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Author Topic: RenAi Revolution side stories [3.MakixNacchi story: Untitled Part 3]*END*  (Read 10711 times)

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so it went
and because of that
it was just much more sadder!
Because you start it like omg poor Maki
and then it gets cute with how they first got together and you jsut "awww"
but then you completely get crushed when it goes back to sad Maki and its just

*sigh* so beautifully written
(so sad)

Man this comment was pretty retarded
I just sat and repeated myself XD

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NACCI, damn you and your insecurities  :mon cry: :mon cry: :mon cry:

Don't make Gocchin suffer anymore  :mon uggh:

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 :cry: Nacchi, go run to Gocchin and tell her u changed u mind!  :cry:

Ishiyoshi~ DEF.DIVA~ GAM~ hANGRY&ANGRY <33

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Gocchin... :cry: They started out so good!! What the hell?! (Oooh, sex on her 18th birthday, huh? She was still underage in Japan! :grin: ) Even the thing with Reina blew over!! ARRRG, Abe! I don't want to blame her but she...she... :gyaaah: Hmm, wine??? Sounds familiar!! :mon misch:
This just has to come out happy or else...I'll..... :mon waterworks:

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Yay finally the end~! :cow: I'm soo relived and happy that now I can fully concentrate on the main story :D Anyway, I hope you will like the ending :roll:

Part 3

If only I could find a way to forget about her....Erase all the memories that hunt me in those sleepless nights....Forget about her smile, her voice, her touch...Pull myself together and stop being carried away by my emotions....just let it go and move on...After all, I’m the one who ended that....

But I can’t...I spend my days on thinking what she is doing and where she is...I try to occupy myself with different sort of things but I end up doing everything mechanically without paying attention to the meaning of my own actions. People talk to me but I don’t really listen to them, not on purpose but it just...I feel like I would no longer belong to this time and I would stuck in some deadlock...and even if there is some way to turn back from it then seemingly I’m not able to notice it...Cause as soon as a memory of us appears in my mind my vision gets blurry again...

Yesterday, I went to Reina’s birthday party hoping I would meet her there since they are close friends....I thought that maybe if I see her face and make sure that she’s ok it’ll be easier for me. But she didn’t come...To make things worse Reina was shooting me glares like daggers, rising the choking feeling of some undefined guilt...In the end, I made myself a victim in front of Ai-chan, bursting into tears and saying words that I don’t even remember now...

For the hundredth time I roll onto my back knowing that soon I’ll get back to my previous sleeping position and that no matter what will I do, this will be another night when I won’t fall asleep. Frustrated with this fact, I bury my face into the pillow, pressing strongly to the point when I can’t breath, hoping it will drown the thoughts inside my head and this...monotonous knocking to the door...

“Gosh, who can it be this late?”

Pillow lands somewhere on the floor while I grimacing, shuffle to the door.

“Yuu-chan?!” I blink my eye, looking through the peephole but the image appears to be real and I’m not dreaming....or rather having a nightmare...

“Can you let me in already?”

“A-ah...S-sure...” The lock creaks and my fellow generation member enters my apartment with face that can only foreshadow troubles for me. However, I don’t intend being scared by the look which I got so often that it had already lost its orginal impact on me. That’s why, I ask her bluntly what is she doing here at this hour.

“Breaking rule no.1: don’t interfere when you’re asked...not to interfere.” She responses coolly, looking around the dark corridor. Finally finding what she was looking for, she turns on the light.

“I don’t understand...” I look at her with my squinted eyes which try to adjust to the sudden brightness around me.

“Ai-chan came to me few hours ago. You messed up her mind pretty badly y’know? She had an argument with Reina over you and Maki.”

“Me and Maki?...I don’t get it....Why those two would argue about us?...” I give her an asking look.

“Well, Ai-chan took your side in conversation with Reina and you know how hostile-minded she is toward you....Reina felt betrayed and left...Fortunately everything is ok now...” 

Not believing what my unaware words did, dumbfounded by my own stupidity, I stare wide eyed at the floor, leaning my suddenly weak body against the wall.

“ came to kill me for that?” I ask dumbly with a silly grin like trying to turn everything into some joke.

“Kill you?” She snorts a mocking laughter. “No, I won’t help you out by killing you. Besides, don’t you see it Natsumi? You are already dead.” Her icy, emotionless gaze sends shivers down my spine.

“You don’t understand....” I mutter, resting my eyes on the floor again.

“Well, then explain to me. Explain me, why did you cross out five years from your life just like that, huh?” She firmly grabs me by the arms, shaking my body slighlty as if trying to wake me up.

“She doesn’t need someone like me!” Annoyed by her words I struggle to release myself from her grip. “And why should I explain myself to someone who never has been in a relationship in the first place?!”

Again I've done that...said too much...

I observe her slowly darkening face, her hands leave my arms. I’ve hit the weak spot...

“Yuko...I-I didn’t mean...” Babbling sadly, I try to take back my words but it’s too late.

“Forget it....” She silences me, casting an intense look. “Actually, you are right...What can someone like me know about love, right?” I shake my head, denying this words, looking into her shimmering with tears eyes.

“I’ Yuu-chan...” Ironically, my tears are first to fall.

“I said forget it!” She snaps angrily, wiping her eyes with an arm. “Just tell me one thing....look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t regret your decision.” She takes my chin and again her gaze has an insight to the deepest secrets of my heart. She reads through me and it drives me insane. I shut my eyes and bite the inside of my cheek to the point when I feel successfully prevents any unwanted words to escape my mouth.

“Fine...if you don’t want then don’t tell me. But promise me one thing, that you’ll go and explain everything to her...If you that badly want to end that, then at least do it properly not like some kind of coward...”

She is right...I am a coward...but I can’t run away from her forever...I have to make sure that I’m able to fully face her without any...regrets...

“I promise...” I answer opening my eyes.

“Ok, so go now.” She orders threateningly.

“What? Now? But it’s midnight!”

“So what? Tomorrow you may come up with another insane idea and I have to be sure that you kept your promise. “

“You don’t trust me, huh?”  A smile spreads across my face. All this reminds me about the times when we both were in the band.

“Of course I don’t.” That familiar cocky smile gets back onto her face.

Ehh....if only she didn’t know me that well....It’s annoying...I don’t have to tell her anything since she can tell everything just by looking at me...One look at me and Maki at her graduation party and she knew what was going on between us....

* * *

It’s about quarter to one am. The moon is shining brightly in its full round pose. I step on it from time to time, breaking its reflections in the puddles. It’s horribly cold but my racing heart does everything just not to let me feel this. I don’t know what will I tell her since it seems like no matter what will I say, it will sound wrong either way. I want her to understand my decision but I myself might have lost the meaning of all this...However, despite all the confusion, fear and nervousness I’m experiencing now I can’t help but to smile at the thought of seeing her face again after so long...

I knock to her doors with my shaking fist but there is no response.

Well, no wonder since no one expects guests at this hour...I know something about this...She is probably sleeping....But since I went this far I don’t intend turning back now...

I take a deep breath and ring the doorbell few times, reharsing in my mind how should I say “gomenasai for waking you up” as soon as she’ll open the door. Yet there is no need for me to apologize as the door doesn’t open...

Maybe she went somewhere...but at one o’clock am?...So...she doesn’t want to let me in?...

I lower my head and shuffle to the exit. My heart no longer beats so fast and I can feel the freezing cold around me. I cover my head with jacket’s hood and hide my hands deep into my pockets but that doesn’t really help in any way...The best option is to go back to my warm home. However, the bitter feeling of inanity of my actions doesn’t let me to leave just like that. I go behind the building and check if the lights in her bedroom are turned on but they aren’t ...I helplessly look around myself like searching for some hint what should I do next ...

On the playground stand two lone swings, I decide to sit and take a rest on one of them. Slightly swinging and staring at the almost blinding fullmoon, I ponder about what to do now...

So, when I finally decided to come and talk with you, you aren’t at your home or simply don’t want to let me in....Well, actually it’s ok since I also didn’t let you in, right?...I got what I’ve deserved for....Maybe it really is too late for any kind of explanations...and you no longer want to hear them....What would it change anyway?...Nothing I guess...The outcome would stay the same...

“Nee, remember?”

I jerk almost falling off the swing at the sound of this familiar soft voice.

“On a night like this, when we were on tour, Yuko told me the story about werewolves...I stated firmly that I didn’t belive in any werewolves but ended up under your doors, clutching a pillow in my arms and asking is it ok if I’ll sleep with you...”

I look at her weakly smiling face and don’t believe my own eyes. She emerged from the darkness, appearing on the swing beside me.

Is she real? Well, even if this is just a dream then I hope it won’t end soon...

“Yeah....I remember...You didn’t want to admit that you were scared so you told me not to tell about that anyone...” I giggle, reminding myself that cute pout on her face which turned into wide grin as I assured her that it would stay a secret just between us.

Our first secret...Now as I look at this I realize why I didn’t want to tell others about our relationship...Cause it supposed to be just our secret...something special that only the two of us would share...

“Yet somehow Yuko find out about that...” She squnits suspiciously at me.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that. I honestly didn’t tell her.”

“Hm...well, I guess she just has spies everywhere....” We both snort a laughter at this idea that doesn’t  really sound so unbeliveable as someone may think.

“And remember when years later we both went to the cinema to watch that horror film about werewolves and the roles reversed?”

“Mhm...Then I was the one who had to assure you the whole night that they didn’t exist.”

“Yeah...or remember when we...

Hours were quickly passing by as we talked about times when we still were in Morning Musume, remembering the tours, video shootings and other events. We laughed at our past meaningless arguments and fooled around on the swings. The cold air around me seemed to warm up with her each word and breath. I was looking at her smiling face and it felt like all bad things that happened during past months had never taken place as if it was all just a bad dream...but that feeling disappeared into the thin air when the flow of topics came to an end and that cold seriousness started to draw on her face....

“Nacchi...why did you come?” She asks hardly audible, lowering her head.

“I...I wanted to talk...and you...where were you?...” I mutter awkwardly, clutching the silver chain of the swing in my hand.

“Well, I went for a walk...”

“Oh I see...”

Well, I could ask why at this hour but since I also took a night stroll then I won’t mention this fact.

“So, about what you wanted to talk?”

Right...about what?...

“Ehh...” I sigh deeply, giving myself some time to gather my thoughts and form them into logical sentences. “Well...I wanted to apologize...for not treating you fairly...”I sheepishly look upon her face trying to read from it whether my words made any sense but her focused eyes fixed on me don’t express anything apart from patient waiting for further explanations....

“I mean....I used that whole incident with my manager to...end everything...without even properly explaining things to you.
However, I thought that, that way I would free you from both me and those guys. Listen, I realized that I was relying too much upon you, taking you for granted, using you, not thinking about your feelings....Forgive me this, I promise not to bother you anymore...I know that now it may make no sense for you but I also know that someday you will understand this...People love you and I’m sure you will have a great career. I believe in you...So, yeah, that’s all what I wanted to say...Bye Maki..” I leave the swing taking one last glance upon her as she still stares at the now empty seat next to her.

“But...I don’t care about them. You are the most important for me. Maybe I wanted to leave but with you...So, I’m afraid that I may never understand this...” She slowly turns her head meeting me with a lone tear on her cheek.

I come to her and wipe it away with a kiss...

“Gome...”I whisper into her ear.

There is nothing more to say or do, so I begin to walk into the thick morning mist until...a pair of hands clasp around my waist stopping me...


Sun is setting up on the horizont.Rays make their way through the thicket of tall buildings, reaching us, making our tears sparkle in the bright light.

Her trembling voice...Her warm, wet cheek...her body so close to mine...again...My heart feels like bursting open with all these familiar warm emotions...

“I was afraid...”I bury my body into her arms as if trying to hide in them.“I was losing you and I couldn’t stop that...I didn’t know how to help you with your career or with your family issues...It felt as if I became just another burden...I was no longer needed...So, I figure it out that it will be better if I just disappear from your life, let you move on, give you a fresh start...

I don’t know why I didn’t tell her the truth...Maybe, I didn’t want to admit that I had failed and let her down, that me who should have known her best couldn’t reach to her...

“Gomenasai...I shut myself away from you, stifling everything inside me. I thought I would handle everything on my own without worrying you...but I was wrong, I just made you feel lonely...Forgive me...”

Isn’t this ironic?...We thought we were doing everything in order not to cause pain to each other while in reality, all this time, we’ve been unintentionally hurting ourselves, drawing further away from each other...

“ another chance...”

A new day...a new chance...a new start...

I unwrap her hands from around me, wipe away my tears, take a deep breath and face her.

“Congratulations on your graduation...” She lifts her moist eyes, looking at me bemused before realizing the meaning of my words and falling into my amrs, laughing quietly through the tears.

The feeling of emptiness disappears along with the morning mist. Now I realize my mistake...Instead of cutting off this thread that was connecting us, I should have done everything to make it thicker...

I’m sorry Maki...I promise I won’t run away again...I will get stronger...for you...for us...

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You did it again!!! You made me not hate Nacchi~ See, I'm even calling her Nacchi!!! I feel so bad for her, because it's not really her fault. The timing of everything was twisted and just not fair. Awww, it's so bittersweet but I love it all~~ :heart:
Great job, peti-chan~ Can't wait to read more of RenAi~~

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So amazing!
So there back together now!? yay!

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Nacchi running to Maki = :mon runcry:
Maki running to Nacchi = :mon runcry:

:gmon love2: :gmon love2: :gmon love2:

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For me the saddest thing about the Maki/Nacchi side story is that its ended now  :mon runcry: I LOVE this pairing (I think I'm just into any Maki pairing :lol: ) but they don't get enough love around here anymore :( Thank you so much for the three parts though, I enjoyed reading them very much :heart:
The ups and downs they both battled with internally with sad, of course I'm really happy they are back together now and the misunderstanding is cleared up between them but I hope things will be different this time... If they keep trying to protect the other by shutting off, then its just gonna turn out all crappy like before :cry:
I wonder how Reina will take the news that they are back together, I know she'll be supportive coz it's Maki but even after its explained to her surely she will still hold some resentment towards Maki... Oh this  could get really entertaining XD

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