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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 106085 times)

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I'm glad I didn't disappoint you, Sayuki-san, one of my favourite writers (^^)
That, would be embarrassing hahahaha~
But thank you for commenting, Sayuki-san!
First comments always cheers me up (^^)

Hahahaha~ Thank you for commenting, Juribait-san~~~
Juribait-san always look forward to TPB chapters don't you? (^^)
I hope you liked the chapter.
The next TPB chapter is currently being written, and I can assure you that it will be one LONG chapter.
Probably the longest chapter so far (^m^)
So please look forward to it!

Thank you for commenting, kahem-san~
But worry no further, Jurina and Airin shall reunite soon!
Oops, did I say something? xD
But you know, my definition of "soon" might not possibly be kahem-san's definition of "soon". xDDD

Thank you for commenting, Megumi-san!
I'm glad you found the ParuPeace OS interesting, I hope you liked it (^^)

I, am NOT back (^^)
No, seriously, I am not xDDD
I only have one more week of holiday and I haven't started on ANY of the big stack of homework that I have to finish because I've been so busy packing.
But good news, I have two chapters for AGP typed up (^^)
I was going to wait till I get to boarding (which is tomorrow) and then go BOOM and do a triple update (once I finish typing the TPB chapter that I'm working on now),
but I felt really bad making people wait...
I don't want anyone to think I have disappeared from the face of the earth or anything,
so I decided to just post one of the chapters. (^^)

Now, for real this time, the next update would be quite a while.
So, I apologize in advance.
But you know, a few comments (or tweets) here and there usually are enough to fish me out of my hole hahahaha~

Until next time~
Peace nyan~  :peace:

EDIT: Also added in a poll~ So, my dear readers, decide Mizuki's future fate~ xDDD Have fun!
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SKE's All Girl's Private School - Chapter 20


Mizuki grinned inwardly to herself as she heard the name, knowing that she had guessed right. To be honest, Mizuki was truly glad and proud that Akane had finally made a move. Kanako on the other hand, froze in shock with her mouth wide open, her eyes widening, as if she was a goldfish. Rena and Airi were both surprised. Unlike Masana, Kanon and Kumi, who exchanged with each other, a gaze of concern as they turn to look at Jurina, who was now completely silent, her lips in a tight line, her eyes looking as if she was staring into mid-air deep in thought. Kanon turned to look at Akane and found the girl with her head lowered, as if she had down something she shouldn’t have.

After a moment of silence, Rena was starting to notice the strange atmosphere. Wanting to know how to make it better, she turned to look at Jurina for a solution, but later give up when she found herself becoming just as concern as Masana was about Jurina, seeing that the girl with a kind of face that she has never seen before.

When Mizuki too, finally snapped out of her own happiness at what Akane did and felt the chilly silence around the table, she decided to break it. “Nee, Churi, haven’t you already been kissed by Jurina?” Mizuki asked, putting on as much of a joking tone of voice as she can, despite her growing nervousness about the atmosphere and the sudden stare coming from Kanon, “I mean, she is a kissing monster.” The awkward silence around the table immediately lifted at the sounds of giggling coming from the girls who could never get used to the school playgirl being described that way.

Finally recovering from her own mixed emotions, in order to keep the mood from dropping down again, Jurina laughed along with the girls and said, “Hey! I’m not a kissing monster!”

Kanon rolled her eyes and laughed sarcastically, “Ri~ght~”

Just when it seemed as if everyone had forgotten about Akane’s wish, Kanako, being the girl that she is, not aware of the situation, asked Jurina, “So, are you going to fulfill Churi’s wish?”

Masana tried to cover the girl’s mouth but was too late and the question had already been thrown out there. Silence wrapped around the group again while they all looked at Jurina, waiting for an answer. Jurina however, looked as if she was lost in her thoughts and was paying the girls no attention at all. Seeing the saddening look on Akane, Rena nudged Jurina’s elbow with her own, immediately snapping Jurina back into the real world. Jurina looked at her. Rena mentioned towards Akane’s direction with her eyes, silently telling Jurina to tend to the girl.

Jurina understood what Rena was trying to tell her, but as she kept thinking about what fulfilling Akane’s wish could mean, she unconsciously bit her bottom lip as hesitation hits her mind.

“C’mon, Jurina,” Mizuki urged, starting to become slightly impatient at how Jurina was making such a big deal out of this, “it’s just a small peck on the lip. It’s not like you’ve never done it before.”

Akane knew that it wasn’t good for her to take advantage of Jurina like this, even after seeing the girl’s hesitation that clearly showed the uncomfortable position she was being put in right now, but Akane couldn’t stop herself. She wanted to stop. She wanted to laugh it out and said that this was just a joke, but she couldn’t. She wanted to lie to the others to help Jurina out of the position her wish was putting her in, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. And worst of all, Akane didn’t even understand herself as to why she was doing this to Jurina.

Jurina looked at Mizuki, hoping that her friend would help her out, only to be met with impatient eyes. Her eyes skimmed around the table and saw Kanon, Kumi and Masana looking at her with a worried look while Kanako was a complete opposite and was staring intensely at her, waiting to see what will happen. Airi, as usual , stayed quiet, knowing it was better not to budge into this business. Jurina looked at Rena last, hope in her mind, hoping that she could trust the girl and that she would help her out of this situation. But even Rena, just gave her a small nudge, silently reminding her that Akane was waiting.

Finally, Jurina turned to Akane and saw the girl looking back at her with begging eyes. Jurina’s front teeth bit down slightly on her bottom lip, a habit of her that occurs whenever she is nervous, as she thought to herself, ’Today is Churi’s birthday isn’t it? I’m just fulfilling her birthday wish. This kiss wouldn’t mean anything more.’ After a little more thinking, Jurina shook her head in her mind as she frowned, ’Why am I even worrying so much about this!? It’s not the first time I kiss people anyway!’

Slowly, Jurina leaned in closer to Akane, planning to quickly give the girl a small peck on the lip as a fulfillment to her wish. As Jurina brought the distance between her face and Akane’s face closer, she saw Akane closed her eyes and she felt the others’ eyes on her. Perhaps it was the pressure that she felt from this action, or perhaps it was because of other factors. But just when Jurina’s lips were inches away from Akane’s, just when the girls all subconsciously leaned in closer, Jurina closed her eyes and looked aside, hoping to properly prepare herself for what she was about to do.

However, surprising everyone, Jurina suddenly pushed herself away and stood up. “Excuse me,” Jurina quickly said, avoiding all eye contact with everyone as she walked away from the table and disappeared into the dining crowd.

Akane felt Jurina disappear. The sudden warmth of Jurina’s breath suddenly disappeared, just when Akane could almost feel Jurina’s lips on her. Slowly, Akane reopened her eyes, feeling the impact of the expected absence of Jurina much harder to take in than she had previously expected when she closed her eyes. Akane felt as if someone dropped not just a rock, but an entire anchor on her chest. Akane heard Mizuki call after Jurina, but before Mizuki could finish her sentence, Akane stopped the girl and forced a small smile, “It’s okay...”

The rest of the cake eating was done in silence. Everybody, every now and then, would glance at the birthday girl, then up at the direction where Jurina had disappeared off into and then back to their cake. Everyone’s mind was still busy trying to process what had just happened. Even when everyone has finished the cake, Jurina still hasn’t returned again. Being the head girl, Masana was starting to feel like something wasn’t right. She looked at her watch and then looked at the others, “If we don’t go back soon, we are going to be late...”

“Someone find Jurina,” Kanon said as she doubled checked the time herself.

Seeing that everyone was having trouble trying find a way to find Jurina, Kumi spoke up and suggested, “How about we give her a call? Jurina always picks up the phone.”

Akane, filled with guilt with what she has caused, starting to feel worried about Jurina, immediately hunted for her phone after hearing Kumi’s words. But before she could flip open the screen and press the quick dial button, Kanon reached over and stopped the girl. Despite knowing that she would hurt the girl with these words, Kanon knew it was still necessarily to say it, “Churi, I don’t think Jurina would pick up the phone if you rang her...” Akane looked at Kanon and then slowly lowered her phone and sat still with her head hanging low, knowing that Kanon was right and that she wouldn’t’ be able to help in any way.

Mizuki was going to wait for Akane to call Jurina first and give the girl a chance to speak to her first, but seeing that the girl had decided not to do so, Mizuki picked up her own phone. Quickly pinching in Jurina’s number which she has remembered off by heart, Mizuki placed her phone next to her ear and watched the others as they looked at her and waited while the ringing continued. After awhile, Mizuki lost her patience and closed her phone while mumbling out in anger, “That baka is not picking up.”

“Let me try,” Kanon said as she dialed the number and waited. The others held their breath as they watched Kanon waiting for Jurina to pick up the phone. However, when the girl lowered her phone after a few seconds and then slowly shook her head, the others frowned. Kumi tried when Kanon gave up, only to be greeted by the same result. When even after Masana’s called was not picked up, everyone just slouched back into their seats in defeat.

“Mou, where is Jurina... It’s not like her to not pick up even Masanya’s call...” Kanon mumbled.

Suddenly, a different voice that hasn’t been speaking much throughout the dinner, spoke up. “Maybe Jurina-san is not answering because she knows who is calling,” Airi said. The others looked at her, confused. Airi explained further, “Well, seeing that even Kanon-san said it isn’t like Jurina-san to not pick up the phone, maybe Jurina-san is avoiding you guys. Think about it. If you are trying to avoid someone, and you know they are calling you, would you pick up the phone?”

The girls pondered over Airi’s words and then shook their heads. Kanon then nodded, “Alright then, one of you guys call her. You two don’t have Jurina’s number right?” The two girls nodded and quickly turned around to hunt for their phones.

Rena found her phone first and Mizuki quickly dialed Jurina’s number on Rena’s phone and returned the phone to Rena. Rena pressed call and held the phone against her ear, waiting as the ringing continues. All of a sudden, the ringing stopped and then it was quiet. The call was obviously still connected as there isn’t that tone that rings when someone hangs up on her. Rena gulped nervously and then spoke, “I-Is this Jurina?”

The voice on the other side of the phone was silent for a while but then spoke again, “Yes. Who is this?”

Hearing that it was Jurina, Rena’s emotions was completely flooded with concern and worry. Without introducing herself, Rena almost yelled into the phone, “Where are you, Jurina!?”

“Who is this?” Jurina asked again. Rena clearly heard a tint of surprise in the girl’s voice. But then Rena didn’t blame the girl, after all, Rena doesn’t shout often. She seemed to have even surprised Mizuki who was sitting a few seats away from her, who jumped when she suddenly heard Rena shout into the phone.

“It doesn’t matter who I am,” Rena answered firmly, knowing very well Jurina would most likely to hang up if she finds out its her, “Where are you, Jurina? Everyone is worried about you!”

The voice on the phone went silent for a while, and then in a uncertain tone of voice, Jurina spoke again, “Are you Rena?”

Rena’s eyes widened in surprised when she heard Jurina guessed her name. ’How does Jurina know....’ Rena thought to herself. Then remembering that she still hasn’t answered the girl yet, Rena pushed away her surprise and said into the phone in a slightly softer voice, “Just come back now wherever you are, Jurina. Hurry up. Everyone is worried dead about y-“

“What’s wrong?” Mizuki asked when she saw Rena stopping so suddenly half way in an unfinished sentence.

Rena lowered her phone and stared at the screen, “She hang up on me...”

After a little more moment of silence, Masana stood up and said, “Don’t worry about Jurina. If she picked up the phone, the she is fine. We should really go back now, before we are late.” The others looked at Masana, finding it slightly hard to believe the girl’s words. But Masana didn’t care. If there is anyone who knows Jurina well, it would have to be Masana. And Masana knows that Jurina hates the punishment she gets from being back to school late.

“How can you be sure, Masana-san?” Rena asked, not wanting to leave Jurina behind.

Kanon cuts in this time, “If there’s anyone who knows about Jurina possibly more than Jurina know about herself, it would be Jurina.” Rena nodded, but her face still hinted that she was not convinced.

The girls started packing and gets ready to leave while Mizuki calls the waiter and pulls out her purse from her bag to pay the bill. All of a sudden, Masana and Rena took the bill out of Mizuki’s hand and started arguing with each other who should pay the bill. Kanon watched on with amusement but then quickly returned to helping Kumi with the girl’s shopping. The other group of girls obviously didn’t know about a tradition between Jurina’s group of setting who will pay the bills beforehand. Tired, annoyed and slightly impatient, Mizuki facepalmed herself and snatched the bills out of Rena’s hand and quickly handed the bill to the waiter along with her card.


“Is it really okay to leave Jurina behind?” Rena asked again as they stepped outside the restaurant.

Kumi nodded and gave Rena’s shoulder a reassuring pat, “Jurina can take care of herself.”

“We will call her again once we get back to school,” Kanon said as she waved her arm out onto the street and called in two taxis, one for themselves and one for Masana, Kanako, Airi and Rena. The girls quickly thanked Kanon and made their way to their own taxi, glad that they wouldn’t have to take a long walk to the station carrying so many things in order to get back to school. Kanon waved Akane over and gave the girl a small push as she led the girl towards the taxi, “C’mon, Churi, time to get back.” Quickly, the girls all fit into their own taxis and made their way back to the school.


Kanon’s head resting on Kumi’s shoulder, Kumi’s head resting back on Kanon’s, their hands locked together as they chatted quietly with each other. It was a very sweet scene to watch. But the moment the car hits the highway, the two of them drifted off to sleep peaceful as the day’s fatigue overpowered them. Mizuki, sitting at the front of the car, was completely opposite of the couple behind her. She couldn’t sleep, even though she was really tired.

Mizuki was too worried about Jurina, even though she knew the girl knew her way around and would be able to get back. Her thoughts suddenly drifting back to the cause of all these worries, Mizuki looked at the side view mirror to see what Akane was up to, seeing how quiet the girl was. However, what Mizuki saw send a stinging feeling in her heart as she saw Akane sitting in the back, next to Kanon, staring out the window, her eyes glistening with tears. Mizuki watched hopelessly as she saw Akane tried to stop herself from crying could only manage to silence her sobs but not stop her tears. Mizuki wanted to tell Akane to stop crying, but she stopped herself.

’That’s right, Churi, let your tears out. It’s better to cry now so you won’t cry later on...’ Mizuki thought to herself as she watched Akane unable to hold in anymore and buried her face into her own two hands as she silently sobbed.


It was almost cute how Kanako was slightly snoring as she slept on Masana’s shoulder who was also sleepying with her own head up against the car window. The way that small piece of hair that was in Kanako’s face flies up each time the girl breathed out and drops back down on her face when she breathes in. Kanako’s soft snoring was almost like a lullaby, sending the rest of the occupants of the car into sleep. Rena got slightly worried when she noticed the driver struggled to keep his eyes opened, but relaxed slightly when the driver couldn’t stand it and decided to turn up the radio.

Airi was sitting at the back, next to Kanako, reading on of her newly bought manga. She too, was tired beyond imagination, but because she didn’t like sleeping in the car, she decided to find something else to do. She had already finished three chapters when the taxi started merging into the highway traffic. Noticing that Rena was also awake, Airi had offered her manga for Rena to read, but the girl kindly rejected, saying that she is fine. But truth is, Rena wanted to read, but she couldn’t. Her mind refused to let her focus. Every few seconds, after Rena’s attention was caught by something outside the window, somehow, the thought of Jurina would always climb back into her mind.

’Is Jurina okay? Where is she now? Why did she leave Churi back then?’ Rena asked herself as she stared at the distance. ’Why am I even getting so anxious about this? Jurina....’ She thought to herself again, but then sat in silent as she tried to think of an answer.

“Ah... It’s raining again...”

Rena turned her head to the voice and saw the taxi driver mumbling to himself. Turning her attention back towards the window, Rena looked up at the grew thunder clouds that were rolling in. ’I hope Jurina is okay...’ Rena thought as she flinched at the sudden flash of a lightning in the sky. She mentally prepared herself for the boom of the thunder but still jumped slightly at the sound of thunder. Even till now, Rena could never work out how long it takes for the sound of thunder to reach her ears after the lightning flashes because each time she counted, it was different.

Staring at another lightning flash, the worries inside Rena’s mind gradually grew, just like the sound of the thunder that were increasing in volume as they reach closer and closer to the thunder clouds.

’Where are you, Jurina...’

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #322 on: October 07, 2012, 07:19:00 AM »
Tako-san!! nice update!! eeeeh?! Jurina is running away? she's confused  :shocked

i'm glad, but poor Churi  :( and Rena was worried about Jurina. Jurina, where are you? you must be thinking now..

it's raining. Rena, you must find your Jurina. me too worried about her..

Kumi and Kanon is so cute >.<

hehe, thanks for the update Tako-san!! always waiting for you  :D good job!!

ah! for Mizuki? yes!! she will have Nishishi right? *eh  :lol:

*Joker smile* hehe 

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #323 on: October 07, 2012, 09:00:15 AM »
Welcome back for a short time, ohayou-san. ;) And this is an interesting update.

I wonder why Jurina refused to fulfill her best friend's wish. Maybe because of Rena?? XD

I'm not a good writer like you though so i dont think i'm worth being one of your fav writers but Thank a lot, anyway.

You're one of my fav writers too <3

Thanks for your hard work. I'm looking forward to your next comeback~

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #324 on: October 07, 2012, 12:42:11 PM »
I think I haven't commented here so far but I've been following your stories closely since I stumbled upon them. So wheeee, an AGP update~

I'm feeling sorry for Jurina here but I'm still rooting for RenAirin nevertheless~ Sadly, the Airin/Rena/Jurina-love triangle always leaves one of them hurt. Did you decide on the final pairing for this story yet?
And Churi...I hope Jurina manages to sort out her feelings soon...  :(

Fufufu~ A love square indeed, but then it's more like an N than a square because...

If now Churi decides to turn to Airin instead, we'll have a perfect chaos!

That scene in the taxi kinda reminds me of the recent G+ post where Rena and Airin were in the car together and Airin was hoping for Rena to sleep on her shoulder instead xD You should include that at some point of time~

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #325 on: October 07, 2012, 03:15:04 PM »
I like RenAiri, but in this fic, I really want a WMatsui. Interesting relationship can be, more than RenAiri, so I would like more WMatsui moment.
But it's just my opinion, I don't know what is your plan, and I'm glad if is RenAiri too. I really like SKE's AGP, anything can happen. :)

And I'm really sorry for sometimes I'm a silent reader and don't write comment...
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #326 on: October 07, 2012, 03:35:01 PM »
wooo an update!  Loved it!  Hoping for more RenAirin soon! ;D  :twothumbs

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #327 on: October 07, 2012, 04:45:40 PM »


Can't wait for next update!
Poor Akane...
Didn't Jurina like Churi? or has her love for Churi faded after she met Rena?  :panic:

Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #328 on: October 07, 2012, 06:39:49 PM »
I hope that Jurina is ok...
I can wait for WMatsui momeeeeeeeentS  :inlove: :inlove:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #329 on: October 08, 2012, 12:51:48 AM »
I was surprised in this chapter by the sudden drama  :shock:
And you know what? I'm loving this :wahaha:
I can't wait to know what will happen to Jurina and Rena in the next chapter  :kekeke:
And omg, the next update of TPB will be a extreme long chapter!!??  :shock:
I'M SO HAPPY TO KNOW THIS!!  :farofflook:
THANK YOU OHAYOU-SAN  :farofflook:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #330 on: October 08, 2012, 01:17:16 AM »
Poor Churi T_T
I like how it's Airin who had the good idea lol

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #331 on: October 08, 2012, 06:58:02 AM »'s wrong with you J?still confused with your feeling towards churi because of rena?

c'mon,nothing wrong if childhood friend become lover...are you afraid that kind of relationship wont worked out and ruin your friendship afterwards?well,you wont know unless you tried it first,wont you?so just kiss churi and make her yours...

leave rena for airin

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
« Reply #332 on: October 13, 2012, 08:59:27 AM »
Hey there, JuRikki-san~
Thanks for commenting!
As in for who Mizuki's girl friend would be,
JuRikki-san, you're no fun~
Guessing it right on the first go...

You know, I already had AGP Chapter 21 written when I posted Chapter 20,
so when I read your comment and saw you guessing who Mizuki's girlfriend was going to be,
my first thought was: 'NO FUN! PEOPLE GUESS IT SO EASILY~!'
So... Grr... JuRikki-san guessed it on the first go,
but oh well~ I still love you! xDDD

Yahho, Sayuki-san~~~
I'm back~
Why did Jurina refuse her best friend's wish indeed,
I hope this update clears everything out for you! (^^)

And yay! Me is also someone's favourtie writer!
I'm all happy nau hahahaha~
And to be a favourite writer of one of my own favourite writer!
I'm so confused now~ hahahahaha~
I love you, Sayuki-san~~~ <3 <3 <3 <3
I hope you like this update!

Hey there, Taivas-san~
Thank you for commenting! (^^)
Final pairing, I have no yet decided yet.
But don't worry, it's going to soon come to an end.
About... uh.... a few more chapters to go.
Notice, by few, I mean, like, 'few' in MY definition xDDD
Which could be a two digit number for all I know hahahahahaha

Anyways, does Taivas-san want Furuyanagi in AGP too? LOL xDDDD
Everyone wants Churi to end up happy~
Where's the fun if everyone ends up happy~
C'mon, someone has to hurt *evil grin*

And what!? what when where why how!?
What G+ post!? They sat in a car together!?
Airin wanted Rena to sleep on her shoulder!?
(but then I don't have much time to pay enough attention to G+ to see these)
Does Taivas-san have a link?
I wanna see the post! I wanna see the post!

Kiri-el-san is a RenAirin shipper?
But I'm glad Kiri-el-san wants wMatsui instead~
wMatsui is a pairing that everyone should ship~
They are so awesome that the word "awesome" doesn't even describe it~
In fact, I can't even describe them~
That pairing is just so.... sdkajlfhkasljdfhaksjdfhklasjdf

*ahem* Anyway~
More wMatsui moments?
Coming riiiiiiiiiiiiiight up~
Fufufufufu~ (^m^) I guess Kiri-el-san doesn't mind which pairing it is in the end aye?
What would Kiri-el-san do if I made the ending so that there is NO pairing at all?
Would Kiri-el-san hurt me? Hahahahahaha~ (^m^)

And it's okay to be a silent reader, Kiri-el-san!
I love silent readers! But then, of course, I love commenters even more~
<3 <3 <3

Hey, konbini-san~
Thanks for commenting!

RenAirin will be coming up quite soon~
So please just wait a few more chapters!

Ah~ Everyone feels sympathy towards Churi~
Megumi-san have lots of questions!
Let's hope this update clears things up a little bit!

And and and and!
Please don't die!
Come back to me!
Don't leave me!

Thank you for commenting, Minami-chan~
Your wait for wMatsui moment can stop now!
Because this update have wMatsui!
And really nice wMatsui too (I hope)~
So enjoy! (*^^*)

Heya, Juribait-san~
Fanfic would not be a fanfic without a little drama, nee?
I'm glad you like it, Juribait-san~
I wouldn't have posted it if people don't like it f(^_^;)

Yup yup!
TPB gonna be a long BORING chapter~
It's just going to be one akjsdfhklasjdfhlaks
I shall not reveal anything~
Read this update and find out how boring this long chapter is lol, Juribait-san~

Thanks for commenting, kahem-san!
Airin is the smart one nyan~
Though she doesn't act like one~
She can be smart when she wants to be (^m^)

Heya, bunny-rabbit-san~~~
Thank you for commenting, nyan~
Bunny-rabbit-san seems to be wanting ChuriJuri (or is it JuriChuri?) and RenAirin in AGP~
Hmmmm~~~ (^m^)

Dang~ That comment replying was tiring xDDDDD
But it's worth it! Make me more tired! I don't mind hahahahaha~

Anyway, I'm in boarding now~
Everything is going okay, except for the internet which I can't help but hate.
Imagine, videos sites such as Youtube are alllllll blocked, all SNS like Facebook and Twitter, allllllll blocked, photo sharing sites such as Twitpic, alllllll blocked~
Not to mention that everyday, we have to re-login into the school server to use the internet, even if it disconnects several times in one day (which it does quite often).
Now, let's not even go into the fact that it cuts at midnight and only reopens at 4? 5? I can't even remember!
And then, the internet is shared amongst like, I dunno, hundred something boarders!?
dkajhfklsjadhfkljadshk I can die from this~~~~

But anyway, no one needed to do that~
I just needed a place to rant hahahaha~
ANYWAY! Good new!
This time, it's not just a double update,

Two chapters for SKE All Girl's Private School,
one long and super boring chapter for The Perfect Bodyguard~
Hope you guys all like it!

But please bear in mind that I'm dead serious about the TPB chapter being boring~
It's just about Sakiko's history~
But I still hope you guys like it!

Now, enjoy~~~~~~
Until I update next time (which could be QUITE a while),
Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeace nyan~  :peace:

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is a little surprise at the end of my update for AGP!
Please tell me what you think about it!
Because honestly, I find it extremely difficult to write something I have never done in my life...
Yes.... I have never........... (==")

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
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SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 21

The first taxi to stop in front of the school front gate was Mizuki’s. Kumi and Kanon, who woke up automatically as the taxi stopped, were the first to step out of the taxi. Kanon stretched her arms and legs and let out a small purr to which Kumi couldn’t help but giggle at, earning herself a small playful slap on the arm. Mizuki got out after paying and thanking that taxi driver.

Seeing that Akane was still asleep, Mizuki carefully opened Akane’s side of the doors and tapped the girl on the shoulder, “Churi? We’re here.” Akane mumbled slightly but otherwise, had no other indication of being awake. Mizuki shook her head and sighed. Putting the girl’s arm around her shoulder, Mizuki half led half pulled Akane out of the taxi and was surprised at how heavy Akane actually was when the girl, being half asleep, leaned against her for support. “Jeez, what have you been eating today, Churi?” Mizuki mumbled as she pulled Akane with her to where Kumi and Kanon was.

Kanon looked at the time as Mizuki made her way to them and then looked up at the girl, “The gates are going to close soon, should we call Jurina again?”

“I don’t know...” Mizuki mumbled as she took out her own phone to check the time herself.

“I’ll call her again,” Kumi offered and quickly dialed Jurina’s number on her phone. However, the phone that was held against her ear was put down almost as soon as it was held up as the call was send straight to voice mail. All three girls frowned as they felt the concern they had of Jurina started to grow even more.

Another taxi quickly rolled to a stop just where Mizuki’s taxi was before and a girl quickly came out of the front seat, fixing her coat as she tried to pay the taxi driver and get out of the taxi all at the same time. The rest of the girls in the car opened the door and stepped out just as the door automatically closed and the taxi sped off to catch their next fare. The girl that paid noticed Kumi was calling someone and quickly made her way to the girls.

“Isn’t Jurina back yet?” Masana asked as she properly fixed her coat and puts her purse back in her bag. The girls shook their heads. Masana checked her phone and started mumbling to herself, “The gate will close soon...”

Rena, already anxious about leaving Jurina behind, stood forward and suggested, “Should I go look for her?”

“NO!” Both Kanon and Masana almost shouted at the girl at the same time immediately, making Rena jump back a step, shocked at the sudden increase in volume.

Kanon saw Rena’s sad expression and immediately explained further, hoping the girl wouldn’t think that she did something wrong, “If Jurina doesn’t want to found then it will be a pointless trip. Not to mention,” Kanon pointed to the dark sky outside that has started pouring again the moment all the girls arrived at the school shelters, “It’s raining really hard right now. You will get sick if you go out.”

“And as the headgirl,” Masana said, returning Rena’s attention to her, “I cannot allow someone to go outside of school afterhour and it is almost time for gate closing.”

Rena frowned but said nothing. There was nothing she could say because she knew that both the headgirl and the co-headgirl was right. As Rena’s worries for Jurina grew more and more unbearable with each passing second, Rena spoke again, “I’ll wait here until Jurina comes back then.”

Kanon looked at Rena, “You could be waiting for a while.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Rena shook her head.

“What if she doesn’t come back tonight?”

“Then I will wait for the whole night,” Rena said immediately without a tint of hesitation in her voice.

Kanon shook her head in disbelief and said in a small voice, “You’re crazy you know...” Rena gave the girl a small tired smile.

Masana cleared her throat and excused herself with Kanako clinging tightly onto the girl’s sleeves with one hand and all the shopping bags in the other, “Well, Kanakana is getting really tired so we’ll go back to our room now. Call me when Jurina gets back, okay?” Rena nodded.

Mizuki pointed to the girl who had managed to fall back asleep while standing up and leaning on her shoulder, “Don’t want to keep this one up now that she is finally asleep. Excuse us.”  With that, Mizuki dragged Akane with her as they followed after where Masana had gone off to.

“R-Rena-san?” Airi called in a very small voice as she unconsciously rubbed her shoes against each other and her grip on her shopping bags tightened.

Rena turned around and looked at Airi, almost forgetting the existence of the girl who has barely spoken since arrival. “Airin?”

“U-Um... W-Would you like me to um... s-stay behind?”

Rena smiled and shook her head slowly, “It’s okay, Airin. Go back and get some sleep. I will wait for Jurina.” Airi nodded and disappeared, not even bothering to persist as she felt her own fatigue starting to take over and the strength in her arms slowly decreasing.

“Well I’m tired and I want to sleep early tonight since there isn’t really much point staying up if Jurina isn’t here. You coming, Non?” Kumi asked.

Kanon shook her head, “I’m going to stay here and wait for Jurina as well.”

“It’s fine, Non, I can wait here by myself,” Rena said.

“I WANT to stay here and wait for Jurina, “ Kanon said, emphasizing on the fact that she is staying behind because of her own wants. Rena nodded, respecting Kanon’s decision. Kumi quickly gave Kanon a good night kiss and jogged off back towards the boarding facility.


After around half an hour of silence, with no other sounds but the sound of rain pounding on the roof of the shelter both Kanon and Rena were standing under. Feeling her own legs starting to hurt, Kanon sat down on the floor and leaned against the pillar. “So,” Kanon spoke first, wanting to start a conversation, “Matsui Rena huh?”

Rena looked at Kanon, confused with Kanon’s tone of voice, sounding as if she wasn’t sure if she was actually Rena. But otherwise, still nodded at the girl’s questioning words.

“I never had a chance to properly talk to you,” Kanon said with a guilty smile, “Even though you have been in the chool for so long already.”

Rena shook her head, “It’s okay, we are in different class afterall.”

“So how are you doing at school?” Kanon asked, “Coping well?”

“Everything is fine,” Rena said with a small smile, glancing at the front gate again, “Everything is okay. I can cope with anything.”

Although noticing that Rena have been glancing at the front gate every once in a while, but said nothing. The girl was concern after all. If it wasn’t for the fact that this wasn’t the first time that Jurina had disappeared till late at night, Kanon would be sharing just as much concern as Rena had. Kanon still remembered that first time when Jurina stayed out too late out with Mizuki, three weeks after she started school. The two didn’t return from wherever they were that Kanon never bothered to ask till around one to two, almost giving Kanon a heart attack.

Shaking the horrifying memories from her mind, Kanon asked again, “Your roommate is...” the girl scratched her head, “Jurina, right?” Rena nodded. Kanon chuckled, “Jurina can be quite a kid sometimes, so I guess I should apologize for her huh?”

“It’s okay,” Rena laughed. “She’s actually quite cute when she does act like a kid,” Rena quickly clamped her hands over her mouth as soon as the words slipped out.

Kanon stared at Rena for a second but then grinned at the taller girl, knowing that the playgirl can be very adorable when she wants to get spoiled. Rena looked away, feeling her face becoming slightly heated despite the pouring rain surrounding her. Kanon observed Rena’s face closer when she found that the way Rena looked away with her pink face really reminded her of how Akane looked like after the girl told them that she thought she might be starting to like Jurina. Kanon’s eyes widened when she realized what that could mean. Kanon leaned in closer, trying to find in Rena’s eyes, the same flash she saw in Akane’s eyes whenever the girl talks or thinks about Jurina, but the weather was too dark for her to see.

Fanning her face, hoping to cool down the heat, Rena turned back to Kanon, noticing the strange silence that has suddenly developed between the two again. “D-Do I have something on my face?” Rena asked as she drew back her face and started feeling her face with her hands, looking for anything that might have been the cause of Kanon closing in. Kanon quickly returned normal and shook her head.

Before Rena could take out her phone to check her face, a soft chime rang across the school ground, indicating it was gate closing time. A small clink made Rena jumped and whipped her head around just in time to see the timer on the gate has automatically locked it. Kanon pushed herself up and reached over to help Rena up as well, “C’mon, it’s time to go back. Jurina won’t be able to make it back.”

Rena looked at Kanon’s hands reaching out to her and then looked at the gate, as if still waiting for Jurina to somehow burst through the locked gate. But after a while, shook her head and decided to allow Kanon to pulled her up as she wondered what was going to happen to Jurina now that the gate is closed. Kanon saw the worried look on Rena’s face and smiled at the girl, “Jurina will be fine. She knows how to look after herself. Jurina is famous in the school for perfect attendance, she would never miss class unless it is an emergency. If she doesn’t come back tonight, she will definitely be back before Monday.” Rena nodded, her face still filled with concern.

Kanon looked up at the sky, “Maa~ It’s still pouring really hard... Looks like we will have to run back to the boarding if we don’t want to catch a cold.” Rena nodded and the two girls ran back together under the rain. As they ran, Kanon accidentally ran on the grass which had turned into mud and almost slipped on her back side. If it wasn’t for Rena’s sudden unusual fast reaction and grabbed onto Kanon before the girl landed right into the mud, Kanon would had had to spend hours washing her hair tonight.

Kanon skidded to a stop right into the wall and squeezed the water out of her dripping hair and clothes the moment she escaped from the rain outside, ignoring the stinging pain she felt from the collision into the wall. Rena on the other hand, worried more about what was inside her bag than about her own hair. Quickly taking out the drawing that Airi drew for her, Rena flipped her bag upside down and poured out all the water that had been caught during her rain so that the drawing would not be ruined.

“Go back to your room, Rena,” Kanon said as she waved her arms around trying to fling the water off her arms, “Warm yourself up and get a shower right away if you don’t want to catch a cold.”

“Thanks, Non,” Rena smiled at her as she fixed her own fringe, covering her forehead, “good night to you too.” Rena watched as Kanon turned around and walked back upstairs to her room while continuing to squeeze the remaining water out of her hair. Once Kanon was out of sight, Rena turned around and looked at the school front gate that was barely visible in the distance, then after a while, Rena turned away and made her way back home.


Walking out of the bathroom, Rena threw her towel on her bed and plugged her hair dryer in, quickly blow drying her hair. Once the towel was placed back on the drying rack and the dryer was put back into the drawer neatly, Rena took her phone out of her bag and looked at the time, it was already almost midnight. After staring at her phone for a few seconds after wondering about what she should do now, Rena decided to try and try and ring Jurina again but still the girl didn’t pick up, even after Rena rang her three times. Giving up, Rena put her phone on the table, turned off the light, hoping to catch some sleep.

Rena closed her eyes and thought back to what had happened today and what fun she had had at the anime expo, but no matter how hard she tried to concentrate on those happy things that had happened today so she could dream about them, that scene of Jurina leaving the restaurant kept flashing back into her mind. Rena groaned when she finally couldn’t stand seeing Jurina’s action replying in her head constantly. The girl pulled her blanket over her head, hoping the even darker darkness can lure her to sleep. When even that failed, Rena gave up and just turned back on the light. After staring at the ceiling and trying to empty her mind, Rena ended up reaching over and grabbing her study notes from her table and tried to study, hoping that studying will help distract her mind from a certain Jurina. But even that failed. Hearing that the rain has stopped outside, Rena peered out the window, and after a moment of thinking, she decided to go out for some fresh air as she know that usually help her feel better.

This was Rena’s first time going to the roof of the school’s boarding building. To be honest, although the rest of the school was fancily decorated, from wall to shelter to pathways, Rena expected the roof would look just as normal as any other roof in town would because no one usually bother to decorate the roof. But after opening the door that led up to the roof, Rena knew she was wrong when an uncontrollable gasp escaped her lips.

In front of Rena, was what Rena felt confident saying, the most beautiful roof top she had ever seen. Not only was the edge decorated with hanging blue lights, there was a white and blue swing on the side as well as a table, a small fountain, and lots and lots of flowers, and everything were decorated with the same blue light.

Rena slowly closed the door behind her as she stepped down from the small steps and took in the sight in front of her. Already, she could feel her mind clearing. She walked over to the side and leaned over the rails and looked at the entire school ground for the first time as well during the night. From the roof, she could see lamp posts lying all around the school, giving off the same soft blue glow that lit up the roof. Having enough of admiring her own school’s beauty, Rena looked around for a dry spot. Leaning against the rail, Rena sat on the dry spot in the corner and instantly felt coldness seeping through her pyjamas.  But Rena couldn’t care less. With the already clear sky filled with stars and a really bright silver moon, Rena could only care about how beautiful the night was tonight. Even when Rena felt the night air bringing a soft cold breeze towards her, Rena thought of it as something more of a mind reliever than something that could make her catch a cold. And before the girl knew it, she was already asleep.


Jurina slammed her head against the rail for the nth time and leaned forward against the rail, hanging her upper body over the rail and stared at the sea below her as she pondered over what had happened just then back at the restaurant.

’It was so close... Just a bit more and I could’ve solved all the problem... But why couldn’t I do it!?’

Jurina really didn’t understand why she couldn’t do it. It was a simple task. Just a small puck on the lip and none of these problems would’ve needed solving. Akane would’ve had her birthday wish fulfilled and everyone could’ve gone home happy today. Yet when she was so close to touch Akane’s lips, Jurina felt something nagging at the back of her mind, telling that something isn’t right and that she shouldn’t be doing that.

“Argh...” Jurina groaned as she frowned and stayed in the weird position that she is right now and mentally slapped herself in the head. Suddenly out of nowhere, a hand slapped her on her back, almost making Jurina fall right into the sea below if it wasn’t for the hand taking hold of her shoulder before the she lost her balance. Jurina whipped around, getting ready to punch whoever did that to her. However, when she saw that it was a girl who she hadn’t seen for a long time, Jurina couldn’t control the surprise she felt.


Nakanishi Yuka, or as many other like to call her, Nishishi, pulled Jurina up and grinned at the girl, “It has been a while since I’ve seen you, Jurina. How long has it been...”

“Since our last athletics together,” Jurina said confidently, helping the girl out. Yuka was a girl that Jurina was the closest friend Jurina had, second to Akane. A girl who she also grew up together with. A girl that was more of a brother to her than an actual friend. A friend like that? There was no way Jurina could forget the last time she had met her.

“Ah... That was a long time ago... Since I didn’t participate in last year’s athletics,” Yuka mumbled as she recalled the memories of her last athletics with Jurina.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me,” Jurina lightly punched Yuka in the shoulder, “Why didn’t you come anyway? I was looking forward to seeing you again last year, you know.”

“Well I broke my ankle during one of the high jump practice around a week before the actual thing, so I couldn’t really do anything,” Yuka explained.

“You could’ve at least come...”

“I did go,” Yuka said defensively, not giving Jurina a chance of saying that she had no team spirit because she didn’t go cheer her own school team, “I just simply stayed indoor with the teachers instead of outdoor where all the actions were.”

“You could’ve at least came and said hi...” Jurina mumbled as she looked down at the floor, feeling slightly rejected and abandoned at the fact that her closer-than-best-friend friend hadn’t even bothered to greet her when they could barely see each other more than once or twice a year.

Yuka grinned and gave Jurina’s shoulder a light punch back and apologized, “Gomen ne~ Won’t happen again.”

“It better not,” Jurina growled at the girl.

“So, why are you here anyway?” Yuka asked, “Isn’t Saturday usually your training day?”

Jurina groaned as her mind recalled back the reason of her being here, “Don’t even wanna talk about it...”

Yuka stared at Jurina in concern. Yuka knew Jurina well and she knew that the girl didn’t usually skip training unless it was for something really important. “Did something happen at training? What’s wrong?” Yuka asked again.

“Don’t want to talk about it,” Jurina repeated as she closed her eyes, blocking out the annoying memories of the events that happened back at the restaurant.

“Yeah, well, it’s usually better to talk about things like those rather than to slouch over the railway by the sea, making people think that you’re going to jump down,” Yuka pointed out.

Jurina looked at Yuka in horror, “I would NEVER suicide!”

Yuka laughed and slapped Jurina’s arm, “I know, I know. I know you won’t suicide.”

Jurina groaned again, this time in annoyance, “I refuse to believe I used to go to the same school as you.”

Yuka laughed again, “You know you love me~”

The conversation of the two girls died out into silence as Yuka observed Jurina, who had suddenly gone deep into her own thoughts. Then out of the blue, Jurina said out loud, “Let’s just say I ruined somebody’s birthday for a reason that I don’t even know myself.”

Yuka thought for awhile than realization hit her when she remembered whose birthday it was today, “Are you talking about Churi!?”

Jurina frowned at the mention of the girl’s name and said nothing. Pushing herself away from the rail, Jurina dragged herself to go sit on a bench nearby. Yuka followed the girl and joined the girl, sitting herself comfortably on the other half of the bench with one leg folded under her other, “What happened?”

“Churi’s birthday wish...” Jurina mumbled.

“What about it?” Yuka pressed on. Although Yuka was curious to know what had happened between Jurina and Akane, she had always known when to keep the curiosity to herself. Her pressing Jurina to go on was just because she wanted Jurina to talk about what was on her mind so she could feel better.

Suddenly, Jurina stood up. “Nevermind,” the girl said as she looked around, “It’s getting dark. I should go back to school before the school gate closes.” As Jurina turned around and started making her way back towards the train station so she could catch the train back to school and escape from having to explain further to Yuka what had happened, a hand grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her back.

“I know a place when you can feel better without telling anyone what’s on your mind,” Yuka said as she kept her hold on Jurina.

Jurina thought for a while, weighing the importance of her own self happiness and the school rules. Jurina turned back to look at Yuka when her mind decided that her own happiness was more important than rules. “Where?”

Yuka grinned and pulled Jurina along with her as she ran to the location in her mind, “Come!”


Jurina laughed as she leaned her back against the wall of the dark alley. She wiped the side of her lip with her thumb, cleaning off the sticky substance and wincing at the stinging feeling of the pain that she received from the same action. Yuka does the same, holding herself up with one arm against the wall, as she tried to catch her breath, “It worked right?”

Jurina laughed again and said, “It sure did.”

“Feel better now?” Yuka asked as she turned around to lean against the wall in a more comfortable position to regain her strength.

“Never felt better!”

“It’s been a while since we’ve done something like this aye? Just the two of us,” Yuka grinned.

“Yeah...” Jurina grinned back as she recalled all those memories from a long time ago, before she moved into this school, back when the three of them, Yuka, Akane and Jurina herself, always hanged out together.

Yuka held out her hand with a devilish smile on her face, “Again?”

Jurina took the girl’s hand and nodded. Yuka grabbed hold of Jurina’s hand and with all her strength, flung Jurina to the other side of the alley, where one of the kids were trying to push themselves back up from the ground. Jurina twisted around in mid-air and landed a kick right between the kid’s leg and laughed as she watched the kid doubled over and fell onto the floor, unable to move any further.

“Why are you guys doing this...?” The kid on the floor managed to asked.

“Do what?” Yuka asked, putting on an innocent face.

Jurina grinned and said, “We were simply defending ourselves. You and your friends were the one that started the fight. Seeing that the kid could not speak anymore, Yuka and Jurina fixed their clothes and walked out of the dark alley and back into the lighted pathway, leaving behind the group of knocked out Yankees.

“All those fighting are making me hungry already,” Yuka said as she rubbed her stomach, feeling as if a World War III was going on inside her own organs.

“Me too, even though I had dinner at about,” Jurina looked at her phone,”Oh wow, it’s already been so long!? It was about six hours ago when I had dinner.”

Yuka laughed, “Let’s go get some supper nee?” Jurina nodded. “Not caring about being late for gate closing anymore huh?” Yuka grinned.

“Gate is already closed anyway,” Jurina said.

“Alright then, let’s go get some after midnight supper then,” Yuka said as she led Jurina to her favourite 24-hour ramen shop nearby.


The two girls walked out of the ramen shop and one of the girl lets out a small embarrassing burp.

“Oh, woops, excuse me,” Yuka quickly said as she covered her mouth, earning a rare giggle from Jurina. “Well then, time to go home,” Yuka said as she looked at the time.

Jurina nodded, “See you at the next athletics.”

“Un,” Yuka nodded, “Good luck at training.”

“You too,” Jurina smiled and turned around to make her way across the street to catch one of the taxis that were parked on the side of the street, waiting for a fare. Usually, Jurina wouldn’t like travelling alone in a taxi at this time of the night, but it wasn’t like she had a choice. The train station was already closed down for the night.

“Nee, Jurina!”

Jurina turned back around, confused, at the voice of Yuka, calling out to her suddenly. Yuka scratched the back of her head and messed up her own short hair slightly as she tried to figure out a way to ask what was on her mind properly, “Uh... Umm... How’s Mizuki?”

“Eh?” Jurina looked at Yuka, surprised at the sudden question, but answered it nonetheless, “She’s as good as ever. Why?”

Ignoring Jurina’s question, Yuka asked again, “Is Mizuki going to the athletics this year?”

“Of course,” Jurina answered, “You would have to kill her if you want Mizuki to miss athletics.”

Yuka nodded and gave out a nervous laugh, “Yeah... true... Cool, I’ll see you at athletics then.” With that, the girl quickly turned around and shuffled off.

Jurina watched as Yuka disappeared into the distance, her mind filled with confusion. It was strange of Yuka to suddenly develop a curiosity for Mizuki. In fact, it was usually strange to see anyone develop a curiosity for Mizuki. Shrugging the thoughts out of her mind, Jurina quickly ran across the barely occupied streets and got into the closest taxi and gave the driver the address of her school.


Rena opened her eyes and was surprised to find herself looking at something other than the usual white ceiling on the top of her room. Looking around, Rena saw that it was still dark and she was still on the roof. As she tried to figure out why she was on the roof, she felt a weird tingly feeling on her nose and before she knew, the feeling had made her sneezed. Shaking her head, Rena finally remembered why she was here, but before she could even stand up, another sneeze escaped her nose.

“Argh.... Sneezing at this rate and my nose is going to fall off...” Rena mumbled to herself as she rubbed her arms together, realizing that she had completely forgotten about the existence of a jacket when she came up to the roof. Needing to get out of the cold, Rena hurried back downstairs to her room, constantly sneezing the whole way.

As she was about to climb back into her own bed, into her nice and warm blankets, Rena suddenly heard a soft click coming from the door. She turned around and saw the door slowly opening. Rena panicked as she tried to think of why the door was opening. Thinking that one of the teachers were out on patrol, Rena quickly climbed into bed and turned around so that she faced the wall and shut her eyes, pretending to be sleeping, hoping that the teacher will just think that she had forgotten to turn off the lights as she knew the consequences for being out of her own room after lights out.

Rena silently prayed as she heard the door slowly closing with another click and footsteps shuffling into the room. Even though she couldn’t see what was happening, Rena felt a shadow looming over her. Rena kept her eyes shut and did her best not to move her eyes as she knew that if people looked close enough when others are pretending to be asleep, they can see their eyes moving. Surprising Rena, the girl suddenly felt the person grabbed hold of the side of her blanket and pulling it upper properly so that it covered Rena’s shoulders as well. At the warm action, Rena couldn’t help but smile on the inside.

All of a sudden, Rena felt the tingly feeling developed in her nose again. ’Oh my god... no.... not now! Don’t make me sneeze now oh my-‘ Unable to control herself, Rena ended up sneezing again. Rena froze when she felt that the person who was tucking her in also froze. Rena tried to make it look like as if she was still sleeping, so she pretended to stir in her sleep and used this chance to turn around into a more comfortable position. She opened her eyelids slightly, hoping to see who it was that was in her room, but all she could see was a very blurry image of the person in front of her. Unable to make out who it was that was once again, pulling up Rena’s blanket even after she turned around, Rena ended up shutting her eyes again. As she felt the person move away, Rena heard the door open and shut quietly again.

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ SKE's AGP (Chapter 20) [10/7] + POLL! (^^)
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SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 22[/b]


Rena groaned as she rolled on her bed, trying to quiet down her stomach so she can fall back asleep. After a few more moment of rolling and groaning and kicking at her blanket, Rena gave up and sat up on her bed.

“Why can I not even get a good night sleep ra!” Rena mumbled in frustration as she grabbed at her own hair, trying to pull some senses into herself.


“All right! All right!” Rena growled at herself in frustration as she kicked her blanket away and slid down her bed, knowing that her stomach won’t stop annoying her until she get some food down.

As Rena turned around to make her bed, she noticed the bed on the opposite side of the room was still empty. Although Rena found it disappointing to see that Jurina still had not return, somehow, something in the back of her mind told her not to worry about anything. It was as if her mind knew somehow, that Jurina was fine, and that she had already returned. Though Rena did not know how her mind knew that while herself did not. After quickly washing up, Rena grabbed her phone and her jacket which she almost forgot, and almost dashed down into the dining hall, not even bothering to get change.

By the time Rena arrived outside the dining room doors, she was already out of breath. Sport really wasn’t her thing. She flipped open her phone to check her time while she leaned against the wall to catch her breath. Surprised to find herself awake this early at six thirty in the morning, Rena crossed her fingers and prayed silently, hoping that breakfast is already read as she put her phone back in her pocket and opened the dining hall doors.

A frown formed on Rena’s face when she looked at the kitchen area, expecting food to be there, only to be met with a bare kitchen bench. However, the frown quickly disappeared when Rena’s eyes wandered around the dining hall and rested on the only other figure inside the hall, sleeping on their folded arms, head sideways. Being the curious person that Rena was, the girl tiptoed closer to see who the sleeper is and a gasp escaped her lips when she saw that the sleeping figure was actually Jurina herself, the very girl that had been on her mind the whole night last night.

Seeing Jurina sleeping peacefully brought a small smile on Rena’s face as she, although sharing the same room with Jurina, had barely ever seen Jurina’s sleeping face since it was always herself that sleeps the earliest. As Rena looked closer, her eyes widened at the sight of dried blood covering some sort of cut in the corner of Jurina’s lips. However, although curious to know what happened, something told her she might not want to know. Stepping away from the girl, Rena saw that a bit of Jurina’s back was exposed due to her sleeping position. Not wanting the girl to catch a cold, Rena took off her own jacket and wrapped it around Jurina’s shoulder.

Moving as quietly as she could, Rena moved backward towards the kitchen hoping to find some food, her eyes never leaving Jurina, fearing that Jurina would be gone when she turn around. However, walking backward without looking at where she was walking, has proven to be a very bad idea, and Rena learnt that for the first time today, the hard way, when she accidently bumped her thigh on corner of one of the tables. Rena bit her bottom lip to stop herself from making any noises as the features on her face scrunched up into one unreadable emotion. Suddenly, Rena felt a weird feeling on her nose while she was trying to hold onto her thigh to hold down the pain and walk to the kitchen without making any noise all at the same time. Unable to control anything, Rena let out a small sneeze, making herself jump and bump into another chair.

A small groan came from the other side of the hall and the sleeping figure stirred and slowly sat up and looked around. Rena quickly stood back up, forgetting all the hunger, and walked back to Jurina, avoiding all the chairs and tables and anything that had a sharp edge on it.

“Oh... R-Rena-chan...?” Jurina mumbled as she rubbed her half opened eyes, “Ohayou, Rena..... chan.....”

Seeing that Jurina’s head was falling back into her own arms and into sleep again, Rena quickly rushed forward and grabbed Jurina, “Na-uh, you are NOT sleeping again.” Rena quickly sat herself down next to Jurina and placed her hands on Jurina’s shoulders, forcing the girl to look at her and quickly asked, “where were you last night?”

Jurina opened her eyes at all the sudden contact which doesn’t happen often, even though the two shared a room because it was always Jurina who had more initiative. Hearing Rena’s question brought back memories of yesterday’s event. Feeling a sudden discomfort with her current situation, Jurina mumbled as she stood up from her seat, “No where.”

However, not knowing where she suddenly got the strength, Rena kept her hand on Jurina’s shoulders and pulled the girl back down into her seat. “What happened to your lips?” Rena asked as she stared at the dried blood.

Not knowing what Rena was talking about, Jurina wiped her lips and winced at the sudden stingy pain. Glancing at her own fingers and seeing the sudden blood, Jurina remembered where she got the cut and quickly rubbed the dried blood of her finger and quickly said, “Nothing happened.”

“That,” Rena said as she deliberately poked Jurina’s lip, “is not nothing!”

“Ow!” Jurina yelled as she slapped Rena’s hand away.

“Serves you right for making everyone worried about you after you left Churi last night,” Rena said as she folded her arms.

Jurina suddenly became silent and looked away from Rena to the floor.

“Jurina?” Rena called the girl, finding it unusual that the girl would suddenly go silent.

Not liking being ignored when she is talking about something so serious, Rena shook Jurina’s shoulder, bring Jurina’s attention back to her, “What’s wrong, Jurina?”

Being answered with silence again was beginning to worry Rena. Trying to look for the reason of Jurina’s sudden silence, Rena quickly looked around the girl and her eyes rested on Jurina’s lips, which had started bleeding slightly. Rena’s eyes dropped and her head lowered as guilt overwhelmed her mind and making her voice smaller and smaller each second as she spoke, “Did... I poke too hard just then...?”

Jurina looked at Rena, confused with the girl’s action. She licked her lips and was surprised to taste blood. Confused with what happened, Jurina brought her fingers onto her lips and was at first surprised to see blood on her finger again, but the surprise quickly gave her an idea and the girl grinned slightly as she answered Rena’s question with as much pain as she could, “Just a bit...”

“I... I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to...” Rena’s voice became even smaller as she spoke, her head dropping even lower with guilt.

Deciding to tease the girl, Jurina put on a slightly angry voice, “Sorry doesn’t stop the bleeding.”

Rena thought about Jurina’s words for awhile and then pulled a surprised Jurina up and started dragging the girl out of the dining hall.

“E-Eh!? W-Where are we going, Rena-chan?” Jurina asked as she tried to keep up with Rena who was pulling her out of the dining hall.

“Back to our room,” Rena answered.

Jurina wanted to ask why, but no words came out as her mind could suddenly, only focus on a certain warmth that was grasping her hand. A warmth that she has never felt before. A warmth that brought her heart beat to a running pace.


Rena sat Jurina on her bed and then left the girl and turned around as she pulled out her luggage and started searching through it. Just as Jurina was about to ask what Rena was looking for, Rena turned back around with a small basic first aid kit in her hand. Rena placed the box on her table and opened it, taking out some cotton pad and the bottle of antiseptic. After dampening the cotton with the liquid, Rena kneeled down next to Jurina and reached forward to clean Jurina’s cut. However, instead of staying still like she should, Jurina backed away from that certain alcoholic smell, knowing that it will hurt.

Jurina moving made her job ten times harder. “Stay still!” Rena said as she whacked Jurina’s knee with her free hand and then leaned forward and gently dapped the wet cotton in the bleeding area. Jurina winced at the contact and tried to pull back but Rena pulled her back and apologized. “So...” Rena slowly said when Jurina got used to the stinging pain and stopped pulling back, “How did you get this?”

“I was just having fun with an old friend,” Jurina answered.


“I ran into a friend last night by the sea.”

“The sea?” Rena asked, her curiosity increasing with each answer.

Jurina nodded, “I like hearing the sound of the sea, which is one of the reasons why I like going to the edge of the school ground, where I can see the sea in the distance. Sometimes, if it’s quiet enough, I can even hear the sea from school. And after staring at the waves and ripples for a while, my worries and troubles just disappear like magic.”

Rena could see excitement in Jurina’s eyes as the girl described everything. The way Jurina becomes all happy and her eyes shine and her smile grows when she describes the sea, Rena noticed everything. It was like giving a sad puppy their favourite treat. They just suddenly forget everything and wag their tails at you and become happy. “Did it work though?” Rena asked when Jurina finished explaining everything.

“Hmm?” Jurina looked at Rena, “for what?”

“For last night,” Rena said. Jurina looked away, not liking where the conversation was going back to. “What are you so troubled by what happened last night?” Rena asked, unable to stand Jurina being all quiet again.

Jurina didn’t want to say anything. The conversation was bring back memories of what happened last night, and Jurina didn’t like it. However, when Jurina looked back up at Rena, she saw care and concern, and most of all, trust. After debating within herself about what to do, Jurina sighed and frowned as she looked at her knee and started swinging her leg back and forth, “I... I ruined Churi’s birthday....”

Rena’s lips pulled back into a straight line. “And...?” Rena asked, pressing the girl on to explain more.

Jurina looked up at Rena, confused once again, “And?”

“And what?” Rena asked.

“What do you mean?”

Rena sighed and said, “So you ruined Churi’s birthday. What are you doing to do about it?”

Jurina looked down again and shuffled in her spot, trying to get into a more comfortable position. “I don’t know...” Jurina mumbled.

“well, do you WANT to do something about it?” Rena asked. Seeing Jurina silent once again for the nth time that day, Rena stood up and throw the cotton away and put the kit back into her luggage as she said loudly, “silence won’t get you anywhere, Jurina.”

“I...I....” Jurina raised her voice, “I was going to kiss Churi! It was just going to be a quick small peck on the lip! B-B-But... When I got really close, something in the back of my mind just stopped me from going for it!”

Rena kicked her luggage back under her bed and kneeled next to Jurina again and placed a comforting hand on Jurina’s knee, “Well then, do you know what it was that was in the back of your mind?” Jurina thought for awhile and then nodded firmly. Rena smiled, ’We’re finally getting somewhere!’ Rena looked up at Jurina and asked,  “What is it then?”

Suddenly, Jurina’s voice turned serious and she looked right at Rena’s eyes as she answered with only one word, “You.” Rena froze at the sudden answer and tried to process what Jurina meant. Jurina sensed the sudden tension and decided to continue and finally speak out what has been on her mind the whole time, “I have been thinking a lot when I was by the sea, and I realized that the reason that I couldn’t kiss Churi, was because of you.”

Rena became even more confused with Jurina’s words and her mind was giving her all kind of different interpretation of Jurina’s words. “W-What.... do you mean?”

Jurina sighed at Rena not understand what she was trying to get across. But then, Jurina had never done this in her entire life before, so maybe it was because she was doing something wrong and therefore Rena became confused? Jurina didn’t know. But Jurina did know the easiest way to get what she was trying to say across.

Rena’s eyes widened as Jurina’s face closed in on her’s. Rena didn’t know what Jurina was trying to do, but half of her mind was telling her to push Jurina away and run while the other half of her mind was not letting her do so. Yet, Rena had no idea why the two half of her mind were acting like this. All she could focus on was Jurina. For example, the fact that she could feel Jurina’s warm breath on her face, and that the girl’s eyes had closed. And then, Rena felt it. A strange warm feeling on her lips. However, it disappeared before Rena’s mind could even process what it was.

Jurina didn’t exactly know what would happen after she do this, but Jurina still tried. It’s better to say she have at least tried then to say she was too scared of what could happen so she didn’t try and so drown herself in regret, right? Jurina knew what she wanted to do, but somehow, she didn’t know how to do it. Yes, she has kissed plenty of girls in the school, but somehow, kissing Rena was in her mind, different to others. When Jurina kiss the other girls, she doesn’t feel any different. But, to be honest, Rena was the first person to make Jurina feel like her heart was going to jump out of her chest when she kissed her. Surprised at how fast her own heart was beating, Jurina quickly pulled back after the quick kiss and the smile on her face grew larger as she could still feel the heat of Rena’s lips on her. Seeing Rena frozen from where she was kneeling down, Jurina leaned in closer again and whispered in Rena’s ears, “Do you get what I mean now?”

Rena’s mind melted when she felt Jurina’s breath once again, on her shoulder, next to her ear. And she was blinded with more confusion after hearing what Jurina said.

Smiling and grinning to herself at what she had just done, Jurina stood up. “Thanks for cleaning my wound, Rena-chan,” Jurina kissed the frozen Rena one more time on the lips, a very quick kiss, shorter than the one she just did, and left the room before her own heart could pop out of her chest.

After her heart beat has finally returned to normal, Jurina decided to go back to the dining hall, hoping to catch an early breakfast and disappear before she would have to face Akane and all the others who likes to have early breakfast on weekends. However, her hope was quickly cut short when she heard a voice yelling her name from the end of the dormitory hallway.


Curious at who it was that shouted her name so loud so early in the morning, Jurina turned around just in time to feel a small crack in her nose as a fist flew right into her face.


Rena couldn’t move from her spot. Everything in her mind was malfunctioning and going haywire as all parts of her were trying to process what had just happened. Finally coming back to her senses, Rena slowly licked her lips and was somehow, not surprised to taste alcohol with just a hint of that metal taste of blood.

Rena placed her hand over hear heart as she felt her heart was trying to jump out of her chest after stopping for a few seconds when her mind understood where that strange taste on her lip came from.

“What... was that...?”

Sorry this is such a short chapter,
because as I said in my comment,
I really don't know how to write something that I've never done before.... f(・・;;;;;

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The Perfect Bodyguard - Chapter 12[/b]

Jurina leaned herself against the cold cell wall, waiting for Sakiko to satisfy her curiosity. Seeing Jurina had gotten into a more comfortable position, Sakiko, pushing away the chains on her arm off her legs, sat up and started to fiddle with the photo Jurina had given her. Jurina watched as Sakiko traced each person’s face with her thumb, not talking. Knowing she doesn’t have a lot of time down here, Jurina started the conversation. “Is that my-“

“Yes,” Sakiko cuts in, “that is your father.” Jurina clamped her lips shut, waiting for Sakiko to continue, not wanting to disturb the girl. “Your father felt more like a father to me than my actual father, you know,” Sakiko said, looking up at the girl with a sad smile that looked forced. Seeing the confusion on Jurina’s face, as much as the girl was trying to hide it, Sakiko continued, “It goes all the way back to when Togasaki started becoming obsessed with violence. It was around 10 years ago, if I remembered right.” Sakiko looked away, into empty air, as if recalling her memories, “Everything started with the death of my father.”


>>Sakae – Sakiko at 14 years old<<

“You’re getting better, Kuumin,” Sakiko smiled at the girl as their wooden swords clashed together again.

“It’s all thanks to you being bothered to train together with me everytime,” Kumi smiled back as she drew back her sword and wiped the sweat off her brows.

Sakiko and Kumi, daughter of the two fearless generals of Sakae, had grown up together. With their father always with each other, the two girls are always with each other. Both being the daughter of two capable generals, the two were put into a position of needing to know how to fight before they were even tall enough to hold a katana. As training is required for both of them from both their fathers, the two girls chose to train with each other instead of dummies because for them, that was more fun and before the two knew it, they became close friends and are always together, especially when their father are away together, like today.

However, it had been around a year since either of their father has came home, and the girls were starting to get worried. They had brought their worries to their mothers, but both had told them that their father were still out on an investigation. Trusting their mother, the two let the matter drop. After a few more years went by, Kumi finally decided to confront her mother about this again, knowing that it seemed too impossible for both of their father to be out for this long.

“Mother, where is father?” Kumi asked as she barged into her mother’s room with Sakiko standing outside, not even bothering to knock.

“Kumi! Where are you manners!?” Kumi’s mother frowned at her child.

Kumi shook her head, not bothering to answer her mother. “Where is father? How can father be away for so long!?”

Kumi’s mother ignored the question and waved Kumi away while looking away, “I’m busy right now, Kumi. Now is not the best time to talk about this.”

For many other girls, they would’ve been scared to see their own mother shooing them off, not even looking at them. But Kumi was smart. She knew her mother was hiding something from her, something she had never done. “I will find out what our mothers are hiding from us,” Kumi said with pure determination as the two girls walked back to the training field.

Sakiko, a calmer version of Kumi, shook her head, “They must be hiding something for a reason. It’s probably for our own good.”

“I don’t care!” Kumi screamed as she kicked at the wooden dummy, making it shake, “My father was the closest thing to me!”

“I wish I could say the same for mine...” Sakiko mumbled as she sat down near the shade, her eyes looking at the ground.

“What do you mean?” Kumi asked, noticing Sakiko’s sudden downcast expression, as she took a seat next to the girl.

“My father is always out. Even before this investigation. He never had time for me. I can barely remember his face. Unlike yours, Kuumin, your father would always spare some time for you, even if he is really busy, he would at least go back home for a visit right?” Sakiko said quietly. Kumi nodded. Sakiko continued, “Well, mine isn’t like that. He is always busy. But even rarely, when he have free time, he would never bother to come home. And when he does, he just comes back for something and then goes back. He doesn’t even bother to say hi to me or my mum. But that’s not the same with yours. Your father always tell you war stories, was something you told me before. And that he would teach you what he knew of war and what you needed to know in life. But mine doesn’t. I don’t know any of those stuff. I have to learn them by myself, the hard way.”

“I’m... sorry,” Kumi looked down, not knowing what else she could say.

“That is why,” Sakiko started again, “I don’t feel any different when father hasn’t’ come home for years until you mentioned it again.”

“But we still need to go look for them, no?” Kumi asked, “They are still our father after all.”


It was around the third week, almost a month, since Sakiko and Kumi started going out, just the two of them, around the palace and the city, gathering information about this investigation that their fathers were conducting. It was when they ended up asking one of the patrolling guards that had just came back into the city from a job, that told the two girls that their father were investigating about an emperor called Togasaki. After looking around for more information, the two girls also found out from an inn keeper, that the so-call Emperor Togasaki has a hunting camp set up nearby right now.

Walking out of the inn and closing the door quietly behind her, Sakiko said, “Maybe that’s where they are?”

“Let’s go look for them,” Kumi said with a nod.


The camp was easier to find than Kumi and Sakiko had expected. It was so big that they could see it the moment they walked out of the city, but then could still walk half a day before they reached it. Sneaking into the camp was no problem at all as the camp was almost empty except for one or two patrolling troops around.

Hiding behind some barrels, Kumi whispered to Sakiko after the patrolling troops had past, “I feel my father is somewhere around here.”

’Feel...?’ Sakiko tried to ”feel” where her father is, but she felt nothing. Perhaps it was because she didn’t get what Kumi meant by “feel”. After all, how can you feel something that you cannot see or touch?

“Hey, Sakiko,” Kumi nudged the girl and then pointed to one of the camp in the distance, “you hear that?”

Sakiko focused her hearing and for a while, there was nothing. But then, Sakiko noticed. Her ear twitched slightly when she heard some kind of grunting from the camp that Kumi pointed to.

The two girls exchanged a nod and sneaked closer and hid behind some boxes. The two girls poked their head up just high enough to see as they heard the sound of a katana being drawn. Then they ducked down slightly and watched through the gaps between the boxes when a man walked out of the tent just as another man with the katana brought the blade down on the throat of the person who was kneeling on the floor. Sakiko watched as the head of the person rolled onto the floor and stopped with its face facing her. Sakiko’s eyes widened and an uncontrollable gasp escaped her lips when she realized that the head that was looking at her, was the head of her father.

Kumi too watched as Sakiko’s father was executed. Deep inside, Kumi knew that her father would probably meet the same fate unless the two of them do something. However, before Kumi could think of anything, she heard Sakiko gasp. Kumi cursed herself for not thinking about the fact that Sakiko just saw her own father getting executed in front of her. She tried to reach forward and clap her hands over Sakiko’s mouth to muffle to sound, but she was too late.


The sound of another katana sliding out send a shiver down the back of Kumi’s neck. Before she could move, she heard another man spoke.

“Get rid of the other one as well.”

Knowing the chance to be able to rescue her father now was slimmed to nothing, Kumi grabbed Sakiko’s hand and pulled her up and shouted, “RUN!”

The two girls ran from their hiding spot as the man who had stepped out of the tent chased after them with his katana in one hand while others starts to come out of the tent and join the chase.

“Sakiko! Over here!” Kumi called the girl as she quickly untied two of the horses that were strapped onto a pole nearby. “Come on! Hurry!” Kumi said as she pulled herself up onto the horse and threw to Sakiko, the reins of the other horse when the girl was on the horse and kicked her own horse into an immediate run.

On the trip back, both Kumi and Sakiko had never felt so scared before. Having arrows whizzing past them every minutes and hearing the galloping of horses behind them while not being able to increase the speed of their own horse any further, made the two girls thought as if they were going to die. But once they reached close enough to the city gate to see the gate guards, the two girls could hear the people chasing them pulling their horses to a halt.

The gate guards helped pulled Kumi and Sakiko into the city as the two girls were already too tired to do anything else. “Who were those people that were chasing you two?” One of the guards asked them. Kumi just shook her head, too tired to even answer that question. The guards left the two be and led the two horses into the stable.

When Sakiko got home, before her mother could even ask when she had been after seeing her tattered clothes, the girl had broken down into tears. Knowing her daughter could never answer her in such a state, Sakiko’s mother turned to Kumi, who was standing by the door watching her friend in pain, “What happened, Kumi?”

After explaining everything to Sakiko’s mother, she too, burst out in tears as Kumi’s words had confirmed the fear that she had had all these year, the fear of the death of her husband. Kumi tried to hide her tears as well, even though she didn’t see her father, she heard it when the man shouted words to disposed of the other one. If the one who was kneeling on the floor was Sakiko’s father, Kumi know that chances are that the “other one” was her own father. Kumi clenched her fists to control in her emotions as she kneeled down next to Sakiko and hugged the girl, comforting her.

“Don’t worry, Sakiko,” Kumi whispered in Sakiko’s ears as she soothed the girl by stroking her back, “Whoever it is, we’ll find out who it is and we will avenge our fathers’ deaths.”


>>>Few months later

“Nee, Kuumin,” Sakiko finally spoke after walking side by side with Kumi around the palace.

“Hmm?” Kumi hummed without looking at her.

“I need to tell you something,” Sakiko said.

Kumi nodded and sat down next to a tree, “Me too.”

“You... want to go first?” Sakiko asked as she sat down next to Kumi.

Kumi nodded again and took a deep breath before speaking, “I’m going to join the army. I’m going to follow my father’s footstep because this is one of the ways to find out who had killed our fathers.”

Sakiko nodded, “I thought you had already forgotten about that... But... I’m going off too.”

“I would never forget,” Kumi chuckled, “Where are you going?”

“I need to find out who it was that killed my father too,” Sakiko answered.

“But you don’t know who killed him.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Sakiko shook her head, “Because I know it is someone close to Togasaki. So all I need to do is get close to Togasaki and I will eventually find out who it was and take revenge.”

“You could die,” Kumi whispered.

Sakiko nodded but gave a small smile, “But it’s worth it.”

“Like a spy huh?” Kumi forced a small smile out, knowing that spy usually don’t end up good, whether their goal has been succeeded or not. Sakiko nodded. After thinking for a while, Kumi asked, “Is there anyone in the palace who you can trust?”

“Why?” Sakiko asked, confused at the sudden increase in the seriousness of Kumi’s voice, as if it wasn’t serious enough already.

“I was thinking,” Kumi said, “You would probably need something to keep in contact with from this side right? It can’t be me though, Sakiko, I move around too much. If your message have to chase me around, chances of the messages being lost and your identity being exposed will increase dramatically. So I thought, you should find someone who, unlike me, would be able to contact you constantly.”

“Rena is a good choice,” Sakiko said, “The girl had always wanted to help out with her father’s work.

Kumi nodded in agreement to Sakiko’s words, “Rena is a good choice.” The princess was one of the rare princesses which possess not just the charm of a princess, but also the brain and strength of a ruler.

“So please, Kuumin,” Sakiko begged, “Protect Rena for me.”

“With all my strength,” Kumi promised.

Sakiko smiled and added, “And the future princesses as well.” Seeing Kumi’s confused face, Sakiko explained further, “Rena is going to get a baby sister soon.”

“Eh! Majide!?” Kumi jumped up. Sakiko nodded and couldn’t help but laugh at Kumi’s excitement. “Sucks you won’t be here to see them then...” Kumi mumbled when she came down back from the excitement.

“I know right,” Sakiko mumbled back.


It surprised Sakiko at first when she finally realized that she had made it to the Akihabara faction. Before doing anything else, Sakiko decided to start wondering around the street. Firstly, it was because she haven’t really quite figured out what to do yet to get close to Togasaki, and second, it was the first time she had been in this part of the land and was quite curious at how different it was to the Sakae faction. From the building structure to the way people act. The citizens of Akihabara seems so much more, closed off to strangers, compared to the people of Sakae, where everyone was everyone’s friends and the word “stranger” had no meaning.

For a while, Sakiko was lost in her own little world as she took in the setting around her. Suddenly, a bump snapped her back into reality.


Sakiko turned around just in time to see someone apologizing to her after bumping into her and the quickly scurrying away. Sakiko was going to turn back around and keep walking when she strangely felt a sudden loss of weight on her belt. Looking down at where her money bag was supposed to be, Sakiko was surprised to find nothing there but empty air. She quickly looked up at the person who bumped into her and called out, “Hey!”

The person turned around and then, realizing they had been caught, ran. Sakiko quickly chased after the thief.

“Oi! Stop! Thief!”

Sakiko expected it to be like Sakae, where when rare cases of thievery occurs, everyone helps out. However, to Sakiko’s horror, it was the exact opposite in Akihabara. People don’t just not help stop the thief, they just stop what they’re doing and watches. Some even go as far as to blocking Sakiko, whether intentionally or not, Sakiko didn’t know. She didn’t have the time to find out.

After a while of running, chasing and dodging, Sakiko skidded to a stop in front of an alleyway. Instinct told her to turn back because there were danger in the alleyway, and Sakiko knew that too, but she couldn’t turn away. The money stolen were the only money she had on her that was supposed to last her at least a week while she look for a job to earn money while looking for a way to get closer to Togasaki. Bracing herself for attackers, Sakiko stepped into the alleyway.

The moment Sakiko stepped out of the last area of light from the streets, she sensed a presence behind her. Quickly turning around, Sakiko swung her leg above her head and brought it right down on the head of the attacker, successfully knocking the person out in one blow. Then quickly bending down to pick up the iron pole that the knocked out person was holding, Sakiko spun around on her toes without standing back up and hit the next attacker right in the knees and again hit that person on the back of their head as they fell, knocking yet another person out.

All Sakiko focused on, was knocking out the shadow she saw. Sometimes she would hit empty air though, mistaking garbage as a person, and she would end up being hit instead. Knowing she couldn’t go on like this, Sakiko jumped onto a barrel and landed behind all her attackers. Normal girls would be scared, when their attackers stands between them and their only exit to safety. But not Sakiko. Because Sakiko was not just any normal girl. Sakiko heard her attackers laughing, thinking that they had Sakiko cornered. But little did they know that Sakiko was stronger than she looked. Her attackers slowly advanced on her, while Sakiko, surprising them, closed in the distance between them. Using the confusion her attackers had of her actions, Sakiko started attacking them back and pushing them out onto the streets.

Once onto the street, Sakiko’s speed doubled. Now that she could see everything, she didn’t have to worry about getting her weapon, the iron pole, stuck in garbage. Aiming for all the weak joints of her attacker’s bones where their knees and elbows joined, Sakiko hit without mercy. Now facing the last attacker, the very person that had bumped into her and taken her money bag, Sakiko’s grip on the iron pole tightened. Her eyes focused only on the money bag around her attacker’s waist. Her attacker smirked at Sakiko’s gaze and jingled the money bag slightly, teasing the Sakiko into making the first move. However Sakiko knew better than to give in. She just stayed where she stood and observed.

Being an impatient person, her attacker could wait no longer. Sakiko allowed a grin creep onto her face before she moved in to take down her attacker. Quickly hitting the back of the attacker’s knees, Sakiko twirled around and gave the person a nice kick in the back, sending them flying forward. As the person scrambled to turn back around, Sakiko jumped and kept the person on the floor with her knees on their chest. Seeing her attacker had relaxed, as if in defeat, Sakiko hunted around for her money bag but was confused as to why it wasn’t on the attacker’s belt anymore.

’Maybe it dropped while we were fighting...?’

Sakiko looked around, without getting off, and found her money bag behind her. Sakiko stabbed the iron pole into the ground next to the attacker’s face, making them flinch, and then got off them and turned around to pick up her money bag. However, without her knowing, the attacker quickly pulled out a small knife that Sakiko had not noticed before and lunged forward. Sakiko, hearing a sudden movement, turned around to see a knife being stabbed towards her. Fear crept into her mind and her body was send into a state of paralyzation and all Sakiko could do was hold out her arm in front of her face, as a useless self-protection against the incoming knife. Sakiko’s eyes shut as she prepared herself for the death thrust. However, a sudden gust of wind flew past her and the expected pain never came.

When Sakiko opened her eyes, all she found was a few mounted horses in front of her and her attacker somewhere on the other side of the street. Sakiko looked up and saw a man with his katana out with blood on his blade. Without the man saying anything, Sakiko knew it was him that saved her.

“Thank you,” Sakiko said with a small bow and then turned around to retrieve her money bag.

The man sheathed his katana and tapped his horse forward to go to where Sakiko was. “Where are you from?”

Sakiko tied the bag back onto her belt tightly and then turned around to the man and was about to answer with Sakae, but stopped because she knew she shouldn’t. After thinking for a while, Sakiko looked up again and answered, “Around.”

The man nodded and asked it no further but instead surprised Sakiko. “I admire your fighting skills, I have never seen someone being able to fight like that before,” the man said, “I could use someone like you by my side. Are you interested in working for me?”

“But I don’t know you,” Sakiko said. She needed a job, yes, but she wasn’t about to take on any job for a stranger that she has never seen before. However, looking at the way the man is dressed and the way his men are dressed, in strong armor, each with a katana, Sakiko knew these men are not that simple.

The man laughed, “You don’t know? You must be from the edge of the boarder then. Allow me to introduce myself,” the man dismounted his horse and held out his hand, “I’m Matsui Yuusuke, known by others as General Matsui, the right hand man of Togasaki.”

Sakiko’s eyes sparked at the mention of Togasaki’s name, but luckily, it went unnoticed by the general. Knowing this was going to be an easy chance to get close to Togasaki, Sakiko shook the general’s hand, “Nice to be able to meet such a powerful being such as yourself, General Matsui. I’m Matsui Sakiko, no relation to you whatsoever.”

 “I would be quite surprised if you were related to me,” Yuusuke chuckled at the girl’s words, “So, what do you think of my offer? Do you take it?”

Sakiko smiled and nodded, “It would be my greatest pleasure to be able to work under someone such as yourself, General.”

The man quickly mounted his horse and held out his hand again, “Shall we go then, Matsui-san?” Sakiko nodded and grabbed the general’s hand. Yuusuke pulled Sakiko onto his horse and made their way back to the castle.


“Come, my child,” Yuusuke held out his hand, “It’s time for dinner. Let’s take you to see the emperor.”

Sakiko followed Yuusuke into a room where she had expected to have a lot of people but only guards, themselves, and a man who Sakiko assumed was Togasaki, were present. Yuusuke greeted the emperor with a bow and mentioned for Sakiko to do the same and then the two took a seat near the emperor.

After a brief introduction and description of how the general had found Sakiko, Yuusuke threw in his request, “The girl is really talented. We could really use someone like her.”

“All Matsui’s, it seems, are talented,” Togasaki said as he tapped his chin with one hand and his other hand tapping a random rhythm on the table, “Where is she from?”

“Around,” Yuusuke repeated Sakiko’s word with a small smile.

“Well then, I trust your choice in people,” Togasaki said, “Your decisions are always for the best of Akihabara.” The emperor snapped his fingers at the guards, “Go get someone to get her dressed.” Looking at right at Sakiko, Togasaki said, “from now on, you will work under Matsui. You will be given your own team to command. You will only need to answer to me and Matsui only, others are not of your concern.”

Gathering up her courage, Sakiko made a request that surprised both the emperor and the general, “Maybe I please request to start as a basic soldier like all recruits?” Seeing both men staring at her in surprise, Sakiko explained further, “I don’t want other people to think that I cling onto powerful people in order to get my position. I want to prove it to others that I am capable of gaining the position that I gain by myself.”

The general smiled at the girl proudly while the emperor looked at her, amused, “Strange child. So be it. If you want to start as a recruit, I shall not stop you.”

Within the first year of being a recruit, Sakiko was quickly promoted to a captain position. Not because of her relation with the general, but because of how hard she actually worked. Starting from grooming horses to hitting dummies to sparing with other soldiers to winning tournaments to carrying out various tasks send by Yuusuke as well as other generals and sometimes even Togasaki himself, Sakiko quickly won over respect from almost the entire army and words of the possible future hand of the emperor quickly spread.

With the new promotion, Sakiko was finally given her own team to command. Going back into her own room, thanking people who congratulated her on her promotion on her way, Sakiko quickly wrote a letter, wanting to tell Rena how she had already progressed into being a captain and that she is finally in a position where finding out her father’s murder was only a matter of time. Sakiko was about to sent it out, but then realized that her pigeon was being fed downstairs somewhere. The girl ran as fast as she could downstairs to retrieve her pigeon, her speed increasing with her excitement to share the wonderful news with her cousin.

However, her excitement quickly died out when she opened her room door only to see the letter she had been writing, in the hands of a figure leaning against the wall. Sakiko gulped as she stared at Yuusuke who was only staring at the letter in his hand.

“Close the door.”

Sakiko heard the command coming from the man and quickly clicked the door shut behind her, while mentally preparing herself to be killed for making such a stupid mistake of leaving such letters lying around without locking her room. Finally, the general looked up at Sakiko.

“Have a seat,” Yuusuke said and mentioned for the girl to sit. Sakiko did as she was told. The general held up the letter, “What is this?” Seeing Sakiko staying silent, he asked again calmly, no anger in his voice whatsoever, “What is this, Captain Matsui.”

“You know what it is,” Sakiko mumbled.

“I do,” the general said, slight disappointment in his voice, and placed the letter down onto the table in front of Sakiko, “Who are you?”

“I am who I am,” Sakiko answered plainly, “Captain Matsui Sakiko.”

“Was you coming here all part of your plan to find out who killed your father all along?” Yuusuke asked.

“Yes,” Sakiko answered without even a second hesitation.

After thinking for awhile, Yuusuke asked again, “Who is your father?” Sakiko stayed silent. “I can help you look for him,” Yuusuke explained himself.

Sakiko stayed quiet, not answering anything, as she didn’t know whether or not she should trust the man. The man had been kind and had looked after her, and if anyone could kill her father, it definitely could not have been him.

After waiting for a while for the answer, Yuusuke sighed as he made his way towards the door, “It’s hard to find someone on your own, even with a position like yours.”

“Matsui,” Sakiko answered.

The general frozed.

“My father had the same last name as me, Matsui,” Sakiko said, looking at the floor as she recalled the memories of her father’s death, “the man who killed him had a black and red dagger on him. I saw it on his waist when he killed my father with his katana.”

The general nodded and said before he shut the door, “I will look around.” Once the door was closed, Yuusuke cursed, ’I told you, Togasaki. I told you this would happen. I told you we shouldn’t have killed the two generals.’ As the general walked away from Sakiko’s room, he started debating in his mind as to whether or not he should go tell Togasaki about Sakiko’s true identity and intention.

After that awkward meeting with the general and having her real identity revealed, Sakiko had expected someone to come up to her and arrest her and drag her off to be tortured. However, even till it was almost time to sleep, no one had came for her. That night, for the first time since she had arrived in Akihabara, Sakiko went to sleep without a dagger under her pillow because for once, she no longer feared death. Knowing that she was probably going to die soon, Sakiko fell asleep thinking of different ways that she could actually die.

It was almost a miracle how Sakiko had managed to sleep a peaceful sleep, without any nightmares.


Sakiko’s eyes snapped open at the sound of knocking on her door. Sakiko squinted her eyes at the bright sunlight shining into her eyes through the window that she had forgotten to close the curtains for. Unusual for Sakiko, though, since she hated being woken up by the sunlight. But then Sakiko remembered the reason she had not closed the curtains last night. She had not expected to be able to wake up to see another day.

After greeting the general briefly, Sakiko quickly got dressed and followed Yuusuke, who had asked her to follow him. The general brought led Sakiko out of the castle and into a restaurant where they two was brought up into one of the more private rooms reserved for higher customers, such as the ones with money, or fame, or power, or all three.

“Sit,” Yuusuke pulled out a chair for Sakiko before poking his head outside the door to check for people, and then closing the door again. Once the door was shut, Yuusuke turned around and looked at Sakiko and whispered a name, “Togasaki.”

Sakiko stared at Yuusuke, completely confused, “Eh?”

Yuusuke pulled out the chair opposite of Sakiko and sat himself down before he continued, “Togasaki was the one that killed your father and Yagami.” Sakiko’s eyes widened, unable to believe what she was hearing that was coming from the general.

“Togasaki is a very paranoid man,” Yuusuke started again, “He barely trusts anyone around him, myself included. The day when we caught your father and the other general snooping around the camp, Togasaki already wanted to kill them. But I managed to hold off their deaths for a year by telling him what could potentially happen if the Sakae faction found out that we had killed two of their generals.”

The general paused when someone knocked on the door and a young boy came into the room, holding in his arms, a tray with tea. Sakiko sat in silent, absorbing what the general had just told her as the young boy poured both customers a cup of tea and then with a bow, left the room once again.

When Yuusuke was sure the boy had left, he continued, “But in that year that the two generals were held captive, Togasaki’s name grew as he became more and more feared by other people from other factions as well as some people from his very own faction. As his name grew, so did his arrogance.” The general stopped to take a sip of tea and then mentioned to Sakiko, “Have some tea.” Sakiko nodded but kept her eyes on the general as she held the cup to her lips.

“Thinking that everyone was scared of him and that no one would dare to do anything against him,” Yuusuke frowned, “Togasaki didn’t care anymore. Even after not just me, but also some other generals, tried to convince him to stop, we could only end up standing on the side and watch as Togasaki killed both general. And ever since then, Togasaki has been killing anyone without a blink of an eye, who he suspects of being unloyal to him. Generals or servants or just brave young souls joining the army, many had already died under Togasaki’s own blade after being suspected of being a traitor even though many and most of them, if not all, were innocent.

Sakiko nodded as she lifted her cup to her lip to take another drink and was surprised to find her cup already emptied. Yuusuke chuckled and leaned forward and poured some tea back into her cup. Sakiko quickly took a small sip and digested Yuusuke’s words in her mind. She knew, that this was a warning to her, telling her to back off because she knew that the general knew she was determined to take revenge, regardless of who the person might be.

“If I really am a traitor,” Sakiko said after finishing another cup of tea, as Yuusuke refilled her cup, “then why are you tell me this?”

“Because,” Yuusuke placed the pot down and leaned back on his chair, “I trust you not to do anything stupid that would cost you your life. You are one of my own men. You are someone who I have trained to fight side by side with, not against. However, my loyalty lies with Togasaki to the very day of my dismissal, and as long as I am his vessel, protecting Togasaki would be my utmost priority.”

Sakiko nodded at the general’s words, knowing that this was the general’s way of saying that he would fight against her if the need arises.

“Togasaki might not be doing things in the best way possible,” Yuusuke said, staring right at Sakiko’s eyes, as if trying to convince her of something, “But he is only trying to do what is best for his faction.”

To that, Sakiko just nodded, unable to think of anything else to say.


Years had passed while Sakiko waited patiently, for the day to come when she could finally take her revenge. However, while waiting for that day to come, Sakiko also found that her bond with her own team and with the general were growing closer with each passing day. Sakiko had wondered sometimes, if that was one of the reason that Yuusuke still had not exposed her real identity to anyone else, but she never asked.

However, her bond with them had grown so close that there was a time where she had truly believed that this was where she was supposed to be. Messages sent back to Sakae were starting to decrease and everyday for Sakiko would be spent with her entire team, along with Yuusuke, like one big family. Some days, when her team was split up to do their own things, Sakiko would always find herself with the general who was always at the training ground, training other soldiers to no end, despite of who they serve under. In those days, Sakiko would spend the entire day training with Yuusuke, but most of the time, the two would end up just generally talking. Yuusuke taught Sakiko all that he knew, and told the girl many war stores, some were his own, some of others.

Sakiko almost felt as if they were father and daughter, but deep down, Sakiko knew that was impossible. The two might share the same last name, but they do not share the same blood. Everytime when Sakiko’s relationship with Yuusuke becomes so close, her mind would always tell her how the two of them were like father and daughter and then, the image of her dead father’s head rolling down would always come back and haunt her, as if reminding her of her intention to avenge his death.


Sakiko couldn’t help but giggle at the way Jurina stared at her so intensely as she talked. “You know, Jurina, all you need to do is listen to my words, not smell them, leaning in so close won’t do you any good,” Sakiko laughed.

Hearing the girl’s word, Jurina cleared her throat and leaned backward, slightly surprised that she had leaned so close as she listened to the story.

“Anyway,” Sakiko continued, “So as I said, I was always curious as to why you father treated me so nicely and so much different to everyone else, but I never had the chance to ask. Togasaki was advancing fast and he was hungry for more land domination. He held some kind of meeting, to discuss the next target, I think, I don’t know. I never knew who Togasaki was planning to take next, but all I knew was that your father strongly disagreed with it.

“I can’t remember what I was doing at that time, but I was passing outside the emperor’s room where the meeting was held, and I heard Togasaki shouting something and then two guards dragged your father out of the meeting room and threw him on the ground. Luckily I caught him in time...”


The two sat on the training field in silence as they watched Sakiko’s team train. Finally breaking the silence, Sakiko asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing happened,” Yuusuke answered, his gaze focusing on the training field, “Just a typical argument with the emperor.”

“Typical arguments doesn’t usually end with you being thrown out,” Sakiko pointed out.

The general frowned, “Togasaki is just in a bad mood, that’s all. I just didn’t read him well enough before I disagreed with his ideas.”

“Being in a bad mood isn’t an excuse to throw someone out of a meeting just because they disagreed with an idea,” sakiko said, “And wasn’t it you that told me that don’t bother holding a meeting if one didn’t plan on having another speaking up against their idea?”

“There are always exception to everything, Sakiko,” Yuusuke quietly said.

“Exception of him being an emperor?”


“Emperor isn’t almighty,” Sakiko frowned.

“A normal emperor isn’t an almighty, no, but Togasaki is, and has been from the very day he learned to use a katana,” Yuusuke said.

After a short moment of silence, Sakiko turned to the general, “What are you going to do now?”

“Nothing,” he answered simply, “Once Togasaki calms down, he will call me back and then everything will go back to normal.”

“And if he doesn’t?”

Yuusuke chuckled at Sakiko’s word, surprising her, “You think too much my child.” Standing up, the general held out a hand to the captain, “Let’s go help your team.” Sakiko took his hand and allowed the strong grip to pull her up from the ground.

The two went around the entire training field, helping team members that needed help, and teaching the ones that were good enough, new skills. After a while, the two ended up sparing with each other, clearing all worries from their mind. It was almost sunset when the two finally stopped, deciding that they had had enough for the day. However, before Sakiko could dismiss her team to enjoy the rest of their afternoon, a marching sound gained her attention. Turning her head, Sakiko noticed a troop marching in the distance.

Normally, seeing a troop around Togasaki’s castle would be no big deal, and that it would not be significant enough to make everyone stop what they were doing and look. However, these troops were no normal troops either. It was the obvious point that the troop was dressed in red, a color preserved only for the emperor himself and those that serves closely under him, such as his own personal royal guard. Sakiko’s team dropped what they were doing and joined Sakiko, all mumbling to themselves, wondering what the reason for the royal guard’s full appearance was as everyone knew the royal guards do not come out in an entire troop unless it was for something really important.

Seeing the royal guards suddenly stopping in front of the team, everyone, Sakiko included, unconsciously held their breath as they felt their heart pumping faster than ever. Why are they here? Are they here on behalf of the emperor? Who are they here for? The three questions were the only things that spun around in everyone’s head as they watched the royal guard captain, dressed with a large crimson red strap across his chest, walked forward with a scroll in his hand.

“On behalf of his highness, Emperor Togasaki, I hereby, dismiss Matsui Yuusuke, of all his duties,” the captain read from the scroll, “For all the past good deed that Matsui has done for his highness, he will be spared death. In return, Matsui’s title will be stripped from him as a consequence of going against his highness.”

A loud gasp echoed within the team, all surprised at the decision the emperor was making. Dismissing one of his own right hand man, a man who had been there from the very beginning of the building of the faction of Akihabara, which had started out as only a village that specializes in smithing. Unable to control her anger, Sakiko grabbed the royal guard captain’s collar and shook him roughly on the spot, “How can Togasaki dismiss the general just because he disag-“

Sakiko’s words were stopped by a hand from Yuusuke, who shook his head at her silently, not saying anything else. Sakiko slowly released her hold on the guard.

The captain stepped backward, straightening his armor and clearing his throat, pretending nothing had happened while trying to hide the surprise he felt when the female captain suddenly became violent. The captain snapped his finger at the guards behind him, “Take him.” On the captain’s order, one guard stepped forward and snatched the general’s katana from his hand while two others stepped forward and took the non-resisting man by his arm and escorted the man away.

Sakiko’s team stood in silence as they watched their most trusted and respected general were taken away by the emperor’s own men. None of them could help but feel a chill up their spine as they tried to imagine how the emperor would treat their mistakes if the emperor could treat his own right hand man like that. Sakiko on the other hand, had her fists clenched together so tight that any tighter will cause her nails to break her skin.

“Togasaki...” the captain hissed as she watched the red troops disappeared into the distance.


>>Back to present – Togasaki’s secret cell<<[/b]

“What happened to my father?” Jurina asked.

“I don’t know,” Sakiko looked down at the floor and picked up one of the pieces of hay that were scattered all around the cold stone floor, “When I met him again, it was by the city gate, where I heard from the other guards that he had been exiled from the city. Which I also heard,” Sakiko scoffed, “was supposed to be mercy from Togasaki’s because he had first decided to exile your father from all his land.”

“What happened afterward, after my father was exiled?”

Sakiko shook her head, “Again, I don’t’ know. I hadn’t heard of any news from him then, until I overheard one of the mercenaries while on patrol, saying ‘that Matsui really is amazing, can’t believe he took down half the people we brought there. It was a pity that Togasaki gave us the order to take everyone down. Would’ve loved to invite him to join us.’”

Jurina stared at Sakiko, unable to control the surprise in her tone, “And you remember exactly everything that person said!?”

Sakiko let out a sad chuckle, “It’s kind of hard to forget something that made me realized that your father had died.”

“And what about your team?” Jurina asked, curious that she had not mentioned anything about her team afterwards. Sakiko’s sudden silent made Jurina wonder if she had even heard her question. But seeing the reaction of her clenching the photo tighter, and judging from the obvious anger on Sakiko’s face, Jurina knew she heard her question, and that something obviously had happened to Sakiko’s team.

“It was only supposed to be a normal patrol around the city,” Sakiko spoke in a really small voice as she stared at the piece of hay in her hand, twirling the object around her fingers, “but we got hold of news of an army of bandits camping outside the city that were planning to storm the city. We informed Togasaki, who just told us to go check it out. I requested for back up, because obviously, one team would never be able to survive against an entire army. But that damn man ignored me, pretending he didn’t get my request. So we had no choice but to split up and snoop around for more information on them. We told each other, that we would meet back that inn that we always go to before midnight. But, only half of them returned, because the other half had apparently disappeared.”

Jurina could see the candle light reflecting off Sakiko’s eyes, which were starting to water. “What... um...” Jurina thought over as to how to ask the question without bringing back Sakiko’s painful memories, “what.... uh... happened... to the other half...?”

“We didn’t realize that the city was crawling with people who were siding with the bandits until it was too late. Apparently many of the people who the other half of my team searched for information from, ratted them out to the bandits and well... the ending for them, I guess, you can probably guess,” Sakiko said looking at Jurina. Seeing the girl nodded at her, Sakiko gave a small smile and continued, “But that didn’t stop us. In fact, seeing the death of our own comrades, just fired us up. It wasn’t just because it was an order, that made us want to continue this search, it was because they had killed our own men. So we requested for reinforcement again, but being the jerk that Togasaki is, we were ignored again. But then you know,” Sakiko said with a sudden happiness in her eyes, “You father, had always told me, to do my best at everything, with or without help from others. So we went ahead with the remaining near the camp so we could at least report back the estimate amount of bandits there were. But we were found before we even got near the camp. My team were killed, in front of my eyes, while trying to protect me.”

“They died, protecting me,” Sakiko cried as she punched the ground, her heart throbbing with pain at the memories, “They told me to run! They told me to avenge them! Togasaki never cared for the death of them! The man- no, not man, that MONSTER , is heartless! To him, the death of any team is nothing because small numbers could be replaced quickly!”

“So you kept staying by Togasaki’s side,” Jurina again, chose her words carefully, “despite the way he treated my father and your team?” Sakiko nodded, and wiped the tears from her eyes. Jurina decided to drop the topic on Sakiko’s team, seeing how it was hurting the girl just to remember about them. Then remembering the main reason she came down here for, Jurina spoke again, “What else could you tell me about my father? My memories of him are... blurry. I barely remember anything anymore.”

“Your father was the best general I’ve ever met,” Sakiko said, looking back up at her with a small smile, “He was strong, smart and caring. But he was stupidly loyal.”

Jurina looked at her, quoting her, “Stupidly loyal?”

Sakiko nodded, “Before he was sent away from the city, he told me ‘It will past. Everything will return normal once his mood calms down.’ And he also said something like ‘Even though his way of action is not always good, he is a good emperor and is only doing what was best for Akihabara.’”

Jurina became quiet. Unable to even imagine how her father would even say such thing, things that... puts him in such a low position. As if Togasaki was a god. “What about my mother?” Jurina suddenly asked, “have you met my mother?”

“Yes,” Sakiko answered, “During your first mission, that night, I went for a private visit to your mother. I just wanted to protect her you know, in case Togasaki does anything to her. I was also planning to introduce myself to her for the first time, but then apparently, your father talked about me a lot so she already knew me when I told her my name.”

“How come father never told me about you...” Jurina said, her head hanging low. Although she knew her parents don’t tell her things for a reason, she still couldn’t help but feel hurt that her father never told her about something this important.

Sakiko reached over to Jurina and patted the girl’s knee, “Your father never wanted to you be involved in anything that was related to Togasaki. Your mother said that your father never wanted you to follow in his footstep in the path of war.”

“Yeah, well, too late for that now,” Jurina stated.

Sakiko nodded solemnly, “Yeah... Too late now...”

“So,” Jurina started again, filling up her own curiosity because she didn’t want to leave yet, “What’s your relationship with the Sakae royal family?”

“Like I said before, my father is the brother of Emperor Yuasa, making him my uncle and the current princesses, my cousins.”

“Cousins huh...” Jurina mumbled.

“Did you say something?” Sakiko asked, thinking that she heard Jurina mumble something.

“Oh, nothing,” Jurina quickly said, “And what about your cousins? What are they like?”

“I thought you already met them?”

“Yeah, well,” Jurina scratched the back of her head and gave a cheeky smile, “We didn’t exactly meet in the right situation for self-introduction.”

Sakiko chuckled, “They are just like what they look like on the outside. Rena is the oldest and she is a legend in archery. Akane, or as she liked to be called, Churi, she’s the second oldest and to be honest, she have the best brain I have ever met. Like Togasaki said before, she is usually the one that comes up with the battle strategy plans.”

“What about the third one?” Jurina asked, recalling the smallest girl that she saw before.

“I don’t know much about Kanako,” Sakiko shook her head sadly, “I’ve never seen the girl myself. But since I don’t hear much about her, I assume she’s probably just a typical normal princess I guess.”

Jurina was about to ask more about Sakiko’s family, her sudden interest in Sakae growing, when suddenly, a large bell rang continuously and voices were starting to yell around.


Knowing that she must go now, Jurina quickly stood up and looked at Sakiko, “I have more I want to ask, but there isn’t much time anymore.”

Sakiko smiled nodded. “I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon,” she said, holding up the chains that bounded her arms, emphasizing her point. Jurina was just about to leave when Sakiko suddenly called out to her, “Jurina!” The girl turned around. “Be careful of everything that Togasaki gives you!” Sakiko said, remembering something she had wanted to tell the girl everyday since she took on Togasaki’s job.

“What do you mean?”

“The potion that he have been giving your mother-“ Sakiko was suddenly cut off by the sound of boots running around everywhere.

Jurina heard the serious tone in Sakiko’s voice and knew the girl is being dead serious. After thinking for awhile, Jurina ran towards Sakiko and kneeled next to the girl, taking out the keys, “I’m getting you out of here.”

“Wait!” Sakiko pulled back her arms, “Don’t! He’ll kill you!”

Jurina shook her head and unlocked the chains with the keys and helped the girl up, glad that the girl could run around freely, “I can’t leave you alone here to stand all those torture again.” Pulling the freed girl out of the cell, Jurina called out to the jail guard, “Takashi!”

The guard turned around and was surprised to see Jurina pulling with her a prisoner, “His highness will kill you, Matsui-san!”

“Not if I get Sakiko out of here before he finds out,” Jurina grinned and threw the keys back to him. The guard catches the key and just as Jurina was about to thank him, something she doesn’t do often, a blade suddenly sticks out of the guard’s chest, completely covered in blood. Jurina recognizes the katana and quickly took out her own daggers.

The blade was swiftly pulled out of the guard’s chest and the body was thrown aside as a deep voice spoke,

“You were saying?”

Hope I didn't bore my lovely readers with this update....

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OHA-CHAN!!!!!!!!~~~~~I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!~~~  :heart: :heart: :heart:

Triple update~~  :on woohoo:

I'm still reading it, so i'll just edit this later~

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I'm a RenAirin shipper, but yes, WMatsui is special.

If there is no pairing at ending, I'm shocked, but I don't know... maybe I will not hurt you... maybe...  :lol: But seriously, I really love this fic, so I'm okay with any ending (still I’m really want a WMatsui in the end).

Thank you for the WMatsui moment! Finally Jurina took the first step. I'm really curious what will happen now. I don't want Jurina choose to Churi. I don't hate Churi, just don't want...
And the last WMatsui moment at the end of the chapter... I really like that :) But if you don't like write that, that also enough If you're writing about feelings. I loved this part in the chapter 19:
The two kept smiling at each other until Rena remembered where they were and looked away with her cheeks burning, ’Why do you keep on smiling at me today, Jurina? Why can I never focus on anything else when you smile at me!?’
This part is showed the most Rena's feelings.

I'm glad if something happens between Jurina and Rena (like a kiss), but okay if not.

And triple update!!! It was really a lot of work, thank you for this!
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Wow, trible update!!! You're amazing ohayou-san <3

Firstly, about SKE's AGPS, I didnt expect Jurina could be so bold and confessed to Rena like that LOL. But it was good and romantic scene though. I love it~ And about the punch in the end, I wonder who punched Jurina like that. Currently, I have 3 guesses.
First, it may be Airin cuz she saw the kiss. But I'm gonna cross this out cuz in the story, Airin is a shy and quiet girl so there is no chance that she would punch Jurina. If she did see the kiss, she would just run away and cry alone in a corner or something.
Second, it may be Churi but once again, I'm not sure about this. I think if Churo hit Jurina, maybe because of the kiss, she would only slap her, not actually punch her though. Churi is not that violent to punch her love like that.
Third, there is a cgance that it could be Mizuki. Well, she's very active and energetic. If someone could ever give such a powerful punch like that, my first guess would be Mizuki.

And about TPB, it's not boring though. I get to know more about Sakiko's past and understand the story more~ And in the end, it's a clifthanger!!! LOL... I hate this even though I usually use this in my own stories xD Hahaha~ *cough* Anyways, Jurina is in a big trouble now~ Maybe she will manage to save Sakiko and herself and go to Rena's place?

Thanks for ypur hard work, ohayou-san~ I'm looking forward to your next update~

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yeaaay!! Triple! Fufufu~

Ah, tako-san mad at me? Aaaah sorry :( I promise I won't guess anything anymore XD

Yeay!! I love all of your update tako-san!

AGP and TPB! You're the best! <3 love you~~~

Thanks for the TRIPLE update :lol:

Good job! :twothumbs

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