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Author Topic: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 25 [Update: 07/16/14]  (Read 34352 times)

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 6
« Reply #40 on: February 12, 2013, 10:10:46 PM »
They were so lovely and then... Jurina!!!!!  :panic:
Okay, yeah, we knew that was probably going to happen sooner or later but still...

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 6
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Jurina why you gone?! yada!! :pleeease:  :tantrum:
love this fanfic, it makes me cry but it's written so good :luvluv1:
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 6
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I know I said that I won't read this fanfiction again  :nervous but here I'm again back  :cathappy:
I felt happy happy in this chapter  :grin:  but again at the end it full of saddness and darkness   :cry:
I still can't understand somethings related to Minami and Mayu  :?

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 6
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Jurina  :cry: :cry:
this almost made me cry

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 6
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AAAHHH!!!! Where did Jurina go?  :OMG: Jurina!!! :pleeease:
And MaYuki they're divorced  :fainted:
Love you fic! :luvluv1:  Can't wait for the next chapter  :ding:

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 6
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This fic is so sad  :on speedy:
It will ve SE or HE? I'm curious  :dunno:
Where did Jurina go?!?!? :pleeease:
Mayuki'd divorced :badluck:
Update soon, please :bow:
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 6
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@Llyloo: Mayu has it tough. Mayu has it tough.  :err:

@jell_o_jello: Thank you so much! It truly is a lot to type out but I suppose I constantly write in this sort of style, so it's something that I HAVE to have.  :on lol:

@kahem: Let's see what Mayu and possibly Yuki perhaps do at a situation like this.  :on freeze:

@fffff: I suppose actually seeing it happen is a different feeling compared to just making assumptions.  :dunno:

@mayuki_daisuki: Thank you so much! And ahhhhh, tissue? *passes tissue box*  :OMG:

@mo-chan: I'm glad that you came back! I'm sure the ride from here will be a bit smoother from now hopefully in terms of sadness. And Minami here is an FBI detective in search of the Origami Killer. Later on in the story, I'm sure her relationship with Mayu will be explained in the future.  :hee:

@chibiusa: Ahhhhh, tissue to you too? *passes tissue box*  :OMG:

@alexsher99: Thank you for the kind words! And hm~ I'll let you wonder where exactly she is.  :wahaha:

@leEwAy: 've SE or HE?' ? I'm not sure if you're asking me that question, but if you are, then I'm not understanding what you're asking there. Sorry.  :sweatdrop: And yeah, they're divorce. Sometimes couples can't really have much of a happy... relationship.  :on blackhole:

Jurina's disappearance must've been quite shocking (or not  :sweatdrop:) Anyway, here's the next chapter~ Enjoy it for Takamina will have some screen-er, writing screen time (?) moment.

[Chapter 7]

Agent Takahashi Minami was found inside of the police department. Sitting on one of the many waiting seats for the police captain's room behind her, she's impatiently waiting for her room assignment. Not to mention she has to speak to Captain Akimoto Sayaka, who is currently in a meeting from the nearby room inside. Her eyes examined her surrounding, watching as the many police and detectives sitting on their desk. Phone calls, keyboards' keys clicking away and the scratching of the writing utensils upon paper was heard nosily in the background. A frown crossed her face, bored.

"How long is this going to take?" Minami asked a nearby receptionist lady. The straight, black hair that reached down just above her shoulder with a dull expression expressed how bored she is. Maybe she's as bored as Minami here. The young lady was furiously typing away on her keyboards, but stopped when she noticed the FBI agent had asked her a question. Looking at her, she answered, "She should almost be done soon."

Then she returned back to her work. That answer didn't satisfy Minami and only made her slightly irritated. She's been waiting for almost a full hour for the woman she seek to come out of the room. A quiet, but frustrated sigh left her closed lips. She shut her eyes, scrunching her eyebrows.

So far, she had headed straight toward the department after investigating the recently found eight victim of the murder. It had a complex feature made inside of the building. Each hallway would only lead to even more hallways and rooms. Though it took her a while to navigate around the place, it was thanks to this lady that she had just spoken to who showed her the place around. If it weren't for her, Minami probably would still be running in circles. Looking over at the lady, she then asked a couple of questions just for the hell of it.

"So... How long have you been working here?"

The girl took a short while to realize that Minami had asked her another question. "I've worked here for... hm... three years? Yeah, three years."

"Three years? Must be a very long time."

She shrugged her shoulders. "It feels long but I know it isn't."

"You seem very bored of what you're doing right now."

A sigh. "Yes I am. I wanted to become a cop, but my father, who is also a cop, didn't allow me to. He's afraid that I might get hurt." Then she rolled her eyes. "I'm not a weak girl, but if father wants that, then I have no choice but to abide to his words."

"I'm sure working as a police in the front line is dangerous," Minami opposed her ideas. "As an FBI agent, if my job is about life and death in both the investigations and protecting myself, then a cop's job is somewhat similar along the line."

"Whatever you say, Agent Takahashi."

Before the two can continue on with their conversations, it was cut short when a woman came out of his office. The door opened and closed just as quickly to reveal Captain Akimoto. She was surprisingly young for her status. The woman had on a black suit with faint silver stripes running through it. White collared shirt underneath with a simple, plain dark brown tie. As expected of a captain, who dressed up prepared for the job.

The captain here is considered the best police individual around this area of the city of Tokyo. All sorts of rumors and legends float around this young lady. Strong and strict but loyal and gentle at heart, she is highly respected by many around her.

"I'm off, Atsuko. I'll look at the reports later. Cancel all appointments for this afternoon," she told the girl on the desk as she paused shortly across from her.

'So Atsuko's her name,' Minami raised her eyebrows with interest as she rise up from her seat. Resisting the temptation to stretch her arms high up into the air due to their lack of activity, she quickly came up to the captain from behind.

"Miss, I forgot to mention but we have Agent Takahashi Minami from the FBI here with us." That caught the girl's attention and she took her time turning around. Her eyes slightly widen from surprise but was then smiling at Minami. "Ah, Takahashi-san. We've been expecting you," she spoke as she extended her hand out. The agent then reached out to shake her hand firmly as she continued to speak. "I'm in a bit of a hurry. Do you mind tagging along? We can talk as we walk of course," she chuckled.

"Of course ma'am." Sayaka walked away to her left while adjusting her tie. Before Minami followed after her, she glanced over at Atsuko. The girl looked up above from her monitor and waved to Minami. 'We'll speak more later,' she mouthed at her. Then she resumed back to her work, typing away with whatever she was working at.

Minami soon trailed right behind Sayaka. "I wanted to introduce myself before getting started, but perhaps there's a better time?" She felt that it was a little rude of her to want to introduce herself at the moment. Sure, it's crucial to get to know each others name at least but if the captain is at a rush, then it can't be helped. Sayaka from ahead shook her head.

"No no, now is fine. I've just got to get to the press conference." There was a sigh coming from her. "We have them everyday now. Believe me, it's not always easy finding something to tell them. Fortunately, today we have some news." Minami just listened silently as the other girl ranted out her thoughts at the moment. She must have it rough for the head captain of any police force is required to speak to the public about the case at hand.

"Have you met Lieutenant Blake yet?" she asked a different question to Minami.

The agent just wished that would have another person to work with. Maybe someone like Sayaka would be nice to work alongside. She hated Blake. Oh so very much already. And it didn't help that the captain just asked her a question pertaining to the cursed man. Even just thinking about him could give her headaches. "Yeah, we met this morning."

As though Sayaka could've read her opinion on Blake, she flashed a nervous grin. "He has his own methods, but he's a good cop. I'm sure you'll get on well together."

'If I can resist the temptation to break his neck, sure we'll go well together.'

Sayaka halted in her spot and turned to look at Minami.

"To be frank with you, I could have done without the FBI on this one, but the press are all over us. This Origami Killer case crept up on us and it's fast becoming a national concern. There are hundreds of killers in this country, but whadda you know, this is 'exotic.' He leaves flowers and origami figures. Work THAT one out. Then the press get on to it and we suddenly become the center of the universe."

It's true. The press media is crazy for any type of story. One can describe them like a bee to a flower. Only to add that the bee is a bee hungry for the flower. The reporters catch one whiff of any story. Any story including false rumors and past incidents that have been resolved long ago and blow it up on the front page of most newspaper. Exaggeration as an added effect. It's annoying but what can one do to shake them off? Give them what they want and they'll fly away. Or not and have them cling onto you like a pesky leech, sucking the living sanity out of you.

As much as Minami wanted to help her, she was only here for one purpose. And that purpose is to not to help Sayaka get rid of these pesky press. "I'm here to arrest a serial killer. With all due respect ma'am, the rest of it... is none of my business."

Thankfully Sayaka isn't the kind of person to be angry easily (as oppose to Minami here). With an understanding nod, she understood where Minami was coming from.

"No, of course not. All I'm asking is that you make progress and fast. The press want a perpetrator and we're gonna have to serve him up on a silver platter."

She then left Minami behind and walked towards a room from the very left. Seen in there could be multiple reporters. Their voices was heard and bright, white flashes seen by the cameras. 

"Oh, go see Atsuko. She'll show you to your office. Check in on the press conference if you're interested. It'll give you an idea of the political climate around here." She pat Minami on the shoulder. "Welcome to the club. Enjoy your stay I suppose." With that finally said, Sayaka left Minami alone. Mentally, Minami gave the captain some luck with talking to those reporters. Who knows how it might go?

Wondering whether she should see Atsuko again first or just enter within the press room, she went with the choice of watching Sayaka do her little speech first.

It was very crowded. So crowded that Minami felt that she might suffocate from such setting. Pushing through the massive crowd that was built and blocked the entrance way, she got inside and had a seat. In the very front, there was Captain Akimoto on the podium. There was the signature police crest marked on the podium, showing off its pride. The captain coughed into her hand for a moment before speaking her speech.

"The body of Jeremy Bowles was found this morning on a patch of wasteland in the East End at about 6:30 AM; five days after he was reported missing. An autopsy will be conducted tomorrow to determine the exact cause of death. But going from first indications, it would seem that he drowned. The state in which the body was found suggests the methodology of the Origami Killer. The investigation should confirm this in the coming days. The police are continuing to work around the clock to find the murderer as quickly as possible." 

Once finished with her speech, Sayaka glanced at the audience before her. Hungry eyes stared at the pit of her soul as they impatiently waited for her permission to question her on the case. As much as she despised it, she has to let these deprived reporters ask their questions. "I'll field some questions-Ah, yes?"

"You said the methodology indicated another victim for the Origami Killer. Can you be more specific?" one reporter asked as he stood ready with his pen and paper at hand.

She then answered, "An origami figure was found in the victim's hand and an orchid was placed on his chest. His face was covered with mud but there were no visible traces of violence on the body. Alright, next one. Go on ahead."

"The Zodiac killer was never identified. Perhaps the Origami Killer will never be found either?" [A/N: For those wondering if the Zodiac Killer is fake just like the Origami Killer... Funny enough, it isn't. Just Google it if you don't believe me. A famous killer back in the 1960s-1970s in the United States; specifically within California.]

"I don't think there's much chance of that. For the moment, the killer may think he is invulnerable but in the end he'll make a mistake and we'll be there to arrest him."

"Did the killer leave any written evidence? Perhaps a ransom note explaining his actions or anything like that?"

"No. He has not made contact in any way and we have only the murders to help us to understand his motives."

"Some people are saying that the police were slow to take an interest in these murders because the victims lived in poorer parts of the city. What do you say to that?"

A frown crossed on her face. "That's absurd. The police make no distinctions between victims based on their social class. It is true that the Origami Killer seems to choose his victims from the more impoverished parts of town. The higher crime rate in these areas makes the investigation more difficult."

As the captain continue speaking, Minami has enough to hear with this entire Origami Killer case and the common questions that one might ask. So rising up from her seat, she soon was pushing her way again through the crowd in order to get out of the room. Once she had made it safely out of such suffocating room, she then decided to approach the lieutenant. Besides, in order for the case to start, she has to converse with him. He did tell her that he wanted her to share any known information for they were working together. Not like she has a choice anyway.

"I'm ready to start. Maybe we should kick off by talking about the case?" the FBI agent started off about the case as she stood by his desk. He was busy typing away on his computer. Without slowing down his fingers, he glanced over at her and raised a single eyebrow into the air. "I have some work to finish here. Let's talk about that later if you don't mind?"

The agent felt slightly impatient, but didn't push his buttons. So she lifted her two hands into the air in understanding and nodded. "Just let me know when you're available." No answer from the man other than the sound of his fingers punching at the keys. She then left Blake behind and decided to talk to Atsuko.

Minami came upon the desk that the receptionist girl once more. As she walked up to Atsuko, her eyes caught sight of a golden watch encased in a nice box within a light brown basket full of white fluffs. "Nice watch," she commented. Stopping in front of the girl's desk, she crossed her arms and examined the watch at a closer distance. Right behind the watch's box was a white paper written 'Collection For Larry's Promotion Present' in red marker ink. One of her eyebrows raised from reading the message.

"Oh, it's a present we offer to our new lieutenants. We've bought the same model each year for the past twenty years for each promotion. It optimizes everybody's time and it's the kind of thing that always goes down well. You can contribute to our fund if you like. We're still a few dollars short."

'Huh, I guess this Larry guy is lucky to be promoted,' Minami thought to herself as she dug out a wallet from her pant's pockets. With a smile, she tossed out a five hundred yen coin into the basket. It landed without making a sound into it. "Congratulate Larry on my behalf."

"I'll be sure to do that, miss," Atsuko smiled back. 

"By the way, Captain Akimoto said you could show me to my office?"

There was a little 'oh' expression on her face when she heard Minami's question. "Yes, of course. Just follow me."

Getting up from her seat, she did a quick stretch of her arms into the air. Wearing a black business attire complete with her natural beauty, she could capture anyone's attention whether young or old. To be honest, Minami felt like she was pulled in when she finally saw the female figure standing up properly before her eyes. There was a slight hesitation with her heartbeat. 'Wow. She does look... cute.' Little did the agent know that she was blushing lightly when Atsuko got around her desk.

She urged the shorter girl to come after her as she went toward the direction behind Atsuko's desk. As she followed her, Minami then asked, "So... your name is... Atsuko?"

A small giggle from her direction, hand covering her mouth. "Yes. Ah, looks like I forgot to introduce myself properly to you." Looking at Minami from over her shoulder, she grinned happily. "Maeda Atsuko's my name, but you can call me Acchan."


"And I'll call you Takamina if you don't mind."

"E-Eh? T-Takamina?"

"Yeah. We have another police officer here by the name of Minegishi Minami. Though we call her Mii-chan, I don't think we would want to really mix you both up. Or at least for me." She closed her eyes for a brief moment as she quietly laughed. "So I'll call you Takamina then."

Minami couldn't help but too laugh along with the other girl. "Alright then, that's fine by me." As soon as she finished speaking, they had came upon a door that leads to one of the many offices in this building. She could see Atsuko's hand laid and push against the surface of the wooden door. As it opened, Minami swore she could've seen dust coming from within the room. The door now opened wide, Atsuko backed to the side in order to let the FBI agent take a step inside.

"This... This is my office?" It shocked Minami. It really did surprise her. The office that she was staring at is something that she wasn't expecting.

Dust hanging in the air and cobwebs seen from the corner of the dirty room. Lights from the fogged window from dirt and who knows what shined from below, giving the room a natural sense of lighting. A couple of old cabinets that looks as though it may only contain some files back in the 1900s was seen on the left corner of the room. Bulletin board was barely in use; a couple of old news back ten years ago were hanging up on it. Now the table. The table had a black telephone and a red notebook that must've been left from the old user of this room. Layers of white dust packed on top of each other judged from one's eyes alone. Just the sight makes Minami want someone to have an explanation why she has such... terrible private work setting.

"That's where I was told to take you," Atsuko merely replied with a shrug of her shoulder. Minami looked over her shoulder and saw the other taller girl make a strange facial expression. It seems that Atsuko doesn't seem to like the room either. "But... if you need anything.... you know where to find me." Then with that said, she exited out of the room and left the agent alone.

Unsure of where exactly to start, Minami slowly walked back over to the door. Before closing it, she took one last look at Atsuko. The girl was surely taking her time back to her desk, the heels of her high heels clicking against the surface of the floor. 'At least I have someone to talk to if I need anything,' Minami mentally noted to herself. For some reason... She felt like she'll need Atsuko's support throughout this case. Even if she knows she usually works solo.

Clicking the door close, she returned her attention back to the disgusting room. "Looks like I'll have to make use of it..." she grumbled her complaints as she approached to the desk. In one movement, she pulled out the dark brown colored rolling chair. The chair swiftly rolled behind her and out of her way at the moment. Now staring at the dust-coated surface of the table, with a disgusted expression, she used her hands to wipe it off. Wiping as much as possible from her sight including the telephone and notepad, she grumbled slightly louder. "Damn these dusts. Damn this table. Damn everything about this room." Minami then dusted her own hands into the air, shuddering at the amount she had collected just from the table alone. Who knows how much dust resides in the room in total. "Just the dust alone could make a small dust beach for all I know."

Then her hands gripping on the edges of the table, she pushed with all her might till the back collided against the wall of the office room. Now standing up straight, she pulled back the chair she tossed aside and sat on it. Leaning her elbows on the table, she wondered to herself for a bit. One can wonder how Minami can perform and review her information at hand. But luckily for her, she has the ARI glasses. And the glasses can do what she commands it to do.

Soon she had the glove and glasses put on.

"Step one, change the office."

By her command, she clasped her two hands together and soon retracted from each other. From her view through the glasses, she could see four orbs floating aligned in between her hands. It then revolved around her body, one floating right in front of her face. Inside of the sphere was a hologram of a leaf found in the fall season. With one flick of her hand, she moved to the next orb. It showed a couple of planets from outer space. Then another flick. Mountains. Last one then showed a couple of seaweeds. Each of these orbs were a theme that could change the surroundings of Minami through the glasses. After giving it a couple more flicks, she reached her desired theme. Grabbing a hold of it, she gave it a slam downward the desk's surface.

The floating orb looked as though it had melted through the desk. The setting in a flash transformed around her. Mountains and peaceful waterfalls from nearby rivers were seen. Birds chirping in a relaxing manner. Light fog hovering in the area. The smell of nature could calm one's nerve and instantly provide a relieving effect. A smile crossed through Minami's lips. "This is perfect. Great way to relax if I need a small break from my stressful work."

Without any hesitation, Minami then shoved aside the orbs. They flew to her left side and out of her sight.She then brought up a yellow lighted up outline of a cube from within the surface of the table. With a tap of her gloved hand on the corner, it unfolded itself one move at a time till it became flat on the desk.

A couple of evidences soon came into view for her. All in a hexagonal prism. Minami took the time to review each and every one of them. Giving one of them a tap of her finger, it pulled out an abundant of information listed out with data surrounding the icon of the evidence. The first one she examined was the killer's car.

"The killer's car is probably a Chevrotet Malibu 83."

She then moved onto the next one, the origami that was within the victim's hand.

"No prints or specific clues. Nothing much to go on."

Minami raised her eyebrow. It was strange. Usually when one makes the origami, it would take precision and careful folding in order to creature such figure. But without a single print or specific clue? Is that even possible? She understands that one can make it without prints, but without a single DNA trace of the killer or person responsible for creating it? This puzzles her.

The agent then decided to go through her virtual map. Her hand grabbed in midair and pulled downward. In that one motion, a map was shown. Using her other hand, she tossed the icon of the evidence into the map. A red pointer in the middle of the map suddenly appeared and glowed; marking its location of the evidence. "Just one origami store in the city." She squinted her eyes slightly at the fact. Looks like she'll have to keep note about this one shop in the city here.

The orchid was next.

"Mmmm... A common species... That doesn't help much... The orchid is a common species. It can be found in any flower shop," she muttered as she pulled down the map the second time.

Pushing aside all of the evidences, she sighed out loud. "Looks like it's time for me to look into the profiles of the killer in full depth." Minami clasped her hands together once more and soon was faced with a hologram of a cabinet's drawer. Files were all neatly organized within the virtual ARI's memories. Her hands skimmed the files, fingering at the tip of the folders. She took out two files and soon the cabinet disappeared; left with two files floating around her. 

"Eight victims in the last three years. All young child between the age of nine and thirteen. Both male and female. No signs of violence. The victims disappear from public places broad daylight. No one notices anything. The bodies are found three to five days later. Drowned... in rainwater... There is always a railroad line adjacent to where the bodies are found... And all the victims disappeared in the fall. The killer has a large comfort zone. He gained confidence rapidly and moved away from his base. This won't make the geoprofiling any easier..."

Next portfolio.

"Always the same ritual. An origami in the hand, an orchid on the chest... The victims have always been dead for less than six hours when they were found. Which means they remained alive for several days before being drowned... Over 3500 people questioned, over one hundred suspects interrogated. And not a single lead to go on... The killer is white, aged between 30 and 45. He is intelligent, calm and determined. An organized type, he has a car. He's probably employed but his work allows him free time."

A pause. "An organized killer... This really isn't going to be easy... Especially with how many people we have already interrogated and held suspicion of." With a sigh, she pushed aside the portfolio holograms and took off her glasses. Her vision quickly adjusted to the sudden change. She was now staring at the desk that she had just dusted off, inside of the same dirty office room. Taking off her glove, she deposited the two back into her pockets.

Then her vision. It grew blurry. And her hands. They were trembling. Blinking a couple of times didn't seem to improve her sight, so she closed her eyes and brought her left hand up to her forehead. "Here we go again... I'd better go wash my face..." Withdrawal effects of the Triptocaine was coming back again. Luckily she was in her office and away from others view, so she didn't have to worry much about getting caught taking the drug if she has to. But Minami didn't want to take it. She wanted to stop her addiction and it takes a lot of effort. It's like a smoker trying to quit smoking. Only this time the withdrawals were much more severe.

With difficulty, she got up from her seat. Dizziness slapped her upside the head once she stood up straight. Vision growing darker around the borders, she felt her body wobble left and right slightly. "I need to take some... I'm gonna faint if I resist..." her shaky words exited out of her mouth as she stabilized her balance with gravity. Her hands reached up behind her head as she looked downward, squeezing her eyes shut. Minami couldn't take it. The withdrawal effect is going to drive her insane. But she immediately snapped out of it and stood up straight. "That's alright. I know I can make it."

She began walking in a way one might question if she was truly alright. 'I know I can make it. Minami, just open the door and go toward the washroom. It's just the left side of this office, right?' Thank god for the agent that the restroom is nearby. If it were at a farther distance... Well, that probably wouldn't have ended well for this girl. Stumbling toward the door, her hands fumbled around the doorknob before twisting it. As she pushed it open, she quickly regained her cool composure and acted as though nothing had happened. Her left hand quickly ran over to its right and gripped against it in order to cease its shakiness.

"Takamina? Is everything alright?" Atsuko's voice snapped her out of her focus at getting to the restroom. Not wanting to lose her focus, she ignored the receptionist and walked towards the room. Entering inside of the restroom, she did not hesitate to run over to the sink and wash her face. Water splashed at her. Trying to get rid of the effects and in hopes it would calm her sudden withdrawal attack. After a couple of splashes, she raised her head to be faced with one of the many restroom's mirror. On the mirror showed a brown-haired female in a ponytail. Water droplets seen here and there on her face as a couple drops slid down from different parts. Weariness was seen. Minami leaned forth and gripped the edges of the white sink with her two hands. Gripping it so tight to the point her knuckles turned white.

'You're going to be okay, Minami. See? The effects are fading away...' she reassured to herself. Once knowing that she felt better and resisted the strong urges, she straightened her clothing before taking her leave out of the restroom.

Up next is Mayu and Shelby.  :on woohoo:

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 7 [Update: 02/15/13]
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Yay! You updated!!  :mon fyeah: 
Geat chapter!!  :mon thumb: Who's the orogami killer? :mon huh2:
Takamina's awesome!!  :mon star:
Akbout Acchan...  :mon huh:  I have no words  :mon sweat:
Yay!!! Mayu's up next  :mon lovelaff:  Can't wait for your next update!!  :mon squee:
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 7 [Update: 02/15/13]
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Takamina ** Acchan** Nyaah I want moooooar èwé.

Thanks *w*

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 7 [Update: 02/15/13]
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@alexsher99: I wonder who the Origami Killer is too~ And don't worry. Acchan will have some writing... er, screen time soon.  :sweat:

@Llyloo: Well here's the next chapter.  :hee:

Here's another update on this fiction~ School work loves ruining my spare time. Hopefully Spring Break will come faster for us students! (or at least in my school, I don't know)

Not to mention how I'm becoming sick again... It's not bad, but being sick really sucks. Everyone in my school is getting sick... What's up with the season here in Florida? :badluck:

[Chapter 8]

"This is Lieutenant Blake, Mrs. Watanabe. Could you please tell him what happened?"

I was sitting on one of the many chairs within this police department. Seated in front of me was two police officers. One was a young lady by the name of Kasai Tomomi and the other is Lieutenant Blake. Many other police officers passed by from behind me as I was being questioned. Still wearing the same clothes from this morning, I had come to the department once I knew it was fruitless to keep on searching for Jurina. For four straight hours, I was searching endlessly throughout the neighborhood and town. My daughter... I'm afraid she has already gone missing beyond my reach...

"It was this afternoon. I went to the park with my daughter, Jurina. We played together for a while and then she wanted to go on the carousel. So I let her go up on one of the wooden horses and when I turned back, Jurina had disappeared."

"Exactly what time did you arrive in the park?" Blake asked as he then shifted from sitting on his chair to the corner of the nearby desk. His arms were crossed and a stern expression was on his face. "Try to remember exactly, Mrs. Watanabe. Every detail can be important." True. In order to help find a specific person, they need as much information about the situation in hand. And I was willing to give them all that I know.

I thought for a moment before I answered. "It must have been about... 4:15. Yeah, that's it. 4:15. I remember exactly because I looked at the clock in the park when we arrived."

"What was your daughter wearing when she disappeared?"

"She was wearing a coat. Dark green coat and green pants."

"How could Jurina have disappeared without you even noticing? Weren't you right by the carousel?" The lieutenant doesn't seem to be convinced about how my daughter has disappeared. Of course he wouldn't. It doesn't seem like he's really caring about my missing daughter. Doesn't give a damn about her. Not to mention even the story itself seems to make me feel like a faulty parent who doesn't keep a very good eye on their kids. Or maybe I am. I continued speaking. "I can't remember exactly... It all happened so fast..."

"You say you took your daughter to the park after school. But you didn't report her missing until 8:15. Why did it take you so long to contact the police?"

"I searched the whole neighborhood for her. I thought she couldn't have gone far."

"Did Jurina have any particular difficulties, Mrs. Watanabe?" A short, brown-haired girl entering from within my view spoke. Her arms crossed and one hand up touching her chin, she looked at me. Dressed in a suit, she looked like an agent or some sort of lawyer. Penetrating eyes staring at me, she asked, "Anything that might have caused her to run away?"

With hesitation, I replied back, "Jurina is a... sensitive child. Our relationship has been a little difficult recently."

"Everything okay at school? Any particular problems between you and your husband?"

"Er... More like my... wife... and I have been separated for the last two years. But Jurina would not have gone off without telling his mother or me." I know. I know for sure that Jurina wasn't dumb enough to run off without telling me or Yuki anything. The only possible reason to why Jurina might be gone is if she were to be kidnapped. And that's what made me feel so very very very... nervous and scared.

There was a sigh coming from Blake before he hopped off the desk. His two shoes connecting with the ground below, he waved his hand at me. "Alright. That's all the questions I have for now. You're free to go, Mrs. Watanabe. We'll continue to look for Jurina overnight." He looked over at the shorter girl for a short while before turning his attention back to me. "We'll contact you if we have any more questions." As he walked pass by, I quickly turned around and reached out to him once more. This time... Though it may be an assumption and me becoming paranoid, I couldn't help but say it out loud.

"Do... Do you think the Origami Killer..."

"Listen, your daughter's probably just run off and she'll turn up in a couple of hours," he glanced over his shoulder and rolled his eyes. As though he didn't believe in the assumption I had just made. No. Didn't take a single word that I had just spoken from my mouth. It's as though he wanted to just get over with this entire discussion. Frowning, I took one step towards him. "But what if it is the Origami Killer?"

He stopped in his track for a brief moment. Not turning to look at me, he answered my question. "Well then we've got about four days to find him alive." And with that said, he just left me alone. The other police officer and the agent that I had seen left their spot and too moved pass me. Feeling the sense of failure and guilt from being unable to obtain any information on Jurina whereabouts, I lowered my head as I slowly walked back to the waiting room in this floor. Within a couple of minutes, I met with the person that I least expect to see again in my life once more.

Kashiwagi Yuki was waiting for me while I had discussed with the polices. Wearing a black jacket over her white nursing uniform from a hospital not too far away from this location, she was sitting in the metal chair. Though we both didn't get along anymore, now is not the time to be getting into any fights or even disagree with each other for our only child is missing from our grasps. Once she had seen me approaching towards her, my ex-wife instantly got up from her seat. Upon closer observation, one could tell that she was crying. Her cheeks were wet and even though she isn't crying right now, the red eyes gave it away. Not wearing make-up due to working in the hospital, she still looked terrible in her current state. "Did they find something?" she asked. I just stood in front of her, shaking my head. "No. Nothing yet. But they're going to keep looking throughout the entire night for Jurina."

Yuki crossed her arms and looked downward on the floor. Then back up at me. "Do they... do they think it's the Origami Killer?" My eyes slightly widen at her assumptions. She had the same assumption just as I had. Biting the bottom of my lip, I trailed my eyes away from her. "It's still too early to say, but it's... a possibility."

That did it for Yuki. Standing in front of me, she slowly shook her head in denial. Staring at me as though I'm some sort of monster. Maybe I am already a monster. A monster for losing Ayame. A monster for straining our relationship and making the family torn up. A monster for losing our other daughter, Jurina.

"What happened, Mayu? How could you lose Jurina like that? You should never have taken your eyes off her!" Her voice got dangerously louder, her hands by her side turning into fists. She spurted out her anger, getting up close to my face. Demands. She was demanding answers that I wasn't able to answer. She glared down at me, forcing me to turn away from her and face her with my back. "For God's sake, how hard is it to keep your eye on a child in the park? Why did you leave her, Mayu? Why?"

"I don't know, Yuki," I spoke through my clenched teeth. I squeezed my eyes shut and bite back the words that threatened to escape from my throat. Words that would hurt the both of us. Just because she's angry doesn't mean that I'm not. I'm angry at myself. Angry, terrified, sad. All of these emotions building inside of me ever since Jurina disappeared from my sight were mixing into dangerous stirring emotions that could blow up at any given moment without warning. So I chose to close my mouth in hopes that I won't say something stupid to Yuki.

"Wasn't it enough losing Ayame?" Those words. Those words pierced through me like knives through my heart. Snapping my eyes open, I felt tears suddenly forming in them. 'I didn't mean to kill her... Please...' As much as it hurts me, I continued to stay silent. That silence was enough to give the other girl a clue of what she had just said.

"I'm sorry... That's not what I meant to say... It's just... I miss her so much..." Sniffles and soon crying was heard behind my back. I turned my body around in a slow motion to find Yuki covering her face with her hands. Crying into her hands, she bent slightly downward with her upper body from such sadness and fear. My expression instantly changed from being emotionless to being empathetic. I knew the pain she was in. Her pain was just as much as I was feeling. Maybe even worse... I don't know. One can never fully understand how another person feels unless they are them.

To her surprise, I embraced her within my arms. Hands were wrapped securely around her body as though I was a protective blanket, trying to warm up the surprisingly frail body of hers. I could feel her trying to push my body away from hers. But I didn't let it become her way. My grasp around her tightened just slightly and rubbed her back. "I'm so sorry, Yuki... I'm so sorry..." Tears were now rolling down the sides of my face. She didn't resist against me anymore. Instead, I felt her face bury into my right shoulder as she cried. Closing my eyelids shut, I too grieved along with her for the lost of our daughter and possibly what might've happened.


Within a small market off the corner of the street, Shelby was seen approaching the store. Pushing the door open, he heard a little ringing of the bell; alerting the owner of the shop that a customer has arrived. A female in her late 20s was busy examining the medicine counter behind her. Dressed in a black vest with white collared shirt underneath accompanied with black khakis, she looked ready to serve her customer with whatever need they want. It took her a couple of minutes to realize that there had been another customer. Turning around, her dark brown eyes widen at Shelby's appearance.

"Ah, welcome! I'm so sorry about not noticing you earlier. I was a bit busy with trying to organize my shelves as you can see," she explained, leaning against the counter with her elbows. "So how can I help you tonight, good sir?"

Shelby glanced around at his surroundings. He could see just as every normal small market would hold. There would be medicines, drugs and cigarettes pack behind the counter from the young lady as the products and red shopping baskets sitting nearby. This store just had about a little of everything for ones journey. He wasn't here for buying some supplies right now though. The private detective had a more important matter to attend at hand.

Coming upon the counter, his hands grabbed the edges to keep himself balanced. "My name is Scott Shelby. I'm a private detective. I'm investigating the case of the Origami Killer. I'd like to ask you a few questions."

The girl in front of him paused for a brief moment. The eyes of hers. They were... sad. Down as one might say. Her eyes didn't look at him for a couple seconds. And still not looking at him, she spoke, "My daughter is dead, Mr. Shelby." That was right. This person here is Yagami Kumi, 'father' of the deceased Kimoto Kanon. Now single from her wife, Kizaki Yuria, for a good whole year, she doesn't seem to be in any particular mood to speak about the past events. "I have nothing more to say."

Shelby understood how unresponsive Kumi was. He understood that pain of losing someone. It must be painful to bring up the past about them once more just when you thought you could cover up your painful past. "I also lost someone I loved..." he softly spoke in a small voice. "I know what you're feeling and-"

"Then you will understand that I do not wish to talk about it."

"The killer has kidnapped another victim. An eleven-year old girl... Just like your daughter, Kanon. I have four days before we find her body on a deserted stretch of wasteland."

Kumi finally managed to look back at Shelby. It wasn't a friendly stare. No. It was more of a... painful expression written all over her face. Watery eyes filled with regret and guilt was seen behind the pair. "No one did anything to save my daughter... Now would you please... move along, sir."

The detective knew he didn't want to push the buttons of the owner and did as the girl told him to. Backing away from the counter, he almost headed straight to the door when he halted in his track. "Oh, do you sell inhalers? I'm all out and at least I won't go away completely empty-handed."

A small sigh from Kumi. "In the back of the store, to the right."

"Thanks." Shelby went to the right, walking past the many dry food products in boxes on the many shelves. Donuts, cereals, breads, biscuits and more. On the very far right against the wall were some fridges that held frozen food and drinks. After the fridges were some fresh products like fruits and vegetables sitting in their appropriate areas, waiting to either be bought or replaced for fresh, new ones.

Once he had reached the back of the store, he found one section of the wall full of over the counter medications. Quickly skimming through the medications, he found the inhalers that he needed. Grabbing one of the many, he soon heard the entrance door bell ring out to alert that another customer has entered within.

"Good evening, sir. Are you looking for something in particular?" Kumi's voice was heard in front. She was politely watching the young man that had just entered into the shop. Wearing a black wool hat on top of his head and a gray jacket matching along with his black baggy pants, the man examined his surroundings. Then without warning, he pulled out a handgun out of his pocket and aimed it directly at Kumi. 

"Gimme what you got in the register. Don't fucking try anything..." he threatened. Kumi slowly raised her two hands into the air, surrendering. She doesn't have any weapons nearby and even if she does, she won't be able to knock out this guy without getting herself shot. Who knows exactly how much power that one gun have. Each gun has different powers and even if they look perfectly harmless, they can pack a powerful punch. "Open the register, you dumb fuck! Put the money on the counter!" 

Kumi remained unresponsive to his threats, staying silent. This caused the man to get irritated. Shifting the gun around and making motions that he's going to pull the trigger, he spat out more foul words. "Shit, are you deaf or something? Are you gonna open that fuckin' register or not?"

"No sir. You do not have the right to steal that money from me. I have worked very hard to earn it. You cannot have it." The girl behind the counter remained perfectly calm and didn't change her expression. She may have shown that she isn't frightened, but truthfully on the inside, she's scared. Scared that her life can end in just one second. One move from the man standing in front of her.

"What did you say? You're outta your fuckin' mind."

Meanwhile, Shelby was trying to sneak up behind the man. The detective was planning to knock him out, but to his bad luck, knocked instead a nearby box full of paper towels. He was going to grab for it in order to cease making any noises but failed to. It collided against the hard dirty white tiled floor. The noise it has produced was loud enough to grab the attention of the assaulter. "Hey you!! Come here!" Shelby cursed at himself for such luck and did as he was told.  "I said come here now!!" the man snapped in anger, forcing Shelby to quicken his pace. Soon he was standing on the left of the front store. "Don't move! Hands up! Put your fucking hands up or I'll shoot!" And so he did. Raising his hands up into the air, he pondered on what to do next.

"Don't panic. Let's just stay calm," he began to speak. "Nobody here wants to hurt you. Now we're all just gonna be cool and everything will be alright."

"Yeah... Yeah, I'm cool man. Everything's gonna be all fuckin' right..." the man sarcastically sneered, still keeping his gun aimed at Shelby.

"You don't really want to shoot anybody, do you? I'm sure we can find a way out of this mess, right?" Shelby pursued on, pushing more conversations towards the gunman. This was all part of his plan. Just keep on talking in order to distract the man as he very slowly approaches closer and either two events will happen. One, the man takes your words and leaves or two, you'll have a chance to knock him out. It all depends on the situation though and Shelby was hoping at the very least to knock the man down. Though it was favorable to let him walk away without harm, a man threatening to shoot with his firing weapon isn't someone you would want to let loose back out into society. "You're not a killer, right? You just want a few extra dollars but no blood on your hand."

"No... I'm not a killer... I ain't no killer..."

"My name's Scott. what about you? What's your name?"

"Shiki... My name's Shiki..."

"Look, it's not worth it... Put the gun down and just walk away."

"You giving me advice? I'll give you some fucking advice!!!"

Shelby remained unaffected from his words. "Do you have anyone you care for in your life? A girlfriend maybe... a family?" He knew talking about family members would always spark a hint of hope in most assaulting individuals. Many of the crimes committed are all due to some sort of family problem or situation.

The man in front of him seemed to have lowered his gun just by a couple millimeters. "Yeah... A little girl... I got a little girl. Her name's Yomi."

"What would Yomi think if she saw you here? Ask yourself... What would happen to her if things go wrong..."

Looks like Shelby's plan didn't go as he had planned for the man seems to have caught it. Scoffing, he raised the gun up back to its original spot. "Nice try... For a second there, you almost had me believing all your SHIT!" Quickly he aimed back at Kumi, who stiffened in her position. Now that his aim was away from the detective, it gave him time to strike with this rare opportunity. He came up to the younger man and grabbed a hold of his gun. With both hands, he struggled to get the dangerous weapon off of his hand as the young man tried to hold onto it with all his might. It took him a while and soon, Shelby brought the man down to the ground. They were still struggling to gain advantage to the gun. Using this chance that the man was too busy trying to get the gun out of Shelby's hands, he used his right hand to give the man a punch in the face. That knocked him out cold on the floor, leaving him motionless.

As he got up from the ground, Shelby saw Kumi from behind the counter lower her hands from being up in the air. "A thousand thank yous, sir... I don't know what would have happened if you had not been here..."

Shelby simply shrugged his shoulders and brushed the dust off of his brown coat. "Well, at least I didn't come by for nothing..." he chuckled. Then waving to Kumi, he was prepared to take his leave. "Make sure to call the police. And get rid of the gun if that's possible too." But before he could even place his hand on top of the handle and push it open, he heard the owner speak once more.

"When my girl Kanon disappeared, I received a letter with a locker ticket inside. Inside the locker I found this box. I do not understand what it means... But I think it must be a sort of message from the man who took my daughter from me," as Kumi spilled out her story, she took out from below the counter a brown shoebox. A shoebox. Anyone can hide almost anything they desired within this type of box. The detective, interested at the information he was now receiving, turned back around and faced her again. His eyes laid upon the shoebox at her hands, who now let it rest on top of the counter's surface.

"Can I?" he asked, wanting to get a better look at the contents inside of it. Kumi nodded. Then using this chance, he popped open the box. Inside of the box were five origami figures. Animal figures to be specific. A bear, butterfly, lizard, shark and rat were seen. Picking up the green origami lizard, he was observing it for a brief moment before depositing it back to its respective place. Closing the lid, he glanced up at Kumi.

"Please, take the box if it can be of any use to you at all. It did not help me to save Kanon... But maybe it will help you find the other little girl," she whispered just loud enough for the two to hear. "To be honest, I was beginning to think that there was no good to be found in this place... But I can see now that I was wrong now that I've met you."

Next chapter will be focusing on Mayu only. :on gay:

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 8 [Update: 02/21/13]
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Ka-Kanon... o_o. - go cry on the corner - I like that chapter, really, but ... - still cry - Kanon... çwç

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 8 [Update: 02/21/13]
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ehhh?! kanon-chan went missing?!  :OMG: :cry:
Yuki please don't blame Mayu it's not her fault! :frustrated: :tantrum: :banghead:
thanx for the tissues :on speedy:  :bow:
I love this fic, so sad but so good! *still crying*  :pleeease:
show yourself origami killer!  :angry1:
thanx for the update  :kneelbow: :luvluv1:
hope Yuki will forgive Mayu  :(
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 8 [Update: 02/21/13]
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Noooo~ Mayu and Yuki are sad  :mon scare:
Jurina where are you????  :mon runcry:
And Kanon!!! :mon whine:

Next chapter's going to be about Mayu??? I can't wait!!!  :mon beam:

P.S I can't wait for spring break too, and from what part of Florida are you? (just curious :) )

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 8 [Update: 02/21/13]
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noooo not Kanon  :cry:
even Yuki was very hursh with Mayu  :smhid
but She looks like she still cares about Mayu  :yep:
but still this story is so dark why I'm here reading eat :banghead: :banghead:
I can't take it Jurina kidnapped  :panic:  Mayuki separated  :shocked
even I knew it from the start I can't believe they are not together  :banghead:
 I'm gonna die before reading the end  :catglare:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 8 [Update: 02/21/13]
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It is so sad! So sad!!  Jurina! Yuki! Mayu! Aaah! So sad! :cry:

Why I read it!! huhuhuhu!!  :cry: You really write it well REALLY!!

Kanon! And Kumi...

Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 8 [Update: 02/21/13]
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Hello !

This chapter is so sad :(

I hope Mayu and Yukirin will be together again  :heart:

I hope also Jurina is alive!

Who is the Origami killer?????  :?

Please Update Soon!

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 8 [Update: 02/21/13]
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Sorry for didn't comment about chapter 7 :sweat:
Anyway, its a great chapter as always :nya:
Sad but great xD
Where did Jurina go?!?!? :stoned:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 8 [Update: 02/21/13]
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@Llyloo: Uh oh. *passes more tissue boxes*  :OMG:

@mayuki_daisuki: Let's see how both Yuki's and Mayu's relationship will go as the plot thickens. And thank you very much for the kind words!  :hee:

@alexsher99: I'm in Pasco county. 45 minutes drive to Disneyworld, Seaworld and Universal, kukukuku~  :on drink:

@mo-chan: It does look like Yuki is somewhat still caring for Mayu~ And holy cow, please don't die before the story ends! You can make it to the very end! :scared: (xD)

@Chanaline: Thank you very much! I don't know if it's written well from my perspective, but hopefully I'm able to meet or exceed your expectations on the story! And kukuku~ I'm a person that writes quite a lot of dark (okay, not THAT much) and angst type of stories.  :on lol:

@Wmatsui22: Hm~ I wonder who the Origami Killer is too? Let's keep on guessing/predicting~  :on study:

@leEwAy: You don't need to apologize for not commenting Chapter 7! I don't really mind if my readers comment or not (though I guess truth be told, it does make me smile *cough*) And thank you very much for the compliments!  :nya:

Thank you very much for the comments, compliments and likes everyone! All of you seem to be questioning about Jurina's whereabouts, Mayuki's relationship, and who the Origami Killer is. Not to mention that I'm guessing at least one person's thought process while reading these chapters are 'MOAR TISSUE BOXES Y U WRITE SUCH SAD STORIES. SOBBING. TT_TT' Gomenasai, but I'm that kind of person who likes to write these angst fictions. (But it doesn't mean I don't write happy-go-lucky stories!) I can assure that throughout the story, these questions will hopefully be answered through the plot. So I'm going to be mean and make you all sit on the roller coaster ride full of ups-and-downs of this story.

Enjoy the ride!  :wahaha:

[Chapter 9]

It has only been a day. A day since I've reported that my daughter, Jurina has gone missing and now the front of my house is cluttered with those annoying, pesky news reporters. 7:31 AM and they're already bustling the front with loud chatters and pleas to call me out to them. Just so they can get their hands on a juicy story to earn them some cold, hard cash despite the rain outside. I despised that and ignored them.

Laying on top of the dining kitchen's table where not too long ago, Jurina and I ate our breakfast, I was restless. Worries filled my mind and all I could think was 'Jurina' ever since she went missing. I raised my head from resting on top of my two arms and brought my left hand up to my nose, pinching the bridge of it. It soon trailed over to my forehead, rubbing it. Then I leaned back against my chair, just... thinking. A couple of seconds has passed by and I leaned back forward. My elbows were resting on top of the table's surface and from the corner of my eyes, saw the suspicious and mysterious letter a couple of days ago.

I grabbed it with my left hand, bringing it to me. My hands fumbled to open up the envelope's flap and took out the same letter. The same poem of some sort about the parents losing their children. Was there some sort of connection with my current situation right now? It does seem awfully similar in terms of losing children. Right hand covered my mouth as I mentally re-read the entire paper.

'Hmmm... I don't know what to do anymore...' I tossed the paper to the side, closing my eyes for a short moment before reopening them again. 'What am I to do now? I don't even know where Jurina is and Yuki is devastated at the outcome.' A small pause. 'Yuki...'

Yuki... hasn't been exactly been doing well at the police station yesterday with me. She returned back to her home and was heard to be sucked into her depressive world that most no one will ever understand. At the moment, the hospital that we both worked in decided to give us some time off. Well, since I'm not mentally stable, this only greatly affected Yuki. They told us via voice mail over the phone during the time we went to the police that we can take as much time as we need to recover and return back to work once we are ready.

But of course. I knew that we both were far beyond ready to return.

Just last night after I had offered to drive Yuki home to her house since she came to the police station by bus, I just got a phone call from Oshima Yuko. She seems to be also in a state of shock when she was filled in with the news of Jurina’s disappearance. Yuko promised that she’ll come and stop by my house today once she gets out of her work. (She works as a photographer in a famous company that print magazine copies of ‘Friday’) She’s worried. Very worried about the state that both Yuki and I were placed in. Haruna had the same reaction as Yuko and was planning to stop by Yuki's house sometime this afternoon.

And for Mariko... Mariko was furious to hear that someone had taken Jurina away let alone disappear from my grasp. At first, she had the reaction that many would react: Be angry and place the blame all on me. I couldn’t blame her at all, but she noticed my stance in the situation and calmed down immediately towards me. But she did not and will not calm down completely about the situation until she knows exactly where Jurina is. Though she works as a psychotherapist and only comes to her office for a couple hours per requested day, she planned to speak to me for further details and how she can help. She wanted to help get Jurina back safely in any sort of way or form. She cared for Jurina so much that it hurts her just as much as it hurts both Yuki and I.

But to be honest, I didn’t want to get them involved even if they wanted to. It's not because it would be troublesome. The more, the easier. However, I felt... like this is a matter that only I should deal and solve personally myself. So I closed my eyes for a short moment again before reopening them.

My hand reached out once more to the envelope itself. While I picked it up and lifted it up from the table, I heard something. The sound of a small piece of paper moving around inside of it. Scrunching my eyebrows with curiosity, I shook the opened envelope on its side till a small slip of paper fell out on to the table. Or more like a train ticket. "Huh? What is this doing here?" I muttered while examining the paper. There was an image of a female statue in the train station. What was this trying to hint at me?

Sounds of the reporters were heard continuously knocking the front of my door and ringing the door bell. Annoyance. They were irritating my nerves and ignoring them almost seems impossible right now. Taking one last look at the ticket, I then got up from my seat. The chair that I was just sitting barely a second ago was pushed behind. I tucked it into my back pocket and headed right out the back door of the house. I didn't want to go out the front door due to obvious reasons. 'I have to get out of here and find out what this ticket is about... That letter might be linked to Jurina's disappearance. Maybe I should go to the police later on and show it to them after I find out exactly where this leads me to.'

Rain instantly fell upon my small body once I got outside. It wasn't a heavy downpour, thank god for that. But of course, if it was, maybe those annoying reporters and news staffs would go away?

Climbing over a nearby fence, I reached behind my next door's neighbor backyard. I went in between the small gap from theirs and the next house's space and reached over to my car that was parked. While I walked over, many thoughts ran through my mind.

'This doesn't make any sense... It couldn't have been me. I couldn't ever have done that to my own daughter...' I was beginning to doubt that I have taken Jurina away by my own hand during my blackout. The origami figure in my hand after the blackout was the same one that the killer leaves in the hands of his victim. Reason for ruling out that I might be the killer was due to the fact that I've never done origami in my life. The most I've ever done was draw anime and manga back in the old days of my high school and college years.

The sound of reporters' voices were faintly heard as I approached my black vehicle. "Goddamn reporters. They've been camped outside of my house all day." I flicked my eyes over to them. They were still frolicking over my front house, pictures seen taken with the cameras' flashes. News vans were parked right outside of my house, littering the streets from behind where I stood. I scoffed at the sight and entered inside of my car. Thankfully they were too busy to pay attention to what was going on in my side. Then without any hesitation, I drove away from the neighborhood and straight to the train station.


The female statue. The image of the statue on the ticket. I've now found it within a nearby, but unfamiliar, train station. After taking a full good hour of searching around the small part of this city, I arrived at the location. To my surprise, there were many individuals; crowds going on their own way. The crowd. There was a lot of people I admit. So many that one could easily be lost in this station.

I glanced once again at the ticket and saw that I had to get to the other side of the building. The luggage locker room was located on the opposite side of where I was standing. This ticket that I have at hand usage is for the lockers where the owner would leave their belongings. There was a number written on the ticket, specifying exactly which locker I need to look for. Gripping the paper in my hand, I was squinting my eyes at the sight. 'I should get to the other side.' Then I pushed forth. As much as I hated pushing against people, they were all bumping into me. All in a rush for they came in all sorts of directions. Trying to get through the crowd seems to be much slower than I had expected. Even if I did try to push myself through. A person then unexpectedly knocked into me, making my body fall to the ground.

My hands quickly reached out to the ground to save my face from coming into contact with the floor. Pedestrians still passed by; some even kicking at my fallen body accidentally. None were willing to help me up from the ground. For a short moment, I squeezed my eyes shut. Trying to clear my head. Then opened them up again. In a sluggish movement, I made myself stand back up. Straightening my back, I glanced at my surroundings.

It was different. People around me froze in their spot. As though time has stopped and God from up above decided to press the pause button. The world around me didn't move at all. Not a single breath other than me myself were heard. Not a single living being moving around. My eyes widen and was in shock. "W-What's going on?" I asked in a quiet voice.

A well-dressed man in a professional attire was seen in front of me. Hesitantly, I brought my shaky right hand out and touched his shoulder. Upon contact, he crumbled down on the ground limply. As though the man was dead once my finger brushed against his black coat. As if I'm death. Startled, I backed away only to bump into a woman from behind. She too fell down, motionless. I became scared. I shut my eyes and quickly opened them, only to realize that this scenario isn't going to go away.

Breaths exited out of my mouth rapidly, close to hyperventilation. I didn't know what was going on. Why am I the only one able to walk on this earth right now? What exactly is happening?


That voice. That familiar voice. The voice that I would never expect to hear since two years ago. I quickly turned my head to the left in a rapid motion, blinking at what I am now seeing. "Daddy!"

From the corner of those machines that provided train tickets and information, I saw the gray stuffed mouse I bought for my deceased daughter. The deceased daughter that I caused the death of. The daughter that I love so much besides Jurina.

Ayame. I saw her pop out from behind, looking left and right in confusion. "Daddy, where are you?" The same clothes that she has worn since that tragic day. The same age. I finally was able to see her once more. Is she really alive?

"Ayame!" I called out to her, pushing my way through the frozen people. With every touch I laid upon them, each individual fell one by one. I didn't have time to look back at what I had done. I want to get to Ayame. No. I need to get to Ayame. And fast. She was getting out of my line of sight rapidly, disappearing within seconds. "Daddy?" her voice again. Frantically trying to find her, I was calling out her name out again. "Ayame! I'm here! Please wait for me!"

The more I walked and circled around to where I have found her, the more I knocked the people down. "Daddy!" I can't find her. I swear she was in this location somewhere. Standing on the other side of where I came in, I scanned the area around me. "Daddy!"

Gritting my teeth, I moved forth once more but tripped forward. I fell on top of the fallen man. "Daddy!" She just kept on constantly calling my name over and over. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't find her and I'm not able to even see her. Just her voice and her voice only. My heart was beating wildly against my chest. I don't know what I should do anymore. What should I do? What am I to do? My hands gripped the side of my head and screamed her name. "AYAME!"

A quick flash.

I blinked a couple of times and noticed that I was down on the ground. My hands were in the same position. Noise. The noise of pedestrians and individuals talking around me. I removed my hand and lifted my head head. I gasped. The scene around me was back to normal. It was as though I had hallucinations instead. Or maybe I was. It was all just too real. Too vivid. The frozen people. The way they fell down upon contact. And Ayame...

Standing back up straight, I shook my head and straightened my posture. Looking at my surroundings, I noticed that I was standing on the opposite end of where I had entered from. Immediately upon notice, I looked upward from behind on my right and saw the golden lettering 'LUGGAGE LOCKERS.' I'm already here before I knew it. How funny.

Without wasting any precious time, I headed inside of the locker room. To my surprise, there isn't a single person in terms of customers and travelers both inside and out of the room. It was quiet. A little to quiet for my comfort. I took out the ticket and looked at it again. 'Line 18. Box number 3.' That what's written on the ticket, specifying where exactly the locker is located. From the corner of my eyes, I saw a security man standing nearby in his position. His arms were crossed and dressed in his blue uniform. I could see he was watching me like a hawk. Cautious of my next move. Feeling even more uncomfortable, I walked straight ahead a couple of steps before turning to my right.

White lights were shining on all of the rows; above on the highest luggage lockers. There were three lockers in each row. All of them were big enough to fit a woman's large purse or a man's small-sized suitcase. Each row soon broke up into more rows left and right within the room. As I walked through the condensed space between one wall of locker to the next, I glanced down at the ticket once in a while. 'Line 18. Box number 3. Line 18. Box number 3,' I mentally kept on repeating to myself. Scanning my area left and right, I soon came faced with the desired locker I have been looking for.

It was smaller than the other lockers that were seen in the front entrance. Keypads on the metal surface to keep the content(s) safe inside from any thieves. I flipped the ticket over to its back and saw the code. My left hand then reached out, pressing a couple of pads. After inputting it in, I heard a clicking sound coming from it. The metallic door then faintly cracked open. Just enough for my hand to grasp the edges and pull on it. Now I was able to see what was inside of the locker.

A shoebox. A brown shoebox to be exact. Before I made my two hands move forth and take it, I glanced around my surroundings. Not a single person seen still. It would be terrible if I ended up taking another person's belongings and marked as theft. I knew it was wrong. Wrong to go and retrieve an object that doesn't belong to me at all. But I had to. If it was in that envelope with the message, then it must mean something about Jurina's disappearance.

My hands took the ends of the box and took it out of the inside locker's space. To my surprise, it was slightly heavier than I had expected. What could be inside exactly that is causing it? I guess I'll have to find that out when I open it up. I gulped as I backed away a couple of steps. I'm nervous. I'm really nervous with what might happen or what the content is. As long as it has something in terms of Jurina's presence, then I have no choice but to play along. And I will be willing to do anything for her.

So bringing along the box in my hands, I slammed the metallic door shut and walked out of the room.

Sorry if it's a little shorter than expected. I'm guessing that the next one will also be short like this. (2,700 words for this chapter and 2,800 for next) :sweatdrop: Next chapter will include Mayu's and Takamina's POV!  :hee:

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 9 [Update: 02/24/13]
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You call it short ? XD

Yaaay *w* I like it *w* I like Mayu's POV.

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Re: How Far Are You Prepared To Go? [Mayuki] - Chapter 9 [Update: 02/24/13]
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it is so sad dark as always and complicated I have to reread it again

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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