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Author Topic: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ !!RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!! [4/16]  (Read 106034 times)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #340 on: October 13, 2012, 11:54:08 PM »
A TRIPLE UPDATE !!! OMG!!!  :shocked
YES! Jurina finally make her move to make Rena fall for her, GOGO JURINA!!
and good I loved this chapter, was cool when Yuka appeared and Jurina getting punched in the end, I think that Mizuki is really mad with her hahaha  :lol:

Now all the answers was given, that Togasaki !  :angry:
I hope to Jurina and Sakiko be able to escape, I'm worried about them  :cry:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #341 on: October 14, 2012, 12:30:40 AM »
Kyaaaaaaaa Ohayou-san!
Update! Sorry I wasn't home on Friday *got kidnapped by rich snobbish friends

Anyway Chapter 22:
Non-chan...somehow she's like the more quiet type but a great observer (that's my impression of her)
Curious of Rena worried of Jurina...
Jurina met Yuka-san!!!!  :heart: LOL they're beating up yankees just to take out the aggression  :rofl:
Oh hoh ho ho Yuka-san is interested? in Mizuki? *fufufu~

Oh I wonder who's that girl that came into Renas/Jurinas room and but a blanket over her.
Eh? Jurina? or Airin? that put the blanket over Rena-chan?
And still poor Churi  :cry:
Chapter 22
Ah when Rena-chan saw Jurina and was walking into the kitchen trying not to make so much noise but did it anyway
and the sneezing didn't make it batter she is so clumsy  XD

Jurina what is this reverse psychology? First it was Rena scolding and get worried of Jurina so Jurina should be the one with guilt right?
But the she made Rena having guild for poking her lip too hard  :lol:

Kkkkk KISSU? Kyaaaaaa :heart:
So it was true then...Jurina like Rena and not in a friend zone.
But how about Rena?What does she feel?
 who punched Jurina? was it Mizuki?  :panic:
the perfect bodyguard Chap12
A Kumin&Sakiko!

Sakiko-san meeting Jurinas father  :w00t:
Uwaa tragic!  :cry:
Sakiko couldn’t help but giggle at the way Jurina stared at her so intensely as she talked. “You know, Jurina, all you need to do is listen to my words, not smell them, leaning in so close won’t do you any good,” Sakiko laughed.

Hearing the girl’s word, Jurina cleared her throat and leaned backward, slightly surprised that she had leaned so close as she listened to the story.

 :rofl: LOLOLOL that actually lighten up the mood a little


Now you're leaving me with a cliffhanger too  :fainted:
Thank you for updating Ohayou-san
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
Have tumblr have twitter. Just ask ^^

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #342 on: October 17, 2012, 10:46:10 PM »
Hey there, Taivas-san~
Thank you for commenting! (^^)
Final pairing, I have no yet decided yet.
But don't worry, it's going to soon come to an end.
About... uh.... a few more chapters to go.
Notice, by few, I mean, like, 'few' in MY definition xDDD
Which could be a two digit number for all I know hahahahahaha

Anyways, does Taivas-san want Furuyanagi in AGP too? LOL xDDDD
Everyone wants Churi to end up happy~
Where's the fun if everyone ends up happy~
C'mon, someone has to hurt *evil grin*

And what!? what when where why how!?
What G+ post!? They sat in a car together!?
Airin wanted Rena to sleep on her shoulder!?
(but then I don't have much time to pay enough attention to G+ to see these)
Does Taivas-san have a link?
I wanna see the post! I wanna see the post!
It is Luffel-san btw.

This is the post I was talking about. Naturally, Airin was too shy to do something about it, but hopefully Rena read her post and will take her chance the next time. Naturally I had to think of this when reading AGP's taxi scene. Go for it, Airin~

Anyways, thanks for the huge update. I can tell from your tweets that you're a very diligent writer xD And yet the update left me desperate for me, fufufu~
About AGP: Jurina has the big advantage of being much more active than Airin. Now she already made her move on Rena, how will Airin stand a chance there? I am once again torn between WMatsui and RenAirin, but since WMatsui already wins in TPB, you might give Rena to Airin this time? xD Anyways, I don't want to let anyone get hurt, so Churi always comes in handy for a back-up pairing in case anyone loses the fight for Rena, fufufu~
But what's the deal with Jurina being knocked down all the time? xD Poor pimp, what happened this time? Please continue *_*

About TPB: So far the story focuses on how Airin and Jurina become their bodyguards, but will we also see some actual bodyguard action? I think I would like to see Jurina protect Rena, yes xD Or maybe they should fight together? Hmmm~
Anyways, now that Jurina learned the truth from Sakiko, will she finally return to Airin and Rena now?

Looking forward to more  :)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #343 on: October 19, 2012, 02:20:53 PM »
*finally read what she missed*

*mouth agape, brain exploding from the kiss she wanted to read about the most*

*trying to pick up the scattered pieces of her brain and put thoughts together*

I'll come back some time later to comment properly

 :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #344 on: October 20, 2012, 02:57:21 PM »
I've been lurking around in this thread and finally decided to make an account and comment in this thread  XD

I really like your story especially AGP and TPB ^^
About AGP, I wonder who'll be the final pairing since in TPB the pairings are WMatsui and Furuyanagi so I hope in AGP it will be RenAirin!  :lol:
And I don't know what to say anymore coz I'm not good with words but I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your fic :D

Can't wait for your next update :)

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #345 on: October 20, 2012, 04:07:19 PM »
Um, sorry for the double post, but....

I just wanted to show you that I was not lying and that I am finally really writing you a proper comment!!!

Can you believe that?!!!

Just where to begin, as I have many thoughts, and they're still kinda jumbled up...

Let's try to sort them out...


I know lots of people probably want Rena-sama to stay with Airin, but I like the connection between Jurina and Rena-sama in this story, so... Gomenne... As much as I like RenAirin, I'm sticking with my bigger love for WMatsui...

Of course it's not for me to decide who's the pairing that's going to be in the end, but...

Anyway, I'm so glad that Jurina said about her feelings to Rena-sama... And that kiss...  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

Of course, I pity Churi, poor girl, but what can I do?

I mean, even though it was her birthday, she just said her wish...

As for me, it didn't mean like Jurina had to kiss her right away, you know...

Yes, she might be a player, but kissing your childhood friend means something big, and it's a decision you can't make in a second...

And as we see further on, she thought things over, and understood the reason behind her stumbling...

It's Rena-sama!!!!  :nya: :nya:

And Airin in this story is really cute!!! I want to hug her every time she blushes!!  :wriggly: :shy1:



Mizuki getting herself a certain Nishishi..  :ding: :ding: Well, more like Nishishi is going to make a move first, but that's just my prediction!  :hehehe: :hehehe:

ARGH, I can't wait for how things will be later on!!!  :tantrum: :temper: :shy2: hurry up and update ok?  :on comhere: :on comhere: (though I'm not hurrying you, it's just an innocent notice :whistle: )


And this story is also very interesting, because you kept me at the edge of my seat with it...

Poor Sakiko, being treated like this...

And then Airin, getting on nice terms with Akane... :shy2:

And then Jurina, limping with her leg all the way back to Akihabara, just to understand how she really hates Togasaki, what bad things he did, and that he is keeping Sakiko as a prisoner...  :shock: :fainted: :frustrated:

Now I want Jurina to kick his ass, run away from there (even though there are probably no chances for Sakiko to stay alive, I still hope Jurina somehow manages to save her  :prayers: :prayers: :prayers:) and go back to Rena-sama, so she can become her bodyguard and then avenge for her father's loss... wouldn't it be cool?...

But then this came to my mind..

How is Jurina's mother doing? I hope Togasaki did not kill her...  :scared: :on blackhole:

If he did, then Jurina would probably be double-mad... Mhm, a good plot point...  :glasses: :glasses:

Here I'm going to end my blabbering and speculations... Okay?

Please update soon!!  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

sakura_drop_  :k-wink:
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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #346 on: October 21, 2012, 11:54:34 PM »
What a sad story... Poor Sakiko T_T
And now they are in a really bad situation OMG!!!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #347 on: October 26, 2012, 08:36:37 PM »
finally, jurina kissed rena 。
 :yossi: :yossi: :otomerika: :otomerika:
can't wait to read next chapter!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #348 on: November 10, 2012, 12:48:29 AM »
I can´t wait for the next chapter of SKE All Girl's Private School

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ TRIPLE UPDATE! 2xAGP, 1xTPB [10/13]
« Reply #349 on: November 24, 2012, 09:25:52 AM »
Sudden confession (0.o) *dokidoki*
Thank you~ /////
Guess I shall do more triple updates often hmm? (^m^)

Hahahaha~ No, Kiri-san, I should thank YOU.
Comments keeps me going (^^)
So thank you for commenting.

More wMatsui (as well as RenAirin) moments are soon to come,
just give me some time (^^)
So please look forward to it!

Thank you, Sayuki-san.
You are amazing yourself too, your guesses are quite close (^^)
BUt then, I shall not reveal anymore than I just did xDDD
You will have to wait for the next update on AGP to see who actually punched Jurina hmm~

And I'm glad you didn't find the latest TPB chapter boring,
it was just so long and I was scared that I was putting too much pointless things in it...
BUt I guess I was just worrying about nothing aye?

Anyway, please do look forward to the next update for both AGP and TPB.
I'm sorry for leaving you with a cliffhanger xD
BUt it's just so fun! xDDDD

I'm kidding lol!
I shall never get mad at my readers!
Never ever in a million years~

ANd thank you for commenting too,
I'm glad you liked my updates~ (^^)

I feel so mean making Togasaki such a bad guy in TPB xDDD
But I can't help it! xDDDDD

I hope (if there are even any) Togasaki-oshi won't kill me xDDD

Woah hi there, Megumi-san~ (^m^)
For your question, I thought people would automatically know,
but I guess my writing wasn't good enough in that part. f(^^;
The person who came in and put the blanket over Rena-san was Jurina. (^^)

Hahaha~ Megumi-san seems to have so much questions xDDD
But all shall be answered in the next few AGP updates~
So please look forward to it!

As in the cliffhanger, (^m^)
I love writing cliffhangers, even though I hate reading them cuz they make me want to smash my laptop apart~
BUt fufufu~ (^m^) I love seeing readers reaction when it comes to cliffhangers~

It's luffel-san!!! lakdsjfhklsjhfkalsjdf

Anyway, ahem* THanks for the post! Omg, all the RenAirin feels creeping up on me~ *shiver*
Hahahaha~ don't hope too much for a happy ending for all, luffel-san,
who knows, maybe tako will do a romeo and juliet ending and kill everybody xDDD

About your question about TPB and Airin and Jurina with bodyguard actions,
OF COURSE! Didn't even need to ask~ (^^)
It's like a package~ You can't have the job and not do the work you know~ xDDDD
So what will Jurina do now?
Luffel-san will have to wait and find out~
Please look forward to the next update!

>>White Hawk
Hi there, White Hawk-san!
I'm glad you finally decided to make an account, and even comments!
That's so awesome! This will be a decision you shall never regret in your entire life!

I'm glad you like my fanfics,
it's always nice to hear my readers say it~(^^)
Anyway, please look forward to the next update,
I will try not to take too long!

Hahahaha~ I'm going to need more than just an "innocent notice" to get me to sit in front of my laptop and type xDDD
Gomen, sakura-san, for making you wait so long with my updates.
But I'm afraid, this update is not yet a TPB update~

And wow, Sakura-san's guessings are so.... (0.o)
AHEM* *hypnotizes all readers who read Sakura-san's comments*

(^m^) But really, Sakura-san do have really nice thinking~
Similar thinking.... to me.... hmm.....
*shuts up*

>>kahem, lizzie, Minami-chan
Thank you for commenting!
I'm sorry I took so long to update!
But I'm afraid this update isn't an AGP update, or a TPB one f(^^;
But I still hope you guys like this update!

Oh, wow, okay, it really has been ages since I've updated.
I'm sorry! I'm not dead! And I'm not abandoning anything or anything~
It's just that school has been like hell for me lately,
and then there are just so much things happening in both my school life and my social life right now that I'm just not getting enough of my usual time to work on fanfic.

However, fortunately, my school term is ALMOST over!
Yay for that! Then it will be Christmas holiday soon, which means there (hopefully) will be more updates!
And yeah! (^^) As long as I'm not working on my Historical Investigation or my Extended Essay or shopping or eating or sleeping,
then I shall have time to write fanfic (^^)
So please my lovely readers, please be just a LITTLE bit more patient and soon I will be on my quick-update-schedule again!

Sorry to those who was expecting an update for AGP or TPB,
because of Kuumin's graduation announcement and all those uproar on Twitter and stuff,
my mind kinda set itself on like these, Kuumin-writing mood.
I was writing a bit of a really dark Kuumin-centered OS before,
but then I suddenly felt like taking Yanyan-san's request for a happy KumiYuri,
so this update will be that.

It WAS suppose to be a OS in the beginning,
but I guess my plot didn't allow it xDDDD
So this update is only part one of the story.
This won't be a very long fanfic, but it won't be just one or two parts either.
Anyway, hope you guys like it~

P.S. I really hope Yanyan-san won't be disappointed with this update~ Kinda bad.... f(^^;

Father's Debt, Daughter's Responsibility (Part 1) [KumiYuri]



The girls finally relaxed after stepping down the stairs, off the stage and into the backstage. “Wow, the crowd is still roaring outside,” Akane, the band’s bass player, laughed as she threw herself onto the closest sofa, instantly putting herself on relax mode and rest before packing up her stuff.

Jurina, stuck with her old habit, wiped the outside of her drum with her own “special polishing cloth” and said without looking away, “Well, we did make quite an impact back there. That was quite a big surprise for them.”

Another girl placed her guitar aside, stretched her arms and rolled her stiff shoulders as she dropped herself onto the sofa as well and said outloud with a satisfied smile, “Ah~ I haven’t danced like this in ages!”

Akane nodded, “Yeah, what Airin said. Seriously, we should’ve listened to you ages ago, Jurina. Adding a dance into our band performance, the fans seems to have loved it just as much as we did.”

“See! I told you it would be a good idea! Even Kuumin agreed with me back then!” Jurina exclaimed, “but nooooooo, you guys wouldn’t listen.”

Akane chuckled, “Well then, I apologize nee? Next time, we shall go to you for ideas and your ideas shall be the first one we bare in mind nee? How about it?”

Jurina puffed up her chest proudly and said happily, “You BETTER!”

“Anyway,” Airi changed the topic, “Where should we eat tonight to celebrate successfully adding a dance into the finale of our performance?”

“Jurina?” Akane redirected Airi’s question to Jurina.

“Anywhere is fine,” Jurina said as she stood up from the corner of the room where her drum was, finally satisfied with the amount of shine on it. Seeing both Akane and Airi staring at her, Jurina looked back at them, confused, “What?”

“We go with your ideas first, remember? Since your ideas are always so awesome. You said so yourself about,” Airi took a look at her watch, “thirty seconds ago.” Akane laughed at Airi’s words and Jurina’s expression as the girl’s jaw dropped.

“EEEEEEHHHH!? But you know I hate thinking of where to eat! It’s like, the most annoying thing to think of!”

“Well, until you decide, we shall stay here. Nee, Airin?” Akane grinned and did a double  high-five with Airi.

Jurina groaned and grabbed her hair in frustration, “Argh! Fine! We’ll go to that shabushabu place we went last time. How about it?”

“Yup yup. Perfectly fine! We’re not paying anyway!” Both girls said at the same time. Then they turned to each other and high-fived each other again.

“Eh!? W-What!?”

“Person suggesting the place has to pay, remember? That was our rule from ages ago!” Akane held onto her stomach as she struggled to control her laughter.

Not hearing any words being spoken from Kumi, everyone stopped and turned to where their main guitarist were standing and saw the said girl staring at her phone, hands shaking.

“Kuumin?” Akane called out as she climbed up the sofa.

Still not receiving any answer, Airi jumped off the sofa and tapped Kumi on the shoulder, making the girl jump and quickly clamped her phone shut. Before Airi could say anything, Kumi grabbed her bag and made a run for the exit, “Excuse me.”

“K-Kuumin! Wait up! Your guitar! Oi! Argh...” Akane frowned as Kumi ran off without taking her guitar with her. “I am NOT carrying your guitar, Yagami Kumi. I have my own bass to carry already. Airin, you’re carrying the lightest guitar anyway, you can carry Kuumin’s guitar back to the hotel,” Akane quickly said.

“What!? Why do I have to!? Kuumin’s guitar is heavy! Go get Jurina to carry it! She’s the one who doesn’t have to carry anything! She gets a car to carry her drum kit around!” Airi complained.

Jurina held up her drumsticks and grinned, “I do have stuff to carry.” Then the grin was quickly swiped off her face as she looked at where Kumi disappeared off to and turned back to the band and looked at them, “What the heck was that?” The two girls, knowing what Jurina was talking about, just shrugged, both of them just as confused as Jurina was.

“Two bottles left! Who is taking it? If no one is taking it, then I’m giving it to the other staff.”

A girl with long black hair shouted out from the middle of the room, making both Airi and Jurina jump up immediately and turn towards the backstage crew manager.

Akane was the first to put up her hand and the girl threw one bottle at her and placed the other one on the table. Airi and Jurina immediately dashed towards the last bottle, fighting for possession over the bottle of water.

“Rena-chan got this bottle for me! Let go, Airin!” Jurina growled as she attempted to pry Airi’s fingers off the bottle.

“No!” Airi growled back, trying to keep her grip on the bottle as she pull the bottle closer to her, “Rena-san got this bottle for me!!!”

Akane chuckled as she sat on the sofa and drank for her own bottle of water as she watch the all-too-familiar scene playing all over again of Airi and Jurina fighting over something their crew member manager, Matsui Rena gave them. The two members, known for their silly crush on the band’s longest crew member and Akane’s bestfriend, always fought backstage. It was so normal seeing it that no one bothers to stop the two fighting. All but one person.

Rena facepalmed herself and walked forward and pulled the two girls apart and took back the drink bottle. “Nevermind,” she said as she opened the bottle, “I feel thirsty now.” Taking a drink from the bottle, she took the bottle with her as she waved Akane goodbye before the two girls could run after her.

Unable to control herself anymore, Akane burst into laughter as she waved her own bottle in front of Airi and Jurina, “Guess who have no water to drink now hmm?” The two girls tackled Akane back onto the sofa and tried to snatch the bottle out of her hand as the girl just kept laughing as she hugged her bottle.

Suddenly, another staff member pushed aside all the other working crew and made her way towards the band, breathing heavily from all the pushing as she stopped in front of the girls. Quickly looking behind her, the manager’s assistant, Ogiso Shiori, turned back to the girls and said as she pushed them towards the backdoor exit, “You guys better get out quick, Masana is on a massive rage right now.”

“What? But we just finished a successful live! Why is she raging!?” Jurina looked at Shiori.

“Yeah,” Airi agreed, “Shouldn’t she be happy?”

“Long story,” Shiori said, “You guys better go no-“ A yelling voice broke Shiori’s sentence and the assistant looked back. “Too late...” Shiori mumbled as she quickly shooed all the present backstage crew out of the room to do something else.

The manager came storming into the room and threw down a stack of paper in front of the girls just as Shiori closed the door to avoid anyone outside from hearing the conversation. “What is the meaning of this!?” Masana shouted, “Who did this!?”

“Woah there,” Jurina held up her arms, “Chill, Masanya. What did we do?”

Akane, being curious, picked up one of the paper that the manager threw down and read outloud the big words that were printed on the paper, “MONEY BACK BY TOMORROW OR SEE YOUR BAND SUFFER.”

Everyone in the room froze as they processed what the words meant. Airi looked through the pile of paper, “They all say the same thing.”

Masana pointed at the papers, “Those came through the fax the whole night tonight during your guys’ live. I want to know who it was from and who it was for. And I want to know now.”

“Well whoever it is,” Jurina said casually, “It is obviously none of us here.”

“What makes you so sure, Jurina?” Masana glared at the girl.

 “Because,” Jurina ignore the glare and explained herself, “First of all, I don’t need any money for anything right now since I just bought a new drum kit. Airin is always against borrowing money and Churi’s family is so rich she wouldn’t even need to borrow any money.” Hearing that explanation, Masana miraculously calmed down slightly.

“Where is Kuumin?” Shiori asked as she looked around the room, looking for signs of the leader.

“Oh, Kuumin left in a rush after staring at her phone,” Airi answered, “She looked like she was in an emergency or something.”

A strange silence filled the room and then everyone looked up at the same time with the same look on their face. Jurina looked around and then shook her head immediately, realizing that everyone was thinking about the same thing, “There is no need for Kuumin to borrow money, she never said she needed money.

“If Kuumin need money, I would’ve lend her some,” Akane added, “There is no way we would let her borrow money from people that will do something like this,” the girl gestured towards the threatening notes.

Airi nodded in agreement to her fellow members’ words, “Kuumin would never do something like this so rashly without first discussing it with the rest of us first. Not to mention, Kuumin’s father has quite a lot of money too, why would Kuumin need to borrow money?” After a short while of silence, Airi said in the best convincing voice that she could manage, “It was probably just a very sick prank.”

Masana pondered over Airi’s words for a while, then clicked her fingers at Shiori and the assistant immediately stacked up the paper neatly again and then took them with her and walked out of the room. “I want an immediate phone call if any more information is known about this,” the manager ordered and left the room.

“Jeez, someone needs to take a chill pill...”
“Don’t say that, Jurina! Masana is just worried! SAKAElove isn’t JUST about us, she’s part of it too.”
“Yeah, what Churi said.”
“Pssh~ Whatever, you two. I’m going to go find Kuumin.”


Kumi ran as fast as her feet would take her, sliding between the closing automatic doors just before it fully closes. Ignoring the stares from everyone else, Kumi ran up the stairs and down the hallways, not even having the slightest patience to wait for the elevator. Panic hit Kumi as she turned the corner and saw her mother’s room’s door opened. Dodging other patients here and there, Kumi ran into the room and slammed the door shut.

Gasping for breaths, Kumi pushed the men away from the bed and stood protectively in front of her mother’s bed and glared at the men standing around the room, “Do you dare do anything to her!”

A man, hidden behind the shadow of the door, tutted, “You are in no place to speak, little girl. Your mother only managed to survive because of us. We are only coming back to retrieve what belonged to us in the first place.”

“You will get your money!” Kumi shouted back, her tears threatening to spill, “Just leave my mother alone!”

“Remember what you said, Yagami,” the man said in a dark and serious tone, “You have a week. We lend you the money for your mother’s heart surgery, along with the money that your father borrowed from us before. If we don’t get our money back, then we will take what our money was used for.”

“And with a very small interest too, of course,” another man added with a cold chuckle, “Considering how popular your little band has become lately.”

“You have one more week, Yagami,” the man in the shadow said and left the room, followed by the other men, laughing as they went.

As soon as the men left, Kumi slammed the door shut again and turned around to check her mother and was glad to see that the men didn’t do anything to her mother, who was still under the effect of the morphine from the operation. Kumi jumped when a familiar ringing suddenly filled the room. Realizing that it was her phone ringing, Kumi took out her phone from her bag and looked at the caller ID: Juritan.

Just as Kumi was about to pick up the call, the man’s words echoed in her mind again,

”And with a very small interest to, of course. Considering how popular your little band has become lately.”

Feeling the hair on the back of her hair raising as she recalled the words, Kumi quickly rejected Jurina’s call and turned of her phone and threw the device back into her bag. Kumi dragged a chair from the table and set it next to her mother’s bed, deciding to sit and wait to see if her mother will wake up before visiting time was over.


A soft tapping on the door woke Kumi up. Sitting back up properly, Kumi looked around and realized that she had fallen asleep without herself knowing while waiting. Just as Kumi stood up from the chair and prepared to go home, the door opened.

“Oh, I’m sorry, you must be a visitor off Yagami-san here. Visitor hours are over already I’m afraid, you will have to come back tomorrow.”

“My apology, I fell asleep and didn’t realize the time,” Kumi apologized and turned to leave the room. But then froze when she saw a familiar shirt being worn in front of her.

The eyes of the girl who spoke widened as she stared at the rising star, “Y-Y-Yagami-s-san!?”

Kumi looked up and down at the girl and couldn’t recall seeing her around anyway. But there was no mistaking that the shirt that the girl was wearing was the staff t-shirt from today’s live.

The girl saw Kumi’s confused expression and quickly did a small bow and introduced herself, “I’m Kizaki Yuria. I’m part of Yagami-san’s band’s backstage crew.”

“Well... You obviously know who I am,” Kumi said as she picked up her bag, not knowing what to say for not recognizing her own crew, “How come I’ve never seen you around before?”

Yuria scratched the back of her head and gave a sheepish smile, “Well, I’m kind fo new so I’m still only doing the run around work instead of the big backstage stuff...”

Kumi nodded, “Welcome to the crew then. I hope Masanya isn’t being too hard on you.”

The girl shook her head immediately, “No, of course not! Masana is a really understanding woman. It’s thanks to Masana that I even manage to get to work in the backstage crew of my favourite band!”

“If you’re already working with the crew, then why are you still working at the hospital?” Kumi asked out of curiousity.

Yuria looked away, with a somewhat embarrassed expression on her face, “It’s because my father left me and my mother behind with his debts from gambling and now that my mother is so sick she can’t work anymore, I have to go around working at several jobs to make sure I can earn enough money to pay back to bank.”

“You too huh...” Kumi mumbled.

“Huh? Did Yagami-san say something?” Yuria looked back at Kumi, thinking that she heard the girl said something.

“Nothing,” Kumi quickly shook her head and forced out a smile, “And just Kumi is fine. Calling me by my last name is too formal. You’re part of the crew now, cut out the formality.”

Yuria nodded, “So what is Kumi-san doing here? The entire band is looking for you. Something big happened after you left and your band and Shiorin plus Masana-san are all going nuts.”


“Ah, I meant, Ogiso-san,” Yuria corrected, “Sorry, I always call her that because we kind of grew up together and she always get mad when I call her by any other name.”

Kumi nodded again and the asked, “What happened after I left?”

“Yuria shook her head, “I don’t know because Shiorin wouldn’t tell me what happened after she kicked all of us out of the room. But we did hear a lot of shouting inside the room after we were kicked out.”

Kumi nodded solemnly, hoping that whatever the band was stressing about wasn’t about her. Yet no matter how many times she tried to tell herself that, something in the back of her mind told her something wasn’t right.

After a while of silence, Yuria brought the topic back to her original question and asked again, “So why is Kumi-san here anyway? Everyone was looking for you and Jurina-san is going super nuts because she couldn’t reach you.”

Kumi looked away, not wanting to explain anything. “I uh... need to go,” Kumi said as she rushed out of the door just after Yuria moved aside for her.

Yuria moved out of the room and called out to Kumi who was already quite some distance away, “I know its not my place to tell you what to do, Kumi-san, but whatever is on your mind, sometimes talking to another person can really help. Especially if you think that person will understand your situation.”

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ Part 1 for KumiYuri's not-OS-or-Long fic [11/24]
« Reply #350 on: December 01, 2012, 07:43:41 PM »
KUMIYURIIIII <3 pls updateee ~

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ Part 1 for KumiYuri's not-OS-or-Long fic [11/24]
« Reply #351 on: December 01, 2012, 11:46:24 PM »
Aaa finally! I have time to read and comment your KumiYuri!

Sakaelove! <3 what a nice band!
And, good story tako! No, it's awesome! XD

Update, I need an update of course haha and don't forget about TPB and AGP too..

Thank you tako-san xD :bow:

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ Part 1 for KumiYuri's not-OS-or-Long fic [11/24]
« Reply #352 on: December 04, 2012, 09:46:28 AM »
ohayou-san ohayou-san! so many updates!!! :D
*big thumbs up* this is like such an awesome present xD

i wonder who was the one who tucked rena in bed :O was it airin?!
but wow! jurina confessed :O we're gonna see heartbreaks and more heartbreaks!
haha but sorry i felt kinda happy that someone punched jurina in the so mean o.o but i feel sorry for churi :(

and then we have kumiyuri! what is kumi going to do once she finds out that the debt collectors have blackmailed her band?!
cant wait til whatever comes next :D

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ Part 1 for KumiYuri's not-OS-or-Long fic [11/24]
« Reply #353 on: December 06, 2012, 04:14:39 PM »
New reader here!
I really like your fics, much more when there's Wmatsui and Kuminon inside
I wonder who punched Jurina inSKE All Girl's Private School. I was thinking of Airin, but then she's ultra shy so maybe she wouldn't have the guts. But maybe her crush on Rena overcame that? :D  Oh and poor Churi, getting her hopes crushed like that  :(
The Kumiyuri fic seems interesting.
Please update soon!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ Part 1 for KumiYuri's not-OS-or-Long fic [11/24]
« Reply #354 on: December 07, 2012, 07:05:14 PM »
can you update Rena x Airin x Jurina   :D

Im really curious, jurina a girl rude but cute  :D :D

Is nice !

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ Part 1 for KumiYuri's not-OS-or-Long fic [11/24]
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Thanks for commenting!
I'll try my best to get the next part to the KumiYuri short fic done by tonight!
So please wait for it!

I hope the band name wasn't too crap hahaha~
Took me a while to think of one~
I never had a talent for thinking of names f(^-^; *points to jphip name*
And of course, I haven't forgotten about TPB or AGP~
I never forget about a fic (^^)
Unless i really hate it~ Which in that case, I would not be writing it in the first place~

Uwa! Pandah-san! Long time no see nyan~
I'm glad my updates are like a present for Pandah-san~
In that case, I shall do my best to make my updates so good that they are like birthday presents for you!

And the one who tucked Rena in the bed was suppose to be Jurina,
I was trying to write it in a way where people will have to guess who it is but then it would be obvious who it was.
Guess I failed ahahaha... f(^^;

And lol~ Pandah-san is mean indeed lol~
You like to see people in pain don't you xDDD

ANyway, thanks for commenting after so long!
Yayayay! Now please look forward to the upcoming updates!

Oh hey there, glassicall-san~
Welcome aboard to my thread of pointless fanfics hahahaha~
Hope you're not finding your ride too boring xDDD
I'm glad you like my fanfics, its always a joy to hear my readers saying it (^^)

As in the person responsible for punching my lovely juribb,
glassicall-san will find out in this update,
so I hope you enjoy the read! (^^)

Yup yup~ AGP update here it is!
Hope you like it!

So yeah, I'm updating now~ Finally~
Last night's boarding christmas party hyped me up into a hyper mode this morning~
So yeah! Update time hooooo!
I finished this chapter a few days ago, but because I was hitting a few up and down with my emotional life,
I kind of postponed the posting of this chapter.
Because of that, to those who had been really waiting for this chapter, gomen. OTL

However, I shall post it now!
And not make you guys wait anymroe (^^)
After posting this, I shall go work on the KumiYuri fanfic and see if I can get it posted before tomorrow.
And then I will go work on TPB.
Shouldn't be long by now.
So please look forward to it!

Hope my lovely readers all enjoy this update!
And again, please do comments! (^0^)/
If there is something that you really want me to work on,
please do tell me!
I don't bite!

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Re: Ohayou's Fanfics Collection~ Part 1 for KumiYuri's not-OS-or-Long fic [11/24]
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SKE All Girl's Private School - Chapter 23

Jurina slowly raised her hand and held it against her own burning face as she stared at the attacker in front of her. No words could be formed in her mind as shock had completely overtaken her entire senses as she realized who it was that had just punched her.


“Where the hell have you been!?” Mizuki shouted at Jurina as she pushed her on her shoulder roughly, forcing the girl to step back unwillingly out of surprise.

“Why did you punch me oi!” Jurina shouted back.

Mizuki swung her fist at Jurina’s face again. Jurina, not expected to get hit again, did not dodge and lost her footing, falling flat onto her ground. “Because of you,” Mizuki shouted while she pointed at Jurina on the ground, “Churi cried the whole night last night! She literally cried herself to sleep!” Seeing Jurina was not saying a word, Mizuki continued in a softer voice, “Why couldn’t you just fufill Churi’s wish?”

“That’s none of your business,” Jurina growled as she pushed herself off the ground, not enjoying how everyone was talking about Akane. Jurina turned around to walk back into her room, planning to go get breakfast later when Mizuki isn’t there. However, before she could even take a step, a hand grabbed at her and stopped her.

“Don’t you turn your back on me, Jurina!”

Out of anger and frustration, Jurina wiped around and punched Mizuki back. For the first time, Jurina felt the difference of punching Mizuki without her boxing gloves. The feeling of Mizuki’s bones under her fist was horrifying. It wasn’t something she does often. In fact, it wasn’t something she had ever done, or would ever imagine she would do.

Sounds of doors opening were heard all around the two girls now that girls are starting to come out of their room and filling the hallway upon hearing the loud noises. Luckily for Jurina and Mizuki, the teachers didn’t sleep on this floor, so it would be a while before the teachers would even realize what was happening. If they ever do, that is.

“You don’t understand!” Jurina shout back after the punch, finally losing her temper.

“Then tell me and make me understand!” Mizuki shouted as she ignored the ringing in her ears caused by Jurina’s punch. The pain was obvious in Mizuki’s voice, both physical and mental. Physical pain coming from being punched by Jurina’s quick and strong fist for the first time and the mental pain coming from the thought that Jurina had just punched her when they are not practicing. Although Mizuki had had several fights with Jurina before when the two of them reach disagreements in certain things, but not once had they ever turned the argument physical.

“Is kissing Churi really that hard?” Mizuki asked, slightly lowering her voice seeing how there are a lot of people surrounding them now, “It was just a birthday wish, Jurina, and you couldn’t even do that?” Mizuki took Jurina’s silence as a signal to continue, “You can buy her expensive cameras that cost so much money, yet you can’t give her a small peck on the lip like the ones you do with the other girls around the school?” Mizuki paused and took a deep breath, trying to control her anger, “Why, Jurina!? Why are you ALWAYS like this when it comes to Churi!?”

“This is between me and Churi, Mizuki,” Jurina said coldly, “Don’t barge into other people’s business.”

“I’m not JUST other people, Matsui Jurina!” Mizuki yelled, “Churi is one of my closest friends as well as my roommate for that matter. And I won’t stand letting anyone like you,” Mizuki stabbed Jurina with her finger who slapped her hand away, “hurt her.”

Finding the argument completely pointless, Jurina turned around and made her way back to her own room. At least, in that room, no one else will talk about Akane. Jurina don’t want to fight, not with Mizuki, who is her close friend. And Jurina especially don’t want to fight with Mizuki over such small matters, especially not when it is concerning Akane. Jurina hated it. She hated how everyone has to protect Akane. Why couldn’t anyway think from her own perceptive for once? If other people thought about this matter from her point of view, perhaps, they wouldn’t be pressing on about this issue so much. Doing something out of habit is normal, but when you are told to do something that’s usually a habit of yours anyway, you become conscious of what you are doing and usually, you just don’t do it. That was how Jurina thought at that time. Or at least, it was one of the things that Jurina was thinking about that time.

A door opened and a figure with messed up hair poked her head out. “Jurina?” A sleepy voice called as the girl of the voice stepped out of their room and walked into the crowd as the crowd parted obediently for her.

Mizuki looked up and saw Masana making her way towards them. “Good you are finally here, Masana. Talk some sense in this person! I don’t think I ever understand what’s going on with her anymore!” Mizuki yelled, throwing up her arms in the air, as if she was surrendering.

Masana pushed forward the last few line of crowd. Feeling her concern for Jurina’s wellbeing more important than whatever Mizuki was shouting about, Masana put her hand on Jurina’s shoulder and asked first, “When did you get back last night? Where did you go after dinner? We were all very worried about you, you know.” Masana jumped back slightly in surprised at the sudden unusual cold reaction of Jurina when the girl shook off her hand on her shoulder and ignored her.

Jurina, not appreciating another person budging into this whole argument, especially someone who she respects so much, allowed her emotion to get the better of her and before she realized it, she had shook Masana’s kind gesture off without really intending to be so rude to the head girl. Deciding it was better for her own wellbeing not to dwell around for so long, Jurina moved forward to push away the people in front of her so she can leave. However, just as she was about to move, a really cracked voice spoke.

“Why is everyone up so early...?”

Mizuki turned around and was surprised to see a half asleep figure coming out of her room. “Churi! Why are you out here? Go get some more sleep, you didn’t sleep well last night,” Mizuki rushed over to her side and gently pushed the girl, attempting to persuade her to go back into her own room and away from this scene.

Akane shook her head and rubbed her eyes, which everyone could see was red and swollen, backing up Mizuki’s statement of the girl having cried herself to sleep last night. “I can’t fall back asleep...” Akane mumbled slightly as she gave a small yawn. She was still sleepy, yes, but her mind was refusing to let her go back to sleep. The girl gently pushed Mizuki’s arm away and straightened herself up and did a small stretch as she purred. When she was fully awake, Akane looked closer at Mizuki and her eyes widened when she saw Mizuki’s bleeding lip. She reached forward with her hand and touched Mizuki’s face who winced and pulled back, “W-What happened to you!? W-Why are you bleeding!?”

Mizuki frowned and pointed to the figure standing with her back to them next to Masana, “Ask her!”

Akane followed Mizuki’s finger and looked at where the girl was pointing. “J-Jurina-chan...” Akane whispered under her breathe as she saw the all-too-familiar short black hair. Suddenly, waves of emotions from last night’s event rushed back into her mind and Akane looked away, biting onto her bottom lip to stop her inner waterworks from starting up all again.

Jurina ignored the soft calling of her name and tried to push forward to return to her room and escape from this drama but was stopped when Masana pulled her back and whispered in her ears,

“Sort this out before you leave, Jurina. Don’t be so cruel to Churi.”

Jurina ignored Masana’s words and shook her hand off her shoulder again and tried to leave. However, before Jurina could take as much as even a step, she felt another touch on her shoulder again, holding and pulling her back. Out of anger and impatience, Jurina whipped around and slapped the person who touched her. Suddenly, Jurina frozed and stared in horror when she realized the person who held her back wasn’t Masana. Jurina panicked when she saw the girl she slapped stared up at her, her eyes growing more watery with each passing second. Bending down, Jurina tried to apologize, “C-Churi, I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to- I-I thought you were someone else.”

Akane brought her hand up to her cheek and felt the stinging heat from where Jurina’s hand had landed on. No words could be formed in Akane’s mind as she stared up at Jurina. It was the first time Jurina had ever hit her. Akane saw Jurina’s lip moving, as if she was saying something, but Akane didn’t know what. She couldn’t hear anything, her mind wouldn’t let her. The only thing that she could understand at that moment was that Jurina had just slapped her. Unable to stand the truth of how Jurina would go so far as to hurting her physically, Akane’s tears started rolling down her cheeks as she clamped her mouth shut to stop from crying out loud. Turning around, without a second glance backward, Akane ran back into her room.

“Churi!” Both Masana and Mizuki called after her, worried for the girl and surprised at what had just happened.

Mizuki glared at Jurina and hissed only one word at the girl before chasing after the crying girl, “Coward.”

Masana just looked at Jurina, with an emotion that Jurina couldn’t understand. Then the head girl looked away to where Akane had ran off to and then once again, back at Jurina and said clearly before chasing after Akane, “I’m very disappointed in you, Jurina.”

Fuming, Jurina stomped off, forgetting her intention of returning to her room and not bothering to pay attention to anyone else. Rena poked her head out of her room to see what the shouting was all about, only to be greeted with the sight of the crowd melting away as she had realized the commotion outside her room too late. Blaming Jurina for distracting her so much that she didn’t even realize something was happening outside her room, Rena pulled back, closing the door and returned back to her room.


Everyone could feel the strange tension that was in the dining hall when everyone gathered around for breakfast. Most people, if not all, were quiet and barely whispering amongst themselves. Even though many of the girls lived on a different floor to the one where a fight had almost build up, everyone knew something wasn’t right today. Almost everyone were glancing over at Mizuki’s table where only Mizuki, Akane and Kanon were, noticing the unusual quietness. It was normal to see Kumi absent from breakfast. Everyone knew that Kumi was out for dance practice. However, it was the absence of the playgirl, who was usually the noise maker, which had caught everyone’s attention. No one had seen Jurina again after the incident earlier in the morning.

Masana kept looking at the table, just like everyone else, making even Airi and Kanako glance over every now and then. Rena, unaware of the strange tension and only kept thinking about that kiss in the room, stared at the melonpan in her hand as she kept asking herself the same question, ’What did the kiss mean?’ Did it meant that Jurina considered Rena as a friend? Or was she just treating her like one of those other girls that she plays around with on a daily basis. Rena’s eyes widened when her thoughts wandered deeper into different meanings, ’D-Did she kiss me because she... l-l-likes me!?’ Surprised by the possibility, the melonpan slipped from Rena’s hand.

Hearing the sound of something dropping, Airi and Kanako both turned back around at the sound and was curious at the sight of Rena dropping her food. “Are you okay, Rena-san?” Airi asked as she looked at Rena who was simply staring at the bread, showing no intention of picking the food up.

Rena looked up, snapping out of her thoughts and quickly nodded in reply to Airi’s question and picked up her food. Rena took a small bite in the bread, but suddenly found the melonpan in her mouth tasteless as she couldn’t even focus on her favourite food anymore. Unable to stand having such confusing things occupying her mind, Rena quietly placed down her food and stood up, “Excuse me.” With a small apologetic bow, Rena excused herself so she could go find Jurina and question the girl about the intention of her action. Airi and Kanako both stared after Rena as the girl quickly made her way across the dining hall. Even Masana turned around and looked back at Rena, surprised as no one had ever seen Rena put down an unfinished melonpan before.

Just as Rena was about to open the dining hall door, it opened with a slam before her hand even started to reach out for the knob. Startled by the sudden sound, everyone in the dining hall turned toward the door, surprised to see Jurina standing between the doors. Realizing who was standing in front of her, Rena reached out, wanting to tell Jurina that she was looking for her. However, before anyone could understand what was happening, Jurina had already grabbed Rena’s hand after seeing the whole hall looking at them.

“C’mon, Rena-chan, let’s go,”

Although confused about the suddenness of Jurina’s yet-again unpredictable action, Rena allowed herself to be dragged away as she needed to talk to Jurina anyway. But what confused Rena more was the feeling of Jurina’s hand slightly shaking against hers. Pushing the confusion away from her mind with the explanation of the shaking only being her imagination, Rena quickened her pace to follow after Jurina instead to avoid being dragged.


Kanon stared at the door, surprised to hear Jurina calling Rena so loudly with such close honorific. She had never head Jurina call anyone else like that before, apart from the headgirl who she always refer to as Masana-san, but Kanon really had never heard Jurina call anyone as chan before. Then suddenly, something clicked in the back of Kanon’s mind and the puzzels were finally starting to fit together. She finally understood why everything has happened the way it did. Rena’s concern for Jurina, Jurina’s honorific terms with Rena, and even the way that Jurina stared at Rena while the group of them were having dinner last night. Kanon was starting to understand everything. But now that she understands, she didn’t know what to do. Should she tell Mizuki and the others and explain FOR Jurina why she acted like she did last night? Or should she confront Jurina and Rena about this matter? Kanon groaned and buried her head in her arms, not knowing what was the best thing to do now that she know something that the others don’t.

On the other table, instead of worrying about Rena, which is what she usually would be doing, Masana looked at Jurina worryingly as the girl dragged Rena away. Thinking back to how coldly Jurina had treated her earlier, Masana couldn’t help but shiver since she had never had Jurina treat her like that before. Kanako, instead of looking at Jurina, was looking at Airi, hoping the girl would give her some answer as she was really confused with what was happening. However, although Kanako was really curious about why Jurina called Rena “Rena-chan”, with such an atmosphere, eveven Kanako could feel that something wasn’t right and that now really wasn’t the best time to ask such things.

Airin, on the other hand, just stared at Rena’s melonpan that was left on the table and thought about what had happened today while Jurina’s “Rena-chan” kept repeating in her head. ’Isn’t it me that has known Rena-san longer? And I am probably nicer to Rena-san than Jurina-san is and even I haven’t gone to using such close honorific with Rena-san yet! Why did Jurina-san call Rena-san like that even though she was always acting so cold to Rena-san!? Most of all, why didn’t Rena-san say anything when Jurina-san dragged her away!?’ Airi, getting more and more confused by her own thoughts, grabbed her hair in frustration and slammed her head on the table in front of her, making some of the surrounding girls jump at the sudden sound again.

Masana too, jumped in surprised when she heard the sound of something clamming against the table. “Are you okay?” Masana asked as she stared at Airi who had her head down on the table.

Airin nodded her head and mumbled facing down that she was okay, which came out more like, “Ermm uuugeeeeee.”

Kanako reached over and poked Airi with the back of her spoon, “You’re not acting like yourself lately.”

Airin mumbled again in reply, “eiahe eeef ena an.”

“What?” Both Kanako and Masana asked at the same time.

Airi looked up with a red print on her face from hitting the table, “I said, neither is Rena-san.”

Masana nodded, “You’re right... Rena isn’t acting like herself today...”

“She seems to be thinking about something else today,” Kanako added.

Airi looked back at Rena’s abandoned melonpan again and mumbled to herself, “What was on Rena-san’s mind that distracted her so much that she would just leave behind a melonpan, half eaten and unfinished...?”

Masana tapped Airi’s arm and looked at the girl, “What you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” Airi quickly said.

“I’m not stupid, Airin,” Masana frowned, “I know something is wrong. Tell me, maybe I can help.”

“It’s not that simple,” Airi mumbled, “It’s not something that you can help so easily.”

“See?” Masana grinned triumphantly, “There IS something wrong. Now tell me.”

Airin shook her head and went back to her breakfast. Stabbing at her cereal with her spoon and went back to eating, ignoring Masana’s gaze.

“I bet it’s about someone that Airin likes, “Kanako jokingly guessed, knowing that there was no way Airi would ever like anyone ever. When she doesn’t even fall for someone like Jurina, then honestly, there was no way that Airi could ever like anyone else in the school.

Noticing Airi choking and coughing on her food at Kanako’s word, Masana’s eyes widened and looked at Airi, “serious!?”

Kanako also looked at Airi and said, “I was only kidding.” After that, Kanako’s face grew into a big grin as she looked at Airi who was now pink on her face again, “Who knew that I would actually be right~”

Airi ignored the curious look on the two girls and tried to return back to her breakfast, hoping that her friends will leave her alone. However, Masana being the person that she is, pulled Airi’s food tray away from her and took her spoon away from her mouth and threw it aside the table. “Tell me everything!” Masana pressed.

Kanako jumped from her seat and moved to sit beside Airi, latching herself onto Airi and grinned “Airin liking someone 3D is like the sun rising from the west! Tell us everything! I want to know details! Who it is? How did you guys meet? Have you guys dated yet? Have you guys-“

Masana pulled Kanako away from Airi and back to her seat and gave the girl a slap on the head when she still continued to reach out towards Airi, like a baby reaching out towards its milk bottle. When Kanako finally settled down to as far as an exciting curious Kanako can be, Masana turned back to Airi and rested her chin on her palms, “So~ Who’s the lucky person~?”

Airi debated for awhile about whether or not she should tell them or not. If she does tell them, how could Airi know for sure that they won’t spread it out to the rest of the school, especially Kanako, giving her hyper personality, secrets such as this is bound to slip off her tongue accidentally, and maybe even to the wrong person. But then Airi know that if she told them, both Masana and Kanako are most likely to help her out in which case, maybe, just maybe, Airi can actually somehow get her feelings across to Rena.

“I think...” Airi mumbled in a very small voice after taking a very deep breath, “I might... like... Rena....s-san....”

“RENA!?” Kanako jumped out of her seat and pointed at Airi with her mouth wide opened like a fish gasping for air. In fact, one might see Kanako and actually mistaken her for having a fish face as Kanako’s eyes were widened into two perfect circles, just like goldfishes do.

Masana quickly pulled the girl back down and slapped her once again. But then, even the head girl was unable to contain her own emotion and after quickly making sure that the curious gaze of the girls around the hall had gone away from their direction, Masana grinned excitedly at Airi, “I knew it!”
Kanako grinned at Airi and hopped up and down in her seat, unable to control the excitement, “I knew it I knew it I knew it!”

“E-Eh!?” It was Airi’s eyes now, that was widening to the side of a golf ball, “How did you guys know!?”

“It’s soooooooooooooo obvious,” Kanako laughed.

Airi looked at Masana, “Is it THAT obvious...?” Worried that if it was, then Rena might already know that she does like her.

Masana gave a small nod and Airi threw face down onto the table again. Kanako being the curious her, pushed Airi’s head back up and asked, “When did you find out that you like Rena?”

Airi scratched the back of her head and mumbled, “Ah... I don’t know.... I just..... did.....”

Kanako folded her arms and rested her head on it and looked up at Airi with a strange look on her face, “Nee, Airin, what does it feel like to like someone?”

“Eh?” Masana stared at Kanako, “What kind of question is that?”

“What? I’m curious,” Kanako mumbled and then pointed to herself, “Kanakana has never liked anyone so I don’t know what it feels like.” Ignoring Masana’s facepalming gestures, Kanako turned back to Airi again, “So, is it really like it is in the manga and you actually feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest?”

Airi gave a firm nod, “Every single time.”

Deciding to tease the girl a bit, Masana put on an innocent face and tried to hide her grin, “Is that why you can never talk properly whenever you’re with Rena?”

“W-What!?” Airi waved her hands around, “I talk very normally okay!!!!????”

Kanako laughed and imitated Airi’s action when Rena is around, “A-a-a-a-ah R-r-r-r-rena-s-s-s-san!” Unable to continue any longer, Kanako burst into laughter, making it difficult for even Masana to hold in her giggles.

“D-Don’t exaggerate, Kanakana!” Airi frowned, “I do not stutter that much!”

“No, but you do stutter and you know it yourself hahahaha,” Masana laughed along.

Airi slammed her head back onto the table once again, unable to stand the teasing anymore. Not to mention the table was at an extremely comfortable temperature to cool down her burning cheeks right now.

“Does Rena know? Does Rena know?” Kanako pressed on, unwilling to let the topic drop.

“About what?” Airi asked without looking up.

“About you liking her!”

“O-Of course not!” Airi shook her head frantically, “There is no way I would tell her!”

“So you haven’t confessed yet!?” Masana asked, surprise clear in her tone. She would’ve expected that someone like Airi would have confessed to Rena the moment she realized that she likes Rena, much like how the characters in manga and anime usually do it.

“Someone as beautiful as Rena-san would never look at someone like me like that...” Airi mumbled as she stared out the window, deep in thoughts, “People who likes her are probably longer than the line you see at the anime expos...”

“So?” Masana looked at Airi.

“What do you mean so?” Airi looked at both girls, “I will never stand a chance against Rena-san! I can’t even talk to her normally or look her in the eyes or call her without adding honorifics like you guys do and-“

“Take initiative oh my god, Airin!” Kanako cuts in, refusing to allow her ears to endure anymore of Airi’s pathetic excuses.

“How!?” Airi almost shouted, “I’m up against people who are so much better than me here!”

“Who!?” Masana asked, “Who can you be up against that would make you lose hope just like that!? That doesn’t sound like the Airin we know!” Although Airi might be famous at school for being an otaku and stuff, but Masana knows that Rena knows that Airi has her inner charms, so there was no way that Airi would lose, to anyone!

“Jurina-san! How can I win against Jurina-san!?” Airi cried out in defeat.


“Can’t you tell? I will never win! Not against Jurina-san! Jurina-san loves Rena-san! Can’t you tell?” Airi frowned.

Kanako shook her head whereas Masana started thinking back to the day where they all went out. Remembering how Rena and Jurina interacted silently with each other through eye contacts at the dinner table, Masana nodded silently to herself, understanding where Airi was coming from.

“But... I thought...” Kanako looked at the table, her head tilted to the side, confused, “Isn’t Jurina with Churi?” The girl quickly clamped her hands over her mouth as her words came out of her mouth slightly too loud, earning herself a brief look from Mizuki and Kanon who heard the mention of Jurina’s name . Kanako sighed with relief when the two girls looked back away.”

Airi facepalmed herself, unable to get used to how slow Kanako can be sometimes, “Nevermind...”

“Really, Airin, why don’t you confess? There are always advantages to the one who confesses first,” Kanako said, sounding much more logical than she usually is all of a sudden.

Airi just shook her head to Kanako’s words, “Impossible.”

“You never know until you try,” Masana stated as she looked at her phone and then quickly stood up from her seat and excused herself to catch up with her head girl duties.

Once the headgirl disappeared from view, Kanako tapped Airi’s arm and showed a rare serious face, “I think Airin should confess.”


“Why not?” Kanako asked instead.

“Because Rena might reject me,” Airi said in a really small voice, “Rejection is cruel, Kanakana...”

“You never know until you try,” Kanako repeated Masana’s previous words.

“What’s the point of trying if you know what the outcome will be?” Airi asked.

 “If you are always afraid of taking the first move, then nothing will ever happens,” the smaller girl shook her head, “What if Rena likes you too but is too shy to make the first move and is just waiting for you to make the first move?”

“That’s impossible,” Airi scoffed.

“Nothing is impossible,” Kanako sighed, “You just need to try. If you don’t confess, soon enough, other people will confess to Rena before you and THEN you might really lose your only hope.”

Airi shook her head continuously as Kanako spoke. Unable to clear Kanako’s words about the matter, the girl took out her phone and starting playing with it. Flipping open the screen and flipping it shut again. Playing with the strap and then playing with the seals she stuck on the phone.

Annoyed, Kanako snatched Airi’s phone away from her hand and hid the phone in her own pocket when Airi reached out for it, “Go confess to Rena, Airin. Then I’ll give you back your phone.”

“WHAT!?” Airi shouted.

“I will know when you have confessed,” Kanako grinned, “so until then, you won’t be getting your phone back, missy.”

“I will type her a mail!” Airi yelled as she tried to reach over the table to hunt for Kanako’s pocket.

“Na-uh,” Kanako shook her head and pushed Airi’s head away, much like what Masana always do to her when she is too close, “If you are going to confess, do it face to face. Doing it by mail is not good enough and never will have as much effort as confessing face to face.” Kanako cleared her throat and straightened her clothes and then took out Airi’s phone from her pocket as she stood up, “Now, go find Rena and confess to her, or else you will never get you phone back.” Spinning Airi’s phone around, Kanako giggled as she left the dining hall, “and you better make it quick too. Because I never know if I might be tempted to make some overseas international calls!”

Airi reached out for Kanako, wanting to beg the girl to stop but was too late. Defeated, Airi dropped down onto the table and groaned, “But I don’t even knew where Rena-san is!”

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I just want to say that I absolutely love this fanfic of yours ahah, the drama is just great and I'm enjoying every moment with it! While reading I find myself absorbed  into their little world and when an intensive scene for example like the confrontation up against Jurina in the beginning--my heart goes absolutely crazy  :heart: hahahahahah. I'm making my own comments like "DAAAAAAAAAAayyyuuuuuuuuummmzz~~~Go easy on her will ya?!" lmfao.

I can't wait for what Jurina could possibly want to do with her Rena-chan, "Please be something ecchi" Haha just joking :cathappy: sooo looking forward to more kisses though. Then with Airi hmmm, I really want to know how Rena feels about her too. As for now..."Ganbatte~!"   :deco:

I really love how this story is progressing and sorry that I haven't commented yet, I usually leave a smile before I go. I've adored this fic for quite awhile though so Ohayou-san let me just... :bow: :bow: :bow: There I give you my three kowtows as a show of my respect and appreciation for this awesome work! Please update soon, I am excited.  :pimp:

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I... I... *speechless*
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I... I'm... T-Thank you... m(__)m
I really like anonymousdowner-sama's fanfic too~
That wMatsui fanfic of your's is godly (and I am forever a silent reader there)~
I'm still following the fic on your blog nyan~

And lol~ I can't write anything ecchi, or even border-ecchi,
as much as I know that will satisfy some reader,
I have a rule to myself on keeping everything as innocent as I can *cough*
but of course, who knows, maybe things will change xDDDD

A-A-A-And, t-three!? Nonononono, it should be me bowing to you,
please accept my worship, anonymousdowner-sama!
*worships* still waiting for the next Forbidden Flower update *worship*

As promised, the next part to the KumiYuri short fic~
Hope you guys enjoy it!
Especially, Yanyan-san~ Hope you enjoy it too!

And please do comment if you can! (^^)
I might get lazy to comment back, but I (always) still comment back! xDDDD

Father's Debt, Daughter's Responsibility - Part 2

Two days has passed and yet no one has even seen or even heard from Kumi. Missing out all the band’s practices even though they have another live coming up soon in the next month wasn’t anything like the Kumi anyone knew. The Kumi everyone knew would never miss out band practice even if she is sick.

Resting her chin on the table and spinning her phone on the table with a frown, was Jurina, who couldn’t get rid of the thoughts of one of her best friends not being seen by anyone for two days already. “Nee,” Jurina called out to both the members in the room, “Really, has no one seen Kuumin or got in touch with her in anyway...?”

Akane shook her head as she sipped her drink and went back to the magazine on her lap. Airi too, shook her head, but instead of being able to place aside the matter like Akane could, Airi had no choice but to put aside her manga as the reminding of her friend’s absence returned to her mind, causing her to lose concentration.

“Anyone know what happened to her?” Akane asked without looking away from her magazine, turning another page.

“Not even the staff knows where she is...” Airi mumbled as she turned her head to where Kumi’s guitar was placed aside, looked after by the staff crew for the moment.

There was a strange silence in the room as both Jurina and Airi stared into empty space, lost in their own thoughts, accompanied by the sound of Akane sipping on her drink.

“You don’t think those notes from the other day actually had anything to do with Kuumin, do you?” Akane asked out of curiosity. The question caused both Jurina and Airi both to look at her, but otherwise stayed silent, much unlike that day when Masana doubted Kumi where the two jumped to Kumi’s defense right away.

“Maybe we should go see if we can find Kuumin at her home? Maybe she is staying home?” Airi suggested.

“If Kuumin doesn’t want to be found,” Akane answered in a casual voice and sipped her drink again, “even if you go to her house you would not be able to find her.”

Angry at the relaxed tone of voice Akane was using, Jurina jumped up from where she was sitting and snatched the drink out of Akane’s hands and shouted at the girl, “Can you stop being so carefree and acting like you don’t care!?”

Akane simply shrugged at Jurina’s outburst and took her drink back from Jurina. “There’s no good just sitting here worrying about it,” Akane said as she closed the magazine on her lap and placed it aside, “If Kuumin wanted us to know what was happening then she would’ve called us. Her not contacting us must mean that she have a reason behind it and the best we can do as her band is stand by her side and silent support her and not question her. Not to mention,” Akane looked at Airi to answer Airi’s suggestion from before, “Kuumin has been moving house every few weeks already for a reason she wouldn’t tell us. So tell me, Airin, do you think the chances of us finding where Kuumin live is high? Let’s not even talk about finding the actual person herself!”

Jurina glared at Akane, “You are so cold.” Ignoring the statement, Akane stood up from her seat and walked out of the room.

Airi stared towards the direction where Akane disappeared off to and asked Jurina, “What’s up with her today? She’s not acting like her normal self...” Hearing no answer from the other girl, Airi turned around only to see Jurina staring at her phone, frozen in her own little world again, probably wanting to call Kumi again. Assuming to herself that practice was probably over that day, Airi sighed and packed her things, getting herself read to go and buy the new volume of manga down at the bookstore where it was being released today.


“Are you sure, Kumi-san? I mean, helping out in here, don’t you have to go to band practice or something?”

“Don’t worry, Yuria,” The said girl said shaking her head, dressed with an unusual hazel brown and yellow employee t-shirt that still somehow manage to fit the girl despite her currently growing reputation. “They can go a week without me at practice,” Kumi smiled at the smaller girl and gave her a small pat on the head.

Yuria nodded, her lips unable to form any words as her heart would not stop fluttering after hearing Kumi calling her like this, showing such action at her in public where anyone could recognize her. Although she could not figure out why exactly her heart was acting like that, perhaps she was too nervous, hearing Kumi calling her in such a way, or feeling such warm action coming from the girl, as if they were friends. However, Yuria knew better. No matter how much Yuria can hang around Kumi, their relationship will only be as close as performers and backstage crew members and Yuria will always only be able to admire Kumi from a distance. But of course, that doesn’t mean that Yuria doesn’t like having Kumi so close to her.

To be honest, Yuria didn’t even know why things were happening the way they were right now. With Kumi working part time at the book store that Yuria’s uncle’s friend works at. But no matter how many times Yuria asked Kumi, the girl would refuse to give her a reason why and usually either pretends she didn’t hear the question or would just quickly change the conversation topic to something else. And all of this started that night Yuria saw Kumi at the hospital after Kumi’s live show. After Yuria finished with all of her work, which wasn’t long after Kumi left her after their short encounter, as Yuria was deciding to go home and rest for the night, she found Kumi waiting for her near the hospital main entrance.


Yuria washed her hands thoroughly, with soap, twice, washing off as much bacteria as she can so she can avoid getting sick like many of the other workers had already. It wasn’t a time that Yuria could afford being sick in, even though it was the change of season, where everyone gets sick. She had not just the bills to pay but also her father’s gambling debts to pay back, and with her mother being sick right now, she even had to earn the money for her mother’s medical fees. Being sick now will just double up her family’s finance problem.

Pushing the thoughts of her irresponsible father off her mind, Yuria pulled out a paper towel and dried her hands with it. Scrunching up the towel into a ball, accurately, Yuria threw the ball into the bin on the other side of the room. Satisfied, Yuria grabbed her bag and walked out of the room, can’t wait to get out of the hospital and out into the fresh air. Just as she closed the door, she heard a voice called her from behind,

“Yuria, let’s go have supper together.”

Yuria turned around and was surprised, yet at the same time not surprised, to see Kumi leaning against the wall, looking at her. Not surprised because Kumi’s voice was a voice that she would never have trouble identifying, but surprised because Kumi was supposed to be gone already.

“Wasn’t Kumi-san supposed to be gone a while ago?” Yuria asked.

Kumi shrugged, “I didn’t feel like going back yet.”

Yuria’s eyes widened, “Have you been waiting here the whole time?”

The girl ignored the question and held out her hand, “Let’s go eat supper!”

Yuria looked at the hand and then back up at Kumi in surprise. “W-with... me..?” Yuria pointed to herself.

Kumi looked around, ‘I don’t see anyone else around.” After a few seconds, Kumi looked back at Yuria and she allowed her hand to drop back to her side, “Or do you not want to?”

Picking up the slight dejected sounding voice, Yuria immediately shook her head and said in a voice slightly louder than usual, “Nonononono, I want to go!”

A smile instantly formed on Kumi’s face at the girl’s words, “Let’s go then!”

As the two girls made their way out of the hospital, Yuria couldn’t help but wonder to herself, “Why would you even want to eat with someone like me....?” Although surprised at Kumi’s sudden invitation for her to go out and eat supper with her, Yuria accepted it nonetheless and followed the girl. Happiness surged within her as she realized that her place in the rising star’s eyes was high enough for the girl wanting to treat her.

Kumi gave the girl a small smile, having heard the girl’s wondering-outloud-thoughts, “Do I need a reason to treat a friend to a meal?”


The two girls sat in silence in one of the rare open-past-midnight café as they waited for their ordered supper to arrive. Yuria took out her purse from her bag and took out her earnings today from the envelopes and then counted them and put them in her purse with a satisfied smile on her face.

Kumi watched for a while and then out of curiousity, threw a question at the smaller girl, “How many jobs are you working at right now?”

Yuria answered with a tired smile as she put her purse back into her bag, “Five.”

Kumi’s eyes widened at the number and started wondering to herself as to how one can work at so many jobs all at once. Herself having only one job as a band guitarist was already tiring and time consuming enough, having five jobs at the same time, Kumi couldn’t even imagine how tiring that must be.

Yuria looked up at Kumi as she placed her bag aside and saw Kumi deep in thought. Knowing what Kumi was thining about, Yuria answered the unasked question, “Two of my jobs don’t require daily attendance and they are only for the weekends. The other two is close to each other so I can get from one job to the other quite quickly without having to rush. It only feels like I’m doing a job that requires me to travel around, so it’s not like its anymore difficult than a normal job.” After a short moment of silence, Yuria quickly added, as if to defend herself, “B-But of course, I always work my hardest and focuses on being SAKAElove’s backstage crew member the most.”

Kumi raised one of her eyebrow as she looked at Yuria, “Because we pay the most?”

Yuria giggled and shook her head, “It’s because working as your backstage is the only job that I actually want to do. When you have a job that you enjoy doing, it is only normal to focus on it the most and work your best at it.”

“What about your other jobs?” Kumi asked.

Yuria forced a small smile out and looked down at the table, “I have no choice but to force myself to enjoy those jobs...”

Kumi raised her eyebrow once again, a habit of hers whenever she finds something strange. But then who wouldn’t think that a girl having to force herself to enjoy a job, strange? What type of jobs will even require a girl to force herself to enjoy it. For a while, Kumi found her mind brought her mind into thinking about the types of jobs that a girl could take where one must force themselves to enjoy it for the sake of money.

Yuria laughed at Kumi’s expression turned trouble and knew straight away again what Kumi was thinking about. “Not those kind of jobs,” Yuria giggled, “I would never sell my body for money. It’s just that out of all five of my jobs, two of them are at a café, one is at a bookstore and the other one is at the hospital. I really don’t find any of them that easy to enjoy.”

Kumi nodded, finding herself breathing out a sigh of relief when she found confirmation that Yuria wasn’t working at the jobs that Kumi was thinking about before. Though Kumi had no idea why she felt worried when she thought that Yuria was taking those sorts of jobs. Such a thing should not worry Kumi at all, since Yuria was really only just a backstage crew member and Kumi could only see her as a friend from work. And even if Yuria did consider her as a friend, they had only just met for a while, it should not even be her place to worry about Yuria.

The food arrived on one single tray, served by one of the only three waiters in sight. Yuria didn’t dare to be the first one to eat, fearing that she will show disrespect as she remembered how her father used to tell her off when she was little whenever she ate before he did. Seeing Yuria not showing any sign that she was going to eat, Kumi smiled and pushed Yuria’s plate towards the girl and pulled her own plate towards her.

“Eat up, Yuria,” Kumi picked up her own fork and pointed at Yuria’s plate of food, “Else the pasta are going to get cold.” Seeing Yuria still sitting there, unmoving, staring at her own plate of pasta, Kumi sighed and just shook her head and began to eat her own pasta. The moment she stabbed her fork into the food, she noticed Yuria picked up her own fork and started eating. ’Was she just waiting for me to start eating first?’ Kumi thought to herself as she stared at Yuria, amused.

After another while of silence, Yuria finally looked up from her food and asked a question that was bugging, “So... why was Kumi-san in the hospital anyway right after today’s live? You still haven’t answered me yet.”

Kumi stayed quiet, making others doubt if she heard the question. But Yuria knew Kumi heard her because instead of continuing eating, Kumi started stabbing at her food with her fork, her gaze focusing only on her plate. Although being the first time that she had ever talked to Kumi like this, Yuria could tell something was on Kumi’s mind.

Then all of a sudden, the girl stopped poking at her food and looked up at Yuria and asked a question that almost threw Yuria off her seat, “Can you take me to work at one of your part time places too?”

Yuria stared at Kumi with her jaws dropped, “Eh?”

“Please,” Kumi begged.

“Why?” Yuria asked the girl, “Kumi-san probably earn more in a month than I would at all five of these jobs. And plus, someone like you working part time at a place like mine is not good for the band’s reputation.”

 “I can deal with that,” Kumi waved her arm, dismissing Yuria’s worries, “Can you please take me to your next part time?”

Yuria thought for awhile then slowly nodded though her mind was still confused and could not understand just why Kumi would suddenly ask such a strange request of her. However, seeing Kumi deep in thought again now, stabbing at her food again, Yuria knew Kumi would never answer her.

>>Present time<<

“So... Why did you want to come along anyway?” Yuria asked as the two of them began sorting out the books and moving the boxes.

Kumi ignored the question again, like she always had and pointed to one of the box of manga and turned around to Yuria, “Where is this supposed to go?”

Yuria peered over and looked at the box, then pointed to one of the corner of the shop, “Under that shelf over there.” Yuria watched with admiration at how Kumi does her best even at a job like this. Stacking all the boxes altogether neatly, making sure they all fit perfectly. Feeling a tap on her shoulder, Yuria turned around and smiled automatically when a costumer asked her to help her find a cooking book. “I’ll be back in a second,” Yuria said as she led the costumer away.

Kumi continued to move the boxes to their designated areas, as instructed by the senior manager earlier. Suddenly, someone tapped her on the shoulder and a familiar girl’s voice hit Kumi’s ears,

“Um, excuse me, do you know where the latest volume of One Piece is? I can’t seem to find it anywhere...”

Kumi quickly set her box down to one side and thanked her own memory for remembering where she had seen it before. She turned around and was just about to point the costumer to section C, where all the newly released articles were, but froze and couldn’t speak when she saw who was in front of her.


“A-Airin!?” Kumi jumped back slightly at the sudden presence of her fellow band member, “W-What are you doing here?”

Airi stared at Kumi for a while and the redirected the question back to her, “What are YOU doing here!?” Airi looked at Kumi up and down, finding it weird that Kumi was wearing such kind of clothes, something that was completely out of her fashion style. Pushing her thoughts aside, Airi switched the topic back to the most important matters, “Everyone is looking for you. Why won’t you answer your phone?”

Seeing someone standing next to her, Yuria called out, saving Kumi unknowingly, “Kumi-san? Is everything okay?”

Airi turned around at the voice calling her friend and saw someone familiar but couldn’t quite remember who it was, “Who are you?”

Yuria gasped, seeing who it was that was facing her, “F-Furukawa-san!?”

Airi looked at Yuria, still trying to figure out her identity, “Who are you?”

“A-Ah! O-Of course!” Yuria did a small apologetic bow, “I’m Kizaki Yuria.”

Airi nodded and smiled, “So that’s why you are so familiar. You are one of the backstage crew members right?” Yuria nodded, happy to know that her presence was noticed by someone like Airi. “What are you doing here with Kuumin?” Airi asked the girl.

Yuria was about to speak, but before she could, Kumi cut her off, “I’m taking a part time job here. Yuria just happens to be here as well. She doesn’t know anything.” Yuria was about to speak up to tell Airi the truth, but she felt Kumi pulled her back, stopping her from speaking anymore. Kumi knew that if anyone knew that Yuria was here with her and yet she didn’t inform anyone back at the office that she had found Kumi, Yuria would be in big trouble and might even lose her job. And for some reason, Kumi didn’t want that. Perhaps it was because Kumi sympathized with Yuria, not wanting her to lose the only job that she enjoys, but something deep inside Kumi told her that it was something different.

“Are you insane!?” Airi almost screamed, throwing her arms up in the air, “Part time in a book store!? Do you have any idea who you are right now? You are Yagami Kumi,” Airi pointed at Kumi with both her arms, “the leader of SAKAElove! You are an star, Kuumin! People like you don’t go around working part time! Not to mention everyone is looking for you! Why won’t you answer your phone!? Jurina tried calling you a thousand times!”

Before Kumi could speak up and tell Airi to lower her voice, a squeal was heard somewhere on the other side of the shop,

“It’s Yagami Kumi from SAKAElove!”

And suddenly, a group of girls were surrounding them asking for autographs and photos and soon, more people joined. For a moment, Airi was even sure that she heard a voice asking Kumi out and then another one asking herself out. Before things got out of hand, with the help of the bookstore manager, Yuria’s uncle’s friend, Yuria managed to keep the fans off the two members and take them into the manager’s office, away from the crowd outside.

“I think it is better if your friend doesn’t return today, Yuria-chan,” the manager growled, “I can’t have my costumers making such a big disturbance around.”

Then, surprising everyone, Kumi asked without shame, “What about my pay?”

The manager looked surprised too, but then the surprise very quickly lit up the raging spark within the manager, “PAY!? I haven’t even made you give ME money for the damage that your fans did to my books when they ran in my bookstore and you’re talking to me about your pay!? You had barely worked here for an hour and you still asked for a pay!?”

This was the first time Yuria has ever seen her uncle’s friend angry like this. Not wanting to anger him any further, Yuria quickly hushed Kumi and then apologized to the manager with a full 90 degree bow, “Gomen, Takahashi-san, I will return tomorrow then.” The manager nodded, slightly calmed down from his rage and dismisses them.

Turning around to Kumi and Airi, Yuria looked at the two members then at the crowd outside and then back to them and spoke in a small voice, “It’s better to get out through the backdoor, I think.” Receiving a nod from both members, Yuria quickly opened the door and got into position to block the fans from getting too close to the two members as she was taught to. The situation reminded her very much of what the other staff does for the girls in their oversea performances from when the girls leave their plane to when they get onto the bus as all the fans would always push forward as much as they can, wanting to see the new stars for themselves. Suddenly, an arm grabbed her shoulder and before Yuria could react, someone had pushed too hard and Yuria lost her balance, falling onto the ground.

Kumi felt a strange absence next to her where Yuria was before. Kumi stopped in her track and turned around but could not see Yuria anyway. “Yuria!” Kumi called out as she looked around for the girl. Spotting a small shadow on the ground and unable to reach it, being blocked by all the other rushing fans, Kumi surprised everyone once again when she shouted, “STOP!!!”

Everyone froze, the sudden shout shocking them. Afterall, no one shouts at their fans unless they want to destroy their fan base. Even Airi jumped back at the sudden rise of voice as she had never heard Kumi scream like that before. Kumi pushed aside everyone and helped Yuria up who now had scratches on her hand due to falling down and even having people accidentally stepping on her. Now, instead of having Yuria protecting her as a staff member should be, Kumi ended up being the one escorting Yuria out of the bookstore through the backdoor.

Airi stared after Kumi in disbelief, but then quickly recovered when the fans started moving again. Airi this time, in a slightly louder voice that was not comparable to a shout, spoke up to all the rushing fans, “I apologize to all of you here today. Because of us having to prepare for the upcoming live, I’m afraid the stress has been a bit too much for us, especially for Kuumin. So I really apologize for her outburst just then,” Airi bowed to the fans who stopped and listened to her words, “I’m really sorry our meeting must end like this, but right now, can I please ask you all to leave us to go back to practicing? I’m really sorry. We will make it up to you all by performing even harder and blowing all of your minds in the next live so please take care of us in the next live too!” The fans were silent for a while but then gave a loud cheer, respecting Airi’s words and left the girls in peace.


Yuria sat quietly next to Kumi, facing Airi, her fingers twirling around under the table. Airi’s eyes never left Kumi as she spoke, “You have some explaining to do.”

“I have nothing to explain,” Kumi said cooly and waved a waiter over and ordered a plate of omelet rice, completely ignoring Airi. Turning around, Kumi smiled at Yuria and pointed at her menu, “What do you want to eat?”

Yuria looked nervously at Airi, not knowing if she should order when Airi was talking to Kumi. Even Airi nodded at her, indicating that it was fine, Yuria still found it impossible in the end to order anything despite her stomach was secretly growling. Kumi saw Yuria turned to look at Airi so she shifted her gaze to the girl sitting on the opposite side but looked away quickly when Airi turned back to look at her. Kumi cleared her throat and turned back to the waiter, “Yuria is having another omelet rice too please.”

The waiter nodded and jotted down the order on his notepad and then turned to Airi, “And what would you like to have?”

“Omelet rice as well please,” Airi answered. Before the waiter left, Airi added, “Plus three milk tea please!” The waiter nodded and disappeared to place the order. “The milk tea here,” Airi turned to Yuria and winked at the girl, “are the best.”

Silence enveloped the girls again as they waited for their food to arrive. “So... Kuumin,” Airi started again, “Where have you been the last few days?”

Kumi was silent the whole time while Yuria watched Kumi from the corner of her eyes, secretly wondering to herself as to why Kumi wouldn’t tell Airi the truth. The truth that she had been staying at the hospital the last few days, watching over her mother. Then Yuria began to wonder if Airi, or anyone, even knew that Kumi’s mother was hospitalized.

Suddenly, Airi called out to Yuria instead, “Yuria?”

“H-Hai, Furukawa-san!” Yuria instantly sat up and straightened herself, as if someone from a much higher position was talking to her.

Airi smiled at Yuria’s reaction, “Just call me Airin, Yuria. You’re part of the crew now, you know, that makes you one of us.”

“H-Hai, Fu- A-Airin...” Yuria winced as she tried to force herself to call the members the way they preferred to be called. She doesn’t mind of course, having the members telling her that it was okay to call them by their nicknames, in fact, Yuria was more than happy. But again, it came back to her father’s education back when she was really small, addressing someone like this was considered incredibly disrespectful from her father’s point of view, disregarding the fact that the other person might not mind. Knowing that her father have a habit of performing physical punishment whenever she doesn’t follow the rules, from back when she was small, Yuria already got into the habit of calling newly met people properly.

Airi nodded, satisfied, “So Yuria, would I be right to assume that you know where Kumi has been the last few days?”

Yuria fell into a short moment of silence, not knowing what she should say. Yuria slowly turned her head to Kumi, hoping to catch a glimpse of some kind of hint from Kumi’s expression, telling her what she wanted her to do, but before she could see Kumi’s face, an arm stuck itself between her and Kumi.

“Don’t look at Kuumin, Yuria,” Airi reached over and stuck her arm between the two girls, “I want you to answer me, honestly. Do you know where Kuumin has been the last few days?”

Yuria’s unknowingly bit onto her bottom lip as she tried to figure out for herself whether she should answer Airi truthfully or not. The two sides of her mind continued to argue endlessly. One side argued that she should tell Airi because Airi is worried and she has the right to know where Kumi has been and the fact that she herself was a staff member, she is only doing the right thing informing office or team where their band member has been. However, the other side of her brain argued that Kumi not wanting to tell Airi must have her own reason and since Kumi saw Yuria as a friend, then she should do what a friend should do and respect her decision and trust that Kumi is doing the right thing and not tell Airi, but instead wait for Kumi to tell Airi whenever she felt like it was the right time.


Yuria thought over her two inner arguments again and then turned back to Airi who was constantly calling her and shook her head, “I only saw Kumi-san today at the bookstore when I went into work.”

Airi looked at Yuria with a doubting look and Yuria knew that somehow, Airi knew that Yuria was lying. Yet even so, Airi let the topic drop and turned back to Kumi, “Well, since you wouldn’t tell me why you were here, I will tell you why everyone has been trying to reach you. A few days ago, after our live, after you left all of a sudden in a hurry, Masanya came barging into our changing room and threw a big stack of paper down that said something like money back or our band will suffer or something like that.” Airi paused and watched Kumi’s reaction change  as the girl absorbed her words. Seeing the sudden change, Airi knew she was onto something and pressed on, “The paper was obviously for none of us and the only remaining suspect was you. But then, of course, the treat faxes could really just be a very sick joke played by some haters and we do believe it so, however, you know what Masanya is like, she is always about proving things to her. So that was why we had been hunting for you so hard the last few days!”

Kumi listened to Airi quietly as she stared at the table, waiting for food. It became obvious to Kumi that the faxes were just a way of the men telling her that they really could get to her band if they wanted to. Kumi frowned as her mind started to think of what could happen if she can’t return the money back to the men in time. Not only will her mother be in trouble, but so will her band, as the men had proven to her. Everything that the whole band has worked for in the last few dyas could possibly all be destroyed if she cannot pay back the debts that her father owed the men.

Kumi couldn’t help the few curses that her heart inwardly said to her runaway father as she kept thinking back to that day when her father left them behind with all his wrongs. Kumi had tried hard not to remember anything, and she did quite a good job. However, there will always be some of those things that are just stuck so deep in your memories that the only way to get rid of them will be to rip out your own heart.

Images of her mother cowering in the corner while her father was on the floor with blood dripping down his face returned to Kumi’s mind and the girl shut her eyes, hoping to turn off the memories like a light switch.

”How could you lose all your money!? Didn’t you promise that you would never gamble again!?”
“Did you think I have a choice!? ...They said they would convince their father no to sign the contract with me okay!? ... Refusing to let me go even when they’ve bleed me dry... Borrowing money from those loansharks under MY name just so I will keep playing with them!”
“You are right! I don’t understand! I don’t even understand why I married you in the first place!”

Kumi still remembered clearly though, from all those little pieces of fragments of memories of that day, that her father had promised that he would return for her. And Kumi was really happy at that time too, knowing that her father would come back for her if anything happened. Although she loved both her parents, she always favourited her father over her mother. However, her father never stuck to his promise, and he never returned.

Airi snapped her fingers in front of Kumi’s face which Yuria tapped Kumi gently on the girl’s shoulder, asking if she was okay. Kumi looked around and then felt something warm on her cheeks. Realizing that she had tears on the side of her face, Kumi quickly wiped it away and then looked downward to escape both Airi’s and Yuria’s worried gaze, only to find that her food was already here. Picking up her spoon, Kumi tried to block out the presence of both Airi and Yuria and started eating. After a while, however, when she couldn’t contain herself and pretend to be normal anymore, Kumi suddenly stood up and excused herself go to the bathroom.

Yuria wanted to go after Kumi, but was stopped when an arm pulled her back to her seat. Airi, not releasing her hold on Yuria’s arm, looked straight into Yuria’s eyes, “Honestly, Yuria, do you have any idea what is wrong with Kuumin right now? She isn’t acting like the normal Kuumin I know okay? I’m really worried. If you know what’s wrong, something, anything, please, Yuria, tell me.”

Yuria shifted around her seat, finding the eye contact too intense for her to take. But then seeing Airi looking like she was about to cry out of worrying over her friend, Yuria stole a gaze back at the direction where Kumi went off to and felt her heart ached slightly as the scene of Kumi’s tears suddenly rolling down her cheeks resurfaced in her mind. Yuria looked up at Airi again when the girl released the hold on her arm.

Releasing the hold on Yuria’s arm, only lower it and grabbed both of Yuria’s hands, giving it a firm squeeze and begged in a really small voice,

“Please, Yuria.”
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