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Author Topic: My short fics ~ SADISTIC FEELINGS (MAYUKI ft WMATSUI) PART3  (Read 17533 times)

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 4
« Reply #20 on: June 06, 2013, 02:35:51 PM »
Hmmm then where's the next?LOL

Yuki seem have power too

Hope it end good

Thank for the update


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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 4
« Reply #21 on: June 06, 2013, 04:15:18 PM »
Yuki has power so that's why the television explode all of sudden

What happened Yuki? She always absent minded!!!!

The power still can't see Yuki soul!!! Even thought the power is transferred to another person!!!!! Why???

Like the new updated!!!!

Hope u can updated soon

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 4
« Reply #22 on: June 06, 2013, 05:00:33 PM »
the next will be the end
I can't wait.

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 4
« Reply #23 on: June 07, 2013, 03:35:00 PM »
What's wrong with Acchan!  :angry: I Can't wait for the last part!  XD

Thanks for the update, cmze-san!  :bow:  :bow:

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 4
« Reply #24 on: June 07, 2013, 04:28:02 PM »

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part.5
« Reply #25 on: June 19, 2013, 12:27:52 PM »
                                             ~ A look into your soul~
~The next day ~ At school~

Everyone were talking as always while Yuki was looking through her window and couldn't help to think about that Acchan girl "She was wearing that school uniform.." she says looking to the direction of the other school

Mayu entered to the classroom and everyone stopped talking to look at the cold girl as she sits.

The first thing Mayu did once she sat was looking at her girlfriend, she sighed then Yuki turned her head "Good morning Mayuyu" she says with her typical smile.

Mayu smiled back "Good morning" she says with a sweet look.

"WHAT?!???!" Everyone in the classroom let out.

The most handsome guy in the classroom got closer and shouted in her face "WHY!?!!?" Then grabbed her by her shoulder and shook her many times.

"He's dead!" Sae says nervous as she looks at the situation.

Yuki smiled while Mayu pouted.

"Get your hands off me and breath smells!" She says coldly.

The guy was shocked "What?!?!" He asked and suddenly his ponytail ruined leaving his hair down with a depressed aura.

Mayu closed her eyes then putt her hand on the side of her head and sighed.

The guy backed off slowly "I lost my charm.." he says depressed.

Rena smiled "Mayu chan can be cruel.." she says.

"What are you talking about? She's the devil!!!" Sae says pointing at Mayu's back.

Mayu glared at her and Sae compose herself "Don't take it personally!" She says smiling nervously.

The teacher entered to the classroom and soon the class started.

(After some hours the PE class started)

The girls had to play basketball [the girls were divided in four groups Yuki and Mayu were on separated teams]

"Good luck Mayuyu!" Yuki says with a smile before going with her team.

"I hate sports.." Mayu thought then turned to look at her team who were totally irritated that Mayu was on her team.

[Mayu was never good to anyone so it was normal her haters would take this situation to cause her some pain]

The first to play was Mayu's team with Sae's team.

 For Mayu's concern she would only stand there and not do anything.

The other girls didn't care if she didn't have the ball, they would go after her to cause her some pain.

Yuki and Rena looked at the clear situation.

"They are just trying to hurt her!" Rena says watching the game.

Mayu was tackled many times while Yuki only clenched her fist and bit her lips.

[The coach was there but he was more concerned of the boys]

Suddenly Mayu was pushed harshly.

"Mayu!" Yuki says kinda mad still clenching her fist.

Mayu looked at the girl smiling at her while she was on the floor.

"What happened cute girl this is hard for you?" She asked.

Mayu looked at her trying to use her powers but it was useless suddenly the gym started shaking.

"Earthquake!" Everyone shouts.

Mayu looked around then noticed Yuki was with her hand on her forehead and got out of the gym.

The earthquake stopped.

"Why are you doing still on the floor?" Sae asked and helped Mayu to get up.

Mayu was shocked that Sae was helping her so she just smiled a little but still she was worried about Yuki.

Once they got back to their classroom, Yuki wasn't there not even her things.

The teacher entered to the classroom so Mayu couldn't go after Yuki.

Through the day she couldn't help to feel worried about Yuki.

Once the bell rang Mayu took out her phone and tried to call her girlfriend but it was useless it was off.

The classroom was almost empty except for two girls who were eating for Mayu's answer.

"It's off!" She replied not so happy.

"I wonder why she left?" Sae asked.

"Maybe she got turn already in the cafe!" Rena says with a smile.

"No She doesn't, she's free today!" Mayu replied as she gets up from her seat.

Suddenly the Windows broke, Mayu covered her face while Sae and Rena were on the floor.

"What the hell?" Sae asked.

"Jurina!" Rena gets up and goes to look at the younger girl in the next classroom.

Mayu had little cut on her cheek but still got up and looked outside the window.

"Yagami Kumi!" She says as she sees the other girl walking inside the school.

"What?!" Sae asked.

"Go hide!" Mayu says to Sae serious.

Rena entered to the classroom with Jurina bleeding from her leg.

"Rena chan this hurts!" Jurina says complaining while Rena makes Jurina sit.

"Who did this?" Rena asked serious not like her usual calm self.

"Stay here!" Mayu says as she gets out of the classroom and slid the door to close it.

"Where are you?" Kumi asked shouting in the almost empty school.

"I'm here stop being so noisy!" Mayu says as she looks at Kumi.

"Stop acting cool, Acchan took your powers!" Kumi says and waves her left hand and wind sent Mayu away, she end up hurting herself against the wall.

"Damn it!" Mayu says in pain as she gets up.

"Now it's my turn, I been waiting since you broke my arm!" Kumi says waving many times which cause Mayu to fly around the hall and hit herself many times.

Mayu was already on the floor bleeding "Shit.. I'm so weak!" She murmured and thought about Yuki.

"Now I'm burning you alive!" Kumi says as she pulls out a lighter from her pocket.

"What?!" Mayu says as she tries to get up and looks how Kumi plays with the fire.

"Yukirin.." Mayu murmured. 

"Well as you know 4/5 parts the wind I control has nitrogen while the rest is oxygen and you need oxygen for fire.. so the more wind or the more oxygen the more I'll burn you!" Kumi says with a smile.

"Nice!" Someone says looking at the two.

"Who are you?" Kumi asked irritated.

"Rena chan!" Mayu says as she gets up slowly.

"What if I tell you I can defeat you?" Rena asks with a smile

"What?! That's impossible you can't cut or fight the wind!" Kumi says laughing hysterically

"What if isolate you, would you be able to create wind or manipulate it?" Rena asked serious.

"What?!" Kumi asked suddenly Rena applauded and something appeared around Kumi not letting her scape and trapping her.

"Is that a crystal box?" Mayu asked between shocked and impressed

"No.. is just the power of my mind!" Rena replies with a charming smile.

"The power of your mind? Impressive.." Mayu says still admiring Rena's ability.

"If don't promise me that you would stop destroying everything, I will leave you there and you'll die asphyxiating!" Rena says with a smile

Kumi looked other way, She started hitting the little space around her but it was useless.

"If you do that you'll get without air faster and die!" Rena says.

Mayu got closer to Kumi then looked at her in the eyes "Forgive me!" She says sad.

"Huh?" Rena looked at Mayu.

Kumi pouted.

"Revenge..revenge is ridiculous is just vicious circle so forgive me and if you want break my arm so you can get out of this and live happily!" Mayu says looking at Kumi.

Rena was confused

"Set her free.." Mayu says.

Rena scratched her head then did what she was told.

Kumi looked at Mayu "Give me your arm!" She says grabbing Mayu's right arm

Mayu closed her eyes waiting for the worst but after a few seconds nothing happened so she opened her eyes.

Kumi sighed "I guess I'm not that bad.." she says walking away.

Mayu and Rena were confused but then smiled.

"I guess it's like Yuki says not everyone is that bad!" Mayu thought as she watches Kumi leaving.

Kumi turns around "You should go to my school, your skinny friend is getting her ass  kicked!" She says then goes her way.

"Yuki.." Mayu murmured worried.

~Meanwhile~ in the middle of the park close to the other school~

"This is ridiculous give up already" Acchan says smirking as Yuki is vomiting blood.

"You have to return those powers!" Yuki says as she barely can stand up.

"I'm destroying your insides and you still keep getting up!" Acchan thinks as she watches Yuki walking to her.

"Let's see what you can do with this.." Acchan says as she moves her hands and roots came out from the ground and grabbed Yuki.

"Damn it!" Yuki says fighting them.

Acchan smirked while another root came out tie up her legs which cause her to fall and the others roots tried to wrap her but Yuki was still fighting with her arms.
Acchan sighed "too easy!" She says then more roots came out and wrapped Yuki around tight.

"AHHHHH!" Yuki shouted in pain.

"Now tell me why I can't read that mind!" Acchan asked as she watches how the roots presses harder on Yuki's body.

"I don't know!" Yuki replied in pain.

"You're lying!" Acchan says and roots presses even harder

"AHHHH!" Yuki shouted trying to breathe

"What are you hiding?" Acchan asked obsessed as she makes the roots press even more.

"AhhhhHHHHHh!" Yuki keeps shouting

"SHOW ME YOUR WHO YOU ARE?!!!!" Acchan shouted as she presses even harder not caring about breaking Yuki's bones.

Yuki closed her eyes[Everything started to shake] as she remembers the day she find out about her powers.

"Stupid.. You're stupid!" Mayu says crying.

Acchan stopped pressing Yuki "what do you want? We're having a good to time here!"she says with a smirk.


Yuki opened her eyes and everything stopped shaking "Mayuyu.." she whispers.

Mayu was shocked "Why is not happening?" She asked.

"What waiting for Rena to use her little power on me?" Acchan asked as Rena came out from some bushes vomiting blood.

"What you don't remember I can read you?" Acchan asked with a smirk.

Mayu's face became pale while Rena was already on the floor.

"Yes Mayu that's what people felt around you.. fear!" Acchan says with a smirk.

"AHhh!" Mayu says before kneeling, spit blood and her eyes started to bleed also.

Acchan didn't noticed but the roots that were holding vanished and Yuki was standing there and her broken bones were regenerating.

"What are you?" Acchan asked shocked.

"Is one of my abilities but I can't control it " Yuki replied with a smile then looked at her watch "Now!" She says.

Acchan knelt "what the hell?" She asked as Mayu stopped bleeding from her eyes and Rena stopped vomiting.

"Like I figured you didn't know the train station at this hours is not your friend!" Yuki replies.

"What?!" Acchan says trying to compose herself.

"Someone like you who cares about the ecosystem might not be the kind of person who lives close so that's why you didn't feel it yesterday!" Yuki says with smile.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Acchan says hitting the ground with her fist.

Rena got up also "damn it !" She says catching her breath

"People thoughts really disturb you!" Mayu says coldly.

Acchan was sweating "I'm going to destroy them!" She says clenching her fist.

"I don't think you can, you have no energy!" Yuki says smiling.

"You planned all this!" Acchan says mad as drops of sweat falls on the ground.

"No.. I'm just lucky!" Yuki says with a smile.

"You.. jerk!" Acchan says in pain.

Yuki ducks "Acchan you should be happy, your real powers are amazing.. You can bring life instead of destroy it like ours!" She says looking at Mayu and Rena.

"I don't destroy anyone Yuki chan!" Rena replies.

Mayu was confused.

"How did you know?" Acchan asked still not looking at Yuki.

"Well those roots are though but that flower is beautiful!" Yuki says pointing at the single flower were Yuki was.

Mayu and Rena looked at the flower amazed.

"Amazing!" Rena says.

"I never thought there were someone who could do this?" Mayu says.

"People destroys the ecosystem everyday and you got the power to something about it in the right way not using violence.." Yuki says with a smile.

"I hate people!" Acchan says still in pain.

"Then you hate your friend Kumi, who's there the hell worry about you!" Mayu says coldly pointing at Kumi who turned her head blushing.

"Not all of them are bad" Yuki adds.

"My tamashii miru is not always right, there's always a purpose or a reason like you when I saw you, you were full of hate and an enemy but now you're just a disappointed girl who wants to make a better world!" Mayu says with a smile.

Acchan fainted.

Rena, Mayu and Yuki smiled then just walked away while Kumi grabbed her friend and took her with her.

~ The next day~

"Yukirin we have to go to school!" Mayu says as she stretches.

Yuki hugged Mayu "not today!" She says hugging her tigher.

"You know now I don't have my powers I can see Clearly.. so I'm glad you're not like that anymore!" She says then kisses Yuki's cheek.

Yuki opened her eyes "I'm glad too.. yesterday I thought I could loose control but you helped me, listening to you brought me back.." she says and kisses Mayu all over her face.

[The two got the blanket on]

"Yukirin I love you!" Mayu says serious.

"Thanks!" Yuki says putting her hand like a high five.

Mayu pouted.

"I love you too Mayuyu!" Yuki says and kisses Mayu on her lips.

~ Meanwhile~ in other school~  Takahashi Minami thoughts [ ] other person thoughts ( )

"I'm so tired" Acchan thought looking through her window.

Somebody touched her shoulder.

[ Why this girl is always absent minded there are some many things to do!]

Acchan sighed and turned her head "What do you want?" She asked

[Why this girl have to be my partner? Kill me now]

"Hi I'm Takahashi Minami we're partners for the science project!" Miami says

"Ohh do it yourself I don't care!" Acchan says careless then turns her head to keep looking outside.

[WHAT?!!? This person...]

"We need to do it together so come to my house later!" Takamina says then writes her address on Acchan's hand.

"How irritating!" Acchan says looking other way.

[Why? Why? Why did I do to you Kami sama?]

Soon the class were over and Acchan thought about going to Minami' s house but she accidentally erased the address when she washed her hands so she didn't go.
Kumi and Yuria invited Acchan for some cakes so the three went to cake shop.

Acchan could see clearly how her friend feels about Yuria and how Yuria felt about Kumi "reading people's thoughts sometimes sucks!"she thought.

After feeling awkward or third wheel for a few hours, she decided to go, the two girl asked her to stay but Acchan lied and left.

She walked around some time

Acchan thought about Mayu's words "This doesn't mean anything.." she thought looking at her hand as she walks

(Stupid kids, go play in a playground this place is dead)

[I'm not going to let you destroy this..]

"We're going to sell and this will become a building" A man shouts happy

Acchan woke up from her thoughts and saw Minami arguing with a man she didn't get closer But she heard almost everything.

"Tomorrow is the deadline if there is not at least 2 flowers we're going to sell and build the building!" The man says then leaves.

Minami nods.

"Takamina is impossible, we been planting for a month and nothing happens ans we're tired!" Mocchi says with her hand on her shoulder.

[I'm not going to give up]

"I guess we lost!" Another girl says sad

The other girls start leaving.

"You can't leave me!" Takamina says sad.

"I'm sorry Takamina!" Everyone says as they leave.

[I'm not going to give up.. I can't give up] Takamina thinks as some tears fall down her cheeks as works planting.

Acchan looks at Takamina "Tamashii miru.." she murmured and saw everything about Minami.

"So your dad wants to sell that property that means a lot to you so you'll spend the whole night working and wait for a miracle" Acchan says.

Acchan spent her time watching Takamina working from afar, after a few hours "this girl really mean working all night!" She thought.

Eventually Takamina got tired and went to her house to sleep [which was next to property]

Acchan smirked "i guess you're not that bad" she says then got closer to the damage property and put her hands on it and tried to make some flowers come out.

"I'm still tired.." Acchan thought struggling "but this is a good reason!" She says having a hard time.

Acchan end up fainting on the ground.

~The next day~really early~

Acchan woke up "I fell sleep here great!" She says as she gets up.

"What are you doing....What? What happened her?" Takamina asked as she sees 2 grown up flowers and few small ones.

Acchan looked at the flower "I could have done better but I was tired.." she thought.

Takamina knelt as her tears started to roll and she wipes it with her fingers.

[Mom I did it! I did it with your help.. thanks]

Acchan looked other way "damn I hate this ability already.." she thought

"I'm so happy!!" Takamina says crying like a baby.

Acchan was still feeling uncomfortable, Takamina's thoughts made her feel like that.

"What are you doing here Maeda san?" Takamina asked.

"Well I.. I just don't have to tell you!" Acchan replied red and looking other way.

"I guess you also worked here last night!" Takamina says with a smirk

"Eh you saw me?" Acchan thought shocked.

"Would you like some breakfast?" Takamina asked with a smile.

[ Thanks Acchan~]

Acchan blushed "I'm hungry.." she replied still looking other way.

~In the afternoon~ walking out of the cine a~

"Well if you like him so much marry him!" Mayu says as she walks ahead.

"It was just a movie.." Yuki replies walking behind her trying to convince her.

"I don't wanna talk to you!" Mayu says looking other way ignoring Yuki.

Yuki hugged her from behind "Got you!" She says then kisses her on her cheek.

"Go with that guy!" Mayu says trying to break free.

Yuki stuck her tongue out " I wanna be with Mayuyu, don't break my heart!" She says still hugging Mayu.

"You take advantage that I have no powers and I'm weak.." Mayu says pouting and  resigning to the idea of being hugged.

"Kawai Mayuyu!" Yuki says poking her cheeks.

"I hate when you do that!!!" Mayu shouted and stretched Yuki's cheeks.

"Forgive me Mayuyu.." Yuki replies in pain

"You two are an annoying in love couple!" Acchan says looking other way.

"Acchan!" Mayu and Yuki says at the same time.

"Here!" Acchan says and puts her hand on her stomach then pull out a ball of energy and puts it on Mayu's stomach then it dissapeared

Mayu shocked her head and reacted "I have it back" she murmured

"Where it belonge!" Acchan says before walking away.

"Thanks.." Both girl says

"Don't use it on me!" Acchan says as she walks away.

"Huh?" Mayu says as she looks Acchan walking away.

"What's wrong?" Yuki asked.

"She's in love!" Mayu replied with a smile.
The two girl smiled..

"Love is so good!" Yuki says then kisses Mayu on her cheek.

Mayu smiled more and both walked home hand in hand..


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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part.5
« Reply #26 on: June 19, 2013, 01:14:43 PM »
Medetashi... Great happy ending...

Atsuko fell in love with Minami...

Mayuki get together... and Mayu got her power back

Rena and Yuki could used their powers...

Well everyone had their happy ending...

Great story

Thank you for the ending

Can't wait to see more of your other fic...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part.5
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yeeeah sure love is good  :grin:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part.5
« Reply #28 on: June 19, 2013, 05:43:25 PM »
I want more ><

Nice ending and nice story  :twothumbs
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                                             ~ I hate that I love you~

~After school~

"What?! Why?" Mayu asked sad.

Kai looked down "I'm love with someone else *sighs* I'm sorry Mayu chan!" He says before leaving.

Mayu was there speechless and shocked "He broke up with me.." she murmured then looked down as tears rolled her cheeks.

~After a few days in Mayu's room~

Somebody entered to the room and jumped on Mayu while she was sleeping "Mayu chan!" She shouts waking up the sleepy girl.

"Jurina shut up!" Mayu says irritated and covering her face with the blanket.

Jurina smiles "C'mon it's time for you to get over him, not going to school for two days just because he broke up with you... IT'S LAME!" She shouts the last part on Mayu's ear.

"Damn it! Mayu Sat on her bed which made Jurina lay next to her.

"C'mon Mayu chan don't let that sad feeling over take you!" Jurina says with a smile.

Mayu sighs "What do you know? You've never had a boyfriend before!" She says looking at her best friend.

"AHHHHHHHH shut up!" Jurina says as she sits blushing "I have my heart set on one person!" She shouts then pull out her phone from her pocket and look a picture of a girl while she plays tennis.

Mayu sighs and moves her head side to side "You're never going to shine in society!" She says tapping Jurina's back.

"Rena senpai!!!" Jurina says holding the phone against her chest.

"She's the best player on the tennis club, she's popular and good looking.. I really don't think having a crush on her is a good idea." Mayu thinks feeling sorry for Jurina "Did you find out who's the girl Kai likes?" She asked.

Jurina laughs hysterically then stops "I don't think you have a chance so forget it *Mayu pouts* well you're cute but she's a senpai so she's sexy and have a big chest!" She says with a nervous smile.

Mayu grabbed Jurina by her collar "Tell me!" She says with her Nezumi aura.

"Okay! Okay! Yuki senpai! Yuki senpai!" Jurina replies shouting.

Mayu let go Jurina's shirt "Who's that?" She asked as Jurina fixes her uniforms "Good you're scary.." she murmured.

Mayu was still thinking with her finger on her chin.

"Wait a second, You don't know who's Yuki senpai?"  Jurina says as she shows a picture of Yuki eating with Rena.

Mayu looks at the picture "Jurina you're in a new level of stalking!" She says unconsciously.

Jurina pouted "She's one of Rena senpai's best friend!" She replied looking other way.

"I need to make Kai stop drooling over her.." Mayu whispers.

Jurina smiles "She's almost as perfect as Rena senpai so I don't think you can change that image." She says getting her friend hopes down.

Mayu thinks again "How am I destroy her image?" She asked as she lays on bed.

"You can not destroy her image but you can destroy Kai so when he confesses she will reject him!" Jurina says with not much effort.

"Ehh that's really smart!" Mayu says shocked looking at Jurina.

"It will be easier destroy his image if you become friends with Yuki senpai since girls talks about guys and you could investigate Rena senpai on the way!" Jurina says with a smile.

"You're deeply disturbed!" Mayu says with a smile.

"It's real love!" Jurina replies with a smile also.

~The next morning~  in other classroom~

"What happened to you? You are sweat!" Sae asked with a smile.

"How did they find out I already broke up with my boyfriend?" Yuki asked as she catches her breath.

Rena looked at her friend "No idea!" She replies.

Sae smiles awkwardly "I don't know either"  [My Twitter pic and status from last night= Yuki chan is broken hearted so we're to cheer her up ^^] Sae thinks

" Some girls and guys followed me.. they were scary as hell! How you manage all this?" Yuki says as she sits.

Sae smiles "With patient!" He says.

"That's a lie you love the attention" Rena replies coldly.

"You don't know me okay?" Sae says pointing at Rena.

"We're friends since we were kids.." Rena whispers carelessly.

"You two are funny!" Yuki says with a smile.

"That's the bad thing about being good at something.. You get your fans so you have to deal with it!" Rena says as she looks around.

"But I'm not good at anything!" Yuki replies with a smile.

Sae smirks "You have the reputation of having the most pretty chest all over the school!" He says moving his hands like a pervert.

Yuki blushed and crossed her arms looking down "How do they know about that?" She asked pouting.

Sae thinks then smiled awkwardly again [ Twiter status: With my hot friends at the beach :)  Yuki's boobs got bigger while Rena's skin is perfect as always :P here's a pic, Aren't you jealous?? ;) ]

Rena smirked then looks at Sae.

The teacher entered to the classroom and soon the class began..

[As always the day passed fast, there was nothing new or interesting]

The bell rang..

~In Mayu's classroom~

"Now I thought it properly so I have a plan to become friends smoothly!" Mayu says as she picks up her books.

"Good luck, I have tennis practice!" Jurina says with a smile.

"You're definitely a stalker!" Mayu says with a smile before walking away.

~In Yuki's classroom~

"It's getting late, I have to work!" Yuki says as she picks up her books fast then leaves the classroom.

"What are you gonna do Rena chan?" Sae asked with a smile.

"I have tennis practice!" Rena says as she gets up and walks away.

"You could at least invite me to watch you!" Sae says pouting then gets out of the classroom also.


Mayu followed Yuki to the metro station without her to noticed.

"I'm gonna be late! I'm gonna be late!" Yuki thought as she waits desperate while Mayu got closer slowly.

~Once inside~

Mayu put herself ahead of Yuki..

"Mmm She wears the same uniform as me.." Yuki thought as she looks at Mayu's back.

"This is risky but.. I have to do it!" Mayu thought as she drops her phone.

The doors opened and Mayu walked away like if she didn't notice "My phone.. my phone!" She thought with her inner self crying as she walks not looking back.

"HEY YOU WAIT.. WAIT UP!!!" Someone shouted.

Mayu turned her head and saw Yuki running to her when Yuki finally reaches her she vents to catch her breath.

"You.. uff.. dropped your phone!" Yuki says showing the phone to Mayu and offering to her.

Mayu smirked a little "thank you very much!" She says with a smile.

Yuki smiles back "It's fine.." she says kindly.

"Ha.. to thank you I'll invite you for an ice cream now!" Mayu says with a smile.

Yuki scratches her head "I'm sorry I can't.. actually THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ME!" She says scare as she watches her watch then runs away.

"I'll let you treat some other time!" She shouts as she runs.

"Damn it, I'm not for wasting my time!" Mayu's Nezumi side murmured as she looks at Yuki running.

~After some hours at school~

"Okay the practice is over, go clean yourselves and rest!" The coach says as she walks away.

Everyone started going to the showers except for two girls.. one was still practicing her shots while the other watches her carefully.

"I thought coming to the practice I would be able to get closer But you're always surrounded by someone.." Jurina thought sad as she watches Rena.

Rena stops and cleans her sweat from her forehead.

"Maybe she's thirsty!" Jurina says then walks to get a drink "If I bring her a drink maybe she start noticing me!" She thinks as she imagines the situation

~Jurina's imagination~

"Rena senpai I brought you this!" Jurina says looking down and offering her a can of juice.

Rena takes the can and blushes "Thanks Jurina chan!" She says then drinks it as she watches Jurina.

"You know my name?" Jurina says shocked.

Rena blushed and almost chokes so she started coughing so she turned around.

"Are you okay Rena senpai?" Jurina asked worried then Rena turned to face her and grabbed her hand.

"The truth I always watched you Jurina chan.." Rena says blushing.

"Really?" Jurina asked blushing.

"I'm sorry Jurina chan!" Rena says pulling Jurina to her then kisses her..

Jurina was shocked first but then returned the kiss.

~Jurina woke up from her thoughts~

The can of juice dropped from her hands "Rena senpai.." she whispered sad as she sees her kissing with a guy in the middle of the tennis court.

Rena notice Jurina's presence and looked at her, both girls had eye contact before Jurina run away.

Rena pushes the guy away "See.. nothing has changed I don't feel a thing!" She says leaving the guy behind and broken hearted as she walks away.

On her way She finds the can of juice on the floor "Apple juice.. I loathe Apple juice!" She murmured before kicking the can out of her way.

~In the changing room~

[Everyone already left]

Jurina was looking down crying there as more images of Rena kissing with that guy appears in her mind.

"This hurts..." she whispered with her hand on her chest.

Somebody else entered to the changing room, Jurina looked up.

"You.. " Rena says coldly.

Jurina tried to stop crying by wiping her tears.

Rena opened her locker and started taking off her clothes in front of Jurina who instantly covered her eyes.

Jurina heard the how she closed her locker so she unconvered her eyes to find Rena standing in front of her only in underwear.

"I don't like to butt in but are you crying for me?" She asked bending forward close to Jurina's face.

Jurina blushed and didn't say anything She was stunned by Rena's hot body.

Rena noticed that and smirked then got even closer and kissed Jurina on her lips.

TO BE CONTINUED!! Hahhaha I had this short story in my head for a while hope you like it... next  last part

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Kai dumps Mayu and wants to get back at him while getting Yuki.  Jurina wants Rena but is gunshy to try

Great start
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Haha so Mayu is gonna steal(?) Yuki from Kai.
Rena is the mischievous here, I like it.

Thanks for another fic, cmze!! :cow:

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Last part last part! Please! Please! Now

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wow!!! I Love it!! wwhat's gonna happen I can't wait !!

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Mayu was trying to put a move on Yuki...

The 1st attempt had failed... what was she going to do next to get Yuki attention?

Well Jurina got the kiss that she wanted...

Would that develop into something?

Well can't wait to find out what happen next?

Thank you for the new story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Last part last part! Please! Please!

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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
Sorry writting another thing grin:

So if I wanna write the other part I have to wait this thing charge :rofl:
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poor Mayu, but now she has Yuki  :w00t:

Jurina you stalker, and being shy towards Rena  :lol: naughty Rena  :lol:

I like it, please continue

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Me like this story! Kyaaaa~ :wub: :wub: :wub:

I'm going to wait for your next up! :fap

Thank you very much :thumbsup :bow:

GREAT~ :twothumbs
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It is interesting and funny...

Pls update soon....

Can't wait your new update.... :deco:

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