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Author Topic: Mayuki: Silent Killer/WMatsui: Great Escape COMPLETED  (Read 55688 times)

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Mayuki: Silent Killer/WMatsui: Great Escape COMPLETED
« on: October 16, 2012, 11:12:08 PM »

Ahh I had this idea on my mind for a while and I wanted to show it to you. It's a Mayuki fic and I want to start it really badly but I am still working on my other one that is far from done. But I wanted to write it down so I would not forget. Consider it like a preivew. Anyways, it sets back in time so not very modern and there is some magical stuff as well. I was hoping you could read it and tell me what you think! Oh and the style is a little more serious than what I usually write so I you may be surprised at what you are about to read.

Also link to past stories:


Anyways please read and tell me what you think. I would like all kinds of feedback and let me know what you think. I hope you like it! I was bored so I wrote it and I wanted to change my writing style. Anyways enjoy!

Silent Killer   

   Dawn was slowly rising and there standing on the horizon was a girl. That one girl stood alone in a field of blood surround by bodies of her fallen enemies. Tainted with the blood of the people, she alone had taken their lives. There are was only silence. The only thing that could be heard was the cries of the crows and the blow of the wind. The girl stared at the bodies with cold lifeless eyes. Images of their faces before they died played through her mind like a movie stuck on replay.

From the moment when their swords first clashed to the moment where she drove her blade into their hearts, these images played through her mind. She can still hear their screams and cries begging for her to spare their pathetic lives. Yet she only ignores them and continues to slaughter them like a pack of pigs. that is all she does is kill. She kills and moves on to her next target not even stopping to rest. The only thing that comforts her is silence and the light of the moon. Her heart is as cold as stone and dark as night. Her name is Kashiwagi Yuki other wise known as Black, the silent killer. 

    She was walking into an old town looking for her next target. She was given a mission to eliminate the target and then move onto the next. It was supposed to be a quick clean mission. But what she was not expecting was the target waiting for her.

She walked into a bar and there are a group of masked men waiting for her. Standing in the middle was a man with a large scar across his face.

"So you are the legendary silent killer Black. The one who killed the Inuki clan in a matter of seconds. The one who killed the infamous Umau and his gang of PosteriorPosteriorins. The one who is incredibly fast and can see perfectly in the dark. Well then Black, let's see how fast you are."

He drew his sword along with the rest of his gang and everyone waited to make a move. Black stood still with her sword still rested on her side. Then one guy attacked first and as soon as he took his first step, his arms were sent flying across the room. As he fell to the ground crying in pain everyone looked over at Black who was still in that same position. They looked around thinking there was another enemy somewhere. But there was only one enemy and that was Black.

"Well what are you waiting for? Get her!"

They all attacked at once with swords swinging and fists flying. To a normal person, it would seem like they were coming fast. But to Black everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Within seconds Black pulled out her sword and took out three guys. Then she flipped over a table to avoid two blades coming down from above. She rolled out from under the table and killed four others. As she was removing the blade from one of the bodies, another tried to attack Black from behind. Black saw this coming and ducked. Then she tripped him over and as he was falling Black placed the blade just right so his head landed right on the blade.

Five others came and Black could not get her blade out in time. Right when they were going to strike, Black jumps up and balances herself on the Posterior of her blade. Then she jumps and drop kicks one guy. As he goes down, Black took his sword and cut down the other four and then finishes him off. Now all that was the original target. He was standing in the center of the room with his sword close to him. He stood ready to fight Black but there was fear in his eyes. Black stared at him with dead eyes waiting for him to make his move.

But then when he was about to attack, Black ran over and punched him in the face. Then she grabbed her sword and finished him with a blow to the chest. She twisted the blade hearing the loud tear of flesh. Then she pulled the blade out and let his body fall. Black cleaned the blood off her blade and put it back in its case. Then she left the scene leaving it as if there was nothing there. As she walked out, there was a girl waiting for her. She was in a tan kimono with a decorative necklace, a red seal on her chest, and had two horns sticking out of her head. Her hair was black and short and she was giving Black a cat smile. 

"That was quite a show you put on there."

Black just stared at the girl with a blank expression.

"I've come to deliver your next mission." she said.

Black just walked over and sat down on the ground.

"Here's your pay."

The girl threw Black a sack of gold and also a slip of paper.

"This is your new target. Oh and there is one more thing you need to know."

Black looked up at the girl with questioning eyes.

"Ojou-sama has a new partner for you. she is really good at gathering information and thinks she will be perfect for you. Ojou-sama doesn't want to you kill her like you did the last one ok? If you kill this one Ojou-sama will punish you. Got it?"

Black just stared at the girl with a cold stare. Then she slowly nodded her head. Black was used to working alone and did not like working with others. It was not in her nature to rely on someone else. She always worked alone and only relied on herself. Trust is something Black isn't good at giving.

"Come on out Nezumi."

Just then a small girl came out from behind a tree. Black thought she could crush her in a matter of seconds. She had a black hood on and carried no weapons. Or that is what Black thought. The hood prevented Black from seeing all of the girl's features but from what she could see, it did not look good. The girl's face was expressionless. There was no sign of emotion. It was as if she was a doll without a heart. The girl was also wearing a very strange outfit. Besides the hood, she was also wearing a black skirt and tan boots. She also had a bag tied to her back. Black thought the girl was indeed very strange.

"This is your new partner Nezumi. she is a good listener and also a very good fighter. I think you two will get along great."

"I would not be saying that too soon Center." the girl said.

"Well just remember, it's your life on the line not mine." Center said.

Black was curious about what the two were talking about but Black decided to ignore it for now.

"Well I better get going. Ojou-sama is probably wondering where I am right now. Bye~"

Center turned around and then vanished in a puff of black smoke. Black looked back over at Nezumi who was staring at the smoke. Then she looked back over at Black with that same blank expression. The two had a long stare off waiting to see what would happen. Then a sly smile stretched across her face and she walked over to Black. She snatched the paper from Black and looked at it.

"So this is the next guy huh? Word on the street is he's a total wimp. Nothing you can handle. Meanwhile I'll just kick back and watch the blood splatter. Good with you?"

Black looked at Nezumi with a cold expression. Then she stood up and started walking ignoring the girl.

"Hey do not leave me behind!"

Nezumi started jogging after Black and the two walked together in silence. The followed a path for what seemed like forever. Then finally Nezumi stopped. Black ignored Nezumi and just kept walking not caring. But then Black felt something coming at her and quickly dodged it. She heard it hit a tree and the quickly drew out her sword. When she turned around, she saw three arrows right where her head would've been. She looked over and saw Nezumi standing there like nothing happened.


Black started running towards Nezumi but then more arrows shot past her. Black quickly got out of the way evading the others. Soon after ten people came out with swords drawn. Black had no idea who they were but all she cared about was killing them. She was about to go out but then she heard the sound of metal clash and screams of pain.

A couple minutes later things got quiet. She popped her head out and saw all ten of the people dead and Nezumi standing in the middle without a single scratch or drop of blood on her. Black thought it was strange how Nezumi was able to fight off all ten men at the same time. Something was up and Black was about to find out.

"You want to fight me do not you?"   

Black looked at Nezumi with an interested look. It was as if Nezumi was reading Black's mind.

"If you win, you can kill me and act like I never existed. But if I win, we become partners and you become my personal body guard. Deal?"

Black did not even have to think twice. She charged at Nezumi with her blade ready. She swung at Nezumi but somehow missed. Black turned around to strike Nezumi again but Nezumi was gone. She looked around everywhere but still could not see her. Black stood there waiting for an attack but nothing came. At first Black thought Nezumi ran away but then she heard the sound of a stick breaking. Black turned around and swung her sword in the area the sound came from. Sadly the only thing she hit was air.

"Now come on Black. you are going to have to do better than that."

Black was starting to get angry. She turned at every possible spot Nezumi could be. But there was no sign of her anywhere. It was as if the girl vanished entirely. There was only one spot Black could think where Nezumi was hiding. Black looked above in the trees and saw Nezumi staring at her with a cocky smile. Black pulled out two daggers and threw them at Nezumi. However she missed and Nezumi came down.

Black thought this was the time to strike so she charged at Nezumi and aimed right for her head. However Nezumi dodged it like it was nothing. When Black tired to attack again, Nezumi dodged it. Every attack Black swung Nezumi was just dodging all of them. Her body moved like water following the current. Black was becoming more irritated that she could not land a single hit on Nezumi.

But she was even more ticked that Nezumi did not even have a weapon on her. Black kept striking and Nezumi kept dodging. But then Nezumi suddenly tripped and started to fall. Black took this as an opportunity and struck down on Nezumi. The blade was nearly inches away from her face but then there was a loud clank of metal. Turns out Nezumi did have a weapon.

"Not bad."

Her weapon was a very strange one. They looked like brass knuckles only there were blades on them similar to daggers. There was also another interesting feature in Nezumi's weapon. There was something that looked like a small box attached to her wrist that looked like it was attached to the weapon. Black did not know what it was but she was not going to let Nezumi have the chance to use it. Black started to attack Nezumi again and this time Nezumi did not dodge. Instead Nezumi ducked and then swung at Black. Black was barely able to dodge but was able to avoid a serious injury. However she did manage to get a light scratch on her side. Black was surprised that Nezumi managed to get a hit.

As a result, Black decided not to hold back anymore. She calmed herself and then slowly became one with the dark. Even though it was not dark out, Black  could still blend in with the background. She moved with lightning speeds and managed to cut Nezumi's leg.

"Not bad at all. But do not think this is all I can do."

Black kept moving avoiding Nezumi's punches. Black was about to finish Nezumi but then suddenly she felt something tug her leg. Black froze and looked down. It was thin but wrapped around her was thin thread. She followed the trail of thread to Nezumi and saw the box on her wrist was open. She also saw Nezumi holding the threads like a puppet master controlling Black. Black tried to cut it but when she brought her blade down, the thread would not cut. Turns out the thread was made of metal.

"Figure it out yet?"

Before Black could do anything, she felt more thread wrap around her. She lost grip of her sword and fell to the ground. Her entire body was completely bounded and she could not move a single inch. When she tried to struggle, she felt the thread start to cut her body so she stopped. Nezumi walked over and picked up Black's sword.

"Nice piece of metal you got here. Mind if I borrow it for a while?"

Black got a deadly look on her face and Nezumi just smiled.

"Relax I was not actually going to take it. You are going to need it if you are going to protect me."

Nezumi put Black's sword back in the case and set it next to Black. Nezumi could see the fire burning in Black's eyes but she ignored it and just kept smiling. She brought her hand up to Black's face and lightly stroked her cheek.

"I won. You know what that means right?"

Black looked down in shame remembering the bet she had made. Black was a warrior of honor and followed the rules no matter how much she hated them. She lost and now she must suffer her punishment.

"we are partners and now you are my personal body guard. You will protect me with your life and never leave my side. Do you understand?"

Black only nodded her head as she stared at Nezumi with disgust. Right now Black felt like cutting Nezumi into little chunks and hanging her head on a stick. Black was mad but could not do anything about it since she did lose.

"I'll let you go now ok?"

Slowly, the threads untied themselves and Black was free. Instead of killing Nezumi Black thought she could just get up and run. But as soon as she got up, she felt something click around her neck. She looked down and saw a metal collar on her neck, She could feel something engraved on it. Black felt the collar carefully and was able to make out the word,


Black looked over at Nezumi with an even more irritated look. Nezumi had planned all of this right from the start. This infuriated Black and she reached for her sword but as soon as she reached for it, Black felt a sharp pain in her neck.

"No no. If you try to kill me I kill you."

The blood in Black was now boiling in her body to the point where she could just explode. But she managed to keep her cool and slowly stand up.

"that is better. Now let's get moving shall we?"

Nezumi started moving but Black stood still. Nezumi stopped and stared at Black.

"I said let's move!"

Nezumi pulled on something and Black fell forward. She saw the collar was attached to Nezumi with the same metal thread.

"From now on you are my pet and as my pet you must obey me. Understand?"

Black nodded her head and got back up.

"Good. Then let's go."

Nezumi and Black started walking but then Nezumi stopped.

"Oh and by the way, my name is Watanabe Mayu but from now on you can call me Master."

Well that is all I could think of at the moment. I am sorry it's kinda long and all but again, it's a whole new writing style for me. Sorta. Anyways let me know what you think ok?
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Re: Silent Killer prologue
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2012, 11:30:31 PM »
Ohh this is so interesting. I really like the concept of it and yay for Mayuki lol. I'm very interested in what's going to happen next.

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Re: Silent Killer prologue
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2012, 12:13:57 AM »
Nice, looks like there's a lot potential with this really interesting story :thumbup Hope you continue this story  :)
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Re: Silent Killer prologue
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I think it's funny Mayuyu as Yuki's master ^^

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Well I'm not really sure if I want to continue this or not and to be honest I'm kinda hesitant about it. But I think if I kept going then maybe I'll be able to get somewhere. I don't know. I don't know if I want to continue or not. I hope you guys like it and I'm not boring you to death. I'll probably end up giving up half way. I don't know. But I'm going to give it a try and see what I can do.

Chapter 1

Black started walking following Nezumi who looked like she was enjoying it way too much. Even though she couldn’t see it, she could just tell Nezumi had that same smile she always wore. It had only been a couple minutes since Black became Nezumi’s pet and already she felt like chopping the small girl’s head off. Black was lost in thought and didn’t even notice when Nezumi stopped walking.

“We’re here.”

Black looked up and saw the gates of a village. People were coming and going busy with whatever things they had to do. Black stood there staring at the gate when she felt something tug her neck again.

“Let’s move.”

They walk into the village and Black went into search mode looking for her target. She was looking for a man who was wanted for killing a bunch of families in the village she was in. Black didn’t really care what his reasons were but all she cared about was killing him. Black searched every face she walked by looking for the one thing that sticks him out from the others.

The guy was known for carrying two swords both on his right side one longer than the other. Most of the men Black saw were either merchants or common farmers. But there was no sign of the one she was looking for. As she was walking, Nezumi stopped in front of her and Black almost ran into her.

“Quick in here.”

Nezumi shoved Black in a random shop and when Black tried to run out Nezumi stopped her.

“Hey do you want to get yourself killed? Look.”

Nezumi pointed to the group of men on horses patrolling through town like they were some important nobles or something. As they walked by people split making a clear way. As they got closer Black realized that one of the guys on the horses was the guy Black was supposed to kill.

He was wearing a military uniform and helmet but it was obvious it was him. Black could see his swords rested on his right side. What Black wondered was what was he doing with a famous politician? As the group passed by, Black thought this was the perfect time to take the guy out. She was just inches away from drawing her blade and slicing his throat in a matter of seconds. But Nezumi had a different plan. Right as Black was about to strike, Nezumi stopped her.

“Let’s not get too hasty. I want to see what these guys are made of.”

Black was glaring at Nezumi but she just simply ignored it. Instead she reached into her bag and pulled out three balls. The rolled the balls out in front of the horses and when the hooves came down, the balls exploded and different colored smokes came out. The horses panicked and kicked up sending some of the riders flying. People started screaming and running in all kinds of directions. Black just looked at Nezumi thinking “are you an idiot?”

"Follow me"

Nezumi smiled and ran out into the chaos. Black thought she was just going to leave Nezumi there but then she felt herself being dragged into the crowd as well. Black almost got kicked by a wild horse as she maneuvered though the crowd trying not to get hit.

Up ahead she could see Nezumi who was practically dancing in the crowd like it was all some game. However when a horse kicked a support beam the roof started to come down and was going to land right on Nezumi. Black was hoping Nezumi would get crushed by the remains but sadly Nezumi managed to avoid every piece of rubble that was going to hit her.

Her body moved like air going with whatever way it wanted. At one point Black though Nezumi had her eyes closed the entire time. But then suddenly something flew out of Nezumi’s hand and attached itself to one of the guards. That thing was attached to a thread and Black could see the line becoming shorter and shorter.

Nezumi started running after the horse and one the way she grabbed a shield and tossed on the ground in front of her. Then she grabbed Black and jumped landing on the shield. Now Nezumi and Black were riding on a shield being pulled by the horse. Black was very surprised at Nezumi’s actions and wasn’t quite sure what she was up to. But for now she didn’t have to time to question. Right now she was focusing on not falling off and getting left behind.

“This is fun isn’t it!”

Black ignored Nezumi and focused on the task ahead. They were far enough so that the guard didn’t notice them hitch hiking his ride. But what Black wondered was how he wasn’t feeling any tug or pull from the weight. They followed the group out to a large palace and right as they were about to enter the gate, Nezumi shifted her weight so they went left. Then Nezumi hit a rock making them fly high into the air.

 Black felt her stomach being flipped upside down as they went high up and then came down fast. She let go of the shield and landed on the edge of the gate. Black landed next to her and nearly fell off if there wasn’t a beam there for her to hold onto. Black was ready to punch Nezumi for doing something that crazy but then Nezumi pulled the thread and watched as the guard literally fell to pieces. His body had been sliced into chunks making it look like sushi. That’s when Black realized why the guard didn’t feel anything.

At some point Nezumi must have wrapped her threads around him and pulled them through just enough so his body would remain intact but her was dead and couldn’t feel a thing. Now that was pretty smart and Black acknowledged that one smart thing Nezumi did. Maybe she wasn’t completely useless. Together, they watched the guards escort the politician inside and Black watched  her target walk off somewhere else.

“I’ll leave him to you. I got some other stuff to take care of so meet back her in what an hour?”

Black shook her head yes.

“Alright then I’ll see you in an hour. Janee~”

Nezumi jumped off the gate and into some bushes. Black watched Nezumi make her way into the palace and then Black decided to make her way as well. She leaped off the edge and landed in the bushes. Then she ran to the area where her target went into a shed. When she got close, Black started to slow down and look for him. She had no idea where he was but was ready for when he attacked.

 Just then she saw something that looked like a figure. She readied her sword and at the right time, she came out and cut down the figure. However the figure she cut wasn’t a person but a decoy. The real target was still out here. Black started looking but then she heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind. She quickly reacted and blocked the sword that was merely inches away from her face.

 Black pushed the man back and stepped back creating some distance between the two. She looked at her target and noticed he was only using one of his swords. Perhaps he was testing her to see if she was worthy of him pulling out two blades.

 Black took this challenge and charged the man with her sword aiming right for his chest. However the man dodged and was quick to strike aiming for Black’s arm. Black was faster and moved out of the way. She spun around him and then tried to strike his back only to miss and get her blade stuck in a tree.

“Got you now.”

The man came out and tried to attack Black while she was defenseless but Black managed to get under her sword so when he came down he only hit the blade. Then she kicked him in the stomach making him fall over. Black pulled out her sword and brought it down cutting his leg. She tried to take it off entirely but that’s when he pulled out his other sword to defend himself. Now things were starting to get serious.

 Black was about to attack again but the man swung with his other sword and almost cut Black’s arm. However Black was able to dodge it and try to come back with a low swing to the gut. The man was good though and managed to block with one sword and was aiming for Black’s head with the other. When he swung Black pulled back and then with quick reflexes, she took off his left arm.

Now he was down to one sword and looked ready to down. But to Black’s surprise the battle wasn’t going to be as easy as she wanted it to be. The man picked up the sword with his teeth and held it in his mouth. Black was impressed with the man’s audacity but she wasn’t going to let him with.

"I'm not done yet!" he said.

This time the man was the first to charge and as he swung with the sword in his hand, he also turned to his side and moved forward lunging straight at Black’s stomach. There was no way Black was going to be able to dodge both blades without getting some vital area damaged. But then Black remembered the way Nezumi moved when she was dodging the falling remains when the roof was coming down.

With swift movements Black lowered her head so she wouldn’t get her head taken off but also bent backwards so the sword aiming for the stomach wouldn’t hit. The man missed and ran past her leaving his back side completely open. Black took this opportunity and stuck down on his back leaving a large slash mark.

He fell and Black finished him off with a blow to the back of the neck ending his life for good. Once she knew he was dead Black cleaned the blood off her sword and put it away. Then she turned around and saw Nezumi leaning on a tree wearing a crown and holding a sack full of jewels.

“Took you long enough.” she said.

Black felt a little irritated at Nezumi’s comment but was cut short when the sound of more guards were coming for them. Nezumi smiled and turned around to face at least twenty guards. Black still had plenty of energy to spare but Nezumi wouldn’t let her. Instead Nezumi reached into her bag and pulled out a metal disk.

She threw the disk and Black watched the disk suddenly produce spikes and as it flew by it sliced the necks of all the guards. Within seconds they all went down and then the disk came right back to Nezumi with the spikes back in place.

“No time for questions let’s go!”

Nezumi pulled Black’s collar making her run forward. The two ran out the gate before more guards came and deep into the woods. When they thought they were far enough, they stopped to catch their breaths. Black watched Nezumi as she stretched out her muscles and then pulled out the bag of jewels she had previously stolen.

“Man I did good today.”

“Indeed you did.”

Black looked over and saw Center standing next to her. She walked over to Nezumi and took one of the jewels.

“You did well Black. Here’s your reward.”

Center tossed Black a sack of gold but not paper this time.

“No mission this time you guys so you can rest easy tonight. Then again you never do rest do you Black?”

Black ignored Center and just started counting her pay. Center focused her attention over to Nezumi who was looking at her new stolen goods.

“So how was it? Has Black tried to kill you yet?” she asked.

“Nope. Black is actually my new bodyguard/pet. Check it out.”

Nezumi pointed to Black’s collar and Black glared at Nezumi.

“Wow impressive. No wonder Ojou-sama paired you up with her.”

“Well you shouldn’t underestimate the skills of a mouse.”


Center suddenly grabbed the sack of jewels from Nezumi.


“Consider this payment for the money you owe Ojou-sama. You think all those toys you got were cheap? Keep up the hard work!”

Center disappeared leaving a very unhappy Nezumi.

“Stupid Center… taking my jewels…. I stole those not her!”

Black couldn’t help but smirk on the inside while watching Nezumi pout. She actually thought it was a little cute. But Black
snapped out of it when Nezumi turned to her.

“I’m tired. Let’s go find a hotel to sleep at!”

Black’s body stiffened when Nezumi mentioned a hotel. She hated hotels fearing she could be attacked or poisoned. Black usualy slept under a tree or in a cave but never in a hotel.

“Come on I’m tired.”

Nezumi started to walk and Black had no choice but to follow. She was getting tired of being dragged around by this point and decided to just go with it. They stopped at the fanciest hotel in town and in the end Black was the one who had to pay. When they walked in, they were greeted by a bunch of geishas.

“Welcome to our hotel! How may we serve you tonight?” they all said.

Something deep inside Black told her she wasn’t going to rest at all tonight.

Well there's chapter 1! I hope you guys like it and tell me what you think! I'm sorry there's a lot of stuff to read and you dont' have to read all of it. Again it's still a making in the works so I'm sorry if I disappointed you.         
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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Fufufu~ interesting!!

Ahaha poor Black, ah Nezumi! Love you~ :p

Another great fic from Miyumi-san! Yeay! \(^^)/


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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Ahh I had this idea on my mind for a while and I wanted to show it to you. It's a Mayuki fic and ..............

Mayuki in dark assassin/killer theme fic!!! This is a must read for me...  :inlove:
I can't wait to read it at home.  :roll:  :deco:
Will edit or post a new comment later.

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Waaah It was really interesting!!!!!

I want more!!! Mayuki assassin XD :twisted:

Yuki... poor you... Mayu you are so evil!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Very interesting and unique story line! waiting for the next update! :)

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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wow this is so interesting its so good and funny nezumi got her jewels taken off her lol

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Interesting story. Looking forward to what'll happen next.

Mayu and Yuki are too cool here. :lol:


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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Interesting story this is.
Nezumi character as a ninja and puppet master is totally awesome. She's smart as always, but also crazy haha...XD
She's just so much fun!

And Black....She's really mute, isn't she?
I haven't heard any single word from her in this fic. :lol:
Well it suits her personality. But it's a new thing for me, to see Black got owned by Nezumi in a physical fight. XD

The ojousama (for whom Black was working) is Rena right?
Can't wait till this ojousama (and WMatsui) appear in this story!!

Black was hoping Nezumi would get crushed by the remains but sadly Nezumi managed to avoid every piece of rubble that was going to hit her.

Aahh...Black, how could you hoping something like that for someone as cute as Nezumi? :lol:

Btw, I'm sorry I haven't read your "Mad House".
But now that I have much free time (as I'm taking holiday from my writer-duty XD), I'll make sure to read it soon.

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Wow miyumi-san!!!

I lost my word...i though you will...well you know? Hahaha LOL

Love it!


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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Mn? This is interesting. +w+ Pet!Black and Master!Nezumi? Aha~ Loving it already. :heart: And then Proskillz!Nezumi with metal wires..~ XD

Well, it's time for me to head to school. HAVE A GOOD... ...D...AY? NIGHT? ....... HAVE A GOOD 10/18 - 19. LOL.


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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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 :mon star: What is this?

 This is so different than what you usually write. I mean it's more action, fighting scene the seriousness...and it's MaYuki! :mon angel:

Hopefully you will continue to write this because this is good.

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 1
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Hahahaha i love it, when i was reading i always wonder when is Black going to speak, i was like "Maybe latter" all the time, but then even it already ended chapter 1 but i haven't heard she said anything yet ><

Also, i have a question, what era are they in? I can't imagine it >< u have kimono, geisha, hotel, military uniform and helmet, is it western style or ancient Japan?

Sorry about the ridiculous question, and yes you definitely HAVE TO CONTINUE it!!!! This is so good >,< I LOVE TO READ IT!!! So please, please continue and thank you :]

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
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@JuRikki: I'm glad you like it. I've been really doubtful about this and I'm still not sure if I should continue or not.  :nervous

@anzai48: Thank you so much for reading this fic. I'm glad you like it and don't assume that Rena is ojou-sama. I can tell you it's not her but someone else. Can you figure out who?  :twisted:

@Chanaline: I'm happy you like the fic and really happy that more people want to read the fic.  :)

@Strawberri: Thank you for liking the fic. I hope you enjoy the rest of it as well.  :P

@XxRoByNxX78: I'm really happy that you like it and I hope you enjoy the rest of the fic if I still continue with it.  :nervous

@alpacas: I'm glad you like the story and I really like your username! Alpacas are cool~  XD

@kurogumi: I don't really know what you're talking about so until you tell me I won't be able to figure it out.  :sweatdrop:

@Crossing Crossroads: I'm glad you like the fic! I hope you like the rest of it and well it's day here!  :lol:

@Megumi: This style is a lot different than my usual style and based on all the comments I'm getting something tells me I should stick with this style. Am I right?  :?

@Playgirlz: Ahh I'm sorry for the confusion! It's set in the past but I was having a hard time imagining the era so just imagine the setting a lot like in the old samurai movies. I hope this helps and I'm sorry for the confusion.  :nervous

Wow I didn't really expect people to actually like this fic. This was just something I had floating around in my head for a while and I just randomly posted it to see what everyone thought. I didn't think people would actually like it but I guess you guys do. So maybe I will continue the story. Or not.... I don't know. But for now please enjoy the next chapter! It seems like everyone wants to hear Black talk for once. Don't worry the time will come! Nezumi and Black need to warm up to each other you know?

Chapter 2

"Welcome to our hotel! How may we serve you tonight?"

Black looked over at Nezumi wondering what kind of hotel they were at but then next to Nezumi was a sign that said. "Geisha House" on it. Black was furious about being dragged into a geisha house. She was sure that she wasn't going to sleep there for night and would rather sleep on a tree. Black turned around and tired to leave but Nezumi pulled her back.

"We're staying here tonight so deal with it." she said.

Black was ready to beat Nezumi to a pulp but then one geisha walked over and tried to take Black's arm. Black saw this and retreated before she could grab hold. The geisha stared at Black with questioning eyes and Black stared back with cold ones. Nezumi chuckled and then said,

"It's alright Black they're not going to hurt you."

"No I was just going to escort you to our baths. We're one of the very few places that has one." the geisha said looking at Black with honest eyes.

Black still didn't trust them even if this was part of their job. Black was ready to leave again but this time Nezumi blocked her path and then pushed her into the group of geisha's.

"Have fun Black!"

"Kya she looks so cool!" one said.

"She stinks." another said.

"Quick let's take her to the bath and get rid of those smelly clothes."


The geishas basically carried Black down the hall to the back and into a separate room that led to the outside. There was a hole in the ground filled with water. Black guessed it was a hot spring and figured it out when she saw the steam coming from it. Black was set down in front of the pool and thought she was home free. But then one of the geishas stared pulling at her Hakama trying to pull it off. Soon other geishas joined in trying to take off Black's Kataginu and tabi socks. However Black wasn't going to allow a bunch of geishas to undress her so with one big burst Black pushed them all back. She gave them a dark glare and then pointed at the door. The geishas got the message and got out of there fast.

Once they were gone, Black thought she could finally rest in peace. She began to undress herself and then slipped into the pool. The warm water felt soothing to Black's aching muscles. She had no idea how badly they were sore. Probably from all the fighting and no resting. Everything was quite as the moon hung over the sky glowing brightly. Black leaned back and enjoyed the view as she slowly began to sink into the pool. But then she heard the door open and quickly covered herself with a yukata that happened to be there. The only bad thing was it was white so as soon as she put it on and it got wet, it became see through. Black did her best to cover her private areas.


Black look over and saw Nezumi with her hair up an in nothing except a cloth wrapped around her waist. There was nothing covering her chest and Black could see everything. Black turned around trying to give the girl some privacy. She wasn't good with other naked people and wanted to leave. She was about to get out but then Nezumi grabbed her arm.

"Where are you going? I just got in. Can't we relax for a while?"

Black sank back into the pool and Nezumi leaned back and stretched her arms out.

"Man what a long day. Am I right?"

Black didn't say anything for she was too embarrassed to face Nezumi. She was wondering why Nezumi didn't have anything covering her chest. It was making Black uncomfortable and she wanted to leave. Plans started running through Black's' mind but then Nezumi tapped her shoulder. She looked over and saw Nezumi holding up another cloth and some soap.

"Wash my back for me will ya?"

Black was going to oppose the request but she thought she would be nice and do it anyways. She took the cloth and began scrubbing Nezumi's back. Black's hands moved all over making sure not to miss a single spot. As she explored Nezmui's back she couldn't help but admire some of her features. She had beautiful shoulder blades and smoothe cream colored skin that was soft to the touch. But as she traveled up she noticed scars in certain spots. They looked like whip marks as if someone had taken a whip and beat the poor girl. Black would kill the person who did something like this to such a beautiful body.

"Don't forget here as well."

Nezumi suddenly grabbed Black's hand and pulled it up to the back of her neck. She also pulled her in closer so to make sure Black didn't rub it. Black's chest was nearly inches away from Nezumi's back and didn't want it to touch. She had to position her body in an awkward position to avoid contact as she scrubed the back of Nezumi's neck. When she finished she went back to relaxing and tried to ignore the pair of orbs staring at her chest. She looked at Nezumi who appeared to be very interested in them. She was going to say something but then Nezumi reached out and grabbed them.

Black almost screamed if it weren't for her ability of self control. She looked over at Nezumi with a slightly red face and Nezumi just kept staring at Black's chest.

"How did you make them so big?"

Nezumi started playing with them and Black's body started to get hot and it wasn't from the bath. Nezumi's fondling was playing her like an instrument and she was ready to let out a tune when Nezumi suddenly stopped. She looked over and saw Nezumi with a sad look on her face.

"I wish mine were big..."

Black's eyes wandered down a little and saw how Nezumi was a little flat. She never knew Nezumi actually cared about things like that. Maybe she was just a normal girl after all and not some arrogent jerk. It had been an hour and Black was ready to go to bed. She stood up and stepped out of the pool and started walking. But then she felt something grab her butt and start groping it.

"Wah nice oshiri!"

Black looked over and saw Nezumi with a perverted grin. Black smacked Nezumi's hand back, grabbed her clothes and ran inside. She found the room they were staying in and set her things down. There on her bed was a yukata she could wear for relaxing clothes. Black changed into the yukata and then got into the futon that was layed out for her. As she closed her eyes she felt sleep slowly take over and her body drift into the deep sea of sleep. But the the door opened and she heard foot steps. Black looked over and saw a geisha holding a fan.

"Would you please come with me. We have prepared your meal."

Black didn't want to get up but then her stomach growled telling her to move. Black got up and started heading for the door.

"Please follow me."

The geisha led Black into a big room where other guests were staying. They were all gathered around one big table that had a bunch of food on it. Black took a seat next to Nezumi who was already stuffing herself. She looked at the food in front of her but didn't take a bite. Black didn't eat unless she was the one who made it fearing someone had poisned her food.


Nezumi shoved a piece of chicken into Black's mouth and Black gladly ate it. She decided that the food wasn't poisoned and ate like a king. She had never eaten anything so good since she was younger. Even though she couldn't see it, Nezumi could tell Black was happy and kept eating happily beside her. However Nezumi couldn't help but feel like she was being watched by someone.

Nezumi had went back to the room to rest but Black was still eating. As Nezumi left, she also noticed a strange man get up and follow after her. Black thought Nezumi was in trouble but ignored it when a geisha came back with another plate of crab legs. Meanwhile back with Nezumi, she was about to go to sleep and crawled into the futon. Nezumi was about to fall asleep but then she felt something loom over her. Just as she was about to turn around a giant hand covered her mouth.

"Don't move or I'll kill you."

Nezumi was about to fight back but she felt something cold and sharp pressed against her neck. The guy had her trapped like a rat and Nezumi couldn't do anything. Nezumi felt the man's hand move up and down her body feeling her up. Then he pulled Nezumi's yukata down exposing her upper half. The man laughed as he reached out to grab her chest. But then the door opened and Black came in. When she saw the man and Nezumi Black just stood there frozen. Then Nezumi screamed,

"Black help!"

Black snapped out and went into killer mode. She ran over and kicked the man in the face sending him flying back. Then she pulled out her katana and aimed it right at the man's neck making him freeze. All the noise made people rush over and when they saw Black they all panicked. Black put away her sword and then Nezumi covered herself. She walked over to the guy on the ground with a bleeding nose. She saw the thing buldging out under his yukata between his legs.


Nezumi slammed her foot right in that area making him scream in pain and double over. Soon after security came and escorted the man out. Meanwhile Nezumi ran over to Black was standing on the sides watching.

"Stupid old man."

Black nodded her head yes and then got into her futon. Nezumi got in as well and blew out the lanturn. Black was getting ready to fall asleep againg but then she felt something move closer to her. It was Nezumi who had her face buried in Black's back. She could feel Nezumi shaking with fear. Black then realized Nezumi must have been really scared after all that. She looked so tough on the outside but on the inside she was probably shaking with fear. Who wouldn't be when you're almost basically raped by a random stranger. Black turned around and wrapped her arms around Nezumi surrounding her in warmth.


Nezumi's voice cracked as she looked up at the usually cold figure holding her like a mother. Tears started to come out of Nezumi's eyes and buried her face in Black's neck. Black was very surprised at seeing this side of Nezumi. This weak side that would make anyone who knew Nezumi think it was shocking. This weak side that she never knew Nezumi had was something Black never expected. Nezumi is just full of surprises. Black could feel Nezumi grip her yukata and her body still shaking. To help her calm down, Black leaned in and kissed Nezumi's head. Then for the first time Black spoke to Nezumi.

"Just close your eyes, the sun is going down. You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now. Come morning light, you and I will be safe and sound."

Nezumi couldn't believe Black had spoken to her. But she didn't care at this point because for once Nezumi felt safe wrapped in Black's warm embrace. That night the two feel asleep in each other's arms.

"Misstress please get back! It's dangerous!"

"Otou-san! Oka-san!"

"Mistress please!"

"Let go I have to save mommy and daddy!"

The little girl broke free from the soldier's hold on her and ran into the burning palace. She climbed over fallen debris and stepped over the bodies of the dead. She look every searching for her mother and father desperately crying for them. But the smoke made it hard for her to breathe and the little girl still couldn't find her parents. Then she heard the sound of metal clashing coming from her parents bedroom. She ran as fast as she could and right when she opened the door, something rolled in front of her. The little girl looked down and saw it was the head of her father.


She looked up and saw her mother pinned to the wall by knives like a butterfly with her chest cut open and her insides hanging out. The little girl fell to her knees and stared at her dead parents. But then she heard the sound of clicking and an creepy laugh. She looked stepped into the room and saw something standing over the body of her father. The thing had glowing red eyes and two horns sticking out of its head. The little girl thought she was staring at the devil himself. The little girl watched as the figure reached out and grabbed an arm. The took a bite into it and tore off the flesh like it was a chicken wing. She could hear the sound of the flesh tearing and the sound of bones cracking. The whole sight was unbearable. She stepped back but stepped on a hot piece of wood.


The figure looked over aiming its red eyes directly at the little girl. It stood up and started to walk over to the little girl. Fear shot through the little girl and she was too scared to move. Her body was trembling and her breath was panicked. As the dark figure drew closer and closer the little girl could see all the blood on her. The blood of her parents. The little girl's fear turned to anger as the blood in her started to boil. The figure walked to where it was right in front of the girl. She could see it better and realized the figure was a girl about her age with long black hair and pale white skin. She looked weak like she couldn't hurt a fly yet she could feel the dark aura coming from it. The figure raised one of its hands to its mouth and stared biting its nails making that same clicking sound.

"You... you killed otou-san and oka-san!" the little girl said.

A smile cracked across the girl's face revealing two rows of jagged teeth. The girl tilted its head slightly and its eye twitched. Before the little girl could say another word, the girl reached out and grabbed her neck slamming the back of her head into the wall. She tired to fight back but the girl was strong and kept her still. She could feel the life in her body being squeezed out. The girl laughed and continued to bite her nails on the other hand. Then she looked at the girl with a playful look and said,

"Nee..... Okotteru?"

Black woke up and found herself breathing frantically and her body covered in a light layer of sweat. It was morning now and the sun was starting to rise. Rays of the sun were coming in through the crack of the windows. Black tried to sit up but something heavy prevented her from moving. She looked over and saw Nezumi wrapped around her. Black remembered everything that happened from last night and remembered how weak Nezumi was. Black untangled herself from Nezumi and got up. She walked outside to a nearby well and washed her face. The cool water woke her and brought her back to her senses. As she dried her face she felt something sneak up from behind her. She turned around and saw Center staring at her with that cat smile of her.


Black was silent and wasn't sure what to do. But after that dream, Black couldn't help but stare at the horns on Center's head. It reminded her of the girl that had killed her family and destroyed her home. The blood in Black started to boil just thinking about it but then she was stopped when a half awake Nezumi came out.

"Morning Black, morning Center... Center?"

Nezumi was a little thrown back when she saw Center standing next to Black.


"What are you doing here?" Nezumi asked.

"Ojou-sama has another mission for you guys. Here."

Center handed Nezumi a scroll and then looked at Black.

"I saw your little episode last night. I must say Black well done. I never knew you could be so caring. And to think I thought you were just a cold hearted spirit. Guess there is some kindness in that Black heart of yours after all."

Black flashed a dark glare at Center who only smiled and said,

"Don't get too close to her. She's a lying, stealing rat that will cheat you of all your money and maybe even life."

"Hey I'm not always like that!" Nezumi protested.

"That's not what Ojou-sama thinks~" Center mocked.

"Well you can tell "Ojou-sama" to go die in a hole."

"How dare you say that! I'm going to tell Ojou-sama to cut off your weapons supply."

"Wait I'm sorry please don't do that!"

"Too late~ Bye!"

Jurina turned around and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Shimata! Now I won't have any new weapons for weeks!"

Nezumi stomped off into the hotel leaving Black. She stood there thinking about what Center said and realized she was right. She couldn't trust Nezumi not even a little. She still didn't know all of Nezumi's secrets and didn't know if she could trust her. This thought floated in the back of her head but she mainly ignored it.

"Come on Black we gotta get moving!"

A couple minutes later the two were off and back on the road. The two walked in silence and but then Nezumi stopped. She turned and faced Black with a strange grin on her face. She walked over to Black and pulled her in close to where their faces were almost touching.

"You know.... you talked to me for the first time last night. I really like the sound of your voice. If I take off the collar will you talk to me more?"

Black stared at Nezumi with a questioning look wondering if she was serious or not. But then finally she nodded her head yes and Nezumi smiled.

"Great. Well then..."

Nezumi flipped a certain switch and the collar came off. Black felt like her body had become lighter as if she was floating midair. But the Nezumi caught her attention and was staring at her impatiently.

"Don't you have something to say to me?"

Black paused for a moment to think about what to say. Then she took a deep breath and said,

"Thank you.... Nezumi."

Well I hope you guys liked the chapter! Black talked finally! And you guys got a little preview about Black's past. Plus you even saw Black warming up to Nezumi a little. Ahhh those two are just adorable. Look forward to the next chapter to see what happens next!

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
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Someone please stop this smile on my face. AGH. THAT.. sjkfahekjr I don't know how to describe it in words right now... ; - ; This makes me want to give someone a hug. :heart: :D


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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
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Awwww, Mayuki is seriously the best. I really love this and I'm curious about Black's past as well. I'm also wondering who ojou-sama is as well. Can't wait for the next update :D

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 2
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Yay! Mayuki moment! Thanks for the update!  :grin:

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