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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 119790 times)

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ [Part II] MaYuki - Update (07/02/14)
« Reply #300 on: February 10, 2014, 01:37:26 PM »
when i first read the eternal devotion i read it for several days and in that several days i was absent in school just to read it XD

and i cant read the smut scene it's off limits to me, how can i read it??

and then the mirai , WMatsui~~

they are so sweet~~!!!

and the akb kingdom atsuyuu and mayuki

because of atsuyuu iwas late for 3 days XD

and my cp was nearly confiscated because i was reading it at class lesson XD

that's how much i love your fics kate-san XD

and mayuki~~~!!!!!!!

damn you mayu why didn't you locked the door!!!

arigatou gozaimashita kate-san

(im not really fond of long comments like the others and such emoticons)

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ [Part II] MaYuki - Update (07/02/14)
« Reply #301 on: February 12, 2014, 05:46:07 PM »
oh~ I just found this and all I know is
I already addict with you fanfics

The mayuki pairing is make me melt

Sakura Princess
- I really like this , So Cute, I almost tear when know that it just dream ; A ; ) '

Eternal Devotion
- This is the Longest oneshot I have read , I can't stop myself reading this till' end. very love this too.

Thank you very much for write a wonderful fanfics like this. XD

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ [Part II] MaYuki - Update (07/02/14)
« Reply #302 on: February 16, 2014, 08:30:42 AM »
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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ [Part II] MaYuki - Update (07/02/14)
« Reply #303 on: February 19, 2014, 01:26:02 PM »
Kate's !!! you're is just unbelievebele ! you're story is so amazing ! wonderful ! !

You're is my fovorite in here ! hha , hopefully you'll allowed me to be you're fans  :roll: lol

For ~Eternal Devotion~ that was the best fanfic that i ever read !! very touching ! ! like, my face is turn into 7 different colour when i read it !! hhaha

You're story is miracle !!  XD

AND ... i'll be waiting for you're other creation, so GANBATTEEE !!  :twothumbs

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ [Part II] MaYuki - Update (07/02/14)
« Reply #304 on: April 03, 2014, 10:45:39 AM »

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ [Part II] MaYuki - Update (07/02/14)
« Reply #305 on: May 12, 2014, 07:59:13 PM »

msst28: Glad you enjoy~ Ah right now that you pointed out, maybe I made the change afterwards, oops~ I'll make the change~ XD It's actually Mayu and Rena having a different age.

Koneki: Oh wow~ Glad you like it despite its a genderblend story! Cute neh~ :P Do look forward for wMatsui one~ ><" But right now I need to finish this fanfic I promised with my friend before I continue the wMatsui~

Ruka Kikuchi: I want to see both Mayu and Yuki fighting~ then they love each other in the end! ;D I'll try to update as fast as I can, my school is not having mercy on me at all~ T_T

Jessye: Expecting a longer one? Oh yes you'll get it~!! ;D

Zita: Glad you enjoy it!

Konoe: Glad you enjoy the plot~ as well as Mayuki's personality. LOL, Yuki punching Mayu is an epic scene XD Such a love/hate relationship they have. They're just so cute when they're together!! They just need to be more honest with each other and everything will be good~ Glad you look forward to my work! I'll make sure you enjoy this upcoming MaYuki OS :P

Chanaline: Glad to know you enjoy reading this! ^^

FNK23: What minion? XD Glad you enjoy despite you're not into Kingdom-theme fics. The scene Yuki punched Mayu is my favorite too~ :P Maybe the kiss would be sexier if Mayu had lock the door~ We'll know how it goes in Epilogue~

Kirozoro: Glad you like them~ ^^

MayuxMatsuixMusic: Hi~ OH WOW. ABSENT TO READ? >____< omg, this is a heartattack!!! o[]o You can read the smut by asking permission to gain access to the perv forum~ Try contact Seigus, and she'll be glad to help you out. Oh wow.... I'm really flattered you enjoy this >///< be careful not to let your laptop be confiscated! This is a lovely comment, thank you~ ^^ you made my day.

kcard: Yay~ Glad you enjoy the MaYuki fanfics~! Eternal Devotion is surely the longest MaYuki fanfic I ever wrote. Glad that you enjoy and have fun reading it! ^^

chiqinna: LOL, love ya too :P

mayura48: Hi~ Hahaha~ Glad you enjoy the stories!  >///< I take that as compliment! Hearing that makes me happy ^^ Glad you enjoy Eternal Devotion! :) Hope you enjoy other fanfics as well :P

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ [Part II] MaYuki - Update (07/02/14)
« Reply #306 on: May 19, 2014, 04:06:30 PM »

Hello~ i'm a new reader :3

Please update the AKB Kingdom part 3 ><)/

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48matama: Glad you enjoy the super long wmatsui fanfic! I'll update AKB Kingdom 3 asap! I'm still working on it.

First thing, ><" I've been really busy with many stuffs so I'm unable to write and update anything that fast like before  :bow: :bow: :bow:
I'll still be writing, but will be taking more time than usual. So don't worry about me quitting, it won't happen any time soon ;D

This is sooooo late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIIII (CLUBHAPPY)~~~~~~~~~~  :hee: :hee: :hee: :hee: :hee:
I know its late! But hope you'll like this another fun fun MaYuki OS~ ;D Too bad to tell you, it's not up in this post yet! I'm currently editing it so I hope I will finish it all right before I have to update it :P Took me soo long to write'll know why eventually xD Another long OS from me once again~
For the head's up, there will be 7 parts! and one part each day ;D teehee, gonna be loads of fun ma'am... :deco:

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Yay another Mayuki

Cant wait to read it

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A/N: All thanks to sakura_drops_ and sayuki for doing the proofread and being the TESTER for this. XD Much thanks to you guys~ ^^ :deco:

A World to Believe In
~Pairing: Mayuki~

~1st DAY~


 “Ah~ we’re almost there!”

“I’m so excited!!”

“Whoo! Let’s get ready!”

The group of girls was getting so excited for just this ship to arrive on the island, which was right in front of them. This year, the school’s fieldtrip will be on this island far west of Tokyo. It seemed the chairman of the school and the chief of the island were good friends, and thus they planned for this fieldtrip. This was one of the last boats that were about to arrive on another side… however; there was this raven-haired girl that wished to stay home instead. She hated fieldtrips especially with her colleagues in the same year. She didn’t have this best friend relationship with anyone at all. She hated associated with others and simply she generally hate humans. 

“Kashiwagi-san, I was looking for you.”

She turned out and met with my classmate, Matsui Rena, her roommate for the whole 5-days trip on this island. She’s a nerdy girl and always read her books, she was a good fiend to talk to as well comparing to those loud mouth girls.

“The teachers are telling us to make sure our stuffs are ready.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Another 5 days on this island… Kashiwagi hope it won’t be horrible like those other years she experienced. Just as much as she hated many people from her own year…many of them don’t like her either. She doubted any of them would even care she live or die.


The old man at the deck seemed to be frustrated somehow as if something wasn’t going right. Another adult came up to him out of curiosity to ask him after he had done escorting last group of students to the hotel that they would be staying for their whole course of the fieltrip.

“Chief, what’s a matter?”

“Another two boats are coming and we’re not having enough room at Mariko’s hotel as we planned! It seemed something was malfunctioning and the rooms are not available for use.”

“Ehh?? Then what are we going to do?”

The man started to panic but the chief was trying to stay calm and think things through and the only way was to act fast before it would be too late for him. They had to use another hotel close by to the chief’s place and they needed to make a reservation for 40 rooms. But before the man would be on his way to another hotel, the chief made another request for him.

“Do call Mayu over to help, tell her to meet at the Takamina’s hotel.”

“Yes sir will do!”

The man stared out in the ocean and could saw the boat coming from a far distance. He started to worry whether his daughter wouldn’t be late since this was an important day after all. She would probably be that the shrine with the priest as usual and also loitering around too.

“Hope she makes it…”


The sound of the boats arrived on the deck competed against the clashes of waves against the shore. The students carried their bags out from the boat and onto the land with excitement for their trip on this unknown island. The teacher went up to the chief and discussed about the plans from now, and informed him how there was a technical issue with the hotel they booked. However, they were making reservations with another hotel at the moment. In the end, the adults came to an agreement that they should head there before students would start to wonder what would happen.

“Everyone~ Welcome to this island, the Umi-no-hoshi island.”

The chief gave a brief narration before he started to take them over to their destination and hoped that nothing went wrong out of the plan. Just as much he was worried about the plan, he wondered whether his daughter had arrived at the hotel or not by the time he reached there or not. She could be very fast, just as much as slow like a turtle.


As soon as they arrived at the hotel the chief went to talk to the owner, Takamina, and hoped she would compromise with him since this was an important plan after all. In the end the hotel owner didn’t have a choice but to lend the rooms to the students to stay for the time being despite there were reservations made already.

“You owe me this time, chief.”

“Thanks so much Takamina! By the way…is Mayu here yet?”

“She did, and went out already.”

He sighed once again, as if this wasn’t the first time that his daughter acted so carelessly like this. He went to tell the teacher for the updating information and he informed the students to come in and pick up their keys. They didn’t have any schedule until dinner so they’re free to wander around the whole island for the time being. However…despite most students went up to their room already, his daughter still didn’t show up yet and it made him sighed again while Takamina was standing right beside him at the lobby. 

“That girl…did she say where is she going?”

“She said the ocean is prettier than usual today.”

“I see…well, everything went well, so it’s alright.”

“She’ll be alright, Mayu is a grown up girl.”



Yuki had come down from the hotel after unpacked her bags and she hated this free time the most. What could she do without a friend to be with? Even someone nerdy like Rena had a life with her friends, how fortunate she was to have childhood friend whom was a popular girl named Jurina. It made Yuki jealous a little and while she was walking around the road she could hear the ocean tackling against the beach clearly. It was the first time she got away from the mainland and never knew that the ocean could be so blue like a jewel. She always had this good eye vision allowing her to see things in detail…that’s why she had so much fascination in the beauty of nature and art. These eyes allowed her to give appreciation to its true beauty.

“…So pretty.”

Maybe the trip here wasn’t as bad after all. However as she tried to figure out a way to get closer to the ocean she wasn’t sure how she would make it there. She couldn’t possibly jump down from the footpath since the differences between the beach floor and the footpath was too high. She would be injured if she jumped down recklessly despite the soft sand below her. Also, there were wall of rocks all over the places as to protect strong tidal waves from breaking through. As she kept scouting for the path she wasn’t watching her steps properly, but before she would step on the unstable rock a yell came out from nowhere and startled her.

“Don’t step on that spot!”

Yuki was startled but it just made things worse, in the end she slipped down from the side of the steep footpath down to the beach area. She yelped out with surprise and fear, but before she realized that the landing wasn’t as rough as she thought but it was…soft? Slowly, she opened her eyes up again and saw this girl’s face right close to her as Yuki landed straight into her arms. This young looking girl caught her from the fall.


She replied in a very relaxing tone as if nothing happened at all despite Yuki fell from that steep footpath above them. She observed her facial features and could see those brown gentle eyes as well as her silky black hair. She wasn’t tying her hair properly so it looked rather messy, but somehow it looked quite natural on her. Apparently, she was shorter than Yuki but she was able to carry her in a bridal style easily without breaking a sweat.

“E-Eh!? Who are you??”

“I’m Mayu!”

“I-I mean…Uh…”

“I warned you not to step there. It’s dangerous if you don’t know which areas are not good to use to come down to the beach.”

This mysterious girl named Mayu that she accidently met suddenly walked towards the beach and it’s making the poor student panicking. She didn’t know what this mysterious girl would do to her after they just met a few seconds ago.

“L-Let me down?”

“Didn’t you want to come to the beach?”

“Yes! But put me down!”


Mayu gently put her down and Yuki was finally able to grasp for some air of relief. On the bright side, the young girl was obedient with the taller one. Yuki turned back to look at the shorter girl from top to bottom and she seemed to be the people living on this island. She was dressed in her plain white long-sleeve shirt, blue shorts and black sandals.

“The ocean is nice today right~”

“Huh? Oh…”

Mayu seemed to be a person who talked out of blue and Yuki diverted her eyes to the huge blue surface in front of her. The ocean breeze brushed against her cheeks and the scent calmed her mind down as well. It was indeed a pleasant scene and it’s worth coming down here just to see it clearly and closely like this.

“You’re not from around here, are you the students from Tokyo?”


“Awesome~ nice to meet you! I’m Watanabe Mayu, just call me Mayu.”

The innocent girl extended her hand towards Yuki and caught Kashiwagi off guard. She never has received such a respond from someone like this before and it just felt very weird to her. Yuki didn’t extend her hand out to Mayu and just replied back instead. She didn’t want to have any physical contact with this whacky stranger she just met.

“…Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“Hmmmmm, Yukirin?”


Mayu suddenly blurted out a nickname she gave to the student she just met. Then she had a huge smile across her face as she seemed to be delighted to meet with Yuki, but as she stared back at her…it gave Yuki a creepy feeling though. How did this stranger know her nickname? She never used it ever since she moved on from 3rd Year in primary school until now…


“Hmmm, you’re a bit too cloudy black, but you’re actually so pure white like a pearl.”


Yuki let out her reaction, as she couldn’t understand any single word from Mayu at all and it was driving her crazy. Out of all the people she could’ve met, she encountered this weird abnormal girl at the beach that was speaking of random things at her. Nothing was making sense ever since she was having this conversation with her. What a bad luck she had.

“Do you want to go to the hotel? I can take you there!”

“Eh? How did you know about the hotel?”

“My dad asked me to go over, but the ocean is prettier than usual today so I took my time.”

Yuki wasn’t sure she grasped everything that Mayu said or not. She had a feeling that this girl had a mental issue or something so she shouldn’t be bothered with her odd behaviors. As Mayu led the way and told Yuki that she needed to take this path if she wanted to come down to the beach safely. As the younger girl got up to the top first, she extended her hand to Kashiwagi and pulled her up. That was when Yuki couldn’t believe such strength those arms had. 

“…You’re strong.”

“I know I am~ I always help my dad and uncle with their job!”

“Uh, okay?”

“The hotel is that way, I bet dad is mad now.”

“Who’s your dad?”

“The chief of the island.”


“Yup~ he’s a very awesome man!”

As the shorter one escorted Kashiwagi back to the hotel, they could see the chief standing at the front of the entrance as if he was waiting for someone to show up right now. His eyes had met with Mayu’s and it allowed him to sigh with relief. The Watanabe youngster skipped towards him with that innocent smile across his face.

“Hey dad~ I escorted a student back here.”

“…Good job.”

He patted Mayu’s head and didn’t scold his girl or anything. He acted as if nothing happened. The chief diverted his attention to Yuki and bowed his head towards her immediately.

“If my child bothered you or anything, I’m sorry. She’s quite special than many other children.”

Yuki believed he was referring about Mayu having a mental disability. It would explain why she was speaking of random things to her back at the beach. However, she had a feel that the shorty girl wasn’t that…abnormal though. She seemed to talk normally to her, but its just different from many teenagers in her age would be. She didn’t want to upset the chief so she did lied through her teeth.

“Don’t worry about it. She didn’t bother me.”

“Dad you know? Yukirin is so pure like mom! She’s so easy to remember.”

Mayu spoke up again, but Kashiwagi didn’t understand the single bit. She heard her name, white, and mom in that one sentence. However, the chief seemed to understand what his daughter was saying and nodded gently to her. He stroked her head and gave a small lecture to her regarding about her behavior.

“Don’t say bluntly like that…she’s one of our precious guest.”

“Okay, I’ll remember it.”

“Good girl, if you don’t mind…Kashiwagi-san, Mayu can escort you around the island until the time for dinner.”

Yuki wasn’t expecting such an offer and did felt like declining. However after she saw Mayu’s smile towards her…she couldn’t seem to bring that feel of rejecting that offer. Something weird was attracting her…towards this abnormal youngster. Before she realized it again she nodded her head and accepted the offer. Mayu let out a huge smile and went over to Yuki’s side immediately.

“Yay~ let’s go Yukirin!”


Mayu called her by that nickname again. It’s been a long while since someone called her like that. She can’t recalled the last time her friends and parents called her that name…she would’ve forgot about it if Mayu didn’t say it out. She couldn’t stop wondering how did this Watanabe youngster know that name though. Today was the first time they met each other yet…how did Mayu knew the name she used back in her childhood times?


The young energetic girl kept talking for the entire time while she was escorting Kashiwagi towards the market of this island; it was a very well known place for tourism and the center of all goodies on the island. Mayu didn’t seem to be bored at all despite Yuki was remaining in silence and listened to her did all the talking. After the entire long one-sided talk, Yuki had a feeling she should be saying something to her before things would be too awkward.

“Oh right~ I’ll take you to aunty Tamura’s shop! Should be lots of good souvenirs for you to buy!”

“…Such as?”

“Hmm, I don’t know too!”

“Huh?? How didn’t you know about it?”

“We’ll see~ Isn’t it more fun to take it as a surprise?”

As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the market, Yuki could see students from her year inside there as well. They were all enjoying their times together with their close friends. A tinge of pain crept inside her heart while watching them from afar. Then suddenly, Mayu held her hand tightly and completely threw her off guard. She shot her eyes at this youngster who was just smiling towards her.

“Let’s go Yukirin~”

“You don’t have to—W-Wait!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Mayu dragged her into the market immediately without listening to what Yuki had to say. The taller girl wasn’t able to catch up with this youngster’s pace at the slightest. As she was dragged through the market, the eyes of other students stared at her with confusion and surprise. It was a total embarrassment for Yuki but she for some reason…she felt somehow comfortable.



“Here~ aunty Tamura~”

Mayu’s call grabbed the older woman’s attention as she was having her back turning against them. She was arranging her goods in front of her store at the moment and the moment her eyes caught with the youngster, the aunt had seemed to get excited about it.

“Mayu-chan~ what brings you here?”

“Aunty, this is Yukirin!”

Such a blunt introduction that Mayu made for her. She was deadly embarrassed by the youngster but it seemed the older woman was used to it. Her attention turned to Yuki and the girl bowed her head down awkwardly with humble.

“H-Hi, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki…I’m a student from Tokyo.”

“Oh~ the fieldtrip isn’t?”


“I see, welcome to my shop! I hope you’ll find anything you’re particularly interested.”

Aunt Tamura welcomed her to the shop and Mayu dragged her inside to check the souvenirs and gifts inside. Yuki allowed her eyes to drift around and realized how there were cute and interesting things that she would never find in Tokyo. It was actually as interesting as Mayu kept telling her. However while she was taking a look inside the shop, the youngster Watanabe was sitting in front of the shop playing with this little dog. She laughed and giggled while letting the puppy licked her face and her hands. As Yuki stared at her, Mayu looked like just any  ordinary kid, but it made her wonder how old she was as well. She’s short, looked so young, and very innocent as well. Yuki finally approached Mayu whom was playing with the puppy in her arms.

“…What are you doing?”

Her voice caught Mayu’s attention and she turned around to look up at Kashiwagi. She beamed her smile with such innocence while the puppy was barking energetically at her.

“Yukirin~ want to play with Hachi?”


“This little girl’s name! She’s so energetic and lively.”

Yuki slowly crouched down and Mayu passed her the puppy. She barked at her and cuddling into Kashiwagi’s arms happily. It had been a long while she had a pet and had hold onto one. She left a smile of relief and ruffled the little puppy’s head with content. Before she realized it again, Yuki could see Mayu staring at her with that huge smile across her face and it made her blushed awkwardly.


“I’m glad you’re happy now. Have anyone told you before that you’re so pretty?”

She blushed instantly as she never received such a compliment like this from anymore before. Also, when those words uttered from Mayu’s lips, she completely believed in it and didn’t had a second thought that it would be just a lie or lip service. Mayu tilted her head in an angle slightly with curiosity while her eyes were set upon Yuki.

“Eh~ Now you’re pink…”


“Ah! It’s getting red now.”

“Shut up Mayu!”

“Haha~ Yukirin you’re so funny!”

Mayu wasn’t bothered by any insults Yuki threw at her, but only laughed and enjoyed being around the blunt solitude Kashiwagi. The tinge of warmth inside Yuki’s heart started to grow after it’s been a long while she enjoyed her times with someone. She actually enjoyed Mayu’s accompany and it made her heart rest at ease…she wondered why. Maybe it was because this girl was harmless to her and she was purely genuine to her actions and words, unlike any of the girls she knew.


After they left aunt Tamura’s shop, Mayu kept taking Yuki around the stores and bought some recommended snacks for her. The youngster just did whatever she wanted to do and didn’t bother ask for Yuki’s thoughts. But surprisingly the taller girl wasn’t bothered by it at the slightest…despite being annoyed from being dragged around for the whole afternoon. Mayu bought takoyaki for both of them and finally turned to Yuki to ask a question.

“Do you want to go to the beach?”


“Yay~ Let’s go!”

She leaded the way once again and Yuki just simply followed her. As Kashiwagi looked around her surroundings, they were eventually approaching the beach once again. The scent of the salt breeze brushed passed her face and she couldn’t let her eyes away from the ocean at all. She felt so much at peace just to be here.

“You love the ocean, right? I love it too.”

“…It makes my mind relax.”

“That’s why I love it!”

The Watanabe youngster rushed down towards the beach and threw her sandals off before her feet made contact with the cold waves. She spread her arms widely and took a deepest breath of fresh ocean breeze. Yuki only watched her from behind and had actually gave some thought about Mayu. She would never expect some girl so energetic and brightly like this to exist in this world…someone so innocent, lively, naïve, and honest just like her. 

“Yukirin~ why don’t you join? It feels great!”

“Eh? But—”

“C’mon, just take off your shoes!”

Mayu ran up to her and pulled Yuki up over to the waves. Without a chance, the student had to go along wither the younger one’s flow. She took off her sneakers and allowed the cold waves touched her skin. She felt the chill rushed up her leg but it just felt downright amazing. The smooth grinded sand was soft like a pillow to her. This place had such a beautiful beach that she never ever have seen before in her life. Kashiwagi started not to regret for coming to this place for her field trip…but one thing was still disturbing her though. What luck brought her to be stuck with this crazy kid.



“I’m happy you called my name back then. It felt good.”

“Huh?? You’re weird…”

“Many people said that. I guess I’m not that normal after all.”


Yuki didn’t reply, as she couldn’t interpret what this youngster was thinking at all. She could barely see any intention in those brunette orbs of Watanabe. Slowly, the youngster stared back at the ocean and smiled to herself in the middle of silence. Only the soothing sound of the waves hitting against the shore was playing in the middle of the silence between the two. As for Kashiwagi, she just met this girl today and yet she felt amazingly okay with her. Usually she would be cautious and paranoid around strangers, but not with Mayu. Somehow, this youngster is different from any other people she had met in her whole life.

“…Ah, sun is going to set soon. We should head back to the hotel.”

“Uh? Oh, right.”

“Let’s go.”

Somehow this gave Yuki a different air from Mayu. She was rather calm like an ocean unlike how she acted for the whole time they were together. The taller one simply followed her as Mayu leaded the back to the hotel where she was staying. As they were walking back, that childish side resurfaced up once again and she started to talk to have the one-sided talk with Yuki. Maybe that calm vibe she got from Mayu was just her own mind playing tricks on her.

“Today’s fun isn’t~?”

“…I guess.”

“Ehhh? Didn’t you have fun?”


Yuki didn’t know whether to tell the truth or not. She actually did enjoy today more than what she expected it to be. Despite she was accompanied with this strange youngster who kept talking weird things at her…to be honest, it wasn’t such a bad day though.

“I think.”

“Hehe~ I glad you did!”

It’s like she didn’t need to speak of her thoughts at all. As if Mayu was able to see through her feelings and knew what she was thinking? It crept her out a little when she thought about it, but it couldn’t be possible for this youngster to read her mind so perfectly like this. They just met each other today.

“…By the way, I have a question.”


“How…why do you call me Yukirin?”


Mayu sounded quite dumbfounded and directed her attention to the taller girl beside her while they were walking on the footpath. She seemed to be rather confused but then she nodded to herself silently without saying a word. Yuki couldn’t tell what she was thinking and before she could think thoroughly, the younger one interrupted her.

“…It sounds cuter and I…heard that name before~”

“I see.”

“Is it your nickname?”

“…Back when I was young, yes.”

“Oh~ yay~!”

The youngster crossed her arms behind her head and had a huge delightful expression across her face. Her actions are just so weird that everything Mayu did seemed to amaze Yuki every now and then. She started to giggle to herself with so much excitement before replying back to the young student. 

“Then I’ll call you Yukirin!”

“Uh, why? Didn’t we just meet?”

“But isn’t that your name?”

It wasn’t a kind of question that Kashiwagi would expect to hear from anyone. The truth is something that can’t be denied and it is indeed her name. It used to be her name but there was no one to call her like that anymore. She couldn’t even remember who was the last person that called by her nickname and since when. As she made an eye contact at Mayu who seem to be waiting for her reply…the ice that had been surrounding her heart started to thaw.



Mayu skipped around with relief. Her acts of childishness just never cease to surprise and amaze Yuki. It made her wonder why she wasn’t that annoyed with any of these things from the youngster at all. Normally she would be pissed already…but not with this kid at all.


Everyone gathered up at the dining hall to have their dinner that was prepared for them. It was a traditional dinner set and the hotel staffs began distributing it out for all of the students. As Yuki had her seat, she only had her eyes on the cellphone all the time and didn’t socialize with other students unlike anyone else around her. Always, she isolated herself from them, or they were isolating her out?

“Yukirin~ Dinner’s ready!”

It caught the raven-haired girl off guard as she heard her name being called, and she realized who it was. She looked up from her phone screen and saw that innocent looking girl in front of her holding the dinner. She smiled widely at her before she put it down right on her floor table.

“…Why are you here?”

“I’m helping out my dad and aunty Takamina. Dinner today is great! I got extra red bean jelly for you too. It’s the best here on this island I guarantee.”

Mayu did the one-sided talk to the silent student once again and she wasn’t bothered by it at all before she waved at Yuki once again. She had to go back to help her dad work with serving the food to other students and she told her that she would come back to her again when she’s done from working.

While Yuki had her dinner, she was surprised with how amazing it tasted. It was great and the flavors were just perfect. She looked at the youngster running around with dinner trays to give out to other students who were waiting for their dinner. She didn’t realize how long had she been watching Mayu, but before she realized it again she had pretty much finished her meal already. Lastly, the red bean jelly dessert was just beyond anything else. It’s probably the best sweets she ever had in her life. She couldn’t help but to eat more and she’s grateful to have more quantity more than other students.  She had her bowl packed with jelly and she enjoyed ever bits of it. 


It seems there was a mini announcement among the students from the teachers regarding the plan tomorrow. They would be heading over to the beach and visited the traditional festival here on this island. Luckily it’s starting tomorrow so everyone would have the chance to experience the unique culture here. Mayu’s father, the head chief, would be leading the group and as obvious Yuki knew that the youngster would be following her father to help out as well. After the teacher allowed students to head back to their respective rooms to call it a day, Yuki could only think about taking a shower and drop dead onto her bed immediately.


There could only be one person that would call her with that nickname and in that energetic tone. The moment she turned around she saw Mayu holding snacks in her arms and handed it over to Yuki instead.

“It’s the special mocchi for today~ It’s limited per day! Do try it out~”

“Uh, oh, okay.”

“I got some extra, just in case you can share with your friends.”

That topic seemed to make Yuki stumbled slightly. She sighed softly and it caught Mayu’s attention immediately. She could see those eyes of worries coming from the Watanabe youngster in front of her. As if she could see through her. Such a weird girl that Yuki ran into…and such a weird person to be clinging onto her.

“I don’t have friends.”

“Ah…we’re friends!”


“Yukirin is my friend now, and I’m your friend too.”

The taller girl was stunned and was out of words to speak. She didn’t say anything else only but turned her face away from the lively girl. She bid her lips with this tinge feeling inside her chest. It was paining her. She hated this feeling; it just brought back memories when she was once…

“I’m going to go take a shower now.”

“Okay~ good night Yukirin. I’ll see you tomorrow!”


She headed straight to her room immediately without turning back to look at Watanabe at all. This disturbing feeling developed inside her chest started to grow even more after hearing Mayu expressed her so easily like it was nothing. She took a shower immediately and headed off to bed.  Just one day felt so long to her and slowly she drifted off into deep slumber…

…5 more days to go…



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kazutoryu: We'll see what happens with Yuki later~ Hope you enjoy this next part!

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Jyah....LET'S START~

A World to Believe In
~Pairing: Mayuki~

~2nd DAY~


I had a dream…a very weird dream. Yet…it felt so peaceful to me. I was at this wide beach in the middle of the night. The sea breeze tackled my body and I could see stars everywhere in the sky.

It was shining brightly and I felt utterly calm just staring at it. I wonder why…I felt sentimental about this place. Its like I’ve been here before…?


I heard someone calling me from behind. The moment I turned, I saw that warm comforting smile…it felt like a strong surge of relief within my heart. I’m so happy to see this person…I felt so complete with that person close by to me… but before I knew who it was, everything faded away into darkness.


Early in the morning everyone had their breakfast before headed down to the lobby before joining up with the other group of students in another hotel. They had gathered up at the plaza area of the island first and the teachers had to make sure all students were presented there. After they had gathered up everyone, Yuki was obviously standing with her roommate and sighed before this boyish looking girl came up to them.

“I was looking for you! Everyone’s waiting over there Rena-chan.”

“Ah, I see. It will be nice if you join us as well Kashiwagi-san.”

Rena turned to Yuki and she only made an eye contact back at her. However, it was obviously expected that the tall raven-haired girl would refuse the offer but before she could do it…an unexpected guest had came in to join the conversation.

“That’s amazing~ Let’s go together!”

Yuki could feel those hands on her shoulder and that familiar voice from behind. She moment she turned her face she could see that energetic eyes so close to hers. She couldn’t help but to be surprise with that sudden appearance.

“Y-You again??”

“Oh! You’re that person at the dinner yesterday!”

The boyish girl exclaimed with surprise and smiled towards Mayu. She seemed to remember Mayu from helping the dinner last night. That youngster smiled back and stared back at her before a smile appeared across her face. She introduced herself to everyone and that she was also the head chief’s daughter as well.

“Oh nice~ I’m Matsui Jurina, nice to meet you.”

She extended her hand out and Mayu shook her hand immediately. The boyish girl welcomed the Watanabe youngster easily and it seemed they were able to get along quite well due to their similarity in their personality. They both always smiled and loved having fun.

“Oh right, good morning Yukirin~”

“Get off from me…”

“Let’s join with Jurina’s group. It’s going to be loads of fun~”

Mayu kept talking and Jurina seemed to take a like of her enthusiasm. Therefore, she decided to ask the Watanabe whether she wanted to join their group as well or not. Obviously, there was no way that Mayu would refuse that. She smiled out of content and held firmly on Yuki’s shoulders.

“I’m in! Today is a special day as well, it’s going to be real cool.”

“But I’m not—”

“C’mon, let’s go Yukirin!”

Mayu gave her a nudge and push Kashiwagi along the path. In the end, she was dragged to join in with Rena and Jurina with other students that were waiting for them. Yuki could’ve refused to do so but it was just too late. An innocent islander, who seems to enjoy meddling with her life, dragged her into this mess. Mayu had been sticking with her ever since the first day they met…and she wondered when would this kid stop.


Mayu just simply joined in with Jurina’s group and other students in the group seemed to have interest in this youngster so much. They kept asking about the younger’s life and general questions like how they would talk to a new friend. As they finally reached their destination, at the front of this humongous shrine, it was decorated elegantly with colorful colors everywhere. There were stalls everywhere along the footpath as well as everyone was well prepared for the students’ arrival. Yuki’s eyes drifted around as she was appreciating the beauty of the shrine itself silently to herself until Mayu suddenly held her hand gently. She flinched and turned over to her immediately and witnessed that genuine smile coming from her innocent face.

“Let’s go in, and I’ll tell you about this annual festival of ours.”


Before she could respond, Mayu pulled forward to catch up with others that went ahead of them. Since it was early in the morning she wasn’t able to respond to this but she didn’t pull her hand away from Mayu…she wasn’t disgusted by the physical contact with the youngster.

“It’s a 5-days festival. It's the longest and the best festival ever.”

The youngster told the taller girl the whole story about the festival was based on. There was a legend behind the story with how the god of sea taught how people should have faith and hope in their hearts. The sky would be showered with countless stars symbolizing hopes of each individual and every single year the sky would be covered with stars for 5 days straight. There was no single year that this phenomenon has not happen. Today would be the first day and Mayu was terribly excited with this. Yuki could tell she was looking forward to it so badly.

“You seem to be happy with this.”

Yuki spoke up after Mayu had finish telling the story regarding the festival here. The younger only smiled and look up into the sky. No one knew what that smile meant at all.

“…Because I want you to see it.”


“I want Yukirin to see the sea of stars.”

Instead of her usual childish voice, it was a calm and mature tone. It made her mind stumbled slightly as she was witnessing a complete different image of Mayu. As if she wasn’t her usual self at all. She suddenly gave Yuki a nudge on the shoulder to push her forward. The moment the raven-haired girl turned around, she saw that usual lively smile across that childish face. 

“Everyone’s waiting, let’s go.”

She didn’t have the chance to respond back and Mayu kept pushing Yuki towards where Rena and others were grouping. As soon as they joined up they went around and enjoyed the festival feels in this huge shrine area. There were loads of food stalls, souvenirs and games everywhere. There was also a dancing show as well. Mayu always made sure that she was with Yuki and made her get involved with Jurina and others. It allowed other students to approach Yuki and talk to her for once after they never had the chance to. Little by little, their perspective towards Kashiwagi started to change. She wasn’t actually that cold-hearted as people kept saying…she’s just normal like anyone else but more introvert.

“Kashiwagi-san, please do have some.”

One of the girls in Jurina’s group came up to her and offered a snack she bought from a stall. Obviously, the tall raven-haired girl wasn’t expecting this and it seemed she was insisting to give it to her as well. It made Yuki sighed softly and realized she shouldn’t refuse her.


“No problem! Ah right, I haven’t introduced myself haven’t I? I’m Takayanagi Akane, just call me Akane since its so much easier.”

“Alright, thanks Akane-san.”

“It taste good isn’t? So much better than at Tokyo…”

It seemed they were able to get along well than they thought and the warmth accumulated in her heart once again. It’s a nostalgic feeling. It’s been so long since she enjoyed this warmth with being with everyone. While they were walking around, they came across this fortune telling stall and got very interested in it. It was one of the most popular tourist things ever on this island. There was a fortuneteller that gave such perfect prediction that allowed bringing fame and she would always have her face hidden all the time. No one knew how she looked like and knew only that was a woman. Majority of the girls were in line as they were interested in their love teenage life, but it seemed Yuki wasn’t keen for it at all.

“That’s surprising that you’re not interested in these things unlike others.”

“I don’t believe in destiny.”

“Hmm~ I see.”

Mayu just stood there with a smile right beside her and she couldn’t shake this curiosity out of her mind. Since both of them were standing alone while others were waiting to get in line the with the fortune teller, and so Yuki decided to speak up in order to clear out her curiosity.

“…Why are you doing this?”



“You mean as, why am I here with you right?”


Mayu only smiled and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Yuki didn’t need to say anything much for Watanabe to understand what she was saying. She did not make an eye contact with her and just continued where she left off before the taller one would die out of curiosity.

“It’s just so simple that I want to see your smile.”


“…You’re very gentle and pure, yet you’re pushing everyone away from you. Some old scars can be so deep that can everlastingly traumatized one from being themselves.”

Yuki’s eyes shot up widely in shock. She’s stunned and speechless with what Mayu uttered. She literally saw through her completely. This stranger spoke as if she knew everything about her and it’s creeping her out. She never told anyone that she’s trying to push herself away from people…and never ever there would be a chance she would tell anyone about her past that traumatized her until now. That scar that was left from the past incident was still there, and it was making her heart aching every now and then.

“…That sadness doesn’t fit you at all. I want to see you smile and that’s my wish.”


“I don’t know about your past obviously, but it must be painful…right?”

Yuki was lost of words and didn’t know how to respond to that. It felt as if Mayu was able to see through her completely and this silence was only between the two of them. She stared at her without blinking until Mayu turned to look at her with those calm eyes. She doesn’t look like a child at all; it felt as if…Yuki was actually witnessing the real side of Watanabe.

“Mayu-chan! So you’ve been here all the time?? The head priest has been waiting for you to come by.”

This mysterious lady rushed up to both girls and talked in a huffed tone. It seemed she had been running around the whole place and looked for Mayu for this whole time. It seemed the young girl wasn’t prioritizing what she should do today since she actually had a job to do at the festival.

“Oh? Okay~ I’ll definitely drop by to see him.”

“By the way, I thought you would be helping out the fortune telling booth. You’re the famous fortuneteller here on this island! Right now Miyako is doing the job instead.”


Yuki flinched and diverted her eyes to Mayu immediately. She only smirked with that soft chuckle at Kashiwagi before turned back to the older woman in front of her. That short Watanabe was actually the famous fortuneteller of the island and the person that the students wanted to ask for their love life.

“I’m sorry~ but I want to be with my friend.”

“Your friend?”

The older woman turned to Yuki and realized that Watanabe youngster was spending her time with this student right beside her. She seemed to have a surprising face on her before she nodded softly without saying anything further. Before she left she told Mayu that the priest wanted to speak to her and asked her to meet him today. The woman slowly glanced over to Yuki before she decided to head to move to work, while Yuki was still dumbfounded with many things that just popped up. Regarding Mayu reading her like a book and being the famous fortuneteller of this island. 

“Uh…so you’re the famous—?”

“Shhh…It will be crazy if anyone knows that.”

Yuki couldn’t believe her eyes that the dorky Watanabe was actually the famous fortuneteller of this island that her classmates were craze about. Then it wasn’t so surprising anymore that she was able to see through Yuki so easily. It was by her powers? However, Kashiwagi girl was wondering whether it existed or not…those kind of supernatural powers still sound quite unrealistic.

“It really did exist? Those kind of super powers…”

“It is your choice to believe in it or not. It can be the truth in my world, but not in your world.”


“…Aside from the head priest of this temple, no one can see the world I see. So the truth of my world will never be the same as your world. You can say like we live in two different worlds as well.”

The raven-haired student was left dumbfounded with such a philosophical talk from the shorter girl. It was just contradicting with her naïve appearance so much. However, she felt such a heavy weight on each word Mayu uttered to her and she realized that she shouldn’t take it lightly. It was about time everyone was done with each person’s fortunetelling with Mayu’s substitute since she ditched her job to be with Yuki. It was about time for the opening of the festival at the front of the actual shrine where the priest was standing. The traditional dance begun and everyone watched in silence. The raven-haired appreciated this moment and she realized it was different from how usually her life went on. This time she got this mysterious naïve girl attached to her ever since the first day she arrived here. Mayu never left her side and then those words she uttered kept repeated in her head.

“…That sadness doesn’t fit you at all. I want to see you smile and that’s my wish.”

She just remained in silence and by the time she realized it again, the opening ceremony had came to an end. Her mind was completely occupied with those serious words uttered from the naïve kid. Eventually, the noise of conversing had resumed once again but then she felt this warm soft hand grabbed onto her wrist. The moment she turned, she wasn’t that surprise anymore since she knew who would be touching her so closely like this.

“Let’s go! The priest wants to meet us.”

“But isn’t that only you??”

“Yes, but I want him to meet you too.”

Mayu only smiled and then dragged Yuki over into the shrine where they would find him. He would always be at his usual spot inside the shrine and sat in front of the huge god statue before him. As they opened the door, the priest knew he had a guest, but just as much as he knew that it was Mayu and another girl.

“…It seems you brought someone with you today Mayu.”
“Hello uncle! I want you to meet with Yukirin.”

He got up from his sitting position and slowly turned around to look at the young student. As their eyes met, Yuki was totally captivated by those calm eyes. Without any words, she felt her conscious was completely under his control already. The atmosphere from him was just so calm that it made her instinct surrendered to that silence. As he approached the two girls, he looked at Yuki with a smile of interest. He seemed to be extremely young and Yuki wouldn’t be able to tell how old he was from his appearance. While he was staring at Kashiwagi, it seemed he could see something more than just her cute teenage appearance.

“Ah…I see.”


“He’s just appreciating your beauty.”


“Mayu, saying things like that would only lead to more misunderstandings.”

The priest lectured the young girl and made her stumbled slightly. It seemed she didn’t meant for this to happen and she ruffled her head before bowed down slightly with guilt. Yuki was slightly surprise to see that side from Watanabe. She could tell that the naïve kid truly respect and obey what ever the head priest.

“I’m sorry…”

He only smiled and stroked the young girl’s head before he turned to Yuki with a soft bow. He knew that it wasn’t Mayu’s fault to be saying things confusingly out of blue without trying to explain to others what she meant. However, Yuki was very new to this and he couldn’t help but to apologize for that.

“I’m sorry for Mayu’s bluntness, I’m the head priest of this island, Kurogane Izumi, it is please to meet you.”

“I-I’m Kashiwagi Yuki…nice to meet you Kurogane-san.”

The priest was very gentle and smiled back at Yuki. Then after their introduction he began to tell how Mayu saw the world in a different way than normal people do and sometimes she would say something odd. She was the only one that could see it after all. As Yuki listened to the story, her curiosity kicked in regarding the head priest himself.

“Uh…Mayu said you can see that as well? The same thing she sees.”

“Haha, yes I could. She’s a special child. I taught her so many things ever since she could remember.”


The priest didn’t seem to tell Yuki what it was but it didn’t really bother her as much, since she’s not that particularly interested to know more about this youngster. Maybe this girl was a special kid after all, but Yuki didn’t know in what way that it made her so special. Both the chief and the priest said that to her… it started to arouse her curiosity a little more about how Mayu was a special child.

“Don't forget that Kashiwagi-san can’t see what you see, do take care of her properly okay?”

“Yes uncle~ but I have a question!!”

“Hehe, what is it?”

“Yukirin really pretty isn’t she?”

Mayu asked such a blunt question and Yuki couldn’t understand why. As the priest turned to look at Yuki once again he only smile with a nod. For some reason, the young student felt a little awkward with how Watanabe youngster asked such a thing from the priest.

“Hmm, you really do have nurtured black hair, you must’ve taken good care of it.”

“O-Oh, yeah, my mom always tell me not to do any sorts of dye to ruin my hair…”

“That’s indeed smart, you look elegant and you’ll grow up to become a beautiful lady one day.”

He complimented her and it made her slightly blushed. That was the best compliment she ever got in her life regarding her appearance. It seemed it wasn’t her that was getting a response from the answer. Mayu was chuckling with a huge smile across her face before she grabbed onto Yuki’s hand once again. She was about to take her leave from the shrine to enjoy the festival along with Yuki.

“I’m old enough to look after myself uncle! I’ll see you later~”

“Please do enjoy the festival while you’re here, and Kashiwagi-san please do take care of this little girl.”

“T-Thank you again Kurogane-san.”

Yuki spoke before Mayu dragged her out. He only watched from a distance away and he could see the glittering white snow aura coming out from the young student. His vision allowed him to see the young girl’s true color and it made him smiled vaguely, but at the same time he sighed with worries. Such mixed feelings developing inside his chest while he stared at those two girls until they disappeared from his vision.

“…How surprising. Is it the fate of the stars? In the end, the one that could decide what will happen will be them.”


Mayu kept dragging Yuki across the footpath and through the crowded festival. Countless eyes from her classmate stared with curiosity and the youngster was just making loud noises that caught most of people’s attention. Yuki was already weird enough in everyone’s attention, but this just made everything much worse than ever. She didn’t want to really associate with a naïve child like her.

“L-Let me go!!”

Yuki pulled her hand away and it made the youngster turned to her with eyes of curiosity. She didn’t seem to understand why the tall raven-haired was acting as if she was trying to bluff something. Mayu could only ask back out of curiosity on Yuki’s actions, she might’ve knew what the taller girl was thinking but no one knew what was going on inside her mind.

“Hmm? Yukirin?”

“You’re too loud…everyone’s literally looking at us.”

She whispered back but Mayu didn’t look like she seemed to understand. She began looking around and realized how some other students were staring back at her with a very weird look in their eyes. The naïve youngster remained in silence and had that simple smile on her as usual in order to hide her emotions. She approached Yuki again and held her hand gently this time.

“...Let’s go.”


“I need to show you something cool!”

She gripped it tightly and dragged Yuki along with her but this time was less forceful. The student could just bluntly tell the youngster to stop and leave her alone. But she couldn’t bring herself to say that in front of that innocent smile. Being dragged by the young girl once again…they went up along the stair pathway beside the shrine and they were going up the hill to the top. Obviously, Yuki wasn’t ready for this and panted as she passed countless of steps. But for Mayu, she was already at the top of the hill without breaking into sweat. This kid was just too tough and rough for Yuki to deal with.

“We’re here! C’mon Yukirin~”

“Ugh…why do I have to tolerate this??”

She sighed to herself and finally she reached the top. Yuki was able to take some breath and saw the youngster ran towards this big sakura tree. She was calling Yuki over with hand signal and as she walked over…Yuki witnessed the scene of the ocean from above the hills. They could see the hotel that Yuki stayed, the scene of the mountains behind along with the deep blue ocean and sky. It was a clear blue sky and few clouds…likely the sky would be clear tonight as well. Once again, this scene just stumbled her and made her speechless.

“It’s awesome right? Everyone was saying this scene is amazing~”


Yuki didn’t reply but Mayu seemed to know what the taller girl was thinking. She only smiled while watching Yuki deeply engulfed by the beauty of the scene. Watanabe only looked out towards the ocean and could tell that the young student could truly appreciate the beauty of nature unlike kids at her age. She was sure unique in her own way and that made Mayu interested in her. 

“You sure got some taste.”


“…You really do have high sense of appreciation towards nature.”

Mayu didn’t look at her and went on with the one-sided talk again. That moment, the young high school student was surprised how the youngster saw through her once again. But it became some usual thing already that Watanabe seemed to know her quite well. It seem Mayu was the only one she ever met that seemed to understand her somehow…comparing to all the friends she ever had. That was the moment Yuki accidently spoke up her real thoughts.


“Hmm? What is it?”

“Why are you approaching me this much? I’m not such a fun person to be with and you’re rather annoying. Doing things that you wanted to do and not listening to my opinions at all…”

Yuki spoke all her thoughts but the moment she looked up to Mayu and expected a hurtful expression. She only saw that innocent eyes staring back at her with that smile. There was no sign of anger or frustration or irritation… only just pure smile of content and relief. Yuki couldn’t understand what’s going through inside Mayu’s head and didn’t know what was the meaning behind that smile. Her reply wasn’t something that Yuki would’ve expected either.

“But you didn’t stop me.”


“You didn’t mind it.”


“I like Yukirin. I never have this much fun being around anyone before… I had a lot of fun ever since you came.”

Words could turn into lies so easily, and Yuki knew that so well into her bone marrow. However she just believed in those words from Mayu. Maybe it was because she was such a naïve girl and it was hard to believe that she would be lying? It’s just too confusing for Yuki to understand this girl. Yuki simply looked away without replying anything back to her.



Silence between the two and Mayu just stared at the taller girl with a smile. Eventually, Yuki’s eyes slowly diverted back to see the beautiful ocean scenery and took a deep fresh air into her lungs. It’s a pure moment of silence between the two of them and it made Yuki wondered what the younger one was thinking right now. The moment she diverted her eyes to the corner she realized that Mayu had disappeared. She was shocked, she didn’t hear a single thing and that kid just happen to be gone in the middle of thin air.


She looked around but didn’t see her at all…until she looked down onto the floor and saw the girl lying down with her back. Yuki couldn’t help but to be surprised with Mayu’s action. This kid was just too unpredictable and would always make her surprise in every way. The youngster stared up to the deep blue sky and with her arms spread out on the floor.

“Don’t you think it’s peaceful here? That’s why…it’s one of my most favorite places on this island.”


Yuki didn’t reply anything and only stared out at the scenery once again. However that silence was more than enough for Mayu to understand the raven-haired girl. Then suddenly Yuki sighed and decided to take her leave, thus made the youngster sat up from the floor with wonders.

“You’re going?”



Yuki didn’t bother to reply; yet Mayu just went along with the floor and followed her down the stairs. That smile never disappeared from her face and it’s making Yuki annoyed. She didn’t understand why would Mayu be following and kept clinging onto her despite she told her honestly that she’s annoyed with the younger’s presence.


Late afternoon, everyone was having their lunch with their respective group of friends and Mayu dragged the poor raven-haired girl towards Rena’s party. The Watanabe youngster came with a big bag of bento boxes, desserts, and drinks for everyone to have. She obviously got it from her father and sat together with the students along with Yuki. The annoyed raven-haired girl just sat there and ate her bento box while others were trying to learn more about Mayu as usual. This kid seemed to be the center of attention at all times, due to her energetic and lively behavior. She seemed to get along quite well with everyone else and that was when the youngster threw a question to her.

“Yukirin~ Are you in any clubs at school?”


Yuki didn’t expect such a question to be thrown at her. Now this naïve youngster dragged her into the conversation that she didn’t wish to join in. If she wanted to isolate herself from other people, then clubs would be her 1st priority to avoid. Mayu just literally made Yuki got into one of the problems she avoided for the 3 years ever since she got into high school.

“Oh right! Is Kashiwagi-san in any? We’re all in Jeremiah singing club and it will be great if you join with us!”

Akane spoke up and invited Yuki to join the singing club with them. Apparently almost everyone including Rena was in the club as well. However, she wasn’t confident with this singing skill of hers at all and she’s too embarrassed to sing in front of people. She had lo confidence in her skills and had a feeling she would just humiliate herself in public.

“I uhh—”

“Yukirin’s voice is amazing! She’ll definitely become a great singer.”

Mayu just blabbered out with that innocent face that made everyone believed what she said. However, she never heard Yuki sang even once yet she claimed that the taller girl possessed a melodious voice. Her heart sank as if she just fell into the pit called hell. She could see hope and sparkles in Akane and Airin’s eyes when they heard that Yuki was a talented singer from the naïve kid.

“Eh!!! Really? I never heard Kashiwagi-san sang before!”

Airin exclaimed out loudly and everyone in the singing club showed much more interest in the raven-haired girl even more. They were staring with glimmering eyes and hopes in Yuki. Obviously it made Kashiwagi very nervous but what’s even worse was that she was pissed with Mayu. She glared at that naïve innocent girl whom didn’t know what she had done wrong and how much misery she had caused to Kashiwagi.


“Try out this mocchi~ grandma Kaede made it and its amazing~!”

Mayu interrupted with the desserts she brought for everyone before Yuki could say anything to her. Was that a coincidence of its something that the youngster knew that it was happening? Yuki was about to be raging on her and she dodged it by using the sweets. Yuki started to lose her patience and she was really grumpy right now. However, she was interrupted with the mocchi passed from Rena whom was sitting beside her.

“Kashiwagi-san, this is your share.”


Yuki took it and decided to have a bite of it hoping that it might cheer up her mood a little. Then it turned out it did, the dessert tasted amazing and before she realized it again she finished the whole thing already. That was when everyone was heading towards the plaza area of the island, as the next highlight of the festival was about to begin. They would be watching the welcoming fireworks on the first day and on the last day before they leave. While the students were waiting for the fireworks, the sky was getting darker but it wasn’t in complete darkness yet. Yuki was standing alone watching the stars above her while neglecting the loud chit chatting around her.

“Do you know how to read the stars?”

That familiar voice came up again and she knew it belonged to whom. The moment she turned her glare towards this shorter youngster, she passed a bottle of cold water to her.

“I bet you want one.”

Mayu smiled and Yuki sighed before taking it. She took it into her hand instead and didn’t bother to reply the youngster at the slightest. How did this kid know that she actually thirsty? However, Yuki was still holding her grudge against Watanabde after she blabbered the nonsense of her being a good singer because it just made the members of Jeremiah singing club kept inviting her to join them. Obviously the reason she didn’t want to join was because she didn’t want to get involved with any kind of social groups and establish any sorts of relationships with anyone, including friendship. Mayu’s existence just flipped her whole life into mess and made her miserable. 

“The stars are pretty, aren’t they?”


“I bet there’s a lot of stars~”

“You can see that for yourself, you don’t even have to ask me.”

Yuki was annoyed and replied bluntly back at the young naïve girl. However, Mayu was slightly stumbled by the question, her eyes grew wide with surprise but it faded away instantly. The usual innocent smile took over and just smiled while staring up at the stars without being affected by Yuki’s harsh comment.

“Have you ever tried praying at the stars? ”

“That’s a stupid childish thing.”

“It’s not, the stars will hear your prayers. Trust me.”

“You believe in that ridiculous thing?”

“Why not?”

Mayu shrugged it off and had that naïve smile on her face as usual. That innocent in her eyes just irritated Yuki and she just wanted to hell back at the youngster to get away from her. As she stared back at Mayu and made that eye contact with her…that innocent and pureness in those orbs were just too overwhelming for her. That was when she decided to push Mayu away from her and glared with this overflowing irritation inside her chest.

“…Leave me alone.”


“Don’t call me with that name!! I hate that name as well as you! Can’t you just go away!?”

Yuki ran away and left the young Watanabe alone in the dark. Likely other students overheard the argument but it didn’t seem to bother the naïve youngster at all. Mayu only sighed softly and had that saddened expression on her face, she wasn’t upset for being insulted by the raven-haired girl, she was sad for some other reason. No one knew what was going through her mind.

“Yukirin…doing this won’t solve anything…”


The loud sound echoed in the sky and Mayu looked up immediately. Colorful fireworks spread across the sky and it was suppose to be another exciting festival. However it didn’t turn out to be that way, she closed her eyes and only could think of Yuki. She was worried about her, she could’ve chase after her but she chose not to…the girl needed to calm down first. Despite if she did right now it would just make Yuki exploded even more, things would turn out to be much worse than it is.

…Just 4 more days to go…

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Ah, I am so happy I read this beforehand, I mean, all the chapters that are about to come and I really know how the readers are feeling....more like....I was actually in a worse situation, because I din have all updates one per day, there were times where I didn't get to read the new part for like two or three days....


This MaYuki story, guys, expect unexpected, that is all I am gonna spoil. Is this spoiling I wonder though...

Well, let's wait for another chapter  8)
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