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Author Topic: My short fics ~ SADISTIC FEELINGS (MAYUKI ft WMATSUI) PART3  (Read 19683 times)

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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
Okay this is not okay, I mean "If i weren't me and see many fanfics from the same person which haven't finish the others that she has and she would add i new one, i would be like WHAT THE HEL? YOU HAVEN'T FINISH THE OTHERS AND ALREADY ADD A NEW ONE!! ARE YOU INSANE?"

I'm sorry just saw something and inspired!! -_- besides i always wanted to have this "Making short stories and one shots!"

So whatever i post on this thread won't be long! :) i also do this to distract from my others fics! xD

ALERT: This fic is not like the others, this is different so please if you're looking for some love,cute or dramatic story THIS IS NOT THAT KIND!! ~But still is MaYuki

                                                ~ A look into your soul~

"Here we go again.." Kashiwagi Yuki says before get up from bed, she walked to the bathroom as usual, she showered and change her clothes for school uniforms.

As every morning she walked to school " School is not for me!" she thought lazily as she walks.

"Yuki chan!" Someone said and put her hand on Yuki's shoulder..

"Sae chan Good Morning!" Yuki says with a smile not even turning, she always cross paths with Sae.

"Good Morning!" Sae says with a smile and both keep walking..

~ In classroom ~

"Today math test is not going to be fun!" Sae says complaining as she sits.

Yuki felt shivers in her spine "Math test.. WAAAAA!" she says shocked.

"I text you yesterday about it!" A skinny good looking girl says with a smile.

"Rena chan!" Yuki says then sits hopeless.

Sae smirks " Yuki chan you never focus on school.Are you having an affair with someone?" she says patting Yuki's back

"Well.. i.. I'M GOING TO FAIL!!!" Yuki says hopeless crying

"Yuki chan!" Rena says trying to cheer her friend.

Soon the teacher enters to the classroom so everyone went to their seats..

"Well today we have a new student please Watanbe san come in!" The teacher says with a smile.

"Wow she's so pretty!" A guy says with a smile.

Sae also looked at girl "She seems cold.." she told Yuki who sat ahead of her.

"I'm Watanabe Mayu *Sigh*  i'm 16 years old and.. there are not many things i like!" Mayu says coldly.

The teacher was confused but still "Okay Watanabe san you can have sit!" he says offering the empty seat next to Yuki.

As Mayu walks she was looking only at Yuki "Why it doesn't work on you?" she thought amazed.

Mayu sat and didn't bother to look anyone or say hi.

"What's with that attitude?" A girl thought while looks at her.

"She's cute, i should ask her out!" Another guy thought sitting next to her.

"Maybe she's not that bad, i should talk to her!" Sae thought with a smile.

"Don't say a word, i don't like when people talk and yes, I'm that bad!" Mayu said looking irritated.

Everyone around were shocked with her words except Yuki, she was still resigning to the idea of failing in maths..

"What?" Sae says shocked looking at Mayu "Did she read my mind?" she thought scared

Mayu looked other way "Stupid people.." she thought.

Yuki turned and looked at Sae who had an expression like if she saw a ghost
"What's wrong with you?" she asked with a smile.

"Eh!! hahhaha nothing!" Sae says nervous and avoiding looking at Mayu.

~Soon it was lunch time~

"I'm telling you that girl read my mind, she knew that i was about to talk to her in that moment!" Sae says trying to convince her friends.

"Such people doesn't exist, i searched for it on google and even youtube!" Yuki says with a smile as she eats.

"Why would you search for people like that?" Sae asked curious.

"Hahhahaha well.. i was curious!" Yuki says with a smile and puts more food on her mouth.

Rena smiles is truth "people like that doesn't exist!" she says to her friend to calm her down.

"I'll prove it to you!" Sae says mad then walks away.

"What did we do?" Rena asked looking at Yuki who just moved her shoulders with food on her mouth.

~ After class~

"People like that doesn't exist.." Yuki says sas as she walks home..

Once there she changed her clothes, she cleaned and made food for her, she sat in front of the tv and watched it while eats.

She looked around and felt the loneliness "I don't like this!" she whispered sad.

Suddenly the tv exploded "You idiot! NOW I HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER TV!" she shouts tapping her head lightly.

Yuki calmed and sighed "Time to go to work.." she says as she gets up.


"I will prove it to them!" Sae says as she follows Mayu

First she went to eat at some restaurant, then went to buy some anime and lastly she went to buy some mangas..

"Now i'm starting to wonder if she really read my mind!" Sae says bore as hell hidden close to the manga store.

Mayu gets out from the manga  store.

"It's already night time.. who ever thought i would spend my afternoon like this!" Sae thought pouting as she keeps following Mayu inside a park

[There wasn't many people around]

"I'm already fed up of you following me!" Mayu says as she stops walking.

"What?! You knew!?!?" Sae asked getting out of her hiding place.

"If i can read minds it's kinda obvious!" Mayu says coldly not turning around to face Sae.

"So you're accepting it so now i can tell my friends!" Sae says pointing at Mayu.

"YOU'RE ANNOYING SHUT UP!!" Mayu said mad then turned her head "Suffer!" she says as she walks away.

Suddenly Sae felt a big pain on her chest,she knelt cause of it then she saw drops of blood on the the floor she noticed her nose was bleeding so she fainted.

~ The next day ~ At school~

(Lunch time) sitting on the grass..

" I wonder what happened to Sae?"Rena says looking around then noticed Yuki was sleeping on her shoulder.

"Yuki chan!" Rena said with a smile.

"Rena chan!" Someone shouted.

"Jurina chan.. this is not what it looks like!" Rena says moving Yuki away with a smile and also nervous.

" I wanna keep sleeping!" Yuki says still with her eyes closed and not moving.

"Get your own girlfriend!" Jurina says pushing Yuki off Rena.

Rena smiles nervously "You could have been nicer" she says before get up.

Yuki gets up "I'm sorry, i worked till late last night!" she says carelessly.

"Still get your own girlfriend!" Jurina says taking Rena away from Yuki who was waving at her friend..

"ahh i envy those two, is good having company!" Yuki says as she walks to the bathroom.

There she washed her face many times  "Better!" she says with a smile looking at herself on the mirror.

"Talking to yourself in the bathroom, that's weird!" Mayu says coldly.

Yuki looked at the owner of the voice "Oh.. you're the new girl!" she says with a smile.

"Your friend spend all her afternoon following me around yesterday!" Mayu says irritated.

"Sae chan.." Yuki murmured with an awkward smile.

"I hate company so i sent her to a hospital!" Mayu says with a smirk.

"What?" Yuki asked shocked.

All the cubicles started to destroy by it self, also the mirror started to crack.

Yuki looked around "What are you doing?" she asked as she tries to open the door of the cubicles. [cause someone might be there]

"Tell me something Kashiwagi Yuki, Why i can't see your soul or hear your thoughts?  you don't have one and don't think?" Mayu asked as everything around is destroyed.

Yuki was frozen "This girl.." she whispered scared.

TO BE CONTINUED!! Don't worry this won't be long..
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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 1
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Interesting... Mayu here are a strong will person...

Doesn't care if people knew about her abilities...

OMG... sending Sae to hospital because Sae kept stalking her...

Why can't Mayu read Yuki...?

Does Yuki have shield...?

What's going to happen to Yuki and Mayu?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the new fic

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 1
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cmze is trying one shots and short stories this time  :lol:
I can't wait to see the next  XD

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 1
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Interesting.. (^_^)

Ooooh! Mayu sooo scary (!'O.o) Cool superpowers btw :thumbsup

Can't wait what will happen next.. Alot of mysteries need to uncover.. :?

Hope you update soon, i'll be waiting  :bow:

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 1
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This OS gives me an idea for a perv XD XD XD

Great job
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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 1
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Nice story you got there!   :thumbsup  Please update soon, cmze-san!  XD

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 1
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I could imagine mayu super power,and its super COOL!!! Cmze-san!!!

Im envy mayu,

God,what yuki have?isnt she just airhead or something...

If this is not a love,cute dramatic story then what?

Love?err i think it should still love its mayuki anyway...but maybe in sadistic way,you know mayu here so mean,and yuki is sooo pure...dumb or it make her get mayu attention

Thank cmze-san!


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                                             ~ A look into your soul~

~At Yuki's home~

[Today is Yuki's free day btw]

As Yuki prepares dinner, she couldn't help to think about that girl and what happen this morning.. " Why did she do that? she could have killed someone, why i can't forget? so much hate in her eyes, does it mean she suffered a lot before? Why it smells like something is burning?" she thought sad then notice her apron was burning.

"aHHHHHHHHH My apron!" she shouts then took it off and threw it on the soup inside the  pot.

She sighed in relief "That was close but i messed up the dinner!" she says complaining as she watches her apron inside the pot.

"I guess i have to go to eat outside.." Yuki says not so happy because she doesn't have enough catch.

[Yuki went to KFC asked for a simple combo]

When she go out of KFC she notice it was already night time "Why this thing had to be full?" she thought as she walks with her combo on her hand.

"Maybe i should use the park as a short cut!" She thought with a smile as she walks.

Once she saw the exit of the park someone called her name..

"KASHIWAGI YUKI PREPARE TO DIE!" Someone shouted as some rocks were about to hit Yuki's back.

"Eh?" Yuki turned around and saw Mayu using her powers to attack her with rocks, she jumped to her side to avoid the rocks.

"What's wrong with you?" Yuki asked then noticed her food "WHAT?!?!" she sighed depressed.

Mayu got closer to the point she was standing in front of her "I should have killed you in the school today.. you're so weak!" Mayu says with cold eyes looking at her.

"What's your problem?" Yuki asked looking at Mayu.

"You're so useless a stupid and useless human!" Mayu says then clenched her fist which cause Yuki to put her hand on her chest then started coughing and spitted blood on the floor.

"Looks like somebody is dying!" Mayu says with a smile then she was about to go but Yuki grabbed her leg.

"You must have suffered a lot but everyone does everyday!" Yuki says not letting go her leg.

"WHAT? WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SUFFERING?" Mayu kicked Yuki who end up on the floor face up, coughing blood.

"You can't tell me everyone does it everyday.. they don't know what's real suffering is like!" Mayu says clenching her fists.

Yuki got up slowly "And you do?" she asked.

"Those humans,  they hate what can't understand.." Mayu says full of hate and breaking Yuki's right arm.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Yuki shouts in pain then knelt.

"Not everyone!" Yuki says in pain and sweat.

Mayu looks down sad " If your parents do that, what you can't expect from others?" she asked clenching her fists more [as more flashes of how her parents looked at her when she showed them about their abilities]

"That's not good and i don't like people either but in the end i'm person so i can't say much about it!" Yuki says with a smile as gets up slowly.


[Many cars in the street, started exploting  one by one and it looked like hurricane was destroying everything in the park, just like today in the bathroom]

Yuki was impressed by Mayu's powers but then her careless face changed into a serious one and she slapped Mayu hard with her left hand.

"You felt pain and that makes you a person too!" she says serious as Mayu was completely shocked by that slap and the sudden mood change on Yuki.

Mayu put her hand on her swollen cheek and everything stopped [The exploting car and the hurricane]

"I know it's hard knowing people thoughts at once but KILLING... it's not the answer to anything!" Yuki says serious then walked away looking serious not like her usual self while Mayu was there still shocked.

As Yuki walks away with trouble, Mayu turned around and looked at her while she walks "Tamashii miru!" she whispers.

[Tamashii miru: A look into your soul] [Maybe i'm wrong Japanese or French are not my thing feel free to correct me]

"I still can't see anything yet.." Mayu says confused.

~After a week ~

During those days Mayu didn't go to school and Yuki with Rena visited Sae in the hospital.

~  Still during that week Thursday ~

Yuki was working as usual in the coffee shop till a new customer entered, she went to her table and asked her "what was her order?"

Yuki looked at the girl and couldn't help to shout "What?!?!" she says open mouth

"If you keep being noisy i'll kill you here in front of everyone!" Mayu says coldly.

Yuki gulped "You look different with those red glasses and pink dress!" she says nervously smiling.

"That's not your business bring me some coffee!" Mayu says not even looking at her.

"Aren't you too young for coffee Mayuyu?" Yuki asked with a smile.

Mayu gave her a cold stare, Yuki felt something on her spine "Right away Miss!" she says and fast goes for her order.

Mayu smiled a little.

In saturday Sae was release from the hospital.

~ Monday in the classroom~

"Really?" Sae asked.

Yuki smiled "Yeah, she's not that bad  she even left a good tip!" she says still with a smile on her face.

Sae pouted.

"I told you she didn't seem really evil like Sae says!" Rena says smirking.

Sae was with her jaw on the floor cause that comment.

"Besides she's really good looking!" Yuki says smirking.

"Look, Look tomorrow is My Mayu chan's birthday!" A guy says reading the birthday page of the month which was glued to the wall.

"I wanna give her the best present!" Another guy says with a confident smile.

"Mayu chan is so cool, that face of an angel with a bad attitude!" A girl says smiling.

"She's made in heaven!" Another girl says fangirling

Yuki sighed then looked through the window was next to her.

"And who says she's coming tomorrow?" Sae says with a smirk.

[Everyone got their hopes down and were with a depressed aura]

"Sae don't be pessimist maybe she'll come tomorrow hope is the last thing to lose!" Yuki says with a smile.

[Everyone got their hopes up again and smiled]

"Anyways i'll bring my present and ask her to by my girlfriend!" Another guy says happy.

"Me too!" Many other replies.

"She's the devil, if she gets more letter than me on my birthday is a sign of the end of the world!" Sae thought then sits because the teacher entered to the room.

~ The next day Mayu's birthday~

Mayu entered to the classroom and she read all her partners thoughts "I don't want any presents or letters!" she says coldly as she walks then sat next to Yuki.

[Everyone got their hopes down again]

"Why she's so cold?" A guy shouts complaining.

"Hello Mayuyu!" Yuki says with a smile and waving at her.

"Mayuyu! she called her Mayuyu.." Sae says shocked.

Mayu turned her head and looked at the smiling Yuki next to her "Hi.." she said not so happy then looked at the board.

"What?!?! why that skinny girl called you Mayuyu? i can give you a better NICKNAME!" A guy shouts in front of Mayu and puts his hands on Mayu's desk looking at her in the eyes.

"He's going to suffer!" Sae says and remembered what happened to her.

Suddenly the teacher entered to the classroom and everyone calmed.

~Lunch time~

"Since when you're so close with that devil?" Sae asked as she shakes Yuki's neck.

"Sae you're asphyxiating her and don't let her speak!" Rena says with a smile trying to stop Sae.

Sae stopped asphyxiating Yuki "Explain!" she says taking a deep breath.

Yuki counts with her fingers "Oh yeah in rainy day..Sunday, she came to my house and told me i belong to her!" she says with a smile.

"What?!?!" Sae and Rena asked in unision

"Well it was like this.." Yuki starts telling the story.

~ In a rainy sunday~

Somebody knocked Yuki's door many times, Yuki got was on the couch looking at the ceiling "I'm coming!" she says as she gets up.

She opened the door and saw Mayu with her clothes all soaked cause the rain.

"You belong to me, if i see you with someone else i'll kill you and then kill the other person!" Mayu says confident.

Yuki scratched the back of her head and smiled nervously "You're going to catch a cold!" she says and invites Mayu in.

~End of the flashback~

Sae and Rena and now Jurina were totally confused.

"You didn't even reply! Where's the romanticism?" Rena asked moving her head side to side.

"Why would she a princess like that date an airhead,weak like you?" Jurina asked before being punched in the face by Gekikara.

"Yeah i wonder that too!" Yuki says as she gets up and cleans her skirt

"I feel betrayed by you.." Sae says with a depressed aura.

"She's not that bad when i got home yesterday from work, she already had dinner made for me.. and i don't know how she got inside my house?" Yuki says smiling

"Cooked for you?" Jurina says then looks at Rena.

Yuki smiles and nodded.

"Rena chan make dinner for me!" Jurina asks pouting cutely but she received another punch by Gekikara.

"I have to go!" Yuki says then walks away to the terrace of the school.

~ Once there ~

Mayu was looking at the view while Yuki just put a key chain with a note on the floor "Happy Birthday!" she says with a smile then just walked to her classroom.

Mayu turned around once Yuki was gone and pick up the cute key chain from the floor and read the note "Always be healthy <3"

Mayu save the key chain and the note in her pocket "Silly.." she says with a little blush then walked to her classroom.

~In the classroom~

Yuki was looking through her window while Sae talks to her, Mayu walked to her seat and noticed all the letters and presents from her partners.

Mayu sat and moved everything which fell on the floor, Yuki looked at her and smiled at her  "Weak, airhead, human... why not?" she thought looking at Yuki with a sweet look.

"Why you gave her more presents than me?!? she's evil!" Sae shouts pointing at Mayu who ignored her

Finished part 2 "I want date!!l" " i want DATEEEEE!!" xP
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love this part haha evil mayu is the best

I want a date too
Love AKB

Love this Pairing
                                And more ^^

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OMG! this is go good!!!  :luvluv2: :on GJ:
please update ALL your fic SOON   :kneelbow:
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Mayu nearly killed Yuki...

Poor Mayu for being hurt by her own parents...

Wah... Mayu was so strong... cause explosion and chaos around her...

Mayu was so cold... to others except to Yuki...

OMG... Mayu demanded that Yuki was belonged to her... Yeah... what so romantic about that...?  :lol:

At least Mayu cooked for her....

Poor Jurina kept getting hit by Geki for demanding some nicer treatments as how Mayu was treating Yuki...  :sweatdrop:

Poor Sae was so jealous of Yuki attention over Mayu...

What's going to happen next...

How will the relationship between Yuki and Mayu develop into...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Mayu is indeed evil but she just has no hope in the world

Yuki is just stressed

Sae being ill is sad
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  • Sad but nostalgic..gr8 memories! :D
                                             ~ A look into your soul~

~In a sunny day~ At Yuki's home~

"So this is all you want to do?" Yuki says as she stares at the ceiling all sweat.

"Do you have a problem with that?" Mayu asked coldly

Yuki smiled nervously "Don't get mad Mayuyu but my neck hurts!" She replies still smiling nervously.

Mayu sighed and moved her head from Yuki's lap "This is what happen for not having a tv, now we're sweat and bore!" She says coldly.

Yuki smiles "I'm sorry Mayu chan!" She says and puts her head on Mayu's lap.

Mayu blushes and looked other way "Now I appreciate my Air conditioning" she says as she fans herself.

"Wait.. You have one, what are you doing here?" Yuki asked confused looking at Mayu who just turned her head ignoring her question.

"Mayu chan is Kawai!" Yuki says with a smile and red while poking Mayu's cheeks.

Mayu got embarrassed and irritated "Who said you can touch me like that!!!!?????" She shouted stretching Yuki's cheeks.

"I'm sorry Mayuyuuuuuuuuu" Yuki shouted in pain.

"You're a helpless person!" Mayu says looking other way while Yuki gets up with a smile and rubs her swollen cheeks.

"I was thinking maybe we should have a walk!" Yuki says with a smile looking at Mayu.

"Are you insane? It's burning outside!" Mayu says shocked.

Yuki looks through the window "I think is going to rain!" She says then turned to look at Mayu [who had this expression on her face O_o;]

"That means yes right?" She asked with a smile.

[4:40 pm] The two got ready and got out for a walk...

"I guess in a moment like this, we need an ice cream!" Yuki says with a smile as Mayu walks behind her.

The two girls went to a ice cream shop..

Yuki watched the menu behind the cashier.

"What a cute girl! Maybe I should invent a combo and offer it to her.. I don't think she has boyfriend, she came with her little sister!" The cashier thought.

Mayu pouted at him.

"What the hell is wrong with her? Stupid kid!" The cashier thought as he has a battle eye contact with Mayu.

"Mayuyu do you like banana split?" Yuki asked as she watches the menu still not noticing the tension between the cashier and Mayu.

"If I get to be your brother I would spank you till death, stop looking at me like that!" The cashier thinks irritated.

" You are so insignificant, you would never reach me!" Mayu says coldly.

"What?! Did she read my thoughts?" The cashier wondered scared to death.

Suddenly all the Ice creams machines started working by itself.

"What?" The cashier and her partner fast tried to control the situation but it wouldn't stop.

Mayu smirked while Yuki was still focusing on which one was Mayu's favorite "If I don't choose properly, she might break my legs!" She thought scared of her girlfriend.

The cashier and his partner even disconnected the machines but they were still working.

Everyone were worried inside the shop but Mayu was laughing.

"What's so funny?" Yuki asked then noticed the ice cream spread on the floor and poor cashier and his friend trying not to slip.

Yuki looked at Mayu laughing "Mayuyu stop!" She says and puts her hand on her shoulder.

Mayu stopped laughing and suddenly the machines stopped.

[Somebody else looked at the two]

"What did you do that? Now we have no ice creams!" Yuki says as she walks.

Mayu follows her "Today I didn't want any ice cream!" She thought as she looks at Yuki's back.

After a few minutes of walking without talking they entered to the park..

"I'm tired of walking!" Yuki says as she sits on the grass and leans her head against a tree.

Mayu didn't say anything and sat next to her.

"Sunset is about to start!" Yuki says relaxing with her eyes closed while Mayu just leaned her head on Yuki's shoulder.

Yuki smiled.

After a few minutes of good moment rain started to fall.

"I told you, today was going to rain!" Yuki says with a smile.

Mayu smiled then got up started to play with the rain like a little girl while Yuki stares at her.

"I'm glad you're having fun!" Yuki thought with a smile.

Suddenly Mayu knelt, Yuki looked at her wondering "what happened?"

Mayu put her hand on her head "Although!" She shouts in pain while Yuki fast gets up and goes to her.

"What's wrong?" Yuki asked trying to make Mayu to look at her.

"Them, so much ambition and hate!" Mayu says in pain and holding her head stronger.

"Them? Who's them?" Yuki asks desperate.

"I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM! STOP!!!" Mayu shouts in pain.

Yuki notice that how ground around her starts to shake like Mayu used to do before "People thoughts!!" She says and looks at her watch

[This is the hour where everyone gets out of work and the metro is full]

"We're close to the metro! How am I supposed to deal with this?" Yuki thought desperate as she looks at Mayu in pain.

[It was hard to tell if Mayu was sweat cause the rain but she didn't looked good!]

"Those bad thoughts affect her but if I make her thing something else maybe it will work" Yuki thought then suddenly kisses Mayu her lips.

Mayu was shocked while Yuki is still kissing her, Yuki cupped her cheeks to pull her even closer.

Mayu forgot about the other people's thoughts and kissed Yuki deeply and passionately.

[Everything stopped]

Yuki breaks their kiss "Are you okay?" She asked with their foreheads connected.

Mayu was blushing hard and just manage to nod [she never expect a kiss]

~Noise of someone clapping~

"That was cute.. so the rumour was right there's  a person able to see people's thoughts!" A girl good looking girl says with a smile.

Mayu and Yuki get up and looked at the girl.

"So please would you come with me so Acchan can take that power!" The girl says with a smile.

"I don't think Mayuyu would do that, she doesn't do What she's told!" Yuki says with a smile.

The girl got serious "Nobody asked you to speak!" She says and waves her hand.

A gust of wind pushed Yuki away to the slide where she hit her self hard and seemed like she was unconscious.

"Yuki!!!" Mayu says shocked.

"Now come with me!" The girl says with a smile.

"I'm mad.. WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!???!" Mayu shouted mad and the girl suddenly knelt and started coughing much blood. [Like if someone stabbed her many times on her stomach]

Mayu walks closer to the girl "you wanna see my power, I'm gonna show you!" She says coldly.

"Tamashii miru!" Mayu says and sees everything about the girl [information]

"What are you doing to me?" The girl asked trying hard to breathe.

"So you need your arms to control the wind, right Yagami Kumi? What if you don't have them?" Mayu asked as Nezumi.

"How you know my name?" The girl asked shocked

Mayu smirks "that's one of my powers!" She replies as her right arm brakes by itself.

"AHHHHHHH!" She shouted in pain.

"You're going to die!" Mayu says full of hate.

"Stop!" Yuki says putting her hand on Mayu's shoulder.

Mayu turned her head and saw Yuki smiling at her with blood on her face.

"Your head is bleeding!" Mayu says coldly.

"Really?" Yuki says and touches her head then saw her fingers with blood "anyways, do you wanna die for something like this? Mayu is really strong so why we don't stop this stupid fight Kumi!" She says with a smile looking at Kumi who looked other way.

Yuki was about to offer her hand *If you give her your hand I'll kill you and then I'll kill her!*

Yuki smiled nervously and put that hand behind her head "sorry Mayuyu," she says then both girls walked home leaving Kumi behind.

"That girl is way too strong!"  Kumi thought as she watches both girls walking away.

"I'm sorry Mayuyu I didn't mean to make you worried!" Yuki says with a smile as she walks next to Mayu then grabbed her hand.

"I wasn't worried!" Mayu says looking other way blushing.

"Kawai Mayuyu!" Yuki says with a smile and poking Mayu's cheek with her free hand.

Mayu got irritated again and stretched Yuki's cheeks.

"Mayuyu I'm gonna die cause hemorrhage!" Yuki shouts in pain.

TO BE CONTINUED!! Next part is the last!! :p

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Awesome update! :thumbsup

Aww. Mayuki moments :fap  :wub: Mayu such a tsundere.. Ahahaha.. KISSU~ :shocked Yey! :fap

Kuumin, what are you planning?  :?

Next update will be last.chap.. Ohman! Can't wait.. What will happen to Mayuki's relationship? Why Kumi appeared so sudden?

Thank you for the latest update.. :bow:

Will be waiting for your next update :twothumbs

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I don't know what to say about Mayu and Yuki relationship...

Whether they are a great couple or a weird couple...

Mayu still seem uncomfortable... and react badly when she was being teased around a bit...

Ah... Mayu was hurting because of her ability to read people thoughts...

Eh... Kumi was there... to get Mayu to come with her to meet Atsuko?

Why did Atsuko want with Mayu... Atsuko wants Mayu's power?

Ah Mayu seem to sadist... she would kill Kumi if Yuki didn't stop her in time...

Poor Kumi for being broken... she was just too weak compared to Mayu

What's going to happen next

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Ouh godd!!! Can't wait what will happen next!!!~
 XD :lol: :heart:
Takamina forever in my heart!!!
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I'm wondering what is happening throughout this fic :lol:

Geez Mayu being tsundere :nervous
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You said it's not cute but I think the Mayuki here is really cute lol

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 4
« Reply #18 on: June 06, 2013, 12:47:49 PM »
                                            ~ A look into your soul~

A 10 years old Yuki arrives home from school and found her mother dead on the floor while his dad is being pointed with a gun in his head by a man while others were looking.

"Yuki run!" Her dad shouts desperate but he was shut for another man who punched him on his face and broke his lips.

A man grabbed Yuki from behind and put her in front of her father while is gun was pointing at her head.

Yuki's dad was crying "No, please.." he says while Yuki was in shock.

"Now give us the money!" Another man says with a smile.

Yuki looked at her mom one more time dead on the floor.

"Then says good bye!" The man who was pointing Yuki says with a smile.

Yuki's tears fell on the floor.

"Look she's crying!" One of the man says.

"I want you.. I WANT YOU DEAD!!!" Yuki shouted and one by one started exploting.

Yuki's dad watched the scene as the five man that were on the house explotes in front of his face without explication then looked at Yuki which all her clothes were covered in blood.

Yuki knelt and looked at around not knowing what happened, she was about to get closer to her dad but he was afraid "Don't get closer!" He says nervous then runs away from home.


Yuki was sleeping,moving her head side to side "Mom.." she says then wakes up and finds Mayu leaning against the wall looking at her.

"Seemed like you were having a nightmare!" Mayu says coldly as she gets closer.

"Yeah.." Yuki replies a little sad looking other way.

"It seemed like a real bad one, I was about to go and heard you scream.. I wonder what was that about?" Mayu says as she climbs on bed and connects her forehead with Yuki's.

Yuki looked down sad while Mayu was still with their foreheads connected "Not even this way I can hear your thoughts.." she says coldly

"Just don't go!" Yuki says whispers serious.

Mayu kissed Yuki on her lips, Yuki put her hands on Mayu's cheeks to pull her closer.

The two were sharing a passionate kiss, neither of the two wanting to end it yet even if their lungs beg them to.

Their kiss became deeper and deeper and now they weren't only kissing each other's lips, they were touching and biting.

Soon Yuki got on top of Mayu while Mayu has her hands on Yuki's back under her shirt..

[Now we know what happened next]

~The next morning~

Mayu woke up earlier and left a note "Meet you at school"

"I wanted to spend more time with you!" Yuki thought then walked to the bathroom.

Yuki showered and changed to her school uniform, when she was about to go she noticed breakfast was on the table.

"Mayuyu.." she whispered with a smile then sat to eat.

~Later In the classroom~

"I'm telling you, I'm way too popular!" Sae says with a smile while Rena smirks and Yuki was looking through her window careless.

"Maybe I'll be mister popular with Mayu chan as my miss!" A handsome guy says with a smile.

All the girls in the classroom agreed to that because he was the most handsome guy in the classroom

"Perfect couple!" Another girl says Fangirling

"What?!?! I'm way more popular than that devil!" Sae says irritated pointing at the guy.

"Sae chan you're pupular but Mayu chan is more!" Another guy says and many girls agreed to that.

Mayu entered to the classroom [Everyone stopped talking… that popular she is xD]

She sighed and sat as always next to Yuki.

"You're not going to say hi to me?" Mayu asked coldly.

"Hello Mayu chan!" A guy's excited says while other gave her a flower [he got it from I don't know]

"I was waiting for you to ask me that!" The most handsome guy of the class says getting closer to Mayu.

Mayu ignored all of them and looked at Yuki.

"Eh Mayuyu I'm sorry.. hi!" Yuki says with a smile.

"What? She was talking to her?" A guy's says while the most handsome one was still looking at Mayu.

"You been acting so strange and I don't like you like that!" Mayu says coldly then turned her head to look at the board.

"Like you?" Another guy says

"What?!?! Do you like this girl?" The handsome one points at Yuki.

"I'm sorry, Mayuyu I'll make it up to you later!" Yuki replies with a smile.

Everyone felt ignored while Sae sighed and Rena smirked.

Soon the teacher entered to the classroom..

During the first hours Mayu stole glances at Yuki but she still seemed so gone.

"I'm worried.." Mayu whispered sad.

~Lunch time~

Sae was nervous swallowing because Mayu was eating with them.

Rena was smiling to not make Mayu feel uncomfortable cause Sae's actions while Yuki was still absent.

Mayu was also carefully looking at Yuki and ignoring Sae.

"Yuki chan are you okay?" Rena asked

Yuki looked at Mayu "I'm fine!!" She says with a smile.

"I didn't ask you!" Mayu says coldly.

Yuki turned to look at Rena "hahahaha sorry!" She says with a smile still.

Soon the bell rang again and everyone got back to their classroom.

During the second half Yuki's behaviour didn't change she was still absent minded.

The bell rang again..

"Mayu chan, I'll take you home!" A guy says with a smile.

"Don't annoy me! I'm not In the mood" Mayu says coldly as she gets up.

All the other guys who were thinking the same backed off.

Yuki got up "Are you coming with me Mayu chan?" She asked as she grabs her bag.

Mayu followed her.

"Why she can?" Everyone asked depressed.


As they walk to Yuki's home through the park, Mayu stops walking.

Yuki also stopped and turned her head to look at the shorter girl "What's wrong Mayuyu?" She asked.

"I should ask you that!" Mayu says looking down.

"There you are!" A good looking girl says smiling.

Yuki and Mayu looked at the girl.

"The shorter one is Watanabe Mayu right?" The girl asked still with a smile on her face.

"What do you want?" Mayu asked irritated.

"I'm Maeda Atsuko and I want your powers so would you please give it to me!" She says.

"You're Acchan the girl that Kumi said!" Yuki says.

"Only my friends call me like that" Acchan says serious

Suddenly the ground around Yuki destroyed and roots appeared, it grabbed Yuki's feet and made her fall face up, one of the roots were on holding Yuki by her neck, she tried to remove it with her hands but the root was stronger.

"Yuki!" Mayu says worried as the root presses harder on Yuki's neck and don't letting her breathe.

"Give me your powers or I kill her!" Acchan says serious

Mayu was in a difficult situation "Yuki" she thought worried looking at her girlfriend suffer.

Mayu looked down and bit her lips "What I have to do?" She asked.

Acchan smiled "nice!" She says walking closer to Mayu.

"Mayu Don't" Yuki says struggling with the roots which were holding her tigher and face was turning blue.

"You shut up!" Acchan says standing in front of Mayu.

Mayu stood there without saying anything suddenly Acchan's hand stabbed Mayu's stomach but she wasn't bleeding or anything.

Yuki looked at the scene "What the hell?" She  trying to fight the roots.

Acchan hand came out with something it seemed a little ball of energy which Acchan put against her stomach then disappeared.

The roots got back in the ground and Yuki was free while Mayu was standing there not saying a word.

Acchan looked at Mayu "Fascinating, you don't regret this because you love her more than anything.. that's sweet!" She says still with a smile

Yuki got up "Mayu.." she says in pain those roots were pressing her hard.

"Let's see what you think about her!" Acchan says with a smile and looked at Yuki.

"What?!?! This is not working.." Acchan says confused "maybe I'm tired, see you!" She says as she walks away.

Mayu turned to look at Yuki then walked to her and put her arm on her neck and helped her to walk.

~Once at home~

Yuki hugged Mayu "I'm sorry Mayu..." she whispers as she cries on Mayu's shoulder.

"Now you'll comeback to be my Yukirin?" Mayu asked with a smile.

"Mayuyu..." Yuki called.

Mayu hummed

"I love you more than anything too!" Yuki whispered on her ear.

Mayu blushed then smiled.

TO BE CONTINUED! Sorry the last part will be the next called "The human life" it will Mayu living like a normal person and Acchan too.

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Re: My one shots and short fics: A LOOK INTO YOUR SOUL! part 4
« Reply #19 on: June 06, 2013, 02:33:48 PM »
Yuki also had power like Mayu...

Her father left her behind...

Why did the father not give the men money... just there did nothing?

Ah... what's wrong with Yuki... she did act strange....?

OH.... Mayu such a cold to everyone at school... still everyone fought over her...

Eh... Atsuko really really the bad girl here... Oh... why?

Eh.. why did the power not working... I thought Atsuko successfully took the power from Mayu?

Ah... Mayu thought that Yuki was more important than anything....

So great... Mayu and Yuki were so in love with one another

What's going to happen next to Yuki and Mayu?

Also with Atsuko and others?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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