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Author Topic: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?  (Read 48218 times)

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This is just HILARIOUS!!!   :mon lmao: :mon lmao:

Love cockroach scene, this is too much. I love this chapter and I can't wait for the next one.

Somebody is starting to get suspicious about Takamina now. :hehehe:

Please update soon!!!
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SUGOIIII!!!! :on GJ: :on GJ:

 :farofflook: this is so cool!!! :farofflook:
The cockroach scene is so awesome, :on lol:
thank you for updating!!!

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it's only one day.. and the disguise already fail.. minami failing at everything.. LOL :3

oooo.. i want to see it tooo.. #openbukiyou

it's not fear i guess.. it's disgust.. LOL

even i found cockroaches disgusting.. yuck!

i won't kill it with my barefeet or hands.

but if i wear sandals/shoes.

Bye2 pest.. you're dead. LOL

hoo.. who is this mysterious person at the end of the chapter? miichan? :3 haruna? :3 or that lucky guy from persona? :3
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Ishikawa-san it was soooo hilarious !!
I can't stop laughing all the time !! I like "I saw Acchan... Acchan saw me..."

And Takaboy affraid by a cockroach *facepalm* are you really a boy ??
But Takamina's secret is already discovered by Acchan so... possibility of more Atsumina moment  :k-wink:

Please continue and make us laugh even more  :luvuluvu:
Matta ne~

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Lol I was wondering how would Takamina manage to hide the boy things every morning xD

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a boy whose afraid of cocroach??? :? never seen one before.....

Lol I was wondering how would Takamina manage to hide the boy things every morning xD

i wondered about that too hahahaha :lol:

MORE ATSUMINA MOMENTS!!! FTW!!! :twothumbs :twothumbs

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--- Actor (Takamina) replies to readers ---
Thanks Ichikawa-san, now everyone thinks I am perv  :mon wtfmm:

@ Flean : I am innocent girl  :mon innocent: it was ichikawa who made the character. It was hurt when I got hit by Acchan, but you guys like it so.. I'm pleased~
@ RJay :  Thanks for reading~ :mon look: I am curious too, wonder who is that stalker
@ Chichay12 : Looks like everyone like me got hit by Acchan  :mon ouch:
@ bochang : Yeah, cockroach is disgusting  :mon runcry:
@ chibi-nyao-chan : more Atsumina moment?  :mon mischief:
@ kahem & axel0048 : ehemm... about that... It's a secret~  :mon dance:

Ichikawa : "Cockroach!"
Takamina : "Heck!" *runs away*
Ichikawa : do you mind if I let Takamina take replies instead of me?  :mon sweat: if you don't like I will stop  :mon whimper: Thanks for reading minna~


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Ichikawa!!! You turned my innocent oshi into a perv!! yah! yah!  :mon zoom: but I really like it..  :mon lol: LOLOLOL...

maybe you can change the character every time replying to the comments.. :mon psst: depends on the so we can have Acchan's opinion as well..  :mon dance:

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maybe you can change the character every time replying to the comments.. :mon psst: depends on the so we can have Acchan's opinion as well..  :mon dance:

Takamina :  Thank you, Flean-san :mon determined:
Acchan : Yes! I can take the part too~  :gmon sing:

*Yuko, Jurina, Mayu, and Mariko sneak out behind the wall and throw Atsumina out of scene* : "We too~"

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Jurina seems lika a quiet girl here not so hyper...  :dunno:

But cockroach! Hahahahha  :wahaha: funny!

Thank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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continue your fanfic..

i really like it...


I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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#Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
« Reply #71 on: July 22, 2012, 09:04:47 PM »
Finally, there's time for me to finish chapter four^^
There're some characters show up, hope you enjoy reading^^
If you want to review previous chapter is here and you can find index here


Black Cat
Chapter Four – No.44

================   ================   ================

There’s this beautiful moonlight spotted a couple on the port. A mini speedboat was parked next to the port. Those two were planning to leave this place, to another place where no one recognizes them… to begin a whole new life.

“Acchan~” a girl is dancing on the edge of port. She stretched out her hands to another girl, waiting for her to response, “Let’s go, the another place where no one recognizes us”

Atsuko smiled and walked to the shorter girl. Before the she could reach her, there’s a man showed up behind her, launching a shot on the shorter girl and hit directly at her heart.


The shorter girl takes a look at her chest. Red liquid starting to stain her shirt, she faced Atsuko and gave her a weak smile, “Looks like I got shot”


Atsuko cried. She couldn’t believe what she saw just now. Before her hands reach the other girl, that girl fell backward and drowned into the sea.


Atsuko was ready to jump down from the port but there’re many men in black suit show up to hold her. She is strong enough to take ten men down in ten seconds but suddenly a needle stuck at her neck, her vision becomes blurred and blank out.

Atsuko’s house


Atsuko wakes up from her sleep and cried Minami’s name. Minami surprised by her voice and jumped out from her bed which is next to Atsuko’s. She walked and sat on Atsuko’s bed and wiped the tears on her face. When Atsuko saw Minami, she pulled her into a hug and buried her face on Minami’s shoulder. They keep the position like that until Atsuko falls back to sleep. Minami can clearly hear Atsuko whisper something before she fell asleep.

“Don’t leave me…”

The next morning

Atsuko opened her eyes and found Minami was sleeping beside her, snuggling against her body.

“Acchan~” Minami is currently dreaming of eating fish.

Atsuko can’t help but smile at Minami’s innocent sleeping face, thinking of what dream is Minami having… until there’s a wet, soft thing, travelled at her neckline and that was… Minami is licking her neck.

“W-What are you doing?!!” as reflect, Atsuko throws Minami out of the room.

Minami is rolling out from the room and stopped at the living room, with her head faced down and her legs were attached on the wall. Jurina comes out from her room, rubbing her eyes. She is wearing yellow pajama with cat pattern on it and is hugging her pillow.

“Minami-chan, are you doing naughty thing to Acchan again?”

“Get ready Jurina, we’re late for school” Atsuko ignored Minami and pushed Jurina back to the room to get change.

// Why am I dreaming about the past? //

Atsuko asked herself. She takes a quick glance at Minami who was rubbing her head and remembered the face of her partner.

// She does resemble her so much… But, Minami is dead. She is just someone who looks like her… //

At the other place


Pistols sound is echoing inside the warehouse. The police were chasing after Yuko and keep shooting at her. Yuko is fast enough to dodge all the bullets. But her wounded leg burdened her.

// Ughh… I can’t move any faster or my leg will wound badly. I have to find a way to escape //


Waves sounding… Two figures were fighting in the warehouse on a port. One of them is Yuko, she is using a metal rod as her weapon. Another girl who wears dark blue leather jacket is her opponent, the serial killer which she is pursuing. She has pale skin, big dark eyes and long raven hair. There’re some scars can be shown on her smooth arm and face. The bruises on her face were certainly received from Yuko. The girl uses her bare hands to attack Yuko. A sudden movement from Yuko managed to hit the girl but she just laughing at Yuko as it doesn’t hurt at all.

“Ne, it’s tickle” she said while biting her nail, the other hand was holding Yuko’s rod tightly.

The girl used both hands and folded Yuko’s metal rod in half. Yuko paused at her spot watching the incredible strength this girl has. Now the girl was standing one step in front of Yuko, she placed her fingers travelling Yuko’s hair, faceline, and stopped at her neck.

“Ne, can I rip your body into pieces?”

“As if I would” Yuko gave her a grin before she launched her kicks and immediately distant herself from the girl.

But the girl is faster than Yuko. She grabbed Yuko’s leg and slammed her down to the ground. The pressured at her back makes her growled in pain but Yuko didn’t stop, she quickly moved around and swirls her legs in circle to attack that girl’s legs. That girl can’t avoid it and fell on the ground. They both stand up and dash toward each other for another attack but sounds of gun shooting stopped them.

“Geez, how dare you interfere my fight!” Yuko shouted at bunch of police who rush in.

One of the police managed to shoot the upper arm of the raven girl causing her act weird and laughing toward the police, “Ne, are you mad?”

She dashed toward the police and ripped his arm apart. The police officer growled in pain and passed out, her action makes the other officer trigger the gun on her. Yuko immediately dragged her back behind the big wooden craft beside them. The girl tried to run back outside but Yuko stopped her.

“They have guns, you’ll definitely die if you get out from here” Yuko scolded.

“None of your business” the girl shook off Yuko’s hands.

“You’re mine. I’ll take you down by myself” Yuko grabbed her wrist, “Our fight hasn’t end”

Yuko smirked at her and hold her hand. They ran upstairs and went to the window for escape because the police already surrounded the gate. Shooting sounds echoing all over the warehouse. Unfortunately, Yuko got hit on her left legs. That makes Yuko tripled and that girl slipped down from the roof. Before the girl fall down to the sea beneath them, Yuko managed to hold her wrist.

“Let go or you’ll fall” the raven girl said.

“No, I won’t let you die. Our fight hasn’t end and I need your head to get the reward

“I won’t die” the raven girl removed Yuko’s grip on her and fell down to the sea, “Let’s fight again another time” and so, she disappeared into the shadow.

“Stop right there!” the officers showed up on the roof and pointing the gun at Yuko.

“Well, catch me if you can~” Yuko said playfully to the officers and start running.

Flashback end

♫♪♫♫♪♫ (phone’s ringing)

“Hello, Kojima Haruna here” a tall brunette is answering the phone at one of the narrow side street.

[Haruna, it’s me Mariko. Be on guard, the killer is moving to your way. Gather some men to block the street] the voice commanded from the other side of phone.

“Roger” Haruna replied and put her phone back to pocket.

Not long after Haruna put her phone, there’s a short figure bumped into her… it was Yuko.

“Are you okay?” Haruna asked as she helped Yuko to get up.

Yuko wants to run away but somehow Haruna didn’t let go of Yuko’s hand. Hearing the footsteps of officers who are pursuing her becomes nearer, she can’t think another way but to take off Haruna’s long coat. Yuko put the coat on herself and pushed Haruna until her back touch the wall. She whispered a sorry before her hands stopped behind Haruna’s head and pulled her close for a kiss. Haruna’s eyes widen as she was shocked by the sudden happen. Another seconds passed, she regain her consciousness and pushed Yuko away but she can’t because Yuko is stronger. The more struggles Haruna made, the wilder the kiss Yuko gives her.

“Ow, young kids nowadays are bold” the officers run pass behind Yuko without knowing her.

Makes sure that she is safe, Yuko break away and wipe her lips. “Thank you my lady, I owe you one” she return the coat to Haruna and ran away. Haruna was shocked and her mind was blank out there.

Somewhere in the city

“No.44, what are you doing in the sea?” the young professor is typing something on her gadget. “Rena, stop playing with the shark and find me”

She is currently sitting inside a cafe, with a glass of hot milk on the table. Bored of waiting the arriving of her pet, she looked outside the window for some view and there’s something catch her attention. There’s a long black haired woman carrying a baby on the street, looking for some help but no one stop to pay attention on that woman. It was raining hard outside, that woman uses her jacket to cover the baby from getting soaked.

Mayu takes a picture of that woman and search her identity through the gadget. Her gadget shows that woman identity in no time. “Kashiwagi Yuki, 22 years old, single parent”

She swiped the screen to track another photos of that woman and the child. Mayu feels curious at what the woman doing in the middle of the rain and went out with an umbrella. She stood next to that woman and staring at her.

The women looked at Mayu with teary eyes, “Please, please help my son. He is having high fever”

“Then go to hospital. What are you doing here?”

“My shop got robbed few days ago and I don’t have enough money. The hospital won’t cure him” she kneeled down and begged Mayu, “Please, help my son. I’ll do anything you want, anything!”

“What if… I want your life?” Mayu asked her with cold eyes.

The woman was silent hearing what Mayu said, she looked at her son and turn to face Mayu, “You can take it. But you have to take care of my son” she said firmly.

“Baka…” Mayu mumbled at herself.

“Master~” the raven girl, Rena appeared behind Mayu, holding a shark fin and smiled. She throws way the shark fin and takes one step closer to look at the woman and her son, “Is that my new toy?”

“No, they are mine” Mayu slightly pulled Rena away from them. “Hold this umbrella for me” she handed her umbrella to Rena then took out a small bottle with blue liquid inside it. She took off the cap and put some drops into the baby’s mouth.

“You owe me one life” Mayu took her umbrella from Rena, leaving it for that woman and walked away.

“It’s rare that you are soaking yourself in the rain” Rena said as she followed Mayu.

Mayu pulled Rena’s shirt collar lower which revealed a mark No44’ at her right shoulder. She tucked a tiny chip at Rena’s shoulder, exactly at where her number marked and begin to operate her gadget, she looked at the happy smile on Rena face and wonders what happen to her, “Your mood is good today”

Rena nodded, “I find new toy~”

“What kind of toy? Is it strong?” Mayu asked as she busy checking the condition of Rena on her gadget.

“No36 is stronger but she is slightly taller than No36” Rena biting her nails and grinning crazily.

“Don’t waste your time playing here. Hurry and find No36” Mayu said without looking at Rena.

“I smelled No36’s scent from this…” Rena took out a yoyo and playing it.

“Where did you get that?” asked Mayu as she takes a quick glance on the yoyo, then back to concentrate at her gadget.

“From my new toy~” Rena smirked wickedly, “See you soon, No36”

Atsuko’s House

“Hachiuuu!” Minami sneezed.

Minami and Jurina are playing yoyo in living room. Atsuko is happy that Minami found her new interest other than fish. She is glad that Yuko taught them playing yoyo few days ago. She remembered how Minami bite Yuko’s yoyo when she saw it for the first time. Yuko was having a hard time to have her yoyo back and taught them how to play. Minami’s skill in playing yoyo is amazing, she can manage to swing the yoyo all the way she wants and Jurina was watching her playing. Suddenly, her yoyo fly toward Atsuko, she thought it was gonna hit her but the truth is… Minami snatched a fish from the plate on Atsuko’s hands, using her yoyo.


[Hope you don't mind my poor drawing  XD]


Eh? current Minami shares the same face with past Minami???
Who exactly is No36?
What really happened in Atsuko's past???
Why the professor is searching for No36?

To be continue...

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Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
« Reply #72 on: July 22, 2012, 09:23:08 PM »
Mayuki......there is Mayuki!? I'm sooooo happpyyyy~~~~~!!!!

please update soon, and thanks for this update~ I love Mayuki~
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Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
« Reply #73 on: July 22, 2012, 09:35:18 PM »
Rena is No.44?! WAHOO! Her character is really awesome!  :ding:

Seeing Mayuyu being nice so so heat warming.  :farofflook:

Haha the yoyo scene with Minami was funny.  :on lol:

I was waiting for you to update this one. Keep it up and update soon please! I love this story so much!  :luvluv1:

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Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
« Reply #74 on: July 23, 2012, 01:23:11 AM »
The drawing is cute and funny actually... Same with the update... And and a MAYUKI scene!! (well... With mayu as the scientist)
Update soon pls... Need more!!! Plus... Want to see the fight between 36 and 44.

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Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
« Reply #75 on: July 23, 2012, 12:15:22 PM »
Raaaaah Ishikawa-san thos story is soooo cute  :k-inlove:
Minami with her yoyo is so funny !! And she lickes Atsuko, this girl learns quickly dirty things xD

Mayu is a little scary but Rena-chan is cute too  :k-wink:

I want know why Minami looks like the "dead" Minami  :tntrm:
This is so interresting !!

Please Continue, this fic makes my day  :luvuluvu:
See you~

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Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
« Reply #76 on: July 23, 2012, 06:00:17 PM »
Thank you minna~ I will try to update soon ( if school stuff don't pestering me  :nervous )
@ yuukimoko : thanks for reading and liking my Mayuki scene :D
@ miyumi :  :D Thanks for liking my fic  :banghead: actually I haven't start writing the next chapter  :nervous waiting for something pop in my mind~
@ kiruchi : Thanks for your comment  :D hmm... about the fight between 36 and 44, I will hold in for more chapters because if they fight that means story is gonna end  :P
@ chibi-nyao-chan :  Minami always treating Acchan like a fish :lol: you'll find out Mayu actually is cute too~ perhaps in more chapters~


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Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
« Reply #77 on: July 24, 2012, 06:31:15 AM »
Argh!!!!! I was so late for this update!!!!  :frustrated: but finally got to read it..  :on lol:

Nice update!! with the flashback and all.. now I'm really curious about who is no.36 and Acchan's past.. :hehehe:

I wonder what Mayu gave to Yuki's son..  :dunno: but Mayu's chara so cool in this fic..  :glasses:

and Taka's yoyo skills was so impressive!!! LOL..  :hiakhiakhiak:

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Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
« Reply #78 on: July 24, 2012, 11:19:00 AM »
Wild kiss from KOJIYUU <3

Please MORE <3

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Re: #Story1# Black Cat - Chapter four: No.44
« Reply #79 on: July 26, 2012, 08:30:55 AM »
your fic are always awesome ichikawa-san ~~~  :luvluv1:

cockroach & no.44, lol this is so hilarious :hiakhiakhiak: and interesting!! :mon star:

to tell the truth, every day I always look forward to your updates  :shy2:  :mon geek:

I can't wait for the next chapter, Aidoru Panic & Black Cat!!  :pig madder:

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