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Author Topic: Koei's Writing Farm: The Mr. Moonlight’s Curse? (may-17-2013)  (Read 21412 times)

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@Kurosawa87: Yes GAM !!! And well yeah she will XD
@rndmnweird: Well rndmnweird-sama ... you'll need to read further!!!  :P
@kawaii beam: Every thank you is proof of your time !! Thank you!

Well I'm baaaack!!! I have to tell you that it hasn't been easy writing this (too long for my itty bitty memory!!  :bleed eyes:) But hey!! It's getting along!! Now please welcome seed numberrrr: 13 !!!   :O  Interesting that this specific seed gets the number.... dun dun dun!!! 13 !!!! Well read on! and enjoy! Please excuse any possible mistakes !  :bow:

I need to confess

Hearing Miki’s tone of voice as she told Aya that there was something she needed to know, Aya brushed her tears away and put all of her attention on Miki.

“Aya… there’s something I need to confess to you. And after you hear this you may hate me for the rest of your life.”

“Oh Tan; there’s nothing in this world that will make me hate you. Now, what’s going on?”

Miki grabbed Aya’s hands and deeply sighed as she mentally prepared herself for the confession she was about to tell her best friend.

“Aya… about 10 years ago… do you remember a boy named Tachibana Keita?”

At the mention of his name; Aya’s eyes began to water. Miki knew that Aya recognized the name form the expression on her face.

“Well… he’s my step-brother…”

Aya’s eyes widened from shock as she learned of the kinship between Miki and Keita. Anger mixed in with confusion brought Aya to question the reason Miki had something to tell her about Keita after all these years.

“Aya… 10 years ago I was thrown over a bridge by him…”

“I know Miki… I was the one who got you to the fisherman’s home after that. Do you remember?”

“Yes, I remember waking up in the tub whilst nuzzling your neck.”

“Oh Miki… is that what you wanted to confess to me? How can I hate you because of that? As a matter of fact I am happy that you do remember that time since that’s when I fell in love with you.”

“No, Aya wait.”

“We are destined to be with each othe-…”

“Aya hold on…”

“True love always wins in the end and-…”

“Will you stop for one second Aya!”

Miki’s yelling caught Aya off guard and she looked flustered at her best friend. Miki sighed as she grabbed Aya’s hands and deeply thought on how to tell her friend the reason she had brought this up.

“Aya… listen to me… that’s not what I wanted to confess…”

“Ok… go on then.”

“I… I…went to the same school as you guys did…and… and-…”

Miki began to sob onto her hands as she curled up on the sofa making Aya all confused because of her best friend’s reaction. Aya gently patted her back trying to comfort the girl and her mind began to overflow with questions since she was getting completely lost.

“Miki look. Calm down a bit and tell me… I … Miki I’m lost… what is it that you need to tell me?”

Miki breathed deeply as she calmed down and decided to tell Aya everything from the beginning.

“Ok Aya… well… My mother married Keita’s father and we moved into their house. Keita and I… well… let’s just say that I knew him well… and well he liked you: a lot and well… I…”

“No, Miki you aren’t making any sense.”

“But Aya, you need to know the reason-…”

“Miki a reason for what!? What could you-…”

“Aya! Let me finish!”

“Miki! Finish what?? What is-…”

“I was the one who told Keita that you were an ‘enjo-kōsai’!”

Aya’s brain seemed to shut off everything regarding the feelings she held for Miki and the only thing that kept on repeating itself on her mind was that Miki was the one that had begun the ‘enjo-kōsai’ rumor and the one that had made her life miserable all these years. Anger was bubbling up inside her and she glared at Miki with the utmost fury she could muster.

“How could you.”

That simple sentence was enough to destroy Miki. Mere seconds later; she found herself slapped and thrown to the floor by Aya.

“How could you do that to me!?”

“Aya, wait! Let me explain!”

“No! You destroyed my life!”

“Aya plea-…”

Miki was being choked by the wrathful fury of Matsuura Aya who kept on yelling ‘why?’ as she tightened her hold around the other’s neck. Air was escaping her lungs and her vision was turning blurry when suddenly she found the strength to grab Aya’s hand and make her have eye contact with her. At seeing what she was doing, Aya dropped Miki to the floor and began to cry in despair. Miki tried to hold her but she just pushed her away and kept on screaming in pure misery.

“Why! Why did you do that? How could you have done that?”

“Aya, please listen to me. Please it’s not what it looks like.”

“How can it not be?! You destroyed my reputation! My parents threw me out on the streets to rot like the… like the whore everybody said I was! They didn’t believe me! I’ve had to fend for myself ever since then! How could you!?”

At Aya’s heart wrenching confession, Miki fell to the floor on her knees as she saw her best friend agonize in front of her because of her own stupid mistake.

‘I didn’t know her parents threw her on the streets and everyone labeled her as a whore because of that… But… the only people I told were Keita, Ryohei, and Ryuichi… I didn’t mean for it to get like that.’

“Aya…I didn’t mean to destroy your life…I …I only did it to keep you safe I-…”

“Safe? You did it to keep me safe?!”

“Yes! Look I know this is hard to believe but I needed to keep you safe from harm!”

“Well newsflash! You didn’t!! You destroyed my whole life because of that! I haven’t talked to my parents since then… I can’t even go out to the town without having people whisper behind my back!”

“But Aya! I did that for your own good! Even if you don’t belie-…”

Miki didn’t finish her thought because of the burning sensation she had in her stomach as well as the pain that had begun to originate from that same spot. She then began to look at the place where all that discomfort and pain was coming from and what she saw scared her deeply.

‘No…Aya… please… anything but this… Aya… please don’t do this to yourself…’

Miki silently pleaded in her mind as her surroundings were becoming darker and darker every passing second. She held her stomach tightly as she tried to stop her own blood from coming out but it was not working; for a knife was plunged deep inside her stomach separating her from the one she loved. Her hand grasped Aya’s before she was thrown once again to the other side of their living room.

“Hahaha! You have no idea how much I have waited to do that. Now let me watch you suffer your last seconds on this Earth.”

Slumped on the floor, Miki felt her strength and life leave her with every hasty breath she took. Her thoughts though were very clear as she reprimanded herself for creating this monster with her own stupidity. Suddenly she felt herself getting lifted from the floor, which prompted her fears to rise and numb her pain.

“You could only imagine how good this feels right now. Seeing you suffer just like I did…it’s a delicacy.”

Miki stared deep into Aya’s eyes and tried to say something but her voice failed since she had already lost a great amount of blood.

‘Who are you… this person… this… this vengeful being… did I create you? Where is the Aya I love?’

Miki had gathered enough strength to reach for Aya’s face and gently stroke her cheek. She was hoping that the Aya she knew and fell in love with was still there somewhere. Knowing that her end was right there she used up the last of her strength and life to do the thing she had desired to do most in her whole life alongside Aya: kiss her.

A deep and bloody kiss she used to convey all those feelings that had developed all those 10 years: pain, guilt, and most of all love. Through that kiss she begged for forgiveness, a forgiveness she knew she didn’t deserve but a forgiveness that was mostly for her best friend to understand that the love she feels for her is true no matter what anyone says.

At the strange sensation on her lips, Aya opened her eyes and realized what she had done. She hugged Miki close to herself and began to cry yet again over the one she loved.

“Miki! No! Miki!”

She kept on calling Miki’s name but it was useless. All she saw when she looked at Miki was a ghostly paleness alien to her normal tanned color. Amidst all that blood and tears, Miki was looking straight at her; love written all over her eyes and with a gentle smile gracing her lips.

‘Aya, I love you. I’m truly sorry for what I did to you… and I’m sorry for dying like this… dying through your hands and because of your hatred towards this mistake I made… I never meant for you to become a killer… and to begin with my murder… that I meant even less…But still…I can’t bring myself to hate you… This truly is fool’s love… but it’s the realest one I’ve ever felt…Aya… I hope you find peace and happiness…Aya…I…I love you.’

The End!!! Of the 4th part!!!

 Well now... the question is for you guys... do I leave it here or do you want to know more??? meaning: should I make another small part for this ??? Its all up to you because I truly have no idea  :nervous
So you can do this various ways either pm, comment, or a lot of thank you's... or something that may sparkle this little imagination of mine to challenge my memory  XD Until next time!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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I was okay with the part before the stabbing and letting her die in her arms
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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I think it's an ending that doesn't really need to be added to. Unless Miki somehow survives, dun dun dunnn~!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@Kurosawa87: well I'm still experimenting with bringing angst to the table and not a happy...some small suffering... lovey-dovey fic XD
@rndmnweird: Well if it's ok then alright! But there's something that's still left  :huhuh so I'm still trying to piece another part...or not. I'm still not sure.

Woaaahhh!!! I haven't really been here for quite some time! I miss my little farm! But thank you all for viewing and watering these seeds! I appreciate it! Now let's get ready for seed number 14!!

With you by my side I can’t withstand gravity

“Lin Lin it’s your turn now!”


‘Let me put this away. I don’t really want to lose it.’

Lin Lin picked up her belongings and ran towards the makeup chair as they were preparing for another photo shoot. She was one of the first to get prepared for it since her makeup and hair was by far the easiest of them all. As she stood up from the chair she knocked over some nail polish that was prepared for Risa and it splattered all across the floor.

“I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

“Ugh! This is great! Are you satisfied? It’s the 3rd one this past 2 weeks! What is wrong with you?”

The makeup artist and wardrobe coordinator huffed at her and left her alone with the mess as she desperately tried to clean it up. Risa came into the room and saw her cleaning the nail polish from the floor almost close to tears. She then took her by the shoulders and gently made her stand up and sit in the chair once again as she took a handkerchief and dried some of those stray tears.

“Linko…it’s the third one… you’ve evaded her for a long time. This needs to stop or I’m worried you might end up hurting yourself.”

“Niigaki-san…I can’t do it! Not after what I did! How can I bring myself to face her after what I did to her!?”

“Lin Lin if you keep on hiding behind what the other girls would think about it you’ll end up hurting her even more.”

“Niigaki-san I love her! If I can’t even bring myself to tell her that how do you expect me to tell the others?”

“Linko sometimes rules need to be broken if it’s for a better cause. You need to trust yourself.”

Risa’s soft-spoken but firm words touched Lin’s heart as she pondered whether or not to pay attention to Risa’s words in order to try and make everything better. As her thoughts concentrated on it, she didn’t notice that Risa had all about cleaned the mess she had made earlier and had shooed her off to the dressing room to think.

‘Her voice, her kindness, and the way she looks at me every time we share something together… My heart can’t help but beat faster as I think of each and every one of those aspects I love about her. Yet I basically denied any feelings I have for her when confronted by the other girls. Her hurt expression nags at me every day since that hapened and I can’t help but to feel my heart tearing and crumbling at those memories.’

Lin Lin brought out some scrapbooks she had in her bag as she began to think of a way to fix this whole situation. That scrapbook was given to her by the one she loves and the words that filled the sides of every single picture kept on flowing into her mind as she began to choke up from the beauty of it all.

‘She remembers the day we met…and I remember to. She loves the way I laugh. And I love the way she expresses every emotion as well as how she pouts when I playfully ignore her sweet antics. She makes my heart flutter with every sigh and with her by my side: gravity becomes my mortal enemy as I feel the need to fly away with her and soar through the heavens. If I love her so much then why is it that I’m worrying so much about what the other girls will think? She’s the most important person in my heart so why am I wavering on this decision?’

Lin Lin quickly stood up and put her belongings in a corner after she took something important from there placing it in her pocket and ran towards the studio where the shooting had begun. Quietly taking her place; Lin Lin glanced over the direction where the girl that owns her heart stood and deduced that the girl was still hurting from the event that happened 2 weeks ago.

The shoot seemed endless and soon night fell and all the girls were tired from the hard day at work. They were all sitting around in the dressing room in their ‘normal’ clothing and Lin kept secretly staring at the girl when suddenly Risa stood up to go look for her belongings and passed Lin a note.

“Linko! Please tell me you thought about it! I can’t bear anymore to see you both like this! Come on! Break through your fears and tell her! ~Risa”

“Girls there’s something I need to tell you.”

At Lin Lin’s sudden seriousness everyone paid attention to the girl who stood up in the middle of the dressing room with her hand raised. Silence surrounded them and Risa was surprised because she didn’t really think Lin Lin would decide so quickly.

“I can’t be afraid…not when my love surpasses this fear.”

Everyone got quieter seeing as Lin Lin was dead serious when she spoke and expressed herself.

“These feelings in my heart have developed for the last 2 years and I can tell you honestly that they have grown into the reason I wake up every day. But since you are also my family I’ve grown to fear your reject towards these feelings as well. And I’ve made a big mistake, I’ve denied the person I love because of fear and right now I want to tell you all the truth.”

All the girls began to murmur to themselves and they saw how Lin Lin moved across the room towards the only person who was sitting alone and took her hand in hers to help her stand up and bring her face to face.

“I am afraid that our friends won’t accept us but I’m more afraid of losing you. I know this probably means nothing right now since I basically denied that I felt something for you two weeks ago. But please if you can find it in your heart: let me in and hear me out as I tell everyone the feelings you bring out in me.”

The girl began to cry and hug Lin as she nodded her head. All the other girls gently smiled at the couple who had made up and confirmed their love with a hug in front of those who care about them.


“Lin Lin! We’re waiting!”

Lin Lin looked confused at the girls who had their arms crossed and she became worried since she began to think the worst. But those thoughts left her when she saw the gentleness and sweetness expressed in her friends’ eyes and true to her innocent and lost personality asked:

“Waiting for what?”

All the girls had an invisible sweat drop behind their heads and Sayu began to laugh at the never changing Lin Lin. Reina, Ai, Jun and Koharu almost jumped on her after that question and Risa heartily laughed alongside Sayumi.

“Tell us how she makes you feel!”

Lin Lin remembered that that was the promise she had made herself and the girl when she had decided to tell everyone about her feelings.


Lin looked into her eyes and she sighed as she prepared herself for what she was about to say.

“Whenever I’m with you my brain beats faster and my heart can’t even process concrete thoughts! By your side my mouth fails to explain well what I mean and my knees wobble like gelatin because of nerves, excitement, joy, and many other feelings I can’t really voice out because everything sums up into a desire to fly away with you by my side.”

A tear fell gently from the girl’s eye and Lin Lin brought her hand up to wipe it away before smiling and looking at her in the eyes.

“Aika-chan there’s so much we’ve been through together and so many things to go through in the future that I can’t bear anymore to hide what my heart wants to scream out to the world. I love you Aika… I truly do…In fact I love you more than food itself.”

Lin took out from her pocket a small necklace with a bread slice covered with jelly charm on it and showed it to the girl who softly gasped and let Lin put it on her neck. After Lin had put it on Aika’s neck she pulled out hers form under her shirt and smiled as the companion necklace that had the peanut butter charm on it dangled in front of her. They all began to laugh before Aika spoke up.

“I…I…I don’t really know what to say other than I’m really happy and I love you with all my might Lin Lin. And by your side I truly can’t withstand gravity either.”

Lin Lin softly caressed Aika’s face and slowly brought her closer to her and kissed her lips expressing all the love she has had for her all these years. The other girls began to cheer and hug them as well since no matter what happens; your group mates are first of all your family and this particular family is centered on love.

The end! The title probably doesn't really have much to do with it  :P  But I like how it sounds! Well then see you!
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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8th generation love :heart:
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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I've recently become quite a sucker for LinKa, too bad we couldn't get more IRL

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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You destroyed GAM! You killed the great Miki-sama! *horrors* Actually why am I so happy that she died? But yeah you should leave the story there coz its awesome like that.

And Linka... Erm I'm not a fan of this pairing. But nice story anyway

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@Kurosawa87: I know!! 8th gen isn't 8th gen without some chinese mixture in it!
@rndmnweird: I can actually tell the reason for that... it's kind of hard to make them (either one) confess their feelings since one is overly pure and the other is an old lady girl...but the challenge feels good haha! And of course a good song does help the mood.
@badsaints: Hey! Long time no see! I was kind of apprehensive in killing Miki-sama but... then I thought: 'Kill her Koei! She'd love to die in Ayaya's hands rather than in someone else's!' Haha and don't worry about the crazy pairings my short memory mind brings up if there's one in particular you like in one of the stories I hope you comment when you see it!

Yo! let's bring foward another seed! It's number: 15!  :cow:Celebrating the 1000+ view special! :cow: So besides the avid readers that I love to please, this is actually dedicated to the members over at the fanfiction skype podcasts! Specially the ones present at podcast number 8 (Resop2, Rndy, Kawaii Beam, Junkie and BeeChan[especially you since I can relate to the internet suckiness])!

Haha I laughed a lot at the hard time saying my name and well I liked how it was told "on the slow side". But hey! if it helps the pronounciation is like the O in : DOG and the EI in: YAY! so mixed together is KO-EI. So well before I get sidetracked anymore lets see: this story was inspired by all the craziness that went down over there so enjoy you guys!

So come on! Yo check it out yo! Seed number 15 is up and it's titled:

Wiggle Queen

A girl was walking on the street as she got closer to the building where she had to go and practice her dancing a singing to perfect them and make them presentable to hundreds of fans across the world. Even though she dreaded…well actually: HATED… rehearsals, that morning she was quite excited to be walking down the road that leads her to work.

‘I wonder if Sayu has gotten there yet. It’s been quite some time since we’ve gone out together somewhere. I’ve been planning this date ever since she told me last month that our free time was finally on the same day. I hope she likes it!’

Reaching her workplace she could see that some of the members were already there stretching and chatting with each other as some of them ate snacks. She decided to go and change her clothing so that she could begin stretching as well and prepare herself for the practice they had that day which would let them take into account all their small mistakes and perfect the performance for the following show.

After she finished changing and began to stretch she noticed that the girl she was waiting for had not yet reached the studio. She continued stretching and after some 15 minutes she looked back at the wall clock and noticed that Sayumi surely was late. Annoyed at that fact; the girl began to mumble stuff about how spoiled and how much of a brat Sayumi is.

‘Sayu sure is late. Where could that girl be? Our date begins tonight and I’m not going to let anyone or anything ruin it!’

“Reina, you shouldn’t mumble bad things about people especially when they’re not present.”

Reina looked the direction where the voice had come from and saw Aika standing there with a box in her hands and a smile plastered on her face. She handed the box to Reina who rapidly opened it and began to eat the chocolate that was inside.

“And…who the hell do you think you are scolding your sempai!?”

Aika began to laugh since Reina had a smile plastered on her face the whole time she was trying to angrily tell her off. Aika then sat down beside her and waited for Reina to begin speaking once again after she finished her chocolate.

“Have you seen Sayu?”

“Not, really Reina-chan. But she’s pretty late; maybe you should ask Niigaki-san.”

“Nah, it’s ok. I’ll call her later.”

Right after she said that a big yawn came from Reina’s mouth and she rubbed her now tired eyes. Aika looked at her and smirked as she had mentally concluded the reason for Reina’s yawning.

“You’ve been working hard for your anniversary present, haven’t you Reina?”

Reina’s eyes widened and she just nodded since Aika was always able to know the reason for any of Reina’s moods and conditions without actually asking about them.

“I want this to be special you know. I’m not good at expressing myself with words and stuff like that but… I think I can woo her if I take her to the places we went the day we actually confessed to each other…you get it?”

“Yeah Reina-chan, you want to show her that you still remember and treasure your first memories of one very important day in both your lives.”

Aika smirked at Reina and that got her a big pat on the head accompanied by Reina stating something about Aika being like an old woman both in the way she sometimes look as in the way she talks. She then began to explain to Aika all the planning she has done so that she could make that day one of the most special days in Sayumi’s live.

“Ehh? Tanakacchi… why are you here?” Risa’s voice cut short the explanation Reina was giving Aika and made her look confused at her.

“Umm… shouldn’t I be here Gaki-san?” After Reina’s reply; Risa’s face contorted in slight confusion which made the cat stand up and face her directly to try and get Risa to talk and answer her. Aika took Reina’s arm and gently asked Risa the question that was actually in Reina’s mind but that the kitten couldn’t voice out.

“Should Reina-chan be somewhere else Gaki-san?”

“I just thought that she would be with Sayu today?”

Reina looked at Risa and wondered why she thought that she would be with Sayu today since their free day was actually tomorrow. Seeing Reina’s confusion Risa began to explain why she thought that way.

“Well… Sayu called me this morning to excuse herself from practice since she seems to have caught a cold. When I asked her if she wanted me to go there she told me that her mother had to leave about ten in the morning to go to work but that she was not going to actually be alone and that I shouldn’t worry…”

‘Oh… so she’s late because she had a cold?? I wonder why she didn’t tell me… Does she not want me there? This is weird...I should go check on her’

“Risa-chan I’m going there so throw in my towel ok?”

The leader’s head cocked to the side in confusion after what Reina had said. Aika placed her hand on her shoulder and just nodded to the kitten that she had given her permission to do so.

“What did she say? I think I still don’t get her yankii language.”

“She meant to ask you for permission to see how Sayu was doing and to take care of her. Reina knows all the numbers and seeing how much she practices and mock battles Riho-chan in both singing and dancing so that they can both get better; I know that it won’t hurt her to miss one short day.”

Risa nodded and smiled at the girl as she patted her head and mumbled something about how grown up she has become.


Reina rang the bell of Sayumi’s apartment when suddenly an older woman came at the door and softly gasped as she saw the sweating Reina.

“Reina-chan! What are you doing here?”

“Good morning Michishige-san. I heard Sayu was sick so I came here to take care of her. That way you won’t have to miss work.”

Sayumi’s mother let Reina into the apartment where she set down the things she bought at the convenience store as well as her bag. Taking in the aspect and conditions of Sayu’s apartment; Reina cocked her head in confusion since her friend was never this messy.

“Sayu-chan is probably very sick if she has let her apartment become like this.” Her mother sadly told Reina who in turn smiled at her and told her that she would take care of everything and that she should not worry and just concentrate on work.

Reina silently walked over to Sayu’s room and slowly opened the door to look into it. There she saw her girlfriend lying on the bed with a towel on her forehead. Reina changed the towel and as she did; she heard Sayu whine and mumble incoherently something about ‘mine’ and ‘ho-ri: must get!’ and other incoherent mumblings a feverish and sickly person would make.

Smiling at her girlfriend’s mumbles she left the door slightly ajar and went right towards the small closet Sayu reserved specially for cleaning stuff like brooms, mops and detergents.

‘I can’t believe that what is actually a crazy clutter room full of cleaning utensils in my house is basically an organized group of cleaning utensils laid in alphabetical order in Sayu’s house… I bet this is why she’s always said Eri and I are messy people… we can’t possibly put everything in strict order like this! Muri desu! Impossible!’

Reina took a broom and a rag and began to clean around the apartment when she suddenly got kind of bored with what she was doing.

“Arrgh!! No wonder I hate cleaning! This is so boring!”

Heading over to the stereo system located in a corner of the small messy apartment, Reina decided to put on some music to pass the time as she cleans.

-: Thank you for listening in to: The Power of the Radio! Where we broadcast many different songs in various languages! And right now is: U.S.A’s turn! Funny thing though: U.S.A has also won the ‘double play’ award for this week! In the double play we give you a pair of songs one after the other from the same artist! This week’s lucky artist is: LMFAO! And the first song we’ll let you listen is: “I’m in Miami Trick!” :-

‘Haha! I can’t believe Sayu has left Ai-chan’s favorite radio station there after all this time!’

Reina began to sway alongside the music and her cleaning duties seemed to go faster when she did them in her own made-up choreography and dance. Soon enough she had the kitchen done and she began to dance over to the curtains where she slid them open as she danced along the music.

‘You’ll get cleaned up dust cause: Reina's in Sayu's crib!!’

Even though Reina couldn’t understand what the lyrics where saying she enjoyed the music. Soon the song ended and another one by the same people began to sound over the stereo. The only word from the title that Reina could actually understand was the word: “SEXY”

The beat was an electronic concoction full of energy and it made Reina begin to dust off and clean the living room really quickly. Since she liked the song she turned up the stereo and began to dance with it. She had heard the song before and seen the video so she kept on sweeping the floor as she waited for her favorite part.

Close to the part she has been waiting for, Reina spread her legs and held the broom in one of her hands as she took the other and put it up in the air preparing herself to dance along her favorite part.

-: Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, YEAH!” :-

At that part Reina began to shake her little tush sideways alongside the music as she giggled in pure contempt. The part repeated itself yet again and she shook even harder making her laughter increase as well. By the third repetition of the part Reina had turned around and closed her eyes as she sung the part alongside the radio.

“Wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu YAY!”

Lost in her own wiggling world Reina didn’t notice that she had awoken her bunny whose frail presence was staring at her fervently as she clung to the doorframe with her hand covering her mouth so as not to laugh out loud at Reina’s behavior. Of course Reina’s bad English skills didn’t go unnoticed by the girl since what was supposed to be ‘wiggle’ came out as ‘wiu’.

‘Well at least she is enjoying herself hehe!’

The last wiggle came along and Reina gave it her all both vocally as well as in the dance. Her laughter filled the small apartment when suddenly the volume on the stereo was turned lower. Reina froze in place and slowly opened her eyes which made her come face to face with a smirking Sayu who was staring directly at her.

“What exactly are you doing Reina-chan?”

“Uhh…ummm… clea-…cleaning?”

Her bashful smile made Sayu begin to giggle which suddenly made her dizzy and as she began to keel over. Reina dropped the broom and went over to catch her with both hands. Sayu was really pale and the previously wiggling kitten was now nervously carrying her sick girlfriend back to the bed she had come out of. The trembling bunny was put on the bed and a towel was placed on her forehead as she looked at the hardworking Reina.

“I’m sorry Reina-chan.”

“Mm? Sorry for what Sayu?”

“For ruining our anniversary…”

The kitten looked at the bunny and began to giggle as she placed a kiss on top of the nose of the one she loves. Sayumi blushed pink after the sweet kiss and Reina smiled.

“It’s ok baby girl. I won’t say I haven’t worked hard for this day but baby; being with you another day is the best gift I could have ever gotten you know that?”

“You were planning something?”

Sayu’s excited question made Reina laugh as she nodded and told her that she would take her later to the places.

“So just concentrate on getting better ok? I don’t want my precious gift to be sick and hurt.”

Sayu’s giggles earned her another kiss on the nose as she hugged the caring kitten who was previously cleaning her apartment and was now taking care of her. Suddenly a thought came forward in her mind and she decided to tell Reina what she was thinking.

“Ano, Reina-chan?”

“Yeah baby?”

“I also received a great gift today from you even though it isn’t our anniversary yet…”

“Mm? You mean, me cleaning your apartment?”

“Yeah, that and mostly the beautiful wiggling you did whilst cleaning it. I can tell you that was some great shaking!”

Reina’s eyes widened at Sayu’s comment as the bunny began to laugh.  She laughed alongside her girlfriend as well and then put both her hands on each side of Sayu’s face as she lovingly squeezed it.

“If you tell anybody about it I swear I’ll punish you!”

“Well then wiggle for me some more…and oh! And sing it as well!”


“Well Reina-chan if you want me to keep it a secret you need to pay the price.”

Reina began to think about the offer and with a serious face she stood up from Sayu’s side and walked in front of her. She spread her legs and put her arms up in the air as she took in a big breath of air and began to shake her body sideways as she sung in her bad English:

“Wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu YAY!
Wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu YAY!
Wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu YAY!
Wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu, wiu YAY!


15th seed! PLANTED !!!! I truly had fun! Enjoy!
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Tanashige!! How cute, Reina getting carried away with the radio, lol.

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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You've made the TanaShige shipper ol' me happy!!! Seriously :cow: I had time to read just one fic & I'm so glad I chose yours. Something to last me for the next few days *grins*

It was getting lonely from the lack of good TanaKame & TanaShige fics nowadays. We need more love for these pairings! Glad to see you writing one XD

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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 :lol: that was amusing well good job
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@rndmnweird: I know! its the only techy device she can manage  XD
@badsaints: Oh my!!! you reply is greatly satisfying and inspiring! Thank you for reading! I'm please I was able to move your heart!
@Kurosawa87: Thanks kuro-sama! always a pleasure to read you comments!

WOAH! sleep is greatly blurring my vision right now!!!  :bleed eyes: so lets post this. Seed number 16. umm yeah it's kind of umm... how can I say it. It is about some recent events in the girls' lives so... I hope you like it. My fingers began to rapiddly move over the board as I tried to word every single thought involving this story. So as seed number 16 I bring to you:

They never truly leave

‘Eri, she’s trying to act all strong and continue on with work but… I’m really worried about her so please come soon.’ –Ai

Eri closed up her laptop as she finished packing her suitcase. Her worried face kept on recounting every little thing that was put into the suitcase.

“Ok. Clothing, tickets. Snacks and money. Passport. This should cover all of it. Let me reply Ai-chan now.”

After she mumbled and checked the list she had in her mind she opened up her laptop again as she wrote Ai a reply to the message.

‘I’m going out now Ai-chan. Please keep an eye on her. I won’t be long.’ -Eri

Eri picked up her suitcase and left the hotel as fast as she could. Taking a taxi to the airport she quickly got into the flight and in no time she was in the air flying from Los Angeles towards Tokyo. Her heart was racing as she kept on wishing for the flight to go faster but she was also afraid of what she would encounter when she got there.

‘What am I going to tell her when I get there?? I… I don’t know what to do…’

Thinking about what to do, the turtle girl suddenly fell asleep in mid-flight. She felt herself swaying in a pair of strong arms as the sweet scent of umeboshi began to envelop her. A calm feeling began to overtake her as she nestled herself deeper and closer to the comfortable and familiar warmth that emanated from the body that held her.

“Eri-chan. I need you to listen to me sweetie.”


“Losing someone dear to you is quite a painful experience but, when you’re surrounded by friends you notice that the person has not truly left you but is holding you by the hand and guiding you and accompanying you to where you need to go. Eri-chan, open your eyes please.”

Eri did as she was told and she found herself in her dear grandfather’s embrace as they sat on green pastures looking over an orange sky. She began to tear up at seeing the presence of her dear granddad and held onto him as tightly as she could.

“I’ve missed you a lot grandfather. Your kindness, your love, I’ve even missed your sweet smell. Grandpa… have I made you proud?”

The old man began to softly chuckle as he bear hugged his little granddaughter before planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Of course you have Eri-chan, and Rina-chan and your brother as well. You’ve all made me proud. But I’m not here because I’m disappointed. I’m here because you needed my help. Now tell me sweetie, what is troubling you?”

Eri took a deep breath as she told her dear grandfather everything.

“Grandpa…what can I tell Risa-chan? How can I help her deal with this? She practically lived with her grandmother… nobody has supported her more than her dear Baba-chan has… how can I console her…?”

The old man took a deep breath and held his granddaughter as he thought about the vexing question posed by her. Sighing deeply he could only come up with one answer for his granddaughter.

“Eri, just as I am with you, Risa-chan’s Baba-chan will be with her as well. She’ll be in her heart. And whenever she wants to see her she can think about her with her heart and I’m sure that she will speak to her the same way I am speaking with you. Stay by her side Eri-chan, these following days will be hard and when you first speak to her it will have the strength to potentially break you, but if you need some strength do not hesitate to ask for it because I will help you along the way. I know it will be hard and painful since it was hard for you and the rest of the family when I went away but no matter what I will never leave you…any of you. The people you love never really go away: they stay in your heart even if you don’t really notice them.”

Eri intently listened to her kind grandfather’s wise words as she thought about the truth underneath it all. Even though some may not feel like their loved ones accompany them, they always do because that’s the true strength of love. It can even surpass the barrier that death tries to put between you and your loved one. It pierces through that façade of loneliness and brings you closer than ever to the one you thought you’ve lost. They guide you and protect you and most of all keep you company in your time of need.

“Grandpa… tell me… if you’re ok… does that mean that Risa-chan’s Baba-chan is ok as well?”

“Of course she is Eri-chan. As a matter of fact she wanted to tell you something.”

Eri looked at the direction her grandfather was facing and an old lady with a smile, very much like the one Risa dons in her young features, was slowly walking towards her wearing a beautiful white kimono as well as carrying some sakura blossoms. The turtle recognized the woman and she stood up and respectfully bowed to her as she didn’t really know what to do. The old woman took her by the shoulders and gently hugged the girl before caressing her bangs.

“Eri-chan. You’re so grown up by now. Thank you for always taking care of my little Risa. I’m actually here to ask you a small favor…”

“Yes, Baba-chan. Of course.”

“Please stay by Risa-chan’s side. I’ve seen her suffering for a couple of days and I want her to know that I’m ok and that I love her. She shouldn’t worry so much about being alone since I’ll always be there for her and for her future family. Like your grandfather probably told you: if she wants to speak to me she just has to think with her heart and I’ll always be there. I know that with her friends and the fans she loves so much by her side she’ll be able to understand this and continue positively. But since she loves you I know that she will only show her true feelings to you and hide every little bit of pain from everyone else. Please tell her that it’s ok to feel pain and sadness as well as feel happy. And please take care of her my dear Eri-chan.”

After the old woman’s small petition, Eri hugged her once again and relished the hug from the woman as she turned around and hugged her dear grandfather as well. Bowing to them she began to speak.

“Thank you for the help. I’ll be sure to remember your teachings as well as tell Risa your feelings. Even though I was trying to only help Risa…you’ve helped me as well grandpa and Risa’s Baba-chan. I now understand that true love doesn’t limit itself to death and that death never really does do us part.”

A screeching sound woke Eri up and she looked over the window and saw a familiar sky. She had gotten home and thanks to the sleep she had gotten she was refreshed and ready to join Risa and take care of her. She went home and showered before meeting with Risa who was at her grandmother’s apartment. Getting there, Risa’s family was surprised at Eri’s sudden visit and she bowed to them as well as said her condolences before asking where Risa was. 

“She’s at Baba’s room… she doesn’t want to get out of there…we’re worried Eri-chan.”

“It’s ok auntie. Let me see if I can help.”

The other family members decided to leave them the house as they went over to stay at their own house. Eri slowly walked towards the last room on the hallway as she took deep breaths to prepare herself. Soon she began to softly knock on the door where and angry and anguished shout resounded from the other side of it.

“Risa-chan. It’s me, will you let me in?”

The sound of footsteps could be heard by Eri and soon the door slowly opened as a small and swollen round face with puffy eyes and a red nose peaked out of the room. Eri gently smiled at her friend who acknowledged her presence and jumped on her as she gave her a deadly hug. The agonizing cries from the beam broke Eri’s heart instantly as her ears filled with mournful cries and questions mostly revolving around: ‘Why?’

The tear filled hug was so intense that Risa soon lost the strength in her legs to hold herself up and Eri had to work her way into the room as she dragged Risa towards the bed. Risa clung onto her afraid that if she let go; Eri might leave her as well, and Eri could only be brave enough to hold her friend as well as her tears.

‘Oh grandpa… please give me your strength. You told me it was going to be hard, but you also said that you wouldn’t leave me.’

As soon as she finished her small prayer, Eri felt her body warming up as the feeling of being hugged began to envelop her. Strength soon fills up her body as she holds the still crying Risa. Her heart began to settle a bit from the nervousness and she felt how it’s slowly softening beating began to calm her friend down enough for her to tell her what she has asked to relay.

“Risa-chan. It’s ok, I’m here. You don’t need to hide your mourning anymore. Cry if that’s what you need to do right now Risa.”

“E… Eri- hiccup! - wh…WHY?”

Risa’s question intensified her crying once again as she held onto Eri even tighter. Eri in turn held her and let her cry her heart out since what she was feeling was real and nobody had the right to keep you from venting your sadness with tears. The evening turned into early morning and the sun was beginning to show itself. Soon only small sniffles could be heard from the bean and Eri decided that now was the right time to tell her friend the message she was asked to relay.

“Risa-chan. I’m sure that your Baba-chan is watching over you from heaven and that she loves you still. Even though it may not seem like it; she’s still by your side taking your hand and accompanying you on the road… on any road you decide to take. People often think that when you lose somebody as important as your grandparent… the only thing on your mind is the inheritance. But that’s not the case at all. And our grandparents know it as well; that’s why they stay by our side even after this so called death that do us part. Risa… she is still here and if you want to see her and speak to her just call her with your heart and she will answer every time…even if it’s not the way you imagine. Risa-chan I love you and I’ll be here as well so don’t hide your feelings and don’t keep your sorrow bottled up within yourself. Let it all out, that’s what your Baba-chan would have wanted and then go on and make her proud and be happy because she will watch you and her great grandchildren and her great-great grandchildren… she will always be by your side Risa, so please don’t be so sad.”

Risa’s hold on Eri’s neck loosened and the turtle noticed that her bean friend had fallen asleep. Even though the sun was beginning to tint the whole room orange, Eri found herself falling asleep as well and decided to lay down and place Risa’s head on her chest and hug her until sleep overtook her. The room she was in began to bathe in familiar warmth and smell as she found herself laying on her grandfather’s lap once again as he smiled at her.

“You did it Eri-chan. I’m proud of you.”

Eri sat up and looked over the prairie and saw at a distance a couple of familiar women sitting under a tree’s shade. The turtle quizzically looked at her grandfather who lightly chuckled at her staring.

“She did as you instructed and found her grandmother in her heart. She’s saying ‘see you later’ instead of a permanent ‘goodbye’ thanks to you Eri-chan.”

The girl smiled at the pair and lay back down to rest at her grandfather’s lap when suddenly that familiar warmth changed and a different kind of warmth was felt on top of her. She felt her best friend’s heart beating at a slower pace and a calm atmosphere emanated from her sleeping figure.

“Thank you Eri-chan. For helping me see Baba-chan again and for being here with me… I will be strong and happy because Baba-chan is strong and happy as well…Eri-chan…thank you.”

Eri smiled at her best friend’s words and she hugged her and simply told her.

“Thank you as well Risa-chan. For everything you have done for me as well. I love you.”


Thank you for reading! And to the Niigaki and Kamei family: it's going to get better and Baba-chan and grandpa will be happy if you're happy so: GANBATTE!
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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my comments are rarely enjoyable :nervous

Eri is quite a great friend you need despite everything that happens around them
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm ("YUU APROVAL")
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@Kurosawa87:every single comment is enjoyable since it shows that people are reading !!!

Well then!!! On to seed number...17 !!! This specific seed has some questionable moments but after asking Yuuyami-sama if it were to be worthy...well rather than worthy: ADEQUATE to post. After some changes made to it she gave out the "YUU APROVAL"!!! Celebration mode: ON !!! So here it goes!! Posted in the midst of the Ahh yeaaahh!! youtube video revolution!!  XD I present to you:

Finally I realize

Your breathing is labored. That means you’re closer to the edge aren’t you? Your face is scrunched up in concentration and beads of sweat keep on traveling from your forehead all the way down to my own face. You’re enjoying this aren’t you? Making me yours tonight after that “romantic” dinner has surely boosted your confidence… But have you stopped to wonder if you’re making ME feel something?

Well of course you haven’t… you men are all the same always demanding a sense of control over me and my body as if you are the only ones who truly deserve to feel the ecstasy brought on by this specific act. You’re moving faster now and whimpering is escaping your lips. I know that you’re having the time of your life. It’s always like this no matter how many men try it… It’s always the same boring and unfulfilling act.

I’m beginning to get sick of your stench… why do you men sweat so much specially when doing this? I feel your hand over my breast and this sense of discomfort washes over me beginning from that same spot and traveling down my whole body. You arch your back as you yell at the top of your lungs and stop your rapid movements. Your breath is far from calm as you take yourself out of me and drop onto my side.

I’m left here cold and covered in your sweat whilst I hear you besides me begin to calm down your breathing and slowly fall asleep after your strenuous activity. How can you easily fall asleep after this? I lay in bed a while longer and think about the bath that awaits me in my own apartment. I can’t wait to get the stench form your sweat off my body. As I stand up from bed, careful to not bother you whilst you slept, I feel you harshly grab onto my midsection and pull me back to where we both previously lied.

You constrict me to this mattress and tower over my body as you try to passionately gaze into my eyes. I know what’s going to happen now. The second round begins. But what is this feeling of dread that fills my whole being? You begin to thrust harder against me as I expected so I try to hold on and keep my yelps to myself. I can bear this pain as long as I concentrate hard enough. You keep on going and I feel myself tear at your every movement. Whoever said this was enjoyable was truly lying… this is far from it.

This is becoming unbearable… you aren’t stopping… Please stop! I don’t think I can’t take this anymore!! My body is aching from the pain and I can feel you possessively scratch my waist. I can’t contain myself anymore so I let a yell come out of my lips and desperately look for the knife I hid under the pillow. This is it you’ve pushed me to my edge. I wanted to end this peacefully and just take the information, the money and myself out of this dreaded place after the first round but you’ve let me no choice.

You still insist on continuing your act and I try to forget this ripping pain as I concentrate on my knife tilting it in a way that fits perfectly between your ribs to puncture your lung. My vision turns blurry from the tears that are forming in my eyes and suddenly I feel you arching your back as you reach yet another climax. This is it, the time has come. I push the knife into your body with all the force I could gather and I can feel you begin to tremble and harshly gasp as the pain begins to spread along your whole being.

Your horrified look meets mine as I dry the tears that didn’t really fall and slowly twist the knife I plunged into your body. You hunch over from the pain and blood begins to fall from your mouth as you cry and tighten your hold on my waist. Seeing your tears mixed in with your blood falling over my bare body… I can only manage to pity you so I take the liberty to get the part of you that still lies within me out and place you on the bed you had previously constricted me to.

You’re choking on your own blood by now and your eyes follow me as I clean the knife with the sheets that enveloped us. Your wallet lies over the dresser so I go there and empty it out before I leave.

“You… look… like her… a lot…”

I turn around at the sound of your voice and go back to your despicable side to listen in more.

“What did you say…? Tell me more… NOW!”

I’m surprised by the stutter in my voice but ignore it since I can feel my heart racing in anticipation. You extend your hand and put it over my cheek as your dry the tear that fell over it. I’m angry because you hid this from me… I’m on the verge of breaking since I can see life escaping you and still you haven’t answered my question. I notice you smirk and begin to chuckle amidst all the choking from the mass of blood that keeps coming over your punctured lung.

“You… deserve to suffer… just like… like she did before… she died…”

“That does it! This is the reason I am hunting each and every one of you! Die you bastard!!”

I scream at you before taking my knife and plunging it deep into your heart. You were already weakened from my previous stab but that flicker of pure horror in your eyes was the last thing that graced them before they went hazy and your beating heart stopped reverberating against my knife. There’s nothing else to do here… it’s time to go back home and wash up…

I stand up and put on my coat without even putting on clothes since my energy is completely drained for the night. I begin to walk out of the hotel room and get into the elevator. There; a soft song plays as I go down from the topmost floor to the lobby. When I entered here a while ago it was one of the most tedious of melodies but right now… I think I can get accustomed to it, it’s kind of soothing and I feel myself swaying to its rhythm. Before I know it the elevator door dings and I am at the lobby. I don’t really care if there’s blood over my leg but I calmly walk over to the exit and a couple of people bowed to me as if thanking me for my stay there. They haven’t the slightest idea of what awaits them when they open that door.

I slowly walk towards my apartment since the train station was closed for the day. There were many thoughts running through my mind and the one that bothered me the most was that I had taken yet another life in my hands as I continue to search for your killer. Sis… why is it that every time I get another clue there’s something that tells me to just leave it alone and continue on with my life? Is this what you would have wanted me to do? I take the chance to gaze upwards and notice that I’m not quite walking in the direction to my apartment but instead I’m on the way to yours.

My feet can’t seem to stop and I continue to get closer to the front door of your apartment complex. Nervously I open the door to get in, these nerves always seem to find me whenever you come to mind. I’m still questioning myself why I come here even though I have hurt you countless times before. I keep telling myself to just leave and stop putting you though all the pain that comes with me trying to find my sister’s killer. But yet again I have failed and now I’m at your front door with my hand extended over the doorbell wondering if I should ring it after all and as always; you seem to read my mind and open the door.

Your worried face scans mine and my heart painfully constricts inside my left chest as I try to squirm away from your stare. I see how your lips begin to form a question but it instantly dies there and you just grab the hand that was previously in the air but now rests at my side in yours. Pulling me in gently; we enter your apartment and I see you lead me towards your bathroom. No words come out of your lips but you leave once again to your room and come back with a few pieces of clothing and a towel.


That single worded sentence and demand made me tremble and I obliged to your words as I began to wash myself. The blood that escaped that man’s body lingered on mine and right now I can see just how much blood he truly lost before dying since it’s covering most of my upper body and his handprint marks my face. With the soap in my hand I begin to wash away the fluid that had turned dry and crusted off my body and see how it seeps out onto the shower as a thin line of blood mixed with water and soap. Seeing the blood trail on the shower, my mind escapes and goes into the information I received at the hotel from him.

“I know who killed you Sis… and I swear revenge will be mine. He shall fall soon enough.” My soft monologue finished as a soft knocking came to the door. It seems I’ve been here way too long. I come out of the shower, dry and dress myself hastily since nerves begin to overtake me yet again. Out of the bit of comfort that this shower brought me I come face to face with your concerned eyes as they scan me from head to toe for an explanation. I know you already figured out what happened today because soon after you looked me in the eyes; you grabbed my hand and led me to the bed behind you.

Lying side by side I feel how you slowly bring our clothed bodies together and hug me. You tightly embrace me but I still feel that pleasant gentleness from your delicate body that tries to snuggle against mine. My heart begins to soften as well and I feel somewhat relieved from my pain. Our chests rise and fall rhythmically and the soft sounds of our breathing envelop us. It’s awfully quiet but this is a comfortable kind of quiet… the one that doesn’t need to be broken by explanations that we both know will hurt us we they come out to the light.

My hands begin to stroke your back seeking your warmth but they only come in contact with the fabric of your pajama. You begin to move away from me and my heart cringes since the little bit of warmth you were giving me was being replaced by the coldness from the night. I look into your eyes desperately trying to convince you to stay by my side. But what you do is completely unexpected since I see you strip of your clothing and hug me tighter than before.

“This is what you came here for isn’t it? You can take it Maki. It’s ok.”

Her words hurt me more than I let show. They grasped my heart and tightly clenched it trying to break it apart.  Her cold words sounded desperate when she asked me the reason why I came but… seeing that she actually thinks that way… hearing those things from her… only pain manages to surge into my whole being. I can’t physically react to her words and I notice that I haven’t moved ever since she spoke because she keeps tightening her embrace and her breath caresses my neck in a desperate manner.

Why am I really here? Is it only for the act that happens whenever I come here or is it because of something else? I found my sister’s killer and I should be there exterminating him but yet here I am with you naked and embracing me. I suddenly feel a small prick on my neck and notice that you have begun to mark me as yours by biting into my skin. Your anger seeps through those bites and I flinch at your noticeable desperation. Guilt fills my heart and I’m unsure if I should continue this or if I should just leave and spare you the knowledge that I’m about to go in search of the man who made my life a living hell and that I may not come out of the attempt to end his miserable life. Sis… tell me: what should I do?

“Make me yours one last time Maki.”

Why is it that you seem to know all the things that revolve in my mind when I try with everything I’ve got to keep you away from it? That question looks like it will remain unanswered since your biting has turned into sucking and your hands rest on top of the buttons of the pajama top you lent me. I put my hand over yours and look deep into your eyes that gaze at me asking me for permission to go further. Those eyes that have captivated me ever since I first saw you. That intense look that always seems to strip me bare of my secrets and feelings yet at the time calms me down. I can’t even fathom the idea of putting a barrier against you, not when you look at me with those eyes.

I use my hands to guide yours over the material that drapes my body and gently you take each item off it. I see how your cheeks turn slightly pink and when the last item is taken off my body you look at me directly in the eyes and hug me. Your head on my chest feels warm and my heartbeat quickens at the feeling of your soft skin against mine. I can feel you smile against my chest and the painful hold your previous words held on my heart; breaks and it lets it freely flutter.

“I still remember.”

You only said that but I know what you mean since I remember as well. The time we spent together before this all happened… it felt like it does now: calm, sincere, and most of all: peaceful. You then shift over me to straddle my hips and slowly dip down to meet my lips. I had them tight when you first moved since unpleasant memories of me being in that position surfaced, but feeling your gentle licks over my lips relaxed me and I began to kiss you back in the same kind manner.

Your eyes are closed but your face isn’t scrunched up and you don’t sweat at all. It’s always like this. You never sweat and your gentle disposition never changes. With you it’s completely different than with any other person… you first put my heat at ease and then work on my body. Usually I’m the one that dominates the bed when we’re together but this is a good kind of change as I let you lead me like I did before… a long time ago.

I feel moans escape my lips as you kindly take care of my broken body. Healing at every single touch you place I begin to feel lighter at your actions. You place soft kisses on my lips and I feel myself reach the heavens. There I can feel one of my ever unanswered questions begin to take form and transform into an answer. I open my eyes when you rest your head once again over my chest and I notice that what Sis wants for me is to be happy… and happiness cannot involve revenge can it? Is this what is correct? Does this make you happy Sis?

“A sister’s happiness lies in the happiness of her own sister.”

I want my sister to answer me but… your replies are the ones that bring me peace… Sis… you can’t answer me anymore but… is her answer the one I should always agree to? You lift your head from my chest and kiss my lips tenderly before lying on my side and proceeding to hug me yet again. Your heartbeat soothes me and I feel less agitated. But as I breathe in your sweet scent a burning sensation overcomes my eyes and my chest contracts. I’m not sure what this is but I feel like a dam that’s about to burst. My breath hitches at my throat becoming irregular as that burning sensation increases.

You look directly into my eyes once again and your soft smile is then followed by a tender and sweet kiss. That does it… I know what’s going on… I’m crying… tears that have built up over the years begin to escape my eyes and the pain that covered my heart like a crystal; slowly shatters and dissolves leaving my heart once and for all.

I’m crying and you embrace me and console me the only way you know how: by showing me that there’s more to love than revenge and that together you and I can overcome even the biggest of obstacles if we stay together. I feel my chest contract and my breath hitches once again as I try to normally breathe only to be cut off by another surge of tears that need to escape my eyes as well as pain that my body has to get rid of.

In the midst of my crying I feel you put my head over your chest in between your small breasts. That action brings me closer to the gentle lullaby played by your beating heart and I begin to slowly calm down. As if perfectly harmonizing with your heart I hear you softly hum a song. And I recognize that song since it perfectly expresses your feelings about us and our situation. Even if we want to deny it, that is truly OUR song.  No matter what happens I’ll still want to meet you… I know this is a feeling that will last FOREVER.

Time has escaped me whilst I managed to cry out all of this accumulated pain and sorrow but the orange that tints the room clues me in on daybreak. Your soft humming hasn’t stopped since you began but noticing that my tears have finally come to an end you transform your humming into lyrics. Trying to listen to your voice as it forms words, I shift under your embrace and come face to face with your gentle expression as you tenderly begin to caress my cheeks and sing directly to me.

“Yume de kaiwa shita tsuzuki ga chotto chotto ki ni naru no. Sore ga masayume de aru nara kitto kitto mou sugu kuru. Kitto anata wa kuru wa.”

Those tears that fell from your eyes as you sung made me fully wake up, in more ways than one, and notice that you are the one thing that will always bring me peace. No matter how far I stray I know that by your side there’s always a place for me. How long have you waited? How could you have waited so long for me? Is this love? Do you do this simply because you love me?

Your eyes answer my question and I shift even further so that now I’m the one cradling you in my ample chest as I look for the courage to voice out what I feel. The only thing I can think of telling you can only manage to come out in the physical form of a kiss. I try and express everything I feel for you in this kiss and as you let me deepen it; this incomplete sense of explaining to you my real feelings tugs at my heart. This isn’t enough… only kissing your lips isn’t enough. I need to voice out what I truly feel for you. So I end our kiss and put my hand over your cheek to dry the tear that gently rolls down from your eye. Parting my lips I can only tell you one sentence that I hope will be enough to assure you that this is real.

“Reina, I love you.”


Seed number 17 !!! Planted!! Hope you enjoyed your reading!! Oh and for song reference: the lyrics are from: "Masayume" specially the one sung by Reina. and there's another reference to FOREVER Anata ni Aitai !

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #54 on: April 01, 2012, 04:19:53 AM »
yeah, sometimes you wish for more :grin:

anyways I imagined the person stays in the shadow running through their mind a way to do it cleanly :nervous swirling the dagger before snapping into a rage to kill
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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@Kurosawa87: Hahaha!! That would have been interesting Kuro-sama !!! And yeah perviness to the max... or so I wish... I can't...well not yet atleast...write so pervishly lol confidence in writing not high enough lol

Well then!! Another laaate at night post!! New seed coming up! Seed number 18 !!!  :cow: Wow... I can feel my eyes burning hahaha! I'm still not the best at fluff nor the best at angst... but I'm learning!! Also this is truly out of a single blog post by a certian someone  XD  :cow: So let's get this thing going shall we ?! Before sleep overtakes me  XD

Seed number 18 !:

It wasn't just a text message… it was much more than that

She was lying awake on the bed at her hotel room whilst she stared at the blinking alarm clock that read 2:12 in the morning. Tossing and turning all night in her bed was the latest routine she has grown accustomed to since she had read that blog entry her friend made the week before.

Thinking about it actually hurt more than what she would have ever imagined it even if it was not what one would expect. Usually; hearing that somebody will end up falling in love with you would make you happy, but for one Niigaki Risa; it was tearing her heart apart. When she first read it her heartbeat skyrocketed from the excitement but after giving it some thought though… it began to crush her slowly and painfully.

‘She’s said that before… and every time I try and show her that… that I feel something for her she backs away…’

Looking at her clock once again, the blinking numbers told her it was already 2:40 and she still hasn’t gotten any sleep. Her eyes then focused on the phone besides the alarm clock and without even noticing what she was doing; it was already in her hand as she pressed the button to light up the screen that showcases a picture of them both on that fateful concert day. Her fingers worked rapidly over the touch screen and soon she was reading once again the blog post she had saved on her phone.

“I’ll end up falling in love with her~~”

It still echoes in her mind as she reads it with her friend’s voice. Surely she had heard it before, the hints that the girl will fall for her. But she has actually never heard the girl confirm or deny any of those remarks. As her thoughts deepened on the matter, she began to become mad at the girl since her feelings were getting hurt by overthinking about this situation. She then put the phone away from her eyes and clutched it as she was placing it under the pillow. The time now read 3:12 in the morning and her frustration was increasing each moment because of the lack of sleep on this long and never ending night. Then under her head she felt a small vibration and rays of light beam out from under her pillow.

“Tonight surely is taking too long to end, isn’t it Gaki-san?”

Risa thought she was seeing things, the girl couldn’t have possibly texted her at this time. Maybe she had finally fallen asleep… and this dream was not beginning so well. Then, as she kept on gazing at her phone with disbelief, it vibrated again indicating yet another message.

“I’m sorry if I woke you…”

Feeling the apologetic tone from the message, Risa decided to text back because; if this was a dream: maybe continuing the conversation isn’t so bad and if it wasn’t a dream; she couldn’t just ignore the girl. Her fingers tapped on the screen faster than before and she texted her reply.

“It’s ok. I’m not sleeping, and you’re right: it’s taking too long for morning to come.”

This is it, now there was no turning back. The conversation begins now and she will answer her because it’s what her heart tells her. As her phone vibrates again; she reads the incoming text.

“Oh, can’t sleep? You’re usually down for the night before this hour.”

“Yeah, there’s something on my mind that’s keeping me awake.”

Risa thought about telling her the reason why she was awake but, seeing that this may not truly be a dream, she refrained from doing so. Yet, the girl kind of hoped that the receiver from her message would inquire more.

“Thinking about something important?”



Her fingers shook as she thought on what to respond to that message and she decided to only reply with one word.


A couple of minutes have passed since she last texted the girl and she didn’t really know how to react to the other’s silence. But after a couple more minutes her phone vibrated once again.

“What about 愛?”

Such ambiguity between them was one of the things that hurt Risa the most. To her it meant: telling each other everything as well as hiding everything all at the same time. As she realized it she began to get jealous of Reina who was always so blunt that no matter how much you try to hide something she just finds out about it and tells you what it is. But now, Risa noticed that she was the one making the other wait and she just sent her another vague text where she told everything and yet nothing to the receiver.

“I’m ready to fall in 愛 but 愛 is not ready to fall for me.”

“Well…how do you know for sure?”

Such a fast reply surprised her. It was as if the receiver knew what she was going to write yet at the same time she didn’t really know. But putting her shock aside she pondered over the content of the new message. How did she know that what she wrote is what she truly felt? Her fingers worked once again on the reply.

“Because I feel it in my heart but every time I open myself to 愛... 愛 closes up and leaves me alone.”

The sun was beginning to show itself when that last message was sent and Risa sat up in bed hugging her knees close to her and waited for another text that didn’t actually come. Minutes passed…in fact more than fifteen minutes had pass and still not a single reply. But when her hopes for any type of response had left her; her phone vibrated.

“I’m sorry.”

That short reply surprised her and shock was evident in every little corner of her body. A simple message that threw away any type of ambiguity and straight forwardly told her everything… or so she thought. Reading it once again she could feel that the other kept the emptiness in that message since her feeling sorry could be of the situation and not the exact subject of that situation. Her thoughts were confusing and when she kept on jumbling every piece of information within her mind her ringtone began to blast from her phone.

‘Should I pick it up?’

Her brain and her body weren’t working together since her finger pressed the ‘take call’ spot on her touch screen whilst her brain thought about not picking up the call. She tried to say hello but only a hollow sigh was heard from her lips.

“I’m sorry Risa-chan. I’m sorry for never telling you that I do love you and that I do want to be by your side. Fear has overtaken me all these years as it told me that you would hate me if I told you all of this but… the pain that came through those messages tonight overshadowed my fear and I just had to confess…”

Risa was astounded because of the sudden confession and she looked out the window to try and clear her mind so that she could listen well to what she was hearing right then. When she opened her mouth to speak; she found herself without any type of voice to gesture out her happiness after hearing that the girl loved her. Suddenly though, she began to feel everything around her shaking, and shaking and shaking. After every shake it became stronger and her fears bubbled up inside her when suddenly she was awoken by a soft kiss and shushing sounds.

“Risa are you ok?”

That question, added to her hard breathing and sweating, made Risa feel disoriented as to where she was but after a couple of seconds it all became clear in her mind. She was not at a hotel, it was not morning and she was not alone there. Her own house and warm bed accompanied by the snuggly body that held her close as it looked in her eyes with a concerned face that evening was what surrounded her at the moment. When she took in everything that happened she noticed that she had dreamt the whole thing that before today was not a dream.

“I’m ok Ai.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah… your shakings kind of frightened me.”

Ai blushed and she bashfully apologized as she kept on hugging the girl. Ai was woken up by the rapid beating form the bean’s heart and became worried because of it. When she tried to wake the girl up she saw how her expression changed to fear in her sleep and she became concerned over the nightmare Risa might have been having so she began to shake her until the girl woke up. In their tight hug surrounded by comfortable silence, Risa spoke up and broke it in a gentle manner.

“Thank you for replying that night, Ai-chan.”

“No Risa… thank you… thank you for everything.”

“I love you.”

“And I love you too my little bean.”


The end!!! Haha this is what happens when you come form the theatre and sleep will just deny you of its pleasure.   XD Now!! bed here I come!!! 

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #56 on: April 07, 2012, 07:11:41 AM »
That was kinda cool between them

Although for the pervy stuff, it kinda comes along with something unusual :lol:
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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Takagaki! I love how Ai wrote that on her blog. So cute!

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
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Tee-hee. Sweet mushy lovers. xD

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Re: Koei's Writing Farm
« Reply #59 on: April 26, 2012, 08:13:23 PM »
@Kurosawa87: Lol perviness... and weird stuff... :P Thanks for reading!!
@rndmnweird: Ai and her mushiness... lol great source of inspiration for any story. Thanks for reading!
@risa_ai: Hehehe yeah they are the mushy kind and wait...Le gasp!! A new reader!! Welcome lol hope you find stuff here that you like!
@xyukie56, alwaysYou, kawaii beam, Beecubed: Minna!!! Thank you for reading!! the thanks are always acepted and loved!

G'day!! I'm back!! phew. It's been a while since I've been at the farm! So let's give it a little love now shall we? Today's post well... it came to me in a dream so to say?? well more like a daydream but you know what I mean. It's as if something told me to write it so it began on a yellow napkin in hot pink ink and ended up in the computer to be posted today which when upon closer inspection is actually very much related to real an fictional way so to speak? But well it's kind of a release to write this. So since today marks the year let's give it a special name and occasion sall we? This marks the umm 15th time I change the title for this short?? But nontheless here it is! It's seed number... umm...19 !!

ChrNo-logical possibility

 :hip angel: :hip angel:

Signing autographs is truly a delight even if some actually hate this seemingly tedious task. I do it because I love to see the fan’s faces as they get this small picture of me either alone or besides my friends signed with each of our names over it. But today… well today is an exception to that delight I feel when signing autographs. I don’t really understand this feeling in my heart… this… this emptiness. Looking at the calendar posted on the furthest wall from this table I can clearly see the day marked on it: ‘Thursday, April 26, 2012’. A fairly normal day for many people but for me… I’m not sure why but this seems like an empty day… even if it has been a year since the event that marked our lives.

“Huh, so it’s already been a year.”

“A year of what Miyabi-chan?”

Hearing Momo’s voice out of the blue makes me notice that I was thinking aloud. Actually not only that but in general hearing Momo’s voice always seems to frighten me… it’s just that one would assume that it is the cute high pitched voice she uses every time she’s on camera but… in reality it’s a very deep and husky voice. But don’t tell her that!! I don’t know what she could do if she knew I’ve been thinking about it. Wait, let me answer her before she suspects something’s up in my mind.

“It’s been a year since the Sakura-con in the U.S”

I see how she smiles after my professionally answered reply and sits down across from me as she begins to take some of her own pictures to sign. Clear memories of that event seem to flash in her mind as she just smiles and continues signing those items with a renewed glint in her eyes. That glint… I’m somewhat jealous of it, the happiness she exudes just from recalling those memories… Where does it come from? Not long after she came to do her job, the other members piled up and sat around the table I was as they quietly signed their respective items each with a small smile and Momo’s same glint in their eyes.

I stare once again at my pictures and think about the event that took place about a year ago. The Sakura-con in Seattle, U.S.A: our first American appearance…well not counting Hawaii I mean. There were many people there but mostly I remember the guy in the white T-shirt with the heart design, which Momo kept insisting was a peach just for her… and which we told her she was right so as to not crush her dreams of having a big American fan base…which she probably has by the way; jumping higher than Kumai-chan and yelling, more like hysterically screaming but I felt the love in his voice, many words either supporting us or calling out his special friends… I’m not quite sure but he was interesting and he caught my attention for the whole event. The wordless silence that surrounded us kept my mind focused on the memories of that little crazy guy and of the harmonic tune played by our markers against photo paper. Still… I can’t help but feel this emptiness inside alien from my usual feelings when I do this task.

“I’m already hungry girls, after this let’s go and have dinner together ok?”

Almost unnoticeable nods came across the table and small hums of approval were given by the girls. It’s not until the gentle warmth emitted by Saki’s hand on mine that I notice I didn’t quite answer her question. Her inquiring and concerned eyes searched for something wrong in mine, but I just smiled and tried to hide these feelings that plague my heart today and answer her in the most honest voice I could muster that I would be joining them in dinner as well. After that I tried to block everything I was feeling and thinking so that I can concentrate on this task and finish as quickly as possible which turned out to be really quick since we are already leaving the office and walking towards a ‘yakiniku’ restaurant to enjoy some well-deserved dinner.

We… well: they talked about many things whilst they ate dinner and I found myself quietly sitting in the corner of the booth enjoying my drink when suddenly Maasa noticed my quietness and asked me if something was wrong. Now everyone’s attention was on me and this feeling of both insecurity and nerves seemed to take the best of me as I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“I was just thinking about how we were in Seattle last year.”

Their eyes widened and smiles instantly covered their faces as well as that glint in the eyes showing their glee in remembering those good days we spent there. Conversations were quickly struck after what I had said and they began to talk about the fans with the utmost love and respect there is for a person.

“I can feel their happiness and how excited they are whenever I hear them scream and sing-along and just laugh alongside us or even at us.”

Chinami-chan’s comment made me think once again about the fans when I suddenly noticed something. “You can feel what the fans feel?” Why is it that I can’t feel that? Right then my fingertips senses the ends of my hair and I begin to play with it. I often deem that as a bad habit of mine but in reality I find myself doing it when I’m either nervous or in deep thought. And my thoughts and mouth seem to be failing me since I hear Saki-chan answer the question I’ve just asked myself.

“Yes Miya-chan. The feelings the fans project in their actions… It’s something all of us have felt at least once. Haven’t you felt it before?”

Right then my mind began to flashback again to that same Asian guy in the white T-shirt with the heart logo. His jumping and screaming were both great and then seeing him proudly presenting some amazing drawings was the cherry on top but still… after that day… it’s as if something is missing…

“Now that I think about it Saki… I have… but it’s been a long time since I last felt it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well do you remember the drawings from the white T-shirt guy?”

Funny thing how Momo got excited when I mentioned him and began to tell us how that shirt he wore was for her. Even funnier than that was the way Risako looked at her straight in the eyes and feigning coldness told her that his logo looked like a little butt and that if it was so: Momo doesn’t really carry much back there. This comment was followed by an avalanche of laughter as poor Momochi was picked on again because of this matter but still Saki-chan noticed what I meant when I asked the question. She then began to recall all the drawings that he showed us and suddenly all the other members concluded that the best ones were all of me. Was that true?

True or not dinner had ended and we decided to pitch in and pay for a cab which would take us home. After filling our stomachs with different kinds of food our mouths were pretty tired and we were quiet along the way, only saying our small goodbyes whenever we reach a house. Me, being the one that lives the furthest, was at the cab when were reaching the last place which would drop off Kumai-chan who was drifting off to sleep on my shoulder. As the cab halted to a stop I felt how Kumai shifted and awoke form her light nap. Instead of saying the small goodbye the others said, she looked me directly in the eyes with a serious yet concerned look.

“I don’t know if it’s much consolation but; the feelings the fans evoke at each appearance have the strength to keep us going even when the hardest days arrive. Those fans are what make all of this worthwhile. Don’t pressure yourself to feel what their feeling, let it come to you.”

After that, she got out of the cab and left me there yet again deep in thought and alongside a cab driver with a strange look in his eyes. I try to think about the words spoken by my dear Kumai-chan but his intense staring is making me nervous and once again I fiddle with my hair. His lips part when our gazes meet and I await his comment but instead he just gently smiles at me. I don’t really want to seem rude but my curiosity just spiked at seeing his all-knowing smile and I’m tempted to ask. But I know I wasn’t going to learn what was all that about so easily and soon we reached my house and it seems my waiting wasn’t in vain.

“Miss, love is felt with all the senses and not just with the eyes. Maybe the love you seek is not one that can be directly given to you but one that transcends both time and space.”

I was already out of the cab when he had spoken his words and after he winked at me I couldn’t help but crack a smile and drop a few pounds of stress. Still this day is just so slow I can’t seem to shake off the hours left in it and try to begin anew. It’s still 7: 31 in the evening, many hours left in this day. As the keys in my hand jingle with each step I take; the door that leads me to the peaceful sanctuary called my home gets closer to me. As I insert my key and open the door I hear something fall in front of me and when I lean down to see what it is; a small metallic anchor lies on the floor reflecting my apartments light. I crouch and pick up the small item studying it intently and I seem to get lost in my thoughts about how this anchor represents my day… how I feel weighed down… suddenly some giggles resound in my home.

“You seem to be having a hard day.”

Looking up from the small anchor in my hand and staring right at the direction where the voice came I notice the place where I’m currently at. It seems as if my apartment has been turned into a coloring book where only contour lines in the shapes of my furniture are visible. I feel my heartbeat accelerate at the sudden change and that makes me take a step back and study once again my surroundings. There’s a smiling girl sitting in my sofa and she’s the only thing colored in the whole white room as well as the small coffee table in front of her which by the looks of it she was painting just before I got in. After staring straight at the coffee table as her hands began to work once again on its design I noticed the familiarity of her drawings… the feelings embedded in each stroke she puts on the table. When I see her finishing up I notice what exactly it is she has drawn there… it’s… it’s me… It’s me cradling my little Peace-chan and smiling. When she finally finished she just looked at my direction and smiled once again.

“I seem to have made you speechless. I’m sorry.”

The small apology given by her actually makes my heartbeat rest a bit and I feel myself in a calm atmosphere as I just stare at her smiling face. Who is she? Why is…no… HOW is she here? She seems to have noticed my inner questionnaire as she stands up whilst smiling and begins to answer my questions all at the same time.

“My name and why and how I’m here well… let’s just say it’s ChrNo-logically impossible for me to actually be here but since you needed some help here I am.”

Funny how that small introduction wasn’t awkward at all and I just go on and sit on the small couch in front of where she previously sat and look at her directly. That’s when I notice that she answered my questions in the same order I had thought about them and my eyes just widen as I stare at her which prompts another giggle to escape her lips. But even though my nerves are basically taking ahold of me I seem to not be touching my hair and I think it’s mostly because she brings me a sense of peace I haven’t felt in a long time.

“May I ask what help do I need?”

“You seem to have forgotten how to feel the fan’s love and I’m here to help you remember that amazing feeling they evoke.”

I see how she moves from sitting on the sofa to just sitting over at the coffee table and take once again the paint. She looks me in the eyes and smiles; I haven’t seen her frown once and that calms me and actually makes me happier at each passing second. Then she takes my hands and begins to paint them in that same gentle and passionate manner as she was painting my coffee table a couple of minutes ago. I seem to get lost in the swaying of each and every stroke she makes on my hand and a slow smile creeps to my lips. Soon her voice fills my ears once again.

“I am your fan Miya-chan. My friends actually call me your number one fan but… it’s kind of embarrassing to say it right in front of you.”

She giggles at the thought and as I open my eyes to see her I notice that she has painted not only my whole hand but she has painted both and is now on the design of my clothing. Soon, stories about her friends and about an internet site she loves and about everything she is passionate about come dancing out of her lips and I feel not only amused by her happiness but entranced by the deep and sincere love she shows as she recalls and tells me about them. I see my almost finished outfit and I smile since it’s in my favorite colors and the theme of ‘Love and Peace’ is spread all around it in an awesomely fashionable way.

“You know, a year ago… well so to say… they lost me… but in reality I’m even closer to them than ever!”

She never faltered in her movements and I noticed that she was honest in her previous words and a question seemed to bubble up from deep within my spirit as she connected our gazes.

“Can you truly help me remember what the fan’s love feels like?”

Yet again another smile came from her lips but this one was actually a toothy grin that expressed the excitement of finally giving a concrete answer to my question. That action made us both giggle and soon she grasped my hand and began to guide me to a corner of my apartment. There, she took out a marker and began to draw a door. I actually feel like a famous cartoon’s character as she keeps on drawing said door and soon it’s finished and she opens it before ushering me inside never once letting go of my hand. That swirling vortex of colors enveloped us as I felt myself float away solely guided by her gentle hands. Soon we were hovering over the skies as we looked into the homes of many people.

“These people are fairly normal people. They have jobs, responsibilities, families, friends, hobbies and many other things that define them as human. They have experienced happiness and sadness as well as loneliness. And they all have the same interest: loving their favorite idol. To some they are the source of their happiness and to others their inspiration in everything they do. We know that it’s hard being an idol since we are the ones who put pressure on you guys so that we may be happy. And even though it sounds selfish we try our very best to thank you for everything you do for us. In fact, look for yourself.”

As she kept talking I was looking into each and every home we were hovering over and they were doing many different things. Some are drawing and painting, some singing and dancing passionately, others are writing stories with their favorite idols in them, some collecting pictures, towels, knick-knacks and other things, and some are even dreaming about them. It’s incredible how many different people do many different things and the happiness they exude is exhilarating. My heart begins to flutter as I take in each and every sight and soon I find myself in front of a white screen with words popping up.

“This is a common place where many fans not only express their love for their favorite idols but a place where people from different countries and backgrounds get together to join and express said love to their idols using many different ways. Here some can coordinate meeting places close to their idols so that they can give them gifts thanking them for all they do. We all do this for you and thanks to you.”

The fluttering in my heart has turned into a beating drum as I understand what she’s trying to tell me. So the feelings the fans express are mostly love and gratitude… They are even more admirable people than us, that’s why we have to work hard. Not for us and not for the music, but for all the fans that have and keep on supporting us no matter what problems and misunderstandings we face. But still… how does that explain this emptiness I felt today?

“For that emptiness you have felt all day Miya, I’m sorry. I may not be there physically to support you but I am eternally doing so from another place so don’t worry. Just remember that each and every fan love and support their idols no matter what.”

After that I began to feel my heart free itself from an invisible clutch I wasn’t even aware it had and soon enough we were gliding back towards the same colorful vortex that leads to my own apartment. As I got in I noticed that the colors came back to the place and when I looked at the place where the girl was I smiled since this new decoration was surely a gift from her. She began to laugh and her ‘you’re welcome’ was the most sincere I’ve ever heard from anyone. Still, when her hand left mine I knew that it was time for her to part. Her job was done here and I truly have learnt the true meaning of being an idol and the feelings the fans project. She looks at me with a gentle smile and looking around one last time she began to speak yet again when her eyes locked directly on mine.

“I’m glad to see that glint in your eyes once again Miya. It turns my heart into jelly from the happiness. But now it’s time for me to go, remember that not only me but all of the fans will always be there. Love and Peace baby girl, love and peace.”

With that she turned away and faded into the colored wall of my apartment. There, the scent of baby’s breath began to surround me and as I closed my eyes to breath in I felt myself sway in pure delight. Opening my eyes once again I found myself lying on my living room couch and as I looked around the place I found it the same as it was before. The coffee table didn’t really have a design and the walls were the same baby pink as they had always been. Still even though everything was as before, my heart was reborn and happiness was the only thing that invaded it. Looking at the clock on my wall the time read: 4:26 in the morning. The 26th had ended and a new day has begun. With this new day: new hope, and with this new hope, a fight for a brilliant future.

“This ChrNo-logical impossibility will be possible… I will make it possible. We will all make it possible.”

Even though I don’t know her name I feel the need to thank her for all the love and help. This is the true joy of being and idol. Feeling what the fans feel and reciprocating it. I get up from the living room couch and make my way towards my room when I notice that it was not the same as it was when I had left before. Walking towards the bed I tear up the sticky note on top of a big book and read its contents.

‘Made this for you… It took a couple of years but it’s a part of me. In case you forget everything form tonight, feel free to look at it. I promise you’ll remember once again. J. Oh and P.S. I doubt you’ll forget because of your “new room”.’

I open the book and look at each and every drawing and sketch in it and smile to myself. It’s from her; I know it and I will treasure it forever. Your feelings… and the feelings of other fans… and the feelings of those around me: I will treasure and reciprocate them all… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


The end! well... it never actually ends but you know what I mean right??
Until next time!

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