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Author Topic: Mayuki: Silent Killer/WMatsui: Great Escape COMPLETED  (Read 56409 times)

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 4
« Reply #40 on: November 08, 2012, 03:20:54 PM »
Ah, you put YukoRena in this  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Mhm, I really want to read your next update!!!

Nezumi is F*ckin awesome!!! And Black so cool.

I hope Yuko-sama stops Sado from hurting Rena-sama, because I fear it might awake Gekikara in her...

Who am I kiddin', I want Geki taimu  :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 4
« Reply #41 on: November 08, 2012, 04:55:43 PM »
Nice twist miyumi-san.....:D
In the earlier chapters, you portray Nezumi and Black as very strong and invincible.
But now we see them getting hit, shot, knocked out, and captured.
They're still human afterall.

I wonder about WMatsui.
So Yuko and Sado both want to keep Rena away from Jurina.
I'm not sure if Yuko and Sado are good or bad persons.

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 4
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whoa, so Yuko and Sado want to separate WMatsui?

ah great Jurina saved the note! Go Jurina search gekikara! geki is your sister!

btw, nice nice very nice update Miyumi-san  :thumbsup

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 4
« Reply #43 on: November 09, 2012, 01:36:30 AM »
Another quality update Miyumi-san, really nice  :thumbsup

Have to admit at the 2 stories are really coming along nicely, Black is really starting to warm toward Nezumi and that can possibly start to develop even further

Then the wMatsui mystery becomes ever more intriguing  :huhuh
Sado seems to hate Yuko for leaving with Gekikara (do I sense a confrontation between them) ;)
Now Jurina has a lead on her sister and if Sado is going to fight Yuko/Gekikara could Jurina follow her or avenge her  :?

Can't wait to see what happens when all these different stories come together  :w00t:
Also nice cameo from Shaku, Gakuran and Choukoku, though I hope it's more than just a cameo  :)

Again thanks so much update :thumbup

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 4
« Reply #44 on: November 09, 2012, 05:42:08 AM »
I was kind of hoping we'd see a jealous Nezumi in that chapter. :cathappy:

Anyway, keep writing. This fic is too good. xx

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 4
« Reply #45 on: November 10, 2012, 03:33:07 PM »
Gakuran's family is so cute~
Yuko seems dark, I like it

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 5
« Reply #46 on: November 12, 2012, 03:22:44 AM »
@Chanaline: Keep looking! I really wanna know what it is. I bet it's interesting!  XD

@sakura_drop_: Don't worry Geki will have her moment when the time comes. And I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  :P

@anzai48: Yes Black and Nezumi are human as much as they refuse to believe it. Oh and Sado and Yuko are  good people in a bad way. You'll figure out as the story progresses. Sorry but I can't reveal all my secrets~  ;)

@JuRikki: Jurina will find her sister! Eventually... No one knows except me so look forward to it when the time comes!  :)

@nori: Don't worry Shaku, Gakuran, and Choukoku will be back. And when the two stories collide, it will be mind blowing! Or at least I hope it will be. I can't get too ahead of myself you know!  :lol:

@alpacas: Don't worry there will be jealousy between both characters! I will promise you that.  :P

@kahem: Indeed Gakuran has a sweet family. Oh and Yuko isn't dark! She's just trying to protect everyone from being killed!

Well here is the next update! I hope you guys like it and have a blast! Let's see if Nezumi and Black can escape the prison shall we?

Chapter 5

Black and Nezumi ran as fast as they could down the long halls and through several rooms. However Black could hear the guards closing in on them and she knew they were running out of places to run. She had to find her sword if she was going to fight off the guards. Black looked through every room they went through searching for her trusty sword. However it was still nowhere to be found and with every stop, the guards were getting closer. It wasn't until the last room Black found her sword and a couple of other useful things. She grabbed a sack of chili powder and dumped some into her hand.

Right as the guards showed up, Black took a deep breath and blew the chili powder at the guards. The powder got in their eyes and they stopped to try to get the pain to cease. Black and Nezumi took this as a chance to keep running as fast as they could. As they ran, Nezumi suddenly stopped in front of two big doors. Black looked over at her and was about to start dragging Nezumi if she didn't move. But then Black heard a rumbling noise coming from inside and wondered what was in it.

Nezumi reached out and slowly opened the door. To Black's horror, the thing behind the door were two very large bears. They looked at Nezumi with frightening glares as if they were going to eat her. Then out of nowhere, someone tried to stab Black in the back. However she was able to avoid the attack and stopped the blade from penetrating her flesh. She looked up and saw a man with a wild look on his eyes glaring at Black. It was then she realized that man was the target.

Black pushed him back and regrouped with Nezumi. Nezumi smiled when she saw the target and then reached into her bag. She pulled out a chain and handed one end to Black.

"Hold on to this while you fight the target. Here."

Nezumi wrapped the chain around Black's arm and held the rest. Black thought Nezumi was insane but she didn't have time to think for the target was coming at Black again. Black dodged his attack and swung her own sword for once. She managed to cut his arm but it wasn't enough. The target swung and almost managed to slice Black's neck. Black was about move but she suddenly felt a tug on her arm. She looked down and saw the chain tugging to the right.

Black tried to move against it but she was going nowhere. She was about cut it but then the target tried to attack and this time Black just followed the chain and moved with it. She was able to get out of the way just in time right as the sword came down and stabbed the floor. The blade got caught and Black took this as a chance to strike. However as she was about to strike she felt the chain pull her back and then to the right. Black had no idea what Nezumi was doing but she was getting irritated.

The chain moved left and so did Black. The chain moved back and Black followed. Black started to feel like a puppet on strings as her body jerked from side to side. As she was moving, the target got up and tried to strike again. Only this time Black was able to stop him and actually land a hit right on the side. The target fell to the ground and coughed up blood. Then Black took her sword and tried to finish him off. However he dodged and Black only cut his arm.

The target got back up and swung aiming at Black's neck. But Black ducked and his blade swung over her inches away from her nose. Then Black kicked him in the side where she had cut him and he went down. Black grabbed her sword and was ready to cut him down but then he sprang up and pinned Black down onto the floor. He took his sword and was ready to stab Black when suddenly something dark hovered above his head.

The target didn't see it in time and by the time he realized it was too late. A set of giant teeth came down and crushed the target's head. When the thing pulled back, his body feel next to Black. Black sat up and looked at what just killed the target. Turns out it was one of the bears and now it was looking down on Black as if she was the next meal. Black drew her sword ready to take the beast on when suddenly there was a loud snap.

The bear got down on all fours and it was then Black saw Nezumi sitting on top of it with a chain wrapped around its neck. Nezumi grinned at Black as she dismounted the giant animal and walked over. She took the other end of the chain and from Black and said,

"Thanks for holding on."

"Where's the other one?" Black asked.

"The other one wouldn't cooperate so I had to put it down over there."

Nezumi pointed to a darker part of the room. Black couldn't see well but she could definitely see something was missing. It was then Nezumi pulled something over her body that made Black almost scream. The thing Nezumi had was the fur from the other bed. She was wearing it like a new hood. The sight made Black sick to her stomach but she managed to hold it in.

"What do you think? Nice?"

Black didn't say anything this time. Instead she turned to the side and looked at the bear on the ground. It stared at her with big round eyes trying to look innocent despite the fact there was still blood on it's face.

"That's Daruma our new pet and transportation!"

Black couldn't believe what Nezumi said. She was going to ride on a bear? Black thought Nezumi was joking but was actually serious. Nezumi got onto the bear and patted the seat behind her.

"Come on now we don't got all day!"

Black had no choice but to get on the bear. Nezumi smiled and then lightly tugged the chain. The bear got up and started moving in the direction Nezumi wanted. Black was amazed at how tame the bear was. She wondered how Nezumi was able to control it so easily. As they were walking out of the gates she saw Center standing there. When she saw the bear, her eyes widened to the size of rice bowls.

"Woah cool bear! Can I have a ride?" she asked.

"Get your own~ This is my bear!" Nezumi said proudly.

"Fine here's your next mission."

Center threw a scroll at Nezumi who barely caught it and then she turned to leave. But then she stopped and looked at Nezumi.

"Hey Nezumi you know anyone by the name of Gekikara?"

"No I haven't sorry."

"Oh ok. I'll see you later then. Bye."

Center disappeared and Nezumi was confused. But it was only for a moment and then she went back to being her usual self.

"We're off to the next down! Forward Daruma!"

(Meanwhile over at some random field...)

Yuko had gone out into the fields to gather some crops when she heard a strange noise. She turned around and saw nothing so she just went back to her regular business. But then she heard the same noise and this time she knew someone was watching her. Very carefully, Yuko pulled out three daggers. She threw them all at once and watched them disappear into the tall grass. There was a loud thud and then blood came out. Yuko had spies and wasn't very happy.

As Yuko stood up, then men came out with weapons pointing straight at Yuko. Yuko simply laughed at them men and pulled out a chain with a sharp blade at the end.

"Let's see what you boys can do!"

Ten minutes later, all the men where dead and only Yuko was left standing. She looked at the bodies and thought they were pathetic. But then she also saw that they had the Rappapa crest on their uniforms. These men were Sado's men and Yuko wasn't very happy seeing this. She decided to head back to the house and make sure Rena was ok. She turned around and started walking back to her home. She was almost there when she heard a loud scream. Yuko rushed in and saw Rena on the ground shaking.

Yuko looked over and saw one of Sado's men dead on the ground. His blood was splattered all over the walls and limbs scattered everywhere. Then out of all the mess was Rena lying there breathing heavily and trembling covered in his blood. Yuko ran over and tried to comfort Rena the best way she could.

"Rena look at me. Rena!"

Rena looked at Yuko but couldn't say anything. Her eyes were flashing from red to brown like a rapid heart beat. Rena's frown slowly turned into a twisted smile and her short breaths became small giggles. Yuko could feel Rena dig her nails into her body and pull her down. She moved up to her ear and said,

"I'll kill everyone...."

Rena started to go into a giggle fit as she dug further into Yuko's body. Yuko had to stop her so she pressed her hand against her chest and her head against Rena's. Yuko uttered a couple words and then suddenly markings started to glow on Rena's body. They began to swirl around her body and change positions. They glowed blood red and gave off heat that one would feel sitting next to fire places. Rena groaned in pain as the marks moved around her.

Finally Yuko said the last words and the marks stopped now forming a new pattern on Rena's body. Rena calmed down and let go passing out on the ground. Yuko let out a sigh of relief glad she was able to stop Rena in time before she had fully awakened. Yuko knew the sight of blood would send the girl into full demon mode. If it wasn't for the seals she had on her, Rena would've lost it.

Yuko carried Rena to the bed and then cleaned up the mess. Then she took the head and placed it in a bag. She wrote another note and this time she had a hawk send the bag. Once it was gone she went back to Rena who was sleeping. Yuko cleaned off the blood on her hands and then softly stroked her face. Yuko thought Rena had the sleeping face of an angel even though she had the power of a demon. While she was watching she heard Rena say something. She leaned in and heard it again.


Yuko pulled back and had a frown on her face. Long ago Yuko had erased Rena's memories of her past. But someone of them must have remained inside still. Yuko leaned in and whispered,

"There is no Jurina. Only Yuko. Only Yuko...."

Rena's facial expression changed and she said something different this time.


Yuko smiled and laid down next to Rena. She pulled a blanket over the both of them and fell asleep with Rena wrapped around her. Yuko knew she had to do something about Sado fast. Otherwise one day Yuko may not be able to stop them and Rena will lose it.

(Back to Black and Nezumi...)

Black and Nezumi made it the next town and this time when they arrived there was no surprise attack. They rolled in on their giant bear and got all kinds of strange stares. The one thing Black hated was standing out. She like to stay hidden and out of people's faces. Nezumi however was enjoying it and waving to the people that they passed.

Then they reached a place to stop and got off their bear. Once they were off, Nezumi was going to walk away when suddenly the bear let out a growl. Black looked over and saw a little girl hugging the bears massive head. Black was going to get that girl away from the bear but then another girl came by.

"Acchan no! You shouldn't play with scary animals!" she said.

"But Takamina she won't hurt me! See!"

The little girl stroked the bear and the bear stayed calm. Black was amazed by this and Nezumi just had a weird look on her face.

"Hey who's the kid?" she asked.

"I'm sorry my name is Takahashi Minami and this is my friend Maeda Atsuko. I'm sorry but it seems she really likes your bear. I don't think she'll be wanting to let go so would you like to come to my place and have dinner?"

"That would be nice."

"Then please follow me."

Black and Nezumi followed the unnaturally short woman to a home way to the far side of the corner. When they got here, Black saw the place was a dump.

"I'm sorry about the mess. I haven't had time to clean because I've been taking care of Acchan."

Black couldn't help but feel sorry for the woman. She wondered what she could do to help. She was going to say something when Atsuko said,

"Nee can we keep it?"


Well there's the next update! I hope you guys liked it and look forward to the next update!

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 5
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Rena still remembers Jurina, wonder if Jurina will also remembers "Rena" but not "Gekikara"  :?
Then there's Sado & Yuko who obviously separated wMatsui to protect everyone (a part of me still can't forgive them for separating wMatsui) but does Yuko know that Sado is dying?
They obviously have an interesting history between each other but it seems pretty strained at the moment

Not forgetting the appearance of Atsuko & Minami, should bring a bundle of laughs , and Mayu & Yuki have a big cuddly bear as a pet XD
Thank you and look forward to more  :)

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 5
« Reply #48 on: November 12, 2012, 09:54:31 AM »
YukoRena moments are  :wub: :wub: :wub:

But I want Geki TAIMU!!!  :tantrum:

And Acchan is as always so funny!  :rofl:
Can we keep it?
  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 5
« Reply #49 on: November 14, 2012, 01:30:48 AM »
Oh Atsumina~
The bear svene is so funny ^^

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 5
« Reply #50 on: November 19, 2012, 12:39:03 PM »
Just Joining

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next chapter

Thank you for great fanfic :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Atsuko is airheaded???    ;) :smhid :P :lol::inlove:

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 6
« Reply #51 on: November 26, 2012, 02:50:49 AM »
I have been so lazy when it comes to updating so I want to apologize to everyone for being gone. Ahh but now I'm back and I have some more work to do so I hope you enjoy the update and again I'm sorry for being lazy~

Chapter 6


That was Minami's reaction when she heard Atsuko ask if they could keep the bear. Minami had a very shocked face while Atsuko remained the same. Nezumi looked surprised and Black was plain emotionless like always. Minami was silent for a long time and sat here thinking of what could possibly happen. If Black was in Minami's position she would tell her no. However she was curious to see what Minami would say to such and outrageous request.

"Can we keep it please Minami!"

"Ummm.. ehh...."

Minami was still not talking and Atsuko looked like she was losing her patience. Just as one was about to speak, Nezumi stepped in and said,

"Why don't you watch Daruma for a while."


"Black and I have some business to take care of. In the meantime someone has to watch Daruma. Would you be willing to do that while we're gone?"


Atsuko's eyes were sparkling and when Black looked over at Minami she could tell there was no way Minami was going to refuse. Minami only shook her head yes and sipped her tea glass.

"Yay thanks Takamina! I love you~"

"I love you too Atsuko.."

Minami's face was bright red when she said that.

"So then you guys take care of the bear while Black and I go get some work done. Let's go Black!"

Nezumi got up and started to walk away. Black had no choice but to follow as well. When they got out, Nezumi grabbed Black by the hand and the two ran into the busy crowd. Black wasn't sure what Nezumi was up to this time but knowing her it was probably something bad. They walked outside and then to the back of the house. Nezumi ducked behind some crates and made Black stay behind with her.

"What are we doing?" Black asked.

"Waiting for our target to arrive."


"Just shut up and watch."

Black was about to smack Nezumi but then she heard Atsuko leaving.

"I'm gonna play with Daruma for a while!"

"Ok then don't stay out too late. When you get back dinner will be ready."


Black watched Atsuko and Daruma run off somewhere else. Meanwhiel Minami was still inside getting ready to head out. She was putting on her shoes when the door was suddenly kicked down and men swarmed in. One of them grabbed Minami by her arm and pulled her in. Black was ready to attack but Nezumi kept her at bay.

"Alright midget where's my money?"

"I told you I need more time. I almost have it though I swear!"

"You said that two weeks ago! I'm getting tired of waiting. I want my money now!"

"Please just give me more time."

"Fine. You get two more days. After that I'm killing you and taking the girl got it?

"Yes yes I understand!"

"Alright then. I'll be back and my men are watching you."

The man dropped Minami and left. It was then Black and Nezumi went inside.

"Who were those guys?" Nezumi asked.

"Loan sharks. I owe them money." Minami said.

"Why did you borrow in the first place?"

"I needed to money so I could afford to take care of Atsuko. It's not easy feeding myself and her. I can barely get enough money as things are now. And now I owe them more than I borrowed and there is no way I'll be able to repay them. I don't know what to do and if I don't do something soon they'll take Atsuko and put her through a prostitution business!"

Minami started to cry and then Nezumi did something very surprising and not something she would do. Nezumi walked over and hugged Minami. She patted her back and said things to soothe her. This was something Black had never seen Nezumi do and the whole action surprised her. But it also led her to think that maybe Nezumi isn't a bad person after all. Maybe she does have some kindness in that sneaky heart of hers. When Minami stopped crying, Nezumi stood up and asked,

"Where is Atsuko?"

"She went out to play with Daruma. They're probably down by the river."

"We have to go find her now."


"She's in trouble."

"Follow me."

Minami led Black and Nezumi to the river where Atsuko was playing. They found her but right as they were arriving, the same men had also showed up. They saw Nezumi and now it was a race to see who could get to Atusko faster.


By the time Atsuko heard Minami's voice, it was too late. One man scooped Atsuko off and then ran off before Daruma could attack. Minami however managed to run ahead ang grab onto the man's leg. It didn't look like Minami was going to let go but the man wasn't going to let her stay. He pulled out a sword and was going to stab Minami but then Atsuko bit his arm causing him to miss and only cut her arm. However it was enough to make Minami let go and Atsuko get knocked out cold.

Nezumi went to Minami to treat her wound while Black went after the man. She was right behind him and almost able to reach out and grab him. But then he pulled something out and threw them right at Black. A puff of black smoke appeared in front of Black making her lose sight and crash into a rock.

Black hit hard while the man got away with Atsuko. When Black went back to where Nezumi was, she found Minami's wound bandaged and Nezumi comforting Daruma who just lost her playmate. Black walked over to Minami was staring at the bloody wound. When she saw Black her face llt up with hope.

"Where is Atsuko?'

"They got away."

Minami didn't say anything. Instead she started falling right into Black's arms if she wasn't there to catch her. Nezumi picked Minami up and placed her on Daruma. She got on as well and then looked at Black.

"I'll take care of Minami while you go find Atsuko. Their hideout shouldn't be far from here."

Black nodded her head and ran off to find the hideout. She searched everywhere in the town and couldn't find it anywhere. Then she realized they were loan sharks so they probably had some kind of fancy place. Black was right when she found the fansiest house in town right near the exit of the town. Black drew her sword and walked into the house.

When she stepped in, two men tried to ambush her. However Black knew this was going to happen and was easily able to dodge and kill them. As she walked further into the house, she could hear the sound of someone crying. She checked every room in search of Atsuko but was unable to find her. When she reached the end, there was only one place she had not checked yet. The bosses room which was right ahead.

Black opened the door and saw Atsuko in the process of being stripped. However Black reacted quickly and trew a dagger at the man's hand before he could completely strip her. He howled in pain as dagger punctered his hand. Black took this chance to grab Atsuko and start running. Usually Black would've chopped his head off right there. But because Atsuko was still a child, she didn't want to corrupt her mind with such dark sights.

They made it out into the hall and outside. However when they got outside, there was a huge wave of men aiming right at them. Black knew she was going to have no choice but to fight this time. But right as she was going to draw her sword, there was a loud rumlbe coming from the distance. Black looked over and saw Nezumi riding on Daruma while holding a sack.

"Throw the kid in here!"

Nezumi opened the sack and Black knew what to do. Black picked Atusko up and threw her straight at Nezumi. Nezumi caught her in the sack and put the sack in front of her. Then Nezumi shouted.

"Alright let'em have it!"

Black pulled out her sword and started slicing and dicing. Body parts flew everywhere as she hacked her way throught the crowd of men. However Black wasn't the only one killing the men. She looked over and saw Daruma crushing and biting the necks out of the men. If Atsuko were to see that there would be no way she would keep Daruma. She wondered if Nezumi really was going to do with Daruma.

Black didn't have time to think about it because she was too busy hacking bodies. Legs and arms flew everywhere and blood spalattered across the area. When Black was done, there wasn't a single man standing. Black looked back over to Nezumi who was patting Daruma's head telling her she was a good bear.

"Alright let's go."

Atusko was returend to Minami with a happy runion. Black was happy to see them together again because it was just something to be happy about. As they were about to leave, Nezumi did another kind act. She handed Minami a small bag with a large amount of money in it. She also patted Daruma's head and said,

"You have a new family now. Watch over them ok?"

Black was astounded by such kindess. She had never seen Nezumi so kind to others before.

"You take care of yourselves. Don't do anything stupid while we're gone got it?"

"Hai!" they both said.

Nezumi smiled then turned to walk away. Once they were outside, Black was about to ask the question when Nezumi seemed to already know what she was going to ask.

"I was kind because Atsuko's situation was a lot like mine when I was younger. Only when I was sold off, I didn't have such a happy ending."

Black knew what she meant and immediately stopped in her tracks.


Black walked over to Nezumi and embraced her in a warm hug. This shocked Nezumi but wasn't too surprised. Instead they stood there remenissing in the moment. Slowly without knowing it, the bond between the two was growing closer little by little.

(Meanwhile at the Palace)

Sado was in her study when she heard the door open. Instead of Jurina that came in it was Torigoya.

"What is it Torigoya?"

"I wanted to come in and see how you were feeling." she said.

"Really? Well I'm doing fine so thank you for checking in on me." Sado said.

"But there's another thing."

"What is it?"

"A hawk came by and dropped off another head. Seems like Yuko was able to kill your men again."

"That's no surprise. I don't know why I send them when she kills them all the time."

"I'm telling you Sado you should just go fight her and bring her back yourself." Torigoya said.

"Torigoya, you know I can't leave this place. If something bad happens and I'm not here we're all doomed." Sado said.

"I can watch the place. You said I'm going to take over anyways."

"Well I'm starting to rethink that."


Everything was silent. Torigoya and Sado exchanged looks that looked like they were having a conversation with their eyes. Then Torigoya got up and walked over to Sado. She sat on her desk and snatched her brush.

"What do you mean you're rethinking?" Torigoya asked in an angry tone.

"Well lately I see you do nothing around here while Center is doing all the work. I think you need to do some more work." Sado said in a calm tone.

"More work?"

Torigoya laughed at the thought.

"You and I know both know that's not right. So tell me the real reason."

"You're not strong enough."


"You're not strong enough to control Center and not strong enough to lead. You're weak and pampered. When I die and Center loses it I don't know how you will be able to control her."

Torigoya leaned in really close to Sado to where they were only centimeters away from kissing. Then Torigoya smirked and said,

"You wanna see how strong I am? Give me a mission and I'll take it. Give me the best you got."

Sado smirked back and said,

"Go fight Yuko and bring her back."

Torigoya's face changed and she leaned back away from Sado.

"Are you serious?" she said.

"If you want to prove yourself worthy then go fight Yuko and bring her back. "Sado said.

"Very well. You're on. I'll be back in a couple days. Jaa nee~"

Torigoya left and Sado sighed with relief. She knew there was no way Torigoya could win against Yuko but she wanted to see what she could do. Something told Sado that Torigoya isn't a complete idiot as she looks to be.

Sorry for the short chapter but I've been having trouble so next time I'll have a better update. Again sorry for my laziness!
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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 6
« Reply #52 on: November 26, 2012, 07:34:07 AM »
Ohhhh!! Just started reading this!!!
I love how this fic is MG characters but fresh story :)
I think the story is great so far... I love the relationships between the characters
Please update soon :)

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 6
« Reply #53 on: November 26, 2012, 12:27:13 PM »
Finally have time to comment in this fic where ive been so silent with all of the chapters!

the plot has a nice twist miyu
you still so good as always
you really know how to spoil your readers nyahahaha and im one of them
you know im bias with my otp XD
but i find this lovable!  :thumbsup

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 6
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Wahaaaa~! They are just so cute!!!! :love:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 6
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>_> jusy checking, is this on hiatus?

sorry for intruding  :P Miyu-chama
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Re: Silent Killer Chapter 6
« Reply #56 on: March 27, 2013, 03:12:08 AM »

Should I continue it not? Up to you guys! I thought no one read so I just stopped.
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Re: Silent Killer POLL
« Reply #57 on: March 27, 2013, 04:00:30 AM »
Please continue it
This is such a good story line
I'm reading and ill keep waiting :)

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Re: Silent Killer POLL
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Nezumi is a kind girl...

Yeah... Atsuko is being reunited with Minami....

Yeah... Black please keep taking care of Nezumi....

Eh.... Torigoya is going to attack Yuko....

Nobody can win against Yuko....

I can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the lovely update

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

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Re: Silent Killer POLL
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Please continue your story.. I like how the story flow.. Hope you update soon... :3

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