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Author Topic: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession  (Read 13107 times)

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Inspired by something happened these past few days~
I am starting to write a new story  :D
I wrote some parts in school today but lose my mood when I got home  :nervous
Chapter 1 is finished maybe I will post it soon~ before that... here's some opening scene for the story  :D
Hope you like it~

Have you ever fallen in love?


“Give me back my sandwich!!” a certain midget is chasing another midget in the corridor.

“Catch me if you can~” said the other midget as she took a bite at the sandwich.

“You’ll be dead for sure!”

Two midgets were running along the corridor, they were running in high speed. They didn’t bother their surrounding and bumped into another student and left the scattered papers on the ground. To their bad luck, they bumped into a teacher and got punished. They have to clean the toilet after school.

Can I say this midget is stupid or kind? She is doing all the work by herself because her buddy fled from duty and left her alone washing the toilet.

“Yuko, you bastard!” the midget is screaming in the toilet, twisting the mop in her hands.

“Shut up, Takahashi! Clean it up within 30 minutes!” ordered the teacher.


This is a series story of high school students, spending their 2nd year in high school. What will happen within these two years before their graduation? Let’s continue in the chapter 1.

This is just a random scene I made... the real story will appear in chapter 1  :)
About the pairing... I know you all know~ ahahaha~  XD

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Re: ✰High School Days✰
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2012, 06:04:26 PM »
 :mon look: where's the chapter one??
me needed it nau!
*mia so demanding eh?*
cant it help it if its atsumina nyahahaha
Looking forward to this..  :kneelbow:

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Re: ✰High School Days✰
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2012, 06:13:25 PM »
High school days are the most memorable and exciting time for all of us, so I think this fic is fun :lol:

Can't wait for the next chapter, ichikawa-chan :wub:

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Re: ✰High School Days✰
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2012, 06:36:32 PM »
This is interesting
Waiting for the next update :thumbsup

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✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #4 on: October 16, 2012, 07:05:38 PM »
A/N : Some members surname will be different due to characterization, I apologize first for all inconvenience cause.
"Italic" line is thought.

Here's the chapter one~ This story is somehow crappy because this kind of story plot is different with my others fic and I think it won't have good story plot. But I'll try to make it fun and light mood for every couples appeared in here.

Have you ever fallen in love?

Chapter 1
-- Where all the things begin, Confession --
==============  ==============  ==============

“Damn, Mariko nee-san is so cruel. Force me to have curry as breakfast and now I’m having terrible stomachache” a certain midget is complaining her sister in the middle of the corridor. Her face is a bit pale and looks weak as she can’t walk properly. She keeps nagging about her sister and also the teacher who won’t let her go home instead of having a little rest in infirmary.

“Come on, it’s just a stomachache” this midget is mocking her teacher and imitating his gesture, “I know you are strong like bull, you ain’t gonna faint just because this little stomachache right?”

This midget is growling and punching the wall, suddenly her brain feels like turning upside down in her head. The corridor is like rolling over and over again and her vision is starting to blur. She clenches her fist and keeps walking to reach the infirmary.

“Why the infirmary seems so far… far… far…” The midget keeps walking in slow pace like a snail. Not long after, she saw the board spelling ‘INFIRMARY’. Her face brighten up and she starting to walk faster to reach the door. She opened it without knocking first and barged in rashly.

“Haruna-sensei~ I’m having bad stomachache” the midget called but no one answered. She looked around to realize that no one is in the infirmary, her beloved school doctor – Haruna-sensei is nowhere to be found. She sighed and walking to the empty bed, laying on it.

She wants to sleep but the pain won’t let her and ended up rolling on the bed, struggling against the pain. She gets up and looking for some medicine. The problem is… there’re many tablet on the desk and she doesn’t know which one is the one she needs. Closing her eyes, she picked a random kind of tablet on the desk and took it. Before she could get the tablet inside her mouth, someone grabbed her hand and took the tablet away.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” said the glasses girl.

“Well you see, I’m having bad stomachache” the midget pressed her stomach and made some weird expressions.

“You haven’t told me your name” said the glasses girl while taking the absent book from the desk, “I am Maeda Atsuko from class 2-A. I take over Haruna-sensei today because she is on leave”

“Oh… I see…” the midget cleared her throat before introducing herself, “Takahashi Minami from class 2-C, I am having bad stomachache so I was told to rest here until the next class”

Pff…” the glasses girl giggles at Minami, “You seemed fine and energetic, there’s no sign of having stomachache”

 “Now you mention it” Minami starting to feel pain in her stomach and went to sit on the bed.

“Let me check it” Atsuko sat beside Minami and flipped her shirt open, revealing her tiny waist. Minami startled and blushed, things inside her stomach were acting weirder than before and it feels hot inside. When Atsuko put her hand on Minami’s stomach, it growled and made some weird sound like there’s a huge wave rolling inside her stomach.

“What did you eat this morning?” Atsuko asked as she put a stethoscope to listen carefully the movement inside Minami’s stomach.

“Cu..curry” Minami answered without looking at her, trying to hide her blush. This is the first time someone flipped her shirt off so aggressively? (in Minami’s view) and touched her bare stomach gently. Minami can’t explain this weird feeling inside her, this is a new feeling she never felt before.

Atsuko giggled and withdraw her hand from Minami’s stomach, “It’s not good to have curry early in the morning” she raised her head to look at Minami and found Minami’s face is a bit red than before. She leaned forward and attached their forehead together, “You are having light fever too”

Minami was dazing at there like a statue, frozen in her place. This is the first time someone approaching her in this cloooose distant. She can feel Atsuko warm breath brushed her cheek at that moment. She was so lost in her thought and spacing out in the air. Atsuko tilted her head a bit, confused by Minami’s behavior but she found this adorable and pinched her cheek.

“You are cute” Atsuko said as she withdrew her hands and went to take some tablet for Minami. She went to the desk, writing something in the book then came back to Minami, bringing two tablets and a glass of water. Minami bowed lightly and took the medicine.

“You should be fine after this” Atsuko took the glass from Minami and gently pushed her down to the bed, “Rest well” she smiled and turned back to walk away.

Minami watched Atsuko walked out of the room. Minami can’t help but smile when she recalled the warm of Atsuko’s hands and her gentle voice. Minami closed her eyes to imagine the smile of this beauty and giggled at herself for no reason. Everytime Atsuko appeared in her mind, she can’t help but grinning widely. Just when she is about to fall asleep, someone barged into the infirmary.

“Bakamina~” another midget came into the room, “Are you getting well? I’m here to see you” she said as she looking around the room, searching for someone.

“Dear Yuko, Haruna-sensei is on leave today” Minami said desperately, knowing that her best friend is not here to see her but that gorgeous school doctor.

“Okay then, see you in next class” the other midget sighed and walked out of the room.

“Weren’t you said you’re here to see me?” Minami sighed and went back to sleep, “What a friend”

After School

Minami and her friends were walking home together. Eight of them were walking on the streets and having some chats. Minami in the middle, following by Oshima Yuko and a gachapin look-alike beside her, who share the same name as Minami – Minegishi Minami, they prefer to call her Mii-chan. Two brunettes who also share the same name were walking side by side in front of Minami. The shorter one called Itano Tomomi a.k.a. Tomochin and the taller called Kasai Tomo~mi a.k.a. Chiyu. They’ve known each other since kindergarten and always being seen together.

Lastly, an otaku known as Watanabe Mayu is glaring at the handsome girl who is clinging on her. Behind them is a short haired girl walking in silent, her name is Yokoyama Yui, the class rep of class 2-C. Eight of them were good friends since the 1st year in high school. They always go home and hang out together like a family.

“Get off, Matsui Jurina” said Mayu to the handsome girl beside her.

“Ja~ you’re cuter when you mad~” said Jurina as she pinched Mayu’s cheek.

“Okay, See you tomorrow” Tomochin waved a goodbye to her friends.

“Isn’t your home is that way?” asked Minami pointing the opposite direction from where Tomochin is going.

“I have a date today~” Tomochin winked at them and walked away.

“EH?!” all of them were half screaming except Tomo~mi.

Everyone eyes were glaring at Tomo~mi, made her feels uneasy. Yuko jumped out and wrapped her arm around Tomo~mi’s neck, tackling her, “When did she have a boyfriend? Who is that boy?”

“Speak truth or else…” Jurina raised her hands and moving her fingers, “I’m gonna tickling you with no mercy”

“Chiyu don’t know” Tomo~mi shakes her head.

“You’re lying! You’re so being so close to her, she must have told you about the boy” Mii-chan pointed her finger at Tomo~mi, threatened her with murderous eyes, “Which school he’s from? How does he look like?”

“Chiyu really don’t know” Tomo~mi starting to look like crying, “Chiyu only know she has a boyfriend, I don’t know anything more about him” she pouted and struggling against Yuko.

“Jurina!” Mii-chan ordered Jurina to tickle her.

“I tell! I tell!” Tomo~mi cried. Yuko released her arm and the other gathering around her.

“Ehem..” Tomo~mi cleared her throat, “It was a week ago Tomochin told me she met her prince charming. She was stalked by someone when she does shopping in Shibuya. Tomochin was scared and started running but the man reached her and dragged her into the narrow street in the corner then a handsome boy came out to help. He beat the stalker and sent Tomochin home. Tomochin said he is carrying her in bridal style all the way home. Then Tomochin confessed to him the other day and they started dating.”

Everyone is looking at Tomo~mi with sparkling eyes, imagining the hero she said.

“Tomochin confessed to a boy?” Minami said with sparkling eyes, “She is cool”

“I’m jealous now…” Mii-chan shouted. “Not fair! I want to have romance too~” Mii-chan pouted and looking at Minami.

“What are you looking at me?” Minami gulped.

“You’re too short to be my boyfriend” Mii-chan sighed and shrugged her shoulder.

“Hey!” Minami pouted and punched Mii-chan’s arm, “I am girl!”

“I want to have love confession!” Yuko joined.

“Let’s hunt for boyfriend in school tomorrow!” Mii-chan threw her fist up high.

“Well… I’m in a hurry today. See you tomorrow” Tomo~mi waved goodbye and left them hurriedly.

They waved goodbye to Tomo~mi and continue their way to go home. Yuko and Mii-chan is whispering at each other with flaming eyes, discussing the strategies to get a boyfriend.

“Ano… our school is private high school” Minami interrupted theirs discussion, “How will you find a boyfriend in an all girl school?”

“……………” Yuko and Mii-chan were silent.

“Just leave those two baka” Mayu said as she walked away and Jurina followed behind.

“Jurina, won’t you join us?” asked Yuko.

“Nope~ I already fallen in love with someone~” said Jurina sent another shocked to her friends. Jurina clapped her hands together and smile brightly, “I’m in love with my sister~”

“This baka never grow up” Mayu sighed, so do the others.

“My sister love me~ I love my sister~ we are in love~” said Jurina while imagining her sister’s tender smile.

“Have you ever fallen in love?” Yui said out of nowhere made them all in silent. Yui will only speak when she is seriously got into the topic.

“Wohoo~ Yui is speaking about love~” Yuko went to tease her, followed by Mii-chan keep asking her questions like “So, you have fallen in love? How many times you date? Who is that lucky guy? Bla bla bla…”

Have you ever fallen in love?

When Minami is thinking about that question, Atsuko’s face appeared in her mind. She stopped walking and blushed. Her stomach is feeling weird again… the weird feeling she had in the infirmary.

“Is this love? Am I falling in love? With a girl?” Minami is having debated in her mind. “But she is really a beauty” Minami’s mind is now full of Atsuko’s smile and she stopped her memory at the scene where Atsuko attached her forehead with hers. The camera of her memory pause the scene and zoom the part of Atsuko’s luscious lips.

“What are you thinking Minami!” Minami shook her head and mentally cursed herself to think about that way. Seeing the troubled face of hers, her friends stopped walking and looked at her with concern.

“Are you okay?” Yuko asked “Is that your stomach hurt again?”

“I…I’m okay” Minami smiled sheepishly and walked through them.

“Ne, Minami. Will you be the one who confess or waiting for the boys to confess to you?” asked Mii-chan.

“Eh?” Minami startled a bit, “Umm… I think… having someone confess to me is better. I want to know what’s the feeling of being confessed” Minami answered as she secretly imaging Atsuko confessed to her. She keeps walking without looking the way in front of her and bumped into someone.

“Mi…na…mi…” all her friends were looking at her with fear, freeze like they saw something scary.

Minami turned back and saw a vicious look person standing in front of her, looking at her with sharp eyes. Minami gulped and froze like her friends, her legs were too weak to move. The person in front of her has tall, muscles figure, long haired tied in ponytail, and a pair of sharp eyes. Compared to the chibi Minami, this figure looks like gorilla…

“Go…gorilla…” Minami and her friends screamed in their mind in unison.

Minami gathered her courage to break the silent, “A…ano…”

The tall figure moved a bit and straightened her jacket. Yuko and the others jumped and hid behind the pole, leaving Minami alone to face the gorilla. The gorilla moved one step closer to Minami, made her panic. She bowed in 90 degree and screamed at the person.

“I’m so sorry for bumping into you!!!”

The person still wears the same vicious face and put her hand into the jacket, taking out something.

“She looks like yakuza” Jurina whispered.

“She is taking out a gun” Mii-chan confused.

“She is gonna kill Minami!” Yuko came out from behind the pool and ran to where Minami was, followed by the others. Before they could reach Minami, that person already took out a piece of paper.

“A piece of paper???” all of them slipped and tripled down on the ground.

“I admire you for a long time” said the tall person as she handed the love letter to Minami. “You don’t have to answer now” the person took the one last look at Minami and walked away.

“You got confession” said Mii-chan as she tapped Minami’s shoulder.

“Yeah… I got confessed by… Watanabe Sayaka…” Minami said as she read the name on the letter.

“Watanabe Sayaka?! The gorilla Sayaka – the famous yankee who beat 20 people alone in downstreet?!” Jurina screamed.

“I am glad someone confessed to me… Demo… she is scary… What am I gonna do?” Minami said in tears, looking at her friends.

“If you reject her, you’ll be dead” Mii-chan answered and Jurina cooperate her move, pretending to hit her severally by gun. “Bang bang bang”

“If you accept her love, you’ll be tortured to death” Yuko hugged her own body and goosebumps, imaging the possibility of bad things happened.


Mayu hit the three of them by paper fan, “Stop imaging things and frightening Bakamina. She is a kind person, don’t judge a person her by her look”

“How can you be so sure she is not a bad person?” asked Minami, still in teary eyes.

“Watanabe Sayaka” Mayu said as she pointed the love letter in Minami’s hands.

“Watanabe Mayu” she pointed herself, “She is my sister”

“EHHHHHHHHH?!!” all of them said in unison, unbelievable.

“Your step sister?” asked Jurina.

“Non-blood related?” asked Mii-chan.

“You are her underling?” asked Yuko.

“I know it’s hard to believe but we are blood-related sister. Same father, same mother” Mayu answered reluctantly.

“The gap is way too far!” Yuko and Jurina shouted.

Mii-chan stood beside Mayu and stretching her arms, touching her waist, and cupped her cheek, “You have tiny arms, small waist, and cute face!”

Mii-chan walked away from Mayu and imitated the vicious face of Sayaka but ended up looking like a hungry squirrel because of her bucked teeth. She positioned herself in muscle-builder posture and lowering her voice, “She has muscle, six packs, and murderous eyes!!”

Yui came out from nowhere and start giving them unwanted information, “There’re many possibilities of this happening, the gap between DNA of first child and second child is sometim–” before she can continue, Mii-chan pressed her mouth to prevent her lecturing them further.

“I’m going that way, she you all tomorrow” said Mii-chan as she dragged Yui along, “Let’s discuss this matter at class tomorrow”

“I’m going that way” May put on her hood and headset then waved them goodbye.

“Me and Yuko are going that way, see you tomorrow” Jurina and Yuko walked together.

“This is the first time I got confessed in my high school days, by an absolutely girl… outmost… a yankee… What am I gonna do???” Minami screamed in her mind.

What are you gonna do if you’re in my position?

Well... chapter one ended here. Hope I didn't dissapoint you  :(
Feel free to leave comment and tell me what you think  :D
It will help me to develop the story further.

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #6 on: October 16, 2012, 08:26:33 PM »
Ahaha your fic interesting Ichikawa-san :thumbsup

My sister love me~ I love my sister~ we are in love~!! Ahahahaha :lol:

Who's Jurina's sister?

And YUI!! I love her <3
Watanabe Sayaka xD Minami got confessed by Sayaka..

Great fic, ganbare Ichikawa-san!
Waiting for next update ;)

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #7 on: October 16, 2012, 11:20:28 PM »
Wahahaha!!!!  :lol: I like this pls do continue ur fic :)


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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #8 on: October 16, 2012, 11:44:30 PM »
Is it bad I loved Yuko-sama in this the most?!
Is it surprising at all?!!

 :wub: :wub: :wub: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

And I also loved Acchan here. She was so cute  :wub: :wub:

Update soon!!!

EDIT: yes, I agree with kahem-san, TomoTomo are dating each other!!! I'm sure of it!
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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #9 on: October 16, 2012, 11:56:52 PM »
I never though of a TakaSayaka ship xD It's kind of bizarre, but I like this!

That moment at the infirmary with Takamina and Atsuko was so cool <3 aksdj I love AtsuMina <3

Waiting for next chap!
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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #10 on: October 17, 2012, 12:04:20 AM »
Rofl Sayaka confessed to Takamina!
I thing the Tomotomo are lying hehe

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #11 on: October 17, 2012, 12:10:55 AM »
I have so much fun when reading this chapter :on lol:
It has so many surprising events: Sayaka confessed to Minami and she is Mayuyu's sister, it's not WTomo like I thought (or maybe not yet :hehehe:)
Last but not the least, Atsumina's scene is so cute :shy1:

Thank you and wait for the next chapter, ichikawa-chan :wub:

P.S.: And don't worry, you never disappoint us :on GJ:

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #12 on: October 17, 2012, 05:49:00 AM »
atsumina moment is so cutee :3
eh? tomochin had a boyfriend?? chiyu~ take back your girls! i'm so curios who is that "cool boy" :?
poor yui XD no one care for listen to her XD
your fic is so funny to read.. <3 please continue! hoping sae will appear in the next chapter.. hehehe

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #13 on: October 17, 2012, 02:43:18 PM »
Yey! Another funny fic  XD
I'll keep an eye on this  :lol:

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #14 on: October 19, 2012, 01:55:59 PM »

I already read your prologue and chapter 01 ! :D

Please continue it...  :bow:

It's very interesting to read and funny !!!

Waiting for your update !!!

Thank You

I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #15 on: May 08, 2013, 05:51:51 AM »
Update Soon!
this is a cool FF
update update update!!!

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #16 on: May 08, 2013, 09:10:06 AM »
Just came across this...

Please update

I like your story so far, it's interesting

Can't wait to see your next chapter

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #17 on: May 08, 2013, 01:06:45 PM »
Thank you for update
Please update soon ;)

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #18 on: May 09, 2013, 07:17:07 PM »
I left this story too long... need to get the feeling back..
I'm working on it minna! I hope can update this soon
Thanks for waiting  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: ✰High School Days✰ - Chapter1 - Where things begin, Confession
« Reply #19 on: May 11, 2013, 03:39:45 PM »
Take your time ;)

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