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:: Lady of the Month :: WINNERS CIRCLE ::
« on: May 02, 2009, 06:11:53 AM »
2011 July 03

Just winning by an asshole hair over Chise Nakamura...THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE VOTERS?! FINALLY pre-emptive LOM gets the nod. ETA!! XXXtended into August for THE LAST of  the LOM...for now??

Rina is the a model and enka singer even, for Fit one. She has done variety shows and anime theme songs, check out more 吉木 りさ  at Ladies Loving Forum.

2011 June 01

Overwhelming support for this Konno Asami look-a-like!!

Rina is a Japanese actress signed under Box Corporation. Her debut role is Saki Rōyama/Go-on Yellow in the 2008 TV Asahi's tokusatsu series Engine Sentai Go-onger, check out more 逢沢りな at Ladies Loving Forum.

2011 April 03

Another tight voting ended up with BOSSES CHOICE and a very homer call as Chinatsu Wakatsuki edges Yumiko Shaku in the battle of veteran gravure turned actress. EDIT!! XXXTENDED TO MAY!!! BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!

Hugely accomplished in TV, movies, fashion and can be seen in magazines and CMs, Chii-chan started out as a Morning Musume wannabe in the 4th Generation auditions. She turned that failure into a successful gravure career, dropping music even eventually teaming up with Mecha-Ike and their band of comedians and the rest is history. One of Japan's biggest celebrities. As tama-chan puts it, "The Mai Satoda look-a-like. But 10 times prettier!"  check out more 若槻千夏 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2011 March 03

In one of the tightest battles YET!! The favorite Risa Yoshiki gets edged by the strength of a rolling gif alone!! GJ KANA!

New to the scene and despite her young looks, she is quite the accomplished actress. check out more 倉科カナ at Ladies Loving Forum.

2011 February 01


Achieved all levels of IDOL - modeling, acting, and singing. With her amazing breasts and extra cute smile, there's no stopping her!! check out more 市川 由衣 at Ladies Loving Forum.


2011 January 03

The heir to Reon Kadena's cocktease throne is none other than....

Been in the idol business for years, now trying to make it big by taking it off plus acting gigs in Keitai Shojo -Koi no Kagai Jugyo and other TV series, check out more しほの涼 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2010 December 03

Momoko Tani finally reaches #1 showing no mercy to the vets of Yuko Ogura and Yui Ichikawa, easily beating them all!!

Accomplished actress and gravure idol, she has established herself as a heavyweight in both fields, known for her peach bottom - check out more 谷 桃子 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2010 November 02

Rika Sato edged an onslaught of ASSES made up of Asami Tada, Natsuki Ikeda, Chinatsu Wakatsuki, and Momoko Tani to grab this month's LOM Crown!!

Cast in the Tensou Sentai Goseiger Super Sentai series, her popularity is on the rise. As a part of the Hexagon Unit with infamous midget Mari Yaguchi of Morning Musume fame sang a song for One Piece anime, "Straw Hat - Kaze Wo Sagashite" 『風をさがして』 As my homegirl shirenu says "She's so adorable, has monkey club ears" Check out more さとう里香 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2010 October 02

Ai Shinozaki whole schtick is BOOBS once she turned 18 but shocked the world when she recently retired, her gravure works will be getting a proper send off, just barely getting by Akina Minami and Park Hyun Sun to get the title!

The Tokyo native has been a gravure idol since her early days, with recent popularity higher than ever. Check out more 篠崎愛 at Ladies Loving Forum.


2010 August 03

Her whole schtick is ASS ASS and more ASS so why it took over two years to be come Lady of the Month is beyond me!! butt she held off a comeback feel surge by Yuko Ogura and the new Risa Yoshiki 吉木 りさ to cum out on top! XXXTENDED TO SEPTEMBER!!!

The idol and actress is best known for her roles in Kamen Rider Agito and Kamen Rider Den-O. She has also been named to have the "Best Buttocks in Japan" in 2007, which earned her the nickname "Oshirina" Check out more 秋山莉奈 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2010 July 01

Chrissie Chau the model who has melted Hong Kong has taken over JPHiP!! in complete handover style on the day when Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule, we have the first non-Japanese Lady of the Month EVER.

Her cute and sexy looks has graced photobooks and appearances at opening events has revolutionized the modeling idol industry in Hong Kong into the "Leng Mo" aka Pretty Models trend that has taken Asia by storm. You can see her in movies such as "Womb Ghosts (惡胎)" "Seven 2 One (關人7事)" commercials for Slim Beauty and KFC. Check out more 周秀娜 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2010 June 02

Airi Nakajima exhibited complete domination over the other competitors like her name was the Los Angeles Lakers.

A rising star, Airi has starred in movies such as "Grakin Queen" and "Yoroi Samurai Zombie", numerous TV and CMs like "江崎グリコ BOMBA" and is gaining a cult following among the locals at Check out more 中島愛里 at Ladies Loving Forum.


2010 April 02

In one of the most lackluster nominations (3?!) in the closest voting in a long time, veteran sexy Yukie Kawamura jumped ahead of Reon Kadena and Akina Minami: EDIT: Extended to May 2010

one of the most popular gravure idols ever - Yukie has starred in movies such as "Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (吸血少女対少女フランケン)" and TV shows like "Juken Sentai Gekiranger." Check out more 川村 ゆきえ at Ladies Loving Forum.

2010 March 02

In a tight race, featuring long time faves and gravure legends in Yui Ichikawa, Yuko Ogura, Aki Hoshino...the new big boobs came out the winner, Mai Nishida:

She is a relatively new face in the industry, debuting in 2007 after winning the 2006 Spacecraft swimsuit competition. Branching out to TV and stage play - she is a face that will be around for years to come. Check out more 西田麻衣 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2010 February 02

Surging ahead past Yoko Kumada, the popular actress of :hipheart: makes a stand.

Star of such doramas as "Nobuta wo Produce" and "Liar Game" and movies like "GOEMON" and "Death Note" - this versatile actress has appeared in many fashion magazines and CMs. Check out more 戸田恵梨香 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2010 January 01

A slim margin over Yoko Kumada, the most sexually cockteasing idol finally gets her due.

The pinup queen (no relation to Chisato Morishita) is one of the most cockteasing idols around. At a recent event to promote her new DVD, Morishita heated up the audience by confessing, "Often during the filming I realized that my boobs were exposed, and I got told off by the director." From acting to singing (キューティーハニー) she aims to satisfy. Check out more 森下悠里 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2009 December 01

A wider margin of victory than Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential run, the most popular model of the moment takes charge, Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木希

From PINKY Magazine model to being a ringside commentator and spokesperson for the mixed martial arts competition Dream and the kickboxing competition K-1 World Max, roles in Tenshi no Koi and Handsome Suit she is one of today's hottest Japanese celebrities. to quote my girl Hakai She is a such a cutie. And I love her voice.  :heart: Paturisia Martin desu Check out more 佐々木希 at Ladies Loving Forum.


2009 November 01

The fanboys failed to vote the Manfaces, Horsefaces, and Giant Boobs, the biggest boobs of em all squashed out a win by a nipple, Yoko Matsugane 松金 洋子

She is the enjoys golf, yoga, soba eating. When she's a star of TV and over forty IV titles. Check out more 松金 洋子 at Ladies Loving Forum.

2009 October 01

Avoiding a late surge by Yuuri Morishita, KANA TSUGIHARA finally oiled her way to victory.

Gachinko Suiei group, she is the enjoys oil and shirts that barely hang off the tits. When she's not shopping, badminton she's flexing her abs. Check out more 次原かな at Ladies Loving Forum.

2009 August 01

Taking no prisoners, the star of the new 'The Hajirai Machine Girl'  takes over  :thumbsup ETA SO HUGE!! Extended into September 2K9!!  :w00t:

2005 Seikore competion winner, she is the new cock tease with each release being more and more daring. When Noriko's not watching sports she's reciting. Check out more 木嶋のりこ at Ladies Loving Forum.

2009 July 01

Edging Noriko Kijima by 1 vote, Ai 愛衣 the Rika Ishikawa look-a-like and Jabronisaur fan favorite wins!! :jerk:

Debuting in 2006, she's known for her big boobs and bright smile..and looking like one Ishikawa Rika. Check out more 愛衣 at Ladies Loving Forum.

With stints in acting and TV shows, Ai is just taking off. Like my homeboy Jabronisaur says "had to go with Ai....notice the sig"

2009 June 03

A practical tie between 4 Ladies: Risa Kudo, Akina Minami, and Ai, the eventual tiebreaker came late...and Haruna Yabuki came out on top! Her seductive "mature" look makes you just wanna go REDUNKULOUS on her ASS :jerk:

Debuting in 2004 as a swimsuit model for Parco - Haruna Yabuki has delivered in TV, movies, and music. Her hard body, and mature sexy look keeps em cumming for more. Check out more 矢吹春奈 at Ladies Loving Forum.

She'll slowly making a comeback in the gravure, like my homegirl wakaba_doll said "This girl is amazing :heart: ^~ I'm really digging her look!"

2009 May 01

In one of the tightest polls ever (cuz peeps "forgot" to post their vote)...The Bossmen had to decide between Ai and Chisato Morishita and went with the veteran with the HiPs that just scream "FUCK ME"  :jerk:

The race queen turned gravure idol known for her extreme HiPs and Bust (which was moulded into a statue and auctioned for 2,012,000円) likes collecting tennis shoes, basketball, driving. You can see Chisato in such works as "Kamen Rider" series "Gurozuka" and "HiME" Check out more 森下 千里 at Ladies Loving Forum.

She'll keep surprising you with each new release, like my homegirl wakaba_doll said "this girl is exquisite!  Talk about a complete package~ Chisato is it! "

2009 April 02

The Vets came out, Yuka Kosaka, Risa Kudo, Mika Orihata. No contest for Yumi Sugimoto 杉本 有美

The Enjin Sentai Goonger star and gravure idol with the dimples that has been swaying the folk with her innocent yet sexy playful style for years. Check out more at Ladies Loving Forum.

She'll keep surprising you with each new release, like my homegirl shirenu said "Wth, I only realized looking at Masa's set that she has a mole on her cheek!!"

2009 March 01

In the tightest races YET! Natsuko Tatsumi 辰巳奈都子 squeezes past Akina Minami, Risa Kudo, Sayaka Uchida AND Toni Gonzaga.

The Swing Girls star and Miss Flash 2007 Grand Prix award-winning idol has been a favorite at since her steamy video Cafe Latte with April 2008 LoM Sayuri Otomo. Check out more at Ladies Loving Forum.

When she isn't sticking her ass in the air, Natsuko likes to karaoke, shopping, trombone, perfect pitch, electone! DYAMN SON!

2009 February 01

Edging Chisato Morishita, veteran idol Hiroko Sato 佐藤寛子 pulled it out of her ass.

The popular gravure star has branched into movies esp. of the horror genre such as Scare and music - teaming up with Sayaka Isoyama and Aki Hoshino. Check out more at Ladies Loving Forum.

The pix and video be so banging, so artsy - like my homegirl shirenu so eloquently put it "like she swam through an ocean of wota's pubic hair" LMAO

2009 January 01

Smashing vets Hiroko Sato and Sayaka Uchida into last year, Hanako Takigawa 多岐川華子 came out of NO WHERE to get the first honors of 2009!

The star of such programs as Ii Tabi and Men-dol, her mother is a famous actress. Check out more at Ladies Loving Forum.


Kana Tsugihara got 1 vote. WTF!! Not the way we wanna fucking start The Anti-Struggle but shit, we live to serve The HiPstaz. Plus shirenu likes her cute "wabbit giwl" teeth.

2008 December 01

Edging tama-chan by a technicality! (users didn't POST their vote - but tama-chan is LoM in my heart 24/7, 365 <3) so Sayaka Ando 安藤沙耶香 cruised to victory, even beating legend Chinatsu Wakatsuki and Sayaka Uchida (for the millionth time)...pound for pound best lips and ass in the East!

The super flexible sexy idol enjoys movies, music, dancing. check out more at Ladies Loving Forum.

2008 November 01

Edging legends Haruna Yabuki and Sayaka Ando (even Tina Fey) HiPsters went for The lady that sent us all to hell a few years ago...How fitting, The November Birthday girl Hatsune Matsushima 松嶋初音:

Like my homegirl HiME said "Creepy eyed geek FTW!" Star of such TV shows as Akiba@DEEP! she ain't not your typical Double D idol. She geeks it out on her blog while enjoying oil painting, making udon, track & field, drawing weird pictures. Witness it ALL in her IVs and TV host segments, all which can be downloaded at Ladies Loving Forum.

2008 October 01

Aya Kiguchi 木口亜矢 be knocking out suckers, lighting up chumps and smoking fools in the parking lot! (such as Momoko Tani and Sayaka Uchida) HiPsters went for the lady with the great ass...

The well known TV, gravure idol and Super GT image girl even released a few singles in 2007-08. You can now see her in the Kakuto Bin series with Yuka Kosaka and Kana Tsugihara. She enjoys horseback riding, stretching. Random video and pix...all which can be downloaded at Ladies Loving Forum.


2008 September 01

A last minute nomination, the HiPsters voted unamiously for the flawless, super exotic Meisa Kuroki 黒木メイサ...

The quarter South American, half Japanese stunner from Okinawa has appeared in CMs for chips, cosmetics, phones, movies; TV and broke throught with the funky track 'Like This' for TOSHIBA Sportio brand cell phones. Random video and pix (including the fuckin best girl-on-girl photobook missmatch with Maki Horitaka) ...all which can be downloaded at Ladies Loving Forum.

2008 July 01

After several nominations under her bikini, Misako Yasuda 安田 美沙子 FINALLY clinches Lady of the Month honors...edit and because of sheer volume of her career, her reign was pushed into August 2008. Very well deserved!

The former Isetan University student became one of the most visible models in Japan when she made it big with Miss Magazine 2002 title and followed it up with Suntory Beer campaign girl in 2004. Misako Yasuda has followed that up with numerous appearances in magazines, CMs, TV, DVDs, and movies. When she's not in the spotlight she enjoys practicing English, Chinese, music, making fragrances, exploring, basketball, piano. Random pix...all which can be downloaded at Ladies Loving Forum.

2008 June 02

Narrowly beating out Yukie Kawamura and Mami Yamasaki, HiPsters went for the latest "IT" girl, Minsae Yashiro 八代みなせ...

A relatively "late" bloomer (born 1985, debuted 2006) she is the girl next door with the sexy touch. You can see her in The Machine Girl. Random pix...all which can be downloaded at Ladies Loving Forum.


2008 May 01 a slim margin over Aya Kiguichi, HiPsters went for a new favorite, Ayame Misaki 水崎綾女...

A rising star, from cute to hot and sexy. You can see her with March 2008 LoM Mikie Hara in Cutie Honey THE LIVE. Reon Kadena revisted. Random pix...all which can be downloaded at Ladies Loving Forum.


2008 Apr 01 a slim margin, HiPsters wanted a fresh face and they got it Otomo Sayuri 大友さゆり...

Cute fresh face. Random pix...all which can be downloaded at Ladies Loving Forum.

2008 Mar 01 a LANDSLIDE...Mikie Hara

Yeah it was quite a year for this 20 year old, G Cup gravure idol from Japan, ex-Bishoujo Club 31 and current Cutie Honey THE LIVE star. Her breasts have blown away HiPsters from near and wide. Random pix of 原 幹恵...all which can be downloaded at Ladies Loving Forum.

We'll be posting her collection of Image Videos, photobooks, and keep checking out the Ladies Loving Forum and Tracker for all the latest!!
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