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Author Topic: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 11/26/14) [COMPLETE]  (Read 116401 times)

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #580 on: June 29, 2010, 10:05:05 PM »
Gyaa~~~~  :heart:!!  :cow: :cow: Finally, TTCL is ended  :cow: :cow:
I'm kind of sad about that  :sweatdrop:. I read this fic around one year and more. In fact, I made my account only for comment here  :nervous
When I read the chapter 59,at end, man, I was really sad.
I ALMOST cried.  :cry:
When I read this chapter I almost cried again. But at end, I was running around my house, screaming happy and insanely.  :gmon pissed: :gmon pissed:
Thanks for this great story Junkie you're the best  :bow:.

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #581 on: July 02, 2010, 03:43:26 AM »
^ I figured some people would be sad about it ending. lol The thing is also, that TTCL doesn't feel like it ended you know? Am I the only one who has those feelings? lol

O.O You made an account to comment on this fic? Ah I'm very grateful for that! Thank you!

I'm glad the ending made up for the sad scenes I put the readers through. XD I had to do that one more time before ending it. I'll probably start a sequel seems like it has room for one. >_< I like to torture myself!

@ aussie- XD You really are a TanaKamei fan, huh? An eprolouge? I didn't really think of one or have one in mind. I guess the readers can just imagine what happened next. As for the omake, well I'll have to think about it. I might have something up my sleeve. *grins*

@ rnd- As I said to aussie I have something for the omake. That will take some time though. I love to write me some sad endings! XD I'm messed up for saying that.

@ gab- Thank you for all those comments on how good TTCL was. That made me blush! XD I don't take compliments well. They make me get embarrassed. XD

@ SarangAi- O.O You read the whole fic in like one day?! WTF?! Holy crap that's a lot of reading!

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #582 on: July 02, 2010, 04:20:40 AM »
Oh, your story just got me THAT hooked  :inlove: :inlove:

yay omake!  :cow: XD

avii&sig by the wonderful kawaii beam~!

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #583 on: July 05, 2010, 12:17:13 PM »
Originally I was gonna comment for chapter 59, so this comment is a bit late since it's completed already  :nervous

Eri laughs again and pats the top of my head for needed affection and I lay my head back to her shoulder

:wub:  this.

 :smhid  Reina’s carrying so many anger within her in chapter 59 that made her overreact with everything.

I partially agree with Eri that it was actually hurting her rather than protecting her, but this:
“I said this relationship is over! Do you understand?! Can you get it now, Reina?! I don't want to see you ever again. Get out of here. Go back to Fukuoka!”
Issa, you’re breaking my TanaKame heart... T_T

I didn’t see the ending would be like that, especially Reina’s father part. I thought Reina gonna come back to Fukuoka and be there until she could live by herself then come back for Eri to fix their relationship. At least my broken TanaKame heart is fixed with the ending  :lol:

I feel sad that now it’s completed. Nevertheless, thanks for this amazing fic, Issa!

I'll probably start a sequel seems like it has room for one. >_< I like to torture myself!
I would love to read it if you do, but don't torture yourself  ;)

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #584 on: July 12, 2010, 04:11:37 AM »

IT'S ALREADY FINISHED?!?!?! oh, well... Glad that it's still a happy ending... I thought that it's other wise because the previous chapter was leaning to that 'sad' ending... anyways..good job! :thumbsup.. I would want to read the sequel..hehehe.XD

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #585 on: December 06, 2011, 12:59:57 AM »
Ehhhh A new Comment By a NEW PERSON, so late?!?! KYAA SAY IT AINT SO but it is!! lol (that was lame)

ANYWAYS!!! I would like to give respects to this fan fiction this is also one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!

And sometimes i wonder why i re read this when all i do is depress myself with the fact that i have NEVER experienced a relationship like this and how BADLY i want a relationship like theirs. Minus the grumpy daddy lol :)

Tanakame is absolutely the best am i right? (if i am i hope im pretty close to it) xD

I was looking at your sequel and noticed that it isnt finished? Well, On one good day are youre gonna come back and finish it right RIGHT? ^.^ Oh i hope so this story is toooooo goooooood to let it be forgotten. Though the sequel is a bit depressing already.. Lol, ONEGAI come back and make it happy~

Well, I've said everything... That is all *runs away*
Tanakame!<3333 ReinAi<333 TanaGaki!<33 TakaGaki!<33 TanaShige!<33 AiSayu!<3 JunSayu!<33 SayuKoha!<3 AiEri<3

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 6/29) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #586 on: November 27, 2014, 05:11:22 AM »


Well, here it is. The Omake to TTCL! It only took, what? At least five years to complete it. ._. I'm sorry! I hope everyone still remembers this story and don't get too angry with it! It's just an alternate ending, as promised!

Alternate Ending

What have I done? I've only end up slipping back into my old ways, hiding the truth from others, hurting those close to me, just how I did with my parents. I went as far as to break the trust of my friends.

I destroyed a great and amazing relationship with a beautiful and loving girl. In a blink of an eye, everything in my new life went to crap. Even my uncle can't figure out what I did was the right thing or not.

If my uncle can't even comfort me then what will? I have nowhere to go. I don't have any money on me to waste it on drinking. I know I can't drink since I'm underage, but obtaining alcohol is something I've learned to master back at Fukuoka. 

I've learned a lot of bad things in my home town, like how to use a switchblade. That was my real friend back in Fukuoka. I couldn't trust the fake ones I had. They were all selfish and looked out for themselves even if they were my friends and told me they cared for me. That's why I feel even worse hiding something from my friends here in Tokyo.

They really do care for me just as much as Eri cares for me. I let out a shaky sigh and wipe away some of my tears. Eri. I didn't mean to hurt her the most.

“I'm so stupid!” I grumble to myself.

I love Eri. I love her so much that I wanted to protect her. It's only far that I do that as her girlfriend and especially after the things that happened to her when she was with me. The death of her mother, the car accident, the group of guys that tried to rape her.

I just didn't want her to receive anymore damage either physically or emotionally. I've realized though, through all that, I've hurt her the most out of all those things. And that was because she trusted me and expected me to tell her everything and I should have, no matter how bad the news was. That was just another mistake of mine.

“I can never change.” I sniffle. “I'm still the same old me, Eri.”

It probably is best that we never see each other again. We're completely opposite. I came from a tough city and she came from a family that loves her until their last breath, while with my parents I feel that I've damaged our parent-daughter relationship when I was old enough to go to middle school. If Eri hadn't met me she wouldn't have to face that car accident and those girls at school that were going to beat her. I'm just bad news.

“Hey watch where you're going you idiot! Would it hurt to look up while you walk?!” a guy shouts, rubbing his shoulder that I've clashed into.

I look up at him and watch him walk away furiously.

“You're the one in my way!” I yell back, facing forward again.

I ignore the pain in my left shoulder and continue to walk. I should probably call it a night and walk home. I have no money to spend a night at a hotel and I can't even buy myself a drink. My only option is to go home. I know my uncle is probably worried about me anyway.

My cellphone kept going off a lot when I left, but I eventually got tired of it and shut it off. It isn't the wisest move I know, but I don't really and decide on my care at the moment. I can use some time to myself. I need to gather my thoughts. I've put together that once I'm at Fukuoka I'll never call Eri again. I'll most likely do the same to my friends. If a girlfriend is really that important to me I can find one in Fukuoka there are plenty of those.

“But none of them will be you.” I whisper.

I wipe away a fresh set of tears. No one can ever replace Eri. She is the one I'll always love! How can she love me back though now that I've broken her heart? How can I even forgive myself for doing such a thing?

I'm sorry Eri. I'm sorry I hurt you the most. It's my fault. It's always my mistake.  I rub away another wave of tears and take a deep breath.

I should probably get home now. I've walked around enough and decided what I'll do. My mind is now made up. Turning a corner, I walk a into a shortcut that will get me home a lot quicker. I just noticed it's getting dark and Tokyo can be a lot more dangerous during the night.

I pick up my pace, eager to reach the safety of my home that will soon come with my uncle's yelling and scolding for running off. I'm ready for that. The yelling isn't anything new to me. My parents do it all the time.

“Well, well, isn't this a surprise?”

I stand still and turn around to the voice behind me. That voice sounds very familiar. I squint through the dark to get a better look to the person who interrupted me. He lets out a small laugh.

“Don't you remember me?” he ask, taking a step forward. I can see his face a lot better now that he's under a street light. “I'm the guy you had your friend beat up!”

I stare at him, trying to recall his claimed event then stare at him in shock when I finally realize what he's talking about. The sleaze glares at me and puts on a small grin. I watch his eyes sparkle with hatred.

He's probably looking to have revenge with me now that he's got me alone. Shit! How could I forget about my instincts to ignore alley ways when I'm by myself! Obviously, being here for too long has stopped me from having to use my street smarts.

“You remember now don't you?” The guy in front of me laughs.

I cross my arms over my chest and glare. There's one thing I remember from my street smarts and that's don't show fear even if there is a possibility it will pull a weapon out on me to fight again. I can't let my guard down. If he does choose to pull out another knife and if I'm quick I can take it from his hands and turn it on him. It's the only defense I have to disarming him.

“Yeah I remember your ugly face! I wish I didn't.” I snap, receiving another hard stare in return. “What do you want from me? Can't you see I'm a little busy?!”

Then his disappointing glare is gone and he starts to laugh. When I hear him laugh my whole gut feeling goes into overdrive. I have a very bad feeling about this. I shouldn't be here.

I know that so far all of our encounters haven't been that serious, but I think this one will be very different from our last fights. Feeling a rush of adrenaline rip through me, I close my hands into fist and stand on edge ready to attack. What is it that he has planned?

“Well...isn't it obvious?” He chuckles. “I want revenge.”

He just doesn't give up does he?!

“That's it? You just want revenge again? Haven't you had enough humiliation getting beat up by two girls already?” I question, finding it amusing to see him twitch a little at the painful memory. “You're really starting to annoy me! Look, today I'm not in the mood and just want to be alone so why don't you just go away?”

“What's a matter? Your girlfriend broke up with you?” he taunts. I flinch. He starts to burst into laughter again and I want so badly to punch his face in. “So you two were really dating, huh? And now you're alone because she realized she isn't into girls? Oh well...isn't that too bad for you.” He frowns. “Stupid dyke!”

I can't control myself anymore. My day has been bad enough and now I come to meet this asshole who's trying to make me feel like I'm a piece of shit! I can't hold back what I feel and just charge at him.

If he got another beating just maybe that will shut him up for good. I let out a loud yell of anger and run over to tackle him to the ground, planning to bash his face in once I have him pinned down. How dare he say anything about the love Eri and I have!!

When I run though, I realize that he isn't scared or trying to dodge out of the way. Instead, he has on this smug grin as if he's waiting for me to come close to do something. When I'm half way to him, I see something shinny come out from his pocket and try to stop myself.

I can hear tiny rocks scatter across the ground as I use my shoes to try and slow me down. I fall back when I'm only a few inches away from him. Sitting on my knees, I stare up at him in complete shock. I'm sure that I am now in front of Death.

“You aren't so tough now aren't you?!” The sleazy guy screams, his body shifting to a more cocky stance. “What are you going to do now that I have a gun in front of your face?!” I glare at him, not daring to showing any fear to him. “Get up!” Slowly, I stand to my feet to show him that I won't try and pull anything on him. I can't take the gun from him just yet because he's expecting it.

“So, this is what you plan to do?” I state, with a hint of disgust in my voice. “Just because you feel that you've been humiliated you want to put a bullet in my head? I have to say...I almost feel bad for you.”

The idiot in front of me thrust the gun closer to my face and I try hard to not flinch. I've seen guns plenty of times. A few of my friends back in Fukuoka carried it when I traveled with them, saying the hunk of metal was for protection. I have never, however, had a gun pointed  between my eyes about ready to blow a new hole in my forehead.

“Do you really think you have the power to joke with me?!” The tall guy's hand starts to shake. I can't tell if it's from fear or excitement. Maybe it's a little of both? “Any last words?” My eyes shift from the open hole of the gun and back to the quivering kid in front of me.

I stare into his eyes and see that he really means his words and his intention. He wants to kill me and it's all because of some stupid fight I got into with him and won. He's not only stupid, but a little sick in the head. I clench my teeth and gulp to try and stop myself from crying.

“You don't have to do this.” I slowly speak in a low tone, afraid that if I'm too loud it can set him off and pull the trigger. The idiot stares at me for a while, it feels like hours, but the intense pause is interrupted a small laugh he gives out.

I somehow flinch still. The look in his eyes darken then twinkle. My heart races and I feel terrified. I'm scared. I know that this insane bastard will do it.

He'll kill me and I can't let that happen. I have to fight back. I don't care of there's a risk for it, but I'm at risk if I don't do anything. I glare back at him, trying to quickly yet carefully plan out my attack to take the gun from him.

I jump up to my feet and start running. My only objective is to take him down. I out stretch my arms then slam my shoulders into his gut to knock the wind out of him when we collide. He lets out a painful cry as he hits the ground.

I see the gun from the corner of my eye scatter across the concrete. When the idiot is on the ground I start punching his face over and over. I'm completely pissed off that he decided to corner me and try to put such a stunt like this and angry because of my argument with Eri and that I have to leave.

I just start throwing repeated punches all over him. I can hear him letting out grunts as I hit him, but for some weird reason he manages to move and punch me in the face, stunning me. I feel myself get kicked back and lay down, trying to catch my breath. I urge myself to ignore the pain when I see him getting up, reaching for the gun. I race over and jump on to him.

The fear inside me boosted so high I can hear the blood rushing into my ears. I can't make sense of anything else around me other than picturing that gun and hoping I will get to it before this asshole does. I get a hold of his wrist, but I find myself slammed on to my back and a sharp bang rips through my ears.

The weight on top of me stops and I'm staring into the sky before piecing together the shouts of a panic, that's coming from the idiot above me. His face is covered in sweat and his eyes are laced with so much terror it makes his hands shake.

A warm buzz over comes my stomach and I look down to see that my entire lower half of my stomach is soaked in blood. I lift my arms to find both my palms are equally bloody. Another fearful cry comes out and then he's gone. I feel the sticky mess of my blood seep to my back and tape my clothes to my skin.

I let out a scoff and lay back onto the side walk. I'm bleeding way too much to move and get help. I didn't expect everything in my current screwed up life to end like this. I've lost my friends. I'm leaving my own. I've completely lost Eri. What else would I have to fight for?

I cup a hand over my wound, feeling the blood easily slip through the space and place another hand on to my chest. I stare into the sky, feeling my eyes begin to droop. If my life is going to end like this I rather see this clear sunny sky and have thoughts of only Eri. I can at least have some sort o peace.

I let out a heavy sigh. “Eri.” I whisper.

I feel my eyes slowly close with the warm thoughts of the days I've spent with Eri while I wait for my inevitable end.

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 11/26/14) [COMPLETE]
« Reply #587 on: September 03, 2019, 02:27:58 PM »
Why can't you just make some normal omake like others. Now I want to know what happen after that. You just make me more curious.

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