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Author Topic: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?  (Read 48194 times)

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
« Reply #180 on: January 16, 2014, 06:53:37 PM »
JuJu acting spoiled saying she wants to see Acchan is just sooooo damn CUTE!! ><

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
« Reply #181 on: January 16, 2014, 09:59:36 PM »
Is this the flash back from the previous 'THE END'...?

Erm... Nice...

Rena likes Jurina... what's her past life was? before being turned into Mayu's experiment?

What's going on with Atsumina?

What about Jurina, Mayu and Rena?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
« Reply #182 on: January 17, 2014, 02:50:35 PM »
JuJu acting spoiled saying she wants to see Acchan is just sooooo damn CUTE!! ><
I second that!   :thumbsup
oh ichikawa-san~  :on lol: :on lol:
short but sweet and cute~~~  :shy2: :shy2: :shy2: :luvluv1:
yeah I wonder what happen to Atsumina?  :?
Is Rena going to be back to her past self?
I will always waiting for your update Ichikawa-san~ just take your time~ take careand thank you~  :hee:

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
« Reply #183 on: January 17, 2014, 04:52:23 PM »
What happen to Rena, is she going to remember her past

Please update soon

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
« Reply #184 on: January 18, 2014, 02:04:10 AM »
Umm.., please uptadte the aidoru panic :kneelbow: it's really interesting

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
« Reply #185 on: February 07, 2014, 07:37:25 PM »
You seriously have to update Black Cat, I need to know what's gonna happen next  :w00t:
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter thirteen: Bonds
« Reply #186 on: February 08, 2014, 03:31:35 AM »
Ichikawa san. ... update black cat.. :cry:
Onegaishimassu :bow:

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✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fourteen: The Matsui
« Reply #187 on: March 06, 2014, 06:02:15 PM »
@miayaka : It's been a very long time no see  :mon sweat:
@AshuraX : Of course~ because it's JuJu  :mon noprob:
@cisda83 : Not the flashback~ lol~ That "The End" has nothing to do with "The End"  :on lol: what am I talking about? lol~
@chiqinna : Your question about Rena will be answered in this chap  :mon evillaff:
@Kirozoro : Hope you still stay tune in this chap  :mon sweat: Me is kinda lazy in updating fics
@sidny48 : Thanks for reading Aidoru Panic sidny48-chan  :mon inluv: but I guess I will finish Black Cat first since it's gonna end soon  :mon study:
@POPCAT : Here is the update~ taadaa~  :mon squee:
@noah minami :  :mon squee: me updated~

Black Cat
Chapter Fourteen – The Matsui

================   ================   ================

“From now on, you are Matsui. From now on, you are Matsui Rena”

“Yes, Master”

A little girl with shoulder length silky black hair in white long dress followed the tall man into the mansion. All the furniture inside decorated in victorian style. The tall man so called master was guiding the little girl and having a little chat with her. On their way to upstairs, a noble woman came down to welcome her. That woman is this master’s wife.

“Is she the daughter of butler Reo?” asked the woman.

“She looks just like her father, doesn’t she?” the man laughed a bit while introduce to her wife. Butler Reo is one of Matsui’s favorite Butler. He is very capable. Unfortunately, he passed away from an incident two weeks ago to protect Mr. and Mrs. Matsui from an assassination by Maeda clan. Maeda family and Matsui family had been the bitter enemy since 40 years ago. Matsui is the second biggest assassin clan after Maeda. They have been secretly assassinating each other recently.

“She has no family other than her father but now…” Mr. Matsui took a long sigh and patted Rena’s head, “We’ll be taking care of you from now on”

“Welcome to Matsui, Rena-chan” said Mrs. Matsui.

Day by day, aside from their tight schedule, Mr. and Mrs. Matsui always find some time to accompany Rena. Mr. Matsui trained Rena so well and taught her fighting skill, not to make her an assassin, but in order to make sure she can protect herself. Rena is a diligent girl and work hard to be the best butler like his father. At the age of 12, she managed to be chief butler of the family. Although she lives as a butler in this family, Mrs. Matsui sees her as her own daughter. She really wants to have a daughter despite of being the mother of five sons.

Five years later

The peace of this family was broken within one night…

An assassination leading by Maeda Atsuko made her way into the main mansion of Matsui’s property. In order to free herself from Maeda family, Atsuko has to do this final mission, to wipe out whole Matsui members. Atsuko closed her eyes from seeing the tears of every single person she killed, closed her ears from hearing those sorrowful voices, closed her heart to be cruel, to be heartless.

“Make your way out from here through the secret tunnel” Mr. Matsui whispered to his wife. “I’ll buy you some time”

“No! We leave together!” Mrs. Matsui shouted back.

“Rena, bring mistress to the secret tunnel” Mr. Matsui commanded.


“This is an order” Mr. Matsui looked at Rena with cold eyes. The eyes she has never seen before, she felt the seriousness of her master and dragged her mistress away from the crowd.

Rena leaded the way for her mistress into the main house. Maeda clan hasn’t got there yet for the moment. Mrs. Matsui’s body is still weak after giving birth to her newborn baby a week ago. She is too weak to run for a long distance. She paused for a break below the staircase on the second floor. Heavily breath, she pushed Rena away, “Go and bring Jurina with you. Run as far as you can, please be safe”

“No, I can’t leave you behind” Rena disagreed.

“Rena…” Mrs. Matsui gently landed her palm on Rena’s face, looking at her with her usual smile. She reached out her hands and hugged Rena, gently patted the back of her head, “Rena, since you got here, I see you as my daughter. It’s fun to do some cooking with you, even though you always spoiled the dishes” Mrs. Matsui giggled.

She pulled back and looked at Rena, “Jurina, she were just born a week. I want to see her growing up like you” she paused for a while to hold her tears, “Yesterday I dreamed about Jurina, seemed about four or five in her age. You were standing beside her, protective like an older sister to her. She held your hand and waving at me… I guess I won’t have the chance for that day…”

“Don’t say that, Mistress, I’ll bring you both safely out from here” Tears in Rena’s eyes were slowly crawling out.


Violence noises were coming from the down floor. Mrs. Matsui pushed Rena away and shouted at her, “Go now! Take Jurina with you! Go!”

“I won’t!” Rena shouted back, “I’ll die with you, I’ll die with Matsui!”


Mrs. Matsui slapped Rena’s face, “We can not let the whole Matsui dismissed by Maeda. Stay alive, take good care of Jurina, revenge for us, revenge for Matsui”

Rena wiped her tears and hugged Mrs. Matsui so tight for the first time and the last time. She then ran upstairs to Jurina’s baby room. Before she landed her hand to open the door, she could hear Mrs. Matsui growling in pain downstairs. Out of her mind, she turned back and dashed to where her mistress was. There she saw Mrs. Matsui lying down, blood stained, and a katana, holding by a dark eyes girl. Those eyes were so dark and cold that Rena couldn’t stand to move forward. Her lungs felt so tight like it’s out of oxygen. With trembling hands, she took out her gun in stand-by pose. She tried to concentrate her mind, analyzing her enemies. From where her mistress laid on the floor, she moved her gaze to the sword that girl’s holding. On the blade collar, there were printed the name, Maeda Atsuko

Maeda Atsuko was holding katana in her left hand and handgun in her right hand. This is the first time Rena ever joined in real fight. Her hands were so trembling that she shot her bullet aimlessly toward Atsuko, which dodged by her easily.


First shot, Atsuko aimed Rena’s left leg. Rena kneeled down, gritted her teeth to bear the pain. Out of bullets, Rena threw her gun toward Atsuko, pulling out her double edge daggers and dashed toward her enemy. Rena was so fast that Atsuko didn’t manage to pull her trigger. In front of her, Rena swing her daggers at Atsuko’s right hand which made Atsuko dropped her gun. She then slashed her daggers on Atsuko’s stomach, nearly got it. Atsuko halted the daggers with her katana and kicked Rena away. Atsuko heartlessly threw her katana toward Rena’s shoulder, the sharp blade went through it, pinned down Rena on the floor.

Atsuko picked up her gun and pulled her trigger several times at Rena, only aimed her limbs. She walked beside Rena and whispered next to her ear, “Your master and mistress adore you so much. Thus, I honor you a revenge… revenge on me if you survived” Atsuko pulled out her katana from Rena’s shoulder and walked upstairs.

“S…stop… come back here…” Rena’s arms and legs were shot that she can’t move. Tears were flown out as Atsuko disappeared from her sight. “Jurina…” She closed her eyes and murmured an apologized to her mistress and master that she is incapable and had disappointed her master. The amount of blood bleeding out from her shoulder made her fell unconscious.

Few days later

Incredibly, Rena awake from her wound. Actually Atsuko didn’t wound her so badly. The first thing she did is to look for Jurina. She went upstairs and searched every single corner but there’s no trace of Jurina. “I’m sorry Jurina…” Rena cried in Jurina’s room, looking at her baby bed. “I should have listened to your mother and left with you earlier”

With the heavy burden of regret, she slowly walked downstairs. There she saw the lifeless body of her mistress lying on the ground, when the sunlight went into the house, she could clearly saw the bloody floor, her friends and brothers were there. She went to check one by one if there’re any person who still alive other than herself. No one…

She went back into the house and carried Mrs. Matsui to the backyard, gathered all the other Matsui. No eat, no sleep, no rest, no counting days, one by one she dig the ground and buried them, putting stones on their ground and do the praying for them. At the last, she made a grave for herself. Out of her limit, she finally broke down, lying on the grave she made for herself.

In front of Matsui’s entrance gate

“I heard a terrible homicide happened here two weeks ago” said the inspector Akimoto Sayaka.

“This is the best place to collect your guinea pig, ne? Mayu-san” Sae walked out of the car and wrapped her arms on Mayu’s shoulder. Prof. Mayu took out a tiny bag of powder and put in on Sae’s hand, making her screamed, “Ouch! That’s hurt!” Sae continuously rubs her hand, “What did you put on my hand?”

“Touch me again, I’ll cut your hand” Mayu said coldly but threw an antidote to Sae.

“I know you actually like me too~” Sae said playfully

“Ehemm…” Sayaka cleared her throat, can’t stand to see Sae acting narcissism like that.

“Let’s see…” Mayu stopped and looked around, “Sayaka, tell your man to bring every single dead bodies to my laboratory. “Sae, go see if there’re survivors. A living man is better than dead bodies to do experiment”

“Survivor? Impossible” said the ikemen girl.

“Mayu-san! Here!” Sayaka suddenly called.

Prof. Mayu walked to the direction where Sayaka called. Sae followed behind. Sayaka was standing in the grave where Rena laid. “Sae, give me your hand” She carried Rena from the ground and handed her to Sae. “I can’t believe we could found someone alive”

“Maybe…” Sae put Rena down on the ground and checked her pulse. “She is extremely weak by her condition right now. Blood loss, infected wounds, exhaustion…”

Mayu took out a bottle of blue liquid and injected it into Rena’s body. Sae was startled, “Mayu, isn’t that potion is still in research? Why you put it in her body? What if…. What if there will be body explosion?” Sae walked two meters away from them, hide behind a tree.

“Let’s see” Mayu looked at her watch, counting seconds, “Isn’t this is the best time to try out my experiment? This potion was made in order to heal any wounds and diseases faster than normal medicine, and of course, I want to see if it can bring this girl back to life”

“And to prove you are a genius?” said Sayaka while getting up to the ground.

“See…” Mayu wore her usual mischievous smile, “It works”

Both Sayaka and Sae moved closer to see the effect of the potion in Rena’s body. Her flesh wounds were slowly recovered. Sae put her fingers on Rena’s neck under the jaw to check her pulse. It was weak before but now it beats normally.

“This is fun… This is really fun” Mayu laughed, “I have more experiment to do”

“You can having fun doing your experiment hobby, but in limited time, you must done the project we promised” Sayaka reminded.

“I know the government sent you to spy on me” Mayu put a straight face, “I don’t like you watching me work”

“What? You’re watching her all the time?” Sae stood before Mayu, protectively. “How could you secretly watching my little cutie?”

“I’ll be waiting in the car, don’t make it too long” Mayu commanded.

“Hey, Mayu, don’t walked away like that” Sae glared, “Geez, did she peek at you showering? I’ll beat her!”

“Peek at someone showering? Only you could do that” Sayaka carried Rena and followed after Mayu, ignoring Sae.

Flashback End

At Present

Rena woke up, head still hurts. Her breathing was fast, thirst of revenge. She stood up and clenched her fist with dark aura surrounded her.

“I’ll kill you”

To be continue...

:mon emo: Gomenasai desu for my slooow update  :mon ignore: kinda busy with -->  :mon study:

Thanks for reading and stay tune for next update Minna-san  :mon bye:

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fourteen: The Matsui
« Reply #188 on: March 06, 2014, 06:20:02 PM »
OMG Rena-chan almost killed by Atsuko!

But my Sayaka-baby and Sae-puppy were out on patrol and found her.

Then Mayu injected that vaccine into her...

Ooh crap, she's MAD now!

Shizz is about to happen!

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fourteen: The Matsui
« Reply #189 on: March 06, 2014, 11:19:46 PM »
Did Maeda take Jurina??

So happy that Rena is alive

Update soon

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fourteen: The Matsui
« Reply #190 on: March 06, 2014, 11:23:33 PM »
Rena remembers her past now! Ah I like the wmatsui moment there !!  :inlove:  :heart:

AHHH! :panic: Rena might try to kill Acchan!  :shocked

Please Update Soon!!!  :drool: :w00t: :D :inlove: :wub:

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fourteen: The Matsui
« Reply #191 on: March 07, 2014, 09:04:54 AM »
I guess I can understand the hatert that Rena felt for Atsuko

But did Rena able to relate the Jurina as The Matsui's 'Jurina'?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out what's happening to Atsuko, Jurina, Rena and Mayu after the last attack from Yuki?

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fourteen: The Matsui
« Reply #192 on: March 09, 2014, 12:13:04 PM »

what will happen to awaken rena???!!!  :lol:

I love AKB48 whole heartily.
I love writing stories and draw manga.
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One Shots
Mendol x AKB48

Like to go Japan someday and met them in person.

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fourteen: The Matsui
« Reply #193 on: May 18, 2014, 11:25:09 PM »
It was interestingly. Please update.

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fourteen: The Matsui
« Reply #194 on: June 25, 2014, 08:04:04 AM »
Aahhh i missed this fanfic  :banghead:

And- do you still busy?

I need the update of this fanfic  :panic:

Please quickly update ><

and sorry for the bad English  :nervous

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✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?
« Reply #195 on: August 10, 2014, 07:01:59 PM »
Updated!!  :D
So many thanks for my readers  :heart: :heart:

Hai! Douzo~!  :D

Black Cat
Chapter Fifteen – The Truth?

================   ================   ================

Previous chapter:

“Can you help me put my baby in my room? I need to wash the lunch box first” asked Yuki.

“Sure” Rena agreed right away and carried the baby into the room.


“Rena, I’m done now. Thank you for–” before Yuki could finish here words, Rena suddenly dashed out from the room, bumped into Yuki.

Yuki fall onto the ground speechlessly to see the sudden rage of Rena. She has never seen that kind of look from Rena. Yuki could feel the thirst of blood from Rena’s eyes. Yuki was going to try to stop Rena but she already dashed out of the house and took Mayu’s car to nowhere. Yuki immediately went to report this to Mayu.

“Mayu! Rena went mad, she’s like going beserk. She drove your car away just now”

“What?” Mayu shocked. She hurriedly took her smartphone and traced the car, “I’ll take her back, don’t worry”

“I’ll go with you” said Yuki.

“No” Mayu rejected, “You stay here.” Without talking much, Mayu grabbed her coat and went out with her other car.


While tracing Rena, Mayu also analyzing where is the destination of Rena’s car. She was surprised to know the destination. It’s her secret laboratory where the crucial experiment project was held.

“Oh no, if Rena went berserk in my lab, that will be a real problem for me” Mayu immediately took an alternative route to get to her lab faster. “But why… Why is she going there? What made her going berserk?”

Mayu hurriedly make a call to the HQ of her lab, “This is Prof. Mayu, I want you to close all the gates. Right now! And don’t let anyone get into the lab”

At Mayu secret laboratory

“HYAAAAAAAA!!” Rena madly attacking the huge steel gate with her bare hands. “Come out and die!”

Mayu just arrived but decided to watch from afar. “She’s gonna break down the gate if I don’t stop her now. What made her went on rampage?” Mayu took a deep breath, thinking that she should focus on how to calm Rena rather than thinking what’s the reason of this sudden berserk. Mayu took out a small device and calling for No 100, Maeda Atsuko. Mayu commanded Atsuko to come out from the lab and take down Rena.

On the other side, there’s someone watching their every movement behind shadow. Mayu was too concentrated on protecting her lab from Rena’s rampage that she didn’t notice her surroundings.

From the top of the building, Atsuko jumped out, launched like a meteor toward Rena. It was a huge earthquake when Atsuko landed, leaving a huge hole on the ground. Rena fortunately dodged the attack and took out her daggers. She dashed forward mercilessly slashing Atsuko.

Atsuko had a hard time to dodged Rena’s attack but still managed to get no wound. Rena growled and threw the daggers at Atsuko and landed a kick on her stomach while Atsuko was busy handling those daggers. Atsuko were sent flying and hit a tree. A scratch visibly showed on her left cheek.

Rena jumped on Atsuko and chocked her without mercy with her left hand while taking out another dagger in her right hand. “Now is the time to pay for your sin!” Rena landed her dagger on Atsuko without any hesitation.

Atsuko managed to escape from Rena’s grip before the dagger landed on her chest. She ran backward to a safer distance, with no intention to fight back. Fortunately, Atsuko only got a scratch on her left shoulder from previous attack. Once again, all she did was dodging Rena’s attack.

“Is Rena this strong against Maeda?” Mayu questioned herself. She was standing behind a tree, aiming her sniper at Rena. All she could see from her point of view was Rena’s continuous attacks on powerless Maeda. Mayu stood there, waiting for the right chance and… with one pull, she managed to land a shot on Rena’s neck. “Got you” Mayu immediately stepped out behind the shadow. Rena was down because of the paralyze liquid that shot on her neck by Mayu.

Mayu hurriedly examined Rena’s wounds without bothering Maeda’s. After she put an injection on Rena, she took a quick glance at Maeda. “You seemed fine, go inside and asked Prof. Sae to cure your wounds now.” Mayu said coldly at Maeda. “Do not move without my order”

“Yes, Master” Atsuko answered shortly and went inside the lab.

Meanwhile in Minegishi’s club lounge

“Hell luck, I need to shut down my club again for today because of them” Mii-chan murmured to herself while preparing some drink for her honorable quest.

“I can’t wait any longer!” Yuko protested. “It’s been a week since they gone. Are we just gonna sit here and wait?”

“Calm down, Yuko” Mii-chan pulled her back onto her seat.

“You can trust us” said Haruna.

“Trust you? Police? Government?” Yuko glanced at Haruna, “You, government, is the mastermind in those so called iron army. An incredible wicked project to sacrifice human’s life into zombie army! For some unknown war? Shit”

“Hey! We’re still in investigation whether it’s government or another individual people or organization misusing the name of government to do that project. It is still unsure!” Haruna fought back.

“Yeah, still unsure! How long did you guys do the investigation? Over five years!” Yuko got angered, “My friends, all of them, include a six years old kid, have gone missing! Not sure they’re still alive or not! All you did was sitting here and drinking your juice!!” Yuko splashed Haruna’s drink on her face.

“Hey!!” Haruna stood up and grabbed Yuko’s shirt.

“Stop it!” Mariko walked into the club in the right moment. Both of them got back to their seat.

“There there” Mii-chan offered a towel and a new drink for Haruna.

“Here’s the report I got from my informant” Mariko threw an envelope on the table. Yuko opened it and looked at the photos and papers. “Acchan has been turned into one of those so called iron army. She is now looks like a robot who only listens to her master’s order” Mariko explained.

“That black-haired young lady in twintails is the one they called master. She created them. Her name is Watanabe Mayu. Where she got that kind of science is still unknown. That raven-haired girl biting her nails called No.44, Matsui Rena. I believe she is the one from the Matsui clan, an assassin clan which has been wiped off. She is now the right hand of Watanabe Mayu, as one of the iron army. According to my informant, Jurina is living in Watanabe house, not sure of the detail.”

“These two are the ones who gave message to Minami through something called hologram” Yuko said in anger, looking at the picture of Mayu and Rena. “There’s no sign about Minami?” asked Yuko, as she couldn’t find any report about Minami inside the envelope.


Flashback five days ago

Inside the police station

“Yo~” Yuko appeared from nowhere behind Haruna and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“Kyaaaa!” Haruna jumped back and threw down Yuko in Judo style.

“Ouch, what a wild girl you are~” said Yuko playfully.

“What are you doing here?” Mariko came in the right moment, “Oshima Yuko”

“Well, I have something serious to discuss with you”

“I don’t have time to chat with a criminal” answered Mariko coldly, “Arrest her, Haruna”

“Yes, Mam!” Haruna took out her handcuffs but Yuko stopped her.

Yuko took out something familiar to Mariko, “It’s from Minami”

Several minutes later somewhere in the park

“It’s safer for us to talk here than in my office. Walls have ears” said Mariko.

Yuko took a glance at Haruna, her face saying what about her? Mariko said to ensure Yuko, “She is my right hand”

It took some time for Yuko to explain what happened in Atsuko’s house and what Minami told her to do. Although she didn’t trust this person, “I hope Minami didn’t trust the wrong person”

“How about Minami?” asked Mariko.

“It’s been three days, I went to the port and searched all the places, only found some blood stains on the floor. It was Minami’s.”

“Maybe she survived, maybe she was taken, and the worst… maybe she–”

“I don’t want to hear that” Yuko cut Mariko’s words.

“Minami was once worked for government” Mariko told the story to Yuko, “She was the chief commander, but she gave up her title and became a famous phantom thief, the Black Cat. Five years ago, I asked her help in this case, the iron army project. I believe someone has using the name of government to develop this project. She cooperated with me to find the truth but she was gone missing after she blew up the whole island. I couldn’t believe she’s alive.” Mariko sighed, “But now, she gone missing again, huh? Just how many lives she has.”

“No matter what, I want you to find her back, alive. Atsuko and Jurina have to come back sound and safe.” This is the first time Haruna saw Yuko said something with serious face, she kinda flustered.

“I will try my best” answered Mariko.

Flashback End

Somewhere in Mayu’s Research Laboratory

“Finally, I’ve collected all the data I need to control the iron army. Thanks for your hard work, Watanabe Mayu. You are no longer needed.” said someone in white long coat inside the lab. “How is your wound?”

“Just a scratch” answered Atsuko.

“Thanks for playing along” said the person.

To be continue...

I am fired up to write when I know there are readers waiting for my update  :heart: :heart:
Once again, thanks for reading  :D
(Hope I didn't make many grammar mistakes [>_<])

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?
« Reply #196 on: August 10, 2014, 07:41:48 PM »
You updated lol.  Haha little push on Twitter you did it too lol. Hoping the next one to be the long one . anyway thanks for update Ichikawa lol :thumbsup

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?
« Reply #197 on: August 10, 2014, 10:10:18 PM »
Erm... someone that able to ask Atsuko to play along...

Someone that Atsuko trusted and obeyed

Is this person... is Minami?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?
« Reply #198 on: September 30, 2014, 07:52:07 AM »
I like this story :on asmo:  :k-great: :k-great: :k-great:
PlaaUpdate soon. :mon innocent:
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Re: ✰Story1✰ Black Cat - Chapter fifteen: The Truth?
« Reply #199 on: June 16, 2015, 07:26:32 PM »
Hiiiii are you still around?
Just reread this and finally understood hehe..
Hoping you could update this, is acchan with yuki? How 'bout taka, rena, juju, n mayu?
just love to read alot of fiction story

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