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Author Topic: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Epilogue~!! - COMPLETED  (Read 169511 times)

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 ANNOUNCEMENT + POLL!
« Reply #920 on: January 30, 2014, 03:57:00 PM »
Looks like lemon wont work this time,but maybe there are a little soft lemon or cola?

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 ANNOUNCEMENT + POLL!
« Reply #921 on: January 31, 2014, 06:49:24 PM »
must be separate i think, bcause the epilogue or "The Aftermath" can't be short  :grin: :grin:

and i hope u can make 3rd season a.k.a New Generation  :grin: :grin:
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 ANNOUNCEMENT + POLL!
« Reply #922 on: February 02, 2014, 07:22:35 AM »
sugoi sugoi sugoi!! ....  :onioncheer: :onionwhip:

I wonder what will happen in the final chapter! ...  :ding: :cool1:

even really hurts me, annin death, but I think the Demon God can do something for her and Lovetan too?, I would like to find out what will happen in the castle of the general demons, even the position of king is free, right? ..  :frustrated: :glasses:

besides, Jurina received help from heaven, she became an angel type seraphin? ...  :hee: :shy2:

as Wmatsui may overcome this new obstacle? ....  :scared: :prayers:

this fic was really so great .... i´m while to be happy if you make a third season!, abaout the angelic's side of Jurina and her mother!!! Kyaaa... (fangirling ) this story was really addictive. thank you very much!  :kneelbow: :pleeease:

please update soon .... and gave my vote ... :on woohoo: :wriggly:

ja ne.  :whistle:
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 ANNOUNCEMENT + POLL!
« Reply #923 on: February 02, 2014, 11:23:03 AM »

Chapter 31 - Final Chapter

“What is the meaning of this, Jurina?”

“That’s just how it works, Rena-chan..”

“You.....hid this secret from me?”

“I’m sorry, Rena-chan.. I knew you wouldn’t allow me to use the final phase of the Angel Trigger if you knew what would happen to me..”

Rena punched the wall. “Damn it! I should have seen it coming! I knew your powers were just too good to be true! Powers like that always comes with a price..”

“I’m sorry to have kept this a secre-”

Rena did not let Jurina finish her sentence. “Why do you always keep secrets from me, Jurina? Huh? What do you take me as? A stranger?”

“No, Rena-chan..”

“Do you know how I’m feeling right now, Jurina?”

Jurina nodded silently.

“No you don’t, Jurina..” Rena went straight to the point. “You don’t..”

Jurina was of course speechless, as nothing she says now could make Rena feel any better.

Rena faced down to the ground, speechless. “....”

“Don’t worry, Rena.. You’ll be-”

Rena silenced Jurina with a slap on the right cheek, shocking her. Rena sobbed a little as tears started blurring her eyes. Her hands were trembling. “I’ll be okay.. Is that what you want me to say? I can live on without you.. Is that what you want me to say as well?”

Jurina covered her right cheek and looked right into Rena’s eyes. She saw the look of complete desolation in Rena’s eyes. “Rena-chan..”

“I feel betrayed, Jurina.. You acted by your own selfishness and left us once without informing us about it, but fine! I’ll let that slip.. Now, you’re acting on your own accord again...without informing us about this again... I feel really sad, Jurina...” A tear rolled down Rena’s cheek.

“We were losing, Rena-chan! If I had not used the final phase, we would have been dead!” Jurina explained.

Rena looked away. Rena knew Jurina’s action was the only way that would work against the Yamata no Orochi.

“I know I’m selfish, Rena-chan.. But you can’t depend on me forever.. Someday, we will be separated from one another..”

Rena said in a soft tone that melted Jurina’s heart right away. “But now’s too early for that, Jurina.. I’d rather wait for that someday to come than to see you leave with my own eyes, Jurina.. At least we will be able to spend more time together..”

“Rena-chan...” Jurina’s eyes teared up.

“So, what now?” Rena asked softly.

“I have a gift for you, Rena-chan... Something I kept with me for quite some time.” Jurina reached for her pocket and took out a ring.

Rena covered her mouth in shock. “Jurina...”

Jurina grabbed onto Rena’s hand and slid it into her ring finger slowly.

“I never really gave you any cool presents in my life before... This is probably the first time I gave you something fancy.”

“Oh, Jurina..” Rena hugged Jurina tightly. “I don’t need anything fancy.. I love it. I will treasure it more than my own life.. It’s in my dreams..”

“In your dream? What dream?”

“On the night when you left Hellsing for the Demon General’s Castle, I dreamt that you gave me a ring.. Just like this one..” Rena smiled and traced her finger on the ring.

“You dreamt that I gave you a ring?” Jurina giggled.

Rena nodded and smile sweetly. Rena tightened the hug. Jurina was a little surprised. “R-Rena-chan?”

“Jurina? I want us to stay like this...”

Jurina could only smile and return the hug. The both of them embraced each other silently for a long time.

Rena then broke the silence. “Nee, Jurina... Do you remember that time when you were mad at me because I cared for the melon pan more than you?”

Jurina giggled and played with Rena’s hair. “Of course... Melon pan’s your life, right?”

They became silent once again, just embracing in each other’s arms. No words were needed for their situation right now.

A bright light appeared from the sky and slowly shone brightly on Jurina.

“No, Jurina!” Rena hugged Jurina tightly and started crying again.

“It’s time to let go, Rena-chan...” Jurina’s body started glowing and shimmering.

“I don’t wanna let go, Jurina!”

“Rena-chan, please...”

Rena started crying her heart out. “I’ll give you all my melon pans! I don’t want them anymore! You can take them all! Just don’t go!”

“Rena-chan... There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept... Things we don’t want to know but have to learn... And people we can’t live without but have to let go... If you do not go through this at least once in your life, you will never be able to live life to the fullest..”

“But I don’t want you to leave, Jurina.. I love you!” Rena whimpered on Jurina’s shoulder.

Jurina bit her lips and held in her tears. “I understand, Rena-chan... But sometimes we just need acceptance more than understanding...”

Jurina pulled Rena away from the hug and gripped onto both her hands tightly. “You can continue living on without me, Rena-chan.. Don’t you let this stop you from doing what you love... I know you love hunting for rogue supernaturals with me as a team, Rena-chan. And if you stop hunting just because I leave, I will be very disappointed in you.”

Jurina then leaned in towards Rena’s lips for one last kiss. They had the longest kiss ever. Not too rough, not too soft, but a very passionate one. It was as if time stopped at that moment their lips crashed onto each other.

Rena finally pulled away and smiled. “That......was the best kiss ever..”

“You’re a strong girl, Rena-chan...” Jurina smiled. “The world will not end just because of my absence.... It’s just a new beginning.”

“I....will stay strong, Jurina..... For you...” Rena bit her lips and faced down.

Jurina caressed Rena’s face softly and wiped off her tears. “Don’t cry, Rena-chan.. I want to see you happy all the time. See me off with a smile so I can remember your pretty face. Remember.. You will never be alone in any place. I’m right here above you. I might be somewhere far away but yet I’m right beside you everyday. Right here, in your heart.” Jurina landed a finger on Rena’s chest. “This may be goodbye, but someday you will join me in the sky as well. Everything must end but then again, new beginnings will come again and again.... Goodbye, Rena-chan.. I will love you forever.” Jurina landed a kiss on her ring as she ascended slowly to the light above.

Rena wiped off her tears again and again while gritting her own teeth as she looked at Jurina. She waved back at Jurina. “Goodbye, Jurina. I will love you forever as well..”

Didn’t take long till the bright light was gone. Rena wiped the final teardrop off her eyes. “I’m glad that I was once in love with you, Jurina.” Rena looked up into the sky and smiled. She then closed her eyes and put her hands together as an act of playing. “Please, angels of the sky.. Take care of Jurina for me.. And tell her that I’ll be fine.. I will move on with my life for her sake.”

As soon as Rena opened her eyes, a bright rainbow shone across the sky. “They....actually heard me..” Rena smiled excitedly.

Rena then inhaled the fresh air around her. “Watch over me from above, Jurina..”

One month later

“Man, time really flies, huh..” Mayu sat herself on the couch and yawned.

“Yea, I guess..” Rena shrugged. “Just two weeks ago, you were released from the hospital and now, you’re sitting down here yawning in front of my face..”

“Excuse me? What are you trying to imply?”

“I am simply implying that you have been through a near death experience and yet you still look so calm right now. Usually people would have a traumatic breakdown after recovering from a near death experience.”

“I have a good brain. Nothing can traumatize me.... Well, except for that time when I had some rough sex with Yuki and she almost bit my whole neck off. I was bleeding a lot, I thought that I would die from blood loss. Now, THAT is traumatizing..”

“My gosh.. You almost died from making love with Yuki?” Rena’s face looked a little disgusted.

“Doesn’t matter. Had sex.” Mayu could proudly utter these words out loud.

Rena’s face shriveled in disgust. “Yuck! And yet you seem proud about it. Who the hell makes love as rough as you guys?”

Mayu pointed at Rena. “Oho.. Now you say that our vampire love making is disgusting. The last time I remember, you and Jurina were eating popcorns while watching us!” Realizing that she said a taboo name, Mayu immediately apologized. “I-I’m sorry, Rena.. I didn’t mean to..”

“You didn’t mean to what? Say Jurina’s name?” Rena finished off Mayu’s statement.

“Well, yea..” Mayu scratched her head.

“Oh come on, Mayu.. I’m not even mad at all... Even though Jurina’s not with me, I know she is always watching me from above..” Rena smiled.

“Hmm.. You seem to have a really positive mind about Jurina leaving.”

“Yea... I guess so.. I’m surprised myself.” Rena scratched her head.

“According to my knowledge, people will usually weep their hearts out after losing their loved one..” Mayu stated her point.

“What, you think my life story will end with ‘They lived happily ever after’ like those Disney movies? No. And for your information, I’m doing pretty well without Jurina. Heck, I’m doing even better than before!”

Mayu shook her head. “Tsk tsk tsk... Jurina must be so disappointed if she heard this from you..”

“You know what, Mayu? If you have nothing nice to say, buzz off..” Rena did the hand gesture, implying Mayu to stay away from her.

Mayu then immediately glomped onto Yuki’s chest and complained in a whiny tone. “Yuki.... Rena told me to buzz off.”

“Well, Nezumi-sama.. You were bothering Rena-sama.. What can I say?” Yuki giggled while patting Mayu’s head.

“Yuki.... You’re supposed to be on my side..” Mayu pouted.

“You know, Mayu.. Maybe it’s not about the happy ending. Maybe it’s about the story..” Rena smiled.

Mayu blinked her eyes a few times and her eyes widened at Rena. “Wow, that’s deep.”

“I’m actually ‘deeper’ than you think, Mayu.. Don’t always look down on other people’s intelligence..” Rena giggled.

“Well, not only me, Yuki looked down on werewolves’ intelligence as well..” Mayu poked Yuki’s face.

“Hmm.. Talking about werewolves, I wonder what Chokoku is doing now..” Rena asked.

“Who knows? After our final demon mission, Sasshi, Gakuran and Chokoku quit as Hellsing hunters.. Well, they only join because of the demons attack.. Now that we do not have demon problems anymore, they would have no reason to stay here any longer..” Mayu shrugged.

“Hmm... True..”

“As a matter of fact, Nezumi-sama... I do know where Chokoku is..” Yuki voiced out.

“Wait, you do? Why would you know that?” Mayu frowned.

“That’s because I know Chokoku is definitely with Gakuran-sama, and I happen to know where Gakuran-sama is..” Yuki smiled.

“........” Mayu pouted.

“Oh, would you look at this pouty little mouse beaming with jealousy..” Rena laughed.

“Shut up, Rena.. And may I ask how do you know where that Gakuran is, Yuki?” Mayu asked.

“Have you forgotten, Nezumi-sama? We were close..”

“Close? I thought you never talk to her anymore.”

“Well, that’s what you want to assume, Nezumi-sama..” Yuki giggled, followed by Rena’s laughter once again.

After some satisfying laughter, Rena asked. “So, how have they been? Good?”

“Gakuran-sama and Chokoku went on a journey around the world. With permission from Otabe-sama of course..” Yuki explained.

“Journey around the world? What for? Honeymoon?” Rena giggled.

Yuki faked a laugh and scratched her head. “Well, not really... Chokoku wanted to form a new clan of her own. So she went to seek out tough and strong werewolves all over the world and challenged them to a fight. Gakuran-sama offered to help as well.”

“Can’t she just come back to her old clan?” Rena asked.

“Even if Sado and Yuko-san were to allow her back into the clan, Chokoku still wouldn’t want to come back. She has a really strong character. She rather form a clan of her own.”

“I see... What about Sasshi, then?”

Mayu smacked her own head. “Oh gosh, Rena. You’re so slow! Haven’t you heard about it?”

“Heard what?” Rena frowned.

Mayu took out the newspaper and showed it to Rena. Rena grabbed it and read the headlines.

‘Zombie Lord Sashihara Rino back as the center of the national cheer team!’

There was a picture of Sasshi showing the peace sign while smiling widely and Team Hormone standing behind her.

“She sure looks happy.. It’s good to see that Even Sasshi had moved on from Lovetan’s death..” Rena smiled.

A voice suddenly echoed in the P.A system. “We have an emergency. Some rogue lycans were seen terrorizing the people in the city.”

“What? There are still some lycans terrorizing the town? Damn, they’ve never heard of Hellsing before, I think..” Mayu shook her head.

“Well, werewolves are werewolves... They’re lack of intellegence..” Yuki stood up and slowly walked towards the exit.

Mayu hopped up from her seat and followed Yuki behind. “It’s time to kick some lycan’s ass..”

Rena remained sitting down. She looked at the ring given by Jurina and caressed it. All the memories come flowing into her mind as she closed her eyes slowly.

Mayu turned her head back and looked at Rena. “Rena? Are you coming along?”

With Mayu’s sentence echoing into her ears, she smiled and raised her fist high up into the sky. “Look after me, Jurina.”

In the city

“Your size is perfect for my lunch..” The lycan grabbed onto a woman and opened its jaws wide to eat the woman.

“KYAAA!!!! Help me!!” The woman screamed her lungs out.

“Erm... Excuse me...” A finger tapped on the lycan’s shoulder.

“Hmmm?” The lycan turned around only to be met up with a high speed kick that crushed its face completely with a single strike and smashed through the wall.

The other lycans couldn’t even grasp the situation. They blinked their eyes for a while before coming to their senses. Mayu dusted off her feet and smiled back at them. “What? Why are you guys looking at me like this? I did nothing.. It was this lycan here who knocked the bottom of my feet itself.”

“Stop taking us as fools!! You definitely kicked him!” One of the lycans growled back at Mayu angrily.

“Filthy beasts..” Yuki scoffed.

“Don’t think because you knocked one of our comrades out, we will be afraid. He was the weakest among us! We are different! We’re as strong as Chokoku!” It growled again.

As soon as the lycan finished its sentence, Yuki appeared right in front of its face and landed a punch so powerful, it got blasted away into the sky, never to be seen again. Yuki scoffed. “You’re a million years too early to compare yourself with Chokoku. Chokoku’s power was even greater than mine.. You can’t even stand a single punch from me, and you dare compare yourself with Chokoku.”

Somewhere far away, Chokoku suddenly sneezes. “Somebody must be talking about me.”

“You guys have sinned badly by using your identity as supernatural being for harming and killing the innocents.. As you all know, this kind of sin is only punishable by one way..... death.” Rena draw out her sword.

“Tch- You think 3 little girls like you will be able to take us all on? We have more than 20 lycans here!” The pack of werewolves laughed their hearts out.

Mayu, Yuki and Rena exchange glances and looked back at the laughing pack of wolves.

Rena took out her sword and looked at Mayu. “A 3 little girls, he said...”

Mayu stretched her hands and legs. “I don’t think they’re well aware of who we are..”

Yuki cracked her neck and fingers. “Or where we came from..”

“You’re right, Yuki.. Werewolves never learn..” Rena shook her head.

“Told ya.. It’s been some time since I last had a normal mission.” Yuki clenched her fist.

Mayu looked back at the lycans and grinned widely. “I’m afraid you messed with the wrong people today, wolves....”

“I could tell you who we are and where we’re from..” Rena laid her sword on her shoulder. “But it’s not like you’ll be alive to remember it anyway....”


Chapter 31 - Final Chapter

So, that's the final chapter of my fic, people~
BUT~~ There is still an epilogue for this fic~
The epilogue will feature back all Demon Generals.. and the new Demon King... Surprised?
Stay tuned for the epilogue then~  :P :P :P

And Thank You for staying with my fic for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long..
I really appreciate it.. Till the next chapter, CHIAOZ~~

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Chapter 31(Final Chapter)
« Reply #924 on: February 02, 2014, 11:53:29 AM »
to be honest, I actually wanted a happy ending to a relationship Wmatsui ..   :oops:
but the story is very good indeed ..  :twothumbs
 :bow: thank for update
« Last Edit: February 02, 2014, 12:15:47 PM by Ani-chan »
I really liked Wmatsui & Mayuki :heart:

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Chapter 31(Final Chapter)
« Reply #925 on: February 02, 2014, 11:56:12 AM »
great ending!!! cant wait for the epilogue noww

need my wmatsui! XD

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Chapter 31(Final Chapter)
« Reply #926 on: February 02, 2014, 02:51:43 PM »
I can't believe it's the end... (; .\)
Feels like I just started reading this.
Such a nostalgic feeling... ~(-.- )
Oh well, there's still the epilogue, I can't wait to read it! (o.o)p

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Chapter 31(Final Chapter)
« Reply #927 on: February 02, 2014, 02:56:32 PM »
@Ani-chan: You actually wanted a happy Wmatsui ending? Well, who knows? Your wish might actually come true in the epilogue... or maybe not.. Stay tuned for the epilogue if you want to know~  :P

@nickyololol: Thank you for supporting my fic.. LOLOL so many people wishing for a Wmatsui.. Well, you'll have to wait for the epilogue to find out~ Stay tuned~!  :)

@yuuyu: lolol... like what they say, everything must come to an end.. Thank you for staying with my fic for so long.. Stay tuned for the epilogue~!  :)

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Chapter 31(Final Chapter)
« Reply #928 on: February 02, 2014, 03:26:43 PM »
You really finish it ehh... Well I always keep tracking of your fic... And it's so goddamn beautiful...

Please write a special chapter if you don't want to write Season 3....  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you for your update...  :) :) :)
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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Chapter 31(Final Chapter)
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Waaaah!!! It's finally finished!!!
WMatsui... Well, it's not like it's a sad ending or anything
...Sasshi + Team Hormone... :3
And that end part,
Mayu rocks!
Lol, poor wolves...they reap what they sow

Doki doki doki for le epilogue

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Chapter 31(Final Chapter)
« Reply #930 on: February 02, 2014, 05:02:48 PM »
Wah :cry: Jurina left Rena

But happy that Rena is fine without Jurina..

It seem that Rena Mayu and Yuki still in Hellsing

Cant wait for the epilogue

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Chapter 31(Final Chapter)
« Reply #931 on: February 02, 2014, 11:44:00 PM »
Ah... everyone seems to move on with their lives...

But poor Rena for needing to be separated from Rena...

Is this the end...?

Make an ending chapter... the epilogue please.

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [Atsuko_love's fanfic] Supernatural Partner S.2 Chapter 31(Final Chapter)
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Finally the epilogue is here, people~!


5 years later

“Hey... Check this out..” A girl giggled to herself and passed a pair of sunglass to another standing beside her.

The girl who just received the sunglass wore it, looked around and started grinning. Both of them giggled together like idiots. “You’re a genius! Where did you get this from?”

“I kinda ‘borrowed’ it from the Equipments Department..”

“This see-through sunglass is an amazing invention! I can see what’s everyone wearing within their clothes..” The both of them started to giggle all over again.

Before they knew it, both their ears were pulled. “Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!”

They smacked the hand away and glared behind. “Who did that!?!?”

They were shocked from the sight of a lady with both her arms crossed. “I did that. You two have a problem with that?”

Both the girls started stuttering. “P-P-P-President!?”

“For your information, you didn’t ‘borrow’ it from the Equipments Department. You stole it. Now return it back.” The president showed out her hand and gestured them to return the sunglass. “The glasses.... Now..”

The girl took out the sunglass and put it on the President’s hand.

The president then kept the sunglass in her pocket and crossed her arms. “Now, both of you are new here. There are a set of rules that you need to follow. Firstly, you are...............bla bla bla...”

The two girls were looking around and not paying attention. The president got annoyed and knocked both their heads.


“Damn it! Were the both of you even listening??” The president raised her fist against both of them and threatened to beat them up if they do not pay attention again.

“Ouch it hurts!” Both the girls rubbed their respective head.

“Pay no attention to me again and I will make sure it hurts a lot more than this..” The president growled.

*Beep Beep*

The president’s watch beeped. She looked at her watch and looked back at them. “My tea time... Alright, I’ll let the two of you go for now. Erm... What’s both your names again?”

“Oh, I’m Shimada Haruka.. They call me Haruu..” One of the girl voiced out.

The other girl continued. “I’m Yamauchi Suzuran. They call me Ranran.”

“Ok, then Haruu and Ranran... Just keep two things in mind while I’m away, ok? First, stay away from the Equipments Department.. If I catch you wondering around that department again, I will literally break both your arms. Second, do not disturb the Captain of the Battle Strategy and Tactics Department. She is really strict and she hates being disturbed the most when she’s working. Take a look at her now.“ The president pointed at the table at the end of the hall.

“C-Captain Nezumi, c-calm down!” A few members of the department tried to calm the raging captain down.

Mayu is seen flipping the table and roaring at a few hunters. “Damn it! I spent two whole nights on this strategy and yet you guys failed the mission!?!? You guys just made me look like a fool! I shouldn’t have passed this strategy to a bunch of amateurs! Get out of my office now!!!!!!!!!!!”

Both Paru and Ranran gulped at the scene of Mayu raging on a few hunters. “W-We should totally stay away from her...”

“But of course she’s only like this when she’s working. Other than that, she’s actually pretty nice...minus the sarcastic part of her. So I’ll see you two later on.. Remember.. Don’t run around..” Rena instructed them while walking backwards.

After giving them the final instructions, the president walked into the kitchen and started looking for something. “Strange... It’s not here...”

She looked under the table. “It’s not here...”

Looked in the cookie jar. “Not here either..”

Carried a cat off the ground. “Hmm... Not here...”

“Why isn’t it here!? It was supposed to be here already!” The president slammed the table.

“Looking for something, president?” A girl walked into the kitchen and greeted the president. She walked towards the tabletop and poured a cup of hot citrus tea.

“Oh hey, Yuki... I’m just looking for my tea time snack... And how many times have I told you to drop the formalities and call me by my name instead of President?”

“But you are the president. I don’t see the wrong in calling you President.”

“I get it.. But we’re close, aren’t we? Call me by my name next time..”

“Okay okay.. Well, I have to get this cup of citrus tea for Mayuyu.. She seems to be in a bad mood now. She needs someone to calm her down..” Yuki giggled at the scene of Mayu raging again and again.

“Mayuyu? Did you just call Mayu as......Mayuyu? My gosh, since when did you drop the -sama?” The president frowned.

“Just last week.. I made a promise with her. She said that if I do not call her Mayuyu from now on, she will not talk to me again..”

“Well, sounds like you’re forced into calling her Mayuyu to me..”

“Not really.. I’ll take this as a chance to slowly remove my habit..”

“Then you should drop the -sama for me as well..”

“Hmmm....” Yuki looked up at the ceiling for a moment. “Maybe not today....Rena-sama...” Yuki winked at the president before exiting the kitchen.

“Well, sure... Mayuyu all the way, huh..” Rena rolled her eyes.

“President! President! We have an emergency!” A girl ran into the kitchen and towards the Hellsing President before gasping for air.

The president turned her head back at the gasping girl. “Well, Riichan!? Mind telling me why my snack isn’t here yet?!”

“The....the....” The girl panted heavily from running too much.

“Just slow down and breathe... What happened?” The president instructed.

After getting a few long breaths, the girl finally said it out. “The final piece of melon pan had been bought!”

“WHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?” The president felt like she was about to faint.

“Who was the last one who bought it?” The president grabbed the girls’ shoulder and insisted.

“P-President... Your face is too close and your tone is scary...” The girl seemed a little freaked out.

The president then removed her hands off the girl and let out a fake cough. “Tell me, Riichan... Who was the one who bought the last melon pan?”

“I don’t know! I didn’t get a chance to look at the face!”

“Damn!” The president smacked her fist on the table, startling Riichan a little.

“But President Rena, why are you so desperate for a single piece of melon pan?” She asked.

The raven haired president looked back at the girl. “Why am I so desperate for a single piece of melon pan, you ask? That shop sells the highest quality melon pan you can ever find in Japan! And you were too late to get it, Riichan! Damn it!”

“F-F-Forgive me, president.. I didn’t mean to be late..” The girl seemed to start tearing up. That was when Rena realized that she was a little too overboard.

Rena sighed. “Alright. I’m sorry, Riichan.. You’re new here. I shouldn’t be so hard on you.. Ok, now go...”

Riichan bowed to Rena in respect and walked off.

“Why so grumpy, president?” Two voices echoes simultaneously into Rena’s ears. Rena looked up and saw two familiar girls standing before her.

“Ohhhhhh!!!!!” Rena pointed at two girls standing by the kitchen entrance. “Chokoku! Gakuran! You both are back!”

“Yea, we sure are.” Gakuran answered.

“We’re just dropping by to say hello. We already said hi to Black and Nezumi outside.” Chokoku said.

“So, how’s the clan member hunt going?” Rena asked.

“It’s very good. Apparently, in this 5 years, my clan has become the top werewolf clan in Asia, even topping Sado’s clan...”

“Wow... I’m impressed..” Rena suddenly gave Chokoku a weird look. “You’re not going to enforce any more weird rules, right?”

“That was history. I learnt from my mistakes. I will not be making any necessary rules. Besides, I have Gakuran here to help me..” Chokoku put an arm over Gakuran.

“Oh yea.. Mayu, Yuki and I will be having a barbeque party later on. Wanna join?” Rena invited.

“Nah.. We’re cool..” Gakuran rejected nicely.

“Besides, we still have some things to do..” Chokoku said.

“We’ll be leaving now. Let’s meet up someday for a cup of blood..” Gakuran smiled.

“Nah, I’ll pass.. You go ahead and drink that yourself..” Rena looked a little disgusted by it.

Gakuran and Chokoku then left Hellsing.

Rena sighed. "My melon pan........."

AKB National Stadium backstage (After cheering performance)

“Weeeeeeeew...... Today is really a tiring day...” Sasshi stretched her back and sat herself down on a couch.

Sasshi then saw two little girls running around the backstage. “Hmm... What are little girls doing in the backstage..”

Then a little girl about the age of 4 pushed another little girl of the same age down to the ground and started laughing hysterically at her. Sasshi shook her head. “Kids these days...”

Sasshi immediately walked towards the girl who fell. “Hey, little girl... What’s your name?”

“My name is Oota Aika...”

“I see... That’s a beautiful name you got there..” Sasshi poked the little girl’s nose. Little Aika giggled at Sasshi’s action. “Alright, wait awhile, Aika-chan.. Let me go speak to the girl..” Sasshi walked towards the other girl and confronted her nicely.

“Hey, little girl... It’s not nice to push others to the ground like that.. They could get hurt.”

“...” The little girl looked back at Sasshi’s face silently and blinked.

Sasshi frowned at the silence from the girl. “Erm... Hello?”

Without uttering a single word, the little girl stomped on Sasshi’s feet and ran away. “Hey!! What was that for? Come back here, kid!”

The girl then turned her head back and showed her tongue to Sasshi, mocking her even further.

“Why you little demon!” Sasshi cursed.

“You were half right about that.. That little kid’s name is Umeda Ayaka.. Sounds familiar?” A voice sounded from behind.

“ No way! You don’t tell me....” Sasshi was shocked.

“That little kid was the reincarnation of the ex-Demon General Umeda..”

Sasshi turned around and saw someone whom she thought she would never see again. “Sayanee!!! What are you doing here!?”

Sayanee was holding onto another little girl’s hand. “I’m here to meet you, Sasshi..”

Milky was standing by Sayanee's side, smiling as always.

“You’re here to meet me?” Sasshi then looked down at the cute little girl and blinked. “So, who’s this little kid?”

The little girl bowed down in respect. “My name is Iriyama Anna.. Nice to meet you.”

Sasshi nodded. “Wow, she has manners.. And how is she related to you again?”

“Little Anna here was the Ex-Demon General Annin and also the next in line for the title of Demon King. She was the only one who was able to retain her powers despite being reincarnated as a human. The demon world needs somebody like her to rule over. But of course she doesn’t realize anything yet. As of now, she’s just an innocent little child.”

“I see... Wait a minute.... Then the girl that got pushed down just now... Oota Aika... Don’t tell me that she was........”

“You’re right.. That little girl was the reincarnation of Lovetan.”

Sasshi looked back at the girl again. Aika was playing happily with Ayaka despite being bullied quite a number of times. Ayaka was definitely bigger, no doubt in that.

“They look happy together.. Unlike the last time when they were demons where Umeda tortured Lovetan. Now they’re just innocent little girls. They are simply inseparable..” Sayanee explained.

Sasshi let out a smile of satisfaction and softly whispered to herself. “Wow... And I thought I’d never see her again...”

“From today on, I will be putting Aika-chan and Ayaka-chan under your care.” Sayanee said.

“Hold your horses... What the hell are you talking about? What about their parents then? I mean, don’t they have a home since they are humans now?” Sasshi questioned.

“They were reincarnated as humans using Sayanee-sama’s own powers. They have no parents.. No home.. And we didn’t want to raise them up as demons.” Kumi suddenly appeared from behind Sayanee followed by her faithful assistants Kanon and Yuria.

“Alright, fine. I get your point. But do I look like a nanny to you??” Sasshi questioned out loud.

“You’re the best person to take care of the kids since you were once close to Lovetan before..”

“As for Aika-chan, I can accept.. But that Umeda Ayaka kid, you take her back.. That kid has serious anger issues.”

“Then teach her. You could take care of millions of zombies and you’re telling me that you can’t take care of a single kid? Besides, they come in a pair. As I said before, they are inseparable now. If you decide to take care of Aika-chan, then you’d have to take care of Ayaka-chan as well..” Sayanee explained.

“Hey, I already got a headache from managing my zombies, and now you’re giving me another problem to deal with.”

“You’re the Zombie Lord.. You’ll figure out somehow...” Sayanee said.

“Oh great...” Sasshi rolled her eyes.

“I’ll be making my move now. Remember, Sasshi... You have not met me today...” Sayanee told Sasshi.

“Don’t worry. I’m as good as blind now..”

Sayanee nodded. “Let’s go, Anna-chan...” Sayanee piggy-backed little Iriyama Anna and left the place.

“Kanon. Yuria. Let’s go.” Kumi instructed.

“Ah.. Wait for me, Kumi-sama..” Kanon ran towards Kumi.

“Oi, get lost, you!” Yuria knocked Kanon aside.

“You wanna fight!?!?!?” Kanon challenged.

“Bring it on!!”


“I said let’s go, you two! Stop fighting. There are kids around!” Kumi scolded.

“She started it!” Kanon pointed at Yuria.

“Whaaaaaaaaat?? I DID NOT!” Yuris replied in a loud voice.

“I don’t care who started it, now let’s go!” Kumi instructed once again.

“Hmph!” Both Kanon and Yuria looked away from each other and left together with Kumi.

Sasshi looked on and smiled back. Kumi seemed more like a mother for both her assistants. Sasshi could totally see herself in Kumi’s position in the future. She then sighed and looked at the two little kids playing with each other. “I suddenly became the mother of two..”

Aika suddenly ran towards Sasshi. “Nee.. nee-chan... Can we go get some ice cream?”

Ayaka’s head suddenly popped up on Sasshi’s shoulder. “Nee nee..... Can I get 100 ice creams?”

“One ice cream each, I can help... As for 100 ice creams, forget it.”

“Boo... Nee-chan, you’re no fun...” Ayaka hopped down from Sasshi’s shoulder and ran towards Aika. “Aika-chan, let’s go and buy some ice cream.” Ayaka grabbed onto Aika’s hand and ran to the nearby ice cream shop.

Sasshi did not understand why, but she felt really happy looking at the two little girls running and playing around. “I’ve only been taking care of zombies and Team Hormone these whole time.. Now I have to take care of two little girls.. Aika’s a sweet girl. I can tell that.. As for Ayaka.. She seemed a little hard to handle. But who knows? Things could be a little more fun from now on..”

Aika and Ayaka looked back at Sasshi. “Nee-chan! Come! Buy this for us!”

At this point, Sasshi has already decided. She wanted to raise the kids. Sasshi replied them with a sweet smile. “I’m coming!”

SKE Forest

“Really? Whose idea was it to have a barbeque party in a forest?”

“Oh, come on, Rena.. It’s not like the forest will catch on fire..” Mayu rolled her eyes and continued barbequing.

“Yes, I get it. Why can’t we go to my house or somebody’s house instead?” Rena said.

“Mayuyu said that she wanted some natural air.. So, we decided to choose this place.” Yuki answered.

Rena was busy killing mosquitoes. “Damn it! The number of mosquitoes here are crazy!”

“Well, agreed. There are in fact a lot of mosquitoes here.. But mosquitoes are blood suckers as well.. Like us vampires.. So they’re basically from the same family..” Mayu said.

Rena raised an eyebrow. “You’re comparing vampires with mosquitoes? Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday.. Mosquitoes are definitely different. They are vicious blood suckers..”

“Ohohoho... You have never seen vicious blood suckers before, Rena.. Yuki here happen to be a vicious blood sucker as well..” Mayu said.

“I don’t even want to know what you meant by that..” Rena shook her head.

“Oh, Mayuyu... I just love it when you talk dirty like that..” Yuki suddenly bit her lips and slowly moved towards Mayu. Yuki started licking Mayu’s neck, sending shivers all over her body.

“........” Rena was literally giving them the look.

“Ahn... Y-Yuki... Please... Rena is watching...” Mayu moaned again.

“I don’t care, Mayuyu... I just want you right now...” Yuki continued planting kisses all over Mayu’s neck.

“Erm... The chicken’s getting burnt..” Rena pointed at the chicken in the grill, hoping she will get their attention.

“Ah.... Yuki..... Not there.....” Well, it didn’t quite work.

Rena sighed and removed the grilled chicken from the grill and put it on a plate. “You know what, guys? I think I’ll have a little walk and come back once you’re done..”

Rena then left the place and took a stroll around the forest. “That Mayu and Yuki... Why bother even inviting me when they don’t even acknowledge my presence...”

Rena’s phone suddenly rang. She picked up her phone. “Moshi moshi.. Ren-”

“Yo!!! Rena! How’re you doing!? How’s everybody doing!? Good!?” The voice roared over Rena’s phone before Rena could finish.

The voice was so loud that Rena had to remove the phone from her ears for a few seconds. “Damn, Akane.. That was loud.”

“Oh, sorry.. It’s loud over here.. I never thought AKB Island would have this many visitors during the holidays.” Akane laughed.

Ever since Akane resigned from Hellsing and passed the whole organization under Rena’s care, she had changed a lot. The Akane now is no longer the strict Akane they once knew. She became really playful like how Airin once was. She had decided to let go of everything and stay permanently in AKB Island where Airin was buried at.

“You had fun?” Rena asked.

“Are you kidding me!?” Akane let out a laugh. “I get to go fishing everyday! Not only that, I can go hiking and search for birds anytime I want!”

“Erm....... Yea... Sounds fun..” Rena nodded her head.

“Okay then, Rena. I’m not going to bother you anymore. See ya!!!” The phone clicked.

“Well, finally some time for myself..” Rena closed her phone and continued walking into the forest until she noticed a hill full of flowers.

“Hmm... Strange to see that there’s a hill of flowers in the middle of this forest.” Rena climbed up the hill and saw the most beautiful scenery ever.

“Wow.... It’s so beautiful here...” Rena inhaled the fresh air and let out a satisfying breath.

“It is beautiful here...” A voice suddenly echoed on the hill.

“Yes, it is... Wait.......” Rena looked around and saw nobody.

“You must be Rena...” The same voice echoed once again.

Rena looked around and still see nobody there. “Who is it?”

“Down here...” The voice came from the bottom of a sakura tree.

That was when Rena looked down and saw a flower of pure white.

“This so beautiful... Wait.. Is this flower actually talking to me? Or am I just imagining things?” Rena questioned herself.

“Have a sit... Beside me..” The flower spoke up.

“Ooooooookayyyyyyyyyy........” Rena frowned and sit down. “So you’re a talking flower...”

“I’m Ariel, the Angel of Protection.. Center’s mother..” The flower glowed brightly in white and emitted a light that took the form of a beautiful lady.

“Y-You’re Jurina’s mother?? Y-You’re beautiful..” Rena’s mouth was pried open in awe of the angels’ beauty.

“You’re Rena, am I right?” Ariel smiled back at Rena.

“Yes I am...” Rena nodded.

“Center has told me so much about you..”

“She did?”

“She would come here every weekend and have a little chat with me.. Though I never replied her before, but I heard every single word she spoke to me..”

“Why were you a flower?”

“I was punished to be a flower for all eternity for having a relationship with a demon..”

“I feel that it’s unfair to be punished for loving someone..” Rena said.

“Or maybe some things were just not meant to be.. Maybe it’s not about the happy ending. Maybe it’s about the story.. Caym and I loved each other and lived our lives to the fullest. We had no regrets of being punished whatsoever.” Ariel smiled.

Rena smiled back. “I feel a sudden dejavu feeling..”

“I know... Jurina once told me about her love life with a girl named Rena.. She told me that she had no regrets for being in love with you.”

Hearing these words from Ariel, Rena tried her best to swallow her tears back. “She told you that?” Rena asked softly.

“She told me so much more.. How you saved her life and all the fin times you both had together..”

“Maybe I shouldn’t be asking this, but do you know how Jurina is doing right now?”

“I see you want to know how Jurina is doing?” Ariel smiled. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll find out really really soon..”

“Huh?” Rena seemed really confused.

“It’s time for me to take my leave..” The light surrounding Ariel slowly faded away and went back into the flower. The flower then stopped glowing.

“Hey, wait! Wait! What do you mean I will find out really soon?” Rena asked again and again, but of course there is no reply.

“Wow... I’m amazed.. Even as her daughter, she never spoke to me before.. I’m feeling jealous now..” A girl emerged from behind, startling Rena.

“Who’s there!?” Rena turned back.

The girl was holding onto a piece of melon pan. “I got lucky... I managed to get the last piece of melon pan from that famous store in Tokyo..”

Rena blinked her eyes again and again, not believing what she was looking at.

“Here, I bought this for you..” The girl tossed the melon pan at Rena. Rena caught it as tears started swelling up her eyes.

“This.....can’t be true.... This can’t be true!” Rena covered her mouth.

“What’s wrong? You looked like you have just seen a ghost..” The girl smiled back.

“A-am I.......dreaming?” Rena’s voice became very shaky as she slowly approached the girl.

There stood an extremely familiar girl, greeting Rena with the sweetest smile ever. “Yo, Rena-chan... It’s been some time..”

Rena couldn’t hold back her tears at all as she ran towards the girl and hugged her the tightest she could. “Jurina!!! You came back!!”

“You’re killing me, Rena-chan..” Jurina tried to pry Rena off her. “Now I understand how you feel last time when I hug you this tightly..”

“I missed you, Jurina.. I really did..” Rena rested her head on Jurina’s shoulder and sobbed.

“I know, Rena-chan... I missed you too..” Jurina returned the hug.

“B-But how?? I thought you would never return..” Rena wiped off her tears and asked.

“Well, that’s kind of a long story...” Jurina scratched the back of her head.

“I don’t think anything will surprise me more than now, Jurina..”

“As soon as I went up to the heavens, I pleaded them to let me back down to Earth.. And of course the angels didn’t allow me to. That’s where things started getting messy... I summoned my scythe and started rampaging all over the heaven and destroying everything I see. The other angels just couldn’t stand me anymore..”

“You rampaged in the heavens for 5 whole years??”

“Nah... Only for the first few days..”

“Then what were you doing for the whole 5 years?”

“I told the angels that as long as I live in the heavens, I will not stop destroying the place. The angels have come into a conclusion that they will allow me to return to Earth because they could not afford any more damage done in the heaven. It was on a condition, of course.. That time when I activated the Final Angel Trigger, I borrowed powers from one thousand angels. After the power was deactivated, each and every one of the angels took a piece of my soul with them. My condition to return to Earth was to retrieve all 1000 pieces of my soul back.”

“I see... And it took you five years to collect all 1000 pieces of your soul..”

“Not 1000, Rena-chan... I collected only 999 pieces..”

“Huh? Where’s the last one?”

“I’m looking right at it...”

“Huh? Where?” Rena started looking around.

“It’s you, Rena-chan... You had always been a part of my soul from the very first day we met..”

“Jurina....” Rena sobbed and hugged Jurina tightly.

“Do you see this, Jurina?” Rena showed Jurina her finger. The ring gifted by Jurina was never taken off before. “I kept this ring with me the whole time..”

“About that, Rena-chan....” Jurina showed her own finger to Rena. There wasn’t any ring on Jurina’s finger at all.

“Huh? Where’s the ring, Jurina?” Rena asked.

“The ring? I got rid of it..” Jurina said it loud and clear.

“You got rid of it? Why??” Rena seemed surprised.

“You should get rid of this ring as well, Rena-chan..” Jurina pulled the ring off Rena’s finger and crushed it with her bare hands.

“Jurina! What are you doing!? That ring was precious to me! How could you..” Rena was on the verge of tears.

Before Rena could finish her sentence, Jurina took out another ring from her back pocket. It had a diamond-like stone of about at least 5 carats. “This ring is the only ring you deserve, Rena-chan.. Not that rusty old ring I gave you as a parting gift..”

“J-Jurina?” Rena blinked her eyes a few times.

Jurina kneeled down on a knee and grabbed onto Rena’s hand. “Marry me..”

Rena covered her mouth as tears of joy started flowing from her cheek once again. “Jurina... I.....don’t know what to say....”

“You could say yes.” Jurina smiled.

Rena hit Jurina on the shoulder. “BAKA!”

“So, I’ll take that as a yes?” Jurina smiled brightly and slid the ring into Rena’s finger. Jurina stood up and they both shared a passionate kiss.

As they parted mouth, Rena giggled and hugged Jurina tightly. “I just wish things would end like this...”

“Of course.. We both know damn well that we deserve a happy ending together..”

“But what will happen in 70 to 80 years time?”

Jurina raised her eyebrows. “What about it?”

“You know what I mean, Jurina.. I am a human.. I can’t live forever.”

“You’re not really a ‘normal’ human anymore, Rena-chan..” Jurina smiled. “Not after you wear this ring.”

“Hmm?” Rena was confused.

“This ring I gave to you is not a diamond ring. It’s a magic ring that blesses the wearer with long life. One as long as an angel’s life.”

Realizing what Jurina meant, Rena smiled brightly as well. “You’re always one step ahead of me, Jurina..”

Jurina then nuzzles into Rena. “Then we will be together forever, Rena-chan...”

Rena said as she patted Jurina’s head. “Maybe my story will end with ‘happily ever after’ like those Disney movies after all..”


So, this is it, my fellow readers.. this is the end of Supernatural Partners fic~!! Let's all cheer~!!!!  :banana: :pepper: :leek: :taco: :muffin: :strawberry: :lock:

I wanna thank all my readers for reading this fic.. Thank you for staying all the way till the end~!

I received a few messages asking me to do a season 3 but unfortunately to tell you all, there will be no season 3.. This is really the end..Sorry~

Once again, thank you for supporting and I shall see what series should I write next.. Most probably it will not be an action fic coz this Supernatural Partner fic has enough action scenes for me already LOL

I will be working on some OS next I guess~

Till then~ This is KEVIN signing off~ CHIAOZ~!!!!

Supernatural Partner

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Next up,

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Finally... it finished !!!

Good job, kevin-san...  :twothumbs

I'm glad Rena could be with Jurina again....  :grin:

What about Milky, though???

You didn't mention about her on this epilogue..

Anyway, I'll be waiting for your next work...

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@olive29 : Sorry.. I forgot to mention. Yes, Milky is still alive.. Sayanee said it in the previous chapter that Milky will not die this easily

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BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I hope to see more from you, especially the supernatural, you're good at that.


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Thank you for wrtiting a beautiful fanfic

I am so happy that Rena and Jurina are finally are together forever

Hope u will write another story like this

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Happy ending...
Lil kids... Ai-chan, Ayaka, Annin!!!!! YAAaYYYY!
Rena's prez now eh... lol, that bird!
good job
*pat on the back

cries happily...

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I knocked this story out this week.

Oh my god.

Even though the middle was pretty predictable, I loved every moment of it.

Even the ending was a classic cliche ending.

Still loved it.  :heart: :heart:
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