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Author Topic: *LOVING U* - chapter 20 (MaYuki) 24/04/2018  (Read 26789 times)

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.2
« Reply #20 on: September 09, 2012, 11:03:58 AM »
Maybe it is not Mayu who took a Yuki's car... just maybe XD
Maybe it is Riku... No, no, no it is impossible, he does not have the key of the Yuki's house!!

Mayukiiiiiiii !!!!!!!

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
« Reply #21 on: September 10, 2012, 04:29:50 AM »
                                        *Loving U* 

Hello everyoneeee! 
Here's the answer to Mo-chan about Yuki's feelings towards Mayu :D 
Enjoy! :) 

Mayu chan come on i have to go to work ans it getting late! Yuki shouts waiting in the living room
"That's because you took an hour in the bathroom earlier.."Mayu murmures while brushes her teeth 
"Mayu chan!" Yuki shouts 
"what a.." Mayu thought then spits and puts her brush teeth in its place and went downstairs 
Finally ready! Yuki says with a sigh 
Mayu just walked to the car 
"And you're that mad one.." Yuki thought and fallowed Mayu to the car
"Remember you have to pick me up because my teacher wants to talk to you.." Mayu says 
Yeah yeah ..i like that song! Yuki says excited and turn the voulume up
So loud! Mayu murmured while Yuki sings ridicuosly
"i still wonder why Yuko chose you.." Mayu thought while observes the dork older girl 
Finally school! Yuki says 
bye! Mayu says coldly and gets out fast 
this is harder than i expected why we have to be so different? Give me a sign! Yuki says looking up 
Mayu entered and saw her friend Lovetan 
hey Lovetan! Mayu says coldly 
hi Mayu chan! Lovetan says smiling 
The teacher soon comes and class time passed and it was already luch time
Are you going to buy something Mayu chan? Lovetan asked smiling 
yes let's go! Mayu says while gets up 
Both girls went to buy food but on the way and 3 boys got on her way 
hello Mayu chan! One of the boys says smiling 
It's Juhno captain of the basketball team! Lovetan mumures blushing 
i heard a lot about you! Juhno says with a smile 
Mayu kept chewing her gum 
what about me? have you heard about me? Lovetan asked desperately 
Juhno was confused he looked at his two friends then answered "of course not!" 
Mayu took Lovetan's hand and walked away 
hey Mayu chan! Juhno says 
Mayu kept walking like a boss xD 
she's as cold as they say! One of Juhno friends says 
i like it that way " she's wild" and cute..i'm sure she will be mine!Juhno says smiling 
that was Juhno he's so hot! Lovetan says happy 
 yeah yeah whatever! Mayu says and goes to buy food
~At Yuki's job~ 
I want that runway there! Yuki says directing everyone who were setting the stage for the "Fashion show"
Beeep! Beeep! (phone ringing)
hello Yuki chan! Akicha says 
hello Aki chan! what's going on? Yuki asks smiling 
well i just thinking that Sasshi is really weird! Akicha says feeling ackward 
wha..what's that? Yuki asks nervous 
well she treats me well but she's just too much good what's wrong with her? Akicha asks 
(Aki chan i bought you food! Sasshi says smiling and hugs Akicha tighly)
hello Sasshi! Akicha says nervous 
*Still talking to Yuki on the phone* 
who you're talking to? Sasshi asks serious 
with Yuki chan! Akicha replies feeling ackward
Say hi for me! Sashi says smiling 
"Bipolar.." Yukk murmured on the phone 
what did you say? Akicha asks 
"nothing...look i'n busy right now tell Sae chan and Mocchi to pick me up so we can talk and i'll explain you the whole thing to you!" Yuki says smirking 
okay! Akicha says 
Time passed fast and Mocchi,Akicha and Sae were waiting for Yuki 
hello Yuki chan! Everyone says 
hello..i'm hungry! Yuki says 
let's go to a restaurant! Mocchi says 
yeah let's go! everyone 
but which one? Akicha asked 
let's go to "Kai's food"! Mocchi says happy 
"Kai's food.." Everyone wonders 
it's not that the guy's name that you met in Asia? Akicha asks with her finger on her chin 
"yep." Mocchi answers blushing 
"i guess we can go.." Sae says 
~ At the restaurant~ 
where is Kai? Mocchi wondered looking around 
Good afternoon cute girls! a not so tall blonde guy says smiling 
hello! The girls says 
welcome to Kai's food! The guy says excited 
"Kai.." Mocchi says happy and clings on her arm 
not here! The poor midget says pouting 
Ohhh let's go get a table i'm hungry! Yuki says 
The girls took their table soon came a waiter to take their orders while Kai was still glued to Mocchi 
why you don't let me go? Kai says in a depressed aura 
soon a handsome guy enters to the restaurant 
Rikuuu help me! Kai shouts 
Riku? Yuki turned her head and yes it was the sams guy who completely forgot about Kai and went Yuki 
Yuki chan! Riku says 
"Hi.." Yuki says ackwardly 
"Aki chan.." Someone enters to the restaurant shouting 
"ehhhhh.." Akicha says 
Exactly what we need! Yuki says with a sigh 
Sasshi who you find me? Akicha asks
GPS Baby! Sasshi answers 
Soon the ackward friends got themselves comfortable because of the drinks 
Mocchi you *hip* really special to me! Kai says drunk 
i don't *hip* those kind of things "i love you and you love me but we can not be together" so complicated and overated! Yuki says red and drunk 
Why *hip* she has to have a boyfriend? i *hip* can treat her right! Sae says crying 
i still wonder *hip* why you are so nice? Akicha says laughing like crazy 
*hip* Rain! Riku says smiling 
It's raining! Sasshi says looking through the glass 
i *hip* have the little feeling that i have something to i forgetting something? Yuki asked 
~Mayu is waiting for Yuki in the rain outside the school~
Nooooo! Everyone shouts 
let's keep drinking! Yuki shouts 
~The next morning~ 
Yuki wakes up then looks around "i need to stop drinking.."She murmures while gets up then she looks at the clock it says " 2:30 pm"  
what? Yuki shouts and looks at her phone "shit" 
Yuki dial her work number 
(Talking to the boss on the phone)
Can i know where are you? i been calling you! Yuki's boss says mad 
wait..i was..i got Asia! Yuki shouts 
what? Yuki's boss asks
well Asia's owner let us do the after party there and you know is first class club! Yuki says 
i know that.. how did you get her? Her boss asks
well it was a long talking it took me all morning to convince i'm going to the office! Yuki says Yuki chan take the day off i'm really happy and proud of you! The boss says 
really? Yuki asked 
yeah you just got me the best club to celebrate the after party at first i thought you wouldn't get it but now i'm impress take the day off and have a good day! the boss says smiling 
ok see you tomorrow! Yuki says relief 
~End of the phone call~
Now this kid it's going to listen to me! Yuki says while goes upstairs..she opens the door and sees Mayu sleeping 
Yuki took off the blanket and shouted mad "Why you didn't wake up? you little Yankee!" 
Mayu openned her eyes and sitted on bed "what?" she softly asked 
Yuki looked at Mayu and somehow she felt strange *Mayu's cheeks,forhead and nose were red* 
what happen to you? Yuki asked 
you didn't pick me was raining and i *cough* *cough* o walked home and then catched a cold! Mayu answered looking down and with a low tone of voice 
Yuki felt horrible and remembered yesterday "i'm sorry Mayu..i forgot!" 
Mayu lays on bed "give me back my blanket!" she says softly 
Yuki puts the blanket on her and touches Mayu's forhead 
"It's really hot.. " she murmures and gets out of the room 
(Yuki's pov)
"I'm a idiot!!!.. she walked home alone  what if something happened to her on the way home? i will never forgive myself if something happens to that girl ..what such an irresponsible person i am..i still don't get why Yuko chose me? in all the people she knows..Me?"
Yuki thinks while cooks soup for Mayu 
Once the soup is ready Yuki goes upstairs and wakes Mayu up 
Mayu sits and notices something different on Yuki her eyes revealed that she was feeling guilty and sad "don't blame was my fault i could take a bus!" she says still all red  
"Mayu.." Yuki murmured and started feeding the younger girl spoonful by spoonful 
Once they were done with the soup 
Mayu layed down while Yuki rubbed her arm softly 
after a few hours Yuki brought a thermometer
"You're decreased a little but still is not enough" Yuki thought while looks at Mayu 
"i wanna shower.." Mayu murmured 
but you catched a can't shower! Yuki says pouting cutely 
i'm all sweat besides it will make the fever decrese! Mayu says while tries to get up 
Mayu gets up but she felt weak luckily Yuki catched her 
"easy ok you'll shower.."  Yuki says and notices that Mayu's face was really close to hers 
Yuki blushed and looked other way then guided the younger girl to the bathroom  
"help me.." Mayu murmured 
Yuki gulped but then helped Mayu to undress
Yuki's heart was beating fast she took off Mayu's shirt and shorts while Mayu standing there 
Yuki was blushing hard "Mayu is so beatiful" she thought and then took a deep breath and took off her bra and panties 
Soon Yuki took off her clothes she got in the tub 
Yuki standing only looking at the beaty in her tub 
Aren't you going to rub my back? Mayu asked 
Yuki was nervous she looked other way but then got closer to Mayu..she sitted next to her and started to rub her back 
"this is not happenning to me.." Yuki murmured nervous 
while Mayu was somewhere else "i guess is decreasing.." Mayu murmured 
do you wanna get out? Yuki asked
"yep.." Mayu says 
Yuki helps her with a towel and took her to her room 
what do you wanna wear pink or yellow? Yuki says showing the shirts 
does it matter? do you choose your clothes before to sleep? Mayu asked pouting 
"no..of course not.." Yuki says and preceeds to dress Mayu up 
Yuki starts brushing Mayu's hair while both were sitting on bed 
"i'm tired.." Mayu says and leans on Yuki's chest 
Yuki blushes "..." 
"i'm cold.." Mayu whispered 
Yuki putted the hair brush aside and hugged the younger girl 
Mayu smirked on her sleep
Yuki also fell sleep..

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
« Reply #22 on: September 10, 2012, 05:01:59 AM »
excellent Excellent  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
I hope yuki falls in love with mayu
waiting for your next acualizacion
update update
could also be jealous yuki  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
would be fun to read
and after that he realizes he likes mayu  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
« Reply #23 on: September 10, 2012, 07:29:40 AM »
ahah! exellent! Mayu, good job!  :D

Yuki start to love Mayu! yahaha! :)
Mayukiiiiiiii !!!!!!!

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
« Reply #24 on: September 10, 2012, 10:15:18 AM »
Yukirin party girl  :lol: and she forgot to pick up Mayu  :(
But I can see that Yukirin is a nice person because she took care of Mayu   :D

Oh no Junho is sense more drama!

Thank you for your update!
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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
« Reply #25 on: September 10, 2012, 12:11:35 PM »
Yukirin why you drink so much??? :banghead:

Ah... she forgot Mayu. :smhid

The end is really cute :)

Update soon please !
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
« Reply #26 on: September 10, 2012, 12:18:51 PM »
Why Yuki she drink so much does she have a problem that we don't know and she doesn't want to say it  :dunno:
Yuki started devlopping feeling for Mayu  :luvluv1: :luvluv2:
Mayu is smirking when she was sleeping she likes being hugged by Yuki  :shy2: :shy1:
« Last Edit: September 10, 2012, 08:06:25 PM by mo-chan »

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
« Reply #27 on: September 11, 2012, 12:49:08 PM »
For me, I think is it too fast that Mayu fall for Yukirin?
due they just live together in short period and Mayu already fall for Yukirin,
Will it be the next chapter return that Yukirin having a sick on next day,
Because Mayu still sick and now they sleeping together,
Mayu i think she can have more yankee moment will be best,
due she still can tease Yukirin more~

Looking Forward for the next update.

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
« Reply #28 on: September 11, 2012, 11:59:57 PM »
So cute~
Bakarin! How could you be that irresponsible?!
So Kai is with Mocchi? No Atsumina?

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.4
« Reply #29 on: September 14, 2012, 10:38:32 PM »
                                        *Loving U* 

The next day 
Yuki moved her hand trying to find anything to hold while she's sleeping (That means Mayu xD) but she found nothing so she openned her eyes 
"Mayu.." She murmured and looked that anyone wasn't around,she got up from bed and went downstairs. she found a note next to her breakfast: 
*Thanks for taking care of me Yuki chan last night..i went to school,don't worry i feel okay :D
Yuki smirked "Mayu chan.." she murmured and then sitted to eat her breakfast prepared with *Love* 
Riing!! Riing!!  (Doorbell) 
"it's too early for somebody to come!" Yuki says pouting while gets up and opens the door 
Hello Kashiwagi Yuki! A man says smiling 
yes,i am! Yuki answers 
this is for you! The man says and gives two boxes to her 
what? what's this? who send this? Yuki asked as the reaction queen that she is 
send? i think you're bought this online today! The man says and showing a paper that Yuki has to sign. 
what? i didn't i jus woke up! Yuki says 
this is the address and you're Kashiwagi Yuki so pay me my $400! The man says a little irrated 
$400? what the hell did i bought? Yuki asked 
You bought all k-on dvds and some limited action figures..SO PAY ME! The man shouts the last part 
what i never...*a name crossed her mind* Mayu! Yuki murmured 
Pay me! The man says 
Yuki sighed "wait here.." She murmured with a depressed aura while walks to get her purse 
The man was tapping his foot on the floor 
Yuki pulls out money from her purse and started counting coin by coin 
"$170? this is not enough.." Yuki thought then she looked on her drawer where she was saving money to go to Hawai on vacations 
"no..this is not happening to me.." She says with a depressed aura while walks to her drawer and starts counting the money "330 +170=400..." she thought and then walked to the man and gave him her money 
Yuki was about to close the door 
hey where's tip? The man asked 
Fuck you! Yuki replies and closes the door 
"pssst.." The man says and goes away 
"This is kid..." Yuki thought mad then walked to her car and started driving to certain school "is going to pay me back.." She thought while presses her acelator
~At school~  (after 15 min)
And how you make a past sentence in english! The teacher says 
"boring.." Mayu murmured and then looked through the window "that car seems familiar.." she thought and then Yuki got out of the car 
WHAT? what the hell is she doing here? Mayu shouted schocked 
hmm excuse miss're interrupting my class and disrepectful! The teachee says irritatated 
<Bell rininging> 
Saved by the bell! Lovetan murmured 
Everyone gets out of the classroom 
Mayu slowly gets outs looking if Yuki wasn't around 
why are you hiding Mayu? Lovetan asked 
get off my way? A mad Yuki shouts 
what's wrong with that girl? A guy asks while is being pushed by mad Yuki
"Mayuuuuuu.." Yuki shouted ans found the younger girl 
"Yuki chan.." Mayu says smiling 
How could you? Yuki says and pinches Mayu's cheek 
You have a could pay with that! Mayu says completely aware of what Yuki was talking about 
why in the hell i would buy $400 in anime? Yuki shouts and pinches harder Mayu's cheek 
Because you haven't bought me a thing since i got at your home! Mayu says and pinches Yuki's cheek 
what?!? Yuki still pinches Mayu's cheek 
"You should stop.." Lovetan says 
You gave me that weird girl that looks like a guy's room how ackward is that? no,new coverlets or something! Mayu says mad and pinches harder Yuki's cheek 
"you just wanted me to buy you something?? Mayu is bittersweet" Yuki thought feeling like a really bad guardian 
hey let go Mayu chan! Juhno says mad 
who's this guy? Yuki asked pouting 
nobody! Mayu retored 
"Mayu chan.."the guy says a little sad 
is Mayu chan boyfriend! Yuki says smirking 
it's not my boyfriend! Mayu shouted and pinched Yuki's cheek harder 
I'll call a teacher! Juhno says and went to look for a teacher around 
cute your boyfriend! Yuki says laughing 
ohh i hate you! Mayu says still pinching Yuki 
Yuki chan! Someone says 
I think i have to go! Juhno says 
me too i'll go with you! Lovetan says and boths walks away
Yuki turned to look at the person that called her name "ehh what are you doing here?" She asked 
i'm a teacher! The girl answers smiling 
you two know eachother! Mayu asked rising an eyebrown and let go Yuki's cheek and also Yuki let Mayu's 
Rena chan a teacher? Yuki says 
So are you a relative of Watanabe san?Rena asked 
yes,i'm her guardian! Yuki says nervous and smiling 
so why are you two pinching eachother's cheek! Rena asked 
because we like to play! Yuki says smiling and outs her arm around Mayu's neck 
she abuses me physically and emotionally! Mayu says 
"What?!???? You little.." Yuki says with a big recation and presses the girl on her arm  
"Yuki it's tight.." Mayu murmured trying to breathe
Rena laughs "that's funny..Yuki is harmless!" She says while laughs 
"it's my love for you.." Yuki murmures 
i was let go! Mayu murmures 
What a spoil kid i have! Yuki says and let go Mayu 
Rena chan! A girl shouts and clings on Rena 
"Jurina i told we're on school!"  Rena says 
Yuki and Mayu looked at the two girls 
Yuki we should grab a coffe one of this days..and Mayu is failing in all subjects! Rena says while walks way with Jurina who was holding her hand 
"those two.." Mayu says 
You're failing! Yuki shouted to Mayu 
It's the not the big deal! Mayu says and walks away to the car 
Yuki sighs walks behind Mayu 
~In the car~ 
Mayu chan..i..i'm sorry! Yuki says 
ehhh!! Mayu looked at Yuki 
I was mad because you took Hawai away from me and also what you did wasn't right but you got a point "i should pay more attention to you..the breakfast was delicious by the way." Yuki says while drives 
i was mad because you forgot about me but i also also wanted those action figures! Mayu replies
You know i got something in mind Maybe it will work.. i'll call it MaYuki day! Yuki says excited 
ehhh what's that? Mayu asked 
a day just you and one else we'll get know eachother better! Yuki says smiling 
that..whatever! Mayu says coldly looking through her windon but then smirked 

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.4
« Reply #30 on: September 14, 2012, 11:51:17 PM »
I was thought that the teacher would be Riku lol who knows it was Rena xDDD

So I have Mayuki and also, WMatsui in here, love it!!!!!!!!!!

And Mayuki day? keke sound interesting >:]

Pls update!!! Thank you

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.4
« Reply #31 on: September 15, 2012, 12:22:55 AM »
Mayuki day~ Can't wait for that~

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.4
« Reply #32 on: September 15, 2012, 05:27:21 AM »
Mayuki day huh.. interesting,
I think Yuki will be lecturing Mayu,
And Mayu was so evil, that a great move~
wMatsui~ Great both of them are in same school as teacher,
others teacher know about their secret?

looking forward of next update~

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.4
« Reply #33 on: September 15, 2012, 12:17:03 PM »
wow there is Wmatsui too  :luvluv1: :luvluv2:
mayuki so funny  :hiakhiakhiak:
Mayuki day interestiny I can't wait to see it  :ding:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.4
« Reply #34 on: September 17, 2012, 02:31:41 AM »
mayuki days.....LOL....uuuuuuh

thank cmze-san!!


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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.5
« Reply #35 on: September 25, 2012, 08:34:24 AM »
                                        *Loving U* 
*In Mayu's room*
So you mean "You can not come with us this saturday even though is the best party ever!?!"  Sae asked while scratches her head *sitting on Mayu's bed*
"yep.." Yuki says while cleans Mayu's bedroom 
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Sae shouts mad 
ehhh Sae chan!! i just can't.. i have a very important thing to do tomorrow! Yuki says while sees some Anime's magazines spread on Mayu's desk then smirked while she puts them in order 
what could be more important than that party?we been waiting for that party the whole year! Sae says frowning 
well i promised Mayu that we'll have a MaYuki day this saturday! Yuki says smirking 
what?!!?!? MaYuki?!?  Sae says irritated 
Let me explain Mayu x Yuki= MaYuki! Yuki says 
Sae sighed "she's a yankee" She muttered 
she's been behaving good the whole week! Yuki replies while puts the books in a drawer 
"The party.." Sae says fake crying 
it's not going to work that! Yuki says while leaves the room then turn off the switch of light 
*Sae forever alone face*
  ~(Meanwhile at school)~
How could you forget Mayu chan? Lovetan asks mad 
"it's not my fault.." Mayu replies looking other way 
i thought you were changing! Lovetan says moving her head side to side 
look i'm serious it wasn't my fault! Mayu says a little mad
then tell me how is possible that you forgot this project that i been telling you everyday? Lovetan asks shouting then smacks Mayu's head 
"It hurts!" Mayu says while rubs her head then remembered and looked other way 
"everyday.." Lovetan mumured then sighed 
Now Mayu chan let's do homework! Yuki says with a smile and points to the table don't have to do homework with me! Mayu says looking other way 
you're failing all your subjects and i wanna help as ypur guarding i should be more cocern about you! Yuki says and drags tye younger girl to the table
"It''s..not necessary" Mayu murmured blushing 
"so maths.." Yuki says while reads the book then murnured "x2(y3)x+y ehh!! what do you need the letters for? maths is complicated let's take other homework!" she says with a smile while puts the book away 
Mayu sighed "this is going to be a long afternoon!" 
"English *Yuki smiles*..translate the letter in english then underline the principal idea *Yuki pouts*
"what if you just see me doing homework?" Mayu asked and snatched the book from Yuki's hand 
i'll make you some juice! Yuki says with a smile 
Mayu was sitting quietly while Yuki prepares orange juice for her 
*Mayu thought is was really cute that Yuki was supporting her and trying to help her to do her homework*
"Here.." Yuki says while puts the juice on the table 
thanks! Mayu says and gets back to jer homework 
"wow Mayu chan is really focused on this" Yuki thought but soon she got tired of watching and putted her head on the table till she fanally fell sleep 
Huh? She fell sleep! Mayu though then puts her books aside "she looks cute sleeping! She murmured smiling then softly touched her on her cheek " soft" she murmured 
*Yuki moved a little*
Mayu panicked but then calmed and  grabbed her sketch book to start drawing 
*She spend the afternoon drawing Yuki* 
~End of the flashback~
you spend the whole afternoon drawing?!? Lovetan shouted with her eyes on fire
Lovetan smacked Mayu again on her forgead 
"My head.."Mayu murmured while rubs it 
 Maybe i have tge solution for your problem! Juhno says smiling while puts a folder on Mayu's desk 
"Watanabe Mayu.." Mayu read 
Juhno you're cute but what's this? Lovetan asked 
homework! Juhno replies smiling 
really? Mayu says happy and grabs it 
not that fast the folder is empty i got the homework on my bag! Juhno says smiling 
what do you want? Mayu asked 
a date today! Juhno says smiling 
a date! Mayu repeats then looks at Juhno and pouts 
Mayu chan..Juhno is so cute! Lovetan says 
well this homework is really important if you don't have it you have to come to summer classes and you don't want that! besides going on a date with me is not bad! Juhno says giving his charming smile and melting the hearts of all the girls in the classroom 
"summer way.." Mayu thought and then replied "Yes!"
ok today after school i'll pick you up! Juhno says smiling 
~A few hours later~~ At Yuki's home~
i'm home! Mayu shouts while takes off her shoes 
hi Mayu chan! Yuki says smiling 
hi! Mayu says then sees Akicha,Mocchi and Sae drinking tea on the table 
Hi Mayu chan! Everyone says with a smile 
"hi.." Mayu says emotionless then goes upstairs 
what's wrong with her? Akicha asks 
she seems cold but she's nice..Mayu chan i prepared you dinner! Yuki shouts the last part 
I think she didn't hear me! Yuki says while gets up 
*Doorbell ringing*
Yuki openned the door and saw the same guy from Mayu's school 
you..what do you want? Yuki asked 
i came to pick up Mayu! Juhno answers 
you're Mayu chan boyfriend! Yuki says smiling and invites him to come in and sit 
So we're going to a date! Juhno says smiling 
young love it's cute! Akicha replies smiling and hugging Mocchi " i wish Kai was here.." she murmured 
<Somewhere else> 
Kai was cleaning a table then he feels something and stops cleaning 
what's wrong Kai? Riku asks 
nothing! nothing! Kai says smiling 
then what do you think..i should ask her out? Riku asked
ahhh maybe or we can hang out..Men's time! Kai says 
<Back to Yuki's home> 
Mayu got downstairs 
Mayu chan..Juhno kun came to pick you up! Sae says smiling and punches him softly 
"two guys.." Mayu murmured then walked away 
Mayu chan wait up! Juhno says while runs after her then close the door 
that was weird! Yuki says frowning 
"Love.." Akicha says smiling 
"lust.." Sae says grinning 
what are you talking about? Yuki says and smacks Sae
well they're going to the cinema what do you spect?that's a good place to make out and touch! Sae says grinning
*Yuki smacks Sae again* 
WTF? Sae shouts 
well she's right "kids these days are crazy!" Mocchi says 
"yep.." Akicha nods 
"what? are you saying he's trying to touch my.." Yuki asks and then an image of Mayu being seduced by him at the cinema comes to her head 
*everyone was looking at Yuki*
i'm not gonna let that happen! Yuki shouts then grabs her purse and goes to her car
(At the cinema) 
i don't like none of these movies! Mayu says emotionless 
but..c'mon this looks fun let's go! Juhno says and pulls her with him
(After 20 minutes Yuki got to the cinema)
She asked to the cashier "have you seen a cute..i mean a really cute girl with a white simple dress and with a stupid,jerk guy?" 
"hmm no.." The cashier answered 
what about big Oshiri girl? Yuki asked 
mmm i saw a girl like that! A man says 
really? Yuki asked 
well she was really cute with her hair down and her big oshiri that couldn't help to look at her! The old man says grinning and staring Yuki's chest 
pervert! Yuki says and smack him
don't hurt i was kidding! The old man says 
tell me where she is? Yuki asked mad 
well if you put it that way she is in the comedy movie! The man says scared that Yuki might smack him again 
thanks! Yuki says and walks away 
Kai this was a good idea! Riku says sitting next to Kai
i told you men's time rocks! Kai says smiling then he notices a girl with big Soda and big popcorns who tries to sit..he can't see her for the big stuff she carrying 
we should had bought food like her! Kai says pointing to the girl 
what a lame girl coming alone! Riku says smirking 
* the girl puts the popcorn and the soda apart*
Yuki! Riku says 
what's she doing here? it's men's time! right Riku? Kai asksd and tried to out his arm around Riku's neck but he was already gine sitting next to Yuki 
*i'm so alone right now* Kai murmured 
what are you doing here? Riku asked 
nothing! Yuki replied while observes Mayu and Juhno who were ahead of her 
so much popcorn! Riku says 
it's not for me! Yuki replies still focused on the young couple
*The movie starts*
Everytime Juhno tried to put his arm around Mayu's neck there was popcorn hitting him 
*when he looked back then only thing he could see was a weird tiny blond guy laughing like crazy, two boys,A girl and a guy hugging so he didn't know who was throwing him popcorn*
Riku blushed because Yuki was on his shoulder 
"dam this guy never gives up!" Yuki thought because she was already done with the popcorn then Yuki payed on of the guys there to sit next to them and disturb them everytime that he wanted to make a move but soon Juhno called a manager and the boy was kicked out with his friend *Yuki had to pay them both* 
Yuki again tried it by paying Kai to throw him the soda on his pants 
Juhno was really mad while Mayu recognized the guy tall handsome guy who was friend of the tiny one 
Mayu and Juhno end up arguing outside the cinema 
You know what my pants are ruined? and you don't wanna kiss me! whatever i'm leaving! Juhno says and get on his car and leaves 
Mayu was emotionless "i don't wanna take a bus.." she murmured then she noticed Yuki's car. She entered to the cinema and saw Yuki trying to get rid of Riku while Kai is buying a chocolate
Yuki chan! Mayu says 
Mayu chan!?? hahahah how are you? Yuki asks 
Mayu was smart and soon noticed what happened "and i'm the 16 year old kid" she murmured 
what? hahahaha! Yuki laughs nervously 
let's go i'm sleepy! Mayu says and pulls Yuki with her 
i'll call you!  Riku says
don't bother! Yuki says smiling 
~ At the car~ 
"Mayu chan..sorry i didn't know why i acted this way? maybe is protective mode that i i suck being a guardian! maybe i'm to young for this.." Yuki says and looks at Mayu who already fell sleep 
*Yuki got sad *
Once at home Yuki carried Mayu to her room bridal style she putted her on bed softly 
Yuki looked at her softly "Good night Mayu chan..sorry for ruining your date"  then kisses her on her forhead 
"i like you.." Mayu murmures sleeping 
Yuki sighed "that guy.." 
"Yuki.." Mayu murmured and turned her head 
Yuki stood there frozen "Did she say that she likes me?" she thought 

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.5
« Reply #36 on: September 25, 2012, 09:04:33 AM »
mayu likes yuki~  :inlove:

thanks for the update cmze-san..  :twothumbs

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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.5
« Reply #37 on: September 25, 2012, 10:53:15 AM »
This was sweet...yuki was jealous. And mayu said she likes yuki....but the like must become love.

Thanks for the update.
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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.5
« Reply #38 on: September 25, 2012, 12:27:07 PM »
Lololol Sae FTW xD Lust is the pefect word xD

Yezzz Mayu said she likes Yuki fufufu

Waiting for update~
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Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.5
« Reply #39 on: September 25, 2012, 07:43:10 PM »
hoho! Mayu said she like Yuki  :wub:

Yuki jealous too funny. Riku and Kai ahahahahah! :rofl:

yay graet update :twothumbs
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