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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 119793 times)

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Mayu sounds normal, but she's abnormal. She's normal around the ocean (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Can't wait for the next days (∩_∩)

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
What is this mistery thing will happen

I hope Yuki back to Mayu :<

Update soon

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It's more friendship than romantic relationship


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Ehh... why... yuki is so cold to everyone. Just get along alreadyy!!! :sweatdrop:
Looking forward for tomorrow~

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  • My heart beats for Yukirin <3

sakura_drop_: You got the worse Saku, xD As you already stated....sometimes you needed to wait 2-3 days for an update~ I know how much you love it~ :P Glad you do! ^^ Thanks for being my proofreader too! Now that it reminded me...I didn't credit your guys yet ^^" I FORGOT! I need to do it asap O.O Saku~ You probably know how much 3rd and 4th day affects you right~? :P

RenshuChan: We'll see if Mayu's is abnormal or not! XD Really depends on your definition and idea too :P Hehe

Kirozoro: We'll see how things between Mayu and Yuki will be in the next and following chapters~! ^^ stay tune~

gek geki: You'll see more! :P Gonna be much more intense from now~ You'll definitely see something!

affiber: So much more things to learn about Yuki, stay tune and we'll eventually know! ^^ is the 3rd day now.

A World to Believe In
~Pairing: Mayuki~

~3rd DAY~


I remembered back in those childhood days…I used to have friends surrounding me. To be exact, I knew everyone in my year.  I never forgot this feeling at all until that day happened…the day they betrayed me. The day my own best friend betrayed everything I have. I lost so many things from that incident…I was traumatized. Until now, I’m just so scared to make a start with anything or have friends. I always have this lingering feeling that it will attack me back again like that day…

Even we become friends, its not like it’s going to last…then why bother it?

Mayu: “Yukirin is my friend now, and I’m your friend too.”

Stop it. Please. I don’t want to hear that. I don’t want to have friends! I…I’m scared…It’s just 5 days being here, it will end…despite friends I made here, it will be pointless when I leave. Just 5 more days…and this will end. I won’t have to feel this disturbing feeling aching inside my chest when I remembered the sweet feeling when being around people called ‘friends’. It’s just an illusion, just 5 more days…and this whole crap will be gone…


The next morning, everyone had their free time to do anything they wanted but Yuki decided to just stay in her room and relax. She wasn’t in a mood to do anything and she saw this snack on the table… it was that snack Mayu gave to her on the first night here. That innocent face flashed into her mind again and it made her bloody irritated. She pushed the snack down into the trashcan and rested on the bed in the silent room until afternoon.

“Damn it…that kid…”

She looked up to the ceiling and just enjoyed this peace alone in her room. She didn’t want to go out in order to avoid meeting with Mayu. Then she got annoyed with herself for running away from that kid who was younger than her. She sighed and got off from bed instead because lying down like this wouldn’t help her clear off her mind at the slightest. Heading towards the balcony she stared at the ocean scenery as it could be seen from her room. This was actually a good room they got since it had a perfect angle of the beautiful ocean. While she was standing alone appreciating the scenery, the door to the room opened and caught her attention.

“Oh, hi Matsui-san.”

“Hello, we just came back from the market. Have you stayed here the whole time?”

“Apparently, yes.”

“Ah, I see…and please just call me Rena. It would be slightly confusing when Jurina is around since we share the same last name.”

Rena explained and Yuki find it reasonable enough to call her classmate by her first name instead. She agreed to call her by her name instead and that was when Rena told her about the plans this afternoon to go up to the hotspring on the mountains. It was written in their schedule and the teachers were assembling them up at the front of the hotel before heading over there.

“So I guess we have to get ready now.”

“Alright, thanks Rena-chan.”

“Not at all Kashiwagi-san.”

They both get ready for their plan and the moment Yuki stepped her foot out from the room, she wondered whether she would encounter with that naïve girl once again or not. She had said horrible things to her and wondered how much Mayu was affected by that… but then she shook it off from her head, she didn’t want to think about it and she should be relieved that she got the parasite out from her body already. However, she wasn’t feeling happy at all and instead she felt empty and at guilt.


After everyone gathered at the entrance of the hotel, it was sure a cool windy day today. The chief would be leading them up to this hotspring that had natural hot spring on the mountains. Everyone was truly looking forward to that, unlike Yuki. She was staying with Rena and others, but not with Mayu around this time. The youngster was busy helping her father out with work but she was having a difficult time remembering the students…so she would be leading the path instead of the chief. Yuki had been thinking about that night she yelled back at Mayu and the girl didn’t say anything to her anymore. She left Yuki as she requested, but something felt a little bit hollow somehow. The raven-haired girl didn’t feel it’s right…and she actually felt lonely.

“Kashiwagi-san? Kashiwaigi-san??”


Yuki snapped back to reality and saw Rena shaking her shoulder to catch her attention. The group was about to leave already and they would be left behind if they don’t catch up with them soon. Yuki nodded her head spontaneously and rushed with Rena to catch up with everyone else ahead of them. How weird, Yuki believed that she would feel much better since the clinging naïve baby was away from her already. However…it just made her life become pointless somehow. Ever since she arrived at this island, Mayu was always there with her all the time. Despite how many times Yuki tried to be rude at her to chase her away, she didn’t even bother to care and kept clinging onto her with that honest smile. Their journey went on and they kept walking up the hill with such grateful that the afternoon wasn’t as hot as they thought. The weather up in the mountains was quite cool and fresh comparing to Tokyo. Yuki constantly looked around her surroundings and realized that this place was just purely beautiful. Her sharp eyes just made the whole picture so clear and detailed. Sometimes she wondered how other people saw its beauty because she met none that appreciated the same thing as her…aside from that Watanabe chump.

Mayu: “…You really do have high sense of appreciation towards nature.”

Her words rung inside Yuki’s head and it made her flinched. She didn’t understand since when this naïve youngster was affecting her mind this much. She shook her head and stared at Mayu from behind. She saw that small back leading the line of students. She only sighed when she recalled last night chasing Mayu off from her by saying that she hated her. However, it seemed Rena noticed something odd coming from the raven-haired girl.

“Did you have a fight with Mayu?”

“Huh? Oh…well…”

“Ah, I see.”

Rena didn’t bother to ask and realized that its none of her business to know what’s between Yuki and Mayu. However, she felt like she should give a piece of her thought to her roommate just in case it might give some thoughts to Yuki. She could see how much Yuki’s mood was withering comparing to the first two days she was here. It was as if Kashiwagi turned into a different person.

“Hope things go well between the two of you. Kashiwagi-san, you looked rather much brighter with Mayu around.”


“Well…it’s just my opinion though. You looked very withered out today.”


Rena nodded and Yuki only sighed to herself. It seem Kashiwagi knew what was bothering her this much and it could only be about the naïve kid that clung onto her. Maybe she felt guilty yelling at Mayu last night out of pure anger and annoyance. However, she didn’t want Mayu to get close to her either since she had this trauma that still haunted her until now. Anyone that got close to her would leave her in the end. That’s why she rather had no one close to her ever since then, and Mayu was no exception. In addition, she was bloody irritated with this naïve girl clinging onto her and kept dragging her around without asking for her opinion.

“We’re here.”

They all arrived at the hot springs and everyone was excited to take a break in the natural mountain hot springs. There were some students in the hot spring and some wandering around in the forest in the safe walking zone that was marked by the fences. Yuki was one of the groups that walked around in the nature and enjoying the scenery of the mountains. She did came with Rena’s group as her roommate asked. Everyone took photos of the scene and themselves enjoying this fieldtrip. However, while they were enjoying the scene they encountered with this group of these flashy looking girls that seemed to be picking on Yuki. She seemed to know Yuki more than anyone else in school… They approached her and the intense atmosphere started to build up.

“Kashiwagi-san, we’re curious, what’s your relationship with that kid?”


“The daughter of the chief that always sticks around with you.”

They elaborated a little bit more and Yuki realized that they were referring to Mayu. They must’ve seen how that girl was clinging onto Yuki for the whole yesterday but today was completely different. She didn’t want to bother answering the question but she forced herself to do so. She still didn’t want to chase the girl off mercilessly.

“What about her?”

“You’re trying to manipulate her again like how you seduced Kazuya?”

This girl seemed to be picking a fight with Yuki and it made the whole atmosphere tensed up. It reminded the raven-haired girl of the past she didn’t wish to remember at the slightest. It was the whole reason that traumatized her until now. However, this time she wasn’t planning to run away anymore. She had enough with running away from her own ex-best friend and decided to charge head on against her.

“That is your problem and isn’t that your issue that he lost interest on you?”

“Oi! What did you say!?”

“I said, what I just said.”

Yuki glared back with that dark aura emitted from her. The girl was trying to slap the tall raven-haired girl but then she caught her hand before she could do so. Then Jurina, Akane and others came to support Yuki by her side. This supportive feeling she received was just a brand new experience to her…she always stood for herself because Yuki believed that none would come to support her, but not this time. Rena, Jurina, Churi, and others walked up to her side and confronted against those girls that came to ask for a fight with her.

“Kashiwagi-san is not that kind of person.”

Rena spoke up, supporting Yuki with such confidence in her voice. Jurina’s presence did give more than enough intimidation to the girls as well since she had that strong intimidating aura as a part of her nature. Kashiwagi was just dumbfounded…she couldn’t believe that these people stood up for her and protected her against the girls who were trying to bully her. The warmth and comfort for having a friend returned back to her and she could feel this tinge of happiness growing inside her chest.

“You guys…why?”

“That’s bloody obvious! We’re friends!”

Akane yelled out and Kashiwagi couldn’t believe what she heard. Jurina, Akane, Rena, and other girls were siding with her and did this because she was their friend. Since when was the last time a friend stood up for her to fight with her…maybe it never ever happen before. The warmth of relief kept growing inside her chest…and it’s giving her hope and light.

“You sure you’re going to ask a fight on me?”

“What are you? A toad princess? Get lost!”

Jurina just insulted bluntly without caring she would hurt another girl’s feelings or not. She was sure a rough person than what Yuki thought to be since she appeared to always be cheerful and kind to everyone. Obviously it just provoked the girl even more and before anything could continue, an unexpected guest came to join the argument….

One girl that spotted this creature freaked out as she it crawling out from the bush. It was a green long snake, and that was when everyone started to panic and screamed from the top of their lungs. Their screams literally echoed throughout the whole forest. As for Kashiwagi, she could feel her heart racing and adrenaline rushing wildly… no one knew whether the snake was poisonous or not and it’s just too scary to think about it when it was so close to them.



The girls were freaking out and everyone was trying to move away from the snake. However, the easily frightened girls didn’t realize Yuki was behind them and accidently pushed her out of fear. Yuki tumbled back and tried to grasp ofor her balance immediately, but luck wasn’t on her side today. Unfortunately…no ground was behind her. Only a steep hill it is. That second, Yuki felt like death was just so close to her, she was scared…that’s when she called out for someone…

Mayu: “Yukirin~”

(…W-Why am I thinking of her at this moment…!?)

The first second she realized she was floating in the air, then the next second she was falling down to this unknown forest below her, which no one could tell where, it would take her to. She had no clue how tall was it and would there be anything to save her from the fall? She closed her eyes shut and embraced the incoming pain that was inevitable. The chill ran up her guts and she swore she was having a palpitation during the fall…it’s just deadly scary.



Mayu’s instinct sensed something odd, she threw her glance towards the direction she felt it coming from. She rushed off and ran passed her father with a yell to grab his attention.

“Dad! Something’s wrong over there!”

She sprinted and without waiting for her dad to catch up with her. By the time they arrived Mayu spotted a snake moving towards the girls that were screaming in fear. She swiftly grabbed by its neck and threw it back into the woods where it belonged. Everyone was freaking out with the snake and then the chief had arrived to witness the scene. The youngster reported her father what actually happened immediately without waiting. She’s a skilled girl that knew how to deal with these kinds of situations. She managed to save everyone from the snake without fear.

“There was a snake, I threw it away already.”

“Thank you Mayu. Did any of you got bitten?”

“N-No…we’re alright.”

One of the girls replied but then Mayu sensed something odd. She saw this glittering snowflake floating through the air and her eyes grew wide with shock. She looked around and realized what was gone…fear started to accumulate in her chest and she tried to focus. However, the more she did the more she’s certain what disappeared…and it just made her heart sank in misery.

“…Y-Yukirin? Yukirin!! Where are you!?”

She began to yell out loud and everyone started to realize that Yuki was gone and since when no one knew. One of the girls muttered out to herself that she could’ve ran away from the commotion and it made Jurina mad after overhearing it. The boyish looking girl was about to physically harm this rude girl. However, Mayu came in to stop her before anything could happen.

“What do you say—! …Mayu?”

“Jurina, don’t.”

Mayu spoke in a calm tone and it instantly made Jurina backed off slightly. It was one of the rare moments that the aggressive puppy girl listened to anyone aside from Rena. Then it was Watanabe youngster’s turn to look back at the girl that insulted Yuki right in front of her. She wasn’t mad and did not show any signs of irritation at all. She only had that calm expression on her face, as well as that sincerity in her eyes. No matter what that girl said, it wouldn’t change her mind towards Yuki at the slightest.

“Yukirin is not such a person like that, and she will never be…I’ll find her, even it will cost my own life…I will bring her back. ”

She seemed to have made up her mind with something and just grinned to herself before she took a deep breath. Mayu ran passed the group of girls and jumped towards this unknown steep hill and everyone was in complete shock. Her father’s eyes grew wide with shock but the moment he saw Mayu glimpsed back to look at him, he realized that his kid was serious and she would return back with missing Yuki. Such confidence in her eyes strongly convinced the chief that his daughter would be safe and sound despite how insanely she acted.

They all gawked with shock, but it seemed the father understood what his daughter was doing. He sighed and tried to calm the girls so they won’t make a commotion. Jurina was completely frustrated and turned to the chief immediately after saw someone just jumped off from the hill into the deep forest like a psycho.

“C-Chief! But Mayu—”

“Don’t worry…she know what she’s doing. She has been like this, and always come back safe and sound.”

His eyes still had those worries for his daughter. However, Mayu was a special child and there were only things that she could do. The only thing he could do was to trust his daughter that she will return with Yuki. He had faith that the spirit of the stars would be watching over her and gave Mayu the fortune to go through this.


What a painful dream…I had a dream I was sleeping on someone’s back and it’s so warm… My arms and legs were aching in pain and I tried to open my eyes yet I failed. What was this familiar scent?

“Yukirin…you’ll be alright. I’ll protect you.”

Those words kept repeating in my ears as I saw trees around me. That gentle voice calmed my mind down and eventually drifted back to darkness once again.



Mayu could feel Yuki fidgeting on her back but it didn't seem she would be regaining her conscious in anytime soon. After she had jumped down the steep hill to instantly catch up with Yuki, and successfully she managed to find her unconscious. Gratefully the raven-haired girl didn’t have any injuries aside from several small cuts on her arms and legs. However, Mayu was constantly dizzy with blood loss trailing down from her head. There was a huge nasty wound across the side of her temple and it’s constantly bleeding slowly without any signs of stopping soon. She did took off her long sleeve shirt and wear it on Yuki instead to protect the wounds from being infected disregarding her own condition. Gladly, she always wore an extra shirt underneath her long sleeve shirt, exposing her vague scars over her limbs.

“Yukirin…I’ll make sure you’ll be alright.”

Mayu diverted her glances around the area and seemed to have quite some trouble figuring the way out from here. It had been ages since she was here and too many things changed that she couldn’t remember the path anymore. The worse thing to think was that they were actually lost in this forest. If they were…she doubt they would find their way out from here any time soon. 

“Dammit…where should I go now—”

She suddenly saw this glimmering violet light from a distance away. It looked like fluff floating off towards the left direction. Mayu’s eyes grew wide with shock and followed after that mysterious violet butterfly she spotted. She ran through the bushes quickly in such speed despite Yuki was on her back. She turned at the corner and followed that dimmed light that was escaping her from a distance away.


She called for it to stop but it suddenly disappeared from her vision. However, that was the same exact moment Mayu ran out from the forest to this familiar river in front of her… This was the place where she used to come since she was young with her friends and her older sister, Miyuki. This place just looked the same as the last time she came…and if that was the case, if they started from this point Mayu would be able to find her way back home.


That light guided her here and she remembered there would be a cave nearby the waterfall. She kept heading up the water stream and not that long she had encountered with this right angle steep cliff… finally arrived at the waterfall. The small cave right close by to the waterfall was spotted and it used to be the place that she came over to play when she was young. Nothing had changed since then at all, it did bring back memories to Mayu, and all those sweet memories in the past she shared with her sister. She approached inside the cave and gently put Yuki down onto the floor without waking her up.


The flash of pain ran across her head from that nasty wound. She touched it and felt the warm fresh blood on her hands. She decided to head out to the river and washed it with some clean water. However, the sting pain burned her wounds so badly and caused her to flinch in tremendous pain. She wasn’t good with injures and never treat them gently at all… She’s unable to learn a lesson from it. She took out her handkerchief and soaked it water before she placed it on top of her injury. Slowly looking up into the sky…and it’s about to turn brightly orange. It was a sign that the sun was about to set soon. With Yuki not awake yet she wondered she should persist through the forest, it would be rather dangerous since too many things had changed and they might high likely be lost in the dark.

“…I guess we have to stay here for a night. Today will be a cold night.”

She walked back into cave and slid down against the wall with exhaustion. She needed some rest before she could do anything else. Mayu could see that young raven-haired body was slightly trembling in cold and she decided to pull Yuki over closely to her body and embraced her to give her warmth. Kashiwagi’s body was actually colder than she thought and after a short while embracing her, she stopped shivering.

“Yuki…I’ll protect you. I promise. I’ll take you back home.”

Obviously there was no respond from the sleeping girl and it just made Mayu smiled out in the darkness. It was a calm gentle smile from the naïve youngster, and she slowly diverted her eyes towards the entrance of the cave… whispered softly as if she was talking to something.

“No matter how long has it been…you always protect me…thank you.”



Yuki slowly regained her conscious and realized how she could feel the pain all over her limbs. At least it proved more than enough to her that she’s still alive. However, she felt this warmth she was sleeping against. As she slowly opened her eyes and pushed herself away she saw that innocent sleeping face close to hers… It was Mayu, wearing a black sleeveless shirt. Her mind was in a state of surprise and the second thing she realized was that she was wearing this familiar long sleeve shirt…that belonged to the youngster as well.

“I ah…?”

It seemed her voice had caught Mayu’s attention and made her eyes slowly opened. That was when they made an eye contact with one another and a moment of silence between them once again. However, Mayu’s gentle smile destroyed that awkward silence and she sighed with utmost relief from her heart.

“Thank god…Yukirin, you’re awake.”

Yuki scanned all over Mayu’s body and could see small fresh cuts all over her legs and arms as well as that handkerchief resting on her head tainted with blood. That made her eyes grew wide with shock and worries started to surge through her mind. The handkerchief almost turned completely red and that would mean it soaked so much blood. Mayu was actually bleeding horribly and far worse than her. She immediately approached the young one with frustration and this unknown fear inside her chest.

“M-Mayu!? You’re bleeding!!”

“It’s alright. My head just got a huge cut, that’s it. I’m really glad you’re perfectly fine~”

That playful tone again, with lack of seriousness. Mayu just wanted to stay playful to reduce the tension between them, however it gave the opposite effect on Yuki. At this moment of crisis, Yuki couldn’t tolerate such an act and yelled out at the top of her lungs against the injured naïve girl. She was mad, irritated, annoyed, and worried about this young kid.

“Stop with that playful tone already!!!”

That made Mayu flinched with surprise. The taller girl was panting and she approached the younger one while taking the handkerchief off from her forehead. That’s when she could see this nasty wound and it made her truly worried whether it was already infected or not. She didn’t know what and how did Mayu got this but what she needed to do was to treat this wound.

“Is there water around here??”

“I can treat it myself—”

“Shut up and frigging tell me where it is!!”

Yuki roared back and it made the shorter girl mind blown away that instant. She repeated the question once again and this time Mayu gave up with arguing with the raven-haired girl. She told her that there was a river right outside the cave they were in and Yuki ordered the girl to stay still until she comes back.  The sky was getting redder, as the sun was about to set soon. However, Yuki ignored that, as she was more concerned about Mayu. After she washed blood-soaked handkerchief, she drenched it with clean water before rushing back into the cave and crouched right beside the exhausted youngster. She stroked the cold handkerchief and cleaned the wound so to clean the wounds clean and disinfected. Mayu just remained still as if it didn’t pain her the slightest.

“Does it hurt?”

“…I’m used to it. So don’t worry.”

“That’s why I’m worried about it. How can you get used to these kind of things??”

“There’s a reason why I wear long sleeve shirts to hide my scars. Being wounded is a part of my childhood life.”

As Mayu pointed it out, Yuki looked at her arms and could see old scars. It was everywhere including on her legs as well. That was why an injury on her head didn’t manage to bother her at the slightest. However, it was more than enough to make Yuki freaked out with frustration.

“If it hurts, just say it okay?”

“It won’t.”

“If it HURTS, do TELL me.”


Yuki argued back and continued to clean the wound until it looked neat enough. She slowly pulled her hand away and it seemed her senses were returning back to reality. She looked out from the cave and the sky was purely red from the sun setting. Memories before the blackout started to return back to her. She was falling down the steep hill and the second thing she realized was that she was in Mayu’s arms…in the cave…in the forest. However there was something missing from the puzzle.

“How did you…?”

“I came here to take you back. That’s quite reckless to jump off from the hill.”

“W-Wait what!? You jumped down!?”

“If not then how am I suppose to find you?”

“Are you nuts!? You can die!!”

“You can DIE too!!! Do you know how much I—!!”

That was the first time Yuki heard Mayu raised her voice up like this. The youngster flinched as she realized that she was losing her control. She looked away and leaned back against the wall of the cave. The moment of silence between the two of them again and then Yuki decided to sit down beside her instead. It’s starting to get colder and they would need some warmth for tonight. It would be rather too late to go walk outside right now.

“…Thank you, for finding me.”

Yuki spoke up and broke the tension. That was when Mayu’s expression was slightly relaxed and she held onto Yuki’s hand gently. Hoping that her feelings would reach her. Only that painful stare was more than enough to tell Yuki about her feelings.

“I’m sorry… Mayu.”

The younger girl’s eyes grew wide after her name was being called. Then again, it was another rare moments that the raven-haired girl called her by her first name. She could see Yuki was slightly blushing and she actually gripped back onto Mayu’s hand tightly while she continued where she left off.

“…I’m sorry for yesterday for yelling at you. I didn’t really meant that I actually hate you—”

“Don’t worry, I know what you mean…I know…thank you.”

They finally reconciled with each other and it’s getting darker right now. It would rather be a cold night today and they would need something to give warmth to both of them. Yuki realized she was wearing Mayu’s shirt and left the younger girl sleeveless in the cold.

“Y-You must be cold, I’ll return this—”

The moment Yuki took her shirt off, that was when she saw cuts on her arms, diverting her glance to her legs, she saw more but it was nothing deadly. That was when Mayu spoke up after the moment of Yuki being stunned.

“I can’t treat wounds that well…all I can do is to prevent it from being infected with my clothes. I’m sorry.”

“…It’s alright, I’ll be back. I’ll go clean myself up.”


Yuki went to the river and cleaned up her wounds. It wasn’t that painful since her body had healed itself already. The bleeding stopped and she could at least be certain that she increased her sanitary from washing herself. She walked back into the cave and crouched down right beside Mayu before passing the shirt back to her. However, Mayu shook her head and pushed it back to Yuki.

“No, you wear it. It will rather be a cold night today…”


“I’m naturally a heater. I’ll be alright, you’re still shivering even when you’re wearing that…”

Right on the bull’s eye…Yuki was not good with cold weather and it felt that Mayu saw through it. She couldn’t find words to argue back at the youngster at all. The next second, she could see Mayu opened up her arms towards her. Yuki could’ve guessed what the girl meant, but still she needed to clarify whether her guess was right or not.



“W-what do you mean?”

“Obviously, we need to cuddle for warmth with our bodies…”

“O-Oh! W-Well….”

“It’s going to be a cold night, we need to keep ourselves warm until tomorrow.”


Moving and shifting their positions around, Yuki ended up resting her body against Mayu’s chest in between the youngster’s legs. The youngster hugged her gently and rested her head back against the wall of the cave. Yuki’s heart was racing wild while she felt the warmth from that body. Her body was actually radiating heat out and it felt as it she was a heater. Despite the cold weather outside…Yuki actually felt comforted by this warmth and could easily drifted off to sleep, but she didn’t. She had too much worries regarding Mayu.

“…Can’t sleep?”

Mayu spoke up and caught Yuki off guard. The raven-haired shift her body slightly to get into a more relaxed position. She nodded softly with a murmur to signal that she was still awake.

“You’ll be alright. Trust me. I’ll protect you.”


Those words echoed in her mind and it just recalled the dream she had. This warmth that was embracing her was just so familiar. It was the same warmth that she felt in the dream. She slowly pushed herself away and looked directly at the youngster who was staring out to the front of the cave.

“So…that wasn’t a dream? That you carried me…”


“Why do you care about me this much? I don’t understand…”


There was no reply at the slightest and it was disturbing Yuki quite badly. She approached the girl a little closer and wished to grab her attention by holding onto her shirt.

“…Mayu, please answer me. ”

Her name was being called again, with a worried gentle voice. Those innocent eyes directed back to her and just stared back silently. However there was no answer from her at all. Only that silence in her eyes made Yuki slightly terrified. It was just so different from the usual Mayu she knew. Being silence and expressionless just crept her out. 


“The fact I saw you disappeared…I was truly terrified. I don’t want people I care to die anymore. I rather die instead.”

Saying such depressing things wasn’t like the Mayu she knew at all. However, before she was able to speak anything further, the youngster continued where she left off. She raised her hand up and touched Yuki’s cheek weakly. She stared into Yuki’s beautiful eyes and only could smile with relief to know she was alive. Kashiwagi was stunned and she could feel that worry through Mayu’s touch, she could feel her feelings.

“Weird isn’t? The moment I met you…I felt this strong connection. I never had this much fun ever since that day… I’m really happy to be with you.”

“That day…?”

“The day that my sister passed away.”

Putting up such a smile on her face just made Yuki’s heart sank. Such a naïve face she always put on, but carried such a sad memory in her heart as well. That moment, Mayu pulled her in and hugged Yuki closely to her heart and muttered with a gentle voice.

“I want to see you happy. I want to see you smile… It hurts doesn’t? To be all alone by yourself.”

That topic struck Yuki’s heart and she could feel Mayu’s feelings through that hug. Normally she would push herself away but this time she allowed herself to be taken by it. Despite they really do have complete different personality; they still share this same feeling that was haunting inside their hearts.

It was the feeling of being alone and left behind…

“…Why did you have so many scars on your body?”

The high school student asked and it didn’t take that long for the youngster to reply back to her though. She told about her childhood… Mayu was a clumsy child and often got injuries. Also, kids in the same age as her bullied her because she was different from everyone. She was no good with treating wounds and she was left with vague scars from that.

“...Can I ask something?”


“Uh…if you don’t want to answer its fine. But…what happen to your sister?”

Mayu’s face didn’t seem she was bothered by the question at all. However she hugged Yuki tighter and the girl felt it. The youngster only looked out from the cave and finally replied back to that question. But just to think about it did sabotaged right on the old scar left on her heart. However, the truth must be told…and she didn’t want to lie with Yuki. 

“…She committed suicide, 5 years ago.”

Yuki froze that instant and she gripped tighter on Mayu. Her heart sank when she heard just that one single line. It was more than enough for her to understand the pain that the youngster had to carry. Watanabe could feel the girl hugging her tighter and it just made her smile softly out before hugging back.

“Thank you, Yukirin.”

Then again, Mayu read through her mind and it seemed it was unnecessarily for her to say anything back. It was a long day, and a tough day for both of them. Somehow it felt inevitable for her to not be involved with Mayu at all. She did felt the same… that instant connection between her and this naïve girl. Actually, Mayu might not be as naïve as she thought anymore. Just now much she had been shouldering this to herself? Yuki wondered…but she was too exhausted to think of anything right now and her eyelids became heavy. Slowly, drifted off to a deep silence.

…Just 3 more days to go…


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thank you for the quick update author san!  :bow:
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Senpai~  :cathappy:
it was so sweet when everybody supported yuki~ and funny when they "it's obvious! we're friends!"  :lol:
but mayu experience so many hurtful things  :cry:
thank you for the mayuki senpai~~  :cow: :bow: :deco:
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wow so quickly update!
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Miyuki pass away  :cry:
yuki past , mayu past  i wonder did it have some relation to miyuki...

mayu so worry about yuki
she don't mind herself at all  :cry:

I'll wait for the next day
you story always wonderful ; A ; )''

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Hiiii!  :D

I still feel a little unattached with what's happening  XD but I believe the next chapters would enlighten me  :lol: and yep, I agree I sense this one as more of a friendship  :nervous

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Was the violet butterfly and the one Mayu talking to her sister? Miyuki?

Why did she commit suicide?

So, Mayu is normal, she's just special with those ability, isn't she? That's what make her different.

Your update is soon enough, so update soon (∩_∩)

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Oh that sweet and crazy!!! Jump on hill? Uh oh mayu

Those wound,especially mayu's need more attention,at least mayu will have some fever in the morning maybe

What happen after yuki trip is over?

3 days more and over??

Well they could still contact each other with all new technology but is that enough? I mean they should be became one of our favorite pairing, The Mayuki??

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kazutoryu: No worries~ Glad you're up to date with this fanfic ^^

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gek geki: JUST 3 more days left!! What will Yuki do :P It's definitely going to be super tough, you'll know why later~ Be ready for the upcoming fun~'s now the 4th day.

A World to Believe In
~Pairing: Mayuki~

~4th DAY~


The next morning sunrise… Rena and others were truly worried about Yuki and Mayu disappeared into the forest ever since yesterday. Only those students that were at the incident, the chief, and the teachers knew about this. If this news were to be spread it would just cause unnecessary chaos. It was all an accident so the chief wasn’t to be blamed. His daughter just disappeared into the forest as well to risk finding the student. The schedule for the fieldtrip continued and then Rena went up to the chief to talk to him personally when she had the chance.


“Matsui-san is it?”

“Y-Yes. Did you hear anything yet…?”

“…Unfortunately no, but do not worry, I asked the adults to look for them already. We will find your friend.”

The chief was rather calm despite his only daughter was missing in the forest. He had so much trust on her and it made Rena wondered why. She couldn’t help but to ask the chief. She never met a father whom can put this much trust on his child on such a dangerous moment like this.

“You trust Mayu so much…”

“Hehe, well, she’s a special child. Despite she might look naïve and innocent, she’s very mature and responsible than majority of the kids in her age. As it said, the more burdens you carried, the stronger you’ve become.”

Rena was slightly surprised to hear that from the chief. However, time was running out and they needed to head over to the next place according to the plan. The chief stroked Rena’s head and calmed the student down. Deep down inside he was worried as well…however; he had to trust his only daughter. There was nothing he could do but to believe in Mayu. 



“Bear with me, okay? It’s getting better.”

Yuki gently brushed the wet handkerchief on Mayu’s wound and cleaned it in the river. They both were awake and were sitting at the river together in the morning to clean the shorter one’s nasty wound. Yuki was strongly insisted to treat Mayu’s wound before preceding their journey any further. The youngster had to obey the girl without a choice. After she had done cleaning it, Yuki tried to think of anything that could possibly cover over Mayu’s wound. However, the handkerchief was just too short to do so.  That was when she decided to tear off a strip from her own shirt using sharp rocks that could be found along the river. It made Mayu stunned and knew what she was trying to do. She didn’t expect the student to go this far and she tried to stop her.

“Y-Yukirin you don’t have to—”

“Shut. Up.”

Yuki glared back and she was already done with tearing her shirt to make a long strip of cloth. She tore it off from the edge of her shirt and at least she got Mayu’s shirt on top so she wouldn’t be exposing her skin or anything. The raven-haired girl tied it around the wound so to keep it sterile until they reached back to the village. She tried not to tie it too hard to injure the young savior of hers.

“That should keep us for quite a while.”

“…Thank you.”

“I might not be as strong as you, but I’m not weak. Do rely on me as well.”


Mayu blinked and was stunned with Yuki’s words. Then she offered Mayu a hand to pull her up from the floor. Watanabe could feel the kindness through those words and actions, and she couldn’t help but to smile out. She took that hand and got back up on her feet despite she didn’t have to do so. It’s just that she didn’t want to refuse Yuki’s offer. Now since it was morning, they would be heading out from this forest together, but it was a matter of where should they head?

“So…now what?”

“I know there’s a path heading back to the village in just few hours…but things changed too much and I don’t want to risk being lost again.”

“…Fair enough. So what do you suggest?”

“We follow the river and it should lead us to the ocean…someone will find us there.”

Mayu suggested a very smart idea. Unlike how her naïve innocent side would say, it was as if Yuki was witnessing this mature adult side from Watanabe. Maybe she wasn’t as crazy and naïve as she thought Mayu would be…the longer she spent time with her the more Yuki realized how mysterious and smart the younger was. As they walked along the downstream of the river together, Mayu spoke up and initiated a conversation with her so it wouldn’t be such a silent boring walk for both of them..

“How did your sleep go last night?”

“…I actually had a dream.”

“What dream is it about?”

“It’s a repetitive dream I always had back when I’m young.”

Yuki told Mayu about her reoccurring dream when she was a child. It felt too real and as if that girl in her dream had her own conscious. So then, Yuki told about it to her parents and they took her to meet with the priest of the temple to interpret Yuki’s dreams…

“It’s a theory about two peas in the same pod…you heard of it?”

“Ah~ Yes, many calls it twin souls… the one same soul but divided into two.”

“The priest said that the connection had not disappear after my past life… I’m still connected with another part of the soul, but I don’t have that dream anymore until yesterday.”

“Wow~ that’s really interesting! Twin souls hmm… Very rare a soul will split apart and you won’t know who is the counterpart of your soul. I wonder I would have a chance that I meet one or not~”

“Probably the same age as me, and same birthday as well…that’s what the priest told me. So you’re also the same?”

“I guess so, the priest told me I have a whacky soul.”

“Pft, you just made it sound so weird.”

“I guess I’m weird after all~”

Mayu seemed to be excited with this mystical fact Yuki was telling her. That energetic smile showed up once again and it made Kashiwagi’s heart lightened up. However, she couldn’t get rid of what Mayu said last night…about her sister committed suicide. Part of her wished to ask the story but at the same time she didn’t want to remind Mayu regarding that past at all.

“You know, neechan was about the same age as you. Five years ago, there was this massive forest flood due to constant heavy rains from the storms.”


“I bet your curious right?”

Mayu turned to smile at her for a short while and it made her mind froze for a second. Her eyes diverted back to look forward while walking along the river by Yuki’s side. Her words were the only thing that echoed inside the raven-haired girl’s ears for the entire time…all her attention was turned to Mayu.

“We’re caught in the incident while evacuating…mom saved me, and the building collapse on her and my sister.”

Yuki’s heart sank once she heard that story from Mayu. She gripped her hand tightly but the story didn’t end yet. There was more and it brought more pain and dread to her heart. She recalled Mayu mentioned how Yuki was similar to her mother on the first day they met…just recalling that memory just brought a heavy pain onto her chest.

“She was terribly wounded and she passed away in the hospital…my sister survived, but it robbed neechan’s light away.”


Yuki wasn’t sure she grasped what Mayu meant and waited for her to continue the story. She wasn’t so sure how the story would proceed, but she didn’t feel good about what’s coming. Something dreadfully must’ve happened to her sister for certain…rather than predicting things, she continued listening to the story.

“She became permanently blind. Dad, head priest, and I tried to help her but she was dreadfully traumatized from unable to see anything. She changed completely and isolated herself from everyone.”

The youngster looked up into the sky and had that calm face on her. Whether she hid all the pain or not, no one knew what was going through Mayu’s mind at that moment. However, Yuki didn’t want to push the youngster to tell such a dreadful story further more. She felt as if she was forcing Mayu to tell her the story and didn’t want to remind her of that tragic past.

“Y-You can stop now—”

“One day I came back home, it’s too late… she’s no longer alive.”


“Hmm…it’s been 5 years since then. It still feels like it’s yesterday. I guess being blind is truly scary and traumatizing to people...the worst part is that I don’t understand how it feels at all.”

Five years ago seemed very long for Yuki. However that grabbed her attention regarding Mayu’s age. She did not know how old the youngster was despite all these times they were stuck to each other.

“I’m just curious… How old are you back then?”

“Hm? I’m 15.”



Yuki’s mind stumbled slightly and tried to regain her senses back. Mayu was 15 back when the incident of her mother and her sister happened. If she calculated the age properly then Watanabe would be older than her. For all this time, Yuki always believed that she was older than her since the girl was shorter and looked much younger than her.

“W-Wait, so you’re 20??”

“Huh? Yeah I am.”


She blurted out loud with shock. Obviously Mayu looked very young and shorter than her. With addition of her naïve personality just made her look like a child. How ironically, Yuki was actually 18 and two years younger than Mayu. She always treated Watanabe youngster as a child for all this time and it just felt awkward all of the sudden after she learned her true age.

“Uh…I’m sorry that I don’t know you’re older than me.”

“Hahahaha~ It’s all cool.”

It went back to the silence awkwardness. Yuki didn’t know how to respond to that dreadful past from Watanabe. No words could be formulated out to express these feelings she was having. That was when she decided to share a part of her to the older girl beside her, as that was probably the most she could repay after hearing such a dark past.

“When I was a kid, I do have a lot of friends… just until that happen.”


“I was betrayed and lost everything, horribly…”

Yuki told her the story back she was in her 6th year of school in Tokyo; she had a crush on a popular senior that was two years older than her.  Her friends supported her to ask the senior out and she did… and he was more than glad to accept the relationship. However as time passed by…she accidentally overheard her close friend’s conversation with her boyfriend. That same friend that supported her to confess to the senior, she was actually dating with him even before Yuki asking the senior out, and especially without poor Kashiwagi knowing about it. They were gossiping behind Yuki’s back and apparently her whole group was making a bet on how long would Yuki be sticking around until she learned the truth. He even knew it, yet he went along with the flow and enjoyed this. She did confront with her friend with sincere honesty, however it backfired her instantly. Everyone in the whole year knew about it and even her very own best friend since childhood didn’t sided with her…she was humiliated and bullied by everyone, literally everyone. That’s how Yuki started to isolate herself from everyone and ended up have to move out to another school by the end of that year. For all these years she had made friendship with everyone…it all vanished into thin air as if it doesn’t worth anything. Even until now, those memories would still haunt her. However, things just got a little worse when one of her best friends that betrayed her did came to the same school as her…and was still bothering her until now. It was the same girl that constantly asked for a fight with Yuki.

“…It’s as you said, you’re right. I was traumatized by own past and prevented me from making any friends in this school.”

Mayu only listened to the story silently regarding Yuki’s past. She lost everything despite she was always sincere and honest to her friends. They all betrayed her as if she meant nothing to them. What really hurt the most was that her own childhood friend ditched her without any concern about her.

“Is it wrong to lose trust in people from that? I do admit…I’m traumatized.”

“We need to understand the feel of being traumatized, to be able to move on forward. I understand how you feel.”

It made Yuki wondered whether Mayu was also traumatized with her past about her mother and sister’s death or not. However, it’s not a proper question to bring it up. Only thing she could tell was that she must’ve have a rough time as well. She only had her father as her family member left after that incident.

“…I wonder how it feels to be blind.”

Mayu was caught off guard before she turned over to Yuki. That instant, Kashiwagi had a feeling she was being rude and apologized back. She didn’t realize she accidently blurted out of blue while thinking about what Miyuki went through. To be unable to see anything when you used to do so…it must be very scary to be in the complete darkness. As for Mayu, she just giggled out as she was surprised for Yuki to blurted out her thoughts so innocently like a child.

“Haha~ I’m just surprised you speak out of blue!”

“Okay that’s embarrassing, I-I’m just wondering about it…”

“Hmmm, I don’t really have the right to say whether I understand it or not. I guess people are terrified by that fact.”

“Ah…I would be really scared too.”

“Haha~ I won’t be surprise!”

They kept walking along the river while they were having a conversation with each other. After that night in the cave together, it seemed Yuki was more opened to Mayu than before. It was no longer one-sided talk anymore. Kashiwagi replied back and told many stories about Tokyo to her. About school, lifestyle, shopping center, and food. It just made Mayu very interested to go to Tokyo for once in her lifetime.

“Eh~! That’s so interesting!! It’s such a good place to go arond~”

“But personally I prefer a place like this. I like interacting with nature. Not much things to see in Tokyo aside from buildings and lights.”

“Hehe~ same, I love it here…how about we stargazing tonight~?”

“Hm? Oh right…its still during the festival thing?”

Apparently Yuki still remembered about the 5-days festival that Mayu told her on the 3rd day of the fieldtrip. Mayu was grateful that she remembered and told her that as festival days passed by, there would be more stars in the sky. Since this would be the 3rd day, tonight there would be more stars than the first day and yesterday. While Yuki took her time thinking…if it was yesterday she would reject Watanabe already, she wondered how did her feelings changed so quickly like this.


“Yay~!! It’s going to be so fun tonight with Yukirin~”

First time ever Yuki accepted Mayu’s offer and it just made the girl giggled with excitement. That innocent smile on her face just touched Yuki’s heart and it made her face flushed slightly. It just reminded her that no one ever have acted so selfless for her like how Mayu did, no one ever cared about her as much as Mayu did. She was actually happy to make the shorter one beside her smiled out of happiness.

“Jeez… Calm down, will you?”

“Hehe~ I can’t! Being with Yukirin just makes me feel so happy.”

She didn’t responded back because Yuki didn’t know what should she say. She could only scratch her head softly with slight embarrassment. Hoping she could hide her blush by turning away, it didn’t manage to escape from Mayu’s sight. The older girl stared at her with that cheeky grin across her face, and Yuki actually knew what Watanabe would be about to say.

“Now you’re turning pink.”

“S-Shut up!”

“Ah~ It’s getting redder!”


“Hahaha~ Yukirin you’re so cute!”

“I’m not!”

“No way, you are~”

It was just like on that first day they were talking to each other. The sun slowly got stronger as time passed by and Yuki could feel her skin burning under it. Hunger started to creep up onto them since they didn’t ate anything since last night until now. Yuki tolerated and remained in silence for the whole time because she knew Mayu would be equally hungry as she was, she didn’t want to be whiny and put more pressure on the older girl. However, it seemed her body wasn’t obeying her wish at all.


A big awkward silence between the two as Yuki just wanted to dig down to hide underneath the ground. Mayu couldn’t help but to burst out into laughter and it even made Yuki much more embarrassed than she was already. She couldn’t help but to yell back at her while blushing across her ears as if she dipped her face into red paint.

“Shut it!! I can’t help it!”

“S-Sorry~! B-But—Bwahahahah~! You’re burning up so red like a tomato just because you’re hungry!”

“This is embarrassing okay!?”

“Ahahaha~ I’m getting hungry too~ Give me a second!”

Mayu walked up towards this tree and climbed up so swiftly like a monkey. Yuki gawked with surprise while watching the shorter girl moved so naturally up to the top branch of the tree. She peaked out her top bush from and scanned the area around looking for any source of food they could eat…

“Ah! Found it~”

Her head sank down into the tree bushes again and swung herself down from the tree branch. She landed perfectly smooth without any strains before she walked up to Yuki once again. She was no ordinary girl; her physical was just ridiculously strong beyond anyone she had met in her life. Yuki waited for Mayu to come back before she could’ve ask what she found.

“Uh, what did you find?”

“The apple tree. That should at least save us for a long while~ Follow me.”

They kept walking along the river and found and apple tree from a distance away. Mayu would climb up to take apples while Yuki was waiting down at the bottom to catch the dropping fruits. After they harvested the fruits, they sat down near the river to enjoy their edible food to sustain their hunger for the time being.

“So…can you predict when we will get out from here?”

“I’m not that kind of fortune teller. I just can read people’s problems and help them out with their issues.”

“Ehh…that sucks.”


“What are you laughing at?”

“Well…you looked more cheerful than ever.”

Mayu spoke up while she looked towards Yuki with utmost compassion. A soft smile appeared and it showed much love she had towards her. The raven-haired girl was slightly surprise and felt touched by those words. It reminded her how Mayu told her she wanted to see Yuki’s smile. But suddenly, the shorter girl stood up and brushed off the dusts on her pants.

“Shall we get moving? I believe there are villagers looking for us as well.”

“O-Oh, yeah.”

The continued their journey, heading back to the village once again. All this long walking was deteriorating Yuki’s hope. It was tiring, and endless walking ever since morning. She wondered they would arrive back or not…her legs were getting weak and she needed a break. She wasn’t trained to do this endless walking, unlike Mayu who was naturally born with such a ridiculous endurance and stamina.

“G-Give me a break…okay?”

Yuki sat down and realized she got blisters on her feet. That was the reason of the pain she constantly felt as she took each step every now and then. It made her annoyed with why she’s getting this at such moment like this since it would be an issue for her to continue her walk.

“Dammit! Why blisters now…? I’m really sorry…”

She apologized to Mayu but then the girl shook her head. Then Mayu came up with a splendid idea that made her grinned with excitement. She crouched down beside the girl and turned her back to her as if she was trying to do something.


“Get on!”

Mayu was crouching down and positioned herself to let Yuki ride on her back instead. She shook her head rigorously to refuse the offer but Mayu still persisted to have the younger student ride so that they could still continue their journey without having to worry about Yuki’s blistered feet.

“W-Wait! You don’t have to do that!”

“C’mon Yukirin! I’m tough so don’t worry. We might not get out from here tonight, so we need to find a place to stay as soon as we could.”

“A-Ah…Are you sure?”

“You’re light! Don’t worry about me~”

“Ugh…if you say so…I’m sorry.”

Yuki got on Mayu and the shorter one stood back up on her feet firmly before she continued walking. Her pace didn’t drop at the slightest as if Yuki’s weight didn’t budge an inch. The raven-haired wrapped her arms around Mayu’s neck and relaxed on Mayu’s warm back. It just reminded her the same warmth that comforted her while she was still dizzy from the fall yesterday. She could see Mayu was sweating down her neck, but yet she didn’t complain anything and still had that lively smile across her face. Mayu didn’t want Yuki to worry about her, but it did gave the opposite effect instead…

“I’ll ensure we get out from here. Trust me.”

“…You don’t have to tell me that.”

“Haha~ okie~”


Watanabe didn’t complain even just a little bit. She maintained her speed but at the same time Yuki started to realize her pace was getting slower. Despite she was getting tired, she didn’t say a word and kept walking without taking a break. That smile never faded away and she was so stubborn to not let Yuki down from her back. She literally shouldered everything to herself. 

“M-Mayu, just say if you need to take a break—”

“I’m alright~ Just rest.”

“But you didn’t stop walking ever since like two hours ago!”

“I’m cool~”

“No you’re not! Let me down—”

“Nuuuh~ I’m not letting you down. I’ll carry Yukirin.”

“Oi! I’m serious here!!”

“Haha~ yes ma’am~”

Mayu wasn’t taking Yuki’s words seriously, or she knew that the raven-haired student wasn’t actually angry despite pretending to act like one. In the end, she wasn’t able to stop this selfless girl from carrying her for hours without taking a break until they actually almost reached the end of the river…both of them could smell the sea breeze and the clashes of waves against the shore. Yuki could see the horizon of the blue ocean across her vision, a tinge of hope appeared in front of them.

“…The ocean?”

“We’re getting there!”

Mayu always stayed cheerful and kept on walking down the river, as she knew the ocean was close by now. With Mayu’s speed, it didn’t take that long until they reached the end of their destination. As they went up this little slope in front of their path, they could see a huge wide blue sea in front of them. That was when they found that small cottage from a distance away. Yuki’s eyes grew wide with surprise and pointed towards it immediately.

“T-The cottage!!”

“Hehe~ Told ya! Trust me, and everything will be alright.”

She chuckled before she walked down the hill towards the beach in front of them. However, Mayu wouldn’t let Yuki walk due to the horrible blister she had on her feet. She kept walking with all the energy she got towards her final destination. Finally they arrived down at the beach and at this beach cottage here. It wasn’t that big, but it wasn’t too small either. It seemed to be a place that someone could live in there.

“Is anyone in there?”

“Nope. It’s an emergency cottage in situations when people are lost in the forest. If not today…probably tomorrow the villagers will come here to check.”

A huge relief was lifted out from Yuki’s chest. Finally able to take a break from the long walk, Mayu headed over to the door and Yuki assisting in twisting the doorknob. As they entered, the cottage was slightly dusty due to being left untouched for a long while. Who knows when was the last time someone came here to clean this place. Mayu went to the bed and gently placed Yuki down so she would avoid walking with that nasty blister.

“I’ll sweep this place to get it a little hygiene, just take the cover out and it should be all clean.”

“I’ll help you!”

“You have that nasty blister, don’t force yourself to walk.”

“Shut up or I’ll never talk to you ever.”


Mayu froze and slightly terrified from that dark aura unleashed from Yuki. She sighed out softly; she didn’t have a choice but to compromise with the young raven-haired girl with this matter. She went to the cupboard and got a proper bandage to wrap around Yuki’s feet to cover the blister. It would be much painful if it popped while she was walking. 

“Just make sure you don’t force yourself okay? The bed sheets should be in the wardrobe over there.”

“Thanks, and when you’re done, I’m treating your wound properly.”



Mayu swept the cottage while Yuki was cleaning the furniture and other things. Now they had a place to stay and eventually the villagers would come over to this place to check on them. It seem Watanabe knew about this and explained to Yuki how this was one of the furthest cottage from the village so it would take quite a while for the villagers to come over. There were food cans and emergency stove for cooking as well. Soon after they had done with the cleaning the cottage…it was about time they wanted to take a shower to cleanse themselves after the long sweaty walk. They went to the river and a little upstream so there wouldn’t be seawater mixing in while washing themselves. Also, Mayu made sure they were in this stream with less turbulent flow and shallow to prevent them from being washed down into the ocean too. That would be the last thing they wanted it to happen.

“Do you want to have fish for dinner?”


“There’s fishing rod in the cottage, we can catch some dinner tonight~”

“Oh, huh, didn’t see that.”

“Does Yukirin know how to cook?”

“Stating the obvious!?”

Yuki crossed her arms and it made Mayu laughed at her again. The young raven-haired seemed to be confident with her skills and without further ado, Mayu hopped into the river with her clothes on and let the cold water from the upstream washed the dirt and sweat off from her body.

“It feels great! Come join Yukirin~”

“Not now, I still got the blister.”


Mayu just remembered about it and then she got out from the river to approach the injured girl sitting on the rock. She bent down and swoop Yuki up in a bridal style without any slight warning. The young raven-haired couldn’t help but to freak out and blushed mad as she felt that cold wet body close to hers.

“W-What are you—!!”

“Showering obviously~”


Without further ado, Mayu got back into the river while carrying Yuki in her arms. The girl was too shocked and held onto Watanabe tightly as if there was no tomorrow. Preparing the incoming crash against the cold water underneath her. It wasn’t that turbulent as she thought it would be and felt quite relaxing. She could even sit down on the bottom floor of the river without drowning herself as well, which made things easier for her. Mayu just giggled and seemed to be enjoying giving Yuki heart attacks.

“It feels great right~?”

“Don’t do like that again! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!?”

“But isn’t it more fun taking a shower together?”

Mayu asked innocently and Yuki didn’t know how to respond to that, especially when she had that naïve puppy face on her. It didn’t give Kashiwagi the mood to argue back as much. Thankfully Mayu dumped her in the river after she had taken out Mayu’s outer shirt off, she wouldn’t want it to get wet.

“Jeez…you’re so childish.”

“Being too serious is not my style.”

She chuckled back and splashed water right into Yuki’s face without any notice. That caused Yuki to stumble slightly from the water splashed against her face. After that she heard the laugh from Watanabe, she took her revenge this time and tried to tickle her on the hips. Surprisingly she landed on the bull’s eye, it worked effectively that she thought.

“W-Whaaahahahahahahahaha!!!! S-Stop!!”

It worked more than enough and Yuki found it very addictive. Mayu had been bullying her for the whole day already and it was her time to enjoy the taste of revenge. She smirked and kept tickling the shorter girl’s waist, while she was struggling so bad to move away.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh~!!!! Oh no p-p-please stop! I can’t breath—!”

“You deserve this after you threw me into the water without saying anything!”

“Bwahahahah!! Y-Yukirin! Sorry! Please stop—AHAHAHAHAHHA!!!”

As Mayu tried to push away, Yuki followed her immediately but she wasn’t stepping on the floor properly. She stepped on a slippery rock and accidently fell forwards towards Mayu, crashing against her roughly and drowning both of them together despite it was such a shallow river. Mayu pushed herself up from the river so to take a gasp of fresh air.

“#$%^&--Bwaaaaaah—!! Yukirin are you alright??”

“Ugh!! Dammit that stupid rock I stepped on—!”

The moment Yuki pushed her head out from the water and looked up, the first thing she saw was Mayu’s closed up face, just only few inches apart. The water dripping down the older one’s jawline and the tip of her hair, those innocent brown orbs staring towards her…Yuki couldn’t help for her face to heat up instantly. Her body had a full-blown contact with Mayu’s underneath the water as she was literally on top of the older Watanabe. She was stunned and no words could come out.


Mayu stumbled slightly as she was blushing slightly from how both of their faces were close to each other. The raven-haired girl’s heart was pounding like crazy and even the cold water from the river couldn’t cool down her heating face. This erupting feeling just made her mind went blank.

“I-I ah…S-Sorry.”

“It’s okay…are you alright? Did you injure yourself or anything?”

“N-No! I didn’t!”

“Phew~ that’s good~”

That cheeky smile came back and it made Yuki flushed even more. She was literally blushing so madly and Mayu was able to pick on it once again. It was quite obvious to tell that Kashiwagi was turning into a tomato. However, Mayu was just so naïve and thought that the girl was actually having a fever. 

“You’re turning so red…are you having a fever??”

Mayu placed her forehead on top of Yuki’s and it just made her mind went insane. The young raven-haired was gawking and trembling with utmost embarrassment. Watanabe was being too clueless and innocent while she was trying to check Yuki’s temperature.

“Huh…your body temperature is increasing…”



Yuki shoved Mayu into the river and buried her face down into the water to cool down the temperature. Her mind and heart was going insane. She instantly got up from the river and got out as quickly as possible with this palpitation. She literally ditched Mayu whom was drowned in the river twice and consecutively. The poor shorter one was left dumbfounded at the river, but her cheeks still had slight hint of blush.

“E-Eh?? Yukirin! Wait for me!!”

“Shut up and drown in the river!”

“T-That’s mean~! (TAT)”

Mayu got out from the river and followed the young girl back to the cottage. Yuki couldn’t get rid of this crazy heart beat…this overwhelming feeling just reminded her of this sentimental feeling she once had for her senior… however it was actually different. This feeling she had was far worse than that and it was driving her nuts. She never felt this crazy before, and it was with Mayu. She didn’t believe what her guess was and kept denying it…she still wanted to believe that it was a lie and just an illusion due to her trying to open herself up to Mayu.


They wore spare clothes that were kept in the wardrobe while Yuki prepared the dinner. Apparently it turned out Mayu couldn’t cook at all and she could only help with hunting food for her. Since the raven-haired girl checked the ingredients kept in the cupboard, it was more than enough to make a decent meal for two people tonight.

“Sorry I can’t help anything with cooking…I always ended up cutting myself, and making it unsymmetrical.”

“It’s all good. Just leave this to me.”

Using the fish can and some instant noodles she managed to make a hot bowl of noodles. Adding some little seasonings to enhance the taste and it should be good. Gratefully there was an instant miso soup block as well and so she was preparing for both of them in order to warm themself up for the cold night. While Yuki was busy cooking, Mayu took out the small floor table and waited for the meal to be done. She enjoyed watching Yuki cooking and began humming to herself at the table.

“I’m hungry now.”

“Wait. I’m starving here as well.”

“It smells so good! You’re amazing Yukirin!”

“It’s just a better-looking instant noodle and miso soup. It’s nothing much.”

“I’m not capable doing such a thing. You’ll be a great wife~”

“Shut up!”


Yuki turned to yell at her and it just made Mayu laughed out to herself. The taller girl sighed softly to herself and continued her cool while blushing softly. It didn’t take that long until their dinner was ready and it was served onto the table. Mayu had the utensils ready on the table and she was so excited to eat the meal that Yuki prepared. She had the taste of the soup and she was surprised it taste really good.

“Wow, this is amazing!”

“It’s just an instant noodle, jeez Mayu, don’t make a fuzz of it.”

“Still~ Thank you for the meal Yukirin!”

“Don’t worry about that.”

They had their dinner together and Mayu couldn't stop the talking at all. Yuki was listening to it and replying back as well. They sure did take their time enjoying their dinner together before Mayu took the plates and placed it on the side. Since the younger student did the cooking, Watanabe volunteered to clean the plates tomorrow in the morning.

“Alright! Let’s go stargazing~”

“Oh right.”

“It’s a good time now, let’s go!”

Mayu leaded the way out and they settled down at the beach. Enjoying the cold night breeze, and a good thing that Mayu brought out a blanket for both of them to lie down on. Staring up towards the starry sky…it was covered with stars but not completely yet. However, it was more than beautiful to Yuki. She couldn’t expect such a beauty like this in Tokyo.

“Do you want to wish on the stars?”


“A miracle always happens on the Umi-no-Hoshi festival…I’ll make a wish too!”

“Well, I don’t really have anything in particular.”

“C’mon…at least you should have one~”

“Huh, well, what are you going to wish? It might give me some ideas.”

Mayu smiled and giggled out softly before she raised her hand up towards the stars. Obviously there was only one wish she had in mind right now and she didn’t hesitate to repeat it again. Such a selfless character she had, it was not surprising that Mayu would make a wish for someone…but it still gave Yuki a heart skip.

“I want Yukirin to be happy, and smile...that’s my wish.”

Yuki turned her head over to Mayu and saw those sincere eyes staring up into the sky with a smile. She remembered that she told her already but she didn’t know that Mayu still hoped for that, she didn’t think Mayu was actually being serious with it. That naïve girl wished on the stars for Yuki’s happiness. Her heart begun to race a little and it made her sighed out before she replied back to that innocent girl beside her.

“…Let’s go back in.”


“It’s getting a little cold, and we might need to wake up early for tomorrow.”

Yuki got up and looked towards the ocean for a short while before she turned towards the cottage behind them. It made Mayu a little frustrated with how Yuki just wanted to go back since she was quite avoiding the question Mayu threw at her.

“B-But did you make a wish yet?”

“…I did.”

“Eh?? What’s your wish??”

“I’m not telling.”

“EH! No fair~! I told mine.”

“No is NO! Now let’s go back in and sleep. I’m tired.”

“Waaah, okay~”

Mayu got up and took the blanket with her before she followed Yuki closely back into the cottage together. She didn’t bother with asking anything further from Yuki and walked by her side with a smile. Kashiwagi could see that innocent grin and she only hoped to hide these blushing cheeks away. She didn’t lie about making a wish with a star, but she didn’t wish to say her wish out since it's a little embarrassing…her wish was just simple, and selfish at the same time.

“…I want these leftover 2 days here
To be filled with happiness that I could’ve asked for
Before everything will come to an end…
But…I don’t want it to end…”

That was the only thing she could think of while thinking about Mayu in her mind. It would never come true. Eventually, there would be the ending to this happiness with her. But she didn’t want it to end… she admitted it, she enjoyed spending time with Mayu despite they were now lost on this island. She didn’t want it to end…she didn’t want her time with Mayu to end yet…just not like this.

…Just 2 more days to go…



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Please author san give me some good ending at the end  :bow:

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kate -san
I refresh board every hours for this!

a romantic scene in the river  XD  make my heart skip while reading.

Thank you for update.
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20?? Is mayu a college student?

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That Yuki scence acting piss off about Mayu injure

River scence so roman >///<

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 I dont want this to end yet, kate san :(
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Kate-sama! It's great to know you're still writing and alive. :w00t: You've been away for too long. I miss your other fics soo bad and they were left at an exciting part too. :cry: You're so mean leaving us with those feelings.

But I can't stay mad at you for too long. How can I not when you suddenly came back with another Mayuki?! And you update it EVERYDAY!!! It's LONG and EVERYDAY UPDATED!!! and it means MAYUKI GOODNESS EVERYDAY!!!

Especially with what happened on the 4th day! Yuki is seeing Mayu at a better light, she's falling for Mayu already!!!! :hehehe: They are taking care of each other. So cute~ :nya: They really had a nice interaction the 4th day cause it's not one-side talk anymore. Our loner Yukirin has now admitted she likes being with Mayuyu. The showering scene. :mon inluv:

BTW, Mayuyu is so cool here but cute at the same time. Those sweet words she said to Yukirin is just so sweet(i know i ended it lamely). :shy2: There was no fear for herself when she jumped in the forest just to find Yuki. She carried Yuki for two hours without a break in walking! She's so manly-I mean cool. I was shocked too to know she's older than Yuki here. The descriptions really made you believe she's still high school or even middle school. Baby face Mayuyu~

I feel that this post is becoming long for me XD so I'll stop here. :nervous But lastly, I forgot to say that I'm worried about the head priest's vision on Yuki. I hope my worry is just nothing. Oh well, see you soon Kate-sama~ You're awesome as always. :twothumbs

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That River scene. . .

It made my heart go  :heart:  :heart:

Thanks for the update!

Lame Story ahead!

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kazutoryu: obviously, its gonna be some ending waiting for us~

kcard: LOL refreshing every hour? XD that's so sweet of you. River scene is nice eh? :P

gek geki: Mayu is not in college, just an ordinary person on the island.

Kirozoro: glad you love the scenes XD

affiber: Too bad it will end. :P

Konoe: Yes I'm still alive~ Been busy with so many things that I don't rlly have time to write stuffs right now. They're both making progresses through time~ I love your long comments~ so you don't have to stop it. dayum, your comment made my day~ ^^  :deco: We'll definitely see more between the two of them! XD Hope you look forward to it~

Rinca: LOL, glad you love the river scene! it's quite sweet between the two of them.'s the 5th day

A World to Believe In
~Pairing: Mayuki~

~5th DAY~


“I’m going to sleep on the floor, you sleep on the bed.”

“No, you’re not sleeping on the floor!”

They argued with each other again as they entered the cottage. It was about time both of them would want to head to bed after their long journey out from the forest. Watanabe volunteered to sleep on the floor but Yuki wouldn’t let her. As they took their time, Mayu mused silently to herself before she came up with a brilliant idea.

“Then…Let’s sleep together~”


“We can’t come to an agreement, so let’s just sleep on the bed together.”

“…Right. Fine!”

Yuki didn’t know what suggestions she could give. If she proposed she would sleep on the floor, Mayu wouldn’t allow that either. So it seemed that they came to a solution that they would agree with, which was that they shared the bed together. Watanabe closed the lights and get onto the bed while Yuki was facing towards the wall. She moved in closer and placed her arm on top of the younger raven-haired’s waist to held her gently.  That just made her heart raced, and she was preventing herself from shoving the exhausted shorter girl away. She could hear her breathing from behind her head and it echoed in her ears. Amazingly, it was calming her down…and she felt rather relaxed. Mayu’s body always warmed her up, and it wasn’t too hot, it was just at the perfect warmth for comfort and sleeping. Slowly…Yuki drifted off to sleep in Mayu’s arms.



Yuki slowly opened her eyes after she had a good sleep on bed and in Mayu’s warm arms. However she saw herself alone on bed and covered with the blanket properly as if someone placed it. She scanned around the room and saw no signs of Mayu at all. She got out from bed and hoped that the short Watanabe would be around here.  At least before she left the cottage she saw the note on the table and it was written to her from Mayu.

“I went out to clean the dishes and clothes at the river…I’ll be back…Hmm…Oh well, I guess I’ll prepare some breakfast then?”

Yuki decided to use some leftover ingredients in the cupboard while another one was busy cleaning the kitchen appliances outside. By the time the door opened was when she just finished preparing all the ingredients together. Mayu came with a basket of wet clothes as well as the kitchen appliances.

“Give me the pot, I’m going to make breakfast.”

“Ah! Yukirin’s cooking again~ yay!”

“Stop fangirling and pass me the damn pot!”


Then again, Kashiwagi was responsible for the cooking once again and she prepared a simple meal breakfast by making miso soup noodles instead. It never failed to amaze Mayu and she happily ate the food out of hunger. Yuki just sighed with a smile while watching the naïve Mayu gobbling the noodles down her throat and drank all the soup.

“Wha~ it’s amazing!”

“Its just noodles.”

“Still, Yukirin you’re amazing!”

“Jeez girl…. ”

They spend their time together while hoping for any villagers to find them here. Before they went out from the cottage, Yuki had treated Mayu’s wound on the side of the head with proper medications and bandaged it up neatly. At least it wasn’t infected and the wounds were healing much more than yesterday. Afterwards, they stayed outside of the cottage to make sure that they wouldn’t miss anything in their sight. They hoped that the villagers would find them here. However, it seemed Mayu was enjoying herself at the beach looking for beautiful shells on the shore.

“Yukirin~ over here!”


“Doesn’t this shell look pretty?”

It was actually a pink small intact shell. It was the first time she ever saw something like this and it then Mayu told her an interesting theory regarding about shells to her. It’s one of the love tales on the island that was told through generations and she shared it with Yuki.

“You know in this whole world, there will only be one shell that’s an exact match of one another?”


“Similar to people aren’t they? Maybe just one right person is out there…for you.”


Yuki remained in silence while having a deep thought about it. Who would be that one person in this whole world that would perfectly be the right one? That instant within her heart…she actually hoped that it was Mayu. She felt completed when she was around her. Yuki never understood why she felt that way and shook it off immediately…because it would never happen. Only pain would be given to her after these 2 days here, as she would be leaving this place and who knows will she ever meet with Mayu again?


Mayu suddenly turned towards the ocean and it made Yuki curious. She called her but no response back. Then suddenly, Watanabe ran back into the cottage to get this long red stick. She pulled the strings and it shot up a firework into the sky, creating a loud noise echoing clearly. Yuki freaked out as she closed her ears tightly.

“W-What are you doing??”

“…I heard it, the sound of the boat, from the ocean.”

“Eh? Really??”

Yuki turned to stare out at the ocean for quite a short while before she spotted this shape-liked boat from a distance away. Her eyes grew wide with utmost relief as the villagers finally found them. She turned to the shorter girl behind her to report the good news.

“I saw the boat! They’re heading over here!”

“Wow…you really do have good eyes. Thank goodness~”

Mayu sighed with relief and they had waited at the beach for the boat to arrive towards the shore. That was when they met with the villagers that were searching for them all over the island. Everything went smoothly and both of them got up on the boat, heading back to the village where everyone was waiting for them. The adults reported back through their walkie-talkie that they were founded. While the two of them were sitting on the boat together… one of the adult came up to them and ruffled Mayu’s head gently.

“Great that you’re safe…you did well protecting this young girl.”


He smiled at her before leaving the two kids alone by themselves. How surprisingly two days ago, Yuki would always push Mayu away from her but now they were close as if they were inseparable. By the time they arrived back at the dock, the chief was waiting for them including Rena’s group of friends. The moment they saw Yuki and Mayu coming out from the boat…there were smiles of relief everywhere. Then Watanabe gave the girl beside her a nudge on the shoulder to go towards her group of new friends, as they came gathering around her immediately.

“Kashiwagi-san! Are you alright!?” Akane questioned with utmost panic and worries and it made Jurina tried to calm her down.

“Churi calm down! Glad you came back Kashiwagi-san~” Jurina smiled to her while hiding her worries in her chest.

“Kashiwagi-san…welcome back.” Rena smiled back to her and everyone was gathering around Yuki.

“Everyone…thank you.”

Yuki finally revealed her smile after seeing her friends worried about her for the entire time. She really did meet a real friend she never had a chance to have after that traumatized betrayal. That beautiful smile from Yuki made Mayu had a huge relief inside her chest. Only she smiled to herself before walking towards her father whom was waiting for her patiently.

“I’m back home. I’m sorry to make you worry.”

“You did well. Kashiwagi-san won’t be here if it wasn’t for you.”

She only smiled as she received the utmost praise from the chief. That was when she decided to leave before Yuki would even realize. For some reason, she didn’t seem keen to nag on the raven-haired girl as she should spend her time with her friends. Also, Mayu had someplace she needed to go. She told her dad she would be at the shrine with the head priest for the whole day today and left without further ado…and didn’t say a word to Yuki or others.


As Yuki was talking to everyone, they told her she should go back to the hotel to take a shower and change her clothes. She agreed with it since she had such a rough time back in the forest together with Mayu. Since Rena had the key to their room, she would be heading back to the hotel with Yuki and come out to join with Jurina later.

“Thanks Rena-chan. Hey Mayu I will—eh?”

The moment she turned, she didn’t see anyone there anymore. Mayu just disappeared into thin air and she diverted her attention to the chief immediately to ask about the shorter one’s whereabouts. She had no clue since when did the shorter girl disappeared off.

“Where did Mayu go?”

“She needed to do something. Please don’t worry, do have enough rest from the long journey in the forest. We’re sorry that this happen to you.”

“I-It’s okay, I’ll be leaving now…thank you.”


The students returned back to the hotel, but Yuki couldn’t shake off these feelings inside her chest. It was utterly disturbing her so much that she couldn’t stop thinking about that short Watanabe. She told Rena to go ahead first since she wanted to take her time showering; she would contact them if she’s joining in. By the time she realized again, she was already done taking a long shower and worn her clean clothes. She looked at the schedule and realized how it was a free afternoon for students to do anything they wanted. However, she didn’t have anything in particular she wanted to do…aside from talking with Mayu. She couldn’t stop thinking about her at all and it just made her plainly curious about her whereabouts. That girl just disappeared without saying a word to her and it’s making her slightly annoyed.

“…Sitting here won’t help anything. Ugh, stupid me.”

She got out from her room and took her key with her this time, she wouldn’t want to bother Rena for coming back to the hotel again for the sake of forgetting her key. As she headed down to the lobby room she met with the owner, Takamina, whom was talking to one of her staffs about the dinner tonight. She had a feeling that she might know about Mayu’s whereabouts and so she decided to make an approach to the older woman.

“Uh…Takahashi-san? Do you mind I ask something?”

“Oh yes! Please do.”

“Do you know…well…where Mayu could be?”

“Mayu-chan? She will usually be with the head priest at the shrine, do you know where that is?”

“Ah, I can figure out a way. Thank you!”

“Not at all sweetie. Have a nice day.”

She went out from the hotel and if she recalled the shrine was located to the right-handed side. She went along the path and met with several villagers on her way. Also, one of the rare moments she actually spoke up to strangers and asked them for directions. They were more than glad to help her and she finally arrived at the shrine in no time. It didn’t take that long as she thought to be. Standing right in front of the elegant shrine, she marched up the stairs and met straight for the shrine located at the end of this straight footpath. Glad that Mayu once took her there before and she could vaguely remember where it was…if she recalled it correctly, it would be this direction.

“A-Ah! I found it!”

She finally found that familiar looking shrine in front of her. She approached it immediately and slowly slid the door to peek in. That was when she saw that familiar back sitting on the floor talking to the head priest on the floor. Her eyes grew wide with relief and she just slid the door to allow herself to go in.

“…So you’re here.”

The young figure flinched before she turned around to see Yuki standing there. She was completely surprised to see the young raven-haired girl here…she had no clue how she knew she was here. However, what surprised her even more was that Yuki came over here during her free hours that she could’ve spend with her friends.

“Y-Yukirin? What are you doing here?”

“God’s sake…I was looking for you!”

“…What’s a matter?”


She was rather too shy to say her own selfish request out, asking Mayu to spend time with her today and tomorrow until she had to leave back to Tokyo. However, she didn’t know whether it would be a good solution to say so or not…she didn’t want to be a burden to Watanabe. Also, she was certain that Mayu would be teasing her nonstop with this as well.


She was still waiting for the reply but Yuki was starting to get some blush on her cheeks. As the head priest stared at her, he couldn’t help but to smile and decided to break the silence with his suggestion.

“Why don’t you take Kashiwagi-san to visit Miyuki? Since she came this far already…don’t let her effort go in vain.”


Mayu slowly got up from the floor and approached towards Yuki with a subtle smile across her face. The moment their eyes met, Yuki’s heart began to race and she could feel each of her heartbeat clearly. That sweet smile from the shorter girl just made her day and felt happy.

“You rather look pink recently…”

“S-Shut up.”

“Well~ Do you mind coming with me?”


“Thank you~”

They headed out from the shrine together and headed up the stairs on the left side that leaded up to the cemetery. As they slowly went up the stairs together, Yuki didn’t really know what she should say to Mayu. This topic regarding her mother and her sister was rather depressing to be mentioned or discussed. However by the time they arrived at the top, they met with adult whom seem to come to pray for the deceased ones as well. But that was the moment Mayu froze in her spot and Yuki could obviously realized it. The adult’s eye turned to the two girls as she heard people coming to the cemetery, however she froze as well…and her eyes were filled with anger and hatred.

“You…why are you here?”

“…It’s been a while, aunt Tamaki.”

“I don’t consider you a part of the family.”

She replied bluntly to Mayu and Yuki was even surprised to hear such a harsh tone like this especially towards another family member. So this person was actually Mayu’s biological aunt, whom was Mayu’s mother’s older sister. Both of them were blood-related, yet she seemed to have a strong grudge and hatred towards the young short Watanabe. She turned to look at Mayu and that was when she saw that poker face on her…but she could tell that she was wounded and remained in silence.

“Why does Miho have to die…you cursed child…!”


Mayu didn’t respond to the slightest and her aunt continued to curse at Watanabe’s existence for bringing doom to her own mother’s life. Yuki was shocked and she was hurt by those words as well despite she wasn’t the one directed onto, how much pain did it inflicted onto Mayu? Just thinking about it made Yuki truly worried about the shorter girl beside her.

“Miho had went through such harsh discrimination because of you… You killed your very own mother, and even your sister was a victim for it—”

“Please stop that! Isn’t it too harsh!?”

Yuki roared up out loud despite she wasn’t involved with this.  However she wouldn’t allow this to be tolerated either. Calling Mayu a cursed child despite she didn’t do anything wrong at all. She was just living her best with a smile, despite all the past she had. The more Yuki heard from the aunt the more she realized heavier burdens Mayu carried. This adult was just throwing all the blame and anger to the poor child who went through many harsh things just as much as the aunt did. What was the most was that she was deadly irritated with how this mature woman was insulting Mayu. For some reason, she was bloody pissed. As for Mayu, she was shocked how Yuki stood up to protect her from her aunt’s curse and insult. It just made her heart twitched slightly from this feeling warm feeling growing inside her heart. She felt the kindness through Yuki’s actions.


“Who are you? I suggest you stay away from THAT cursed child if you still want to be alive.”

“Why do you have to say something like that!? Mayu did nothing wrong at all, she’s just normal like anyone else. She doesn’t deserve such a treatment like this!”

Mayu was shocked with how Yuki was arguing back with this woman who was a stranger to her. The more she watched Kashiwagi fighting to help her…the more she felt this heavy weight on her heart. It was making her happy, just as much as it’s making her devastated that she wanted to cry right here.


“I assume you knew nothing, that’s why you bravely speak up like this. She being an ordinary child? Don’t make me laugh…”

Mayu did not say a word and only clenched her fist tighter while staring down onto the floor without fighting for herself at the slightest. Only she had been doing was just remaining in deep silence. That was when she was ready to embrace the cruel truth that Yuki would learn her darkest secret… there was no turning back from here.

“That cursed child brings doom to the family…pathetically, acting as if she can see everything.”


Yuki got slightly lost with what the aunt was saying but Mayu wasn’t saying anything to even protect herself or arguing back. The young raven-haired girl turned to look at her and saw that Mayu was actually trembling, in fear. She looked so defenseless and helpless when confronting with her own aunt and seeing her vulnerable like this pained Yuki’s heart. She wondered why Watanabe wasn’t trying to fight to protect herself, and allowed this witch to keep insulting her like she’s not even a living being. It felt as if she could feel Mayu’s pain…and it killed her heart so badly. She felt like wanting to break down into tears, wanting to run away, and cried alone without anyone comforting her. She felt that loneliness coming from Mayu… the more Yuki felt and understood it, the more she felt the invisible knifes plunged through her heart countless times. She never felt this way before…she wondered why she felt so emotionally connected to Mayu.

“Despite born without any birth defects…yet mysteriously born with both eyes blind. Bringing doom to the whole family and everyone involved with her.”


Yuki gasped slightly before she slowly diverted her eyes to the shorter one beside her. She was not saying anything to say that the aunt was lying about her story. Aunt Tamaki slowly glared her eyes towards Mayu and it made the young girl trembled even more. She could feel the killing intent coming from her…so much hatred she had for her nephew. Mayu slowly gazed up with more fear and looked as if she wanted to run away right now. 

“How much are you planning to lie to this poor girl? Don’t you have enough with bringing misery and death to others around?”


She tightened up her fist and it just made Yuki’s heart collapsed just to see poor Mayu being so vulnerable…and lonely. The aunt decided to take the leave as if she had enough with confronting with the young Watanabe; it just ruined her whole day. That left the two girls alone in the cemetery and it was terribly awkward between them. After the darkest secret that Mayu hid had been revealed…Yuki didn’t know how to respond to that. She didn’t know what to say in order to not hurt Mayu’s feeling any further. She was scared…She was terrified of what to do from now.


“You should leave.”


“Its just as what my aunt said. I always lie to everyone around me, and including myself… I’m pathetic as she said aren’t I?”

Yuki froze at that spot with lost of words. She wasn’t able to process all the truth that quickly enough to catch up with what Mayu was saying. The fact that the girl beside her was actually blind didn’t make sense to her at the slightest, Mayu acted so normal as if she could see. The more Kashiwagi thought about it the more she slowly understood what aunt Tamaki meant…that she acted as if she could see everything, but the truth was that she couldn’t see at all.

“I only want people to see the side that I wanted them to see in me, and hide the truth…forever.”

“Mayu I—”

“Please leave Yuki.”

The very first time she called her by her first name. It made her froze that instant and she decided to leave the short Watanabe alone at the cemetery…because there was nothing she could do. Despite she stayed, she won’t be able to help Mayu’s poor heart. That was when she realized how far and isolated the short Watanabe was…how much pain and pressure she had went through with the fact she was blind. What could she possibly say when she didn’t truly understand her pain, she would just be a hypocrite if she said something. As she went down the stairs she wasn’t expecting to meet someone waiting for her to come down. The look in head priest’s eyes seemed to show that he was actually waiting for Kashiwagi to come down, alone by herself.

“…Please come to the shrine, there’s some thing I want to discuss with you.”


She simply followed the priest into the shrine without utter a single word, however she felt like she knew what he wanted to talk to her. It was as if he knew this was going to happen…and knew that Yuki would learn about Mayu’s secret. Both of them sat down on the wooden floor to have an ease conversation. However, it wasn’t possible for Yuki to be at ease when her mind was complete messed at the moment.

“I believe you have many questions in your head…I know what happened up there. I met Sanae-san as she was coming down from the cemetery.”


“Sanae Tamaki, I presumed you’ve met her up in the cemetery, and she is Mayu’s aunt.”


That clarified her confusion. However, that made the priest led on to the next topic regarding Watanabe Mayu, the unfortunate blind child. Obviously Yuki wouldn’t know what to say or react to this fact. He only sighed softly before he continued from his main point while hoping that this wouldn’t change how Yuki felt towards young Watanabe. But if things between the two of them would proceed on…she needed to learn the truth about Mayu, everything about her darkest past.

“Do you ever hear about aura visions?”

“Is it about seeing people’s aura?”

“Yes, including objects as well…that’s the world Mayu could see, but obviously it couldn’t replace the ability to see like anyone of us could do.”

He slowly explained how he was the one that taught Mayu to see aura at the age of 2. She was apparently a smart child that was able to realize and understand that something was wrong with her. She understood what the adults around her were saying. She knew how much her mother went through after she was born… she was very sensitive to people’s emotions. However, that just drove her insane…she rejected everyone and the only person that could approach her was her mother and the head priest. She would only be sitting here in this shrine for hours, for days, for weeks, without doing anything and stared outside into the sky. The sound of the wind and birds were her friend. She wouldn’t say a word despite she was taught, or she didn’t want to say anything. She was like a living corpse losing all her hope to be alive. However, things just suddenly came into her and she started talking once again when she was about two years old. She seemed to have hope once again, out of blue… no one knew why she suddenly became cheerful and hopeful. However, the priest could pretty guess out why…and decided to teach everything that Mayu needed to learn in order to live with people around her. That’s when she could see again by seeing aura instead.

“She could tell people’s emotions from their aura’s color, it allows her to basically read people’s mind based on colors they emitted but there’s a big downfall to it. ”


“Mayu is a smart kid, apparently too cunning. She would always manage to hide her vision weaknesses but it will always slip through the cracks if you pay attention to it.”

Yuki mused for a while but she didn’t seem to figure anything that well. She couldn’t even tell that Mayu had a problem with her eye since she seemed to see everything perfectly fine to her. The priest could tell from Yuki’s face that she was having a tough time figuring it out and decided to just tell the poor clueless girl about it.

“Physical appearance is something she can’t see. How people look…and little tiny things such as what accessories you wear, how your clothes look like, how they look like. Furthermore…her vision is a completely black out at times of frustration.”


Something seemed to be running inside Yuki’s head. She started to realize the possible hints regarding it. She had a flashback of those hints that seemed to make sense if she accounted the fact that Mayu couldn’t see appearance of objects…


The young energetic girl kept talking for the entire time while she was escorting Kashiwagi towards the market of this island; it was a very well known place for tourism and the center of all goodies on the island. Mayu didn’t seem to be bored at all despite Yuki was remaining in silence and listened to her did all the talking. After the entire long one-sided talk, Yuki had a feeling she should be saying something to her before things would be too awkward.

“Oh right~ I’ll take you to aunty Tamura’s shop! Should be lots of good souvenirs for you to buy!”

“…Such as?”

“Hmm, I don’t know too!”

“Huh?? How didn’t you know about it?”

“We’ll see~ Isn’t it more fun to take it as a surprise?”


Mayu did avoid answering her question…it was not because she wanted to surprise Yuki or anything; it's the fact that she couldn’t see how it looked like. She didn’t know how it looked like to begin with. By judging from Kashiwagi’s face it seemed she had figured it out the truth and how everything seemed to make sense after putting some thought to it.

“I believe you realized it a little now…Kashiwagi-san.”


“Why are you telling this to her?”

A loud angry voice echoed in the shrine and it was from the young short Watanabe. She had already finished her business at the cemetery but seemed to overhear the conversation between the head priest and Yuki. She seemed rather unsatisfied with his actions for telling every secret she hid out without asking for her permission.

“Too bad my hearings are just too excelled to replace for my blindness. Gossips wouldn’t escape my ears.”


The priest seemed to accept the fact that he would made the young Watanabe pissed with the fact he told everything that Mayu tried to hid and ran away from. All those dark secrets were exposed to this one person she didn’t want to let her know the most. Out of all people, she didn’t want Yuki to learn about this…only fear could be felt from her heart and she wanted to just leave here immediately before she would lose control of herself.

“She doesn’t have to know anything, and nothing about this.”

Without further ado, Mayu left the shrine immediately and instinctively Yuki actually ran after her. There was no second thought and she finally managed to catch up with the shorter one before she walked down the stairs of the shrine. She literally sprinted with all she’d got to catch up with her. However, the young Watanabe knew she was being pursued and stopped right in front of the stairs before she left the shrine. She needed to do something, to make Yuki stop following her…instead of being lefted, she rather be the one who left first.

“W-Wait Mayu—”

“I hate being a burden to people. That’s why I decide to ignore the fact I’m blind. Plus, who would want to rely a blind person when they’re stuck in the forest?”

Yuki immediately realized that Mayu was actually referring to her. This young Watanabe did all her hardest to hide all her weaknesses to see. The fact of her being blind just classified herself as a disabled child. Technically, many would see her as useless person in society nowadays.

“Heh, blind without a cause? Maybe I’m cursed after all.”

That seemed to step on Yuki’s nerves and she suddenly raised her voice out loud against Mayu. This fire burning inside her heart after hearing those cruel words from the shorter one was just killing her. Hearing that witch aunt insulted Mayu was already painful than enough, but hearing her believed that she was cursed was just too devastating for Yuki to handle.


“Please, leave me alone. You have better things to do than to stay with a blind person…someone like me.”

She ran away this time and it’s impossible for Yuki to catch up with such an athletic girl like her. She only sighed and clutched her hands on top of her heart in pain. The more she saw Mayu agonized with pain…the more she felt a spear struck right into her heart. She just felt so helpless to help her, after Mayu had did so many things for her…and saved her life.


The priest had caught up with Yuki and realized how things were proceeding. However, he seemed to have so much faith on Kashiwagi. He believed that if someone were to save Mayu from the curse she placed on herself…it would be Yuki. But to do so, she needed to know everything about Watanabe. He continued where he left off after Mayu had interrupted him.

“Normally people’s soul are born as a whole…but not Mayu. Talking in a spiritual way…and the only explanation that could be given was that she’s the one half of the original soul.”


Yuki turned around and saw the priest talking about this spiritual thing but she seemed to realize what he was trying to tell her. This topic was rather similar to the one she had in the forest with Mayu…regarding twin souls. How one single soul divided into two counterparts, and formed two different individuals.

“The ability of one whole were shared between two souls, and Mayu was one of the unfortunate cases that her light was stripped off from her.”


“In this world, no one has the same aura, even when you’re biological-related. But twin souls are exceptions…they have the same exact aura because they’re a part of the single soul. Most common phenomenon is that they feel perfectly complete with one another as if two puzzles were meant to fit together.”

Yuki’s eyes slowly grew wide with shock with that explanation from the priest. She remained in silence while he only smiled to her. It seemed her had triggered something within Kashiwagi and he realize that his mission was complete. It was about time he should step out and let things flow in a way it should be happening. The faith and future could only be decided by both of them.

“…I hope you will find your answer. You do have a dexterous vision since your born, you’ll find her.”

“W-Wait how did you—”

“ One will have one thing…while their counterpart doesn’t. Just like twins, they always have to share things between the two of them after all. When that person is sad…you’re sad too. The closer the twins become the more feelings they shared between the two.”


“…Mayu always go to her usual spot at the beach down the street towards the forest whenever she needs to be alone, and felt lonely.”

The priest gave her a hint where she could find Watanabe; she took a deep breath and seemed to make up her mind on something. However, before she left she turned back to the priest to make some firm declaration. After all, she’s not raised to be a spiritual person.

“Technically I’m not such a spiritual person. I don’t believe in wishing upon the stars and many things…I don’t pray for things to happen. I rather choose to make that miracle happen myself.”

The priest chuckled and smiled with relief. Yuki didn’t understand why but it seemed her answer truly impressed him more than enough. He smiled to send Kashiwagi off from the shrine to let her create the miracle with her own hands. As he watched Yuki disappeared from a distance away…he watched closely of her aura once again. It was such a pure white radiating snowflakes emitting out as she ran. Such a beautiful aura and very unique, just like the child he had been taken care of for the last 20 years on this island.


Yuki kept walking own the streets and scanned around the area looking for this short girl in white long sleeve shirt. She had been asking villagers that she met regarding whether they saw Watanabe or not. Sadly, most of them didn’t see her at all. She checked her cellphone and it was late 4pm already…it had been 3 hours ever since she came out from the hotel to look for Mayu. But she won’t give up yet…not at this place, not at this time.

“Mayu…where are you?”

For some reason, as she kept thinking about Mayu, she had recalled moments that they were together. The moments that she was actually happy to be with her…it was the happiness she received ever since she stepped onto this island.


“…What are you doing?”

Her voice caught Mayu’s attention and she turned around to look up at Kashiwagi. She beamed her smile with such innocence while the puppy was barking energetically at her.

“Yukirin~ want to play with Hachi?”


“This little girl’s name! She’s so energetic and lively.”

Yuki slowly crouched down and Mayu passed her the puppy. She barked at her and cuddling into Kashiwagi’s arms happily. It had been a long while she had a pet and had hold onto one. She left a smile of relief and ruffled the little puppy’s head with content. Before she realized it again, Yuki could see Mayu staring at her with that huge smile across her face and it made her blushed awkwardly.


“I’m glad you’re happy now. Have anyone told you before that you’re so pretty?”

She blushed instantly as she never received such a compliment like this from anymore before. Also, when those words uttered from Mayu’s lips, she completely believed in it and didn’t had a second thought that it would be just a lie or lip service. Mayu tilted her head in an angle slightly with curiosity while her eyes were set upon Yuki.

“Eh~ Now you’re pink…”


“Ah! It’s getting red now.”

“Shut up Mayu!”

“Haha~ Yukirin you’re so funny!”


Mayu could only see colors…she couldn’t see how Yuki looked like and she never could see her blushed at the first place. Her aura color changes as her emotion changed. That was the reason why Mayu always said things as colors instead of its appearance. At first Yuki were to believe that she had mental disability, but Mayu was never one in the first place…it just made her felt so guilty she thought of that. 

“Ugh…Where could you be!? That idiot…!”

The time was running out for Yuki and she didn’t want things to end like this. She actually ran this time and ignored the pain on her foot from the blisters. She threw her glances around and hoped that each time she would see Mayu. Ever second that ticked by, she prayed that she would find her before sunset.


“It really did exist? Those kind of super powers…”

“It is your choice to believe in it or not. It can be the truth in my world, but not in your world.”


“…Aside from the head priest of this temple, no one can see the world I see. So the truth of my world will never be the same as your world. You can say like we live in two different worlds as well.”


The world that Mayu could see…what she said back then made sense even more right now. Those words just made her felt that she was just so far apart from Mayu no matter what. She didn’t want to live in two different worlds from her. It just sounded so lonely when she said that, and she didn’t want that to become the truth between the two of them.

“…She can really be an idiot. Acting so naïve and hopeful, but deep down just so hopeless to deal with her issues.”

Yuki sighed and kept on searching for Mayu non-stop. She glanced at her cellphone again and it was 5pm. Time was elapsing and it showed no mercy on her at all. She started to get frustrated and felt hopeless with finding Mayu at this stage. However, whenever she thought of her…it somewhat gave her a push to go on. It gave her the strength to pursue on.

“I still need to give her a slap…that idiot…!”


She looked out from the cave and the sky was purely red from the sun setting. Memories before the blackout started to return back to her. She was falling down the steep hill and the second thing she realized was that she was in Mayu’s arms…in the cave…in the forest. However there was something missing from the puzzle.

“How did you…?”

“I came here to take you back. That’s quite reckless to jump off from the hill.”

“W-Wait what!? You jumped down!?”

“If not then how am I suppose to find you?”

“Are you nuts!? You can die!!”

“You can DIE too!!! Do you know how much I—!!”

That was the first time Yuki heard Mayu raised her voice up like this. The youngster flinched as she realized that she was losing her control. She looked away and leaned back against the wall of the cave.


The night Mayu selflessly acted to save her. This time, it was her turn to save the idiot Watanabe as well. She didn’t have a second thought and kept running. She didn’t hesitate to stop and return back to her hotel as if nothing happened, Yuki kept on moving forward and bet on that dimmed light called hope.

“Mayu…please…where are you…?”

Despite Mayu was injured, she still found Yuki in the end. This time, even her blister popped and it would bleed, she couldn’t care less until she found Mayu. She knew if she stopped her she would be regretting for the rest of her life. Each step was just so painful, but she kept on going…with each hope in every step she made.


“Jeez…you’re so childish.”

“Being too serious is not my style.”

She chuckled back and splashed water right into Yuki’s face without any notice. That caused Yuki to stumble slightly from the water splashed against her face. After that she heard the laugh from Watanabe, she took her revenge this time and tried to tickle her on the hips. Surprisingly she landed on the bull’s eye, it worked effectively that she thought.

“W-Whaaahahahahahahahaha!!!! S-Stop!!”

It worked more than enough and Yuki found it very addictive. Mayu had been bullying her for the whole day already and it was her time to enjoy the taste of revenge. She smirked and kept tickling the shorter girl’s waist, while she was struggling so bad to move away.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh~!!!! Oh no p-p-please stop! I can’t breath—!”

“You deserve this after you threw me into the water without saying anything!”

“Bwahahahah!! Y-Yukirin! Sorry! Please stop—AHAHAHAHAHHA!!!”

As Mayu tried to push away, Yuki followed her immediately but she wasn’t stepping on the floor properly. She stepped on a slippery rock and accidently fell forwards towards Mayu, crashing against her roughly and drowning both of them together despite it was such a shallow river. Mayu pushed herself up from the river so to take a gasp of fresh air.

“#$%^&--Bwaaaaaah—!! Yukirin are you alright??”

“Ugh!! Dammit that stupid rock I stepped on—!”

The moment Yuki pushed her head out from the water and looked up, the first thing she saw was Mayu’s closed up face, just only few inches apart. The water dripping down the older one’s jawline and the tip of her hair, those innocent brown orbs staring towards her…Yuki couldn’t help for her face to heat up instantly. Her body had a full-blown contact with Mayu’s underneath the water as she was literally on top of the older Watanabe. She was stunned and no words could come out.



She clutched her hand right on top of her heart as she felt the throbbing pain. As she remembered that moment yesterday, she couldn’t help for her face to redden and heating up. Then suddenly, she came down to this familiar path…it was the same path she had came to first day while dazing off alone until she had met with Watanabe for the first time.

“W-Wait a minute don’t tell me—”

That was when she remembered what the priest told her. The path along the beach towards the forest…She remembered the path she used was also heading towards the forest. At that beach, at that place, was the place she met with her for the first time. That second, she sprinted towards that beach she had gone to on that very first day she stepped on this island. 


She was about to arrive at that same spot but the sky was getting darker as well. The sky turned scarlet as the sun was about to set…it would be much harder to find Mayu if the sun had set down. But thankfully, she had arrived and witnessed that same scene she saw on the very first day here. Scanning around, she saw that familiar figure sitting alone at the beach…that messy hair and white long sleeve shirt…her mind just went blank and she yelled from the top of her lungs.



That figure was stunned and turned to look at her. Their eyes met once again and Yuki was more than grateful that she finally found her…she finally had found Mayu once again. She really did bet on that dimmed hope and she won it. She grasped for it and she couldn’t explain this relief on her chest. However, the anger she had towards Mayu just came out as well.

“You IDIOT!”


“God dammit I’ve been looking for you for the whole village!!”

“Why are you—”

“I need to talk to you! You big idiot…!”

“W-Wait! Don’t step there—!”

It was too late for the warning. Yuki was just too thrilled to find Mayu once again; she stepped on the soft spot and slid down the hill. Watanabe was shocked, and she literally sprinted with all the strength she got to catch Yuki before she crash the ground.



Both of them landed on the sand below them and Mayu successfully caught Yuki right on time. She sighed with relief and returned back to her usual self…the selfless Mayu that deeply cared for Yuki. She could see those lively brown eyes and just so close to her face. She held tightly onto Mayu’s shirt while she was sitting in those strong warm arms.

“Oh god Yuki… Are you alright??”

“…Doesn't this bring back the time we first met?”

Yuki threw a question instead and it just made Mayu stunned. This was how they first met each other. Yuki landed into Mayu’s arms as she fell from the hill. However, another second later Kashiwagi gave Mayu a big slap in the face and literally paralyzed her cheek.



“You IDIOT…do you know how much worry you’ve giving me?”


“What color am I right now? …I’m sure you could tell.”

Mayu stared at Yuki and what she saw was this white snowflake aura texture tinged in blue…she realized the meaning of that color. The sign Yuki said something about seeing color showed that she knew about Mayu’s aura vision. It seemed there was nothing for Watanabe to hold back anymore. 


“So, what does it mean?”

“It’s a color that appears when one is…upset…or sad.”

“Glad that answers the question.”
“T-Then why are you—”

“It’s all your fault.”


The second thing when Mayu realized was deep blue emitting from Yuki’s aura. That was one of the colors she hated to see the most…it deeply corresponds with the fact that one was crying. The proof that she could hear Yuki sniffed was more than enough to tell her. The second thing that happened was that Yuki was hugging her around the neck…tightly.


“I hate it you’re messing up with me like this. Coming into my life when I don’t want you…and leave me when I wanted you here the most…”


“What’s with this wanting to make me happy and smile!? Is that all a lie…?”

“NO!! It’s not—!”

Mayu yelled back and finally raised her voice out loud. She wrapped her arms around Yuki and hugged her back with this overwhelming feeling inside her chest…with her trembling body. It’s not only Yuki that was scared with this, Mayu shared the same pain as her…or maybe even worse.

“Yukirin I…I just…I’m scared. I’m really scared you’ll be disgusted about—”

“That you’re blind? I don’t give a crap of that!! You’re Mayu…it’s just simple as that. It doesn’t change the persistent naïve girl that kept nagging me all day.”


Yuki buried her face onto Mayu’s shoulder and held her tightly to feel the warmth from her body. She had to admit that she missed this warmth that comforted her heart and soul for the past two days together. She hadn’t stop crying and Mayu could feel her shoulders getting wet.

“Yukirin…please don’t cry. Seeing you sad just makes me sad too…”

“…Then you should understand my feelings too.”


“I felt like shattering into pieces when I see you sad. It hurts…more than anything else to see you being insulted and pushing me away from you.”


“Mayu, please tell me one thing.”


“What do you think of me? What am I to you…?”

Mayu froze and had put a lot of thoughts into it. Ever since she met Yuki, her life changed from the living in the shadows of the world to living in the light filled with hope. She never have these feelings blooming inside her chest before. Every time she was with Yuki, she couldn’t explain this happiness at all. However, she also felt this tremendous pain when she thought about Yuki disappearing from her life…it’s just too terrifying.

“You’re…my life. I felt like you’re the missing part of me…just being with you makes me felt complete. I don’t know why…but you meant a lot to me.”

“…Then why did you leave me?”

“I-I…I’m scared. To imagine that you’ll be gone from here, from my life, by tomorrow just…t-terrified me so much…”

That moment, Yuki could feel a droplet of water against her shoulder. She pushed herself off and her eyes grew wide with misbelief. There were tears streaming down Mayu’s eyes…she was crying. She could feel Watanabe trembling even more while still holding onto her.

“Mayu you’re…”

“I-I’m scared of losing you…Just by being with you is just making me more attached to you…I rather die if you’ll be gone forever—”

“Don’t say like that!! I’ll hate you forever if you dare end your own life!!”




Mayu remained in silence and looked down onto the floor. It made Yuki very annoyed as well as upset with how she wasn’t telling her feelings to her. She grabbed onto Mayu tighter to have her attention. She needed to do something to make a break through between her and the short Watanabe.

“Say it…don’t hide it.”


“Mayu, please.”

Watanabe held tightly onto Yuki, but still avoided making an eye contact with her due to this accumulating depression inside her void heart. She never experienced such a thing that could grant both utmost happiness and anxiety at the same time. It was just too much for her to handle.

“I’ve always wondered…life is always unfair to mom, neechan…and me…what would my life be worth…if I feel this empty as I’m a living corpse?”

Yuki remained in silence before she bit her lips. She gripped onto Mayu tightly before she continued where she left off. She could feel that heavy pain that Watanabe was carrying all alone without sharing with anyone. Hiding with her usual naïve smile and hoped to cheer herself up from the sad truth. She understood it very well…the pain of being alone for this entire time.

“I would want to die…if you die as well.”


Yuki bit her lips lightly before she stroked Mayu’s face gently with her hands. She finally revealed her smile after she had been crying out everything she had. How long had it been since she cried out and spoke out her feelings like this…that was when she reached the point of admitting herself to what her heart had been trying to persuade her. She needed to admit it before it would be too late.

“You don’t want that to happen too…right?”

“O-Of course! I…!”

“I felt the same…so please don’t say something scary like that…. When you’re happy, I’m happy too…when you’re sad, I’m sad too…when you want to cry, I feel like breaking into pieces.”

Yuki shifted her position and pulled Mayu in closely for a hug before she gently stroked her head with her heart beating loudly and clearly against her ribs. Despite such a serious talk they were having…Yuki couldn’t help but to throw such a question out to clear her clarification.

“…Do you hate me?”

“N-No way! Never ever I will—!”

She smiled to herself and finally sighed once again. She didn’t say anything back and slowly let go of Mayu. She looked into those beautiful eyes that were staring at her. Watanabe must’ve tried very hard to learn how to look into people’s eyes while talking despite she couldn’t see a thing.

“…Then why did you push me away? And ran away from me?”

Mayu bit her lips as if she was about to reach her limits. She was having a hard time controlling her breath while she tried her best to reply to Yuki…she wanted to control the words coming out from her lips, but it seemed her feelings were too overwhelming to be stopped.

“… Being with you just made me felt like I’m blessed to be alive. I can only feel this complete happiness…just by being with you. However, the fact you’ll be gone just killed me.”


“To be honest, I want to hold you back and tell you not to leave me…I want you to with you forever, b-because I lo—”


Yuki stopped her and shook her head why she felt more tears streaming down her cheeks. Just as much she wanted to hear, she didn’t wish to do so. It would be unbearable for her…It would be too painful for her right now.

“Just not now, please…”


“If I know your feelings…then I-I won’t be able to leave here.”

The sad truth had returned that Yuki would be departing tomorrow back to Tokyo. How knew when would be the 2nd time she would come here again. No one knew… it seemed this truth had scarred both Mayu and Yuki’s heart. However, it didn’t make the naïve Watanabe gave up. She stood up on her ground, carried Yuki up in her arms and walked towards the beach.

“M-Mayu what are you—”



“Didn’t you want to come to the beach?”

That statement was the same exact statement that Mayu said to her on the very first day here. That smile from her told Yuki many things. It seemed she realized what the shorter girl wanted to do and she went with the flow. She leaned against Mayu’s shoulder and nodded softly before replying back.


As Yuki hugged her back, her heart just felt like shooting out from her chest. Mayu was completely blushing and held the one she cherished tightly as if there was no tomorrow anymore. They sky was getting darker and both of them just spent their day together…down at the beach.


The 4th day of the festival…the sky was completely covered with stars and tomorrow would be the day that students from Tokyo would return back home. Both of them were sitting by each other’s side at the beach while staring out at the ocean as well as the sea of stars above its horizon. Holding each other’s hand tightly, Yuki was leaning onto Mayu’s chest while sitting in between her legs. She had complete full contact with the older one’s warm body.

“…How does the sky look like to you?”

Yuki asked out of blue while Mayu stared up into the sky and gazed upon the beautiful scenery via the world she could only see. Specks of lights scattered across the darkness and the dimmed radiated sea green aura from the ocean floor. How sadly Mayu didn’t know what kind of scenery Yuki was seeing…however, she wished she could watch the same thing together with her.

“…Lights everywhere across the dark sky…it was like a black oceans filled with stars above us.”

“Heh, that sounds like what I see too.”

Yuki rested her head against Mayu’s neck and she could feel the older one’s hand clutched tighter to grab her attention. She placed her chin down onto Yuki’s head and felt her warmth coming from her body despite Watanabe was like a heater.

“I really wish…I could see how you look like.”


“I wish I could see your eyes…it must be beautiful and so pure.”

Slowly, Yuki backed away and rotated so she was facing Mayu directly and closely. She knew what seemed to be bothering the older one and it was the same old issue regarding her disability and her differences with everyone.


“I wish I could see what you’re seeing right now.”

“Idiot, I’m seeing you right now.”

Looking at each other while holding hands tightly. The young raven-haired gently brought another hand up and stroked her cheeks gently with tender. That permanent scar on Mayu’s heart due to her traumatized past, at last Yuki was able to feel it and reach down to her.

“But I don’t even know how I look like—”

“Shh, does it matter?”


“What really matters…is that you found me…and gave me hope.”

“Yukirin I-I want to tell you—”

She covered Mayu’s lips with her hands immediately. She shook her head with denial for what Watanabe wanted to do. She slowly let go and it seemed her thoughts were passed on to her. It’s the forbidden word between the two, and Yuki doubt she would be able to leave after Mayu told her feelings.

“No matter what…please…don’t say it.”


“It will just make it too hard for me to leave here.”

Both of them remained in silence and Mayu just cupped Yuki’s cheeks before pulling her in closer…but she hesitated to make a move. That startled the young raven-haired with how things were about to happen but it didn’t. She knew what Mayu tried to do…she actually wanted the same thing, and it made her slightly sad when Watanabe retracted away. 


“I-I…I’m sorry. I can’t do this right…?”

“…No. I know we both wanted this.”

Yuki snaked her hand to the back on Mayu’s neck and pulled herself in and closed the gap. Softly, slowly, and gently, Mayu seemed to know that this was coming and gradually closed her eyes to embrace that sweetness. She wrapped her arms around Yuki’s hip while the younger raven-haired clutched her hands on Mayu’s shirt. Both of them felt each other’s lip and tongue against each other and it sent up sparks of pleasure all over their bodies. Slowly parted their lips away…their faces were just blushing so madly as it could become visible in such darkness.

“T-That was my first kiss…”

“…Me too.”

Mayu stumbled slightly as she was still trying to gather pieces of her mind back together after it shattered into thousands of bits from her kiss with Yuki. It was just too amazing it made her mind went blank. She wouldn’t be able to use her aura vision if she wasn’t completely mind blown…that was the first time that the complete darkness was just utterly sweet. Madly in love would be counted to have a similar effect as frustration…it did gave her multiple heart attacks.

“Truth is just horrible…isn’t?”


Yuki replied as she rested her head onto Mayu’s shoulder while being embraced tightly. Even though Watanabe wanted to tell her feelings to Yuki no matter what…she knew that it would only bring more pain to her. The young raven-haired were afraid that she wouldn’t have the guts to leave here if Mayu said her feelings to her. The older one had become a part of Yuki’s life and heart.

“We can’t avoid it…can’t we?”


Yuki understood Mayu’s main concern regarding her returning back to the mainland, but that wouldn’t let her give up with everything. However, before she could say anything, Mayu turned to her and held her hand closely to her chest. She decided to make a move and make the change; she didn’t want to wait any longer. If she wanted something, she needed to grasp for it.

“Will you wait for me?”


“I want this to be my first…and last love.”


“By the way, can I just call you by your first name?”

“…You already insisted calling me Yukirin despite I didn’t want you to. Like I can stop you if you want to do so.”

Watanabe turned slightly redder and she gulped before calling her lover’s name on her first name instead. She loved the sound of that sweet name and it just made her heart race every time. She repeated that name within her heart as well as uttering out through her lips. She realized every time she called her name, Yuki’s color would turn pink and red, it meant that she loved it.


The moment she heard her name uttered through those lips. She blushed madly and Mayu could obviously tell from her reaction from the aura emitted from her. She stared at Yuki’s color and she couldn’t help but to laugh out with how adorable she was, but it seemed to make her little princess mad.

“W-What are you laughing at!?”

“Because Yuki is just so adorable when she’s blushing…”

“You sneaky bastard.”


Both of them seemed to act the way were when they’re stuck in the forest together, just only the two of them in their world. Then again, looking up into the sky, Mayu seemed to have some thoughts running in her mind as if she was making a wish. While Yuki was watching her silently and hoped to not interrupt Mayu until she opened her eyes once again.

“You’re making a wish?”

“Actually, not this time.”

“Huh? No?”

“…Yeah. I think I want to do something more than that.”

Mayu cupped Yuki’s cheek and kissed her forehead tenderly with utmost love. Leaving the poor helpless raven-haired girl blushing like a tomato, she whispered against Yuki’s forehead with sincere. There was something she needed to ask her no matter what before Mayu could make any decisions. Even somehow she knew Yuki’s feelings from her aura, and from the kiss…she still needed to hear it with both of her ears. She wanted to know how Kashiwagi felt for her.

“Yuki…what am I to you?”


“I-I want to know how you felt…about me.”

It seemed it was Mayu’s turn to ask. However, Yuki was hesitated to say her feelings. She was afraid she would say too much and it would just make things much harder for both of them tomorrow. She bit her lips and controlled her feelings as much as she could. She only could hope that she would control herself until the very end.



“I ran with my blistered foot for two hours to find that idiot. I cried when I found her. I’m happy to see her again. I’m petrified to think I’ll lose her forever…I felt complete being with her. I hate to admit that she meant everything to me…and that…I-I—”


Mayu bluntly interrupted her as she gripped her fingers tightly on her chest. Her heart was aching after hearing everything that the young rave-haired said. She knew that Yuki was referring to her…and it made her so happy, but at the same time…she understood why Yuki didn’t want her to tell her feelings. Yuki stopped as she realized she was going too far. She was about to reveal her feelings to Mayu and the older one shook her head softly with that painful smile on her face. She was actually happy to learn how their feelings reciprocate with one another…but they can’t.

“I guess I understood how what you meant…I wouldn’t allow myself to let you go tomorrow if you say it too. I would cry so badly.”


“That’s why, please wait for me. When I’m ready…when we’re ready…then we’ll be able to say it without a problem like this, right?”


“But still…I’ll be scared. If you find someone that could take care of you better than me, then I’ll—”

“Stop being pessimistic, could you?? At times like this…”


“…But that’s my worry too. That you will meet someone better.”

Both of them remained in silence and felt this fear of losing each other once again. However, Watanabe held her hand and felt each other’s warmth. She slowly traced her fingers on top of Yuki’s lips before she dove her head in to close the gap. Yuki accepted the kiss and it gradually went along with the flow. Holding onto each other tightly while their lips were intact on one another and felt blessed every second they felt each other’s feelings. Until they were about to lose their breath…both slowly parted away while breath against each other’s lips.

“When we’re ready…I’ll confess my feelings for you. I’ll make that miracle happen so…please trust me.”

“You idiot. You always make a miracle happen ever since you just barged straight into my life like a boar.”

“Pftt—Hahaha~ Do I look like a boar?”

“It’s a metaphor! Jeez Mayu!?”

“Hahahaha~ Teasing you is just so fun.”

“I’ll tickle you to death.”

“W-Wait I’m sorry! Please mercy me~!”

“Pft! You idiot…”


Mayu was let loose and laughed out, and seeing her expression just made Yuki smiled out as well. It seemed their kiss told each other many things instead of words. In the end, they didn’t tell how they felt for each other and wished for the day that they were ready to come. The day they could tell their feelings for one another without having to carry this fear on their shoulders. They still stayed down at the beach for almost half of the night together without anyone interrupting them. Yuki lied down in Mayu’s arms while intertwined their fingers. Enjoying ever second accompanying each other before they wouldn’t have the time to do so…time was sure merciless on them…it never wait for anyone.

…Just 1 more day left…



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