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Author Topic: Mayuki: Silent Killer/WMatsui: Great Escape COMPLETED  (Read 56792 times)

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
« Reply #20 on: October 22, 2012, 03:14:08 AM »
Omg Mayuyu being a pervert is the best!

And d'aww Yukirin saving her and being sweet to her afterwards. :wub:

Thank you for the update! Looking forward to more of this.


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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
« Reply #21 on: October 22, 2012, 04:14:46 AM »
I would normally try to post a slightly longer post but I'll keep this one short
Just going to say enjoying the fic and really like this experiment with changing the style of the stoy:thumbsup

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
« Reply #22 on: October 22, 2012, 11:58:53 AM »
Waaaaaaaah! They are too kawaii! Black :wub: Nezumi  :wub: Awwww!
Black sweet  :heart: Nezumi pevert XD
Waaah Devil little girl is Rena right?
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)


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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
« Reply #23 on: October 22, 2012, 02:01:01 PM »
"Just close your eyes, the sun is going down. You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now. Come morning light, you and I will be safe and sound."

Black finally spoke......  XD

So Geki killed Black's parents?
And the ojousama is....Yuko? :lol: Just guessing....

The whole scene in the onsen is so hilarious :lol:

I notice you use more narrative/descriptive sentences and less dialogues.
Your new style is good, miyumi-san.
Keep up the good work!!
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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
« Reply #24 on: October 22, 2012, 08:25:59 PM »
wowit is only now that I noticed about this fic but it is really an interesting fic miyumi-chan !!!
I love it and it is new and exiting
I like this style more than the other it is interesting
hehe Nezumi is a kid at the end :D 
I am happy that black started talking   
Black's parents were killed and it is Gekikara?!!
and I think ojou-sama is Mariko ?

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
« Reply #25 on: October 22, 2012, 11:10:44 PM »
I like the fight scenes~
And imagining the bath scene makes me grin hehe

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
« Reply #26 on: October 23, 2012, 05:43:07 AM »
Black speack!!!!! And she is really sweet :wub:
Nezumi :shocked: you are so poor.
Mayukiiiiiiii !!!!!!!

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
« Reply #27 on: October 28, 2012, 11:06:25 PM »
 :panic: This update!
Black finally spoke! Mayu show her weak side.
Ahhhhhh :panic: I like these kind of fics.

LOL I though I've heard that meaning Black said for the first time...
and then it hit me Taylor! LOL

THank you for your update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
« Reply #28 on: October 29, 2012, 12:57:38 AM »
Woa woa woa!!!!! finally eh? xDDDDDD

Mayu is being soooo tsundere hahaha Glad to see their relation is building up hehee

And that man, they should have killed him -_-

Now i wonder, who is Cantre's ojou-sama? I thought it's Rena but then Gekikara killed Yuki's parents, it doesn't make sense if she works for the person killed her parents. So confuse now >,<

Btw, thank you for the update, it was really good *thumbs up* >:]

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 3
« Reply #29 on: October 29, 2012, 02:01:17 AM »
@Crossing Crossroads: Well I'm glad you like the fic right? I mean you sound happy so I'm hoping you are?  :?

@Sasshii: Black's past is something that is still in the works. I got a good grasp of it just don't know how to put it down yet.  :nervous

@Strawberri: Of course there was a Mayuki moment! This is a Mayuki fic after all.  :P

@alpacas: Mayuyu is the pervert but don't worry Yukirin will have her perv moments as well. I plan on it.  :twisted:

@nori: Thanks and I will do my best to keep things up and what not. Yosh!  XD

@Chanaline: Yep Rena is the little devil girl and man do I have a lot planned for her in the future.  :twisted:

@anzai48: Thank you do much! This style is new to me so I'm doing my best! And no Yuko isn't the ojou-sama. Guess again.  :P

@mo-chan: Ahh I haven't heard from you in a while! How have you been? Anyways yes! The ojou-sama is Mariko! Good job!  :lol:

@kahem: Hey don't be a perv! That's Mayu and Yuko's job!  XD

@Pwety: Well even if Nezumi is poor Black will be there to take care of her like a good pet.  :oops:

@Megumi: Ahh you figured out the meaning of Black's words! Very good!  :lol:

Well her is a long awaited update that took me forever to make. I hope you guys like it!

Chapter 3

Their next mission was to kill a woman who has been going around killing oujou-sama's top clients. She wasn't very happy and wanted the culprit found and killed on contact. Nezumi had already gathered some information about the woman. Apparently she's supposed to be very good with arrows.

This wasn't going to be a problem for Black because she was good at dodging them and is sometimes even faster than them. Black thought this case was going to be an easy one. While she was walking, she felt something suddenly grab her arm. She looked over and saw Nezumi clinging to her arm and looking up at her with a playful look.

"Hey Black when we get to the next town you and I are going to stop for a drink ok?"


Black wondered if Nezumi could even handle liquor. They arrived at the town they were supposed to be in and Nezumi found the closest bar. They walked in and got a bunch of stares from random customers who looked like they were ready to jump them at any moment. Black had her sword ready but Nezumi had her wait and sat at the bar. The bar tender looked over and saw Nezumi and smiled. He pulled out two glasses and filled them with water. When he walked over to hand them the drinks he stopped in front of Nezumi and said,

"It's been a while Nezumi. What brings you here?"

"I'm on a job and I'm looking for some lady with an eye path that shoots arrows real well. You got any ideas where I could look?"

"Try the Watanuki House. People say tonight that arrow girl lady is going to attack the head and kill everyone else."

"Thanks for the tip. It's been nice seeing you Kai."

"No problem and hey be careful. You have some unwanted followers."

Black looked around and saw people start to shift around acting like nothing was happening. But as they started to walk out of the bar, Black could hear people getting up and walking out. Black was ready to take them out but Nezumi told her to wait. They walked all the way to an abandoned alley way and then Nezumi stopped. She sat down on a rock and then said,

"Ok now you can go."

Black pulled out her sword and quickly deflected two blades. She knocked one guy back and then slashed the other. As she was about to finish the other one, more guys came and Black had to step back. Two of them tried to attack but Black quickly took off their heads and was heading for the next one. But then as she was running she felt something jerk her back. She looked over and saw a man holding a chain that was wrapped around Black's ankle.

 He had a smut grin thinking he had won but he was very wrong. Black swung her ankle with enough power to pull the man forward and head straight for her. Black placed her sword just right so his body ended up being skewered. Black  was about to start moving again when she saw two of the men were pulling out ninja stars and shurikens.

Black had to react fast so she used the body she had recently obtained as a shield and charged at the men. She could feel the flying weapons hit the body but she herself wasn't scratched. When Black was close enough she whipped the body at the men and they fell down. Then Black took this as a chance to finish them right there so she took her blade and swung down right on the back of their necks. When she was sure they were all dead, she cleaned the blood and then walked back over to Nezumi.

"Nice job. Now then let's head to the Watanuki House shall we?"

The two waited for dark and then when the time came, they went to the house. When they got here they had already found the guards dead along with other random servants. As they walked in deeper they heard the sound of a loud crash. They ran in and saw a man on the ground bleeding badly and three arrows in his body. Then standing above him was a woman with an arrow aiming straight for his heart. Black was about to step in and stop her but it was Nezumi who decided to strike first.

"I wanna kill this one~"

She jumped over and knocked the woman back making the two fall. The woman struggled to get her bow and arrow but Nezumi wouldn't let her. Nezumi pulled out a knife and stabbed the woman in the back of the knee. She let out a howl and fell to the ground. Nezumi took this as a time to get up and clean her clothes off. Then she walked over and picked up the bow.

"Hey this is really nice. Mind if I take it?"

"Don't you touch it!"

The woman sprung up and got on top of Nezumi. However Nezumi pulled out her brass knuckle blades and jabbed the woman in the side making her back off. While she was up Nezumi charged the woman and punched her in the face making a huge slash mark. She was about to punch the woman's stomach but then she pulled out a dagger and tried to stab Nezumi. Nezumi had to back away making some distance between the two. The woman quickly grabbed her bow and arrows and aim right at Nezumi.

"Got you now."

She fired three arrows but Nezumi dodged them all. She shot three more all at random places but Nezumi managed to avoid them all. She looked like she was just dancing moving her body away from the arrows as they shot by. One almost took off Nezumi's ear if she hadn't ducked low enough. the woman was getting impatient with Nezumi and decided to pull out the big guns. She pulled out these special arrows that had a strange curve to them on the end.

She fired and Nezumi dodged it. However instead of hitting the wall, the arrow curved and came right back. Nezumi dodged the arrow again and again they came back. The woman shot more of those arrows and a couple seconds later Nezumi was dodging ten arrows all at the same time.

"Hey this is fun! Got any more?" Nezumi taunted.

The woman was starting to get mad and fired more arrows. Now Nezumi was dodging twenty of them. Black was amazed at how Nezumi's body moved with the arrows. Just barely brushing her clothes only making the tiniest scratches but not even braking skin. Nezumi was dancing a dance with death and Black thought she was doing it beautifully. As Black stood there and watched in amazement, she noticed something strange. In the moonlight Black could see the reflection of several sliver lines. She watched them wrap around the arrows and move with them.

It was then Black realized what Nezumi was doing. Nezumi was setting up something big with those threads of hers. But what was what Black wondered. Black watched as the last arrow had been tied. Then she watched Nezumi continue to dance but then one arrow slipped and it was aiming straight for her heart. Just as the arrow was about to hit though it stopped along with all the other arrows.

"What? Impossible!"

Nezumi turned and smiled. Then with a wave of her hand all the arrows turned to aim straight at the woman. Then Nezumi made the final stroke and the arrows were shot right at her. She didn't even have time to move as all the arrows penetrated her body in an instant and she was dead before she hit the ground. Once she was dead, Nezumi wound her threads back into her little box and walked over. She picked up the bow and all the arrows and put them in her bag.

"I could use these."

Then she walked over to the badly injured man and smiled.

"Your welcome. I'll be taking this as payment for saving your life."

Nezumi reached out and took a gold pendant from the the man. He made no complaints and just thanked Nezumi. Then some of the remaining survivors came out and helped him. Meanwhile Nezumi walked over and grabbed Black's arm.

"That was fun. Easy but fun. Sorry for taking your kill but I wanted to have some fun as well. It gets boring standing there and watching. Don't forget I like to play as well." she said.

"Yes." Black said.

"Good then let's head to the bar. I'm thirsty and I think Kai might have a special on my favorite mochi balls."


They arrive at the bar and find it completely empty. There standing at the bar was Kai along with a familiar face. It was Center sitting there happily drinking some red liquid. Nezumi walked over and sat next to Center along with Black.

"Oi Kai you still serve those mochi balls I really like."

"Of course. I made them just for you."

Kai pulled out a plate with pink mochi shaped into balls. Nezumi's eyes widen when she saw how many they were and started eating them like a little kid.

"Ahh oishi! You haven't lost your touch." Nezumi said.

"Don't underestimate me Nezumi. Would you like anything miss?"

He was referring to Black and Black just shook her head no. Instead she looked over at Center who was finishing her drink. When she finished she walked over to Black and handed her another scroll.

"This is one is kind of far out. There are horses waiting for you outside of town. I'll be seeing you later. Bye~"

Jurina was about to leave but then she stole the last mochi ball from Nezumi.


"Finders keepers~" Center said.

"Well here take this and give it to your ojou-sama."

Nezumi threw the gold pendant at Center who caught it. She looked at it and a large smile stretched across her face.

"Not bad Nezumi not bad at all."

Center threw the mochi ball at Nezumi who caught it and ate it happily.

"I'll see you two later. Janee~"

Center disappeared and Black went back to focusing on her next task. The two left the bar and found the horses. The two set off for their next mission wherever it might be.

(Meanwhile somewhere with Center....)

Center popped into a room and landed on a cushion. She walked into the hall and started searching for someone.

"Ojou-sama I'm back!"

"Ah Center welcome back."

Center turned around and saw a tall woman with short brown hair in a gold kimono. Everything about her just screamed elegance and grace but only a few could see the deadly secrets she had inside. Center rushed over and hugged the woman.

"Look what I got for you!"

Center handed the woman the pendant.

"Oh it's beautiful Center. Thank you so much."

"I'm happy you like it! Nee ojou-sama have you found anything new about my sister's whereabouts?" Center asked.

"No I'm sorry Center but we still haven't found her. But don't worry we're still looking for her." ojou-sama said.

"Mou when will we find her? I miss her so much."

"There, there we'll find her don't worry. But for now run along. I think Shibuya wanted to show you something she found today."

"Hontou? Ok I'll go now. Goodbye Ojou-sama!"

Center ran out of the room and just as she left, another figure slipped in. She had long brown hair and round eyes. She was wearing a red kimono with a white sash on it that had a chicken embroided on it in gold. She walked over and stood next to Ojou-sama. The two were silent for a while and then the girl said,

"Do you really think we'll find her sister?"

"Well Torigoya I don't know. Jurina can't sense her and none of my finest agents can find her." Ojou-sama said.

"Maybe she's dead."

"You shouldn't say that. You'll only upset Center and we don't want that. Do you remember the last time Center got upset and set the entire Yamato village on fire?"

"Yeah it took us forever to put it out. You think that seal you put on her would keep her from doing stuff like that."

"Well remember if I die, that seal will break and once that happens who knows what will happen. The only one who could stop her is her sister which is why I'm so desperate to find her. I only have a little time left." Sado said.     

"Don't say that." Torigoya said. 

"You know it's true. And when that time comes I want you to step up and take the the throne. You will be the next leader of the Akiba Family Torigoya. I want you to take my place so I expect you to be ready when that day comes."

"When that day comes I'm going to go to send Center to heaven and bring you back."

"You can only try Torigoya. You can only try."

Outside on the roof was Center staring into the moonlight. As she was sitting there she pulled out a necklace she had wrapped around her neck. It was a wing with a blue gem on it. There was also a spot on it were it looked like something connected to it. That something was the other wing that her sister had. Center remembered the promise she made with her sister before they were separated. That one day they would see each other and connect the wings once more. Center looked up at the moonlight imagining being held by her sister once more in her warm embrace.

"Rena... where are you?"

(Somewhere in a random house....)

Everything was peaceful and quiet. There was a gentle breeze in the air and the faint sound of crickets in the distance. There sitting on a rock outside was a girl. She was small and had medium length brown hair. She was sitting there staring at the stars when she felt something grab her from behind. Instead of panicking she smiled revealing buck teeth like a squirrels.

 She turned around and saw a girl with long black hair and pale white skin. Her body was thin and looked weak. Her eyes were round and when one looked into them they would only see darkness. But even with those dark eyes she manages to smile like an angel. But no one could think she was an angel if they saw the horns on the top of her head. However one of the horns were shorter than the other. It looked like someone had cut one down in some sort of fight. Yuko was curious why that was but never bothered to ask. Whenever she did, Gekikara would say she doesn't remember.

"Gekikara what are you doing?"

"I had a nightmare. Can you come sleep with me?" the girl asked.

"Geki come on. You're old enough where you should be able to sleep by yourself."

"But it was a really scary dream. Please Yuko-san?"

Gekikara stared at Yuko with puppy dog eyes that she knew no one could say no to.

"Alright come on."

"Yay! Arigatou Yuko-san."

The two walked into the house and got into the bed. Yuko felt Gekikara wrap her arms around her and pull her in for a hug. Yuko smiled and fell asleep as well in Gekikara's embrace. As the two slept, Gekikara shifted her body a little. When she did that, something came into the moonlight that shined.

It was a necklace that had a wing on it only part of it was broken off. However in the corner was a red gem and a piece that looked like it connected to something. Gekikara never knew what and thought she would never know. All Gekikara cared about was be beloved Yuko-san and no one else.

I'm sorry it's been a while since I updated. A lot of things have happened and it's been hard. But I'm back for a while and I give you this. I hope you like it!

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 3
« Reply #30 on: October 29, 2012, 02:13:04 AM »
So Sweet....

Center / Jurina is Searching for Rena / gekikara

Are they sisters ?????
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 3
« Reply #31 on: October 29, 2012, 03:21:01 AM »
Ahh, I see. So, I'm guessing ojou-sama is Mariko, since no one else really fits into the description, plus it would make sense if we're going by MG lol.
Nezumi really is something else when she had that fight with the bow and arrow lady lol.

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 3
« Reply #32 on: October 29, 2012, 03:36:47 AM »
Poor Jurina looking for her sister who can't even remember her own name but the looks of things  :cry:

But then both Matsui sisters have some sort of rage mode which could be linked to the death of Black's parents ( the fire sounds like it could have been caused by Jurina)  :?

And is Mariko-sama expecting to die soon, she didn't sound too optimistic when she was talking to Torigoya  :(

Nice chapter, and I will be patiently looking forward to seeing what other exciting twists in the story you have in store  :w00t:

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 3
« Reply #33 on: October 29, 2012, 10:42:23 AM »
Black just says one word to answer to Nezumi lol Nezumi is just.... WOW
Center poor you, your sister don't remember you!!!
I don't know why but when I read this fanfic I have a song in my head, I know you don't care XD
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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 3
« Reply #34 on: October 29, 2012, 02:58:50 PM »
So, Rena don't remember Jurina?!! And she's only care to Yuko-san?!

I have to wait patiently for next update..

Thank you :bow:

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 3
« Reply #35 on: October 29, 2012, 05:34:11 PM »
I'm not perv I'm an angel ^^
No Sado will die soon T_T

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 3
« Reply #36 on: October 30, 2012, 10:30:36 PM »
Yay an update! The other characters are starting to come out :) thanks for the update! Update soon.  :cow:

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 3
« Reply #37 on: October 31, 2012, 01:50:24 AM »
I wonder how Rena and Jurina got seperated. :?

And ohhh more characters. Can't wait for what's gonna happen next!

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 4
« Reply #38 on: November 08, 2012, 02:24:42 AM »
@xxx220: Yes Jurina and Rena are sisters! It's just Rena doesn't know she has one.  :P

@Sasshii: Yes Mariko is the ojou-sama! It suits her well. And Nezumi has skill so don't underestimate her!  XD

@nori: Center and Gekikara both have rage modes and I won't spoil anything but the Wmatsui pair do have something to do with the death of Black's parents. But no spoilers! I can't say anything about Mariko yet. You'll find out as the story progresses.  :P

@Chanaline: Black's one word answers are perfect for her. And hey I do care! I care about all my readers. What song is it? I wanna know so I can listen to it. I think this fic needs a theme song help me find one ok?  :oops:

@JuRikki: Rena doesn't remember anything and Yuko is taking care of her. Everything will be revealed as the story progresses.  ;)

@kahem: I can't say that Sado will die soon but she will eventually. Or will she?  :twisted:

@Strawberri: Yep it's time to bring everyone out of hiding! However they won't be mentioned as much since this is a Mayuki fic.  XD

@alpacas: I'm not telling how they got separated! That's something to be revealed later on. Oh and yeah more characters!  :lol:

Well it's been a while since I lasted updated this one. I couldn't get any ideas for a while but now I'm back and ready to continue the adventure! I hope you guys like it~

Chapter 4

They had been traveling for a week and they were nowhere near the next town. Their horses were ready to drop dead any minute after traveling for so long. They were running low on water and food and to make things worse, Nezumi was out cold. How did this all happen? Well long story short, Nezumi had ticked off a group of bandits back at the beginning and they followed them all the way through. At one point one of the bandits managed to hit Nezumi and knocked her out. Black had no idea when she was going to take up and for the longest time thought about leaving her. But something in her told her to keep her.

They were going at a slow pace when suddenly the horse gave out and fell. Black stood on feet while supporting Nezumi on her back. Black was seriously considering leaving Nezumi now that the horse was done. However in a distance Black could hear the shuffling of people. Black had to keep moving or else they would be caught.

Black walked and walked and walked not showing a sign of weakness. She walked far with every step while supporting the sleeping mouse on her back. Black was moving slow because of Nezumi and felt like a turtle. Her condition was starting to worsen and she felt her legs starting to grow weaker. Eventually Black couldn't move any further and she collapsed right there in the field. As she rested there, she heard the sound of people surrounding them.

"Looks like they're finally done for!" a man said.

"Let's kill them now!" another said.

Black could hear the sound of blades being drawn but then there were two loud thuds and a couple cracks. She could hear fighting in the back ground but couldn't tell what was going on. The fighting continued and then everything became quiet. A dark figure loomed over Black casting its shadow down upon her. Black thought she was done for at this point. She watched as the figure moved its arms and stretched across Black. Black was waiting for something to kill her but instead, she felt herself being lifted.

"Hang in there. I'll take you somewhere safe."

Black had no idea what was going on but all she knew was that she was being taken somewhere. The question was though where? Black tried to think but she was so weak that the fatigue and dehydration got to her and Black passed out.

When Black woke up she found herself in a room of some kind. She looked around and took note all all the farmers tools lying around. While looking around she heard the sound of a very familiar voice. She looked over and saw Nezumi resting with a bandaged wrapped around her head. Black felt a little relieved that Nezumi was safe. But what she was really concerned about was her sword. She couldn't feel it on her and it was nowhere in the room.

When Black tried to move she immediately fell back down. She was still weak from all the traveling and there was a blistering pain in her feet. She struggled to move and thought she was stuck. But then the door opened and there was a little girl standing there. When she saw Black she screamed and ran off. A couple minutes later she came back and this time with a boy.

"What are you doing up?!"

He rushed over to Black and helped but her back in bed.

"You shouldn't be moving around. You just woke up."

Black thought there was something strange about the person. It looked like a boy yet there was something in his voice that didn't sound right. It had a hint of a girlish tone in it but Black couldn't tell at the moment. Right now she was more concerned about the pain in her feet.

"Shaku run and get me a pale of water, the ginko juice and a rag!"


The little girl ran off. Meanwhile the boy focused on Black.

"You've got some nasty injuries on your feet that need to be treated." he said.

Black didn't even need to hear that because she could feel it. A couple minutes later the little girl came back with the things needed.

"Ok this is going to sting a little but it will prevent infection. Here bite on this."

The boy put a cloth in Black's mouth for her to bite on. Then he took a bottle of strange liquid and poured it on her feet. An unbearable stinging sensation shot throughout Black's body. She felt like she was walking on needles and her feet started to burn an itch. She screamed in pain and she felt the boy start dabbing her feet with the rag. She wanted to kick him but she had to fight the pain and let him do what he had to do.

"Almost done. You're doing great."

He finished dabbing the last of the strange liquid and then finally took the water and dumped it on Black's feet. The cool water soothed them and Black started to relax. As the pain started to dye down, the boy started wrapping Black's feet with bandages. Then when he was finished, he had the girl bring some food and water.

"Ok now I need you to sit up."

Black sat up but was barely able to hold. However the boy got behind her and used his body to support her. Black's head was resting right on his chest. Black could hear his heart beating. It was almost soothing as if she could fall asleep to the beat. But something felt off to Black. SHe could feel two bumps poking her in the back of the head. It was then Black realized what those two bumps were. Then she concluded that it wasn't a boy but a girl.

"Here you go nee-chan."

Now Black was for sure this person was a girl.

"Here drink this. You need it."

She held the cup up to Black's lips and carefully poured the water into her mouth. Black's mouth felt like a desert getting rain for the first time as the water flowed down her throat. Black had been dying of thirst and the feeling of water was refreshing. Then when it came to eating, the girl had to spoon feed Black which was a little embarrassing. She was glad Nezumi wan't awake to see it. When she was done, the girl set Black down and then went to check on Nezumi. When she was done, she walked back over and sat next to Black.

"Your friend is going to be fine. She's just got a minor head injury but otherwise she'll be fine."

Black just nodded her head slowly and started to drift off. She was tired and ready to sleep.

"The name is Gakuran by the way. And this is my little sister Shaku." the girl said.

Once again Black nodded her head.

"What's your name?"

Black pointed to a bottle of ink sitting next to her.

"Your name is Ink?"

"Her name is Black nee-chan." Shaku said.

"Black? That's an interesting name."

"Nee-chan I'm tired."

"Come here."

Shaku came over and sat on Gakuran's lap. A couple seconds later she was out like a light.

"Usually she's always hyper but after today's events I guess she's tired. She's was very helpful today and she deserves to rest. This is the first time I've seen her sleep quietly without shouting out Choko's name."

Black just looked at Gakuran with a confused look. She had no idea what Gakuran was talking about.

"Let me tell you a story. Is that alright?"

Black nodded yes and listened in.

"Years ago, my parents were killed in a village raid, the gates were sealed shut and I was left all alone. I was stuck in that town scared and alone even though I was one of the older kids. I was there for days living off as a scavenger looking for anything I could find. Eventually things started to become scarce and hard to find food. I was down on my hands and knees crawling looking for food. I thought I was done for but then someone found me. They took me here to this farm and took care of me. That person was a woman named Choukoku and she's a soldier."

A sad expression formed on Gakuran's face as she continued to talk.

"Choukoku taught me all kinds of things from fighting to growing crops. Then she said I had to look after the farm while she went off to fight. Just last year, she came back after a long journey and had this little one."

Gakuran looked down at the sleeping Shaku.

"She took care of us and raised us like sisters. But now she's off out there somewhere fighting. I really wished she didn't have to fight. But it's because of what she does that we're safe and I can't stop that. But when she left, Shaku and I missed her a lot. But now we're working hard to support ourselves and for Choukoku. We want to make her proud by bringing in tons of crops."

"Mind if I help?"

Black was startled and looked over to see Nezumi up and staring at Black and Gakuran with those playful eyes of hers.

"I couldn't help but hear your conversation earlier. Mind if I help? My partner here is injured so we won't be going anywhere for a while. If you let us stay, I'll be happy to do some work around if you need it."

"That would be great. You'll start first thing tomorrow."

"That's great!"

Something inside Black made her wonder what Nezumi was up to. This type of behavior isn't like her which means she has something planned. Black wondered what though. They had been staying there for week and Black's injuries had already healed. Now they were just staying there to help out and repay what they owe.

The next day, Black woke up to the sound of oxen and shouting. Black looked out and couldn't believe what she was seeing. Nezumi was standing on top of an ox shouting commands at the other oxen. It was like she was talking to them and they knew what she was saying.

"Forward! Move it you lazy butts!"

Nezumi looked very happy being the leader of the oxen. Black didn't even see Gakuran coming up from behind.

"I believe this is yours."

Gakuran handed Black her katana back. Black checked it to make sure nothing was wrong with it. Nothing seemed wrong so she put it to the side.

"I had to hide it so Shaku wouldn't mess it with you know? She says she wants to grow up and be a fighter like Choukoku but I don't want that to happen. I think she would make and excellent royal assistant. But that girl won't listen to me. She worries me sometimes."

While Gakuran went on about how much she cared about Shaku, Black felt uneasy. She felt like someone was watching them waiting for the right moment to attack. Black looked out in the distance and saw nothing except Nezumi now chasing the chickens like a crazy person. At one point she caught one and raised it high into the air. It was then an arrow shot out of nowhere and killed the chicken. Soon more arrows came out and were landing everywhere.


Gakuran ran out and grabbed Shaku. She started to run when an arrow suddenly stuck her left shoulder. She feel down and covered Shaku trying to protect her. Black felt hopeless not being able to do anything to help. But then to her surprise, Nezumi came riding on an ox and swooped the two up. They ran all the way to the barn and then Nezumi shut the doors. Black could still hear the thuds of the arrows hitting the door.

"What's going on out there!?" Shaku said.

"It's the bandits." Nezumi said.


"Yes bad people. Now stay in here with Black while I go take care of them."

Nezumi walked out the room leaving Black with Shaku and Gakuran. Black looked at Gakura who looked like she was in a lot of pain. They had to get that arrow out otherwise things could get bad. Black grabbed the arrow and started to pull which caused Gakuran to scream.

"Stop it you're hurting Nee-chan!"

Black just ignored her and kept pulling. Eventually the arrow came out and now the wound was heavily bleeding. Black quickly otre off a piece of her own clothing and used it to bandage her wound. A couple minutes later Nezumi came running back in with flamming arrows follwing her. She quickly ducked behind a crate as another arrow shot past.

"What are you still doing in here!" Shaku said.

"There's too many of them!" Nezumi said.


"Look I don't know where they all so I can't get rid of them!"

"Then what are we going to do?"

"I don't know!"

Just then another arrow shot past and almost hit Shaku. The fire from the arrow caught some blankets on fire and was quickly spreading.

"Quick run!"

Everyone got out in time to avoid the fire but when they walked out, there was at least thiry bandits all aiming their weapons at them. Black thought they were done for when suddenly something shot past her head and straight into one of the bandit's head. Black turned around and saw a woman standing in the distance aim an arrow. Three more shot and they all hit their targets right on spot. The bandits saw this and started shooting at the woman. However the woman dodged the arrows and charged straight at the men.


The woman crashed into the group and took out five of them. Then she took out something that looked like cards. She threw them at the men and sliced their necks making them fall. She started spinning in circles and throwing them at random hitting her target everytime. When she was done, all of the bandits were dead and only she was left.


Shaku ran over and hugged the woman who smiled and knelt down to her level.

"Hello Shaku. Have you been good since I last left?"

"Choukoku help! Nee-chan is hurt!"

"Let me see her."

Choukoku walked over to Gakuran and saw the wound. She knelt down and pulled out a bottle of green liquid.

"This will stop the bleeding."

She poured it on and Black watched as the liquid formed a cast over the wound. Then Choukoku picked Gakuran up and carried her inside the house. Meanwhile the farm burned to the ground and it wasn't until after it had collapsed Nezumi decided to put the fire out. Ten minutes later Choukoku came back out carrying Shaku on her back.

"Gakuran will be alright. It's a good thing you slowed the bleeding from before. Thank you for watching and protecting my sisters." she said.

"No problem." Nezumi said.

"Please take this as a thanks."

Choukoku handed Black a map. When she looked at it she saw areas she had never been to before and would have to go to.

"This is the newest map straight from the palace. I hope you find it useful. You can take our horses too."

"Thank you." Black said.

"If you ever need anything we'll be her rebuilding the farm right Shaku?"


"Then let's get started!"

The two walked away leaving Nezumi and Black.

"Well isn't that sweet?"

Black just stared at Nezumi with a nasty glare.


(Meanwhile over at a palace....)

Everything was quiet at the palace. Everyone happened to be out at the time and the only one there was Ojou-sama who was locked in her chambers resting. But then suddenly a soldier came rushing in on his horse. In his hand was a scroll and something else. He ran into the palace and into the chambers.

"What is it?" Sado asked.

"I bring news about the Matsui sister." he said.


"We found her."

Sado was silent. She had a blank expression on her face as she processed what she was just told.

"Where is she?"

"Living with Master Yuko."


Memories flashed through Sado's mind at the mention of that name. Yuko, the former ruler of the Rappapa Kingdom who suddenly vanished without a trace. She left Sado to take on the responsibilites of the Kingdom and ever since then Sado had grown cold. Hearing her name only brought bad memories back to her as her eye slightly twitched.

"What are your orders?" the soldier asked.

"Nothing. We do nothing for now. I don't want to get involved if it has Yuko involved in it."

"Should we tell Center?"

"No. I will tell her eventually. But for now you must not tell a soul do you understand?"


"Good. And just to make sure..."

Sado flung a dagger at the soldier's head killing him instantly. She quickly had the body removed and then went back to her study. She pulled out a journal and a brush and started writing.

"We've found Center's older sister Gekikara. She was spotted living with the former ruler. I don't know how she got to Yuko or what she was doing with her but I knew that whatever Yuko was doing it was wrong. Gekikara is a demon and must be dealt with immediately.The only probelm is I fear if we bring her back, she will bring the down fall of the Kingdom. As the current ruler I will not allow that. So for now I will not allow Center to know about her sister. I think it is best for them to not be togehter. If the two are, it could lead to the destruction of Japan. I must keep this secret safe and keeped it locked away for as long as I can. But I fear I am running out of time."

Sado turned to the side and coughed in her sleeve. When she pulled it back there was a small stain of blood. Sado looked at it with digust and then went back to writing.

"I fear my time is running out so I must do what I must to avoid chaos. I will have to tighten the seal on Center and make sure Torigoya takes the throne when I die. And now that I know where Rena is, I should go and take care of her while I still can. That girl brings nothing but death ever since day one. I knew there was something wrong since the day Yuko found her and her sister. I still remember that day at the Kashiwagi Palace..."

Mariko shivered and took a sip of tea to try to help her forget what she was seeing.

"I understood why Yuko wanted to separate the two but her way was the most difficult. Surly she could've done something better than leaving the Rappapa. Especially after we-"

The door suddenly opened and Sado had to shut her book. It was Center who came rushing in with a bag.

"Nee Ojou-sama look what I found outside your door." she said.

"What is it?"

"I don't know let me see."

Center untied the string and the thing that came out was very very disturbing. Jurina screamed as the thing fell and rolled over to Sado's feet. There lying on the ground was the head of one of her soldiers. She could tell because of the helmet he was wearing. Attatched to his head was a note with Sado's name on it. Sado picked it up and read it silently.

"Oi Sado!"

Sado could hear Yuko's voice inside her head as she read.

"What's the bright idea with you sending your men after Geki and I? I thought we had a deal that you wouldn't do that! If it's because Center is looking for her tell her to foget it. She's never going to see her sister and that's that. If those two are together it could awaken Gekikara which we don't want. So keep Center away from me and away from Gekikara. Otherwise more of your men will end up like this poor sucker on the ground."

"What did it say?"

Sado crumpled the note up and threw it in the fire before Center could ask questions.

"It's something I'm going to take care of. You stay out of it ok?"


"Good. Now then if you exucse me I'm going to take care of this."

Sado picked up the head and walked out of the room. Once she was gone, Center rushed over to the fire and looked for the note. She quickly reached into the fire and pulled it out without burning herself and uncovered what was still there. But then out of the burned note, one word was readable. Gekikara.


Center stared confused at the name wondering what it meant.

"I wonder who that is."

Center put the note in her pocket and then walked out after Sado.

(Back with Black and Nezumi...)

The two had finally arrived to the town they were looking for. However they were in for one heck of a surprise when as soon as they walked in, they were knocked out, tied and thrown into a jail cell. Black was wondering what was going on but wasn't to happy about it. It looks like they were a little late and the enemy founf out they were coming. Now they were stuck with no way out. Or that's what she thought. Black looked over at Nezumi who had a sly grin on her face.

"Hey you wanna play a game of cat and mouse?"

Black looked at Nezumi with a questioning look.

"We're going to be the mouse so~"

Nezumi pulled out a small ball.

"Start running."

Nezumi threw the ball and the cage door ezxploded off. Nezumi rushed out and down the halls looking for a way. Black took this as a go and started running as well. Black figure out that she was going to follow Nezumi and escape the cell. From behind she could hear the sound of guards starting to chase them. It was a game of cat and mouse.

Ahh it's been a while since I updated this one. I hope you guys liked it and look forward to the next one!

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