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Author Topic: Ashura's OS's...Newest: More than Meets the Eye  (Read 34145 times)

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #40 on: September 16, 2013, 05:49:24 PM »

   Atsuko opened her eyes from the nightmare which she has seen. She felt relieved to see Minami alive and well, sleeping on her left side, though there was something she didn't feel a little too comfortable from...
"Okay, Yuko. Why the hell are you tying me to bed...?"
"Oh, I thought you'd never ask~" Yuko made a triumphant pose as she and Minami, who was supposedly asleep, high-touched each other.
"This is our revenge neglecting us after you graduated~" Minami grinned evilly
"I don't care for the revenge. Just give me back my clothes, you two..."
"That's the whole point, my love~"

now...that's better  XD
you simply can't ignore MaYuki, can you?  XD my heart skipped a bit there  :lol: so much fuss happened just because Yuko's jealous.......  ;) YukoRena YukoRena next  :ptam-mad: lol you made me rummage for an emoticon now  :lol:

YESH YESH, YukoRena ONEGAISHIMASU!!!!!!!!  :mon hanky: :mon prayer: :mon yeah: :mon roll: :mon trannie: :mon whimper:
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #41 on: September 16, 2013, 06:03:52 PM »
KYAAAAA~  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

That's all I can say  :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly:

MORE  :on cny2: :on cny2: :on cny2:
yes...thats better!
more  :wriggly: :wriggly:
but please dont kill anyone especially minami! XD
or else im the one whose gonna kill U  :mon wtfmm:
thank u for the os :on gay:

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #42 on: September 16, 2013, 06:10:29 PM »

   Atsuko opened her eyes from the nightmare which she has seen. She felt relieved to see Minami alive and well, sleeping on her left side, though there was something she didn't feel a little too comfortable from...
"Okay, Yuko. Why the hell are you tying me to bed...?"
"Oh, I thought you'd never ask~" Yuko made a triumphant pose as she and Minami, who was supposedly asleep, high-touched each other.
"This is our revenge neglecting us after you graduated~" Minami grinned evilly
"I don't care for the revenge. Just give me back my clothes, you two..."
"That's the whole point, my love~"

now...that's better  XD
you simply can't ignore MaYuki, can you?  XD my heart skipped a bit there  :lol: so much fuss happened just because Yuko's jealous.......  ;) YukoRena YukoRena next  :ptam-mad: lol you made me rummage for an emoticon now  :lol:

holy gracious....I'm not alone. I wanna cry. YukoRena  :cathappy:

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #43 on: September 16, 2013, 08:44:01 PM »
I'm not a atsuyuu shipper XD but the end of this was awesome xDD

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #44 on: September 16, 2013, 09:08:10 PM »
Ara... So it is the prequel story before akb0048

Interesting story there between Atsuko and Yuko

Thank you for the lovely OS

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #45 on: September 17, 2013, 04:44:47 AM »
olive, yeah, Yuko's so cute~

Kochiki, don't or I'll die of embarrassment, b- baka! <yeah, I don't even know why I said that

Chichay, owwkay.... Wazzat a threat?! OAO

DontMindMe, I see... so there was more YukoRena shippers around here...

abcari, glad ya liked it~ XD

cisds, I'll try my best~

   As for imteedee and sakura-san, let's make a deal~ If imteedee makes an AtsuYuu OS, then I'll make a YukoRena(Geki) OS XD Well, I can't ask sakura-san since she already did it like a few days ago XD
   So how bout it :w00t:

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I was about to say Yes Yes Yes! right away when I suddenly realized....wait....

what?! mou~ it's a Win-win situation for Saku  XD okay  :lol: I'll scratch my brain naaaooo  :doh:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Negotiations -YukoRena-
« Reply #47 on: September 19, 2013, 01:44:08 PM »
I just realized that in all of my fics, there are MaYuki moments... And also the presence of Maeda Atsuko... So here's something a little diff, as per sakura-san-san and imteedee's request. I bring you, Ashura's first weird pairing which should never be judged OS!

Oh yeah, this happened a few weeks after Atsuko was imprisoned. Yuko's still alive, though. Minami's dead but the officer Minami ain't. Oh, And JURIMAYU FTW!

[Negotiations] -YukoRena-

Looking at the lifeless beings in front of her, the girl sighed as she was reminded of the first time she saw the strength of her crush. The strong and spirited punches of a short girl was what she remembered. She chuckled to herself in a polite manner, putting the back of her hand on her mouth. She managed to hold in her inane laughter.

"So you were here, Gekikara?" she heard the sigh of someone she knew well.
"Acchan~" she greeted her 'Vice President' in a way which could make the people around her shiver, hearing the playful yet violent voice.

The Vice-President looked around to see the beat up bodies that was probably done in by the girl herself. She knew just how Gekikara couldn't control herself due to...

Due to what, exactly?

For what had made her that way? Was there a particular event which made her into the girl that was feared by the girls of the school?

"Didn't you promise Yuko-san that you won't go Geki again?" Atsuko asked.
"Hahaha~ Saa~" Gekikara showed the evil smile from within her as she took a step closer towards Atsuko.

Atsuko sighed again, knowing that she won't change the way the girl does things. She then called a certain person.

"Ah, Takahashi-san. Yes, I have found her. It seemed as if she 'played around' too much so if you could... Sure. Thank you, Takahashi-san." Atsuko then hung up after the talk with a certain person on the phone.

   Takahashi Minami, the name of her best friend, was also the name of an officer who helped her get out of jail.

"Takahashi-san said she'll clean up the area. So let's get out of here."


   In the Wind Instrument Club are two individuals.

"So how about the proposal?" the taller girl, Maeda Atsuko asked the shorter one.
"..." silence fell upon the clubroom.

   Atsuko knew it all. If the girl accepted the proposal, it would be a huge step towards another stage. It would change everything. She would gladly take the chances. Get shot down or take the first step? Which should it be?

"NO." the girl answered, no regrets.
"Why, Yui-chan?!" Atsuko wailed cutely, with tears in her eyes.
"I will NOT wear that 'thing' Torigaya wears!" she pointed at the chinese dress which Atsuko just bought.
"But it would look SUPER sexy!" Atsuko gave a thumbs up as the younger glared at her.
"No means no, Atsuko..."

   The two of them had been dating for quite some time. Atsuko took a well-deserved liking to Yui, also known as Otabe. But to tell the truth, they weren't really dating. Atsuko was the one who confessed while touching the younger girl in 'private' places and the younger girl turned her down flat. But the 'Genius' Maeda Atsuko thought of it as a tsundere act by Otabe and so they have been dating since then, or so she believes.

"But who would wear this for me...?" Atsuko pouted, teary-eyed looking for pity from the younger girl.
"Wear it yourself!" Otabe stated the obvious and Atsuko clicked her tongue at her failed attempt.

   In front of the others, Atsuko had been boring and plain, always secluding herself out of the others' conversation but when she's with Otabe whom she knows for quite some time, she lets out her inner emotions, being the sadistic teasing lovable kitten whom Otabe couldn't handle no matter how many times passed. The only other one who knew about the side of Atsuko was Oshima Yuko and Gekikara. Other than them, Atsuko is... plain.

"Didn't you say you were going to see Yuko-san now?" Otabe asked the girl, trying to push her away as the older girl was trying to hug, cuddle and do in-despicable things to her that she doesn't want to happen.
"Gekikara said she was going there so It'd be better if I gave them some time alone together." Atsuko said, still trying to grab hold of the younger girl even though she's far stronger than Otabe.

   Just then, they heard footsteps coming from the stairs outside. Atsuko stopped whatever she was doing and fixed her hair, clothes, drool and such as the younger girl watched in amazement for her quick shift in personality. The one who entered was someone they knew well.

"Ah, Gekikara? What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be with Yuko-san?" Atsuko asked the one who entered.

   Gekikara didn't look all too well as she shook her head, not answering the Vice-President's question.

"Erm... Can you... accompany me to Yuko-san's ward...?"


"Seems like she's okay." Atsuko said to the girl behind her after she checked Yuko.
"Well, I thought it was weird before... Sorry..." Gekikara, or should I say, Rena, apologized to Atsuko.
"Don't mind. It's probably just the effects of the morphine." Atsuko smiled and tried to leave.

   As Atsuko looked back once more, she saw a calm smile on Rena's face. The girl was looking at her senior warmly, as if entranced by the aura of Oshima Yuko. Rena was actually a calm and happy child, an energetic yet normal girl. But in an accident in which almost killed her, her inner sense of the wild kicked in, making her into a monster of fear, invincibility and insanity. No matter how much she was beaten she would always laugh aloud, not minding the pain. That was until she met Oshima Yuko. Yuko changed her completely. She was able to smile sincerely in front of the girl, leaving her 'Gekikara' state. It was only with Yuko that she was able to smile like that.

   Rena owed Yuko a lot for what she had done. Yuko had taught her many things, to keep calm, to judge and to act accordingly. If it wasn't for her, who knows how many more people she would kill. But ever since Yuko was hospitalized, Rena had lost all sense of reason, forgetting all that she was taught, going berserk for how many times which she couldn't count. Yuko wasn't told of this, that was until they met Atsuko. Atsuko had been the third-wheel of their relationship, making sure that Yuko knows things Rena does and calming Yuko down whenever Rena does a mistake. It was all because of her that Yuko and Rena kept their status quo. That was one of the reasons Yuko forced Gekikara to go to school again and live a new life in her new year, because Atsuko was there to keep it calm. It worked for a while, but once Atsuko was forced into custody, beating the yakuza in the streets for God knows why, Rena became 'Gekikara' once more.

   But even so, Rena did became a little more sane than she was before. She didn't kill, she didn't torture nor did she spill too much blood. It was an improvement. When Yuko had heard that, she laughed aloud, saying that she did the right thing, using Atsuko as the mediator. But that wasn't all. Atsuko didn't take much credit in it. It was also because of two other people who helped Rena look forward, the names of Center and Gakuran. The two befriended her in all honesty, protecting her from all the harm that could harm her or release her 'Gekikara state'. They were Rena's closest friends. A yankee wouldn't even need a friend but Rena was glad she had met them, even though Center was a bit childish and has a 'thing' for a certain mice and Gakuran was too popular, making every other girl fall for her even though she herself loves Atsuko the most. Though there WERE rumors of her actually making out with the former Student President which nobody even cared to remember the name of.

"I'll be seeing you tomorrow, Yuko-san." Atsuko bid farewell to the sleeping figure.

   There were no response. It had been a ritual day-by-day occurrence that Atsuko would promise to meet Yuko the day after. It wasn't actually a promise, but more of a wish, that they would see each other again. Who knows how many days Yuko had left. Who knows how many times she will open her eyes. Who knows how much of the pain Yuko carried. But still, they would meet again the day after, Atsuko growing stronger and Yuko growing merrier.

"See you, Acchan~" Rena bid her farewell to the leaving Vice-President.

   Rena has been clinging to Atsuko a lot more than usual. She respected the girl a lot more than usual. At first she also thought Atsuko was too plain and full of herself but time proved her wrong. She realized that Atsuko was more human than even her, more smarter than her and of course, much more kinder than her. When she said that to the girl once, Atsuko broke into tears from laughing too much. She denied the fact and countered back that Rena was far more human than Yuko. When Yuko heard this, she also laughed, agreeing with Atsuko. Rena didn't quite understand it, but she acknowledged it, though she still thinks that Yuko and Atsuko are both kind and forgiving.

   Atsuko smirked at the girl's farewell and finally left, leaving the two alone, though one could say that Rena was all alone, looking at the sleeping state of Yuko.

   Yuko's chest slightly moved up and down, meaning that she was breathing fine and the shorter girl would sometimes open her eyes, but then after a few seconds closed it yet again without realizing that Rena was there with her. She knew Yuko had it hard but she still felt a little disappointed. Rena eventually found comfort on the girl's left arm, placing her hand on the shorter girl's, feeling the warmth transmitted to her.

   It was one of those blissful moments which Rena would like to enjoy the most. The beeping sound of the ECG machine, the warm breeze entering from the window, the chatters of the occupants outside, and of course the cold hand of the one she respected the most. She wanted to stay like that forever, who knows when God would take their lives away. Rena didn't believe in such things but once she thought about it, she started to pray unconsciously for the shorter girl's well-being...



   Yuko awoke from her deep slumber. The effect of the morphine finally let her calm down and she surveyed the area, feeling a warm hand on hers. She found a cute sleeping Rena, laying her head on Yuko's side, sleeping peacefully and breathing cutely. She chuckled at the scene. She knew that nobody else besides her and Atsuko could see the innocent side of the girl right then. Yuko stroked the strands of the girl's long and silky hair, enjoying the peaceful and quiet moment.

"Yu..." Yuko flinched as she heard the sexy and sweet voice of Rena, hoping that she wasn't awake

   Yuko breathed a sigh of relief, her cheeks turned red from the thought of Rena calling her name in her sleep. But she was till clueless of what the hell was 'Yuppai'. And she will never know.

   Yuko then stroked her cheeks, smiling warmly at the sleeping girl. She thought of the times she was always with her. In fact, she spent most of her time in the hospital either lecturing and loving Rena or teasing the girl with Atsuko. She chuckled at the thought of the good times. As if tranced by the girl's beauty, Yuko leaned in for a kiss. A quick yet warm peck on the girl's cheeks.


   Rena grunted and woke up as Yuko quickly hid her blushing face and calmed her heart down, even though the damn ECG was not really helping. Rena was still a bit drowsy from sleeping in that position and it took her a while to actually think that she was in the hospital.

"Ohayo." Yuko greeted the girl, still red from the embarrassment.
"Ohaa...yoooo" Rena said dispiritedly, as she laid her head down, continuing her sleep.

   Yuko let out another chuckle and pinched the girl's cheeks. Rena writhed in pain as the older girl did so. She eventually released her grip on the taller girl as Rena was about to cry.

"Your fault for falling asleep." Yuko commented which Rena grunted. "So how was school?"

   Hearing this, Rena flinched. She didn't expect such a question from the shorter girl so she didn't know how to reply. But seeing the reaction, Yuko had already figured out what was wrong. Rena unconsciously sought help from a certain girl with black shoulder-length hair but all she found was an empty space by her side. She cursed herself for letting the girl leave early. She thought the girl was actually planning it all along. She knew just how evil Atsuko really is.

   Yuko sighed and thought of something. She reached for the girl's head, and pulled Rena close to her then leaned in and kissed her, right in the lips. Her tongue slipped into the girl's opening as Rena gasped out of sheer surprise. Rena was immediately lost in the pleasure the shorter girl gave, as she thought of how experienced the girl was and if she ever did it with somebody else.

   Feeling the pleasure, Rena moaned, causing the shorter girl to mentally laugh satisfied, and leaned the girl closer, making her yelp out of surprise. Yuko explored the moist cave of Rena's insides, but once she realized the movement of Rena, going forward for more pleasure, she separated herself from her and sat cross-legged, satisfied.

   Rena was dumbfounded as of the girl's actions and why she separated herself too early.

"So, do you want more~?" Yuko teased and the girl nodded, looking at the shorter girl with seductive eyes as she leaned closer to Yuko. "Not a chance."
"EH?!" Rena shouted, dissatisfied.
"It's 'cause you didn't listen to me." Yuko pouted.
"B- But-!" Before Rena could finish, Yuko interrupted.
"But~ If you want more, you're gonna have to control yourself~ And I'll be all yours when you want to 'release' it~" Yuko said seductively, stroking the cheeks of the girl and smiled sadistically at her.

   Rena didn't put much thought in it, but still nodded furiously while blushing furiously when she found out what the older girl meant. Yuko made a huge grin and thanked the win-win situation that she had made. She thought of all the possible 'plays' Rena would do to her and she thought of something again.

"Good girl~" Yuko patted the girl's head. "And here's an example of what's to come~"


"Okay, what the hell did I just see?"
"Shh, Yui! They're getting to the good part!"
"Why the hell are you drooling, Atsuko?!"
"Ouch! Don't hit me, mou!! It's just that I never knew that Rena was 'that' good!"
"W- What are you trying to say, aho?!"
"I just want to do that with Yui once... Please~?"
"If you agree, then I'll handle the Rappapa seriously!"
"Please~~~~??? :heart: :heart: :heart:"
"... F- Fine..."


Crack end FTW! XD
Dunno if I did it well enough. And of course, Atsuko will ALWAYS steal the spotlight =w=''
Can't stop my bias for my Kami-oshi, can't I~?
Anywho, happy Sathday~!

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Negotiations [YukoRena] <Requested>
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*too flabbergasted to properly comment*
"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest : Negotiations [YukoRena] <Requested>
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UGH. my heart is not beating anymoooore!'s too much   :bleed eyes:
and I ship AtsukoxOtabe for some reason too  XD
JuriMayu  :wub: WIN WIN WIN  :bow:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Unanswered Affections -Fluffiness after the news-
« Reply #50 on: September 27, 2013, 06:34:19 PM »
[Unanswered Affections]

"Long time no see~"

   First thing in the morning and what Oshima Yuko found at her doorstep was a sheepish-looking Maeda Atsuko who looked too sleepy for God knows why. Yuko sighed and dragged the girl inside, making sure to check and double check for any paparazzi which could endanger the girl more. She knows Atsuko was tired of all the questions regarding her relationship with her boyfriend, which Yuko knew from the start. Yuko closed the door quickly. She doesn't want to take any chances of making the girl hurt more than she was right there and then.

"You seem sleepy. Anything fun happened?" Yuko joked followed by Maeda's infamous nose-scrunching smile.
"Seems like I just found out that being a celebrity is tough~" Atsuko stretched her hands, looking like an old woman who's lost her muscles.

   Yuko chuckled at Atsuko's jokes. Being with the younger girl always makes her relaxed. It wasn't as if being with the others aren't that relaxing, but being with the girl, Yuko could feel a warm feeling which she couldn't describe. A warm feeling of security. That the girl is always by her side.

   The AKB's new Ace's smile turned into a sad longing smile. She was reminded of the time she cried so hard for the girl's graduation. The empty spot which somebody needed to occupy. There were a lot of candidates for the spot but truth be told, she wasn't actually fond of any of them. Someone who could handle Maeda Atsuko's '0' never existed inside AKB48, nor any of the other sister groups.

   She then realized something else. Yes, a sad premonition of what's to come. Her lover might leave the group not so long after... She knew that Haruna wasn't actually fond of leaving her so soon. She suspected her to at least wait for Minami to graduate, but that couldn't have been the case. Her relation inside the group has gone far worse than she imagined. She spaced around a lot more, she always puts on her 'mask', and she would always exclude herself from much of the happenings inside the group. She felt the 'Age' was coming.

"What's wrong, Yuko?" Atsuko asked, still with a smile on her face even though she had realized Yuko's saddened expression.
"Nothing much. Just some bad premonition, that's all." Yuko puts on a wry smile, answering the girl's question, mixing up a few lies inside.

   Atsuko figured out the message and her smile turned sadder as well. She was very fond of Yuko's lover, Haruna, and she even sometimes play around with her, even sometimes felt like she wanted to smooch the girl senseless, much to Yuko's dismay. She knew Mariko was going to graduate sooner or later so she had appointed Haruna to take care of her lover inside AKB, supporting her in any way that Atsuko couldn't, but she realized that was impossible. Kojima Haruna was not a type of person who could carry the amount of pressure Atsuko could when she was younger.

   As if the moment had called for it, Atsuko leaned her head onto the girl's shoulder, using her as support, as she drifts into her thoughts. Yuko also leaned on Atsuko's head, her hands playing with the girl's hair which turned longer after such a long time.

   Yuko still remembered when she first entered AKB48 and meeting Maeda, she laughed aloud, making the others curious, for a 2nd Generation member was laughing at her senior in a way which could be called as mockery. Atsuko eventually laughed as well, after Yuko made a remark about her 'coconut' hair. Even though that was the first time the members had seen Atsuko smile so unsightly, but that smile warmed up the room. The smile which could be reminisced as the early Gen's strength.

"I wonder if Minami will forgive me for this..." Atsuko asked, even though she didn't actually want any answer from the shorter girl. She was curious. Curious of the answer which could be given. Curious of the older girl's train of thoughts.

   Yuko thought of a few things. She unconsciously smiled at the thought of Atsuko and Minami's relationship. One could say that it was a 'More than friends, less than lovers' relationship, but it was far more. They had exceeded the point which could be the point of 'lovers'. They had known each other for so long, they had helped each other for more than they could imagine, and they had led the empire of the golden age, the empire of AKB48.

   She knew just how much Atsuko has this 'liking' towards their captain, even to the point which she would disturb anyone that even tries to make out with the 'man of AKB'. She chuckled as she remembered the time when they were filming HEAVY ROTATION. The real script of the scene was that Itano Tomomi and Takahashi Minami were going to kiss, but then came Atsuko, with the aura of the Ace, she managed to slip in between, using her smile to charm the director to change it. And it worked. Atsuko went in between, more like she was fighting for the midget. Tomomi didn't mind at all. She loved Atsuko's playfulness more than anything, though Atsuko thought of Tomomi as a 'rival', competing for Minami's affection. Then as if rivals finally recognizing each other, they kissed Minami on each of her cheeks, making the midget blush out of sheer embarrassment, being sandwiched by AKB's Ace and AKB's Fashion Queen.

"That was a funny story, huh?" Yuko chuckled, not even answering Atsuko's question, as if avoiding it for the moment.
Atsuko sighed and played along, "What story?" she got up Yuko's shoulder and looked at the girl, smiling.
"Remember HEAVY ROTATION?" Yuko smiled, asking the girl to remember of it.

   Atsuko's mouth gaped open as she took a few uneven steps backwards, dragging her butt away from the older girl as she crossed her arms on her chest, shielding it from any assault which could happen in any moment now and could even make the news as 'Maeda Atsuko, raped by Oshima Yuko the day after her rumor of having a boyfriend was revealed!'

"What ARE you doing?" Yuko eyed the girl weirdly for her weird acts, which was a little amusing, seeing the girl act so indifferently.
"You perverted bikini-loving ojii-san which loves to kiss girls with a peck on her lips!"
"Wow, that's a long title." Yuko chuckled at the younger girl's remark.

   There was never a dull moment when you are hanging out with Atsuko, that's what she believes. Yuko had an idea and crawled slowly to the girl, licking her lips as the mounds of her chest was intentionally shown thanks to the magic of hand-me-down shirts.

"Acchan~" she singed erotically, making the girl shiver to the bones as the older girl gets closer, with her drool coming out of her obviously excited mouth.
"My body is my own, Oshima!"

   Atsuko tries to escape but she had forgotten the fact that this was Yuko's home, so of course the older girl has more power inside her own house, and also the fact that Atsuko managed to slip on a banana on the floor. Why the hell was there a banana anyway?

   Yuko burst out laughing, unable to contain her laughter and surprise of seeing the ex-Ace slip on a banana so dramatically which could earn her an award in the acting business. Wait, she already had. Yuko helped the younger girl up, not forgetting to make remarks on Atsuko's fail escape, which surpasses even the Captain's stories.

   The younger girl pouted, hitting the laughing girl lightly with a few playful punches, kicks and shakes. Their impromptu battle with each other continued on, with Yuko fighting back, laughing maniacally at the younger girl's weak punches, telling her to be a man, which is obviously impossible, if you think about it. Heck, you don't even need to think about it. It lasted for a few minutes until the wrestling match ended up into some remarks of improper words, making fun of each of their lovers, not including Atsuko's current boyfriend which was for some reason, forgotten by their minds. All they thought about was the person in front of them. The fun they were having ended up making the two exhausted, with Atsuko laying on top of the smaller girl, putting all her weight onto her.

   Thanks to Yuko's constant involvement in Team K's hellish military training by a certain gorilla, and also to the fact that she had been carrying a heavier 'weight' on her shoulders just like the person on top of her, which didn't even weigh a feather, much to Sato Takeru's avail, Yuko didn't mind the girl on top of her. She was tougher than Atsuko had imagined, which the younger girl chuckled, burying her face in the older girl's hair, indirectly smelling the sweat of the smaller girl, and also the weird smell of vodka.

"You were drinking?" Atsuko asked, concerned.

   The older girl puts on a wry smile as she flinched when asked of the question. She wasn't even prepared for the younger girl's visit, let alone the answer to the unneeded question of the moment. She didn't dare speak of the reason of her number one concern. The concern which topped even her lover's future graduation of the group. Without answering the out-of-the-blue question, Yuko ruffled the younger girl's hair and stuck her tongue out, making remarks about how Atsuko was too 'immature' to be thinking of the older girl's drinking habits.

   The pouting Atsuko rolled around more with the older girl, biting her erotically which for some reason, turned the older girl on. She has been playing way too much with Haruna. Then after a few seconds, exhausted, Atsuko laid on top of her again, breathing hardly from all the fooling around.

   Looking at the tired girl, Yuko chuckled and buried the younger girl in her chest. "You can rest", was what she whispered to the girl. She knew just much how the girl needed a well-deserved rest. Even though she was done with AKB48, Atsuko still had remnants of it, probably due to her new single's promotional activities. Atsuko nodded, slowly enjoying the bliss of the moment that befell her. The warmth of the older girl, the ticklish strokes of her hair by the older girl's hand, the fuzzy and smell of the girl's hair, and also the sound of Yuko's increasing heartbeat made her feel sleepy for some reason. She actually thought to meet with her boyfriend thereafter to consult with him about the matter at hand, but for some reason, she didn't want to move. The embrace of the older girl had caught her into a trap, a trap of an intelligent spider, enveloping her in it's web. Then with a few blinks and come-and-go in her trance, Atsuko eventually fell asleep, finally feeling the peace which she longed for a long time.


"You really are too innocent for your own good, Acchan..." Yuko spoke to the sleeping Atsuko, stroking her hair as she chuckled in between, looking at the girl's cute sleeping face.

"I wonder if you'll be safe in that guy's arms.." she said cautiously, almost scared of her own words but then smiled a reassuring smile "Though that won't happen." Yuko knows. "Takamina's here for you."

   She had envied her fellow midget since the start of the group. Thinking again, she has way more friends that Minami, is way more funnier than her, taller than her, breasts bigger than hers, and even is FAR prettier than her, as per stated by Atsuko herself, but why did she feel the envy in her chest? Why did she ever envy her? Was it because Minami had the strength to control the entire 48Empire? No, she had to lead it as well. Even though she was sharing that 'load' of pressure, she still had the pressure, even to the point it became unbearable.

   But then she realized. The reason of her envy, the reason of her sudden increase of weight, the reason of her insecurity with her lover, the reason why she even drank til she passed out crying the night before. It was all because of the sleeping figure on top of her.

"You dense girl..." Yuko flicked her forehead lightly, making sure it wasn't hard enough to actually make movements which could wake the girl up. She knew just how much a heavy sleeper Atsuko was. In fact, the only ones who could wake her up properly were her, Minami, Mariko and Gon.

"I don't know why I fell for you but..." Yuko's embrace had became tighter and her eyes were becoming teary all of the sudden, due to the sudden burst of emotion.

"I want you to realize it already... idiot..." she breathed in the girl's hair, remembering the smell, taste and warmth. She was tranced by the girl, still with tears falling from her eyes.

   There were a lot of factors which led to the situation which Yuko did. One was the erotic smell of the girl's hair, the perfume which the girl used, the cute yet seductive face of the girl, the sudden increase in Yuko's heartbeat. All of them was coming from the girl on top of her. And what could she do to stop these feelings? There could only be one thing, but there is also a chance...

... of it becoming 200% worse.

   Yuko kissed the girl, a peck on the lips. But that wasn't anything normal for them. It was far more than that. It wasn't the sort of kiss you could see anywhere, it wasn't the type of kiss one should do even to their best friends and of course, it wasn't a kiss Oshima would do to anyone but Haruna.

   It has passed a few minutes but Yuko didn't budge, she closed her eyes to feel the moment with the girl. She didn't want the girl to wake up, since she would have to explain the unexplainable, which could even result in  her being killed my a certain midget and a certain Kabuki actor and of course, Atsuko's fans. But she couldn't stop. Like drugs, she was addicted to the girl's lips. She was addicted to the one Maeda Atsuko who was sleeping peacefully yet as if welcoming Yuko to do inexplicable things to her.

But she couldn't stop...
Her love towards the girl with already two current relationships.


"Nyaaaaah~ That was a good rest~" Atsuko stretched her arms and body, finally awoke from her deep slumber and was now waiting for the older girl to get out of the bath, which she did.
"Bath's free, your turn." Yuko went out of the bath, fully clothed.
"Yuko..." Atsuko was surprised to see the girl.
"What?" Yuko, confused of what the girl was surprised about, asked.

   Yuko hits the girl on the head with her free hand. Though lightly, Yuko's hit carried a huge change, which Atsuko smiled teasingly in the end, teasing her of how THE 'Oshima Yuko' had finally learned some common sense.

"Ah yeah, I was supposed to go to my boyfriend before to consult him bout the news..." Atsuko thought for a bit.

   Yuko had a sad smile on her face, hearing Atsuko mention about an existence she would rather forget than to be brought up. She then looked at the younger girl warmly.

"Don't worry. We met before, so I could back you up on that." she said, reassuring the younger girl.
"Thanks, Yuko~" Atsuko hugged the girl, before giving a peck on the lips as friendship, then went into the showers.

   Yuko smiled non-stop, making sure not to let the younger girl find out about her inner conflicts. She then took out her phone and dialed a certain number which she was used to.

"Yo, Takamina. So, shall we take care of him personally?"
"Yes... Tonight...
... It ends with either you or me."


   So basically, Atsuko came to Yuko for some comfort, fooled around, went to sleep and was raped by her without even realizing it so then comes the oblivious Atsuko facing her back to Yuko and Yuko, behind the girl's back was plotting of something for the Kabuki actor. WooT!
Go my heroes!!! (and Yuko)

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Ah... Both renaxyuko and yukoxatsuko fics are so good and interesting

But I preferred the Atsuyuu...

I like how you describe Atsuko had more than friend relation with Minami

Well great OS there...

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the OSs

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Aa...It has been a long time there...I'm on hiatus...
-Don't, any author would be proud if a reader...
-Love their works...But anyway, man...
-Minami and Yuko is planning something or what?
-Whatever, as long this is interesting...Eheheh!!~

>Plz update the next OS too!!~ Eyeah, nice OS you've got there...

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UUUGH I want to put a 'decent' comment here but my brain is not WORKING ANYMOOOOAR!!!
my AtsuYuu feels right naaao is too much   :wub: :wub: :wub:

I'm not a hater, buuut I'm having this 101% feeling of Acchan breaking up with XXXX, oh well, Entertainment is Entertainment  :lol:

wMidgets go for eeetttt!!  :lol:
my hat is off. saluting.

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The melancholy of a certain cat girl
« Reply #54 on: September 29, 2013, 01:09:26 PM »
cisda, YukoRena's fun to ship but AtsuYuu's WAY easier. Dunno why. XD And there's no doubt in mind that Maeda and Minami has 'something' going on but who knows what that is.

kochiki, does ikki love Ashura's works? OwO LoL XD JK. Long time no see, man~

imteedee, well, I don't want them to break up unless Maeda's... 'virginity'... is still intact. And I don't know bout that since she's kinda... well... you know... but meh. Yuko and Minami are there to help her! Wait... crack that! Minami has nothing about love. So here goes Yuko to save the day! (Haruna is kinda too much... she's kinda like the one who would 'fish out' the guys, no offense)

   So since I was watching AtsuHaru's Yoru no chouchou performance, I saw that Maeda and Haruna's eyes were... different... I don't know how or why, but it was different. Like a maiden in love or something, like they longed for something so close, yet so far. Thus, I shall make an AtsuHaru OS which I just thought of just for fun while imagining AtsuYuu smut moments and a sudden intrusion of a catgirl! (No, I won't make that here XD) And here goes another weird pairing OS~

[P/S]: This is another version of the other OS, Unanswered affections.

[The melancholy of a certain cat girl] -AtsuHaru-

   It was the evening. The weather was harsh, rain dropped heavily in the streets as a figure was inside her house, doing something she like the most.

   Some might call the ex-Ace of AKB someone who was too stoic and strict to herself but in reality, the only thing she was doing at the moment was sitting on the bed and reading her lines to fill in the time. She wasn't intending to memorize it but just to read of how it goes. Her eyes rolled as she read it from word to word, from line to line, and even to the point where her neck started to hurt from staring down so much so she stretched in between the 'memorizing'. She then continued, her silky black long hair covered her eyes, but because of her usual self inside AKB, she had learned to adapt to the new way of seeing things through her hair.

   She then realized something. Something which she should've realized from the start.

She was actually reading a sci-fi novel.

   The girl mentally facepalmed herself as she hid her embarrassment with a dry laughter, since she didn't want her neighbors to think she was weird for laughing aloud in the middle of a rainy day.

   A sound of an electronic device, specifically her cellphone, rang, meaning that somebody had sent her a message. She quickly read the message that was sent and a smile appeared on her face as her boyfriend greeted her, finally able to get some free time from his work. The girl's scrunched up nose position was easily visible as she read it in her mind. She then replied to the boy's message, since the boy wanted to go out for some fun, finally able to go out.

"This guy never gives up, huh?" the girl chuckled, not forgetting to type in a few 'LoL's in between her message.

   Suddenly, just when she was about to send the said message, she was startled by the sound of a sudden ring. Her heart was startled more as she thought that the boy was actually there to see her there and then. She then happily yet shyly walked to her front door, that bell has rung, signalling somebody has arrived at her apartment. She then opened her door and what she saw wasn't her boyfriend who she wanted to see the most. It was someone she wanted to see, but the state the person was in, was something she wanted to know of the least.

"NyanNyan? What's wrong?!" she almost had a heart, worried of the girl's safety.

   The one called 'NyanNyan', presumably the girl's close friend and confidante whose real name was Kojima Haruna, smiled wryly, with her clothes wet, her hair messed up and her eyes red.

"Acchan... Can I come in for a bit...?" Haruna ask, almost pleading to the young actress who has been with her for so long.

   'Acchan', or more precisely, Maeda Atsuko, would never turn down a request from her close friend, more so when the said cat girl was in such a sad state which could break the hearts of dozens of the girl's fans. Atsuko smiled, not needing any words to communicate, she grabbed the girl's hand gently and pulled her along into her home, showing the girl her best smile, for the girl whom she owed to a lot.


   A short silence fell on Maeda's household as the two close friends laid their backs on the wall, the taller girl leaning on the shorter girl's left shoulder as she drifts into her own thoughts. The younger girl wrapped her left arm around the older girl's shoulder, comforting the girl with some positive words and heated the girl up, for she was too cold. Even though Atsuko had offered her to take a warm bath for a while, Haruna rejected, not telling her why. Atsuko sighed to the answer, because she knew the girl wasn't in the mood to be alone.

   Haruna was a lot like Atsuko. Many people would have though that Atsuko was the type to just exclude herself from the group around her, but in truth, she wanted to be pampered, always entering any of the girls' circles just for fun. The girls didn't mind it. They knew that the presence of the fun-loving Ace by nature could put on a happy smile on their faces.

   Haruna was similar to the above. She would sometimes exclude herself from the others, with her 'air-headed' personality, not listening to others and sometimes might even make harsh remarks to the ones she didn't know much. But in reality, she was actually listening to everything, she actually wanted to say things that would make the others like her more, but for some reason, she just couldn't. When she was with the 1st Generation members, she had to exclude herself from everyone until the moment when a short ribbon-wearing girl pulled her to their circle, saying that it would be 'fun'. In fact, it was. She never had much fun, always hanging out with either older girls or her guy friends. Being with the younger girls brought peace to her. More so when she met the 2nd Generation members, she stuttered, saying horrible things to them but what made her change was one squirrel-like girl who was a bit older than her, showing every bit of her attention to the cat girl.

   You could say that they are alike, but there was one thing which they could never like about each other.

   In Atsuko's case, it was how Haruna would always avert her attention from the affections of the said squirrel-like girl. She would always play dumb on some parts which was a little too obvious for them and even Haruna knows it. Though she won't actually answer to the girl's feelings, since she didn't feel the way to that squirrel. She was actually in love with another person... No... She was torn in between.

   In Haruna's case though, she actually didn't like how Atsuko had to leave the 'Captain' and the 'Center' alone to stand the pressure. When Atsuko was still with the group, she took care of the Captain, who took care of the entire group. She was the only mental support that the Captain had. And for the Center, they were always shouldering the burden together, though one could say the burden was less than what Atsuko had to take in. But alas, it was still an amount of pressure which the two endured until the end. But once Atsuko left, both of them broke down. The Center losing all of her past vigor and the Captain losing herself from all of the problems that rose inside the group. Haruna knows that Atsuko herself knows of the consequences that might happen if she left the group, but Atsuko paid no heed. She wanted a future not in the group, but a future in which she herself would carve.

   But even so, the two were so close to each other. Sometimes closer than how the two were with their respective partners. They were strong together. In the early days, they were always next to each other, even at times would cause their partners to be jealous, making the squirrel-girl to spend more time with Atsuko and the General Manager to cling a lot to Haruna.

   The short silence became minutes, 10 becoming 20, 20 becoming 30, and 30 becoming to how many they don't know since they didn't even have time to look at the clock. They were busy enjoying the long, yet comfortable silence. Of course it wasn't comfortable the least for Atsuko to hold her friend who was soaking wet, but for some reason, it was comfortable. They couldn't explain it no matter how many people asked, not even if one would offer an indecent amount of food to Atsuko.

"Takamina..." finally, Haruna broke the silence, her tears not coming out anymore, because she had let everything inside her out through the crying. Atsuko heaved a sigh, listening to the older girl who cried her eyes out. "Y- Yuu-chan..."
"T- They-" Haruna continued, but her voice was shaky, she couldn't dare say it... She was at lost for words. Nothing came out. No voice, no sentences, she couldn't think nor say of anything.

   But then, a hand soother her wounds, the hand of the younger girl stroking her hair, patting her head as she hugged the girl with the other hand, "Ganbaro..." as she gave the words of encouragement to her unbearable friend with a knowing smile.

   A smile formed on Haruna's lips as well, looking at Atsuko who tried to cheer her on. Her voice returned and her shaking stopped. She could finally see a bit clearly, from the hazy eyes that didn't even realize that the friend was actually wearing her hair in a ponytail fashion.

"Takamina and Yuu-chan..." she started from before, but this time, not shaky anymore. "They're going out..."


   Atsuko was speechless. Out of all the possible 'chaotic activities' the two could do that would make Haruna into such state, she would have never thought that the two were actually going out.

"C- Condolences to the two..." Atsuko said with a dry voice, still surprised as the older girl sighed, finally free from all of the thought because she had let everything out.
"Yeah... You could congratulate them later." Haruna stated, with a wry smile as she leaned her head again on Atsuko's left shoulder who was surprised to death.
"S- Sure. I- I'll tell them w- when I have t- time..." Atsuko stuttered in between her sentence. She actually didn't know how to react to the older one's statement. Though the girl only chuckled, patting the younger girl's head this time.
"Surprising, huh?" Haruna said, with a hint of sarcasm. She knew the day would come. The two of them had been spending a lot more time together than before. And probably even because of the new Captain-Ace relationship between the two. The 'General Manager' of AKB48 and their 'Surviving Ace'.
"A- A little, I guess..." Atsuko answered.

   It was the first time Haruna had seen the stuttering state of Atsuko. The first time Atsuko had lost it so much that she didn't know how to react. But for some reason, Haruna felt a sudden burst of emotion inside her chest from seeing the girl looking down, almost disappointed.

"Acchan..." Haruna called out to her, but Atsuko didn't answer. She just looked down, almost as if lost in thought.

   Haruna knew it... She knew just how much Atsuko was in love with the captain, 'Takamina', real name Takahashi Minami. It took Atsuko almost 7 years of throwing herself to Minami to make the girl realize her feelings but alas, it didn't happen. None of it happened. Haruna hated the weird idiotic side of Minami the most. Though she did have a feeling that Atsuko was actually falling in love with her own partner, Yuko.

"Do you love Yu-" "N- NyanNyan!" before Haruna could finish her sentence, Atsuko stopped her, as if finally finding the right moment to say it. "W- What?" Haruna was surprised by the sudden interruption by Atsuko who probably didn't realize that she was trying to say something.

"L- Listen carefully!" Atsuko shouted, half of it was for ordering the girl and the other half being an encouragement to herself.

   She took some breaths, looking at the older girl straight in the eyes and finally blurted out

"I love you, NyanNyan! Go out with me!"

   Shock. Shock out of the sudden confession. Haruna's eyes shot open as she watched the unbelievable scene of seeing the young actress who probably wasn't acting, confessing to her in a way which made the girl scream out inside of her. Atsuko was blushing bright red to her ears, teary-eyed from feeling the scared of Haruna's probability of answering a positive answer and her hands were shaking.

   The cute and adorable Atsuko there and then caused the heart of one Kojima Haruna to beat fast into almost bursting out from the pressure, surprise and Atsuko-cuteness.

   Haruna gulped, her saliva gathered in her mouth from being silent. She didn't make a move but just watched the shaking friend in front of her, scared and embarrassed to her wits and finally,


   The older girl swung her arms around the younger, enveloping her in a tight hug. She didn't question of the girl's sincerity. And she didn't even care if Atsuko was joking around. She wanted her more. A tight hug, with tears strolling down, this time different from being betrayed by Minami and Yuko. This time, she was happy for finally having her crush from the start of the whole group.

"I love you, Acchan. From the start!" From the start of AKB, the one who kept her going wasn't the encouragement from the squirrel girl nor was it from her captain. It was only a smile. A smile which kept her going until exhaustion. The smile of the younger girl which she loved the most. The smile she saw even until the girl's graduation.

   Atsuko was shocked, she didn't even think it was possible. She was taking the chances. She was prepared to be slapped, to be punched, to be hurt with harsh words that would make her cry far more. Out of all the possible endings she played in her head, she didn't once think of Haruna actually accepting it.

   She cried. She cried far more than the older girl cried before. She cried of sheer happiness.

   "NyanNyan... I'm not as good as Yuko... Nor am I as kind as Minami... But... Thank you... Thank you! You're the one I've loved the most!"

   In between cries, she thanked the girl, not only for accepting her, but also for all of the memories that they have spent together. They were always paired together, but nobody had even dared to give a thought of such. She wanted them to be paired together again, yet nobody would do of such. Accepting the warmth and tears of the older girl, Atsuko kissed the taller girl senseless, losing in the moment.

   Haruna didn't mind, she was surprised at first but eventually, she opened her mouth, accepting the girl's tongue inside her. Atsuko pulled the older girl's head to her, into a deep kiss. Deeper that made the older girl moan of the pleasure the younger girl was giving her. Their saliva mixed in with each other. Some even came out of their mouths but they didn't care. They were far into the moment. They didn't even care if anyone would come inside the residence. All they want was each other.

   Thus, their hands, their tongues, their minds, all of them explored each other into the climax, with exploding and desperate passion, wanting each of their very consciousness to be aimed at only them. Their mouths seeking each other, their hands exploring each of their parts. The cold night became something hotter than they imagined. It became the steaming room of their desperate, passionate love-making.


"Err... what are you two doing?"

   They heard a voice speak as their naked bodies grind on each other, with Haruna's face in a very pleasurable state. They looked at the door to find an Oshima Yuko, with a scared Takahashi Minami hiding behind her.

"Oh... Er... Just... Stuff..." Haruna answered, panting from pleasure from the awkward Atsuko.
"A- Acchan, you said you love me..." Minami said, almost crying cutely as she looked at the two intimate lovers... A little too intimate, obviously.
"Well, you were going out with Yuko and-" "Huh? When?" she was about to finish, but was interrupted by the two who asked in unison.

   Atsuko's mind finally clicked. She looked at the obviously scared Haruna who was looking elsewhere while humming some sort of song she thought out randomly. Atsuko's veins popped out from her forehead as she let out her 'Ace' aura, which startled the other three.

"Ko-Ji-Ma~" It was the end. Atsuko was using the girl's last name. All of them knew that once Maeda Atsuko calls you properly with honorifics or using your last name, that means you have a better chance of surviving from TomoRage. "Talk~"

"W- Well, I knew you love me and all and I don't want to admit my own feelings, so I just thought this was a good chance, seeing that it was raining and how Takamina and Yuu-chan were so close together these days. Plus the two were supposed to out today so... err... yea... sorry..."

   Haruna finally apologized sincerely. Though in her heart, she was about to die of waiting for her climax.

"Yuko, Minami, Haruna." she called the three. "From now on, you're going to live here with me.

MY orders."


   No AtsuHaru smut XD Oh well, at least it's vague but not too vague, I think... Probably???

Now. I. Am. Satisfied.

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I like the title LOL

okay proper comment later on :P

 MYGAAAAHD! i didn't expect that!! SERIOUSLY!!! I laughed hard! KO~JI~MA!!!! A surprise in a not so much surprising writer!!! just the 'rain' is enough to make me expect that scene  :lol: WET LOOOOK!  :lol:

my heart almost exploding  :nervous
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my hat is off. saluting.

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Well that's tricky for Haruna...

Now Atsuko demand that all the 3 girls to live with her...

Well instead if atsuharu it would be Atsuko x harem

Anyhow... Was funny towards the end...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Iyeah...Long time isn't it, pftt...
-What's wrong for me loving others works??~
-Moreover yours...Urh...I don't wanna talk about it first...
-So, e-hem...anyway, that's so brave of Haruna...T-Takamina!!~
-Hrm...Quite confused...Haruna or her own boyfriend...Hrrm...
-If it is me...i'll choose Haruna for sure...Have no oppose on her BF...
-As you've said...If the virgin thing was involved...I dunno how to react...
-As if they'll tell it!!~ I'm so sthuped!!~ A-Anyway...I'll keep believing her...

>Plz update the next OS soon...Lol, what an awkward moment, again. Nice OS, title too...xD

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The Family II -RenAtsuYuuJuri-
« Reply #58 on: October 03, 2013, 02:02:31 PM »
imteedee, LoL how many spots are ya savin?! XD BTW, I think the title is harder to come up rather than the story itself... Wonder why... O.O''

cisda, I support Atsuko-harem! :thumbsup But I don't think that will happen in dat OS. Since Haruna's a possessive type so she wouldn't let Atsuko go to anyone. She's like Atsuko herself XD

Kochiki, Well dat was an awkward moment XD And who knows, maybe Atsuko would come up in front of TV and admit "I lost my virginity to Yuko years ago..." and thus AtsuYuu shippers will go rejoice whilst the other shippers will cry. And of course Mariko-sama will laugh her arse off, Sae will be in dilemma, Tomochin will feel awkward and Yui will go "HONMAYAN!" I don't need to say anything bout Takamina, do I?

   So, since I promised to continue this a couple of years ago(LoL) so I'll continue [The Family]. All Hail AtsuYuu SathDay! Oh, and to those who actually thought that this OS might turn to Harem, well think again! Of course I'll put in Atsuko-Harem for Acchan's special swag service XD No, Kiddin. I won't do that unless I felt like it~

[The Family II] -RenAtsuYuuJuri-

   Jurina woke up from her deep slumber and stretched to loosen some sore muscles. Still drowsy from waking up, she looked around to see all of her other sisters were still sleeping. She looked at Rena who was sleeping so soundly next to her, hugging Jurina's knee while attempting to bite it, though luckily she didn't use her teeth, just a kiss on her legs. Jurina chuckled at the cute scene and patted the older girl's head and Rena meowed cutely with a 'Nyaa~' and continued sleeping.

   The youngest then took a glance at her second oldest sister, who was sleeping on top of the smallest sister, while chomping on the girl's lobe, probably from some dream of eating. Atsuko loves eating. She then looked at Yuko who was actually awake, her eyes pleading the youngest girl to help her get her sister off of her. Yuko was showing signs of pain and pleasure both at the same time, a moan escaped her lips each time the younger girl bit her ear so erotically, though Jurina didn't know what actually the oldest girl was moaning about. She knew only a little of girl on girl relationships.

   The girl shrugged her shoulders and attempted to lie down again, wanting to sleep, leaving the oldest girl in a state of devastation to yet again face the wraith of Atsuko with too bad sleeping habits which could even surprise the girl's fans at her school. Jurina closed her eyes to let herself drift into slumberland, but was stopped by the sudden movement from the girl next to her. Rena was already awake, rubbing her sleepy eyes with her slender fingers, and yawning quietly while looking at the two lovey-dovey sisters hugging each other, or as she thought.

"What are you doing to Atsu-nee, Yuu-nee?" Rena squinted her eyes, still drowsy and thinking she was high, seeing Yuko touching her older sister's butt.

   Yuko was surprised at first, but then after she realized where her hand was, laid slightly on her younger sister's buttcheeks, she slowly yet reluctantly pulled away, blushing furiously as the younger girl finally awoke. Atsuko yawned and wiped her teary eyes off of her, still not fully awake. She saw the face of her obviously embarrassed sister right in front of her and what else could she do? Easy. She pressed a tender kiss on the older girl's forehead, making the girl blush more and finally got up and scanned her surroundings to see her two other sisters, mouth gaped open at the exchange of the other two.

"Morning, girls." Atsuko greeted.

   But before the girls could greet back, Atsuko was already in front of them, enveloping them in a tight hug as she at first kissed Rena on the cheeks and finally her youngest sister. She then smirked and got up. She stretched after waking up from slumber and loosened up her sore muscles. She felt alive.

"What do you girls want for breakfast today?" Atsuko asked with a huge smile on her face, after having a good night's sleep with her sisters.

   Jurina was the first one to snap out of admiration state as she smiled as well, raising her hands up.

"Oh! I want pie!" Jurina ordered, bringing her two other sisters who were spacing out finally back to reality.
"I'm okay with Jurina's suggestion." Rena said, smiling sweetly as she signaled the youngest sister to go take a bath.
"I'll eat anything my lover makes~" Yuko winked, with a perverted smirk as all her younger sisters looked at her in disgust.
"Whoa, that was obviously disgusting, Yuko." Atsuko scorned and left for the kitchen.

   While Yuko was in a state of self-evaluation in the corner of the living room, thinking of why her younger sister didn't like the joke, Rena and Jurina headed to the bath. Jurina actually didn't mind if it's a bath in the mornings after waking up. She only hated to take a bath in the evenings since she wants to play more.

   In the bath, Rena took of her pajamas slowly, revealing her pale, smooth and soft skin, with added muscles from all of her work as the Student Council President, though it was actually from having to chase and grab Jurina all the time. Jurina watched the older girl taking off her clothes and ending up with the older girl shaking her head, and as if it was in slow motion, Jurina's mouth gaped open as Rena's long silky hair swayed around, with beads of sweat from how hot the bathroom was. The younger girl was drooling while looking at the perfect proportions the older girl has, wanting to touch it in every means possible, so she did-

"Huh? What are you doing? Take off your clothes already, Jurina." Rena ordered, looking at the drooling younger sister weirdly.

   -but was stopped by the glare of the older girl. She gulped her saliva and drool, thus taking off her pajamas as well, not wanting the older girl to question her more. Rena couldn't stop noticing the red cheeks of the younger girl and shook it off as the heat of the bath. After Jurina had finished undressing, Rena's glare became sharper as she clicked her tongue.

"Huh? W- What's wrong?" Jurina asked, frightened as the older girl's aura became far darker than she had ever seen.
"When did you start growing so fast?" Rena commented as the other girl was in confusion. "Nothing." she shrugged it off and finally entered the tub, followed by her reluctant younger sister.


   It was Sunday so the whole family had nothing to do. Yuko asked for a day off for that day and her boss didn't mind it so she was free for the day. Yuko thought of something as she watched Atsuko who was wearing a pink apron and her hair tied in a ponytail. The girl was waiting for the pie to bake, reading the book as she sat on the chair of the dining table with Yuko's eyes on her. The younger girl realized the stare of her older sister and reluctantly opened her mouth.

"Everything okay, Yuko?" she asked.

   Yuko smirked at the older girl's question and finally let out what she was thinking.

"How about we go to the amusement park today? The whole family, of course." Yuko suggested with not much ulterior motive.

   Atsuko thought as she took her eyes away from the book and looked at Yuko. Jurina doesn't have any problems nor does any of her sisters have plans for the whole evening, not that she was told there was any. Normally her sisters would tell her if they have something to do the next day and last night there was none so then she thought of their budget. Atsuko's eyes turned tired and Yuko could see that.

"Don't worry, it's my treat. From the rides to food. And yes, Acchan, that means I'll treat you to food." Yuko chuckled as the younger girl's eyes sparkled brightly as she heard the word 'treat' and 'food' together in the same sentence without any negative words in it.
"Fine with me." Atsuko hid her satisfaction but Yuko could easily tell that the younger was actually excited inside.

   They heard a 'ding' and Atsuko got up, taking out the apple pie as the older girl took out the plates.


"Ittadakimasu! (Thanks for the food!)"

   Everyone gulped down Atsuko's apple pie, complimenting the girl in any way possible. While Atsuko was eating, she enjoyed her cooking with a few moans of pleasure not in a perverted way but it was caught by Yuko and Rena who looked at their 18 year old sister weirdly.

"Hmf? What's wrong?" Atsuko gulped down her pie and asked, then the two shrugged it off as nothing and continued their eating.

   Jurina was next to Atsuko as per usual, in front of Rena and Rena was next to Yuko around the table. Atsuko remembered the conversation with Yuko a few minutes prior and stopped eating.

"You girls want to go to the amusement park later? Your older sister's treat." Atsuko asked the two and pointed at Yuko.
"Eh?! Really, Yuu-nee?!" Jurina's eyes sparkled brightly as she asked her eldest.
"Yeah, really." Yuko chuckled and answered the girl.

   Jurina threw both her arms up in a double fistpump as she was rejoicing the moment when Yuko treats the others to something. Yuko would never treat them unless she was forced to. Yuko knows just how much Atsuko would drain her wallet from eating too much food, much to the older girl's agony.

"But." Yuko said, raising her index finger, in a serious tone. "Acchan has to control her eating frenzy." she pointed at her younger sister.
"EH?! Why only me?!" Atsuko was shocked but the others nodded, knowing that it was a purely obvious condition.
"Yuu-nee's right, Atsu-nee. You should accept the condition as to not trouble her." Rena agreed, looking at her seriously.
"B- But I don't know why I'm the only one that needs to control myself!" Atsuko threw a tantrum as she was teary-eyed.
"Jurina wants to go to the amusement park, Atsu-nee~" Jurina said, childishly, looking at her older sister almost pleading.
"B- But-" Atsuko looked at her younger sister and almost lost all of her intention of protesting.
"Deal or no deal, Acchan?" Yuko smirked, looking at her helpless sister.

   Atsuko swallowed her resolve and finally sighed, sitting down forcefully as she looked away, lips pursued as she crossed her arms together in a sulking fit.

"Fine!" she agreed and finally everyone rejoiced.

Atsu joined in the conversation.

Atsu: Hey, girls.
Mari: Morning, Acchan.
TKMN: Acchan~ Morning~
Haru-Nyan: Surprising to see Acchan here in the mornings lol
Atsu: I'm anywhere Minami is~ lol
TKMN: If you keep that up, I'm going to seriously run to your house and drag you away.
Atsu: S- Sorry...
Saaya: Anything happened, Acchan? Rare to see you online in the mornings.
Atsu: Just some things with my sisters. Listen, Yuko asked us if we wanted to go to the amusement park, her treat, but I'm the only one that has to hold back on all the eating! Can you believe that?!
Tomo: That's obviously your own fault, Atsuko. Even I would want you to hold yourself back when we go out.
TKMN: So true.
Mari: The truth hath been spoken!
Haru-Nyan: lol Mari-chan
GenKing: Seriously, Atsuko. You eat too much. And hey, good morning.
Atsu: Tomochin~ I missed you~ You too Sae-chan~ lol
TKMN: qeqeruqwhd8wuqiahsdhasdd
Mari: Someone's jealous.
Chiyu: qireq3r4iwhrtqweihfsa
Saaya: Two, in fact.
Haru-Nyan: You're not jealous, Sayaka?
Saaya: Why would I?
Atsu: Hehe~ Sayaka's jealous~
Tomo: Woot~ She's jealous of Sae~
Mari: No comment from Sae.
TKMN: She's obviously embarrassed right now. Oh, she is. Whoa, her face is red!
Atsu: Forgot you two live together lol
Mari: You need to thank Sae for holding Takamina back when she's horny for you.
Atsu: WUT
Saaya: I don't get it but I guess it's something ecchi like you guys always discuss. And Tomochin's shutting up.
TKMN: Let us pray for her to survive TomoRage

Rena joined the conversation

Atsu: Shoot! I'm out!

Atsu has left the conversations

   Jurina, Rena, Yuko and Atsuko were speechless. No, they weren't surprised or such. They simply couldn't speak after the experience and 'thrill' they had felt. It's one of those moments where you should just shut up and enjoy the peace of mind you have for the moment. Even Jurina, the most energetic person out of the four, couldn't speak after what they had gone through. Sounds of screams could be heard as they sat outside of the roller coaster line.

   Finally, after a few minutes of long and uncomfortable silence, it was up to Yuko, as the oldest in the family to open up her mouth.

"I- I need to pee..." Yuko shivered and the others took a knowing glance at the older girl before bursting into laughter.
"Y- You serious?!" Rena grabbed her sides in pain as she looked at the girl who said one of the most unbelievable lines she had ever heard.
"Need- More- Air!" Jurina clutched her stomach on the ground as she laughed aloud.
"T- That was uncalled for." Atsuko commented, tears falling down her eyes from too much laughing.


   After a few mishaps, and a few more rides which made their stomach turn and Jurina laughing aloud from the fun, they finally arrived to Atsuko's heaven. On the table were a few sundaes for Atsuko, a plate of fried noodles for Yuko, choco crepe for Rena and a large bowl of udon for Jurina. The three sisters looked at Atsuko who was delighted to eat something sweet for a change since she never made desserts for Jurina because of Jurina's hyper sweet tooth reasons. Rena, realizing the satisfaction in Atsuko's moan, offered her crepe to Atsuko.

"Want some?" Rena asked, as she offered it to the girl.
"Eh? Really?!" Atsuko asked, with sparkles in her eyes.
"It'd be an indirect kiss, you know~" Yuko commented as she looked at her sisters' exchange.
"Don't care~" Atsuko singsonged and took a bite from the crepe.

   Rena had a look of satisfaction as the older girl finished swallowing her crepe and yelling out 'Sweet~' in a playful and childish voice. She then looked at Yuko who had a look of envy in her eyes. Rena gave a scornful grin as she took a bite from the crepe the same place Atsuko took a bite from, making the oldest girl to look at her in shock and depression.

   Just that moment, Rena's phone rang, with a melodic tone.

"SKE48? Seriously?" Atsuko asked, chuckling as she heard the notification tone from the girl's phone.
"What? I love those girls. They're so full of energy. Airin's my top~" Rena commented and checked the message.
"I love AKB48 better, though. And of course Maeda Atsuko." Yuko said as she finished her noodles.
"See~? Yuko gets me. But I think I'm starting to like NMB48 better, though. I just love Saya-nee~" Atsuko commented as her face turned bright red from mentioning her idol.
"Meh. I love Mayuyu more. She's cute~" Jurina also joined in, finished sipping the soup from the udon.

   They talked about how the idols were and what they liked about the idols. Yuko mentioned her love for Maeda Atsuko's randomness, Atsuko mentioned how she love Yamamoto Sayaka's breast and how cool she looks, Rena mentioned how she just loves Furukawa Airi's politeness and Jurina mentioned that she loves Watanabe Mayu's fun yet loving personality.


   After entering the rides more, and Jurina being happy for unknown reasons. Not to mention Yuko finally gave up on her rule and lets Atsuko eat whatever she wants. She regretted it thereafter. Finally at the end of the day, the girls entered the passenger car in the Ferris wheel. Jurina was sleeping on Atsuko's shoulder and the others looked at her, chuckling and smiling warmly at their youngest sister.

"She used too much of her energy being merry, huh?" Yuko snickered as she watched the sleeping Jurina in front of her.
"Can't blame her. It's been a long time since all of us went to the amusement park, huh?" Rena asked the girl next to her.
"True... Sorry for just having work off today." Yuko apologized feeling sorry and the guilt craved in.
"Don't be. We know just how busy you are. It's already a miracle that you could go home early on Saturdays." Rena put her hand on the girl's shoulder, reassuring her that her sisters are okay with it.
"B- But-" "Yuko." Before Yuko could blame herself more, a stern voice from Atsuko stopped her.

   She looked at the figure next to Jurina. She was smiling. A warm smile. The smile she was saved from since the very beginning. The smile of the one she took in.

   At first, Yuko was an only child. At the age of 13, she was abandoned by her parents and had to live with whatever she had. She didn't do anything illegal but to make her way up into society. Then she met with a certain 10 year old girl. She was the same as her. Abandoned, unneeded, a nuisance, in fact. She at first wanted to leave her alone but then as she looked back again, she saw the girl with a sad smile. The smile tugged her heartstrings and without any word, she grabbed the girl and ran back to her apartment, which she borrowed from a friend. She decided to take care of her in just that small amount of time. Little by little, the girl managed to smile sincerely yet again. Her first sincere smile she saw was when she got back from work and in front of her was an angel-like smile the girl had. The first she has seen. A smile which soothed her heart and was able to make her cry tears of joy. She hugged the girl there and then, promising her that she would take care of her more.

   Atsuko managed to learn of how to do the chores and helped the older girl in every way possible, taking care of the house, clean it, make dinner, and even do most things that the older girl had no time to. She made it her goal in mind to pay back Yuko for what she did. She saved her.

   Then, when the two went out to find dinner, they saw a girl playing by herself at night in the playground. She had clothes that were torn and her hair was a mess, which reminded of Yuko of how she met Atsuko. Without any ulterior motive, she looked at Atsuko and then came a knowing look from her. Atsuko wanted to help the girl just as much as Yuko. They smiled at each other and asked the girl if they want to live together.

   The girl turned out to be the same age as Atsuko and was named Rena. She at first was scared of the two. She ran away from home because of child abuse. She wasn't scarred physically, but mentally. Her former step-parents mocked her, abused her to exhaustion and even once left her all alone in some unknown place when they went out for a trip. Rena couldn't take it and of course, ran away. But after a few months with her new family, she learned to smile and accept them again. They became precious to her and she loved them dearly, all of it starting from when she went into rage one day, almost stabbing Yuko with a pencil she found lying around, but then Atsuko came and pinned Rena to the wall, glaring at her with the eyes she had never shown to anyone before except for her former parents. Frightened, Rena tried to get the girl off her but couldn't. Until Atsuko embraced her warmly in tears. Atsuko was afraid, afraid that her new younger sister would do something so cruel. She didn't want it to happen. She cried not because of herself, but because of her younger sister. Smiling, Yuko forgave the younger girl and hugged her as well, enveloping her with the warmth of her family. That night, Rena cried the most, apologizing to the two sisters and that memory became something far precious for her, as she felt the most emotion she had felt for a long time. One for discovering her real family that she loves and the other one for finally looking at Atsuko with another look, that far exceeds family love.

   When Atsuko was walking around one night, finally free from all the work as she left the two sisters, Yuko and Rena to cook for themselves since she was throwing a fit, unsatisfied with how the two didn't greet her and just plopped down sleeping, she saw a girl that was sleeping on the streets. Atsuko was 12 at that time. She woke the girl up and the girl was crying, hugging the stranger in front of her that she saw for the first time. Atsuko, unsure of what to do, hugged her as well and the younger 6 year old girl cried on her chest, explaining to her what happened.

   Jurina was left abandoned in the streets, just like Yuko and Atsuko's case. She then followed the girl into her home, unsure of what to find but two seemingly sorrowful sisters crying their eyes out as they hugged Atsuko and begged for her mercy. As she saw the sight, two older girls crying aloud, hugging Atsuko tightly, apologizing for their actions, Jurina chuckled. They finally noticed the unknown girl and Atsuko introduced her. She was at first shielding herself up in her room, unsure of what to feel but after a few weeks, she had turned to look up to Atsuko who managed to do everything in the house herself as Rena was too lazy and rolled around doing nothing, and Yuko was at work most of the time. She decided herself that she wanted to help Atsuko, her savior as much as possible, thus learned from Atsuko about most things, from cooking, to doing laundry, even when to hit Yuko on the head, mostly in times of the oldest sister's perverse.

   The four family, who actually had no blood relation to one another, became closer than what they initially thought. They thought that they belonged to each other. A real family. That's what they are.

"Yuko, you okay?" Yuko's mind was brought back to reality by the call of the younger girl, Atsuko.
"Ah, I'm fine." she shrugged it off, as her eyes was filled with tears.
"Seems like you're not." Rena chuckled and patted the older girl's head.
"I- I just remembered of how all of us came together..." Yuko confessed as she wiped her tears.

   That sentence was all it took for the other two to be quickly brought to nostalgia, their eyes wet with tears as well that started to fall down their cheeks. They looked at Atsuko with a knowing smile. But the smile wasn't that sad. It was a smile that they knew. A smile which was filled with nostalgia, which was filled with all the memories with each other, filled with all their emotions.

   Atsuko could feel the wet tears on her shoulders. At that time, they realized it, Jurina was actually awake. Rena smiled warmly at the younger girl and went to Atsuko and Jurina's seat, followed by Yuko, and indulged the two, more specifically, Atsuko in a bear hug, as she hugged Jurina, who opened her eyes.

"S- Sorry." Jurina apologized for crying and was forgiven with a kiss from Rena on the girl's forehead.
"You don't need to be. We're a family." A warm smile, a warm voice, warm eyes, from Rena, soothed the younger girl's heart as Jurina hugged Atsuko, the older sister whom she respects the most.
"W- Wait, you guys are leaning the passenger car!" Atsuko shouted, worried, but the others paid no heed.

   They stuck a tongue out at Atsuko childishly at their sister who was being too much of a worrywart, much to their amusement. Yuko got up, Rena sat on Atsuko's right, Jurina sat on Atsuko's left. The three looked at each other knowingly and they kissed the girl. Jurina and Rena on each of her cheeks and Yuko, as the elder, kissed the younger girl on her nose, making the girl embarrassed and red to her ears.

"Payback from this morning~" Yuko joked and was hit lightly on the head by Atsuko and Jurina.
"Atsu-nee's Jurina's property!" Jurina declared with a light bop on the head, complete with her 'player' tone.
"When the hell did that happen, you brat?" Rena asked, shocked but Jurina stuck out her tongue to the older girl and linked arms with Atsuko, satisfied.

   Yuko watched the exchange of her younger sisters and then smiled. The siblings which she had grown up with. She was thankful for them. If it weren't for them- No, if it weren't for Atsuko, she would have been doing improper things for money. If it weren't for her smile, she wouldn't even have thought of living properly. Tears rolled down her cheeks again as they finally reached their stop as their time was out. Smiling, she hugged the three girls, and finally whispered to her, a Thank You, for all of their time together. A thanks for being with her all the times. Being a family.


   MAN! That took too much of my time. Kinda heavy in some scenes but I guess it's pretty innocent? Phew. Now I hope satisfies everyone who reads this. Sorry for the long chapter, but I couldn't stop my burst of emotion once I started thinking of them as a family. And of course, like a ritual of some sort. I bid you all farewell, until next time, and of course, HAPPY SATHDAY!

[Probably has some grammar, misspellings and such, but bear with me. I'm too tired to re-read this. -Probably will edit this some other time, but not now. Too. Tired. Must stay calm and read other fics! LoL- Edited and satisfied~!
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