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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 106041 times)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
« Reply #220 on: July 02, 2012, 05:45:44 PM »
eeeeeeh what will happen to then Jurina and Airi I'm kida scared  :fainted:
and how Wmatsui get along and love each other  :badluck:
agrthhhh I can't get iiit  :frustrated:
Jurina is sufering  :gyaaah:
I can't wait for the next chapter  :imdead:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
« Reply #221 on: July 02, 2012, 06:34:01 PM »
I KNEW IT!!!!!  :hiakhiakhiak:
Wmatsui and Furuyanagi!!!
the second couple is rare and cute  :luvluv1:
I can't wait until the next chapters  :luvluv1:
good work Ohayou-san  :on GJ:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
« Reply #222 on: July 02, 2012, 09:36:41 PM »
I've forget to talk that it's my first time reading about Furuyanagi  :hee:
 sounds new and interesting to me  :glasses:
I can't wait for the formation of the paring of Furuyanagi and Wmatsui  :farofflook:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
« Reply #223 on: July 03, 2012, 03:01:12 AM »
togasaki is torturing to sakiko! someone please kill that man!  :pleeease: Jurina and Airin were captured!  :panic: I hope they do not suffer much  :err:
i like furuyanagi and Wmatsui! so i am expecting to read what will happen!  :ding:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
« Reply #224 on: July 03, 2012, 12:21:55 PM »
Wow ! What a battle!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
« Reply #225 on: July 03, 2012, 12:28:03 PM »
Long time no comment!

 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
The lastest chapter of The Perfect Bodyguard sure is intense! With our protagonists captured and all (including Sakiko). Airin hit Papi and made Akane cry. Only that is enough to ensure a life sentence from me!  :lol: I've always had a soft spot for a tearful Akane.

Words on the revealed pairings...
Furuyanagi!!!! I love this pairing and it's such a rarity even when the two of them are close for real. I am delighted that you decided to write about them. In coming fluff galore! (maybe, once they stop the princess-assassin thing)

Wmatsui!!!!! No RenAirin this time, but, hey, it'll be a bother if all of the girls fell for our beloved Hentai right?  XD  Wmatsui makes me happy, I can picture Rena's kindness opening up the now cold-hearted Jurina.

 Can't wait for the next chapter. Ahhhh!!  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
« Reply #226 on: July 04, 2012, 02:58:07 AM »
Took me a while to write the fight scene,
I was literally moving around in my room while trying to imagine what the fight scene should be like.

Thank you~
I'm glad you liked my fanfics~
There is no call for bad language~
I'm kidding lol, no one cares for languages around here, I'm so used to it by now xDDD

Woah, long comment, luna-san xDDDD
I don't mind late comments, hehehe~
Late comments are welcome, non-posted comments are also welcome (aka lurkers) (^^)
And you can call me tako if you want,
that's the name I usually use on Tumblr.
I've recently started to call myself tako on twitter as well, even though tako means octopus in Japanese...
Now I'm starting to wonder why I made my name on jphip ohayou....
No reason... I can't rememebr xDDD

Luna-san is right, the wMatsui ship is sinking *sigh*
Being sunk by the RennAirin ship~ (even though I love both ships)
Don't worry, Luna-san, if the wMatsui ship fully sinks, Tako will come get you (^^)

As in for Rin-chan and Flameeyes-san's comments,
yes, they are a joy to read.
So is Luna-san's and everyone else.
Everyone's comments makes me jump around my room like a happy monkey~ (^^)

FUnny mo-chan~
Don't worry, I'll TRY not to make Jurina and Airin suffer~
Can't guarantee though (^m^)

Juribait-san knew which couple I was going to write!?
What is this!? T-t-t-t-this.....
And I wanted the rarely-seen-overly-cute-and-adorable-and-lovable pairing to be a surprise to my fellow readers~
Did Juribait-san read my mind?(0.o)
*sigh* Guess the surprise didn't work out hmm~

Thank you for commenting again meow~
I hope Sara-chan will like the next chapter of TPB when I get to start writing it~
Which shouldn't be long from now~
In just a minute~
Maybe the next few days~

Heheh~ (^m^)
Liked it, kahem-san?
I tried my best to write a good battle scene~

Ohisashiburi, oist-san~ (^-^)/

A tearful Churi brings everyone down xDDD
Including me

It is quite rare to see these two together~
But then I think Airin and Churi have been closer lately~
It was after all, because I saw them surfacing quite often that I thought of writing furuyanagi.
Not much fanfics materials around though, for those two~

Maa~ No RenAirin this time,
but there's plenty more of that in AGP soon~ (^^)

Oh hey there, minna~
How's everyone doing?
I'm almost half way through my second week of my four weeks holiday lol~~~ xDDD
And surprisingly, I'm actually studying~
Woke up at 6 today to do my maths tutoring homework and then studied a bit of Japanese,
and then worked on fanfic (which is what you're about to read).
Fulfilling day today (^^)

Anyway, I bring you!
Hehehe~ Double updates~
I like double updates~ (^^)

And as I said before, for thanking everyone for supporting me by reading and/or commenting,
I have decided to post the prologues of one of the fanfics I have on the waiting list.
This one is a fanfic that I'm going to work on as soon as I get either AGP or TPB finished~
After all, working on three fanfics at the same time is a pain and incredibly difficult~
(Figured that out after having to experience working on two fanfics at the same time xDDDD)
So this new update will be put on hold~ But please, do still tell me what you think about it~
If not much people like it, then I might abandon it so~ Hehehe (^m^)
Oh, and since it's a double update, there is another update.
A short chapter on AGP. Sorry for it being short. Gomen~
(Updates in the next two posts.)


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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
« Reply #227 on: July 04, 2012, 02:59:42 AM »
SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 15

Mizuki shivered as she watched Kumi and Kanon talking to each other. One minute the two were feeding each other and the next minute, the two girls were giggling and whispering to each other. “Seriously, it’s dinner time! Get a room you two. Don’t get so lovey-dovey over the dinner table,” Mizuki complained as she rubbed the goosebumps formed on her arm just from watching the two interact.

“What?” Kanon said, “It’s not like we’re kissing or anything.” A grin crept onto Kanon’s face “Or would Mizuki rather see that?” Kanon asked as she and Kumi pretended to kiss each other. Mizuki held out one arm and blocked out the couple in front of her from her sight and turned back to her food.

Jurina and Akane, on the opposite side of the table, were quieter. Akane had her head on Jurina’s shoulder as she read one of the books that she had brought with her down to the dining room because she needed to finish reading it before next week’s test. While Jurina on the other hand, was half eating in silence and half spacing out.

Akane finally looked up from her book and blinked her eyes. All the reading was making her eyes go all watery. Akane looked up at Jurina, surprised at how Jurina was quite quiet tonight. Usually Jurina would spend most of the dinner time teasing Mizuki. “Jurina-chan?” Akane called as she poked one side of Jurina’s cheeks.

Jurina smiled and looked down at Akane, “Hmm?”

“Why are you so quiet tonight? Is something wrong?”

Jurina shook her head, “I’m just thinking about something.”

Unable to stand the disgusting couple in front of her, Mizuki needed to distract herself or she would never be able to finish the rest of her dinner without throwing back up something. “About what?” Mizuki asked.

“About what to do for Churi’s birthday this weekend,” Jurina said as she turned back to her food and popped a small piece of chicken in her mouth.

“Oh, I thought Jurina-chan have forgotten already,” Akane said. Jurina really haven’t been saying anything regarding her birthday lately, so it was only normal that Akane thought Jurina had forgotten about it right? Even though Akane knew that Jurina was one of the girls who would never forget her birthday.

“I might forget MY birthday, but I would never forget others’. Especially Churi’s,” Jurina replied .

“Lies!” Mizuki complained again as she pointed her chopsticks at Jurina, “You forgot my birthday last year!”

Jurina laughed, ‘I didn’t forget it! I was just distracted because it was on the same day as athletics day.”

“That’s the same as forgetting,” Mizuki said as she crossed her arms, pretending to be mad. “You didn’t remember until Churi gave me a present to me at dinner!”

“Mizuki is being all cute again,” Akane laughed as she looked at Mizuki with her arms crossed. Mizuki quickly straightened up from her position and went back to her food. Wanting to protect Jurina, Akane spoke up, “You know, Jurina was the one that told me to get a present for you.”

Another laughter came from the other side of the table, from a person who hardly spoke today as well. Or at least, hardly spoke to the group. “At least don’t make it so obvious when you want to protect Jurina, Churi,” Kumi laughed, “Everyone knows you don’t need people to tell you to give presents. You always give us presents for our birthday.”

Akane pouted, “That’s not my point!”

Jurina just laughed, “Fine, I’ll TRY not to forget this year. As long as it isn’t on the same day as athletics again.”

Mizuki nodded, “I’ll hold you to that. If you forget this year, you will owe me something.”

“How about we go shopping in the city to celebrate Churi’s birthday in the cities? Kumi was dragging me to go to the anime expo there with her. We might as well as go all together,” Non suggested.

“But didn’t you just did massive shopping a few months ago when you were still in Canada?” Mizuki asked, even though she knew that wouldn’t matter to Kanon. Kanon was almost famous for shopping almost as frequently as she eats.

Kanon frowns, “There is this thing call window shopping, Mizuki.”

Mizuki laughs, “As if that term exists in your vocabulary.” Hearing the co-head girl using that term was overly weird and rare. It was like hearing an otaku saying they’re going to give their mangas away for free.

Akane closed the book on her lap and whacked Mizuki’s head with it, “Don’t be mean!”

Kanon poked out her tongue, “At least someone is nice.” Turning to Akane, Kanon smiled, “Thanks, Churi. You are definitely getting an even bigger present this year. Unlike someone.”

Akane smiled back and shook her head, “It’s fine. I don’t need anything for my birthday as long as we get to hang out together. You already gave me a camera last year and that was a really expensive one too.” Hearing some mumbling, Akane turned back to the source of the hardly hearable words.

“But I have sports practice this weekend...” Jurina mumbled to herself.

Mizuki frowned at the words from Jurina and kicked Jurina’s foot hard under the table. Mizuki eyed Jurina and tried her best to get her message across mentally, ”Are you flipping serious!? Skipping a practice won’t kill you!”

Jurina eyed Mizuki back, ”What!? It’s not like I was planning to go to sports practice instead.”

“It’s okay, Jurina-chan should go to practice instead. You made a commitment to the team and you shouldn’t disappear just because of me,” Akane said. She knew how important sports was to Jurina and it would be selfish of her to hold back Jurina from doing something that she loves. Akane was a bit disappointed, yes, but it was better for her to be sad than for Jurina to not be able to do something she loves.

Disappointment was so obvious in Akane’s voice even though the girl tried to pretend that she was fine by it. Jurina smiled and shook her head again, “It’s okay. It’s Churi’s birthday and that’s more important than sports practice. I was only thinking about how to tell the coach that I won’t be there. He said there was a national competition coming up and that we all need to train harder for it.”

Though Akane felt really happy on the inside when she heard Jurina saying that her birthday was more important than something that Jurina have devoted most of her school life to, she felt bad for making Jurina miss out something this important. “Jurina should go to sports practice, that’s more important. I have more than one birthday you know, we can celebrate again next year,” Akane said.

“Shush, Churi,” Jurina said as she place her finger on Akane’s lips, silencing the girl. “I WANT to celebrate Churi’s birthday. Or is it that Churi doesn’t want me there?” Akane quickly shook her head.

Mizuki shivered again and rubbed her arms up and down as she said loudly to no one in particular, “Why are all the people around me so disgusting?”

The four girls laughed. “Maybe it’s time for Mizuki to find someone too,” Kanon said as Kumi wrapped her arms around Kanon.

Mizuki’s eyes widened at the outrageous suggestion, “No way! I hate having to spend time worrying about another person when I have sports practice to worry about.”

“You’re already a good athlete, Mizuki. You don’t need to worry about sport practices. And it’s not like you come to the group training anyway, the coach let you free to do your own independent training, checking up on you only once a week to make sure you didn’t slack off,” Jurina said.

“Pssh, that’s only because the coach doesn’t know how to teach me since I train in a different way. The way my father train me is different to how he trains me,” Mizuki paused and scooped up a spoonful of rice with a piece of chicken, finished chewing before she continued, “Plus, I want to be able to beat you in athletics once. I can’t always stick myself in second place. I have to train hard!”

“Beating Jurina-chan is a pretty hard thing to do,” Akane giggled as she opened her book, having enough rests for her eyes.

Mizuki frowned, “Don’t crush my self-confidence like that, Churi...” Looking into the distance, Mizuki announced sarcastically, “I have such encouraging friends”

Akane poked out her tongue and shuffled closer to Jurina who have finished eating. Wrapping her arms around Akane, Jurina rested her chin on Akane’s head as she read, “You can train better when you have that special someone encouraging you.”

“So,” Kumi said, bring the girls back onto the original topic, “Are we actually going to the anime expo this weekend?”

“I think so,” Mizuki said.

Jurina nodded, “Yeah. We’ll drop by the expo for awhile, but main purpose would be to celebrate Churi’s birthday.”

“Maybe we can go eat dinner somewhere too, after we go to the anime expo or something,” Mizuki suggested.

“Would the school allow us though? Didn’t Yamamoto kouchou said we can’t stay out too late?” Akane asked, worried about the punishment of coming back to the boarding house too late. She heard that there is a serious detention if the girls come back to the school too late.

“We could have dinner early,” Kanon says.

Jurina agrees, “Un, we can. We can eat early, come back early and continue to celebrate the rest of the night at school.”

“How does that sound, Churi?” Kumi asked.

The plan brought a big smile to Akane’s face, “I don’t mind, anything is fine. As long as we get to stick together.”

“It’s decided then,” Jurina said as she took out her phone and started marking down the schedule, “So we go to the anime expo first because it gets quite crowded later in the day. They we will go hang around the shopping malls in the city for awhile and then will go eat and come back. We’ll work out what to do for the rest of Saturday night when we get back from the city.”

“Ah!” Kanon sat up, making Kumi jump and pull back her arms from the sudden movement, “I know a good restaurant! The head girl suggested it to me once. She said it’s a good restaurant and that she always goes there with Kanako. I could go book us a table.”

“Is it expensive though?” Kumi asked as Kanon relaxed back into her arms.

Kanon grinned at the girls, “My parents didn’t ask for their credit card back when they kicked me back to Japan.”

“Oh,” Mizuki laughed, “So your parents DID kick you back to Japan.” The other girls joined in with Mizuki, even Kumi who then earned slapped on the forehead by Kanon.

“It’s not a good idea to use your parents’ credit card without asking for their permission though,” Akane murmured.

“Don’t worry,” Kanon laughed, “It’s not like my parents would make a big deal out of it. As long as we don’t spend too much then they should be fine.”

“you know, Kuumin. Maybe you should keep a hold on Non’s parents’ credit card before dinner just so that Non can actually TRY window shopping.”

“Kuumin, whack Mizuki for me please,” Kanon said as she sat up. Without questioning her girlfriend at all, Kumi reached over the dinner table and whacked Mizuki’s head.

“Ow! Why did you hit me?” Mizuki cried as she rubbed the top of her sore head.

Not knowing how to reply, Kumi sat back down and turned to Kanon who was holding onto her ribs as she laughed, “Why did you tell me to hit Mizuki again?”

“Why’d you hit me when you didn’t even know why you’re hitting me for?”

“Because Non told me to,” Kumi answered straightforwardly, not even bothering to think of a reason.

The girls laughed again as Mizuki just groaned and facepalmed herself.

“So, is everything settled?” Kanon asked when she finally recovered from her laughing fit after hearing how Kumi replied to Mizuki. The others nodded. “Well then, Kumi and I will go book a table over the phone when we get back to our room.”

“I need to figure out what to get you for your present,” Mizuki said to Akane.

“And I need to think of a way to tell the coach that I’ll be disappearing from this weekend’s practice,” Jurina said.

“What do I need to do?” Akane asked as she looked around at the girls. Each one of them seems to have a job to do about her birthday this weekend. Since it was her birthday, she might as well as help out too.

“You don’t need to do anything because it will all be for your birthday,” Jurina said as she pinched Akane’s cheeks, “All you need to do is wait for it and then enjoy the day us four sets up when it comes.”

Looking at her phone, Kanon quickly closed it again and stood up, “The restaurant is nearly closing. I’ll go off first and see I can get a table booked tonight. See you guys tomorrow morning! Good night!” With that, Kanon grabbed Kumi’s hand and they made their way out of the dining hall and back to their room.

“I have an assignment that’s due tomorrow morning that I need to finish first before anything else. Then I’ll go think of what to give Churi for her present,” Mizuki said as after the couple left the dining hall.

“It’s really not needed. Having a day out with all of you guys is a good enough present,” Akane repeated.

Mizuki laughed, “Jurina will kill me if I don’t get you a present.”

“Jurina-chan would never do such thing,” Akane turned to the girl, “right?” Jurina just smiled.

“Churi, you coming back with me or are you staying here for awhile longer with Jurina?” Mizuki asked as she got up from her seat.

Jurina too, stood up while pulling Akane up as well, “Churi, you should go and finish off the homework that are due next week so you can fully enjoy your birthday without worrying about those things.”

Akane held onto Jurina’s hand as the three of them walked out of the dining room. At the stairs, Akane gave Jurina one last hug for the day and kissed the girl on the cheeks before parting. As Jurina made her way slowly back to her room alone, she allowed her mind to wander to another person, ’I wonder what Rena would be doing this weekend...’

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TPB (Chapter 7) [7/2] PAIRING REVEALED!
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Tiny Me - Prologue

Two girls laid down on the floor, papers spread out everywhere. The textbooks and notes stacked in a pile next to them.

“Nee, Kuumin, do you believe in magic?” Yuria asked, looking up from her homework.

Kumi scoffed as she pointed to the notes in front of her, “How old are you, Yuria? 3? Magic haven’t existed in our world since the start of school. Just like Santa Claus haven’t existed ever since we knew about the existence of God. If magic exists, then may magic allow me to pass my science exam that’s coming up in two weeks’ two.” The older girl looked back down at her notes and grabbed her hair in frustration, trying to memorize her notes.

“Maybe Kuumin would be able to pass if she focuses on studying rather than finding the tv remote,” Yuria said as she looked at the girl who had given up on her studies and was jumping on top of the sofa, trying to find the tv remote.

“Aha!” Kumi grinned as she held up the tv remote like a trophy, “I find it!” She jumped down from the sofa and dropped down onto it, feeling the soft leather against her face while Yuria just smiled at the action. After a short moment, Kumi sat back up properly against the white leather sofa and switched on the tv as she patted the space next to her, “Come, Yuria, let’s take a break off studying for now.”

Yuria jumped up from her place on the floor and almost dived onto the sofa. Yuria might be the top student in class, but when it comes to be able to spend time with Kumi closely, even though Kumi was the kind of students in school that people try to keep away, she would throw aside all her studies. Yuria didn’t care about Kumi’s background, all she cared about was that at this moment, Kumi’s attention was all on her. Snuggling closer to the girl who flinged her arm around her shoulder, Yuria leaned her head on Kumi’s shoulder as they both watched the news come on.

”And that marks the end of today’s ne- Eh? It seems we have an extra piece of news.

A student from Sakae Girl’s High, Kimoto Kanon, age 14, was reported missing today by the police.”

The screen of the tv switches from the news reporter to another scene. A big house that seemed more like a mansion with police and servants everywhere. A commonly see woman, Ms Kimoto, with red eyes and crying in front of the camera.

”I don’t know who that person is. But my poor girl was on her way home. No, in fact, she was already home. I was in the kitchen, making dinner for her when she waved and smiled to me from the sidewalk. I saw her turn into our house and I heard her step onto the front porch. But then, the door never opened! I waited for so long and the door never opened! And then I heard my girl scream, so I rushed out and opened the door and t-there was no one there! All that was left was her school bag and the house keys. But I swear! I swear I saw a woman run away when I opened the door! Long shaggy hair, black cloak, black glasses! She was laughing too! She must’ve taken my daughter! She must’ve taken Kanon!”

A police next to the woman that appears to be the missing girl’s mother walks into the screen with a notepad in his hand, “Are you sure you saw your daughter, Ms Kimoto? Could it be that you have mistaken some passerby as your daughter?”

“No! I know my daughter! I know that smile of her! I can recognize my own child! And even if I did mistaken my poor Kanon as someone else, how would that explain my child’s belongings outside the front door!” The women screamed.

“Calm down, miss. I was only doing my job to...”



“That girl is a student from that really rich private school near us. Do you think she got kidnapped?” Yuria asked.

Kumi shrugged, “I don’t know, possibly. Anything happens these days. People will do anything for money.”

”Anyone, and I repeat, anyone, with any information regarding Kimoto Kanon, can they please contact the police. Reward will be given if the girl is found. So I urge you, good citizens, please help find this girl,” A police officer said.

Screen switches back to the news reporter who seems to be looking at the reporting on another screen for a second before he turned back to the camera after realizing he was already on screen.

The news reporter cleared his throat and said solemnly, “And that is our news for today. Please citizens, if you have any information regarding the Kimoto family’s only child, please come forward. The Kimoto family have donated generously and helped so many charities in the past. They have willingly lend out their manpower to help out with the search and rescue in every major earthquakes out country had had in the past. The family has contributed so much to our community. This is our chance to help them and thank them for all the work they have done for our community in the past. A generous reward has also been set by the Kimoto family to anyone who helps find their child. So please, good citizens, if you have any information, please contact the police. Good night.”

The two girls left the tv turned on as they made their way towards the kitchen, getting ready to make some breakfast. “We should go help look for the girl too, Kuumin. I mean, Mr Kimoto did donate money to our school to help rebuild the dance studio that you love so much,” Yuria said as she took out two eggs from the fridge and handed it to Kumi.

“I know who Mr Kimoto is, Yuria. I want to help too, but we can’t. We don’t have the power, Yuria. We are just high school students. The only thing we have to worry about right now are our exams. The adults will take care of the rest,” Kumi shook her head and placed a pot filled with water on the stove. Yuria took out two packets of instant noodles as Kumi turned on the stove. “Go study, Yuria. I’ll tend to our dinner. After dinner, I still have to walk you home or your mum will kill me,” Kumi urged as she gently pushed the girl out of the kitchen area.

It didn’t take long for the water to boil. Just as Kumi was about to place the instant noodles in the water, she spied something strange outside the kitchen noodle window. Placing the noodles aside, Kumi leaned on the counter and peered out the window. Sitting on the fence, staring right back at her, was a really small black cat. But that wasn’t what Kumi found strange. It wasn't the fact that a cat was wearing something that Kumi found weird either. What Kumi found strange was what was on the black cat. The small cat was wearing some kind of clothes that looked like school uniforms. A school uniform that is rarely seen around here but more often seen around her school.

The school uniform of Sakae Girl’s High School.

So, like it? How was it?
This is going to be a Kumi x Kanon x Yuria fanfic~

Edit:Just thought I should let you guys know what mistake I made when typing, I kept the mistake in the chapter above. I mean, like, I put a strike through it and type the right word, but I left the word I typed in there~ Maa~ You guys would know what I'm talking about if you guys read it xDDD
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Yeah finally finish reading your story..
somehow i like TPB more..
maybe you should put some 'drama' in AGP to make it more interesting
Well i love drama..

New story.. lol Kanon become cat...
some witch cast spell on her??

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  • I dont Speak english very well sorry :'C
dont rush to write TPB just because i'm excited to know what will happen! lol
SKE All Girl's Private School
they will celebrate the birthday of Churi in the anime expo?!  :hiakhiakhiak: I hope that Jurina give her a great gift  :pig red:

Tiny Me
Why are you doing this to me? i love kumiyuri and kuminon  :err: :fainted:

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SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 15

ooooh~~~ i love the KumiNon scenes!!!
and i can somehow understand Mizuki  :lol:
she should hurry up and date Masanya! LOL!!!!
just imagining the two of them as a couple is soooo funny  :lol:

Tiny Me - Prologue

Ooh!! KumiNon! please more KumiNon!!!!
let this be a KumiNon focused fanfic!!!!  :wub:
thank you so much for writing this prologue and please continue!!!!  :cow:

I havent read TPB yet  :banghead:
but when i do i'll comment here ^________^

and WOW you have all kinds of stories now XDD


Nice! :twothumbs
but i love AGP more ^_^ and i'm sure i'll love Tiny Me as well!!! since it's KumiNon~!!!! ^______________^
thanks for the awesome updates!  :cow: :cow: :cow:

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Everybody get out in the weekend... I have this little feel that trouble is coming :hehehe:
But I hope that is a good trouble   :kekeke:
Because I finished read AGP and immediately start to read the prologue of the new story,my mind automatically fuse the Tiny Me has part of AGP story LOL.
So because of this I decide read and coment about the prologue in another hour  :mon sweat:
And don't worry ohayou-san, I think that some people became surprise with the couples of TPB  :on GJ:

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lol my cheeks *holds onto face*
*gasps* so many updates! im in heaven!!  :D


D: urgh when i read that the horse squished i was like omg gross we have a pancaked jurina! lolol but man.....JURINAS SO TANK! shes practically turned into a robot ....

but captain matsui got captured! oh nos! the evil togasaki is going to torture her to his hearts content D: stab him!! that evil bas---- *cough*
and and churi got attacked! and and omg the bow ! omg im commenting all over the place  :O like what! airin so soft and wants to save jurina but D: looking at churi she couldnt kill her...LIKE OMG THE FIGHTING SCENES WERE YUMMY!

THE PAIRS HAVE ALSO BEEN DECIDED! its gonna be interesting reading about furuyanagi! im looking forward to it even though i was hoping for renairin BUT ITS OKAY! shall forever love ohayou-sans fics :D because they're just too awesome to not be loved~~

i feel sorry for mizuki for getting stuck sitting on the couple table hahah i applaud her for being able to even eat her dinner!
even though churijuri arent exactly together but....somehow they still act like a couple hahaha although its one-sided for churi :(
OMG JURINAS THINKING OF RENA AGAIN! seems like she probably wants to invite her along or something....hmmmmmmmm

Tiny Me
Kumi x Kanon x Yuria fanfic! now this is gonna be interesting.....AND ITS MAGICALLLLLLLLLL~~~~ jk  :D
but more of a kumiyuri shipper but dang this is gonna be a good read
haha and non turned into a cat!  :)

thanks for the fantastic updates!  :thumbsup

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Hai! (^^)/
Drama coming up rrrrrrrrrrrrright away~~~~ (in the next few chapter of AGP)

As in for what happened to Non....
msst-san will have to wait till I finish one of my fanfic before I go continuing with Tiny Me xDDD
It's going to be one loooooong wait~

Don't worry, sara-chan~
I will TRY not to rush it (since I'm excited about writing it myself xDDD)

YOU CAME BACK! YAY!!!! *dances around*

Mizuki with Masanya!?
Really can't imagine LOL xDDD
But you know, I might think about it xDDDDD

Tiny Me IS a KumiNon focused fanfic, geki-chan~~~
Hehehe~ (^m^)

I'm glad geki-chan likes AGP,
because I started writing AGP for geki-chan~ (^^)v

Trouble? Where? I see none~ (^m^) *coughshushJuribait-sancough*

Ah~ Well then,
I hope Juribait-san likes the Tiny Me prologue!
Even though that story will be put on hold for awhile~

And I hope they were~
Otherwise there would be no fun~

Pandah-san is in heaven?

omg im commenting all over the place
It's okay, Pandah-san~
You should do that more often~
I laughed out loud when I read that part xDDDD

even though i was hoping for renairin BUT ITS OKAY! shall forever love ohayou-sans fics  because they're just too awesome to not be loved~~
Well, if Pandah-san was hoping for RenAirin,
I guess I'll try write some other RenAirin to make up for it? (^^)
And lol~
Thank you, Pandah-san~
Thank you for loving my work~

Maybe Jurina will think about inviting Rena,
or maybe she won't.
But don't forget, Rena-san is booked up in the weekends lol~

Magical mushroom!? (0.o) LOL~
Hehehe~ Maybe I can turn Pandah-san into a KumiNon shipper as well hehehe~ (^m^)
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Thank you for reading/commenting/hating/paying attention to my writing~
Forever loving all my dear readers~
Allow me to forever love you all and yuko-harass all of you~

So, it's been a while since I've updated.
Even though it's the school holidays.
I apologize~
But... something came up, a decision.
A decision that really can actually affect my future~
So... yeah, I'm struggling with this decision, wondering what I should do about it~
I have apprx two more weeks (if not, less) to give my answer to my kaachan~
So, sorry, but for this two weeks, there MAY not be as much updates as I intended to do~
Of course, unless I reach a decision early......

Let's ignore my life story~
And move on to the update!!!!
I'm sorry, this chapter might not be as good as it should be~
But, I tried my best.
You know, having a distracted mind like mine right now,
makes it slightly difficult to write things...
I only started this chapter this morning....
But anyway~ Enjoy~~~

The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 8

Airi woke up lying face down to the nauseating smell of sweat, blood and underground air. The girl wrinkled her nose before pushing herself off the ground and leaning her back against the wall. Airi looked around, it was obvious they have been put into a cell. There were no windows as far as Airi could see, the only place that air could pass through, was through the long hallway that Airi assumed lead to the outside world. The only light came from the candles stands on the wall, the hallway at the far end was too long and twisted for any light to come through.

After getting used to the smell of the cell and the occasional moans from the prisoners that were locked up in different cells, Airi crawled over to Jurina who was lying down on ground, just like Airi was before.

“Jurina?” Airi called softly. Airi didn’t know whether Jurina was sleeping or whether she was unconscious as she heard no reply from the girl. She looked around again, her own sword was gone obviously. Airi carefully turned Jurina around so that the girl was now lying on her back and checked Jurina’s sleeves, where the girl hides her throwing stars. ’Seems like the guards took those away too...’ Airi thought to herself as she took off her cloaked hood and covered Jurina’s body with it, attempting to keep the girl warm from the cold air of the cell. Just as Airi was about to crawl over to check Jurina’s leg, she felt her leg go numb. “Ahhh~ Pins and needles again,” Airi frowned as she grabbed onto her leg, trying to massage the blood flow back into her leg and stop the tingling feeling. Not feeling much help from her massage, Airi pushed herself off the ground and started walking around the cell.

The bolt of her cell suddenly slid open. Airi stopped her movement and turned around, coming face to face with a guard. Looking at the guard, from his face feature to his height and then the overall build structure of the guard, Airi was certain that this guard was no more than a few years older than her. To Airi’s surprise, the guard put down a tray of steaming hot food onto the floor and smiled at Airi, “These are food for you are your friend. Eat up.”

All Airi could do was stare at the guard with her mouth opened. From where Airi was standing, not only could she see the steam coming from the tray, she could also feel the warmth. Not much, but it was enough for Airi to notice.

Seeing Airi staring at him, not saying anything, the guard chuckled, “What?”

“Y-You’re talking to me...” Airi said. It was rare, for guards to talk to prisoners, and in such a nice way too. Airi have never encountered guards like this before. In the prisoner camps that Togasaki sets up a fair distance from the city, no words are exchanged between the prisoners and the guards but harsh commands and rude insults. Normal conversations were forbidden in those camps. Any guards caught talking to the prisoners were killed on the spot on suspicion of being the prisoner’s ally. Also, the food they see in the camp over there are always stale bread and water. Even for the guards, they only get some cold meat to go with the bread, and the captain may or may not get a cup of wine to go with the food if they’re lucky. This was why Airi find it so surprising to see hot food in a place that holds prisoner, especially when the food is for her.

The guard had a confused look on his face, “Yes, I am. Is there a problem?”

“N-No!” Airi quickly replied, “It’s just that I’ve never seen guards that talks to prisoners before.”

The guard broke into laughter and looked at Airi again, an amused smile on his face, “Eat up, while the food is still warm.” The guard pushed the tray closer to Airi and closed the cell door behind him, slid the bolt shut and locked the door with his keys.

“Why do you guys serve warm food to us?” Airi asked, unable to contain her own curiosity. Prisoners are locked up because they did something bad right? For prisoners such as herself, a prisoner that have been captured for attempt assassination of the princesses, should not even been given food at all.

The guard looked back at Airi through the spaces between the metal bars of the cell, “I don’t know how other emperors treats their prisoner, but this is how Emperor Yuasa treats his. The emperor said to us on the first day of our job that even prisoners are human and that although they have made a mistake, they should not be treated in a manner that is worse than even that of an animal.” Airi nodded, satisfied with the answer yet still shocked that an emperor with such a mind existed. The guard reminded Airi again before he left, “Eat before it gets cold and make sure you eat early. The interrogator will come soon. The meals are the best treatment you’re going to get while staying in here because when it comes to getting information out from prisoners, the emperor doesn’t get involved, thus the treatments won’t be as nice as this.”

After watching the guard disappear into the dark hallway, Airi pulled the tray of food closer and sat herself down next to it as she held her hands above the bowl of hot soup, feeling the warmth, ’Things sure are different around here.’ A small groan snapped Airi out of her thoughts. Turning to the source of the sound, Airi saw Jurina waking up. Setting the food aside, Airi jumped up and moved next to Jurina. Helping the girl sit up against the wall, Airi asked as she brushed a piece of hair from the girl’s face, “Are you okay?”

Ignoring the question, Jurina looked around her. Not liking being confined in an unfamiliar environment, Jurina asked, “Where are we?”

“In Yuasa’s prison, no doubt.”

Jurina almost jumped up at the emperor’s name and the memories of last night’s event floated back up into her mind, “The mission! What about the mission?” Airi stayed silent, not knowing how to reply. “What about the mission!?” Jurina repeated, her voice louder now, unable to contain her worries. Remembering that Airi had her target right in front of her before Jurina lost sight of the two girls, Jurina asked, “Did you take your kill?”

Airi wanted to tell Jurina. To tell her that she had failed. She had faltered and let her own emotions got in the way. She could have killed the girl. She couldn’t do it, no matter how hard she tried. But Airi didn’t say these outloud. She knew how Jurina would react to her words. It would just be like that time with the young boy. If Airi told Jurina that she couldn’t take a kill, she knew that Jurina would do everything she can and take down the target for her.

Airi’s continuous silence answered Jurina’s question for her. “We can’t go back empty-handed, you know that! Killing at least one of the targets, at least we could’ve gone back and told Togasaki we did our best. But now, killing none, after wasting so much times travelling from Akihabara to Sakae, do you really think Togasaki will let us live!? What about my mother!? Do you think he’ll le- argh!” Jurina shouted at Airi but couldn’t continue when her leg started hurting. The pain was worse than it was from when they were riding on the horses. The kicks she made last night must’ve worsen the conditions. But Jurina couldn’t care less. What she cared about right now was the fact that Togasaki could kill her mother just for the reason that she had failed her task. Togasaki said he would protect her mother for as long as she worked for her, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t hurt her mother as punishment for something that Jurina did wrong.

“Jurina!” Airi reached over to help Jurina only to be pushed away.

Jurina slapped Airi’s hand that was reaching over, trying to help her up. Without thinking, pouring all her anger into it, Jurina pushed Airi away, sending the girl flying back to the metal bars of the cell, startling some of the other prisoners. “If you had taken the kill, then we wouldn’t be here!” Jurina yelled.

“If I had taken the kill, then YOU wouldn’t be alive!” Airi shouted back, unable to believe that Jurina had just pushed her. Yes, they had argued many times before, ever since they took on the emperor’s job. But not once, not once had Jurina hurt her. And now knowing that Jurina had pushed her away all because she couldn’t take a kill, Airi’s heart ached.

“What we agreed on before,” Jurina said in a lower voice that still showed anger, “was that if one falls into trouble, then the other one would go back and think of a way to save the fallen. Not falling together!”

“But we also agreed to each other not to keep secrets!” Airi almost screamed back at Jurina. Airi knew what she had just said before had absolutely no connection to their current argument whatsoever, but she couldn’t help it. In the heat of her anger, the thoughts that had always been on her mind just slipped out. Seeing that Jurina was quiet now, Airi continued in a much softer voice, “Or have you forgotten?”

Jurina stayed quiet. There was nothing else to say back. Airi spoke the truth. They did agree to such thing. Not knowing how to talk back, Jurina just sat back, closed her eyes, and relaxed against the wall as she tried to focus onto something else, like the sound of the flame of the candles flickering whenever the guards past by it. Now Jurina was curious at why the guards didn’t stop them when she and Airi shouted at each other in the cell. Usually, if it was back at Togasaki’s camp, the two of them would’ve had their heads pushed into water before they even got into the argument because talking between prisoners was also forbidden.

Seeing that Jurina had finally calmed down, Airi sighed. Deep inside, she had hoped that Jurina would argue back, because that means that Jurina was normal. But, being greeted only by the girl’s silence, it just proved that Jurina indeed was hiding something from her. And that wasn’t a very encouraging thought, not in this situation. Shaking the thoughts from her head, Airi looked at the food in front of her and after awhile, pushed the tray towards Jurina and said, “Eat up.”

Without opening her eyes, Jurina answered back straight away, “Not hungry.” She wasn’t in the mood to eat. There was too much things on her mind.

“We’re going to get questioned soon, you’re going to need your full strength.”

Not bothering to reply, Jurina ignored the pain in her leg as she lied back own onto the cold floor, clenching onto Airi’s cloak tightly, trying to stop herself from shivering from the contact with the cold floor.

“You’re going to need to eat if you want to make it out of here and fix that leg so you can do that signature wall jumping move of yours better,” Airi said, knowing that Jurina loves showing off with that move of hers. Or at least Airi thinks she still likes showing off.

Hearing those words, Jurina sat up. She couldn’t lose that skill. It was probably the only thing that she was proud of. It was something that no one that she has met was able to do. It was something that was special to her. The reaction she sees from others when they see her jump from wall to wall and then disappearing and reappearing in front of them, Jurina could still remember them clear.

“Here,” Airi took the loaf of bread and pushed the tray towards Jurina again, “You take the rest. The rice and the hot beef stew will help you recover. The soup will keep you warm.”

Jurina took the tray and stared at the steaming food. After thinking for a while, Jurina picked up the bowl of soup and pushed it to Airi. Without waiting for any other reaction, Jurina dragged herself to the corner of the cell with her food and started eating.

Airi smiled and took the soup. Dipping her bread in the soup and taking a bite in it. While enjoying the warmth inside her stomach, Airi stole a glance at Jurina. Seeing Jurina eat was probably going to be the only way that Airi could ever see the girl act like she had always been before. Because whenever Jurina is eating, there is always this smile on her face that instantly puts a smile on others’ faces as well.


Airi don’t even know what time of day it was when she woke up. After the warm meal, since Jurina didn’t really talk much, Airi just closed her eyes to relax for a while and before she knew it, she fell asleep. She would’ve kept on sleeping though, if there wasn’t so much loud shouting going on. Cursing the noise, Airi forced her eyes opened and stood up from her not-so-comfortable position on the floor and made her way to the front of the cell, trying to see what all the noises were from.

“Give us the keys!” A voice shouted at one of the guards. Airi have never seen the newcomer before, but seeing how his clothes are different to the other soldiers that were following behind him, she suspected that he must have a pretty high position.

“Interrogation time is still yet to come, you are not allowed in,” the guard answered back with firm voice, keeping his sword out in front of the person, blocking him from moving further.

The interrogator narrowed his eyes at the guard and said, “Having the interrogation take place a few ten minutes later doesn’t make a difference, soldier. I had had enough with sitting in my room and doing nothing. Now that I have a chance to do my job, I want to be able to do my job properly. Unless, would you rather take their place, soldier?”

The guard took a step back from the interrogator and after a while, pulled back his weapon and allowed the interrogator and his men through. “The emperor will hear about this,” the guard said as he handed the keys to him.

Airi moved back from the gate, knowing very well who the interrogator had come for. “Jurina, wake up,” Airi called the girl in a whisper, shaking her shoulders lately. “Jur-“ Airi felt arms grabbed her shoulder and threw her to the other side of the cell, ripping her away from Jurina. Airi’s eyes widened when she saw the interrogator walking towards Jurina, ’How did they unlock the door without me hearing!? How can I not hear them!?’

“Get this one first,” the interrogator pointed to Jurina. The two men that had pulled Airi away moved forward and lifted Jurina up roughly by her two arms. Jurina woke up the instant she felt strange hands grab at her. Although her feet didn’t touch the ground, using the strength she had from her waist, Jurina twisted around in the air and landed a kick in the head of one of the soldiers’ head, making him release his hold on her and sending him flying back to Airi’s side of the cell. The other soldier tried to release Jurina before she could do the same too him but was too late. Before he knew it, he too, was send flying across the cell, landing onto the previous man.

“You two are useless,” the interrogator spat and moved forward to grab Jurina himself, lifting her up easily with one hand. Jurina kicked at her wildly, but found her kicks useless on the man. Using up the strength she gained from her previous warm meal, Jurina kicked at full power at the man with her leg and watched with satisfaction, even though she felt enormous pain on her leg as she had kicked the man with her sore leg, as the man released her and doubled over, clenching at his stomach.

Jurina winced as she dropped back down onto the floor, face down, the pain in her leg doubled. Just as she pushed herself up to turn around, she felt a pair of arms grab her shoulders again and flipped her around with so much force that her elbow hit the cold floor, scraping off the skin. Almost immediately, Jurina felt something warm flowing from her elbow. “That’ll teach you to kick at me!” The interrogator shouted at Jurina and stepped with his full weight, on the leg that Jurina kicked him with, causing Jurina to squeeze her eyes shut and her fist clenched tightly into a ball as she endured the pain in silence.

“Stop it! Stop!” Airi screamed as she watched Jurina’s pained expression. She jumped up from her position and tried to kick the interrogator. The two guards quickly got up and grabbed Airi’s two arms, holding her back and stopping her from intervening. Airi easily shook them off and gave them a full roundhouse kick in the head, sending them to the floor once again. Before the two soldiers could recover again, Airi had already put full force into her body and slammed against the interrogator, the metal bars of the cell shook as the man collided into it. Not even bothering to look at where the man flew off to, Airi dropped down and check Jurina’s leg, “Are you okay?”

Before Jurina could even answer Airi, the interrogator had recovered and landed a kick right in Airi’s ribs, “Don’t intervene with my job.”

Airi fell onto the floor, gasping for air. She tried to resist when the two soldiers grabbed at her again, but she couldn’t. She barely had any strength left. The soldiers pulled Airi back away from Jurina and forced her to stay on her knees as she watched the interrogator stepped on Jurina’s leg again. There was no screaming from Jurina as the man stepped on her leg over and over again but even from where Airi was kneeling, she could hear Jurina’s breathing rapidly increasing in speed and she could hear Jurina starting to have trouble breathing as well.

“Please stop!” Airi yelled at the interrogator when she saw Jurina’s eyes rolled backward from the pain and collapsed. “Her bones are already broken on the inside! Please don’t make it worst!” Hot tears streaming down Airi’s face as she spoke.

The interrogator stopped but kept his leg on Jurina’s leg. He turned and smiled at Airi, “I can stop, but you,” he pointed at Airi, “must answer my questions.”

Airi quickly nodded, “I’ll do anything you say, just please... don’t hurt her anymore...”

Without releasing his hold on Jurina, the interrogator started his questions. “Who are you two?”

“I’m Airi and she’s Jurina,” Airi quickly answered as she nervously looked at Jurina, hoping for the girl to wake up soon and help her. Jurina once taught Airi what to do when they are caught and are being questioned. She remembered Jurina telling her not to give their full name if their identity are asked and only give first names because there will always be more than one person with their name. However, Airi can remember this now, but that doesn’t mean that she can remember all the other things that the girl taught her. And seeing Jurina being used against her right now, Airi wasn’t sure that she would be able to hold out for long. She knew herself that it wouldn’t be long till she breaks.

“Very well, Airi. Why did you try to kill the princess?” the man asked again.

“It was just a job,” Airi mumbled, her eyes never leaving Jurina. Airi gave a sigh of relief when she saw Jurina’s finger twitched. ’She can help me soon, to answer those questions too... So it won’t be just me answering these...’

The interrogator grinned to himself, satisfied with the cooperation coming from Airi. His focus were completely put on Airi as he thought that he had Airi completely where he wanted. He never even thought that Jurina would recover so quick. Without realizing that Jurina was already awake, he asked the next question, “Who gave you two the job?”

Airi hesitated this time, before answering. This was one of the questions that she couldn’t remember what Jurina had said to reply. As she tried to remember, Togasaki’s words flew back into her mind.

”If you two are ever caught and I found out that you two spoke my name out to your captors, it wouldn’t just be you two’s lives on the line.”

A shiver went down Airi’s spine again as she recalled the tone of the emperor’s voice when he said that line. The only other life that was in the emperor’s hand was Jurina’s mother who was all alone back home, defenseless. Airi’s gaze moved and focused onto the interrogator’s boot that was still on Jurina’s leg. It was a choice, choosing between Jurina’s leg or Jurina’s mother’s life. And Airi honestly didn’t know what to do. After a while of deciding which side was more important, Airi finally looked up at the interrogator’s impatient eyes and was about to say Togasaki’s name when Jurina shouted at her.

“Don’t tell him! Don’t tell him anyth-“

The man stepped on Jurina’s leg, cutting her off and spat, “Shut up!” Turning back to Airi with a more furious face, he asked louder this time, “Who is it!?” Airi clamped her mouth shut and shook her head, tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched Jurina writhed on the floor in pain. The interrogator raised his leg, about to step on Jurina again when a much difference voice suddenly spoke up.


The interrogator’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the new comer, “What are people such as yourself doing in a place like this? This is no place for people such as you. May I suggest you return to the palace?”

Airi recognized the voice as a female voice. It was obvious too. It was a soft and elegant voice that spoke with much confidence and authority. From what she could hear, if her hearing had not failed her, it sounded like there were four people walking towards their cell.

“I refuse. I am here upon the command of my father.”

“Your father never interrupts my work.”

“He is this time,” the voice spoke firmly.

The interrogator thought for awhile and released Jurina. Upon seeing the interrogator moving away, Airi immediately shook off the soldiers’ arms and ran to Jurina to check her condition. “It wasn’t the emperor’s order, was it?” The interrogator asked as he made his way out of the cell with his two soldiers.

“That is none of your business, soldier,” the voice spoke coldly, “You are done here. Leave.”

“As you wish, princess,” the interrogator bowed and stomped out of the cell, furious.

Airi sighed with relief when she heard the three men’s footsteps fade into nothing as they move away. However, she froze when she heard someone else coming into the cell. Quickly twirling around, Airi placed herself in front of Jurina, hoping to be able to stop whatever else others were planning to do to Jurina. Airi’s eyes widened when she realized who was here. It was Jurina’s target, Matsui Rena. The same person who shot an arrow at her last night. Looking behind her, Airi could also see three other girls. Airi’s vision focused onto one particular pair of eyes that belonged to Akane, who Airi knew she would never be able to forget. Seeing Airi staring at her, Akane moved back and hid slightly behind Rena.

Seeing Airi’s protective stance, Rena smiled at her and said in the most convincing voice she could muster, “I’m not going to hurt you two.” When Rena saw that Airi still didn’t budge but had turn her attention from Akane to herself, she sighed, “If I really wanted to hurt you two, I would’ve just left you two to the mercy of the interrogator instead of having to argue my way down here and use my father’s name without his permission.”

Airi looked at Rena. The first thought that came into her mind was ’What is a princess doing here?’ and then her mind turned into the more important point, ’Why is the princess here?’ Airi didn’t understand any of the Sakae people. One minute, they serve up really nice food and one minute they storm in and starts hurting Jurina in unimaginable ways. Then the next minute, their princesses come and start a nice conversation with her. ’What is this place?’ Airi thought to herself as she looked around.

Akane stepped backward a step, her leg getting sore from standing in the same spot for so long. Surprising her, she saw Airi’s eyes instantly snapping her focus onto her. It was then did Akane realize that somehow, she really affects Airi. Hoping to be able to help her sister since she knew what Rena was doing here, Akane stepped out from Rena’s back and spoke in a soft voice, “My sister won’t hurt your friend, or you. You can trust her.”

For some reason, Airi found reassurance in Akane’s word and slowly moved aside. Rena looked back at Akane, confused at how her little sister became so persuasive. But then seeing that Akane’s eyes were so locked onto Airi’s moving figure, Rena decided to save that question for later. “Mai-chan?” Rena called.

Imade frowned, unable to believe what Rena is about to set her to do. But being the servant, and after Rena begged her so much to the point where Rena was offering her melonpan, Imade had no choice but to do what Rena asked. Slowly, while holding onto the pain, Imade limped forward and kneeled down next to Jurina’s leg. “I can’t believe I have to help someone who cracked my ribs just last night...” Imade mumbled to herself as she inspected Jurina’s leg condition.

Rena heard Imade’s mumbling but decided to ignore it. Rena knew it wasn’t nice to ask Imade to come help Jurina, even though Jurina kicked Imade so hard last night that she cracked a few of her ribs. Not to mention the healers said that Imade was supposed to stay in bed the next few weeks to make sure her bones stay in place. However, Rena really couldn’t afford missing such a rare chance like this. After all, someone who she have been looking for this whole time, had just delivered themselves to her. And for a reason that Rena decided to keep to herself, not telling even Imade, Rena really wanted to help Jurina. There was something about Jurina that really made her want to help her, yet Rena couldn’t exactly put into words what that feeling was. Shaking her thoughts from her head, Rena looked at Jurina’s leg and asked, “Can you fix it, Mai-chan?”

Surprising everyone, Imade shook her head, “I don’t know...”

“E-Eh?” Rena looked back at Imade, shocked. “I understand that you only study medics by yourself all your life, but your skills in healing surpasses even some of my father’s healers. How can you not be able to fix it!?” Rena asked, concern for the girl who tried to kill her made the volume of her voice increase.

Although confused at why Rena was so concern about this assassin’s health, Imade kept it to herself. “I’ve never seen bones in such a state before,” Imade answered, “That’s why I said I don’t know whether or not I can fix it.”

Worried and confused, Airi spoke up, “Why? Is Jurina’s bone in an even worst condition now?”

“Jurina?” Imade turned turned her head to Airi.

’Yabai! I wasn’t suppose to say our names unless we have to! Argh! I can’t believe I forgot!’ Airi thought to herself as she mentally slapped herself. Realizing what she had done, Airi kept quiet.

Rena laughed, knowing why Airi was suddenly going quiet, “It’s not like we don’t already know Jurina’s name. You shouted out Jurina’s name a few times last night. The only name we don’t know here, is your’s.”

Seeing that Airi was still quiet and seems to Imade that she wasn’t planning on telling them their name, Imade turned them back into the right topic, “I don’t know what Jurina’s condition was before, but right now, just from what I can feel,” Imade poked Jurina’s leg, “It feels like Jurina’s bone is not just cracked, but some of the cracked pieces have also slightly moved out of place, causing her leg to swollen.”

Jurina hissed in pain when Imade poked her. Airi, seeing Jurina in pain, tried to loosen up Jurina’s clenched up fist with her hand to avoid the girl breaking the skin of her palm with her nail. However, the moment Airi’s finger touch Jurina’s knuckles, Jurina’s hand pulled back. Ignoring the stab in the heart that Airi felt from Jurina’s action, Airi mumbled to Jurina, ‘I told you we should’ve waited...”

Imade chuckled, “If you two had waited till Jurina’s leg is healed before you two came, then you two would’ve met much more resistance than just the patrolling guards because Emperor Yuasa would’ve been back with the main army already.”

Airi looked at the princess, confused at what they meant.

“Our father isn’t coming back until next week,” Akane said.

“Our entire city is only protected by a few hundred men right now. That was why you two didn’t see much guards last night,” Rena added.

The extra information just made Airi even more confused. Why were they telling her this? ’Are these princesses crazy!? If we went back to Togasaki with this information, then... Both me and Jurina’s life would be spare even though we failed our mission. If Togasaki gets hold of this information, the war will be over for Sakae and Akihabara will emerge as the victor...’

Akane saw Airi’s face and immediately knew what the girl was thinking about. “We’re telling you this because we know you won’t go back,” Akane smiled.

Airi was lost in the girl’s smile for a second but quickly recovered. “Why? What makes you think that?” Airi asked as she tears her eyes away from Akane’s.

“Because we have an offer for you and Jurina,” Rena smiled.

“Well, whatever the offer is, how do you know we will accept it?” Airi asked.

“Because I know you are different,” Akane said, looking directly at Airi who once again, was drowned in the girl’s dazzling smile.

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 8) [7/9]
« Reply #235 on: July 09, 2012, 10:18:12 PM »
The things are starting to get really good  :shocked
That interrogator hurting my poor Jurina, I hope that he will pay for that :angry:
And no, I'll not wait patiently for the next update, I need the next update NOW!!   XD

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 8) [7/9]
« Reply #236 on: July 10, 2012, 01:01:50 AM »
I felt sorry for Jurina  :OMG:
the interrogator was a very bad person! :scared:
Airin is really cares about Jurina but she act
like a asshole!  :gmon tears:
I hope they accept the deal with the princess Rena!  :pig madder:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 8) [7/9]
« Reply #237 on: July 12, 2012, 03:14:08 PM »
The Perfect Bodyguard is getting really interesting, I'm so excited to read the next chapter.. Jurina's character here is interesting as well, the more assasin jobs she takes, the colder her personality is.. And seems like Jurina and Airin will be the princesses' bodyguard in the next chapter.. Cold Jurina meets Rena.. I hardly can wait for this!

btw, is this the first Furuyanagi fanfic? This is the first time I find this pairing.. lol

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 8) [7/9]
« Reply #238 on: July 14, 2012, 06:09:58 AM »
Juribait-san so demanding!
Hahahaha xDDD
But I guess that's more of a reason to love Juribait-san~ *hugs*
Ryoukai desu~
I shall go get working on the next chapter for TPB as soon as I get into the mood xDDDD

Have sympathy for Jurina lol~

>>Kamen Knight
I don't think this IS the first Furuyanagi fanfic written before,
I've read Furuyanagi oneshots around Tumblr before.
But in here, I think it is,
because I have never found one in jphip before.

I'm here again~
Slow on the updates~ (as usual)
But yeah, life decision still there, but kind of have an idea what I'm gonna decide anyway~
So here ya go, next chapter of AGP~

It's the ANIME EXPO!
I had to do some research for one of the part,
since you know, I like Gundam, but I'm never like, INTO it~
So yeah~
Anyway, enjoy~

SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 16

The anime expo was much larger than Rena had expected. She was surprised she never knew of the existence of this expo. Right in the middle of the city, was where the anime expo was held, in that large empty square. Even though it was still quite early in the morning, the expo could still be count as crowded, yet it was not as crowded as it usually would get yet. Meaning, Rena could still gaps between people, which was a good thing.

Kanako dragged Airi with her as they both ran into the expo, over excited, accidentally bumping into a few people or two. Rena and Masana too their time and followed slowly behind as they admired the magnificent decorations all around them. Rena was used to this, as it was not the first time she had been in an expo as big as this, but Masana on the other hand, wasn’t as interested in 2D things and therefore, had never actually been to any sort of 2D-related events before. With all her duties as a head girl, there just wasn’t those free time to learn about those anime and manga that Kanako always harass her into reading and watching.

The girls didn’t know how long they’ve been in the expo already, but by the time Rena remembered the existence of a thing call time, the expo was already filled with people in every square of free space. Masana waved Rena over to one of the seat she found in a sheltered café inside the expo. Rena quickly rejoined Masana and sighed with relief as she sat her body onto the metal chair, finally able to rest her body.

Masana laughed at Rena’s expression and reached over to fix Rena’s fringe that was out of place, “You tired already, Rena?”

Rena nodded as she wiped away some of the sweat that was forming on her forehead, “Yeah, and the hot sun really isn’t really having mercy on me.”

Masana laughed again, “Let me get you some ice cream.” Leaving Rena alone by the table, Masana walked up to the cashier and order both of them a cup of chocolate ice cream. Walking back with the two ice cream in hand, Masana placed Rena’s cup in front of her as she sat back down into her own seat and held onto her own cup, feeling relief from the coldness.

“Thank you, Masana-san,” Rena smiled with a small bow of her head.

The head girl waved Rena off, “Stop with that bowing and honorific thing, it’s so... formal, Rena. And I’ve heard you called me normally before, when you’re with Kanakana. Can’t you just call me like that too?”

“The bowing is a habit, I can’t get out of it. I don’t know why,” Rena laughed, “And for you name, it’s easy when it is with a group of friends, but... when it’s just the two of us... it feels...”

“Like I’m the head girl,” Masana finished the sentence for Rena as she scooped a small spoonful of chocolate ice cream into her mouth and allowed it to melt on her tongue.

Rena laughed slightly, poking at her own ice cream, “Yeah... The difference becomes slightly more obvious...”

“Maa,” Masana sighed, “It sucks being the head girl then.”

“But I’ll try my best, Masana-sa- Masanya. I’ll try look at Masanya more as a friend than a head girl,” Rena said after seeing Masana’s expression.

Masana laughed, “Hahahaha, alright, I’m good with that.”

The girls ate their ice cream as they watched Kanako and Airi running from attraction to attraction, holding bags and bags of anime goods they bought. “So,” Masana said, intending to start a conversation with Rena since it has been a while since the two of them had had free time on their own for her, as a head girl, to catch up to Rena’s progress of settling down at school, “is it difficult having Jurina for a roommate?”

“Hmm?” Rena looked away from the girls and back at the head girl. With a small smile, Rena answered, “Not really. Jurina is okay.” Although her answer was only that, Rena was actually thinking of Jurina as more than just okay. Speaking honestly, Rena thought that Jurina was actually a really fun roommate to have. Rena can’t remember how many times the girl had brought a smile on her face with or without her intending to. Sometimes when the two of them were doing homework and Jurina didn’t understand something, Rena always see Jurina cutely pouting to herself as she tried to figure out the answer to her problem and then when she couldn’t really figure it out, she would always come and ask her with those adorable puppy eyes that Rena always loved.

“Ah, that’s good then. I’m surprised though, I must say,” Masana chuckled, “That you really managed to survive with Jurina.”

Rena gave a soft laugh, “I guess it’s easier than most people think.”

The two girls continued to chat about Rena settling into this school and the problems she was having in her classes and the things in class that she was finding easy. Rena told Masana pretty much everything, except, of course, there will always be secrets. Rena kept Jurina a secret, the way she is completely different when they’re alone in their room compared to when she is with the big crowd of girls or Akane during school. She didn’t know why though, Rena just decided that Jurina’s action wasn’t something to be shared with the head girl. And then even though Rena told Masana about Airi having trouble asking for her phone number and the two of them laughed about it for a while, Rena never told Masana about the promise that she and Airi made to each other of always telling each other when they are having problems. Rena thought that Masana really didn’t need to know EVERYTHING that happened.

“AHHH! I-I-Its Gundam!!!! A red Zaku!!! Someone is in the suit of MS-06S!!!!”

Rena didn’t even have to turn and she knew straight away that it was Airi’s voice. When she did turn her head, Rena saw Airi dragging Kanako to a cosplayer. The two of them were harassing the cosplayer with their phones, both wanting to take a photo with it. “Airin likes Gundam too?” Rena mumbled out loud as she watched Airi.

“Come again?” Masana looked at Rena, not understanding what she had said.

Rena shook her head, “Ah, nothing. Don’t worry. Oh m-“ Rena stared with her mouth opened as she saw in the distance, Sebastian. Someone was cosplaying as Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. It was the very same character she once cosplayed to another anime expo before. That time, Rena remembered being almost blinded by all the camera flashes. Not looking away from her target, Rena quickly stood up and fumbled for her phone in her bag while keeping her eyes stuck on the cosplayer. “I’ll be right back,” Rena said as she quickly ran after the cosplayer with her phone in her hand.

“HuH? What? Wait, Rena! Where are you going!?” Masana called after Rena as the girl took off. Sighing, Masana sat back down and finished the rest of her ice cream as she waited patiently for Rena to come back. “Can’t believe Rena just ditched me like that...” Masana mumbled to herself as she stood up and brought herself a cold drink.

“Airin! Look! It’s Sebastian!” Kanako called to Airin who finally decided to release the Gundam cosplayer and allowed him to be harassed by all the other people around him.

“It is! I can’t stand this! I want to marry him! Sebastian, come to me!” Airi shouted as she grabbed Kanako’s hand and ran towards the large crowd.

“Ah, I don’t think I have enough memory on my phone. Wait a second, Airin. Let me get my camera,” Kanako said as she put her phone back into her bag and took out her camera from her case. Turning back to Airi, Kanako waved her hand in front of the suddenly quiet Airi, “Airin? Earth to Airin? You there? Couldn’t your poor heart take in the beauty of Sebastian?” After getting no reply from Airi but a few blinks, Kanako grinned and using her camera, took a photo of Airi’s out-of-the-world face.

The flash from the camera brought Airi back out of her trance, “R-R-Rena-san...” Airi mumbled as she blinked, trying to get the sudden whiteness out of her eyes.

“Oh hey there, you’re finally back on Earth. What happened to you, Airin? Sebastian’s beauty too perfect for you?” Kanako asked as she looked back at the photo she had just taken and tried to hold into her laughter.

“No... Rena is...” Airi said in a whisper as she stared again, at the girl that was next to the Kuroshitsuji cosplayer who was smiling and was chatting with the cosplayer.

“Huh?” Kanako looked back at Airi in surprised, “Rena? So it’s Rena’s beauty that’s too perfect for you. Ah~ I get it now.” Kanako laughed.

Not knowing what she had just said, Airi turned to Kanako who was now holding onto her stomach as she laughed. “W-What happened? Why are you laughing?” Airi asked.

Running out of oxygen from laughing, Kanako leaned onto Airi as she said with a giggle, “I asked if Sebastian’s beauty was too perfect for you and then you said no and said Rena is.”

“E-E-Eh!? I-I-I-I said that!?” Airi’s eyes widened. Why did she say that? Airi mentally facepalmed herself. That’s a truth yes, and Airi admitted it, but that doesn’t mean that Kanako needs to know about it! ’Looks like I need to learn to control what my mind is forcing me to say and not say at the right time, right place and to the right person...’ Airi though to herself as she turned away from Kanako, feeling her own face burning even more for another reason apart from the horrifying sun.

“Look,” Kanako nudged Airi’s shoulder as she pointed at Rena, “Rena is waving at us, c’mon!” Kanako grabbed Airi’s hand and ran towards the large crowd to where Rena was standing next to the cosplayer. It seems that the cosplayer is enjoying Rena’s company and had choose to continue to talk to Rena even though there was a big crowd around them. “Where did you leave Masanya, Rena?” Kanako asked as the three of them joined up and took a few more pictures with the cosplayer.

“Oh, she’s in the café. I will go back soon, I feel like the other people are going to murder me soon,” Rena laughed nervously as she looked around her at the sea of unknown faces that was looking at her or the cosplayer, she didn’t know.

The three girls quickly thanked the cosplayer over and over again who just smiled at then and walked off to join her other friends, followed by the big group of unknown fans. Rena laughed as Kanako started dragging Airi back to where she was before Airi dragged her off to the Gundam cosplayer while Rena quickly made her way  back to the café where she saw Masana still sitting there, playing with her phone.

“Hey, sorry I took so long,” Rena apologized as she did a small bow at the head girl and sat back down.

Masana laughed and puts down her phone. Stirring the drink in front of her, Masana took a small sip before looking at Rena and smiled, “It’s okay, I’m glad you had fun. But, next time, please, give me a better explanation before you suddenly dash off.”

Rena laughed and nodded, “I definitely will.” Finishing the rest of her already melted ice cream, Rena placed the cup aside and flipped open her phone, checking the photos that she had taken with the cosplayer. She stopped at the photo where it was just her and Airi with the cosplayer in the middle. Rena smiled as she set this as her new phone wallpaper, ’Airin’s eyes are so adorable in this picture.’

Just as Rena placed her phone back down, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a group of girls who somehow looked slightly familiar. But the group had their back to Rena, and Rena couldn’t see their faces to identify who the girls were. “Masanya?” Rena called.

“Hmm?” Masana hummed, looking up from her drink.

Rena pointed to the group of girls, “Do you know those girls? They look familiar.”

Masana squinted her eyes to get a better look at the girls who were standing in the direction of the sun. Shaking her head, Masana looked back at Rena and blinked a few times, adjusting her eyes back from the sun’s blindness, “Nah, but you’re right, they do look familiar from the back. But I don’t know because I can’t see their faces either. It wouldn’t be surprising though if those girls are from our school,” Masana pointed out, “I do know quite a lot of girls in our school who are into 2D things. Which reminds me,” Masana set her almost empty drink aside, “I never knew you liked 2D things.”

Ignoring the familiar girls, Rena turned her attention back onto Masana and grinned at the girl, “Not like me right? But I love these things,” Rena gestured towards the attractions in the expo outside the café, “I’m quite an otaku myself. But I try to keep these things to myself.”

Masana laughed and said, “Well, that is definitely a new side of you that I learned of today.”

After a while of silence between the girls as they waited for their spicy pizza to arrive after ordering it when Rena’s stomach suddenly rumbled, Masana said as she pointed to Airi who was laughing with Kanako as they ran tirelessly around the expo, “It’s been a while since Airin hanged out with us.” Rena looked at Masana, confused. Masana smiled and explained, “Before you came, Airin was always excluding herself from the people around her. She rarely talks to others. When I talk to her, she talks to me, but I guess that’s only because I’m the head girl. She talks to Kanakana a bit when they found out that they both loved the 2D world more than the 3D world around them. And I know she talks to Churi after she found the girl crying by herself one time, and Airi don’t like seeing others cry. While others are outside, hanging out with each other during free time, Airin stays in class and read manga or draw.”

Rena nodded as she listened to the head girl’s explanation. She remembered when she met Airi for the first time, the girl had been reading a manga during class, with those glasses that made the girl look too cute. “Did you know why Airin was so quiet?” Rena asked.

Masana shook her head as she took another sip from her drink, “No one knows. Airin doesn’t talk about herself much and no one asks about it even though we are all curious because everyone knows there are usually a special reason that people don’t talk about themselves with others. But then then a rumor started last year from I don’t know what or who, that suggested the reason for Airin’s quietness all the time.” Rena looked at Masana, eager for the head girl to continue. Masana frowned slightly as she continued, “Apparently, Airin coming to this school caused the death of her brother, which from my point of view, I don’t think is true. But then, I’ve never heard of Airin talking about her brother. I don’t even know if Airin have a brother.”

Rena’s eyes widened in surprise, “Airin’s brother is dead?!”

“According to the rumor,” Masana repeated, emphasizing on the unreliability of this information. “According to the rumors,” Masana continued once again, “Airin apparently never cared about her parents. When they died, using the money that her parents left behind, Airin came into this school. But then she and her brother had this big argument about her not supposing to use the money but then Airin insisted and then her brother suicided or something like that. I can’t really remember much from the rumor.” Changing from her frowning mood, Masana looked back up at Rena with a smile, “But then, these are just rumors. I honestly don’t think something like that even happened. It was probably just some nasty rumors the bullies started to spread, just like they sometimes do with Churi as well.”

Rena frowned, shocked at such sort of rumors to surface. ’Airin must’ve gone through a lot during that time...’ Rena thought to herself as she imagined Airi having to live through her school days with that rumor hanging on her back. Then Rena thought about the rumor slightly, ’What if it is the truth? The Airin just took off with her parents money and caused her brother to suicide?’ Curious, Rena asked, “If it’s not the truth, why didn’t Airin deny it?”

Masana smiled again, “Airin is probably too shy to say anything about those rumors.”

Rena nodded. It sounded like Airi, her being too shy or too scared to say anything about those rumors. And then Rena reached a decision almost right away, ’Whether the rumor is true or not, Airin is still Airin. She’s still my friend,’ Rena thought to herself with a smile.

“But yeah,” Masana started again, “Those were all before you came. And ever since you came, Airin have been talking so much more often now. And not only that, Airin is also hanging out with us and she is also eating with us. It was a big change.” Rena nodded and smiled, happy that she was able to change Airin. “How did you do it anyway? What did you do to make Airin change so much in such a small time?” Masana asked as she picked up a slice of pizza from the plate as the waiter laid it down on the table.

Rena shook her head, “I don’t know.” Looking over to where Airi and Kanako was staring at one of the shops, Rena mumbled, “I wish I know.”

Masana laughed as she quickly finished the first piece, took another piece and gave it to Rena before taking another piece herself again, “Guess you’re special hmm, Rena? But you know,” Masana took a bite in her pizza and struggled with getting the long stringy cheese to snap before she continued to speak, “It’s not just Airin who have been changing. The entire atmosphere around the school has changed.”

“Huh?” Rena looked at Masana with a confused face, her slice of pizza stopped just in front of her half opened mouth.

Masana laughed again, “Haven’t you noticed?”

Rena shook her head, “Noticed what?”

“Ever since you came, Jurina have been hanging out with Churi much more often and are only paying occasional attention to the other girls,” Masana said as she took another bite into her pizza.

“What does that have to do with me though?”

“It has to do with you because it happened after the accident you got into with Churi with the bullies.”

“How is that my fault though?” Rena asked.

Masana smiled, ‘It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s a good thing that Jurina is hanging out with Churi more. Churi seems happier lately too, just like Airin.”

“Oh, okay then,” Rena simply said as she ate the pizza, smiling. Whether she intended to or not, as long as she was able to make people around her happier, that was more than good enough for her.


The four girls made their way to the nearby shopping mall with bags of manga and anime goods. Kanako and Airi bought  heaps of things as they made their way around the entire expo and before they knew it, they had bags and bags of them. They bought so much things that they couldn’t even hold everything by themselves. Kanako got Masana to hold two of her bag for her while Rena offered to carry some of Airi’s bag for her.

However, unlike Kanako, Airi shook her head and refused, “It’s okay, I can manage.” Airi puffed up her cheeks and held her breath as she lifted up the bags with all her strength and stumbled after Masana and Kanako who were walking at the front. ’Why on earth did I ever buy this much stuff!?’ Airi asked herself as she struggled to catch up.

Rena giggled at the sight in front of her. Airi with puffy cheeks that were growing red each seconds with her pouring all her strength into carrying her bags was definitely a sight rarely seen. ’So cuuuuuute~’ Rena squealed on the inside. Unable to resist, Rena pinched Airi in the cheeks as she grinned, “Airin~ Kawaii~”

Surprised at the sudden words, Airi couldn’t keep her strength up and dropped her bags onto the floor and rested her arms from the heavy weight. “R-R-Rena-san!” She stuttered as she rubbed her cheeks where Rena had touched.

Rena laughed as she picked up three of Airi’s bag and walked off to catch up with the other two girls, leaving Airi behind. Recovering from her surprise, Airi picked up the remaining bags that were still heavy but more manageable, and followed after Rena. Suddenly, seeing a familiar store out of the corner of her eye, Airi left her confused friends and bounded into the shop. Seeing it was too crowded inside, the other three girls waited by the side patiently for Airi to come out.

“I got it!” Airi shouted as she ran out of the shop, apologizing to one of the people she accidentally punched in the face when she held up the thing she bought in her hand.

“What were you doing in there?” Rena asked as she looked at Airi who was now red in the face. Her clothes were messy now, probably from being squashed around by the people in the store. From Rena’s point of view, Airi looked like she just ran a full marathon.

“Here,” Airi said, out of breath, as she held out something towards Rena, “I heard the melonpan in this shop is really good.”

Rena’s eyes widened at the melonpan in front of her and quickly took it. “T-Thank you, Airin,” Rena said in a small voice, her mind filled with happiness at the object in her hands now, “But you shouldn’t had spent money on such unneeded things.”

Airi quickly shook her head and said, “I need a way to thank Rena for helping me carry my things. They must’ve been really heavy.”

“Say,” Masana turned from Airi to the girl that was clinging onto her arm on her side and poked the girl, “Why aren’t you buying me anything?” The girls laughed.

Kanako poked her tongue out at Masana and changed the topic, “Let’s go eat! I’m hungry~”

“It’s still quite early though isn’t it?” Airi asked.

“It might be better if we eat earlier so we can get back to school on time,” Rena said. Then in a smaller voice, Rena mumbled to herself, “That pizza at the expo really didn’t cut it...”

Masana nodded, “Rena is right. I don’t want to be late back to school. I know a good restaurant around here that Kanakana and I always go to. It’s not too expensive so let’s go eat there.” The girls all nodded, too tired, exhausted and hungry to think of any other places. Not that they need to of course, everyone trusted Masana’s suggestion to be the best. Quickly following after the head girl, the four girls made their way to the restaurant, dying to fill their stomach with some decent food.

Next chapter for AGP, Jurina's group~ (^^)

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I was in a fanfic writing mood last night so I decided to write something more.
This is an OS, there will be no continuation of it.
(Unless people want it... But I don't see how I can make a part 2 for it so let's just keep it as an OS)
I would say this is probably the one I like the most so far, even though I couldn't write it as good as I thought I could.
Did that make sense?

I hope wMatsui shippers don't kill me for this piece (because the pairing is really not who you think it will be)...
I tried to make the ending good.
But, you know, my fanfic brain sucks~
So yeah, you might get a bit confused with the ending...
I dunno....
But I can explain more about it if anyone needs me to.
Just tell me~
Anyway, enjoy~
I'll go write the next chapter for TPB nau~

雨のピアニスト [wMatsui]

I have been thinking about it a lot. Ever since that day you told me in the changing room, I’ve been thinking about nothing but that every day. Even till now.

”I love you, Rena-chan.”

At that time, I didn’t know what I was supposed to say back.
I didn’t know what I SHOULD say back.
Saying something wrong could mean the end of what we have between us.
As if it hasn’t already...


Rena had been thinking about it a lot, ever since Jurina confessed to her one day while they were getting changed. It was so sudden. One minute, Rena was getting out of her outfits, and the next minute, Jurina had her arms around her and was holding her tight.

”I love you, Rena-chan.”

Rena touched her ear unconsciously, smiling, as she recalled the tone of Jurina’s unique voice that whispered those words in her ears months ago. Jurina had been kind and considerate enough, to accept it when Rena asked the younger girl to give her some time to think about it. Those words that Jurina had said to her, Rena could never forget.

”I will wait for as long as Rena-chan needs.”

Even after so many months, Rena was still confused with what she should say back to Jurina. However, that night, back at the end of the concert that day, when Rena heard of Jurina’s promotion into Team K, Rena knew her answer. She knew the answer she wanted to give to Jurina. The answer that, she, Matsui Rena, loved her, Matsui Jurina, more than anything and that she never wanted to let go of the girl. Rena wanted Jurina to be hers, and hers alone.

But the thing was, this thing that they have – or once had – was already starting to fall apart ever since Jurina’s Team K debut started. Jurina was getting busier with Team K and Team S. Rena herself, was getting busier with almost everything. They might be managing, but it was difficult to have to hold not just Team S, but the entire SKE together with just Rena and a few other leading members.

Days that Rena got to see Jurina was getting less and less too. Days where the two of them gets to have a stage together were getting even more less. Despite chances of having a stage together were getting less, it was still often enough to be at least once every one or two weeks. However, even on those days, in the changing room, Jurina was always busy kissing other members instead of being with Rena. The two of them hardly have time anymore. Rena knew that everyday, Jurina was waiting for the answer. But Rena didn’t have the time to tell Jurina how she really felt and give the girl an honest, well-deserved answer. Whenever that happens, Rena just smiled at the Jurina that was so far from her reach and say to herself to wait and tell her the next time.

But that next time became tomorrow. Tomorrow became the coming week. And before Rena knew it, another month had already gone past again.


Rena turned on her phone and opened Google+. Quickly typing down an entry about her work for today finally coming to an end, Rena made her way to her most visited page. It was already starting to become a habit before Rena realized. Every day after work ended, Rena would make her post and then go and look at Jurina’s page and see how the girl’s day was. Jurina still doesn’t update often, but Rena wanted to see it when she does update, just so she knows and can make sure that Jurina was taking enough care of herself.

Rena was almost used to it by now, seeing all those photos on Jurina’s Google+ and blog as well as the other AKB members’ accounts, those photos of Jurina kissing other AKB members. Everyone knew Jurina was a kissing monster. The girl being an adorable kissing monster was probably one of the many reasons Rena realized she loved the girl for. Those photos of Jurina kissing AKB’s top members, Atsuko, Itano, Haruna and Mariko, Rena was already used to seeing. But not this, Rena wasn’t used to seeing Jurina being so close with that particular AKB Team K member.

The girl frowned as she stared at the photo of Jurina kissing that particular member. Rena slowly willed her eyes to go up and read the words that came with the photo.

’wMatsui, isn’t that name for us? Why are you using that name with her?’

That was the first thing that Rena thought of when she read Jurina’s post. Unable to stand the fans commenting with that special word that used to describe her and Jurina anymore, Rena locked her phone and threw it in her bag. Grabbing her bag, Rena made her way out of her filming studio, thanking the staff for today’s work automatically as they greeted her. She heard one of the staff remind her to take an umbrella as she left because it was raining outside. To that, Rena just nodded, thanked the staff and exited the studio, having nothing on her mind but that photo that against her wants, kept flashing back into her mind.

“Oh,” Rena stopped dead in her track, her hand in her bag getting ready to take out the umbrella, as she remembered something. “Jurina had filming to do today with AKB nearby as well that ended a while ago didn’t she?” Rena asked herself. Pulling her hand back out, Rena made her way to towards the studio where AKB had filming earlier on, hoping that Jurina was still there so Rena could catch a ride home back to Nagoya together with Jurina on the shikansen. Once they’re on the train, just the two of them, perhaps she could finally give Jurina her answer after so long.

“Huh,” Rena mumbled to herself as she opened the studio door only to be greeted by nothing but darkness, “Guess Jurina is gone already.” Just as Rena closed the door, getting ready to leave, her ears picked up a soft piano music coming from one of the studios further down the hallway. Curious at the strangely familiar music, Rena walked towards the studio where the music was coming from and pushed opened the door that was already left opened slightly.

Rena poked her head through the door to see the cause of this beautiful music. In the dimly lit studio, was a piano and someone with long black hair was playing on it. Rena finally remembered why the music sounded so familiar, it was Ame no Pianist, one of their stage songs. Rena was just about to walk closer when she saw another person on the opposite side of the piano. Rena recognized the girl and knew right away it was the girl that she was looking for and have been thinking about every day. Looking harder, Rena realized that the person who was playing on the piano was Matsui Sakiko, the other Matsui in AKB. And that particular Matsui was playing the song beautifully. Rena has heard of Sakiko being good at piano and all, but to be honest, she had never had the chance to hear it in real life and now that she has, Rena had to admit, it was really good.

Rena stayed where she was and listened to the entire piece being played to the end. When the song ended, Rena focused back onto Jurina again. From far away, Rena could see Jurina’s bright smile. The bright smile that Rena haven’t had time or the chance to see for awhile.

“Play it again please?”

Rena heard Jurina asked Sakiko. In the same loving voice that had once whispered the words of “I love you” into Rena’s ears all those months ago. The same tone of voice that Rena could remember even now and will remember for as long as she lived. It was unforgettable.

“Again? I just played it for the second time though.”

Rena heard Sakiko gave a soft laugh. Rena couldn’t deny it, even Sakiko’s laugh sounded like the piano that she played. Somehow, Rena felt her heart cracked slightly when she heard Jurina’s voice spoke again, in that slightly childish voice of her that she uses whenever she wanted people to spoil her. Or to be more exact, whenever she wanted Rena to spoil her.

“But I want to hear it one more time.”

When Sakiko’s chuckling sound reached Rena’s ears, she couldn’t help but frown. Thinking only one thing.

Spoiling Jurina was her own job, no one elses.

Rena watched Jurina in surprise as Sakiko started playing the song again. The usual hyper kissing monster called Jurina that Rena used to see in SKE barely seems to exist at that moment. As the music played on, Jurina slowly closed her eyes and the girl’s hands went up onto the smooth black surface of the piano. Just as slowly, while keeping her eyes closed, Jurina walked around the piano, with her hand sliding across the piano, to where Sakiko was sitting.

To Rena, Jurina looked like she was in some sort of trance. Rena had never seen Jurina is such a calm and quiet yet relax state before. Knowing that the girl have to shoulder the weight of being the SKE’s ace, the only time Rena ever sees Jurina really calm and quiet is when the girl is so serious and focus on her work that all her usual excitement stops to a standstill. This is why, seeing Jurina in this state when she’s only listening to the piano, really surprised Rena.

Rena didn’t even know how to react when she saw Jurina opened her eyes and sat next to Sakiko without disturbing the girl. Rena saw Sakiko gave Jurina a small smile and kept playing. But when Rena saw Jurina slowly rested her head on her senpai’s shoulder, the waterwork inside her spilled. Rena never saw Sakiko’s reaction to Jurina’s action. Rena left the moment she saw something that she never expected and never wanted to happen, happen right in front of her eyes.

Running straight outside the studio, tears streaming down her cheeks, Rena ran outside the building and kept running to wherever her feet brought her to. When she finally stopped to catch her breath, she realized she had reached a park. The rain poured down harder as Rena slowly made her way to one of the benches on the side and sat herself down. Rena knew her hair was dripping wet and that her shirt was soaking through but she didn’t care. Rena let loose her tears as the rain continued to pour down, helping her wash away the rejection she felt.

“You said you would wait for as long as I needed! You said it!” Rena cried repeatedly to the rain, hoping that somehow, the rain would bring her words to Jurina.

“You said you would wait...” Rena whispered as her tears continued to mix themselves in the rain.

Please please please please do tell me what you think of this OS~~~
I did the best I could've EVER done on this piece so...

How was it?
Good? Bad? Horrifying?
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But you know, of course, none of these things are true you know~
It would be horrifying to seeing my kami-oshimen being paired up with my AKB-oshimen...
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