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Author Topic: Monster Within - Chapter 22 (KojiYuu) 16/11/2014  (Read 54674 times)

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 15
« Reply #280 on: July 12, 2014, 04:29:01 AM »
Holy cow! This is getting more and more exciting!

Who are those two? And who are they going to see?

There are still some people who haven't been introduced...

Maybe one of them... It could be, that one of them is... The "you-know-who".

And we learned a bit about Jurina and Rena's pasts more.

Yay~ Mayu can talk now! Happy Mayuki~ :heart:

Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 16
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Minna!! Sorry it's taken me a while to update but here's the next one so I hope you like it! Enjoy!!

Chapter 16

It was a calm night with a cool breeze in the air and the sounds of crickets in the background. The fireflies were floating around blinking a small light once in a while and there were several stars in the sky. The night was perfectly peaceful with not a disturbance in sight. Things were nice and nothing could possibly ruin it for Yuko who was sitting under a tree staring at the stars. She wanted to be alone for the night without people getting in her face. She wanted some alone time so she decided to hang out in an area where no one would find her. Yuko was simply relaxing when suddenly she heard a small voice come from somewhere. Looking around, she didn't see anyone but yet she felt like there was someone there. The feeling was odd and so Yuko thought about leaving but then she saw something running towards it. It looked like a little girl in a white dress moving closer and closer to her. Then under the light of the full moon, Yuko saw who it was. The little girl was Yuko's sister only she was younger form of her. Yuko thought she was hallucinating and seeing things but her sister walked over to her and said,

"Nee-chan look I got one!"

She opened her hands and a small firefly flew out blinking its light in front of Yuko. It was then there was a flashback in her head of Yuko and her sister. When they were kids, they would catch fireflies on nights like these together. They would have competitions on who could catch the most and then they would name them before letting them go. The fond memory brought back a strange sensation of pain in her chest realizing that her sister was dead and she would never be able to see her again. She would never have moments like these again for her sister was no longer among the living. Yuko's chest grew heavy and her head began to pound. Her body became weak and collapsed right there on the ground in front of her sister who looked at her with worried eyes.

"Nee-chan? You ok?"

Yuko knew she wasn't real and clearly something was wrong. She couldn't figure out what it was though and when she tried to look around her body just wouldn't move. Her eyes were focused on the little girl standing before her claiming to be her sister even though she knew it wasn't true. Yuko wondered what was going on and then out of the corner of her eyes, she saw something staring at her. It was that same girl with grey eyes looking at her. She wore a smile on her face as she watched Yuko struggle to move but then there were more attacks on her mind. Memories of her and her family flashing throughout her mind slowly being torn away and messed with. Yuko thought she was going to lose her mind if something wasn't done and so she managed to use her powers to make her body move by force. Moving power to her legs, Yuko dashed over to the one with grey eyes and managed to tackle her down. Yuko was angry with the fact that the girl was messing with her mind and so without even thinking, she turned her hand into a blade and slit her throat right there. Blood splattered onto her face knowing she had killed the girl but was horrified to see she was wrong. The one who was dead was not the girl but was her sister who's blood was now on Yuko's hand.


Yuko screamed in horror as she fell back and moved away from the dead body. Yuko heard more laughter and looked over only to see the girl with grey eyes once again smiling and laughing again. Yuko tried to attack her but she dodged and kicked her over. Yuko turned her arm into a sword and then slashed what she thought was the girl. To her horror though, she was shocked to see the head of her mother fall down to the ground. She knew it wasn't her mother but the sight of it all was causing Yuko to break. The head rolled towards Yuko with the face pointed towards Yuko. In her mother's voice, the head said,

"Y-Yuko... Why?"

Yuko knew that fighting wasn't going to work and so the only way to get out was to run. She made wings burst from her back and she prepared to take off but then she felt something grab her ankle. She looked down and saw her father's decaying body holding onto her. Half of his body was in the ground while the other was holding onto her. He was missing an eye and half of his face was cut up and exposed. Yuko felt herself start to get pulled in by her father slowly into the ground. She tried to fight back but she couldn't and so Yuko was dragged further and further into the ground until she could no longer see the light. She was only surrounded by darkness and nothing else. Yuko thought it was the end but then suddenly she felt something hit her hard in the head. She opened her eyes and saw she was back in the field she was in. The moon was still out and everything was just like before. Yuko stood up and looked around to make sure there was nothing watching her. She was surprised to see everything was back to normal and wondered if it was all just a horrible dream. However something inside Yuko told her that it was no dream and something was going on. The only problem was she couldn't figure it out.

Not wanting to stay around any longer, Yuko got up and headed home quickly before anything else happened. When she walked inside she accidentally ran into Yuki who was crying. Yuko was going to ask her what was wrong but she quickly pushed Yuko out of the way and ran out. Yuko walked inside and down to the basement where the others were only to be shocked seeing the mess. There were rocks everywhere and holes in the ground and walls. Yuko wasn't sure what had happened but she was worried it had something to do with Yuki. Yuko walked over to Mayu who was in the corner with a couple scratches on her but she seemed alright. Yuko asked her what happened and she said that Yuki got mad and had a fit. She didn't know exactly what had happened but she was worried about Yuki. Seeing how everyone was busy trying to clean up the mess, Yuko decided to go and try to find Yuko. Yuko ran outside and called for her but there was no answer. She had to try to find Yuki and fast so she thought of the best thing she could. She took a deep breath and then said,

"Yosh let's try something new."

Focusing her powers, Yuko had somehow managed to split herself into three different people. Yuko had managed to create two clones of herself and was now ready to look. The three all confirmed what to do and so they all split up to search for Yuki. Searching the area, the three Yukos looked everywhere for Yuki but yet there was no sign. Then finally, Yuko got a signal from one of her clones telling her that they had found a trail. Heading to the sight, Yuko saw there was a trail of fallen trees and rising dirt. It was leading to somewhere deep in the forest so she knew she had found the right place. Feeling there was something dangerous ahead, Yuko decided to keep her clones close to her in case something happened. The three of them headed into the forest only to find a never ending trail. Deeper and deeper they went until finally they came into a clearing where there was a cube of dirt in the middle. Yuko guessed that the one inside was Yuki and so they had to figure out a way to get her out. The two clones walked over to the cube and try to break it open but as soon as they raised their arms, the cube spawned spikes and stabbed them both in the head killing them. Yuko knew this wasn't good and so she was going to have to find another way inside. Yuko called out to Yuki but there was no answer.

"Yuki!! Oi!! I know you're in there so come out!"

"Shut up!!"

The cube bursted and out came Yuki surrounded in a green aura and tree branches coming from her head. Her eyes were glowing a bright green and she glared at Yuko ready to kill her at any minute. Seeing that Yuki wasn't going to calm down any time soon, Yuko decided to prepare for battle. Yuko didn't know much about Yuki but she knew she had control of the Earth around her so she had to be careful of everything. Therefore, Yuko used her powers to thicken her skin creating a layer of extra armor incase Yuki tried anything. The two stared at each other for a long time until suddenly Yuki attacked with an attack from below. A large stone spike rose from the ground and nearly pierced Yuko's chest if she hadn't moved. She didn't have time to regain ground for Yuki was on her shooting sharp projectiles at her. Yuko was barely able to dodge in time before Yuki would strike again. Seeing it was a game of speed, Yuko decided to kick up the power in her legs. Within a second, Yuko was able to move faster than ever and managed to get  close enough to Yuki to hold her down. Sadly that was only for a short second for Yuki was not the only one with tricks up her sleeve.

"Get off!!"

The ground rose and Yuko was sent flying high in to sky. Luckily Yuko was able to create a soft landing for herself by landing in the trees. Yuki looked madder than ever now with the ground cracking into canyons around her making it almost impossible to get to her. Yuko didn't know what was wrong with her but she wanted to stop Yuki before she hurt anything else. Therefore, Yuko gathered a large amount of strength into her arms and charged forward. Yuki spawned stone pillars and walls to try to stop Yuko but to no effect Yuko was able to break through easily. She made it all the way to Yuki and then slammed her into the ground hard. Knowing the only way to calm her down, Yuko started to look for the gem on her body. It wasn't anywhere where the skin was showing so Yuko lifted Yuki's shirt and found the square gem right on Yuki's stomach. Yuko quickly touched the gem and entered Yuki's mind to see what was going on.


Yuko looked around only to find nothing out there except darkness. Then suddenly, Yuko saw Yuki laying on the ground knocked out. She went over to tend to her and that's when she saw it. She saw the monster inside Yuki only there was something wrong with it. There were gray chains embedded deep into the monster's flesh. Every time the monster moved, the chains would tighten and burn the monster into submission. Despite the restraints, the monster was still fighting and furious which was probably the cause of Yuki's anger. Seeing the problem, Yuko had the solution so she transformed her arms into the sharpest blades and cut through the chains. As soon as she cut them, the chains disappeared and the monster calmed down. It looked at Yuko and said,

"Thank you human. No one has ever been so kind to me before."

"No problem." Yuko said changing back to normal.
"My name is Hanako." the monster said bowing its head.

"Nice to meet you as well. I'm Yuko."

"Well Yuko thank you for taking care of that. I don't know what could have caused this by I have a feeling its something far worse. Anyways you might wanna leave now seeing how your friend is injured."

"Thanks I will."

Yuko left with Yuki and was back in the normal world where Yuki was knocked out. When she came to she had no idea what had happened. The last thing she had remembered was doing the dishes when suddenly she felt a strange burning sensation in her body. Her body felt like it was on fire and eventually she couldn't take it causing her to go into a fit of rage. Yuko knew this wasn't Yuki's fault and there was something else going on but she couldn't figure it out. It was then Yuki got a call from Mayu telling her to come back to the shelter because something was happening. Yuko and Mayu quickly ran back to the shelter only to find half the building completely destroyed. They went down to the basement only to find it completely buried under rubble. Yuko thought people had managed to get out but actually there were still people under the rocks. She could hear their cries and so her and Yuki worked to get the people out and to safety. As they were helping, there was loud crash from outside causing the building to shake. Yuki told Yuko to go out and see what was going on so she went outside only to be greeted by a bright flash. She then saw Minami on the ground unconscious and Atsuko behind her. Mayu was nowhere to be found but Jurina and Rena were still fighting something. Yuko immediately sprung into action and went next to Jurina protecting her from a powerful blast.

"What the hell is going on?!" Yuko asked.

"We were ambushed by something but I can't tell what it is!" Jurina said.

"Where are the attackers?!"

"We don't know!!!"

Before Yuko could say anything there was another shot from somewhere and nearly knocked Yuko off her feet. The first thing she had to do was get Minami and Atsuko somewhere safe so Yuko grabbed the two and put them inside with Yuki. Yuko then went out to help Jurina and Rena who were fighting an unknown enemy. Yuko went over to Rena who was being pounded pretty hard by a barrage of attacks. Yuko expanded her body protecting Rena and moving her out of the way before a huge blast came down making a huge crater in the earth. Rena looked tired and pretty weak not having much energy left in her. Therefore, Yuko took her over to Jurina who looked like she was going to collapse at any minute and had the two stick together. Yuko then took the lead being the only one left to fight and so like before, Yuko split her body into several copies. She was able to make twenty copies of herself and so she had them spread out and find the source of the attacks. They all searched while dodging attacks coming from nowhere and were having no luck finding the source. One by one, the clones were being killed and Yuko was running out of energy. Luckily one of the clones saw the source of the blasts so Yuko herself spawned wings and flew up to the site of attacks. She was shocked to see it was the same figure with grey eyes staring at her and then firing a powerful blast at her.


Yuko was shot back down onto the ground where she was then approached by the woman with white eyes. She smiled and said,

"Hello there~ I'm looking for my friend. Have you seen her?"

Yuko was too weak to move and so she could only reply asking,



The woman looked up and smiled seeing the person who was standing there. It was Haruna who stood there with an angry look on her face. She walked over to Mariko and was ready to punch her right in the face but the girl with grey eyes stopped her. Having a chance to actually see her, turns out the girl with grey eyes was actually Miichan from the club. Haruna herself was shocked and could only say,

"Miichan.. why?"

"Because unlike you Mariko I saw a chance and took it."

Miichan knocked Haruna back and then Mariko laughed saying,

"I came to warn you that we're going to invade the Earth soon and you can either join me or die."
"I'll never join you!" Haruna said.

"What about your friends? Surely they're not as foolish to not join."

"They won't join either! They won't side with a crazy bitch."

" had your chance Haruna but now it's time for me to go. It was good seeing you. Anyways, ja nee~"

With that, Mariko and Miichan disappeared and everything went back to normal. The building was restored and everything was fine. There was no damage at all to the area around them yet Yuko and the others felt so weak as if they had taken a major beating. Yuko herself was barely able to move but managed to stand and look over at Haruna who had a dark look on her face. Yuko needed answers but first priority was treating the others so Yuko took the injured and helped treat them. Once that was all done, Yuko and Haruna sat at a table and there was nothing but silence for a moment. Then Haruna said,

"That woman was Shinoda Mariko and we used to be friends. Mariko however was captured by the leader of these monsters and was corrupted by them. She came to Miichan and I offering us a chance to serve along with her and change the world but I refused. I was not going to kill millions of innocent people. Miichan on the other hand saw differently and well I guess you saw what had happened.."

Yuko thought long about what she was going to say and the only thing she could think of was,

"What do we do now?"

Haruna stood up and looked at Yuko with a serious look and said,

"We prepare for war."

What will happen next? Find out on the next update!!

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 16
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I knew it. I knew it was Mariko. :)

She was bound to come sometime, and I guessed right. XD

But, she and Miichan are evil. Now what's gonna happen? :panic:

I'm getting so excited! Can't wait! :twothumbs

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 17
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Minna!! Here's the next update! Hope you like it ^^

Chapter 17

The girls were going to need time to rest so Yuko and Haruna took some time to go train. Yuki was going to work on healing the others. Haruna knew a spot where she used to train so Yuko and her went to the spot. They had to hike up a long trail but eventually they made it. Yuko was surprised to see the are which was nothing but a giant crater. Yuko was going to ask what caused the crater but Haruna didn't want to say. Instead she just told Yuko that they were going to battle each other. They weren't going to hold back and they would only stop when one called it quits. Setting up the rules, the two backed away and prepared for battle. Then when the time was right, Yuko and Haurna both charged towards each other. Haruna jumped up into the air and created a cloud of light that she could fly on. Yuko was stuck on the ground as Haruna circled her round and round. She didn't know when Haruna was going to attack so she tried to predict it. Sadly she didn't predict in time and Yuko was hit in the back.


Yuko fell to the ground and Haruna was still circling her getting ready for the next attack. Yuko saw the orbs of light she was creating and the one she was looking at looked somewhat big. Yuko had to get up and move if she was going avoid another attack so she stood up and started to move along Haruna. She was planning on jumping onto the cloud Haruna was on and take her out there. Gaining enough speed, Yuko jumped up and was going to land right on the cloud but when she touched it, Yuko fell through it. She landed hard on the ground and looked confused as to what had happened. Haruna giggled and said,

"Silly Yuko. You can't touch light but it can touch you."

Haruna created another orb and then shot it at Yuko aiming right for her head. Yuko was barely able to move out of the way but was now back into action. She thought it was time to take the lead so she grew wings to try to level the playing field. Yuko rose into the sky and was now at the same level as Haruna. She held out her hands and decided to use a different approach with her body. Yuko used her powers to harden the bones in her body making them as tough as metal. She then moved towards Haruna and managed to punch her hard in the stomach. Haruna went flying off her cloud and landed hard on the ground. Before Haruna could move Yuko was on her again with a fist aiming straight for her face. Yuko was about to nail her hard but then Haruna said,

"I give!"

Yuko stopped nearly inches away from Haruna's face who looked scared for a moment. Yuko thought she had won but then Haruna grew a dark smirk on her face and said,

"Just kidding~"

Without warning, Haruna shot a blast of powerful light into Yuko's stomach sending her soaring. She was going to land on the ground but then Haruna had summed a rod of light causing Yuko to land right on the tip of the rod. It didn't pierce her body but the pain was just as bad as if her organs were being pressed to the very edge of her body. Yuko thought Haruna wasn't going to go too far but she couldn't tell. Haruna at one point came in with spears of light and actually pinned Yuko to a tree skewering her hands to it. Haruna came forward with one last spear ready to penetrate her heart. At that moment Yuko thought she was going to die and something in her mind wouldn't let her say give. Instead something else happened deep inside Yuko causing her to lose sense of reality. Everything became warped and Yuko couldn't see things clearly. She knew this feeling before and knew what was going to happen next. Her vision was starting to get dark and everything around her was becoming engulfed with darkness. She had to stop now before it was too late and she would hurt Haruna badly.

"Haruna stop!" Yuko shouted.

"Nice try but I'm not falling for that!" Haurna said as she shot more orbs of light.

Yuko couldn't no longer move and instead was taking the hits that were only fueling her power more and more. She didn't know what was going to happen but she felt like she was slowly losing her mind. Anger started to boil deep within her chest and her body felt like going on a mad rampage. It wasn't too long before Yuko was near edge of losing it. One more blast and that's all it took for Yuko to go wild. Her body transformed into a strange wolf form. Her skin had turned a pale white and her eyes were dark black. Haruna knew she had screwed up and was now trying to back out but Yuko wasn't going to listen. Yuko charged at Haruna ready to rip her neck out with long fangs and claws. Haruna knew she had lost Yuko and was going to have to bring her back. Therefore, Haruna created one small ball of light and then got ready for Yuko to come at her. Yuko charged and Haruna managed to dodge just in time to slide the small ball of light into Yuko. Moments later, the ball exploded inside Yuko and all the darkness inside her left her body. Yuko changed back to normal and collapsed onto the ground. Haruna caught her and then said,

"Mou maybe I pushed it too far.."

It was a couple weeks before everyone was healed of their injuries. Mariko and Miichan had done a lot of damage and so it took time to regain strength. When they had made it back to the shelter, everyone was back on their feet and moving around well again. Yuko was relieved to see everyone was ok but she was also worried about how much time they had left. They didn't know when the invasion day would come but when it did she knew it wasn't going to be good. Yuko had decided to call all the monsters together and discuss the future plans as to what they were going to do next. This massive meeting required certain requirements so Atsuko had cleared out everything for the others to gather. Jurina called Sae and Sayaka over as well to join the meeting and know what was going on. They all gathered in a circle and then Yuko had them all join hands. Holding hands, Yuko focused and concentrated her powers onto everyone there. It was difficult at first but then everything came together and Yuko along with her friends were sent somewhere else.

"We did it!"

Everyone was in some kind of meeting room and then one by one the monsters began to appear. Gina, Kin, Mamoru, Hanako, Aoi, Takeo, Chieko along with Sae and Sayaka's monsters Akira and Danzo. All the monsters had gathered along with Yuko's monster who did not have a name as far as Yuko knew. They gathered close and then the meeting had begun.

"So the boss is at it again huh?" Mamoru asked.

"It appears so." Aoi said resting upon Mayu's shoulder.

"So what is the plan of action?" Gina questioned."

"No one knows really." Kin stated.

"Well we need to figure out something before they come into this world and slaughter everyone including us!" Takeo said slamming its first on the table.

The monsters started to go into an uproar debating on the plan of action as to what to do and nothing was getting done. Therefore Yuko had to call out to everyone and have them calm down so they could get things done. It was then the white monster stepped forward and said,

"Well everyone it appears we have a problem where our leader is going to invade the Earth and kill everyone. Now we all want to stop it so can anyone think of a way to attack before the invasion?"

The monsters became silent trying to think of something that would be at least somewhat helpful. Sadly there were no answers from any of them and things weren't going along very well. It was then Minami raised her hand and everyone focused their attention on her.

"Well how about we find some info about our opponent. What's your boss like Mamoru?" she asked turning to Mamoru.

"Well as far as I know the boss is crazy strong and nothing can stop it. Not even the strongest of us so really there is nothing that I can think of that would work."

"Not to mention the boss as that mind manipulator on its side." Hanako said as it sat up. "It had me in a bind and made Yuki go nuts."

"That is a problem but there has to be some way to defeat the boss." Aoi said.

"Well there is one!"

Everyone looked over at Atsuko who stood up and had a huge grin on her face. She turned to Chieko and nodded its head where Chieko nodded in return and disappeared for a moment. It came back with a large book and placed it in the middle of everyone. Flipping to a certain page, there was a picture of a man standing over a monster holding a large blade. The man standing on the monster was the human that had defeated the boss long ago and the blade was what was used to defeat it. Looking closely at it, Yuko saw that there were different colored gems on the handle of the blade that Yuko had seen somewhere before but she couldn't remember where.

"That blade is called the Shiro Kaze and we need that blade if we're ever going to even lay a scratch on the boss." Chieko said.

"Where is it?" Kin asked.

"As far as I know, it was sealed off in a temple but that could be anywhere in Japan. Finding it would take from days to week if we checked every temple in Japan."

"Well maybe Gina can help. Gina you can run fast can't you?"

"Yes but it would be a while even with my speed." Gina said looked at Jurina.

Jurina nodded and so they thought that there was no point in trying to find the blade. Everyone was about to give up hope but then Yuko remembered where the blade was and remembered it was in an old shrine behind the shrine she went to with Sayaka and Sae. Remembering this, Yuko told the others and there were all happy to see that.

"Way to go Yuko!" Minami said giving her the thumbs up.

"Ja then let's go get that blade!" Chieko said.

 Before the meeting ended, the white monster patted Yuko on the head and smiled before the meeting had ended and so everyone headed out to the shrine where it was before. They made it to the shrine where they started looking everywhere for the passage that Yuko said she had taken. However upon closer inspection, they couldn't find the path anywhere to be found. It was as if it was never there and so the others started to question Yuko and thought maybe it was just a dream. It was then Yuko saw that same cat that led her to the shrine so she told everyone to follow the cat. Sadly, the others had scared the cat into running away so everyone was chasing the cat around the temple in circles. Eventually, they were able to chase the cat into the path that Yuko had seen before. The only bad thing she remembered was that there were a lot of stairs ahead and everyone else didn't know. Before Yuko could warn them, there was a loud shout and everyone went falling down the stairs. They would've had a hard landing if it weren't for Yuki summoning a bed of flowers to soften the landing.

"Why didn't you tell us there were stairs Yuko?!" Haruna asked.

"I didn't have the chance!" Yuko said as she helped the others.

"So where's the shrine?" Atsuko asked.

"Up there."

Yuko pointed to the shrine ahead of them and so everyone headed up to the shrine. Minami decided to try to open it but when she did the gates of the shrine closed and something else came out. A large stone statue rose from the shrine and stood before everyone standing larger than buildings.

" I am the guardian of this shrine.. What brings you here?!" the statue asked asked.

"We need the Shiro Kaze!" Yuko responded.

"No one can hold the Shiro Kaze unless they posses pure strength. I can tell you are all tainted with the powers of the monsters."

"Well without that blade Earth will be taken over by those things!" Minami argued.

"If you wish to hold the blade then you must defeat me in combat."

The shrine disappeared and then the guardian pulled out a sword and shield and then charged towards the girls. Yuko quickly backed away along with the others as they got ready for battle. Minami was the first to attack by charging head first at the guardian. With her strength, Minami was going to flip the guardian over and take it out. However when Minami hit the guardian, the guardian sent Minami flying as if she was nothing. Minami was shot all the way to a strange cage where she was kept there and couldn't escape. Atsuko decided to try to attack so she jumped up and pressed her hand on the guardian's chest. Atsuko used her power and then a powerful blast shot through the guardian's chest leaving a huge hole. Atsuko thought she had got it but sadly she was nowhere close as she saw the hole heal itself and then Atsuko was thrown into the cage.

"It doesn't have a gem like we do!" Atsuko said.

"What does that mean?" Yuko asked.

"It means it doesn't have a weak spot." Yuki said.

"So what to do we do?"

"We find one."

Jurina and Rena decided to work together so Jurina grabbed Rena and held her close. Jurina then started to run in circles fast around the guardian to the point where no one could see them. Then suddenly Rena started to breathe fire creating a ring of fire around the guardian. The fire rose and became a tornado surrounding the guardian burning it inside. They thought they had defeated the guardian but the fire tornado was destroyed and Rena was sent to the cage. Jurina however managed to make it so she regrouped with the others to try to figure out a plan. Yuki and Mayu decided to try to attack making their way up to the guardian. Yuki created a sphere and then Mayu used her power focussing the sound into the sphere. Yuki shot it at the guardian and watched as the sound exploded from the sphere stopping everyone in their tracks. The attack did little damage to the guardian and was now attacking the others swinging its sword. Everyone was able to dodge it with ease however they didn't see the other attack from above.

"Mayu look out!"

Jurina rushed over to Mayu who was about to be smashed into pieces by the guardian's powerful fist. Mayu was saved but Jurina was hurt a little and then sent flying into the cage with the others. Now the only ones left were Yuko, Haruna, Mayu and Yuki. Yuki decided to keep the guardian distracted by creating a large stone golem herself. The two fought it out while Mayu was working on something else. She said she was going to need Haruna's help so the two worked together creating another sound bomb. This time it was a lot smaller but Yuko could see the power hidden inside. The ball was engulfed by a ball of light that Haunra created and once Yuki was out of the way, the bomb was shot. It hit the guardian right in the chest where it went off and left a huge crater in the guardian's chest. The light then shot throughout the guardian's chest creating more damage. Sadly the guardian was able to heal very quickly where it then sent Yuki and Mayu over to the cage leaving only Haruna and Yuko left.

"We gotta do something Yuko!"

"Right you go up high I'll attack low."

Haruna jumped up and tried to shoot a blast of powerful light at the guardian but didn't have a chance to fire at all since the guardian was quick. Haruna was knocked away leaving only Yuko left in the fight. Seeing she had to move fast, Yuko focused her power on her legs for speed. She then created a blade out of her hands and got ready to move. She waited for the right moment and then when she saw the chance she took it moving fast. She slashed through the guardian's foot and then took out the other one. Yuko then jumped up and managed to cut off the guardian's arm and make a large gash in its chest. To finish things off, Yuko jumped high and then came down hard slicing the guardian in half finishing the battle. The guardian was dead and so Yuko's friends were freed. From nowhere a voice said,

"Despite your tainted blood, you are worthy of wielding Shiro Kaze human.. Take it and do what you wish."

The shrine appeared in front of Yuko and opened revealing the blade. Yuko pulled it out and saw it looked old and worn out but yet Yuko could sense its hidden power. Now having the blade, Yuko was ready to take on Mariko and Miichan hopefully stopping them before it was too late.

What will happen next? Let's find out next time!

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 17
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I'm always at the edge of my seat reading this, ESPECIALLY with these recent chapters.

So that was the deal Haruna was talking about...
Miichan's betrayal was shocking...

Just thinking about the upcoming war I know the battles are going to be EPIC.
I'm still a bit lost as to what exactly Mariko and Miichan's abilities are (though I think they both have abilities that mess with how you perceive reality while also causing physical damage)...

I keep thinking back to Yuko seeing Mariko in that alley though...

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 18
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Wah I've been so lazy with my updates. I'm sorry guys! ><' Anyways, I hope you like the update!

Chapter 18

With the Shiro Kaze, everyone was confident with the upcoming battle between them and the monsters. They had decided to entrust Yuko with the blade but the only problem was Yuko had no idea how to use the blade. It looked old and rusted barely usable and about to fall apart at any moment. Yuko wondered if the blade really was so powerful considering the fact that it looked so weak. Sitting at a desk staring at the blade, Yuko examined the blade closely studying every detail. She thought maybe there was some kind of secret button that she presses and the blade emits waves of power. She didn't find anything though and so she wondered if the blade really will help them. Yuko saw the different colored gems on the handle and saw there was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and magenta. The seven gems were on both sides of the handle with the magenta gem on the bottom of the handle. Yuko brushed her hand over the gems and felt the feelings of the handle. Holding it in her hand, she could feel something coming from it but she didn't know what. It was at that moment Haruna walked in and sat down next to Yuko. Yuko had something she wanted to talk to Haruna about anyways so she thought the timing was perfect.

"Haruna there's something I need to ask you." Yuko said.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I need to know as much information on Mariko and Miichan as I can. Seeing how you knew them in the past, I was wondering if you could help."

"What do you need?"

"I need to know their powers. What am I dealing with?"

"Well.. When we were first met, Miichan and I were new to the world of the monsters and we had no where to go. Mariko took us in and took care of us for a while. She was like a saint to us and we respected her. Little did we know that she had plans for mass destruction. As you may know, the monster inside of Mariko is the leader of all the monsters and when she figured it out, she became corrupted by the power. She wanted to destroy everyone in the world and in order to do that she would need help. That was when she asked Miichan and I to join her. I told her no but Miichan.. She decided to go with her and so we're here fighting against each other."

"What kind of powers do they have?"

"I've only seen Mariko's powers once and it didn't even look like she was using her full strength. I didn't see it well but it looked like some kind of white energy that destroyed everything in its path."

"What about Miichan?"

"Miichan has to ability to creat illusions that mess with your mind. It's hard to tell what's real and what isn't so you have to be careful with her. She's already strong as it is so in order to beat her you're going to have to have a good eye."

"Is there a way to tell what's an illusion and what's not?"

"Something tells me Atsuko would help us in this situation. Let's go talk to her."

Atsuko and Yuko went up to Atsuko's room where they explained the situation. Atsuko told them that if she could get something off of Miichan then she would be able to track her anywhere in the world. That includes knowledge of her powers and being able to tell which was fake and which was real. Knowing this, Yuko and Haruna thought that maybe it was a good idea to go track down Miichan and take a piece of her hair or even some of her blood. The question is where was she? Haruna mentioned that Miichan would be at the club possibly since she is the owner of it. Therefore, Yuko and Haruna were going to back to the club and take out Miichan. However knowing Miichan's power, Yuko thought maybe she should bring some back up besides Haruna. She was going to need some fire power and so she brought Rena along with her. Jurina was against it but Yuko promised that Rena would be safe and she would watch her. Having everything set up, Yuko, Haruna and Rena headed out to the club.

"How are we going to get inside?" Rena asked.

"Well we clearly can't get through the front door." Haruna said.

"Well then what's plan B?"

"Simple ladies. We get her to come to us." Yuko said.

Yuko pointed to the bottle of alcohol sitting on the outside in the alley way so they grabbed it and then dumped the contents into the building through a vent. They watched the alcohol move its way down the vent until they couldn't see it anymore and then they backed away while Rena set the liquid on fire. The fire traveled down the vent and soon enough there was screaming coming from the inside of the club. People came running out as smoke flooded the building and engulfed the inside. The three watched the people come out one by one until finally Miichan came walking out with an angry face. She looked up and saw Yuko and the others and knew what was going to happen next. The three jumped down and then Rena created a barrier around them of harsh flames to make sure Miichan didn't escape. Then Miichan asked,

"What are you doing here? If you're here to join me there are other ways to do so besides setting my place on fire."

"We're not here to join you." Haruna said.

"Then what are you doing here?"

"We're here to take you down."

Miichan's eyes glowed grey and then there was a blast of grey fog. Everything became dark and Yuko couldn't see anything so she knew this was the beginning of the illusion. She told Haruna and Rena to stay close to her to make sure they didn't get separated. However when she turned around she saw she was the only one there. Miichan had her trapped in a separate illusion different from the others. Fog started to form around her and it became hard to see. Yuko knew something was coming and so she had to be on her guard. Then suddenly a fist came flying at Yuko who managed to dodge the attack. Yuko turned to attack but the figure was gone and then suddenly another fist came flying. It hit Yuko right in the back causing her to go down a little. As she was going down a knee came up and nailed her in the stomach. Yuko went down further and was on the ground taking several hits. She didn't know what was going on but she thought it was time for it to stop. Yuko hardened her skin and then put strength into her arms. She punched one and then the other sending them flying. Yuko thought she had won but then fire shot out and a ray of light followed. That was Haruna and Rena who were in the same situation as her. Yuko needed to figure out what was going on and so she sat down and close her eyes. She focused her mind on her surroundings and could sense Rena and Haruna fighting. Yuko heightened her eyes and then finally she opened them. A new perspective of the area around her was seen and Yuko could see Rena and Haruna fighting something that wasn't there. Meanwhile she saw Miichan in the corner watching them all.


Yuko stood up and headed straight for Miichan who didn't even see her coming and slammed into her. The two rolled on the ground and fought while Haruna and Rena were being released from their illusion. Soon they were also helping where they pinned Miichan down and Yuko swopped in for what they wanted. Yuko reached out and was about to take off some hair from Miichan but then Miichan turned into fog. The one that they had was a decoy and the real Miichan was somewhere else. Yuko looked around and then saw her in the corner of her eye heading down the alleyway. Yuko and Haruna went after her while Rena went the other way trying to find her. She was heading to a dead end so Yuko knew she would catch her there. They kept running until finally they caught up to Miichan where she was being confronted by Rena. Yuko and Haruna caught up and had Miichan surrounded. To make sure she didn't escape, Rena created a fire ring and Haruna created a dome of light illuminating the area around them. There was no way Miichan was going to get out and they had her trapped.

"What is it you really want? Miichan asked.

"We need something from you." Haruna said.

"What is that?"

"Your hideout. Where is Mariko?"

"I wouldn't tell you even if you tortured me."

"Well let's just see about that."

Haruna was the first to attack throwing orbs of light at Miichan who simply deflected them. Rena tried to attack by throwing a ring of fire but Miichan simply jumped threw it. Now it was Miichan's turn to attack so she came flying at Rena. Miichan was going to take out the fire house first so she grabbed Rena and placed her hand over her heart. Haruna knew something bad was going to happen so she quickly pushed Rena away before Miichan had the chance to attack. Haruna knew more about Miichan and so Yuko decided to stick close to her. Haruna created a spear of light and then threw it at Miichan trying to skewer her but she missed. Rena decided to get in the battle so she lit her fists on fire and then started throwing punches at her. Miichan was able to dodge the attacks though and she was going after Rena again. However Yuko thought it was time to step in and so she stepped up and punched Miichan in the waist. She backed away and that's when Haruna had moved in and tried to attack. However Miichan had recovered and was going to attack. Her hand was glowing a dark grey and Yuko knew that was anything but good. Haruna was going to escape but Miichan had grabbed her and was starting to pull her close.


Yuko got between Haruna and Miichan and that was when Miichan hit Yuko right in the chest. Soon after something happened and Yuko collapsed right there on the ground. Yuko's body felt as if something had set her body out of whack. Her heart was beating fast but her lungs were breathing slow as her body was shaking violently. Her eyes kept fluttering opening and shutting making everything around her hard to see. Her body wasn't getting enough air and the rest of her body wasn't responding. Haruna saw this and immediately rushed to Yuko. Rena followed as well and the barriers went down. Miichan escaped while Haruna and Rena rushed to help her.

"What's wrong with her?!" Rena asked.

"This is one of Miichan's abilities." Haruna said as she took off her jacket.

"What is it?"

"Miichan can manipulate the body as well. Make it think something is wrong so it does different things. She'll make the heart think it needs to speed up but she makes the lungs slow down so the person doesn't get enough air."

"So how to do we fix it?"

"We have to restart her body."

Haruna rolled up her sleeves and then focused a small ball of light in her palm. She then pressed her hand on Yuko's chest and then suddenly Yuko's body arched forward. Everything in side of her had stopped and she was now suspended midair. She wasn't breathing and her heart wasn't beating but yet she was alive. Moments later Yuko came back down and was shocked. Air filled her lungs and her heart was beating normally. She coughed from the sudden intake of air but overall she was safe. Yuko was speechless and couldn't say anything due to shock but after a couple minutes she as able to talk.

"W-what happened?" Yuko asked.

"Miichan threw your body out of whack. Luckily I knew how to set it back into place." Haruna said.

"Thanks Haruna I owe you one."

"Well hey let's just focus on the main thing. Miichan escaped and we didn't get what we needed."

"Well actually.."

Yuko held up her hand and revealed she had a couple strands of hair. Haruna and Rena were both happy to see that had managed to get something. The three then headed back to the shelter where they gave the hairs to Atsuko. Atsuko was pleased with the results and so she focused her powers on the hairs surrounding them with a small pink orb. The orb disappeared and Atsuko's eyes began to glow. She held out her hands and a projection came out showing an image of Miichan running. It showed her running through some kind of cave unknown as to the exact location. That was all they could see before the projection cut out and Atsuko came back to normal.

"Where was that?" Rena asked.

"Somewhere in a forest. I've seen that cave before somewhere." Haruna said.

"Well we'll have to figure out where it is then."

"We'll start tomorrow. For now I want everyone to get rest." Atsuko said as she shut a book.

With that, everyone went to bed except Yuko and Haruna who had decided to go out on a walk. They were walking around the neighborhood as the sun was just starting to rise. Without even knowing, Yuko had reached her hand out and accidentally grabbed Haruna's hand. She realized what she had done and pulled back but surprisingly Haruna had reached out to grab hers. Yuko looked at her with a strange expression and Haruna simply smiled and kept walking. The two were now holding hands while walking down the side walk side by side without a care in the world. Yuko and Haruna walked down the sidewalk passing the nearby stores that were still closed. The sun was just starting to rise beyond the horizon and the world was starting to wake up. Haruna pulled Yuko down another street and the two walked around a neighborhood with houses all lined up in a row. Yuko could see some of them had lights on this early in the morning and she thought it was funny. Before Yuko would never be up that early in the morning but her sister was always an early riser. The two girls turned at a corner and walked down another street until suddenly something caught Yuko's attention. There were police cars heading down the road on the other side of the houses heading towards one destination. There was a large number of them all heading to the same spot and so Yuko wanted to see what was going on.

"I wonder what's going on?" Haruna asked as the two walked closer.

"I think I know what it was."

Yuko recognized the houses they were passing and saw some landmarks that she would see when she would walk home from school. As they got closer, Yuko realized that the police were at her old house. If the police are there then that could only mean one thing and that was the bodies of her parents and sister were discovered. They found the bodies and now they were investigating the scene. Yuko started to walk closer but then Haruna pulled her back and into the bushes.

"Are you insane?! If they see you, you'll be taken away!" she said.

"What do we do then?"

"Just stay low and follow me."

The two were hiding in a long line of hedges providing the perfect amount of cover. The two crawled slowly trying not to make too much noise. The two moved all the way to the end where they were just by the house. Haruna couldn't do anything without getting caught but Yuko could and so she shrunk her body down and was now able to move freely. Yuko had Haruna throw her through a window. It was a rough landing but she was able to make it inside. The place was a mess seeing how some of the windows were broken and things were thrown across the room. It looked like someone had broken in and stolen things. The house was really let go and was barely noticeable but it was there. The police were moving in and out of the house so she decided to head outside. Standing on the ledge of the window, Yuko saw three body bags which were probably the remains of her family. The police were examining the body while taking things that could be used for evidence. She continued to watch the police until suddenly she heard a scream from the front of the house.


Yuko ran over to another window and saw the police had found Haruna and were going to take her into custody. She was going to have to do something to stop them from taking her so she moved quickly and enlarged her body. She knocked the police officers off her and then picked up Haruna holding her princess style and then running fast. Luckily the police officers didn't see them and so Yuko ran as fast as she could. There were police cars behind them and so Haruna tried to help by taking out the lights in the streets to give them cover in the shadows. Meanwhile Yuko continued to run faster until she couldn't hear the police sirens anymore. When they thought it was safe, the two headed back to the shelter where they were tired but they had a fun time. Haruna started to laugh and Yuko joined her soon after both cracking up. When they finally calmed down, the two went inside and went to bed safe and sound.. Little did they know that someone had followed them and knew where they were. The person picked up the phone and dialed a number where a policewoman answered the phone.

"Hello what's your emergency?"

"I found a group of terrorists and you should send help right away.."   

"Ok please tell us the location of the area."

As the person described the location of the area, a sly grin appeared on their face. They then finished the call and the person handed the cellphone back.

"What now Mariko?"

"We sit back and watch the show~"

==================================================================================Look forward to the next update!!

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 18
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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 18
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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 19
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Minna! Here's the next update! I hope you like it~

Chapter 19

Yuko and Haruna had made it home safely and soundly and so they were planning on relaxing the rest of the night but sadly that wasn't going to happen. They were walking towards their room when suddenly there was a huge explosion coming from above. Everyone was confused as to what was going on and so they gathered everyone into the main dining room and then sealed the doors. Yuki created stone walls in front of the doors and then prepared an escape route for the others to get out. No one knew what was going on but Yuko had an idea as to what was happening. She thought the cops had followed them back to the shelter but there was only one way to make sure. Yuko had Mayu do a sonar scan of the area around them and just as she had suspected, the area was surrounded by cops. They were now searching the hotel for them and were busting in on people doing dirty things but luckily it wasn't them. They had to make sure everyone was accounted for and so Yuki and Mayu were counting heads. Everyone was there but then Yuko realized that one of the group members weren't where they were supposed to be. Jurina was missing and no one knew where she was. Yuko and Mayu used their powers to try to find Jurina but there was no luck. It was then Rena told them that Jurina had gone out to run some errands for her. Hopefully Jurina saw the cops, and was nowhere near the place. By that time, Yuki had finished the escape tunnel and told the others to go.

"Let's move everybody!"

People started to move into the tunnel along with Mayu, Yuki, Minami, Atsuko, Rena and Haruna. Yuko was about to leave with them but then she heard a scream from outside that sounded like Jurina. Rena was going to run out and get her but Yuko stopped her telling her that she needed to stay and protect the others. Haruna had to stay as well because she was didn't want her to get hurt. Just as Haruna and Yuko said their farewells, the stone barriers were cracking and the sound of men could be heard outside. Yuki sealed the exit and then Yuko knocked over some things to cover up the exit even more. Just then the door was blasted down with explosives and in came a group of SWAT team members in full armor and heavy guns. Yuko didn't want to use her powers too much and so she tried to get past them without using them. However the police had surrounded her and there was nowhere for her to escape without using her powers. They had their guns aimed at her and were telling her to get down but she wasn't going to listen. Therefore, Yuko had to come up with a different plan and so she placed her hands behind her head as if she was going to surrender. In reality though, she had pulled off some pieces of her hair and then hardened them into fine needles. When the moment was right, she shot them into the lights and the entire room went black.


Guns were fired but Yuko had shrunk down and was now running past the police officers. When she was clear, she grew back to her size and then bolted for the front entrance. She had to run up a couple flights of stairs that had police coming down them so Yuko had to improvise. She jumped up and managed to go all the way up to the floor she needed to get to. Yuko then went into the main lobby where there were police everywhere. Yuko didn't stop this time but instead ran faster carefully dodging the bullets. She tucked, rolled and jumped all the way to the door where she bursted through the glass into a gathering of cops. It looked like every cop in the city had gathered which wasn't good because it was the equivalent to a small army. Up ahead Yuko saw Jurina on the ground with a cop on top of her handcuffing her. Yuko quickly moved towards the cop and managed to knock him over while grabbing Jurina. She ran behind a dumpster right before the cops started to fire.

"Are you ok?" Yuko asked Jurina.

"Yeah I'm alright just get these things off me."

Yuko ripped the handcuffs off Jurina and then the two focused on trying to avoid getting shot. It was only a matter of time before the cops got to them so they had to think fast if they were going to get out of there alive. It was then Yuko saw some bottles of alcohol that were left half empty and so she had devised a plan. Tearing off pieces of her clothing, Yuko stuffed the pieces into the bottles and then ask Jurina to start a fire. Jurina took two rocks and rubbed them together incredibly fast to make them hot. She pressed them onto the cloths and then fire was lit. Yuko looked at Jurina and then said,

"On the count of three we run."

"Got it!"

"One two three!"

Yuko tossed the bottles and watched them break in front of the police spreading fire along with it. At that moment Jurina and Yuko ran as fast as they could to try to find a way out. They were going to head for another street but that exit was blocked. Jurina was going to use her powers but Yuko told her not to since they were still innocent. Yuko led Jurina to the back of the building where they would hop the fence and then run like crazy to escape. They made it to the back but little did they know that the police would be there. Jurina and Yuko were surrounded and before they could do anything a helicopter came out of nowhere and aimed its guns at them. Jurina and Yuko were stuck and there was no escape so they had no choice but to give up. Yuko had her hands up but the cops were over pretentious and so they whacked Yuko in the head with a baton and with that, Yuko was knocked out.

Yuko didn't know what had happened but when she woke up, she found herself in a cell with a single light on. She looked around and saw that she was in a prison cell and didn't know exactly where. She tried to move but something had stopped her so she looked down and saw cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Yuko moved around and saw that the chains only let her move so far. They were long enough to let her walk but not to run. Seeing how movement wasn't really possible, she decided to see what else she could find. Yuko saw that there was a cell across from her and saw someone moving around. When her eyes came to focus, she saw it was Jurina. Yuko sat up and said,

"Jurina.. hey Jurina!"

"Hmmm.. hmmmm.."

I appeared that Jurina was still asleep and as nice as it was Yuko needed her awake.

"Jurina get up!"

"Five more minutes mom.."

Normal tactics weren't working so she was going to have to resort to something else.

"Look Rena in a bikini!"


Jurina had sat up and was now wide awake hoping to see her beloved Rena in a bikini. Sadly there was no Rena in a bikini and Jurina was just grumpy. She saw Yuko though and then realized that they were both in jail and had to get out. Jurina stood up and walked over to the front and said,

"Where the hell are we?"

"My guess is a maximum security prison but since you're a minor we could be in a juvenile detention center." Yuko said.

"Can you move?"   

"Not really."

Yuko moved her hands and feet up showing the cuffs that were basically restraining her every movement. Jurina noted this and then looked around her cell for a possible way out. Normally, Jurina would use her powers to try to get out but Yuko reminded her that if they used their powers, the people would go after others like them. Yuko wanted to protect everyone and so she made sure Jurina swore not to use her powers. She knew there were cameras in the halls and they were probably all over the building. The only thing they had to worry about was the guards that were patrolling the area. Jurina walked over to the corner of her cell and tried to look for someone she could use to escape. Seeing there was nothing she could use, Jurina decided to do something else. She walked over to the bars and then started screaming,

"Help help someone help!"

A guard came down and investigated what Jurina was complaining about. It was then Jurina and the guard stared at each other for a long time before suddenly opening the cell. He walked inside and hit Jurina knocking her down into the ground. She was beaten up a little and then the guard left locking the cell. Yuko called out to her and said,

"Jurina you ok?!"

"Yeah I'm fine."

Jurina got up as if nothing had happened and she was completely fine. It was then she reached into her sleeve and pulled a key. Yuko realized that Jurina had used her powers to control the guard into pretending to beat her. In reality though she wasn't actually hurt and she was able to snatch a key. Jurina unlocked the cell door and walked out walking over to Yuko's cell. She unlocked it and then the two had sprung free. Yuko and Jurina quickly walked down the hall and out a door hopefully finding a way out. They were in another area full of cells and so they quickly ran through ignoring the the calls of the other prisoners. The two ran into the main dining area where there were prisoners eating at the tables and moving around. Yuko and Jurina decided to blend in and try not to stick out from the others. Meanwhile, they were also trying to find a way to get out without being noticed. The prisoners were eating while Yuko and Jurina made their way through the crowd almost as if they were invisible. Then suddenly, two guards came running through saying there was a prison break and all the prisoners had to go back to their cells. Jurina and Yuko realized they had to get out now and so Jurina grabbed one of the prisoners and gave them a quick glance. Within seconds, that prisoner started to lash out and attack the guards. Jurina went from prisoner to prisoner brainwashing them into freaking out and attacking giving them the perfect chance to escape.

They managed to find a way out through a door in the kitchen where they made their way over to a delivery area for food. Jurina and Yuko quickly ran into one of the delivery trucks and hid behind some boxes just as some guards came out. They started to search the area just as the truck was leaving the prison. Yuko didn't know where the truck was going to take them but she knew as soon as it stopped, the two were running out. Yuko thought that the truck wouldn't go too far but turns out it went on longer than she thought. The truck didn't stop for a good two hours before finally stopping at a gas station. It was there Jurina and Yuko jumped out and ran into the bathroom. They had to take off the prison uniforms and try to get new clothes so Jurina ran quickly into the store. In a flash, Jurina came back out with some sweat pants and jackets. By the looks of the clothes, Yuko knew Jurina stole them from someone but Yuko wasn't going to ask. Instead the two got dressed and then they grabbed a map. Turns out they were on a highway leading to Nagoya which was a couple ways away from where they were supposed to be.

Yuko was worried about Haruna and the others afraid that something bad had happened to them. Jurina reassured her though that Rena and the others were being taken care of and they were safe. She reminded Yuko that they had to figure out how to get home without being pulled over by the police. Their faces were probably all over the wanted broadcast now and people were out looking for them. They needed to get back to the others fast and so, Yuko and Jurina decided to use their powers when no one was around. They waited for the right moment and then once it was there, the two sprinted into the night. Meanwhile other things were happening over with Haruna and the others.

"Yuki! Where does this tunnel lead us to?" Mayu asked as she walked behind her.

"You'll find out in a minute!" Yuki said as she continued to tunnel her way  through the earth.

"We'll be there soon everyone so just keep calm." Atsuko said as she led the group.

The group had been walking for what felt like an hour in to an unknown destination that only Yuki knew about. They weren't sure where they were going but knowing Yuki, it was probably somewhere safe and away from the rest of the city. The group continued to walk for anther hour until finally Yuki stopped and said that they were here. Yuki created an opening leading to a an old abandoned house. It was large almost like a mansion but gave off the vibe of being empty and lifeless. Everyone went inside while Mayu walked up to her and asked,

"What is this place Yuki?"

"It's my old house."

Mayu was left speechless for a moment and Yuki just ignored her and continued to help others get inside. It was dark and there was no power so Haruna had to step in and help. Haruna lit up all the lights in the house making it better for everyone to see. Atsuko and Minami then led everyone into their own rooms for them to stay in while they try to figure out a plan. Haruna went into another room with Atsuko, Minami, Rena, Mayu and Yuki. They had gathered to figure out a plan as to what they were going to do now. The first thing they had to do was find Sae and Sayaka because they could be in danger as well. Therefore, Minami, Rena and Yuki went out to try to find them. Meanwhile Atsuko, Haruna and Mayu were left behind to figure out what to do about their two missing members.

"Let me try something."

Atsuko closed her eyes and then focused her powers on tracking the Jurina and Yuko down. She tried but suddenly something knocked back Atsuko back and nearly knocked her out if Haruna wasn't there to catch her. Atsuko opened her eyes and said,

"Someone is blocking my line of vision. I can't see them."

"It's probably Mariko." Haruna said.

"So how are we supposed to find them?" Mayu questioned.

The three stood there and thought about possible ideas until finally Haruna came up with something that could possibly help.

"Mayu didn't you have a telepathic connection with Yuko?" she asked.

"I think so. I'll see if that works but I'll need to be alone for a while."

"Alright I'll take you somewhere else. Maybe you can help me along in the process." Atsuko said.

The two left leaving only Haruna alone in the room worried about Yuko. She feared the worst had happened but she kept a strong heart and believed that Yuko was out there somewhere.

"Jurina how much farther do you think we'll have to go?"

"Another couple miles and then I think we're there."


Yuko and Jurina continued to run for what felt like a good hour or two before finally they could see the city just up ahead. The two continued to run but then suddenly something stopped Yuko. She thought she head heard a voice but then Jurina told her to just keep going and so the two continued to run until they were finally in the city. Now in the city, the two saw police patrolling but they managed to avoid them making it over to the shelter but there was no one there. Then suddenly Yuko heard the voice and realized it was Mayu. She was calling out to her telling her that everyone was safe and they needed to get back now. Jurina and Yuko both agreed it was time to leave and so they started to run but then something stopped Jurina. She looked up and there Yuko saw Mariko and Miichan high in the air floating. Mariko smiled at Yuko and then looked over at Miichan.

"Do it."


Miichan's eyes glowed grey and then she held her hands out in front of her. Yuko could feel the energy building up in Miichan and knew it couldn't be good so she told Jurina to take cover. She could see the energy building up in Miichan's hands until finally Miichan released the energy in the form of a dust cloud.

"Delusional Dust.."

The dust settled on a large number of people that were all in the area at the time. Yuko and Jurina held their breath as they watched the poor people who happened to inhale the dust. They collapsed to the ground and then came with grey in their eyes. They looked at Yuko and Jurina and then started to move towards them like zombies.

"Jurina run! Warn the others and make sure they don't follow you!" Yuko said.

"I got it!"

Jurina threw a ball of silver light at Miichan and Mariko blinding them while she ran off into the darkness. Mariko went away while Miichan looked down at Yuko and said,

"Ready for Round 2?"
Yuko smiled while cracking her knuckles and said,

"You're on!"

Wah what's gonna happen next? Find out next time in the two part chapter!

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 20 part 1
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Minna!! I know it's been a really long time and I'm sorry about that. School has started and things have been a little out of control but it's all back together now and I am back on my writing pattern. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the update!

Chapter 20 part 1

Yuko and Miichan went in head on into combat not sparing any moment to talk. Miichan was after revenge after what Yuko had done to her before. She wasn't going to hold back like she had done before and so she went all out on Yuko. Miichan sent her zombie minions after Yuko knowing that Yuko couldn't harm them. They headed straight for Yuko but Yuko had a plan to take them out without causing any harm to the people. Yuko grew in three sizes making her the size of a small truck. She then grabbed a heavy steel pole and wrapped a large amount of the people in it creating a binding them. That stopped some of them but there were still more coming for Yuko and so she knew she was a lot of work to do. Miichan wasn't going to give her that time though and instead started to go after her. Yuko knew most of Miichan's tricks by now and she knew not to let her touch her. Last time she did she nearly killed her and so she was going to have to be careful if she didn't want that to happen again. Therefore, Yuko shrunk her body down to the size of a child making it harder for Miichan to touch her. She was faster and more agile with the ability to move fast. She took this as her advantage and attacked head on towards Miichan.

Throwing a right hook, Yuko managed to punch Miichan hard in the side knocking her back. She then stepped forward and moved in for another punch but Miichan wasn't going to let that happen. Just as Yuko was about to punch, two people came forth and Yuko had to divert her attack to avoid hurting them. Miichan then jumped up and started to come down on Yuko who was wide open. However Yuko was able to move quickly out of the way before Miichan had the chance to grab her. Yuko decided it was time for a different approach and so she backed far away from Miichan to give her some time to get ready. Miichan wasn't going to give her any room though and moved quickly over to her trying to grab her. Miichan's attacks were quick and precise as if she was aiming for a certain part of Yuko's body. Yuko was able to avoid Miichan's attacks but she realized that the people were starting to gather around her and she was going to have to move if she was going to avoid hurting anyone. Therefore Yuko jumped up high and landed on top of a roof to get distance. The people were unable to get up there but Miichan had no problem getting to her. Now it was just the two of them and no one else.

"Let's finish this once and for all." Miichan said.

"With pleasure." Yuko said.

Miichan took in a deep breath and then exhaled another dust cloud. Yuko couldn't see anything but she knew Miichan was there. Yuko focused her eyes to try to find her but even with her power, she was unable to locate Miichan. The dust is different and more powerful which meant she was in some serious trouble if she wasn't careful. Yuko was focused and ready to attack at any given minute but she didn't want to take the chance. She knew if she attacked Miichan would come out somewhere else and get her. It was a game of sitting duck and Yuko was the duck sitting in a pond of alligators. The dust was thick and hard to breathe but Yuko was able to make it through as she waited. Minutes had passed and still no movement but Yuko knew she was there waiting. Yuko was about to move but then she felt something behind her. She turned around and was shocked to see that it wasn't Miichan but just a hand. She soon found herself surrounded by several hands and they were all aimed at her. The first hand moved and Yuko was able to dodge it easily. Then suddenly more and more started to attack and Yuko was barely able to keep up with avoiding them. With each and every move she made the closer and closer they got.

Yuko had to get rid of them fast so she decided to try something that could possibly work. Yuko focused on expanding her lungs bringing in a ton of air. She then exhaled bringing up a whirlwind that blew away the dust cloud. It was there Miichan was exposed right in front of her so Yuko moved quickly and punched her right in the chest sending her flying. Miichan crashed into an air vent and went down. Yuko thought she had won but she then felt something was wrong. Looking closely, Yuko saw the Miichan she had hit was just a clone and the real one was somewhere else. Yuko looked around but didn't see her anywhere so she thought she had ran away. She was wrong though for seconds later she felt someone trying to push her off the top of the building. She turned around and saw Miichan who snickered and then pushed her all the way off. Yuko started to fall and could see what awaited for her at the bottom was nothing but solid concrete. Her instincts kicked in and so she used her powers and stretched her arms outwards grabbing onto the nearest street light. Yuko was pulled forward where she then shot herself back up to the roof. Miichan didn't see her coming when Yuko came down and punched her hard slamming her though the roof and through several floors of the building.

It was a big impact but somehow Yuko managed to survive along with Miichan. Yuko backed away and ran out the building right before Miichan was about to let out another dust cloud. Sadly, when she ran outside Yuko found herself surrounded with more of the brainwashed people. There was only one way out and that was to jump but just as she was about to jump she felt something grab her ankle. She looked down and saw one of them had managed to grab her ankle. Yuko didn't have time to kick the one off of her so she had no choice but to take it along with her. Without even thinking Yuko jumped high in the air with the one person hanging onto her. She then landed on another roof and then shook the person off her. She pushed them down where they landed in a dumpster where they were safe. Meanwhile Miichan came back and she had a little surprise with her. In her hands she held two dust balls ready to be thrown at Yuko if she didn't do something.

"Take this!"

Miichan threw them and they came at her fast. Yuko didn't have time to get out of the way so she had no choice but to shield herself. She bent down used her hair as a shield growing it out and hardening it. She felt the impact of the blast but luckily she wasn't hurt so she took down her barrier and then looked around. Yuko found herself surrounded in what looked like a tomb of dust. She tried to break through but the dust kept mending itself. It then started to get closer and closer to her slowly closing off all the possible air for her to breathe. Yuko had to get out and so she decided to go down. Spinning at a fast speed, Yuko drilled through the roof and onto the flow below her. She had managed to escape the dust but the batle wasn't over yet for Miichan was still hot on her tail. Yuko knew that she wasn't going to get anywhere being in the heavy city and she was going to have to get out fast. Therefore Yuko decided to take the battle to the sky and try to lead Miichan away from the city. Yuko grew wings on her back and then jumped out the window. She started to fall five stories from above but then right as she was going to hit the ground, she flew off into the distance.

"Catch me if you can!" Yuko said as she flew.

Miichan also had the power of flight and wasn't going to let Yuko escape so easily and so she gathered dust and created a small cloud for her to fly on. Miichan chased Yuko and the two were now in head to head arial combat. Miichan shot a blast at Yuko but she was easily able to dodge it. This was the sky and Yuko was a master at the sky and so she flew high up into the air. Once she was high enough she dive bombed down expecting Miichan to follow her on the way. Right before Yuko slammed into the ground, she pulled up while Miichan couldn't do that as easily and so she hit the ground hard. Yuko looked back ands saw a hole where Miichan was but she wasn't sure where she was. She didn't know if she was dead or not so she wanted to be on her guard. Yuko looked around and then suddenly she felt vibrations coming from underground. Yuko moved out of the way just in time before Miichan came bursting through the earth. She was covered in dirt and now she looked extremely angry. This time her eyes glowed a dark dark grey like a thunder storm which couldn't mean anything good.

"It's time to end this!"

Miichan raised her arms and then Yuko saw something forming in the sky. It looked like a giant funnel cloud getting bigger and bigger with every minute. Miichan smiled at Yuko as she waved her arms towards Yuko and said,

"Dust Storm.."

Right at that moment all the dust came raining down and was now heading towards Yuko in a massive wave. There was no way for her to escape an attack that large without getting engulfed in the dust. She knew the moment the dust hit her though she would be dead within seconds and so she thought quickly then an idea came into her head. Not wasting a second, Yuko started running in circles running faster and faster creating a vortex around her. The air around her was now spiraling in and endless cyclone where she was protected. The dust hit but Yuko was safe from it as she continued to run. The air vortex and the dust were colliding counteracting each other. Yuko didn't know how long it would last but as she had to do was keep running. Eventually the dust finally settled and Yuko was still left standing while Miichan was standing but she was weak. She looked like she couldn't take much more after that last attack. Miichan had reached her limit and now it was Yuko's turn to attack.

"Looks like it's my turn now." Yuko said as she started to charge towards Miichan.

Yuko started to get closer but somehow Miichan had enough energy to vanish into a puff of dust. She was gone and no longer near Yuko who was left alone. Yuko wanted to go after her but she had more important things to worry about and so she decided to leave Miichan alone. Yuko now had to focus on finding Haruna and the others because she wasn't sure where they were. In order to find them quickly, Yuko took to the sky and started to search the area for where they could be. Yuko continued to fly until suddenly she heard a voice in her head.

"Yuko! Can you hear me?!"


"Yuko thank goodness you're alive! Where are you?" Mayu asked.

"I'm in the sky looking for you!" Yuko said.

"Well look we're hidden deep in the woods in an old house. We don't want anyone following you so keep it on the down low and I'll guide you to the place."


After an hour of walking Yuko finally found the place that Mayu was talking about and she was surprised that the place managed to hold up after all those years. Yuko walked in and found everyone gathered in one room where they were discussing about possible plans. As soon as Yuko walked in Haruna stood up and rushed over to her. Before Yuko could say anything she hugged her tightly and said,

"Thank goodness.."

"Hey Haruna.. I'm back."

"Glad to see you're still moving Yuko." Minami said.

"Now it's time to get back to business. What's happening out there?" Atsuko asked.

"Well I fought with Miichan and things seemed to have gotten worse. She's brainwashed half the city and now they're mindless zombies that try to attack me wherever I go. I managed to knock up Miichan pretty good but she's still alive."

"Well that's great because we have a bigger problem." Mayu said.

"What is it?"

"Atsuko said that the invasion may be sooner than we thought and they're going to be attacking sometime in the next couple days."

"Is this true?"

"Atsuko nodded her head and said,

"We need to figure out something soon if we don't then we're all doomed."

"I think I still have Shiro Kaze."


Atsuko walked over and took Shiro Kaze from Yuko. She said she was going to study it for a while to try to figure out how it worked. In the meantime she wanted everyone to get rest because they were going to need it. Yuki and Mayu went to tending to the others while Minami went to help Atsuko. Jurina and Rena decided to go to a room on their own leaving Haruna and Yuko on their own. The two decided to go outside for some fresh air after all the tension in the group. The two started to talk normally but as they were talking, Yuko noticed there was something wrong with her. She started to feel very weak and could barely keep her head up. Haruna asked if she was ok and Yuko said she was so she decided to leave her be.

"Do you think we'll be ok?" Haruna asked.

"I.. I think so." Yuko said.

"I don't know Yuko I mean I know we're all strong fighters but.. I've seen Mariko's power and she's almost too strong.."

"Don't worry Haruna I'm sure we'll be fine.. As long as we're together we'll win this fight."

"I hope so Yuko. To be honest I'm really afraid.. I mean it's not fair to come this far and be cheated out of life again. I mean the first time was with the monster thing and all but to die again and not even as the person I was before? It's just not fair."

Yuko could see the distress in Haruna and so she placed her hand on her shoulder and said,

"Haruna no matter what we will fight and I will protect you. I won't let anyone hurt you and I will make sure you are safe. That's a promise."

Haruna didn't say anything but instead hugged Yuko very tightly holding her closer to her body. At first Yuko was a little flustered but then she started to feel something different. She started to feel extremely weak to the point where she could no longer move her body. As soon as Haruna had let her go, Yuko went down and she hit the ground.


Yuko tired to sit up but she was too weak and couldn't move. Haruna held her up and asked,

"Yuko when was the last time you ate?"

Yuko couldn't answer even if she knew because she couldn't remember. It had been such a long time since Yuko had eaten that she had forgotten when. All the fighting Yuko had done must have kept the hunger at bay until she was done and now she was weaker than ever. Yuko needed food otherwise she wouldn't be able to move at all. There wasn't any food for miles and Yuko doubted they would be able to make it in time. Therefore Haruna had to result to drastic measures to try to save Yuko. Haruna pulled out a blade and held up her wrist where she then forced the blade onto her skin. She cut down letting out a muffled scream as she cut her own flesh off her arm. Yuko could see the blood dripping from Haruna's arm and knew what was happening. She didn't want to believe it but then a moment later, Haruna held up a piece of red flesh with the skin still on it and she said,

"Eat it.."

Yuko looked away not wanting to eat Haruna's flesh but she knew if she didn't she wouldn't make it. Therefore Yuko had no choice so she opened her mouth and Haruna fed her meat. Yuko chewed it slowly letting the blood run down her throat and the tender meat moving around in her mouth. It was still warm giving it a more exotic taste even though she knew she was eating a piece of Haruna. A couple minutes later Yuko was able to get up and help Haruna treat her wound. She didn't take off much but it was enough to be noticeable. Yuko tried to help it heal it a little faster and she was able to stop the bleeding. However there would always be a scar there and Yuko felt terrible for doing something that bad to Haruna's body.

"Don't feel bad Yuko." Haruna said.

"Why? I mean your body.." Yuko looked down trying not to face Haruna.

Haruna forced Yuko to look at her and then she planted her lips right onto her kissing her. Yuko was confused but she was still weak to resist. They kissed for what felt like forever but then Haruna pulled back and said,

"And I promise to protect you and keep you safe no matter what. We'll protect each other nee?"


With that the two had vowed to protect each other in the battlefield no matter what came at them. Now having more confidence, the two were now more than ready to face the evils that lie ahead of them.   

Find what happens next time!!

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 20 part 1
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Miichan and Yuko are fighting! :panic:
So many KojiYuu moments~~  :cathappy: :deco:
thanx for the update once again~ :cow: :bow:
(i dont know what happened to my old comment gomen! :banghead:)
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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 20 part 1
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I hope they will win. :)
Thanks for update :P

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 20 part 2
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Minna!! I'm really sorry it took me so long but school has been hard on me so I'm really slow. Again I'm sorry!! Please enjoy!!!

Chapter 20 part 2

Everyone was resting peacefully and quietly without any sign of danger or disturbance. Everyone was doing fine and simply resting for the battle that they were going to have to fight later. Everything seemed peaceful for once without any signs of chaos or madness that could threaten everyone's lives. For once, everything was ok and Yuko was enjoying the silence. Yuko was the only one up because she couldn't sleep and wanted to watch the others. She wanted to be alert incase something did come and try to attack. Yuko was standing outside watching the moon rise. As she was watching it though, she noticed something very odd. The moon was not the usual white that she was used to seeing. Instead, the moon was an eerie black that she had never seen before. She knew this wasn't good and so she was going to go in and warn the others when suddenly something happened. There was a deep pain in her chest as if something was wanting to come out. Yuko collapsed to the ground in agonizing pain as if something was trying to break through her very body. She didn't know what was going on but she knew it had something to do with the moon. As Yuko looked out at the moon, she felt something starting to slip out of her chest. She pulled up her shirt and saw a white bulb starting to come out. Having an idea what it was, Yuko forced her hand onto it and pushed it back in. It was then Yuko was pulled inside and everything became dark.


Yuko looked over and saw the monster on the ground growling in pain. Yuko ran over to it and asked,

"What's going on?!"

"The black moon!! Get away!!"

The monster pushed Yuko back out where was in her body once again. Yuko was still in a large amount of pain and whatever was happening was probably happening to the others. Yuko ran inside and saw everyone curled up and in pain on the ground. Yuko had to get everyone out as fast as she can but she couldn't save everyone. Therefore, she prioritized herself to getting out Atsuko, Minami, Jurina, Rena, Mayu, Yuki, Sayaka, and Sae. She managed to get all of them outside where she saw the same thing that was happening to her. Something was trying to come out of their bodies but Yuko forced them back in. Once they were back inside, they all seemed to calm down. She then turned to head back into the house and get the others and dashed for it. She was about to walk into the house but then through the window she saw she was already too late. Looking inside, Yuko saw what was happening and couldn't believe what was going on. The monsters were coming out of their human hosts and into the world leaving the human hosts dead. Yuko knew she was too late and now she faced a bigger problem. The monsters saw her and were now coming after her.

"Everyone get back!"

Yuko ran back to the others where she was pursued by the monsters soon after. Everyone quickly snapped into battle positions. Yuki created a large stone wall to keep them from getting closer and also confining them into one space. Sayaka and Sae whipped into action by Sayaka drawing a sword from the ground. It was made from the minerals of the earth and concentrated into one solid blade. Sayaka jumped into the large mass of monsters and started slicing and dicing away. Meanwhile Sae had turned into a bull and was running over monsters left and right. Atsuko was helping Minami by creating a barrier around her as she punched through the monsters crushing them with every swing. Yuko looked around to try to find Haruna and it was there she saw her on the ground still in pain. The bulb was almost completely out from Haruna and needed to be put back inside.

"Hold on Haruna!"

Yuko tried to push it back in like she did with hers but Haruna's wasn't going to go in easily. Yuko was going to have to resort to force and so she focused her strength in her arm and said,

"Sorry Haruna."

She then slammed down on Haruna's chest and watched the bud go back inside her. Haruna screamed in pain but she eventually calmed down.

"Haruna are you ok?" Yuko asked.

"Yeah.. Thanks Yuko.."

"Just take it easy ok?"


Yuko looked over and saw Mayu standing next to Yuki. Mayu eyes were glowing a bright blue and Yuko knew what was going to happen next. Sae, Sayaka, Minami and Atsuko all cleared out as Mayu shot out a powerful sound wave. Yuki took down the walls and all the monsters were surprised to see a powerful blast. Within seconds, all of the monsters were mowed down by the powerful blast. In the end, there were still a couple left standing but Rena took care of them by setting them all on fire. Once everything had calmed down, the others had gathered and they all had questions.

"What the heck happened?!" Jurina asked as she was brushing ash off herself.

"I don't know.. Something caused it though." Rena said.

"Any ideas Atsuko?"

Everyone looked at Atsuko waiting for an answer and Atsuko stood there thinking about what could have possibly happened. She then turned to Yuko and then asked,

"Did you see anything strange while you were out Yuko?"

"Yeah I saw a black moon." Yuko said.

"That explains this.."

"A what?" Minami asked confused.

"A black moon causes the monsters to come out and run wild. It's odd though because a black moon doesn't come out until every thousand years or so. It wasn't time for it which means something caused it to come out."

"I bet it was Mariko."

"I think so to and if it weren't for Yuko, all the monsters inside us would have been released."

"Wait then that means.."

Everyone realized that since the monsters were trying to come out, then that meant that all the other people with monsters inside them are out too. That means everyone in the world who hosted monsters were now dead and the monsters were running lose. The girls realized what was happening and so they had to go and stop it before it was too late. They didn't know how many monsters had been released but if they were going to do anything they were going to have to find the source of it all. Atsuko had a piece of Miichan that she could track and so all she had to do was locate her. After a couple minutes, Atsuko had a spot and so she led the others to where Miichan was. They traveled far to the edge of the shore where the beaches were. There was a cave there and Yuko could just feel the evil aura coming from deep inside. Upon entering the cave, the place was already filled with monsters. They all targeted on the girls and started to attack. Yuko knew she was in for one heck of a battle but she needed to save her energy if she was going to face Mariko.

"What do you we suggest we do?" Yuko asked.

"I have an idea."
Rena shot out fire and created a wall separating them from the monsters. Then Yuki lowered the ground where they were and then sealed it keeping the monsters out. They were now underground so by the time the flames died down, it would look like they had left. They could hear all monsters running around but they were safe. Yuki and the others started to walk through the cave deeper and deeper inside. However, Yuki didn't know exactly where she was going so at one point the girls had gone in a complete circle.

"Here let me see if I can help."

Mayu opened her mouth and let out a single note that sent out tiny vibrations. Mayu stood there silently for while and then she looked at Yuki and said.

"Keep heading forward and then I'll tell you when to turn."

Everyone listened to Mayu and did what she said soon enough Mayu had told Yuki to make a right. They continued to go down that path until Mayu had stopped them again to let out another note. She listened carefully and then told Yuki to move slowly because they were approaching the target. Yuki moved slowly under the ground as they made their way to a vantage point. Yuki took half the group one way while Yuko and the others stayed where they were. They waited for the right moment and then Yuko sprung from the ground right in front of Mariko. Mariko was sitting on a big chair wearing a black gown with a white gem sticking out of her chest. Miichan was right beside her watching Yuko carefully but not moving. Yuko guessed that she was still hurt from the previous battle.  As soon as they saw Yuko, Mariko grinned.

"Well well welcome Yuko~" she said.

"You're the one who did this didn't you?" Yuko said.

"Did what? Oh you mean the black moon? Ah Yes I did~"

"You need to stop this! People are dying and more people will die as well!"

"That's the point dear! I want all the humans dead so we monsters can rule the world."

"Why are you doing this though? You're a human too!"
Mariko snickered and then tilted her head resting it on her hand.

"Silly child I am not a human. I lost my humanity years ago and I am nothing more but a monster. I don't understand why you don't join me though. I mean honestly you're just like me. You lost your family, you lost your friends, you practically lost your life. Why do you fight me when you can join me?"

"I'll never join you. I may be a monster but I still have some humanity."

"Then I'll have no choice but to destroy you."

Mariko waved her hand over Miichan to go attack but when she tried to move she fell to the ground. Miichan was still hurt and wasn't going to be fighting any time soon. That's what Yuko thought but Mariko had other plans. Mariko pulled Miichan over to her and then pulled out a small vile of something. She had Miichan open her mouth and then she poured the contents of it into Miichan. She drank it slowly and then within seconds something happened to Miichan. Her body had regained full strength and more becoming more savage and wild. Mariko grinned and said,

"Amazing what children's blood can do~"

Yuko was now more angered and wanting to kill Miichan once and for all after all she had done. However most of her anger was focused on Mariko and so she knew that things were going to have to be dealt with first. Yuko was going to fight Miichan alone but then Minami, Atsuko, Sae and Sayaka rose. They were there to fight with her and so the battle was already becoming more intense. Mariko created a barrier to keep herself away from the others as the battle was about to ensue. At first no one moved but then suddenly Miichan came at them fast. It was almost as if she had vanished and Yuko didn't see where she went. It looked like she had disappeared but in reality she was right behind her. Yuko didn't see it and wasn't able to react in time. She was kicked in the back sent forward and then in an instant Miichan came out and punched her in the face. Sayaka and Sae tried to attack but Miichan was too fast and she knocked them back down. Yuko was trying to figure out how she was able to move so fast but she didn't have the time. Miichan was coming at her again so she had to react if she wasn't going to get hit.

"Look out!"

Yuko moved out of the way as Minami came down with a powerful bash to the ground. Miichan was able to avoid it while Minami had slammed into the ground.

"Atsuko now!"

Minami jumped and Atsuko shot a powerful beam from her forehead. Miichan dodged it but that wasn't who she was aiming for. She was aiming for Mariko and by the team Miichan realized it, she was too late. The beam hit right where Mariko was and they thought she had gotten her. There was a large puff of smoke but sadly the blast didn't even hit Mariko let alone break through the barrier. She was still sitting there smiling happily as she continued to watch the fight. Miichan was now angry towards Atsuko so she was aiming towards her moving closer and closer. Minami wasn't going to let that happen though so she stood strong in front of her and defended Atsuko. Meanwhile Sayaka and Sae had some kind of plan going on that Yuko didn't know about. She watched carefully as Sae transformed into a elephant and then Sayaka pulled metals from the ground. She plated them over Sae creating an armor of some kind and then when everything was set, Sae let out a roar and charged. She ran full speed and Sayaka told Minami and Atsuko to move out of the way. They managed to move just in time as Sae slammed into Miichan.

"We got her!"

"I don't think so~" Mariko said as she giggled.

Without any warning Sae was thrown across and slammed into the barrier receiving an electric shock knocking her out. Miichan looked as if she hand't taken any damage and she was starting to become more powerful. With Sae down, Sayaka decided to take revenge by pulling out a small metal rod. She threw it in the air and the one rod turned into several small beads that were floating above Miichan. Sayaka transformed the beads into small spikes and then aimed them all at Miichan.

"Needle Rain!"

Sayaka waved her arms and then all the needles came down hitting Miichan with what seemed like an endless fall. Needle after needle Miichan was hit just standing there as if nothing was happening until finally the falling stopped. In the end, Miichan stood there covered in needles that seemed like it would cause any one pain. For Miichan though, she felt none and instead shot the needles back. Sayaka was able able to dodge but Atsuko wasn't as lucky. She was hit in several areas despite Minami's protection and so she went down. Minami was mad at Sayaka but even more mad at Miichan. Without even thinking Minami charged at Miichan and this time she did something different than her usual tactics. Minami jumped high into the air and then came slamming down into the ground. When she hit, the very earth beneath her cracked and the crack was moving towards Miichan. She was hoping the ground would cave in around Miichan but sadly that didn't happen. The ground held and Miichan was now moving fast towards Minami. She was going to move out of the way but Miichan was too quick and she punched Minami so hard that she flew out of the barrier.


Now it was down to Sayaka and Yuko and Miichan was just getting started. Sayaka said she needed time to do something so she went underground while Yuko guarded her. Miichan didn't want to take any chances and so she headed straight towards Yuko ready to attack. She was going to slam into her but Yuko jumped up and then came down with a drop kick. She hit Miichan hard but not hard enough for Miichan easily deflected the kick. Yuko brought in as much strength as she could into her arms and then punched Miichan hard in the chest. Miichan went flying and ended up soaring into the barrier where she was shocked. The shock was powerful to do some damage and that's how Yuko knew she was going to beat Miichan. She just had to keep her against the barrier long enough to knock her out. Yuko backed up as Miichan was starting to get up and try to recover. Yuko's fist grew to a large size and then she swung it hard at Miichan. Miichan was able to catch her and hold her back but Yuko kept pressing on. She was trying to buy Sayaka some time for whatever it was she was doing. Yuko didn't know how long she could hold Miichan back though because she could feel the force Miichan was pressing against her. Yuko needed to move fast if she was going to avoid being ran over and so Yuko jumped up high with Miichan still holding her. Yuko then shrunk her fist to a normal size and moved over to where she was behind Miichan. She then kicked her hard sending them both falling into the ground. Miichan was hit and Yuko was able to escape without taking any damage.

"Yuko out of the way!"

Yuko didn't even see what was happening but she moved as soon as she heard Sayaka's voice. As Miichan was getting up, Sayaka fired what looked like a net of some kind. It hit Miichan and slammed her into the barrier where it stuck like a spider web. Miichan struggled but couldn't get out and instead continued to get shocked repeatedly.

"That web is made out of flexible metal alloy. I had to find it in order to make it so sorry for the wait. There's no way she can get out of it."

"Thanks Sayaka you did great."

Eventually Miichan was so shocked that she could no longer move and by the time Mariko had taken down the barrier, Miichan was down. Now it was just Mariko with no one defending her. Yuko knew it wasn't going to be easy but with just enough power, she may be able to win.

What will happen next? Find out on the next update!

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 21
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Soo yeah I've been taking a long time to update this. Well I hope you like it and sorry for the wait!

Chapter 21

With Miichan down, Mariko was alone with no one else to defend her giving Yuko the perfect opportunity to attack. Yuko jumped up and made her way towards Mariko who wasn't moving an inch. She thought it was strange but when she was close enough, she was suddenly pushed back. Yuko was pushed back by something but she didn't see what was coming at her. Before she could even move something punched her right in the face knocking her back again. Yuko took several blows to the face and some to the stomach that were almost unbearable to stand. Yuko tried to dodge the attacks but because she couldn't see them, she was unable to avoid them. Sayaka tried to help but she was pinned down easily and wasn't able to move at all. Yuko wondered where the others were but she didn't have time to worry because she got another blow to the chest. Yuko was getting beaten to a pulp by an unknown force for what felt like forever. Then suddenly there was rumbling under the ground and something came up right from under Mariko. She was forced to move back while Mayu, Yuki, Jurina, Rena and Haruna came flying up. Yuki and Mayu pulled Yuko back while Jurina and Rena stepped forward to take on Mariko.

"Just hang in their Yuko we'll fix you right up." Yuki said.

They took Yuko over away from the battle where a barrier was created and Yuki started to heal Yuko. Meanwhile Jurina and Rena were fighting Mariko together trying to figure out her attacks. Jurina provided a distraction by running around her in circles trying to confuse Mariko. Meanwhile Rena was right on the other side with a ball off fire and once Jurina moved out of the way, Rena fired. Sadly something deflected the attack and diverted its path making it crash into something else. Jurina decided to try to make a move so she ran in a zig zag pattern making her way towards Mariko. Mariko had a hard time keeping track of Jurina since she was moving fast. Jurina almost landed a punch but Mariko was able to block it and then pushed Jurina back. Rena came forward with a blade of fire and started to swing towards Mariko who easily dodged the blade's attacks. As Rena was attacking though Jurina came from above and slammed down Mariko who was just barely able to move out of the way before Jurina crashed into the ground. Mariko had backed away and Jurina and Rena were just getting started for the battle.

"Rena let's do the thing." Jurina said.


Rena held out her arms and flames appeared from nowhere surrounding her entire body. Meanwhile Jurina had clasped her hands together and then started to blow something into the flames that made them surge with power. The flames spun faster and faster around Rena and then right before she took off, Jurina released a puff of silver powder that set the flames to maximum power. Rena took off fast like a rocket with the flames growing more intense with every step. She was close to taking out Mariko for there was no way she was going to be able to dodge it. However when Rena got close to her, the flames suddenly stopped and there was Rena nearly inches away from her. She had stopped all movements where not even the flames were lit it was just Rena standing there. Rena then collapsed onto the ground choking and gasping for air as if something was choking her. Mariko laughed and said,

"What happens when a flame doesn't have air? It goes out."

Rena's face was starting to turn color and it wasn't going to look good so Jurina took action by charging full speed. However she couldn't even get get close because Mariko pushed her back without even touching her. Yuko watched as Jurina kept charging at Mariko only to be pushed back harder and harder every time. Finally Jurina decided to pull out her special move so she started to run in place picking up speed. She was moving so fast at one point that Yuko could no longer see Jurina's legs. Jurina's legs started to glow silver as she continued to run until finally, Jurina took off leaving behind a trail.

"Silver Jack!" Jurina shouted.

She was going to run into Mariko but instead Jurina jumped up and then bounced off the wall punching Mariko right in the face. For the first time, Mariko was hit and that just the beginning of it. Jurina was bouncing all over the place making it impossible to know where she was going to go next because she was moving so fast. Even Mariko was having trouble keeping up with Jurina's incredible pace. Jurina managed to pull Rena out where she could get air and then Jurina continued to hit Mariko over and over. Yuko thought Jurina just might win if she had kept moving but sadly that wasn't going to happen. Jurina was starting to slow down and Mariko saw this so she stopped Jurina all together and blocked her with a large barrier. She then pushed Jurina back with a powerful push and she slammed into a sharp rock. It pierced her shoulder and Jurina let out a loud cry.


Rena rushed over to her and saw that she was hurt pretty badly. She called out to Yuki but she was busy healing Yuko at the time. Rena couldn't do anything and Mariko was preparing to attack again. If she didn't do something they were both going to be killed. Rena started to cry for all she could do was use her body to shield Jurina. When she thought it was end, Jurina had Rena stare into her eyes. Her eyes glowed silver and soon Rena's eyes did the same. The two stared at each other for a moment and then Jurina said,


As soon as she did, Rena's eyes changed from silver to red and the beast from within came forward. After that, Jurina had passed out and now Rena had truly awakened into the monster she was. Rena vanished right there before Yuko's eyes not knowing where she had gone. Mariko herself was wondering where Rena had gone so she was looking out to see if she could sense her. Then out of nowhere, Rena came right in front of Mariko and moved quickly punching her right in the stomach. She wasn't done with that though for so she shot fire out of her first and managed to scald Mariko. Mariko jumped back but she wasn't able to get out of the way quickly because she shot fire again. This time though Mariko was able to dodge it and get further away by pushing Rena back. It was then Yuko saw what Mariko was able to control. She saw a gust of wind come from her hand and push Rena away. Mariko had the power of air and she could control the flow of it. Knowing this, Yuko now had better intel as to how she was going to fight her. In the meantime though, Rena was fighting for her life out there and she was only getting stronger and stronger.

"You think a little fire scares me?" Mariko asked teasingly.

"How about an inferno?!"

Before Mariko could do anything Rena's entire back shot out fire like a mad storm. It started to rain fire down upon the area and Mariko was barely able to dodge them. Rena looked like a fountain firework shooting several blasts of fire. Mariko created a barrier as the fire continued to fall and the flames burned out when they reached the barrier. Eventually the flames settled down but Rena was still ready to go. Because there were some areas that were on fire, Rena was able to use them to her advantage by making the flames rise and create a cage like barrier. Mariko had no place to escape and Rena thought she had her but then Mariko simply let out a powerful blast of air and the fire went out. Rena shot fire blasts but all of them were easily deflected. Mariko's air ability was stronger than Rena's fire attacks which proved to be a problem. Yuko thought Rena was going to be taken down soon but it appeared that Rena had more tricks up her sleeve. Rena backed far away and then separated herself from Mariko by making a fire wall. She then took some rocks and started eating them whole. Rena continued to eat more and more rocks until finally Mariko broke through the wall and saw Rena where she was laughing.

"What's wrong Rena? So scared that you're eating rocks?"

"No but you should."

Rena's stomach started to glow and Yuko could see it glowing a bright red. The red glow started to move up her esophagus and into her mouth where her face was glowing. Her cheeks puffed up and Yuko could only imagine what was going to come out next. Rena took a deep breath and then shouted,

"Lava Storm!"

Rena shot out what seemed like a geyser of lava similar to a volcano. The hot lava shot into the air and then started to rain down on everyone near her. Mariko tried to protect herself but lava was something that was so hot that not even she could put it out. The lava came down and burned her badly as the laval started to burn through Mariko's clothes. Mariko had to take off her robe revealing something that Yuko had never seen before. Sitting on her chest was the biggest gem Yuko had ever seen. It was as white as snow and was in the shape of a  V stretching from one end of her chest to the other. In the center was the largest part of the gem and from what Yuko was seeing, Mariko was going to unleash her true power. Mariko's gem let out a bright beam that was almost blinding. Mariko then simply snapped her fingers and suddenly the air around Rena vanished. Rena collapsed onto the ground and gasped for air as she tried to breathe but there was no air anywhere near her. Yuko thought Rena was going to die but then Mariko let air come back. Rena started to gasp for air but then Mariko took away that air as soon as she could. Mariko made the air turn as cold as ice making things unbearably cold for any human. Yuko could feel the cold air leaking from the area and Rena was slowly starting to cool down.

"R-Rena.." Jurina mumbled.

Rena's skin turned pale and then she turned light blue as her body temperature was dropping rapidly. If something wasn't done Rena was going to freeze to death right there and then. Jurina tried to move but she was still in pain from the wound. Rena tried to move but she was so cold that the very blood in her body was starting to freeze. Yuko herself was going to get up and attack but then Mayu stepped forward and attacked. She shot out a loud blast quickly making Mariko back away. Mayu then grabbed Rena and dragged her back towards Rena

"Yuki now!"

Yuki nodded her head and the created a barrier of earth surrounding Jurina and Rena. The barrier transported the two away from the battle and over to her. Yuki had to leave Yuko for a moment and go help Jurina who was badly injured. She carefully pulled out the stone from Jurina's shoulder as Jurina herself screamed in pain. Yuki quickly applied a healing herb to stop the bleeding and give Jurina a chance to heal. She then tried to warm up Rena by wrapping her in stone deep within the earth that was heated from magma. The crust was just warm enough so it wouldn't heat her up too quickly. Once that was taken care of it was just Mayu in the front line fighting Mariko. Mayu was fighting Mariko while Yuko was still being healed and she had no idea where Haruna was. All she wanted to do was get back out there and help Mayu but her injuries were still too severe for her to move.

"Don't worry Mayu knows how to fight she'll do her best." Yuki said as she continued to heal the wounded.

Yuko could only watch as Mayu was jumping around dodging Mariko's attacks from all over the place. Mayu was not able to make one attack because of Mariko's constant attacks. Mayu decided to try to get some distance from Mariko by shooting a sound blast powerful enough to blast her back. She then turned and said,

"Yuki the pillars!"

Yuki nodded her head and then raised stone pillars the surrounded Mariko. Before she could move Mayu shout out a blast of sound waves and Yuko could see them travel over to Mariko. They hit the pillars and then suddenly the sound waves multiplied and were now bouncing off the pillars. They would bounce off the pillars and then hit Mariko hard. Several waves were hitting Mariko all at once and they seemed to be causing damage. The waves started to hit harder and faster with no way to stop them and Mariko kept sinking further and further. Yuko thought she had got her but then suddenly Mariko let out a blast of air cutting the pillars causing them to collapse. The sound waves scattered and Mariko stood up staring at Mayu with a deadly glare. She then raised her hand shout out a concentrated blast of air that was coming at her fast. Mayu moved out of the way but when she landed she found her arm bleeding. Mayu was certain that she had dodged it but somehow she was bleeding. She moved again but this time her leg had been cut and Mayu didn't know what was going on.

"What's wrong little mouse? Cat got you tail??"

Mayu was going to say something but then another air attack came from behind. She was barely able to dodge it without getting cut that time. However Mariko wasn't done with her yet and so she created another air blast and shot it at Mayu. Yuko could see two air bullets bouncing around similar to what Mayu had done with her sound waves only these were doing a lot of damage to Mayu. If she hadn't been able to dodge so well Yuko was sure that Mayu would have gotten shot. Mayu tried to avoid all the bullets but Mariko kept shooting more and more. Mayu was getting hit more and more as she continued to move. If Mayu didn't do something she was going to die. She tried to create a barrier of sound but the bullets were moving faster and so her defense was useless. Mayu thought it was time to pull out her secret weapon and so she pulled back and then opened her mouth. Yuko saw something forming from Mayu's mouth and so she watched as the thing in mouth was formed. Her eyes glowed bright blue and then Yuko watched as she reached in and pulled out what looked like a sword. She held it in front of Mariko and then when an air bullet came by, she swing the blade and cut the air bullet right in half stopping it in its tracks. The blade made a high pitched whistling sound as she moved it sounding similar to the sound of bells.

"Sound Slicer.."

The blade that Mayu was holding in her hand was one of the fastest blades in the world faster than anything. The blade was faster than the speed of sound itself making it faster than the fastest gusts of winds. Yuko was impressed at Mayu's abilities and had no idea she could do something like that let alone pull out something that powerful. Mariko could sense the danger in the situation as well and so she tried to do the same thing she did to Rena before. She started to pull back the air that surrounded Mayu and she thought she had her but turns out Mayu was just fine. Yuko didn't know how Mayu was able to breathe without any air but as she looked closer she saw how Mayu was doing it. The blade itself was creating a sound barrier thick enough to trap air surrounding her and so when Mariko pulled back the air none of the air by Mayu moved.

"Now it's my turn!"

Mayu ran forward and swung her blade trying to cut Mariko's head off. Mariko tried to defend but when she put up an air barrier it was instantly cut. Mayu would have had her but Mariko was shifty and was able to get out of the way. Mayu wasn't going to let her get out that easily though and so she turned around and moved swiftly. Mariko wasn't fast enough and Mayu had caught her mid-stride coming down on her. The blade sliced right through her leg cutting the calf off from the thigh. Mariko lost half of her right leg and she screamed in pain as blood shot out from the missing appendage. Mayu kicked Mariko back causing her to slam into the ground hard. She scrambled trying to get back up but the lack of a foot was causing trouble. Mayu was getting ready for her final attack and so she held out her fingers and Yuko saw something come from them. It looked like blue threads of some kind that made their way over to Mariko and wrapped themselves around Mariko's chest.

"Everything on this Earth has a sound. Mayu has the ability to control these sounds any way she choses. What Mayu is going to do now is stop the sounds of Mariko's body. This is where it ends." Yuki said.

Yuko watched as Mayu raised her hand and Mariko was squirming trying to break free from the threads. They were too powerful though and Mayu was ready to pull on the finishing move. She smirked and then with a wave of her wrist Mayu delivered the final blow.

"Sound Strangle!"   

Wah I've been busy with stuff so sorry about all the long updates. I hope you liked the update!

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 22
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Short update gomen!

Chapter 22

"Sound Strings!"

Mayu pulled the strings and then the color changed from blue to white as something was starting to come out of Mariko's body. Yuko realized that it was the sounds of Mariko's body that were slowly being pulled out. Mariko's body was becoming quieter and quieter as Mayu continued to pull the sounds out. She could see one of the string moving quickly and Yuko only guessed that the one string held Mariko's heart beat. The other other was flashing rapidly which could only mean it was her mind trying to tell her body to do something. Mariko's very sound was being pulled out and unless she did something about it she was going to be silenced forever. Mayu almost had her but then Mariko did something that was unexpected to everyone. Mariko had taken the air of the surrounding area and used its sound to replace hers. The strings between Mayu and Mariko changed to a strange grey color and then the strings were cut. Marikko jumped back and then attacked Mayu with a powerful blast. Mayu was able to get out of the way but sadly Mariko wasn't done with her. Mariko placed her hand against the gem on her chest and then focused. The gem started to glow and then something was starting to come out. What she pulled out was a white beam of energy that she then shot at Mayu. Mayu was able to dodge but the beam continued to follow her continuously. It started to move faster and faster until finally it hit Mayu right in the chest.

"Got you~"

The white beam turned into a dark black and then suddenly Mayu fell to the ground. She started coughing and gagging as she struggled to breathe but wasn't getting much air.


Yuki brought Mayu over to where she was and then surrounded her with a barrier of earth. The thing on Mayu's chest was taking out the very oxygen within her lungs and Mayu was losing air quickly. Yuki summoned roots from an unknown source and then they wrapped themselves around Mayu. The roots glowed a bright green and soon after Mayu started to stabilize. The roots were producing oxygen fast enough to replenish what Mayu was losing and so she was able to breathe. Seeing how they were running out of time, it was Yuki's turn to fight and so she stood up and faced Mariko.

"Do you think you could help me?" Yuki asked to Yuk.

"Yeah I think I'm healed up." Yuko said as she stood up.

"Cover me."

Yuki raised a large piece of earth and then started to charge at Mariko who was ready for her. Yuko got in front and expanded her arms to create a shield to protect Yuki. Mariko tried to get around it but by the time Yuko pulled back, Yuki was right there with a large piece of earth. She slammed into Mariko with a hard blow and thought she had gotten her. However, Yuki didn't even make a scratch because Mariko had protected herself just before the impact. Yuki decided to go to her next move and so she created armor made from the ground and then she yelled at Yuko.

"Throw me as hard as you can!"

Yuko picked up Yuki and then did what she asked throwing her at an incredible speed. Yuki moved in a ball position and then started to spin creating more speed. Mariko was going to simply move out of the way but when she tried to move something stopped her. Looking down, Mariko saw there were roots keeping her firmly in place so she couldn't escape. She didn't have time to cut them and so she braced herself for impact. Yuki hit her hard and was still spinning but Mariko used her powers to slow Yuki down just enough. She was directing the flow of air the opposite way Yuki was spinning until eventually she lost control and started spinning the other way. Mariko pushed her back and Yuki went hurtling into the wall and falling to the ground.

"Is that the best you got?" Mariko asked laughing.

"Not even close!"

Mariko looked up and down came Yuki with another huge chunk of earth slamming it hard onto Mariko. She wasn't able to dodge that one and took quite a beating from the blast. However she had survived and was now starting to get very angry from all the fighting. Mariko wanted to get this over with so she could bring the end to the world and so she used her powers to make her entire body fade. Yuki and Yuko had no idea where she went but then suddenly Yuki got a hard punch in the stomach. She went down and started to cough but then another blast came from nowhere right in the face. Yuki flew back and as she was going down something kicked her in the back sending her flying forward. They didn't know what was going on but they knew it had to do something with Mariko's disappearance. Yuki was taking beating after beating and Yuko had to do something to stop it. When she focused, Yuko could only see a quick glance at what seemed like a fist or a foot hitting Yuko. Yuko closed her eyes and then changed them to see things that moved incredibly fast and so when she opened them, everything was black but she could see.

"There you are.."

Mariko had become part of the air itself and was moving incredibly fast. Yuki couldn't see her but Yuko could and so she started to call out where Mariko was going to attack to Yuki.

"On your left!"

Yuki moved out of the way just in time and was able to see where Mariko was for a moment.

"Now your right!"

Yuki moved and then swung her fist where she felt something hit it and that's how she knew she had hit Mariko.

"From above!"

Yuki created a barrier just in time to hear Mariko crash into it but then move out of the way. Mariko figured that since Yuko was giving away her positions then she was going to have to take her out and so she charged towards Yuko. She quickly moved just as Mariko was going to attack and as she was about to move, Yuko moved in just the right position. She hit her right in the stomach with a large amount of force causing Mariko to fly back. She landed hard into the wall and it was then the cave was starting to collapse. The crash from Mariko's impact broke the maintaing structure and the cave was now coming down. Yuko knew things were not going well and so they were going to have to get out.

"Yuki rescue the others!"

"I'm on it!"

Yuki took everyone outside of the cave while Yuko stayed behind to take care of Mariko. She dashed towards where she was and then slammed into her forcing her deeper through the wall. Yuko wanted to make sure she had defeated her but she was actually completely wrong. Mariko laughed as her eyes glowed white and she said,

"Now you've really done it."

Yuko felt something bad coming and so she quickly rose from the ground. She made it to the surface where Yuki and the others were but then the ground started to shake like there was an earthquake.

"Get back Yuko get back!"

Yuko ran all the way back to Yuki just as something big was rising from the ground. It rose high above Yuko and many of the trees reaching to the size of a mountain. It's eyes opened and there standing before Yuko was a gigantic dark monster that looked like it was going to destroy everything. It was black and had spikes coming out of its shoulders and there was a the gem on its chest. There were also spikes on its arms and legs along with some strange structure on its head. It opened its eyes revealing a bright white while it's horns were curling on the sides of its head.

"That's our ruler Yuko." a voice said.

The monster inside her was telling her that the being before her was the monster that controlled all the others. Fighting this monstrous thing was going to be difficult but Yuko knew she had to stop it.

"How do we defeat it?" she asked.

"You have to destroy the gem on its chest. It's going to be very difficult however because no one has ever even gotten close to the boss before."

"Well we'll just have to change that. I'm gonna need your help though."


Yuko jumped up and started to climb the leg of the giant monster but as she was moving, she felt something grab her. Looking down Yuko saw a hand grabbing onto her and started to pull her into the monster's body. Seeing it was too dangerous to touch the monster Yuko jumped back and then retreated to Yuki.

"How am I supposed to take that down?"

"I don't know Yuko but we're going to have to do something quick. The entire city is about an hour away from us but that thing can probably move faster."


Yuko wasn't strong enough to take down the entire monster. She started to feel a sense of hopelessness and wanted to give up but then suddenly she felt something warm in her pocket. she reached in and pulled out the blade that they had found a while back. Shiro Kaze was glowing and Yuko watched as the gem on Yuki glowed as well. Energy left Yuki's gem and entered the blade causing the green gem on the blade to glow. Yuko realized she was going to have to gather al the other colors and so she turned to Yuki and said,

"Cover me."

Yuki nodded and then started to create strong barriers protecting Yuko as she ran to Mayu. She collected her energy and then ran to Sayaka and Sae. After collecting their energies, she ran to Atsuko and Minami where she collected theirs. Rena and Jurina's energies were also collected leaving only with Haruna. The only problem was Yuko couldn't find Haruna which was going to be a major problem.

"Yuko help!"

Yuki was being attacked by the boss and needed help badly if she wasn't going to be killed. Yuko ran to her and then turned her hand into a sharp spike. She tried to attack but as soon as she attacked it didn't even make a dent. This thing was tougher than she thought and so things were getting dangerous. Yuki pulled Yuko back just as the monster was starting to attack and they were able to get out of the way. When they were a safe distance away, Yuko pulled Yuki back and then she jumped high into the air. She was going to strike from above and behead the whole thing. However, the boss saw and simply raised its hand and extended a part of itself stabbing Yuko right in the chest. Yuko started falling and watched as the boss laughed and went on to attacking Yuki. The end was here and Yuko was going to die with no one left in the world to love her. Closing her eyes, Yuko waited for death to take her away from the world before it came to an end.


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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 22
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 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

So, Yuko is dying and the Boss is going to kill Yukirin....  :thumbdown: Hope some sort of miracle happens....

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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 22
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 :shocked :shocked :shocked


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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 22
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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!'Where is nyanyan?

it seem im reading x~men comics....

action scene are well narrated :twothumbs'
nice plot...

i wish this fic continoue or sequel..

MORE!!!!!!!  :bow:


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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 22
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Re: Kojiyuu: Monster Within update Chapter 22
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What will happen to yuko?

Where's haruna?

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