pat Haruna on the head before heading to the bag full of decorations. "Nyan nyan, let's start decorating the place." Yuko grinned as Haruna nodded.


Author pov
Well then, that was fun while it lasted. I guess I'll be disappearing from the story now. Cameo appearance, part 1, end!


No one pov
Mariko managed to get her camera which turns out to be an expensive DSLR. Sayaka who decided to accompany Mariko for a while looked quizzically at Mariko who had a smug face on.

"I know what you're thinking. 'What an expensive camera.. Does she even know how to use it?' Is what you're thinking right?" Mariko asked as Sayaka nodded her head.

"Well yes. I do know how to use this expensive thing." Mariko said as she checked her watch, gesturing for Sayaka to go do her task.

'It sure has been awhile since I last used this.' Mariko sighed before going over to Tomo~mi's house, hiding strategically behind bushes as she waits for her to make her move.


Sayaka on the other hand, quickly got over to the training field. It didn't take her long to find Tomochin who was bending her upper body, taking a much needed break from the hardcore training.

"Tomochin." Sayaka called as she was close enough, surprising all of them. "Sayaka?" Takamina looked questioningly at her.

"Eh? What is it?" Tomochin asked as she straightened herself before walking over to her.

"You're dismissed for the day. I need you to go shower and please dressed appropriately. There is a meeting that you have to attend." Sayaka stated in her serious tone as Tomochin looked confused at her.

"What meeting?" Tomochin asked as the Atsumina pair looked on with equal confusion on their face.

"A private and confidential one. Now hurry up. I need you to be at the front entrance of base. We will head over to the meeting place together and you have 45 minutes to reach there. Don't be late." Sayaka added before taking her leave.

"Huh?" Tomochin clicked her tongue in annoyance as she wasn't told beforehand.

"Tomochin, I think it's best you go back and clean yourself up." Acchan said as Tomochin nodded in reply before taking her leave.

"Takamina.. Do you have any idea what's going on?" Acchan asked as she shook her head in reply.

"We should continue practicing for now." Takamina said as Acchan reluctantly nodded. Takamina who caught the hesitation sighed.

"We'll have a 10 minutes break." Takamina said as Acchan cheered and lay flat on the ground, feeling the after effects of the hardcore training.

"I'll get you your water bottle." Takamina took her leave while Acchan smiled in content.


Author pov

Someone is calling me but who is it.

"Author-san! Over here!" The voice repeated.

I looked over to the voice and I sweat dropped.

"Why hello there, Minegeshi-san. What brings you here?" I asked as she tapped her foot impatiently.

"You forgot something. Or more specifically, someone.." She stared deep into my eyes, making me shiver from the intense glare.

"I'm sorry about that. To recompense, I'll have a chapter featuring you and Mariko. Since we've done Mayuki and WMatsuis already." I said as I added into my notes.

Miichan on the other hand looked wide eyed at me before I added. "But, it'll be after Tomotomo and Atsumina."

Miichan groaned in reply but accepted the offer.

"Alright then, I'll put you back into the story now. I apologize for my mistakes." I bowed a 90 degrees before sending her off.


No one pov
"Gachapin! Where have you been?" Mariko jumped in surprised as Miichan tapped her on the back.

"I was..busy." Miichan sighed as Mariko nodded her head. "I'll be helping out with you as well. You'll focus on Tomo~mi while I'll focus on Tomochin." Miichan said as she pulled out her mini DSLR.

Mariko grinned at Miichan before giving her a thumbs up.


It didn't take long for Tomochin to reach back into her room and she quickly got in the shower.

'Tomo~mi is not here.. I wonder where is she..' Tomochin thought to herself as she sighed. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and quickly rinsed of the soap.

Thirty minutes later, Tomochin came down from her room and Miichan was quick to snap some shots, which turned out very nice.

Tomo~mi on the other hand had left the apartment about 20 minutes ago, with Mariko secretly following her.

Sayaka on the other hand met up with the Marimii pair before she was called by Yuko to help them with the decorations.

Seeing that Miichan is here to help Mariko, Sayaka agreed and took her leave, heading towards the school's rooftop.


In actual fact, Tomo~mi didn't know that her accomplice will be taking photos of her as well and oh Mariko was grinning nonstop. She was snapping pictures every now and then of a nervous Tomo~mi fiddling with her dress and all.


Miichan who was following Tomochin quicken her footsteps as Tomochin walked down the hallway at a high speed. Miichan inwardly groaned but pushed on and soon, they were at the entrance.

She bumped into Mariko, who quickly covered her mouth and hid to avoid suspicion.

Miichan muttered an apology before the two slowly peeked their heads out to see on what was going on.


"T-Tomo~mi? Why are you here?" Tomochin eyed her in surprise as Tomo~mi nervously fidgeted.

'She's hot..' Tomochin thought to herself before blushing a little.

"Erm, Tomochin.." Tomo~mi's strawberry voice called her as Tomochin sweat dropped.

"Do you remember what day is today?" She asked as Tomochin gave a thoughtful look before nodding her head.

"It's our anniversary." Tomochin answered as she smiled fondly at Tomo~mi who smiled brightly at Tomochin before walking over and wrapped her arms around her neck.

On instinct, Tomochin wrapped her arms around Tomo~mi around the waist as the two sighed in content.

"So, care to explain on what is going on? Oh, and you look really beautiful in the dress." Tomochin added as she gave Tomo~mi a quick peck on the lips which caused her to blush.

"Thank you.. You look dashing too, in your formal wear." Tomo~mi grinned as Tomochin pinched her on the nose.

"..You see. I thought that we should go on a date to celebrate our anniversary. Is that okay?" Tomo~mi asked unsure, causing Tomochin to laughed.

"Alright. What do you have in mind?"


The Marimii pairing were diligently following the Tomotomo pair and boy did they snapped plenty of photos.

Thank the heavens that technology is now very advance, Marimii pairing sent their pictures over to the other three on the spot, letting the trio filter and organized the photos.

The trio which consists of Yuko, Haruna and Sayaka were long done with the decorations. The lights were set and they even got a bench and a table and placed it in the middle of the rooftop.

At the start, the trio were bickering over which photo to be compiled but in the end they managed to come to an agreement and continued working together.


The date went well and soon it was coming to an end.

"The date went well, didn't it?" Tomochin said nonchalantly to herself as Tomo~mi grinned. "I'm glad.." She tighten her grip on their intertwined hands.

The two had went to many different places to eat, the cinema, and even the arcade. Tomochin who noticed that it was getting late, asked Tomo~mi should they head back to the base now.

"Hmm? There's still one place I want to go.." Tomo~mi said as she tugged on Tomochin's sleeve, making her follow where her lover is heading to.

It didn't take long for them to reach their school.

Tomochin was curious alright. Why were they back at the old school? Did they have permission? Will they be caught for trespassing?

"Tomochin, I got permission from the school. Don't worry." Tomo~mi smiled as she give her a quick peck on her cheeks before she continued to make her way to the rooftop.

The trio who received the call beforehand from Mariko quickly hid behind the barricade as they slowly peeked out, waiting for them to come.

Earlier on, Sayaka who got bored of organizing the photos, decided to go to a bakery to buy a cake as a gift for her beloved friend. Yuko and Haruna agreed to fork out money and so Sayaka bought a cake and it was placed on the table in front of the bench.

Meanwhile, Haruna was still receiving photos that were send by the Marimii pairing and so she continued to work on it.

Yuko on the other hand, made sure that the light and everything was set.

The sound of the door opening surprised the trio but they gathered their composure and continued working silently as Yuko helped Haruna with the photos while Sayaka kept her eyes on the couple who just came in.

Sayaka took a quick glance to the side and to her surprise, she saw the Marimii pair on the other side of the building with this huge zoom in thingy on both their cameras as they continued to snap the pictures.

'Those two sure are going all out. They remind me of paparazzi's..' Sayaka inwardly laughed to herself before focusing back on the couple.

"Wow.." Tomochin felt her breath taken away as soon as she stepped on to the rooftop.

'They really did a good job.. I owe you guys one.' Tomo~mi thought to herself as she giggled at her girlfriend's reaction.

The two made their way over to the bench and table that was placed in the middle of the school's rooftop.

Tomo~mi gasped in surprise to see the cake on the table as she felt her eyes teared. "Tomo~mi? What's wrong?" Tomochin was alerted as soon as she saw her girlfriend's reaction.

"A-Ah.. Happy tears.. I wasn't planning to get a cake." Tomo~mi said before adding. "No offense though." Tomochin giggled as she waved it off.

"I actually managed to get some help from a few of our friends.. They were the ones who helped me with this plan." Tomo~mi smiled sweetly as she wiped her tears.

"Well, we'll have to thank them, don't we?" Tomochin smiled as she wiped the remains tears on her face.

"Tomochin.. I'm really glad that I met you. Without you, I would be lost in the abyss. Not knowing what to do and not have any confidence. The person I am today is all because of you. Because of your love, I grew day by day and I became a much stronger person. Thank you for loving me despite knowing that I am not fully human. Tomochin, I love you." Tomo~mi ended her sentence with a long tender kiss on Tomochin's lip.

Tomochin felt her eyes water as she wrapped her arms around Tomo~mi, pulling their body closer to one another.

The trio out he other hand smiled in content at the touching display. Sayaka felt her eyes teared as she remembered Sae.

She felt a pat on the shoulder as Yuko squeezed her shoulder reassuringly before giving her a wide smile.

Sayaka smiled in reply before giving her a thumbs up.

The two separated, panting heavily as they sat on the bench with Tomo~mi on top of Tomochin.

"Happy anniversary, love." Tomo~mi beamed widely before Tomochin leaned in and buried her head at the crook of Tomo~mi's neck.

"Happy anniversary to you too. Thank you for sticking with me throughout the years. Thank you for being patient with my hot tempered attitude. I love you, Tomo~mi." Tomochin ended before leaning in to give Tomo~mi a tender kiss.

The two soon separated from each other and cut the cake, spoon feeding one another before deciding to call it a night. The two took their leave, carrying the cake with them as Yuko and Sayaka got into action, quickly removing the decorations, putting them into a box.


After they were done, Yuko single handedly carried the bench and the table down the stairs with Haruna and Sayaka in tow.

"Your strength is inhumane, Yuko." Sayaka said nonchalantly as Yuko placed the furniture down, arranging them neatly before giving Sayaka a grin.

"I've been told. Oh, Nyan nyan. Are you done?" Yuko asked as Sayaka called for the Marimii paired with her smartphone.

"Almost.." Haruna said as she kept her eyes glued on the monitor, not watching her step Haruna slipped.

A small shrieked was heard and Haruna closed her eyes shut, bracing herself to feel the pain but nothing came.

Strong arms wrapped around her waist, preventing her from falling on to the floor. "That was close." Yuko sighed in relieve before she reprimanded her cat.

Haruna felt her world stop as she blushed. Yuko pulled her back onto her two feet and after that Haruna leaned in giving Yuko a quick kiss on the lips and muttered a thank you.

Yuko grinned as Haruna rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly before she continued to focus on the task in hand.

Three minutes later, the album was done and the Marimii pair managed to caught up with the trio.

The five, high fived one another before heading out of school to catch up with the couple of the day.


The Tomotomo pair were surprised to see the five of them running and calling after them. The two stopped, letting the other five catch up to them.

"Happy anniversary, you two!" The five shouted together as the Tomotomo paired thanked them.

"Tomochin, they helped me with today's preparation." Tomo~mi grinned as she gave each one of them a hug.

"..Thank you." Tomochin mumbled as the other five smiled. It was rare of her to show her gratitude and they all knew well.

"Oh, who bought the cake? You didn't have to." Tomo~mi asked as they slowly started making their way back to base.

"Well, Sayaka suggested it." Yuko answered as Sayaka grinned widely. "The cost of the cake was shared by the three of us." Sayaka stated a she pointed over to the Kojiyuu pair as well.

"Ah, thank you." Tomo~mi grinned as they continued to walk in silence.

As soon as they arrived at the base, the Marimii pair tapped Tomo~mi and Tomochin on the shoulder causing them to halt their next step.

"As your request, we made this album for you." Mariko grinned widely at them as Tomchin gasped in surprise while Tomo~mi smiled fondly at Tomochin.

"The photos were by me and Mariko." Miichan said with bright smile before giving the two a thumbs up.

"I edited and organized the photos. Yuuchan and Sayaka helped picking them." Haruna said as they all smiled widely at them.

Tomo~mi and Tomochin flipped thorough the album as Tomo~mi blushed.

"There are photo's of me too?" Tomo~mi stated shyly as the Marimii pair snickered.

"Of course. We can't have pictures of Tomochin only and we had enough manpower to go for the both of you." Mariko grinned as Mii-chan gave them a lopsided smile.

"Thank you." Tomo~mi bowed in gratitude as the others waved it off. "Yea.. Thank you.." Tomochin smiled at them as the others grinned.

The Tomotomo pair, pulled them into a hug in the hallway surprising the five of them who quickly returned the hug.

"Hey hey, what's going on?" Takamina asked.

"Where did you all go?" Sayanee asked nonchalantly.

"We couldn't find you." Acchan added as she pouted at them.

"Group hug~" Mayu stated as she wrapped her arms around the group of people as well.

"Wait for me!" Jurina was on her feet before she wrapped her arms around them as well.

The seven of them laughed as the other eight looked questioningly at them.

Sayaka took it to herself and explained on what happened today while the others when woo and ah and wow.

The album was also passed around as they complimented Haruna on her editing skills.

Before they went back to their own respective rooms, they once again congratulated the couple for their anniversary.


"Ne, Tomo~mi. This was the best anniversary ever." Tomochin said with a grin as the two reached their room.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, but it's not over." Tomo~mi said seductively as Tomochin tilted her head in confusion.

"I have another gift for you." With that, Tomo~mi unzipped her dress letting it fall on to the floor.

"This is is your last gift. Happy anniversary, love."


The two were going at it like animals and on the next morning..

"Ne Renachan.. Did you here weird noises last night?" Rena who knew what Jurina meant went red but didn't answer.

The others who were passing by, heard as they diverted their gaze to the Tomotomo pair.

"Heh.. You guys did it all night didn't ya.." Mariko had her trolled face on as the others held in their laughter.

"No wonder Tomo~mi is wearing such high neck shirt. You must be covering the love bites." Miichan continued to teased them as the two turned even redder.

This caused all of them to laughed but it was stopped soon by a cold aura. They all slowly looked over to Tomochin who was about to explode in anger.

"Nyan nyan!! Let's run away!" Yuko pulled Haruna who ran with her, not wanting to feel the Tomo-rage.

"Ara ara.. Look at the time. We must be going." Mariko went off with Miichan and Sayaka in tow.

"Takamina! Hurry!!" Acchan pulled her along, escaping from them.

The WMatsuis, Mayuki and also Sayamilky had their eyes widen in fear as they all slowly retreated.

"W-We said nothing." Mayu defended her and Yukirin who nodded her head in agreement.

"N-Now now.. Tomochin, I-I just came back and Milky here is i-innocent.." Sayanee stated nervously, knowing that Tomo-rage is absolutely something you didn't want to face.

"Tomo~mi. Please help us!" Jurina stated as she got ignored.

The six of them went pale, knowing that there'll be no escape if Tomo~mi isn't willing to help them.

"Even if you didn't, someone has to be the sacrificed. Unfortunately for you all, it'll be the six of you." Tomochin stated as she glared at the six of them.

"Prepare yourselves."

With that said, screams were heard throughout the base all day long.

This morning before Tomo-rage
Yuko and Haruna who had waken up early, stayed snuggling on the bed. "Ne, Nyan nyan.." Yuko started as Haruna hummed in reply, indicating that she's listening.

"Do you want to go on a breakfast date instead? Since we missed our dinner date to help Tomo~mi.." Yuko sighed as Haruna looked at Yuko with a wide smile plastered on her face.

"Mmn! I would love that." Yuko smiled her signature squirrel smile and soon the two got out of bed to get ready for their date.


"Where do you want to go?" Yuko questioned as she tightened her grip on Haruna's hand. Haruna shrugged, not knowing where to go while Yuko thought to herself.

"Let's have our date at the cafe near our base. It's really cozy.." Haruna nodded her head in agreement as the two made their way to the cafe.

It didn't take long for them to reach said place and just as Yuko had said earlier, it felt very cozy. The interior designs, the placement of furnitures and also the colour were all at where is was supposed to be.

The two took a seat, opposite of one another as a waiter greeted them and passed them a menu.

After much arguing and discussion, the two finally ordered their food.

"Yuuchan.." Haruna called as Yuko looked questioningly at Haruna who giggled and shook her head.

"I just felt like calling your name." Haruna smiled sheepishly as she laid her head on the table and looked lovingly at Yuko who blushed at Haruna's attitude.

Throughout the date, the two were flirtatious. There was once the waiter tried to flirt with Haruna and Yuko made sure to let everyone know that Haruna is hers.


"You didn't have to scare the boy.." Haruna said with a smile as Yuko pouted. Haruna patted Yuko on the head and pulled her squirrel in for a quick kiss.

"There. All better?" Yuko nodded her head before intertwining their hands as they made their way back, deciding to go to the cafeteria.

"Ne, Nyan nyan." Haruna tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"I love you." Yuko grinned as Haruna blushed but felt her heart flutter.

"Mmn. I love you too, Yuuchan." Haruna replied as the two once again leaned in for a kiss.

Uwaa... I think this is the longest chapter I've ever written for this story.
I hope you guys enjoy it and well, this chapter featured the Tomotomo pair! They're just so kawaii ne~  :luvluv1:
Unfortunately, Atsumina got delayed again I'm planning on a little more drama for these two so be patient? :kneelbow:
Wait for it guys!
Once again, thank you to my wonderful readers and also the silent readers! You are my motivation!  :luvluv2:
It's currently 2am over here, so.. Nitezz guys~
Mainly Kojiyuu shipper! But I also enjoy Atsumina, Wmatsui, Mayuki, Marimii, Tomotomo, Yuiparu, Sayamilky.
Well basically the mainstream pairings. :33

Humans and Robots (Kojiyuu + Others) [COMPLETED]

Love Within The Club (Kojiyuu)

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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 15 (Kojiyuu + Others) 14/12/2015
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Kojiyuu everywhere.......

Yuko's is amazing...

I want more....yeah looking forward to you're other story too....

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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 15 (Kojiyuu + Others) 14/12/2015
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Ahh, joeyee is back.. hahaa
Okaeri  :hee:
I think this is your long update in history, ahaha
I love kojiyuu moment, and the tomorage part
Yuuhan is so strong now, felt pity to haruna, ahhaa
 :mon lol:

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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 15 (Kojiyuu + Others) 14/12/2015
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Isn't Tomo~mi sweet? She planned all that for Tomochin!

It's been a while Joeyee-san! Glad you're finally back

Thanks for the update!

I might be late in commenting cause I've gotten pretty busy lately, but I'm still reading it!
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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 15 (Kojiyuu + Others) 14/12/2015
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Yay.. your back Joeyee-san  :on gay: and with lot of kojiyuu moment  :luvluv2:
i love the Author Poc part, hahaha i laugh with that and Yuko super power was the best  :onionwhip:

see you next time Joeyee-san and thank you for this chapter and i will try my best too  :kneelbow:

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Humans And Robots - Chapter 16 (Kojiyuu + Others) 13/1/2016
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arawche079 = Thank you!  :luvluv2:
shanju = I believe so too. What are you thinking shanju-san?   :glasses:
rindg = Glad to know that you're still following the story. I've been feeling lazy these days. :on roll:
jhom_09 = Yay! I'll be cheering for you too! :onioncheer:

Hello. I'm back with an update~
Let's start~!

Chapter 16
A few days have past since the Tomotomo's anniversary.

Yukirin and Milky has been making minor adjustments to the medicine which will help to remove the scar.

Mayu and Haruna has been continuing their duties, checking on the patients. If they had extra time on their hands, Mayu would go over to help Yukirin while Haruna would stop by and watch Yuko trained.

On the other hand, Sayanee has managed to help Yuko gained better control on her strength. Yuko had been going all out, knowing that they don't have much time before they clash.

Mariko and Sayaka had managed to get a blueprint on the enemies base and were still discussing on whether should they do a surprise attack. Yuko would drop by to get information on the current plan and sometimes give her own advises.

Tomotomo has been training hard with the Atsumina pair and Miichan. Takamina who is in charge of it, guides the girls and tries very hard to overcome their weaknesses.


"Miichan, you're too slow." Takamina shouted over to Miichan who nodded her head in understanding and quicken her movements.

Not long after..

"Tomo~mi! What are you doing?!" Takamina yelled as she walked over to her.

Tomochin who was beside Tomo~mi, quickly went and stood in front of her, blocking Takamina from Tomo~mi.

"Tomochin, get out of my way." Takamina said sternly as Tomochin clicked her tongue in annoyance.

"What is it with you? We've been going at it for hours without a single break. It's normal for any of us to get tired." Tomochin sharpen her gaze as Takamina stood her ground.

"Yea, it would be nice if we could have a break." Miichan added as she walked over to them.

Takamina turned her head over to Miichan and scowled at her.

"We don't have time for breaks." Takamina said sternly as she continued to glare at them.

"T-Takamina-san.. A break can help us to feel more energized." Tomo~mi said nervously as she stood beside Tomochin.

"You're not even good! How can you have a break?! There're so many opening that you can't even defend!" Takamina shouted at Tomo~mi who felt her pride wounded.

"That's it! Takahashi Minami, we'll trained by ourselves. We don't need a leader who is being so pushing and not understanding." Tomochin glared at Takamina before taking Tomo~mi's hand and gently guiding her to follow her.

"Takamina! That was rude!" Miichan scolded as Takamina hung her head down.

"Tomochin and Tomo~mi. You don't have to leave. Come back after 30 minutes of break. Miichan, you too." Acchan said with a small smile.

Tomochin looked at Acchan and gave her a small nod while Miichan followed behind them.

"Minami. What's wrong? Why are you pushing them so much?" Acchan asked as she slowly reached out and held Takamina's hand.

"They're weak. We can't beat them like this!" Takamina shouted as Acchan jumped back in surprised.

Acchan released her grip on Takamina as her eyes started to water.

"They only want breaks but they are not improving-!" Takamina was cut short by Acchan who slapped her on the face.

Acchan had her head down, with her hair covering her face.

Takamina on the other hand was shocked by the sudden move made by Acchan.

Takamina stared at Acchan dumbfounded.

Acchan was shaking as she slowly lifted her head and looked up at Takamina as tears streamed down her face.

"You're.. You're not the Takahashi Minami I know and loved anymore." Takamina stood there, eyes widen as she felt her own tears falling.


The Kojiyuu pairing were sitting at the main training ground, cuddling as Sayanee gave Yuko a five minutes break.

"How are the patients?" Yuko asked as Haruna nodded her head.

"A lot of patients who were under me had been released so I don't have much to do as Mayuyu won't let me help her with her patients." Haruna pouted as Yuko giggled.

"Maybe you should come and train.. It wouldn't hurt." Yuko grinned as Haruna thought on the offer.

"Hmm. Maybe I should. We'll see how things goes." Yuko nodded in understanding as the two continued to cuddle.

"Yuko, Haruna." A voice greeted them. The two turned their head to see the Tomotomo pair and Miichan.

"Hey you three. How was training progressing?" Yuko asked as she stood up and helped Haruna to get on to her two feet.

"Bad." Tomochin stated as she took a side glance at Tomo~mi who was obviously still hurt by Takamina's words. The Kojiyuu pair looked at them with confusion plastered on their face.

"Takamina had been pushing us a lot lately. Today was the most absurd though. There were no breaks and the worst thing is, she criticized Tomo~mi!" Miichan stated as she waved her hands around dramatically.

"What?" Yuko raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

"We wanted to train on our own instead because training with the current Takamina won't bring us anywhere but Acchan asked us to go back after 30 minutes of break." Tomochin added as Miichan nodded her head in agreement.

"Where are they now?" Haruna asked as Tomo~mi told them, that they were at the training ground.

"Look Tomo~mi. We all know that you may not be the strongest physically, fastest or even the smartest but there's one thing we all know. It is that you have a heart of gold. You are much stronger than you think you are, Tomo~mi." Yuko encouraged before patting her on the head.

"You can do it!" Yuko grinned as Haruna walked over to her and patted her on the head as well.

"Don't give up, Tomo~mi. And don't take Takamina's word to heart. We all know that she didn't meant it." Haruna added as Tomo~mi gave them a small smile.

"I know.. I won't give up." Tomo~mi smiled as Tomochin tighten her grip on Tomo~mi's hand.

The Kojiyuu pairing nodded their head and excused themselves, stating that they will look for the Atsumina pairing.

"Sayanee! Give me 30 minutes! There's something I need to settle." Yuko shouted over to Sayanee who sighed and waved them off.

As soon as they were out sight, she rubbed her temples.

"Goodness.." Sayanee turned over to see the Tomotomo and also Miichan standing there.

"And why are you guys here?" Sayanee asked with an eyebrow raised.



"You've been getting very short tempered as well. The Takamina I know wouldn't have acted like that." Acchan stated as she rubbed the tears streaming down her face.

"..Maybe you don't even know me." Takamina stared coldly into Acchan's eyes.

Acchan once again raised her hand and slapped Takamina.


The Kojiyuu pairing went as quickly as they could to the other training ground and as soon as they arrived, they saw Acchan raising her hand to slap Takamina.

The two looked at each other worriedly before quickly fastening their steps over to the two.


"I hate you." Acchan stated aloud as Takamina felt her heart stopped.

Acchan ran away from Takamina, zooming past the Kojiyuu pair.

Wordlessly, Haruna nodded her head in understanding and ran after Acchan.

Yuko on the other hand, walked over to her midget buddy.

"Care to tell me what happened?" Yuko asked as she sat herself down on the training ground and pat on the spot beside her.


"Acchan! Stop running!" Haruna shouted as Acchan ignored her and continued to run.

'Maeda Atsuko. You leave me no choice.' Haruna thought to herself as she got fire up.

Haruna sprinted all the way and managed to stop in front of Acchan. Acchan stopped, surprised to see a panting Haruna.

"Nyan nyan.. What are you doing here?" Acchan asked as she turned around and wiped her tears.

"Acchan, let's go somewhere and talk privately."


"I.." Takamina sighed as she wrapped her arms around her legs.

"Does it hurt?" Yuko asked nonchalantly as she looked up into the sky.

Takamina muttered a yes underneath her breath.

"But honestly Takamina. I believe you deserved it." Yuko sighed as she made eye contact with Takamina.

"You don't understand.. We don't have much time left before the confrontation." Takamina said desperately as Yuko nodded her head in understanding.

"You should know that of all people, I would understand the situation everyone is in, the most." Takamina flinched as she recalled on what happened for the past few months.

Yuko sighed, rubbing her temples.

"Yes, we don't have much time. But what you're doing isn't right. I know you want them to improve and all but pushing them this way won't bring any of us anywhere. You went as far as to not giving them a break. You criticized Tomo~mi and you even told Acchan off." Yuko said sternly as Takamina shrink back from Yuko's words.

"But if I don't push them, they wouldn't improve! It would be dangerous for everyone when we go for the mission!" Takamina told her as Yuko's gaze soften.

"Takamina, if you're worried about their well-being, you shouldn't have even pushed them this way!" Yuko scolded.

"You don't want them to die and lose their life, that's why you're pushing them. But while you're trying to protect them from the future, you've hurt them in the present. That's not the way to protect the people you love."

Takamina pondered on what Yuko stated as she reprimanded herself for losing control. Losing her rationality.

Takamina felt herself cringed at the thought of her criticizing someone who is trying so hard to improve and not giving them any breaks.

She cringed even further when she thought of how she treated Acchan.

Yuko gave Takamina a squeeze on the shoulder as Takamina let out a sigh of defeat.

"..I'm a horrible person." Takamina said as she let herself fall onto the ground, resting on her back.

"You are." Yuko said as a small smile made a way to her face.

"But you can apologize to them. They'll understand if you tell them the reason as to why you acted that way." Yuko encouraged as Takamina nodded her head.

"I wonder will Acchan be able to forgive you though." Yuko said aloud as Takamina sweat dropped.

"Y-Yuko! You have to help me!" Takamina whined as Yuko shrugged her off.

"You hurt her feelings pretty bad if you ask me. I mean, this is the first time she ever slapped someone. You're pretty lucky that she only slapped you once." Yuko shook her head as Takamina felt her spine shivered.

"E-Erm. A-Actually, she slapped me twice." Takamina rubbed the back of her neck nervously as Yuko jaw dropped.

"Are you serious?" Yuko asked as Takamina slowly nodded her head.

"Takahashi Minami. You're so dead." Yuko said as Takakmina groaned.

"Not helping.." Takamina rubbed her temples as Yuko laughed.

"Hmm.. You shall hope that Nyan nyan would be able to calm Acchan down." Yuko smiled a little at the thought of her cat.

'But I believe you'll be forgiven as long as you know your mistake.'


Haruna brought Acchan back into her room as Acchan sat down on the couch in the living room while Haruna went to prepare tea.

Acchan sniffed as she rubbed her red puffy eyes. 'Stupid Takamina..'

"So.. What happened with the two of you?" Haruna asked as she placed two cups of tea on the table as Acchan thanked Haruna for the tea.

"She.. She just wasn't being herself these days. She trained us hard and never gave us a break. Tomo~mi must have been feeling the fatigue because she slowed down and then Takamina criticized her, saying that she was weak and all." Acchan said as Haruna listen attentively.

"And then later, I told the three of them to leave so that we could talk privately. I asked her why was she acting that way. She said that they're not even improving and they want breaks. That's when I slapped her and told her that she is not the person I used to know and love anymore. I also said that recently she has been very short tempered and told her that the Takmina I know wouldn't act like this. She retorted by saying maybe I didn't even know her." Acchan said as she felt her eyes water again.

Haruna quickly grabbed some tissues and passed it to Acchan who muttered a thank you.

"That's when I slapped her another time and told her I hate her before running off." Acchan sniffed as Haruna leaned back in her seat, digesting the information that was give to her.

"So, you slapped her twice?" Haruna asked as Acchan nodded her head.

"Hmm.. She deserved more." Haruna said seriously as Acchan groaned.

"Nyan nyan! Stop joking around." Haruna giggled a little before looking seriously at Acchan.

"I'm not joking though." Haruna had her serious face on as Acchan sighed at Haruna's antiques.

"Anyhow, have you thought on why she acted that way?" Haruna asked as Acchan shook her head.

"Maybe she was worried for everyone's well being that's why she kept pushing all of you." Haruna said as Acchan thought on Haruna's statement.

"Maybe she is but it didn't meant that she should have acted the way she did. I mean, look at Yuko! She will be in the most dangerous position when they find out that she's still alive and yet, she managed to remain her composure and not act rashly." Acchan said as Haruna smiled sadly.

"You know, the calm and composed Yuuchan you see very day is not the same at night." Haruna sighed as Acchan looked confusedly at her before a perverse grinned came onto her face.

"What? She's more rough with you at night?" Acchan teased as Haruna blushed and shook her head.

"I-I meant emotionally. I have caught Yuuchan crying to sleep for a few nights.." Haruna sighed as she thought back on the shaking figure in their room.

"S-Sorry. I-I didn't know." Acchan apologized as Haruna waved it off.

"She's just playing tough in front but she's as worried as Takamina. But Yuuchan is better at hiding her feelings and keeping her rationality." Haruna sighed as Acchan nodded her head.

"So, will you forgive Takakmina?" Haruna asked as Acchan shrugged.

"I know I will but I want her to tell me the reason as to why she acted that way. I want her to know what is she apologizing for." Haruna nodded her head in understanding.

"I believe she'll know." Haruna smiled reassuringly at Acchan as she patted her on the head.


30 minutes later, the Tomotomo pair and Miichan went back to the training ground to see Takamina and Yuko waiting for them. Yuko greeted them with a warm smile plastered on her face and so the others greeted her in returned.

Before Takamina could apologize, two other figure appeared.

"Nyan nyan~" Yuko ran to her cat and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Can't get enough of your cat eh?" Miiichan teased as the others laughed.

Takamina cleared her throat, gaining the attention of those around.

"H-Hey. I'm really sorry for acting that way just now. That was really immature and rude of me. Tomo~mi, I'm really sorry for what I said earlier on. I didn't meant to hurt you but I did. I'm sorry." Takamina bowed a 90 degrees as Tomo~mi hummed in reply.

"..Forgiven. But you have to buy me good food, chiyuu~" Tomo~mi added as Takamina beamed at them.

"Of course!" Takamina mentally sighed in relieve as Tomo~mi managed to forgive her for her rude behavior.

Takamina turned her attention to Miichan and Tomochin before bowing another 90 degrees.

"I'm sorry for being rude and tough on you all without explaining the reason as to why I acted that way."

"What's the reason of you apologizing?" Acchan asked all of a sudden surprising everyone except for Haruna and Yuko.

Takamina made eye contact with Acchan before taking a deep breath and started.

"I was acting that way because I was worried for the well-being of all of us. You are all aware that the confrontation will be taking place very soon, I guess I got carried away. Like what Yuko said earlier on, while I was trying to protect you from the future, I've hurt you in the present. I'm really sorry." Takamina bowed another 90 degrees as Tomochin, Tomo~mi and Miichan nodded their head in understanding.

Takamina was just worried for them, that's why she was pushing them.

"I understand.. But you owe me food as well as an apology." Tomochin stated as Takamina looked up and smiled at her giving her a thumbs up.

"Me too!! You owe me plenty of food! I was so tired from the non stop training." Miichan complained as the others laughed.

Takamina gave her an okay sign as Takamina turned her gaze to Acchan, who smiled sadly at her.

"Hmm, Tomochin, Tomo~mi and Miichan. Would you like to train with me just for today?" Yuko asked, noticing the change in between the two.

Tomochin and Tomo~mi who too noticed it nodded while Miichan shook her head.

"We should just train here like Sayaka asked us too." Miichan stated as Tomochin glared at her.

"W-Well, I guess we can join you for training." Miichan nodded her head, complying with their request.

Yuko intertwined her hands with Haruna's as they made their way to the main training ground.

The other three followed them and soon only Acchan and Takamina was left at the training ground.


"I'm sorry for hurting your feelings, Atsuko." Takamina said as she slowly made her way towards Acchan.

"I'm sorry for being an inconsiderate brat." Takamina stopped in front of Acchan and slowly held her hands in hers.

"I should have discussed this matter with you beforehand instead of training everyone the way I did. It was very very wrong of me to do so."

Acchan felt herself releasing a relieve sighed as she stared into Takamina's eyes.

"Will you forgive me?" Takamina asked as Acchan slowly nodded her head.

"Thank goodness." Takamina pulled Acchan into her embrace and wrapped her arms tightly around her waist.

"I'm glad you know why I got mad at you." Acchan mumbled as Takamina nodded her head.

"Oh, Atsuko.." Takamina started as she put a little distance between them.

Acchan tilted her head to the side in confusion, gesturing for Takamina to continue on.

"You said that I'm not the Takahashi Minami you know and LOVED anymore. What did that meant?" Takamina emphasized on the word loved as Acchan blushed.

"L-Like you said. You were acting like a horrible, inconsiderate brat. I don't love the Takamina who behaves like that." Acchan huffed as Takamina laughed.

"So, what kind of Takamina will you love?" Acchan hummed, lost in thoughts thinking for an answer.

"I love the Takamina who is kind and caring. Who will never shout at me." Acchan stated aloud as Takamina sweat dropped.

"Also, Takamina who is a good and understanding leader." Acchan ended with a goofy smile on her face.

"So will you love me if I have all those criteria?"

"Hmm.. Maybe?" Acchan teased as Takamina pinched her lightly on the nose.

Acchan pouted as Takamina retreated her hand.

"I love you though, regardless of how inconsiderate a brat you were." Acchan confessed as Takamina felt her heart pump faster.

"But I don't appreciate how you behaved." Acchan sighed as Takamina nodded her head in understanding.

"I won't do that again! Promise!" Takamina stated as she held her pinky finger out for Acchan.

"Pinky promise!" Acchan giggled at Takamina's childishness but complied and wrapped her own pinky finger around Takamina's.

Takamina pulled Acchan into her embrace as she grinned widely.

"I love you too, Acchan. I love you to the moon and back." Acchan laughed at the cheesiness but decided not to tease her.

"So.. Does that mean we're official?" Takamina asked as Acchan hummed, showing that she is thinking.

"Maybe?" Acchan teased.

"Acchan~" Takamina whined as Acchan laughed and placed her hands on Takamina's cheeks.

"Yes, we're official." Acchan leaned in and kissed Takamina.

At that moment, the world stop for the both of them.

Finally! The long awaited ATSUMINA is finally done!
Sorry for the constant delays though.  :kneelbow:

HAR will be heading into the final arc. The war.
Marimii will probably be in the end.
Guys, get your helmets and buckle up.
The war between Humans and Robots will be starting in the next chapter.

Thank you for those who took their time to comment and of course the silent readers. :luvluv2:
See you soon~ :on gay:
Mainly Kojiyuu shipper! But I also enjoy Atsumina, Wmatsui, Mayuki, Marimii, Tomotomo, Yuiparu, Sayamilky.
Well basically the mainstream pairings. :33

Humans and Robots (Kojiyuu + Others) [COMPLETED]

Love Within The Club (Kojiyuu)

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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 16 (Kojiyuu + Others) 13/1/2016
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What iam thinking? Ahaha
About this fic or about felt pity to haruna?
And they will start a war,
So saeyaka will be together soon too
And its funny when i read haruna and acchan talking part, when acchan missunderstood about haruna words about yuko be different at night, i have same thought with acchan. Ahaha
Update soon, and your another fic toooo
Thankyou joeyee

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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 16 (Kojiyuu + Others) 13/1/2016
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ARGH!!!!!  :mon zoom:

I'm going crazy, I love those two so much.  :mon innocent:

I watch like a billion OPVs in Youtube lol  :mon mischief:

Next chapter is the war arc eh?  :mon scratch:

I'm so excited! I can't wait for the final part  :mon fyeah:

Thanks for the update  :byebye:
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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 16 (Kojiyuu + Others) 13/1/2016
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Ahh im so excited with the next chapter  :onionwhip: let the war begin, hahaha  :on asmo:

it's Atsumina turn? hehehe im still enjoying it but i want kojiyuu more  :tantrum:

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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 16 (Kojiyuu + Others) 13/1/2016
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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 16 (Kojiyuu + Others) 13/1/2016
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waaaaaawwww the war between humans and robots!!!
puhhhliiissss update soooonnn!!!
and i want KojiYuu mooooreeeee toooo .... hihihi
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Humans And Robots - Chapter 17 (Kojiyuu + Others) 12/2/2016
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shanju = Yes, Saeyaka will be reunited soon!
rindg = I've watched billions of OPV's too. :luvluv2:
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Ehehe. Looks like I estimated wrongly. This is more of a briefing on the mission before the war.
Oh well, let's start!

Chapter 17
0800 hours

16 hours before the mission.

Sayaka had a proud smile on her face as she looked at the teams in front of her.

Six teams were formed and they will be lending a helping hand in this war between the humans and robots. All of the members have went through countless training and are ready to sacrificed themselves for the sake of the world.

"Once again, thank you everyone. I'm really proud that all of you will be fighting this war with us." Sayaka bowed as the others cheered.

"It's not a big problem. After all, you helped us. You helped us despite knowing that we're useless." One of them stated.

"Yea! You helped us half humans, half robots to adapt to our current condition. I'm truly grateful to be a part of this!"

Cheers erupted from around the room as Sayaka gave them a warm smile.

"Alright. Everyone, gather in the meeting room now." Sayaka commanded as they saluted before quickly scurried in.


Yuko, Haruna, Acchan, Takamina, Jurina, Rena, Mayu, Yukirin, Tomochin, Tomo~mi, Mariko, and Mii-chan were already in the meeting room, sitting at their respective places.

The atmosphere was tense. Countless thoughts, positive, negative, running through each and everyone's head.

They all quickly settled into their places as they waited for Sayaka to start the meeting.

Sayaka stood in front of the meeting room as she watched last of them entered.

She took a deep breath, hardening her gaze before she started.

"Thank you for being here everyone. As you know, we will be launching a surprise attack on the enemy. With Sae, our undercover agent, we have confirmed that the enemy won't be expecting us anytime.

They're actually planning to attack us in about two weeks time from now. Therefor, after much discussion, we decided that we have to attack the enemy first."

The others nodded their head in understanding.

Sayaka typed on the keyboard, creating a hologram.

"This is the map of the enemies base, ground floor. We have manage to secure a room with all the medical equipment there. If we are running low on medical supplies, you can head over to said room and replenish." Sayaka pointed over to the room located at the corner.

"Kashiwagi Yuki and Kojima Haruna will be our head medics. Team Resuscitator and Team Saver. You will be following them respectively and help heal the injured.

Kojima will be with the front line while Kashiwagi will be on the rear line." Yuki and Haruna both nodded their head respectively.

"Roger!" They saluted as Sayaka nodded her head. "Any questions?"

"Excuse me, mam! What about Watanabe-san?!" One of them questioned.

Sayaka cleared her throat before answering the question.

"As we have discussed earlier on, Watanabe will be helping us with the front line. Takahashi Minami, Kasai Tomomi, Shinoda Mariko, Matsui Rena and Watanabe Mayu herself, will be in our front line.

The front line will be led by them. Team Phoenix and Team Jaguar, you will be helping them with the attack.

Miyazawa Sae will also be with the front line."

A few rogers could be heard across the meeting room.

"For the rear line, Oshima Yuko, Matsui Jurina, Maeda Atsuko, Minegeshi Minami, Itano Tomomi and myself will be in the rear line.

Team Cyprus and Team Xander, you will be with the rear team."

They saluted and Sayaka nodded her head.

"Thanks to our research team, we have been able to improve our weapons. We're confident that the enemies weapons aren't as high-tech compared to ours.

We believe that they will still be using normal fire arms. Because of that we are at an advantage." Sayaka explained as the others nodded their head.

"The front line will be using laser blades/swords/axes, whichever you prefer, while the rear line will be backing up with long-range laser attacks.

A good news for the long-range attacks is that, the ammo will never run out."

The others nodded their head in relief that they do not have to worry about ammo. Sayaka grinned as she gave Yukirin, Mayu and Haruna a thumbs up.

"Anyhow, the rear line will not be going head on with the enemy first as they have to store their stamina and energy for later."

Sayaka gestured to the projector, changing the hologram.

"This is the hologram of the whole enemies base. Our plan is to do a silent attack. Do not alert the enemies that we're at their base. This basically means that we will be doing a sneak attack.

We'll be starting from the ground floor, as the video surveillance room is there. If we managed get a hold of that room, it'll be best for us as we will have eyes all over the place.

Mariko and I myself will be stationed there with Team Xander. We will be giving out warnings and the next move to be made.

After that, you all will head up floor by floor and continue on with the attack.

As you can see, the building has 10th floors. You'll be splitting up on the 6th floor. The rear team will head up by themselves first and as soon as the front line team is done with their floor, they will be backing up the rear team.

The boss's room is located at the highest floor. It'll be best for everyone to regather before heading to said room." Sayaka ended as she looked at the people in front of her who nodded.

"For those who are half human, and half robot, please be careful. We don't want them to infect you.

Anyhow, even if you were infected, we managed to make a cure. I myself and the Team Xander's leader will be holding a few antidotes for Shinoda Mariko and the other members.

As most of the leaders in the front line team consist of half human and robots, we will pass out a number of antidotes to Watanabe Mayu, Matsui Rena, and the team leaders of the two teams, Team Phoenix and Team Jaguar.

None of the rear team's leaders are half human, half robots therefor, we will be handing a lesser amount of antidotes to them for Team Cyprus.

The medic team will also have the antidotes but the main focus of the medic team is to help the injured humans.

The half robots, half humans have a lower risk of getting severely injured compared to humans."

"Are there any questions?"

Everyone shook their head to the question.

"Well, I have one for all of you. Attending this mission may cause casualties. This means that you may die on the battlefield." Sayaka said seriously as she eyed all of the people present in the room.

"If you wish to pull yourself out from this mission, you may do so now." Sayaka stated firmly as none of them moved.

"Sayaka-san! We are willing to sacrifice ourselves for this mission. After all, we have to prevent them from abusing the half robots and half humans in the world." The team leader of Team Phoenix stated.

"Yes! The Chosen Ones have been protecting us in the past years, let us do something for the others as well!" Another shouted.

Soon the room was filled with cheers and the morals of everyone has been raised higher.

"Alright! I'll pass the time to Yuko who has something to tell you all." The others quickly silent themselves as they watched Yuko.

Sayaka moved aside gesturing for Yuko to stand at her spot.

Yuko smiled in gratitude at Sayaka as she cleared her throat, hardening her gaze.

"I truly am grateful for all of you who are here. This war between humans and robots happened because of my family and I sincerely apologized from the bottom of my heart.

I had the aim to fix this matter alone with my fellow comrades and friends but all of you joined us, strengthening our force by tenfold.

Thank you. When the war ends, I will make sure that you will be remembered by the future generations for being the brave ones who stood up and fought this war with us!" Yuko ended as the others cheered aloud.

Yuko bowed a full 90 degrees giving them an encouraging smile before heading back to her seat.

Sayaka stood up from her seat, telling them that the surprise attack will be starting at 0000 hrs and asked them to meet at the base before dismissing them.

1000 hours

14 hours before the mission.

"Well, I guess we should go and prepare as well." Tomochin stated as the others nodded.

They all stood up from their seat, ready to leave when suddenly Yuko called out.

"Hey, let's meet up before the mission. Come back here at 2300 hours." Yuko said with a small smile as the others gave an okay sign.


"I'll be in the rear line while you'll be in the front line eh.." Jurina sighed as Rena gave her a small exasperated smile.

"It can't be helped. I understand why I'm needed for the front line though." Jurina pouted at Rena's reply.

"I can't help but worried about you Rena-chan.." Rena patted Jurina on the head with a grinned.

"I'll also be worried about you. After all, you are very reckless." Rena teased as Jurina feigned innocence.

"What are you talking about? I'm very calm." Jurina retorted as Rena laughed before she got more serious.

"But seriously, Jurina. Please don't act so rashly. I'll be very worried for your well-being." Rena rubbed her temples as Jurina leaned in, giving Rena a quick peck on the lips.

"Don't worry. I'll be more calm and careful. You have to be careful as well. I don't want to see you hurt." Jurina stated as she wrapped her arms around Rena.

"I know. I'll be careful too." Rena smiled lovingly at Jurina.



"Mayuyu, are you sure you should be fighting?" Yukirin whined as Mayu nodded her head, full of determination.

"After all, I've trained hard as well." Mayu stated as Yukirin pouted.

"But you're supposed to be on the medic team. Not to mention, we will be separated." Yukirin retorted.

"Yukirin." Mayu called.

"How can you leave me alone?" Yukirin ignored Mayu and continued to complain.

"Yukirin." Mayu tried again.

"I'll be so worried that I won't be able to help with the medic team."

"Kashiwagi Yuki." Mayu huffed as Yukirin looked questioningly at her.

"I know you'll be worried but I'll be fine. The front line consists a lot of strong fighters as well. Oh, I also believe that you'll stay professional during the mission." Mayu stated as Yukirin sighed.

"But as you said, they're a lot of strong fighters, why do they need you?" Yukirin raised her voice as Mayu groaned.

"Yukirin, we've discussed about this. They need me because I am capable of fighting as well. We need all the manpower we have. Besides, having you and Kojima-san is more than enough for the medic team."

Yukirin pouted as she heard that.

"I'm just worried. After all, this is the first time you'll be heading into the battlefield. This is a matter of life and death."

"I know. I promise you that I'll come back to you in one piece." Mayu raised her pinky finger for Yukirin, who took it instantly.

"That's a promise, Watanabe Mayu." Mayu nodded pulling Yukirin into her embrace, kissing her passionately on the lips.



"Tomo~mi.." Tomo~mi sighed and turned over to look at her girlfriend. Tomo~mi raised an eyebrow, gesturing for Tomochin to just say whatever that is running in her head.

"Why did Sayaka put you in the front line.." Tomochin complained as Tomo~mi shrugged.

"Tomochin. You're underestimating me." Tomo~mi said as Tomochin shook her head.

"It's more dangerous in the front line. I'm worried about your safety, Tomo~mi." Tomochin reasoned as Tomo~mi crossed her arms around her chest.

"Tomochin. I've improved a lot from back then. I know that I can keep myself safe so you don't worry about it okay? After all, most of the strong fighters are placed in the front line. They'll cover my back."

Tomochin sighed but she nodded her head.

"I understand. But please, be careful." Tomo~mi nodded her head as she walked over to Tomochin and kissed her on the lips.

"You too. Don't be reckless." Tomo~mi warned as Tomochin groaned.

"Yes, mum." Tomochin teased as Tomo~mi pouted and slapped her on the shoulder.

"Just kidding. I love you." Tomochin showered Tomo~mi with kisses, causing the later to giggle.

"I love you too, Itano Tomomi."



"Gachapin! You must be quick and alert at all times. Don't be a burden to the others." Mariko said nonchalantly as Mii-chan gasped in feigned hurt.

"Mariko! How could you say such things?!" Mariko rolled her eyeballs before retorting.

"Well, it's true. I'm still wondering why didn't Sayaka put you in the front line.." Mariko leaned back in her seat thinking as Mii-chan huffed in annoyance.

"Aww come on.. I'm not that bad." Mii-chan whined as Mariko ignored her.

"Oh well, There has to be a reason as to why Sayaka arranged it that way." Mariko shrugged as she stood up from her seat staring out the window.

After a moment of silence, Mariko said, "Please stay safe, Mii-chan."

Mii-chan gave her a thumbs up, asking for her to be careful as well.

"Keep an eye on Yuko as well." Mariko added as Mii-chan puffed her chest out and placed a hand on it.

"You have my words, Mari-troll!" Mii-chan stated dramatically as Mariko felt her eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"What was that, Gachapin?" Mariko strode over to said girl who quickly ran away.

"Hey, get back here!" Mii-chan stick her tongue out at Mariko.

"Catch me if you can~"

'That woman..' Mariko inwardly laughed to herself as she ran after Mii-chan.



"Acchan. Please keep Yuko in check." Takamina said as Acchan raised an eyebrow, unsure of what it meant.

"I mean, this is her foster parents she's facing. It must be hard for her." Acchan nodded her head in understanding.

"Please be alert at all times. Fighting in the front line will be tiring and dangerous." Acchan pouted as she wrapped her arms around her midgets neck.

Takamina nodded her head, giving Acchan a kiss on her forehead.

"You have to be alert too. I'm sure the others will watch your back but please.. Be careful." Acchan scrunched her nose, giving Takamina her signature smile.

"I know. We've trained for this for a long time now." Acchan stated as Takamina hummed in reply.

"But still.." Acchan placed a finger on Takamina's lips, keeping her silent.

"I promise I'll be alert at all times. I'll be extra careful. Okay? I love you." Acchan ended with a tender kiss on Takamina's lips.

"I love you too." Takamina mumbled as the two continued to make out.



Yuko could be seen sitting at her desk, with the papers neatly placed out. After running her eyes on the papers one last time, she rolled it up and stashed it away.

She leaned back in her seat, shutting her eyes as she started to feel the pressure of the mission.

'It's really time eh.. Oni-chan, Otou-san, Okaa-san. I will end this war between the humans and robots.'

Haruna who entered the room not long ago, silently made her way over to Yuko, studying her facial expressions.

'She must be worried..'

Haruna made her way to Yuko and landed her hands slowly on Yuko's shoulder, massaging her tense muscles.

Yuko who was surprised, flinched and opened her eyes wide before relaxing when she found out that it was Haruna.

"Nyan nyan~ You scared me." Yuko pouted as Haruna giggled.

"Sorry sorry. You just seem so lost in thought.." Haruna continued to massage Yuko's shoulder as Yuko moaned in delight.

"You're good with your hands." Yuko said nonchalantly but she received a slap on her arm from Haruna.

"Pervert Yuuchan." Haruna stated as Yuko's eyes widen in surprised before it turned into a perverted grin.

"What were you thinking, Kojima Haruna? When I said you were good with your hands, I meant that you're good at massaging. What exactly were you thinking?" Yuko turned around and leaned in nearer into Haruna's personal space.

"N-Nothing! D-Don't say such misleading things next time." Haruna muttered under her breath as Yuko laughed.

"Alright. You're also very good with your tongue." Yuko teased as Haruna turned into a blushing mess.

"Oshima Yuko!" Haruna yelled as Yuko quickly leaned in, giving Haruna a kiss on the lips.

This somehow managed to calm the later down. The two stood there, embracing one another as they rested their foreheads against one another.

"Ne, Nyan nyan? Are you mad?" Yuko asked as Haruna sighed and shook her head.

"That's good." Yuko gave her another kiss before walking over to the window and sighing.

"You know. I may be behaving like a hormonal teenager but I'm really worried and anxious about this mission. I don't want any of us to get hurt or sacrificed." Yuko started as Haruna slowly made her way over to Yuko and wrapped her arms around Yuko's waist, resting her chin on Yuko's crown.

"There's no guarantee that all of us will come back alive and in one piece and I don't want that. All these people, you, Takamina, Acchan, Mariko, Mii-chan, Mayu, Yukirin, Rena, Jurina, Tomochin, Tomo~mi, Sayaka and even Sae. You're all sacrificing your lives for this mission."

Yuko's tears started steadily streaming down her face as she held Haruna's hands that were wrapped around her waist for support.

"I'm really sorry.." Yuko apologized as she fell on to her knees with Haruna still wrapping her arms around her.

"All of you could've been living a normal life and none of those people would've died. It is because of me that you all got involve with the war between humans and robots!" Yuko cried as Haruna cooed the girl who became an emotional wreck.

"Oshima Yuko. This is none of you fault. Stop blaming yourself." Haruna cooed but she felt her own eyes watering.

"We'll all be fine. We've trained hard remember?" Haruna continued as she wiped her own tears.

Yuko gave her a small nod as Haruna smiled a little.

"Yuko, you're the strongest person I've ever met and I'm really grateful that I met you. You don't have to blame yourself for any of this. All of us are willingly going for this. We may be The Chosen Ones but if we didn't want to be a part of this we could've just left.

Neither of us left because of the leadership and hand you lend us throughout our hard times. To us, this is a way of returning the favor that you did for us. You sacrificed yourself all the time for the sake of others.

Let us all do something in return for you, Yuko." Haruna said as Yuko sighed and rubbed her tears away before taking a shaky breath and nodding her head.

"Sorry for suddenly breaking down." Yuko apologized as Haruna shook her head and pulled Yuko in for a hug.

"It's alright.. The Chosen Ones will fight will with the others. Have faith in all of us, okay?" Haruna gave Yuko a kiss on the crown of her head.

Yuko smiled her signature squirrel smile which managed to calm Haruna's heart.

"Alright." Yuko grinned as she stood up, offering a hand to Haruna as well.

"Oh, now that I think of it. I'm glad that you managed to join us for combat at times. Now I don't have to be that worry about your safety but please. Leave the fighting to the others okay?" Yuko asked as Haruna nodded her head.

"You must stay calm as well alright. Face them bravely. We'll all be watching your back!" Haruna grinned sheepishly, causing Yuko to pinched her on the nose.

"Yes, my Nyan nyan." Yuko grinned.


2300 hours

1 hour before the mission

All of them came back into the meeting room, the atmosphere was thick alright.

Yuko stood up from her seat, gaining the attention of the others.

"Well then.." Yuko fidgeted as the others looked on with a confused expression.

"Yuko-san? Is there a problem?" Rena asked as Yuko shook her head and scratched the back of her head.

"I.. I'm just.. E-Erm.. Thank you." Yuko bowed as the others all stood up and shook their hands.

"Oshiriko-chan, did you hit your head or something?" Mayu asked as she went over to her.

"She's not having a fever!" Mii-chan stated after checking Yuko's temperature.

Yuko laughed and stopped them.

"I sincerely mean it from the bottom of my heart. Being able to fight with all of you means a lot to me." Yuko grinned as Takamina gave her a thumbs up.

"We've been through thick and thin ever since we were in high school. We'll all face this matter together." Takamina grinned.

"Yeap. We'll have a party to celebrate our victory after we finish this mission." Mariko smiled broadly as the others cheered.

"I won't disappoint you Yuko-san!" Jurina pumped her fist into the air.

"Well then, let's do that together, shall we?" Sayaka asked as she gestured for them to all stand in a circle.

"Are we really doing this?" Tomochin clicked her tongue, feigning annoyance.

"Oh c'mon, Tomochin. I know you want to do this." Mii-chan teased as Tomochin rolled her eyeballs.

"It's been a while since we last did this, chiyuu~" Tomo~mi said as they all placed a hand in the middle.

"Yuko! You lead the cheer!" Acchan said as Yuko gave a determined hummed.

"Let's win this and come back all together! Yosh! The Chosen Ones, let's go!"

"Yea!!" The others cheer as they all grinned sheepishly after their cheer.

"Let's head to the base and get ready." Sayaka commanded as they all headed out.

Okay, I'm done! It's official! WAR ARC IN THE NEXT CHAPTER~
Anyway, thank you to those who took their time and commented!
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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 17 (Kojiyuu + Others) 12/2/2016
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As expected, the Kojiyuu one has a longer moment than the rest haha.  :on lol:

Hai Hai Joeyee-san!  :hee:

You probably don't need me to say that I'm dying for the next chapter too.  :wahaha:

Well since it's a war, casualties can't be avoided right? There's always a dead person or two. Or some people losing a limb or losing memories or something like that, wars are never that chill.  :mon scratch:

I shall pray for my beloved AKB members. And of course, the other people who is also in the war.  :mon pray2:

Ehhh I'm dying for the next chapter! (Like I stated above :3)  :mon star:
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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 17 (Kojiyuu + Others) 12/2/2016
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As expected, the Kojiyuu one has a longer moment than the rest haha.  :on lol:

Hai Hai Joeyee-san!  :hee:

You probably don't need me to say that I'm dying for the next chapter too.  :wahaha:

Well since it's a war, casualties can't be avoided right? There's always a dead person or two. Or some people losing a limb or losing memories or something like that, wars are never that chill.  :mon scratch:

I shall pray for my beloved AKB members. And of course, the other people who is also in the war.  :mon pray2:

Ehhh I'm dying for the next chapter! (Like I stated above :3)  :mon star:

same heree! very exited and nervous! thanks for the update! waitin for more!

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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 17 (Kojiyuu + Others) 12/2/2016
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Kojiyuu part was hilarious....Yuko's teasing ...dang!!!!

War? And then peace..... After that peace.....the end
I hope no one gets hurt

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Yayyy!!! More KojiYuu! :on gay:

No more deaths? Just peace already? That's a relief. :depressed:

Oh wait- I was wrong. :frustrated:

Dang it! Waiting for more updates, JoeYee-san. :mon bye:


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ahhh the kojiyuu part  :luvluv1: you know how to make me smile Joeyee-san i love when Yuko teased Haruna

so the official war is in the next chapter?  :fainted: i need to prepare my heart i think but after that peace... yehey  :on lol:

thank you for this  :kneelbow:

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hope you update soon  :banana:
getting intresting
always interesting  :ptam-psst:

maybe your have idea how many chapter there be?

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Re: Humans And Robots - Chapter 17 (Kojiyuu + Others) 12/2/2016
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The war is coming

How is it going to develop?

Who will die?

Will they win?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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