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Author Topic: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)  (Read 44152 times)

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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WoW, what is this new fic Karo-chan:luvluv2:

Waiting here patiently  :smoke:   <_< ( don't just thinkt that I smoke in real though because I don't)  XD

Thank you for your update ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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PART 3 4 5 6 LOL

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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Muwi-chun! (Is it alright if I call you that? XD)

ERMEHGERD! I hope Yuuma-kun becomes Yuki's Bf for real and not for rent!
LOL. About Yuki's stalker, of course, it'll be someone I know. XD


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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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Interesting... Yeah with everything being decided....

Yuki just need to go out with Yuuma

But Yuki is afraid of falling for Yuuma for real...

Now she still just has a crush on him...

And he met the requirement as her ideal boyfriend.

What's going to happen next

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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hiya names ALEX  :) gotta say I read all your one shots well all your stories you got on here I like them all but my fav two are obcourse boyfriend for rent and love's a mission they are both my fav and I cant choose which one of them two I love the best so please update soon  :twothumbs and to tell ya the truth when I read the chaps with sae running for her life at the supposed haunted hotel I was thinking well it reminded me of the pv for gingham check specially where sayaka got dragged away  :) anyways cant wait for the next parts for both stories  :)
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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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please continue this pleae  :kneelbow:
I really want to know what will happen that week

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BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)
« Reply #167 on: May 02, 2014, 03:43:56 PM »
@mayuki_daisuki: Any type of comment is welcome, mayuki_daisuki-san. I’m happy when you leave a comment, even if it was just a short one. It’s because of those comments that I know what to write next. It makes me excited to just write the next update, that’s why I reread all of the comments before I wrote this update. :hee:  and Rena is also always on my mind, but Mayuki is hard to forget. Hahaha

@Minami-chan: I’m very happy that you liked it! Thank you so much! :kneelbow:

@sakura_drop: Sakura-chama, you’re flattering me again.  :shy2: And Yuko-sama is always awesome, so of course she has to be the one to cause the two to get together, nee? Yuuma though…I’m not sure if he’ll still seem cool in this update though… :sweat:

@AKBlaire48: Here’s another update for you. :hee:  And I guess Yukirin was just a bit too much? But then…her reactions have always been outrageously funny. Hahaha

@DC2805: yeah, she sure is even though deep inside she wants it. :hiakhiakhiak: A week is too short isn’t it? But that may be enough for her to do pervy things. :hiakhiakhiak:

@gek geki: Hai, hai. Here you go~ Though…the other chapters might have to wait. :sweat:

@Megumi: You’ve waited a lot, Megumi-san. Here you go. And that’s good to hear. Don’t smoke okay?

@Amakuchi: Muwi-chun is alright, Amakuchi-san. :hee: And we’ll get to that point? Maybe? Maybe not? Who knows… hahaha by the way, who do you think is Yukirin’s stalker?

@cisda83: Yep, everything has been decided. They even have a contract. Hahaha With him reaching the ideal man requirements of Yukirin, does it make you wonder what about her? Is she his ideal type? I’ll leave that up to you~

@theblueknight: Hello, Alex-san~ Thank you for the compliments. I’m glad that you liked my one-shots, even those two fics. :hee: I’m already working on the other fic, so here’s one update first. And you really did? Hahaha I just realized that since you said it. Now I want to rewatch the video again.

@kazutoryu: sorry about my hiatus state. :kneelbow: but thank you for the long wait. Here it is.

A/N: Well, doing as I’ve promised after my latest update for The Akiba Family, here is another update from me. :hee: I’m a little bit rusty after the long state of hiatus, so I’m not sure if this will be interesting. :sweat: Anyway, in this update, there will be a video, so it’s best to listen to that while reading it from the point I’ve placed it. Also, please pardon me for cutting them into parts. It seems that I can't post them all in one or two or even three posts. :sweat: Other than that…Please enjoy this update~ :hee:
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Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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Part Three

“Hurry up or we’ll be left behind!” The younger girl shouted over her shoulder as she started running as fast as she could towards the bus parked right by their school gates, a spring in each of her foot accompanying the huge smile that was plastered on her face.

The raven-haired left behind could only let out an exasperated sigh as she stared at the dust left by her energetic friend whilst grumbling to herself as she pulled her baggage right behind her. Seriously, her best friend couldn’t even bother to help her in carrying THEIR bags?

How could she just take off with just their snacks?!

“Takajo Aki…” the raven-haired muttered under her breath, a dark aura suddenly forming around her. “I swear when I lay my hands on you, I’ll—”

“—Kashiwagi Yuki?” a familiar man’s voice called out, knocking the said girl out of her dark thoughts.

“Ah, Takajo-san.”

The raven-haired looked up and watched as their homeroom teacher, Togisaki-sensei, stop the said girl right before she could lay a foot on the bus, a smirk growing on her lips as she watched the scene unfold before her eyes.

“And where is your partner, Takajo?”

“A-ano, sensei…” Yuki watched as Aki started looking for her. “Y-you see…”

“She deserves to be scolded.” She muttered under her breath when she noticed the younger girl suddenly sending her a signal for help.

Deciding to let the girl learn her lesson, the raven-haired slowed down her walking pace and watched as her best friend lucked out in getting lectured. A feeling of satisfaction swelled in her and she quietly chuckled to herself as she continued watching Togisaki-sensei lecture her best friend about leaving her partner behind.

“I’m right here, sensei!” Yuki called out cheerfully after figuring that the girl had enough.

The dark aura that she was emitting earlier suddenly dissipated into thin air as soon as she found herself cheerfully calling to the man, instantly replaced by one that could make an angel cry. Keeping the angelic smile plastered on her face, she pulled on their luggage and smiled cheerfully at the teacher.

“Takajo!” the man shouted at the said girl. “How could you let poor Yuki-san carry all of that?”

“It’s fine, sensei.” The raven-haired smiled sweetly as she wrapped an arm around the girl’s neck. “Takajo-san here was just too excited.”

“We’ll go ahead and put our bags in the other bus, sensei.”

She forced the younger girl to lower her head at the same time that she bowed, a snicker almost leaving her mouth. “I’m sorry for letting Takajo-san cause you trouble, sensei.”

“You’d better be on your best behavior, Takajo.” The homeroom teacher gave hardened look to the younger girl. “If I hear a word about you causing trouble, I’m sending you right back here from South Korea!”

With a curt nod to the raven-haired and one last hard look at the younger girl, the homeroom teacher walked to another bus to start another roll call, completely missing the rolling of the eyes from a certain girl.

Dropping the act, Yuki lets out a sigh and hands some of the luggage she was holding to her best friend before steering her friend and their bags in the direction of the other bus that was just meant for everyone’s things.

Once they’ve reached the other bus, Yuki cheerfully handed their things to the man in charge of them , before giving a bow and complementing him about how hard he must be working and how she appreciates all of his efforts to keep their bags safe.

He gave a dismissive wave of the hand and bashfully thanked her. The two exchanged smiles afterwards while Aki looked away and tried to keep her laughter from exiting her mouth, knowing fully well of the truth behind those smiles.

Giving a lazy wave to the man, she wore the backpack where their snacks were packed in and headed for the previous bus. Once she was sure that they were out of earshot, she finally lets out the laughter that she was trying to hold in.

“I wonder what everyone would think if they found out that their sweet Yukirin is actually a black-hearted person.” The younger girl blurted out. “I bet it would shock them to death.”

The said black-hearted girl merely smiled back at her and nudged her in the shoulders. “Well, everyone has their secrets.”

 Aki wheezed when the older girl let go of her. “Sheesh… You’re such a great actress, Yukirin.”

“No one would even suspect a thing.”

“I just thought of something!” Aki gasped suddenly. “Why don’t you charm the bus driver so that he’ll drop us by some convenience stores for food?”

The raven-haired rolled her eyes and started walking ahead of her best friend, who only jogged to her side and linked arms with her. “Remind me why I’m even friends with someone like you.”

“Birds of the same feather flock together!”

“Clearly, we aren’t the same.” Yukirin sighed. “I’m a sweet and good-hearted person in comparison with you, who clearly has some issues.”

“Issues?” Aki laughed. “We both have issues, my dear Yukirin.”

“Now that we’re talking about it, what are you going to do about your problematic issue?” The two girls stopped as an expression of concern filling up the younger girl’s face.

The raven-haired merely lets out a weary sigh and flashed a smile at her best friend, who only stared back at her with a disbelieving look in return. Nodding her head in surrender, the older girl started massaging the side of her forehead.

“It hasn’t gone away.” She admitted.

Aki looked at her friend with pity. “Why don’t you just report it to the authorities?”

“I tried that once and I swore that I will never do it again.” Yuki frowned and resumed their walking.

The younger girl merely sighed and ran to catch up to her best friend. “But if you don’t, your stalker won’t stop.”

“Aki,” Yuki turned to her. “I never said that I was being stalked.”

“I just said that I feel like I’m being watched.”

Aki crossed her arms and frowned at her best friend. “That’s the same thing, Yukirin.”

Not wanting to admit that it was, the raven-haired rolled her eyes and replied a ‘whatever’ to the younger girl as she board the bus, momentarily forgetting to greet everyone like she had planned. Aki smiled at their classmates and started assuring them that Yuki was only having a bad day.

“I hope you feel better, Yuki-san.” One of their male classmates sitting in front told the said girl.

Yuki ignored him and continued looking outside the window with a frown on her face, shocking their classmate who has obviously never seen this side of the girl before. Fortunately for her, Aki smiled apologetically at him.

“Sorry, she’s just very moody today.”

“O-okay.” He smiled back before turning his head back to the front.

Nudging the girl beside her, Aki hissed. “You’re catching attention, Yukirin.”

“I don’t care. I’m worn out.”

“Maybe I should really stop the act.” She thought as she prompted her chin on her right hand whilst she stare outside the bus window.

Just then, something shone from the corners of her eyes, catching her attention. She started searching for the source and frowned when she figured that it must have been the sunlight. However, when her eyes caught something moving in the bushes meters away from the bus, she stared intently.

An uneasy feeling started to grow in her stomach and she couldn’t help but wish that what she was currently thinking was not true. Swallowing a dry lump at the back of her throat, the raven-haired shuddered when she caught sight of a figure hiding in the bushes.

“I-I must be seeing things.” She sweated nervously.

She started to go paler by the second as anxiety filled her entire body, and even more when the same light that had caught her attention went off again. Her breathed started to become shallow when she realized that the light must have been a camera.

“D-don’t tell me he’s taking my picture?”

Completely taken aback and anxious, Yuki ripped the curtain off of its hook and covered the entire window, making sure not to leave a space uncovered. The bus has started to move which she was completely thankful for, but despite the safety that she started to feel, she wrapped her arms around her.

“It wasn’t just me, huh?” the girl spoke gravely beside her.

Yuki almost jumped out of her skin when she suddenly heard her best friend speak right next to her ear. “Y-yeah.”

“Don’t worry.” The younger enveloped the raven-haired into a hug. “We’re spending a week abroad.”

“You can rest for the whole trip.” Aki assured as she tightened the hug.

Yuki was about to lean into the hug when the younger girl suddenly lets go and leaned away from her. The raven-haired’s face was filled with an expression of confusion as she watched Aki take out a Ruffles from her backpack.

“Thanks, Yukirin.” The younger girl grinned as she raised the scissors that she had taken from inside the said girl’s handbag as she hugged her.

A nerve popped on the older girl’s forehead when she realized the reason for the hug that she had received and flicked her best friend on the forehead, before turning away and crossing her arms in annoyance.

“That seems to have done the trick.” Aki smiled to herself as she watched from the corner of her eyes her best friend trying to get some sleep after the tiring morning.

Right before she fell asleep, the older girl said to her seatmate. “Wake me up when we get to the airport.”

Meanwhile, back at the school, the figure that Yuki had seen earlier was no longer in the bushes hiding, and was now leaning against the cherry blossom tree in the garden with a camera in hand. A satisfied smile was on the figure’s face as Yuki’s face flashed on the screen.

“Hey you!” a voice from behind startled the shadowed figure. “The bus is about to leave!”

With a smile, the phone was placed back into the school uniform’s pocket as the shadowed figure started walking to the bus that was going to drive to the same airport that dear Kashiwagi Yuki was headed.


“I said to wake me up, not to sprinkle water onto my face!” the raven-haired hissed at her friend sitting right beside her, remembering the event that happened earlier before they got down from the bus.

Right as the bus parked by the arrived section of the airport temporarily, Aki deliberately decided to use an entire water bottle to wake up the older girl. It would have been fine if she had used it to hit her to wake her up.

But no.

Instead, she decided to use its contents to wake her up.

Now, her hair is all wet and soaked with the water that her dearest best friend had decided to use. It was already tiring to try and carry a small towel and dry her hair every now and then, but now she had to keep up appearance with the rest despite the huge irritation that she was harboring.

“Make sure you don’t sleep in the plane.” She growled at the girl wearing an apologetic look on her face.

Aki clapped her hands together and bowed her head. “I’m really sorry, Yukirin!”

“I poked a hole on the cap of the bottle, but I didn’t expect that it would loosen in the process.”

“Forget it.” Yuki grumbled to herself, feeling too aggravated and tired to spend their time waiting for their flight being angry at the idiot she calls her best friend.


The raven-haired turned to Aki with a narrowed slit of the eyes, hearing the sudden tone of submissiveness. She raised a brow in question when she saw her best friend holding some eye-catching brochures.

“I thought that you’d be busy helping out with the Student Council to find time for research, so I did it for you.” The younger girl smiled as she handed Yuki one of the brochures.

The older girl sighed. “Surprisingly, you can be thoughtful at times.”

“Anyway, I heard that South Korea is very beautiful when it snows.” Aki informed as she watched the older girl flip through the pages with a glint in her eyes. “I can’t wait!”

“Class B, get ready to board the plane.” Togisaki-sensei suddenly voiced out, garnering attention from the people in the said class. “Take out your passes right before you line up.”

As everyone rummaged their bags for the passes, Yuki and Aki headed to the gate with a smile on their faces. Being used to travelling, the younger girl had initiatively took out their passes and placed it in the raven-haired’s small handbag— the same bag that she had taken the scissors from earlier ago.

“I can’t believe that I’ll be able to experience snow in another country!” Yuki squealed in delight as she stared at the brochure that her best friend had handpicked out for her, as the two of them started heading to the plane.

Smiling at the sight of her best friend acting childishly at the picture of snow on the brochure, Aki shook her head and chuckled quietly to herself as she mentally gave herself a hi-five for bringing out the girl’s real self once again for the nth time that day.

She was so caught up in enjoying the older girl’s happiness that she was unable to see that there was another person walking right in front of them. By the time the two girls realized it, it was far too late to stop.


Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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The two girls uttered as the pain from their butts was sent to their brains. “O-ow.”

“Hey, why didn’t you watch where you’re goi—” Yuki started to say, only to be interrupted with the jab at the ribs by the girl beside her.

“—I’m sorry, are you hurt?”

Yuki stared in disbelief at Aki, dumbfounded by the fact that the girl was only interested about a stranger, rather than her own best friend. However, the moment that she looked up to give the guy a piece of her mind, the raven-haired finally understood the reason why Aki did that.

Right there in front of her, stood a guy that Yuki never thought she would actually meet in real life. Standing there in immaculate form, a guy wearing their male school uniform punctured Yuki’s eyes with his own black orbs.

His beautiful, shiny black hair was a majestic jet black with smooth and flowing locks, accompanying his lean body that was not too muscular or too sloppy. He was sight of picture perfect, and so far the closest man to Yuki’s ideal guy.

“I’m so sorry, are you sure that you’re not hurt or anything?” Aki watched her friend worriedly scan the guy standing right before them, the annoyed aura that she was emitting earlier has quickly dissipated into thin air.

He shook his head and gave a smile that the younger girl was sure made her best friend swoon. “I’m not.”

“In fact, I think that I should be asking you girls.” He chuckled, his laugh music to the raven-haired’s ears.

Offering his hand to the two girls, he gently but carefully and firmly helped them up to their feet. The younger girl began dusting off the dust off the bottom of her skirt, aware of the hearts in her best friend’s eyes.

“Hey Yuuma, aren’t you going to go inside yet?” one of their classmates ran ahead the rest and wrapped an arm around him. “If that Togisaki sees you blocking the way here, he’ll nag at you non-stop you know.”

The younger guy started to open his mouth to explain what had happened earlier to cause them delay, but was beaten to it the moment his friend took notice of the other two students before him. Taken aback by the sudden appearance of two of the most popular girls in school before him, he started gaping at them quite loudly.

“Close your mouth, Sasshi.” Yuuma jabbed at his friend’s ribs. “I just bumped into them.”

Grabbing the younger guy by the arm, Sashihara Rino pulled him to the side and started whispering into his friend’s ear, ignoring the stabbing daggers that Aki was sending to him, as well as the confused look Yuki has on her face.

“Do you have a death wish or something?” Rino hissed. “If the rest finds out what you did, they’ll castrate you!”

“What are you talking about?” the black-haired looked at his friend confusingly.

The older of the two sighed and glanced at the two girls looking at them. “There are school rules for girls like Kashiwagi Yuki and Takajo Aki, and one of them is to never to touch them!”

“If they find out that you broke the rules, they’ll kill you!” Just then, realization hit him and he started pulling at his hair stressfully. “And if they find out that I’m a friend of yours, I’ll be killed as well!”

“Why did you have to do that, Yuuma?!” he demanded as he shook his friend.

Stepping into the two’s conversation, Yuki placed a hand on the older of the two and cleared her throat. “I think that there’s a misunderstanding, Rino-kun.”

“It was me and Aki at fault, so there’s no need to worry about such nonsensical things.” She smiled assuringly, though deep inside all she wanted to tell him was to let her and Yuuma continue with what was happening earlier.

Hearing this, Aki lets out a scoff. “If I were you, I’d let that guy be killed.”

“Takajo-san.” Yuki sent a glare to the said girl and successfully quieted her. “We’re at fault, remember?”

Hardening the look on her face, she said. “Please apologize.”

“Are you seriously asking me to do that?” Aki asked through her eyes.

Her best friend kept staring at her with the same menacing look on her face and nodded, sending a clear order to the younger girl. Sighing exasperatedly, Aki gestured if she could not do it at all. However, when she received the infamous puppy eyes that Yuki knew she was weak to, Aki knew the battle was over.

“It was our fault, gomen.” The younger girl apologized with her arms crossed and her eyes looking elsewhere, obviously being forced to do what her friend wanted her to do.

Knowing that she can’t make the girl apologize in a more polite way, Yuki turned to the two and flashed one of her most heart fluttering smiles. “Now then, we best be on our way.”

“Aki.” She gave a curt nod and the said girl quickly started to help her in picking up the brochures that had fallen off from their hands.

Once they were sure that they had picked up all of the brochures, Yuki smiled once again at the two male students. “See you two next time, Rino and Yuuma-kun.”

And with that, the two girls left with their brochures in hand. The ones who were left behind started to hear the rest of the people who would be joining them in the flight to South Korea, and began heading towards the same entrance that the other two went through.

“Speak of this to no one.” Sasshi told him. “I don’t want to die yet, Yuuma.”

Yuuma looked at him and gave an assuring smile. “You know what kind of person I am, Sasshi.”

“Yeah, but that’s not the problem here.” The older guy sighed. “Not everyone knows.”


“See you two next time, Rino and Yuuma-kun~”

A nerve popped in the raven-haired’s forehead as she listened to her best friend mockingly mimicked what she had said to the two a while ago. Aki’s voice sounded sickeningly sweet, it was making her completely uncomfortable.

“I did not speak like that!” she cried exasperatedly.

Aki snorted. “Oh please, you sounded exactly like that.”

“I did not!”

“I almost puked over your sweet tone.” The younger girl shuddered. “Thank goodness I only had goosebumps.”

“I’m telling you, I DID NOT SOUND LIKE THAT!”

“Fine, whatever you say, Yukirin.” Aki threw her hands up in defeat as the older girl started to shake her fervently, obviously embarrassed. “I’ll just record it next time so you can’t deny it.”


“Yes, because it’s never going to happen.” The raven-haired rolled her eyes as she started to calm down.

Watching the rest of the passengers from their school sit on their respective seats, the two girls leaned comfortably against their seats and sighed, feeling the sudden loss of energy due to the bickering that they had just done.


Aki opened up one eye and stared questioningly at her best friend sitting next to the window. “What?”

“Aki,” Yuki sighed and stared at her best friend as if she was talking to the slowest person on earth. “Details.”

“Give me the details about that guy.”

“That guy?” Aki looked at her in shock. “You seriously want to know about him?”

“Yes.” the older girl hissed.

Sighing reluctantly, Aki leaned back once more against her seat and closed her eyes. “He’s in class A.”

“He’s a member of the Idol Research Club, where he holds the position as the president. He’s known around the school as a Wota. He is academically average and actually ranked eighth in our school’s general election for most attractive, but his weirdness is what’s bringing him down.”

Yuki knitted her brows together. “But Yuuma-kun doesn’t seem like that.”

“Yuuma-kun?” Aki looked at her. “Aren’t we talking about that Rino guy?”

“I don’t have any interest in that Rino or whatever his surname is, Aki.” The raven-haired stared at her friend. “It’s Yuuma!”

“Right, sorry.” Aki sighed in relief. “For a second there, I wondered why you were interested in that weirdo.”

“Anyway, Yuuma’s full name is Watanabe Yuuma. He’s also in Class A with Sashihara Rino— that guy— and is currently holding the third position in looks and ninth in academics, which isn’t really bad. Other than the looks and brains, he has it all. His family owns WGC, which stands for Watanabe Group of Companies, one of the leading family-based conglomerates in Japan. And if we’re going to compare him with you, he’s twice as rich as you.”

“Oh, and he’s also a member of the Rappapa (Wind Instruments Club) like you.” The younger girl added.

“He is?” Yuki asked. “Then how come I’ve never seen him during club activities?”

“Yuuma-kun usually works at his father’s hospital after school, so maybe that’s the reason why?”


“Wait, there’s something I’m more curious about.” The raven-haired narrowed her eyes to a slit as she stared at her best friend.

Feeling uncomfortable under the intense staring, Aki fidgeted in her seat. “W-what is it, Yukirin?”

“Why are you calling him without honorifics and referring to him by his first name?!” the older girl demanded. “Is he that guy you’re actually crushing on?”

Aki dropped a sweat as she nervously tried to calm her friend down. “N-no, didn’t I tell you that the one I’m crushing on is in Class K?”

“I just met him during one of my recitals in Saitama, I swear!” she held her hand up. “You know when I’m telling the truth!”

“Fine, I’ll believe you…” Yuki narrowed her eyes even more. “…for now.”

“Since you don’t believe me, here’s the performance that he gave during my recital!”

Aki rummaged through her backpack for the object that would soon clear her name, taking out the tablet that she had fully charge just to play her games. Handing it to Yuki, the younger girl started playing a video that was titled ‘Watanabe Yuuma Saitama Performance’.


At the beginning of the video, a woman started to introduce the name of the song, along with the piano playing as accompaniment for Yuuma, who was waiting on stage with his saxophone in hand. The moment the black-haired started to play the song, Yuki knew she was a goner.

Despite it being a mere recording, the way he played it was perfect. She couldn’t determine when the saxophonist was breathing or whether he was having a hard time doing so because the transition was just admirable.

Her eyes remained focused on Yuuma playing on the screen, completely captivated by the scene that was playing. It made her wonder why she had never heard of him until now. She even feels like wanting to learn how to play the saxophone, despite being a flutist herself.

The moment the video stopped playing, the raven-haired immediately started sending the same video to her email since she didn’t bring her tablet and would need to watch it at home for…references. A smile was on her face the entire time she had her hands on the tablet, that’s why the moment she handed it to Aki, the spell that the video had casted on her seemingly broke.

“Why do you have a video of him on your tablet?” she asked, her suspicions coming back once again.

“Don’t worry, it’s not for me.” Aki sighed. “My mom just enjoys listening to it over and over again.”

“Well, I can’t really blame you if you like him.” The raven-haired muttered.

The younger girl lets out a sigh as she stared at her friend. “Here.”

“I get tired of listening to it at home so just wear your earphones and let me get some sleep.” Aki told her as she handed the older girl the tablet. “Make sure to leave me some battery life.”

Yuki’s face lit up as she took the device in hand and quickly hugged her best friend without a moment of hesitation. “You’re the best!”

“I really can’t predict this girl.” Aki thought to herself as she watched her best friend happily plug her earphones with a hum.

Deciding to get some sleep and leave her best friend with the video despite knowing that she wouldn’t be able to play her game, Aki closed her eyes and allowed the plane’s take-off to lull her to sleep for at least half of their flight’s duration.

During the entire time that her best friend was out of consciousness, Yuki kept her eyes on the screen in front of her. She’s not going to deny that her neck started getting cramps around the first few thirty minutes, or even the strain that she was beginning to feel in her eyes.

However, as painful as it may be, she wasn’t willing to rest either her neck or her eyes for the sake of continuing watching Yuuma’s performance on her friend’s tablet. However, it seems that even if she didn’t want to stop, she’ll be forced to do so in a few more minutes.

“Five percent left.” the reminder of the battery’s remaining charge blinked several times on screen, disrupting the video that was playing. ”Please charge your device.”

Pressing the play button for the nth time, Yuki smiled once more as the scene of Yuuma playing the saxophone on stage with dimmed lights in the background started. The piano’s intro was already romantic, but the moment the saxophone started playing, Yuki felt like she had just been transferred to another dimension.

It was as if she was transported back to the time where Yuuma was playing the song at the recital in Saitama. Amongst the large audience in the recital hall, Yuki was the only one other than Yuuma to have a spotlight focused on.

The older of the two students stood there on stage with his eyes closed, his concentration and effort captivating her for the nth time that day without any effort or whatsoever. He just stood there in front of her…enjoying and immersing himself in the song.

All of a sudden, the eyes that had been shut ever since the beginning of the song, opened slowly. Despite the large amount of people in the recital hall with her, Yuki felt her cheeks burning as Yuuma’s eyes bore into hers.

Having the song memorized completely because of replaying the song more times than she could count, the raven-haired knew that the song’s climaxing verse was nearing, and that the sight in front of her would soon stop.

She didn’t want it to. If she could, she’d like to stay like that forever, with Yuuma staring right at her and only her. No problems or worries. No stalker or people she has to pretend to like associating with. No one else, but …

…The two of them

But then, it seems that Yuuma had other plans. The moment he reached the song’s final chorus (around 6.15 of the video), Yuuma lifted his lips off of the saxophone and walked towards her with an offered right hand.

She grabbed it and he gently helped her up get onto the stage just like how he helped her up when she fell on her butt a while ago. A smile was on his face as he caressed her cheek with his other hand, while the offered hand pulled her closer to him.

“I-is he going to kiss me?” she gulped as he slowly cupped her face with both of his hands.

He smiled at her. “Yuki…”

“…Device shutting down.”

And just like that, she was pulled out of her fantasy by the tablet that had started shutting down, despite the video just merely seconds away from its end. She frowned at the device in hand and tucked it away into Aki’s backpack, furious that it had to disrupt her fantasy.

“And just when he was about to kiss me…” she sighed sadly.

Turning to the still-sleeping figure beside her, Yuki sweated a drop as she remembered Aki telling her to leave her some battery life. Fortunately, it seems that she is still in her dreamland, so the plane just might touch the ground before she even wakes up.

Her problem now is finding what to do. With the adrenaline that she currently has being pumped through her body, sleeping is out of the question. Her eyes are already strained from watching too long, along with her neck acting up with the cramps.

“I’m telling you, I didn’t do it on purpose!”

A voice shouted from the back, making the girl who had nothing to do, turn her head and find out what it was. When she did, her lips formed a smile while her eyes widened in surprise as she saw the person who was making her heart beat faster than usual.

“Watanabe Yuuma.” She spoke the name out loud without intention. “With Rino-san.”

The two male students stopped their conversation and looked at the one who unintentionally called them.  “Ah, Kashiwagi-san.”

“So you were sitting in the first class section.” Yuuma smiled at her as he took a seat from across her.

Yuki smiled back. “Yeah, and it seems like you are too.”
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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The raven-haired thought she heard the other guy mutter something under his breath, but decided that it wasn’t important or anything and merely chose to ignore it. Raising a brow, she pointed at Yuuma’s shirt.

“You changed your clothes?” she asked.

Nodding, the black-haired replied. “Yeah, I did.”

“This guy right here decided to order a soda drink and shook it too much.” Yuuma sighed as he pointed at the said guy sitting beside him.

Sasshi looked at him exasperatedly. “I’m telling you, it was an accident.”

“Umm, can I talk to you about something?” The raven-haired asked.

Yuuma gave a shrug of the shoulders. “Sure, why not?”

“Rino-san?” the raven-haired stood up and made her way to where the two were sitting.

Flashing him one of her dazzling smiles, Yuki tilted her head to the side. “May I occupy your seat?”

“O-okay.” Sasshi stammered as he scrambled out of his seat to give it to her.

Standing without a clue by Yuki’s side, the younger guy scratched the side of his head. “Umm, where do I sit?”

“You can occupy my seat, Rino-san.” The raven-haired offered as she pointed at the said seat. “Thanks for letting me take yours.”

“No problem?” Sasshi replied unsurely as he sat next to Aki.

Seeing his new seatmate asleep, Sasshi lets out a sigh and took out his headphones to listen to some music. It seems like he’s going to have to be quiet for the rest of the trip, whether he likes it or not. After all, he can’t tell a school idol to give him back his seat.

Besides, it’s not as if he doesn’t enjoy sitting next to Takajo Aki. The girl is after all, a school idol as well, though not on the same level as Kashiwagi Yuki. So he just as might enjoy the rest of the trip with her as his seatmate.

“So, I heard that you’re also a member of the Rappapa.” Yuki told him. “But I haven’t seen you there.”

“Ah, you must be the new member then?” Yuuma asked.


Yuuma sighed. “Well, I’ve been busy with the hospital lately, so I decided to take some time off.”

“So, Kashiwagi-san—”

“—Just call me, Yukirin.”

“Yukirin, it is then.” He told her. “In exchange, just call me Yuuma.”

“Anyway, what instrument do you play?” he asked.

“Just the flute.”

“Just the flute?” Yuuma raised a brow at the sigh that came at the end of her sentence. “Why do you sound like you don’t like it?”

“Oh, I enjoy playing it.” Yuki told him. “I just wish that I learned the saxophone like you.”

“Eh, you wouldn’t like the saxophone.” He sighed. “It’s a bit heavy and it sounds weird.”

He smiled at her. “The flute suits you perfectly.”

“Why?” she asked him curiously.

“Well, it’s lighter.” He scratched his chin as he continued. “And it’s an elegant instrument.”

“But the saxophone sounds so much better.”

“Not all the time though.” Yuuma chuckled. “It can sound good or bad.”

“But ninety percent, it sounds bad.”

“But the flute is so simple and boring.” Yuki told him with a sigh.

Yuuma laughed. “This won’t end, would it?”

“I don’t think so.” Yuki laughed along with him.

“If you’d like, I’ll play it for you next time and show you why the flute is better than the saxophone.” Yuuma offered with a chuckle.

The raven-haired beamed at this and nodded her head, carefully making sure to mask the excitement that was bubbling within her. “Fine, but when you hear me playing the flute, you’ll be those words.”

The two of the continued on with their playful banter about which instrument was better, enjoying themselves in the conversation. But somewhere in the middle of their conversation, someone accepted defeat and another topic was quickly brought on.

“So a while ago, you were carrying brochures?” Yuuma asked after he drank some water.

“Yes, I was.” Yuki smiled sheepishly. “I’m actually quite excited about the field trip that I wasn’t able to sleep last night.”

“So you’ve never been to South Korea before then.” The older of the two hummed.

The raven-haired sighed. “Well, I’ve never been to anywhere actually.”

“My parents never allowed me to travel.” She admitted. “In fact, I couldn’t even go to school without a companion.”

“They almost didn’t allow me to go for this trip.” The younger of the two sighed.

“Really? What made them change their minds?”

“Well, after some help from my best friend and agreeing to at least consider taking over their positions, I managed to successfully convince my parents to let me go.” She smiled cheerfully.

“I see, that’s good for you then.”

“I know! I’ve always wanted to skate in another country.” Yuki started sighing wistfully. “So I’m very fortunate that it snows in Korea.”

“Not to burst your bubble or anything, but it usually doesn’t snow in South Korea in April.” Yuuma told her apologetically. “It’s cold, but no snow.”

“Eh?!” Yuki cried.

Taking out the brochures that she had kept in her handbag, the raven-haired showed him the one with the pictures of white snow. “B-but, that was what I’ve been looking forward to!”

“S-sorry.” He apologized.

Yuki looked with devastation at the brochures in hand and sobbed quietly to herself. The guy sitting beside her only looked at her with a hand hanging in mid-air with a look of uneasiness could be seen on his face, obviously unsure on how to comfort his seatmate.

All of a sudden, the raven-haired’s eyes widened as she came to realize what she was doing, and she averted her eyes to some other place as she immediately composed herself. Taking a look around her, she wondered if someone had seen her, worried about the image that she had carefully crafted.

“That Aki…” she looked angrily at the sleeping figure. “She almost made me lose it.”

As if feeling the anger she was receiving, Aki fidgeted in her seat and fluttered her eyes open slowly, blinking them several times as she tried to adjust her eyes to the lighting in the plane. Stretching her arms forward, she lifted her head off of Yuki’s shoulder and craned her neck.

“Sorry about leaning against you, Yukirin.” She yawned, before turning to her seatmate with thankful smile on her face. “And thanks—”

The girl’s words trailed off as the smile dropped off from her face, a blank expression filling her face, only to be replaced by a horrified one in a few seconds after her brain finally processed that it wasn’t her best friend sitting next to her but someone else.

“W-what are you doing sitting next to me?!” she pointed angrily at the sleeping Sasshi.

When she realized that she wasn’t being listened to, Aki huffed and pulled the headphones off of the sleeping student angrily. Placing her mouth near to his ears, she inhaled a deep breath and screamed into his ears with her hands cupping her mouth.

“You pervert!”

“W-wh-what in the world?!” Sasshi bolted up from his seat in complete surprise, his ear ringing and his mind buzzing from suddenly being woken up from his slumber.

Turning to the source of his misery, the dark-haired stared disbelievingly at her. “Why did you do that?!”

“Because you’re a pervert.”

“How can I be a pervert?” he asked her exasperatedly. “You were the one who placed your head on my shoulder!”

“And that’s nothing perverted!”

“You had a perverted smile on your face!” Aki scoffed at him and crossed her arms. “That’s why you’re a pervert!”



“Disgusting wota!”

“Argh! You’re annoying!” Sasshi cried at her before rushing off to where Yuki and Yuuma were watching them with interest. “This is why I love idols!”

“Ano, Kashiwagi-san.” Sasshi huffed in annoyance as he pointed at Aki. “I can’t seat with her.”

“Please pardon me, but I’m taking my seat back.”

Yuki nodded her head. “Of course, Rino-san.”

Standing up, she stood aside and allowed Yuuma’s original seatmate to take his place with a look of irritation etched on his face. Seeing that there was no way for them to continue their conversation then, Yuki waved and uttered her farewell to the two boys before making her way back to her original seat.

“Why did you let that guy switch places with you?!” Aki demanded from her friend, her finger finding itself pointing at the guy who was trying his best not to be affected and burst out like he did earlier. “What if he had taken advantage of me?”

The raven-haired merely ignored the look being sent to her by her friend and sat down without answering the question, her dreams of skating in another country having been demolished being the cause of her ignorance.

“Yukirin?” Aki looked at her best friend with exasperation. “Why did you let him?”

“You know how I feel about him!”

Sighing, the raven-haired replied. “I asked him to trade seats with me for a while.”

“And don’t act like you hated it, you were even drooling on him.” Yuki added, deciding to make use of this opportunity to get back at her best friend. “If I hadn’t know any better, I’d say that it was actually him you were interested in.”

“Wha—” Aki looked at her friend in horror. “How can you say that?!”

“Keep your voice down, we might get into trouble if you continue shouting your feelings.” Yuki told her with a cough to hide away the smirk that was forming.

Aki scoffed in exasperation. “Kashiwagi Yuki, you clearly don’t know me that well.”

“After being together for more than ten years, how can you not even understand my feelings?” she asked her best friend with complete annoyance.

Yuki rolled her eyes. “I know you better than you do, just like how you know me better.”

“Then why do you keep on saying that I actually like that Rino guy?!”

“Well, if you would just tell me who it is that you’re crushing on, I wouldn’t assume that every guy we pass is your crush.” Yuki drank from her water bottle.

Aki slumped her shoulders. “Like I told you, he’s in Class K.”

“Can’t you tell me more than that?”

The younger girl averted her eyes. “Well, since I have to be the one who figures you out most of the time, this is only fair.”

“Stingy.” The raven-haired muttered, making Aki smile victoriously before turning to her backpack to take out another snack.

She had been asking the younger girl about who was her crush was for the past weeks, but Aki was adamant in keeping it a secret from the older girl. It wasn’t like she plans on using to use the information for blackmailing reasons.

She’s her best friend, right? So, she should at least make an effort to get involved with her best friend’s love life. After all, the last time she remained indifferent to the younger girl’s life, they had a fight and Yuki had to deal with everything without the girl who has been with her for at least fifteen years.

But then, with her sudden interest in things, she can’t blame Aki for suspecting her. She has always been the type of person to remain indifferent about such things unless they piqued her interest like how Yuuma did.

Speaking of Yuuma, why was she so interested in him? He is ranked third after Maeda Atsu and Shinoda Mario in terms of looks, and even ranked ninth— five ranks lower than her— for the entire school in their academics.

His family owns Watanabe Group of Companies, which has several hospitals all over Japan. Yet…how is it that she only noticed him now? Could it be because of her lack of concern for others? She doesn’t really take the time to know more about others since it’s just a waste of time, but when she remembers someone, she really remembers them no matter what.

Ahh…It’s probably because of that.

“Yeah, it must be.” She sighed inwardly.

The way she met Yuuma was like one of her fantasies. She knew that her fantasies acting out in real life was close to impossible considering how she told no one about them, but it was as if their encounter was meant to be.

And Yuki was a sucker for things like destiny.

“Oh my…” she cupped her face with both hands as she started blushing sheepishly. “Is this what they call red string of fate?’

If it was, then there’s no way she’s going to let this thing pass her by. If the heavens decided to send him to her to answer her prayers of finding a boyfriend despite her huge dislike for the male species, why should she throw the chance away?

“But I need to make sure that he is really meant for me.” She tapped at her chin. “I need a sign.”

Clasping her hands together, she began to pray. “Kami-sama, I know that I haven’t been a really good person this year, and I rarely visit the shrine or anything…”

“…But please give me a sign about this situation, and I swear that I will do everything like giving charity and going to shrines.”

She doesn’t know if the heavens will really grant her wish, but she gave a really good deal right? Surely, Kami-sama can ignore how she tried to negotiate and even do all those things that she wasn’t really interested in doing. Right?

“Just a sign.”  She wished. “Any sign.”

“Kami-sama, if you’re listening…please give me a sign. I’ll wait until this field trip is over.”

To Be Continued…

What is going to happen next?
Will she receive a sign?
Will it be a good one? Or a bad one?
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
Here are my fics~! They can be found amongst these three. :hee:

Love's A Mission
Oh My Dolly!

SoUL (Series)

The Akiba Family (T.A.F)

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Two(01/28)
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Yes she will and a good one

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)
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 :on GJ: thanks for the update!!
I cant wait for the next

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)
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Haha can't wait for that sign XD

Mayuki mayuki~~~!!! :inlove:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)
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hi karomuwi! Im a new reader of yours and I really like your fic on Love's a Misson! Hope you will update it soon!

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