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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 103632 times)

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga (Atsumina story) - After Rain [Phase E]
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Rinca: You're welcome!  XD XD XD
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And now guys... This is the LAST PHASE... So, ENJOY READING~!!!!   :) :) :)


Phase E: Taiyou to Niji (Sun and Rainbow)


Toshima Island, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 4:00 am

The gang silently arrived above the Category VII hurricane. They surveyed the surroundings and found nothing except thunderous sound and violent gust raging forwardly. Airin suggest that they should wait above the eyewall of the storm until the fight has been ended.

“Oh shit. I’m gonna blown out, this storm is too powerful.” Yukirin went to the plane and sat above the jet’s body, behind the cockpit.

“Wew, that was close.”

“Careful, General Kashiwagi.This is a Category VII hurricane, even though we’re above the storm there a still possibility that we’re gonna blown out.” A voice coming from the cockpit said to Yukirin.

“Yeah, thanks for reminding me, Akane.” Yukirin sits in lotus position.

“Akane, what’s the condition from below?” Airin asked.

“There are many heat signatures in my infrared thermography, mostly dark reds. I assume those are came from General Maeda’s flames. As of the several distorted blue and green areas, maybe from General Takahashi’s windblasts.” Akane’s explanation.

“Additionally, their aura signature growing weaker from the duration of their battle. In my calculation, the battle will be ended approximately 10 minutes.” Another voice was heard inside the cockpit.

“Did my ears lying to me or I really heard there are two Akanes inside this jet?” Yukirin narrowed her eyes.

“Well actually, that’s my A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).” Churi opens the cockpit and smile to Yukirin.

“EHHHHHHHH?!” Again, Yukirin in exaggerating overreaction.

“You heard it right, Yukirin-san. This Churi’s plane equips with cutting-edge technology which being controlled by the A.I.” Airin explained.

“The name of the A.I. is Asymmetric Kernel Autonomous Network Environment System; or A.K.A.N.E. System or just Akane.” Churi said.

“Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.” A Churi-like voice greeted the raven girl.

“Wow, Airin. I’m really impressed now to your girlfriend.” Yukirin praised to Airin.

“G-g-g-girlfriend?”Churi and Airin’s face were flushed like a ripe tomato.

“Oh my, Churi-sama and Airin-sama’s heat signature are suddenly increased at 0.5%” Akane giggles.

“Urusai, Akane.” Churi went back to the cockpit.

“Ho, ho, ho. This Akane A.I. knows how to tease ehh. Not a normal A.I that I’ve read and knew.” Yukirin giggles too.

“It’s because this A.I. is exactly came from Churi’s brain data that transformed into computer data. Because of that, this A.I. retained Churi’s personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies and nature.”

“Churi-sama, multiple aura signatures are being weakened now. Also, the storm is starting to dissipate about 70%.” The A.I. said.

“Looks like the fight is over. Let’s go down.” Airin said.

After passing to the roof of the storm, they saw the aftermath of the battle. The whole rocky shore of the Toshima island is on the mess. Flames burning everywhere, many craters marked the ground, trees were sliced in half and several boats were partially destroyed. Then they saw two bodies lying to the ground with the weapons on their side. Airin and Yukirin instantly appears beside those unconscious girls.

“Are they alright?” Yukirin asked. Airin checked their pulse.

“They’re unconscious due to enduring each other attacks plus getting slammed to the ground, but in overall they’re fine.” Airin said. She picked her phone from her pocket.

“Then let’s carry them to the main headquarters for the treatment. I’ll gonna carry Acchan.” Yukirin lifted Acchan on her back then spread her wings extendedly and flew away to the area. Airin put the phone to her ears as she called someone.

“Minna, the coast is clear. We’re bringing the injuries to the main headquarters for the treatment. The storm is calming down. Over.”

“10-4 (shortcut military term of ‘understood’), we will send a party in there. The rest of the generals will be return the main headquarters. Over. “A voice coming from Airin’s phone.

“Affirmative. We will leave this place as soon as possible. Over and Out.” Airin disconnect the call and put her phone to the wallet. Then she lift the midget and carries her to the jet.

“How’s General Takahashi?” Churi asked worriedly.

“She’s fine.  Just a minor injuries and currently unconscious, but no life-threatening blows. Let’s go.” Airin put the midget on the jet.

“Affirmative.” Churi starts her Vertical and/or Short Take-off and Landing (V/STOL) Mitsubishi F-27 Hayabusa. Then the jet tookoff and leave the place.

Flashback ended

Special Patient Room, 18th floor Medical Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; 1 week later, 9:00 am

The midget opened her eyes and look at her surroundings.

“Ah, the same place where I’m being rested after a fight with Acchan.” Takamina smiled at her memories. She looked at her right side and saw another person who’s currently sleeping.

“She’s still adorable as always. No wonder I’ve fallen to her.” Takamina surprised when the door slammed open.

“TAKAMINA!” The squirrel shouts.

“Urusai, Yuko! (Shut up)”The midget picked the apple and threw it to the squirrel. As always, the intuition wins as Yuko constantly dodge the thrown apple and...

“I’m almost getting hit by this apple, Yuko-san.” Yuko saw Paruru’s salty frown expression as she eat the apple furiously.

“Gomen, I automatically respond when my intuition picks something.” Yuko scratched her nape. Takamina saw another familiar face behind Paruru.

“Nyannyan.” Kojinyan went in front of Takamina’s bed and bows at 90 degrees.


“Ie, I’m should be saying sorry to you. I’ve hurt you physically.”

“But I’ve hurt you mentally and emotionally, so it’s my fault too.” Then Takamina saw Yuko bows down at 90 degrees too.

“I’m sorry too, for hurting you.”

“I forgive both of you.” Kojinyan and Yuko saw Takamina smiled at them, which makes their emotions lift up.

“Don’t make a sad face here. I don’t recover well if you do that.”

Can you all please shut up? I’m sleeping here.” A voice coming from their mind. Then they look at the source.

“Hey, Acchan. I know you’re awake.” Yuko went to the sleeping girl and jumped her.

Itai!” Acchan slaps Yuko, that driven the squirrel to the wall.

“Ouch, that’s a very powerful slap.” Mayuyu said while drinking a can of milk. Acchan sat on her bed and looked at them.

What’s up?” The shorthaired girl yawned.

“’What’s up’ my ass. You suddenly slap me like that?” Yuko caressed her swollen cheek.

“It’s because you suddenly jumped over to me, moron.” Acchan snickered.

“Sorry guys, you may take your private time!” Kojinyan pulled Yuko away from the scene to avoid chaos, while the squirrel tries to fight back but failed.

“Well that’s for visiting hours, see you when both of you are fully recovered.” Paruru and the rest walked away and locked the door leaving the two hospitalized girls left.

“Ano, Acchan.” Takamina shyfully called her.


“What you said last time. I mean, you really mean it right?” Takamina’s face now on slightly shade of red. Then she saw Acchan stood up and went to the midget.

“Accha-” Takamina didn’t finish her words as Acchan captured her lips, which widened her eyes. The shorthaired girl backed away for in short distance.

Yes my dear midget. I love you and I mean it.” Acchan smiled at her with an additional of red flush.

“T-t-then.” Takamina pulled Acchan into a hug. Both of the girls released their deep feelings inside by tears while hugging each other. After that, they broke the hug and looked again to each other. Then they capture each other’s lips while they holding their hands.

Helicopter Landing Pad, Rooftop floor Medical Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; 1:00 pm

The girl sitting on the edge of the building, with her skateboard leaning on the side of the railings.

“Kaze wa kimochii~ (The wind feels good)”

“Ne, Kuuchan. You really like staying on the rooftops eh.” The said girl looked behind and saw the skategirl coming to her.

“You’re right Yuri, it’s because I love the scenery from above.” Yuria sat beside Kumi. They silently enjoy the day scenery of Tokyo skyline.

“Ne, Yuri. You’re still unease about what happened last time right?” Kumi asked worriedly.

“Yeah Kuuchan. As the matter of fact, I’m still unease about that incident, especially their leaving message.” Yuria hold Kumi’s hand.

“It’s been a couple of months since their appearance. I wonder what was really they’re aftering.” Kumi said.

“Maybe we should start making our move after Takamina-san and Atsuko-neechan’s recovery.” Yuria said.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Kumi gave a can of coke to Yuria. They simultaneously opened it and drank at the same time.

“Oishi! (delicious)” Both of them said at the same time.

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Churi's plane so coool XD
D'awww atsumina moment~
and kumiyuri at the end, wonder what happen next!
just love to read alot of fiction story

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now that's Akane for you. . .


 :otomerika: :otomerika:

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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Though Churi's brain is weird.... Well....

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ah... so the fight stopped because they both were exhausted

And they are both together at last....

But I wonder who is stronger between Atsuko and Minami?

What is it that Yuria and Kumi are trying to do next?

Would they be attacked by the enemies?

Or would they attack the enemies?

Can't wait to see more action

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga (Atsumina story) - UZA [Phase A] (12/07/14)
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Hello guys~!!! Sorry for taking so long to update this... Well Here I am~!!!! :cool1: :cool1: :cool1:

For the replies:

deguchi: Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Churi's plane is really cool.  XD XD XD
Rinca: No wonder.  :lol: :lol: :lol:
MaYukiIsLife: Really?  :lol: :lol: :lol:
cisda83: Thanks for reading.  :) :) :)

ENJOY READING GUYS~!!!!!!!!  :glasses: :glasses: :glasses:

Chapter 10: UZA

Phase A: Connecting the dots

Unknown Location; 1 week later, 9:00 am

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything.”

“Shut up with those literature storybook telling, YeEun.”

“What, Minzy? You want some fight, huh?” Before their head clash together, a sword sheath suddenly came out of nowhere and smacked the two Korean girls.

“Ouch!” Both of them shout at the same time.

“Shut up you two, we’re on the meeting.” The girl put the sword on her shoulder.

“Really, Sandara? Meeting on this oh-so-dirty place?” Minzy sarcastically asked, referring to the alley where they’re standing.

“What do you want? On the top of hotel with several butlers and maids? Just shut up ok?”

“Hm, it seems we found now the key to the locked chest, Taeyeon.”

“The seven-month construction of the tower is complete. Prepare for the step-two.”

“And which is?”

“The tower cannot be started without the battery. We need to get the power source.”

“Looks like it’s time right?”

“Yes, Sunye. We’re going today. Chae-rin, prepare our puppets for the war. And we need more puppets.”

“Invasion in Japan starts.” As soon as the group was prepared to leave, Sandara stopped for a while.

“Rena.” She shrugged her thoughts and continued to walking.


2 km away from the scene, on the rooftop of the highest building, two girls currently spy the group. One of the girls, wearing sleeveless blue blazers, white buttoned blouse, red necktie and black-and-white checkered skirt, was holding a high-tech long range binocular. Then a crimson butterfly appears and lands on the girl’s shoulder.

“Yappari, they will gonna invade Japan.” The girl removes the binocular from her eyes.

“Damn, we can’t go out in this country nor can’t able contact them.” A girl, wearing the same uniform except her blazers have tied around her waist and a pair of high-tech forearm protector, installed with electric motor with circular disc attached to the posterior area.

“Yeah, the government really shut down its connection to the outside world. In short, we’re trapped.”

“What do you think?”

“I hope Takamina and others are safe. I’m also worried to Acchan-neechan and Kojiharu-neechan.” The girl snapped her finger, thousands of crimson butterflies appeared. Then she ordered the butterflies to scatter.

“We should hide for now. We have no choice but to watch until the reinforcement will soon arrive.” The girl went to the other side of the building and jumps below.

“You’re right.” She also went to the other side, but instead of jumping down, she jumps up. Then a pair of piston grappling hooks has fired from her waist. As soon as the hook slams itself to the wall, the girl pulled herself to the hook.

Database Center, Science and Technology Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Tuesday, 9:00 am

After the cryptic message left by the terrorist group, namely Angmonglyu (Korean, ‘Nightmare Wave’) the gang went to the place where they can able to search anything, the Database Center. This place was equipped with library filled with written and holographic books files and notes, petabyte-speed supercomputers, innovative technological tools and scientific researches and results.

On the central area of this room, is a large round table that has 3D holographic toughscreen on the table’s glass surface. Around the table, several Generals are tapping on each 3D hologram, while the others are on the library shelves and read some very thick books. Kumi, Yuria and Rena are on the supercomputer, looking for something.

“Man it’s not here.” Yuko dispersed the pixelized 3D holographic image and wearly sat down to the soft, rolling chair.

“I’m tired.” Airin threw the book she read to the table.

“Me too.” Paruru put her head on the table.

“Ne Airin, are you sure about what the terrorist group, Angmonglyu, said? Maybe they only trying to trick us.” Mayuyu asked.

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything. No mistaken, Mayuyu. They are looking for something, a power source. And I know that this message or riddle will hold the nature of this thing.”

Eight corners connected each other by three axes. That makes no sense because if you connect each corners by three axes, there still other lines that will extend outward.” Acchan said.

“Four dimensions merged into one space. What kind of dimension? Is that part of Minkowski spacetime or Euclidean geometry or non-Euclidean geometry?” Mayuyu asked.

“Two elements blended as true physical existence. There are 120+ elements; we don’t know which one of them.” Yukirin said.

“And also the last phrase.” This made the group sighed simultaneously.

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything.” Kumi whispered while thinking about the message. Then her eyes widened.

“Kuuchan, what’s wrong?” Yuria patted Kumi worriedly.

“Nothing Yurichan. Wait a second, if my assumption is right.” Kumi stood up and pulled Yuria to the holographic table.

“Kuuchan, what is it?” Yuria asked.

“I just have a hypothetical solution about this message.” That made the people in this room stopped from their doing and went to Kumi.

“Well, Kumi. What’s your solution?” Rena asked.

“I analyzed that this message is incomplete, but I guess this is a riddle so that makes sense.” Kumi explained.

And then?” Acchan asked.

“If you look closely.” Kumi drew eight points from the 3D hologram.

“This is the eight corners. And then.” The girl draws three lines on each points.

I already did that, but there’s no result if you connect each line to the point.” Acchan explained.

“There’s no result if you connect to each point. But if you do this.” Kumi then put the three-axis point to the nearest point. Then she made the lines of each point overlapped. Kumi tried again to the rest of the point, creating a geometrical figure.

“A cube was formed.” The group said.

“Exactly, so we answered the first part. Now for the second part, ‘four dimension merged into one space'. Looks like I know what dimension is referring.”

“What is it?” Yukirin asked.

“Four-dimensional Euclidean space. There are four axis, namely x-axis, y-axis, z-axis and w-axis. One of many examples of 4D Euclidean space is hypercube, duocylinder and spherinder.” Kumi then put the cube into four-dimensional space. The cube turns into hypercube.

“The third part, ‘Two elements blended as true physical existence’. I don’t think the message refers to the elements of the periodic table.”

“Really?” The group surprised.

“Physical existence refers to the whole universe. Now the question is what makes the whole universe?”

“Matter and Energy?” Jurina asked.

“Precisely, Jurina-chan. Matter and Energy are the structural components of the universe. After we complete the figure, this will answer the last part and the whole riddle.” After Kumi put the the solid (matter) and heat (energy) to the hypercube, it turns into blue 4D figure.

“Don’t tell me…” Kumi surprised at the result image.

“Impossible…” Mayuyu said.

This cannot be…” Acchan’s word when she saw the familiar image.

“How dare they will gonna use this on diabolical way?” Rena enragedly said.

“They really gonna use that? For what? What is their purpose?” Yuria asked.

“Eh? I am currently oblivious. What is that thing?” Jurina asked.

“Jurina, that thing is the terrorist group, want is what we called as.” Rena paused.

“Blue cube: Tesseract, the Governor of Space and one of the Seven Universal Components.”

Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Unknown time

On the outside of AKB Headquarters, we saw Yuko, Kojinyan, Takamina, Acchan, Mayuyu and Yukirin walking from the building.

“Finally, our break is here!” Yuko stretched her hands and suddenly hugged Kojinyan.

“Yuuchan! Not here!” Kojinyan tried to pacify her girlfriend but to no avail.

“But Nyannyan! I missed you!” Yuko cuddled Kojinyan’s shoulder.

“Mou~!! But I miss you too.” Kojinyan patted Yuko’s head.

“Aww, that’s cute. But you should do that later, because we’re walking on the streets and I don’t want to cause commotion here.” Takamina said.

“Yeah, and I want ice cream!” Mayuyu childishly shouted.

“Ice cream again?” Yukirin sighed. Yuko released Kojinyan from hugging and stopped walking. Then she looked from left to right.

“Yuuchan what’s wrong?” Kojinyan asked worriedly.

“Nothing Nyannyan, let go.” Yuuchan happily pulled Kojinyan.

“Mou, you scared me!” Kojinyan pouted.

“Gomen ne, Nyannyan.”

Yuko, always like that.” Acchan said.

My instinct tells me that someone was stalking to me, but I do not know where and who. Maybe it is only my stress. Oh well, gonna shrug it off.

When the group was gone away for their break, a figure, wearing a middle school uniform and full of accessories and megane, appeared behind the column of elevated train station.

I travelled in this world, just to see both you. However, I guess only stalking is the best thing I will do, Mama, papa.’ The girl went to the opposite direction and saw her friends were waiting to her.

“Hey! What take you so long?” Her friend asking her.

“Gomen ne, I just want to buy a coke, I’m thirsty.” The girl responded.

“Come on, let’s go. We have a next class and I don’t want to be scolded by sensei.” Her friend shivered in fear.

“Mah, mah. You do not need to be scared. Let’s go?” She patted her friend and went along with the group.

I wonder how my friends’ condition to my world was.


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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [Psychosomatic Tower Arc] - Ch. 10-A (14/12/07)
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SUPERB! *hands down

When I've read the scene with the two girls plus the middle school kid, a phrase suddenly popped on my mind
"Here comes the new challenger/s".

It seems like your terrorist are not only trying to invade Japan, but Asgard as well XD

Can't wait for your next update, just make it a bit faster XD.
Thank you for your hard work sensei~~~~ :3

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [Psychosomatic Tower Arc] - Ch. 10-A (14/12/07)
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Back to the terorist..the crazy one huft
who's the kid? traveled time?
ah just wondering now, are kojharu's sibling blood related?
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [Psychosomatic Tower Arc] - Ch. 10-A (14/12/07)
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Eh.. papa mama?

Who is the stalker?

Whom is she stalking?

What world?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [Psychosomatic Tower Arc] - Ch. 10-A (14/12/07)
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 :O :O :O

To answer your question, Minamiyuki-sama, her brain is mainly occupied by bird who fly around seeking freedom XD

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga (Atsumina story) - UZA [Phase B] (01/12/15)
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Hello everyone~!!! Sorry for the late update~!!! I will going to finish this arc as soon as possible... So here's the reply for the comments.

Rinca: LOOOOL, Challenger...  :lol: :lol: :lol: About Asgard, you will know it soon...  ;) ;) ;)
deguchi: Oh about the kid.. Yup, that kid time-travelled just to see her parents...  :) :) :)
cisda83: About that part, it will be a far progress to know about her.  :) :) :)
MaYukiIsLife: That's the reason why she has a jet. To experience of flying around like a bird.  XD XD XD

Well, here it is.. Enjoy Reading~!!!!!!  XD XD XD


Phase B: The Unexpected Meeting

Japan Airspace, Above Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 10:00 am

After they know what the terrorist group wants to take, Takamina ordered the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 3rd Division (resided in Itami, Hyougo) and 13th Brigade (resided in Kaita, Hiroshima) and Japan Maritime to guard the place where the Blue Cube: Tesseract was located, Makizaki Mansion, Tsunoshima, Shimonoseki city. Then she ordered Mariko, Yuihan and Tomochin to go there first and take command the units. Kumi said that she want to go to the Fukuoka city to investigate since she felt something unusual.

The rest of the Generals are on board to the Boeing CH-47JA Chinook Transport helicopter.

“Hey, where’s Churi?” Yukirin asked.

“I send her to Sakae Headquarters in case of emergency. I hope she’s save inside of her jet.” Airin said.

“Here’s the classified information about Blue Cube: Tesseract.” Mayuyu put her laptop to the holographic table inside the helicopter.

“I know that the Tesseract is one of the seven components of the universe.” Yuria said.

“The seven components, or Nanauchuseibun, are composed of Space, Time, Matter, Energy, Existence, Void and Force, right? I saw that on some books I had read on National Archives. ‘There are seven things that made the whole universe. A physical region, the flow of event, a structural substance, the capacity of all things, state of reality, containment of nothingness, and power of body.’ I deciphered that sentence and it looks like it represents to the seven words that I had mentioned. ” Yuko said. Mayuyu pressed the 2D cube on the table, which turned into 3D holographic display.

“The Governor of Space, Blue Cube: Tesseract. It was said that this component has the power to manipulate space. Same as the rest of components, The Tesseract grants infinite energy that can able to modify space and creates wormholes and portals.” Mayuyu explained.

“So it means we cannot let Angmonglyu possess this thing. Or else the whole world is in danger.” Rena clenched her fist.

“Ok, my fellow Generals, I want to say that this war will start today and it is unavoidable. I know that our enemies will be much stronger than we can imagine. In any case, I cannot let anyone of you die in front of my eyes. So please, fight with your strength, to protect our friends, families and the whole world. At the same time, do not die. You all understand?” Takamina

“Hai!” All of them shout at once.

“OK, prepare what you have to prepare. We still have 20 mins until this chopper lands on Makizaki Point. Dismiss!” Takamina shouted. Then all of the generals went to their respective pairings. Acchan went to Takamina and held her hand.

Ne, Takamina. Do not worry. We can able go through this.” Acchan smiled at her.

“Acchan, I’m scared.” Takamina said.

As far as I know. A general must not fear instead trust his comrades and lead his soldiers with great courage.” Acchan said.

“But..” Her words coming to her mouth were halted as Acchan catches the midget’s lips, shutting her from talking.

No more talking any negative words, my dear little general. We still need to prepare for the incoming war. Let’s go.” Acchan went to the weapon storage and took some magazine she could carry. Despite her lover’s courage, Takamina still have uneased feelings.


“I wonder what will happen today.” Kojinyan inspected her titanium arrows.

“I don’t know.” Yuko sat in lotus position, staring to Kojinyan. The longhaired girl sensed it and faced her lover.

“You are staring me for a long time, Yuko.” Kojinyan slightly irritated.

“Oh, sorry. I’m just staring at the beautiful girl in front of me.” Yuko said.

“Your cheesy lines are more irritating; at the same time I like it.” Kojinyan blushed.


“Ne, ne, Airin. Look at those lovebirds. Too sweet, like a strawberry dipped in chocolate.” Yuria pointed to Kojiyuu pairing.

“Isn’t a strawberry sour?” Airin asked. Yuria was looking at her with annoyance.

“Nevermind.” Yuria said. Airin shrugged it and continued to load her magazines with bolts.


“Ne, Mayuyu. What you will going to do if I’m going to die?” Yukirin asked.

“I will ignore you completely.” Mayuyu straightly answered.

“Mou, hidoi~! Mayuyu never cares about me.” Yukirin pouted.

“That was a joke. Of course, I care about you. I do not know what to do if you are going to die. Like Takamina said, do not die. Is that clear?” Mayuyu asked with authoritarian voice.

“Yes, ma’am!” Yukirin saluted.


“Ne, Rena-chan? Hey, Rena-chan!” Jurina shook Rena making the older girl snapped out of the trance.

“What is it, Jurina?” Rena asked.

“You are thinking very deep. What are you thinking?” Jurina worriedly asked.

“Nothing, Jurina.” Rena smiled at the puppy with assurance.

“Well, if Rena-chan said so.” Jurina sat beside Rena and played her PS Vita. Rena still thinking about a certain person she will meet.

‘Soon, I will able to meet her. In that case, there’s no avoid in this.’


Paruru was sitting on the other side and listening to her Galaxy. Until a faint sounds were heard that she paused her music player.

At the same time, Acchan stopped from preparing her weapons. Then she looked at every direction. This made attract the attention to everyone.

“Acchan, what’s wrong?” Yukirin asked. Then Acchan looked at Paruru.

Did you?” Acchan said telepathically.

“You are not the only one Acchan.” This make Paruru stood and picked her Bo.

Missiles incoming!” After Acchan alarmed them, an explosion was heard from outside. The whole chopper was shaking very violently that it made them threw and slammed to the wall.

“Itai!” Mayuyu said. Yukirin saw Mayuyu’s head was bleeding.

“Mayuyu!” Yukirin went to Mayuyu.

“Prepare for crash, everyone!” Takamina said. The helicopter crashed to the small forest that sent all the passengers flying upward. Because of crash, they are being unconscious.


“H- He- Hey, Acchan. Acchan.” Acchan opened her eyes and saw Takamina.

Wha-what happened?” Acchan stood but she felt a pain on her left knee.

“Hey your knee is bleeding.” Takamina held Acchan’s knee.

Hey, what are you doing?” Acchan blushed because of Takamina’s action.

I’m going to tend your wound.” Takamina took her pink hankerchief and wrapped it around Acchan’s knee.

“Here, it’s done.” Takamina stood.

Arigatou.” Acchan said while still hiding her face from blushing. Acchan looked around and saw the wreckage of their helicopter ride.

“I can’t see everyone. The helicopter crashed very badly that it separate us from the rest. Luckily I found you first.” Takamina said.

Neither my clairvoyance can’t able to see them clearly. It must be jammed due to the crash.”Acchan tries to stand up along with Takamina’s help.

“Can you walk now?” Takamina asked.

Yes, I can walk. Thank you for helping me. By the way, where are we?” Acchan said.

“We’re actually on the forest region of Makizaki, Tsunoshima; one kilometer away from our destination. If my assumptions are right, the enemies are already know that we are going to guard the mansion. That means they are already in this place.” Takamina said.

Then we have to hurry right now. I know that the rest thinks the same as I am.” Acchan said.

“Then let’s go.”


When they reached to the mansion, stood 10 meters above the shore of Makizaki and connected on by the bridge, they saw many soldiers dead and covered with blood that made them disgust.

“What the hell is this monstrosity?” Takamina angrily asked.

We are too late.” Then they saw Yuko, Kojinyan, Yukirin and Mayuyu running through their right side.

“Oh my god, they are all dead.” Yuko said.

“Marichan, Tomochin and Yuihan are still inside.” Kojinyan said.

“You are right maybe they are still alive, protecting the Tesseract.”

“Everyone!” They saw Yuria, Airin, Paruru and Jurina running through them.

“What the hell is this shit?” Jurina shouted as she looked on the disgusting scene.

“The whole place was being painted with blood.” Airin said.

“Where is Rena?” Yukirin asked.

“Rena said that she will going to check below this building. She sense that something’s wrong.” Jurina said.

“Ok guys, prepare yourself. The enemies are already inside of this building. Tomochin, Mariko and Yuihan are still inside, protecting the most important artifact. We have to help them, let’s go!” Takamina unsheathed her two katanas; Yuko rotated her pair of tonfa; Acchan loaded her gun with magazine; Jurina dropped the length of her chains; Airin put the magazine on her automatic crossbow; Yukirin lengthened her retractable scythe; Mayuyu locked her sniper rifle to shoot mode; and Yuria kicked down her feet, activating the nuclear power of her roller skates. After preparing their weapons, they went inside.


“Why this place is so quiet?” Jurina asked as they are inside in the mansion. Then they heard a scream coming from the long hallway.

“Hey, that’s Mariko, Yuihan and Tomochin right?” Yuria asked panicly.

“Masaka (Don’t tell me).” The generals were flash stepping to where the source of scream was located. When they reached the place, they were shocked by the scene they saw.

Mariko, Yuihan and Tomochin are inside of Hypnopsychosis inversion magic circle, still enduring the pain due to the invisible chain that contrict them and resisting the conversion process. The Angmonglyu terrorist group surrounded the three entrapped girls while the mind-controlled Jikkai were guarding them. TaeYeon noticed them and smiling innocently.

“Oh my, looks like we have more guest coming. And look who’s here, the leader of Twelve Constellations, Takahashi Minami.” TaeYeon mocked.

“Why you.” Takamina and Yuko charged at them, with both of them releasing a wave of electric and wind attacks respectively. They saw Endo Mai stood in front of TaeYeon.

“縛道の八十一「断空」[Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A invisible wall appeared, blocking the electric and wind wave attack. Then she along with Yokoyama Rurika vanished from their position and instantly appeared above Takamina and Yuko and swinged their weapons. In reflex, both of them parried the swing and successfully got away from the mind-controlled generals.

“Damn, they are more powerful than before.” Yuko snickered.

Careful, Yuko. Dark personalities are more powerful than original personality. And with the addition of Hypnopsychosis Inversion, their strength intensifies up to 10 times.” Acchan warned.

“Ah, the conversion has been finished.” Yoona said. The remaining Juuniseiza saw the three did not resist the constriction. After the circle has vanished, the three fall on their knees, their hair covered their face. Their shock intensified as they saw the three smiling evilly. Mariko, Tomochin and Yuihan stood up, facing them with new appearance.

“Shibuya and Sado.” Yuko said with wide eyes.

“Well, hi there Yuko. Long time no see.” Tomochin smiled.

“It’s been a while Yuko.” Mariko said.

“Now this is more dangerous than Code Red” Yuko said.

“Now my wonderful puppets, time to play.” After the command, the mind-controlled Jikkai, Mariko, Yuihan and Tomochin charged the Juuniseiza and Nanatsunorai, which forced them in defense mode.

“Hey, where is Paruru?” Then they saw Paruru is on the center of the enemy. The blind girl faced the Kyoto girl.

“Yuihan. No, Otabe.” In an instant, Yuihan crashed on the ceiling. Then Paruru instantly appeared to where Yuihan crashed and thrust her Bo. Unfortunately, a clashing sound was heard that dispersed the smoke, revealing Yuihan blocked the thrust.

“And I thought you are not going to use that.” Paruru seriously said.

“That’s the old Yuihan. I’m the one that controls her body now.” Yuihan swinged her lance to Paruru, which the blind girl blocked it.

“Tsk, this will keeps getting worse.” Paruru said.


“Ah, so the war has been started.” A girl was standing on the seashore. She looked at the mansion sitting 10 meters above the searocks with only granite pillars as support. She felt a familiar aura coming behind her.

“So you have finally come, Matsui Rena.” The girl faced Rena, who is holding the activated lightsabers.

“Sandara Park, iya.” Her serious face changed into compassionate expression as she finally looking to the person that she cared.


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O-O-Onee-chan?! You mean...? Dara is actually Rena's sister in this fanfic?

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Oh, my!  :panic: 
They are in realy, realy bad situation..  :O  I hope with them will be okay, however, can happen anything..

Thank you for update!
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Ah... Crash... FIGHT....

Lots of troubles coming out there...

Would they be able to defeat the enemies?

Can't wait to find out

What's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

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Yuiparu battle with each other
The enemies are really strong, what they'll do then??
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [Psychosomatic Tower Arc] - Announcement
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Sorry guys.. I can't able to update. I'm currently focus on my Final Examination this week...  :( :( :(

But I will do my best to update as soon as possible, after the exam....  :) :) :)

For now, please enjoy reading this fic...

 :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:
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Sorry for the late update guys~!!!! PLEASE READ AND ENJOY THIS UPDATE~!!!!  XD XD XD


Phase C: I’m so sorry

Hiroshima Jogakuin University, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 10:15 am

The bell rang as the girl students appeared in front of the university. Some are running to catch their next class; others are taking a morning break. The colorful leaves danced along the wind.

A group of college girls was surprised when a girl, wearing casual clothes and holding a long sword, instantly appeared in front of them. The girl went to the group and tried to ask them.

“Hello girl. Do you mind if I ask something?” Erika asked, which the group replied with a nod.

“Is this Hiroshima Jogakuin Daigaku?”

“Hai, onee-chan.”

“Oh. Thank you. Now I must take a leave.” Erika then continued to run. In an instant, she arrived Hakushima station, Hiroshima. Erika ran on the streets, overtaking vehicles and pedestrians. Her sister, Acchan, knew that Erika is one of the fastest generals, on par with non-accelerated Takamina, with both of them did not using Shunpo. Her speed can able to outrun a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II at maximum speed.

“I sense it, Acchan is in danger. I must hurry.” Erika instantly appeared on the top of buildings. Then she make her way to save her sister.

Makizaki shores, Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 10:30 am

Their long silent stare created an intense fiery atmosphere. Both of them were still holding their own weapons in case of emergency. Despite both of them are relatives, they were still enemies because of their different faction. Rena, the youngest of them, broke the silence.

“It’s been 15 years, right Sandara-neechan?” Rena tightened her hold to the lightsaber swords.

“You’re right.” Sandara replied.

“Why, neechan? Why did you killed our mother? Why did you kill all of our friends? Why did you destroy our home? Why did you destroy other villages?” Rena asked as her tears started to flow on her cheeks. Her grip to the sword tightens more.

“I-I can’t answer that.” Sandara looked away to her little sister.

“Please neechan. I know you have a reason of doing that; our mother said to me that she let you to kill her. Please, I want to know. I want to help you.” Rena whimpered. Sandara sighed and straightforwardly looked to her sister.

“If you want to know the answer, if you want to help me, then you will have to do this.” Sandara said.

“Wha-what is it?” Rena asked between in tears.

“Fight me.” Sandara picked her sword, which was stabbed on the sandshore, and then she unsheathed it. The sword looks normal, but Rena saw something far from normal. She saw the unstable distorted surrounding on the blade.

“But you know that I can’t do that. I can’t do that to my dear sister.” Rena said.

“I know, like you did last time on motorcycle chase. You’ve only disabled my ride.”

“But you have to do this. Defeat me and I will tell you everything.” Sandara revolved her sword that releases spark sound effects.

“But…” Her words did not finished as she instantly parried Sandara’s first attack.

“If you hesitate to fight me, I can able to kill you effortlessly. I’m serious even that you are my sister.” Sandara continued to assault Rena, which the latter dodges the attacks.

At this rate, she will seriously going to kill me. I must not hold back my strength. I know that she’s a lot stronger than me, but for the sake of knowing of her motivations, I will do it!

Sandara’s sword was finally parried by Rena’s lightsaber sword.

“So, you’re fighting back now.” Sandara said.

The distortion of her sword and the sparking sound, she is using Ultrasonic-bladed sword.’ Rena thought.

Sandara pushed her sword that staggers Rena backward, then she sweeped her sword upward. Rena continued to move backward and almost touch the tip. However, Sandara did not finished her attacks and she continued to slice Rena in all directions. Rena only dodged and intercepted all strikes.  Sandara instantly disappeared in front of Rena. Rena sensed that her sister is behind but her reflex was too late as she felt a stinging sensation on her back.

“Gah!” Rena moved away to Sandara and saw her blood dropping to the sands. She saw Sandara rotating the sword filled with her blood.

“It seems the battle has begun. I heard the explosion coming from the mansion.” Sandara said and point to her right. Rena looked and saw the smoke coming from the mansion. Despite blur, she saw two dots flying away from the mansion.

“Looks like I have no time left. I need to finish this.” Rena saw a spark coming from Sandara’s hand. As Sandara moved her hand, the flame instantly appeared to the hand’s path and disappeared. Sandara punched the ground, creating a fissure of fire that moves toward Rena. Despite being weak due to Sandara’s backstabbing attack, she siderolled to evade the flames. Then she saw the fire instantly disappeared.

Shit, damn that molecular acceleration.’ Rena thoughtfully cursed.

“Like I said, I won’t hold back. Even I will use this power.” Sandara sweeped her sword many times, creating series of moving firewaves going to Rena. Rena siderolled many times, but the last firewave hit on her leg causing her to stumble.

“Kyaaa~!!!!” Rena screamed painfully.

“Why, Rena? Why you don’t use your power to attack me? Why only dodge and parry my strikes?” Sandara asked.

Rena shut-off her lightsaber swords and put it on her belt.

“I can’t.” Rena smiled. Sandara bend down her head and tighten the hold to her sword.

“In that case…” Sandara instantly disappeared. A tearing flesh sound echoes on the silent beach.

Rena coughed many times and saw her blood coming from her coughs. Then she saw Sandara is already in front of her, the sword was already on Rena’s body near to her heart, plunging deeper until the tip is coming out from her back. Blood was flowing through Sandara’s sword. Her hands drop down and her vision was blurred.

“Onee-chan…” Rena tearfully said. She saw tears coming from Sandara’s eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” Sandara pulled out the sword as Rena’s body falling drop to the sands. She cleaned her sword filled with blood and put it on the scabbard.

“I’m going to leave this place before they saw me here.” Before she leave, an explosion appeared behind her. Then she felt an intense aura that she known a decade ago.

“Ne, okotteru?” Sandara heard a maniacal laugh.

“You’re going to be kidding me.” When she turned around, Sandara widened her eyes in surprise. She saw Rena was already in front of her, and instantly hold her left arm.

“Shit.” Suddenly an explosion engulfed them followed by a smoke.

“추진 점화 [Chujin Jeomhwa (Ignition Propulsion)].” A large jet of flame appeared on the smoke that rising diagonally, sending someone very far from the seashore, splashing to the sea. The smoke disappeared, revealing Sandara massaging her left arm that was being covered by smoke.

“Damn, if I don’t accelerate the molecules to create a barrier, I would lost my left arm.” The smoke dissipated, revealing her left arm having a burnt injury.

“Rena, before you fight me again, control your inner demon first. That’s the first step of becoming stronger.” Sandara take a glimpse for while to Rena, who was being washed by the sea, away from the shore, then she left the place.

Mansion in Makizaki Point, Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 11:15 am

The whole place was totally in damage. Glasses scattered everywhere, furnitures are totally destroyed and electronics are wreck out. Despite of that, the battle still continues, or so we thought.

Yukirin was sent flying and slammed to the wall, Mayuyu was sitting on the corner while the knives are stabbed to her body, Jurina receives too much wounds and blood loss that makes her lay down to the ground and unconscious, Yuko was being covered by the rocks and stones made from Mariko’s attack, Airin receives large cuts coming from Kaede and Takamina and Harunyan are nowhere to be found and the rest that still not controlled are totally downed. The only General that was still breathing is Acchan.

“I’ve got now the Blue Cube: Tesseract.” Yoona put the Tesseract to the fiberglass container.

“Now, what shall we do? How about we should have additional collection to our puppets?” Chae-rin said.

“Good idea, Chae-rin. Another more slaves to be created. Ok girls, spread out.” Taeyeon commanded.

“Ok my puppets wait here, while we will make them into your playmates.” Sunye said. Mariko, Tomochin and the rest nodded.

The terrorists went to each down girls and proceed to summon the circle, and then used the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell.

No… Please…’ Acchan’s vision was being blurred but she saw Yeeun coming to her.

“Oh what we have here. You are still conscious. Now don’t worry dear, you will be joining them.” Acchan look to the others who are still in the process of conversion.

“KYAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!” She saw Yuria, Airin, Jurina, Mayuyu, Yuko and Paruru screams in pain while resisting of being converted into a puppet.  The circle surrounds her followed by the massive shock causing her screaming in pain.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH~!!!!!!” Acchan screamed. Her vision was being blur further. Until…


Before the invisible chains from the circle touches the body, Acchan vanished instantly.

“What the hell? Where did she go?” Yeeun shocked.

Looking for me?” The unknown figure backhand chopped Yeeun, causing her to stop the spell and being staggered for a while. Yeeun saw the rest felt the same fate like her. Then she saw the bodies inside the circle are gone.

You’re still looking for me? Here I am.” Yeeun saw the girl standing on the corner where the Tesseract formerly rest.

“You! I thought you’re done.” Yeeun angrily asked.

That was your question? Well to answer that, Acchan was almost done until I forcefully switch from her to me for the control of this body. And to answer to all of your curiosity out there, I’m Acchan’s inner demon.” Hinako said. Then she looked to Acchan’s friends.

Looks like I managed to save them just in time before they become like them.

“What the hell? Then how?” Yeeun asked. Then Hinako suddenly appeared in front of Rurika and Mai.

Στολιδάκη Σατανικών [Stolidaki Satanikon (Infernal Geyser)].” Acchan fires pillars of flame coming from both of her fist, which propels her back to the original position while Rurika and Mai was being hit by the flame and pushed them to the wall. In an instant, she suddenly appeared above Mariko and axe kick her. The kick hit Mariko’s head that sent her body down to the floor. Tomochin fired several vines to Acchan, which the latter sweep her hands, creating a wave of fire that instantly disintegrated the vines. Rurika and Mai instantly appeared behind Acchan and tried to backstab her. Acchan sense it and point her gun to the attackers on her back, then fire the gun. The two avoid it but not the wide kick that sent them a couple of meters.

Then Acchan saw something.

She’s here.

Makizaki Forest, Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 11:35 am

“Foxtrot-seven any signs of enemies, over?” One of the helicopters was guarding the mansion.

“Negative, Charlie-three. Looks like it is clear.”

On the forest, four dozen of soldiers are currently standby. Suddenly the bush moved making some of the soldiers alert their attention.

“Who’s there?” The soldier carefully approach to the bush.

“Is someone there?”

“Clear, si-.” The soldier did not finish his statement as the blood splattered.

“Who’s there?” Another bush was moving.

“Fire that thing!” The soldiers fire their guns to the bush. Then they stopped shooting but the soldiers are still on alert despite the bush is not moving now. Suddenly a woman appeared in front of three soldiers and swinging the sword in 360 motion, slicing them. The remaining soldiers are firing to the woman, but her speed seems to be impossible for the bullet to catch her.

The two helicopters are in alert when they heard the sound of fire. Then a missile was coming to the one of the helicopters, sending it to the deep forest. The remaining helicopter looking at every direction and firing its gatling gun to the forest.

Instantly the woman appeared 10 meters in front of the helicopter.

“You’re dead now, woman.” The pilot press the button that makes the gatling gun fire to the girl. However, the girl, swiftly slice all of the bullets coming to her.

“What the hell?”

“神鳴流「斬鉄閃」[Shinmeiryuu: Zantetsusen (Gods’ Cry Technique: Iron-cutting Flash].” The girl sweeped her sword upward directly to the helicopter, then after she flicked the windshield, the helicopter was sliced into two. The girl used the other half of the helicopter to crash it on the top of the mansion.

Mansion in Makizaki Point, Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 11:55 am

Acchan felt the mansion is moving and heard the crash coming from above. Then it followed by the sound of multiple gunfire which also followed by the clashing metals. Acchan moved a little and looked above.

“神鳴流「斬岩剣」[Shinmeryuu: Zanganken (Gods’ Cry Technique: Rock-cutting Sword)].” Acchan saw the ceiling fell down.

You came, Erika.” Acchan said.

“Damn, and I thought you’re Acchan.” Erika jump down from the hole of the ceiling. She saw Yuko, Yuria, Airin, Jurina, Yukirin, Mayuyu and Paruru are lying down to the floor, beside Acchan.

“Are they…” Erika asked.

Nope, I managed to save them before they’re turn into them.” Acchan pointed to the group.

“What in the world? Mariko, Tomomi and Yui are… And the Blue Cube: Tesseract. No choice, Acchan, no, Hinako, you stay here, while I will deal with them.” Erika pulled out her five-foot long nodachi from its scabbard.

No need to tell me that. I already did that now.” Acchan load her guns in ready.

The twin sisters will face the nightmare that soon engulfs the whole world.


To be continued
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 :? :shocked

This is surprising... Korea vs Japan.... I hope the girls will save the world....

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Ah... split personality for Atsuko...

Great twist there...

Would Atsuko and Erica be able to defeat the Korean?

Would they be able to help their friends?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Hinako! Nice~
ah what about Rena? Someone help her..
just love to read alot of fiction story

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