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Author Topic: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)  (Read 8400 times)

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Re: (Jan 5) To Look At You: Chapter 2 (Mayuki) + Character list
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Aw..Yuihan's a nice girl...I wonder what will happen to her, from how Yukirin acted it seems like something harsh will occur.

Also I wonder who long it will take for Yukirin and Mayuyu to meet, from the looks on how they act at the moment  I'm not sure they'll like each other very much

Ah..Acchan don't just go running into people's homes.  ..even if they are your "best friend's".

It's nice to read your work again Fiffi.
I hope you had a nice break!  :hee:
Also thanks for posting the Character List, it really helped keeping track with everyone. (But there's MORE to come?  :shocked )
Umeda Ayaka is my kami-oshi  :heart:
Takamina is my spirit animal XD

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Re: (Jan 5) To Look At You: Chapter 2 (Mayuki) + Character list
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Hihi I can't wait for the next chapter
Haruppi and her friends are kinda wtf xD

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Re: (Jan 5) To Look At You: Chapter 2 (Mayuki) + Character list
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Yui is very good... doesn't like to show her wealthiness...

Minami is very clumsy... that's interesting

Who is the Matsui that being engage to Yuki... is it Rena as a guy?

Well it supposed to be Mayuki story but Mayu here is a female or a male?

Anyhow, can't wait to see your next one.

Thank you for the interesting fic.

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: (Jan 5) To Look At You: Chapter 2 (Mayuki) + Character list
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Woa hohohohoho i'm so curious to see what would happen next xDDDD

Those rich ojou-sama's character are so interested to me. Especially Atsuko's part, i really like her personality in here, so mysterious xDDD

And Mayuki, ogm can't wait till they meet each other >,<

Thank you, thank you for updating new chapter, please please update soon

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Re: (Jan 5) To Look At You: Chapter 2 (Mayuki) + Character list
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Hey there!

It's finally update time! Thank you for reading and liking the previous chapter!

@ Chanaline: I understand you, don't worry. Well, Atsuko is... interesting. Even for me she's some kind of a secretive character. Yep, Atsumina meeting will occur right here! Mayuki... next chapter. I promise.
@ kurogumi: Yeah, Mayuki meeting will be fated.
@ TTLuver497: Okay! I actually wanted them to appear but I can't decide wether they are going to be charming students in school or Yuko's ultimatively cool friends.
@ DC2805: There will be a bunch of pairings, don't worry!
@ Prataz: That would be a sight to see! Hmmh, we'll see how she gets out of this.
@ XxRoByNxX78: Oh, your instincts are good! You caught the moment! Atsumina is always an interesting pairing, so we'll see... Hehe, Miichan and Atsuko have an evil plan!
@ ikun1216: Well, they have a plan. Mayuki meeting will be fun! (I hope). Oh, and Ume is going to have her first guest appearance in this chapter, look out for her!
@ kahem: They just came out like that, I guess. Crazy little girls they are.
@ cisda83: Yep, she's a sweetheart. And Takamina is just being herself I guess. Both Mayu and Rena are girls here. The Matsui guy is just some random dude who simply bothers by his presence without appearing.
@ Playgirlz: Hope this satisfies your curiousity! They are rich, mean girls, we'll see how this turns out. Mayuki meeting... next chapter, okay?

Chapter 3


“Well, that’s great, nice to meet you” Jurina stumbled over her words and looked at Mayu, seeking help. The otaku groaned inwardly. She had no idea what exactly was going on but she wasn’t keen to find out either.

“I think you must be mistaking her” she sad coldly, but with the brightest smile she could muster. Yui blinked at her.

“But… You are the daughter of the Matsui-family, right?” she asked Jurina stubbornly.
Jurina nodded.

“And you are on your way home, right?”

“Yes, we so are!” Yuuka butted in and threw an arm around her dumbstruck friend.

“Oh, you are surely getting ready for Kashiwagi-san’s party, right?” Yui smiled shyly. “As expected the sister of Kashiwagi-san’s fiancé would be invited as well”

“Are you coming too?” Yuuka chirped.

“Well, I have been invited by Kashiwagi-san in person, so it would be impolite not to come, right? But I wonder if it is some kind of a formal celebration… Do you by any chance know about that?”

Mayu looked at the other girl. She seemed to be talking out of simple nervousness, not really confident about speaking up.

“It’s a high school party, right? So I guess that it will be somewhat informal…” Lovetan mumbled. Mayu was not too sure about that as she imagined those rich families a bit different. Eccentric maybe, or traditional. Certainly different.

Jurina scratched the back of her head, not sure what to say.

“Well, I’m not really…” she tried again and once again she was interrupted. Haruppi shot up in her sleep, babbling something not understandable in a loud voice. Everyone looked at her for a few moments, before Mayu decided to press her sister’s face back into her shoulder. Forcing Haruka’s head down, she smiled at Yui who seemed unbelievably confused. Then her eyes lit up.

“Ah, yes, we have to get off on the next stop, right? Sorry, I’m not yet familiar, I would have forgotten” she smiled sheepishly. Yuuka waved her hand as if she wanted to shrug it off.

“We know our way around” she boasted. Lovetan nodded, while Jurina chuckled nervously.

“Yokoyama-san, uhm…” she seemed to have decided to tell the truth, but under Yuuka’s and Aika’s glare her intentions vanished quickly. Mayu tried to smile encouraging, but she was still struggling with her sister whose face she was pushing into her blazer. Haruppi seemed to have decided that she couldn’t breathe anymore and was actually hitting Mayu’s back with her fists.
“Yokoyama-san…” Jurina was still struggling with her words. “I’d be honored if I could go to the party with you. I’d like to accompany you, after all you are indeed very pretty”

Mayu would have liked to slap her. She knew that the younger girl’s reactions in a desperate situation were flirting, every single time she seemed to barf compliments in an awkward moment. Well, compliments or puns for the matter.

“Oh. Oh!” Yokoyama-san stumbled, a light blush on her cheek. “I… here’s our stop!”

She almost fell on the floor as the bus stopped. Mayu sighed and got up too, knowing very well that they should get off if they wanted to keep the act up. Haruka, freed from her sister’s grip, took a deep breath and slumped into her seat, only to be pulled up by an overly excited Yuuka who bounced off the bus.

“Wo-“ Lovetan covered her mouth with her hands to muffle her surprised sounds.

Mayu looked around, not able to deny the excitement in her body. They were standing in front of the biggest mansions they had ever seen. The buildings stood on the opposite sides of the street, facing each other. Even though they were partly hidden by tress that lined the driveway, the girls could see that they were old. Old, with decorated window frames and small towers, balconies and gutters.

Mayu looked up to one of the windows. It was open and white rose-patterned curtains were swaying in the breeze. Somehow the anime-lover imagined a doll-like girl in a frilly dress behind them. As she stared up, suddenly a small hand appeared and moved the curtains a bit. Mayu spotted a face for a brief second but then it disappeared. 
She shrugged and turned back to the other girls. Jurina was staring up to the window as well, a baffled look on her face.

“Your sister?” Yui asked in a conversational tone.

“What?” Jurina turned to her, completely off in some kind of dream world.

“You… you do have an older sister right?” Yui asked, unsure if she was right. “Forgive me if I was wrong” she added.

“No, no, not at all” Jurina waved her hands nervously.

“Ah” The rich girl nodded and looked at everyone. Yuuka stared back challenging, clinging to Haruppi who was still somewhat asleep. Aika, smiled sweetly and Mayu gave her a cyborg smile.

She wondered if she should break this obviously uncomfortable silence somehow, but decided that Yuka had dragged them into this situation, so it was her fault after all.

“I should go home then. Matsui-san’s sister must be waiting after all. Excuse me please” Yui bowed, flashed everybody a shy smile and crossed the street, walking towards the bigger house. At the gate she turned around and bowed once more.

“Can’t be helped” Yuuka shrugged, grabbed Haruka’s hand and started to drag her towards the metal gate of the other mansion.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Mayu asked. She had no intention to get into trouble for breaking into a house and she wouldn’t allow her sister to do something this stupid.

“She’ll find out that we lied if we don’t do this. Hey Jurina, come here, you have to press that button for the speaker, it’s your house” The reckless girl answered cheerfully; obviously not aware that they were doing something that could very well be considered criminal.

Jurina who was still somewhat in a daze walked over, encouraged by Yuuka’s excited waving. Aika took the chance to grab a hold of Mayu’s arm.

“We should stop them” she whispered into her best friend’s ear, licking her lips nervously as they watched Jurina raising her hand. In that very moment, the gate started to open slowly. Haruppi, who had been leaning against one of its bars, let out a startled cry as she fell face-first onto the driveway. She groaned and got up. Then without thinking she started to walk towards the house. As usual, Mayu wished that her sister was born with a bit more intellect. Yuuka stared at her friend, then she grinned and dashed after her.

“We batter make sure that they offend no one” Mayu groaned. She and Lovetan sat their foot on the ground as well. Jurina, who was still somewhat startled followed after them. Mayu wondered what was wrong with her. Normally the girl would burst of self-confidence, but now she seemed like a lost puppy, wagging behind them. An unusual feeling of pity, made her stretch out the arm that was not claimed by Aika, inviting the younger girl to join them. In the blink of an eye, Jurina’s usual cat smile was back as they linked arms.

And so they walked towards the main entrance, following the invitation of an unknown person.


“N-nice… t-to meeeeet you!” Atsuko’s uncontrolled giggles were heard out into the hallway. Yuki groaned inwardly as she pushed the door to her room open. Her friend stood in the middle, unable to form any comprehensible words because she was laughing too hard. Yuki’s maid stood across her, a clueless look on her face, that implied that she had no idea why she was being laughed at.

“Figure it out by yourself” Yuki answered the unasked question. Minegishi who had followed after her grinned suggestively.

Minami stared back at the high-class girl in front of her who seemed to be close to choking.
“Ojou-sama…” she then addressed Yuki, obviously remembering her job. “Welcome home” she bowed deeply.

Yuki waved her hand, about to dismiss her, but Tomomi grabbed her hand.
“I want to see how she deals with Acchan. I didn’t know she could laugh like that” she whispered, obviously amazed.

“Hm” Yuki answered. To be honest it would be somewhat enjoyable to see how the awkward girl was going to talk her way out of this. “Well then” she smirked and sat on her back. “Minami!” she ordered.

The maid turned to her.

“Make sure that my friend returns back to normal”

She earned a clueless gaze.

“What?” she raised an eyebrow. “She’s obviously laughing at your ridiculous appearance, so make sure that you get her to snap out of it. It’s your fault after all”

“Yeah, do something, girl with my name!” Minegishi ordered and sat down next to Yuki, pulling Tomomi on her lap.

“Me?” Minami pointed at herself.

“You are a bit slow today, aren’t you? First you forget to wake me up and now this” she shook her head and enjoyed the sight of Minami’s eyes widening in shock.

“Of course” Minami nodded and fell down on her knees in front of Atsuko who had dropped to the floor a while ago. However, the girl laughed only harder. “Please, stop” she begged. Minegishi started to giggle, causing Minami to shoot her a freaked out look, obviously fearing that she would have to calm her down to. Then she focused back on Atsuko. Hesitating she reached out to her, wondering if it was alright to touch her.

Yuki leant forward. For once she was curious what was about to happen. Usually Atsuko did not laugh like that. To lose her composure was certainly not common for her.

Minami’s hand touched Atsuko’s cheek softly. Yuki awaited the reaction to this daring move full of suspense.

Atsuko looked at Minami who recoiled. She sniffled a few times, gulping down the tears that had formed as she was laughing. Then she pointed her finger at the maid and broke into another fit of giggles.

“Yuki, can I borrow her?” she pressed out. Minami stared at her as if she was crazy.

“What would you want her for?” Once again, Yuki couldn’t understand her friend at all. It was a bit ridiculous and somewhat a bit crazy. To see such a composed, calculating person laugh like a maniac was surely somewhat disturbing.

“Ojou-sama, you’re not going to lend me to her, are you?” The maid seemed clearly scared and for a minute, Yuki decided to play around.

“Why not?” she asked innocently but couldn’t hold back her laughter as she saw that indescribable expression on the other girl’s face.

“Oh, please Yuki!” Suddenly Atsuko lounged forward and threw her arms around Minami who lost her balance and fell on her back with a thud. Acchan hovered above her.

Minegishi grinned evilly and raised her phone.  Without looking at her, Atsuko ordered:
“No pictures”

A disappointed look appeared on her classmate’s face as she lowered her phone. She pouted.
“But Atsuko, that’s excellent material”

“No” Atsuko didn’t bother to take her gaze off Minami’s eyes who seemed to be somewhat paralyzed beneath her.

Yuki was not sure what exactly her best friend was up to but she thought that it would be real convenient if her maid was still healthy after that attack.  A knock on the door saved her from further thoughts.

“Yes?” she called out.
The door opened a bit to reveal another maid of the Kashiwagi household. After throwing a surprised look on the pairing on the floor she bowed down.

“Ojou-sama, your friend’s clothes have arrived”

“Thank you” Yuki dismissed her, not bothering with trying to remember her name.

Suddenly life seemed to come back into Minami. With a scream she pushed Atsuko off her, called out “Ayaka, save me!” and rushed after the other maid who was just about to leave.
Yuki sucked in her breath. That kind of behaviour was something she didn’t like to accept. After all her family paid those people so they should be honored to serve as a rich girl’s pillows for a few seconds.

“Atsuko, are you angry?” Tomomi asked in a small voice. The other girl was still sitting on the floor, staring at the door. A confident smile appeared on her face.

“She’s going to come back, to apologize, right Yuki?”

“Eh? How am supposed to know?”

“She’s your personal maid” Atsuko declared as if the question was self-explaining. “She’s going to join tonight’s party. By the way, our dresses should be in the dressing room now, shall we go?”

She stood up smoothly. Holding her head up high she walked out of the room, leaving her startled friends.

“The fuck was that?” Minegishi shook her head in disbelief and pushed Tomomi off her lap.
“Oi! Oi, Atsuko! Come on, tell me what that was!” she dashed out into the hallway.

“As if she was going to tell someone like you” Yuki shook her head, a sly smile on her face. “She’s not even going to tell me and I’m her best friend after all. Let’s go, Tomo~mi” she addressed her cousin. “Tomo~mi?”

“It’s love”


“Love. That tension; that was love”

Yuki tried to look as if she pitied the other girl for her delusions.

“No, it wasn’t. You know Atsuko, she likes to play”

“Ah, Yuki, you know nothing” Tomo~mi shook her head, suddenly seeming strangely grown up. 

“Of course I do” Yuki snapped back, offended by her cousin’s sudden attitude. “First of all, Atsuko is too well-raised to fall in love with a girl of all people. And secondly… she’s Atsuko. Way off that maid’s limits, you know that. Love at first sight doesn’t exist, Tomo~mi, that’s an illusion”

“No, it’s not. Too well-raised to fall in love with a girl, you say…”

“Yes, I do” Yuki crossed her arms. “It’s perverse”

“And what about Yuko, then?” Suddenly tears spilled out of Tomomi’s eyes. “What about her?”

Yuki sucked in breath, knowing that she made a mistake. She was not up for a crying fest now. Besides they would get in trouble if their parents found out that they talked about the family’s black sheep.

“This is not about your half-sister” she hissed, making sure to put extra-pronunciation on the ‘half’.

“You said it was perverse” Tomomi cried out like a bratty kid.

Yuki rubbed her temples.

“Keep it down, will you?”


“No! Yuko decided to be stupid to leave the family and this lifestyle behind to run off with a have-not. She should glad that your father is still paying for her life every now and then when she’s not even his child”

Tomomi sniffled.

“But… he’s always loved her more and she detested him!” she whined and started to sob uncontrollably.

Yuki gave a quick pat on Tomomi’s head to show at least some concern.

“Happens” she answered as she was not sure how to comfort her. “Let’s go and look for an outfit”

With that she fled the room.


“Hello?” Jurina called out as she obviously felt responsible. The girls had found the main door open and now they stood in the ridiculously big entrance hall. The floor was made of polished marble. Two flights of stairs were situated on both sides on the room, making their curved way upwards until they met in the middle.

“What an empty place” Haruka shuttered and Mayu couldn’t help but agree. Of course she had dreamt to see something like this in reality, but it was a bit frightening indeed. She honestly admired the huge room but couldn’t help but feel small as she was standing in it.

“You could so use this as a ballroom!” not knowing any shame, Yuuko rose herself on tiptoes and danced through the room. She was trying to imitate a ballerina as it seemed.

“Come back here” Aika ordered. Mayu noted satisfied that she was obviously feeling responsible for this situation as well.

Haruka shrieked and pointed upstairs. A woman had appeared on top of the stairs. She wore a blue silk blouse and a black pencil skirt. Her hair was pinned up and a pearl necklace adorned her neck.

“We’re sorry for intruding!” Jurina called out and bowed deeply. Mayu and the other girls followed her lead, relieved that she had decided to speak up.

“What do you want?” the woman’s voice sounded chilly and sent shivers down Mayu’s spine. At the same time she was somewhat excited, after all fear didn’t get to her that easily. Jurina, who seemed to have regained her usual attitude, raised her head at first.

“The gate opened for us, so we came in, once again, we are really sorry!” with that energetic reply she lowered her head again.

“It opened for you? Why should I believe such a lie?”

“But… but it did” Haruka stammered. “Right, Onee-chan?”

“It did” Mayu replied flatly and looked up, determined to hold the woman’s gaze.
The woman scoffed.

“It does not matter anyway. Just leave or I’ll let out the dogs”

“Dogs?!” Yuuka exclaimed in surprise. “You have real dangerous dogs, like those people in movies? That’s so cool!”

“Cool, indeed” A small smile appeared on the older woman’s lips. “I advise you to leave”

“We are sorry!” Jurina bowed once more. “I am Matsui Jurina… In case you want to contact my family”

“What a stupid masochist she can be” Aika mumbled and Mayu had to agree. Nobody but Jurina would make sure to get punished out of her free will. Especially after her father was known to get violent when he was pissed. Nobody.

“Matsui?” The woman’s interest seemed to be awoken. “So somebody let you in if he mistook you for me I guess” she mumbled to herself.

“No, I didn’t tell my name to anybody” Jurina shook her head. “The door just opened”

The woman raised an eyebrow and Yuuka took her chance to butt in again.

“Are you a Matsui? Is this your house?” she bounced up and down. “I like your entrance hall. Is everything that pretty?”

“Pretty” Haruka echoed and nodded. Mayu wondered if she would gaze up the woman with such an admiring look as well if she would only be a bit more… princess-like. Lovetan was obviously wondering the same thing.

“I guess” Was the indifferent-sounding answer.

“Can we get a tour?” As usual Yuuka didn’t even try to read the atmosphere.

“Tanochan!” Jurina scolded, then she bowed once more. “Sorry for my friend’s behavior”

“You seem to be better raised than her” The woman nodded approvingly. “Follow me. I think I have an offer for you”

“An offer?” Jurina stammered as she was completely taken aback. “What kind of an offer?”
Mayu started to worry as well. ‘Offer’ sounded much too improper. Stimulatingly with Aika she took a step forward.

“Follow me” The woman repeated. Haruppi who smelled danger as well lounged forward and crashed on the floor, taking a hold of her friend’s leg.

“Don’t go!” she begged. Jurina looked up at the older Matsui worryingly.

“Don’t worry” she got assured. “It’s completely harmless. An appropriate part-time job for a high-schooler like you”

“With payment?”

Mayu knew that Jurina was thinking about her family’s ever-present money troubles. It was not her place to hold her back but she did like the younger girl in a way. She hated that feeling of responsibility but as Haruppi looked at her with pleading eyes she decided to resume to her older-sister-role.

“I’m coming with her” she declared firmly and shook Aika’s arm off. Lovetan got the hint.

“I’ll take Haruka and Yuuka outside. We’ll check when the next bus is set to arrive”

“What? But I…” Yuuka protested as she got pulled away. Haruka tried to resist as well but one strong pull from her senior forced her to let go of Jurina’s leg.

As soon as they had disappeared, the woman motioned for the two girls to follow. As they walked upstairs, they passed by a window and the rays of light that fell on the older Matsui’s face made Mayu realize that she was by far not as old as she had seemed to be. She led the way through an almost empty hallway until they came to a white door. The woman’s knuckles hit the wood as she knocked.

“Come in” The reply was so weak that Mayu almost failed to hear it. As the older Matsui pushed the door open, they stepped into something that seemed to be some kind of a living room. The rose-pattered white curtains they had seen from the street were still swaying in the wind. A girl was sitting in front of it, looking outside so they could only see her back.

“Rena, did you tell the butler to open the gate for them?” Even though she was accusing the girl, the woman’s voice was full of warmth now.

“I guess I did” The girl, Rena, replied. “Why did you bring them upstairs Onee-chan?”

“I believe I found a girl to take on you challenge” The older one of the Matsui sisters grabbed Jurina’s shoulders and pushed her forward. Mayu noticed that the younger girl seemed on a daze again… just as she had been when they saw Rena’s face through the window. A thought so stupid that she slapped it away immediately crossed her mind.

“My challenge, eh?”

Mayu heard a sound that was best described as something being dragged. Looking closer at the girl at the window the otaku suddenly figured that Rena was obviously sitting in a wheelchair. She threw a look at Jurina’s face whose expression told her that she hadn’t noticed at first as well.

“My challenge” The girl had turned around fully and Mayu held her breath. Rena was exactly the kind of person she would have imagined in such a place. A fragile pale girl with black hair and a doll-like face. Her eyes were an outstanding light-brown.

“Your eyes are mesmerizing” Jurina blurted out. As she noticed what she had said a light blush crept over her cheeks. Normally she would never been too embarrassed when flattering a girl so Mayu was rethinking her initial idea of ‘Love at first sight’ once more.

“What’s your name?” Rena leant forward.

“M-matsui Jurina”

Rena chuckled.

“Are you willing to accept it? The offer?”

“Yes!” Jurina stood firmly and once again Mayu wondered if she was out of her mind.

“Jurina, don’t say yes when you don’t know what this is about” she requested.

“Are you her sister?”

“Her friend’s sister”

“How sweet you are to accompany her”

Mayu blinked. Normally she was referred to as an emotionless person, so being called ‘sweet’ made her feel out of character.

“What is the challenge?” Jurina asked in a determined voice. 

“How energetic you are” Rena admired and leant back in her chair. “What a great choice, ne Onee-chan?”

“Indeed. Even your names are quite similar, so nobody will notice”

“Jurina-chan” The young girl trembled visibly as she heard her name from the other girl’s tongue. “Jurina-chan, I want you to become me”

Mayu raised an eyebrow. This was just too unreal, so unreal and crazy that it was some kind of thrilling.

“You” Jurina gasped.

“Me. I can’t go out and attend any social events in my condition. I’ve never been properly introduced into the society, but with my brother marrying this Kashiwagi-girl my sister and I will be requested to step out as well. If I couldn’t attend it would be a huge embarrassment for the Matsui-family. And I want to see the world out there, you know? Become my legs, my mouth, my eyes and my ears, will you?”

Jurina nodded. “I will definitely make Matsui-san happy” she promised.

“Call me Rena. And my sister is Sakiko”

Sakiko nodded.

“Just don’t forget to call me Onee-chan in public” A smile played on her lips but vanished as soon as she looked on Mayu. “I hope for your discretion. Otherwise the consequences will be severe”

Mayu nodded unfazed. As soon as they had started to talk about the challenge she had known that this was going to be a matter of discretion.

“Good” Rena reached for a small bell that was located on a table next to her. “I’ll call for the maid to pick something for you out of my closet. You look slim so it should not be any trouble”

Mayu furrowed her brows. She knew very well that Jurina came to school with an empty stomach quite often because of her family’s circumstances.

“We’ll find something for you too” she told Mayu. “It seems that we just received an invitation from Kashiwagi-san to attend her private party”


“Hello?” Minami stuck her head into the dressing room with her eyes closed. “Ojou-sama?”

Yuki sighed at the sight of her embarrassed and remorseful maid.

“I’m here”

“It’s save to look” Acchan added, only to burst into another fit of giggles as Minami dared to peek and found her in undergarments only.

“I’m sorry for earlier! Please don’t fire me!” She apologized quickly.

“I’m not firing you, how often do you want to hear it?” Yuki answered slightly annoyed.

“Thank you!”

Yuki considered the matter finished and didn’t bother to reply or allow her maid to raise her head.

“Hey, you, look here” Atsuko said and looked at the maid.

“Which one should I wear” she held up two dresses. One of them was a simple black shift dress while the other one was blue with a few playful rhinestone details.
“The blue one”

“Good choice” Atsuko answered and tossed Minami the black dress. “Because you have to wear the other one and you would have looked ridiculous in blue. I can dress her up, right Yuki? That maid uniform makes me laugh too much”

“But…” Minami looked down on her apron. “Isn’t this a cute outfit?”

“It is, but not on you” Yuki said while roaming through the dresses. “Atsuko!” she whined. “I don’t know what to wear! Why can’t I call Mariko-san?”

“’Cause we’re here, baby” Minegishi announced from a far away corner. She was wearing something green and brown that even Yuki with her lame fashion sense identified as ugly.

“I’m going to help you” Tomomi, who had calmed down and joined them a while ago walked over to her cousin. Yuki just looked at her. She knew that the girl was skilled when it came to picking sexy outfits but she wanted to look outstanding. She was not just anyone but Kashiwgi Yuki, for god’s sake.

“And what if Yokoyama tries to outdo me?” she asked.

“Oh, please” Atsuko waved her hand. “That naïve country bumpkin got nothing on you. I bet our traditionalist Kyoto girl shows up in a kimono or something of that kind. Besides, Miichan here has an evil plan”

Yuki smiled assured and turned to the mirror.

“Leave it to me” Tomomi promised and Yuki wondered how she could seem so stupid and then again so intelligent when she was composed and not talking about sex.

“Yeah, we are going to get you a guy” Minegishi announced. She had changed into another dress but didn’t look significantly better. But well, it wasn’t like Yuki was concerned. Minegishi was Minegishi and all she was going to do at that party was probably taking embarrassing snapshots of drunk classmates to spread the picture all over school the next day. Yuki made a mental note to stay away from her as soon as she consumed some alcohol.

“Come on, undress” Atsuko ordered Minami who was standing with her back to the door and looked like an animal in the trap.

“She’s suppressing her instincts around you” Tomomi explained.

“Instincts?” Minami squeaked.

“Like a guy who has the hots for a girl. When the blood is rushing to his lower regions he wouldn’t want to strip either. Well he would, but not in front of her friends”

“I’m not a guy!” Minami defended, beet red. Yuki giggled as she watched the scene through the mirror while Tomomi was fixing her hair.

“Prove it!” Atsuko ordered.


“Strip so I can dress you!”

“What? No! I can’t do that! I uhm, I… Ayaka asked me to fix a broken tap!”

Yuki sighed as she heard that all too obvious lie.

“You’re not a handyman anymore. And who is Ayaka?”

“Your Mother’s personal maid?”

“Oh. Well, who cares”

“Oh, oh, oha!”

Everybody turned to look at Minegishi who was making weird sounds in the corner.

“You sound disgusting” Atsuko announced.

“Yeah, but you know, a while ago I found out the Matsui-families phone number through some people I know, since your maid disappeared into thin air after Atsuko molested her. I didn’t tell you, it was a surprise”

Yuki felt her heart stop. She had no trouble to actually meet her fiancé, but somehow… no.

“Eeeeh? No way! Is he coming?” she asked and rushed over.


“Thank god”

“But Sakiko and Jurina, his sisters, are going to come and bring some friends”

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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #25 on: January 20, 2013, 01:05:09 AM »
Can't believe I didn't see your fic until today :banghead:
So glad I found it cos it's great. I like the set-up and everything. Loving Haruppi and Sakuratan as Mayu's sisters :inlove:

Looking forward to Yuki and Mayu finally meeting in the next chapter :)
Thanks for writing this!

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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #26 on: January 20, 2013, 02:53:10 AM »
Have I ever told you I enjoy ever moment reading your work Fiffi?

Because I do. I truly do.  :hee:
The Characters are convincing.
The Dialogue flows naturally.
And I don't know what to expect next.
I guess this is why I look forward every week to see what you come up with next.  :on gay:

Okay, I think I'm done with the compliments. . . :nervous

The Atsumina in this chapter was adorable, it seems like Takamina will forever be a guy, XD I wonder if one day Yukirin will lend her to Acchan.
I agree with Tomo~mi, it is Love at First Sight, well more one side than the other from the looks of it. I think this chapter sparked my Tomo~mi more, like there's more to her than she lets on. Ah well, just have to wait an see.

I wasn't expecting to see 3 Matsui's!  :shock: lol I wonder where the piano is located in their estate.
Once again Love at First Sight seems to occur, though this time with WMatsui? I wonder how this will play out too.

Oh dear, does this mean Mayuki will finally meet at the party?  :dunno:

Lastly, Ume-chan's appearance in this story was something I wasn't expecting at all.
Thank you. It's terribly rare to see my Kami-Oshi in fanfiction so...this is..Thank you.. :luvluv1:


Umeda Ayaka is my kami-oshi  :heart:
Takamina is my spirit animal XD

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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #27 on: January 20, 2013, 03:15:00 AM »
Love at first sight doesn’t exist”

Well yuki,maybe she's need that experience to make sure she dont think that was an illusion,let see if you suffered cause this kind of love.
A crazy love

F-san i want the next chapter now! Im already being exicited with this fic~

Thank for the update~


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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #28 on: January 20, 2013, 04:32:01 AM »
Lol at Atsumina  :lol:

Can't wait for Mayu and Yuki meeting each other  :ptam-shy:  :grin:
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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #29 on: January 21, 2013, 12:15:08 AM »
I'm still waiting for mayuki's meeting  :wriggly:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #30 on: January 22, 2013, 03:23:01 PM »
Hahaha... it's very funny the reaction and the intraction between Atsuko and Minami...

Also Jurina... replacing Rena...

Well is it going to be homophobic situation for the society.... I hope not...

Well.. Thank you for the update

Can't wait to see the next

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs


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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #31 on: January 23, 2013, 01:23:14 PM »
Uhuhuhuhu! As I expected Atsumina meeting is just so funny!! :grin:

Waw!! Jurina and Rena met each other!!!!

I love Mayu...

So they are going to the party :) Interesting!!
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #32 on: January 24, 2013, 02:04:55 AM »
lol Acchan is funny. It looks like she want to eat Takamina xD

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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #33 on: February 06, 2013, 10:37:51 PM »
I actually wanted them to appear but I can't decide wether they are going to be charming students in school or Yuko's ultimately cool friends.

I vote for the charming students! :shy2:

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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #34 on: February 28, 2013, 12:31:04 PM »

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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #35 on: May 15, 2013, 09:11:38 PM »

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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #36 on: May 16, 2013, 12:10:33 AM »
Wah... I've nearly forgotten the existence of this fic...

Please update

This fic is one of my fav.

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: (Jan 19) To Look At You: Chapter 3 (Mayuki + multiple pairings)
« Reply #37 on: August 01, 2013, 07:25:03 AM »
oh no I just found it today update pleeeease I'm begging you, please  :pleeease:

this is unique, so much nerve-wracking not so fast.... errrm I love eeettttt   :shy1:
my hat is off. saluting.

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