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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 104564 times)

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    This chapter was the first one that you see with other language (german, greek, russian, french etc.) right?

    Well those are their techniques..each of them have their own technique and the name was in different language

    I will list some of it, will updated after each chapter i will post

    A. Maeda Atsuko (all of her techniques are in Greek Language)
    • Στολιδάκι Σατανικών (Stolidaki Satanikon, Greek for "Infernal Geyser"): Acchan raises her both arms, with her hands closed in fist form, sideward then she put her arms close together. Then a high intense column of flame release from her fist. Acchan can able to perform this technique in any directions. This technique is effective against high-defense shields. It can be also act as a dragging force to slow down and able to propel higher.
    • Δυναμια Αποτέφρωσις (Dynamia Apotefrosis, Greek for "Dynamic Incineration"): Acchan shot bullets from her gun. Then the bullets enveloped with high-intensed burst of flames, moving at the high-speed. Anything within its path will be incinerate into dust.
    • Κολασμένος Κάθειρξης (Kolasmenos Katheirxis, Greek for "Hellish Imprisonment"): Acchan shoot four bullets around the target. The pillars of flame starting to emerge from the ground where the bullet hits. A flaming box will created around the target, envelops it with flames with  several flaming spear-like protrusion covering the whole box. The flaming spear are piercing to the flaming box, lacerating and burning anyone inside from head to toe. This technique was originally inspired from the Bleach Kido #90 Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin)
    • Κόπτης Πλάσματος (Koptis Plasmatos, Greek for "Plasma Cutter"): Acchan infuses any short object (not below 10 cm) with plasma particles. Then the particles are concentrated and condensed, creating a high-temperature rock-slicing ionized gas flame sword. Anything will be passed through by this technique will be vaporized instantly. This technique was able to match on Takamina's "Ensis Tempestas" and able to stop its effect, Yukirin's "Hender Sombras" and Kojinyan's "Seele Schneider".
    • Εκτοξευομαι Τρέχων (Ektoxevomai Trechon, Greek for "Sprint Launcher"): Acchan use ionized particles as a boost on her front and as friction reduction on her front, making her three-times faster than usual. This technique can able to match Takamina's "Eximius-sonus Acceleratio")
    • Φωτιά Τοίχο: Αμυντική Φόρμα (Fotia Toicho: Amyntiki Forma, Greek for "Firewall: Defensive Form"): Acchan creates a line on ground on her front (by slashing it). Then a solidified wall of fire appeared in front of her. This technique was hard enough to block any strong attacks as well as guarding them from any negative effects that it contains.
    • Ανάφλεξης Ρεύματος Πιδακας (Anaflexis Revmatos Pidakas, Greek for "Jetstream Ignition"): Acchan creates a flame from her hand,  using it as a propulsion. She can use it to propel herself through the air at high-speed with great maneuverability.

    B. Kojima Haruna (all of her techniques are in German and Dutch Language)
    • Blinken Streik (German for "Flash Strike"): Kojinyan shoots her arrow precisely. When the arrow touches any surface, Kojinyan suddenly disappeared from where she was and appeared where the arrow was there. According to Watanabe Mayu, this technique was belong to the 'Transport' skills (able to move from one space to another in different time without moving its body). She can able to use this to attack her target from behind or for escaping. This technique was the same as the combination combo of Mortred's Sniffling Dagger and Phantom Strike in Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, Dota and the name was retrieved from Rikimaru's skill "Blink Strike" in same game.
    • Meteoren Regen (Dutch for "Meteor Shower"): Kojinyan shot an arrow (or more) from the sky. Then the arrow shatters into thousand light shards, raining to the target. Takamina called it "rain of light" due to white color and rain appearance. This technique was inspired from the Ishida Uryu skill "Licht Regen (Light Rain)" in Bleach.
    • Seele Schneider (German for "Soul Cutter"): Kojinyan coats her arrow with condensed light energy, then using it as a melee weapon. This technique was strong enough to block Yukirin's "Hender Sombras". This technique was inspire by the Quincy's weapon "Seele Schneider" in Bleach.
    • Rechtdoor Schieten (Dutch for "Straight Shoot"): Kojinyan shot an arrow charged with concentrated light energy. When released, the arrow converts into a white energy blast. This technique was strong enough to clash Yukirin's "Cero Oscuras".
    • Rayleigh Streuung (German for "Rayleigh Scattering"): Kojinyan shoots an arrow (or more). Then an arrow breaks into multiple light fragments, moving like a stream of light, bombarding to the target. The name of the technique is the same meaning as the effect (the scattering of particles of light waves).
    • Nulpunt Inval (Dutch for "Zero-point Raid"): Kojinyan release several arrows in every surroundings. This arrows coated with translucent mirrors to mirage its presence from the target. When Kojinyan flicked her fingers, the arrows will start to move, disable its mirage mode and instantly appeared in front of the target. When it is successfully hit, can cause explosion.
    • Gammastraal Uitbarsting (Dutch for "Gamma-ray Burst"): A more powerful version of Rechtdoor Schieten. Kojinyan generates a high-frequency radioactive energy on her arrow. Then release it using her bow. The arrow then converts into wide high-concentrated gamma-particle beam and firing it on the target. This technique was very dangerous as it able to disintegrates anything that it is on the path (due to intensity of radiation), including Bakudo #81: Danku. It will able leave a horrible aftermath after the blast.

    C. Kashiwagi Yuki (all of her techniques are in Spanish Language)
    • Colmillo Noche (Spanish for "Night Fang): Yukirin swing her scythe in a slashing manner, releasing a wide black crescent-shaped waveslash the flies toward to its target. This technique was the same as Kurosaki Ichigo's Tensa Zangetu technique "Black Getsuga Tenshou" in Bleach Anime.
    • Hender Sombras (Spanish for"Splitting Shadow"): Yukirin coats the blade of her scythe with dark energy, then swinging it toward the target. This technique is the most powerful technique of all although this is only an assumption. It was strong enough to split any surface, including barriers and even the hardest objects.
    • Cero Oscuras (Spanish for "Dark Zero"): Yukirin charges the point of the scythe's blade with concentrated dark energy ball. The ball turn into a black energy blast. This technique was strong enough to clash Kojinyan's "Rechtdoor Schieten". This technique was inspired from Ulquiorra Cifer's Murcielago Resureccion skill "Cero Oscuras"
    • Nocturno Metralleta (Spanish for "Night Submachine-gun"): Yukirin charges multiple dark particles simultaneously on the butt end of the scythe before firing a massive barrage of them at the opponent. This technique continues to fire from these points repeatedly. Even while firing, she can adjust her aim to redirect the attack. This technique was inspired on the black and more powerful version of "Cero Metralleta", Coyote Starrk's technique in Resurrección form on Bleach.

    D. Shimazaki Haruka (all of her techniques are in Italian Language)
    • Scossa dell’Impulso (Italian for "Shock Impulse"): Paruru slams the point of her Bo or Hanbo (when divided into two) to any surface (can able to slam one of her pole to her another pole). Then releasing a focused massive shockwave moving at the high speed. This technique was strong enough that can able to disintegrate solid surface when in contact.

    E. Takahashi Minami (all of her techniques are in Latin language)
    • Via Dolorosa (Latin for "Way of Sorrow): Takamina slams her sword (either sheathed or unsheathed) or her scabbard to the ground creating a wall-type wave of wind that directly moving to the target at high speed. If the first wave was dodge, Takamina slam her second sword to create an another wave. This technique was inspired by Feral Chaos HP Attack "Via Dolorosa" from Final Fantasy Dissidia 012: Duodecim.
    • Caelum Volvuntur (Latin for "Revolving Heaven): Takamina spin her sword like a fan at high speed then pointing it at the opponent. Then creates a vortex of wind that can blast any targets away. It can able to clash Acchan's "Stolidaki Satanikon".
    • Sonus Flamenus (Latin for "Sonicboom"): Takamina smash her sword to the air, creating a focused powerful compression wave with high frequency of sound. It can able to disintegrate and objects when it fired at focused rate.
    • Deus Iratus (Latin for "Wrath of God"): Takamina swing her sword in 180 degree motion. Then a circular wall of violent wind was created from below surrounding her. When casted in right time, can able to block any attacks. This technique was inspired by Feral Chaos HP Attack "Deus Iratus" from Final Fantasy Dissidia 012: Duodecim
    • Ventus Ire (Latin for "Wrath of Wind"): Takamina flap her two swords like a wing, creating a gust of wind in front of target. Because of the wind's speed, it can able to inflict multiple cuts. This technique was inspired by Feral Chaos HP Attack "Ventus Ire" from Final Fantasy Dissidia 012: Duodecim
    • Ensis Tempestas (Latin for "Storm Blade"): A high-dense of air surrounds the blade of the sword, creating a rapid spinning tempest, then swinging it to the target that creates a massive explosion upon contact.
    • Eximius-sonus Acceleratio (Latin for "Supersonic Speed"): Takamina cover herself with aerodynamic particles, reduces air friction in front of her and creates a boost for her. This can able to accelerates her threefolds. This technique can able to match Acchan's "Ektoxevomai Trechon".

    F. Oshima Yuko (all of her techniques are in Norwegian Language)
    • Torden Spyd: Gungnir (Norwegian for "Thunder spear: Gungnir"): Yuko generates a concentrated electrical energy to her tonfa (can be use also in hands) then materialized into a giant spear. Can be used as throwing weapon or attacking it at point-blank range. This technique was inspired by Negima's lightning magic "Gungnir"
    • Elektrosjokk Induksjon (Norwegian for "Electroshock Induction"): Yuko fire a massive lightning bolt on the target. It can also be charged to increase power and speed. Can paralyze the target when it is organic and can kill it when fired in full power, except with having a high durable.
    • Momentant Utladning (Norwegian for "Instantaneous Discharge"): Yuko slams her tonfa to the ground (can be used on both sides), generatig a large-radius of electrical static charge all around of her. She can use this to repel several attacks (except massive attacks).
    • Metalliske Regndusj (Norwegian for "Metallic Rainshower"): Yuko generates a magnetic field to her whole area. Then the magnetic field float some of any magnetic objects that can be found on the ground. Then Yuko move down the magnetic field, that any floating magnetic objects will raining on the target. Due to sudden downward of magnetic field, It would appears that the meteor was falling on the target.
    • Lynnedslag Kanon (Norwegian for " Lightning strike Cannon"): Yuko points her tonfa to the target and generates a high-dense lightning energy. Then fires a wide highly-concentrated electrical gigantic blast to the target. Anyone that caught by this technique will either partial paralysis (for those having a high endurance) or disintegration. This technique was the powerful version of Bleach' Kido spell "Hado #88: Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō".
    • Musserende Knuser: Mjølner (Norwegian for "Sparkling Crusher: Mjolnir"): Yuko generates a massive discharge of electrical energy on her tonfa. Once in full potency, slamming it on the target, like a sledgehammer destroying the wall. This technique was powerful enough to destroy barriers.

    H. Watanabe Mayu (all of her techniques are in Chinese/Mandarin Language)
    • 蜃楼胶体:水嫩装甲体系 (Shènlóu Jiāotǐ: Shuǐnèn Zhuāngjiǎ Tǐxì, Chinese for "Mirage Colloid: Geschmeidig Panzer System", Viz. "Mirage Colloid: Energy Deflection System"): Mayuyu fires her Denel NTW-20 Anti-Materiel Rifle in front of her then it explodes. The fragments scattered in any directions. The fragments are acting as a prism that will able to bend any light that passes through. This technique can able to bend or reflect any projectile light-wave attacks (ranging from beam cannons to beam techniques). It can also block any energy-powered incoming attacks. This technique was inspired from Gundam SEED's Technology, Mirage Colloid Technology: Geschmeidig Panzer System.
    • 核爆誘導型伽馬射線發射器 (Formerly named 伽玛排放核爆炸刺激诱导系统, "Jiā mǎ Páifàng hé Bàozhà Cìjī Yòudǎo Xìtǒng) (Hé Bào Yòudǎo Xíng Jiā Mǎ Shèxiàn Fāshè Qì, Chinese for "Gamma Emission by Nuclear Explosion Stimulate Inducing System", Acronym "G.E.N.E.S.I.S. Cannon"): Mayuyu fires two bullets simultaneously (can be executed using either Denel NTW-20 or Cheytac Intervention M200). The first one acting as a external aligning mirror, while the second one, shatters into many fragments, acting as a second large mirror. Then Mayuyu produces a gamma radiation from her gun, which is reflected back by an external mirror and focused by a second mirror, creating a laser beam. This technique was strong enough to annihilate everything within its path and destroy massive barriers. This technique was inspired on the Gundam SEED ZAFT's superweapon, G.E.N.E.S.I.S. Cannon.

    G. Matsui Rena (all of her techniques are in Korean Language)
    • 최고충격 (Choego Chung-gyeog, Korean for "Maximum Impact): Rena points the guard of her sword, sending a trail of explosion toward the target. This technique was strong enough to break massive defenses due to explosive properties. This technique was inspired on "Final Fantasy: Dissidia 012" Feral Chaos' HP Attack "Flagro Maximus".
    • 자연폭발 (Jayeon Pogbal, Korean for "Spontaneous Explosion): Rena forcefully collide the particles on the air, releasing a high-energy in extreme manners, creating a series of violent explosion. Anything within the contact of the collision will be join by the explosion, creating a series of chain reaction.

    H. Matsui Jurina (all of her techniques are in Russian Language)
    • Приливной Волной (Prilivnoy Volnoy, Russian for "Tidal Wave"): Jurina coat her chain with flowing water. When she swing her chain downward, the water will grow bigger, turning into a splashing giant wave.
    • Танцующий Фонтан (Tantsuyushchiy Fontan, Russian for "Dancing Fountain"): Jurina coat her chain with flowing water, then swinging it in sweeping motion in high speed. Because it is very fast and moving in all direction, it has no opening. Only very fast people (Shunpo users or other teleport/movement techniques) are only capable to dodge this technique.

    H. Shinoda Mariko (all of her techniques are in French Language)
    • Obélisque Roquettes (French for "Obelisk Rockets"): Mariko creates earth spear (in any number, depends on her) from the ground, pointing toward the target. After calculations, the spear will directly launch toward the target. This target was strong enough to break any barriers.
    • Paroi en Béton (French for "Concrete Wall"): Mariko creates an earth wall coming from the ground, using it as shield from incoming attacks.
    • Cercueil de Pierre (French for "Stone Coffin"): Mariko creates a four earth wall that will rise from the each side of the target, enabling to trap and ensared the targets.
    • Barrière de Toit (French for "Roof Barrier"): Mariko creates a earth block, surrounding her in a roof formation. This can able to block any aerial attacks. Only piercing attacks can destroy this technique.

    I. Kizaki Yuria (all of her techniques are in Swedish Language)
    • Förkrossande Slag (Swedish for "Crushing Blow"): Yuria's roller skates' wheels rotates very fast. Because of the high-speed rotation, a vacuum vortex was created on each wheel. The vacuum vortex has no matter or energy inside, it's just a empty space. Any objects that make contact to the vacuum vortex will be forcefully sucked and instantly crushed, thus true to its name. Yuria will slam her feet to any surface, destroying them instantly no matter how hard and durable the surface is.
    • Virvlande Svalla (Swedish for "Whirling Surge"): Yuria kicks widely many times, creating many vacuum crescent waves on each kicks. Any objects will make contact will be crushed and destroyed.
    • Stormväder Ryttare (Swedish for "Windstorm Rider") Yuria jumps then rotates very fast, creating a vortex. Then the air started to rotate at high-speed around Yuria in form of drill-like tornado and descends to any surface, impaling anything that makes contact to the tip. Anything has been impaled by this technique will be explode.

    J. Furukawa Airi (all of her techniques are in Lithuanian Language)
    • Kinetinis Strėlė (Lithuanian for "Kinetic Bolts"): Airin removes the bolts' potential energy and charges the kinetic energy. Because of this, Airin accelerates the bolts' molecular particles at high speed, making the normal metal into volatile object. When shot, the bolts moving at high speed, due to the high kinetic energy, and the color changes into violet, because of molecules started to rapidly moves. When bolts make contact to any surface it will explode.
    • Sarvamuse Kulka (Lithuanian for "Armor-piercing Bullet): Airin picks any small objects, charging it with kinetic energy and then throws to the target. Any surface it will make contact will be destroyed.
    • Ultragreitis Audra (Lithuanian for "Hypervelocity Storm"): Airin activates Kinetinis Strėlė (Kinetic Bolts) first as a support. Then fired a salvo of highly kinetic energy arrows. This technique is equivalent of raining bombs of a bomber plane. It can destroy most of the barriers due to large numbers of explosive bolts.

    K. Yagami Kumi (all of her techniques are in Irish Language)
    • Díraonta Teorainn (Irish for "Boundary Diffraction"): Kumi creates a translucent wall that blocks any attacks, either physical or magical, and either melee or projectile. Unlike of other barriers that make the attack disappear, this technique is different. Instead it holds the attack for a while. Either Kumi will decide if reflects it back to the enemy (melee and projectile), disappears instantly (projectile) and creates another kind of attack (projectile).
    • Bacainn Frithchaiteacha (Irish for "Reflective Barrier"): Kumi creates a invisible wall that can redirects any contact vectors. It can reflects any projectile attacks back to the user or recoils the melee attacks to the attacker.
    • Réimse Veicteoir (Irish for "Vector Field"): Kumi creates a spherical field that separates the vectors into two opposite directions. The wall line will act as a vector barrier to redirect any external sources as well as internal sources. This technique can be use both as defensive or offensive purpose.
    • Lánpháirtiú Comhbhrúiteach (Irish for "Compressive Integration"): Kumi uses vector of force to surrounds any objects into sphere. Then either compresses the sphere into thin air or fired it in a laser blaster-like attack. This technique is very compatible combination with other vector techniques and can be used to capture any projectile attacks.

    L. Tonooka Erica (all of her techniques are in Japanese Language)
    • 神鳴流「百花繚乱」 (Shinmeiryū: Hyakka Ryōran, Japanese for "God's Cry Technique: Many Flowers Blooming in Profusion"): Erica release a massive energy and converted into sharp blades, then fires off in straight line. This technique was inspired by the Negima "Shinmeiryū 'Hiken': Hyakka Ryōran".
    • 神鳴流「斬鉄閃」 (Shinmeiryū:  Zantetsusen, Japanese for "God's Cry Technique: Steel-cutting Flash"): Erica imbues anything she touch with massive sharpness or makes anything bladed object she used very sharp. Then she use it to cut the target in spiral fashion. This technique was strong enough to cut even stainless steel. This technique was inspired by the Negima "Shinmeiryū 'Hiken': Zantetsusen".


    • Shunpo (Kanji: 瞬歩, Japanese for "Flash step, Instantaneous step"): A movement technique, which allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. According to Mayuyu, only these person are only capable to use Shunpo: Mayuyu, Takamina, Yuko, Paruru, Rena, Yukirin, Acchan and Kojiyuu. This skill was inspired by the Shinigami's skill "Shunpo" in Bleach.
    • Transport: A teleport technique, which allow the user to move from one space to another in different time without moving its body. This technique was entirely different from Shunpo.
    • Kido (Kanji: 鬼道, Japanese for "Demon way): These are spells that using spiritual energy for combat. Their are two types of this. Hado (Kanji: 破道, Japanese for "Way of Destruction") and Bakudo (Kanji: 縛道, Japanese for "Way of Binding) The list of these skills are in this link: Kido. These skill was inspired by Bleach.
    • Dairiki Tōitsu (Kanji: 大力統一, Japanese for "Grand Unification Force"): One of the combination technique. It allows two or more elemental users to combine their powers to create a highly form of attack, ranging from destructive offensive form to devastating defensive form. Even the opposite elements can able to combine with each other. The users will channel their powers, connected with each other. Usually it takes time, depends on the strength of the users (as in the cases of all Generals, they can able to do that in just split-second). Then a magic circle was formed, depends on the position. Usually in offensive form, the magic circle was pointed at the target while in defensive form, the magic circle surrounds the users, except on some rare cases. The strength of this technique relies to the strength on the user multiply on how many they are. There are four kinds of this technique, where it depends on the number of users:
      • Nijū Ketsugō (Kanji: 二重結合 , Japanese for “Double Union”)
        • Takahashi Minami + Oshima Yuko
          • [Wind + Electricity]Tatsumaki Raiu (Kanji: 竜巻雷雨, Japanese for "Tornado Thunderstorm"): A magic circle was formed on Takamina's rapid spinning sword while Yuko generates a lightning energy. Then a tornado, with lightning surrounding on it, was released from the magic circle, firing on the target. Anything that passes within its path will disintegrate completely (due to the wind's slashing ability and electricity's burning ability). This union attack can destroys any barrier, even Acchan's "Fotia Toicho: Amyntiki Forma" and able to clash another union attack, Yaketsuku Kōsen.
        • Maeda Atsuko + Kojima Haruna
          • [Fire + Light]Yaketsuku Kōsen (Kanji: 焼け付く光線, Japanese for "Searing Beam"): Acchan point her G3A3A1 and Kojinyan point her bow, with light-infusing arrow loaded, on the target. Then a magic circle was formed in front of them When Acchan and Kojinyan shoot their weapons, the loads are disappeared when passed on magic circle. An orange highly-concentrated gigantic laser was fired on the magic circle, surrounded by a corkscrew-like aura shockwave. Anything that passes within its path will be turn into nothing (due to the light's lightspeed ability and fire's disintegration ability). This union attack can destroys any barrier and able to clash another union attack, Tatsumaki Raiu.
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yowza!~  :on lol: that was soooooo freeakkkkkiiiiiin' cool!  :nya: Acchan producing flames remined of KHR lololol man...that was cool~ and Kojiharu also! xD I'm just speechless...  :on gay:

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my fav countries for fun and interesting trivia besides japan are russia and germany~~
greek is interesting~~ but I found it a bit weird when they said their moves
or did they? couldn't really tell, but yeah.....
lol, paru vs iriyama, oba, and shimada~~ no lemon.....
and then the ske girls vs jurina

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Ah.. great detail on the skills...

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you again...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [05/14/13] Chapter 4-C: Climactic Stage
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Well I've finally update it now, wew... HAHAHAHAHA :nervous :nervous :nervous

@cisda83:Yeah Yuko's in flirting mode... No wonder Kojinyan cannot able to resist her... hahahaha

@FlameHazeKatsu:Wow your KHR fan?? Hahahahaha

@Shinoki: Those techniques are needed such a name. I will put it on the concept of Bleach. As stated on Zangetsu, knowing the name of the attack heightens its power compare to its strength when the wielder doesn't know its name. So basically knowing the name of the technique they perform will gives them a increase power compare to the nameless techniques.


Phase C: Climactic Stage

Circular Arena, Central Core zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 9:15 am

As Kojinyan and Acchan quickly prepare their armaments for combat, they are been surrounded now by the four powerful generals. Their backs are stick together and eyes focusing to each one of them.
Watch my back” Acchan said.
“Same to you” Kojinyan replied back.
On the far side, Takamina and the other generals are watching carefully as the fight was suddenly getting intense. Rena and Mayuyu was monitoring the situation, trying to retrieve some information of the two low rank but powerful soldiers. On their right flank, Tomochin tending some injured officers while her medics are collecting some plants for her to extracting them into medicine.
Back to the arena, Acchan was trying to think of some countermeasures since they are being surrounded. When the light on her head was turn on, she was trying to mind talking to her friend.
I’ve got a brilliant idea. You know how we play, right~?” Acchan said.
“What we play? Oh that… I get it.” Kojinyan said.
Shall we do it?” Acchan rotate her dual Desert Eagle.
“Let’s start.”Kojinyan reply.
“Tall girl, who are you talking to? Are you crazy?” Jurina asked.
“She’s not crazy; she’s talking to her friend” Paruru said.
“And how did you know?” Yukirin asked to her.
“I’ve heard their conversation. It looks like they have a plan” Paruru answered.
“Oh yeah, then they show us their plan” Mariko smiled, still having a sadistic aura.
Oh yeah, I’m gonna show it to you know” Acchan said. She’s patting her friend, signaling to execute their play.
Kojinyan use Acchan’s shoulder as jumpstand to jump higher. Acchan then took some magazine from her pouch and throwing to the air then she starts now shooting on the four. Yukirin and Paruru blocking the bullets while Jurina and Mariko evading it. When Acchan’s gun was empty, she removing the empty magazine from the gun and rotating her body in clockwise motion. In an instance, the magazine she throws was unexpectedly inserted to the magazine chamber and automatically reloads the gun. After that, she continues to shooting them. When she was out of bullet now, the generals thought that it is over and start to reach her.But Paruru knew that something’s wrong and stopping her track. Acchan see that what Paruru has doing and mentally congratulate her for able to knew what she planning.

“Paruru, why are you stopping? This is our chance to attack her.” Mariko said.

“Incoming” Paruru said.

She throws her dual Desert Eagle to the air, and taking the dual UZI in her back holster. Activating her andrenaline rush, Acchan shoot her gun while rotating her body in 360 degree motion twice, one in clockwise and one in counterclockwise.
Paruru know that and swinging her staff from left to right, blocking the bullets. She watches the others hit by the bullets from the side instead from the front. This is the first time that the generals are injured.

Takamina watches this and asking her informant.

“Mayuyu, what happened? How did they manage to get injury?”

“According to my analysis, that girl creates a momentum through by andrenaline rush. By that, she can able now to curve the bullet by shooting while swinging her gun. She’s using a submachine gun so many bullets will curve, shape like spiral galaxy. Doubling her rotation in different circular motion makes even more dangerous.”

Back to the fight, we can see that the three generals are in injury now on their shoulder while Paruru was not. She knows that the shot was curve using her high sense of hearing. She saw Acchan was smirking at her. Acchan knows that Paruru has the same gift as she has and Paruru knows the same.

So you know of my plan. As expected to the having a very clear sense, same as mine.” Acchan didn’t use her telepathy to her but Paruru hears it very clearly.

“Thank you for your compliment. Just like you said, you and I have a same kind of gift but different type.” Paruru said.

I thought that you are one of the Ace Generals and there are the other two. Is that right?

“Yes. The other two are General Oshima Yuko and General Kashiwagi Yuki” Paruru confirmed.

Acchan get her dropping Desert Eagle and raise her head. She is nodding now at Kojinyan, signaling that it’s her turn.

Kojinyan then land on Acchan’s back and draw her bow and the arrow and pointing it on the top.

“Meteoren Regen (Meteor shower)” Kojinyan release the stringbow and the arrow flew upward to the sky. When it reaches to the top, the arrow suddenly break into thousand light shards and falls back to the arena. The shards rain down to the four generals in rapid succession.

While Jurina, Paruru and Yukirin can defend themselves by revolving their weapons in high speed, Mariko cannot because she’s using only her hand and cannot able to block a barrage of falling shards.

“Barrière de Toit (Roof Barrier)” Then a Earth block was created and moving above Mariko to shield her. Unfortunately, it can only block the raining shards for a limited time because Mariko saw the crack of the block. Because of that, she’s move away from the rain to avoid further damage.

The raining shards have been finally subsided. Jurina, Paruru, and Yukirin stop rotating their weapons. Mariko then gritted her teeth and angrily looking to the two. Acchan and Kojinyan turn blurry for a while and disappear from where they stand.

“Shunpo? How did they able to perform that?” Yukirin said. She nod at Paruru, who also nodding at her. Then the two turn blurry and disappearing instantly. A striking sound was being heard from the arena and shows a dimly flashing light from every direction.

While the unseenable battle was continued, Takahashi and the others are surprised from the moment.

“That attack, looks like a rain of light.” Takamina said.

“Hmmm, they can able to use Shunpo. They are very strong.” Yuko commented while holding her chin.

“Well aside from Takamina, Yuko, Yukirin, Paruru, Rena and me, those two ones are really strong that can able to use that moves and they can able to endure the side-effects, just like us.” Mayuyu commented which makes the others around her nodding in agreement.

"Especially this girl, she’s really terrible strong.” Mayuyu said

“Who are you talking about Mayu-chan?” Rena asked.

“Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko” Mayuyu said, looking at Acchan’s profile.

Back to the battle, the four girls appeared now from the air and push back to each other. They are breathing heavily, due to high-speed counterattacks to each other.

“Stop this piece of shit.” Mariko angrily said and charging at Acchan while Paruru was following at her.

Same as Kojinyan, Jurina was moving forward to her and swinging the chain while Yukirin, also following to her.

“Танцующий Фонтан [Tantsuyushchiy Fontan (Dancing Fountain)]” Jurina swinging her chain, coated with water, wildly and moving toward to Kojinyan.

Kojinyan trying to avoid it using Shunpo but of all of a sudden, Yukirin was already in front of her which Kojinyan widened her eye. Yukirin then releasing dark energy and charge it on her scythe’s blade.

“Hender Sombras (Splitting Shadow)” Yukirin swing her scythe to Kojinyan. Kojinyan then fastly insert some light energy to her arrow.

‘Seele Schneider (Soul Cutter)” In an instant, Yukirin’s most powerful technique was being stopped by Kojinyan’s technique which it was Yukirin’s turn to surprise.

“White light, you’re a light manipulator?” Yukirin asked.

“And you’re a dark manipulator” Kojinyan answered back.

“It seems the two opposite forces are meeting now.” Yukirin mocked.

“Let see who will able to get the upper hand” Kojinyan said.

“Don’t forget about me~!!!” Jurina said, and then she rotates her chain in spiral motion and targeting it on Kojinyan. Yukirin then backing away from her.

Kojinyan trying to avoid the chains but it was circling around on her feet and holding it very tight. Jurina then swing it to the top and moving it down to the opposite direction causing Kojinyan to lift upward and smashing her body from the ground. Jurina was not finished so she swings the chain 360 degrees and targeting it to Yukirin who charging the point of her scythe’s blade with concentrated dark energy ball.

“Cero Oscuras (Night zero)” The dark energy ball turn into a black energy blast moving fast toward chained girl.

When Kojinyan saw that, she draws her bow with an arrow, and charging the high concentrated light energy on the whole arrow.

“Rechtdoor Schieten (Straight shoot)” Kojinyan release the stringbow. The concentrated light energy coated arrow was converted into a white energy blast, that recoiling her to the swing of the chain. Yukirin’s black blast attack was clashing towards the Kojinyan’s white blast attack that lightening to the whole arena with monochromatic scene. After that an explosion occurs and creates an aftershock which the chain was being hit by it and able to loosens on hold. When Kojinyan saw that the chain has been loosening, she uses Shunpo to escape and move on the other side. She quickly took an arrow from the quiver and draws the bow pointing at the two.

“Rayleigh streuung (Rayleigh scattering)” Kojinyan releases the arrow. Before it launches, it breaks into multiple shards, then the shards moves like a stream of light, bombarding to Yukirin and Jurina. Yukirin was trying to use Shunpo to dodge all of them. Even though she’s having a hard time because it pursues her despite of evading all of it, she can manage to avoid damage. But for Jurina’s case, she can’t able to dodge them instead she swing her chains in all direction, surrounding her in from multiple shards. Despite of that, five of the streaming shards are already inside of her defense and manage to damage her.

On the other side of the arena, Acchan was defending herself against the Mariko’s assault while Paruru was behind. Acchan felt Mariko’s heavy punches so she blocks punches using her dual pistol.

“You are only dangerous when it only on the right range, but what if in this kind of range?” Mariko smirked and continuing assaulting Acchan.

Oh, do you think so?’ Acchan smirked.

Paruru has hearing the next Acchan’s move and trying to warn Mariko.

“Mariko, watch out!” Paruru shout.

But it was too late as Acchan shot her dual pistol on Mariko’s shoulder, in zero-point range which Mariko force herself to back out. Mariko put her hand on the shoulder which it was shot and saw that in her hands with blood. Mariko gritted her teeth, she’s angrier now. Paruru saw that and start to ready herself for the next attack.

“Obélisque Roquettes” several earth spears appear to the ground and directly launch to Acchan at high-speed. Paruru knew that Acchan will survive that so she charges now at Acchan. Acchan saw of many earth spears coming toward to her. She took now her G3A3A1 for the first time, and pointing it at the spears.

Δυναμια Αποτέφρωσις [Dynamia Apoteprosis (Dynamic incineration)]” Acchan shot a couple of bullets, coating with burst of intense flame. The bullets passed through the spears. In a instant, the spears disintegrate into dust. Paruru then appeared on the flames and swing her staff to Acchan which she blocks it with her G3A3A1. An aftershock was created after their weapons clash.

You’re blind” Acchan didn’t use telepathy but she knows Paruru will able to hear her.

“And you’re mute” Paruru replied.

But you can hear anything” Acchan said on her mind

“You too, you can also see anything. And you’re very strong; I’d like to be your friend and also your rival.” Paruru offered.

Hmmmm, I’d like that. Let’s do it now. But first” Acchan pushes Paruru. Acchan then jump to the top and shot 4 bullets on the four corners around Mariko. Mariko looks at Acchan with confused face. Acchan then only smirked at her.

“Κολασμένος Κάθειρξης [Kolasmenos Katheirxis (Hellish imprisonment)] then a four sided square forming on each corners where the bullet hits. The four corners creating a flaming box line around Mariko, then the box starts now to envelop her with flames with the multiple flaming spear-like protrusion covering on box. The flaming spears are piercing to the flaming box from whole area as the Mariko’s scream was heard from the whole arena. The flaming box was diminished, revealing Mariko with burnt dress and multiple cuts. Then her body dropped down now on the ground.

Acchan was landed on the ground and smile innocently at Paruru who was having in shock state. Paruru then smirked at her and readying her weapon.

“Your sadistic than her, you know.” Paruru said.

Thank you for your compliment, I’m flattered. Now, shall we start?” Acchan continued to smile.

Paruru was nodding at her and charging toward Acchan. Acchan was also charging toward her. The clashing of their weapons continues to create aftershocks.

As the time pass, the four remaining standing girls are already tired. Kojinyan’s quiver is empty and having many cuts, Acchan has no magazine left and also have many scratches. Yukirin and Paruru also have many cuts and scratches. They are breathing very hard due to continuous attacks. As they are ready now for the final strike….

“STOP NOW~!!! Time’s up!!!!” Takamina shout. The four hear that and they lowered their weapons. They finally drop their knees and sit on the ground. Kojinyan and Acchan glared at the two as Yukirin and Paruru do the same. Acchan then smiled first and laugh very hard, then the three join the laughter.

Takamina, Yuko, Rena and Mayuyu walk to the four and congratulate them.

“Wow, it seems it’s a miracle that you are surviving now. You two are passed the first challenge” Takamina said while smiling.

Kojinyan and Acchan perform a high-five despite having a injury. Yukirin and Paruru laugh at them making Kojinyan and Acchan cutely pout at them.

“Congratulate for passing this round, Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko and Colonel Kojima Haruna. You will be able to move to next round.” Takamina announced to the whole arena. Then a massive cheering coming from the spectators and audience was heard.

“The next round will be three days from now so take care of your health now and prepare yourself.”

“Tomochin, send some medics here and tend these four.” Takamina ordered and they went away. Tomochin then walk to the four along with the

“Hi, I’m Capricorn General Itano Tomomi from the Medical Department and I will in charge of your medical treatment.” Tomochin introduced to Kojinyan and Acchan.

“You will be sleep and treated in our department for two days base on my analyzation of the conditions both of you.” Tomochin said.

“And also you two, you will be sleeping in there for two days.” Tomochin pointed at Yukirin and Paruru.

“Ok, now that all of you already understand it, we shall carry you now” Tomochin order the medics to bring them to the Medical Department.

“Ne~, thanks for the battle. It was so happy~!!!!” Yukirin cheerfully said.

“No, it was you who should I thanking about. I enjoy our fight.” Kojinyan said.

“Ne~, let’s do this again. We are friends right?” Paruru smiled.

Uhmm, I’m willingful to accept that” Acchan finally use her telepathy on the three. Yukirin widened her eyes as she amusedly looks at Acchan. But she understands why she hiding it so she didn’t try to ask now.

“By the way, I’m Scorpio General Kashiwagi Yuki, you can call me Yukirin.”

“I’m Cancer General Shimazaki Haruka, you can call me Paruru.”

“I’m Colonel Kojima Haruna but you can call me Kojiharu.”

And I’m Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko, you can call me Acchan.

The four smiled at each other and then laugh for the one time. Then they high-five at a onetime signifies that they are friends now. At the same time they are unconscious and dropped down their bodies due to fatigue and multiple injuries they’ve been got. But their smiled cannot remove even though they are down. The first round ended only the two persons left. Kojinyan and Acchan having now a friends and happily sleep.

To be Continued

Updates to the skills are here on this link: Skills
Updates to the weapons are here on this link: Weapons

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The four survive the magnificent display of action between each other and earn their rest before another stage that awaits them in two days :nervous
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it's super cool!!
school killed me and then this resurrected me with 1000% HP!
yes, they are friends now~
Paruru dai~suki~
acchan! Kojiharu~~

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that was a badass chapter!. so cool  with the combat skill that acchan and haruna got they'll got the positions for sure. btw thx for the badass chapter hahaha. :D

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Interesting battle plots there

So exciting...

Atsuko and Haruna found opponents with opposite and similar power... in Paruru and Yuki respectively...

So cool... they are friends too...

I think there is no need for anymore test...

Atsuko and Haruna are clearly too strong in compare to the rest of the other contestants...

They should just be skip all the other tests.. and give the positions already...

Ah... Mayu found that that Atsuko was more powerful than Haruna...

Interesting... why is Atsuko stronger than Haruna?

What's going to happen in the next test?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

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@xcross: Of course!  :mon thumb: but probably not such a die hard fan like you know...Nami... hahahaha

Nice update!  :mon thumb: fighting scene was one hell of a scene.....!  :mon yeah: I was like thinking if there's the winner...who would I want to win...I couldn't choose sides... xD like I don't want Acchan or Kojiharu to lose since it'll be over for them but I also didn't want the generals to lose since it will make them look weak... o.o but hah...glad winners weren't decided here...   :mon exhaust: looking forward to the update!  :mon star:

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Acchan is so strong

Please update soon


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Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [05/20/13] Chapter 4-D: Aftermath
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Wew so much work...

@kurosawa87: two days of rest, one day of preparation
@Shinoki: Thank you for your compliment
@den_takacchan: Thank you for reading my baddass chapter  :lol: :lol: :lol:
@Amakuchi: I'm gonna skewer you first before you will do it...  :P :P :P
@cisda83: Thank you for reading.. As the matter of fact, they need to finish another test...  The next test will be revealed here.
@FlameHazeKatsu: So I see... Well enjoy this update... I don't know, hehehe :lol: :lol: :lol:



Phase D: Aftermath

Penthouse, 20th floor, Medical Department, Akiba Headquarter; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Friday, 7:00 am
The first day of the tournament has ended where the only two left to participate for the next round. But they are very tired and having several injuries, so the generals are decided to move it to on Sunday for the remaining participants to rest well. Right now, we can see that the two participants left are resting in the digital hospital room, along with the two generals that they became their friends. The other two generals are in the emergency room because they sustain the most numerous injuries and they need a heavy medical attention.

The short girl with a ribbon headband was walking to the highest floor of the Medical Department. She’s stops at the metal door and look at the intercom. She’s know that the persons inside are sleeping quietly so she press the button on the intercom to open the door and decide to enter the room.

The room was a very highly technological French-style design. It equips with several holographic computers with monitor projection. This room has a terrace so the person who rest here can see the Tokyo tower and the whole city skyline.

The short girl walks inside and monitor to the surrounding. To the left side were her two generals and from the right side were the two participants who were passed, are resting well. She walks to the farthest right side, which the person she wants to meet was there. She stops on the bedside and watch the girl sleeping cutely. She was amazed about how this girl was beautiful even in sleep.

‘My god, she’s very beautiful and very cute.’ The short girl thought. Her face went closer to the sleeping girl while her eyes lock on the lips. When their distance was only one feet, the sleeping girl moves causing the short girl straight her body.

Then she remembers their conversation with the other generals yesterday, about this girl. She sighs as she continues to watch the sleeping girl
“Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko” the short girl whispered.

Flashback, yesterday
“Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko” Mayuyu said, looking at Acchan’s profile.
“What about her? What do you mean she’s terribly strong, Shiriri-chan?” Yuko asked.
“She was formerly commander of Delta Force 1st command and she’s known of the proficiency at the guns. She’s a extremely highly dangerous marksman and deadliest assassins. She’s dangerous at every range, from long to mid-range, even short-range and point-blank range. She’s highly dangerous that it’s difficult to get near at her. Aside from guns, she’s excellent at handling knives, I can see that she’s have a M9 Bayonet on her boots but frequently cannot using it unless in some circumstances. She’s also master martial arts too.” Mayuyu stop for a while.
“Mayu-chan, why did you stop?” Rena asked.
“Takamina, it’s ok if I say this in front of you?” Mayuyu asked.
“Stop confusing us and straight to the point.” Takamina hissed.
“Ok, ok… Actually, based on my records here, I will say that, Maeda-san can be on par with our Ace Generals here or should I say, she will become the 5th Ace General when she able to pass these series of challenges. In short, she, along with me, Yuko, Paruru and Yukirin, will be on par with Takamina, Our president.”
“And what about Kojima-san?” Yuko said.
“About Colonel Kojima Haruna, she’s very strong but not as strong as Maeda-san. But she can able to manage to fight on the other generals. I don’t know maybe it’s just my miscalculation. To make sure, she can able to fight evenly at our president.”
“In short, those two are very strong and capable to par on us.” Takamina said.
“Yes, no doubt on it.” Mayuyu confirmed.

Flashback ended
The short girl then walks to the door, where it automatically opens. She’s stop for a while and leaving a message hoping that the ones who sleeping there can be heard to her.
“I can’t wait to see how strong you are. I want to test your strength and fight you. But for the meanwhile you must rest and make sure you will not die until we faced each other in the battlefield. Farewell and good luck.” Then the door closed as the short girl walked outside.

Acchan was awoken by the sunlight that was flashing on her. She opens her eyes and look at the surrounding.
"Where am I? How did I get to this place?” Then she trying remembers what happen yesterday. When Acchan recalled the event…
The tournament!!!” She shouted on her mind, which she totally forgot that her telepathy connects to the three people, who is the same room as Acchan. The three persons suddenly awaked from the shout on their mind.
“Mou~!! Could you please be quiet, I’m sleeping here.” Kojinyan and Yukirin said in unison and getting back to sleep. After a couple of second, Kojinyan and Yukirin wake up at the same time and looking at each other with their eyes widened in surprise.
“Ehh~!!! What are you doing here? Wait, why I’m doing here?” Kojinyan and Yukirin shout in unison. Acchan and Paruru laugh to the two which Kojinyan and Yukirin pouting cutely, then they join to the laughter. When the laughter dies, silent atmosphere appears. A couple of minutes no one’s able to talk, then suddenly Acchan breaks the ice.
“Question, where are exactly are we?” She asked.
“Well based to its structure, we are now at the penthouse of the Medical Department.” Yukirin confirmed.
“And why exactly are we in the same room?” Kojinyan asked.
“I don’t know, maybe space sufficiency?” Paruru said. Kojinyan, Acchan and Yukirin laugh at Paruru’s joke which Paruru also laugh too.
The laughter stops as the metallic door open revealing a women figure standing on the doorway. The figure walk inside and greeting to the four patients.
“Good morning girls. Have you being slept peacefully?” the girl asked. She’s wearing a general dress with doctor’s coat over on it.
“Ne~, Tomochin. Why are we in the same room?” Yukirin asked.
“Well it’s because Takamina ordered it.” The girl replied.
“By the way” She faces to Acchan and Kojinyan. “I will repeat my introduction, I’m Capricorn General Itano Tomomi and I’m the General Director of Medical Department. I will assist you in medical attention and careful physical conditions. Yoroshiku Onegaishimase.” Tomochin bow to the two.
“Base on my analysis, it looks like you all will be healed in two days. You don’t have any serious conditions, just having a good rest and eat well.” Tomochin explained and turn her head to face Kojinyan.
“Because of your ability to manipulate light, your regeneration rate is faster than I’ve been expected.” Tomochin said.
“Well that’s all. I shall go now to check the other patients”
“How’s Chiyuu?” Yukirin asked.
“As of her, I’m still angry at Mariko. How dare that she do that on my Chiyuu. Throwing her in full force and slamming at the energy shield with force field with strong force. She forgets that I’m still there watching. Next time she’s doing that, I’m gonna throw her at my pets.”
“What pet?” Kojinyan asked.
“Titanic Venus-flytraps. Their heads can able to eat you whole. Well except you Acchan since you can burn them alive” Paruru chuckles which Acchan smiles at her. Kojinyan and Yukirin just shook her head.
“Since when all of you are getting close to each other?” Tomochin asked
“Naishoune~!!!” The four said simultaneously which Tomochin narrowed her eyes.
“Fine, I will visit Chiyuu now. Take care” and Tomochin went out.
The four smiles only and at the same time drink a glass of water.
“Ne~, so after resting for two days, we will have a next battle.” Kojinyan said.
Acchan snap her finger on the right hand, creates a small blue flame on her index finger. Acchan then disappeared her flame by swinging her hand.
“Uhnn, the next battle will be the final day of the tournament since only the two of you are passed the first stage. It is set on Sunday.” Yukirin explained.
“And your next opponent will be Leo General Takahashi Minami and Gemini Oshima Yuko.” Paruru said.
The President and the Ace General?” Acchan asked.
“Yes, watch out for those two. Even they are mocked by their height, they are really strong.” Yukirin said.
“We already know their powers since we have a research about them.” Kojinyan said.
“By the way, Yukirin, Paruru and Yuko are the Ace General, right?” Kojima asked.
“Hai~!!! But we have also another one Ace General.” Yukirin said.
Who?” Acchan asked.
“Libra General Watanabe Mayu. She’s became Ace General last year.” Yukirin answered.
Acchan and Kojinyan were nodding only. Acchan insert the usb and press the button beside the table then a holographic computer appears in front of her. Then she open Takamina’s profile. This was her 750th times that she’s looking at the midget’s profile.
She’s beautiful’ Acchan thought
“Hey Acchan, are you starting to like her?” Paruru teased.
N-n-n-no, I’m n-n-not~!!” Acchan blushed.
“I just heared what you said in your mind.” Paruru continue to tease which Acchan blushing more. Kojinyan and Yukirin were chuckled at the same time.
Mou~!!! Stop listening to my mind.” Acchan slightly mad.
“Hai~~~ Hai~~~” Paruru raised her two hands.
But, she’s interesting” Acchan’s only final word.


Akiba Headquarters Tokyo, Japan; Saturday, 5:00 pm

(Takahashi Minami POV)
I’m just sitting on the terrace of my office with my coffee on my hand, watching on the sky as the sun goes down. I stared at the Tokyo skyline with my emotionless expression. My mind was starting to think of that beautiful girl. I just shook my head and sighed very deeply.
“That was the deepest sigh that I’ve ever been heard.” A girl’s voice that I’ve heard was echoed from my office. I look behind and saw a figure walking closer to me, holding a paper.
“Erepyon.” I said.
This figure was my sister and also my right-hand assistant, Lieutenant General Ono Erena. Although we are sisters, we have a different father.
“Ne~, onee-chan what are you thinking?” My sister asked.
“I was just thinking about the tournament.”
“Tournament or that girl?” My sister was trying to teasing at me.
“Who are you talking about?”
“Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko. You seem to like at her.” My sister continues to teasing at me.
“W-w-what are you t-t-talking about?” I flustered at my words.
“Maybe you’re thinking she’s beautiful, she’s cute and she’s sexy” My face covered with dark red because of embarrassment.
“Mou~!!! Yamete yo~~!!!” I said while blushing. My sister laughs at me that make me pout cutely.
“Joking aside, I’m interested on her. She’s very strong. I want to have a duel on her.” I smirked.
“Well, good luck for your battle onee-chan and also to your perverted friend.” My sister said.
“Yeah~~, good luck to myself.”  I’ve said.
Yeah, tomorrow was a very big day event. Together with my perverted bestfriend, we will enjoy this moment.


Circular Arena, Central Core zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; Sunday, 10:00 am
(Normal POV)

The final day has finally come. The whole arena was surrounded by the cheering spectators and audience. Kojinyan and Acchan are already at the center of the arena with their weapons ready and full. On the far northwestern side, all of the generals are there. Takamina and Yuko walk in to the arena. Takamina bringing her dual sword, one on her back and one holding with her left hand, while Yuko bringing her dual silver-colored tonfas on her back.

The tension growing very fast as the two generals went nearer to the two powerful participants. When their distance was only just meter away, they stared to each other.

“Ne~, I’ve been glad to fight with you.” Takamina said.

Sou desu ne, I’ve been waiting for this moment.” Acchan using sign language.

Although you’re always been told by my grandmother’s story many times.

“I’ll be happy to fight these beautiful girls.” Yuko commented.

“Arigatou, I will do my best.” Kojinyan blushed.

“Then shall we start?” Takamina asked. The three nodding at her.

“Then let’s start”

The four using shunpo and disappear from the battlefield. Now the most intense battle has begun.


To be Continued.....

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Love Rectangle) [05/20/13] Chapter 4-D: Aftermath
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This is a really amazing fic! Very well written and really interesting :D
Thanks for the update on another great chapter :) Intense end! With those 4 facing off ~ Can't wait to read what happens next!

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Love Rectangle) [05/20/13] Chapter 4-D: Aftermath
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atsumina and kojiyuu will fight!
I cant wait what will happen next!!
XXX i really love ur fic :heart:
Thank you for the update!

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Love Rectangle) [05/20/13] Chapter 4-D: Aftermath
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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Love Rectangle) [05/20/13] Chapter 4-D: Aftermath
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Well the competition starts and now we see the true power against yuko and takamina
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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Love Rectangle) [05/20/13] Chapter 4-D: Aftermath
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Ah... Atsuko was much stronger than Haruna.... according to the data....  :yep:

And she could be on par with the president.... who Takamina...?  :drool:

Who was the midget that nearly kissing Atsuko? Takamina?  :?

Kojinyan and Yukirin are so synchronized....  :lol:

Ah... Yuko was the ace general here...  :thumbsup

The next battle with Leo General Takahashi Minami and Gemini Oshima Yuko...   :twisted:

What's going to happen in the battle there.... Looking forward to see more action  :drool:

Mayu, Yukirin, Paruru and Yuko were the Ace General... so Haruna and Atsuko indeed strong to be able to defeat both Yukirin and Paruru

Ah... Atsuko is having a crush on Takamina... and thinking that she was beautiful... Yeah  :wub: (Looking at her profile for 750 times)  :sweatdrop:

Erena was Takamina's sister as in MG... and Takamina also having a crush on Atsuko...  :inlove:

Ah... Atsuko's grandma always talked about Takamina... that's probably why she was interested

Yeah... I can't wait to see the intense battle between... Takamina and Yuko vs Atsuko and Haruna

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Shikaku Kankei (Love Rectangle) [05/20/13] Chapter 4-D: Aftermath
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cool atsumina and kojiyuu fighting in the arena! this rocks :thumbsup cant wait for the action scene!!!

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