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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 106077 times)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #240 on: July 15, 2012, 04:50:52 AM »
Omg please make a sequel to this! Don't leave this story on a bad note!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #241 on: July 15, 2012, 06:21:20 AM »
This oneshot... so sad  :pleeease:
I don't know why but I like OS about wmatsui like this, sad and with a sad ending  :gyaaah:
Well I prefer the OS with happy ending but wmatsui is so full of angst in these days that I think that stories like this fit perfect  :gyaaah:
I almost cry reading this but is okay, I'm okay  :fainted:

PS: I'll make another coment about the AGP new chapter when I finish read him :3

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #242 on: July 15, 2012, 07:11:57 AM »
Hmm... What should I say about this os...? Hmm..
To be honest, I like it. WMatsui but not the supposed WMatsui.
It's like messing around with readers' hopes. Really like it.
And I just want it to be left on a way its ended.
Keep writing!
One-shots: SKE48 fic - Silent Understanding (Matsui Rena/Furukawa Airi) [2015.05.15]
Twitter: SKE48 fic - Silent Understanding (Matsui Rena/Furukawa Airi) [2015.05.15]
SKE48 fic - Silent Understanding (Matsui Rena/Furukawa Airi) [2015.05.15]

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #243 on: July 15, 2012, 08:42:37 AM »
the OS is so depressing yet so good.. I got worried after reading your author note at the beginning and ended up couldn't focus on reading this at the first time.. lol

Rather than making a sequel, I think It will be better if you write this fic.. but with Jurina POV! It will be interesting to see what Jurina is thinking.. no, it will be really interesting!! So please make it!!

btw, I just know we can find Furuyanagi in tumblr.. I know ChurixAirin exists, but didn't know the name of the pairing until now.. lol

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #244 on: July 15, 2012, 12:56:39 PM »
Reaction to the WMatsui OS
 :panic: :panic:

That was unexpected. I feel weird now because imagining Sakiko and Jurina in my head somehow came out really weird. I lack better words to express this, sorry.

Oh, right.
You might want to try a Matsui love triangle while at it, ahahah. You know, just for lols.  :lol:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #245 on: July 15, 2012, 04:20:21 PM »
I'll call you Tako-chan~ then  :D Now i wonder too why you were using Ohayou when you always call yourself Tako  XD
You are a funny kid, arent you?  :lol:
Eeeh? Save me then when the ship is sinking, i seriously cant swim :nervous XD. in a big warm ship   :P
lol, their comments are interesting because it is kinda funny..xD. well, some other comments are actually funny too
oh? a happy monkey? i thought Tako-chan is a ta..ko?   :lol:
ah, first..i forgot to say it but, sankyuu for the update ^__^

SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 15

Mizuki shivered as she watched Kumi and Kanon talking to each other. One minute the two were feeding each other and the next minute, the two girls were giggling and whispering to each other. “Seriously, it’s dinner time! Get a room you two. Don’t get so lovey-dovey over the dinner table,” Mizuki complained as she rubbed the goosebumps formed on her arm just from watching the two interact.
Kumi  :    :luvluv1:
Kanon :  :k-inlove:
Mizuki :  :on_puddle:  :stunned:

me :  :shy2:   :hiakhiakhiak:
i think i might react the same way as Mizuki here if my friends are being like that in front of me. Too much sweets will lead to cavity, you know.. XD

Mizuki nodded, “I’ll hold you to that. If you forget this year, you will owe me something.”
so playful xD

Kanon poked out her tongue, “At least someone is nice.” Turning to Akane, Kanon smiled, “Thanks, Churi. You are definitely getting an even bigger present this year. Unlike someone.”
:lol:  XD

Jurina smiled and shook her head again, “It’s okay. It’s Churi’s birthday and that’s more important than sports practice. I was only thinking about how to tell the coach that I won’t be there. He said there was a national competition coming up and that we all need to train harder for it.”
Jurina is being reaaaalllly sweet toward Akane   :oops:  :?

“It’s decided then,” Jurina said as she took out her phone and started marking down the schedule, “So we go to the anime expo first because it gets quite crowded later in the day. They we will go hang around the shopping malls in the city for awhile and then will go eat and come back. We’ll work out what to do for the rest of Saturday night when we get back from the city.”

“Ah!” Kanon sat up, making Kumi jump and pull back her arms from the sudden movement, “I know a good restaurant! The head girl suggested it to me once. She said it’s a good restaurant and that she always goes there with Kanako. I could go book us a table.”

“Is it expensive though?” Kumi asked as Kanon relaxed back into her arms.

Kanon grinned at the girls, “My parents didn’t ask for their credit card back when they kicked me back to Japan.”
this girl..tsktsk... XD. And, the girls are going to the same expo as Rena's gumi. Maa~ wonder what will happen there?  :kekeke:

“Because Non told me to,” Kumi answered straightforwardly, not even bothering to think of a reason.
Kanon :  :shifty:  :scolding:
Kumi :  :heart:  :on voodoo:
Mizuki :  :on beatup

me :  :rofl:  :rofl:

Akane held onto Jurina’s hand as the three of them walked out of the dining room. At the stairs, Akane gave Jurina one last hug for the day and kissed the girl on the cheeks before parting. As Jurina made her way slowly back to her room alone, she allowed her mind to wander to another person, ’I wonder what Rena would be doing this weekend...’
what did she do? It is like, she's making Akane felt like Jurina is faliing for her, but, the next second she's thinking bout someone, feels like cheating..somehow..  :smhid  :O

Tiny Me - Prologue
Eeeeh??? You are writing a new one already? o___o could you really keep up with your ongoing fics, Tako-chan?
I am not complain though, because i like reading stuffs XD

Wait..wait...the cat is Kanon? o____o she's i dont know, cursed? is pretty interesting, i wanna know the continuation  :D
Kumi x Kanon x Yuria....nah wonder how will it turn out  :w00t:

The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 8
Jurina's angry at Airi, Airi's worried bout Jurina, the guard is being nice and then the interrogator being mean, the princesses are having a plan.
Rena's being worried bout Jurina, Akane got a feeling that Airi is different...

Seeing that Airi was still quiet and seems to Imade that she wasn’t planning on telling them their name, Imade turned them back into the right topic, “I don’t know what Jurina’s condition was before, but right now, just from what I can feel,” Imade poked Jurina’s leg, “It feels like Jurina’s bone is not just cracked, but some of the cracked pieces have also slightly moved out of place, causing her leg to swollen.”
It's one of those moment when i wanna say, 'sigh, i know it' her legs are going to be trouble...

Jurina, i think...even though she's angry at Airi, at the same time, she's still care about her. She wont be angry for that long..maybe.
Ah, Rena is going to propose the bodyguard thing, isnt she? Will the two assassins accept it? o___o

SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 16
The anime expo was much larger than Rena had expected. She was surprised she never knew of the existence of this expo.
Me want to go to anime expo too >__<

Rena shook her head, “Ah, nothing. Don’t worry. Oh m-“ Rena stared with her mouth opened as she saw in the distance, Sebastian. Someone was cosplaying as Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji.
Oh my- Sebastian?! That Sebastian?!!  :w00t: Uwaaah~ :ding: I want to meet him too!  :frustrated: Ahem,please allow me to fangirl a moment about Sebastian too.

Running out of oxygen from laughing, Kanako leaned onto Airi as she said with a giggle, “I asked if Sebastian’s beauty was too perfect for you and then you said no and said Rena is.”

Rena smiled as she set this as her new phone wallpaper, ’Airin’s eyes are so adorable in this picture.’
Ooo.... XD

Just as Rena placed her phone back down, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a group of girls who somehow looked slightly familiar. But the group had their back to Rena, and Rena couldn’t see their faces to identify who the girls were.


“According to the rumor,” Masana repeated, emphasizing on the unreliability of this information. “According to the rumors,” Masana continued once again, “Airin apparently never cared about her parents. When they died, using the money that her parents left behind, Airin came into this school. But then she and her brother had this big argument about her not supposing to use the money but then Airin insisted and then her brother suicided or something like that. I can’t really remember much from the rumor.” Changing from her frowning mood, Masana looked back up at Rena with a smile, “But then, these are just rumors. I honestly don’t think something like that even happened. It was probably just some nasty rumors the bullies started to spread, just like they sometimes do with Churi as well.”
That sounds weird. I dont know,....but, it is just, it is not true, i think..

“Say,” Masana turned from Airi to the girl that was clinging onto her arm on her side and poked the girl, “Why aren’t you buying me anything?” The girls laughed.

Kanako poked her tongue out at Masana and changed the topic, “Let’s go eat! I’m hungry~”

Masana and Kanako is like an old married couple  XD

Masana nodded, “Rena is right. I don’t want to be late back to school. I know a good restaurant around here that Kanakana and I always go to. It’s not too expensive so let’s go eat there.”
The Jurina gumi is going there too, arent they? Ah, cant wait to see what will happen when they meet  :w00t:

雨のピアニスト [wMatsui]
Hm, it is good. Why would i hate you for the pairing? xD many wMatsui fics that i've been read..somehow most of it is either tragic or sad. Meaning that they just wont be wMatsui in the end lol. Because this fic is somehow wMatsui but not wMatsui too  :lol:   :(   XD
And, oh..Sakiko..ah, is it weird that i thought that Jurina could really asked that sort of stuff to Sakiko?  XD  :lol: i mean, Jurina is how to say it, attracts people older than her  :lol: i am just being weird i think, sorry >__<;

Anyway, Tako-chan you are updating fast, you know or am i just being late to see it as always lol ? XD  :nervous
Like i've said before, i am not complain  :D
I'll wait patiently for the next update, Tako-chan ganbare~   :tama-lotsaluv:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #246 on: July 17, 2012, 12:19:34 AM »
Poor Rena T_T

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #247 on: July 18, 2012, 10:21:21 AM »
The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 8
why he only treating Jurina badly  :pleeease:
 :OMG: now her condition is serious because of what he did  :stoned:
If Rena don't come to rescue Jurina faster than this time I  :shifty:
it is really interesting  :glasses:
I can't wait for the offer :hee:
雨のピアニスト [wMatsui]

what is this!!  :gyaaah:
why is this happening  :pleeease:
if Rena tried a bite it woulding be a sad ending  :fainted:
I hate sad ending  :fever:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #248 on: July 18, 2012, 10:25:09 PM »
ok i gonna have more sympathy with jurina...
but only if she has more sympathy with Airin!  :rofl:

SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 16

Kanakana and Airin went crazy in the anime expo  :pig laugh:
Poor Masana she got caught between 3 fanatics of the 2D  :hiakhiakhiak:
Rena has helped Airin to be more sociable, i'm so happy for her  :ptam-shy:
i wonder if is true the rumor about the airin's brother  :scared:
I'll be waiting for the nexts chapters of your fanfics  :mon heh:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #249 on: July 21, 2012, 11:39:19 AM »
This oneshot is soooooo SAD

I'm Crying Right Now.....

WMatsui of Tokyo

Poor Rena
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #250 on: July 22, 2012, 06:15:06 AM »
ah... wmatsui's os is perfect.  :twothumbs
it's not the bad ending, it's just rena's part.
so i hope to read jurina's part too ^^

ps. wmatsui shipper forever

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #251 on: July 22, 2012, 06:18:47 AM »
But I don't see how I can make another part for it lol~
I'll still see anyway~
Maybe in the future, I'll write something similar again~
Thank you for commenting!

Let's go with attraction to peopel with the same last name xDDD

As in for a full piano version of the song,
I found one before.
But... The version that I found.... Eh~
If HashirePomeranian-san can stand hearing a guy singing in the background,
I can give you the link for it~ (^^)

wmatsui OS are indeed hard to come by these days~~~
The ship is dying, that's why xDDDD
But, I'll try, maybe one day, I can get my head back to PURE wmatsui shipping mode and write a happy one (^^)v

Thank you for commenting, caghaunt-san!
I'm happy that you (and other readers) liike it!
Since many prefer it to be left as a OS,
that is what I shall do~ (^^)

>>Kamen Knight
Hmm? Worried? Why?

Writing this piece in Jurina's POV....
Hmm.... I actually just might~
Who knows~ Thanks for the idea, Kamen-san!
I actually might, not that I think about it~
I have an idea for it~ But I'll put it on hold for now xDDDD

I'm glad Kamen-san found that Furuyanagi tag~
I personally never get sick of going through that tag~
Interesting things you see~

Thank you for commenting, oist-san!
Oh don't worry, I don't expect people to imagine Sakiko and Jurina the way I was imagining it,
since that pairing doesn't even exist. xDDDD
I mean, I personally think it's weird to pair Sakiko up with any member xDDDD

A Matsui love triangle!?
I could try~
Maybe later on hmmm~
Thanks for the idea, oist-san!  (^^)b

Ofc I'm a tako~ But you know, saying I dance around like a happy tako~
Uuuuuu~~~ *waves tentacles around* xDDDD

I have TOOOONS of fanfics being stacked up, waiting for me to write~
But ofc, I know I won't be able to keep up with my ongoing ones.
That's why Tiny Me is put on hold until I finish one of my stories~ (^^)
Fufufu~ (^m^)
Luna-san will have to wait a loooooooong time till you know what happened to Non~

I survived!
I thought wMatsui shippers will hate me because... well, I killed the wMatsui ship
and replaced it with a different wMatsui ship~
Did that make sense? Maaa I don't know lol~

Jurina is a cutie~ She attract EVERYONE! djaklghaksjdfhlkasj

And nope, I'm not updating fast at all!
When I first started, I updated at least once every two days!
I'm starting to slow down!!!
It's not good though, but I can't help it!

Anyway~ Fufufu~
Thanks for the comment!
Always love long comments~

Long comments~
Me likey~ <3

I feel bad cuz I can't write back a proper comment for anzai-sama's comment lol~
So I shall just simply say,
And I'm sorry for stopping commenting on your fic~
I feel bad, REALLY!
I want to comment, but... I'm just soooooo lazy~
I'm so sorry!
But I swear, I'm reading them!
And I'm loving them! aklsdjaghlksdjhfa

Because Jurina is so awesome and he is jealous of Jurina's awesomeness~~~

Don't worry, mo-chan~
I'll try write a happy wMatsui next time~
Thanks for commenting!

Sympathy.... will come.....
Later.... Then......

Don't cry la~
But hey, that means that Rena will have to fight hard to get back the name of
wMatsui of Nagoya! xDDDDD

It's a good thing la~
It's a good thing~

Yay! I'm glad lizzie-san likes the wMatsui OS!
But I wouldn't describe it as perfect, it has too much things that needs to be improved....
And fufufu~ (^m^)
Lizzie-san isn't the first person wanting a Jurina part for this one~
So... I'll see~
Maybe I'll write one, maybe I won't xDDDD
But thanks for commenting!


Next post for update pwease~~~ (^^)v

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ 雨のピアニスト (wMatsui) [7/15]
« Reply #252 on: July 22, 2012, 06:24:20 AM »
I'm so sorry for taking so djlaghsldajflasdghklajsdfh long with this update~
I couldn't think of how to get Churi's feelings across (as I have been raging on Twitter about xDDDD)
You'll get what I mean when you guys read it~

School starts on Tuesday!
People to harass!
I was starting to get all moldy from lack of harassment during this four weeks holiday~
It's horrifying, I say!
Sucks having a long holiday~~~

Anyway, here's the update!
And really, thank you all for commenting!!!
Seems like many liked my wMatsui OS!
So happy~~~ Fufufu~ (^m^)

The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 9

There’s no blood on the outside that Imade could see, but it was obvious that there had been some bleeding inside the skin. With how the leg is swollen and purple red in color, Imade was almost sure that one of the bone pieces must’ve cut the girl’s smaller blood vessels. Imade prepared herself to at least, even though she didn’t want to do it, do as much as she can to reduce the pain for Jurina. She grabbed the two bags by her side and dropped it outside the cell, knowing that they will only take up unnecessary room inside the cell.

“Can you please look after those two bags for now?” Imade asked the guard in a whisper. The guard opened the two bags, looked inside, then nodded. Quietly thanking the guard, Imade returned to her original position by Jurina’s leg and started crushing some of the herbs so that she can quickly make some pain relief ointment.

Airi watched Imade moved away as Rena explained in details about her offer. Squinting her eyes slightly, Airi could just see a little flash coming from inside one of the bags where the items inside the bag caught the light coming from the flicking candle flame on the table above. Her eyes widened slightly when she realized that the items inside the bags were their weapons. Quickly looking away from the bags, Airi turned back her focus to Rena just as the princess finished explaining.

“So, what do you think? Are you two up for it?” Rena asked as she waited patiently for Airi to answer. Rena was glad to be able to finally stop speaking, she had been speaking for slightly too long, making her tongue dry like sand paper.

Airi blinked and then closed her eyes as she tried to remember everything that Rena said. “Okay... So in a shorter form,” Airi spoke slowly with her eyes closed as she tried to recall all the details that the princess spoke off, “You want us to be your bodyguards but you will let us go free anyway, whether or not we accept the offer.” Rena nodded. “If we accept your offer, our job is to protect you.”

“Churi and Kanakana as well,” Rena added as she pointed to her two little sisters by her side.

Airi nodded and continues, “Jurina’s leg is guaranteed to be fixed, we will be counted as a subject of Emperor Yuasa and thus will be protected by his men and we will be paid as well as given somewhere to live inside the palace. Did I miss anything out?”

Rena thought for a while and shook her head, “No. That is about it.”

To be honest, Airi didn’t even know whether it was a good thing or not that she didn’t miss out anything the princess offered because right now, Airi was having trouble figuring out if this was a trap. Was it a trap laid down by Sakae? Did they make the princesses come and stop the torture so that Airi and Jurina would trust them more and perhaps even spill them secrets? Airi wasn’t sure. She really didn’t know.

Airi thought about the good things and the bad things about accepting the offer, disregarding the fact that this might be a trap. ’If we accept, not only will Jurina’s leg be fixed. We will also be free, we will be safe. No more killing and running around. We will even have a better sleeping place inside a palace. A PALACE! Who could’ve thought that we would even get a chance to live INSIDE a palace!?’

However, Airi bit her bottom lip as she looked over to Jurina and thought about the negative points, ’But Jurina’s mother is still with Togasaki, which means that the moment his spies found out we’ve switched to Sakae, Jurina’s mother would be in danger. He did say afterall, that if we betrayed him, then it would not just be our lives on the line. And the thought that we will actually have to betray someone...’

Jurina groaned as she suddenly felt something cold being spread on her sore leg, but her groan quickly turned into a sigh of relief as she focused on the new cold and soothing sensation on her leg. Having heard the whole conversation and realizing that Airi was probably actually thinking about the offer since she was silent, Jurina spoke up. Without turning around, Jurina pushed herself up so she was resting on her two elbows and said in a firm voice, “No.”

Suddenly hearing Jurina’s voice again once again snapped Airi out of her thoughts. “Are you okay?” Airi asked as she attempted to reach over and help the girl up.

Jurina ignored Airi’s helping hand and repeated, “No. We refuse your offer.”

Rena looked at Jurina’s back, her eyes widened, ’Is she crazy? This is the best offer anyone could ask for!? And she is refusing it?’ Rena was just about to say something to convince Jurina to take the offer when Airi spoke up in a much more different tone than the voice she used when talking to her.

“Wait, Jurina,” Airi said in the best convincing tone that she could manage, the tone she usually uses when she is trying to get Jurina to stop starting fights with other children back in the city, “Thinking about, Jurina. It would be a good thing. Your mot-“

“I don’t care,” Jurina said, cutting Airi off. Jurina turned her head around and looked at Airi, “I can’t go back on a promise of loyalty that I made.”

Getting slightly impatient that Jurina refuses to see the good points in this offer, Airi almost shouted at Jurina as she waved her arm around, trying to emphasize her point, “Who cares about the promise! It won’t be the first promise that you break anyway!” The moment those words left Airi’s mouth, she regretted saying them right away because she saw, for the first time in a long time, a slight pained expression in Jurina’s eyes. The pain lasted a few seconds in the girl’s eyes before they turned emotionless again.

As Jurina stayed silent, the atmosphere in the cell became too awkward for Imade to handle. Stopping her work, Imade looked up at Rena, silently asking for Rena to say something to break the silence. Rena looked at Imade, then at the two girls and then back down at Jurina and said, “Uh... We’ll give you two time to think about it. We’ll come back later.” Putting her hands on Kanako’s shoulder, Rena ducked her head as she walked out of the cell, pushing Kanako out with her. As she needed to rejoin the princesses, Imade quickly took the rest of the ointment and applied it onto Jurina’s leg.

Akane didn’t move even when she realized her sisters had both moved out of the cell. The whole time Rena was talking, Akane was looking at Airi. The whole time, Akane was watching as different emotions flashed in Airi’s eyes as the girl listened and spoke and even now, as the girl is deep in thoughts. This was the first time that Akane had ever seen an assassin with so much emotions before. Most of the time, when she sees assassins being led down into the prison here, their eyes are almost identical to Jurina’s, emotionless, with the extra difference that Jurina’s eyes always looked like she was hiding something. However, Akane had never seen an assassin like Airi, an assassin who can still be emotional after killing who knows how many people.

Perhaps it was because that Airi was different, that made Akane take an interest in her in the first place. There was something that Akane saw in Airi’s eyes that night when the girl held the sword against her throat that Akane didn’t quite understand. Akane wasn’t sure, but it almost felt like she saw something similar to guilt or even hopelessness in Airi’s eyes at that moment, just before the girl decided to release her. The only thing that Akane knew right now, was that she really wanted to help Airi. Unlike the other assassins, who have already gotten used to the idea of killing people for a living, Akane knew that if Airi was given the chance to, she would rather choose not to live the life she’s living right now. And Akane knew that because she felt Airi was different. Call it a hunch or whatever, but Akane had never been wrong before about things like these. That being the reason why even her father asks her to help him out with battle plans sometimes. After all, Akane’s strategies always come from those strange feelings inside her that tells her that this is the right way to do things and so far, there has not been one time where Akane’s strategies has failed.

Airi frowned as Rena started to leave. She needed to give an answer now. They may say that they will return, but that doesn’t mean that they actually will. And Airi really didn’t know if the torturer would come back once the princesses leaves. Airi looked at Jurina who was staring at her own leg intensely. ’Should I go with what I want to do? Or should I stick with Jurina to the very end...?’

“Churi? Aren’t you coming?” Rena called out from outside the cell, finding it weird that Akane still hasn’t followed them out.

Airi looked up at Akane only to find the princess staring at her, with eyes that Jurina used to look at her with when she always said to Airi that she wanted her own horse. ’Horses! Was that the reason why Jurina wants to finish this order so badly? Because she had always wanted a horse of her own?’ Unconsciously, Airi bit her bottom lip again as she debated inside her head with which decision to make. Airi didn’t understand why Akane was giving her those eyes, but Airi had always been weak when it comes to eyes like that. Without even knowing why she did so, Airi mumbled, “I’ll do it.”

Rena, who had just realized that Akane was still staring at Airi, turned to Airi with a smile and nodded her head, “Thank you. Your decision helps us a lot.” Poking her head back into the cell, Rena looked at Jurina who was still refusing to look at anyone but her leg, “Jurina? Do you also have an answer as well? Or do you want us to give you more time to think about it?”

Jurina sits up and pulled her leg away from Imade even though the girl was still rubbing the ointment on her leg to make sure it iss fully absorbed. Now that the pain was less, Jurina stood up and dusted her clothes. “I can go get my own leg fixed,” Jurina said out loud to no one in particular. Then walking right up to Airi, Jurina looked at Airi right into the girl’s eyes with an emotion that Airi have never seen before, “It is only because you,” Jurina stabbed a finger at Airi’s chest, “don’t have anything left behind that you care about and therefore, you can take the offer. But I do. I have mother. And there’s Sakiko too. I won’t let my mother or the captain fall into trouble because of a stupid offer.”

Airi stared at Jurina in surprise and said in a tone of voice slightly too loud, “But Sakiko isn’t even one of our own! She works for Toga- She works for him!”

“Not one of our own?” Surprisingly Airi further, Jurina chuckled with that emotionless face of hers, “In my book, Sakiko is counted more as one of my own than you are.”

Airi stared at Jurina and felt like her heart was torn in half by those simple words that Jurina had said. All those years of friendship, those laughter that they went through, those tears that they shared, those fights that they had both fought together... such memories couldn’t even beat a person who worked for someone they had both grown to dislike one way or another.

Seeing that Airi was quiet, Jurina continued, “Sakiko have been more of an older sister to me than you have been.” Taking one step closer to Airi’s shaking body, Jurina whispered, “You had me to comfort you after you took your first kill. But what about me? Where were you after I took my first kill?”

Airi stayed quiet as she thought over Jurina’s words. That night after their first assignment, Airi had been so scared that the moment they received their rewards from the emperor, Airi ran away and hid in the tree that she always climbed onto whenever she needed time on her own. It was a place that was secret to everyone, even Jurina. At that moment, Airi didn’t even think about what was happening to Jurina. All that was on her mind was the face of the dead man and the blood that was covering Jurina’s hands. Now that Airi come to think of it, perhaps that was when their friendship started falling apart. Airi wasn’t there when Jurina needed someone by her side the most.

Stepping away from Airi again, Jurina walked outside the cell and picked up her weapons from the bag. After finish strapping them on, Jurina said without looking back at Airi, “Still want to know how I know not to look at the eyes when I kill someone, Airin?” Jurina paused for a second before continuing, knowing that the use of the girl’s nickname will bring make the girl pay even more attention to her, “Sakiko told me.” With that, not even turning back, Jurina walked off and out of the prison.

Rena and Imade stared at the two girls, shocked. Both were thinking about the same thing. About the person they were talking about. Imade looked at Rena and Rena looked back. Both asking each other the same question silently with their eyes, ’Is the Sakiko they’re talking about, Matsui Sakiko?’ But before Rena could ask Jurina, she realized the girl had already left.

Airi’s legs weakened at the sight of Jurina’s back disappearing into the dark hallway, followed by the guard. She dropped herself to the ground, not knowing why she didn’t run after Jurina. Her eyes felt really hot and for the first time in a very long time, Airi felt something warm rolled down her cheeks. When Airi suddenly felt a pair of warm arms wrap around her, she cried. The tears that she had held back for so long because she didn’t want to break down in front of Jurina, the tears that she had held back because she needed to be strong for Jurina and be someone she can lean on, the very same tears that she had promised herself not to see again when her parents told her to stop crying before they died, poured out of her eyes like a waterfall.

Airi clamped her mouth shut, trying to hold back in her tears but she couldn’t. When a soft voice whispered in her ears, telling her to let it all loose and that she no longer had to hold them back, Airi finally cried out loud. She cried harder when reality started to sink in.

Jurina had left her.
She could no longer protect Jurina.
Jurina no longer needed her.
The friendship between the two of them was gone.
They were enemies now, working for two different factions that are at war with each other.
No more will Airi wake up in the middle of the nights when someone has nightmares.
No more will someone slip into her own blankets and hug her close when the night gets too cold to sleep alone.

She was alone.

Sorry this is quite a short update~
As I said, I couldn't write this part good enough...

Anyway, due to MJSK 3 influence,
I'm starting to faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall in love with Paruru and Yuria~
And yes, I officially declare myself a ParuPeace shipper~
Because of that, yes, rest assure, there WILL be ParuPeace OSs in the future~
Perhaps, when I finally get my hands on the second episode of MJSK 3,
I'll get enough idea to write a ParuPeace OS~

Yay! Finally updated!
Hope you guys liked it!
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
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Wow... wow. Jurina's words even pierced my heart LOL. awh Airin </3 ... she's like.. my favorite character in this story so far >< I want her to be the one to save Jurina's mother or something

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
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Aggghh poor jurina.. the lonely kid
also poor airin...
pleae someone save them

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
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*gasp* i fell behind!

hahaha i should comment all over the place more often? rofl rofl now that would just be a mess  :P

YES YES write some other renairin please  :w00t:  makes me happy to know theres gonna be more renairin coming  XD
LOL *facepalm* i actually forgot she had something planned for the weekend  :nervous
magical mushroom indeed o.o *shrugs*  :D
haha i shall see you try convert me xD

i sorta wanna strangle jurina a bit LOL but i guess its not her fault that shes like that D:

airin and kanakana went on a rampage ! haha running around without needing to rest....very impressive  8)
ooh there goes airin randomly saying stuff about rena unconsciously  :D
renairin renairin~~ i have no idea what im talking about anymore  :panic:

and that wmatsui!
it was definitely a surprise finding out which pairing of wmatsui it was  :twothumbs

my poor airin *cries* why must jurina be like so....churi is definitely loving airin  8)
but now i wonder what jurina is gonna do :O


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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
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I read everything I missed in one go, and I have so many things to say, but because I'm away, and reading through phone, I'm gonna comment properly when I'm back home. But I'm starting my work on Wednesday, so I dunno how soon I'll be able to properly comment.
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
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Oh! So now we know why Jurina has been cold to Airin.. Her words sound selfish, but seeing what she has gone through, I can understand why she said that.. I feel bad for Airin, that must be hurt..

Now Jurina has refused the offer, I wonder what will happen next.. And seems like the WMatsui moments won't start so soon..

Btw Churi as a strategist is so badass~

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
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Jurina was so mean with airin   :ptam-hbk:
she not realize that they most care about her is airin?  :on voodoo:
I just hope that Jurina ever realizes how wrong she was
and she returns to be friends with Airin  :pleeease:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
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Jurina ...You left Airin Alone with the Princess.... :scolding:

Jurina Care for her Mother that why she didn't take the Offer :hee:

I WANT WMATSUI but take time to write it....~~~ :OMG:
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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