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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 118726 times)

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  • ...second best isn't so bad.
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This story has replace Eternal Devotion as my favorite story written by you.  @^@
I really like the interaction between Mayu and Yuki and how they overcome their hardship in life.  The plot was nicely executed. 
Thank you for this wonderful story.

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
Omg icant wait to see them meet again in Tokyo!!!!

>///< they so sweet!!!

Update soon

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Yaho!! ∩_∩
I know I'm just new here but...
Read some of your stories and it's great, all of it.

P.S Don't mind me  ̄ω ̄

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  • Mayu Mayu Mayuyu
LOL My bad. I just wanted to see them spend more days together. But now that I finished reading the 6th day I'm very satisfied. Too many Mayuki moments happened. :luvluv1:

And Mayu! She's coming to Tokyo soon! A reunion with Yukirin! And with their chosen courses and university they are surely bound to see each other! :hehehe: Yehey! They will see each other again after months. Hehehehehehehehe  :mon mischief: I expect fluffy!

I just hope I'm still online by the time you update the epilogue. I want to read it already~ :D

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Mayuki :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:
This Fic is Great

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Finally !!
Their souls reunited, right ?!?! They would end up in the same uni right ?!?!?!
Oh I hope so !!!!!!
That's a great ending !!!  :cry: :cry:

Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful story !!!
As MaYuki shipper I love you !!!! I declare my love for you !!!  :cry: :cry:

Waiting for epilogue !!!  :heart:

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  • 松井玲奈 looooooooooooooove~

Nothing i can say than.... Love!!!!!

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  • My heart beats for Yukirin <3
Replies: [NOW ADDED]

@clubhappy: CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~~ XD XD XD Glad you love this story!!! If not then this fanfic will be utterly pointless to write! (SERIOUS) That’s how much I put into fanfic birthdays :P I wrote this especially for you and for your happiness! >w< But you gave me enough excitement (+nosbleed) from the pictures too~ Sorry its late but happy birthday~ ^^


@Ruka Kikuchi: Glad you enjoy it! ^^

@RenshuChan: LOL! Hope you enjoy the epilogue~ ^^

@MayuxMatsuixMusic: Hello! Glad you love this story! A good story has its ending :P I know its sad~ I want to write about their life, but let it be in our imagination instead XD

@mayura48: Glad you like it! ^^ Ah, thank you for looking forward to the next story! :D I’ll do my best and put max effort in it!

@risshu: AH~ Glad you love it!! ^^ What i want is that this fanfic to be better than Eternal Devotion. Well, both have their own goods in its way, but I’m more fond to “A World to believe in” more than Eternal Devotion ^^ Glad to hear your compliment!

@Kirozoro: Glad you look forward to it! ^^

@Seina: Hello~ Welcome welcome ^^ Glad to hear from you and I’m happy you enjoy most of the stories i wrote! ^^ Don’t say “Don’t mind me” :) feel free to say anything, I’m more than welcome to hear it ^^

@Konoe: LOL! Glad you’re satisfied! So much moments between Mayuki :P Obviously i’m a fluff writer! Expect more fluff coming~ XD

@mizuratpro95: Glad you enjoy it :D

@pattinium: LOL!!!! Wow you sure have great predictions! Now you read the epilogue you have your answer already! :P I’m happy you enjoy the mayuki fanfics!! ^^ It’s my main OTP, and I’m likely to stick to this pairing for LONG.

@gek geki: LOVE!!! hahaha XD

Jyaaaaah…the EPILOGUE.

A World to Believe In
~Pairing: Mayuki~



…4 years later…

Yuki finally got her vocal degree and got loads of letter of recommendations from many music productions, however she had certain attention to this place. Watanabe productions was the only place she had been aiming ever since she got into college. She was very happy she received a letter inviting her for an interview and she accepted it without leaving having a second thought. She dressed up formally and went for the interview with the record producer at the building along with other executives of the company. They asked her series of questions and they seemed to be quite interested in her, which gave Yuki a good sign of being accepted.

“Kashiwagi Yuki is it? We’ve read through your profile and resume and we’re truly interested to consider you one of our contracted artists.”


“Therefore, we would want you to meet one of our music composer team before the decision will be made. I will give your contacts to them and they will contact you as soon as possible.”

“Thank you very much sir.”

The interview wasn’t that long but Yuki was terribly nervous with it and wished that she left a good impression with them. She went back home after the interview and decided to take a break from her frustration. Decided to stay home and take a break from intensity from her college.



It didn’t take that long until a ringtone went off on her phone notifying an incoming email. It was from one of the music composer from Watanabe Productions that contacted her for a meeting with her. She read the email and the details regarding the appointment were written in detailed. However…it was apparently the same day as her biggest appointment ever of her life.

“W-Wait…don’t tell me its—!”

She wished not to believe it and decided to rush to her room to check this letter she received a week ago. She dug through the box of letters and finally found the one she was looking for. It was the letter she received from her…from Watanabe Mayu. She quickly opened it up and read it without waiting.

To Yuki,
I’ll be coming to Tokyo with my dad~! We’re coming for some business and I’ll be free this Friday for meeting up…can we? I miss you; I want to see you so much… I hope you’re free? Please contact me with my dad’s number I wrote in the attached note. Can’t wait to see you again! I love you. ^^
Watanabe Mayu,

This Friday…it’s also the same day she had an appointment with one the music composer from Watanabe Productions. It was one of the most important appointments of her life and how ironically it landed on the same day as the day Mayu would be in Tokyo. It’s been 4 years since the last time they met and only they had been exchanged letters but it would take so long each time for it to arrive to the other one since Mayu left in an isolated island from Tokyo Metropolis.

“Why… why does it have to be like this?”

Yuki was grieving over this dilemma. Mayu was just as equally important to her life and this appointment with Watanabe Productions would determine her life career as well. She needed to make a choice, and for certain she needed to abandon one of the choices. Either choice she made, it would make her devastated for certain…she really did took her time thinking through it despite she knew what decision she would make in the end.

“Why time is being so mean like this again…separating us both…and preventing us meeting each other again…”

Despite she wanted to curse how faith constantly separated her and Mayu apart. She must not lose hope and kept on charging forward with the smile. If Watanabe were to see her right now, she would be encouraging Yuki to smile and don’t lose hope. That’s what they promised 4 years ago…she remembered it well, and she will never break it as long as a part of her heart was with Mayu.

“…I will always wait for you. Please, come find me already... I miss you, Mayu.”


She didn’t reply back to Mayu until now, and tomorrow was the day that the older girl asked her out to meet. It was the first time Watanabe was in Tokyo and yet…she might not able to meet her because of this crucial life career. She stared at her phone and with Mayu’s father’s number on the table and it was almost 10pm. She needed to respond back to her for confirmation, but she didn’t know what she should say to not hurt her. It had been 4 years, the first time Mayu came over, and she had to refuse to meet her despite it was the same day as her appointment with Watanabe Productions.

“I need to tell her…I have to.”

She finally gathered enough courage to type a text back to Mayu to decline the meet up with her. The moment she placed her cellphone down onto the couch beside her she couldn’t help for her eyes to be teary. She missed Mayu, and she wanted to meet her so badly and more than anything else…this was the worse nightmare she could’ve ask for in her life. This felt more devastating than when her friend betrayed her and destroyed everything she had.

“Mayu…I’m so sorry, I’m really sorry.”

She decided to call it a day and sleep early. It would be a tough day tomorrow since it was one of the important days of her life. She didn’t know what would happen but…the appointment was at the 4-star hotel in Tokyo metropolis 8pm at the restaurant on the top floor. The time and location didn’t gave her such a good vibe at all, she felt rather unsafe…


The next morning, Yuki did get up earlier before her alarm went off. It wasn’t because she was stressed but she was still deeply affected from rejecting Mayu yesterday night. By the time she dressed up and did everything else to be ready for the important day today, she saw a notification message on her phone…and it was from Mayu’s father’s number. It must’ve been Mayu that replied back to her.

[Ahhhh…Don’t worry about it. I’m so happy you got an interview at Watanabe Productions!! You can do it Yuki~ we can always meet up other time right? Do your best! I love you, always~]

Mayu would always tell Yuki every time that she loves her in the letter. That always gave her the strength to go through each tough day ever since she returned back to Tokyo. The only thing she regretted was that she never got the chance to hear those words coming out from Mayu’s lips at all, as well as she didn’t have the chance to tell it to her too. She clutched onto her necklace tightly and kept it behind her clothes to hide it, since it doesn’t match with her formal clothing today.

“I’m going off now mom.”

“Have a good day Yuki-chan! Don’t forget to send some news about the interview!”

“I will.”

Yuki went out from her house and decided to drop by to meet with Rena, one of her best friends since high school. Right now, Matsui Rena was dating with Jurina and they were living together in the apartment they rented. Gladly that Rena was doing her honors year in her college so she actually was staying back home most of the time doing her research paper. It’s been quite a while since they meet up too, might as well catch up. She finally arrived at Matsui’s room and pressed on the doorbell before she heard a footstep inside… that was when the door opened for her and the long raven-haired lady came to welcome Yuki.

“Yukirin! It’s been a long while isn’t??”

“Hehe, it seems you’re doing good to Rena-chan. May I come in?”

“Oh please do.”

As they walked in into the apartment, Rena brought tea and some snacks for her friend at the living room while they had a talk with each other. It seemed something was in Kashiwagi’s mind and that was the reason that led her here to this place. Rena could tell and she was concerned about her.

“What’s a matter?”

“Well…I got an interview with Watanabe Productions.”

“W-Wow! That’s amazing!!! I don’t see it as anything bad?”

“It’s not the interview its that I have to meet up with the music composer…and its at the hotel….yeah.”


Rena got what Yuki meant and realized the possible danger that could happen. They don’t want to be pessimistic and jinx it to happen, but Yuki needed to stay cautious with the possibility she could be forced to go on bed to secure her spot in the company. Apparently Yuki did not know whether the composer is male or female, and so she didn’t want to make any assumptions yet. She would be meeting at the hotel at 8pm and it was just…dangerous.

“Can’t you change the time?”

“It’s the only time the composer is free from work…they say that’s the fastest they can do.”

“Uh, I see…so what do you think?”

“I was here to ask you if something happen I’ll contact you as soon as possible. The hotel that I have to go is right at the corner from here as well.”

“Sure, I’ll make sure to have Jurina around here so she can charge in to save you.”

“Haha, thanks Rena-chan. ”

At least Yuki was well aware with the consequences that could possibly happen. If she were to be in the risk she wouldn’t care about rejecting Watanabe Productions offer either. As she had grown up already…she also had this stupid lame ideal thing about wanting to lose her first time with the one she loved…and she had kept it until now only for her Watanabe. However, she needed this job and wanted to become a singer. She needed to take risk, if not then she wouldn’t get the glory. She decided to stay with Rena for the time being until the time of her appointment… however she was terribly upset with unable to meet with Mayu. So she actually decided to call for her and at least she wanted to hear her voice. She hoped Mayu would pick up the call.  She stood out at the balcony and did a call, but there was no reply on another side. The dial ended with asking Yuki to leave a voice message and she decided to say something before she hung up the call. 

“…Mayu, I’m sorry. Even it’s unfortunate, I’m really sorry. I really want to meet you too. I miss you…I really do.”

She ended the call and hoped the message would arrive on Mayu’s side. She hoped to get a reply before the meeting, but apparently it didn’t happen…it was about time she had to leave Rena’s apartment and headed over to the hotel that she would meet with the music composer according to the appointment. 


She went up to the top floor where the restaurant was. She received a message from an unknown number and apparently it was so formal that it caught her attention. At least the addressing topic said ‘Watanabe Productions’ which allowed her to know it was an official message. The message was from the music composer that was heading over to meet with her. He apologized for being late because he got into traffic and would arrive in about 15 minutes. Also, he offered to pay her for everything tonight as his apology for dragging her out in the middle of the night like this. After reading the message, Yuki felt more relaxed and it seemed the music composer was a good person and nothing to worry. He was considerate for Yuki, but she couldn’t let her guard down yet. Danger always happen when one lowered their cautious down.

“I guess I’ll have a soft drink in the lounge.”

She went to sit in the sky lounge alone and ordered a soft cocktail drink while waiting for her composer to come. At least she had music and the beautiful night scenery from the top to entertain her while waiting. While watching the lights of the metropolis from the glass wall, it was beautiful in a way but it’s not her favorite. The twinkle lights reminded her the sea of stars back during her high school fieldtrip. She recalled the night she watched the stars together with Mayu at the beach. While she allowed her mind to be drifted off in the sea of memories,  it didn’t take that long until she received another message from him and asked her to meet at the roof-deck of the hotel instead. She wasn’t sure what was going on but Yuki went along with the flow for now. As she went up, the staff asked for her reservation confirmation but she wasn’t sure what to say to him.

“Did you make a reservation? What’s your name ma’am?”

“Uh…I came here for an appointment with Watanabe Productions…”

“Ah! You must be Ms. Kashiwagi Yuki am I right?”


“Oh please come in.”

The man guided her up the stairs and the whole roof deck was empty, chairs, tables, and trees everywhere. No one was here except her. She looked out and saw glimmering lights of Tokyo metropolis shining brightly like a gem. It was must so expensive to booked the whole roof deck for one night, as expected from Watanabe Productions, but she didn’t understand why would they go this far for just meeting up between an artist and music composer. While she was witnessing the beauty of the scene…she felt this paired of arms wrapped around her waist. That moment, a chill ran down her spine and didn’t dare to turn to look whom it was at all. Just an awkward silence and she hoped it was a dream…but apparently not.



“G-Get off from me!!”

Finally, Yuki had her fully alert and unconsciously she tried to smack the mysterious man that embraced her from behind like a pervert. However, he jumped off as if he knew that Yuki was trying to hit him. Yuki glared at him with ferocious eyes and began to let the anger unleashed.

“Who are you? What are you—eh…?”

It wasn’t a man. She was a fine looking lady but she was shorter than Yuki. Wearing a black suit and sunglasses did hid her feminine appearance from her and her hair was nicely adjusted and combed as if she came from some formal meeting. Kashiwagi remained in silence and something was rather disturbing…somehow her aura was just so familiar. She had this calm silent atmosphere around her, which gave out a mature feeling.

“A-Are you the music composer that I’m supposed to…”

She only nodded and accumulating humiliation just erupted. She almost smacked her music composer and she couldn’t think of any excuse that would let her get away from this. She bowed her head down 90 degrees to apologize from her heart’s content. On the safe side, the composer was a female.

“I-I’m really sorry I didn’t realize that it’s you!!!”


She didn’t reply anything and it just made Yuki much more frustrated. However, she swore she head a soft laugh though. While her eyes were completely shut, she could hear the composer approached her slowly and closely. That silence was just killing her and the music composer decided to break it.

“...I miss you too, Yuki.”

That voice. The way that soothing voice called her name, she recognized it immediately. She remembered it clearly as if it was yesterday. She opened her eyes wide and shot her glance up. It was pure confusion rampaging inside her brain as that composer smiled at her with that cheeky familiar grin. She slowly took off her sunglasses and finally revealed her beautiful innocent orbs that reflected the light from the lamp close by to them. Even in that darkness…Yuki’s eyes allowed her to see every facial detail of the woman in front of her. Before any words could be uttered she ran in and embraced Yuki tightly in her arms. That warmth and comfort wrapping around Kashiwagi made her eyes tear up unconsciously. She didn’t know how much she had been reminiscing over this comfort for the past 4 years.

“Yuki…Yuki…Yuki…I miss you so much…”

Without realizing it, Yuki embraced the composer back and buried her face onto her shoulders. She wasn’t thinking about the business meeting anymore, the only thing she was certain was that a miracle happened in her life again. The person she wanted to see ever since she returned back to Tokyo had suddenly appeared right in front of her, she couldn’t hold back any tears, and her voice was stuttering with so much shock.

“…I-Is that you…Mayu?”

“Yeah, that’s me.”

Yuki pushed away softly in order to take a closer look of Mayu’s face. She had become older and looked more adult. Her hair was longer than before, but the honest in her eyes didn’t change. It was still the same and it made Yuki so certain that, it was definitely her Watanabe Mayu. Her eyes became teary as she saw that loving face so close to her. Everything was just perfect and unbearable for her at the moment. This feeling she kept inside her chest was overflowing out after she felt Mayu’s touch so close to her.

“H-How did you—I-I-ahh...”

“Are you surprised?”

“Y-Yes! Completely!!! U-Uh—how did you know that I’m here for the meeting??”

“Obviously, because I made the meeting with you.”


Mayu couldn’t help but to laugh before she gave herself some few steps back and extended her hand forward to Yuki to have a formal greeting with her, in terms of their business partnership. That was when she finally revealed her secret to Yuki and this would obviously gave her another heart attack, at least destiny didn’t abandoned the two after all. How coincidence was that, as Mayu was the nephew of Watanabe Ichiro, the record producer and owner of Watanabe Productions who pushed this blind girl into become the music composer of the company.

“In the name of Watanabe Productions, I wish to congratulate you and allow you to know I’ll be your private music composer from now on. I’m Watanabe Mayu, please to meet you~”

Yuki gawked so clearly without holding back her expression. She was speechless and couldn’t process anything at the moment. She refused her meeting with Mayu. She went to meet with her music composer at the hotel, which turned out that it’s her own lover, Mayu. She got a letter from Mayu about a week ago and received information about the meeting few days after…which that meant that Watanabe herself pranked her. Everything was all planned and she was completely fooled by it.

“Surprise isn’t? I want to surprise you~”


“I really want to see Yuki’s reaction so badly~ Haha!”


“Hm? Yuki?”


The moment she looked up, she finally broke into tears and rushed into Mayu’s arms. Both of them fell onto the ground and Yuki was crying on top of Watanabe’s chest. She looked up again and glared at the older woman with anger in her eyes. This prank really did kill her heart and mutilated her mental health.


“YOU IDIOT! This is too cruel! Do you know how much pain I went through to refuse you today!?”


“I miss you so much…it hurts not able to see you. But yet you knew about me and didn’t shove up right in front of my face…why?”

“…I’m sorry.”

“Idiot…You idiot!!”


She called for the second time before Mayu cupped her cheeks and dove in to capture those beautiful lips. After all these years of waiting, Mayu was terribly hungering for her lips and deepened up the kiss without waiting. While Yuki was struggling at first, she totally fell into the spell called love and kissed equally aggressive back as well. She held tightly onto Mayu’s suit and allowed their tongue to bond with one another. Moans escaped from the corner of her lips but Mayu wouldn’t let it end. She snaked her hand to the back of Yuki’s head and pulled her in to continue the kiss for as long as they could. However, the kiss needed to come to an end since there were many things they need to talk. Both were blushing and then they shared a passionate eye contact…what was when, Mayu finally had the chance to tell her love directly about her feelings. She felt that this was the right time to confess her feelings.

“…I love you, Yuki.”

Yuki blushed and couldn’t hold back her feelings. Finally, she heard those words uttered from her lips and it just made her cried even more. She held tightly onto Mayu’s suit and buried her face onto her chest. Mayu only smiled with relief and embraced the poor crying girl as she understood what feelings was running inside Yuki… after all the past 4 years, finally, at last, they were able to tell their feelings to each other without any worries anymore. She slowly pushed herself out from Mayu’s chest and glared at her with those puffed cheeks. 

“Idiot…you’re just so mean. I won’t forgive you, ever.”

“Hehe, I’m sorry…please punish me as much as you wish.”

“You’ve become such a masochist.”

“Only with you. I’m willing to be anything for you.”

“Jeez…you never change.”

“Of course! But one thing did.”


“I love you even more than ever.”

Mayu kissed Yuki’s forehead gently and made the young artist blushed horribly. Despite she was still mad with Mayu doing pranks on her, she couldn’t help but to forgive this kid at all. Four years had passed and Mayu still acted like a child with her. Someone so playful like her became a music composer in the famous Watanabe Productions? It was hard to believe…but that just made her smiled out from her heart’s content. At least for once, just for tonight, she would forgive Mayu for everything she’d done since she gave Yuki the only gift she wanted of her life…which was to hear those sweet words from Mayu’s lips.

“Just once…just tonight, I’ll forgive you.”

“Ah, thank you…I booked a room already just in case.”


“Isn’t it quite late for you to go back home alone? It’s been a long while since we sleep together right?”

Just so innocent she didn’t know what she was saying. Yuki had grown up quite much since then and hearing those words just couldn’t help for her to be perverted. She blushed horribly and avoided eye contact with Mayu, but then the composer turned her face back and stole those lips quickly again. Nothing could escape from her aura vision and she could pretty much guessed what Yuki was thinking right now.

“You’re just burning so red…being perverted?”

“S-Shut up!!”

“Wah~ you’re so adorable!”

Mayu swiftly held Yuki up in her arms as she got up on her foot. Her ridiculous strength was still there as usual and being carried in a bridal style made her blushed even more. The older one made such a bold move and gently kissed Yuki’s forehead before whispering into her ears softly.

“We can have dinner in our room if we want though. Let’s go shall we?”

“You don’t bother asking me anything?”

“Hm, not really~”

“…You haven’t change the slightest, idiot…and put me down, I can walk!”

“Aw, okay.”

“Don’t ‘aw’ me! I’m not letting you carry me like that through the hotel.”

“Hehe~ let’s get out from here! I just booked for 30 minutes just to meet you.”

Yuki was surprised that Mayu did so much just to meet her, just so much effort for a prank. But since when they met each other in an ordinary way? Just like the first time met at the beach with Mayu saved her when she slipped down from the footpath. The young singer slowly grabbed Mayu’s hand and glared with those blushing cheeks. Just by staring at each other, it was more than enough for the music composer to understand her girl. She held her hand back and then they walked out together, while Mayu guided her to the room she reserved for a night for the two of them. It seemed the music composer planned things well so she could spend time with Yuki after they reunited up. 

“I have a reason why I can’t show up in front of you despite I’ve been in Tokyo for a long while already.”

“…Which is?”

“I’m not ready yet, I want both of us to be ready before I can really announce to everyone that Yuki is mine…I’ve been waiting for this day, for so long. I’m sorry to make you wait.”

The young singer was blushed with how bold Mayu was. Those words were just so honest and yet serious. She meant every word she said and Yuki couldn’t stop this crazy palpitation she was having right now. Her face was burning red and she couldn’t help but to forgive this teasing lover beside her. Mayu would always bully her…and she ended up always forgiving her.

“I’ve learned a lot in the past 4 years though.”


“You’re just so loveable, I don’t know I can hold myself back tonight or not~”

“H-Hey! What does that mean!?”


“Oi! Mayu!”

“Hehe~ What do you expect? I'm 24~”

"I'm 22 and it doesn't make me a pervert freak."

"You sure?"

She moved in and gave a soft kiss on Yuki’s lips before she retracted back with that cheeky smile. However, she suddenly pulled the hidden necklace behind Yuki’s blouse and also revealing the identical pearl necklace behind her white t-shirt as well. That was when Mayu threw in a question with a smile despite she knew the answer…yet she wanted to ask.
“It’s still there…you never took it off?”

“Never, and I don’t plan to.”

“Hehe~ me too… I love you.”

Yuki blushed before she smiled back and leaned closely to Mayu while they were holding their hands firmly. She couldn’t help but to smile with her heart’s content and also replied her feelings that she had not ever have a chance to tell to Mayu on that night before she left the island. Just right before they would enter the room, Yuki stopped her and caught her attention. They stared into each other’s eyes before she dove in.

“…I love you too…so much that I can’t stop myself anymore.”

She uttered her feelings just right before she sealed her lips on Mayu’s and the older one accepted it immediately. Mayu swiftly embraced her while she tried to open the door with their lips intact to each other. It wasn’t like Yuki would let this end either… Watanabe carried Yuki around her waist and they got into their room. She closed the door behind her immediately and now they were the only two in the room together… Yuki pushed her hard against the door while Mayu snaked her hands all over her back. They sure had a long night to be together… both of them wanted this, and never wish it to end anytime soon.




Mayu grumbled as she woke up by her usual alarm at 6am. She forgot to take it off since she was in a rush last night. She came straight from her meeting to the hotel to meet with Yuki. She didn’t have work to do today since she asked for a day-off so to spend her lovely time with her woman. She immediately closed her alarm and slowly diverted her glance to the woman sleeping beside her. Her peaceful sleeping face just made Mayu smiled out with contentment before she dove down and planted a soft kiss on her head. The music composer sure planned everything out very well and she did brought her sleeping gears for Yuki and herself.  they went straight to bed right after they had a shower together.


“Ah, sorry to wake you up. That’s my usual working alarm.”

“It’s okay…good morning.”

“Hehe, good morning.”

Mayu giggled while watching her princess waking up from her slumber. They sure had a rough night last night, and then Yuki scooted closer and stroked Mayu’s cheeks gently with passionate eyes. That was when she snaked her fingers to the back of her head and pulled her down for a sweet morning kiss.


Obviously, Watanabe wasn’t expecting this but she slowly went along with the flow. Her fingers intertwined with Yuki’s while another hand played with her hair while they were kissing. Her younger girl was dominating the older one and Mayu was blushing hard after they broke their kiss.

“…You’re still horny?”

“Shut up.”

“Aw, I’m sorry. I love you sweetie.”

Mayu pecked her forehead and made Yuki calmed down instantly. Eventually, the young singer wrapped her arms around the music composer and buried her face into her neck. The older one just hugged her back and gave another sweet kiss on her forehead again.

“How exciting is it~ A singer and her music composer in a relationship with each other…”

“Y-You just made things sound so wrong!!”

Yuki pushed herself away and slapped right on Mayu’s shoulder, but it just made her laugh even more. Watanabe stroked her cheek and gave her massage using her thumb. Watching her girl slowly enjoying her touch made her mentally squealed with how adorable Yuki was.

“But that won’t stop me this time…I love you, and I’ll never let you go again. I promise.”

“…Idiot, I won’t let you go away that easily either.”

“Hehe~ since it’s my day-off, what do you want to do today? I owe you the story of how I’ve got myself into Watanabe Productions.”

“Then…can I be selfish?”

“Sure, what is it?”

Yuki moved in and pecked Mayu’s lips quickly before she retracted back with blushing cheeks. She whispered softly to her while she avoided making any eye contact with her. Yuki knew she would be bully by Mayu for certain from making such a selfish request like this.

“Be with me, hug me, and kiss me. All I want to feel you so close to me, just like this. T-That’s all I wanted…make up for all the years you’re gone…idiot.”

Mayu was stunned and she couldn’t help but for her heart to race like crazy. She blinked and wondered whether this was a dream, but apparently not. She could still see Yuki blushed from making a bold selfish request, and she felt that it’s not the time to tease her girl. Watanabe smiled with a nod before she embraced Yuki closely to her while they were still on the bed.

“Of course, always…and just be selfish as much as you want with me.”

“…I love you.”

Yuki uttered again and it made Mayu hugged her tighter and closer to her chest. Mayu just love hearing those words uttered from Yuki’s lips despite she heard it countless times last night. But it always felt so special every single time Yuki said it. As with Yuki, she swore she felt her love’s heart beating so strongly against the ribs. She just rested her head in Mayu’s arms and enjoyed ever moment her soul felt complete once again.

“…Me too.”

They would have a lot of things they wanted to talk to each other about after these 4 years of being apart. Finally they had reunited with each other and with their love being stronger than ever. They would be working together, and living together, everything became possible and Yuki believed everything could be done along with Mayu by her side. They could do this together…they waited for each other for 4 years, nothing would be worse than that anymore. They wouldn’t let something like that happen again, they would never be separated again…either one of them wouldn’t let that happen anymore. Finally…they could say their feelings to each other without anything holding them back anymore.

Both their heart and soul are united as one. 


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wow..just WOW  :on GJ:
wahhhh mayuki sweetness overload XD
and now i can die peacefully  :mon angel:
this is just to awesome  :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly:
kate u never fail to amuse me :farofflook:
thank u for the wonderful mayuki fic!!
ps..more please :on gay:

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Ah, they really didn't see each other for years despite in the same city. But yeah, Mayu's reason is manly. She needs to prove herself before she acclaims Yuki as hers~ :shy2:

Mayu, you meanie. Playing such prank at poor Yuki. XD Some things just never change.

They pretty much exchange a lot of heart racing words to each other ne~  :luvluv2: No more hindrance after all so go all out with it and the kissing too. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Lastly, I had a lot of fun imagining Yuki blushing madly at this OS. So cute. :wub:

PS. Which one will you update first? Amnesia or Love Capture? or maybe Who is my Prince? I don't wanna pressure you but I need an update from any of those Kate-sama!

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Mayu is such a prankster!  :rofl:
Why it has to be so cheesy?  :inlove: iwantmoreangst  XD
Anyway, I couldn't ask for more this time haha! Thanks for the awesome fic! I like the whole story, you made me so curious that I google'd that aura vision thingy  XD I want to know if it does exist  XD silly me!  :P

Thanks again! And congratulation on finishing another story!  :D  :cow:

ps. don't forget that you owe me!  O0


and now i can die peacefully  :mon angel:
bye!  :rofl:

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(yeah...I waited all this time :'D)

Love you Kate :3 ~


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wonderful end..
dies peacefully

I will read all for this again
and I'm sure I will dies again  XD

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  • oshiri~~!!!

you are so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is one of the best fic i've ever read :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

pls spare my heart is going crazy while reading this

specially in that bed part

wahahahahaha XDD

the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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sasuga.. kate-san ! my fav writer ! hha

*wait for your next story too  :twothumbs

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Omg i love you soo much Kate-san!! For writing such a beautiful story

Please write more Mayuki story

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COOL!!! I'm out of words... X﹏X

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Wonderful ending :twothumbs
waiting your new story

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As I expected from you~

....damn you Kate!! why do you write so perfectly? ;________;

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lovelyyyyyyyy
I was about to cry more than 3 times while reading the chapter 6!


WONDERFUL *rolls on a rainbow*

You know it already but... I do really love youuuuuuuu >w<!!
My favourite author evah  :wub:

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First of all, CONGRATULATION ON YOUR SUCCESS ~~~~ You had blown up everyone's minds with this fic~ And I have to say... it is AMAZING.

Mayu is the older in your fic and has unusual perosnalities that we usually see her in a Mayuki fiction. Well, actually, your Mayu is her real person in real life, a energetic and cheerful girl (not the easy-going one though). However, A cool, quiet and tsundere Yuki is really rare to see. And you just create another masterpiece with this Yuki. Not many people managed to create an opposite personality of the real person and to make that new character become interesting. But you have succeeded it. Well done!

Nice plot, the flow of the story goes smoothly and excitingly. You did surprise me with the idea that Mayu is actually blind, and she could only see the world from auras and colors. A good plot twist, making a slow and boring plot go more interesting and surprising. I love this <3

You have never stopped surprising me, kate-san. You're one of my fav authors after all <3 I admire you.

Keep it up and take care of yourself more. I want to read more of your fics, but only when you're in your best state.

Thank you for your masterpiece~

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