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Author Topic: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)  (Read 119795 times)

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Love is a Battlefield ~ wMatsui - Update (27/11/14)
« Reply #400 on: November 27, 2014, 01:33:36 AM »
Let's back on reading Kate's fics ~

This one, I must confess the fic got me because of the Pat Benatar's song title hahahah

As always, Kate's works are awesome :3 Juju shouldn't lie, but I understand. I thought Rena would be really angry after discover that Jurina was lying, but she is kinda more confused with her own feelings ><
I wonder what is it that Takamina asked Mayu to do....
Thank you ~

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Love is a Battlefield ~ wMatsui - Update (27/11/14)
« Reply #401 on: November 27, 2014, 04:10:51 AM »
Update!! :cathappy:

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Love is a Battlefield ~ wMatsui - Update (27/11/14)
« Reply #402 on: November 28, 2014, 05:55:48 PM »

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Love is a Battlefield (Part 1) ~ wMatsui - Update (27/11/14)
« Reply #403 on: December 01, 2014, 07:24:00 PM »
 :gmon peakaboo:

HEYO~ Sakuchan here~  :gmon hi:

First and foremost, MASTER KATE, WHAT AN AWESOME FANFIC!!!!!!!!

I am a huge Kate-sama's fan, if anyone haven't noticed that by now  :shy1:

So of course I wanted to read this as soon as possible... BUT!  :bingo:

I wanted to give it as much of my time as possible, in order to read it slowly, not missing out on any details... because I have a tendency to read fast...  :bigdeal: (however, unlike a certain someone *cough*Yuuseihubby*cough* I dun skip words and sentences  :on yellcard: )

So I read this story only yesterday, while getting back home after a weekend at my godmother's. It was a three hour journey, so before taking a nap (it's what I always do on buses  :hee: ) I decided to finally properly read it.

It took me roughly one hour and god if I regret reading that.  :luvluv1: As always, Kate-sama provides us with the best work possible and she is just so amazing I cannot even...  :shy2:

Probably only a few know this, but I have read a drabble version of this some time before. It was a present for Sheritsun and it was posted in our group on Facebook. Since it was a drabble, it didn't have much of a story line, but it was still Kate-style and dang, it was so great!!  :on woohoo:

However, this fic is only slightly based off of that drabble and it has a proper storyline, and as always, master Kate manages to keep us at the edge of our seats with those plot twists of hers  :tantrum:

Anyways, I should start commenting on the story, but first, lemme copy my hubby and sip some tea~  :on drink:

Let's start~ :glasses:

Of course Rena would say no to Jurina. If she said yes right away, the story would be totally different and then we wouldn't be able to see this puppy side of Jurina as much. Really, the way Jurina treats Rena, with this one sided love and not asking for anything back seriously... INSPIRING!!!  :farofflook:

Just look at the way Jurina quietly observes Rena doing kendo, the way she sees her home, the way she knows what to do or what to give when it comes to Rena. I just find it so sweet and so bitter....what was the word for it.... Ah, bittersweet...  :mon cute:

Yuuko-sama in this story makes me just....  :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon inluv: :mon inluv:

I sidetracked...  :mon sweat:

Lemme just tell ya, I dun believe in this act Mayu is putting on... For some reason I am certain that MaYuki is already existing in this story, because it was MAYU who saw Jurina leaving with Mariko-sama, and thus YUKI must have found it out from her  :mon geek:

For me the way Yuki acts around Jurina is suspicious right from the moment when she asks for a date... I mean, throughout the whole first part we haven't seen even once that Yuki would have any kind of interest towards Jurina, deshou? I also find it suspicious that Mayu has been given "work/task from Takamina" in Shibuya on that same day when Yuki and Jurina are on a date!!!  :mon pissed:

Thus I really believe that MaYuki is just trying to bring wMatsui together, as in, trying to make Rena realize that Jurina really honestly loves her. Not only that, Rena should finally find out her own feelings towards Jurina!! :mon blowhorn: :mon misch:

Which leads to the following....

RENA, WHY MUST YOU BE SO DENSE!!!!  :on redcard: (which is why I am not calling her with '-sama' in this post...  :mon butt: )

I mean.... Ugh.... Just....  :mon zoom:

Good thing Jurina is a patient girl... But you know, patience has boundaries... I wish she'd snap and show Rena the real feelings she has bottled up inside.. you know, Jurina should just push Rena against the wall and kiss her passionately... :mon psst:

However, I am still curious about the task that Takamina has given to Mayu.  :mon dunno: Not the one in Shibuya, I dun believe it is real (even if it is, that same day as Jurina and Yuki's date is too suspicious...  :mon pick: ) but overall, something of such secrecy that Mayu cannot even tell to Jurina....  :mon huh2:

On the other hand, poor Ricchan... She probably has white jealousy towards Rena, cuz Rena at least can play kendo, and Ricchan cannot... :mon cry:

I think it would have been better if Jurina told Rena about Ricchan. Then Rena would try harder to win not only for herself, but for Ricchan's sake too. Even if they are from different schools now, winning is one of great ways to show support and friendship  :mon yeah:

Now lemme sidetrack a bit more...

YUUKO-SAMA!!!!  :mon crazyinlove: :mon crazyinlove: :mon crazyinlove: :mon crazyinlove: :mon crazyinlove:

Anyways...  :gmon shy:

I expect my predictions to be wrong (or maybe right) because you and your plot twists...  :gmon flowers:

I shall wait for the next part patiently, Master Kate  :kneelbow:

P.S. Still waiting for "Who is my prince?" update... did ya get AMNESIA and dun remember the fic anymore?..  :cool2: I'll wait for it too, master  :mon prayer:

P.P.S. I read this OS four times~ \ ( ^ ~ ^ ) /

*runs into shadows*  :pig gtfo:
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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Love is a Battlefield (Part 1) ~ wMatsui - Update (27/11/14)
« Reply #404 on: December 01, 2014, 10:00:35 PM »
Yuki what are you intense to do!?!?

Nooo...Rena-chan don't misunderstand it

I wonder what important thing that Rena have to go with Mayu

Update soon

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Love is a Battlefield (Part 1) ~ wMatsui - Update (27/11/14)
« Reply #405 on: December 02, 2014, 05:23:13 AM »
clubhappy: LEL, gurl. Just wait for part 2 and more later :P I don't know how much parts would that be.

River1721: Rena is sure jealous~ We'll see how it goes between her and Jurina in the future parts.

gek geki: hahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha

Koneki: Halllo, I'm back LEL. Actually I don't know how many parts would it be we'll see~ Let's see how far will my imagination take me.

BbSis: Hello granny XD Glad you enjoying it~ I didn't know you also read my stories >___< wah, we'll learn what did Takamina assigned Mayu to do in part 2~ :P Hope you'll enjoy it!

Kairi65: Update!!! Yay~

yuuyu: Yuki is devious. LOL That's all i can say~ XD We shall know what's Mayu's mission at Shibuya! Hehe~ :D

sakura_drop_: The longest comment of all, Saku XD Glad you enjoyed this fic since it involves a lot of kendo terms (japanese) :P But since you like the language already you wouldn't have a problem with it~ Glad you did notice some few details~ I'm impressed you saw through little hints I put in :P With Mayu saw Jurina with Mariko...and how Yuki knew about it~ Yes, Mayu was the one that told her :D She's Yuki's little nezumi spy. Don't worry Yuko will have much more actions in the competition~ Everyone will be standing out quite much since its going to be VERY dramatic in the competition! So wait and see~ :P I don't know how much plot twist it would be, you'll have to ask my brain for that. So I'm also excited to see how twisted will it be in the story too XD For Mayu to be doing a favor for Takamina on the same day as Yuki's's possible that Yuki intentionally set on that day right? :P It did mentioned before that there's no kendo training on that day~ So if anyone of of them wants to do something, it will be on the same day deshou? Yuki's date could be decided on any day and so she picked on the SAME day Mayu have to go to shibuya to do something for Takamina... :P and we'll know what's the favor that Takamina asked Mayu to do and this is my hint...It is Takamina that asked Mayu to take Rena with her too! :P We'll see we'll see~

Kirozoro: Hey~ We'll know in early part 2 about what Mayu and Rena would be doing (regarding Takamina's favor) :D Hope you'll enjoy the future parts that I hope to update soon XD

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Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom ~ [Part III] wMatsui - Update (2/12/14)
« Reply #406 on: December 02, 2014, 06:47:59 AM »
AKB:Kingdom ~ PART III


“Kyah~ Prince Jun you’re so cool!”

“Calm down girls, it’s not like I’m going anywhere.”

“Aww…you’re just so sweet and adorable.”

The royal ladies tried to flirt at their best with the prince charming of Roseus Kingdom. He obviously was just enjoying his sweet sixteen with older ladies that tried to please him in everyway. He probably would be sleeping around with them if he didn’t make a stupid promise with his older sister that he wouldn’t do one night stand with anyone, or else he would have to do what she said for one whole year. For just one day of him trying to please his sister on her birthday literally robbed out his energy worth six months of his life. He made sure those ladies were not trying to lure him onto bed and stayed cautious while flirting with them in the living room. Obviously they would be desperate to throw themselves into him in order to become the next queen of Roseus Kingdom.

“Jun-sama, you’re called to the throne hall right now.”

One of the messengers came to call him and he had to leave his little harem behind. He knew what was going on, as it was indeed the biggest news that ever happened in Roseus Kingdom. The prince of their enemy’s kingdom, Vitis, proposed to the princess of Roseus, his older sister. He was there to be forced to witness the battle between Atsuko and their parents, the queen and king.

“Atsuko, are you sure about your decision?”


The king sighed as he slowly turned to Jun whom was standing alone at the side while watching the whole conversation. He didn't understand why would his father stare at him with such an eye like that…it didn’t give such a good vibe for him. Then another second, he turned his eyes back to Atsuko and made a declaration.

“Until the decision of partnership with Vitis is decided, you’ll be dismissed from the heritage of Roseus.”


Atsuko remained in silence, as she knew this was coming, but Jun wasn’t expecting such a disaster like this. It seemed his vibe was right, but it wasn’t the end of it yet. He didn’t know how much this news would affect his lifestyle.

“It’s too early, but there is no choice. Prince Jun, you’ll now be the succeeding king of Roseus…all the responsibilities is now lie upon you.”


Normally, the prince of each kingdom would be taking responsibility of the kingdom and the land after they hit 20 and they’re eligible to marry…but Jun was a special case. As his older sister whom had shouldered all the hard work was dismissed from the royal heritage…he was forced to take that responsibility despite his age.

“You’ll join the conference this afternoon with me, dress appropriately and do not be late.”

The king declared and it just felt like Jun fallen into hell. He slowly diverted his eyes to Atsuko and she only stared onto the floor with that heavy guilt inside her chest. She knew about this yet she chose the prince of Vitis over her own younger brother. It made him irritated and barged out from the throne hall immediately.


Atsuko rushed after him immediately but there was no sign that he would stop at the slightest. She called for him again and he turned around with a glare of anger in his eyes. The older one knew well that it was her fault and she deserved to be angered on.


“Don’t talk to me sis. You ditched me over THAT prince…”

“Please listen to me, I know the responsibility is very heavy but I’ll help—”

“What do I need to listen!? Just leave me alone! It’s not about that stupud responsibility…I always watch father and you worked. Can’t I be angry that my own sister chose the prince of enemy’s kingdom over her own biological brother??”

That just ended the whole conversation and he rushed away immediately without thinking of apologizing to Atsuko at all. She sighed to herself and only prayed that things would end well…and hoped that Jun would one day understand her. She hoped that one day, Jun would find the person he loved that would make him able to sacrifice everything he had for just to live with that one person who can grant him happiness.


The long conference at the Central City drained Jun out pretty badly. He was in his full on formal black suit with a red rose pin clipped to his suit as a symbol of his representing kingdom. As there was a tea break in between the conference, he was relaxing at a far away seat from other people in the conference. They seemed to know what they were doing and would try to take advantage of Jun since he’s fairly new…and the youngest representative of all. However, there was this one person that came up to him and passed him a glass of hot chocolate.

“Sitting pretty far away from everyone else huh? May I join?”

“…Of course, you’re the only friend I have here, Mayu.”

The older prince smiled and sat down by the younger Matsui’s side. They knew each other from one of the last conferences between the three wealthiest kingdoms, Roseus, Crystállum, and Vitis. It had been two years since then and both of them had been keeping contact every now and through letters and when they had a chance to meet in other conferences since Crystállum and Roseus kingdom were not enemies, like how Roseus was with Vitis. Prince Watanabe was apparently the one and only male friend that Jun had…an actual friend that he could talk anything to and trust.

“It must be tough to be surrounded by these kind of people. I really hate it at first time too…they have a very untrusting air around them.”

“…Yeah, they do.”

“Don’t worry, I got your back. I’ll help you out as much as I could.”

“Thanks a lot Mayu, you’re the only one I can rely on when I need help.”

“C’mon, we’re friends okay? That’s what friends do.”

“Hehe, yup.”

They both pounded their fist quietly without letting anyone seeing them. Despite both of them are going to succeed their fathers and become the next King of their own kingdom…but deep inside they were still young boys that were good friends with one another. Such thing as their prince status was not in their friendship…just only a boy name Jun and Mayu. They were just ordinary boys. So it was normal for Mayu to pick up few things and knew that Jun was stressed on something…aside from the conference.

“But you looked more stressed than to be just the conference.”

“…I got some few things in my mind.”

“About my sister?”

“Am I that easy to read??”

“It’s not that surprising…I knew about Rena’s feelings for a long time already.”


Jun remained in silence and kept quiet to himself. It made Mayu knew that his friend just needed more time to think for himself…and for Rena too. Before Jun would be coming over to the Central City he had paid a visit to Crystállum kingdom to meet with his friend, Mayu, as well as his older sister, Rena. However…he couldn’t believe so many things happened within those few days he lived at the Crystállum castle…just too much for him, both emotionally and physically.


This was the first time he arrived at Mayu’s place, it was huge and there were guards and maids welcoming him at the front. He obviously sent a letter to him to tell him that he’s coming over few days prior to this travel. The moment they opened the door of the carriage for him, his eyes met with this gorgeous lady. Two years could change a woman so much…he remembered her face very well, and those genuine sparkling eyes. That life in those eyes was still there…and he realized whom she was immediately without second though.

“It’s nice to see you again, Prince Jun.”


“Hehe, yes, it’s me. Mayu is currently busy with her duty in the city so I came to welcome you in his place.”

“I-I see, thank you.”

Rena asked the maid to take it to the VIP room she prepared for Jun’s arrival. While the young prince stared at the grown up princess…she did grew taller as well as emitted such a gentle aura like on the first day they met at the banquet hall. She had grown into a beautiful princess…after all these past 2 years he spent his time with high-class ladies, any of them couldn’t match against Rena’s beauty at the slightest. He followed her into the castle and finally to his room. It was on the same floor as Rena’s and Mayu’s room too, so if he needed anything he could come ask them any time.

“Do make yourself free here.”

“Hm…do you know when will Mayu come back? I need to ask him for some stuffs…”

“Currently, he’s with his fiancé so I don’t know when.”


 Jun was shocked, just two years, and his friend got a fiancé already. If he recalled correctly Mayu had finally turned 18 so he was at the age he could marry. While he was still lost with love and everything…Mayu got himself a woman he loved already…time could just be so horrible on Jun. It made him felt isolated…

“Do you want to have a tour around the garden?”


“You seemed to be troubled…are you okay?”


Rena saw through him and it just reminded him how gentle the princess was. He smiled with relief and felt laidback around her. He nodded and decided to go for a walk privately with the princess in the garden. As they had a walk around aimlessly, Rena was very patient to wait for Jun to speak up of his problem that was troubling him. He really did take his time as well before he spoke up.

“…I sort of have a fight with my sis.”

“Sort of?”

“Well…you probably knew about my sis marrying to prince of Vitis right?”

“Ah…yes. I heard about it from Yuki. What about it?”

“The issue is that…now I had to take all the responsibility, as my father, the currently king had dismissed her from the heritage and all responsibilities as a royalty.”

“W-Whoa…that’s just… extreme.”

Jun sighed softly to himself and looked up into the sky while walking by Rena’s side. He told her that he wanted to talk to Mayu because he wanted to discuss with him whether on how to resolve the issue. He really did say something bad to Atsuko before he left and he was regretting over it. After he told everything to Rena, he waited for the princess to reply back to him.

“For certain from how I knew princess Atsuko…she dearly adores you. Just tell how you feel to her and I believe she will forgive you.”


“Actually, I believe princess Atsuko is not angry at you at all…but rather she felt so guilty having you to carry the burdens alone.”


Jun had thought about it and remembered times he had a fight with her, in the end…every single time; she would come to him and apologize despite it was his fault to begin with. She would hug him and tell him that she love him. Those happy moments resurfaced up again and it just made him understand what he should do when he get back home…this time, he should give his sister a hug and apologized to her.

“…Thank you Rena-chan, without you, I would be so lost.”

“Not at all, I’m glad to help you out, and also…”


“You’ve grown to become such a good-looking prince. That white shirt looked really nice on you.”

That gentle smile across her face was just nostalgic. It reminded him of that last smile he saw from her on that night of the banquet. It brought back the funny feeling inside his stomach and he blushed slightly from that compliment. Despite many ladies gave him such beautiful words and praises…Rena’s compliment was just different; it was so sincere and honest than only simple words could stir up his heart quite badly.

“T-Thanks…you’ve become such a beautiful woman too. I was stunned when I met you at the entrance.”

“You flattered me too much!”

“No I’m not! You’re beautiful Rena-chan.”

Switching turns, Rena looked away this time blushing like a tomato. The atmosphere seemed to be different now and their eyes met with one another. Rena smiled softly while trying to hide her blushing as much as she could from him…because she didn’t want Jun to know anything, regarding her own feelings. She brushed her hair to the back of her ear and stared down before she looked up again into the prince’s alluring eyes.

“You’ve never change…you’re just so honest just like then.”

“…You too, and I prefer the way it is.”

However, their moment was perfectly interrupted by this couple that just came back from the town. Jun turned and made an eye contact with them, he immediately recognized that baby face prince. His hair seemed to be a little longer, but it suited him very well without making him looked like a girl.


“Oh hey Jun! Nice to see you!”

They pounded their fists and were grateful to meet each other again. At least they were able to meet each other several times during the conference several months ago but there was no time for any personal talks between the two. At least today they were able to talk freely like they always wanted to.

“So this is your fiancé—wait…p-princess Yuki??”

“Yes, that’s me?”

“W-Wait a minute! So your fiancé is actually the woman that punched you in the face two years ago??”

Jun remembered it very well and Yuki was just so embarrassed of what she did. What he saw that night seemed to carve right into the deepest part of his brain. He remembered that angry princess punched right across Mayu’s face so hard that it made him terrified. It seemed to be the first impression that princess Yuki made with Jun. However it just made Mayu burst into laughter and just made Yuki blushed angrily even more.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me!?”

“But it's the truth! You did punch me on the day we first met.”

“It’s a long past already…”

“Haha, sorry miss.”

He bent down and gave Yuki a soft peck on her lips. It literally stunned Jun as he witnessed his very best friend kissed a woman with such loving eyes. Mayu became much more gentle than the last time he met him…he didn’t have that sarcastic serious aura around him anymore. He could tell that he adored his fiancé and loved her so much…it was similar to how his sister loved prince Kai. People that he knew, one by one, started to fall in love…and distanced away from him somehow. Since he was the youngest, he wouldn’t understand something like this…and he wondered who could love him the way he was.

“Don’t be mad at me, okay?”

“Ugh dammit you’re horrible! Despicable! The worst! I hate you when you do this to me!!”

“But I love you.”

“And I hate you.”

“C’mon…you’re my fiancé.”

“Then just not here, please.”

“…Oh! Okay~”

He pulled in Yuki closely to him and realized what Yuki meant. As for poor Jun, seeing his friend shared his love with a woman just made him jealous…despite he had so many ladies in his harem…he never felt that love before at all. He enjoyed toying with woman, and never ever had feelings for them. He wondered would he find someone like how Mayu found his love?


“That just reminded me…why did you love princess Yuki?”


Mayu started to blush slightly when Jun mentioned his fiancé up. The young boy was curious with how the serious sarcastic pain in the ass person became such a gentle caring and sweet like this. Obviously it made the older prince blushed slightly and ruffled his hair, trying to arrange his words properly so that Jun would understand him.



“Calm down! I’m thinking of how to explain it!”


“Well…it’s just that…she see me as Mayu, not as Prince of Crystállum. She’s just so aggressive, rough, violent, but very honest…she’s really honest with me, and that’s why I know fully with my heart I can trust her.”

Jun watched his friend talked about his fiancé and how much she hated him at the first time they had to spend time together as official couples. She hated him to the guts and would always pick on every bad things about him…but the more they argued and fight with each other the more they seemed to understand and opened up to each other. Mayu saw Yuki as a normal girl…not a princess, and it goes to Yuki too…she only saw Mayu as a pain in an ass brat, but yet, she opened herself to him even more. With just how much loving in Mayu’s eyes when he talked about his Yuki, it made Jun curious with how far their relationship went.

“So…did you two sleep with each other yet?”

“O-Of course NOT!! Yuki would probably stab me to death before I could even lay a finger on her.”

“…Why I’m not surprise that would happen. How about a kiss?”

“W-Well…yeah…we did kiss before.”

Jun got so excited and asked how was it since he still couldn’t believe that aggressive sadist princess would be kissing with Mayu. Both of them were like opposite polar…and yet they were able to love each other, and being very lovey dovey too. Mayu was embarrassed to tell what happen but he did his best since Jun pleaded him…of course he didn’t went into deep details about it since if Yuki found out she would kill him too. It’s the side that Yuki didn’t want anyone to see…except for him.

“The environment took us there…and we talked about our status as fiancé…so y-yeah I asked her…”

“Asked what?”

“…What would she hate to be called Watanabe or not? Then…y-yeah, we kissed each other, and the funniest part is that nee-chan interrupted us. Oh wow Yuki was so embarrassed and mad at me for not locking the door.”

The young prince cracked up with how Rena managed to interrupt both Mayu and Yuki’s sweet moments. However, that reminded him more of Rena and what happened between the two that caused a big drama…Mayu somehow realized that it reminded Jun about her sister and then decided to give him a pat before he stood up.

“It’s time for us to go back into the conference. Stay strong, and let’s have a talk when we’re done with this.”

“…Yeah, thanks Mayu.”

He got up as well and threw the empty cup away into the bin as he walked with Mayu into the conference room again…and the meeting continued. It was utterly a long day for Jun, both physically and mentally. He was tired for being outside the whole day for the conference. His mind had to be thinking about the meeting and things he needed to do to improve his country as well as about Rena… Thank god he was already in his hotel room already that was prepared for him. It was the most grand and luxurious hotel that was only for royal guests from coming from different kingdoms. Once he entered with the key he was given, he sighed once again as he threw his black suit onto the bed and took his tie off.

“…Finally today’s work had ended. I would at least have a day of free time before leaving off tomorrow in the afternoon.”


“It’s me, Mayu.”

He responded immediately after the knock before Jun could say a word. He went straight to open the door for him and saw him just in his plain white t-shirt and black long trousers that he wore at the conference. He did take off his suit and necktie before he came by to Jun’s room.

“Do you want to go grab some drink up at the sky lounge? They do serve the best drinks in the world. Only royalties would be up there…plus, we can get to have a talk as buddies. What do you say?”

“…Just give me a second and I’ll come out. Just wait for me.”

“Awesome. Take your time.”


After the boys were ready, they went straight up to the sky lounge as only royalties were allowed to use, unless the royal family personally invited someone, which would usually be someone very high and powerful in society. As both of them picked a good seat to sit before the waiter came up to them to take the orders. As Jun was looking in the orders, he was still underage and he couldn’t drink any alcoholic drinks. Before he could say anything, Mayu just ordered a simple lemon soda for the two of them with such a smiling face. Jun was shocked with the order but the waiter didn’t seem to be surprised at the slightest, as if he knew Mayu’s order. He bowed his head and walked away, leaving the two princes alone having their private time.

“Lemon soda at sky lounge? Seriously Mayu?”

“He knew my orders would be lemon soda, plus you couldn’t drink alcohol right? This place also makes the best lemon soda ever in the world. Trust me it’s amazing.”

Mayu was just too amazing for Jun. It made the young prince laughed off softly and Mayu was just being so Mayu like before. He didn’t like drinking alcohol just like what he told him. He hated parties and would prefer to enjoy silence alone with a simple lemon soda drink in his hands. Before they could even talk anything, the drinks arrived very quickly since they were the only two using the sky lounge at the moment.

“T-That was fast…?”

“They knew my order the moment I stepped in, its just they didn’t serve it at first time because I came with you.”

“Wow, you’re like a frequent customer here?”

“Pretty much, due to countless conferences here at Central City.”

Jun had a sip of the drink and it was amazing. It was just like what Mayu said after all and then he told him that they always prepared a lot of lemon soda because he would end up drinking like ten glasses or more each time he came here. So after they got their drink… it was about time they had their discussion about Jun’s issue with Rena.

“…I bet you heard from Rena-chan already that we sort of have a fight.”

“Yeah I do, I wasn’t that surprised actually…I did realize that it will happen someday if it goes on.”


“Normally you won’t be disturbed or care if any of the ladies found out you’re a playboy, and had been dating over like ten twenty ladies every single day. You simply don’t care…did I get it right?”

Mayu just went straight to the point and his bluntness did give Jun some impact. The way he said was just painful into his heart, but it was the truth that he had to accept it…he always flirted with all the high-class ladies in Roseus Kingdom. He treated them like they were properties and only respected them as a beautiful decoration and entertainment for him.  However, it started to change…for some reason he didn’t feel that way anymore after he had paid a visit to Crystállum kingdom before he came over to Central City with prince Mayu. The world started to flip around when he reunited with princess Rena again after all these years they had not met each other physically…This drama that was going on with Rena caused his heart to be so heavy and in pain ever single second.

“…You’re right, I’m a very horribly person. I treated them like toys…I won’t be surprise I have enough guts to even face Rena-chan again or not—”

“However, you’re no longer like that anymore, Jun.”

It made the young prince froze and looked up into Mayu’s eyes, which was staring straight into his. What caught him off guard was that his friend was not giving him a judgmental look…but a calm gentleness look filled with trust and respect. He shook his head refusing what Jun claimed about himself and continued where he left off.

“You’ve changed so much…comparing to prince Jun I’m seeing, it’s as if you’re a complete different person before you arrived at Crystállum a few days ago. You’ve become more gentle and opened up than before.”


“It’s just like what happened to me…do you know what changed you?”

“Eh? I…I don’t know.”

“It’s love, it changed you…and maybe it’s nee-chan’s love for you.”


Jun’s eyes grew wide as he remembered what happened back in Crystállum castle before he left. It was the last time he had saw Rena before he came over here…and that last image he had of her was the princess broke in tears of sadness. He was just so naïve that it hurt Rena’s feelings even more. He made her cry, and seeing her crying because of him killed his poor heart.


After they had reconcile with one another from the drama…they enjoyed their time together in the city as both Rena and Jun were in their commoner disguise. Jun was surprised that it was a normal thing for the royalties to disguise into the city to understand everyone’s living and what they needed to improve. On that day, Rena had lent Jun Mayu’s clothing and so he’s able to disguise into the city with her…and its his first time surrounded by tons of commoners that did not know about his status as the prince…it was such a new exciting feeling…to have a life of a commoner and equal to everyone. As they were walking around in the park and enjoying their moments…some little funny accidents happen, such as the one that Rena fell into the water fountain in the playground. She was trying to catch the ball that the kids were playing in the playground. Jun was shocked and froze right there without knowing what’s going on. The kids ran up to Rena with worries, as they knew she’s the princess of Crystállum kingdom. Jun didn’t hesitate and jumped into the shallow fountain to carry Rena up in his arms in a bridal style. He was only concerned with Rena’s safety and he was truly worried about her whether she’s injured or not.

“Rena! Are you okay? Are you injured anywhere? Are you hurt?”

“A-Ah…I-I’m fine. I’m okay…”

“Princess Rena we’re really sorry! We didn’t meant to—”

“That’s okay! It’s my fault being clumsy and fall into the water. Don’t worry about me.”


The kids were still worried about the princess and that was when Jun came in and told them that princess Rena would be under his care and he would ensure that she would be all good. The kids believed the young prince and decided to leave the two as they were. Then suddenly, Rena realized that she was drenched and she’s making Jun wet along with her.

“J-Jun! I’m completely drenched! Just let me down—”

“Who cares about that? You’re the princess; it’s the man’s job to take care of you. Just let me do this!”


Rena tried to struggle but then Jun still held her and even closer to his wet chest. The princess blushed harder and heard the sound of his heart pounded against his chest…and she could feel the blood rushing in her face and heart palpitations. However, she couldn’t simply enjoy this…it felt as if she’s taking advantage of the naïve young prince, she forced herself out aggressively.

“Let me down Jun!!”

“W-Wait! Don’t move like that or else—!”

Jun lost his balance and he quickly fell back instead of forward so that Rena wouldn’t be injured. He landed on his bum and then his back while the princess as harmless on top of him…he muttered in pain and Rena was still on top of his lap. Despite he was the one that fell first and got injured…he was still worried about Rena.

“Are you okay? Did you injure yourself?”


“I’m sorry I forced you…but I was really worried about you.”

“…It’s okay.”

Rena looked away and got up and brushed the dust off from her skirt, however Jun couldn’t stop being curious with why Rena was acting so distancing out of a sudden…as if she was avoiding to be close and even making an eye contact with him. She was completely fine in the morning…but now she’s like a different person.

“Rena-chan? What’s wrong? You’re not being yourself somehow…”


“You can talk to me about it Rena-chan, I might be able to help you.”

“No you can’t.”


“You can’t help me…no one can help me from this…from this stupid pain…!”

Jun was completely puzzled but he could tell from her voice that it’s cracked…and she’s about to cry. The prince quickly stood up and went to her side. He extended his hand to touch her shoulder in order to grab for her attention, but then Rena smacked it away quickly. He couldn’t understand anything anymore and he ran up and stood in front of Rena immediately and tried to talk to her.

“Rena-chan, please talk to me. Let me help you.”

“I told you that you can’t…you never can.”

Rena avoided making an eye contact as well as she turned her body away to avoid Jun, however it forced him to grab her on the shoulder and turn her around so that their eyes would meet. It didn’t seem his words could reach Rena and so aggressively as a teenage boy he forced her physically to look at him.

“Look at me Rena! Please, you have to talk to m—”

He froze…the moment he saw tears in Rena’s eyes…he completely froze at that spot and did not know what to say at the slightest. She couldn’t hold back her tears any longer and let it run, while Jun could only stay there and say nothing at all. Suddenly, the princess pushed him away and he was unable to say anything as he witnessed Rena’s tears…his body and mind automatically froze.

“There’s nothing to talk…nothing…because it’s pointless to get rid of this feeling…the unrequited love.

“Unrequited love…? Is it about that man you love? Who is it? I’ll bring him here for you—”

“It’s you!!”

Jun didn’t say a word and his mind just went black…he’s unable to process what Rena just said regarding her unrequited love. He could see Rena cried even harder and she clutching to the top of her chest. The pain of her unrequited love was just too strong that it’s overflowing out…and she couldn’t hold it back any longer. It just hurt her so much that she was just so close to him like this but she could only be an older sister, or just a friend to Jun.

“W-Why…why did I love you this much…it just hurts so much. It just hurts so much…!”


“That’s why…you can never help me from this pain, because the man I love…is you.

“…W-Will the pain disappear if I love you back?”

That was something that Jun regretted saying so much until now. Those words wounded Rena’s heart even more and her eyes are now mixed with anger and sorrow…he didn’t realize what he had said and he couldn’t only see so much hatred coming from Rena’s eyes.

“How could you say something like that? If I want a fake love from you…I rather be hated by you instead!”

“I-I…I didn’t meant that—”

“What do you think am I? Just one of those ladies that you treated like objects? If you’re going to do this to please me out of pity…then just leave.”


“You’re the worst, I thought you’re unlike anyone else but no…you’re not different from those men treating ladies like us as accessories…you’re just like one of them.”

That was her last words before she ran away from Jun. He could remember that look Rena gave to him before she ran off…those eyes filled with utmost sadness. It was as if she said words without holding back…and was fully aware of the consequences if she said it. Jun just remained there alone in silence without saying a word. He was still shocked with what was happening…he believed no one would love him romantically…and yet there was one…and it was princess Rena. He didn’t know how to respond at all, he’s completely helpless…and he hated to be so helpless like this. To see princess Rena cried in utmost pain like this felt like countless needles pierced into his heart. How coincident that he would be leaving off to Central City with prince Mayu in the early dawn tomorrow…he didn’t even have the chance to see or say anything to Rena at all…she avoided him completely ever since then until now. He didn’t even have the chance to say a single word from his heart.



Mayu just watched his friend that was currently having his moment inside his mind. He probably didn’t realize that he muttered his sister’s name in such a gentle tender voice. The young prince was thinking about the princess and was just swirling his glass while having his mind drifted off for a while.

“I don’t know…I don’t know what to do.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Didn’t I just say—”

“I mean, what do you really want to do? What if nee-chan loves you…what can you do about it?”


“I bet she said…to love someone doesn’t mean you have to reply to it. You have your own heart Jun, and that’s the pain that always come with love…unrequited love that is.”

“B-But…But I don’t want to hurt Rena-chan’s feelings…to see her hurt pains me…I hate seeing her in pain, especially by me, and I couldn’t do anything to help her! I just feel so helpless…I don’t know what to do anymore Mayu…”

“Tell her your feelings…that’s the only way to help her. Your true feelings.”

“My feelings?”

“It would be an endless pain if you don’t give the final answer to her…either way, she would want to hear the truth from you…she wanted you to end her pain by rejecting her.”


Jun clutched onto his chest and he was having a difficult time responding to Mayu because he didn’t even know what he was feeling at all…whether he loved Rena or not. He doubted his own feelings…and it frustrated him even more that if he didn’t have a real truth…he would regret everything. He looked into the glass of lemon soda in his hand and saw the reflection of his eyes on the drink. He looked back up at Mayu and had some few questions to ask him.

“…How did you know, you loved princess Yuki?”

“Yuki huh? Just…the way she is. I knew it that if its her…I wouldn’t mind devoted my whole life to.”


“Being with her makes me able to be who I am, just Mayu, just an ordinary boy that is capable to love someone. I’m still learning many things from Yuki myself…but all I know, I want to be with her forever, I want to have a child that has her eyes…I just…can’t imagine a life without her with me.”

Mayu just went full on romantic and sweet. These were his feelings he never said to Yuki before and Jun was the only one to know this. The young prince of Crystállum still remained his cool composure…but deep inside he’s just madly in love with his fiancé, Yuki. His love was just so gentle and warm…Jun could feel it from weight in his words as well as the love showed in his eyes.

“You loved her a lot…”

“…Yeah, I do. She’s the love of my life, and I will never let her go.”

“You sound really cool, you’ve changed a lot because of love.”

“Haha, I do…and you’re pretty darn cool right now too.”

“No way, I’m not. Just a son of a bitch that toys ladies.”

“You cared for my nee-chan’s feelings…that’s more than enough for you to be such a cool dude in my eyes.”

Mayu smiled as he had a sip of his favorite lemon soda. Jun’s eyes grew wide with surprise that his friend was grateful about his caring towards Rena. It was as if he indirectly approved that Jun could approach Rena and he would support both of them with it. Somehow, it gave a light up in his chest…he felt supported by his one and only friend for his own decision.

“You’re just weird Mayu.”

“Just saying as it is. So…how are you feeling now?”

“…Less confused. I felt much better.”

“I’m glad to hear.”

“…I want to talk to Rena-chan when we get back to Crystállum, may I? It’s that…I want to give her my answer.”

“You had one already?”

“Not exactly…but I think I should know by then…what I wanted to say to her.”

“Very well then, I’ll make sure she meets with you.” 

Jun smiled and was thankful to have such a friend like Mayu. After they relaxed in the sky lounge, they decided to call it a day and went back to their own room. He took a shower and he was still thinking about Rena even though he was lying in bed. He was still wondering about his true feelings towards Rena…just so unsure with how he was feeling…before he realized it he finally fell asleep but had a dream…it was about what happened when he was still at Crystállum kingdom.


Rena did not know that Jun was a full-time playboy at his kingdom for a year…she always had an image of prince Jun being a gentle honest boy like how she used to meet two years ago. However, she discovered the truth regarding Jun’s dark secrets from one of the ladies in his harem that came to Crystállum castle for work. Jun made her real upset…after all the good times he shared with her. After he felt really bad he made Rena upset…along with Mayu’s help, he was able to have enough courage to confront with princess Rena to talk about this issue with her…privately at the balcony of the Crystállum kingdom. Both prince and princess went to the balcony of the dining hall and Jun seemed to be a little frustrated trying to gather his words to speak with Rena. He turned to her and this was the first time he was actually frustrating to talk to a lady in front of him. It was obviously because he was carrying that much guilt and blame in his heart for hurting Rena’s feelings…this princess meant something more than just a decorative lady to Jun.

“I-I…I’m sorry, that you have to learn in a hard way that yeah…I’m a playboy.”

“…Yes? And what about it?”

“…Even so…after being a playboy…I-I didn’t really change since then…I’m just the same naïve kid when we first met. Even more, I just became more stupid than ever.”

Rena didn’t say anything and remained in silence, allowing Jun to keep on doing the talk since he looked rather emotional in a way. The princess remained her composure very well and still waited for Jun to continue explaining himself to bring back his reputation.

“I’m just a bastard…wanting to feel the love, and be loved by someone. Hoping that one day I will find the one for me. I guess I’m just a lonely person…by the time I realize again, I’m just fooling around with girls like they’re my toys…”


“It didn’t really come to hit me until today…I started regretting all the things I’ve done to them…and how rude am I to my sis. How I treated other ladies unfairly and selfishly… I’m really sorry, and thank you for making me realizing it.”

Jun bowed towards Rena to apologize to her. He remained it low as for several reasons that he didn’t want to see Rena’s expression right now…and he didn’t have the courage to do so too. He bit his lips and only waited to hear for the princess’s respond…waited patiently for the princess to speak.

“…Do you sleep around with them? Those girls I mean.”

Jun’s head shot up and looked towards Rena who was avoiding eye contact from him. He yelled out immediately out of instinct to refuse that with slight anger. Even he toyed with girls he was still underage…and he was taught well by his sister and mother to not sleep around with anyone aside from his own wife.

“N-NO! I promised with my sis, I will never sleep around with anyone around like a despicable bastard! Also, I know very well that these girls only approach me for money and my status…they all wanted to be my potential fiancé. It’s very hard to be a royalty…and find true love.”

“…Yeah, I agree.”

“I guess I’m really jealous of sis, that she found someone that she could throw everything away for. Also, Mayu too... he found his girl, and I could tell that he’s really happy to be with princess Yuki.”

“Yeah, he’s really happy. They both are happy.”

The conversation between the two of them seemed to flow really well and then Jun finally brought up this curiosity he had in his mind, after all these years and with Rena being older than Mayu…he wondered whether she had a relationship yet or not. The princess was utterly gorgeous and perfect…he wouldn’t be surprise that she would found a man in her eyes already, or anyone that would try to capture her love.

“Rena-chan, do you like anyone right now?”


“J-Just curious. Do you have one?”




“How does it feel?”

“Well, it’s complicated. You’ve become so happy just by being around him…and felt like you’re the luckiest person on earth.”

“…I see. Are you two lovers?”

“Apparently, no.”

“Ehh?? But didn’t you like him??”

“Liking someone doesn’t mean I would be in a relationship with them. There’s such things called as unrequited love…and it’s painful.”

Jun remained in silence as he could see how Rena was talking in such a low painful voice. However he didn’t understand why would the princess loved that man who wouldn’t return her feelings. She was just left alone in pain like this.

“Then why can’t you just forget that man? Why would you love when it’s just hurting you back?”

“Love and pain exists in duality. You can’t just obtain it just because you want…it’s something that could happen between two people.”

“…I don’t understand it at all.”

“I won’t blame you if you don’t understand it.”

Rena smiled softly, but it wasn’t her usual shining smile. It was tainted with sadness and it was just utterly disturbing to Jun. He didn’t want the princess to have such a smile like this and he slowly approached her and did grab her attention. He had to ask the princess out of curiosity about her love life.

“Rena-chan, why do you love that man?”

“…I wonder the same. Being with him makes me happy, and I could feel his sincere gentleness…I’m never this happy before in my whole life when I’m with a man. A place by his side…is the place I wanted to stay.”

Jun was amazed with how Rena told about her feelings. It was as if it was pure unconditional love she had for that man, yet he didn’t return his feelings to her…it made him angry and irritated in Rena’s place. Such a perfect princess she was, yet how idiot that man didn’t take her.

“He must be an idiot, for not taking you…he’s definitely a nutcase.”

“Pftt…! H-Hahahaha~!”

“W-Why are you laughing at me?? I’m serious!!”

“It’s just so funny! You’re so funny Jun.”

“I’m being serious here! You’re pretty much perfect in everything…”


“Rena-chan, you’re beautiful, sincere, gentle, and it’s very relaxing to be with you…I don’t understand why that man wouldn’t love you back…”

It made Rena sighed softly with that smile before she approached him with a soft pat on his head. This young boy was very naïve with love and it made her wonder how in the hell she fell in love with him. However, that naïve and honesty in him was what made him charming to her as well. It wasn’t his mature handsome appearance or his wealthy status…but it was his innocent and pureness that was a part of his real self.

“When someone loves you, doesn’t mean you have to love them back. It’s your heart that decides who you love…not your conscious.”

“…I see. I think I understand a little more now.”

“That’s good.”

Her gentle smile returned and it made Jun felt much more relieved, he finally decided to went back to the topic regarding him making her upset with this afternoon incident. He bowed his head down and it just startled Rena so badly.

“This is the 2nd time I will promise with someone…I will stop this flirting and playboy thing. I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings anymore.”


“It made me really sad when I saw you upset with it. I’m really sorry Rena-chan. Please forgive me.”

“…Please, raise your head up.”

Jun slowly did as Rena asked and that was when the princess approached him and gave a peck on his forehead. He was shocked and gawked with surprise from that sudden kiss. The princess suddenly backed off with a blushing cheek but tried to remain her composure.

“You didn’t change after all. You’re still so honest like back then.”


“One thing changed though, you’ve become more of an adult than before…I have faith that you’ll become an honorable king in the future.”

Rena had faith in him and it was her true feelings. Maybe it was out of bias that she loved him, however she had no hesitation in uttering those words at the slightest. As Jun was still shocked from the kiss…he was completely flattered by such a compliment from the princess right before her. That was when he gulped and decided to fix one last thing that was still prickling his chest.

“About what I said about you being beautiful…that’s not out of being a jerk. I’m being honest back then. You became much prettier from the last time we met.”

Another counter attack back against Rena, just by seeing the prince talking so honestly to her just made her pounded fast. He’s just so naïve that he didn’t realize he completely captured the princess’s heart already. She smiled to him with her heart’s content and just let her feelings be expressed through her face, hoping it would reach him.

“Thank you Jun… that meant a lot to me.”

With the moonlight shining from upon them…that beautiful smile he witnessed just gave him a heart attack. He began blushing slightly from just seeing Rena’s smile and it made him happy to see her happy. He gripped tightly to his clothes with such unknown frustration overwhelming his conscious. He never felt like this before and it’s just made him confused.

“I think we should call it a day. I’ll escort you back to your room.”

“O-Oh! Okay!”

Rena chuckled how he just stuttered like a kid. They walked along the corridor together and the princess sent off the prince at his room. That was when they needed to call it a day and head back to their respective room.

“Good night, Rena-chan, and thanks for sending me.”

“Not at all, you’re our guest and good night to you too, Jun.”

She had called him by his name like usual now. It just made him felt so relieved that things were returning back to normal as how it used to be. However before Rena would leave, he called for her to grab her attention. There was one particular thing he needed to tell her before it would be disturbing him for the whole night.

“W-Well…you’re really cute when you smile.”


“Just want to tell you that! That’s all! Good night!”

He rushed back into his room and left Rena gawked with flushing cheeks. She started to wonder was he a natural playboy or not because his compliments were such a kill on her. His innocence and naivety was a deadly combination that made her heart pounded faster and not in a proper rhythm. However, as for him…he had hid himself behind the door…and was blushing with such a smile across his face. He just rested against that white door that’s separating him from Rena and felt his heart still pounding hard and clearly…he couldn’t help to hide his smile and let it out while feeling utmost grateful that Rena forgave him. He could never forget that feeling…that happiness that he never experienced before in his whole life…but he’s currently feeling it every second that princess Rena is by his side.

“I…want to be with her…just like this…”


Jun’s eyes shot up widely after he had that long dream about his past with Rena. He looked out from the curtain and the sun was up, turning to the right, the clock showed him that its 6am in the morning. That dream he had… It felt so real that it was as if the whole thing just seemed to repeat again for him…however, that fragment of his memories he shared with Rena made him realize something even more…he felt that he finally found his true answer than he could give to Rena. A single tear went down his cheek and finally she sat up on bed. He stared into his hand…gripped it tightly as if he was holding onto that answer without any intention of letting it go.


He got out and changed into his default attire immediately before he started packing up his luggage. Before he could leave, he went to Mayu’s room and banged on his door. The young prince could hear the grumbling boy coming to the door and opened for him…he could see Mayu was still in his pajama and was still sleeping.

“What is it…this is frigging 6:30am…”

“I’m sorry Mayu, but I’ll be leaving now.”

“…Huh? Wait…what?”

Mayu did snapped back into reality and realized that Jun was fully dressed and was more than ready to leave this place right after he woke up from his sleep. The older prince ruffled his hair and was wondering what possessed into his friend today.

“Uh, where are you going?”

“…To see her…to see and talk to Rena.”


Mayu was stunned; he became wide-awake after he witnessed that determination in Jun’s eyes. It made him smiled softly and was grateful that his friend found the answer he was looking for. He simply went back into the room and grabbed a small brooch on the table before he passed it to Jun. The Roseus prince looked at this special brooch that was made from blue crystals that are only available in Crystállum Kingdom. It’s a special brooch of the royalties and Mayu lent it to Jun so he’s able to go into the castle as his direct permission.

“I’ll see you around early evening…back at Crystállum. I hope to hear some good news.”

“You bet it. You definitely will.”

Both boys pounded their fists before Jun took his leave and allowed Mayu to resume his sleep once again. However, he didn’t have worries in his mind as much as before since he knew that his friend had the answer of his heart…and its an answer that he would be able to give it to his sister. Only he could do was wishing that it went well for the two of them.


Around afternoon Rena was just relaxing in the castle at was at the balcony where she used to talk to Jun on that night. She sighed out softly and knew that her younger brother would return home today…but hoping that prince of Roseus wouldn’t come back here. She felt that she had enough with all these things and after she confessed her feelings, it made her felt better, at the very least.

“…Why is that pain still there…I tried to forget about him yet…I…”

 She was leaning her elbow on the side and looked up into the deep blue sky. Despite trying to convince her that everything would be fine…but her heart was not feeling fine at the slightest. It’s still wounded from what is called unrequited love.

“Please, don’t forget about me.”


Rena turned around and saw the young handsome prince in his plain white formal t-shirt and that blue crystal brooch on his shirt. She recognize that brooch very well as it belonged to her brother. She couldn’t believe who she was seeing right now…the person she didn’t want to see the most is right in front of her at this very place once again.

“Why…Why are you here?”

“I need to talk to you, Rena-chan.”

“I don’t have anything to talk—”

“But I have! I need to tell you my answer! I will end your pain!!”

Jun yelled out loud and his face started to blush a little. He was grateful he grabbed Rena’s attention from his yell and then he approached her and took her hand in order to place it on top of his chest…on top of his heart. Obviously the princess still have feelings for the young one blushed, but then Jun interrupted her from where he left off.

“Can you feel it…it’s beating so crazily…right?”

Now that he mentioned it, Rena could feel his heart beating really fast and slowly she looked up into his eyes that were staring at her with such kindness. It was as if Jun changed during the past few days he went to Central City…he was so different and had that very mature eyes.

“You didn’t give me a chance to say a word after you confessed…as well as yelling at me. However, I'm grateful you gave me the time to think through so many things while I’m at Central City, and that allowed me to give this answer to you.”

“…I don’t want it. I have no reason to even talk to you anymore.”


“I told you before haven’t I? I rather we become sworn enemies if you’ll love me out of pity. Therefore, leave…before I decided to declare war with Roseus.”

Rena was serious, and Jun could see it in her eyes. She pulled her hand away and was freed from his grasp. He was surprised with how dreadfully angry with what the prince had said to him. However, he was not planning to back down either despite the princess would want to become sworn enemies with him and his kingdom. He took a deep breath and grabbed her hand again before he gave his reply to his princess.

“…I was so stupid and so naïve…I never did understand the pain you went through for all these days. It must be so painful…living in that pain for every single day…I’m really sorry…I’m so sorry.”

Jun’s voice was shaking and it caught Rena’s attention…that was the moment she couldn’t believe what she was witnessing at all. She saw the young helpless boy shedding tears while holding onto her hand…quivering. He bit on his lips so that his voice wouldn’t escape from his lips, however his body was expressing all emotions that was inside him. The princess was shocked…she could never believe that Jun would cry and apologized to her sincerely like this…she knew for sure that he was being honest to her, and there was no such things as a mask on him. This is the true Matsui Jun.

“I don’t want to hurt you. Seeing you in pain kills me…I only want to see you smile and I want you to be happy. But I’m just so stupid and helpless…I can’t do anything for anyone…I don’t know what to do and what can I do for someone…”

Jun embraced princess Rena in his arms, tenderly with utmost care. He did not use any force to hug her…just a sweet gentle embrace for his important princess and Rena was just too stunned to even respond to such an act like that. He voice was still shaking, as well as his body. He was trying to set a rhythm for his breathing so he would be able to continue where he left off without letting his voice cracked up even more. Rena could feel so much emotion from this embrace…she could feel the young boy’s heart that was striving with all its best to reach out to her.


“…All I know, is thatI want to hold you like this. To protect you, to give you happiness, to be able to see your smile again.”

“Stop it Jun let go of me—!”


Jun yelled out loud to interrupt Rena and to allow him to continue where he left off before he would regret for the rest of his life for not saying it. Rena could even tell his voice was shaking and the arms wrapped around her as well. It’s a matter of do or never and so…he gathered his courage, he knew Mayu had his back and supported him, and so there’s no reason to hold back. He finally said it once and for all, hoping his words would reach Rena at last…

“A-All I know…is that I’m never this happy before in my whole life when I’m with a woman. I can’t tell you how much fun and happy I was when here in Crystállum, with you…Only you could make me feel this much happiness that makes me smile like an idiot…and so much painful to see you cry because of me.”


“Rena…a place by your side is the place I wanted to stay forever. That’s what I can say for sure…and that’s how I truly felt.”


Rena was shocked and Jun slowly let go of the hug and took her left hand to kiss onto the base of the ring finger. That was one of the old traditions that were done among royalties and Rena remembered it from the texts that she read in the past… obviously prince Jun would know what he was doing right now as he’s performing one of the serious acts right now. The kiss on a lady’s base of the ring finger indicates engagement proposal from the man to his lady. 

“I won’t lie to you…that I still can’t say many things because there’s too many things I’m so unsure of. However, I know for one thing that…being with you, makes me feel like I’m the luckiest idiot in this whole wide world. Definitely more than your brother too!”


“…I also want to be in this place, this place by your side…I want to be with you, Rena.”

Rena couldn’t hold back her tears and she started to cry out. Jun wasn’t as clueless as before but still didn’t know why she was crying. At the very least he knew she wasn’t crying out of sadness anymore. He could feel Rena’s countless emotions in his heart as if they were connected as one. It seemed his words reached her and she allowed him to embrace her again. Jun held her close to his heart and never felt this happy before…its not just Rena’s love for him that changed him…it’s also the love that he secretly had for his princess as well.

“So, can I be there…?”

“…You’re just, really weird.”

She pushed herself out but a smile appeared across her face. She brought up her left hand up and kissed the base of her ring finger. That instant, Jun was blushing horribly as he knew what Rena was implying…if the lady kissed her own finger after the man did, it meant that she had accepted his engagement proposal. Jun never understand what it meant to have flowers blooming inside his chest but now he’s experiencing it…this happiness that overflowed into him after Rena had accepted him.


“…I trust you Jun, you’re just really straightforward…and I could tell from your eyes that every single word you said…you’re not lying to me.”

Both of them didn’t say a word and just exchanged glances with each other. They could feel their own heart beating so rapidly and that second, Rena brought up her fingers to brush the old tears off from his eyes without saying a word. Feeling her fingers brushed against his cheeks made him flushed even more and made him moved in closer to her. Still no words were uttered from both of them and when Rena eventually realized it…Jun had moved in and kissed her forehead gently before resting his forehead against hers. Princess actually thought he would go for it and kissed her in the lips.

“…It’s just so tempting to kiss you right now, but I can’t…not yet.”

“Hm…? Why is that?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to! But…I always wanted to give all my first times to my wife whom I will live for the rest of my life with. To the only one that I’ll dedicate my life to. So…can you wait…just two more years and we can…yeah.”

Rena was surprised and couldn’t help to burst into laughter. Of course it made Jun surprise and was wondering what was wrong with what he had said. However, the princess was laughing with how pure and innocent Jun’s dream was…and it just made her love him even more, just the way he was.

“H-Hey…that’s embarrassing you know? No one knew that except for my sis!”

“Not even the king and queen?”

“Just sis and you.”

“I see…”

She smiled and then bent in to kiss his cheek softly. He blushed even more and placed his hand on top of that cheek that was kissed by his soon-to-be fiancé. Rena giggled and that life in her smile returned…it was so much beautiful than ever. Watching her smiling makes him smile too, and then Rena held his hand gently and looked at him with such loving and gentle eyes.

“I’ll wait for you…Jun.”

“It won’t be long. Until I’ve hit the adult age…I’ll keep my reservation on you.”

Both of them only smiled and suddenly the prince carried her up in a bridal style in his arms. Obviously Rena wasn’t expecting it and she didn’t know what and why Jun was doing this out of blue. But for him to be able to carry Rena swiftly like this at such an age, he must be physically strong and fit.


“…That day, it was actually my first time carrying someone up like this.”


“I made a vow with myself I won’t carry any ladies like this except for my wife. However, when I saw you fell into the fountain…I didn’t hesitate at all and I wasn’t thinking about those things…I guess that’s what people say love makes you blind…right?”

Rena was surprised but then she felt the warmth growing inside her heart. She leaned against his chest and smiled out of pure happiness. Her little prince sure had his way to confess to her indirectly. However, without him having to say that…she could feel his feelings already…it was as if their hearts were connected together. It was as if they were one single person. The long unrequited love had come to an end…after all the ups and downs that happened between them. In the end, it was her love made him realized his love for her too.



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Lol all those fluffs killed me.

Waiting for the weddings! XD

Though for now I want to know what is eveyone reaction toward WMatsui's sudden engagement!
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Wuah part 3  :onionwhip:

WMatsui is just sweet  :cool2:

In the end Jun manage to win back his princess Rena  :cool1:

This story is just too emotional  :gyaaah:

Thanks for the update and this fic could use a EPILOGUE hahha  :hehehe:
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WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Thank you for the sweet story...
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Wahhh~~~ Rena and Jun is so romantic

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Beautiful~ :farofflook:

Waiting for the weddings! XD
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Its so beautiful and so much fluff :mon lovelaff:
Jun proving his love and winning back Rena's trust :onioncheer:
Mayu really helped Jun realize things :mon determined:
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*Coming Later*

Love is a Battlefield
~Pairing: WMatsui~

~Part 2~


Rena simply just followed Mayu around the corner of the little streets until they arrived in front of this wooden shop; she looked up at the sign and read it inwardly to herself as well as wondering what was this place. It seemed a little old to be a place she was thinking…Rena had a thought that it would look decent and fancier than this though. She was still wondering what could Takahashi-sensei’s favor be to bring both of them to such a dodgy place like this.


“Ignore that lame name, just follow me.”

Mayu walked in ahead of her, opened the door, and called for the shop owner’s name out loud in order to grab for her attention. Rena could only see darkness inside but the moment she went through the door…she saw a variety of old books selling as well as other antique second hand items. She skimmed through around and about half of things were old toy that were back from her time. It reminded her of many childhood times when she used to spend with her old friends and especially with Jurina.

“Rabutan! I’m here.”

“Oh hey Mayu-chan~”

A young lady came down from upstairs and seemed to be waiting for their arrival for a while already. She seemed to be around mid 20s just like Takamina and without further ado she led both Mayu and Rena to the back of the shop. She didn’t seem to be surprise about meeting with the raven-haired Matsui since she heard a lot of things from Mayu already.

“So you’re Rena-chan, it’s just like how Mayu described. It will fit you so well.”



“Oops, let’s get moving then. I can’t wait to show it to you since I just got the orders yesterday as you request.”

“That’s great.”

Rena was still lost and just followed them into the back area of the shop…and the first thing she saw was a big room filled with countless shinais* all over the place, but it was kept very decently and caringly as if it was a master of this place. Rena was completely shocked with how much swords were here…she would believe that it’s possible to go over 100s of them, with a mixed of assembled and unassembled ones. Both Rabutan and Mayu went straight to the table in the middle of the room, and then the shop owner passed Mayu the unassembled bamboo slats that she just received yesterday.

(Shinai = practicing bamboo sword)

“Its good eh? The balance and weight is perfect for a size 39 female. It’s decently fine and durable as you wished.”

“…Hm, not bad. Did you get the other materials too?”

“Of course~ Here it is.”

She showed Mayu all the materials that she needed to assemble the naked bamboo into a fully prepared shinai. Rena was still gawking with the amount of shinais that’s surrounding her but then Mayu had called her over and that grabbed her attention instantly. She ordered Rena to sit down while she sat down in front with her with all of the materials and assembled everything swiftly and precisely without any single mistake. She showed no signs of hesitation and Rena could feel it through the air that Mayu was giving out…it was as if it was her habit, and for it to happen Mayu must’ve done over countless times of shinai assembling. Rena never saw anyone did this smoothly and as swiftly as Mayu before…not even Takamina would be capable for such a thing. The moment the young calm girl was done, she checked the tightness of the tsuru* by brushed her thumb against it as if she was playing a guitar string. It gave a sharp beautiful sound of like a shamisen* and a tinge of smile appeared across Mayu’s face before she checked anything she could’ve missed.

(Tsuru = string, in this case it is used to tie the shinai up)
(Shamisen = 3-stringed Japanese guitar)

“W-Wow…Mayu you knew how to assemble a shinai??”

“Yeah, I find shinai a very fascinating thing to study and understand about. Try doing some swings and seeing how it feels to you.”

“Eh? Okay…?”

Rena took it from Mayu and stood up before she went into her kamae* stance. The moment she did the first swing, the balance felt amazing for her. The length of the grip was perfectly for the length of her arms…and the thickness of the handle was perfect for the size of her hands. The balance was towards the handle and the tip was as light as a feather…she suddenly fell in love with this balance and she never felt this comfortable holding a shinai before. She had to admit that it felt much nicer than her own favorite shinai.

(kamae = martial arts posture)

“T-This is…”

Rena’s shocking expression gave Mayu and Rabutan enough information that the shinai was perfectly tuned for her. The young girl had a tinge smile of success across her face before she stood up in front of her. The raven-haired girl still couldn't believe this feeling and wanted to try out this shinai in actual sparring. She never felt this way before and it was just too amazing.

“How was the balance? I selected the style according to your best strength after watching your training. You really do have a strong center…and you need a sword that can shine out your strength, which I think this little baby will be able to do that job.”

“This is just perfect…I felt like…becoming one with it.”

“That’s what I want to hear. Good that you love it.”

“How could you do this…? T-This is just…you even know more than many other kendo players I knew!”

Mayu only sighed softly with a smile while she realized that her friend, Rabutan, was smiling behind her back. She just simply gave her a shrug before she walked back to the table planning to assemble other shinais that belonged to the rest of the Akiba Kendo Club (AKC) team. The young girl chose to not answer Rena’s question and went to do what she’s here for, to give life to the sword so it could assist her friends in the upcoming competition. Rena seemed puzzled and then Rabutan walked up to her side to speak softly to her. She didn’t want the raven-haired friend to misunderstand Mayu. Despite she’s an antisocial girl, she’s a very gentle and caring person if someone tried to notice it. 

“She’s an antisocial isn’t she? That kid could only find peace by holding and staying around shinais.”


“She’s not a kendo player, but her knowledge about shinai was just so much. The best word to describe her would be shinai expert…and she fits that name really well.”

“…I see.”

“That little baby is now yours, treat it with care. Mayu ordered a custom version especially for everyone.”


Rabutan did not say a word, only but a smile. It made Rena completely shocked with what Mayu had been doing in the shadows without anyone in the AKC team knew about it. She came to watch the training in order to understand everyone’s kendo and pick the best shinai model in order to make everyone’s best point shine at its best. That made her understand what’s the favor that Takahashi-sensei asked Mayu to do. It was to support AKC team as a shinai expert. She wanted to thank her for the things that the freshmen did for the team, but then Rabutan stopped her before she could get closer to Mayu who was busy assembling everyone else’s shinai.

“Don’t interrupt her, and there’s no need to thank her.”


“The fact regard that you felt like you’ve become one with this baby is more than enough for her to be happy. She rarely smiles around people, and those are times you will see it.”

Rena just reminded herself of the smile she saw when she explained her raw feelings when she wielded this brand new shinai. A tinge smile from Mayu was more than enough to tell her…she was happy and grateful. Rabutan invited Rena to sit in another small living room to wait for Mayu, but then she wanted to stay here, and watch the young freshmen girl doing the hardworking that no one would realize and acknowledged it. At least, she wanted to burn everything she’s witnessing into her heart and never forget this favor Mayu gave to AKC team. That was the best thing she could do as a member of AKC, and as Mayu’s acquaintances as well. Rabutan just smiled softly to herself after hearing Rena’s thoughts. Ruffling her head, she decided to leave the young girl in this shinai collection room to go get some tea for her as she waited for Mayu to be done.


“Everything’s done now. Thanks Rabutan.”

“No problem, come over again when you want! It’s your place after all.”

“See you later.”

All the shinais are assembled and packed neatly in each decent shinai bag that Mayu prepared. She also gave one to Rena so she could keep her new shinai in as well. The raven-haired helped Mayu carrying everyone else’s shinai to the train station, as they would be heading back home. They left the shop around 2pm and the raven-haired was just following Mayu from behind and seemed to carry some few words in her throat.

“H-Hey, Mayu?”


“…Out of everyone, why did you pick me to come with you?”

“Takamina-sensei said so.”

“Eh? What did you mean?”

“She said…she wanted you to see it, feel it, and understand it. I didn’t ask anything more than that from her. Also, your shinai is quite complicated and it’s best you come test it yourself when I’m adjusting it, unlike others.”

“I see…thank you Mayu.”

“Don’t thank me, if you’re going to win, thank that little brand new baby that is yours now. Use it wisely.”

“Of course!”

Mayu didn’t respond, but she was smiling softly. Unfortunately Rena didn’t get the chance to see it and realize that she made the young antisocial smiled out. They went back to the Shibuya station and went to this particular café close by to the school to meet with Takamina, whom was waiting for both Mayu and Rena to arrive around 3:30pm. They actually arrived before time…and so did Takamina too who came way earlier than them. Mayu stared at the coach of AKC team whom was enjoying her peaceful time sipping some hot tea.

“I thought we’re darn early already and here you are…”

“I’m just bored~ so, it seemed everything went well?”

“All done, everything before time as you asked.”

“Thank you so much Mayu, and Rena-chan…did you like your new shinai?”

“Y-Yes! It is amazingly perfect…I love it.”

Takamina smiled out with relief, as she knew she entrusted this duty to the right person. She told them to sit down as she would pay for all the drinks and sweets they wanted to eat as for their payment for their task today. Since both Rena and Mayu were out for the whole day for this task. Mayu ordered her favorite mango ice tea while Rena had lemon soda. However, young Watanabe had to go back home as she had an appointment right after this. All the swords were left with the coach except for one of them. Mayu told them that she needed to use something back at home to adjust it so she would bring it to the training tomorrow instead. Obviously Takamina didn’t mind it and the young freshmen went off with one of the shinais that belonged to AKC team. With only just Takamina and Rena left, she decided to spend some private chilling time with her own junior for the time being.

“Rena-chan, how’s your life treating you now?”

“Well…everything is good.”

“I’m sorry to ask Mayu to drag you out, you probably would be meeting up and being with Jurina today right?”


The flashback of Yuki being lovey dovey with Jurina made her heart ached again. Those images burned into her head and she couldn’t control the frowning expression she was making. Takamina could feel the change in Rena’s surrounding air as well as her expression, which strongly indicated to her that something was wrong with Rena today. Also, she had a funny feeling that it must be related to Jurina.

“Did something between you and Jurina happen?”


“Bull’s eye. Do you want to talk about it?”

“I…I don’t know. I just felt so disturbed.”


Rena shook her head and began explaining her feelings to her teacher. This disturbing and bothering feeling inside her chest was haunting her each time she remembered the scene in Shibuya she saw today…it was a feeling as if Jurina was distancing away from her…and she could no longer reach her anymore. She did know that both Jurina and Yuki were good friends because puppy Matsui knew her through Rena…but since when she didn’t know they were that closed with each other to be holding each other’s arms in Shibuya. They’re being so lovely and seemed to be having fun together. As Rena was so focused on training each day…she started to realize she didn’t know what Jurina had been doing these days. It was so sad and she didn’t know what to do right now. She felt completely helpless and clueless about what to do. As Takamina listened to the whole story from Rena…she seemed to understand the poor girl’s heart.

“Rena-chan, what if Yukirin actually date with Jurina? Will you be sad?”

“I…I don’t know…but…it hurts a lot.”

“You cared both of them, do you?”

“Of course! Yukirin is my best friend…and Jurina…she’s always there for me, she’s important to me. I really care for both of them…”

“…Rena-chan, one day, you’ll find out the answer.”


“You’ll understand what’s the true source of those disturbing feelings. Just remember this…even though you don’t understand yourself, don’t let go of that person that’s important to you, okay?”

Rena remained in silence as she was trying to understand Takamina’s words. However it seemed she was way too early to truly understand what it meant. So for now she would keep it in her heart and make sure she would never forget it as her kendo instructor told her. After they had a more relaxing chitchat, Takamina paid for all the orders and walked Rena off to her home before she headed further along the path to reach her home. She did take all the shinais with her except for Rena’s one since she’s the owner of it now. She told her that she would bring all of it tomorrow to the training to distribute to everyone, however that aroused another curiosity in Rena’s head.

“Takahashi-sensei…I got a question.”


“Will anyone know…that this all Mayu’s doing for us?”

“…Unfortunately, no.”

“Why? I believe Mayu deserved some recognition—“

“That’s the reason why. It’s because she doesn’t want it.”

It seemed only members in the AKC would call Takamina by her last name, while others outside such as Jurina and Mayu would go by her nickname instead. Sometimes some kendo members called Takamina by her name, but usually in the dojo they would address her as Takahashi-sensei. After Takamina saw how confused her student was, she decided to explain it to her. Mayu did this as a favor because she and another friend of hers asked her. She didn’t do it for the sake of being recognized by everyone, and being praised by any. She hated all of it and that’s one of her conditions…to never be known and recognize by anyone at all, and she would do the favor of assembling a special customized shinai for everyone in the team. Rena was surprised to hear it from Takamina and started to understand a little more about why Mayu didn’t take her praise back at Rabutan’s shop today…it was because she didn’t want it.

“Also…she said, the best way for you guys to thank her back, is to win the match.”


“So, sleep well, and we’ll resume harder training okay?”

“Hai sensei!”

Rena had returned back home and arrived just before dinner would start. After she had proceeded through her usual routine with showering and dinner, she had brought her shinai back into her room and try holding it again. It perfectly fits with her hand and the length was just as great too. Remembering all the things Mayu had did back in that shinai storage room behind Rabutan’s shop…watching her back as she carefully and tenderly assembled everyone’s shinai, one by one without making a single mistake. It made her clutched her fist tightly and held the bamboo sword closely to her chest…watching all the things Mayu had done made her motivated to work even harder for the young freshmen’s sake. However, that also reminded her about Yuki and Jurina today as well…that they’re on a date at Shibuya without telling anything to her. Rena felt that she might confront Jurina about this. At least, she didn’t want her closest friend to lie to her like this.


The next day it's the usual school day for everyone. Rena went out from her house at the usual time, but then this time is a little different as she accidently met someone that was waiting in front of her house. She didn’t tell Rena about it either and it obviously caught her off guard to see her puppy friend waiting in front of her house. No one knew how long she had been waiting there.

“Jurina…what are you doing early this morning?”

“Well, I was thinking of that we should walk to school together. It’s been a while we’ve talked and yesterday I was busy too…”

Way early in the morning, Rena was already reminded about Jurina and Yuki’s date at Shibuya. The raven-haired Matsui walked by her friend’s side without utter a word, but then Jurina broke the silence by bringing out something to put in her hand. It did catch her attention since the shorthaired Matsui took her hand. The moment she had a glance, it was a red rose keychain. That was Rena’s favorite flower and she wasn’t expecting this to be coming.

“This is…?”

“Well, I bought this for you yesterday. I saw it while I’m outside and…I think you’ll like it~”

Jurina smiled radiantly and it made Rena’s heart skipped. She held it tightly in her hand as well as feeling her heart beating against her chest. It was like roses were blooming inside her and it seemed the jealousy and irritation she had yesterday disappeared in that instant. She held it closely to her chest and let out a smile from her heart out.

“…Thanks Jurina. I love it.”

“Hehe~ Glad you like it!”

She still gave that bright smile to Rena and then cuddled her tightly after Rena told her how much she loved the gift. Jurina couldn’t hold herself back with how cute her friend is and she’s irresistible to not hug at the slightest. Of course, the sudden hug from Jurina was something that Rena was not that surprise about, and it made her smile out gently.

“Aw you’re just so cute Rena-chan!”

“Cut it out Jurina, way to start a morning?”

“Hehe~ why not? You’re just too adorable! Be my girlfriend already~”


“Aw meanie!”

Rena refused yet again, but then she seemed to enjoy refusing Jurina’s proposal every time. Maybe she didn’t know Jurina was partially serious with that proposal. However, for Jurina to get to see Rena’s laugh and smile on her face way in the morning like this made her really happy. She could tell that her beloved friend was happy from inside, and it’s no longer just a fake smile that she saw in the morning. It seemed they made each other’s day already in the morning as they were walking to school together. As they arrived at school, Rena had to drop by to the dojo to store her kendo gears and so Jurina went along with her as well. However, they didn’t expected to meet someone being over at the dojo early in the morning as well. Jurina and Rena spotted the tall raven-haired girl that just came to drop over her stuffs as well. What an unexpected encounter…to meet with Yuki there.

“Morning to you two! Came to store your gears?”


Jurina who was standing behind Yuki was slightly uneasy with meeting Yuki here as she was with Rena. However the devious Kashiwagi only smiled to her and walked out the dojo while passing by Jurina’s side. She bent in and whispered softly into her ears and made the young Matsui blushed horribly.

“I’ll see you two later~”

Rena could see her best friend whispered into Jurina’s ears and it made her curious. Since this was the chance…she used this opportunity to push on this matter further to find the truth. She acted all innocent and knew nothing in order to throw blunt questions at her friend.

“What did Yukirin say to you?”

“N-Nohing. She’s just being a big bully as usual…”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, being her usual self bullying people using their secrets…”

“Did I know what it is?”


Jurina didn’t realize that she was about to reveal her secret to Rena already from just replying to her honestly. It made her froze before she turned to her who seemed to knew that Jurina was hiding something away from her…Rena’s eyes told her she knew it. It made the young Matsui uneasy as she wished she could tell Rena, but she couldn't…especially not at this timing. She sighed of softly before she looked up while giving Rena with her honest respond. The worse thing she could do was lying to the one she really cared and loved like this.

“…There are many things I really wanted to tell you, but I felt that this is not the right timing for all of it. Many things are not even certain right now too. However…I promise I will tell you everything, maybe before, but definitely after the annual competition.”


“I-I’m really sorry I tried to hide things from you! I-It’s just…I’m not sure to tell to you yet…I’m sorry.”

“…I trust you.”

Rena sighed softly as she hated seeing Jurina’s face like this. The puppy girl looked as if she was about to cry, it seemed it wasn’t just Rena feeling the pain…Jurina was feeling the same too. After Rena replied back she would wait for her puppy friend for the right timing to tell her everything, she obviously trusted Jurina with her whole heart without hesitation. She could tell that Jurina was speaking to her honestly and genuinely. That instant, she could see a huge smile across her friend’s face before she launched onto her and embracing her tightly.



The shorthaired Matsui hugged Rena tightly and the tall raven-haired girl was blushing. She felt the warmth coming from her best friend’s body and the tight hug from her. Even though she’s supposed to be used to it…sometimes she didn’t expect it coming for her like this. Jurina didn’t say anything but she could feel her hands clutching on Rena’s shirt without saying a single word. She buried her face onto her shoulder in silence and stayed so close against Rena’s body. It’s just her way of expressing her thanks for trusting her…Rena knew her long enough to understand Jurina’s action language and she patted her head after she slowly dropped her bogu bag and shinai bag onto the floor.

“I’ll wait for you to tell me everything…I trust your judgment.”

“Thank you so much Rena-chan…I promise, I’ll definitely tell you everything. You know I hate hiding things from you, but its just it’s not the right timing for it.”

“It’s okay Jurina…it’s okay.”

Luckily Jurina couldn’t see Rena’s face. She was able to smile out from her heart’s content and embraced her clingy friend back gently. Rena wished to stay like this for a while but then the sudden school bell interrupted their sweet private moment together. They both flinched and Rena just realized that she was hugging Jurina back…and she was embarrassed with that matter. As for the shorthaired Matsui, she just realized that both of them were late for class already.

“W-Wahh!! That’s the first bell!! We should get going! Akimoto-sensei would kill us for sure!!”

“I’ll just leave my stuffs at the entrance and come back to back it away later during break time—O-Oi!! W-Wait for me Jurina!?”

The puppy girl took off first and ditched her friend. Rena quickly followed after her in order to reach the class before the 2nd bell would ring. However that wasn’t the reason why Jurina ran off first…her primary reason was that she didn’t want Rena to see her blushing face. Of course hugging her secret love was her usual thing she does, but this time it was different. Somehow, she felt something that’s different from this hug she had with Rena, it felt really special to her. But, this wasn’t the time to think about it right now since both Matsui girls were about to be late for their first morning class.


During break time, both Matsui girls came back to the dojo again since Rena dragged her friend along with her. It was because its Jurina’s punishment for ditching her to class without waiting. Despite in the end, both of them got their punishment for being late together and had to stand outside the class for about 30 minutes before they could get back into class.

“I told you I’m sorry~!! I was punished with you too!”

“But you ditched me first! You’re doing as I say now.”

“Uuuuuu…sorry Rena-chan.”

She glanced back and could see those imaginary folded dog-ears on Jurina as she was getting upset for making Rena irritated. It seemed the raven-haired Matsui had pushed a little too hard on her friend and so she ruffled her head to let her know that she forgave her. A smile suddenly shot up following a huge smile across her face as she was too happy that she was forgiven.


“Just this only. Don’t you ditch me like that again.”

“I won’t! I promise~!”


Jurina launched in and wrapped her arms around Rena’s neck from behind. She didn't even let her go even though they were still walking. She sighed softly and knew that no matter what she said, Jurina wouldn’t stop doing what she was doing. The best thing that she could do was to just let her puppy Matsui do what she wanted to do.

“Someone being too lovey dovey in the middle of the day huh?”

A cold voice coming from behind and it caught both of their attention. Rena was blushing slightly with people seeing both her and Jurina being all close and cuddling…however Jurina didn’t have that respond, since the girl that saw the two of them was her junior friend, Mayu.

“Hey Mayu~ what are you doing here?”

“I was called by Takamina-sensei to come over for a talk. What about you two? It’s rare seeing you two coming here during break times.”

“Its just Rena needs to put her kendo gears into the storage. We didn’t have enough time in the morning. ”


Mayu only stared back with eyes of suspicion, but then she continued to walk pass the couple as she was the first person to enter the door of the dojo. It seemed Rena was still embarrassed that Mayu saw them being close to each other…she wondered why, but Rena didn’t like when people was seeing Jurina and her being close like this. While she was thinking so hard about it, she didn’t move at the slightest and it caught Jurina’s attention.

“Rena-chan? Aren’t we going in?”

“E-Eh? Oh, r-right.”

Jurina was still wrapping her arms around Rena’s neck and they continued to walk into the dojo. They went in and Jurina immediately let go of her to help carry Rena’s shinai bag. She insisted to carry it and Rena couldn’t stop her friend for that. They went straight to the storage and kept her things in there before she locked it with the dojo’s private lock to make sure things inside were secured.

“Hmmm, I wonder where did Mayu went?”

“Probably in the conference room? That’s where Takahashi-sensei would usually be if she has an appointment with anyone.”

“Ehhh~ that’s so mysterious!”

“A little actually, but I’m not that brave to go in to eavesdrop. She’ll kill me.”

“I can tell that~”

“Anyways, lets get back to school.”


Rena took the lead first and then Jurina ran up to her side and wrapped her arms around her tightly. She turned to her and saw her childish smile across her face as she was enjoying what she’s doing right now. It seemed after she had a break away from Jurina…Rena valued everything that Jurina was doing around her. It made her felt comforted and complete for some reason. A life without a cuddling puppy around her would be too lonely for Rena.


Meanwhile, as Mayu entered the small sports meeting room that Takamina was waiting for her. She had spotted another raven-haired girl that was sitting on the chair around the conference table as well as Takamina who was waiting for her arrival. Mayu glanced to her raven-haired senpai who was giving her such a welcome friendly smile…but she didn’t say a word and just turned back to Takamina.

“So it seems Yuki-senpai is in this meeting too?”

“Why not, she’s the team captain after all.”

“…Alright then.”

Mayu showed a tinge expression of dissatisfaction and Yuki could see through it easily. It made her sighed softly as she spoke up to the young freshmen regarding her presence here in Takamina’s private conference. Obviously the senior wouldn’t want her presence to disturb the young freshmen.

“If you don’t want me to be here, that’s alright. I can listen to the updates later from Takahashi-sensei. I don’t mind either ways.”

“Hm? Would her presence be a bother to you Mayu?”

Takamina asked the young freshmen before she glanced to her from the corner of her eye…to look back at Yuki who was just having that friendly smile across her face. At last she sighed and sat down on one of the closest chairs to her before she simply shook her head.

“…I’m fine with her being here.”

“If you say so, I guess we should begin the meeting.”


The bell rang for the end of the day at school. Rena would be rushing over to the kendo dojo as usual as Jurina had expected, however she came up to her table and flicked onto her forehead with her slender fingers. That sudden surprise attack caught the young Matsui off guard and looked back at Rena with a puzzled look.

“E-Eh? Yes?”

“Do you want to come watch the training today?”


“I-It’s really nothing! Its just…maybe we could go grabbed some drinks and snacks at the café after training…so yeah. If you can! Not going to force—”

“I get it Rena-chan. I know what you mean.”

Jurina smiled gently to her with pink puffed cheeks before she grabbed her school bag and got up from her chair. She grabbed the raven-haired’s han and pulled her over along with her to hint to her that she would be coming with her to watch the AKC’s kendo training today, for the sake that they could spend time together after her training.

“We should get going before Takamina-sensei would be scolding you for being late.”

“A-Ah, right.”

The other two friends, Airi and Akane watched both Matsui girls walked out from holding hands with one another. They didn’t know what happen but it seemed both of them were getting back together again after the long distancing between each other. They were grateful for it since they were able to see Jurina’s and Rena’s happy smile back again. They were having their quiet little talk with each other regarding their two lovey dovey friends that went out.

“Jeez…poor Jurina. How naïve could Rena be with this? Isn’t it darn obvious?”

“Maybe not to her? When it comes to everything else aside from kendo…Rena’s pretty darn dense and naïve. Don’t bother ask her about love.”

“How unexpected from a top student.”

“But it goes along doesn’t it? A top student being naïve with love.”

They both felt sorry a little for Jurina since she had to go through a lot of things with Rena. The naïve Matsui was just so dense to realize Jurina’s romantic affection for her…and her hidden feelings that she could’ve have for her too. They only could hope that one day, the naïve kendo Matsui would realize her feelings and take some action before Jurina would slipped away from her grasp, or snatched away by someone else.


Kote*!! Men!!!!

(Kote = forearm, an area to score a point)

Rena, in fully equipped mode, had clashed into Oshima Yuko during their sparring as she tried to score a point on her. They were equally matched with one another and Yuko was not planning to back down either. She moved away and they were both pressuring each other to make their opponent make an opening for them to go in. Then in that blink of second the tip of their shinai were touching against each other…they both dove in at the same time and tried to steal for that men score against each other.

MENN!!! / MENN!!

Roaring like a banshee and echoed loudly in the dojo along with screams from other kendo players that were sparring. Their sword clashed with each other and none of them score the point at the slightest. They kept staying in the close range and their sword was pressuring against each other. Both kendo players were testing their new shinai and Takamina was watching the improvement in their performance that seemed to improve after using the new equipment. Yuko’s movement speed increased while Rena’s counterattack reflex was faster than before. They’re both equally matched with each other and none of them were able to land a clean score on one another until Takamina called for an end.


(Yame = stop)

Everyone stopped and stayed in their kamae stance at the middle of the dojo against their partner that they’re currently sparring with. The midget coach waited for everyone to be ready in their position before she made another command to her team members.

Sonkyo*! Osame-tou*!”

(Sonkyo = squat)
(Osame-tou = put the sword away)

They all responded to her command in sync. They squat down and put their sword away to their left hip before they stood up again to take five steps back. On their last step back, they bowed their head to their respective partner and replied out loud at the same time together. They would always need to thank each other every time they trained with their friend. It’s the dojo’s etiquette.

“Arigatou gozaimashita!!”

“Okay, sei-retsu*!”

(Sei-retsu = Line up)

Everyone rushed over to make a line and then Takamina told Sashihara to be the head of the line and give out commands to everyone. She nodded silently and took that role. The coach spoke to her softly and quickly that it would just be a short break and not the end of the training yet. Sasshi nodded again without saying a word and took the lead of the line as the highest ranking among all her friends. The line was usually made in order of kendo ranking, from highest to lowest starting from the left. Even though Sasshi looked like a tiny fragile teenage girl, but she’s able to shout out from her stomach to even make the whole dojo echoed with her voice.


(Seiza = sit down)

Everyone slowly sit down, as the highest ranking would go first and then so on. The lowest ranking wouldn’t be able to sit until the person to their left was sitting or about to sit down. They all sat in silence waiting for Sashihara’s next command to take off their men armor so that they could have a proper break time from training.


(Men-tore = take off the men)

Everyone did as she commanded and took off their kote first and put it to their top right side before they pulled off the string behind their head to take off the men armor. They placed their men armor onto the kote armor before they adjusted the men’s strings. They made sure the men-himo* was placed properly so it would look neat and they could wear it back again easily. Right after everyone took off their men armor and placed their tenugui* on top of the men, they had a big sigh after the first intense training session came to an end. Coach Takamina took the order next after Sashihara and gave her members a break from training.

(Men-himo = Men armor strings)
(Tenugui = traditional Japanese towel)

“Only 10 minutes break before we resume training. Get as much drink and stretching if you need.”


Everyone replied in unison and all of them finally stood up. Rena stretched her arms up high into the sky without realizing that Yuko came to her side and elbowed her gently at her hip. Obviously it did caught her attention and they had their little kendo chit chat regarding their latest sparring today.

“That was fun~! You’re moving much faster and your accuracy is not dropping at all even after such a long fight.”

“You’re as fast as ever Yuko-chan. I can’t beat your speed no matter what.”

“Nah, if I didn’t go all out I’ll lose to you.”

“Same as for me too.”

The energetic squirrel girl rested her arm onto Rena’s shoulder as if they were close buddies. They were actually came into kendo in the same year and Yuko had been training since she was in middle school just like Rena, and so their skills were equally tied with each other. Some days she would obliterate Rena, and some days she was obliterated by her. They were great teammates that could trust each other’s back and a rival that they would never wanted to lose.

“Everyone’s fighting today has shine out so much more than before. I enjoyed the spars we have~”

 Another raven-haired captain came from behind to join with both Yuko and Rena. Having their own little circle for chit chatting as usual, as they were the dorky trio kendo juniors of the AKC. They were all the same ranking, equally pared in skills, and the same exact age. Every time they started talking about kendo they seemed to be going into their own little world and acted like a child getting that was extremely excited over a brand new toy.

“I know! This new shinai is amazing! Balance of this Dobari* is flawless comparing to other ones I got! Size 39 length, Dobari type, and the lastly the amazing thick grip just makes everything a perfect combination for me~!”

(Dobari = a type of shinai that has its center towards the grip)

Yuko was fangirling with utmost pleasure over the brand new shinai she received from Takamina at the beginning of training. Only Rena knew that it was a shinai customized and made by Watanabe Mayu for everyone. She kept it secret as her coach asked her, as it was for Mayu’s sake. That young freshman hated recognition…and preferred to assist from the shadows. Rena had to agree how the shinai was customized to perfectly suit her skills and her fighting style in kendo. She was amazed with how talented Mayu could be with just spectating them…and able to analyzed everyone’s kendo abilities to be able to find the most suitable shinai for each of them.

“I have to agree, I love everything about this brand new shinai that Takahashi-sensei brought for us. It perfectly suits my taste.”

Yuki giggled softly as she enjoyed watching Yuko going craze over her brand new shinai. It seemed Oshima had fallen in love with it and was trying to come up with names for her new baby. She was so eager to bring it to the competition and have it fight along her side in this upcoming annual competition. They were having at talk and discussing about their brand new shinais that was distributed by Takamina and how it felt for them. The younger juniors and Sasshi came up to join the circle as well after they went to grab their water bottles. The oldest member, Sasshi spoke up to the trios in front of her.

“You guys are not getting some water? You guys will be dehydrating if you don’t have some!”

“Yeah we will~ we’re just having a discussion about the sparring just now.”

“We all did well today, especially Ikoma-chan! Keep it up okay?”

Sashihara complimented the youngest junior in their kendo team, Ikoma Rina. She just recently started kendo at the beginning of the year and this would be the 1st time she entered such a huge competition like this. She was really nervous but Sashihara knew that she had talents and would be able to fight along her senpai’s side well. It seemed the young junior had caught her senpai, Sashihara, some special attention. She did gone through a lot of hard training with her to be able to come this far along everyone’s side.

“Y-Yes senpai. Thank you!”

“Faito Ikoma-chan!”

Sayaka cheered her as she tapped her shoulder. She actually started kendo last year at the same age as Ikoma and so she understood the pressure that the young girl went through too. She gave her a tap on the head to give her encouragement and positive attitude. The two watchers, Mayu and Jurina, were sitting in silence and watched the members representing AKC trained really hard and at their best every single day. Watching in silence…Jurina only smiled softly to herself while watching Rena enjoying her times in training.

“Rena-chan…she did not change at all.”


It caught Mayu’s attention but she didn’t ask anything. She was not that interested to listen to other people’s life story…but she didn’t refuse to Jurina. She allowed her friend to keep on going and speak of her own thoughts, maybe it's a way of her attempting to express her hidden emotions.

“She always enjoy hard training, even she seemed she would pass out each time. In the end…she will always smile to herself, and to everyone around her.”

“…That’s some good attitude to have.”

“I know right? Rena-chan is just amazing, I admire her passion for kendo.”


Mayu didn’t respond anything and just closed her eyes before she sighed softly to herself. She looked back up again and watched Rena and her friends closely. She saw the raven-haired smiled even after the hard training, and then suddenly she had an image of someone on top of Rena’s…someone that shared such a similar smile as hers…and someone that truly enjoyed kendo to her heart. It seemed raven haired Matsui reminded Mayu of someone she used to know.

“After Rena-chan met her kendo idol in the Junior High competition, she always worked super hard to be able to meet that person again…she wished that some day she will be able to fight equally against her, until now she never forget what that person had taught her too.”

“…Which is?”

Mayu started to show some slight interest and then she could see Jurina’s smile across her face, but it seemed to hint some sadness it in somehow. The younger Watanabe only watch her without saying a word, and just allowed Jurina to continue talking about her beloved Rena. Despite she was not interested to know anything about other people…she seemed to have some interest about Rena’s kendo passion after Jurina had praised her this much.

“Die in training, and shine in shiai*

(Shiai = competition)


“Quite a good quote isn’t? That’s why Rena-chan trained super hard every single time as if she’s going to die, breaking her limits every single time…to be able to shine so brightly in competition…maybe if she did enough, she would get her idol’s attention.”


Mayu didn’t say a word, and just turned back to look at Rena who had to return back to her line to resume training. The young girl could see the passion in her eyes and couldn’t help but to sigh.  To be recognized by other kendo seniors or teachers outside the dojo was a best achievement one could do obtain. It was a pride of honor to be noticed and recognized in terms of spirit, as well as skills. The more she listened to Rena’s story from Jurina, the more Mayu remembered about this person she once knew. She didn’t seem to like this feeling, the feeling of remembering the past she didn’t want to be reminded of.


After the intensive training was over, Rena quickly packed her stuffs and left most of it at the storage since she would have to come back again tomorrow. She only took her kendogi and hakama back and rushed up to Jurina who was waiting for her on the side.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, shall we go?”

“Don’t worry about me, let’s go then.”

Jurina and Rena walked back home together and it seemed the shorthaired girl didn’t speak a word for the whole time. It made the raven-haired worried and wondered what was going on. She glanced over to Jurina and saw that she was just staring up into the sky and thinking about something.

“…What are you thinking?”

“Many things actually, about your training today.”

“Hm? What about it?”

“It made me learned something…I’ve been having so much trouble in making a decision. It’s…a really big decision.”

“Is it’s about what you said…that you can’t tell me right now?”

Rena asked and Jurina nodded as a respond. The raven-haired Matsui didn’t push further and listened to what her friend had to say…even without knowing what was concerning her best friend, at least she wanted to be there to make Jurina felt at ease…to make her feel that she’s not all alone in this. She grabbed her hand and held it tightly to indirectly tell Jurina she’s with her. Obviously the shorthaired Matsui turned around with pink blushed cheeks…she felt the warm from Rena’s hand comforting her and made her smile out.

“…Thanks Rena-chan. You’re the only one I can turn to at times like this…at times when I felt so vulnerable and indecisive like this.”

“I’ll always be here for you, Jurina. Whenever you need me.”

“Rena-chan…Thank you, it’s all because of you. I’ve finally figured it out, what I think I should do.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“Hehe, thank you Rena-chan…I love you.”

Jurina let out a smile from her heart and it was such a radiant smile. Rena was surprised slightly as her heart skipped a little, but then she smiled back to her and held Jurina’s hand tighter. She got a little nervous, but it made her really happy that she was able to make her beloved friend smile like this and felt relieved from her dilemma. Despite Jurina would always say such sweet words, she could tell that her friend was putting a lot of weight and meaning into each word she said in their conversation.

“You don’t have to thank me, we’re always relying on each other aren’t we?”

“Hehe, yeah~ you’re the only one I can rely on at times I’m down.”

“Same as for me…just only you too.”

They both just exchanged a smile with one another before they walked back home together, side by side, holding one another’s hands tightly…just to remind each other that they would always have one another whenever they’re going to fall…and to remind them that they would never be alone. Jurina remembered that Rena was saying about going to have some snacks or drinks after training…but obviously she knew it was just a bluff. Her raven-haired friend just wanted to spend time with her, just as much as Jurina wanted to spend time with Rena. To just be by and feel each other’s side like this was more priceless than any other hangout times they usually have.


After sending Rena back home as her usual routine, she went straight back home and then had her dinner and shower. She went to her room to start with her homework, but before that she needed to send a text to Mayu since she wanted to talk to her during school’s break time. Obviously she didn’t expect such a fast reply from Watanabe…and it seemed she was able to sense something odd from Jurina in a way. She’s such a smart friend of hers.

[Huh? The hell is wrong with you? How odd for you to make an appointment with me like this. Very well then, it must’ve been something big. I’ll be at the roof deck as usual, just hop by before I leave.  -Mayu]

“Hehe, that’s just so typical her!”

Jurina laughed to herself before she closed her cellphone. She needed to catch up with some studies before she went to bed. However, it seemed her mind was occupied with several things…regarding her dilemma and things she wanted to talk to Mayu. At the very least, she made up most of her decisions already…its just that she had to wait until tomorrow.



Mayu was reading her little book at the roof deck and she could hear someone entering during the break time. She knew who it was and why was this person here… She closed the book and had a short sigh as she was still lying on the floor.  She was actually sitting on the elevated area above the roof deck entrance door.

“I’m on top here.”


Jurina was surprised she heard Mayu’s voice out of nowhere and she knew that the girl was above her head. She moved away to see Mayu lying on the floor and made her sighed with relief. Jurina had a thought that something was pranking her already…it gave her a heart attack and she did complained at her freshmen friend. 

“That’s so mean! You could’ve said something better that that?”

“Huh? Like what? You complain too much! Why are you here?”

Mayu went straight to the point and it made Jurina realized her reason here. The young junior went up the stairs to get up onto the elevated area where Mayu was lying down. She just sat beside her and looked out from the building…the scene here was actually nicer than she thought.

“You sure have some good taste for this spot…the view here is nice.”

“Get the hell to the point before I decide to leave.”

“Hey! Jeez, how rude for you to a junior like me!”

“Like I give a damn. Go to the damn point.”

“…Yeah, I should.”

Mayu sensed seriousness in her voice and that caught her attention. She let Jurina speak what she wanted to speak while listening in silence, without saying a word her eyes slowly grew wide with surprise. She literally sat up to turn to Jurina with slight surprise in her eyes. Mayu didn’t seem to believe what her Matsui friend was saying but she wasn’t totally in shock…after she showed sign of surprise, she returned back to her usual calm composure while listening further with what Jurina was saying without interrupting her. It was some big topic as Mayu predicted after all.

“So yeah…I wanted to hear your thoughts about it.”



During afterschool, Rena was waiting for Jurina who told her to meet at the entrance of the junior high’s building since she wanted to talk about something. She didn’t see her anywhere at all and was wondering where she could without realizing a girl running to her from behind.



She threw her arms around Rena’s waist and hugged her so tightly in her arms. Enjoying every single second that her beloved raven-haired friend was in her embrace, she couldn’t help but to smile out like an idiot to her. However, as she let go, it seemed Rena was confused with how happy and energetic Jurina was right now. She began to wonder what happened to her through out the day today.

“You looked really happy today. What’s a matter?”

“Hehe, I just wanted to tell you…I’ve made my decision. I know what I want to do now…and I won’t regret it.”

“…I’m glad to hear that.”

Rena smiled and gave her friend a pet on the head. Unfortunately they were not able to spend that much time since Rena would need to head to the dojo before her kendo coach would kill her. She had to leave right now and Jurina apologized for keeping her waiting for quite a while, but its just she needed to tell Rena about her able to find her own resolution to her issue. She watched her beloved friend disappear from the corner of her eye, before she picked up her cellphone to call one of her friends.

[Hello, what’s up?]

“…The offer you proposed, I’ll take it.”


“I’ve already made up my mind, and I don’t think I’ll change either.”

[…Very well then, I’ll make the arrangements for you. Is it possible we can meet up today or something?]

“I’m free now, we can meet.”

[Ok then, I’ll see you in a while, around 30 minutes.]

“Don’t worry, please take your time.”

Jurina hung up her phone and clutched it closely to her chest. The life in her eyes changed…it became much more serious than before. It seemed she carried some determination and resolution inside her and nothing would change her mind that easily. She couldn’t possibly back down after she had made a decision…there’s no such thing as going back anymore. After she had watched Rena’s passion for kendo and had a talk with Mayu, she could only wished that she made a right decision. She wouldn’t know she would regret this or not…but she was willingly to accept the consequences of her own action. She simply walked towards the entrance in silence without any further ado to wait for her friend to come meet up with her.

“…I might regret this later. But who knows that…I’ll stick to what I believe, and just have to move on with it…because…I trust Rena-chan and others.”¬


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