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Author Topic: The Black Rose {YukiRena+Other pairs} Chapter 19+20 (Final) - COMPLETED  (Read 61394 times)

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New collabo fanfiction with haloedmoon from Google+

Here's a trailer! Credits to nezumi J

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Trailer 150925
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Waa.....YukiRena again, my favorites couple  :inlove:

Hope you update soon, I'll be waiting for  :P


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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Trailer 150925
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waaaaaaaaaaaa...yuki and rena....OWO

i shall rolls to the great cliff

 :OMG: :badluck: :err: :depressed: :fainted:

but well...ganbatte~~..waitin for the update

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Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
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Tend to forget things but not mah fav author and fics

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Trailer 150925
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A few more teaser trailers for your pleasure. ;)


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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) Trailer 150925
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Chapter 1


For thousands of years, vampires have lived in the darkness, travelling in the shadows to feast on human blood. A silent war has been going on since the beginning of time, between the humans and the vampires. The reason for their hatred towards each other, no one knows. The fight between them shall go on for eternity. Unless, of course, something were to happen that would stop it. Even if it were the most forbidden thing for any human or vampire to do… fall in love with each other.


“Rena.” A short young woman with her hair in a ponytail called out to a certain hunter with long black hair, dark brown eyes, and porcelain white skin. She had been practicing her shooting until she heard her voice. The girl put down her gun and walked over to the shorter woman.

“Yes, Takamina?”

“We just got new info on a certain vampire in this area,” the woman called Takamina showed Rena a picture of the vampire. She had long raven black hair and pitch black eyes, contrasting with her pale, snow white skin and rose colored lips. “Her name is Black. She’s been appearing quite frequently around here.”

“I know what to do,” Rena saluted to her group leader.

She retrieved her gun and refilled it, putting a few extra bullets in her pocket, just in case this vampire happens to pick a fight.

“A hunter’s job is to exterminate all vampires…” she recited in her head. “I’ll eliminate them, every last one.”

“Rena-chan!” She felt a pair of arms hug her waist and a familiar voice call her name. She turned and saw none other than Jurina hugging her with her catlike grin.

“Jurina, let me go. I have a mission.”

“Eh~? Don’t go yet, I wanna stay with Rena some more~!”

“No,” Rena separated from her. “Listen, I know you want me to stay, but this one is extremely important.”

“Oh, come on~ Do you really have to go right now? It’s not even past 7 yet, the sun hasn’t even gone down. You can wait until then, can’t you?”

Rena pondered on the younger girl’s thought and looked out the window. Indeed, it wasn’t even dark out yet. She knew vampires only came out at night and rarely ever in the daytime, and while they were stronger in the dark, especially during a full moon, she figured Black would be easier to find once the sun went down.

“Alright, I guess I can stay for a while. But only until sundown.”

“Yay~ Thank you, nee-chan!” Jurina hugged the girl again.

Ever since Jurina became a hunter, Rena always had to look after her spoiled little sister. Jurina was always seen clinging to Rena, always by her side. Even when Jurina was a baby, Rena had taken care of her from the start.

Jurina was born when Rena was six years old. Her parents showed the young Rena everything she needed to know on raising baby Jurina. She had watched Jurina grow and mature, from her first steps, to speaking her first word (which was, in fact, Rena’s name), every second, every day, she was with her sister. Playing games with her, walking her to school, cheering her up when she was sad, and letting her sleep with her when she was scared.

When Jurina was 15, their parents were killed by a vampire. The two siblings were left alone to care for each other, trying to survive in the world on their own. Without Rena, Jurina would have nothing. She was the only family she had left. So, when she was finally old enough, she became a hunter like her sister, so she could protect Rena from those awful creatures, and to make sure no child would end up in the same fate they were, or worse.

Now Jurina is 18, and she’s matured into a beautifully blossoming young lady. She would still act a bit spoiled and maybe a little childish sometimes towards the elder girl, but Rena still loved her sister and was there to take care of her.

“Nee, Rena-chan~ Let’s have curry for dinner tonight~”

“Jurina, you know if I’m out late, it’ll be past your bedtime when dinner’s ready.”

“I’ll still eat it~ A girl’s gotta eat.”

“A girl’s gotta sleep, too.”

“Mou~ don’t be mean~” Jurina pouted.

“Rena,” Another voice called out as the two were walking down the hall. Rena saw a short figure along with a tall, boyish looking figure. She immediately recognized them and smiled.

“Yuko-san! Sae-san!”

“Yo, Yuuchan, Sae-chan!” Jurina immediately hugged the two girls.

“I see you’re doing well as usually, J,” Yuko pet the girl’s head. “What’s goin’ on, Rena? Something come up?”

“I got a new mission from Takamina. I’m going after a vampire named Black tonight.”

Sae’s face suddenly turned serious. “Do you mean the Black? The one with long hair and black eyes?”

“You know her?” Rena’s eyes widened.

“Know her? I fought her. That’s why I got this!” Sae pointed to her own collarbone, where a scar had marked her skin.

“That was from her?!” Yuko said in surprise.

“She’s incredibly fast. Didn’t even see it coming.”

“She sounds strong,” Jurina looked at her sister with worry. “You gonna be able to beat her on your own, Rena-chan?”

“Don’t worry.” Rena patted Jurina’s head. “I’ll be fine.”

“Just… come back unharmed, okay? I don’t wanna lose you.”

Rena nodded.

“Yeah, you go get ‘em and show that vamp who’s boss! Kick her lil’ fanged ass!”

“Yuko!” Sae slapped her shoulder slightly.

“What? I have no doubt Rena will win. My money’s on the legendary hunter, Gekikara!”

“I told you, I don’t go by that anymore,” Rena giggled.

“You still can!”

“Alright, Yuko, that’s enough,” a certain voice rose as a tall woman walked up to Yuko. “You two, get back to training. I need to chat with Rena.”

“Jeez, Sayaka, you’re such a buzzkill,” Yuko sighed before receiving a slight grin from the tall woman. She and Sae went off as Sayaka turned to the two siblings.

“Everything alright?”

“Yeah, we’re okay, Sayaka-san.”

“Just let me know if Yuko gets on your case. She kinda tends to speak her mind, a little too much.”

The two giggled at the comment.

“We were talking about Black. I’m facing her tonight.”

“Is that so?”


“I’ve heard about her. Apparently she’s very high rank. Strong, fast, too. You be careful, okay?”

Rena nodded.

“Good. Ah, and Jurina-chan, Takamina and I wanted to do some special training with you. She wants you to meet up in Room 8. You up for it?”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“You go on and get warmed up,” the tall girl patted Jurina’s back.

“Hai!” Jurina saluted and went off.

Sayaka then turned to Rena.

“Mayu told me about this vampire. She’s got every piece of info on her.”

“As expected. What’d she find?”

“Black only comes out at night. And she has incredibly speed, faster than any vampire we’ve faced before. She’s also known to seduce her targets and hypnotize them before she drinks their blood. When they wake up, they have no memory of what happened.”

“But not me,” Rena grinned. “She won’t break this,” she pointed to her head.

“I know she won’t. Just be careful out there. We will wait for your return.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Rena saluted to Sayaka. Sayaka saluted back and walked back down the hall.

Sayaka was the leader of the group. She was definitely one of the strongest hunter’s the team had, along with Takamina (who was in charge of combat training) and of course Yuko. She, Yuko, and Sae had been together since they first became hunters, and knew everything about each other.

Also on the hunter team was Mayu. While she wasn’t as strong physically, she had perfect accuracy with a gun and an IQ of a whopping 205. She could obtain any and every piece of information on anything and everything in the world; a human encyclopedia. If there’s a way Rena can defeat Black no problem, Mayu is sure to know it.

She walks over to intel and sees Mayu in front of several computers. She seems tense, pounding away at the keyboard. When she finally stopped and sensed Rena’s presence, she stood up and stretched her arms.

“Hey, Rena. What brings you in?”

“I need information on Black. Give me all that you know.”


Mayu then walked to another corner of the room, where dozens of metal cabinets were at. After some searching, she pulled out a folder containing Black’s files.

“Here you are.” She pulled out a couple of pages from the folder and handed them to Rena.


“Let me know if you need anything else.”

“Of course.”

Rena left and looked through the files as she walked down the hall.

“Black. Age: 118. Rank: Royal.”

Rena’s eyes widened when she saw that word. “A Royal..?!” she whispered.

She had never faced a Royal before. She had heard that they were extremely powerful and dangerous, that it was almost impossible to kill one.

Rena is starting to worry. She’s afraid that she couldn’t make it after all.

She then looked back down and continued reading.

“Defeated 100 Yakuza members and survived without even a scratch.”

Rena covered her mouth, trying not to scream.


Rena gulped as she continued reading.

“Possesses inhuman speed; nearly impossible to catch or trap. Said to have strong hypnotic powers. Do NOT look her in the eyes.

Rena looked away from the files. Now she was feeling really nervous about this mission. She had never thought she was going to go up against a vampire as fierce and powerful as Black, let alone, a Royal. She looked at her gun, reading an engraving etched in the side.

“Even the darkest hearts can be saved by the Light.”

She developed a serious look on her face as she held the gun close and thought back to that night, the moment she decided she wanted to become a hunter. It was the night she lost her lover. Someone she had loved her whole life, and she had lost him to the very vampires that she hated more than anything.

“I won’t forgive the vampires… A hunter’s job is to exterminate all vampires… I’ll eliminate them, every last one…”


Rena then looked up and saw Sayaka and Takamina looking at her.

“The sun’s gone down already. You ready to go?”

She stood up. “Yeah… I’m ready.”


Once it was dark, Rena started the search for Black. She went to the scene by motorbike. “Scene” isn’t the right way to put it, for it’s just a place where the yakuza usually roam around at night, smoking and gambling and doing heaven knows what. She began searching the city, looking for any strange activity occurring.

Rena parked her bike somewhere further from the place and covered it, in case someone noticed it and alert the others. She wandered around, always staying alert. As an experienced hunter, she knew better than to let her guard down. She went in the direction of the docks, it was empty except for a couple of boats floating on the water.

Suddenly, she heard something. Her head sharply turned in the direction of the sound, trying to find who, or what, was causing it.

“Who’s there?” she called out.

“Hot blood in a frail body.”

Taking her gun out of its holster, she crept towards the source of the sound. She pointed her gun, searching for what could’ve been making the sound, when she saw a pair of glowing red orbs shining in the darkness.


“For you, there is no tomorrow.”

She cocked her gun.

“Vampire… I’ll kill you!”

Just then, a gust of wind blew by and the orbs were gone. She felt a strong presence behind her that sent chills down her spine. She slowly turned around, coming face to face with the very vampire herself, Black.


Black continued. “You have come to kill me?”

She disappeared again and Rena could hear her voice in her ears.

“You dare challenge a Royal?”

Just then, that same chill came as Black whispered coldly in her ear.

“Foolish human.”

Rena aimed her gun and shot a bullet, but Black was gone again. Rena looked around blindly in the darkness.

“Where are you..?! Come out, Black!”

“I’m over here.”

Black appeared to her left. Rena shot another round, but Black was gone.

“Behind you.”

Rena turned around and shot another bullet, but still, the vampire was nowhere to be seen.

Round after round, Rena shot and missed. Soon, her gun was emptied.

“Damn it!” Rena put her gun back and pulled out her dagger. It was made of the hardest steel mixed with silver, which was deadly to the touch of a vampire. On the blade was carved the initials “M.R.” It was a gift from her father.

She held out the blade, slashing it whenever she saw a chance to strike. Each time she saw those red eyes, she’d attack, but miss as she’d disappeared the very second after.

This game of cat and mouse continued for an hour. Rena was starting to grow weak and was running out of breath. She could feel her heart pounding in her ears because she had used up so much of her stamina from fighting. She fell to her knees, trying to catch her breath.

She suddenly froze, for she felt a cold hand cupping her neck from behind. Her body couldn’t move and she wanted to scream, but couldn’t find the strength.

“This is it then? I’m going to die?” Rena closed her eyes.

She then felt a sharp pain as the vampire bit into her neck and started drinking her blood. Rena began to struggle, trying to break free from Black’s grip. However, the next moment, she fell limp. She was hopelessly trapped as Black continued to drink her blood.

Her vision blurred as she felt her body turn cold and she passed out.


To Be Continued
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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 1 150927
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whats happen next?????!!!!!

p.s still waiting for your bara no kajitsu fic ;-) :shocked

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 1 150927
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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 1 150927
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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 1 150927
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update soon!!!

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 1 150927
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I wonder what happend for Rena.....

Please update soon :)

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 1 150927
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I was so sad because I didn't get any yukirena present on my birthday and after some weeks later I saw your fic I can't tell you how happy I'm especially this is supernatural fic omg I'm so happy that I want to kill kuro_black for not telling me that there is yukirena fic in jphip omg I'm crying I'm happy I can't read the chapter because I'm sacred if I read it,  it will finish hweeeeee

Do I seem like baby?? Shall I read

Okay I will read but first promise me you won't leave it because you already leave so many your fic.

Okay Taro relax and read, I will tell you how it is.

(after reading)

omg the fic is so Coool, and why I feel you got idea after reading my fic xd  just joking I love it.  Besides I don't mind yuki drinking rena blood since rena is hers so she can drink as much as she wants NYAHAHAH

Waiting for updates you make my day.

Ps/ *whisper * I steal some important words from your chapter because nobody is perfect xd

Also I'm writing longest chapter of royal vampire let's see how fast we update how about challenge xd
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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 1 150927
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I love this so far :heart: I hope to see some Jurimayu loving in the future. Rena you can not die, Jurina needs you. I wonder if there's gonna be some Wmatsui and Yukirena. Who will Rena choose? Can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work. Bye bye :peace:

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 1 150927
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Chapter 2


Black released Rena’s neck and held the unconscious girl in her arms, licking the blood off her lips. The flavor of it still lingered in her mind. She had never tasted blood so sweet.

She looked at the girl in her arms. Rena looked like a sleeping princess, except for that scowl that was etched on her forehead. Black suddenly felt sorry for the girl.

She moved aside some of her hair where the bite mark was and gently kissed it, making it heal. She then picked up the girl’s fallen dagger, however, after feeling the silver burn her hand, she dropped it.

“I am a vampire. She’s a hunter. I must remember my place.”

She thought about what to do with the dagger, when a thought came. She tore off a piece of her clothing and wrapped the knife in the cloth, so the silver metal wouldn’t touch or burn her. She placed it in her pocket before lifting Rena up, carrying her as she walked through the shadows of the night.

With a title such as “royal”, Black owned a grand mansion secluded in the deepest, darkest part of the city. The doors opened widely as Black walked in and closed behind her, the loud echo of the doors creaking and closing shut resonating through the empty manor. She walked up the stairs to an empty bedroom; Black never needed it, since she rarely ever slept, but it was always just there in the mansion.

She laid Rena down on the bed and watched over her silently as she slept. Silver moonlight shone through the window, illuminating the girl’s porcelain skin.

“It’s been so long… You’ve grown up to be a hunter just like them, haven’t you.. Rena?”

Black had met Rena before. Or rather, she had seen her, only once. A very long time ago…

Flashback, 6 years ago…

It was the very night Rena and Jurina’s parents were killed by a powerful vampire. Black was there when it had happened. She saw how the two girls cowered in fear, crying over their parents’ lifeless bodies, as the monster crept forward, eying the two.

In a panic, Rena had picked up her father’s gun and pointed it at the vampire. Her hand shook as she aimed it, threatening to kill him.

“Go away..! Don’t come any closer..!”

Black saw the whole thing unfold. That monster, an evil, merciless Royal vampire, was going to take the lives of those two innocent children. It was a miracle that their parents had arrived to save them. However, at the cost of their own lives.

The vampire smirked as he stared at them.

“We shall meet again,” he turned and left the two. Rena held her younger sister as she cried into her chest.

When he returned, Black asked him, “Why didn’t you kill them?”

“Everyone has to wait for when the apple is ripest, correct? They’re still young, not fully matured.”

He looked at Black and smirked again.

“Why have you been watching over them for so long now? Something about that girl peaked your interest?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Just remember. You can never be with that girl. You’re both from two different worlds.”

End of Flashback

“I should’ve seen this coming…”

Black felt disgusted by herself. Why did she care so much for those two human girls? And specifically of the two, Rena? She had felt guilty when she saw the two at their own parents’ funeral. There was this burning pain in her chest whenever she saw Rena’s face, a mix of grief and anger in her eyes.

She didn’t know why she let the girl catch her attention. Just every now and then, the memory would pop back in and out and always remind her of the girl. She simply sighed and looked back over at Rena.

“These feelings are forbidden… we’re from two different worlds… yet…” Her hand slowly reached out to touch Rena’s hair. “Whenever I see her, it feels…”

Before her fingers could touch her, however, Rena’s eyes snapped open and she looked straight into Black’s.

Black pulled her hand away and slowly stepped back as Rena sat up from the bed, completely in shock over the situation.

“You..!” Rena reached for her blade, but she realized it wasn’t where it should be. “Eh? Where? Where is it?!”

Black took out the blade wrapped in cloth. However, she hesitated on giving it back, as she knew this girl was out to kill her.

Rena glared at Black. “You monster…”

“Please,” Black tried to reason, placing the blade back in her pocket. “I don’t want to fight.”

“I think otherwise…” Rena growled as her hand balled into a fist.

No weapons meant she was left to fight with her bare hands. She ran up to the vampire and swung her arm to punch her, but immediately missed. Black wasn’t going to use her speed this time; it would only cause more trouble. She wasn’t going to fight, so she was merely relying on her reflexes to dodge.

“Vampire..! I’ll kill you!” the hunter roared as she ran to attack Black once again.

After a few dodges, she was able to catch the vampire off guard and landed a punch on her cheek. Soon after her guard was weakened, she was stricken down by another punch. She touched the blood on her lips with her thumb.

Black smirked. “You’re trained well.”

“Don’t flatter me,” Rena growled with anger as she lifted Black up, punching her repeatedly. “All of you vampires are the same..! Monsters! You only care about yourselves!”


Anger flared in Rena’s eyes and she swung her arm harder. “Don’t you DARE say my name!”

Black knew it’d be bad having this girl who’s out to kill her in her own home. And if she let this girl leave, she’d still want revenge and come back for her with more than just a gun and a silver blade. If she told the other hunters her location, it’d mean the end of her.

She had no other choice. She had to make Rena forget.

Before she could land another punch, she quickly grabbed Rena’s fist and pushed her down, making them switch positions. She pinned both of her wrists to the floor as Rena struggled to be released from her grip.

“Let me go! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you once and for all, vampire!” she yelled angrily.

To hypnotize somebody, one needs to look straight in the eyes. But with Rena thrashing around, Black found it to be a bit more difficult. She needs to catch her off guard, make Rena look at her eyes.

She smirked as an idea crossed her mind.

With some difficulty, Black managed to grab both of Rena’s hands in one hand, and at the same time grab Rena’s face with another. She held her chin and touched her forehead against Rena’s, their lips just inches apart.

“Let go..!” Rena tried to struggle out, but Black maintained her grip.

Her eyes locked on the vampires, staring into the pitch black orbs against her will.

“Don’t fight.” Black said softly.

Rena’s struggling ceased, but she was still trying to break free from her restraints.

“I said don’t fight.” Black said in a more forceful tone.

After that, Rena’s struggling finally stopped. Her eyes lost their light and become empty and lifeless.

“Just relax. Everything’s okay, there’s no need to fight.”

“..No need… to fight…”

Black stood up while pulling Rena with her. She released her hands and they both fell limp at her sides. She smiled as she kept staring into Rena’s empty eyes, further hypnotizing her.

“You will go back to your headquarters. You will tell them that you did not find me, and you will forget what I look like in two days time.”

Rena stared back at Black with unblinking eyes. “Okay.. I will do as you say.”

“Good. Now go.”

Rena obediently turned around and left the room. Black shut the door as she took out Rena’s blade. She knew she had to return it. She couldn’t keep it.

She placed the cloth covered dagger on her dresser.

“I’ll give it back the next time I meet her… whenever that will be…” Black sighed out, holding her cross. “But… she’ll still hate me.. because I’m a vampire… I can’t make her change how she feels…”

Then, another idea crossed her mind.



As Rena was walking down the city streets that night, she dialed a certain number on her phone. She heard it ringing on the other line before the person picked up.

“Rena. Did you find her?” Takamina’s voice answered.

“Yes. She thinks that I forgot about her. I’m gonna lay low for a while, just in case she tries to move again. Once she does, I’ll catch her when she least expects it and kill her.”

“That’s why you’re our Ace.”

“I’ll be going home now.”

“Alright. Night, Rena.”

“Night, Takamina.”

As she hung up, Rena walked back to where she had parked her motorbike and started riding across the city streets.

“She’s stronger than I expected… I need to plan something for the next time I face her.”

That night, she road alone as she was contemplating on how to face that vampire. More importantly, she knew she had to find her dagger and get it back. It was important to her; she needed to find it fast so she can kill that vampire Black.

Rena finally arrived home and parked her bike outside beside of Jurina's bicycle. She walked inside the house and saw that there was only one light on, coming from a lamp in the kitchen. There, she saw Jurina, sleeping on top of the counter table. There was an empty plate and glass in front of her, implying that she had finished dinner, as well as some homework papers from her school. She is still in high school, after all.

Rena smiled and pet her younger sister’s hair as she looked at her sleeping face.

“You really won’t change, will you?” she whispered before picking Jurina up into her arms and carrying her to her bedroom.

“Rena-chan…” she heard the puppy girl whisper in her sleep. “Rena-chan.. come home safe…”

She smiled slightly, seeing how Jurina cared for her so much. Rena set her down in the bed and tucked her in. She then gently leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

“I’m here, Jurina. Don’t worry.. no vampire can ever keep me from you. I won’t let it happen.”

~~~Flash Forward~~~

Two days had passed since Rena had seen Black. She had disappeared from Japan without a trace. They weren’t even able to find her mansion, even though Rena remembered the exact path of where it was.

She knew that the vampire must’ve been planning something.

But, in any case, Rena continued to lay low so Black wouldn’t catch what she was doing. She remembered how she was able to resist Black’s hypnosis and faked having her memories erased. Now, the vampire wouldn’t be suspicious of Rena coming back. Then, like a stealthy panther eying her prey, Rena would pounce and kill Black when she finally cornered her.

Rena and Jurina were training together when Sayaka called all the hunters together. They all stood in front of the tall girl as they saw a very happy face on her.

“I have good news. We just got a new hunter in. She’s going to make a very formidable ally. Come on,” she called the person forward.

Rena’s eyes widened. “No…!”

The girl smiled as she pulled some of her raven black hair behind her ear, smiling as she looked at them with dark, almost pitch black eyes.

“It’s nice to meet all of you. My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”


To Be Continued
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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 2 151005
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Hahaha, that interesting. I wonder what happend next when Yuki come to hunter team =)))))

Hope you update soon  :love: :love: :love:
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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 2 151005
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Love it so much!!!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
I'll wait the next update  :wriggly:

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 2 151005
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Please update soon!!!!!!
I wanna know what happen to the organisation after Yuki join!
Update soon!!!!  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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YUKI !? :O :mon scare: :OMG: :scared: :frustrated:

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Re: The Black Rose (YukiRena+Other pairs) - Chapter 2 151005
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This fic is awesome so far! I can never get enough of YukiRena! Thanks for writing for this awesome pairing who needs more love!

Wow, Yuki enters the fray! I wonder what Rena's gonna do now?:D There's definitely going to be some great stuff coming up in this fanfic!

I can't wait for the next update!
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Yey I haven't noticed that you have already posted first chapter and I got two chapters at once!  :w00t:  waiting for more  :panic:

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Chapter 3


“It’s nice to meet all of you. My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,” Yuki bowed in front of the group of hunters.

Just then, Rena quickly pointed her gun in Yuki’s direction. Everyone backed away, shocked.


“Rena, what’s wrong?”

“Sayaka, get away from her!” Rena yelled. “That girl’s Black! She’s a vampire!”

The woman furrowed her eyebrows, confused. “What? No, she’s not. Yuki’s a human, just like all of us.”

“No! She’s lying, whatever she told you, it’s a façade! I know it, she’s Black!”

Yuki thought in the back of her mind, “The hypnosis didn’t work..? She still remembers me…”

Takamina pulled Rena back. “Rena, you must be a bit stressed since a few days ago. Yuki may look like her, but me and Sayaka can assure you, she’s human.”


“Don’t worry. We’ll take care of Black when we can. For now, your new mission is to help Yuki-chan train.”

“Haa?!” Rena’s jaw dropped. “No way in HELL am I--”

Takamina silenced her and leaned in her ear.

“Behave and be nice to Yuki-chan, and if you don’t try to kill her, I’ll treat you to a limited edition gourmet melonpan.”

Rena felt weak at that statement. Not because of the melonpan (because she loved melonpan), but because now that everyone saw her make a scene, she was going to have to hide her hatred towards the now human-disguised vampire girl.


“Good!” Takamina smiled and slapped Rena’s back. “Now, go apologize and make nice! Just play along, play along~”

Rena saw Takamina wink as she said one of her many catchphrases. She walked up to Yuki, giving her a glare before faking a smile.

“Please forgive me. I mistook you for someone.”

“No problem,” Yuki said sweetly. “I hope we can get along.”

“Me too.”

They bowed to each other, and when Rena looked up, she saw Yuki give a slight glare. She then heard her voice inside her head.

“How disappointing, you still remember everything. You’re much stronger than I thought.”

Rena scowled, not showing the others however as they smiled and Rena started to walk back. She heard Black speak in her mind again.

“Meet me in private later.”

After that, they took a short break from training. As Rena left the room and walked down the hall, she saw a shadow flash by her and Black herself appeared in front of her.

“Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” Rena said sarcastically, then she got serious. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I was going to try and make peace,” Black said. “But that scene you just made is gonna cause some trouble. Why did you fake being hypnotized? More importantly, how are you able to resist? No one’s been able to do that.”

The hunter smirked. “We hunters have been trained to block your mind control. You can’t get anything through me.”

“Oh really?”


“Then… how come Akimoto and Takahashi weren’t able to?”

Rena’s eyes widened. “What..?!”

Flashback, yesterday

Black entered the hunter base while Sayaka and Takamina were practicing one-on-one late at night. When the two saw her, they immediately took action.


Sayaka was the first to approach her and threw a punch. Black caught her fist and twisted her arm behind her back, locking her gaze.

“You won’t fight,” Black tried to hypnotize her, but Sayaka wasn’t cracking. She flipped the vampire over and pinned her down. Black coughed as she fell hard. “So… there are some who can resist. I see…”

“Takamina, get the silver bullets!”

Before Takamina could head to the armory, Black held out her arm and made Takamina stop in her tracks, unable to move her legs.

“Argh..! Sayaka, I can’t move..!”

Black took her chance to escape while Sayaka was distracted. She grabbed Sayaka and pulled her down, staring into her eyes.


“You won’t fight.” She held Sayaka’s head in place as she put her under. Sayaka’s body fell weak and she stared blankly into the vampire’s eyes. “You won’t remember me. You can’t see me. Not until tomorrow.”

“Not until tomorrow…”

Black then looked at Takamina straight in the eyes. Takamina immediately tried to look away, but Black appeared in front of her and held her chin, making her look at her eyes and hypnotizing her.

“Same for you, Takahashi. You won’t remember that I’m Black.”

“Won’t remember…”

“The both of you will let me join this agency, as human Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“Kashiwagi Yuki.. join hunters…” both spoke in unison while under trance.

End of Flashback

“As I expected it wouldn’t be easy, once I got them where I wanted them, they became so easy to bend and mold to my liking. Just like clay.”

Rena growled in anger, grabbing Black’s collar. “Don’t you dare call them clay!”

Black chuckled. “You’re either really brave or really stupid to face me.”

“Why you..!” Rena was about to punch her when Black vanished and reappeared behind her.

“I told you, I’m not going to fight. But I will if I have to,” she warned the hunter. “For now, let’s try to get along. If someone catches us fighting, it could be bad on your part.”

Black started to leave and Rena scowled at her before turning to leave as well.

As the vampire was walking down the hall, she was searching for a certain room.

“Where do they keep all the information around here..?” she mumbled silently.

As she was looking around, she ran into a certain hunter she recognized as Sashihara. She saw her with Minegishi Minami before when they were training, and she seemed to have a bit of trouble with training because she was jumpy. Minegishi kept calling her “hetare” because of it.

“Kashiwagi-san, I’m so sorry!” she bowed, but then realized something. “Are? What are you doing back here? You aren’t supposed to go this way.”

“Oh really…” Black smiled inside.

“Yeah, only people with special permission can go back this way. I’m only going because I have to see Acchan about the whereabouts of Black. Now that Rena mentioned it, I became curious and--”

Black stopped the hunter’s ranting as she stared into her eyes and she was hypnotized almost immediately.

“You’ll do as I say. You didn’t see me come through here.”

“I didn’t see you…”

“You will also forget about Black.”

“Forget Black…”

“Now knock yourself out.”

Sashihara then turned to the wall and slammed her head into it, falling unconscious.

Black was actually surprised. She knew that there were humans who were weak toward her hypnosis, but this is a first.

Then, the vampire realized…

“Damn! I should’ve asked her where that Acchan girl was. I have to find her to erase her memories of me.”

She then heard someone humming and saw Minegishi coming this was. When she saw the situation, she nearly screamed.

“W-what happened?!”

“Minegishi-san, right?”

“Uh, Miichan is fine. But, what’s going on? Why is Sasshi unconscious? Er, more importantly, why are you back here?”

“I’m looking for Acchan. Sasshi told me about her… then, she ran into a wall and passed out.”

“Just like her, that hetare. Acchan works in the tech room, along with Mayuyu, who works intel. But, you can’t go back here, it’s only for--”

Black didn’t wanna hear this same lecture so she looked at Miichan’s eyes and she was entranced in a matter of seconds. She smiled like an idiot with empty eyes.

“Pretty eyes~...”

“You didn’t see me go through here, also you will forget about Black.”

“Okay, I’ll forget…”

“Also, how can I get to where Acchan and Mayuyu are? Who can help?”

“That’s… Sae knows.”

“Sae..?” Black repeated. She didn’t remember seeing someone who went by that name. Yet, it felt familiar...

“Sae has special permission. She knows every room of the building. She can show you where Acchan and Mayuyu are…”

“Where is she right now?”

“Today’s her day off… she’s at her home.. she lives in an apartment in Tokyo; ask Sayaka or Yuko, they know where she lives...”

“Good. Now, knock yourself out.”

Miichan did the same thing as Sasshi and smacked her head against the wall. She was out like a light, landing on top of Sasshi.

“Well, that went well,” the vampire smirked.


Matsui Rena was furious.

No… “Furious” is just an understatement. Rena was beyond pissed to an extent that there was nothing she could do to cease her own anger.

Well, it’s not that she wanted to anyway.

She kept punching the bag in front of her hard as she kept thinking about that vampire Black. The thought of her only riled her anger more. She kicked, punched, she did everything to just get her anger out completely.

Jurina happened to notice her sister seemed rather stressed and approached her.


As if she didn’t hear her sister, Rena kept on punching the bag.


The next thing Jurina saw was a fist flying her way, thanks to her fast reflexes, she dodged it.

“Jurina..!” Rena calmed down a bit, realizing it was only her little sister. “What’s wrong?”

“I got worried. You seemed really stressed about something.”

“I-it’s nothing, really! I just feel a little bit tired, that’s all.”

“Are you still thinking about Black? Because of your mission?”


“Is that why you thought Yuki-san was Black?”

“Jurina, just LEAVE ME ALONE!” Rena raised her voice, causing everyone to look. Rena immediately felt guilty when she saw Jurina’s sad eyes. “I… I’m sorry, I didn’t--”

“Rena,” Sayaka walked over to the two sisters. “Maybe you should take Jurina home and take a break for today.”

“What? But I--”

“Please. You’re obviously still worked up about what happened a few nights ago. You deserve some rest.”

Rena saw Sayaka’s eyes were sincere. She sighed. “...Fine. Let’s go, Jurina.” She went out without waiting for her sister.

Jurina looked at the taller girl. “Will Rena be okay?”

Sayaka patted her head.

“Just take care of her, okay? When Rena gets like this, she needs someone to reassure her things will be okay. I’m sure she’d do the same for you, right?”

The younger girl nodded. “Okay. I’ll take care of Rena-chan.”

She quickly went to catch up with her older sister, who was already outside the building waiting for her.

“C’mon, I’m hungry~.” Jurina chirped as she clinged to Rena’s arm.

Rena let her sister cling onto her, because she felt guilty for her sudden outburst.



“..I’m sorry.”

Jurina hugged Rena tight.

“Don’t worry about it, nee-chan! We all have these kind of moments.”

“What do you mean?”

Jurina paused as if she was reminded of something. But then she smiled and answered, “Oh, y’know, being stressed out and stuff like that. It’s nothing.”

“Oh. Well, if that’s all.”

“Come on Rena-chan~ You owe me some ice cream!”

“Hai, hai. I know. I’ll get you your favorite, choco-vanilla swirl. The good kind they sell near the train station.”

“Yay! I love you, nee-chan~ Chuu~~~”

“Oi, no kisses, kissing monster!”

“Oh come on, just one! Hahaha!”



Later that evening, Yuki was finishing up a long day of training when she saw Sayaka getting ready to leave.

“Sayaka-san,” she approached her with a sweet smile. “Hey, Miichan told me about this hunter named Sae.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot, today was her day off.”

“I wanted to meet her. She told me she knew about every room in the building; maybe she could give me a tour.”

“Great idea. Here, I’ll give you her address,” Sayaka quickly wrote down Sae’s apartment address on a scrap of paper and handed it to Yuki. “There you go.”


Yuki bowed to her senpai as she grabbed her things and left the agency building. She followed the address Sayaka had given her until she reached the apartment building Sae lived in.

Standing outside, Yuki counted the windows until she found the ones that belonged to Sae’s flat. She walked up the stairs to the floor where her apartment was.

The lights were on, that means Sae’s at home. She walked up to the apartment door and knocked.

“Coming~” A voice answered from the other side.

When the door opened, she came face-to-face with a person she hadn’t seen in quite some time. A familiar face, of someone who, like Rena, had tried to killed her. When she met the girl’s gaze, she saw the spark in her eyes that showed she recognized her as well.


“Well, well. I was right then, I thought something seemed familiar,” Black chuckled. “You look as handsome as ever, Sae.. although you’re a girl.”

“Why are you here?!”

Black immediately sped into Sae’s apartment. “How rude~. Is that any way to treat someone you haven’t seen in so long?”

“You tried to kill me, you murderous vampire,” Sae growled lowly as she shut the door.

“I could say the same.”

The boyish girl grabbed a kitchen knife and held it in front of her.

“Oh, how cute,” Black taunted. “Something like that won’t kill me… but it’d be amusing to see you try.”

“Don’t underestimate me!”

Gripping the knife tightly in her hands, Sae charged.

She either forgot about their previous encounter, or she just didn’t care. The hunter was bent on killing Black. Wanting to end it once and for all.

Either way, Black wasn’t going to let this hunter get in her way. Sae was just a human, after all.

As Sae charged, she spun around and dodged the oncoming attack. As she turned, she thrust her elbow into the hunter’s back, knocking her down from the strong force.

Black smirked. The expression of Sae’s angered face was priceless.

“Still doesn’t compare to Rena’s angered expression, though,” she thought back in her mind.

She held up one finger and taunted Sae.

“Come and get me.”

“Why you..!”

Recovering from her fall, Sae advanced again. That spot on her back where the vampire hit was still throbbing painfully.

“You really haven’t changed from back then,” Black smirked.

“Same as you.”

“How’s that scar?”

“Just a scar. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?”

“For me, that’s many things.”

Black’s face turned serious. As Sae was about to charge with the knife again, she pushed her back and sent her flying to the other side of the room, hitting the wall.

The vampire slowly approached Sae, looking down on her as she was unable to get back up from the pain. She knelt down and held Sae’s shoulder, pushing her against the wall.

“Poor thing… does it hurt?”

“Stay away from me,” Sae tried to push her away, but Black got closer.

“Now, now, relax,” the vampire held Sae’s cheek, caressing it. “Let me kiss you and make it better.”

The vampire leaned in and kissed Sae’s lips. She was frozen as her lips pressed against Black’s, unable to move as if some poison had gotten into her. And without her knowing, she found herself staring straight into Black’s eyes and falling under her spell.

The knife dropped to the floor and Sae’s eyes closed. She started responding to the kisses and her whole body was heating up from the sensation.

Seeing that the hunter was getting into it, Black swiped her tongue against Sae’s lower lip and proceeded to deepen the kiss. The latter’s arms wrapped around Black’s neck and pulled her in further as they indulged further, their tongues intertwining.

Black gave a little teasing nibble at Sae’s bottom lip before pulling away, seeing Sae’s glazed eyes and a pleased expression.

“You like that?”

Sae nodded in reply.

“You want more?”


“Then, you have to do me a favor. I need to get inside Intel to do a few important things. Can you make sure no one tries to interfere? I would hate for something to happen~.”

“Of course.. I’ll do that..”

“Especially, that Rena girl. Perhaps you can distract her for me until my job is finished,” Black tapped her chin before she thought of the perfect plan. “I know. Tomorrow, when I give the signal, I want you to find her and keep her distracted by seducing her. You’ll be so head over heels for her, all you want is her, just for yourself. Just keep her away long enough for me to finish. You can do that, right?”

“Yes.. keep Rena away…”

“And, lastly, you’ll completely forget that I’m Black. You only recognize me as Kashiwagi Yuki. Understood?”

Sae nodded with empty eyes. “Understood.”

“Good~.” Black kissed Sae’s lips shortly before moving down to her neck. “Now, a little reward. Itadakimasu~”

She bit into Sae’s neck and drank her blood, a small yelp escaping the hunter. The pain was soon replaced with pleasure and Sae clutched onto Black’s shirt, her heart racing.

Black licked her lips as she separated from her. She held up Sae’s chin and smiled.

“Let’s continue this somewhere more private.” She then picked her up on her feet and dragged her into the bedroom. Their long night was about to continue…


To Be Continued

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