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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 106079 times)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
« Reply #260 on: July 24, 2012, 07:12:53 PM »
The girls in this chapter remind when me and my friends go to events of anime XD
The difference is that we don't have money to buy so many things hahaha  :lol:
I want to see what will happen in the next chapter  :hehehe:

Oh god what will happen??!!
I can't wait for the next chapters  :gyaaah:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
« Reply #261 on: July 24, 2012, 11:36:13 PM »
T_T So sad
I hope Jurina will come back to Airin

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
« Reply #262 on: July 25, 2012, 02:10:43 AM »
noooooooooooooooo :stoned:
Jurina's words made me feel really sad  :fainted:
don't go Jurina  :pleeease:
Airin is alone now  :gyaaah:
and what will you do to Rena  :OMG:
I'm confused  :frustrated:
what will happen  :fever:
I hope the best  :prayers:
I can't wait for the next  :on hobo:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
« Reply #263 on: July 29, 2012, 02:18:24 AM »
Thank you for commenting, StaRzRus-san!
And fufufu~
StaRzRus-san wants Airin to save Jurina's mother?
Hmmmm~ We shall see~

Airin has got Churi to save her~
And Jurina have Rena! (soon~ Sometime in the future)
Don't worry, msst-san, Rena and Churi will save them soon enough~

Oh hi there, Pandah-san~ (^-^)/
Your comment gave me a good laugh again~ xDDD

ooh there goes airin randomly saything stuff about rena unconsciously
renairin renairin~~ i have no idea what im talking about anymore
Especially this part xDDD
I was actually picturing my imaginary Pandah-san flailing around like that emoticon xDDD

Anyway, for the RenAirin OS, it's a maybe.
I have a lot of them piled up unfinished in my word doc,
but yeah, I suck at writing OS, so I might never get back to them.
Like, ever.

And I give up trying to convert Pandah-san into a KumiNon shipper
because, lately, I'm loving Yuria A LOT so yeah, please, stay as a KumiYuri shipper.
As I too, have started to ship KumiYuri more than KumiNon. xDDDDD

So yeah, keep those "messy" commenting coming, Pandah-san~
I love them~ <3 xDDDD

It's okay, sakura-san~
Work is more important than my fanfic, of course.
So take your time (^^)
Tako will wait for as long as sakura-san needs to comment. (^m^)
Ganbare at work, sakura-san! (^^)o

>>Kamen Knight
Everyone feels sorry for Airin~
Lol, what's up with THAT~?

But yeah, wMatsui moments won't start anytime soon~
Probably be about 4-5 more chapters???
Or maybe more? I dunno.
I suck at counting xDDDD

Don't worry, Sara-chan~
Jurina will come back, in time.
Some time in the future xDDDD

If in real life, Airin would love that.
Jurina leaving her behind with Rena Churi~
It's kind of funny now that I think about it,
Airin and Jurina always seems to be fighting with each other.
wMatsui <--> RenAirin
JuriChuri <--> Furuyanagi

I guess Juribait-san is the same as my friends then xDDD
My friends do that when they go to anime expos and stuff too xDDD

Don't worry, kahem-san~
Jurina will~ Some time in the future xDDD

Don't worry, mo-chan~
Things will start clearing up in the next few chapters,
then mo-chan won't be confused anymore xDDDDD

Heya, minna~
Sorry for updating late.
School started~
And thus, hell has started~
Seriously, the IB Diploma is like, much harder than I thought it would be~
But meh, I'll have to deal with it~
Just two years to survive and then KABOOM! Graduating high school with that diploma is incredibly rewarding~

Anyway~ Yeah, because of that, updates are back to once every one or two weeks.
Depending on amount of school work. But hey, I'm becoming slightly more organized.
Once I get a laptop bag, I'll take my laptop to school and maybe can get something typed up during the numerous amount of free periods that I have lol~
Ofc, that is, once I finished my homework, and once I ACTUALLY get a laptop bag~
Which I still haven't gotten yet.
Anyway, update for AGP is up (next post)~
Hope you guys like it!
Sorry it's slightly short....
But yeah, enjoy~

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 9) [7/22]
« Reply #264 on: July 29, 2012, 02:21:45 AM »
SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 17

It was real entertainment for both Mizuki and Jurina to watch as Akane ran around the expo with Kumi and Kanon. They almost felt sorry for Kanon, seeing that Kumi was refusing to let go of Kanon’s hand. Or more accurately, Kanon’s credit card. Kumi was a blur in the crowd, running from one stall to another, stopping only to beg Kanon to buy something for her. Akane on the other hand, was different. Occasionally, Akane would pick up something and then turn around and smile at Jurina. Akane doesn’t ask Jurina to buy it for her though, she was only showing Jurina the things she finds interesting. Once she sees Jurina smiles back, she would place it back down and go off to somewhere else. Unknown to Akane, Jurina secretly bought some of the things that Akane showed her. Mizuki bought some as well, as a birthday present for Akane because she couldn’t think of anything to buy her.

“Nee, Jurina, how much do you have left?” Mizuki nudged Jurina with her elbow as she walked over to the stall that Akane finally left.

“Hmm?” Jurina mentally counted and then said, “Cash I don’t have much left. But I haven’t started using my card yet, so I still have quite some left. Why?”

Mizuki pointed to the figurine that Akane stared at for a long time and then looked back at Jurina. Understanding what Mizuki wanted to do, Jurina picked up the figurine and stared at it. After a while, Jurina flipped the figurine around carefully and looked at the price. Jurina’s eyes widened at the figure she saw and she stared at Mizuki, “You serious?”

“C’mon, Jurina. Please? I know for a fact she will definitely love this one. I know it’s a bit too expensive even if we half it, but it’ll be the last thing I buy today. Please?” Mizuki begged Jurina. She really wanted Akane to get a good present and so far, with the small things that she brought so far, Mizuki wasn’t confident that Akane would be happy with those small presents.

Jurina bit her bottom lip and looked at the price again. Even if she and Mizuki join up to pay half each, the money they individually need to pay is still a five digit figure.

“Just this once, Jurina. Last one,” Mizuki repeated again when she saw some hesitation in Jurina’s eyes, knowing that the girl was close to reaching her decision.

Jurina looked up at Mizuki, then turned her head and looked at Akane who was laughing at how Kumi was hugging Kanon after the co-head girl bought her another item. Seeing Akane’s bright smile, Jurina thought to herself, ’For her birthday. Once a year. I guess a five digit doesn’t matter hmm~’ Jurina grinned when an idea suddenly popped into her head. She called the person in charge and pointed at the figurine in her hand. That person immediately smiled and gave Jurina a new box. Jurina took the box and gave the person her credit card.

Mizuki looked at Jurina, shocked, “I thought we’re halving?!”

Jurina ignored Mizuki as she pinched in her pin code and took back her card and receipt. Handing the figurine to Mizuki, Jurina grinned, “Oh don’t worry, Mizuki, it’s okay. You have to pay too, in a different way.” Mizuki looked at Jurina, confused. Jurina laughed, “I would rather pay for the figurine than to pay for dinner like I always do.”

Mizuki gasped as Jurina walked away, laughing. “O-Oi! T-That’s not fair! O-Oi! Swap! I’ll pay you back for the figurine! Y-You pay for dinner! O-Oi! Jurina! Come back!” Mizuki shouted as she ran after Jurina, clenching tightly to the expensive box that Jurina had just handed to her.


“I still can’t believe you would do that to me,” Mizuki complained for the nth time that day as she and Jurina continued to walk in the direction where the other girls had disappeared off to. Since the purchase of the large expensive figurine, every few minutes, Mizuki would complain about it. Complaining that Jurina made her pay for dinner instead of the figurine when it was her that thought of buying the figurine in the first place. Mizuki couldn’t deny it though, Jurina was quite smart to be able to think of this way to get herself away from having to pay for the birthday dinner like she does every year. After all, birthday dinner are worth much more than a five-digit-worth figurine.

Jurina just grinned and continued to walk as she watched Akane pull Kumi away from Kanon. A smile climbed onto Jurina’s face when she remembered how she and Akane used to play around like that too when they were still small, before they came to this school.

“You look like you’re staring at your girlfriend,” Mizuki said as she shifted her bags to her other hand, balancing out the stress on her arm.

Jurina laughed at Mizuki’s words, “No way. Like I said before, Churi is just a friend.”

“But don’t you think it’s about time you find someone? Or are you really planning to spend the rest of your school life with a bunch of fangirls?” Mizuki asked as she stopped in front of a vending machine and bought both herself and Jurina a can of soda.

Jurina thanked Mizuki and took the drink. Upon hearing her name being called, Jurina looked up and saw Akane holding up something that looked like a keyring. Jurina smiled at the girl and opened her can of soda and then answered Mizuki’s question, “Me and Churi would never work out. She gets jealous too easily, as I said before many many times.”

Mizuki frowned, “Well, have you even given Churi a chance?”

Jurina shook her head, “Don’t plan to.”

“You will never know the outcome unless you try,” Mizuki said as she picked up the keyring that Akane was holding up before. Mizuki immediately placed the item back down when she saw the price, ’How can someone sell something this expensive?!’ Mizuki watched in surprise as someone picked up the same keyring Mizuki put down and quickly bought it, not even looking at the price.

Jurina pointed and laughed at the expression on Mizuki’s face and said, “There’s no point in trying if you know what the outcome will be.”

Mizuki shook her head at Jurina’s words and said, “Nonsense! I know I lose to you every time we race in athletics, but I still race anyway because I never know if maybe, one day, my effort would actually pay off and I would beat you in a race! Impossibility only exists if you don’t even bother trying in the first place.”

Jurina stay silent and picked up the keyring that Mizuki picked up before. Looking at the price, Jurina quickly bought it and put it in her bag, adding it to the rest of the collection of Akane’s birthday present.

Mizuki continued, seeing that Jurina wasn’t going to say anything, “Look at Kuumin and Non. Remember Kuumin before she was with Non? She was just like you, flirting with almost every girl that was within ten meters of her. And wasn’t it you that told her to go out with Non after Kuumin said that she might like Non a few months after Non started hanging out with us?”

“Yeah, I remember. And then Kuumin said something like it will never work out between the two of them because Non was an ace student and would never really like someone like her more than just a friend,” Jurina mumbled.

“Exactly. But then when we actually got Kuumin to go and ask Non out, the two of them ended up well didn’t they? I mean, look at those two,” Mizuki said as she pointed over to where Kumi was running around with Akane while Kanon was trying to catch up, her credit card still in hand as well as all the other bags of things that Kumi had bought.

“It’s two different situation,” Jurina shook her head, “Firstly, Non and Kuumin were never childhood friends to start with. Two, the thing that Kuumin was worried about was that Non might not like her because she was the ace student and Kuumin didn’t want to get rejected. Three,” Jurina said as she held up three fingers in front of Mizuki’s face, “Even if Kuumin and Non were childhood friends to start with and Kuumin was the same as me, worrying about the relationship ruining their friendship, Non isn’t the type of people that gets jealous easily, unlike Churi.”

“Psssh~ Excuses~” Mizuki said and pushed Jurina’s fingers away. “If it’s really just these things that are holding you back from being in a relationship, then why don’t you go look for a girl that aren’t childhood friend with you, someone who will stay friends with you even if you two break up and someone who aren’t the jealous type. Are there really no one in this school who fits into your oh-so-specific category?” Mizuki asked. She tapped her own forehead as a memory suddenly resurfaced, “What about that time when you came into our room to get Churi up for breakfast duty? You asked me that weird question which obviously, even a three year old would know was obviously NOT for a friend.”

“Is it normal for a person to feel like they’re a completely different person when around another person and just when alone with them, that person acts really different to how they usually act?”

Mizuki waited for a few seconds before continuing, “There is someone isn’t there?” Her words sounding more of a statement than a question.

Jurina frowned at Mizuki’s words. Instantly regretting ever asking Mizuki that question, even though the girl did help her by redirecting her to Kumi, whom she still haven’t gone to yet. Jurina was about to say no and deny the fact when she suddenly spied someone familiar over at where there was someone in a cosplay. Instantly, a smile climbed back onto Jurina’s face as she saw the familiar bright smiling faces belonging to that particular girl. Unconsciously, Jurina whispered out loud to herself, “There is someone alright...”

The words didn’t escape Mizuki’s ears. The girl turned to look at where Jurina was looking at but frowned when she saw that the only thing that was familiar to her was a certain girl’s back. Mizuki turned around when she heard footsteps running behind her.

“I give up! I can’t do this anymore. All my money! Those two are crazy!” Kanon cried as she dropped the bags onto the ground and finally tucked her credit card back into her purse. Noticing Jurina staring at somewhere, Kanon was about to ask Mizuki what was wrong with Jurina when a pair of arms suddenly wrapped around her waist and a head rested on her shoulder.

“Please, just one more manga?” Kumi asked as she held tightly onto her girlfriend, refusing to let go.

Kanon shook her head furiously, “No way! You’ve spent way too much money already. Oh wait, let me rephrase that. You’ve made ME spent too much money already.” However, seeing that Kumi was refusing to let go, Kanon turned to Akane for help, knowing that if she doesn’t get help soon, she would give in to Kumi’s request sooner or later, “Help me, Churi!”

Akane heard the request but just laughed. She could understand why Kumi was begging Kanon to buy it for her. The girl had been hunting for that manga for a long time and it was her favorites too. Although Akane felt slightly sorry for Kanon for being harassed by Kumi, she just stood back and laughed, unable to bring herself to help the co-head girl.

Mizuki stepped in, deciding to drop Jurina’s love topic and help out Kanon before everyone else starts looking at them weirdly. “Dinner or manga, Kuumin. Choose one,” Mizuki said, straight to the point. Kumi either let Kanon buy her the manga and go without dinner, or she could stop begging for the manga and then eat dinner. Knowing how much Kumi loved eating, Mizuki knew the girl would choose dinner over manga.

Kumi immediately stopped upon hearing Mizuki’s words and frowned at the girl, “Mou... That’s not fair.”

Kanon fixed her clothes and hair and puts away her card properly. Then the girl turns to Mizuki and said in a joking tone, “I never thought I would ever say this, but thank you.”

Akane laughed again while Mizuki just grinned slightly. Mizuki’s mind was still too focused on Jurina’s words to fully understand the humor in Kanon’s words just then.

“Let’s go eat now, Kuumin and I are getting hungry,” Akane suggested.

“Of course you guys are. You two have been running around all day!” Kanon laughed.

Mizuki nodded, “Yeah, now would be good. It’s still slightly early, but then we can take our time eating instead of rushing. Let’s go.” Mizuki and Kumi followed after Kanon who was leading the way as none of the girls knew where the restaurant was.

Seeing that Jurina was still standing there, Akane tapped Jurina on the shoulder, “Jurina-chan? What’s wrong?”

Jurina jumped at the sudden contact then relaxed when she realized it was just Akane. She smiled at the girl and shook her head, “Nothing.” Looking over the girl, Jurina saw the others walking off. Confused, Jurina asked, “Where are the others going?”

“To eat, of course. We are getting hungry already,” Akane answered with a grin.

Jurina nodded and started walking after the girls while being confused about why she didn’t hear the girls discuss about it just then. Or perhaps it was just because she was too deeply absorbed in her thoughts.

Akane followed after Jurina and slipped her hands into Jurina’s as the two of them slowly walk behind the three girls at the front.

Jurina’s hand slightly flinched when she felt a familiar warmth made contact, but she relaxed and allowed that warmth to hold on as it was the girl’s birthday and she didn’t want to upset her. As they walked, inside Jurina’s head, Mizuki’s words replayed over and over again.

”Are there really no one in this school who fits into your oh-so-specific category?”

Jurina smiled as she recalled the girl’s words. Then inside her mind, she repeated to herself as her mind flashed back to the smiling face next to the Kuroshitsuji cosplayer, ’Oh yeah, there is someone, alright~’

Suddenly, the hand holding onto Jurina’s doesn’t feel as warm as it used to anymore.

Short chapter is short.
How was it?
Next AGP chapter would be the girls at dinner~
What would happen inside the restaurant?
I'll let my lovely readers think about it for awhile~

Next update I do would either be TPB or a OS.
Most likely to be TPB, but I REALLY want to type a ParuPeace OS.
But I really suck at OS. And I can't think of a plot for ParuPeace.
Argh! Why is life so complicated when it comes to fanfic! alskjdghklasjdf
I just want to write something to help my shipping heart!!!!!

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ohayou-san...  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Everytime I try to comment on your stories, I accidentally delete my walls of text... You might have to wait longer for my comment. Just know that I love everything you wrote  :deco: :deco: :deco:
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Ehhhhh? Ohayou-san, are you by chance a Singaporean? Because us Singaporeans like to use leh, lah, lor. (referring to your reply to xxx20)

And you harass people too? Fufufu. Hello comrade!!! I'm the serial molester in my class LOL

The storylines are getting complicated... Poor Churi and Airin...


But if Jurina were t o do sth to Rena in AGPS it would be really easy.. Since they share the same room. (PLEASE IGNORE THAT, I'M JUST A PERVERT) Kuminon is so cuuuuuuute!!!

TPB: Jurina, don't leave Airin!!!! Noooooooo!!!

I'm really excited how the stories will turn out. I really hope Churi doesn't get hurt badly in AGPS... Jurinaaaaaaa. Don't hurt anymore girls.

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D: ohayouuuuuuu-san!

hahaha kumi is just using up kanons money o.o tut tut what kinda girlfriend is she  XD
man childhood friends just make everything so much more complicated :( sometimes its nice to have one but at times like wish you werent

why must you do this to churi  :cry:
why cant jurina love churi! i totally wanna strangle jurina right now LOL!
in the end is churi going to get heartbroken? :( poor girl

my heart is already aching  :bleed eyes:

anywhos thanks for the update :D

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Jurina is seriously in love with Rena O.O
I think some drama and trouble will come in the next chapters   :kekeke:
I can't wait to see what will happen in the restaurant  :w00t:

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waaaaaaaaaaah another chapter of SKE AGPS!! great!! :cow: :cow:
every day that passes I like more the wmatsui.

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  • Juritan! \(*ω*)/

but I think now it I stat liking it more and more this fic  :hehehe:
'cause it's interesting now  :glasses:
cantinue ohayou-san  :on GJ:
I can't wait for the next  :nya:
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Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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childhood friends to lovers...sometimes it will works sometimes it won't...

drama oh drama

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  • Hey....I Love WMatsui...Just Wmatsui
It getting interesting Ohayou
Continued More ...and Mention me at Twitter cause I always wait for your fics

Always....and make this story more interesting Please

I didn't say your fics is not interesting I just can't wait for the next chapter
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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It's okay, Sakura-san~
Sakura-san enjoys what you're reading,
that's enough for me. (^^)b

Hey there, epiclulz-san~
Nope, I'm not Singaporean~
I'm actually a Chinese, though I prefer to call myself a Hong Kong-nese instead~
My mind seperated HK people from Chinese people, don't ask why~

Yay! *hugs* It's a comrade!
And here I am, thinking that I'm the only one who goes around harassing people~

Hahaha~ It's okay, epiclulz-san~
We all have our hentai moments every now and then xDDD

Oooo, not everywhere-comment this time, Pandah-san?
xDDDDD Thank you for commenting! (^^)
Bwhahaha~ But still, I love Pandah-san's comment,
just like I love everyone else's comments~

Thank you for commenting, Juribait-san!
Please look forward to the next chapter of AGP,
it should be done and updated by next week (hopefully)~

Yay! Love wMatsui!
Everyone should love wMatsui more each day, just like Minami-chan~
Then, I would be satisfied with the world~ xDDDDD

Yay! Mo-chan likes AGP even more!!!
Please look forward to the next update sometime next week! (^^)

Almost sounds like bunny-san can already imagine what would happen?

Aha~ I shall try mention you on Twitter~
But you know, I usually forget cuz it's always during the night time when I update~
I'm already half dozing off as I reply to all these comments~
So, I guess, I can only say, keep a look out on my Twitter?
I mean, I do tweet a lot so... shouldn't be too hard to keep track of them (^^)
But, yeah, I'll try tell you (when I can remember) when I update~

Konbawa minna~
Long time no see again~
Well, actually, it's been only a week, but meh~
Got this update done, finally~
Dozing off a lot though...
Am I even makin any sense? I'm sorry if I'm not,
this week of school has murdered my brain.

So yeah, the beginning of this IB diploma is giving me hell right now already~
Heaps of homework, (not as much but still) heaps of tests~
Heaps of staying up late, waking up early, doing homework and studying in the car etc etc~
I'm just so flipping tired and sleepy and braindead it's not even funny~

This is a short(-ish) update on TPB~
Hope you guys like it~

Next update, restaurant time in AGP meow~
Might be a while before I get to that update though~
Heaps of work to do at school, and catching up on things that I don't understand in class already~
But update should be next week, or maybe the week after, if things gets too busy~
I'll tell you guys if it turns out you guys need to wait another week~

Please look forward to the next update! (^^)

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The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 10

Rena rolled her shoulder a few times as she walked out of her room, her bow in one hand and her arrows in a quiver in another. Today was another training day for the new archers and Rena was eager to help teach them, seeing it was still going to be a while before she would be able to set foot outside the palace. However, there was still some time before it starts so Rena decided to go visit someone who she haven’t been seeing often in the last few days.

“Churi!” Rena called out to the girl in the hallway as she walked towards her.

Akane’s hand stopped just in front of the door, about to slide it open. She turned her head and a smile immediately grew on her tired face as she waved back at her sister with her free hand that wasn’t holding onto the small bowl of water and towel, “Rena!”

“How are you?” Rena asked as she patted her little sister’s head and fixed the girl’s fringe that have been brushed back possibly by the wind when the girl went out of the palace.

Akane’s smile faltered slightly, “Tired.”

Rena looked at the bowl of water in Akane’s hand and then she looked at her face and her eyes focused onto the faint but visible bags under Akane’s eyes. Rena frowned, “I told you to leave that to the healers, why are you doing it by yourself?”

Churi gave a small weak smile, “The healers are already busy enough fixing the wounded soldiers, Rena. If you tell them to help, they would only check on her every once in a while. That is how those healers always work. She really needs someone to look after her right now, Rena, not someone to check on her.”

Rena sighed and decided to drop the persuasion, her sister had a point. “Is she asleep?” Rena asked as she looked at the closed door. There was no sound coming from the room, which was uncommon, considering the state that Airi had been in the last few days ever since Jurina left.

Akane glanced at the door, as if she could see through it, and nodded her head. “She finally stopped crying and slept. That’s why I went out to get some water. But still... she wouldn’t talk or eat anything yet. It’s almost been a week, Rena. If she doesn’t eat soon...” Akane shook her head, refusing to think of what could happen, “I don’t think Airi can start on her job anytime soon.”

“I understand,” Rena nodded, “she has probably been through a lot.” Suddenly, seeing the concern in Akane’s eyes as the girl’s gaze kept returning to the door, a thought popped into Rena’s head. “Say, Churi,” Rena called the girl’s name, gaining her attention, “Do you want Airi as your bodyguard?”

“E-Eh?” Akane looked at her sister in surprise.

Rena smiled at her sister’s reaction, “Jurina and Airi was after both you and me and not just me. So while we’re at it, why don’t we get someone to protect you as well? I’m sure Jurina and Airi won’t be the last person others send. And I know you’re thinking about Kanakana as well, you don’t need to worry about that. Kanakana usually hang around you so if Airi becomes your bodyguard, then she can protect both of you two.” After pausing for awhile to allow Akane to think over her offer, Rena added, “And plus, from the way you’re acting, if we were to find you a bodyguard, you would probably want Airi anyway.”

Akane’s eyes widened at her sister’s words. “W-What!? T-T-That’s not true!” Akane looked away from her sister as she felt her face suddenly becoming hotter. “B-But what about Rena?” Akane asked, still not looking at Rena.

Rena laughed at the pink tint growing on Akane’s face, “I’ve been waiting for awhile already, I can wait for awhile longer. And you are more important right now because you are already playing a big part in the battle planning and father needs you.”

Akane was about to say that Yuasa needed Rena too but before she could, a girl appeared behind her sister. “Rena-chan?” the girl called out. Rena turned around and smiled when she saw her servant standing behind her. “The archers are about to begin their training, Rena-chan. You should get going.”

Rena nodded at Imade and then gave a small smile and another pat on Akane’s head, “We will talk about it later when I finish training them okay?” Without waiting for a reply, Rena quickly jogged towards the archer training area with Imade following closely behind.

Akane watched her sister leave and the turned back to what she was doing before. As quietly as she could, Akane slid the door open and slipped into the room. Setting the tray of water on the table, Akane sat down next to the bed and picked up the towel inside the bowl and squeezed the water out of it. Gently, Akane wiped the glistening drops on the sleeping figure’s forehead without disturbing the girl’s sleep.

Seeing that the muscles around Airi’s face was too tensed up, Akane picked up Papi who was standing on Airi’s shoulder and stroked the bird’s still wounded but almost healed wings. Akane brought Papi up and gave the small bird a small peck on its small head before saying in a small whisper, “I know Airi’s friend will come back. Airi will need to get better before her friend, Jurina comes back right? Jurina probably wouldn’t want to see her like this right now.”

Akane smiled when she saw that Airi’s face had slightly relaxed. Her assumption was right. All the troubles and thoughts in Airi’s mind was too much for the girl to fall asleep deeply. Her mind was still half aware of what was happening around her, hence the girl could hear Akane’s words. Akane stood up quietly and pulled the blankets up to cover Airi’s shoulder. Then just as quietly as she came in, Akane left the room and made her way to the next door on the left where her own room was.


Jurina closed her eyes and stopped for a few seconds as she gathered her remaining strength. Then using all her strength to ignore the pain in her leg rather than to move, Jurina limped towards the city gate of the Akihabara city. The gate was already closed but luckily, Jurina still had Togasaki’s night pass with her. Showing the pass to the guards on duty, the guards nodded and reopened the gate just enough to allow Jurina to slip through. Without bothering to thank them, Jurina went inside the city and breathed out a sigh of relief as the familiar smell of the city reached her senses again.

Making her way slowly back to where her home was, Jurina was glad to see none of Togasaki’s guards outside her house, as they usually would when she is out on a job. There were supposed to be guards that were send by Togasaki to protect her mother. Normally, Jurina would be concern as to why there weren’t any guards outside, but right now, Jurina was just glad. Because now she was sure no one would question her about her whereabouts. However, after thinking for awhile, Jurina made her way painfully up to the roof instead of going inside to her house and greeting her mother, mainly because she didin’t want to have to explain to her mother why Airi wasn’t with her and what happened to her leg and make her mother worry about her too much.

Jurina sat down on her usual spot in the middle of the roof and finally took a look at her leg. She didn’t even look closer and she could tell, under the silver moon light, that her leg was swollen all over again. It looked even worse than before the princess’s servant girl that Jurina remembered as Imade, treated it. ’Must’ve been because I walked all the way back instead of finding a horse...’ Jurina thought to herself as she recalled her long and painful journey home, alone. But then, she couldn’t have gotten her hands on a ride anyway, even if she wanted. Unless she decided to steal one because all their spare silver and loot was with Airi.

Her thoughts suddenly brought her mind back to the girl. ’Airin would probably growl at me right now for being up on the roof at this time of the night without a blanket...’ Jurina thought to herself with a smile as she remembered the way Airi would poke her bottom from inside the house with a long pole through the ceiling of the house and shout at her with that concerned voice of hers,

”Get back down here, Jurina! You’re gonna catch a cold you idiot! The herbs at home are for the patients, not you! Hurry and get back down or else you’re going out to find your own herbs if you get sick!”

Ignoring the pain from her leg, Jurina laid on her back on the roof and looked at the moon. “Why are you so lonely tonight, Lady of the Moon? Where are all your little starry servants tonight?” Jurina asked the moon as her eyes searched the sky to look for the stars. It was a strange sight to see, a clear sky with a bright moon, but no stars. The sky was almost a match with her own situation right now. Where instead of the moon, there was Jurina herself and instead of the stars, there would have been Airi. “Tell me what I should do now, O’ Lady of the Moon...” Jurina asked again out loud in a voice that her mother couldn’t hear. However, before Jurina knew it, while waiting for a reply that would never come, she was fast asleep.

Jurina frowned and squeezed her eyes tighter and turned her face to the side, trying to avoid being constantly hit by small wet drops on her face. When she couldn’t fall back asleep, Jurina sat up and growled at the annoying rain that was keeping her awake. Pulling her hood over her head, she laid back down and tried to go back to sleep again. Suddenly, remembering that Airi said if she ever caught her sleeping on the roof when its raining again, then the older girl wouldn’t let her touch any meat for a whole week, Jurina sat back up and prepared to get back down. But just as Jurina was about to climb back down when something finally clicked in Jurina’s mind.

Airi wasn’t here anymore.

However, although remembering that fact, instead of staying on the roof, Jurina still climbed back down anyway. It was about time to go back and check in with the emperor since it has been over a month since she had left Akihabara on her job. It had taken her longer to come back than it was expected of her.


Jurina nodded her head slightly, instead of bowing as others do, as she walked inside the room and stood in front of the emperor. Togasaki looked at Jurina in surprise, but the surprise look on his face quickly disappeared and was replaced with a slightly angry face. “You were expected to be back more than a week ago,” was Togasaki’s greetings to Jurina after the girl had disappeared for so long.

Ignoring the annoyance at the lack of concern in the emperor’s words, Jurina said, “We ran into some trouble.”

“Has the job been done then?” Togasaki asked, not caring about anything else. As long as Jurina and Airi got the job down, to be honest, Togasaki wouldn’t care how late the girls were. He just wanted the war to hurry up and end. The war had been continuing for longer than he had expected. He had underestimated the Sakae faction and now his own grand army was paying the price for it. Togasaki hadn’t even expected to have to take his grand army into the field. Sakae was supposed to be wiped out by the time the forth army was sent out.

Jurina stayed silent at the emperor’s words, not knowing how to reply and at the same time, not wanting to reply.

Not liking it when people don’t answer him, Togasaki asked again, impatient, “Has the job been completed?”

“No,” Jurina said finally. Simply one word. She didn’t want to have to explain anything else.

“NO!?” Togasaki slammed his two fists on his table as he stared at Jurina, fuming, “Then what are you doing back here!?”

’Even I myself don’t know why I am back here...’ Jurina thought to herself as she waited for Togasaki to sit back down. Seeing that the emperor was on the verge of exploding, Jurina calmly lied to him, “Airin has been captured. I have been injured. I need to fix my leg before I will be even fit to get back into the field.”

Togasaki frowned as he stared at Jurina’s leg. He didn’t need to look anymore than a few seconds to know that the girl wasn’t lying. Her leg was so swollen that it was visible even from where Togasaki was. Fixing his robe, Togasaki slowly sat back down and said, “I’ll get one of the healers to check your leg.”

“No need, the captain can fix it,” Jurina said.

“Matsui won’t be helping you anymore,” Togasaki said as he felt his anger returning at the thought of that traitor.

Confused, Jurina blurted out, “Why?”

Togasaki felt his boiling point reaching the maximum and his fists clenched even tighter as he hissed, “Since when did you start questioning like your friend!?”

Overwhelmed by her concern for the only other person that cared about her, Jurina ignored the emperor’s mention of Airi and asked again, “Why won’t Sakiko help me out anymore?”

Togasaki smirked at the way Jurina was speaking. It was the first time he has seen the girl filled with concern. “If you really want to know,” Togasaki said as he pushed himself up from the mat and made a gesture as he walked out of the room. “Come if you wish to know what I mean,” Togasaki said as he disappeared from the door with his entire royal guard following him. Curious and confused, Jurina followed.

’What is this place...?’ Jurina thought to herself as she widened her eyes at the dark hall that has suddenly appeared in front of her. ’How come I never knew this place existed...?’ Just a few minutes ago, she had followed the emperor into a long abandoned room of the palace, where nothing was in sight but books and dust, layers and layers of dust. Then all of a sudden, she heard a click from where the emperor was standing with his back to her, and then the bookshelves shook and disappeared behind the wall and revealed the hallway that now stood in front of Jurina. At the same time, Jurina felt a cold blast of eerie air hit her face, sending chills up the back of her spine, making her shiver.

Togasaki walked into the hallway, mentioning for Jurina to follow which she did without questioning. The rest of the guards stayed outside, following behind Jurina was only the two personal bodyguards of the emperor. Jurina winkled her nose at the stinging air that was reaching her senses. Air that was filled with the smell that was all too familiar to Jurina’s brain. Air that was filled with the smell of blood. As Jurina got closer, she started hearing painful moaning coming from deep within the dark chamber.

Once they reached the end of the hallway where there was another dungeon-like area, lit dimly by candles, just like the prison that Jurina was in back at Sakae. However, looking around the area, Jurina could almost say that she would rather spend her entire life living in Sakae’s prison than to stay down here even just for one night.

Togasaki waved the key guard over and the guard quickly fumbled for the right key and unlocked one of the prison cells that had metal plates nailed onto the outside that prevented anyone from seeing what was inside the room. Togasaki stood outside the door and pointed to the door, “There’s the person that was supposed to help you with your leg. Now you can either let my healer look at your leg, or you can let Matsui fix it for you.”

Jurina looked at the door, confused at what the emperor meant with his words, slowly made her way forward and pushed the door opened. A small gasp escaped the girl’s usual quiet lips as she stared at the sight in front of her.

Standing, or more like, lying in front of Jurina, was a shattered looking body. There were blood, bruises and cuts everywhere. Jurina wouldn’t have been able to recognize the body that was in front of her was the female captain, chained, if it was not for her long black hair which Jurina knew no one else who worked for Togasaki would have. Jurina dashed forward and dropped down next to the female captain and whispered the captain’s name as she held the captian’s fragile body, “Sakiko...”

Sakiko could barely open her swollen, bruised eyes to see what was happening. But from the small gap that she managed to force open, she could see Jurina staring down at her with concern. A weird emotion not seen often from a girl like Jurina. Sakiko wanted to speak to Jurina, there was so many things she wanted to ask. What happened? Where was her friend? What happened to her targets? Did she manage to kill them? What was she doing here? However, no words could be produced. It was just too much strength for Sakiko to spare. She knew that if she pushed herself too hard now before the guards come in with the healing potion later tonight before she sleeps, she might actually slip into the underworld

Jurina didn’t know if Sakiko was awake, she could see no reaction from the captain when she called her name. Her eyes trailed down as she took a quick look at the state of the girl in front of her. Her gaze froze on something on Sakiko’s leg. Jurina reached out slowly towards that dark ugly scar on Sakiko’s thigh but stopped just before her finger tips touched the blood covered wound, knowing that it would only bring the girl more pain. Instead, Jurina took Sakiko’s cold and unharmed hands into her’s and held onto it, wishing in the back of her mind that there was something she could do to help Sakiko after all that the girl has done for her. Sakiko, still unable to speak, did her best to give a small squeeze back to Jurina’s hand just to let the girl know that she was still in this world and haven’t slipped yet.

“What is the meaning of this?” Jurina asked, finally gathering her strength to look away from Sakiko and at the emperor that was still standing outside the cell, staring at Jurina with an amused look.

Togasaki gave off a cold laugh and said, “Your little friend, Matsui, is a spy, a traitor, a useless being that thought she could stand against my rule. Does that answer your question, my dear Jurina?”

Jurina looked back at the female captain and whispered outloud unconsciously, “Impossible...” Looking back at the emperor, Jurina shouted, “You must’ve gotten the wrong person! Sakiko have been so loyal to you, there is no way she could ever do something like this!”

The emperor laughed again, “Oh, we have the right person, alright? Even Matsui admitted to it herself!”

Jurina once again, looked back at Sakiko, wanting the girl to say something to talk back to Togasaki, but to her disappointment, Sakiko made no movement to talk at all. Jurina didn’t know whether the captain was too hurt to talk, or she just didn’t need to talk back because Togasaki spoke the truth. She really didn’t know. Jurina frowned as she thought over a question in her mind over and over again, ’Why is everyone going against Togasaki?’

“Come now, my child,” Togasaki held out an arm, gesturing for Jurina to join him, “I will go get your leg fixed so that you can go back and finish your job.”

Jurina stood up silently and obediently walked back to the emperor’s side and stepped out of the cell. Sakiko tried to hold onto Jurina’s hand, but found no strength in her grip and felt her mental will to stay attached to this world shattered as her hand slipped from that of Jurina.

EDIT: Put Rena's paragraph back in the right position at the front of the chapter instead of the end~
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 10) [8/3]
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So Jurina met Sakiko in this chapter, maybe somehow Jurina will oppose ppose Togasaki in the next chapter.. Ahh I can't wait the time when Jurina finally be Rena's bodyguard, there must be many good things happen after that..  I wonder who will be met by Rena.. Sakiko?

Thanks for updating, I look forward for your update :)

ah, btw the way you describe Sakiko's condition is cool.. lol

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 10) [8/3]
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Airin hold on  :gyaaah:
Airin will be Churi's bodyguard  :hee:
Jurina don't trust Togasaki  :stoned:
I hate you Togasaki  :angry1:
who is the person that Rena want to visit   :dunno:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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This Togasaki person is scary
Jurina please don't trust that togasaki Tena
Poor Sakiko.....
Churi x Airin RenAirin
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Ohayou all~
Was reading you guys comments when I realised that

Curse my sleepiness last night when posting this

About you guys question about who Rena was going to meet,
it was actually suppose to be Churi.
Because that paragraph was suppose to be at the very beginning!
I don't know what went wrong last night when I was posting,
but I am so very very sorry!
I will definitely not make the same mistake again!

I've edited the post, so that THAT paragraph is in the right place.
Sorry to all if I made any of you guys confused!!!


>>Kamen Knight
Thank you for commenting!

I tried to describe Sakiko in a descripitive way,
didn't do very well though.
But I'm glad you still liked it~

And about the person who Rena was meeting,
as I said above, it was suppose to be Churi~

We all hate TGSK don't we bwahahaha
I made him such a bad guy in this fic~

About the person Rena wanted to visit...
Sorry, it was suppose to be Churi~
My brain was messed up last night so I made a mistake when posting~

Sorry fufufu~ (^m^)
Won't be any RenAirin in TPB~
Hahahaha~ RenAirin is alllllll over AGP~ xDDDD

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ The Perfect Bodyguard (Chapter 10) [8/3]
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i think i fell in love with ur fiction
really love the perfect bodyguard seem like a period drama or something
i read chapter 1 to 10 ^^ and i really love jurina character
it so many juriairin moment here  :D
its good to see airin is bestfriend who fall in love with jurina not the rival  :thumbup

i cant wait to read wmatsui scene !
plz update soon

thank you so much ohayou-san

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