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Author Topic: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 11/26/14) [COMPLETE]  (Read 114944 times)

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 8/29)
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After months of slaving to get an idea for a new chapter and even a few more months trying to write my idea down. I got an update for TTCL! ^_^ It isn't really all that great and I'm sure it will confuse some people a little, but hey it's something and that means another chapter closer to the end of TTCL! YAY!  :cow: I'm not sure how many chapters are left yet, but the end is coming near. I can feel it. Don't be too sad about that because after this comes the TakaGaki prequel! That will be all sorts of fun to write! Ok so here I go!


Back to school! It's been a while. The winter break felt so long and agonizing for many reasons. I would have been back sooner, but then came the car accident, death, and a needed recovery. My uncle also felt that I needed time to heal physically and mainly emotionally from what I've been through. Which reminds me! Yesterday couldn't be any weirder. When I got home to change before seeing Eri I saw my uncle being very strange. Who knew he could giggle like some little school boy with a crush while speaking on the phone with this girlfriend? I could not leave the house quick enough! He kept smiling freakishly weird while giggling and then came the “I love you's” constantly. I don't think I've even done that with Eri over the phone! That was a disturbing sight and it was extremely annoying hearing him say I love you even when I left! I got dressed in a hurry then rushed out the door. I just hoped that when I came back my uncle still would NOT be on that damn phone or I would have shot myself! That definitely was one of the weirdest things I've seen in my life and I've seen a lot! What with everyone I know just about making out in the kitchen or possibly having sex in one. Well...I can't blame them for the sex part. It's hard to keep your hands off the person you want so badly, ya know? Hehe, guess who go busy yesterday?! Yep, I did! It was Eri's choice. I just walked into her room, sat with her on the bed, and BOOM heavy make-out session and then sex. Something like that. Not that I'm complaining about having sex came suddenly from almost nowhere,haha, as if I would turn Eri down. That must mean though that she's getting better with coping and moving on. I wish it were that fast with her eyesight. Guilt strikes through me entirely within seconds and I now feel less happy about being in school. How will Eri get around school blind? Or how will she take notes, study for a test, or get her lunch?! She needs someone with her. She can't be alone.


I nearly have a heart attack and jump a foot in the air then search for the person that scared me shitless as soon as I calm down and realized what happened. My eyes settle on a bright cheery face and I glare. Anger instantly burns through my stomach.


She stops smiling and takes a step back in fear. Her hands curl into her chest for protection against my deadly stare.

“Don't yell at her! It's not her fault you were daydreaming since we got here. She was just trying to get your attention.” Sayu scolds.

“Sayu, where did you come from?” I ask, my rage beginning to subside.

Sayu puts both her arms around Koharu's waist to comfort her girlfriend. Koharu rests her head on to Sayu's shoulder and begins to smile again more than happy to be in Sayu's arms. Sayu still has her eyes on me with a glare in place.

“What Koha was trying to tell you is that Eri will be here soon since Ai is driving her.” Sayu informs, and went back to comforting Koharu.

“When will she get here?” I reply, eager.


My heart flutters at the sound of her soft voice. I start to smile and quickly turn around.I take her hand so that she knows I'm here and pull her into a hug. I take great relief at the feeling of her body pressing perfectly into my own. The soft smell of her shampoo makes me want to hold on to her tighter. I guess I'm still a little cuddly from yesterday. I didn't get to stay with her for long after because her dad asked me if I wanted a drive home and I only said yes because I didn't have extra clothes with me to sleep over. Oh, it turns out he DOES know about us dating. That was one awkward car drive with him!

“You two had sex again, huh?”

I let go of Eri and see Ai grinning at me with a know-it-all expression. She likes embarrassing me doesn't she?! I hear Sayu and Koharu snicker. Risa is glaring at Ai, waiting for the right moment to hit Ai over the head. I'm sure Ai isn't even aware of that.

“YOU should know all about sex, right?” I snap. “By the way, how IS your back, Ai? Did the scratches go away yet?”

Ai stares back wide-eyed and shocked that I know such a thing like that and Risa won't even look at anyone, but I can tell her whole face is red. Sayu and Koharu stopped laughing, speechless. I won this time. I hold up a proud grin as unsettling silence surrounds the group. That is until the bell rings.

“I-I-I'm gonna go...uh, class.” Ai stutters.

She brings Risa with her in her hasty exit. Koharu quickly blurts her goodbye after and Sayu doesn't even say a word. This leaves me alone with Eri again. I look at her to see if she hasn't turned beet red. She isn't red but smiling instead and a few giggles can be heard.

“For once, I'm glad I can't see.” She says.

I laugh with her. It feels good to hear her laugh again. Lately everyone hasn't been laughing so often and that makes life feel less meaningful without the laughter of those around me that I care about. I love to hear Eri's laughter the most. It makes me feel so much better and that I can almost face anything. But now that she's laughing and I am too with her I feel that there is less weight on me now. I'm starting to feel not so grim. Eri's laughing dies down and I take steady breathes to get my laughter under control.

“Come on. I'll walk you to class.” I offer.

I guide Eri carefully through the halls while keeping my hand in hers. I shouldn't have to worry about leaving her in class by herself. It won't be long until I see her again. I can wait two periods to see her again.

“Reina?” Eri calls.


“Maybe you shouldn't have said that to, Ai-chan.” She answers. “You have marks too. Bite marks.”

I feel my face turn hot to her reminder of yesterday. I think those bite marks are bruises too! My neck is still tender and it hurts when I touch it. I'm just glad she didn't bite somewhere else that would hurt even more. Though my thighs still kind of hurt when I move. Is she trying to embarrass me public too now?!

“Eri!” I yelp.

She starts to laugh again, but this time alone. She did that on purpose! That's not fair. I sigh with a pout in place. I'll get her back. Lets see how she likes bruised thighs!


I really should have just stayed home. I have so much work I need to do. I will be spending most of my days at home in my room trying to play catch up so that I won't fail this year and get held back. I've missed so much! How will I ever get a chance to finish all these assignments? Maybe my uncle can help me. If he remembers high school math and all the other subjects that is. Dropping out is obviously not an option not just for me, but for my uncle. I get the feeling though that if I do fail my dad would use it against me. I'll be on my way to Fukuoka and I really don't want that to happen any time soon. But how can I do all this work before the end of the school year?


Why does that voice sound so familiar? I turn to my left and see Yuko coming towards me. I haven't seen her since the time she stuck up for me with the school principal. Why is she calling me now? Did I do something wrong? I haven't gotten in any fights. I didn't break the rules. I've been good.

“Nakazawa-san, it's been a while.” I state. “Is there something wrong?”

“I've noticed you have been out for quite some time and you have a lot of work to complete.” Yuko replies. “I could help you with that work if you would like? The last thing you want to do is fail.”

She came to me for that? Not even to tell me bad news like oh I have detention or the principal changed his mind about not expelling me? She just came to help me with my work? Maybe she isn't so scary after all. She's still scary though. I mean her stares they're something worth fearing over.

“Uh, sure. I would like that.” I agree.

“Come to my classroom tomorrow morning and don't be late.” Yuko demands.

There she goes, being scary again. I have no option, but to agree.

“Yeah...ok.” I answer.

She walks away satisfied with my response and I feel relieved that she's gone. I hope she isn't this scary tomorrow morning. Maybe I should ask my friends how I should act around Yuko. Who knows what she could do to me if I make her anger. I shiver trying to shake the bad thoughts away.

“Reina, are you ready to go?” Sayu ask.

“Yeah, all set.” I look around me noticing something is missing. “Where's Eri?”

“Risa brought her to the car at the end of class. Come on everyone is waiting for you.” She says.

Time to go and try and finish a tremendous amount of homework. I don't think I'll be able to see Eri for a few days. That makes me a little sad, but once this is done I won't have to worry. I follow Sayu to the car and slide over to Eri in the back seat. She notices my presence and leans against me with her arm around my middle section. I smile and kiss the top of her head. She's always so cute. She missed me as much as I've missed her. This girl is amazing. She always knows what to do to make me fall deeper in love with her.
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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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OMG you update it ^^! *cheer*  :w00t: We had to wait for such a long time :D
It'so funny. TanaKame &KohaSayu&TakaGaki moments are so sweet  :wub: :wub: Great chapter!
Oh the end is coming near?  :cry: I'm sad :(

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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*explodes in happiness*

Please wait while the rndm pulls herself together.





Okay, that was fun.

!!!You updated!!!
I'm so happy, happy! I'm seriously bouncing in my chair. Reina finally won against Ai and then got pwned by Eri, lol. That was cute. I'm sad that this will be ending soon, though at the same time totally thrilled about the prequel, but with the way you update, it might last until next summer. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Just kidding, dear, I'm just happy you put this chapter up, no matter how short and totally not confusing at all.

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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Heehee I couldn't stop grinning like a crazy girl that I am whilst reading this chapter, not just due to the fact that you updated, but also because TanaKame is so cute here :wub:

Oh and Ai got Reina'ed (is there such a word? XD)

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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OMG an UPDATE  :mon star:   :mon dance:


That was a disturbing sight


“Don't yell at her! It's not her fault you were daydreaming  since we got here. She was just trying to get your attention.” Sayu scolds.

Yay! Nice girlfriend

“You two had sex again, huh?”

OMG  :shocked  :w00t:

lol I thought it was a question from Eri's dad  XD damn

“YOU should know all about sex right?” I snap. “By the way, how IS your back, Ai? Did the scratches go away yet?”

Yay! A killer counter attack  :banana:

“I-I-I'm gonna go...uh, class.” Ai stutters.


“You have marks too. Bite marks.”

 :mon blood: You really love leaving explosives here and there huh, no complaints from me though  :grin: because I so love it  :twothumbs

“I could help you with that work if you would like? The last thing you want to do is fail.”



Don't be too sad about that because after this comes the TakaGaki prequel!

Yay!  :mon fyeah:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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Having writer blockage at chapter 55 is common.. i many stories actually last that long..LOL~ We'll wait~ :P

Glad about the update!  :wub:

Risa is glaring at Ai waiting for the right moment to hit Ai over the head. I'm sure Ai isn't even aware of that.
- Got me laughing..

I look at her to see if she hasn't turned beet red. She isn't red, she's smiling and a few giggles can be heard.
- LOL~ Ain't innocent anymore?  ;)

“Maybe you shouldn't have said that to, Ai-chan.” She answers. “You have marks too. Bite marks.”
- Hmmm... ya... (refers to previous qn)

 :mon bat:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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lol has it really been that long since I've updated TTCL? XD Well either way I'm glad to get an update and it makes me feel even happier to get feedback like this from the readers. ^_^ I should update more often if people are going to get so happy like this. lol I might have an idea for the next chapter though, but I'm not sure how soon I can post it. Thanks everyone for the nice comments they made me smile this morning. ^_^

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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OMG, how can I not see the update sooner!  :banghead:

Don't be too sad about that because after this comes the TakaGaki prequel! That will be all sorts of fun to write!
Yay! TakaGaki sounds good!

Poor Reina but her uncle must've really loved the woman.

It's really good to see Sayu's soft side besides her pervert one, I like how she's being protective of Koha.

“By the way, how IS your back, Ai? Did the scratches go away yet?”
:lol: payback is a bitch

“Maybe you shouldn't have said that to, Ai-chan.” She answers. “You have marks too. Bite marks.”
Mischievous Eri win!  :heart:

TanaKamei+KohaSayu+TakaGaki =  :mon lovelaff:+ :mon inluv:+ :luvluv2:
THANK YOU so much for the update, you've just made my day!!  :farofflook:

“I could help you with that work if you would like? The last thing you want to do is fail."
Nakazawa Yuko!  :wub:
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TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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*rubs eyes*
*rubs eyes again*

I just had to make sure I read it right when I saw 'update' with today's date...
And does that make me happy or what :D

Lovey dovey TanaKame  :heart:
Reina giving Ai what she deserves.....only to be pwned by her girlfriend  = priceless  :lol:
Still sad that Eri hasn't recovered her eyesight :( but since you promised a happy surprise at the end at least I wouldn't have to prepare myself a box of tissues  :lol:

(Already counting down to your next update~~ :D)

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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I really love  this chapter...
I was very excited for this one, it's very funny and lovely

TanaKame  :heart:   TakaGaki :heart:   KohaShige   :heart:

“Maybe you shouldn't have said that to, Ai-chan.” She answers. “You have marks too. Bite marks.”

 :drool: ~~~~  Funny and Hot XD

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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I finally managed to comment on your update... YEY!!!!!
It will end soon?  :mon waterworks: on the Tanakamei pairing but  :onioncheer: for the TakaGaki prequel!!!

“YOU should know all about sex, right?” I snap. “By the way, how IS your back, Ai? Did the scratches go away yet?”
Ahahaha... 1 point for Reina!!! XD

“Maybe you shouldn't have said that to, Ai-chan.” She answers. “You have marks too. Bite marks.”
100 points for ERI!!!! :mon bleed2:
Can't wait for the next update.XD

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/6)
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“I'm leaving now, Uncle, bye!” I yell, before rushing to the door.

My uncle comes out from the kitchen with a cup of tea in hand and his other hand on his tie, trying to put it into place. He looks at me then to the clock on the kitchen wall with a raised brow.

“You're going to school this early?” He ask.

“I have to meet up with a teacher so I can finish all this work for my classes when I was out.” I reply.

“Alright, well, have a good day. Did you eat breakfast first?” My uncle agrees.

“I'll buy something in a convinces store on the way out.” I answer. “Bye!”

I wave, slinging my book bag over one shoulder and hurry out the door. I think if I'm late Nakazawa-san will kill me. She scares me sometimes. Her threats always seem to speak the truth or maybe they don't, but I do NOT want to find out. I feel the speed in my steps pick up at the thought of being late and getting on to Nakazawa-san's bad side.


So I'm here early, but the only thing stopping me from reaching Nakazawa-san is that I don't even know what classroom she's in! She didn't tell me where to meet her. I wish I remembered to ask her the room number when I spoke to her yesterday! But I think I was just too scared to say anything else to her. I really don't want to go through every classroom and floor just to find one teacher! But it looks like I have no other choice. I walk through the halls, carefully peeking inside doorways for any class that might have Nakazawa-san sitting at a desk, waiting for me. I don't see her anywhere so far.

“Reina, good morning.”

I look down the hall in front of me and see Rika smiling at me cheerfully. Next to her as expected is Yossie. She looks back at me with a small smile then back at Rika. I walk over to my two senpais as an answer to where I can find Nakazawa-san.

“You're here early.” Rika notices.

“Well, I'm supposed to meet Nakazawa-san today, but I don't know where her classroom is.” I reply.

Yossie stands up from the wall, looking at me in curiosity. “Why would you even be around Nakazawa? Did you do something bad again?” She questions.

“No, I didn't if you must know. She's helping me with my school work!” I snap.

“Who knew Nakazawa could be this nice.” Yossie mumbles, surprised.

“Would you like me to show you her classroom?” Rika offers, changing the subject.

“Yes.” I reply.

Rika walks me through the halls quickly and I take note to the classes we pass and the halls we walk through in case I need to meet Nakazawa-san again. The walk to her classroom isn't long and Rika points to the door when we're just a few steps to the door.

“That's Nakazawa-san's classroom.” Rika announces. “Be sure to be polite with her. She hates it when students aren't polite.”

I look from Rika to the classroom nervously. “Thanks.” I squeak. “So uh...anything else I should know before I go in there?”

Yossie grins at me and chuckles. “Yeah, good luck it was nice knowing you.” She laughs.

Rika jabs her elbow into Yossie's chest to stop her laughing. “Yossie! Don't scare her.” She turns back to me with a warm smile. “Don't listen to Yossie. Nakazawa-san isn't that scary. Besides teachers aren't allowed to murder or hurt their students no matter how bad they are.”

Yossie let out another chuckle behind Rika. “Then you haven't heard about that second year student.” She snickers.

I stand still and gulp. I'm a second year high school student! Yossie's grin shows again once she sees my face and lets out a fit of laughter. Rika hits her several times on the back, cutting Yossie's laughter short so she could defend herself from her girlfriend's hits.

“Will you stop doing that?!” Rika scolds. “What type of senpai are you?! You should be helping Reina because if it weren't for her we wouldn't be dating.”

“Ah, ah, alright you're right. I'm sorry! Just stop hitting me, Rika it hurts.” Yossie yelps, dodging another hit.

It's my turn to laugh now and I don't fight to hold it in as I take in the scene of the couple. Yossie is holding her head, crouching to protect herself from Rika's girly hits and Rika is towering above Yossie ready to hit her again. This is just too funny. Yossie peeks out from her fingers and sees me laughing.

“What's so funny?! You just go to Nakaaawa-san before she gets mad your late. And forget you even saw this!” Yossie yells.

I turn around, still laughing at the two of them. The only reason why I listen to Yossie is because I don't want to be late and Nakazawa-san scares me a lot more than Yossie's threat. As I walk away I can still hear Yossie talking, but she's probably talking to Rika to apologize to her girlfriend. That serves her right for trying to scare the crap out of me and it worked! So I'm the last one laughing now, ha!

“What took you so long?!”

Or I was the last one laughing. I stand stiff in the door way, staring at Nakazawa-san in fear again. She looks back at me from her desk, hands tucked under her chin with a serious expression.

“I” I stutter.

“Get in and take a seat so we can get started already. I don't need excuses.” Nakazawa-san orders.

I remain silent and obey. If I just remain quiet and listen I just might get out of here alive. That's a good idea.


Whoever invented school should just go to hell for this torture! Not only do I have to stay locked in my room still doing loads of work, but I have to study for final exams. Why does this year have to be so hectic? Sure, Nakazawa-san's help did cut things down a little, but I still have a handful of homework to accomplish. I hate school.
“Reina, Eri is on the phone.” My uncle announces.

I sit up from my bed and stretch before standing. I yawn and raise my hands has high as they can go then stand to open my room door. I know why Eri is calling me. It's because I haven't spoken or seen her today and it'll only continue this way for a few more days. I didn't have time to speak with her today because of all the homework I need to complete in order to catch up with my classes. I'm almost done now thanks to Nakazawa-san. Instead of being in my room for weeks or possibly a month I will only be in here for a few days if I just keep working for late hours. If it weren't for Nakazawa-san I would still be here with a mountain full of books  on my bed stacked high above my head as I work. The stack of books are just a few inches tall now.  I open the door to take the phone in my uncle's hand and walk back towards my bed.


“Reina.” Eri wails. “I've missed you.”

She sighs on her end and I sit down in my bed, feeling myself starting to smile at the sound of her voice. She must miss me a lot. I can tell just by the sound of her voice. I lay back in bed, staring up to the ceiling with the phone comfortably next to my ear.

“I'm sorry. I've been busy lately.” I reply.

“Will you be able to be with me now?” She ask.

I can picture her pouting as she said those words and it makes me smile more just imagining how cute she must look now pouting.

“I'm almost done. Just give me a day or two.” I say. “The school year is almost done and I just need to hand in some other needed work.”

“Will you be able to come to Ai-chan's pool party?” Eri questions.

“Ai has a pool at her place?” I answer.

“Yeah, she invited everyone to come today when the school year is done. She wanted to know if you could come too.”

I don't remember seeing a pool in Ai's backyard. I must have been busy trying to get into the tent since it was so cold outside during Halloween. It's nice of her to throw a party for everyone at the end of the year though.

“I'll be there don't worry.” I promise.

“One more thing before I go. Come to my place next week. Oh, and wear something nice, OK?” Eri says. “Bye, I have to go!”

She hangs up before I ask her why she needs me to wear something fancy. I don't get why she would want that. I mean I'm just going over to her house. Maybe she's going to take me to a restaurant? Another date? Is it another date? What is she planning? She can't just leave without telling me something else! Great, now I'll be wondering about next week. I sigh and put the phone down. I face my opened text book and pick up  my pencil. I don't have time to let this bother me. I still have to finish these worksheets and then squeeze in some studying. I can talk to her when I have free time and that's IF I get free time.

“Alright, math. I can do this!” I coach to myself.

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/623
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:w00t: An update! Thank you! This is like an early present  :twothumbs


“Yeah, good luck it was nice knowing you.”
- IshiYosi interaction
:lol: IshiYoshi are fun.

Whoever invented school should just go to hell for this torture!

God, Eri is so cute  :wub:

Ai-chan's pool party sounds great and I can wait to see what Eri's been planning.
Though to be honest I've been really dreading the time limit from Reina's parents  :on cloudeye:
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TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/623
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Pool party....? :drool:

Oh, Eri has something planned! I wonder what it is?

Oh, yeah. YAY! UPDATE~~! :shakeit: :cow:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/623
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“Thanks.” I squeak. “So uh...anything else I should know before I go in there?”

It's like she's going to a battle  XD

Yossie grins at me and chuckles. “Yeah, good luck it was nice knowing you.” She laughs.

Nice one Yossie  :lol:

Yossie is holding her head, crouching to protect herself from Rika's girly hits and Rika is towering above Yossie ready to hit her again.

Cute  :nya:

Yossie peeks out from her fingers and sees me laughing.

Very sweet revenge  :wahaha:

I remain silent and obey. If I just remain quiet and listen I just might get out of here alive. That's a good idea.

Damn  :lol:

“Will you be able to be with me now?” She ask.


“Will you be able to come to Ai-chan's pool party?”

Bikini  :twisted:

Great, now I'll be wondering about next week

I'm now wondering too  :D

Happy holidays to the awesome writer, which happens to be one of my favorite fanfic writers, and also to her awesome followers.  :mon santa3:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/623
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Ah the monster of schoolwork. Always a hindrance to the dating life, ain't it? :on study:

A pool party at Ai's house? Mhmmmm  :hehehe:

I want to know what Eri has in mind for next week too :wriggly:

Ahhh! Update soon :D

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/623
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Pool Party ?
oh gosh! Bikini anywhere  :drool:   XD
asdas I wanna read the next chapter soon *O*

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/623
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Hi! I just wanted to say that I LOVE your story and after I noticed it I spent 2 days reading up until your most recent chapter (I didn't sleep till 5; luckily it's the weekend XD). I don't know when your next update will be, but I really look forward to it! :bow:

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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 12/23)
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^ Hey, thanks for enjoying my fic. Welcome to the forum also. I hope you continue to read this fic.  ^_^


Yes you are seeing this right! It is an update! It's been how long since TTCL had one?! I'm assuming months! O.O A bunch of long months! It took me a while to whip out a chapter and actually like it then even longer to complete it! So here it is now! I hope you all remembered what happened in the fic. Please enjoy the fic.

ATTENTION:Please vote on my poll! It will be very important that you all do. This poll will remain open on this thread for two weeks. Consider this poll being made to show how much my readers mean to me and so I made you all in charge of how TTCL should end! I even encourage my lurkers to vote! You don't even have to say what you voted for it's all sceret! So please!


This past week a lot had happened: endless studying, last minute touches for projects, and final exams. My social life within a week disappeared right before my eyes. That however, wasn't what amazed me. What I did during that hectic week surprised me.

I studied. That was a thing I had never done back in Fukuoka. I didn't care about being the perfect daughter for my parents or an A plus student. I wanted to wander the streets with my 'friends', getting into trouble. That was a lot more appealing than locking myself into a room to study like some anti-social nerd.

This year though was different, very different. I for once, in a long time, actually cared about my grades. I had never worked this hard in a single school year before. I wasn't the only one who worked hard to pass with A's this year, so were my friends. They all worked hard to try and make it through the year with flying colors that I haven't heard a word from any of them in days, including Eri.

I missed Eri's voice. I even missed the text messages she would give me weekly during the hard studying for finals. All I had of her to look at was the background picture on my phone. I  had taken that picture months before the car accident.

Sometimes, looking at the picture made me sad because I still had some guilt about the car accident, but I tried not to focus on that feeling or remember the car crash. I always tried to pay attention on the happy moment Eri and I had when I took that picture. In this old photograph, for once her eyes didn't look hazy or unfocused. Eri was looking directly at the camera of my cell phone with a happy expression.

 She had on this huge smile. I can even see the fang she has. I smiled each time I saw that goofy yet blissful smile. The picture I had been able to get me through the week without seeing Eri or speaking to her. It also helped me become motivated to study harder for my exams.

Now that everything is over I can relax. I can even see Eri again. I'll be seeing Eri shortly since she wants me to come to her house this week. I'm still not sure why, but I won't even think about not attending. I need to see Eri. I've been away from her too long.

It will be nice to get to hold her again or even kiss her. I can't wait to see her. I've done what she's asked. I bought a whole new dress that I managed to make time to shop for during the previous week. I settled upon a black strapped dress that stops just above my knees.

“Reina, Eri called. Are you done?” My uncle questions.

I stare into the mirror at the door of my room that shows my reflection onto the surface of my mirror drawer. I put my hand to the ribbon resting at the middle of the dress to see if it's securely in place, then rake my shaking hands through brown hair. I left my hair straight and down with a headband resting comfortably on top. I figured since I never put my hair down enough I would do that tonight when I see Eri.

I pick up the eyeliner and finished the last touches to my make-up confident about my appearance. I stand straight and sigh to gain more courage into day's event.

“I'm ready uncle.” I reply.

 Looking through the mirror, I can see him opening my room door and smile at me. His eyes look over my clothing then to my hair.

“You've let your hair loose.” He states. “You look beautiful, Reina.”

I smile, beginning to feel my cheeks warm to his kind compliment. He motions for me to walk out first and follows close after me. I go to the coat rack next to the door and pick up my jacket.

“Let me help you put on your coat.” My uncle volunteers.

He takes my coat into his hands and holds it out for me to slip my arms through the holes of the sleeves. I pull the zipper up to my chest then open the front door, ready to go. I don't want to keep Eri waiting any longer. I pursue after my uncle to his car and take a seat in the passenger seat. I haven't drove since the accident.

I know that I can if I wanted to and I'm glad that my license didn't get taken away after the accident, but I just can't bring myself to drive again. I guess I've grown a type of fear to driving a car after the crash. I don't really need to drive again so soon anyway. I still need time to get over what's happened when I was behind the wheel.
 My uncle isn't bothered with having to drive me everywhere though so that makes me feel less guilty about not wanting to drive again. He always seems to understand me so well.

“Let's not let Eri wait any longer.” My uncle suggest.

He opens the door and motions for me to exit first. The closer I get to the car the more excited I become. This means I'm one step closer to see Eri. I'm a little nervous since I'm not sure what Eri has planned or if this is the type of dress she had in mind I would wear, but I shouldn't focus on that. I'll finally be with my girlfriend and I can't wait.

I get into the passenger seat and my uncle gets inside to start the car. I make sure that before the car moves I put on my seat beat and sit back into the cushioned seat. I take a deep breath to calm myself as the car moves. I figure I should calm my nerves before approaching Eri. I close my eyes and breathe out slowly.

I'm becoming so nervous over nothing that my stomach is starting to hurt. I tap my fingers against the window sill.

“Relax, why are you so worked up?” My uncle ask.

I open my eyes and look at him. He has his eyes to the front of the car, waiting for the light to turn green. I put on a sheepish smile and shrug.

“I'm not sure.” I admit.

“I'm sure you're excited. It's been how long since you've seen her?” My uncle questions.

“A week.” I reply.

“You're just a little edgy is all. Calm down, Reina.” He instructs.

The car moves again. I nod, listening to my uncle's word of advice. The car ride remains silent after that and surprisingly the ride isn't that long either than I thought it would be. I'm trying my best to keep my stomach from hurting again as I open the car door.

“Reina, if you need to spend the night don't worry about it. Just enjoy your night with Eri.” My uncle allows, before I go to knock on the door.

I thank him briefly then knock on the front door. I hear Eri's voice on the other end as she makes her way towards the door and I'm excited and edgy all over again. I finally am going to see her. I'm looking forward to this. The door to her house opens and she smiles at me with extreme joy.

“Reina, you remembered!” She says.

“Of course, I would never forget.” I confirmed.

“Come in, I'm starting to feel the cold.” she encourages.

“I'll see you tomorrow Reina.” My uncle says. “You look amazing Eri.”

Eri blushes as his compliment. I'm sure she didn't even know my uncle was here so she's probably embarrassed.

“Thank you.” she replies.

My uncle walks away and Eri latches on to my arm to guide me inside. I turn back around and allow myself to look over Eri's chosen outfit as well. I'm taken away. I've never seen her look this beautiful. Her hair is down with loose curls at the edges.

Her dress is dark red and it leaves her shoulders exposed. I have a good view of her legs and feel myself fill with a different type of excitement. I've been away from her too long. I want more than anything to rip that dress off her! I close my hands into a tight fist to try and contain myself.

I shouldn't have such thoughts right now. For all I know, Eri might just want to have a nice evening with me and that doesn't include sex. God I hope not! OK, I have to stop thinking for a second. Eri gives me a soft smile, unaware of my burning desirable thoughts.

I make sure to close the door after me the second I'm inside. With my mind slowly leaving the gutter, I begin to look around the house and notice that there's something different about this place. It's completely silent as if it's empty.

“Where is your dad?” I say.

“He's out and so is my brother and sister. It's just us here.” Eri answers.

We're the only ones here? Does this mean we're on a date? Before I can go into full panic mode, Eri drags me into the kitchen and I'm speechless. The table is decorated nicely with a fancy smooth table cloth, two long candles that are at both ends of the table, then there is a vase in the middle of the two candles with a few roses placed inside.

The whole room is filled with dim light and I can hear soft music being played somewhere around here. Eri did all this for me?! How did she find the time to do all this? I walk over to the table and see that she's prepared plenty of food for us to enjoy, possibly more than I can eat in one day.

“ did all this?” I whisper, in complete shock.

“Yeah, Gaki-san helped me with most of it, but the idea was mine. Do you like it?” she response.

I feel myself smile overjoyed. I turn around and pull her into a tight hug.

“I love it!” I yelp. “Because it came from you and from your heart. This has so much value to me.” I take a step back and give her a quick kiss. “Thank you.”

Eri pulls me into another hug and clings on to me for a few seconds enjoying the feel of me in her arms.

“I do this because I love you Reina. I thought we should have a more formal date together and well it was hard to plan because of finals, but I was determined to do this to show you how much you mean to me.” she explains.

I bury my face into her neck and inhale the sweet fragrance I've missed this whole week. She put on the perfume I like the most. I find it cute how she remembers that smells I like and puts them on just for me. I hold her in comfortable silence for a few minutes then hear my stomach growl through the quietness. Eri giggles then lets me go.

“We should probably eat now.” she states.

I release my hold around her curvy waist and nod in agreement. I take a hold of her wrist before she walks away to a chair.

“Let me help you sit down.” I volunteer.

She slips her wrist free from my hand.

“I can do it.” she equips.

I watch her as she makes her way to a chair with ease and puts her hand out to grab into the seat to locate where to sit. I'm relieved to see that she sits down without any harm and I walk over to get a chair of my own next to her.

“Let me at least serve you Eri. I don't think you should be cutting meat blind.” I plead.

Eri this time agrees to let me give her the food, but I know that she will want to feed herself. I'm sure she gets enough babying from her family so I will let her eat on her own.  When the food is done being served, we eat together in silence. The food tastes great.

I never doubting Eri's cooking skills though. I've tasted her cooking before. I'll have to remember to thank Gaki-san for her help. I don't think I will be able to eat all of this food though. I'll just have enjoy what I can eat before I become full.


About half way through the meal, I was done eating. My stomach became so full it felt as if it was about to explode. I lean back into the chair and exhale. I glance tiredly towards the table and take note that there is still plenty of food left that isn't even half way down.

“Ah, I can't take another bite.” I cry.

Eri smiles and puts down her fork. I sit up into my seat properly and smile back at her.

“Did you enjoy the food?” she ask.

“It tasted delicious.” I comment.

“You don't have any room for desert do you?”

“I just might feel sick if I eat more.” I honestly respond.

“OK, we can have desert another time.” She decides.

Eri places her napkin onto the table and gets up from her seat.

“Oh, Reina, by the way...I love your dress. The headband on you is cute. You should put your hair down more often too.” she states.

“Ah, thank-wait...WHAT?!” I shout.

I stand up from my seat, finding it hard to believe what I've just heard. I'm nearly about to have a heart attack. Eri looks back at me and opens her eyes and smiles. I stare at her, speechless for a second to gather my thoughts properly before speaking.

“YOU CAN SEE?!” I scream.

“Surprise!” Eri giggles.

I rush over to her and hug her. “When?! How?! I can't believe it! Did you set all this up to show me you could see again?”

Eri laughs and strokes my hair as I continue to hug her. “I didn't plan on seeing again. I just woke up one day and I noticed I've gotten my sight back. I figured it would be a nice touch for our dinner tonight though.” she clarifies.

“I...this is amazing! Did you tell everyone else?!” I exclaim.

“I didn't tell everyone. The only person who knows is Gaki-san since she helped me prepare dinner and the decorations.” she claims.

I let go of Eri and look directly into her warm lively eyes. They aren't dull and cloudy anymore, but instead clear and bright. The vibrant light that shinned behind those brown orbs are there again, flickering with happiness. Eri smiles at me again and seeing her smile like this, directly at me, makes my heart throb. I lean up to her and kiss her passionately.

Her hands, that are still wrapped around me, clench around my body stronger, pushing our bodies closer together. I moan at the feeling of her body pressed onto me. I can't remember the last time when we were able to get intimate again, but I think we're about to now. I'm more than happy to give in if that's what Eri wants. As if she were reading my mind, Eri easily slips her tongue into my mouth telling me she just how much she wants this. I moan again louder and kiss back more fiercely.

Feverishly, the both of us kiss as if our lives depended on it and only break away to breathe again. I look into my girlfriend's brown colored eyes again, lost at the dark color that's displayed before me. My breath hitches and I'm breathing a lot more heavily. This is a lot better than desert. It's like one hundred times better!

My brain stops thinking and my feelings take over. I take a hold of Eri and turn her around so her back instead is facing the table then sit her down before I push the plates to the floor. Eri lets out a small gasp, but moans again when she feels my hand on to her thigh. I move her dress up to her waist and quickly yank down her underwear. Eri wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me, hungrily.

This is going to be one long and interesting night.



I frown at the person who decided to bother me on much needed sleep. Now isn't a good time to bother me. I grab the bedsheets and yank them over my head.


I let out a snort, trying not to focus on the person's words. I feel soft hands on to my shoulder and gently they shake me, trying to coax me out of my slumber. I breathe in sharply then let out a deep sigh.

“Huh?” I mumble, through the sheets.

“Reina, you're uncle called. He wants to know when should he come to pick you up?”

I push the sheets back from my face and peek through half closed eyes. Eri is sitting above me, smiling at how disoriented I've become. She tucks a piece of brown hair behind her ear and waits for me to reply. I exhale and put a hand to my face, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I need a drink. My mouth is so dry.

“W-what time is it?” I croak.

“It's almost five in the afternoon.” Eri replies.

I quickly sit up in bed alarmed. I look around me and see the bright sun peeking out through the blinds of Eri's room window.

“What!” I yell then breathe out, exhausted. “I've slept for too long!” I run a hand through my loose hair, still trying to collect my thoughts and clear my foggy mind.

“Are you still tired?” Eri questions. “You should be. We were up almost all night.” She lets out a small giggle to that fact and grins.

I put my hand to my mouth as I yawn, ready to go back to much needed sleep. “I'm so tired.” I grumble.

I lay back in bed, staring into the ceiling, while forcing myself to stay awake. Eri's bed is too comfortable to not fall asleep. I feel myself start to smile as I lay there recalling last night's events. Yesterday...was amazing. The food. The candles.

Eri is such an amazing girl. I feel the bed move and I shift over to make some space for Eri, but she doesn't lay next to me. She decided to straddle my hips and sit above me. I focus on to her face, surprised by her sudden move and the amount of distance that's no longer between us. I blink at her, still hazy from my sleep.

Eri smiles at me again and brushes a finger against my bangs.

“What were you smiling about, Reina?” she ask, tilting her head to the side.

I smile back at her and shake my head. “Nothing.” I reply.

Eri dips down and kisses my forehead. “You're so cute.  You know that, Reina?” she blurts.

I put a hand behind my head and sigh. “I know I'm cute.” I confirm. She flicks my forehead at my selfish answer. “ow!”

“Have you been hanging out with Sayu too much?!” Eri ask.

I laugh at how serious she looked asking me such a stupid question. When I begin to settle down I put my free hand around her waist. Our laughter dies down and our smiles go away. We stare lovingly into each others' eyes. I still can't believe she can see again yet here she is, staring at me affectionately and her eyes are completely focused on me.

“You're one...amazing girl. You know that?” I say, watching Eri blush. “You're...perfect. A perfect friend, sister, daughter... the perfect girlfriend.” I put my hand that's behind my head up to Eri's face and pull her down to place a sweet and quick kiss. “I love you.”

I watch Eri's face turn pink and her eyes start to fill with tears. She blinks back a few of the tears and smiles. She's trying so hard to hold back her sobs.

“Eri, don't cry!” I shout.

She lets out a small chuckle then wipes her eye with the back of her hand. She smiles again. “No, this is different.” she stutters. “I'm crying...because I'm so happy. You make me so happy Reina! I love you so much!”

She puts a hand to her mouth and puts her head down to hide her tears that she can no longer control. I can see beads of clear liquid stream down her cheeks and disappear behind her hand. I stare at her in complete awe. She's still so beautiful. Her eyes even seem more beautiful when they're covered in tears. 

After staring for a few seconds, I feel myself starting to smile. I smile out of joy. I smile because of Eri's happiness and our undying love towards each other. Eri removes her hand and swipes away the tears around her eyes and on her cheeks then smiles at me. She begins to laugh.

It's a small yet cheery laugh. I think I enjoy hearing her laugh more than seeing her cry from happiness. Her laughter is what I want to hear the most everyday I'm around her. I put my hands onto her hips then tickle her sides. She jerks back and lets out a louder more longer giggle.

“Ah, you're ticklish there, huh?” I grin, running my hands to her stomach.

“R-Reina stop it!” she yells through her laughter.

I continue to tickle her, letting my fingers travel over her neck and anywhere else I think is good enough to emit another laugh. I completely ignore her plea for me to stop, enjoying her laughter too much to quit. This goes on until Eri manages to slip away from me and she sits at the edge of the bed grinning at her quick escape. I look at her and blink, putting together the meaning of her wolfish smirk. I shovel over to the other side of her bed and only manage to tangle myself into the sheets even more.

“No!” I yelp. “No, don't even think about it Eri! I'm sorry!”

She lunges forward and I let out a sharp scream. She lands on to me, but I won't make it easier for her to tickle me back. I grab on to her arms and we start to move around to gain the upper hand. All I can hear is our grumbling and the creaking of the bed as we squirm around. She's a lot stronger than she seems.

It's hard for me to hold her back. It doesn't help that I'm tied in her bed sheets, giving Eri a better chance to hold me down and tickle me mercilessly. She gets me pinned down after all the struggling and I'm left flat on my back to her vicious attacks. Eri puts her hands around my wrist and puts them above my head in a death grip.

“Haha, I have you now!” she announces.

Then she starts to tickle the sides of my stomach and anywhere else she can reach, leaving me breathless from laughter and blinded from the build up of tears in my eyes. I try to squirm away, but every time I move an inch back she moves an inch forward. I seriously think I'm going to pee myself if she doesn't stop!

“Enough! Enough!” I gasp.

Eri doesn't stop though and my stomach is starting to ache from contracting so much. Just when I think the tickle fest isn't going to end there's a knock at her room door. Eri pulls her hands back and releases me. I let out a deep sigh and suck in huge amounts of much needed air. My lungs can finally breathe again! For once, I'm happy to have someone interrupt us.

“Yes?” Eri calls.

“Eri I just wanted to tell you that I'm going out for a while. I'm taking your sister with me. Your brother left for work. There's food already made for you and Reina if you get hungry. All you have to do is heat it up.” Her father replies.

“OK, thank you dad.” Eri answers.

Then he's gone and Eri turns back to me. I sit up in bed again, feeling less winded and tired. I push the sheets back before sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Are you going to eat first?” Eri ask.

“I'll just eat at home. I'm sure my uncle is wondering when I'll be back.” I reply.

I stand out of bed and stretch to loosen the tense muscles in my back and arms. I turn around and notice Eri staring at me attentively.


“Reina, you're still naked.” she states.

I look down and see that I have not a single piece of clothing around me. How could I forget that?! I blush and instantly cover myself from Eri's hungry eyes.

“Don't look at me!” I yell.

Eri laughs and puts on a devilish grin. “Oh come on, it's not like I haven't seen or touched anything on your body.”

I start to blush again and Eri takes joy in seeing my face turn bright red. I pick up a sock then throw it at Eri's head.

“Don't look!” I shout.

I watch the sock bounce off her head and Eri looks at me confused while rubbing subconsciously where the sock landed as if it hurt. I glare at her and she sighs, turning herself around so she's looking at a wall.

“Fine. You don't have to be brutal.” she grumbles.

When I see that she isn't peeking and staying where she is I then start to dress myself properly. I really was looking forward to having breakfast with her, but I've slept too much so I'll have to go home. I've stayed here too long. I can always be with Eri another day. I hope we can even have another romantic night like last night again. I'll have to plan it for next time.


“I'm sorry I can't stay with you longer Eri.” I apologize.

Eri smiles at me and  latches on to the wrists of my hands. “It's no problem. We can be together another day. I'll miss you while you're gone.” she answers.

I feel myself grin and pull her into a tight hug. Every time I'm around her I always find myself falling deeper in love with this woman. That's something I thought was never possible. I think some of it has to do with Eri gaining her sight again. I'm not only happy about that, but I'm happy about it for her.

“What will you do the rest of the day?” I question.

I let her go to get another view of her beautiful brown colored eyes. I want to look into them forever now that they've gained their brightened color. It's a lot better than seeing  unclear almost grayish eyes. She thinks about her answer then shrugs.

“I don't know. I guess I'll go hang out with Gaki-san and Ai-chan. Or maybe I should go with Sayumi somewhere.” she replies.

I cringe remembering when I decided to hang over at Ai's place. I wonder if Eri even knows what they do on their time alone together. I better tell her to stay with Sayu today if she doesn't want to hear those two screwing all night!

“Uh...Eri, maybe you should hang out with Sayu today.” I suggest. “You two are best friends, right?”

“Yeah, I haven't gone anywhere with her alone. I'll go give Sayu a call then.” she agrees.

She has no idea how much Sayu is the much better choice. I sigh, feeling relieved to her choice. I lean forward and give Eri a kiss on the cheek. I know that we're outside on her front porch, but when I'm around her I can't control myself. I need to have some sort of close contact with her. I had enough self control to kiss her on the cheek at least.

“I'll see you another time.” I whisper.

Eri smiles at me and nods. I give her one last smile then walk away. It's time to go home to my uncle and get a fresh pair of clothes and take a long bath. I know that if I did take a bath at Eri's place I wouldn't be leaving her house until tomorrow morning. I don't have a problem with that though, but I need some time to recover from last night.


“Uncle, what the hell happened to you?!” I shout, when I spot my uncle sitting on the couch.

I didn't expect him to be there looking like a bum with messy hair. It looks like his hair was struck by lighting and his clothes...are those stains? My uncle turn around and stares me in complete shock as if he wasn't expecting me to come home. I walk closer towards the couch and take a seat. Of course I would be home!

I spend the night over Eri's house and need to bathe. I won't stay in Eri's house smelling. Speaking of uncle doesn't smell exactly like roses! I cringe and scoot to the other end of the couch to get away from his odor. Seriously...has he heard of a bath?!

“Uncle, you look like a hobo!” I growl.

My uncle turns back towards the TV and sulks. “Gee, thanks.” he mumbles. “I woke up late. I had a long night while you were gone.”

“What did you do last night?” I curiously ask.

I really wish I did though. The door to his room opens and down the hall I can see his girlfriend sloppily walking, dragging her feet along as she moves. Her hair is just as messy and she can barely see through half opened eyes. Is that my uncle's shirt that she's wear? Where the hell are her pants?!

Please tell me she has shorts under that shirt! My uncle's girlfriend walks directly to the bathroom unaware of me. The bathroom door closes and I sit there staring, with my eyes open in surprise. I stay there nearly tramatized for a good minute and a half. I then turn to my uncle to see that he has the same face as me then his cheeks turn red.

“Is that...” I squeak.

“Yeah...” he croaks back.

“You two...” I trail. “She was here last night?!”

My uncle remains silent and I just about explode, ready to scream and run around. Don't freak out! Don't freak out! I know this is gross because he's my uncle and all, but the last thing I want to do is end up foaming at the mouth or something worse! There's a awkward silence around us after my question.

“I don't even wanna know!” I scream, then face the TV.

“Let's just pretend you didn't see her.” My uncle advises.

“Good idea.” I respond.

We start to watch TV together in less awkward silence. I reach over to the back of chips resting in my uncle's lap forgotten and take the bag. I pick up a few chips and munch on one quietly. My uncle takes a handful himself and shoves it into his mouth. I continue to have my eyes stuck to the flashing screen, finding it more interesting at the moment.

 It looks like I won't get that bath just yet.

“So...” I say. “Did you use protection?”

My uncle starts to choke on his chips. I keep my eyes on the TV screen, but can't help contain the huge grin on my face as my uncle coughs violently to get the chips out. Payback is a bitch.

NOTES: Don't ask for a perv because there isn't one! Actually...there is, but I decided to keep it out, but I am thinking about conintuing it though. I'll have to see. Until then there is an incomplete perv. XD
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Re: This Thing Called Love(UPDATED 4/12)
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welcome back!!

read through it quickly so I can have the first post :P got worried if Eri would be blind, but luckily it was only temporarily.

btw, I knew you was gonna have a perv soon :P but we can wait, just PLEASE don't make us wait an additional four months to do it.  just wish I could write as good as you

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