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Author Topic: My short fics ~ SADISTIC FEELINGS (MAYUKI ft WMATSUI) PART3  (Read 20040 times)

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Re: My short fics: ~~~~~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #80 on: August 05, 2013, 06:23:22 PM »
Crazy star to this one.

Mayu and Jurina saikou
Random Thought:


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Re: My short fics: ~~~~~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #81 on: August 06, 2013, 01:33:26 AM »
Wah... read all your short fics... so wonderful...
<3 <3 <3 <3
The first one, I really liked it. Kumi-san~~~
And since the others, I liked them too~~
I'll just get to the point about this one...
well, looks good! kind of reminds me of something that i read before, but only the part about monsters outside the wall
Hehe~ sorry, I can't help you with naming, ganbatte!


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Re: My short fics: ~~~~~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #82 on: August 15, 2013, 06:30:45 PM »
Wahhh~ Just noticed this and read it!  :ding:

I love all Mayuki story from you cmze-san!  :twothumbs

Thanks for the story, this is really interesting! I cannot wait for the next!  :w00t:

Sorry, becoz I've been busy for a while, now, I have a chance to read the story in here again!  :)

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Re: My short fics: ~~~~~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #83 on: August 19, 2013, 07:26:58 PM »
hahaha like this fic interesting and funny
thank you
i will wait for your update  :)

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Re: My short fics: ~~~~~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #84 on: May 03, 2014, 12:33:35 AM »
I didn't forget about this fanfic cmze :P

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: My short fics: ~~~~~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #85 on: May 03, 2014, 06:33:16 PM »
wahh~~ this is interesting~~

update :bow:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: My short fics: ~~~~~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #86 on: May 05, 2014, 06:22:09 PM »
Mayuki and Wmatsui my OTP

Update soon

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Re: My short fics: ~~~~~ (MaYuki)
« Reply #87 on: June 27, 2014, 02:51:43 PM »
Ohh sweet~ How cool OS~  :thumbup

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Okay I should be banned from this website... I can't help it, I was thinking about updating wild love but this came to ny head so it was good and had to write it besides I don't remember what's the next part of my last short fanfic (Yes the one with no name)

                          Sadistic feelings: Don't call it love
                                         Part 1

"Wow Jurina Chan is so amazing at P.E class!" All the girls screamed cheering the energetic girl in front of them.

Jurina blushed "It's nothing.. really!" She answered in a humble manner. "You got them crazy." A not so happy girl said behind Jurina.

"Huh? Mayu chan I'm not bragging I swear!" Jurina replied smiling nervously and scared looking at her friend cold stare.

Mayu looked at the bunch of girls "Go away already.." she said merciless. All the girls pouted but then just walked away not forgetting talking about Mayu on the way.

"Who she thinks she is?"

"Such a jerk!"

"Matsui San is not her' s!"

Mayu walked ahead pouting a little while Jurina onky followed then putted her arm around her neck.

"So Mayu Chan what about if we go for some ice creams after class?" Jurina asked with a smile.

Mayu stopped walking and so did Jurina "I don't're  a player besides you haven't told me about why you always answer my calls really late? I think I'm wasting my time with you!" She said a little moody.

Jurina was shocked for the sudden answer "Mayu Chan..." she whispered.

Mayu sighed "You're not going to tell me...So you don't trust me" she said sad and she was about to go but Jurina grabbed her by her arm.

"OKAY... I'll tell my secret let's meet after class!; Jurina said before going ahead.

Mayu smirked.

~ After class~

Jurina grabbed Mayu by her sleeve then took off from school.

"Where are we going?" Mayu asked.

"First to the ice cream store... " Jurina replied

"Hey What about-

"I'll tell you after the ice cream!" Jurina interrupted her.

Once in the ice cream store the two ordered they favorites and talked about many things during the afternoon..

"It's getting dark and still you haven't told me!" Mayu said pouting like a little child.

Jurina sighed then looked around there wasn't many people around "Mayu chan.. I ... I.."

"You what?" Mayu asked getting anxious.

Jurina fanned herself for a seconds then held' s Mayu's hands " Look Mayu Chan.. I like very much this is the first time I like someone the way I do and that's why I'm telling you..."

"Okay tell me already~" Mayu said serious.

Jurina sighed "I'm a hunter." She said calmly.

"Hunter? What's that?" Mayu asked confused.

"People who has a duty of dealing with vampires and stuff!" Jurina answered.

Mayu laughed "Is that a joke? It's 2014 and vamps doesn't exist, you should stop watching twilight!" She answered still laughing.

Jurina pouted "I wish vampires were femenine like that, it would be so easy!" She said feeling irritated.

Mayu stopped laughing "You're being serious about that.." she said uncomfortable.

"I don't even get paid for exposing ny life!; Jurina said complaining.

"What? I don't believe you~ show me!" Mayu said determined.

Jurina frowned "No. I already did too much by telling you!" She explained.

"I don't believe you and if you don't show me I will walk away and never replies your calls!" Mayu said serious.

Jurina pouted "What are you so stubborn?" She asked.

"I just wanna make sure you're not cheating!" Mayu answered mad.

Jurina got up enough "THIS IS NOT A KID'S PLAY!" She shouted then left the ice cream store mad.

Mayu thought she would be back and waited for a few minutes. After some time she realized Jurina won't be back so she grabbed her things and walked to the bus stop alone.

While looking at her phone and walked she couldn't help to express her anger "Stupid Jurina... You must be cheating a lot by telling a lie like that.. Vampires?" She talked to herself then bumped with someone else who helped to grab her things (Books and phone)

"Vampires?" A hot tall girl repeated with a smile.

Mayu looked at the taller girl for a second "A joke about vampires!" She said taking her books from her hand..

The older girl looked at Mayu "A high school girl.." she said.

"Thanks!" Mayu said a little nervous cause she was checking her out.

The girl gave her another smile "No, thank you." She said before pushing her fast and taking her to an alley where she has her against the wall.

"WHAT? How did you do that?" Mayu asked scared like if death was in front of her.

The taller girl smiled "Are you scared?" She whispered in her ear before kissing her earlobe seductively.

Mayu got instantly red nobody have ever done that to her before not even Jurina which is the boldest person she had date so far.

The hot girl now was resting her forehead on Mayu's with their lips a few inches from hers teasing Mayu.

"A school girl, in all my years I never thought I would feed from a high school girl, I mean they are way too noisy begging for their life but you cought my eyes definitely, seeing talking with that Hunter that has messed with me a few times was good." She said still teasing Mayu.

"What... What do you want from me?" Mayu asked already crying while the older unbuttons her shirt slowly.

Mayu was sobbing now "Please stop! Please don't kill me." She said crying and try to cover with her arms.

The older grabbed her arms "Don't worry.. I'll be nice!; she said showing her true face, Mayu screamed but the girls was already biting her neck and covered her mouth with her hand.

Mayu's knees got weak but the older girl was holding not letting her go till drain all her blood.

Soon Mayu saw a white light and fainted.


~ At a closed factory~

"Black What happened to you?" A girl asked checking on her face.

Balck removed the girl off her "Acchan I'm fine... it was fun!" She answered with a smirk before sitting next to another girl with a white dress playing with a doll.

"Did you fed?" Acchan asked.

Black smiled "Of course." She answered playing with the girl in white dress and her doll.

"You seem happy even when you have a cut on your face!" Acchan said carelessly.

The girl in white dress laughed "It... was... a... Hunter!" She said touching Black' s wound then licked the blood from her fingers.

"Hunter? Do me a favor, don't mess with them!" Acchan asked face palming herself.

Black smirked then got closer to the girl next to her "You know everything Gekikara!" She says trying to but while this one onky laughs.

"You're... Black.." She answered with a smile.

Acchan looked at the two "Why are you in so good mood!" She asked curious.

Yuki looked at her friend.

"She found another..." Gekikara let out as she plays with her doll.

Yuki looked at Gekikara.

"Another what?" Acchan asked.

"Me... she wants... to... drive..her.. crazy.." Gekikara answered before resting her head on Black's lap.

Acchan sighed "I thought you stopped with those stupid games!" She said.

"Gekikara will always be my favorite!" Black let out as she watches her sleep on her lap.
"You turned her into demental with your torture... I don't wanna know who's next so leave me out of the picture!" Acchan said then took off.


(The next day)

Mayu is been up all morning trying to remember what happened yesterday "That girl... her face turned into... vampire!" She thought scared.

Suddenly the door opened .

"Mayu Chan I'm sorry I shouldn't have let you alone, this is my fault!" Jurina said apologizing.

Mayu looked at Jurina "You told me about those creatures and now of them attacked me.. this is your fault!" She said as her tears roll down her cheeks.

"Mayu chan I....-

"GO AWAY... just go away!" Mayu let out mad..

Jurina left the room while Mayu onky cried on her bed.

~Night time~

Mayu spend her afternoon reading about vampires and even drawing her attacker when suddenly a cold breeze entered from the Window in a blink of an eye she was standing in front of her.

"You..." A scared Mayu let out.

The vampire girl only smirked.

"How can this be possible? you need to be invited!" Mayu said as she comes closer.

The vampire girl smiled "Invited? This is a public place. I even brought flowers!" She said showing it to her.

Mayu gulped "Why? Why?" She asked crying already.

"C'mon Mayuyu don't cry... we can be friends!" She said then sat next to her.

"You will kill me right?" Mayu asked crying.

The vampire girl looked at her for a few seconds "Yep... " she answered.

Mayu looked down

"but not today!" She said as her fingers goes up and down on Mayu's leg.

"Why do you do this?" Mayu asked still looking down.

The vampire girl smiled "!" She said and disconected the red button.

Mayu cried even more.

"I'm trying to get to know you here.. Why you want to call a third wheel?" The vampire girl asked then showed her fangs to Mayu and fed from her thigh.

Mayu wanted to scream but it was useless with everything she has read vampires are stronger than humans so her calling others won't work, she looked at the ceiling as she sucks the blood from her thigh waiting for a miracle.

The vampire girl Stopped her assault "You have really nice thighs" she said as Mayu in only looking at the ceiling

"You seem out of place right now... it's pointless killing you it will be no fun, I rather watch you die slowly." The vampire girl said getting closer to Mayu's face and touched her lips with her fingers.

"I'm Yuki btw Mayuyu." She said before giving a her a passionate good night kiss.

TO BE CONTINUED!! The song for this was Beat from 100%

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It would be cool if you guys comment that if u like or not.. just saying  :sweatdrop:

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I like it

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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MaYuki... Umm... Yukirin the vampire... Ummm~ Feels a bit cliche~ But I like it  :wub:

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Wait and read the next part... 8)

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I love this, and waiting for the next part!  :) MaYuki is always best and I like anything what you're write!

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« Reply #95 on: August 11, 2014, 12:46:51 AM »
                         Sadistic feelings: Don't call it love
                                         Part 2
(After a week)

Hiding in the bushes.

"It was so cool what you did to her mom Gekikara!" Black said before pressing Gekikara against her her.

Gekikara laughed "This was so fun...we.. should go out together more often." she said licking the blood on her fingers.

Black smiled "You're demental but I LOVE YOU!" She said before giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Gekikara smiled.

"Hush she's coming!" Yuki said putting her fingers on Gekikara' s lips and focusing on Mayu who entered to her home.

Through the window you could clearly see Mayu covered her mouth and started crying then grabbed the phone.

"Wait till see her dad upstairs!" Yuki said excited. "Do you think she'll scream?" She asked to Gekikara who was sucking blood from her fingers.

After some minutes "Mmmm Mayube hanging him upside down is and cutting his throat is not Scary as before." She said kinda pissed.

"AHHH DAD!!" Mayu shouted.

Yuki chilled "That's music to ny ears!" She said then looked at Gekikara "Okay let's go we gotta celebrate little Geki." She said to her friend who was still draining her blood.

~ At the closed factory~

Gekikara and Yuki entered dancing. Acchan looked at the two "Wow seems like you took care of her well!" She said looking at the two dancing around.

Yuki spinned Gekikara around "She's crazy, the more that tramp begged for mercy, the more she drained his blood." She said happy.

Acchan sighed "You two seems a pair made in hell." She let out carelessly.

"You think?" Yuki asked looking at Gekikara. "You heard that.. we're perfect match!" She said and kept dancing around with her.

"Yukirin..." She let out smirking.

"You know.. there are some romours another hunter is coming to town!; Acchan said looking at her nails.

Yuki let go Gekikara which end slipping "More fun!" She said "I'm having a blast with these girl called Jurina and Mayuyu!" She continued then clapped a few times.

"Do you.. like her.. more than me?" Gekikara asked rolling on the floor like a spoiled girl.

Yuki got down in doggy style then got closer "You're special..." she said tucking Gekikara' s hair behind her ear then kissed her.

"You two get a room!" Acchan said annoyed.

~~~~~~~~The next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jurina saw Mayu in the swingers alone then sat next to her.

"I'm sorry about-"

"She did it... she wants to kill me slowly!" Mayu let out crying looking down.

Jurina looked at her "Who?"

"That vampire... Yuki!" Mayu answered crying even more.

"WHAT? I don't think she wants to mess with me.. I'll kill her tonight!" Jurina let out mad then got up.

Mayu looked at Jurina "I wanna go with you!" She said. Jurina looked at her "You can't..You have to deal with your parents funeral!" She said trying to make Mayu stay.

Mayu got up "My aunt is taking care of all that... take me with you, I want to see her die.You owe me!" She said serious.

Jurina looked other way first then Mayu grabbed her by her collar "Fine.. but you'll stay behind!" She said not so happy

Mayu nodded then let go Jurina's collar.

"Soon it's gonna be sunset let's go get some weapons!" Jurina said.

After going to Jurina's home to get weapons they wandered around looking for Yuki.

Jurina sighed then stopped walking "No luck... it's dark and night and we're here alone. Where's  a vampire when you need it?" She asked while Mayu only looked around.

After some seconds someone laugh can be heard.

"You called a vampire?" Someone asked from behind.

The two girls turned around and saw Yuki and her friend Gekikara looking at them.

"Damn it... 2 and I'm with Mayu!" Jurina thought then grabbed Mayu's hand and run away.

Yuki and Gekikara looked at eachother "Good food is ready" She said then the two went for the two.

Mayu made Jurina stop in the middle of a park where nobody was around.

"Why are you running away? You said you would kill her!" Mayu asked furious.

Jurina slapped her "I'm nit worry about me but You!" She said irritated.

"That was cute!" Yuki said with a smirk.

"Yukirin.. I want to eat!" Gekikara let out then showed her truth face.

"Go then!" Yuki reply with a smile.

"Run away Mayu!" Jurina said and Mayu run away.

Yuki looked at Gekikara on Jurina trying to feed "be nice to Gekikara, she gets moody fast!" She said then Walked to the direction where Mayu went.

"Damn it!" Jurina let out forcing with Gekikara.


" Mayuyu... *Sighs* okay I'm sorry about your parents well I'm not so sorry, they tasted good!" Yuki let out looking for her till Mayu appeared from behind and started beating her with a wood with flames.

"WHY?YOU BITCH! WHY?" Mayu shouted beating her many times and not letting her get up.

"Stop!" Yuki manage to say but Mayu beat her again and fell again on the floor.

"I HATE YOU! DIE DIE DIE!" Mayu shouted beating her many times as possible.

Yuki got up "Enaough you had your fun now it's my turn!" She said grabbing the wood with one hand with the other grabbed Mayu by her neck, pressing her making her drop the wood with flames.

Mayu tried to break free but she was stronger then Mayu use a knife she had and with it stabbed her in her stomach.

"Holy water right?" She asked irritated then threw Mayu away and carefully removed the knife "THIS HURTS!!" She said looking at Mayu who on the floor trying to scape from her but she couldn't cause she was hurt on her leg.

"Why you did something like that?" Mayu asked crying.

Yuki got closer slowly till the point where her face was a few inches from Mayu, she was only looking at her neck, her veins.

"Answer me!" Mayu said still crying.

Yuki looked at her in the eyes "For fun." She said smirking.

Mayu cried even more "Animals kill for survival but you onky did for fun.. I will never forgive you!" She said before being pushed down by Yuki now she was on top, nasty tried to remove her by pushing her with her hands.

"You're not different from me... I been watching you Watanabe Mayu your history on your computer , I even read your diary, ...dear diary today I found out my parents are not parents I'm adopted. I hate them. Dear diary today Jurina kissed me and I really don't know what to do, I didn't feel a thing, I don't want to hurt her and lastly but cool something is wrong with me I think I was born backwards the people I live I hate and the people I should hate I love." Yuki said mocking Mayu who just gave up.

Mayu took a deep breath.

"I'm not going to kill you, you intrigue me~ I wanna see you crash and burn." Yuki said before biting her neck hard.

Mayu onky felt how Yuki was draining her blood again. "When she'll get bore of me?" She thought looking at the stars.

Once Yuki fekt she had enough stoped then looked at Mayu who seems to be Again on her own world.

"See you!" Yuki said before kissing Mayu passionately on her lips.


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« Reply #96 on: August 11, 2014, 02:46:24 AM »
Ah i misses cmze-san update horray

Dont worry as long as you make something everything is fine for me lol


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« Reply #97 on: August 11, 2014, 09:41:41 AM »
So interesting,  I wanna know what happens next
Pls update soon. I'm curoius at what really goes on in Mayu's mind

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« Reply #98 on: August 11, 2014, 11:52:06 AM »
Ouch!  :O
so it seems Jurina and Mayu is dating ehh..
ohh..Jurina is a hunter!  :on shady:
Yuki and Geki so cruel killing Mayu's parent!!  :shocked :shocked :shocked
I wouldn't be surprised..well your short fics here is different than other fics.. since its not fluff or romance or sappy~
but I like it~  :hee:
I will wait to know more on what will happen to them in the future~! thanks!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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« Reply #99 on: August 13, 2014, 05:00:42 PM »
cmze sama moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore~~~

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