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Author Topic: My short fics ~ SADISTIC FEELINGS (MAYUKI ft WMATSUI) PART3  (Read 17527 times)

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OMyGosh! You got me again cmze-san!

Fall in love with this! I love rena character here,she dare to kiss someone just to try if she had a feeling for them or not!

What she felt after kissing jurina huh? LOL

And mayu LOL what a lame scheme mayu! LOL thats funny! Maybe yuki end up fall for you! And its trouble for mayu because she hate yuki for causing her break up with kai LOL


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Damn! Already read for 5 time LOL!

Its funny to seeing ho mayu do such thing like droped her phone LOL i laugh at that part always!! How cute are you mayuyu!



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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
                                              ~ I hate that I love you~

~The next day at school~ Rena,Yuki and Sae's  classroom~
(Still almost empty there was a few people)

Matsui Rena was carelessly playing with a pen around her fingers expressionless.
"Good Morning Rena chan!" Yuki says with a smile as she sits.

"Good Morning Yuki chan!" Rena says still playing with her pen.

Suddenly someone rushed inside the classroom..

"Matsui Rena Don't you have something to tell me?" Sae asked with his hands on Rena's desk facing her.

Rena took a look on Sae and coldly replied "No.."

"So you didn't kiss Koji?" Sae asked calm.

"No.." Rena replied still careless playing her pen.


Rena sighed "a) He kissed me b) I don't care" she replied in a cold manner.

Yuki stare at the two but rathered be quiet.


"He said that he was the love of my life, once he kissed me I would feel it but nothing happened, I didn't feel anything, I just wanted to prove him he was wrong!" Rena says looking other way.

"What a lame excuse!" Sae says then sits.

"Does really exist that kind of love?" Yuki asked randomly.

Sae and Rena looked at her.

"It doesn't.. there's no way someone love you without knowing you, I hate those people going around saying how much they love you *image of Jurina* when they doesn't really know you!" Rena says looking down irritated.

~Meanwhile at Mayu and Jurina's classroom~

"It's unbelievable she rejected my invitation, who she thinks she is.. I'm not going to let you be happy with my boyfriend!" Mayu says as she's standing NECls g to her seat waiting a reaction from Jurina who was already there but she got none from the energetic girl.

Jurina was spacing out and touching her lips with her fingers "She kissed and then left to the showers leaving me there confused" she says.

"Eh.. What are you talking about?" Mayu asked.

Jurina got up and whispered in Mayu's ear "Rena senpai kissed me!"

Mayu looks at Jurina who was blushing hard "Really? Not way, that's not possible!" She says as she sits.

"She kissed in her underwear and then went to shower not caring about me at all she stole my first kiss!" Jurina says sad as she sits also.

The teacher entered to the classroom..

(Lunch time)

Kashiwagi Yuki washed her face "not sleepy anymore!" She says with a smile looking at herself in the mirror.

"Rena senpai! Rena senpai!" A few girls entered to the bathroom looking for her with presents and stuff relative to a love confession.

"These girls.." Yuki thought.

"Yuki senpai Have you seen Rena senpai?" Those three girls asked in unison

"No!" Yuki replies fast.

"Yuki senpai are you trying to hide her from us to keep her for yourself?" Those three girls asked in a a scary manner as they get closer.

"What?no, we're only friends!" Yuki replies fast.

"Good Morning Rena senpai!" Someone says from outside the bathroom.

"Huh Rena senpai is out" One of the girls says.

"Let's hurry!" Another says and fast the three left.

Yuki sighed "sure those girls are scary!" She says suddenly someone else entered to the bathroom.

"Oh it's you!" Yuki says looking at Mayu with a smile.

Mayu smiles back "Those girls are totally stalkers!" She says still with a plastered on her face.

"Oh you were the one who greeted Rena.." Yuki says understanding the situation.

Mayu smiles "Well I haven't seen her, I was about to enter to the bathroom when I heard them!" She says then watches her hands.

"Thanks!" Yuki says with a smile then was about to walk to the door.

"Hey, you said I could treat you some other time... you rescue my phone so I feel like I owe you!" Mayu says looking down embarrassed.

Yuki looks up "mmm there's no need but if you feel that way, you can treat me today since I'm free from work!" She says with smile

Mayu smirks.

"I'll wait for you later at the entrance of the school!" Yuki says with a smile before leaving.

~At the school terrace~

Matsui Rena watched the school from there till somebody else disturbed her peaceful time.

"Rena senpai.." Someone says looking down.

Rena turned around to see the girl who called her name "You.." she says careless.
"Do you like me?" The shy girl asked still looking down.

Rena smirked "If I'm not mistaken you're Matsui Jurina.." she says getting closer to the younger girl.

Jurina smiled a little "She knows my name.." she thought.

Rena grabbed Jurina by her shoulders and looked at her in the eyes.

Jurina was blushing hard.

"You're cute but.. that kiss didn't mean anything I don't like you" Rena says coldly breaking Jurina's heart.

"But.. but..*Rena puts her finger on Jurina's lips* "

Rena smirks "I just felt sorry for you that's why I kissed you then you created the hell out of me when you said you love me.." she says still with a charming smile.

Jurina felt like Rena was stabbing her heart many times, her tears started to roll her cheeks.

"Why you cry Jurina chan? Love?" Rena asks in a kind way as she wipes Jurina's tears with her fingers "You don't even know me!" She says changing her kind mood to a cold one in a blink of an eye then let go Jurina's face and she was about to go Jurina grabbed her by her wrist.

The started forcing..

"Let me go!" Rena says irritated forcing.

"Of course I know you!" Jurina says crying still forcing with Rena.

Rena's Gekikara side came out and jumped on Jurina their position end up Rena sitting on Jurina's stomach having all control  "I'm tired of all of you saying that you love me.. You're so boring!!!" She says ready to punch Jurina on her face.

Rena notice how Jurina keeps crying so she hesitated fist was still on the air "Don't say that you love me.." she whispers kinda sad.

Jurina grabbed Rena by her shirt to pull her closer, Rena blushed a little tried to retrieve herself but Jurina was holding her tight as she cries. "I know you.. I know you hate a lot of things like spiders, loud people, this school cause only sell lemon juice and Apple juice which you hate but rather Apple, doing homework and mostly the fact that your parents are never home!" She says confident but sad.

Rena was shocked really shocked "What are you.. an stalker.. You're even worst!"she says releasing herself not caring about damaging her school uniform fortunately Jurina also let go at that moment so Rena's uniform was fine.

Rena left the terrace mad while Jurina was there still crying.

~End of the day~

"There you are..mmm ah" Yuki says realizing that she doesn't know the younger girl's name

"I'm Watanabe Mayu!" She says with a smile.

"Oh I'm Kashiwagi Yuki!" She says with a smile.

The two walked together with an awkward silence luckily the ice cream shop wasn't that far.

Once there the two ordered Yuki offered to pay her ice cream but Mayu didn't let her to.

"I'm the senpai.." Yuki muttered cutely.

Mayu smirks "sometimes is good to be spoiled.. " she says as she tasted her ice cream.

Yuki also tries hers "ahh this is delicious.." she says happy.

Mayu smiles and keeps eating hers.

"Let me try yours Mayu chan!" She says with her spoon already on Mayu's.

Mayu only smiles "You want everything that it's mine.. You bitch!" She thought irritated but still let Yuki to do what she wants.

"Try mine!" Yuki says offering hers to Mayu.

Mayu tried "This is really good.." she says and keep eating.

The two exchanged their ice creams time to time.

The two girls talked the whole afternoon for Mayu it was really strange since they clicked,it was like they been friends forever talking,laughing and sharing. She wondered if Yuki felt the same way.

When the two got out of the ice cream shop, they noticed it was really dark..

"It's dark already, I'll take you home!" Yuki says not even asking just saying it.

"Mmm okay!" Mayu says as she walks next to Yuki.

The two walked for a few minutes..

"We can use this park as a shortcut!" Mayu says with a smile.

"Okay.. You're guiding!" Yuki says with a smile.

Suddenly a dog barking appeared and scared Mayu so she grabbed Yuki from behind and hugged her.

"It's so soft.." She thought as she holds something.

The dog walked away.

Leaving the two girls in a awkward position Yuki was O_o; while Mayu was sighing in relief.

"Mayuyu.." Yuki called out all red and sweat.

"Eh what's wrong?" Mayu asked then noticed what she was groping with her hands "Ahhh Yuki senpai!!!" She shouted and let go her chest.

Yuki after she let go, she relaxed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Mayu says apologizing and all red.

"It's okay.." Yuki replied with a smile and grabbing Mayu's phone which fell on the ground.

Mayu looks at Yuki "Then can I do it again?" She asked.

"What?! Why?" Yuki asked as the reaction queen she is.

"Well at school there's a poll about it so I wanna give a good vote.. service service!" Mayu says with her pervert side.

[There was no poll, she just wanted to touch again xD]

Yuki thought it was weird but then just concerned her eyes "Do it now!" She says embarrassed as she covers her eyes.

Mayu had a mischievous grin on her face then she pushed Yuki against a tree and groped her chest.

Yuki blushed hard because this time wasn't like the first time "What?!" She thought.

"They were right, it's soft and big!" Mayu says as she keeps doing mischievous things on a red Yuki.

"Mayu..yu.." Yuki says in trouble.

Mayu stops "thanks for helping me clear that doubt Yuki senpai" she says with a smile.

Yuki fixes her uniform "It's okay, I mean nobody else has ever touched my chest my it's fine." she replies.

Mayu smirks "I'm glad to be the first one!" She says then starts walking.

Yuki blushed then just followed the younger girl.

~Outside Mayu's home~

"Pretty house!" Yuki says with a smile.

"Thanks!" Mayu replies

"Good night Mayuyu!" Yuki says

"Good night Yuki senpai.." Mayu says kinda sad

Yuki was about to go but Mayu called her name.

"What's wrong?" Yuki asked.

"Can we be friends?" Mayu asked looking down.

Yuki smiles "You can not be cuter.. we're already friends!" She replies.

Mayu shows her phone.

"Oh I just bought it, I forgot I have it!" Yuki says then starts looking for her phone inside her bag.

The two exchanged info.

It didn't took long or those two to get really along, they would chat all the time at school while Yuki works and even hang out in lunch time.

While WMatsui case seemed totally upside down Rena wasn't even going to school..

~At school~ in Mayu's and Jurina classroom.

"Seems like you two get super along!" Jurina says not so happy [she wasn't jealous but she wasn't on the mood cause Rena been missing for 3 weeks]

"This is revenge beside Kai see us all the time together so he can't confess!" Mayu says looking at him in the other corner of the room.

Mayu's phone vibrate again and read the new message "What?! I dislike Yukirin' s mother!" She says mad.

"Yukirin? What happened?" Jurina asked.

"She set her up in a date with some random guy son of a friend of hers.. she can't not go with him and to be worst she wants me to go with her to the mall to find something cute to wear!" Mayu says mad.

"That's it that's what you need, if she starts dating that guy she would reject Kai instantly, unless you're jealous!" Jurina says with a smirk

"What?! No! I'm going to find her a super dress so he falls in love with her and start dating!" Mayu says kinda irritated.

Jurina noticed that and only smirked "Maybe I should go visit Rena senpai" she thought a little sad

~At the mall~

Yuki tried many dresses because Mayu told her they weren't appropriate..

"What about this one?" Yuki asked and she gets out.

One of the girls that worked there came closer.

"You look fantastic!" She says with a smile while Mayu pouts.

"Thanks!" Yuki replies with a smile.

Mayu is still pouting "I don't like it!" She says looking other way.

"Your bra shows.." the worker girl says and then helps Yuki with it, Mayu was scratching her face.

"Are you older age?" The worker good looking girl asked with a smile.

Yuki was nervous "ahh..*We're in highschool back off!* Mayu interrupts and pulls Yuki with her to the cubicle.

Yuki took off the dress in front of Mayu who totally was red looking other way She put her uniform back.

"I'm going to buy this one!" Yuki says with a smile.

Mayu pouted and the two got out of the cubicle and worker girl was still looking at them.

Yuki payed for the dress and soon the two were heading out the worker interrupted them.

"I'm sorry I don't do this but you.. You're definitely something else!" She says and takes Yuki's hand.

Mayu was even more irritated while Yuki was blushing and looking other way, Mayu separated their hands and took Yuki away.

"What an annoying girl!" Mayu says irritated.

Yuki opened her hand "it's her number.." she says, Mayu fast took the paper and threw it away.

Yuki only smiled at her friend attitude.

~Outside Rena's house~

Jurina knocked several times but nobody would come out so she sat there to wait "it's been 45 min I just wanna know if you are okay, why you hurt me like this?" She thought already crying and remembering her first kiss.

Jurina blinked it was just her imagination she was about to knock "What if she doesn't come out? I would be only more hurt.. " she thought scared and retrieve her hand from knocking, she just looked at the door.

Suddenly it opened revealing Rena who was looking down.

"Why you took so long?" She asked crying.

Jurina was confused suddenly Rena hugged her tight.

"I.. I just wanted to give you space.." Jurina says with a smile as tears rolled her cheeks.

"I don't wanna be lonely anymore,I thought you knew.." Rena says still hugging Jurina.

"I'm sorry!" Jurina whispers.

Rena looks at Jurina "No matter if your happy or sad.. You always cry for me!" She says as she gets closer to her face and kissed her on her lips.

Jurina stops their sweet kiss "are you sure you're not feeling sorry now?" She asked.

Rena moved her head side to side denying "Loving you is easy.." she says with a smile.

Jurina smiled back then hugged her and spin her around before kissing her passionately.

"Cause of you I became the persons I hate.. those one who says I love you without knowing" Rena says with a smile.

Jurina smiles and two girls shared another kiss..

Rena pulled Jurina inside her house and close the door "Just in case you plan to go already.." she says.

"There's no need.."Jurina says with a smile.

~At Yuki's room~

"I'm so nervous that I bought I new kit of make up!" Yuki says as she puts the bags on her bed.

Mayu was still pouting.

"I'll go gets us something to drink" Yuki says as she walks to the kitchen.

Mayu looked inside the bags "What if the dress has an accident?" She thought as she looks inside the bags.

"What you wanna try my new make up?" Yuki says as she comes with two cans of juice.

"Ugh well..." Mayu says not knowing what to say.

"C'mon Mayu don't be shy!" Yuki says and grabs her hand and the bag with the make up.

The two girls sat on bed..

Yuki starts using her new make up on Mayu.

Yuki's face was so close to Mayu's as she does it and even when she was using the eye liner they had pretty much eye contact.

"If I didn't put you blush I would say your blushing Mayuyu!" Yuki says smirking.

"Why am I so nervous? Is not like.. *thinks about Jurina's words* I don't like her, that's no it!" Mayu thinks and gets up suddenly.

"What? wait I'm not done yet!" Yuki says.

"I have to go home, have fun on your date!" Mayu says as she walks away.


"This is strange and I really doubt you didn't plan this!" Yuki says with a smile.

"Believe or not our parents are good friends but yeah I planned this!" The guy says with a smile.

" I guess now I swallowing my words when I said I would never date you!" Yuki says.

"Yes, it looks like that!" The guy says with a smile.

"Why you left Mayu? She's really good and pretty.." Yuki asks.

"Yukirin we know each other for a long time Mayu and I wouldn't last, she lives in dreamland!" Kai says not so happy

"I think she's cute!" Yuki says as she plays with her food.

They didn't notice that someone was watching from afar.

Yuki got up and went to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom Yuki was  infront of the mirror, she moved her neck "This is stressing if Mayu find out.." she says.

Suddenly somebody else entered to the bathroom.

"Mayuyu!" Yuki whispers.

"I rolled in my bed, looked at my phone more than 500 times today and tried to not think about you!" Mayu says

"What?" Yuki asks.

"This never happened not even with him.." Mayu says looking other way.

"What do you mean?" Yuki asked.

"I hated the fact that he liked you now I know why and I fell on my game.. and I HATE TO LOVE YOU Yukirin!" Mayu says red.

They heard people coming in to the bathroom so Yuki grabbed Mayu and pulled her with inside a cubicle then kissed her on her lips.

Mayu wasn't surprised, she replied the kiss fast.

The two shared passionate kisses inside the cubicle once they heard those girls leaving Yuki grabbed Mayu's hand and the two got out.

"Wow!" Mayu says touching her lips.

Yuki looked at her and smiled "you're so cute even pretending to drop your phone!" She says.

"You knew!" Mayu says.

"Well you're  interesting person so couldn't help to like you since before.." Yuki says.

Mayu looked at a Yuki with a sweet look then hugged her back for a moment.

"Mayuyu let's get out of Here!" Yuki says with a smile.

The two got out from a back door and left Kai there not knowing what happened or where Yuki went.


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Wow that was a great ending.  Both ended up being together despite their issues with each other
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I loved Rena's personality  :wub:
Yuki knew from the begaining about Mayu but she did not say anything  :lol:
I'm happy for the two paring  8)
thank you cmze it was a great fic as always  :thumbsup

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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rena's personality was cool!!
and Yuki OMG XDD

I loved the fanfic! :P

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Yeah... great happy ending...

Like it lots...

Great OS...

Can't wait to see more OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! KAIIII i can't stop Laughing because of this...kai he...he...yuki and mayu they leave him for nothing LOL!!!

thank for the update cmze-san


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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #49 on: July 16, 2013, 09:03:32 AM »
                                              ~ The game of love~

~At a coffee shop~

"What are we doing here?" Kashiwagi Yuki wondered as she watches her best friend in front of her.

"Where the hell she is? She told me she wouldn't be late!" Matsui Rena says as she looks side to side.

Yuki pouted "You know.. I have plenty things to do." She says before get up.

Rena looked at her "Hold on.. this is important" she say with pleading eyes which Yuki couldn't say no so she sat again.

"How things are going with Hikaru?" Rena asked.

Yuki pouted a little then sighed "I don't know.." she says with as she puts her hand on her neck.

"Maybe is your conscience telling you when a guy cheats you once, cheats you twice and many times!" Rena say serious.

"Rena chan!" A girl says with a smile and sits next to Rena.

Yuki frowned while Rena smiled forgetting about what they were talking about "This is Matsui Jurina.." she says till Yuki interrupted her.

"Wait a minute! Is she your sister?" Yuki asked amazed.

"What a silly girl.." Jurina says with a smile looking other way.

"No.. she's my... my girlfriend!" Rena says nervous while Yuki was O_o looking at the two.

Yuki was still looking at the two girls her expression didn't change.

"Is she breathing?" Jurina asked looking at Yuki.

"Yuki chan! Yuki chan!" Rena says several times till she woke up Yuki from her thoughts.

"Girlfriend.." Yuki whispers and looks at Jurina.

"What do you think?" Rena asked curious.

"Well if you like girls it's fine you know as long you feel okay, you shouldn't care what anyone thinks, now I have to go!" Yuki says nervous as she gets up leaving the two Matsui confused.

"Well at least she says she's okay!" Jurina says with a smile.

Rena looks at her and smiled.

"Cute Rena chan!" Jurina says and hugs her girlfriend.

~Walking home~

"Rena chan likes girls that's weird, I never noticed that maybe cause I'm not her type *Image of the two in high school smiling* I always thought she was amazing and if for some weird reason guys dissapear from this world I wouldn't mind having a relantionship with her" Yuki thinks then blushes "what am I thinking?" She says then slapped herself softly as she walks.

~Once at home~

Yuki got home and the first thing she did was laying on the couch looking at the ceiling "Why I'm feeling so lonely lately?" She thought a little sad.

After a few minutes Yuki couldn't help to fall sleep on the couch. During that time her boyfriend entered to the dept and looked at Yuki sleeping.

He sat on the edge and watched the girl sleeping.

Yuki smirked a little, Hikaru noticed and smiled.

"Rena chan" Yuki says in her sleep.

Hikaru was shocked "What the.. " he whispered before get up and leave the dept.

~In a expensive bar~

Hikaru was drinking like there was not tomorrow.

"Wow.. What the hell Hilary?" A good looking girl says with a smirk as she sits next to him.

"I think my girlfriend is cheating me with .. " Hikaru stops his sentence the drank another shot.

The girl looked disgusted at him "Really.. okay I guess you just called the wrong number, I'm not a dude!" The girl says irritated before get up.

"Look Mayu I called the right number!" Hikaru says grabbing her arm "I have a business to offer you, sit and have a drink" He says still depressed.

Mayu sighed then sat again "What's that?" She asked.

"I know I was unfaithful but I really love her!" Hikaru says depressed then put his head on Mayu's shoulder.

Mayu pouted and pushed the guy "Look you get what you give!" She says looking other way.

"BUT SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO CHEAT ON ME WITH A GIRL!" He shouted more depressed.

Everyone looked at him then started gossiping.

Mayu took a deep breath "I'm loosing my patient tell me the business or I leave!" She says not caring about him.

"We date since high school, I mean how this happened or maybe she's not dating her and I'm just freaking out!" Hikaru thinking.

"What do you want me to make friends with her to find out?" Mayu asked sarcastically.

Hikaru looked at her in a odd way for a moment.

"Stop looking at me like that!" Mayu says irritated and avoiding his eyes.

Hikaru grabbed Mayu by her shoulders "I'll pay you if you do that!" He says shaking her.

"Do you realized I'm a model and I kinda don't need your money.." Mayu says in a Nezumi way.

"You said I was the best photographer you have worked with" He says still with his hands on her shoulders.

Mayu was already loosing her temper.

"If you don't I'll tell, you had a romance with one Johnny's" he said serious.

Mayu looked other way then took a deep breath "Okay but I want the money also!" She says still in Nezumi mode.

Hikaru pouted but then agreed.

"I guess is a deal" Mayu says feeling irritated.

~The next day~At Yuki's dept~

Yuki was preparing breakfast for herself till someone entered to her dept.

Hikaru entered to the dept kissed Yuki on the lips then smiled at her.

"What's wrong?" She asked feeling the strange vibe mostly cause the door was open.

"Look one good friend of mine had a little trouble with her dept so I told her my girlfriend lives alone in a good dept, can you help her?" Hikaru asked with a smile.
"A friend? Don't you mean one of your lovers?" Yuki thought irritated not saying a word and looking at him.

"Great Mayu come here!" Hikaru shouted.

"What? She's here?" Yuki asked.

Suddenly someone else entered to the room with a suitcase not looking happy at all till she saw Yuki.

"Yuki senpai!" Mayu says shocked.

Hikaru was confused "You two know each other?" He asked.

Yuki was confused also and blinked a few times.

"We went to the same high school.. " Mayu says looking down embarrassed.

"And still you wanna steal my boyfriend.." Yuki thought irritated


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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #50 on: July 16, 2013, 09:20:00 AM »
I'm love this short fic and the others fic of yours :luvluv1:
Rena and Jurina're dating :on woohoo:
Seems like Yuki's dating with Hikaru but she's not actually believe in his feeling for her :on drink:
What the... :on shady: Yuki loved Rena? :stoned:
Mayu's a model in here and also Hikaru's friend :whistle:
Yuki thinks Mayu's one of Hikaru's lovers :wahaha:
Yuki and Mayu used to go to the same school :shock:
I'm wonder how's it turn out and how it will be Mayuki :ding:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #51 on: July 16, 2013, 09:23:49 AM »
Interesting start to thos one I wonder how Mayu will solve this
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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #52 on: July 17, 2013, 03:42:05 PM »
Wow wow i don't know this update! Almost skip it.but fortunately i has cmze-san fic radar LOL LOL

Wow mayu a model?

Still need more chapter to know the story about

Thank for the update cmze-san


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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #53 on: July 19, 2013, 04:28:11 AM »


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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #54 on: July 19, 2013, 05:51:23 AM »
I love it, please continue.  :inlove:

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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #55 on: July 20, 2013, 08:01:18 PM »
OMG what a big misunderstanding!!

this could be fun!!

Thanks and Update soon!


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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ (MaYuki)
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Eeeeeeh it ended so quickly.  :panic:
Rena and Jurina are together.  :twothumbs Nice. XD

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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ (MaYuki)
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eeh. I can't wait  :frustrated:

my MaYuki feels were replenished  :hiakhiakhiak: gaah i so love all of iiitttt  :shy2:

 thanks for your hardwork  :kneelbow:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ PART 2 (MaYuki)
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                                              ~ The game of love~

~At the back of the school~

"So Watanabe do you think you're better than us?" A bully says as she pushes Mayu who landed on the floor.

"You're so disgusting always looking and not talking by the way this red glasses do not suit you!" The friend of the bully says as she snatches Mayu's glasses.

Mayu pouted.

"Don't look at me like that!" The bully says and punches Mayu on her face while her friend laughs.

"If you come back to this school I'll kill you, I don't like seeing your ugly face!" The girl who was wearing Mayu's glasses spoke.

Somebody throwed a can of Juice on the head of the bully.

"What the hell? I'm going to.. Yuki senpai!?!" The bully says shocked seeing the cold senpai coming closer

Yuki grabbed the two girls by their shirts "I wanna have fun too beating someone!" She says pressing her hold with an evil smirk.

"It's not what it looks like.." The bully says sweating while the other was shocked.

Yuki moved both girls harshly so the two bumped their head hard then let go "If I see you bothering anyone again, I'll make sure you remember me for your whole life!" She says serious to the two scared girls.

"And this do not suit you!" Yuki says taking the glasses from the girl.

The two girls were really scared and ran away.

Mayu looked at the girl not knowing if she was a friend or enemy, the cold senpai got closer with the glasses on her hand then offered her hand and helped her to get up.

Mayu looked down while Yuki looked at her for a moment.

"Do you know if you remove the hair from your face and stop using these kind of hoody, they might stop!" Yuki says with a smile.

Mayu only looked down sad.

"Yeah I thought so too, it's not cool to be someone you're not to please anyone right?" Yuki says as she puts the glasses on Mayu with a smile.

Mayu was blushing and looked at her in the eyes for a moment.

"Yukirin there you are, let's go is already late!" Someone shouts.

Yuki looked at her friend then turned to look at Mayu again "See you around!" She says before running to her friend.

Mayu was there hypnotized wondering" what just happened? And why she's feeling heat on her cheeks?"

~Clock ringing~

Mayu opened her eyes then remebered that now she's living with Yuki, she got up from bed and looked around for her but she wasn't around.

Mayu took her time to look everything around, the books, her papers on the table and some pictures on the wall.

"Seems you have changed a lot.." Mayu whispered.

Suddenly the door opened revealing Yuki but she was all hurt and bleeding.

"What happened?" Mayu asked really concern and grabbing Yuki before she collapse.

Mayu made Yuki sit on the couch in the living room then proceed to go for a first aid kid in the bathroom.

"What the hell? You're bleeding a lot!" Mayu says worried.

"I just slipped and rolled on the floor.." Yuki replies a little dizzy, she hit her head with a stone.

"Should I call Hikaru?" Mayu asked as she cleans Yuki's wounds.

"No, he doesn't like when I run" Yuki says with a sigh.

Mayu looks other way "You know is a little strange but you had change a lot.." she says as she cleans carefully.

"I still don't remember you!" Yuki says feeling bad about it.

Mayu smiled "It's fine.. " she replies with sweet look.

"Did I change that much?" Yuki asked.

Mayu looked at her then sighed "Mmm well I think you did.. before you were all bad ass and cool" she says with a smile.

"But I wasn't good and Hikaru was right..I mean you can't go around life being irresponsible, volatile" Yuki says a little sad.

Mayu looked at Yuki "And what's up with that? Is your life you can live it the way you want..everything in this life is a risk" she says a little irritated.

"Would you marry someone like that?" Yuki asked.

"Of course" Mayu replied without hesitation.

Yuki was shocked "Why? Nobody wants people like that!" She asked.

"Because that's the way I love it, I don't want it to change why cerel with the ordinary? Where's the love? If I change it, it wouldn't be that person anymore just someone else that I made to feel secure" Mayu replies with an in love face looking at Yuki.

Yuki was so touched by her words "Is true.." she thought a little sad.

~After a few days at a coffee shop~

"Maybe I should leave Hikaru.. she loves him more than me!" Yuki says with a sigh.

"Are you sure?" Rena asked.

Yuki puts her hand on her chest "You should have seen face, her eyes and the way she talked..for a moment I envy him because he found someone who really loves him without fears like me" she says sad.

"Maybe you don't love him at all.." Rena says reaching Yuki's hand and giving it a light squeeze.

Yuki smiled at Rena "Do you know what I like about you?"she asked.

"What?" Rena asked still holding her hand.

"Whenever I feel bad you come at me with that smile and I know everything will be fine!" Yuki says with a smile.

"HELLO!" Someone says and separate their hands.

"Jurina chan!" Rena says happy while Yuki felt a little uncomfortable.

Jurina Sat and put some magazines on the table.

Yuki noticed the magazine cover "Oh that's my roommate!" She says pointing to the girl on the cover.

"What? Really? Watanabe Mayu?" Jurina shouted not believing and happy while Rena pouted.

Yuki holds back her hair "yeah.." she replied not so happy.

"Can I meet her? Please please!" Jurina asked several times like an annoying kid.

Yuki pouted "Stop it! Stop it!" She says several times but in the end agreed.

Rena was pouting cutely.

"Rena I only love you but this is only for working issues!" Jurina says with a smirk.

"Yeah right!" Rena let out.

"C'mon I'll invite you dinner at my place!" Yuki says as she gets up.

~At Yuki's apartment~

The three girls entered and watched a set of photo shoot with staff around.

"What the hell?" Yuki asked looking at Hikaru taking pictures of Mayu as she poses with a body cream.

"Wow!!" Jurina says excited with her open mouth.

Rena pinched Jurina's arm.

"Ouchh!" Jurina let out but still kept watching the model.

Hikaru smiles "Let's take a rest!" He says before kissing Yuki.

Mayu looked other way but then something came to her mind. "Yuki senpai can you help me with my dress the zip is on the back!" She says cutely.

"Well I..  *I'll do it! I'll do it!*

Jurina interrupts Yuki and fast got behind her.

"I'll go to the bathroom!" Hikaru says before walking away.

Yuki sighed and walked to Rena who was stabbing Mayu many times on her mind.

"Easy tiger, she's not into girls!" Yuki says with a smile.

Rena was a little irritated "I wasn't into girls either!" She replied

"Oh.." Yuki let out.

 "Are you planning to dump him or what?" Rena asked watching Mayu and Jurina talking as she helps her to remove a necklace also.

"I just think it might be the right thing to do Mayu is not that bad actually she's really cool" Yuki said as she watches Mayu smiling.

"Jurina get back here, you don't have to touch her like that.. " Rena says irritated while Mayu and Jurina were smiling at each other ignoring Rena.

"I'm going there!" Rena says irritated and walked to the two to separate them.

Yuki sighed "They seem totally made for each other.." she thought looking at Rena pinching Jurina's cheeks then turned to look at Mayu who looked wonderful on that dress.


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Re: My one shots and short fics: The game of love~ PART 2 (MaYuki)
« Reply #59 on: July 23, 2013, 08:41:53 AM »
Oh~ Yuki saved Mayu back then :ding:
Seems like Mayu loved Yuki at the first sight :hehehe:
"Because that's the way I love it, I don't want it to change why cerel with the ordinary? Where's the love? If I change it, it wouldn't be that person anymore just someone else that I made to feel secure" Mayu replies with an in love face looking at Yuki.
I think this part Mayu was talking about Yuki but Yuki misunderstood her :on shady:
Rena's jealous :wahaha:
Next part is the end, can't wait to see it :on gay:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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