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Author Topic: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48  (Read 5812 times)

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NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
« on: October 22, 2010, 03:20:02 AM »
Here's a little fanfic I did.
Sorry for the mistakes, English isn't my native language!

NamixAcchan fanfic

“One, two, three, four… All right, let’s do it one last time and we’re done!” Nami said.

It was Saturday night and all the girls were still practicing for the “Beginner” performance of next week. Even if they were all tired and wanted to stop, Kawachi Nami didn’t have the intention of letting them go. The captain had so much energy in her little body that the others members wondered if she wasn’t taking steroids.

“Tell me, when did we decide to have her as our captain?” Hinata asked Asahi.

“We didn’t. Akimoto did, not us. That’s why we’re not sleeping right now.” The tall girl answered.

Back when they were Persona, Asahi was the leader. God knows why, when they joined AKB48 to perform as idols, Akimoto Yashuhi decided it was Nami the new captain. She was a really good friend, but as much as they loved her, they really wanted her to slow down. In the middle of the performance, Hinata couldn’t take it anymore. She stopped moving and screamed:

“I’m dying!!!”

She sat down, frustrated. There was a limit of what they could do in only one day! The performance wasn’t tomorrow, it was next week! They still had time to practice… later. She knew everyone was looking at her, but didn’t care. Nami had to understand if she didn’t want to become Hinata’s enemy. It was true. Nobody could force her to stay awake when she didn’t want to. Except Kuro-nyan. But since she was supposed to be dead, it wasn’t important. For a moment, they all looked at her, speechless. How would Nami react? Nobody ever dared to talk to her like this, knowing she had a… boyish personality. Maeda Atsuko, Nami’s new best friend, was the only one who smiled. The last time she had talk to Nami like this…Well, she had eaten a pillow. It surprised her when her friend gave up and said:

“All right, it’s okay for today. We’ll continue Monday. Thanks for working so hard.”

The captain talked a little with Mariko as the others began to leave. When she was done, Asahi and Hinata were alone, waiting for her to come. She joined them and bowed.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kill you.” She said to Hinata.

“Yeah, very funny,” her friend replied “You should know we hate practicing Saturday night. How come you had so much energy today? You looked like if you were on fire.”

“I know, but I can’t help it. I have to move when I’m nervous.”

“Nervous?” Asahi frowned. “What do you mean? It’s only next week.”

Nami glanced at Asahi, wondering if the practice had made her stupid. She was the one who always knew there was a problem. It was obvious it wasn’t about the performance. Well, she was tired too so she explained:

“Not about that…” She looked around, hoping nobody was there. “Tomorrow, we have a day off.”

“So what?” Hinata asked after a moment.

“I’m going to see Ray.” Nami said, trying to hold herself.

“RAY?!” The two others screamed. “You mean, THE charismatic Diva, Ray?”


“So you will really see her tomorrow? I thought she had an interview or something.” Hinata said.

“She cancelled it when I told her I was free.” Nami explained with a little voice.

Asahi smirked. Nami could be so shy sometimes…

“So… you wanted to see her, you told her and she accepted it? Do you miss her or something?”

“She doesn’t give me the chance to miss her, she calls me everyday.”

“Everyday? So you two are dating?” Hinata smiled as the turned to Asahi. “Hey, our friend’s an L.”

“I’m not!”

“Dating the charismatic Diva and saying you’re not an L? Then, what are you?” Asahi said.

“Um… A really good friend of her.”

“I thought you were Acchan’s really good friend!”

“Of course! But-”

“What? You’re dating the two of them?”

Asahi and Hinata weren’t tired anymore. They wanted more.

“No, I’m-”

“Oh, look, she’s blushing!”

“Let’s take a picture!”

“No pictures! And I’m not blushing!” Nami screamed.

“True, let’s make a video!” Hinata answered. “Quality’s better.”

“What?! You…!”

Nami started running after her pretending friends. She shouldn’t have said that. Or maybe she should just tell them she was an L… No, they would never leave her alone. Next time she would want to talk about Ray to them, she would kill herself first.

“And… Action!” Hinata said. “So everybody, welcome to Nami’s blushing show! Not the boy, the girl! Yeah, Nami’s a girl in case you didn’t know. We are now asking her about her pretending friendship with Ray-“

“What are you doing here?” Asahi asked, making the two others stop their “cat and mouse” play.

They looked up and saw Maeda Atsuko at the door, staring at them. Hinata immediately closed her cell phone, hoping the face of AKB wasn’t there for a long time. She liked Nami and Ray, but knew something was up between her friend and Maeda. She didn’t want to ruin everything. Nami approached her as she sent a prayer to every god she knew. She didn’t want Maeda to hear about her… She was her good friend and was afraid Acchan would leave her if she knew she was… different.

“Nothing, I just forgot something.” Maeda said, wondering what they were doing.

“Um, did you see anything?”

“Should I?”

“No! I mean, we were just talking about our performance.”

“Talking and running?”

“Yeah… You know… to stay awake.”

Maeda looked at them weirdly and started to leave.

“Wait! We were leaving too. We’ll walk together.” The three others said.

They had to make sure she hasn’t heard anything. If Acchan ever found about their past, they were dead. But after talking with her a little, they concluded it was true, she knew nothing.

“Well, I’m going this way. See you!” Nami said.

“Have a nice day tomorrow.” Hinata replied with a smile.

Nami didn’t answer and left. Soon after, the three others went in different ways. As she was walking alone, Maeda thought:

“What is she going to do? I heard something about Ray… Could it be Ray? THE Ray? No, must be my imagination, Nami’s not the kind of girl that would like a singer like Ray. She’s too… Yeah, it’s probably just me.”

She started thinking about she wanted to do tomorrow as the clouds covered the moon.
“Hey, wait for me!” Nami said as Ray was happily running in front of her.

“I can’t! I’m too excited!”

“How can you be excited? We’re just going to eat together, it’s not a big deal.”

OK, Nami lied yesterday. But it was only a mini-lie. She was “dating” Ray. They had seen each other for about a month and she didn’t want her friends to know about it. Of course, she trusted them, but she was a little… paranoid. They already messed up with her about Ls, the last thing she wanted them to know was that she may be one of them. Plus, she didn’t want the others members to know it too. They were already trying to find if she were a real woman, if she told them, they would avoid her for the rest of her life. Except Maeda. She was her friend for a long time… But it was exactly why she didn’t want her to know. She may misunderstand about her intentions. And if Akimoto ever learned about that… She was dead. She’d rather not think about what would happen.
“Exactly, that means we’re real lovers!” Ray said as she joined Nami.

“What do you mean “real lovers”? Good friends can go eating together, can’t they? It’s not like if it was only for lovers.”

“But I’m going to eat Nami’s food!”

Right. But the only thing she didn’t know what that Nami made the food exactly because she didn’t want Ray to. She definitely didn’t want to die yet and since Ray was happy, it was perfect.

“Yeah... All right, we’re here.”

They were in front of a beautiful park, probably one of the rare places to have trees in Tokyo. Nami enjoyed going here when she was young and thought it would be a great place to bring her… friend. They sat on a bench and started talking. They weren’t so hungry so they decided to eat later… Well Nami did and Ray couldn’t say “no” to her. And the Diva wanted to talk to her about a serious subject, AKB48.

“Nami…” She started hesitantly. “Do you love me?”

Ray found cute to see Nami blushing as she waited for the answer.

“What… Why do you ask that so suddenly?” Nami asked.

“It’s just that you are… You know… in a group.”

What the… Oh, right, she got it. They had had that kind of discussion one day and it had been horrible. Nami had passed the worst hour of her life. Well, not “that” horrible since she was with Ray, but… she didn’t want to start again.

“Yes.” She nodded. “I know what you mean, but you know… I’m not supposed to be dating you so I can’t even imagine if it was with a girl of the group.”

Damn, stupid Nami! It wasn’t the kind of thing to say! How comes she could never talk honestly about her feelings?!

“So if they asked you to leave me, you would?”

Here we go… Nami sighed. She will have to answer a hundred questions… Sometimes, she wondered if she couldn’t just leave her… But then again, she didn’t want her to be sad.

“It’s not what I mean.”

“I know!” Ray said with a huge smile in her face. “I can join AKB48 too!”

“Are you crazy? You’re too… Well, you can’t, there’s no audition.”

Nami really didn’t like this idea. REALLY.

“Please! You could help me!”

“No way! And it wouldn’t be fair to others girls who tried to join the group.”

“You don’t need to be fair with them. I’m dating you, I should be the priority. And I’m Ray!”

“That’s why you can’t join the group! You’re Ray! And why do you want it so much, you’re already one of the most popular singers in Japan.”

“I want to so I could tell others that Kai is mine.”

Nami’s smile vanished. Ray realized her mistake, but it was too late.

“Who are you talking to? Who’s Kai?” Nami said with an ironic voice.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that… I don’t know I’m sorry. Nami was Kai and Kai was Nami… I kind of mixed them.”

Ray wasn’t stupid. She knew Nami wasn’t Kai, but couldn’t help remembering the guy she loved back during Persona. But it was different now. She had learned who Nami really was during the last month and was really happy being with her. She was just… confused. As for Nami, she could understand how Ray felt, but at the same time, it made her wondered if Ray loved Nami or Kai. If she really understood that Kai was gone. Seeing how much Ray regretted it, she slowly smiled and said:

“All right, forget it. But you won’t be a part of AKB. You’re too… special for that.”

“Please! I don’t trust that Maeda girl… She’s always talking about you in her interviews and…”

“What? Are you spying my friends? Acchan is just-”
“Stop calling her Acchan! It’s like you’re in love with her!”

“Everybody calls her Acchan! Didn’t you read that in the interviews?”

“I don’t call her Acchan!”

“You’re not her friend!”

They kept talking like this for a while. At the end, Ray stop talking, hoping Nami would do something to apologize. Unfortunately, Nami was as proud as Ray and didn’t want to talk the first. They both stared at the other, secretly hoping it wasn’t too serious. The game stayed until Nami became white. She hid behind Ray.

“I’m not here, hide me!” She whispered.

“Not until you promise you love me more than her!” She screamed, knowing Nami would get upset.

“Shut up! Just hide me!” She implored Ray.

A minute later, Ray was pouting.

“Please, hurry!” Nami implored a second time.

“You didn’t tell me-”


She stopped talking, closed her eyes and played. Ray turned her head, wondering why she was so panicked. She saw the last person in the world she wanted to see, Maeda Atsuko.

“Why is she here?”

The little girl didn’t answer, trying to calm herself. It wasn’t the scenario she had imagined when she had planned to eat with Ray. And bad luck, Maeda was walking towards Ray. Before the Diva could say anything, Nami took her scarf and wrapped her head into it. Then, she hid her head and stop moving. She really hoped Ray would not to anything wrong. Maeda Atsuko stopped in front of Ray, wondering who the weirdo by her side was.

“Excuse me, I saw you and if you don’t mind, I would like to take a picture of you.” She bowed.

Nami couldn’t believe what she heard. Since when did Acchan was Ray’s fan?

“Why?” Ray growled.

“Don’t be mad at her” Nami thought even if she didn’t say anything.

“Well, I know you’re a celebrity and one of my friends is a fan of yours so I wondered if you didn’t mind to take a picture. She would be really happy.”

“Alright, take it and leave please, I’m busy right now.”

Ray only wanted her to leave as soon as possible. If it took a picture to, she could give her a photobook with a hundred pages inside. Wait a minute… A friend?

“Sorry,” Ray said as she smiled nicely, “Can you tell me who your friend is?

“Yes, her name is Kawachi Nami.”

Nami stop breathing. WHAT?

“Kawachi Nami? But it’s… Aw!” Ray yelled as Nami hit her.


“Aww, what a cute name!” Ray answered, holding her shoulder. “Is she from AKB48, I think I heard her name somewhere.”

“Yes.” Maeda said as she looked at the weirdo. She was sure she knew her, but couldn’t figure out who it was. “She’s the captain of team A.”

“Really?” So you must be Maeda Atsuko! The bitc- girl who is always by her side.”

“Yes, I am. Okay, I’ll take the picture!”

She took it and was about to leave when Ray called her again.

“Just like that… Do you know the group Persona?”

“Don’t (Cough) ask (Cough)!” Nami whispered.

“Yes, I know them.”

“Really?” Ray had a murderer look in her face. “And who was your favourite member?”

“Not Kai, not Kai, everybody but Kai!” Nami prayed in silence.

“I loved the three of them.”

“You LOVE the three of them?” Ray asked, forgetting the “D”.

“I’ll give you a kiss if you stop it now.” Nami said slowly.

Maeda didn’t have the chance the answer.

“All right, it’s ok! Tell your friend I love her!” Ray said as fast as she could. “My friend here is a little sick so I will bring her home.”

Maeda didn’t insist and left them, hoping Nami would like the picture. The Diva smiled as she turned to Nami. She waited for her to take out her disguise and…

“My kiss!” She asked happily.

But Nami didn’t have this in mind. She thought about Maeda. Did her friend recognize her? Did she know about her? How did she know about her being Ray’s fan? She couldn’t think properly. Ray brought her back to reality as she kissed her cheek.

“Now I want a real kiss.” Ray pouted.

“There’s no way I’ll give you a kiss here!”

“But you promised-”

“Forget about it and eat!” Nami said as she opened her bento.

She really hoped Ray would stop talking if she ate a little. It wasn’t the best cooking she had made, but it was still better than the cake she had eaten when she was Kai. Ray did stop talking about her kiss, but now all Nami could hear was “Oishii!” all the time. Oh wait, there’s “It’s so good!” here. And back to “oishii”. And so on until the food disappeared.

“I’m full!” Ray said.

“Great” Nami thought. At least, she had forgotten about…

“Can I have my kiss now?”


“No, I was kidding! I just wanted Acchan to leave us.”

“You wanted to be alone with me!”

“No! Well, yeah, but… You know what I mean!”

“How about we go somewhere where you could kiss me? My home maybe.”

Damn x2. Every date she had with Ray turned out about that. But it was still funny to be with her so Nami didn’t care.

“No way! Don’t talk about that!” 

“But you’re mine now! It doesn’t matter!”

“Stop it.”
Even if Ray could be really… Ray, Nami still thought she was cute when she talked about them, being together, alone, like if celebrity and fame didn’t exist. Seeing how mad Ray was, Nami couldn’t resist and said hesitantly:

“All right. One LITTLE kiss. And when nobody’s looking at us!” She added. “And not here… I said not here!”
Maeda was walking around the town. After her meeting, she had called Nami, but she never received an answer from her. She wondered where she was. She was just going to eat and now that she had, she just wanted to come back and sleep until Nami called her back. She had to come back by the same park she had met Ray. She really hoped the Diva was gone, because her friend scared her. To her, it wasn’t usual to dress like that. And to not move. And to say nothing. Weird. She walked as fast as she could when she arrived at the park. She looked to her right. To her left. Nothing. Great, Ray wasn’t there, nor was her friend. She started walking as she looked everywhere without knowing why. Her 6th sense told her to do so. When she was almost in the middle of the park, she stopped. Behind a bush, she saw Ray, sitting as she was holding someone. 
“Scoop!” She thought.

She walked slowly and tried to see something. She froze. Her weirdo friend was with her. Except she didn’t have a scarf to hide her face anymore. In fact, she didn’t have anything to hide herself. Maeda almost fainted as she recognized Nami with Ray. What was she doing here? She looked closely. She froze again. They were kissing.

She blinked. Back, back, BACK! Right, it wasn’t a “real” kiss. It looked more like Ray was kissing a… speechless Nami. Wait a minute. Kissing? Ray? Nami? These two names with the word “kiss” in the same sentence? Maeda wasn’t sure if she really wanted to know what was going on. It was Nami, one the boyish of AKB… The… The pretended sick friend of Ray! It was impossible! Nami wasn’t the kind of girl that would do something like this! She must be dreaming. Yes, she would wake up and everything would be normal. No Nami, no Ray, and more important, no kiss scene in front of her. She quickly left, wondering what to do. Yesterday… Were they talking about this? Nami and Ray? Being together?

She was running away from them without realizing it. She was in front of her house before knowing it. She didn’t know how to react. She felt like… She wasn’t sure. Nami had been her friend for a long time. How could she hide that to her? And what was this weird feeling growing in her mind? She felt like if for the first time since she knew her, she wasn’t Nami’s best friend anymore. Her friend had someone even more important to her. In a way, she just couldn’t accept it. Was she… jealous? It was impossible. Maybe she just misunderstood. Maybe Nami had a twin! There must have an explanation.
Nami was as red as the tomato Acchan had play back to their vegetables song as Ray finally moved apart. To Nami, it wasn’t a kiss. It was way too long to be a kiss. Why did she mess up with Ray when she was Kai?! She wanted to die or what?! She hated herself to no be able to stop her. She hated herself talking to Ray back when she was Kai. But most of all, she hated herself for enjoying the kiss she just had. Wasn’t she supposed to hate L? Anyway.

“Best moment ever! We should do that more!” Ray said with a dreamy look in her face.

“Not thanks.” Nami replied with her Kai voice.

“Why?” Ray asked, trying to hold her.

“What if someone had seen us?”

“Nobody did so there’s no problem!”

Ray lied. She had perfectly seen Maeda coming back. That’s why she had kiss Nami so fast. The best way to destroy an enemy was to attack. Maeda was the enemy… And the kiss was the bomb. She was only protecting herself! Nami didn’t have to know it. What wasn’t about her and Nami wasn’t important.

“Let’s walk to Shibuya!” Ray said, afraid that Maeda may come back. She didn’t want a confrontation now. She wanted to achieve the enemy without Nami.
They were about to leave Shibuya when Nami decided to go to the bathroom. Of course, she left her bag to Ray. The famous singer decided to stay calm. She just had to wait and when Nami would come back, they could go somewhere together. She could bring her to her house and… And nothing because Nami’s cell phone has just received a mail. She knew she wasn’t supposed to read it, but when she saw Maeda’s name on it, she couldn’t resist and opened it.

Need to talk to you!
Call me when you’re free!
Acchan   :heart:

There was nothing wrong with the message. But Ray’s eyes were glued on the heart after Maeda’s name. Of course, she didn’t know Acchan ALWAYS put an heart at the end of her mail. So, she just wanted to kill her. That Maeda wanted to talk to her Nami? After what happened today? She didn’t like it at all. She wasn’t going to accept it. She deleted the mail and Nami came back at the same time.

“What are you doing?” She frowned.

“Um, nothing, I was just looking your pictures!” She took the first one of the list and opened it. It was Nami and Maeda. Ray still smiled even if she just wanted to delete it too. “You look good on this one!”

“Oh, thank.”

It was a picture with her and Acchan. They were celebrating their two year of friendship. Even if Persona had taken a big place of her life, she felt like she has been in AKB for an eternity. She smiled at the picture. So much time had passed. She still remembered it. They were all team A together after a Stage and she decided to leave them because she was tired. Maeda just followed her. Finally, they had spent the night at Maeda’s house, having fun together. She had made a beautiful and delicious cake, way better than Ray’s.

“Thinking about her?” Ray asked.

Nami didn’t answer. It wasn’t really nice from her, but seeing the picture just helped her to calm down.

“It’s okay,” Ray added, “you look great even if Maeda is with you.”

Coming from Ray, it was almost a sacrifice. Nami laughed.

“Thanks. You know, I’m sure if you knew her more, you could be good friends.”

Ray and Maeda? Friends? No way.

“Let’s go home now! I have things to do tomorrow and I’m tired.”

“Come to my house!” Ray said. “It’s not too late, we can still do something together. And we are so busy we can’t see each other for… the next month.”

“What is that something?” Nami asked as fear grew up in her mind.

“You don’t need to know, I’ll show you.” Ray whispered in her ear.

Danger advertisement appeared in Nami’s head.

“Um, sorry, I really need to go.”


“I’ll call you!” Nami said as she kissed her cheek, hoping Ray would forget about her… idea. Then… She ran away. She really loved Ray, but sometimes, she was just too much… Ray. As she left Shibuya, she opened her phone.

“No message”

Great, no message meant no problem.
Maeda looked at her cell phone again. Nami really didn’t answer. It was now eleven o’clock and she was going to sleep. She wondered why she got no answer, hoping Nami wasn’t at Ray’s home. Hell no. First, she still didn’t realize it, second, it was disgusting thinking about what they would do… and third… She was jealous. Wait, she didn’t like the third one. Two reasons were enough. Yeah, she liked the number two. Two reasons, two friends, two persons… Not a third one coming from nowhere to ruin everything about the meaning of friendship! Okay, maybe she’s overreacting, but it was frustrating. And Ray… She still couldn’t believe it. Why was she so upset about it! She didn’t… It wasn’t the kind of relation she wanted to have with Nami… Was it?
Nami really didn’t want to practice today. All she wanted was to sleep again and again. She was just tired to death. It’s wasn’t really her fault. Yesterday, Ray had sent her a mail every ten minutes. And she HAD to answer, because if she didn’t, it was every five minutes. So she finally went to bed at 3 o’clock. And when she woke up at 6, she just wanted to kill her alarm. Funny or not, she had received a mail from Ray at the same time saying “good morning”. Now she was fighting to stay awake. The others members were talking together, it was break time. It was up to her to decide when practice would start again. If she wasn’t so perfectionist, she would sleep and tell the others to go home but…

“All right, everyone! Let’s do it again!”

It was stronger than her. Not the perfection… her tiredness. Yesterday, she had slept until 8 o’clock even if it was a day off because she had to prepare for her “date”. It’s been a week since she had slept more than 5 hours. Her movements were slowly than usual, she messed up a little… And… she fell. Everybody stopped moving. Nami NEVER fell. Well, sometimes, but after she just get up and laugh… But now, it looked like she just wanted to stay there. She sat. Everybody was looking at her. Her eyes met Maeda’s, but the second after, they were looking elsewhere. It was strange. This morning, Maeda avoided her like if she were sick or something. She didn’t answer when Nami talked to her or when she wanted to ask her something. Was she mad at her? Anyway, it wasn’t the time for this. She just smiled at the others and said:

“I’m sorry! We’ll take another break. Well, it’s 11 already so let’s just eat and we’ll work after.”

She didn’t feel great at all. She was confused… And suddenly fell asleep. She really was. There was nothing in her mind except black… She just wanted to sleep… Maeda went near her and just stared at her. Poor Nami, she should take care of her more than that. Maeda wondered why she was so tired… Was it because of yesterday? Did Ray and her friend really do something together? Did they pass the night together? Did Ray do something to Nami that needed so much energy? Thinking about that made her sick. She really didn’t need to know about that… But she was anxious for her friend. Yesterday, she hadn’t slept at all. She couldn’t. She had waited for Nami’s answer, but it didn’t come. Maeda knew Nami always answered her mail, anytime. But now… It was strange.

The others members started to go outside to eat their bento. Asahi and Hinata, even if they were worried for Nami, went outside to buy something to eat to her. She would be really glad if they could buy Katsudon to her… And maybe she would forgive them for Saturday. Yes, she was still mad at them for that video… Well, Hinata had found great the idea of sending the video to all her friends… So she did… And Nami had found about that… And now she wanted to kill her. Because Hinata had forgotten to deleted the sound… So now everybody thought she was a big fan of Ray. And that she was blushing because of Ray. So Hinata was on her “I need to kill this person” list.

Maeda knew about the video too. She had received it too. Just after she had found them kissing. Worst timing ever… And it was why she had sent a mail to Nami. But since she didn’t get any answer, she was mad at her. And now she wanted to know why she didn’t get an answer. Seeing that they were alone, Maeda, without knowing that Ray had done the same thing yesterday, opened Nami’s phone.

“10 messages”

Maeda frowned. She looked at Nami’s phone and froze. All messages were from the same person. Ray, the Diva. She looked again… Where was her mail? She had sent a mail to Nami yesterday, right? She wasn’t crazy, it was supposed to be there… But it wasn’t. She decided to read a little… It couldn’t be “so” secret, right?

10:00: I have an hour for myself! Can you talk to me now? Kiss! Ray =)

“Kiss”?! Maeda thought. Ray sent Nami a kiss?!

10:05: Why didn’t you answer? I’m worried, is everything all right? Are you still working? Answer me!

10:06: I’m sorry, you probably don’t have time to answer, but I have something to tell you! I will buy a new house! Nami could live with me now!

Maeda almost fainted as she read the last sentence. No way! They couldn’t be so… in love? It was… impossible! Wait a minute, Nami was going to live with her, they had talked about that!

10:15: Why can’t you answer me!!! I want to talk to you!
10:20: I miss you  Where are you now?

10:22: Are you with your friends? Is Maeda with you?

The face of AKB stared at the phone for a moment. It’s wasn’t the kind of person she thought Ray was… And plus, why did she talk about her?!

10:30: Nami, I miss you! I want to see you! Yesterday was fun, let’s date again!

“So it really was a date”, Maeda thought. “They are… going out?”

10:35: I love you!

10:40: Let’s sleep together!

10:55: I have to go.  Answer me! I love you! You’re mine!
The last three messages were… shocking. Her friend had that kind of relation with Ray? Maeda didn’t like it… She felt… betrayed. It’s not that she wanted to date her friend… It was more like… And what about her mail! Did Nami delete it?! What was going on?! She closed it as Asahi and Hinata came back. She stayed by Nami’s side as the two others walked towards them. They didn’t seem surprise to see Maeda there. After all, Nami and she were great friends.

“Wake up Nami!” Asahi said as she approached the Katsudon near Nami’s face.

Her friend slowly opened her eyes. She was about to tell her to leave her alone when she saw the food. Her mouth opened as she took the chopstick and began to eat without talking to anyone. Katsudon~! Yay~!

“You really know how to wake me up”, she said as she ate her meal. “Hey, what are you doing here?” she added as she saw Hinata.

The “person to kill” smiled and said:

“I paid for this so you could just forget about the video now! Let’s be friends!”

The killer didn’t answer as her eyes met Maeda’s… Again. Hinata saw it and smirked.

“Hey you two are looking a lot to each other! Are you finally going to date or what?”

“You really want to die right?” Nami said, ready to fight. “We’re just friends, right Acchan?”

“I have to go, see you later.” Acchan replied with an “I don’t care” voice.

She left as Asahi put het hand on Nami’s shoulder and sighed.

“What? What did I do?” Nami asked.

“You know, when a girl…”

“Shut up Hinata, I’m a girl too!”

“Well, it doesn’t seem, you know? Like I said, when a girl leaves after someone said “we’re just friends”, it’s because you aren’t “just friend”.”
  Nami finished her Katsudon as she said:

“Are you crazy? Me and Acchan? I’m… you know… I’m with Ray anyways.”

“She said it!” Asahi screamed.     

“I didn’t say anything!”

“Yes you did!”

“Anyways, I’ll talk to her later so it’ll be okay.”

She opened her phone.

“Geez, I got ten mails from Ray!”

The two others didn’t say anything. They had seen Maeda looking at Nami’s phone when they were coming back from the shop. Did she see anything? While Nami read her mail, they started whispering. Then, Asahi secretly opened her own phone and sent a mail.

“So, what did she say?” Hinata asked. “Something’s new?”

“Well… you know… It’s Ray.”

Nami could hardly say something after seeing what the mails were about. Ray was crazy.

“How about we go outside?” Asahi said.

“No, we have to call the girls back. We didn’t practice enough…”

“Aw come on! Just five minutes! We could still practice after… but most of the girls went home.”


She stared at Hinata like if it was the end of the world. They didn’t practice enough! It was in five days! They couldn’t just stop the practice there! What if they weren’t perfect when…

“I told them you needed to sleep. They all agreed and now we’re giving you some time to yourself. Aren’t you happy?” Asahi said.

If she were happy? No! Not at all! She had to practice! She needed the others members to practice! They had a day off yesterday, they couldn’t just stop now and have another! Asahi and Hinata pushed Nami outside as she tried to resist. Wait! She had to practice! Even if the others members weren’t with her! Waiiiiiiit! And she was outside. They sat on a bench and began to talk together. Asahi and Hinata were glad to talk a little with their favourite captain. After all, yesterday they didn’t get to see her one second. Ray monopolized her.

Maeda was outside too. From her place, she could see the three others talking together. Of course, she couldn’t really be mad at Nami, but after the “We’re just friends, right Acchan?” it made her wondered about it. Were they “just” friends? The answer was clear in her head. Of course they were. Why couldn’t it be clear in her heart too? They weren’t! They were more than friends! Well, not more like… She just didn’t know. Maybe she should just go and talk to her? But will Nami talk to her about Ray? She wasn’t supposed to know about it. She decided to try. If Nami was really her friend, she would be honest. She began to walk towards her and froze as she saw someone walking, or rather running, towards Nami.

Meanwhile, Asahi, Hinata and Nami were happily talking.

“See?” Hinata began. “You should calm a little. We can’t talk if you always try to run away!”

“So, we want to talk to you about Acchan!” Asahi added.

“Acchan? Why?”

Hinata turned to Asahi and said:

“See, told you it’s not a girl.”


Asahi gave 500 yens to Hinata while a speechless Nami looked at them.

“Hey what’s that?!” Nami growled.

“She told me you were a guy, I said no, we bet on it and she won.” Asahi said as if it was perfectly normal.

Nami tried to kill Hinata but at the same time, Asahi said:

“So yeah, Acchan. Are you blind?!”

Nami stopped moving as Hinata started to breathe again.

“Blind? I can see everything perfectly! And what’s about her?”

Asahi sighed as she gave another 500 yens to a smiling Hinata. Before Nami could ask, she just said:

“I told her you would become a girl later, she said no, we bet on it and she won. Damn, can’t you be more girlish and understand what we’re talking about?! I’m going to lost all my money!”

 “So, we talked about Acchan.” Hinata kept going. “I was about to say that Acchan is…”

“What? Not that Maeda girl again?!” Someone said, interrupting Hinata.

“Ray?!” Nami screamed. “What are you doing here?”

“Someone sent me a mail saying you fainted this morning! So I come as fast as I could!”

“Someone?” Nami’s eyes narrowed as she looked at her “friends”.

Hinata yawned.

“I’m tired.” She said. “Asahi, go home with me please!”

Asahi smiled and nodded as they left Nami and Ray alone. As soon as they left, Ray sat beside Nami and asked:

“So, you’re alright? Does it hurt if I do that? Do you need to go to hospital? Do you want me to bring you home? Is it because of me? Do you want me to cook you something?”

“Yes, no, no, no, yes and for God sake, no.” Nami thought as she said:

“I’m okay, I was just tired. But I’m fine now. You can leave if you want. I know you’re busy. I don’t want to bother you.”

“You’re not! You won’t ever bother me!  Did you read my mails?”

Ray was trying so hard to be nice that Nami just had to thanks her.

“I’m okay, thanks you. Yes, I read your mails, but I couldn’t answer because I was busy.”


“Not with Acchan.”

“Stop calling her Acchan!”

Nami sighed. She wondered if one day she could just talk about Acchan with Ray. And then she froze. If she decided to stay with Ray, would she still see Acchan? Would Ray let her see Acchan? She didn’t want to stop their friendship. She was important to her. Couldn’t Ray understand that? What if she couldn’t? What if she really had to leave Acchan? Could she choose between a strong friendship and a… Ray?

“What are you doing?” Nami asked as Ray was walking around the bench.

“I’m telling everyone to stay away from us.”

Nami looked up. There was nobody. What was she doing? There was… someone. Nami saw Acchan standing away. They were far from each other, but Nami felt Acchan’s eyes met with hers. Then, she looked at Ray. Damn. Had Acchan seen her and Ray together?! Well, as long as…

“Hey, look at me, I don’t want you to look her!” Ray said as she kissed Nami on the lips.

Nami froze. When Ray has finished, she thought. “What was I saying? Oh yeah, well, as long as she don’t know that we’re going out…Wait a minute, she do now!” She wanted to see how Acchan’s reaction was but couldn’t see her anymore. She was gone.

“Why did you do that?!” Nami growled.

“Now Acchan knows that you’re mine!” Ray answered, smiling. She had achieved her enemy. It wasn’t without Nami… But it was so much funny with her girlfriend by her side.

“I could have told her that without you kissing me!”

“What? You’re not happy? I thought you wanted…”

“No, you don’t know what I want! You don’t know how many problems I’m going to have now!”

Nami was really mad at Ray. She didn’t want Acchan to learn it this way! She wanted to tell her honestly what was going on! Now Acchan would probably think that she hated her! She was about to go and tell her… And then Ray kissed her! It’s wasn’t a movie, it was reality. Acchan would avoid her forever now.

“You won’t have any problem!” Ray added as she tried to do her best to stay calm. She didn’t want Nami to have problem because of her. She just wanted to show Maeda that Nami was hers.

“I will! Can’t you think more before you act?! What do you think Acchan will think now that she saw us! I didn’t even tell her that I knew you!”

Nami realized what she said a second too late. And she said what? That she didn’t want to have problem with Acchan? Well, now, she had problem with both Acchan AND Ray.

“You didn’t tell her?!” Ray frowned.
“Well… She doesn’t know I was Kai! I couldn’t tell her I knew you…”

“You didn’t tell her?!”

“I couldn’t! What did you want me to do? Tell her “Hey Acchan, I know the Diva Ray and I’m dating her?” I wanted to tell her when we’ll be together but you ruin everything.”

“You didn’t…”

“No I didn’t!” Nami screamed as she was about to kill Ray. If she lost her friendship with Maeda, she would never forgive her. “I wanted to, but not now!”

“It’s been a month since we’re seeing each other!”

“I wanted to! Like I said, it’s not something easy to say!”

“Well, I can understand the dating part… But you didn’t tell her that you knew me!”

“You’re still the number 1 singer in Japan! I can’t just say that I know you without an explanation!”

“You could explain everything!”

“I can’t! I may loose her if I do that…”
Ray was about to cry when she heard this. She knew Maeda was Nami’s good friend… She didn’t know why Maeda seemed to like Nami so much. Now she knew. Maeda must think Nami wasn’t dating anyone.

“So you’d rather hide her that we’re together than losing her? Is she more important than me to you?”


“Then tell her!”

Nami glared at Ray. Did the Diva really think it was so easy?

“Call her.” The Diva said again. “Call her and tell her.”

“I can’t call her.” Nami sighed. “It’s not something we talk about in phone.”

Ray was shaking. She was really afraid of loosing Nami.

“Call her!” She still said. “Call her!”

“Why do you want me to call her so much?” Nami asked.

“If you can’t tell her now, it means you’d rather not tell her about us. If so, it means she’s more important to you. You’re more afraid of losing her than losing me.”

“Loosing you?” Nami frowned.

“I can’t believe you still haven’t told you BEST FRIEND about us!”

“She is my best friend, that’s why. Of course I don’t want to lose her. You can’t understand! You are the Diva! You have everything you ever wanted! You’re popular, you have fame, money, love… You’re admired by everyone! I never had this except when we were Persona! I tried again with AKB48. I tried to be the real me in a group, not a fake man or ikemen or whatever! I wanted to be popular as Nami, not as Kai. I found a friend called Acchan that never left me whatever happened. Nami’s friend. Of course I don’t want to lose her!”

“You’re wrong.” Ray cried.

Nami didn’t say anything. She was frustrating, it was true, but she didn’t want to hurt Ray more than she already had. She regretted her words.

“You’re wrong. I don’t have everything I ever wanted. You’re more afraid to lose Maeda than to be with me.”

“It’s not what I said.”

“It is. You didn’t say it like this, but you meant it.”

Ray stopped talking. She started leaving. As Nami tried to hold her, she turned around.

“Tell her. If you’re not that afraid, tell her. And then, call me.”
“How can I tell her anything if she doesn’t answer?” Nami growled as she tried to call Maeda for the… How many times?

She was in a taxi. She wanted to see Maeda. It wasn’t only to talk to her about what she had seen, she really wanted to see her. She just felt better with her by her side. Maybe Ray was right? Maybe she… No. She didn’t choose Maeda over Ray. Not yet… She looked her phone. Asahi had sent her a mail.

“Hey Nami-chan! I met Acchan! She wondered why you didn’t call her back yesterday. She seems really mad… Did something happen?”

Nami frowned. Yesterday? She was with Ray yesterday and she never got a mail from anybody…

“Call her back? What do you mean?”

While she was waiting for an answer, she saw Maeda walking out of nowhere in the street. She stopped the taxi, closed her phone and started to run after her. Unfortunately, Acchan saw her. She ran away, called a taxi and disappeared. Great, she was definitely avoiding her. More than that… She had to chase her friend in all Tokyo.

“She said she sent you a mail yesterday but you didn’t answer.”

Nami frowned at the mail Asahi had just sent. She never…

“I never received it.”

Nami felt bad for her friend. Maybe it was the reason why she was mad at her this morning. But it wasn’t really her fault. She never saw her mail, she couldn’t know it.

“Did you leave your phone alone yesterday?”

She never… Oh wait…

“I did. Why?”

Asahi’s answer wasn’t really a nice one.

“Can’t you understand more a girl than that? Hinata’s with me and I have to give her another 500 yens! I understand what happened and you still don’t get it?!”

“When will you stop this game?”

“Forget about it, she said she was the nicest girl in the world and give me back my money.”

Nami frowned. What the hell was going on?

“Anyway, Ray deleted it, it’s obvious.”

Nami didn’t answer. She knew why Maeda was mad at her. She knew why Ray was mad at her. The only thing she didn’t know was if she wanted Maeda to know or not. Well, she already… But she deserved to have a better explanation. She had to find her.
Two hours later, she was in front of Maeda’s house. It had been crazy. She had been in every place Maeda liked and she wasn’t there. She had sent a thousand mails to her friend and never got an answer. The only place she had to see was her house. If she weren’t there… Nami would just wait until she came back. She walked towards the door and when she was about to knock, Hinata and Asahi appeared.

“What are you doing here?!” Nami asked.

“Do you really think she will open the door if she saw you? It’s been two hours we’re there waiting for you to come!” Hinata said.


“No but” She added. “We’ll knock, she will see that it’s us. You’ll hide behind us and when the great time will come, we’ll leave you alone!”

Nami didn’t say anything as Hinata called Acchan. Her friend slowly opened the door. When she saw Hinata and Asahi, she opened it more.

“Hello Acchan!” Hinata said as she pushed the door to open it more.

As soon as the door was open enough, she walked in a little, followed by Asahi. Nami didn’t move. Acchan didn’t see her. She heard Hinata while she was hiding behind Asahi.

“Well, it’s a beautiful house you have! I really like… NOW!”

And she ran away, followed by Asahi, leaving Nami behind, right in front of Maeda. Oh… So this was the “great time” to her? Wow… Nami stayed there, in front of the opened door and in front of a speechless Maeda who still didn’t understand what just happened. Before her friend could close the door, Nami put her feet to block it.

“Please,” She began. “Listen to what I have to say.”

Maeda look coldly at her.

“I thought you didn’t want to say anything to me since you never told me anything.”

“Wait, I can explain-”

“There’s nothing to explain.” Maeda said before she pushed Nami and closed the door.

Nami didn’t move. She was sure she had seen tears in Maeda’s eyes. Her eyes had met hers so many time that she could easily recognize if she was about to cry. And she was. She didn’t move. Maybe Maeda would open the door later. She sat, her back leaning the door. Then, she decided to wait.
Nami was still waiting when the sun disappeared in the sky. Ray had sent her many mails where she was saying that she was sorry, that she didn’t mean to, that she loved her… It never ended. Well yes, it ended when Nami had decided to ignore her phone, tired of this stupid game. She wanted to talk to her friend, not someone else, even if it was Ray. She began to feel tired. She wanted to go back to her house and sleep… It was the last chance she had to sleep. But it was the last chance she had to talk to Maeda too. Tomorrow would be too late. Tomorrow, Maeda would probably avoid her. She may not come to the practice. But she was so tired… She closed her eyes… and fell asleep. She didn’t dream of anything.

Nami woke up after what seemed five minutes. Her back hurt a lot. It was midnight. There was a slightly light coming from Maeda’s house. She was still awake. Nami sighed. She didn’t want to stay here until tomorrow, but at the same time, she really wanted to talk to her. She took her phone to see what time it was. Maeda had sent her a mail.


It wasn’t what she wanted to read, but at least she knew Nami was waiting there. And the captain decided to stay here again. After all, looking at the stars wasn’t so bad, was it? It was. The only thing Nami had not thought about was… weather. It was cold. She had a sweater, but it didn’t help her a lot. She really wanted to see Maeda… She really wanted to wait… But she didn’t want to catch a cold. Beginner performance was… Wait a minute. Was she saying that a performance was more important than her friendship?! No way. There was nothing that could be more important than her friendship with Maeda. The face of AKB was really… And what about Ray? She was… She was what? To her, was she more important than Maeda?

Suddenly, she fell. Her back was still leaning on the door, so when Maeda opened it, she fell. It hurt a little, but not as much as seeing Maeda’s eyes. They were red. Like if she has never stopped crying. Nami didn’t want her to be sad. She knew she had to talk to her.

“Acchan! I want…”

“Go home. You’ll catch a cold.”

Nami resisted. She hadn’t waited all the time to go back.

“I have to…”

“Go home.” Maeda said with a weak voice.

Nami didn’t move. She was going to talk to her friend or she was going to die. And there was no way she was going to die. She pushed Maeda a little. To her surprise, her friend didn’t resist and let her in. It looked like she didn’t want to fight Nami tonight. They went in Maeda’s room. It wasn’t the first time to Nami. But she felt like it was different this time. They both didn’t say anything for a moment.

“Are you alright?” Nami asked hesitantly.

Maeda didn’t answer. She had cried all the night. When she had seen her friend kissed Ray… It was like… She didn’t like it at all. They were together. They had built a friendship stronger than anything… except the shock of seeing the other kissing someone else. Maeda had cried even more when she had found the reason why she felt so bad. She didn’t want to lose Nami. She didn’t want to be alone. She wanted to be with her forever… She loved her. And she hated herself for loving her. She wasn’t supposed to love her best friend. She wasn’t supposed to be so… jealous.

“Acchan… I...”

Nami didn’t know how to begin. It was not the ideal subject to talk about… But she felt so bad for her friend. She took a deep breathe and began.

“I wanted to tell you. You know how I hate to lie. I wanted to tell you I knew Ray, the Diva. I wanted to tell you the reason why I couldn’t see you yesterday even if it was a day off. I wanted you to know the truth. I was about to tell you everything. But you know I was afraid. I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t want you to hate me. Well, I realized it was wrong because you hate me now. I wanted to talk to you and then you saw me… You saw us. I swear I didn’t want it to be like this.”

She stopped talking. She wanted to add more, but she knew it was useless. Maeda has probably stopped listening after the first sentence. Their eyes met again. Nami did all she could to look at her, but she couldn’t. What was in Maeda’s eyes was pain. She was about to add something when her friend finally open the mouth.

“I’m sorry. You must think I’m over reacting.” She said with a little voice.

Nami just wanted to hug her friend until… Forever. And she did as she said:

“You don’t have to be sorry. I’m the one who didn’t trust you. I thought you would hate me. I forgot that we were best friends. You know, the stuff with Ray-”

“Do you love her?”

Nami froze. It was the “I don’t want” question. She didn’t want to answer anything. If Maeda had asked her the same question a week before, her answer would probably have been yes. But now, she wasn’t sure. Seeing her friend like this, afraid of losing her… She didn’t know. No, she probably never knew anything.

“So you do…”  Maeda whispered.

Maeda knew the answer. She didn’t even know why she had asked such a stupid question. It only made her feel the pain more. She would never talk to Nami like before. She loved her. Her friend didn’t. They couldn’t be friends in this situation. Maeda didn’t want to lie to Nami all the time…

“I… don’t like her this way.” Nami said.

Maeda stop moving. Did she hear well? She had to know.

“What about the kiss?”

She was afraid to know the answer. She was afraid to look at Nami. She was afraid of everything.

“She kissed me.”

Nami’s voice was a little absent, like if all her answers were automatic.

“What about my mail?”

“She deleted it.”

Maeda sighed. It wasn’t Nami’s fault if she didn’t answer. Ray was cruel.

“Why didn’t you stop the kiss?”

“I don’t know.” 

What kind of answer was it? Maeda didn’t know how she was supposed to take it. She didn’t know what to do until Nami took her hands. She tried not to blush as Nami approached her face to hers.

“I don’t know. Ray and I… It’s not what you think.” Nami said as her eyes were glued at Maeda’s.

“What should I think? I don’t know what’s going on between you!” Maeda said.

Nami didn’t answer. She didn’t know herself. Did she want to leave Ray?

“Yes…”Maeda whispered.

Nami stared at her.

“What?” She asked, not moving.

“I don’t know.” Maeda said. “I just felt like I had to say yes.”

Nami didn’t move. Her hands were still on Maeda’s. Time stopped. She had to make sure it wasn’t her imagination. She had been with Ray until now. She loved Ray until now. Why did she feel so uncertain of her feelings when she looked at her friend? She asked herself another question. Was Ray more important than Acchan’s friendship?

“No…” Maeda whispered again.

“Why did you say no?” Nami asked immediately with an anxious voice.

“I don’t know… I just-”

“Felt like you had to?” Nami said. “Okay.”

Nami was confused. Did Acchan answer her questions? If yes, what did it mean? She didn’t want to leave Ray, she cared for her, she… She had never answered to her. She had never looked at her phone while she was waiting for Acchan, except the ten first minutes. Then, she had completely forgotten about Ray. She had never thought about Ray while she was waiting, even if she had problems with her too. All she was thinking about was Acchan. Afraid of asking such a question, she thought “Do I possibly… love Acchan?”

This time, Maeda said nothing. She didn’t move, didn’t do anything. Except…

“Why are you holding my hands like this?”

Nami’s heart began to beat a lot. Did Maeda answer her question with another one? What was the question? Why… Why what? Her eyes were lost in Maeda’s. She heard her cell phone in her pocket. Probably another mail from Ray. Acchan heard the phone too. She knew it was Ray. She didn’t want Nami to answer. She wanted to stay like this forever, with Nami by her side. But it wasn’t fair for Nami.

“Your phone.” she said.

Nami didn’t care. In fact, she forgot she had a phone. She didn’t move. Her face didn’t move, nor her hands. She knew Ray was important to her, but her friendship… No, Acchan was more important. She didn’t know the answer for the last question… But it wasn’t important. She knew she was probably going to find the answer soon but… She wanted to find it now. And she knew what she had to do.


Here it is! Thanks for reading!
Tell me if there's anything to improve!
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Re: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
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This is absolutely outstanding!!  :cow: :cow: I love your style.

And I'll love more if it gonna be two shot like you plan at first.  :inlove: :inlove: I love to see how Nami gonna find out herself. I hate to see her struggle like that.. But this is good as well, if Nami finally know who she love, she have to left the other.. it's gonna be hard for her.. since she's been with Ray for a while, and everybody KNEW that the Diva love Nami so much, she not gonna let Nami walk away from her easy like that.  :smhid :smhid

But I personally love Nami/Acchan  :P :P

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Re: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
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Actually, this was alright. :D Thanks for the read!

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Re: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
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Maeda seems to be a mind reader here.  :lol:

I feel bad for Ray...but Nami does have to choose between the two. Love triangles can be such a pain.  :P

I like your fic. The ending left me hanging though.  XD

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Re: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
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I like your fic. The ending left me hanging though.  XD

Your fic is worst than mine when it comes about ending >.<

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Re: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
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thou hast made me laugh, for thou hast a point. :rofl:

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Re: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
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This one-shot is outstanding! :thumbup Seriously! I had never enjoyed a fic this much for a while now. Though I do enjoy reading fics, this one really made me feel and understand how each character feels. Great story.  :heart:

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Re: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
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I pulled out my little flag that says “Acchan” waving it around yelling
“Damn you Nami it Acchan you want, not Ray dmnjfvgdhysidugfuj!”
 fangirl needs her AtsuMina crack.  :3 lmao. :pimp:

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Re: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
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Was a great fic, I wan't more but it's ok
Love the atsumina  :twothumbs

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Re: NamixAcchan OneShot MendolxAKB48
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Poor Ray....

But well, the heart wants what the heart wants, and the heart wants Atsumina  :wub:

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