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Author Topic: Koei's Writing Farm: The Mr. Moonlight’s Curse? (may-17-2013)  (Read 22511 times)

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #20 on: February 19, 2012, 12:15:41 AM »
Nice ending, now as for the pairing, if you really got it just write it out.  I'll give you couple of chances :nervous
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Ah, it ends. Happily ever after. Gakishige is something I haven't seen in quite a while! It was nice to see.

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #22 on: February 20, 2012, 05:01:38 PM »
@Kurosawa87: I will begin writing about it! Thank you for reading!
@rndmnwierd: Thank you for reading. I agree Gakishige is a crazy pairing after all. That's why when I wrote it I thought: 'Now this will shock people!'
@kawaii beam and xyukie56: As always thank you for reading! And  :w00t: a new reader??? xyukie56! welcome!!!

There are times when I get worried and think: 'Oh noes!! Which seed am I at??' or: 'Is it really interesting to people to read theese said seeds?' and there are times I think: 'Maybe they (the seeds) are not really important...'
But in the end I just hope that atleast 1 person has fun. So in the name of that person I shall continue!
Now lets get ready for: !!!!!! Seed number 8!!!

I will not turn this car around!

In a rather normal day in the studio, the 9th and 10th generation members of Morning Musume. were chatting amongst themselves. Giggles could be heard from time to time and small portions of their conversation were sometimes squealed.

It just so happens that a certain sempai of theirs was walking around the studio and happened to listen to one of the small squealed portions of the girls’ intense and excited conversation.

-“She’s so beautiful!”

-“I know! I’m so excited!”

-“Do you think she will praise us?”

-“I’ve gone out with her before but she has never taken us somewhere on a car.”

-“Do you think it’ll be a drive full of ‘rabu-rabu’?”

That great amount of excitement coming from such small girls pricked at Reina’s curiosity and so she decided to ask the girls what was all that commotion about. When she reached the corner they all sat at; she could visualize a couple of pictures and photo books in the hands of her juniors.

‘Aww! How cute! They’re practicing their poses! But then how come they keep talking about a drive? I shall …must… INVESTIGATE!’

“Hey girls! What’re you doing?” Reina asked with all the curiosity in the world which made all the young ones excited to the point where they literally squealed at her.

-“Ok! No need to scream! Haha, now tell me guys!” Reina’s laughter was met with the girl’s sheepishness as they pondered on how to tell their sempai the news. Finally one of them broke; no surprise there that It was Suzuki Kanon who did, and told her quite enthusiastically:

-“We’re going on a drive with Niigaki-sempai and Takahashi-san to Yomiuri Land!” At Kanon’s reply; Reina’s face resembled her beloved Shin-chan’s confused face before erupting in a thunderous burst of laughter. Her laughter in turn made all 8 of the 9-10th generation members to become extremely confused.

It was so raucous that it caught the attention of Sayumi and Aika who had just about ran to the room due to the indoor thunderstorm that was little Reina at her laughing best. When they saw the atmosphere they couldn’t help but giggle and ask what’s up with the scandal.

Reina had begun crying out of laughter by the time she began to tell the others.

–“They’re going on a…!!!! Hahahahahahaaaaa!!!!  They’re going on a drive with…Hahahahahahahaaa!!! With Ai-chan and Gaki-san!!! Oh my goodness!!! This is precious!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!”

Sayumi and Aika looked at Reina, then the youngsters, and finally to one another; wondering what was so funny about that. After a couple of seconds they began to mimic Reina’s actions and literally drop to their knees in laughter. This action confused the poor 9th and 10th generations even more since they were not fully in their sempai’s inner joke.

After a couple of minutes laughing and drying up their small escaped tears they turned towards the girls and saw the flying question marks above all their heads as well as their gaping mouths.

A knowing gaze passed between the girls as they decided to just tell them that they hoped they enjoyed their drive and to most of all: behave EXTREMELY WELL when driving with those two…OR ELSE.

Funny thing that right after that small warning; both Risa and Ai appeared hand in hand surrounded by this lovey-dovey atmosphere that made the elder girls burst out laughing again. Both Ai and Risa had confused expressions which made them look at the youngsters who were all just about terrified.

-“Good morning girls. Is there something wrong?” Risa innocently asked the girls before glaring at Reina, Sayumi and Aika. Ai was too engrossed in staring at the cuteness that the youngsters emanated to even notice the strong glare that Risa gave the girls.

Surely Risa did it out of playful scolding… but that glare deserved the praise and admiration of their revered 4G leader Miki (4G as in: Glaringly Groping, Greatly Glamorous) who would have been extremely proud of little Risa.

Thus it was that Ai, Risa, and all the youngsters were out for their drive leaving behind the other elder members to their juvenile glee.

-“You guys surely remember our first drive with the esteemed TakaGaki couple don’t you?” Reina asked with a broad smile on her face.

-“Of course we do! How can we ever forget such a wonderfully crazy experience?!”

-“I remember it as if it was yesterday.”

-“Oh I hope they don’t have to experience that beautifully traumatizing happening that is driving with the TakaGaki couple!”

Laughter began to resound in the room again as the memories of that fated day began to come back to them.

~~~~~Back in October 2009 at a certain leader’s borrowed van…~~~~~

Laughter and glee could be heard inside the van as they drove all the way towards Yomiuri Land for Risa’s birthday celebration. Sure it was a ruckus inside the van, both the birthday girl and her lover enjoyed the feeling of being together celebrating a special occasion alongside friends. But this ruckus would soon take a crazy turn when suddenly:

-“Takahashi-san!! Reina is making fun of me!!”

-“No, I’m not!”

-“Risa-chan!! Look look!! That cloud looks like me: a turtle!! And I’m running in front of you!! Look!! Are you looking?!”

-“Ai-chan!! Reina is messing with my PSP!”

Ai-chan’s eyebrows twitched at all the childish complaints from the girls. Taking a side glance at Risa she found that her girl was as cool as a cucumber before she sweetly and motherly answered to them:

-“Reina, please behave yourself and stop making fun of Jun. I have chocolate in my bag, if you stay put I will give it to you.
Yes Eri, that cloud looks like a turtle that’s running in front of a bean, you have great eyesight like me but please don’t raise your voice.
Linko, don’t give your PSP to Tanakacchi if you don’t want her messing with it. Remember what happened to Ai’s iPod.
Now please everyone calm down a bit so that Ai-chan can drive us safely to Yomiuri Land. Thank you.”

Surprisingly; all the girls calmed down after Risa’s soft motherly scolding.  Ai smiled to herself proud of her lover before gazing lovingly at her and muttering a silent ‘thank you’.

Yet that silence didn’t last 5 minutes since now it was Aika’s turn and Koharu’s turn to begin fighting and screaming over who was the first one to see something on the road. Sayumi then began to scream that someone, meaning Reina, had taken her mirror;which she as secretly using to spy on Ai; and hid it.

Their yelling became so loud that Ai was gripping the steering wheel hard enough that her knuckles had long turned white. Suddenly the car took a small detour towards a desolate street which made all the screaming girls become awfully quiet. Risa looked worriedly at her lover since it was quite strange for Ai to take such a detour without first telling her about it.

Ai deeply sighed as she took off her seatbelt and pounced on Risa, straddled her hips, and began to hungrily kiss her. At first; Risa widened her eyes at the action but soon after she just went with Ai’s flow and continued kissing her deeply forgetting all about the other member that occupied the van.

She reached for the lever and lowered the seat so that she now lay on top of Risa. This was a heated kiss where their tongues fought each other for dominance as Ai’s hands were under Risa’s shirt groping the sacred land which prompted Risa to pull her closer and contour Ai’s strong back with her own hands.

After that heated encounter Ai, gently pecked Risa and told her a shy ‘Happy Birthday’ before putting the seat back to its original position and resuming her post as the driver of this birthday trip for her girlfriend. When the drive resumed all the girls were awfully quiet and Ai kept taking glances at them on the rearview mirror which made her silently giggle. Risa was as red as an apple as she remembered that they weren’t alone in that van and that they had just publicly displayed a really private form of affection between them to all the other members.

The girls didn’t speak a word and the car slowly pulled over the main road. Suddenly Ai looked at the rearview mirror to only say one sentence:

“I will not turn this car around!”

~~~~~Back at the present…~~~~~

Reina, Aika, and Sayumi were all laughing hard as they kept remembering that famous trip full of craziness.

-“Surely Ai-chan is spontaneous. But if she hadn’t done that we would have driven her crazy.”

-“Yeah, I hope the kids aren’t like us. I can’t imagine what she would do.”

-“I don’t think she will try it with them. I’m still not sure the kids know about them… Even if they were wondering if the trip was going to be full of ‘rabu-rabu’…”

A short silence came over the conversation before they all looked at each other an idea flashing in their minds.

-“Shall we call them to see how they’re doing?” The phone was already ringing when Aika had voiced their idea and after a couple of rings; excited chattering could be heard before the definitely annoyed voice came to the receiver.


-“Ai-chan!!! Please don’t pull another: ‘I will not turn this car around!’ on the kids!!! We beg you!”

Truly worried for their youngsters, the girls begged Ai-chan who basically just yelled a ‘Huh?’ to her friends. After a couple of seconds thinking about that remark; Ai noticed what they were talking about and grumbled something before Risa came over the phone:

-“I’m making sure she doesn’t pull it off in front of the kids you guys so: stop worrying.
And you girls better behave because I’m not like Ai-chan, your trip will be candy-less and Yomiuiri Land-less because: I WILL BY ANY MEANS TURN THIS CAR AROUND!”

After Risa’s statement silence could be heard in the car, only being countered with the exploding laughter of all the girls over at the phone, as well as Risa’s and Ai’s. Surely all the girls will behave when being driven somewhere by the crazy TakaGaki pair.

-The end!-

Now answer this small question: If you ever ride with them: will you be silent or a small crazy chatterbox?

I shall await your answers and comments! Thanks for reading! :cow:

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #23 on: February 20, 2012, 06:53:57 PM »
gah lol this one was really funny to me XD granted, i feel bad that the others got turamatized by a hot makeout session by leader and subleader but dang that was good lol. hopefully "mama" and "papa" can have a safe drive this time lol then again i dont think they'll truamatize these young ones XD
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #24 on: February 20, 2012, 07:22:19 PM »
 :lol: :lol: Oddly that seems like great Ai logic

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #25 on: February 20, 2012, 07:52:04 PM »
crazy antics within a car XD
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #26 on: February 20, 2012, 08:13:26 PM »
yes, it's really was funny  :lol: I would like to see the faces of "kids" at that moment  XD Reina everywhere managed to make a contribution.
I would just sit silent staying in shock  :O
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #27 on: February 22, 2012, 09:10:51 AM »
Nice fics! :twothumbs And a nice change from too much TakaGaki-ness (I like this pairing but there's too much) since you do explore other pairings as well. Anyway I'll be following your thread now & looking forward to your updates :P

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #28 on: February 23, 2012, 01:13:18 AM »
@kawaii beam: I was hoping you would like this one! I somehow fear for the young ones... but with Risa driving they should be ok... right?  :nervous Also thanks for reading!
@rndmnwierd: Actually rndmnweird-sama I can see her face as the thought came to her mind.   I giggle everytime. Thanks for reading!
@kurosawa87: Kuro-sama thank you for reading! I often think what would have happened if it were Rika and Yossy??? And I can only answer to myself: BLOOD WILL SPILL!
@nighell: Hey welcome back! Sure, little Reina always a big help! As for the shocked face you would have at that moment  XD I would as well!!  :roll: ...I think  :P
@badsaints:welcome Every reader is apreciated! I'm glad you like all the different pairings. I hope this diversity doesn't make you go mad... in both senses of the word. Thank you for reading!

Well dear readers I'm back with another seed! Now... this seed worries me a little...And I shall tell you why. Recently (meaning yesterday) I read the story on rndmnwierd's closet titled 'Abstract' (which you should totally read by the way!...Actually read the whole closet!). After reading that one I got a little worried since I noticed that there's a part that slightly resembles something on this story... I didn't know! I'm truly sorry rndmnweird-sama!!!!!  :bow:  I truly didn't mean it!
Now some of you would say... then whyis Koei posting it?? And the answer to that is another reason why this particular seed worries me... And I'll post it since this I've never written this way before and I would like for you to tell me if I should write other stories including that particular genre or not. Oh and did I say that it was a little all over the place?? I'm also sorry if you get lost.

Alas... my worries will only belong to me... but I just wanted to say I'm sorry beforehand hoping that nobody would get insulted as they read this.  :cry:

So I (whilst trembling) bring to you seed number: 9! *If you read the message above, again: I'm sorry and read at your own discretion*


A picture explanation: You told me: 'I love you.'

'Here I am once again in Hawaii. Every year we come I explore different places and take pictures of it.’

The sea breeze caressed the girl’s face as she closed her eyes and breathed in the scent that by now one should have become familiar with it yet it was still new to her.

Overlooking the sea from the side of Diamond Head was truly a luxury for this secretly aspiring photographer. Taking in the view where different shades of green pasture filled with luscious trees contrasted perfectly with the wave filled ocean. Her eyes concentrated on every piece of foliage making her notice the commonly unnoticed shades of red.

She truly was in paradise, her eyes began to mist over and a lone tear fell and traveled down her cheek to join the small droplets of ocean water brought by the wind to her face. That tear always fell whenever she saw something truly majestic, and by now she has accepted it as a natural reaction. After wiping her tear away she picked up her camera and focused towards the view where, lost in her own world, all sounds escaped her conscious and only the shutter of her camera resounded 5, 10 times before she was taken away from her personal heaven by rough shaking from her friend.

-“Yo, Aika! We have to leave now!”

Reina tiredly sighed before returning back to the car they were traveling in. Aika snapped one last picture before trudging with her crutches behind her friend and towards the car.

As they rehearsed their routines for the event that was to take place in Hawaii a manager crouched besides the bored Aika.

-“Mitsui-san; since you can’t dance for this event you’re free to enjoy Hawaii for the next 2 hours.”

Smiling to the young girl the manager waved to one of the young staff members to come closer.

“This is Megumi-chan my niece; she will accompany you as you visit Hawaii.”

Both girls bowed to each other as they were introduced and Aika’s mood improved noticeably. As she got her camera and crutches ready Megumi looked at her and pointed at the wheelchair by her side.

-“My uncle gave me precise instructions to take you with your wheelchair and not your crutches, sorry.” Aika just sighed and followed the instructions given to her. ‘Well better this than nothing, right?’

As they strolled down the walkway that overlooked the coast, Aika took many pictures of anything and everything she saw.

-“Wow, you surely like photography, ne?” Megumi asked the girl as she giggled at her reaction to her comment.

-“Yes…it’s my dream actually…” As Aika smiled her answer, Megumi was inspired by her determination and decided to take the girl to a place where she could take a lot of pictures.

As they went to the top of a mountain, Aika was suddenly lost in this place she hasn’t visited before.

-“Where are we going Megumi-san?” Megumi just laughed and told her to drop the ‘-san’ since they were friends now and that it was a surprise. Reaching their destination Aika just gasped and began to take pictures of the beautiful pond that served as the view.

-“I’m grateful that you like the place Aika-chan.” Megumi just smiled at the girl who in turned thank her for the wonderful experience. As Aika looked once again at the scenery she noticed a certain someone taking in the fresh air and smiling to the sky. Noticing the peculiar expression she held, Aika decided to take her picture. The woman noticed and immediately looked towards the direction where she heard the shutter click.

-“Aika-chan! What are you doing here?”The white dress she wore clung to her body and accentuated every curve as she walked towards the dumbstruck girl who hasn’t answered yet.

-“Hello Megumi-chan, I’ll take Aika from now on.” Megumi smiled and thank her before saying goodbye to Aika and going her way.

-“You do know it’s rude to take people’s pictures without them noticing don’t you Mittsi?” As Aika blushed her companion just giggled seeing that her joke worked on the young girl.

-“Well then, do you plan to answer me or just stare blankly at the scenery?” As the lump in her throat finally subsided she muttered her yes to the woman.

-“You must be tired, and I need you to be energized for the trip so let’s take you to the hotel sweetie.” Aika just looked one last time at the scenery and took a last picture before returning to the hotel.

The following days Aika found herself secretly snapping photos of the woman that entranced her on that mountain until one day she was found by another member.

-“Yo! You’re going to waste film if you don’t take my picture Aika!” Laughter came by her side as two of her group members sat in the chairs by the pool.

-“Yeah if you don’t take pictures of this yankii then she’s going to steal your camera and fill it up with self portraits.” As the other girl flashed her famous peace sign she poked her friend.

-“Yeah you’re just saying that so she takes pictures of you doing the usa-chan peace pose!” Aika couldn’t help but laugh and do as requested and take pictures of the girls.

Time seemed to fly by in Hawaii as their trip came to an end. ‘I can’t believe we’re going home tomorrow morning. Well then let me say goodbye to Hawaii like I always do.’ Taking her camera and crutches Aika stealthily went out of her room and towards the beach to watch the Hawaiian sunset for one last time that year as well as take pictures of it.

Finding a good spot she just looked towards the ocean and recalled all the happenings of the trip. But even though she did a lot, whilst restricted to that darn wheelchair she hated with all her guts, her mind was only filled with one special event from that trip: her.

‘Why is it that I can only think about her? I mean, we’ve been in the same group for a while now but I haven’t felt like this before…Well I could say that but I’d sure be lying to myself. I’ve always found her fascinating but I know that she won’t look at me in any way other than a little sister. She was actually the one that inspired me to take pictures of everything my eyes could reach. And when I became confined to this chair she told me that a picture was worth taking if it was something that had the ability to move my heart. And now that she has moved my heart like an earthquake I can’t help but take pictures of her.’

Aika’s inner monologue was suddenly interrupted when thunder cracked in the sky and rain began to pour down. Luckily she was sheltered from the rain but she couldn’t help the frown that came to her face when her sunset was suddenly obstructed by the clouds. As she prepared to leave for the hotel a female’s figure appeared walking towards the coast seemingly dancing in the rain. Preparing herself to take said female’s picture; Aika’s eyes widened when she notice just who it was.

‘Truly this must be the work of Kami-sama if you appear in front of my eyes like this.’

As she took the pictures night fell and Aika suddenly felt chills run down her spine when the woman she was so determinedly taking pictures of began to look her way and stare straight at her. ‘There’s no way she could have heard me or seen the flash…’

When she saw the woman walk her way, she hurriedly put her camera inside her bag and tried to stare nonchalantly at the view. When the woman came close to Aika, she smiled and took the towel that until now went unnoticed right besides her.

-“I guess we think alike sometimes Aika, but I don’t need you to be reckless and try and catch a cold at this hour of the night, let’s go back to the hotel.”

As she was softly scolded by the woman, Aika was brought back to her hotel room where she just stared at the ceiling for hours before sleep overtook her. Morning came and the plane that would take her back home could not come any quicker since the girl wanted to check the pictures she took on the trip and show the other members.

At her house she checked all pictures and noticed that most of them were of the woman that has mesmerized and filled her mind the whole of that trip. Making CD’s of the trip’s pictures, one day at practice she gave them to the members and made one of her favorite pictures of all of them; which they watched at work.

-“Wow Aika-chan! You really are talented! I never even noticed you took these pictures!”

-“Oh my gosh! Look how pretty you look! That’s really cool Aika-chan!”

Those were some of the comments made by her group members as they praised Aika’s work which even surpassed some of the pictures the photographer took of them. But one of the girls present just sat there silently smiling as she noticed that she was missing from the repertoire of pictures taken by Mittsi.

Practice came and went and not only that but months passed and Aika was turning quieter with each passing day as she evaded the woman from her pictures. But she knew that it was quite an impossible feat since the attraction she had for the woman brought her even closer to her every time she wanted to further separate herself.

The fated day came when her heart urged her to go and talk to her and give her the pictures she had wanted to give her a long time ago. Pictures dating since the beginning of that fateful Hawaiian trip and that ended at that very same day.

‘I can’t back down now. If I do then I’ll never forgive myself. Just a knock Aika…just a single knock on her door.’ She clutched the bag at her side and knocked the door in front of her. As it slowly opened the woman inside peered out of it and looked at Aika surprised.

-“Aika-chan…what...What are you doing here at this late hour?” The noticeable puffiness of the woman’s eyes gave Aika the courage she needed to complete the task she had put herself for that day.

-“I need to talk to you. Can I come in?” As the woman led the girl into the apartment she noticed the bundles of flowers inside of it and all the letters and congratulatory miscellaneous things filling the small living space of the apartment.

-“My bedroom’s empty, let’s go there.” Led by the woman Aika slowly followed her and sat at the bed besides her.

-“I need to give you something I know I should have given you a long time ago.” As she placed her backpack on the bed in front of the woman she could hear the small sniffles coming from her.

-“What is it?” Aika came closer to her and as she hugged the crying woman she told her:

- “It’s the only way I know to show you the feelings I’ve so desperately tried to keep for myself.” The woman backed out of the embrace and looked at the unwavering girl as her eyes began to glaze over once again.

-“Do you mean that…” Aika, taking the woman’s face in her hands, brushed the tears that streaked her face and kissed her gently.

-“I know this is sudden and unexpected. But please: accept these feelings of mine.” As the woman turned her face away from Aika and stood up she went towards her window and look at the lit up buildings in the night sky. Aika’s eyes began to glaze over with tears as her worst fears were confirmed at that moment: she was being rejected by the person she loved.

-“I’m sorry Aika-chan… I accept your feelings… but cannot reciprocate them right now…I’m sorry.” Staring at the woman looking out of her window, Aika took out her trusty friend and snapped a picture of what she was seeing.

The picture that shows the moment her heart was crushed. Leaving the contents of the bag on top of the bed Aika took one last look at the woman and left the apartment without another word.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5 Years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On one of the top floors of a building in New York sat the now 23-year old Aika pondering in her mind whether the time to return home has come. But before her mind could fill itself with nostalgia she had work to finish. A knock came to her office where she asked the person to come in.

-“Miss Mitsui here is the folder you requested.” A young man brought said folder to the woman sitting in the photography studio’s office reviewing some pictures.

-“Thank you, I really appreciate this.” The young American boy left quite happy to have been praised by his boss. And she opened the folder to organize the pictures she was going to send to the magazine people. Her computer chimed and when she looked to see what it was she noticed it was a message from home.
Aika-chan! Genki? It’s been long since we’ve known about you! We miss you! Well anyways. You know that it’s been 5 years since you left Japan and we would like to see the woman you have become! We’re going to celebrate Ai-chan’s birthday to! She’s turning the big 3-0 and    cefdvc  jadh  wo fhr vftfy  skdc uefrbcfujhdvc  !!!!!  efivbfdkjhbvnkcfdjdnckedfncuefhvcbfdhsbcnj  !!! Hey Aika!! Where the hell are you!??!!??!!?  Come home dang it, I miss you!!!! Me too Aika-chan I miss your pictures of me! Nobody can take my picture better than you so please come home soon!  Erf vc  fdvc sdc xwdshadh xw dvfcbfsdhbc  Hey Aika I’m going to send this already, Gaki-san is taking Sayu’s mirror away and she’s my only protection against Gaki-san’s intentions of trying to take the computer all to herself and send you the message without us, so you better come home if you don’t want me to look for you ok?!
-Love: Reina, Sayu and Gaki

Aika just laughed as she read the crazy message. Truly there are things that haven’t changed at all. She could see that her friends where all ok and that they missed her. Her eyes glazed over with tears as she wondered if it was true that all of them missed her.

She rummaged through her bag and took out a certain small album that she carried with herself everywhere her camera was. ‘I wonder if you have missed me the same way I’ve missed you…probably not but… Am I ready to face you after so many years? I haven’t seen face to face with you since that night…Will you hate me?’ Aika put the album away and finished the work she had for the day.

Standing up from her now organized desk Aika limped towards the shelves at the other side of the office to store the folder she would take to the magazine. After her injury 5 years ago her leg was never the same even though the fans didn’t notice thanks to her constant practice of walking, uncomfortably to her but as “natural” as one would, to her fans.

Yet when she was in the privacy of her own self she would walk normally and that would show the limping. ‘If there’s a reason I should go back home… please give me a sign.’ Aika took one last look at the view from her office and picked up her stuff to leave to her apartment.

Staring at her computer in her apartment she began to view pictures of her time in the group when she decided to leave because of her leg and pursue photography. It was truly different but she loved it.

As she clicked once again to see another picture; one she wasn’t expecting came up. The woman she held dearly in her heart was staring directly at her as the rainfall embraced her body. The emotion showing in her eyes is what made Aika stare at the picture for a long time.

‘How come your eyes say “I love you” when all you did was turn me away?’

As Aika stared closer at the picture she noticed something out of place and immediately began to search for her back up memory of 2011 and plugged it in her computer. Taking out the pictures she needed; Aika put the back up where it was and began to study each picture.

‘She’s conversing with her eyes… what is she saying?’

Picture 1: “I’m here for the last time in probably a long while.”

Picture 2: “Even though I’m at this age I still need some guidance.”

Picture 3: “Fear and uncertainty surrounds me everywhere I go.”

Picture 4: “I want to follow my heart but how can I do that.”

Picture 5: “I want to know who I am, but all these other feelings plague me.”

Picture 6: “Please wash away this pain. I love her but I’ll just hurt her.”

Picture 7: “Give me a sign. A shining sign amidst this darkness.”

‘She began to cry here as she begged for a sign. How did I miss it?’

Picture 8: “I need to choose who to protect. I need to protect her, right?”

Picture 9: “She’s so young…I can’t hurt her this way. I’ll just be her friend: nothing more.”

Picture 10: “That shining sign means that I should be her friend right?”

‘Oh, she noticed the flash because of the lack of light.’

Picture 11: “I won’t taint her.”

Picture 12: “Thank you for your guidance.”

Picture 13: “Oh…is that??”

‘This is when she noticed me.’

Picture 14: “How long have you been there?”

Picture 15: “I have to let you go… for your own good…I’m sorry.”

‘Her eyes are filled with tears…’

Picture 16: “I love you.”

-“She loved me…just like I love her… Then should I? Should I go home?” Aika’s self-questioning resounded in her ears as she looked at one last picture from the very same album.

Picture 17: “Please never forget me Aika... I’ll love you forever…Never forget.”

-“I haven’t forgotten…I need to see you once again… I… I… I’m going home!” As if a lightning bolt had just hit her Aika bought the first tickets to Japan and prepared herself for a long flight.

-“Wait for me…please.”

Reaching Japan, Aika went to her parent’s house and surprised them bringing them to tears. She herself could not believe how long it had been since she had hugged her parents. Video chatting could never bring her this pleasure. Truly she had missed being home, and now that the pain of being rejected didn’t eat at her anymore she decided to enjoy every second of it.

And her enjoyment would begin after seeing the surprised faces of the members. Said little ex-idol told her mother to call the members with a solemn voice and reunite them at her parent’s house.

With all the preparations done she awaited the members who came into the house with quite a noticeable worried expression at the solemnity of the meeting. Aika had the control of all of the small hidden cameras she placed around the room and snapped secret pictures like she used to do when she was in her teens. But she didn’t want to make them wait and worry anymore and suddenly she came down the stairs.

Everyone’s breath got caught in their throats as they saw the young woman come down the stairs all smiles and all grown up. She truly was not a teenager anymore. Her hair had grown out all the way down to her hips and she grew a few inches taller and fuller. The dress she wore accentuated her womanly curves but the smile she wore along with it radiated a youthful aura that perfectly contrasted with the woman they saw.

-“Aika-chan!!!” Everyone pretty much exclaimed at the same time as they went and hugged the girl they left at the airport 5 years ago that has now returned a woman.

-“Oh my, Aika-chan you’re so grown up!”

-“You’ve come back a woman… but still not as cute as me!”

-“Hey squirt! How dare you fill up more than me! I won’t give up against you!”

Aika just laughed at Risa’s, Sayu’s and Reina’s comments when they first saw her.

-“I see you’ve missed me a lot you guys! Especially after that crazy message! But… thank you… I’ve missed you too.” They all laughed and spent a good night catching up until it was so late that Aika’s parents were worried of them leaving alone at this hour and asked them to call home and say they would stay there.

-“Hey guys… how’s Ai-chan?” As Aika asked, everyone noticeably got quieter and Risa took the opportunity to fill Aika with all details.

-“Well…after you left…Ai-chan was different, well even more than after she graduated. It was like… as if she had made a big mistake and it seemed to pain her deeply.” At Risa’s words everyone became sadder before Reina interrupted.

-“Yeah dude, we were all worried ‘bout her and decided to keep her company.” Sayu balled up her fists besides her thighs as she held in some tears.

-“That’s when she began to hurt herself…she began to slash her body.” Aika just gasped at the words that her friends told her and began to tear up.

-“Why didn’t you tell me before?” The women looked at themselves as Risa took Aika’s hand.

-“She told us to keep this from you…she didn’t want to worry you with her problems. Especially after you went abroad to study and fulfill your dreams.” Aika just looked at the girls and her eyes expressed that she wanted to know more.

-“Well dude, she was slowly but surely losing it. But since we went with her to therapy she began to get better and well we started to worry a little less.” Reina just looked at her friend.

-“Yes but suddenly she told us she was married. And that’s when we began to worry once again because we had no knowledge of Ai-chan having a relationship.”

-“I’m her best friend and I didn’t know anything about him so when I asked her she just brushed it off saying that she was all happy about it. But she stopped going to the doctor.”

-“Yeah but, man!! How could we be so dumb?!?! She wasn’t truly happy and her husband noticed.”

-“That’s when he began to hit her and fulfill her desire of feeling the pain she thinks she deserves.”

-“Dude but that’s when she kind of disappeared! She was never available.”

-“But one night she called me crying; desperately saying something about her not being worthy of being alive and something about death. I can’t remember what it was that she told me; but I just got to her apartment as fast as I could and found her on her living room floor.” Risa began to cry as Reina held her tightly and Aika just looked at her demanding to know more information.

-“Gaki-san, what else? Tell me!” Aika desperately took Risa by the arms and shook her. Reina just took Aika by the wrists and told her to calm down. Since Risa couldn’t continue anymore Sayumi took over.

-“Gaki found her sprawled on her living room floor surrounded by a puddle of blood with a knife in one hand and a bottle of detergent on the other.”

-“She… she… she was looking… she was looking directly at me… and a lone tear fell from her eyes.” Gaki managed to say in between tears as Aika began to get worried about the direction this conversation was going.

‘No…she can’t be dead…Gaki...Gaki wrote in the message that they were going to celebrate her birthday…’

-“We rushed to the hospital when we heard the news…The doctor told us she had ingested a lot of detergent and pills and even poison before slashing her wrists…he was truly amazed that she was alive…But…”

-“But what?!” Aika all but screamed at Sayumi.

-“Aika man… she was pregnant… almost 6 months along when that happened…We didn’t know… he raped her constantly and she had become pregnant…that’s why she was suddenly unavailable and began evading us…she knew we would get her out of there.” Reina just talked as Risa composed herself once again.

-“The baby didn’t make it and we found out a couple of weeks later that they had arrested her husband on murder charges, where he confessed that he tried to kill his wife and unborn child before going for that other family.”

-“Yes, it turns out Ai-chan was actually going to therapy, just with another doctor… She, even though the way it happened was painful, was quite happy to be pregnant and to feel life inside of her. She said it was nice to be able to give your love completely and fully to someone, and have it reciprocated. She didn’t try to kill herself; she called Gaki to ask for help.”

-“Man when she woke up in the hospital… we were all by her side and by our faces she knew that the worst had happened. I’ll never forget her expression when she said: ‘She’s dead isn’t she…Aika-chan’s dead…’ And then she began to cry.”

Aika just looked wide-eyed after Reina’s last comment.

-“Wait…what do you mean by… ‘Aika-chan’?” Now both Sayumi and Risa were crying as Aika pressed on for an answer which Reina could only manage to comfort Risa so that she could answer.

“Aika…Ai-chan has always loved you… but she has always feared that she would taint you with her love. That’s why when she decided to only be your friend she became depressed… and the reason why when you left she became worse. She thought that the only way to try and fill up that hole in her heart was by naming her baby like you…and when that baby died…Ai-chan died along with her…”

Now it was Reina’s turn to cry as Risa talked; and picking up Aika’s hand she just begged her.

-“Please Aika-chan!!! Please bring us back the Ai-chan we love…you’re our last hope.” As Aika looked at the women she began to think about all the information she was just given and decided to do so.

-“I’m going to do it… but not because of that. I’ll do it only because I truly love her and I have waited a long time hiding out in heartbreak… I need to be with her because I love her and I need her.”

Days passed by as Aika continued to prepare herself mentally for the upcoming meeting. ‘Oh Ai-chan…you’ve been through a lot these past five years…I should have come sooner.’

Fixing her clothing on the fated day she would meet Ai once again, Aika just looked at her bag and telling her trusty friend to get ready for another adventure she headed to Risa’s place first to set up everything for the small get together.

Arriving at the house Aika noticed just how motherly Risa had truly become when she saw her kiss her husband and children goodbye, of course a picture of the happy family was taken by the young photographer making Risa notice her arrival.

-“Don’t worry Risa-chan I’ll give you the portrait as a thank you gift.”

Risa just smiled and welcomed her to her home where everything was practically set up for the get together.

-“Hey Gaki-san…can I set up a few cameras around the place?” Risa just nodded and began to tell Aika about her family and the happy times they’ve had all this years as she continued to prepare the house.

-“You know Reina looks so tough and all I sometimes forget she’s in a delicate condition right now.” Risa just smiled and Aika just looked at her confusion strictly written all across her face. Risa caught the drift and just gave Aika the eye which made her take out her tablet and check the pictures of the evening she surprised them.

-“Woah! She’s pregnant?!!??!?!!” Risa just laughed and told her that it took her a long time to notice.

-“Well I had to take in everything you guys told me that night and I haven’t quite studied the pictures…How did she react when she found out?”

Risa finished the preparations and sat beside Aika as she began to tell her how Reina thought she was late in her monthly cycle because of stress since it had happened before when the Ai-chan incident happened 6 months ago. But one day Sayu, Reina and Risa herself were eating dinner at Sayu’s apartment when Reina suddenly went to the bathroom to vomit.

-“Haha! Poor Reina, she was pregnant and not stressed out!” Aika just laughed as Risa continued to tell her how Reina was so freaked out she had Sayu buy her a home pregnancy test urgently and that when the test showed that she was indeed pregnant she fainted.

-“I remember Sayu laughing as Reina was unconscious on her bed. I was quite worried because of her reaction but knew that she would be all right. Haha, and I thought I was the reaction queen! Though…she doesn’t want to tell Ai-chan for obvious reasons.” At Risa’s last comment she became quieter and Aika just took her hand and squeezed it before telling Risa that she was going to do all she could to make Ai-chan better.

A couple of hours passed and it looked like a high school reunion where even one of the Chinese women came all the way from China just for the party since the other was present as she lived closed by with a certain banana storing bunny. And as they greeted Aika and prepared for Ai’s arrival, Aika took many pictures of the day and laughed along.

-“You guys! Reina called saying that she’s getting out of her car with Ai so hide! Aika go to the back!” Turning off the lights the women quieted down and prepared themselves to yell ‘Surprise!’ to the birthday girl who expects turning 30 with only a couple of friends and not most of the girls from the group when she was with them. The door opened and the expected ‘Surprise!’ came to the shocked girl who naturally cried her ‘thanks’ and smacked her best friend’s forehead as she used to do in her youth.

Almost an hour had past and Risa, Reina and Sayu were becoming worried since Aika had yet to make her appearance. Reina went to look for her inside Risa’s house.

-“Hey squirt; you’re here.” Aika looked at the newcomer’s way when she heard her voice and smiled.

-“What’s wrong? Why haven’t you gone out to surprise Ai-chan?” Aika just sighed as she told Reina that she was worried Ai’s reaction to seeing her would spoil everyone’s fun.

-“Wow squirt… It’s nostalgic to hear you talking like you’re way older than you are… You’ve truly become a woman.” Reina smiled at Aika and patted her head.

-“Yeah Rei-chan and don’t worry I’ll do my best to bring Ai-chan back. I think the baby deserves it, ne?” Aika just smiled and patted Reina’s small belly hidden beneath a loose short dress. Reina just widened her eyes but let it pass as she was hoping that what Aika said would happen and decided to go to the party once again so that Ai wouldn’t miss her.

-“Oh my Ai-chan! You’ve finally reached the 30’s just like me!”

-“Eh…Yuu-chan your 30’s have long gone past…don’t try to avoid it.”

That comment got the small woman a big hit from the other as everyone laughed at their antics. It truly was amazing to be surrounded by family and Ai thanked everyone once again. Now the party had ended and Ai was helping Risa pick up the house and restore it to normal making Risa, Reina and Sayu wonder if Aika would come out.

When she didn’t and Ai, Sayu and Reina left; Risa went to look for Aika who had fallen asleep with visible tear streaks marked on the side of her face. Risa stroked the young woman’s hair and Aika slowly woke up and looked directly at her.

-“I’m sorry Gaki-san… I just couldn’t.” Risa just smiled in understanding and told her that it was still 11 at night on Ai-chan’s birthday and that she still had an opportunity to surprise her. Aika accepted the proposal and headed to Ai’s old apartment which she had kept all these years even after getting married and divorced.

When she reached the place she noticed the door was slightly ajar and cautiously entered the apartment where she saw that Ai was smiling and staring at the night sky like she used to do when she was younger. Aika silently took out her camera, pointed and snapped a picture of the woman she loved making her rapidly look in the direction of the sound. Ai’s eyes opened to their limits and tears began to freely descend as she recognized the woman before her.


Aika just looked at her and admired the beauty that she had missed these 5 years. Ai’s long sleeved turtleneck and pants clung to her frame which was slightly smaller than when she had last seen her but still as graceful as she remembered.

-“It is me Ai-chan, you aren’t seeing things.” Ai just fell to her knees as Aika went onwards to envelop her in a protective hug.

-“I’m here Ai-chan, I won’t leave ever again. I promise.”

Ai just looked at Aika and put her hands on her face to see if she truly wasn’t imagining it like she had done so many times ago. Seeing as she was real; Aika carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed.

-“I’ve missed you… and I couldn’t bear to be apart from you anymore Ai. Once again here I am trying to give you my feelings and hoping that you will not only accept them but reciprocate them as well.”

Aika looked the woman directly in the eyes and told her:

-“Takahashi Ai: I love you. Please stay by my side.”

Ai just cried and held onto Aika as if her life depended on it because it truly did. As they closed their eyes they kissed the most tender kissed they’ve had their whole lives. And the bedroom they were at; began to bathe in a sudden warmth prompting clothing to be discarded from their bodies as they evoked the most intimate expression of love with each other.

At each kiss planted on Ai’s body she seemed to get more energy. Aika, dominant in her exploration of the other’s body, admired the curves she once photographed as well as the scars that graced the tender skin.

As Ai lost herself in her first true pleasurable experience; she let herself be guided by the woman she loved as she was healed of all the pain these last 5 years have caused her. But when Aika began to reach between her thighs Ai jerked up and positioned herself in fetal position making Aika instantly worried thinking that she had gone to fast.

-“Aika-chan… I…please don’t…I’m too dirtied and scarred… I’m not worthy of being looked at by your eyes that have only seen beauty all around the world.”

Ai began to cry harder making Aika hug her and hold her close to her heart and rock her back and forth.

-“You’re beautiful Ai and nothing in this world can surpass your beauty so please let me mend your broken heart.” Ai just looked her in the eyes and slowly relaxed letting Aika continue what she was doing before only slower this time.

Reaching Ai’s womanhood Aika could only look and kiss the scars that contoured the place that a man once used to hurt the love of her life. Reaching her peak Ai just let out tears of happiness as she looked at the tired Aika that now lay at her side.

-“I’m sorry for hurting you Aika.” Ai just looked at the woman and continued crying.

-“It’s ok Ai, I’m here now. There’s no need to cry anymore, I won’t leave you alone.”

Ai just smiled at Aika and she in turn just gazed at the perfect woman that lay blissfully by her side. Stroking her face she marveled in the truly majestic view when suddenly her vision glazed over and a lone tear fell from her eyes.

-“Is there something wrong Aika?” Ai asked after seeing the lone tear from the woman.

-“You truly are gorgeus Ai. I love you.”

-“I love you to Aika.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5 1/2Months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

-“Guys, be careful!”

-“Oh Gaki-san stop worrying so much and let them play for goodness sake.”

-“Reina you won’t be saying that once you give birth, trust me!”

The women just laughed as they sat on a bench in the park when suddenly Aika and Ai came into view.

-“I’m happy for them…Finally happiness is on their side.” Sayu just smiled at the oncoming couple.

-“I know. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Ai-chan smile so sincerely.”

And they all just laughed as the girls reached them when suddenly and gushing sound followed by an “Uh-oh…” from Reina made them all drop everything they were doing as a flash came their way.

-“Aika!!! Now is not the time to take a picture!”

Aika put her hands up defensively:

-“But it wasn’t me!!!”  Ai giggled before putting the point and shoot camera away.

-“I’m surely taking lots of pictures Rei so I hope you look beautiful giving birth!” 

-The End! I hope you like it and comment! As always thank you for reading!  :bow:
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Another great one with Ai x Aika.  If it was Yossie and Rika for the car one....  it be interesting oh well great job :thumbsup
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Poor Ai :cry: I'm glad things finally worked out in the end. Don't worry about what you were worried about, I'm not the first to use that type of situation, either. At least both girls made it out of this story alive, after all. :)

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@Kurosawa87: Thank you for reading as well as commenting you are always welcomed over here!
@rndmnweird: Yeah there are times I'm a worywart. And thank you for reading! Them making it out alive was kind of difficult. In the begining I was thinking like that but when I got to the angsty part WOW I got really carried away and enjoy experimenting with it. I have to confess I almost killed her  :nervous and make Aika suffer for the rest of her life  :nervous But in the end I kept them alive.
@Kawaiibeam and xyukie56: Thanks for the thanks!

I'm back! And glad to see the responses for that previous seed! Now I bring you a new one. A little shorter than the previous but still new.
So now enjoy seed number 10! (WOAH WE'RE AT THE TENTH ALREADY ?!?!? SUGOII!!!!!) enjoy your reading and sorry for any possible mistakes!

Do you remember our first meeting?

A television show is running on the background as a girl gently strokes the hair of the person who nestles in deep slumber on her neck. The television was having a marathon of her favorite show but she didn’t really pay attention to it as memories of the moments she shared with the person began to play itself like a movie in the cinema.

‘It’s funny that you’re nestled on my neck the same way you were when we first met.’

~~10 years ago~~

-: The storm may have passed already, but please be careful around areas where water passes through such as rivers and places near the coast. :-

The television kept broadcasting the same warning every couple of minutes as a girl was putting on her school uniform.

“Aya! You’ll be late for school if you don’t hurry up!”

“I’m already dressed mom! I’ll be down in a second!”

Now Aya is the role model for daughters everywhere since she always obeys her mother. She came down the stairs about 2 minutes after her mother’s warning all dressed and ready for another day at school.

Aya left her house after the fair warning from her mother to skip passing through the bridge that connects the way from her house to school. As she was walking towards school; thoughts that had bothered her from the previous day began to yet again invade her mind.

**A week ago**

“Hey Aya-chan, how come you don’t like Keita-kun?”

“Yeah! He seems to be so into you!”

Aya just laughed at her friend’s antics as they were talking during lunchtime in school.

“Easy girls. I just don’t like him…AT ALL. He’s not a bad person but he is just so needy. I can’t really find anything attractive in him.”

All girls looked at Aya flabbergasted at her words since Tachibana Keita was the most popular boy in school. He is quite a catch in the girl’s minds and they would give anything to go out with the best singer and dancer the whole school has.

“Aya-chan you’re totally weird… Every single girl in school wants to date the hottest and sexiest guy in school and you just turn him down for not being attractive!! Seriously there’s something wrong with you.”

All girls began to laugh at the comment as they agreed on it and Aya just took a sip of her juice as she kept on quiet for the rest of their lunch hour.

** Present time  **

‘I don’t really have the strength to tell them that I just don’t like guys… I can’t see myself with one and I don’t think I ever will. I know that if I tell them; they’ll get grossed out and I will lose them as my friends. I often think… is it wrong to just find someone to love regardless of their gender?’

“Stop squirming around!!”

“No! Stop it!”

“Shut up! Don’t ever think that I will ever love you! Deceitful whore you deserve to die!”

‘Isn’t that Tachibana’s voice? He seems to be quite upset.’

As Aya looked at the direction the voice had come from she noticed that not only was it her classmate Keita who was yelling but that she was heading towards the bridge her mother advised her not to go through. As she mentally scolded herself for not paying more attention to her surroundings whilst she walked towards school, she saw her classmate wrestle with someone at the top of the bridge who was subsequently subdued by him and thrown off the bridge. A couple of seconds passed by as Aya registered what had just happened.

‘What? Tachibana was fighting someone? He doesn’t look like a fighter to me… Wait a second! That person was thrown over the bridge! The news said that it was going to be dangerous near rivers!'

Aya dropped all her belongings on the floor as she ran towards the bridge to look over it for the person she clearly saw being thrown from there by her classmate. As she overlooked the river trying to look for someone; Aya saw an unconscious girl being dragged by the river’s strong current.

‘No. She’s going to drown! I have to do something!’

Aya’s brain seemed to shut off all thoughts regarding fear and just concentrated on saving that girl. At that exact same moment; her instincts kicked in and she dived all the way from the bridge and down the river to begin swimming towards the girl. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins as she kept on swimming as hard as she could only thinking about saving the person that was being pulled by the current.

‘Please! Just a little more! She’s right there! Come on body! You can reach her!’

As if she were propelled by sheer willpower; Aya stretched her arm and caught a hold of the other person’s jacket which she forcefully pulled towards herself and strongly held onto as she swam back to shore. They were dragged all the way to a fisherman’s house who Aya had befriended when she was just a little girl since she almost drowned in that same river some years ago. Picking up the still unconscious girl; Aya ran all the way towards the house and desperately knocked on the door until someone answered.

“Aya-chan! Long time no…”

“I’m sorry to bother you like this Terada-san, but please help me!”

The man looked at the wet girls and quickly welcomed Aya to his house as he went to look for dry towels for them. Aya went to the living room couch and laid the girl on it as she began to try and wake her up to no avail. The fisherman came back with clean towels for the girls and told Aya that he was going to go look for a doctor to attend the other girl.

“Come on. Please be ok… you can’t leave this world like this.”

Aya kept lightly slapping the girl who was still unconscious before noticing that she was trembling. As she noticed this; she took her to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water to raise the temperature on the girl’s body fearing that she may suffer mild hypothermia.

She quickly undressed the girl and herself as she put her on the tub and got in herself. She was cold as well and she wasn’t going to let this girl drown in the tub. Whilst she was in there the girl moved and settled her head on Aya’s neck which in turn made her blush.

‘What is this? ... This warm sensation on my stomach and my cheeks… I can feel her breath and her steady heartbeat that makes mine go 100 miles a second.’

Aya’s thoughts were cut short as a slow grumble let her know that the girl was slowly regaining consciousness. When she woke up she found herself in the warm embrace of another person.

“Keita-kun… Is that you?”

Looking up she only saw the flustered face of another girl which in turn made her gasp and desperately look at her surroundings as she jolted up from the tub and looked downwards to the girl. Those rapid movements made her feel somewhat dizzy and she almost fell from the tub before being caught in the other girl’s strong arms.

“Who are you and why am I naked!?”

A slap resounded in the bathroom as the girl rapidly picked up her clothing and ran away from the place leaving Aya alone with a glowing red mark on her cheek.

~Back to the present~

‘It’s incredible that we met in that crazy way isn’t it? Yet I’m sure you don’t remember it at all since you haven’t even mentioned it once and today marks the 10th year of that unintentional meeting at old Terada’s house.’

-The end!-

Now I've been wondering if leaving it like this is somewhat confusing... and well I want to ask you guys what you think? Should I write a second part from  the mysterious girl or just leave it like this? I shall await your replies! See you later!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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^ might as well write the second part tomorrow to finish up the story

As for this one, Aya has a good mate with her despite the meeting :lol:
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Sounds like GAM, lols. Another part would be good

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@Kurosawa87: thanks for reading and yeah... it is best that I continue this story. Even if it's a little hard
@rndmnweird: Another part is here! let's see how it goes!
@kawaii beam: thanks for the thanks!

Hehe, I know that this 'being stuck with what to write' dilema is due to the 'nobody knows I like to write' thing. But its ok! The readers help me pull through this! And I truly enjoy writing about everything and anything. (Even though I'm not a great writer like the sempai's on  :jphip:  :nervous)

Now lets see... seed number 11 is up and I have to tell you... has taken a crazy turn from what was intended on the 10th seed  but still I hope you enjoy this little craziness!! As always: read, enjoy and I'm sorry for any mistakes!

I do remember our meeting…as well as that mistake I made

‘It was a day like today… ten years ago. The day after the storm was the first day I ever ran away from you. Do you remember what happened? We’ve been best friends for five years and I still don’t have the courage to tell you that I remember both that day and the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. We were in the same position we are right now. I still remember the distinct peach smell your hair held as I breathed it in whilst nuzzling your neck those 10 years ago.’

~~10 years ago~~

“Good morning Keita-kun.”

“Good morning.”

A young couple sat on the dining table as they silently ate their respected breakfast whilst watching television.

“There’s a storm coming Keita-kun. We should be careful.”

“Yeah, it’s coming on Friday so I’ll try and ask her out by Wednesday or something…”

His small muttering didn’t go unnoticed by the girl who inquired on said comment. As he glared at her she just looked away and scoffed at his action.

“Don’t you scoff at me! You wouldn’t even have a home if it weren’t for my dad marrying your mother.”

She just looked down and stood up to leave without even finishing her breakfast before she was stopped by his arms that snaked around her waist.

“Wait… don’t leave yet, I didn’t mean it.”

She put her head back to rest on his clavicle and began to tenderly nuzzle his neck.

‘His beard is growing out. I hate rough skin like this…yet I yearn for his strong and protective arms… In the end I know he doesn’t love me but still I would do anything to be kept under his strong embrace. Is this fool’s love?’

He began to kiss her neck as she slightly backed away from the contact between his stubble and her skin. Noticing this, he just scoffed and let go of her before taking his backpack and going out the door. The girl followed closely behind and caught up with the boy linking her arm around his.

“Don’t be mad. It’s just that it prickles and tickles. Now tell me, who are you going to ask out on Wednesday?”

Her innocent curiosity was met with his excitement as he began to tell her about his classmate who he had a crush on.

“She’s amazing! She swims for the school’s team, she’s strong and athletic yet her skin looks so soft and gentle. And she always smells of peaches!”

The girl was getting slightly jealous as he kept on describing his crush to her. She kept on listening intently and decided to go look for said girl and find the way to get her away from him. They both reached the school and went to their respective classes as he was a year younger than her.

‘That girl…Matsuura Aya. She’s got Keita-kun’s attention. I have to figure out how to get him away from her and put his attention on me instead.’

P.E was on for the girl’s juniors and she knew that it was time to go and check on said Matsuura Aya her dear Keita-kun was crushing on. Going down the stairs to the gym; she discreetly looked around and found that a girl matching Keita’s description was not present at class.

‘Now, where could she be? Keita-kun said that she was one of the most responsible girl’s he’s ever met.’

Suddenly she remembered that Matsuura was a swimmer for the school’s team. She remember that small detail he had told her that morning and rushed towards the pool where swimming practice was being held for the team who took that class instead of the regular P.E their other classmates took. As she looked around she found a small dark brown haired girl with the most beautiful smile she had ever seen in her life.

Her breath left her when she contemplated the noticeable muscles in the girl’s arms and legs as she took a dive and swam from one way of the pool to the other. One could see the passion Matsuura held for swimming and the girl couldn’t help but to sit on the bleachers and admire that graceful sport turned art thanks to the synchronized movements made by Matsuura Aya.

‘Keita was right. She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Her smile lights up the whole room and her strength contrasts perfectly with the milky appearance of her skin. I wonder what this fluttering in my stomach means…’

“Excuse me. No one can be here when the team practices miss.”

The girl was forced out of her admiration by the swimming coach who gently scolded her for missing class and venturing out to the pool. She dejectedly trudged towards her own classroom and continued the day thinking about the girl in the pool and not about the lectures given. Once out of school she found herself walking towards the pool again and looking for Matsuura.

‘Why am I here? She’s probably on her way home now…’

The sound of stuff falling caught the girl’s attention as she focused on the locker room. Following the sound; she found Matsuura Aya clad in her towel trying to pick up some stuff that fell from her backpack.

“Hey, let me help you.”

The sudden request surprised Aya who in turn just froze and stared at the person who swiftly picked up her belongings and put them on the bench. Aya’s thoughts began to race and the only one that could be voiced was rather rude.

“Nobody other than the team is allowed inside the locker room you know.”

The girl just looked at Aya and smiled telling her that she didn’t know and that she was going to leave right then. As she left the pool her heart was racing and she could feel some heat on her cheeks.

‘Why is my heart racing like this? She just basically scolded me yet… the way her words enveloped me made me ecstatic…’

“Hey, you’re late! Come on!”

Keita called the girl over and they both walked home from school to an empty house. It was like this every day; their respective parents both had to work till late hours to support the family which in turn left both Keita and the girl alone for a couple of hours in the house.

“It’s starting! Come on!”

They just jumped on the couch to watch their televised program. As they watched it, small comments between them began short conversations that were often cut off by the important show on the television. After their program both looked at each other and began to kiss and touch themselves engaging in an act that’s not suitable for people living under the same house as supposed siblings.

This was an activity they began to do as an experiment, yet feelings were not present in the moment of enabling said activities. Thus it was that they both wanted each other for the physical connection it brought them and not the emotional one people often seek. At the lack of said connection, both the girl and the boy’s thoughts drifted to Matsuura Aya’s toned body and bright smile that captivated them.

“You were right about that Matsuura girl.”

After her words he laid by her side still panting and sweating in the aftermath of the act they had done. He then thought about all the things he told the girl and smiled before noticing that said girl talked as if she had met Matsuura.

“Wait, did you meet her?”

She nodded at his question and began to tell him that she was quite a catch. This prompted him to ask her for some dating advice from a woman’s perspective. The girl thought quite deeply about Matsuura and could only tell him that she was quite special in the way she carries herself but that she’ll look into her to tell him more.

“Hey now you talk as if you fell in love with her.”

The girl could only lie on the couch and think about the words Keita had just said.

‘I fell in love with her? No… I can’t be in love with her. I have Keita-kun here with me… to protect me and to embrace me in his strong arms…’

“Don’t be stupid Keita.”

“Hehe, just shut up and kiss me.”

They began to engage in their previous act with the girl only thinking about the feelings that were beginning to develop for Matsuura. After the act, she went to take a bath and began to reflect on the thoughts that kept invading her mind.

‘Tch… Why do I feel this way…? I don’t even know her and my heart yearns for her presence.’

Morning came and the girl left early for school since she knew that swimming practice was held in the mornings on Tuesdays. As she kept on walking; her thoughts drifted on the differences between Aya and Keita.

‘Their bodies are completely different. But I can see that she holds the strength and gentleness I seek…Yet the biggest problem of all is that we’re both women and that she probably would prefer Keita-kun over me…’

She was already sitting on the bleachers watching practice go on as Matsuura reached the pool. She excused herself for getting there 5 minutes late which prompted a smile to appear on the girl’s lips.

‘She truly is a responsible girl… She’s too good for the sex addicted Keita…I can’t let him taint her.’

As the girl concluded that she was going to protect Matsuura, Keita suddenly appeared at the pool. Noticing that Aya was in the locker room changing; she ran towards Keita and asked what he was doing in the pool.

“Nothing much. I came to see Matsuura. And you? What are you doing here?”

“Nothing I just came to give something to a friend. Oh, and you won’t find Matsuura here she’s absent today.”

His disappointed frown was the reaction the girl expected from him as he just left the pool without another word. At lunch hour she stayed by his side trying to prevent him from encountering Matsuura. School ended without any problems as both the girl and Keita left for their house.

“You know, I was talking to some girls on your class.”

“Oh, you were? About what?”

“About that Matsuura girl…she isn’t who you think she is…”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that she will play you Keita! She’s an ‘enjo-kōsai’!”

Keita couldn’t believe what his ears had just heard. On her mind, thoughts about what she had just done were overflowing and trying to break over her own façade since she couldn’t believe the magnitude of the lie she had just told Keita.

‘It’s for your own good Matsuura. But still I’m sorry of making up this lie.’

The following day she went onwards to look for Matsuura and see if she was away from Keita who was fuming over the stupid lie she had told him the day before. She had never seen him like this before and even sex couldn’t calm down this volcano that was sure to erupt soon.

“Excuse me coach. Have you seen Matsuura Aya?”

“Matsuura-san you say? She called in sick. Poor girl has a cold.”

A sigh of relief escaped the girl’s lips as she learned of Matsuura’s sickness. Though that relief was short lived since she knew that Keita was angry at the fake facts she had told him about Matsuura.

‘How am I going to calm him down without jeopardizing her?’

-The end!- of part...2 ???
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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part 2 cliffhanger XD

Well Aya as a swimmer is a dream :lol:
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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The plot thickens!

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@Kurosawa87: Indeed :P trying to jot down every single itty bitty thought into this.
@rndmnweird: Plot... thickening... nerves... rising  GAH!!!  what will happen!?!!?!?!?!?
@kawaii beam: Come out come out wherever you are (8) will be glad to read your thoughts :P

Ok guys. My dear avid readers (the few of you  :cry: ) but the best ones in the world!!! ( XD) and yes I mean all of you registered and unregistered readers and lurkers alike I bring to you the 12th seed!! yaaayyyy!!!

You brought me out of my pain

‘You look so angelic whenever you sleep. It is the complete opposite of how you look when you’re protecting me from this harsh reality we live in. Ten years ago I fell in love with you and even though I only had you with me that short period of time. That spot on my neck has belonged to you and only you ever since. I wish I could have met you again when school had turned into a living hell for me so that all that suffering would have decreased…That Tachibana Keita… he ruined my life with a simple lie.'

Memories of ten years ago began to flood Aya’s mind as she relived her past suffering on her living room couch.

~~10 years ago~~

A week has already passed since the meeting Aya had with that girl who was thrown over the bridge by Keita and the school was still gossiping about the fact that sweet and calm Keita had supposedly thrown a girl over a bridge. Now, Aya wasn’t one to like gossip and get into trouble that way but something she heard in the bathroom made her stop in her tracks and overhear the conversation.

“Yeah, did you see? He threw her over the bridge because she wanted him all for herself.”

“I heard that he was mad at her because Matsuura is an ‘enjo-kōsai’ and she was the one to tell him.”

“Wait…Matsuura as in Matsuura Aya?? The Matsuura Aya who’s so responsible she can’t even be 5 seconds late to somewhere?!?”

“Yup. That one. I knew she was weird. I heard she didn’t even find Tachibana attractive at all.”

“Well being an ‘enjo-kōsai’ she must have a ton of men gawking at her and bringing her luxuries galore.”

Aya gasped at the rumors that had begun to spread about her and she was appalled since she knew that she wouldn’t even be capable of dating a man let alone do compensated dating. She went onwards to her classroom where she could feel people’s stare on her everywhere she moved.

‘Who had the audacity to tell people that I’m an ‘enjo-kōsai’? I have to get to the bottom of this…’

A couple of her friends grabbed her and took her towards the pool’s locker room to have a serious talk with her before school ended.

“Ne, Aya-chan…”

“Why didn’t you tell us you were doing that sort of stuff after school…?”

“No, wait you guys! I’m not doing anything!”

“Don’t lie to us! Ryohei and Ryuichi told us all about Keita finding you on the streets doing compensated dating with old rich men!”

“They saw what?! But… you guys! You have to believe me!”

“Stop it. We’re leaving and don’t you dare talk to us anymore.”

That went on and on for the rest of her high school years. Her reputation was ruined and even after Tachibana got expelled from school, on charges of assaulting his stepsister, her ‘enjo-kōsai’ label would not be so easily forgotten by her classmates.

She had tried to kill herself multiple times to try and escape the emotional abuse she received in school. But every time she got closer to finally committing the act; an image of a girl gently nestled on her neck made her stop what she was doing.

‘Is this some kind of sign? Why is it that even though I want to die and escape this horrible reality I live in; that girl appears on my thoughts and stops me?’ 

~~Present time~~

A lone tear escaped from her eyes and fell on the cheek of the girl that lied peacefully on her lap. As she noticed said tear, Aya tried to rub them away with her hands before she began to sob. The girl that was on her lap felt the tear streak her cheek and she opened one of her eyes to see where it had come from.

What she saw surprised her since the girl she loved was crying her heart out.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

Aya just looked surprised after she heard the voice of the previously sleeping girl. Noticing she had woken her up, Aya just embraced her and thanked her over and over again. Her confusion was evident since she just pulled Aya away from her and asked her once again what was wrong.

“Thank you for always being here by my side. Thank you for giving me hopes amidst the pain brought on by my peers. Thank you for giving me a reason to live. Miki, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you.”

Miki felt her heart crumble at Aya’s words and her eyes began to water.

“Aya, there’s something I need to tell you.”

-The end!!! of part three GAH !!! what will happen (i truly have no idea since I'm writing this literally on the go  :nervous) so comment and enjoy!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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GAM :lol:

Miki better do something :lol: :lol:
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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hmm, not so sure that conversation is going to turn out well...

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