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Author Topic: anakpanti's OS Collection - Last fic: Regret (SaeYuki - COMPLETED)  (Read 90061 times)

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live

We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 3. Jurina =

I love someone, but I keep letting her go free.
If she doesn't come back, it means I'll never have her.
If she comes back, I will love her forever.


Jurina parked her motorcycle inside the garage. Bad rain! She took off her raincoat and hang it on the wall. After that, she pressed the bell and waited someone to open the door.

Not long after that, a girl who wore the cute pink pajama opened the door for Jurina. “Where have you been?!” She looked so mad at Jurina. “We have to go at 5AM, and it means you only have 2 hours to sleep!!”

Jurina stepped into the house. “I’m sorry, Mayu.” She pecked Mayu’s lips before she closed the door behind her. “I was stuck out there due to the heavy rain.”

“Don’t kiss me, monster! I’m being serious right now.” Mayu crossed her arms. “Are you trying to make us lose jobs?”

Jurina pouted. “Mou, Mayu! Please talk to me as my friend when we’re in my house.”

Mayu rolled her eyes. “No! I’ve reached my limit. In these past months, you always sneak out in the night. I never prevent you to go out, Jurina… but at least can you inform me where you go?! So I’ll know how to find you if something bad happen to you.”

“I’m not a kid, Mayu. I can take care of myself.” Jurina turned around 360 degrees, so Mayu could see her body. “See? I’m perfectly okay. No scratches and no bruises.”

Mayu sighed. “Okay. I let you pass in this time.”

Jurina showed her cat smile. “Arigatou, Miss Manager.” She hugged the shorter girl.

Mayu pushed Jurina away. “How many times I have to tell you, Jurina? No kissing and no hugging!!” She struggled to free herself from Jurina’s grip. “You’re lucky that I’m your best friend, if NOT-” She stopped because Jurina attacked her lips again. “Jurina!!!”

Jurina giggled and then she walked away to her room. She left Mayu behind. “Ahh… she’s such a strict and scary manager.”

Jurina climbed up the stairs to reach her bedroom. As soon as she entered her room, she threw her body onto the bed. “How I love my bed!” She grabbed the bolster and then she hugged it. I’m sleepy.

She checked her phone once again before she went to sleep. There was a message from Rena.
From: Rena-chan

Oi, Jurina! (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
I hope you won’t die out there due to the bad weather.
Next time, just let me drive you home.
Good night.
( ・_・)ノ

Jurina chuckled. That girl…


Jurina sat while reading the script. Ugh! My dialogues are getting longer as the time goes! She nudged Mayu who stood beside her and then she whispered. “Hey, Mayu... I’m dying in order to remember this script.

Mayu smacked Jurina’s head. “Stop complaining and do your job well! You’re the main character in this movie. Of course your lines are longer than the others. You have to thankful because of that!

Jurina facepalmed. Yeah, this is how my best friend comforting me. How ironic, isn’t it? She read the script again with a pout across her face. She’s right, I have to thankful. I get more jobs since I won ‘Newcomer of the Year’ in Japan Academy Prize 3 years ago, especially after I got ‘Popularity Award’ last year… my jobs load are amazingly increased. I and Mayu often exhausted because of work.


Jurina felt her shoulder was patted by someone. She saw a big cup of hot chocolate milk in front of her face.

“I hope this will help you to relax your mind. Our morning is quite hectic, ne?” Mayu said it without looked at Jurina. “Take this or I will drink it instead!”

Jurina chuckled. Yeah… this is how my best friend comforting me. I guess… it’s not too ironic. She grabbed the big cup from Mayu’s hand. “Thank you.”

Mayu had a unique way to show her support to Jurina. She always smacked Jurina, or yelled at Jurina at first, but in the end… she would showed her warm side. Jurina was never really mad at Mayu since Mayu was her friend since they were in college, so they had understood each other well.

Jurina was a type of girl who loved the freedom, lively, and she had a childish side too, however… Mayu was a discipline, strict, serious, and smart girl. They both had a very contradictory character and it caused them to frequently quarrel. But again… they already understood each other well; they knew that the differences make them complementary and strong as it is now.

Mayu sat on a chair next to Jurina. “Don’t thank me. I did it for me. If you lost your job, I’ll lose my job as well.” She looked at her phone to check Jurina’s next schedules. “We will go at 3PM. As I told you, you’ll be a guest in a variety show today. Then at 5.30PM, you have a photo shoot for a magazine. After that you’ll have a meeting for your new movie at 8PM, I think it’s only a short meeting.”

I guess… I won’t be able to meet Rena-chan today. Jurina sighed. “Okay.”

Mayu glanced at Jurina. It must be hard for her. “What do you want for lunch? I’ll buy it and it’s my treat.” She smiled as she saw Jurina’s big grin. She looks like a puppy when she’s happy. I can’t deny it, she’s cute. It’s her charm.

“Pasta-pasta-pasta! I want pasta~”

If Jurina had a tail, Mayu was sure that she could be able to see her tail wagging. “Okay-okay, Jurina. You don’t have to say it 4 times.” She rolled her eyes. “DON’T!!” She pointed her index finger at Jurina when she saw Jurina was about to hug her. “I said… no hugging and no kissing! No touching is better.”

“Mou~” Jurina pouted. “You have no fun, Mayu. I just want to show my gratitude.”

Mayu glared at Jurina because Jurina still persistent to hug her. “Just say ‘thank you’ without touching!”

Jurina stopped, not because she gave up or afraid of Mayu… but it was because the film director already called her for the next scene.


From: Rena-chan

Are you busy?
Let’s meet at the bridge.

To: Rena-chan

Okay. I will arrive in an hour.

And again… Jurina had to sneak out. It was kind of stupid for her, because that was her own house yet she had to sneak out. But what I can do? Mayu will be angry if I tell her that I want to go out at night like this.

Jurina decided to go even though she knew that she had a job in the early morning on the next day. I’m sorry, Mayu. She turned on the engine, and then she riding her motorcycle to go to the bridge. She couldn’t wait to meet Rena.

After some minutes, she arrived at the bridge. She parked her motorcycle, and then she greeted Rena. “Yahoo~”

 Rena turned her body and smiled at Jurina. “Hi.” She waved her hand.

Jurina waved her hand as well. “Umm… why are you asking me to come here?” It was not their ‘schedule’ to meet, so it made Jurina a bit curious. She put her hands into the jacket pocket because the weather was quite cold that night. She walked toward Rena who stood near the railings.

“Gomen~” Rena folded her hands. “I just want to… umm… introduce you to someone.”

“Hm?” Jurina frowned. Introduce me to someone?? It’s weird. She saw a girl climbed down from the railings; she didn’t notice the girl before. She saw the girl held the pencil and the small painting board.

“Jurina, this is Airin.”

Jurina was a bit surprised, but then she bowed her head a little. “It’s nice to meet you.” She didn’t realize that her smile already gone from her face.

“I asked her to- ah! I mean… I forced her to come here.” Rena let out the soft giggle. “I asked a favor from her to draw the scenery here. She’s a graphic designer, so I guess her drawing is a bit better than mine.”

Airin glared at Rena. “You guess??!! A bit better?!! Hey, my drawing is DEFINITELY MUCH better than yours. That’s why you forced me to come here even when I in the middle of sleeping!”

Rena laughed. “Sorry.” She put her arm around Airin’s shoulder. “Lately, it’s always raining and I become too excited tonight since the rain didn’t fall tonight. I’ve thought about it since months ago that I want you to draw it.”

Airin patted Rena’s head. “Well, I forgive you this time.” She turned her head at Jurina’s direction. “Hi, I’m Furukawa Airi. I’m Rena’s best friend.” She bowed her head.

Jurina smiled at Airin. “Oh, hi. Rena have mentioned about you, not long ago. You’re beautiful.”

“Thanks!” Airin looked happy to receive that kind of warm compliment from Jurina. “WAIT!!!” Her eyes widened as she walked closer to Jurina.

Rena and Jurina were shocked. “What?” Both of them said it in the same time.

“Y-you are….” Airin pointed her finger at Jurina. “Matsui Jurina?!!!” She looked disbelief. She acted like she saw a ghost. “Oh my God!”

Jurina gave Airin an awkward smile. She often forgot about her true identity when she was with Rena.”Oh, I’m glad you recognize me.”

Rena frowned. “Do you know her, Airin?! Are you both had met before?” She looked at Jurina and Airin alternately.

“Huh?!” Airin looked at Rena. “You didn’t know about her??!!” She looked back at Jurina. “I’m sorry about it.”

Jurina laughed. She patted Airin’s shoulder. “No need to say sorry. I just think I have to work harder.”

Rena seemed confused. She couldn’t catch up the conversation.

“So… I think I have to go home now. I have a job in the morning.” Jurina looked at her watch.

Rena tilted her head. Jurina never excused herself this fast. 15 minutes?! We usually talk for about 2-3 hours before we go home. “Go home already?”

Jurina smiled at Rena. “What else? You only want to introduce me to Airin and vice versa, right? I guess… I have no business here anymore.” She scratched her head.

Rena shrugged. “Okay.” She was not sure about it but… she thought that the way Jurina excused herself was kind of rude. She said ‘have no business anymore’?! Wow.

Jurina was about to turn around, but she heard Airin called her.

“Matsui-san! Can I hug you once?” Airin grinned.

Is she my fan? I never give the fan service in the middle of the night like this but… “Okay. No problem.”

“Ha???!!” Rena showed Airin a ‘WTF’ expression. “Can someone tell me what happen here?”

Airin ignored Rena and kept walking toward Jurina. She hugged Jurina.

Jurina hugged Airin back while smiling, but then… she stunned.

Airin let go of her arms. “Be careful.”

“H-hai. Arigatou.” Jurina turned away and walked toward her motorcycle. She wanted to go home as soon as possible, but it seemed she had a bad luck that night. “Shit!” She couldn’t turn on her motorcycle because it ran out of fuel. I forgot to refuel!! Rena and Airin offered themselves to drive her home, but she refused it. She decided to call Mayu to pick her up at the bridge. She couldn’t ride a taxi because she didn’t want to leave her motorcycle there. Mayu will kill me, but… yeah, I have no choice.


Jurina hissed. This is what EXACTLY I expected before. “Mayu, please pick me up at the bridge. “ Jurina said the name of the bridge so Mayu could found it easily. “I- I’m so s-sorry for going out w-without your permission… again.” She stuttered.

Okay!! Wait me there, Jurina. You will die tonight!!!” Mayu hang up the call.

Jurina sighed while putting her phone back into her pocket. See? I know her better that anyone… she’s going to kill me for sure.

“What happen?” Rena seemed realized Jurina’s weird expression. “Are you sure to not let us drive you home?”

“Nothing big happened.” Someone has just told me that she wanted to kill me. I think it’s not a big deal, right? “Don’t worry. My friend will pick me up.” Jurina forced herself to smile.

“Okay. We will accompany you here.” Airin gave a warm smile to Jurina. “Let's chat while waiting for your friend.”

Jurina nodded and followed them. They sat on the railings with Rena sat between Jurina and Airin.

Rena looked at the night sky. She lifted her hand as if she wanted to reach the stars. “I’m glad to have both of you in my life.” She smiled.

Airin kept focusing her eyes to her drawing. She wanted to put her best into her drawing, especially because Rena requested it by herself. It was quite rare for her to see Rena begged her like that. It used to be only me in your life, Rena.

Jurina took a little glance at Rena. She remembered at the time when she asked Rena to lift her hand but Rena refused it because Rena thought that the stars were too far from her. She’s not a pessimist girl anymore.

They just sat in silence. Jurina and Rena busy with staring at the river and sky, while Airin busy with her pencil and drawing.


Jurina turned her head as she heard someone called her name. Her eyes met with Mayu’s deathly glare. Jurina gulped. I’m dead. “Mayu…” She climbed down from the railings and then she walked toward Mayu. She saw another car parked in front of her motorcycle and then 2 men got out from the car; they pushed the motorcycle into the car. Mayu brought their house guards to help Jurina brought her motorcycle.

Airin and Rena turned their heads as well. They looked at the unfamiliar girl who sat in her car. They climbed down from the railings and they saw Jurina held the girl arm through the window.

“I’m sorry, Mayu.”

“Let’s go home.” Mayu said it with a blank expression. She even didn’t bother to greet Jurina’s friends (Rena and Airin).

“Who is she?” Rena finally spoke up.

Jurina didn’t notice that Rena and Airin already stood behind her. “Ah, I forgot to introduce her to you. She’s Mayu, my friend and my housemate.”

Mayu bend down her head at Rena and Airin, and after that she turned her head to the street again and held the steering wheel.

“Both of you living together?!” Airin looked surprised.

Jurina shrugged. “Umm… yeah. It’s been 4 years since we moved together.”

Airin whispered at Jurina. “Oh man, you’re so lucky. She is so hot.

Jurina coughed. She was sure that Mayu could hear it too and she was afraid that Mayu would mad again. But then she relieved because Mayu didn’t give any reaction about it. Jurina decided to tease Mayu in order to decrease the tension between them. She whispered back at Airin. “Yes, I’m lucky. She’s hot outside and inside.

“Aww!!” Airin laughed.

Mayu pinched Jurina’s hand, really hard. “Get in NOW!!! Or you will go home on foot!!”

Jurina grimaced in pain. “Aw-aw-aw! It’s hurt Mayu!” She rubbed her hand in the place where Mayu pinched her. She looked at Airin again. “See how hot she is?!” She pouted.

Airin laughed again. “Yes, I can see her spiciness level.

“…..” Rena didn’t say anything again, she just stared at Mayu.

Mayu stared at Rena back. Jurina and Airin didn’t realize it because Rena and Mayu stared at each other through the rearview mirror… There was a kind of ‘war’ in the way they looked at each other.

Mayu broke ‘the stare competition’, she looked at Jurina. “Let’s go home. I’m sleepy.” She held Jurina’s hand.

Jurina was shocked to death. She swore that she never heard Mayu talked so gently like that before. Ahh… it’s maybe because she’s sleepy and tired, yet I still give her a trouble. She opened the door where Mayu sit. “Let me drive.”

“Okay.” Mayu stepped out from the car and let Jurina replaced her position as the driver.

Rena could see Mayu’s slender body. Mayu wore a simple white shirt and pink hot pants, showing her beautiful white milky skin. Why they living in the same roof? Are they dating or something? She realized that Jurina not even once tell her about her private life. I have to ask her later.

“We’re going first. Thank you for taking care of Jurina. See you later.” Mayu bowed her head before she got in to the car. She sat on the seat beside Jurina.

“See you later~” Jurina waved her hand at Rena and then she started to drive toward her home.

Rena kept staring at the car that gradually disappeared from her sight. “Let’s go home too, Airin.”


Jurina was confused because Mayu didn’t snap her about the trouble that she made 3 nights ago. Yep, she was supposed to be happy because Mayu didn’t rage her for causing the trouble… but it was kind of different because Mayu was not only didn’t rage her, but Mayu also didn’t talk to her AT ALL! Ah! So frustrating!

Jurina summoned her courage before knocking Mayu’s door. After the courage had fully charged, she knocked Mayu’s door. “Mayu, please open the door. Mayuyu. It’s me, Jurina.”

“What is it?”

Jurina heard Mayu answered her from behind the door. “I know it’s been tiring for you to hear my sorry, but I want you to know that I’m really sorry. I promise that I won’t sneak out at the night again. If there is no schedule, I will go home at least at 10PM, I swear!”

“You know, Jurina… you’ve promised me for a dozen times.”

“I know.” Jurina sighed. “Sorry for my childish attitude. Please trust me once again.”

Finally, Mayu opened the door. “If you caused an unnecessary trouble again, I will move out from here. I mov- Let me finish my words!!!” She raised her voice when she saw Jurina was about to cut her off. After she saw Jurina nodded, she continued it again. “I moved here so I can take care of you better, like my promise to your mom. But if you think I’m disturbing you and overly restrictive, you can kick me out anytime you want… it’s your right, besides that… I’m just your manager after all.”

Jurina hate it, she hate it when Mayu talked like Mayu’s position was lower than her. “Just my manager?! You’re my friend! My best friend!! You’re my everything! Don’t talk like that again.” She pouted. “I know that… it’s must be hard for you to take care of me and my reckless actions all the time, but you know… I’m really thankful for that and I never think you’re disturbing me- oh, well…. Yeah, you’re annoying sometimes, but I never want to kick you out!! You're so mean to me.”

Mayu smiled when she heard Jurina talked like that, she felt so flattered. “Come here.” She opened her arms when she saw Jurina was about to cry.

Jurina stepped into Mayu’s hug slowly. “I’m sorry.” She wrapped her arms onto the shorter girl’s body.

“Stop say sorry. I’ve forgiven you.” Mayu stroked Jurina’s hair while hugging her. She let Jurina hugged her for a while, but after that… she realized there was something wrong with the hug. “Jurina, let go of me. You’re hugging me too long.”

“No-no-no~” Jurina tightened her hug. “It’s the first time I can hug you freely. Do you think I want to let you go that soon?”

Mayu glanced at Jurina’s face and she saw a malicious smile. “Shit.” She struggled to escape from Jurina’s grip. Oh god-oh god. She’s back to her original trait. “Jurina!! No hugging! No touching! No kis-” It was too late, Jurina already landed a kiss on her lips. “mmpphh!”

Jurina laughed. “It’s your fault. You’re the one who flirt me to come into your hug.”

“What??!!! Get off me!”

Jurina stared at Mayu’s eyes. “Stop struggling, Mayu.”

Mayu automatically stopped moving because she heard Jurina spoke in a serious way, not in a playful way anymore.

Jurina approached Mayu’s face and then she boops her nose gently onto Mayu’s nose. “Never say something like that again, something like you didn’t mean anything to me. It’s wrong Mayu… because you’re meant something to me.” After she said it, she let go of her arms. “Ahh~ I think we have a schedule at 5PM, I have to go bath. See you in the car.” She turned around and walked toward her room.

Mayu stunned. Her cheeks felt so hot. Her heartbeat became uncontrollable. She breathed rapidly. What has she done to me? Her eyes still glued to other girl’s back. This is why I don’t like her to stand too close to me.




“Why there are so many people around us?”

Jurina lifted her head and then she looked around. “Ah, you have to get used to it when you’re with me, Rena-chan.” She looked at her phone again and continued to update her official blog.

“Ha?” Rena didn’t understand about what was going on there. Right after they stepped out from the taxi, people around them started to follow them. The people even want to follow them entered the restaurant, but luckily… the guards quickly blocked the door. She looked at the window beside her (they sat near to the window), the people still trying to peek them. Is she the president’s daughter or something?! Geez!

After Jurina updated her blog, she looked at Rena again. Rena looked uneasy because of the people outside. She sighed. “Rena-chan, I know that you have no interest about me. BUT! If you already felt something weird about me… why don’t you try to browse my name on the internet?” She rolled her eyes.

“Ah, right.” Rena began to type something on the phone. Why I’m being so stupid?! I even forgot to ask Airin about her.

“Take your time.” Jurina leaned her back onto the chair.  I hate being outside in the daylight like this… too crowded.

It was the first time for Jurina and Rena went together in the daylight, and especially outside the bridge. Jurina couldn’t meet Rena at the bridge as usual since she already gave her promise to Mayu to not sneak out at the night again. Today, Jurina asked Mayu’s permission to have a lunch outside the filming location because Rena kept asking her to meet her since a week ago.

Rena gasped while looking at her phone. “J-jurina… y-you!!” She used her palm to cover her mouth. “You’re an actress?!”

Jurina seemed did not interest about the topic. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Oh my God. Just look at your awards list!! Sugoi!” Rena scrolled her phone screen. Her eyes widened with shock. “You often became the main characters in some movies and drama!”

Jurina shrugged. “Even with those amounts of awards… you didn’t recognize me at all.”

Rena showed her guilty. “I’m sorry, Jurina. I just… don’t really like to watch movie and drama. I prefer listen the music or reading something. I think I even don’t know everyone who appears on TV.”

“Okay, apology accepted.” Jurina smiled at Rena. “Now, tell me what do you want to say. You’re so persistent asked me to meet you. And umm…” She looked at her watch. “… I only have 15 minutes more before I go. I’ll start filming again at 2PM.”

Rena narrowed her eyes. She noticed that there was something different in the way Jurina acted. She was totally different with Jurina that I meet on the bridge. This Jurina looks so calm, elegant, mature, polite, and ‘neat’. Somehow… I don’t like this kind of Jurina. I like her lively and childish side. Is this how she acts in front of her fans? She’s using her poker face now. Rena sighed. She didn’t feel comfortable with the atmosphere there. She raised her hand and called the waitress to bring the bill.

“Wait.” Jurina looked confuse. “Done already? You have not said anything. Hey, wait! I’ll pay.” She was too late… Rena already gave the money to the waitress even before she took her wallet.

Rena stood up. “Just tell me if you have a time to meet at the bridge. I’ll wait… sorry for disturbing you, I didn’t know you have a busy life.” She smiled at Jurina and then she walked away.

Jurina stood up as well. “W-wait. Rena-chan!” She tried to chase Rena, but she couldn’t do it because the crowd began to stand in her way… called her name, took her picture, asked for her sign, and gave her something. She saw Rena already got in to the taxi and left her.

In half an hour, Jurina arrived back to the filming location. She still had 15 minutes to take a break, so she just sat on the couch there. Is she didn't like the crowd?

“Did you meet that girl again?”

Jurina was a bit surprised because Mayu already stood in front of her. “What girl?” She looked at Mayu.

Mayu showed her phone to Jurina. “This girl.”

Jurina looked at Mayu’s phone screen. W-wait… what?! How-

“Nitizen nowadays is quite fast, ne? Your pictures already uploaded everywhere.” Mayu said it as if she could read Jurina’s mind.

“Are you mad at me?” Jurina bit her lips. She only asked Mayu’s permission to have lunch, not to meet someone else.

Mayu giggled. “Why I have to angry at you?”

Jurina looked surprised. S-she laughs?! Did she has just… laugh??!! She scratched her head. “Umm… because I didn’t tell it to you (?)” She seemed unsure about her own answer.

“Geez, Jurina! I’m not a witch who will angry at you all the time.” Mayu rolled her eyes. “I didn’t want you go out at the night because it’s too dangerous for you. You’re a public figure. Then… since you  meet her in the daylight, I won’t angry at you.” She ruffled Jurina’s hair. “Read your script, baka. The recording will be started in 5 minutes.” Afterward, Mayu left Jurina alone.

Jurina exhaled her breath. “Fiuhh. I thought she would become a mad dog again.” She took her script from the table and began to read.

Mayu was standing alone in the dim room. She clenched her fists.


It was a lucky day for Jurina because her schedule ended at 8PM, so she still had some hours to meet Rena at the bridge.

“So… what is it, Rena-chan? I only have an hour here, you better hurry or I will end up in Mayu’s curse again.”

“I want to know about you more.”

“You can browse it on the internet. I’m sure that you can get what you need there.” Jurina climbed up and sat on the railings.

Rena leaned her back onto the railings. “There are some questions that I couldn’t find on the internet, Jurina.”

“Like what?”

“Like… since when you always play alone on this bridge or what your relationship with Mayu or why both of you could end up with living together.”

“I found this brige when I was still in high school. At that time, I had a big fight with my parents… then I walked alone to find a quiet place to calm my mind.  I don’t know why, I ended up on this bridge. Since that day, I kept coming here to clear my mind if I had some problems. I’m always alone here…. yeah, until you came from nowhere. I love being alone here, that’s why I never come here in the daylight… because people will see me and they’ll found my secret place.”

Rena nodded. “So… you felt annoyed when I came here?”

“Yep, sort of.” Jurina shrugged. “Honestly… I felt irritated to when you brought your friend here, but yeah… this is a public place, I can’t say anything. I even never told about this place to Mayu, it was the first time she came here.”

“Well… sorry about that.”

“Pfft. You don’t have to say sorry, I’m not the owner of this bridge after all.”

“Then…  how about Mayu?” She glanced at Jurina.

“Mayu is my best friend and my manager. I know her since we were still in college. That’s all.”


Jurina frowned. She looked at Rena. “Why you look so worried about that? Wait a minute… are you jealous at her when you know that she live with me?” She smirked.

Rena flinched. Shit-shit-shit! She turned her head. She scoffed. “Of course not! Don’t get so full of yourself.”

Jurina climbed down from the railings and then she stood in front of Rena. “I don’t believe you.” She pinned Rena onto the railings. “I’m an actress. I know how to read people’s expression. And…” Her face got closer to Rena. “I know you’re jealous at her when you saw her picked me up here.”

Rena gulped. “It’s only your lame analysis.”

“Really?” She ran her fingers along Rena’s hair and moved Rena’s hair that covered her face onto behind her ear. “Then why your face looks so red right now?” She whispered it while poking Rena’s cheek with her index finger.

“I… I…” Rena couldn’t find a good answer.

Jurina’s nose already touched Rena’s nose. “Are you sure that you’re still falling in love with Airin? You already moved on, aren’t you? You look brighter lately, not as gloomy as the first time I meet you.” She cupped Rena’s cheek and caressed it gently. “You became warmer and nicer toward me as well.

Rena’s mind became totally blank. She couldn’t think about anything again, she was lost in Jurina’s words. She never had been that close to Jurina. She even could see Jurina’s magnificent eyes and Jurina’s tempting gaze clearly.

Answer me, Rena-chan…” She whispered it in a seductive way. She pressed her body closer onto Rena’s body, she didn’t care if someone could see them. “You began to like me, aren’t you?” She tilted her head and her lips came closer to Rena’s lips. She stopped right before she could touch other girl’s lips.

They didn’t realize who started it, but now… their lips already clashed with each other. They shared their warm and sweet lips… they forgot about how cold Japan at the night since they had get used to it.

I think I love you, Rena.” Jurina said it in the middle of kissing.


Jurina grabbed Mayu’s hand. She pulled Mayu’s hand and forced to sit beside her. “Mayu, listen to me. I have to tell you something.”

“Not now, Jurina.” Mayu stood up again. “I have to call the producer to talk about your next show.” She dialed a contact number in her phone.

Jurina grabbed Mayu’s phone and ended the call. She hid the phone behind her back.

“Jurina!! Give it to me! I don’t have an enough time to play with you now.” Mayu looked really pissed off. She tried to reach her phone, but it was not easy since Jurina was stronger and higher than her.

“I’ve confessed my feeling to Rena.”

Mayu stunned on her place. “When?”

“2 weeks ago.”

“Well… congratulation.” Mayu said it as if she didn’t care about it at all. “Now, give my phone back.”

Jurina managed to dodge Mayu’s hand easily. “I’m not done yet.”

Mayu groaned. She crossed her arms. “Okay, what else? Hurry up!” She saw Jurina’s expression changed drastically.

“She… she didn’t give her answer to me, not yet. I don’t know if she loves me back or not, but… I have a feeling that she still loves her best friend, Airin… the girl that you saw at the bridge last time.”

“You are Matsui Jurina! You can get anyone that you want. If she refuses you, you still can get other boy or girl.” Mayu rolled her eyes. “Don’t act so pathetic like this. Now give my phone!”

Jurina clenched her fist. “I’m not joking right now, Mayu! Listen to me!!” She glared at Mayu. “I love her!!! No one can replace her in my heart. You know me very well, Mayu… I never play around when I say that I love someone!” She clenched her teeth. “Your best friend barely broken heart, but you only care about this DAMN PHONE and our WORK?!” She threw the phone onto the couch. “EAT IT!!” After that, she left Mayu alone in the living room. She grabbed her jacket and walked toward the door.

“Jurina! I’ve told you to not go outside at the night!! You’ve prom-” Mayu heard Jurina slammed the door. In a few minutes later, she heard Jurina’s motorcycle engine being turned on. She will go.

Mayu sat on the couch. Then how about me, Jurina? My heart is broken as well. How can I cheer you up when I even couldn’t cheer up myself?


She never understands me!! Baka Mayu! Why she always being workaholic all the time?! Jurina ride her motorcycle away from her house. She didn’t have any place to go other than the bridge. She hope that Rena will be there, so she could ask her directly about it.

Jurina arrived at the bridge. She saw a car, but it was not Rena’s car. Who is it? She saw a girl stood while leaned her chin on the railings. The girl turned around… she could see the girl’s face. “Furukawa-san?”

Airin bowed her head down. “Hi, Matsui-san. I’m waiting for you since 2 hours ago.”


“I also came yesterday but you didn’t show up. I couldn’t ask your phone number to Rena since I don’t want her to know that I planned to meet you.”

So… this is about Rena. Did she know that I’ve confessed my feeling to Rena? Jurina walked closer to Airin. “Why do you want to meet me?”

Airin stared at Jurina. “It seems you didn’t get my warning, Matsui-san.”


Jurina was about to turn around, but she heard Airin called her.

“Matsui-san! Can I hug you once?” Airin grinned.

 “Okay. No problem.”

“Ha???!!” Rena showed Airin a ‘WTF’ expression. “Can someone tell me what happen here?”

Airin ignored Rena and kept walking toward Jurina. She hugged Jurina.

Jurina hugged Airin back while smiling, but then…

She’s mine. Stay away from her.” Airin whispered at Jurina.

Jurina stunned.

Airin let go of her arms. “Be careful.”


Jurina shrugged. “I can’t stay away from someone that I love. Can you?”

Airin scoffed. “You only know her for a year, but I’ve known her for about 18 years.”

“What’s your point by mentioning about years?”

“The point is… she loves me since a long time ago. She loves me even before she knows that you exist in this world. Don’t ever dare to steal her from me!”

Jurina smirked. “Are you afraid because you realized that her love for you is slowly fading away?”

“I’m not afraid of anything! She’s mine since the beginning.”

“Are you feel regret for refusing her feeling? You are the one who dumped her! Don’t put the blame on me, Furukawa-san!”

Airin walked closer to Jurina. “I never regret about the things that I’ve done.” She looked straight to Jurina’s eyes. “I have my own reason. But it seems I don’t care about it anymore.” She grabbed Jurina’s collar. “Listen to me, Matsui Jurina. I don’t care how popular you are… I don’t afraid of you. I will get Rena back.”

Jurina’s eyes grew wide with surprise. Is this a challenge? Why so sudden? What’s her reason? If she loves Rena as well, why she even needed to refuse Rena back then?

Airin let go of her grip. “Good night, Matsui-san. I hope this is the last time I meet you.” She turned around and walked toward her car.

Jurina clenched her fists. “Furukawa-san!”

Airin turned back. She saw Jurina’s face once again. There is no hate, fear, or anger in her eyes. Is she showing me her acting skill right now?

Jurina smiled at Airin. “I love her… but I never and never will force her to choose me. She’s free. Even if she chooses me later, I will never put her in a cage… she can do anything she wants.” She gulped. “But if she choose you… well… it seems I’ll lose her forever. Please take care of her.” She bowed her head down. After that, she walked toward her motorcycle and went away. I’ll lose for sure. She shed her tears.

Jurina arrived back at her home after 2 hours she left it. She saw Mayu slept on the couch. She bent down her body so she could see Mayu’s gorgeous face closer. She noticed that Mayu’s cheeks were wet. I make her cry. I’m being too harsh. She sighed. She forgot that Mayu was so fragile inside even though Mayu had a strong character outside.

She lifted Mayu’s body with both of her hands; she carried the sleeping beauty into the bedroom. She put Mayu’s body slowly onto the bed. “I’m so sorry, Mayu.” She caressed Mayu’s cheek gently. “Good night.” She kissed Mayu’s forehead. When she was about to leave, she felt her wrist was grabbed by a hand.

“Jurina… I’m sorry.” Mayu began to cry again. “Please don’t hate me.”

“I don’t hate you. I never will.” Jurina climbed up to Mayu’s bed and then she lay beside Mayu. She hugged Mayu and rubbed Mayu’s back to calm her. “Don’t cry, please. It makes me so sad.” She stroked Mayu’s hair.

Mayu wrapped her arms onto Jurina’s body. “S-sl-sleep… w-with me… tonight.” She said it while sobbing.

“Okay-okay. Now calm down. Let’s sleep.” Jurina sighed. What I’ve done to her? I’m so stupid to put my anger on her when she even didn’t make any mistake.

============================ Continue to Chap 4 ============================

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live

We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 4. Disclosure =

I While all deception requires secrecy, all secrecy is not meant to deceive.
There are times when silence and secrecy are the best.


Rena massaged her own forehead. I hate exam!!! She rested her chin onto the desk. She was preparing herself for her final exam in this semester, after that… it was just 2 semesters left before she graduate.

Every time I do my homework or studying for exam, I always remembering Yuki. She’s so damn smart! God, can I borrow her brain just for a week?! Rena sighed. It’s been a year, I wonder where she is. Wait! This isn’t the right time to think about my ex!! Study-study-study!

Rena opened her book again and read some text lines that written in the book. But again… her mind was distracted by something that not related with her exam… ‘I think I love you, Rena.

Geez! Rena threw her pen onto the desk. Why God? Why?! Please… I have to concentrate. She smacked her own forehead. After some minutes she struggled by herself, she gave up. Okay, I surrender myself to get ‘C minus’ or even ‘D’ tomorrow. She closed her books and then she climbed up onto her bed.

Do I really love her? She touched her lips, remembering the night when Jurina confessed to her… 3 weeks ago. She could remember vividly how Jurina’s lips taste. It was so sweet, tempting, and soft. Remembering about that scene made her heart beat faster. No-no-no! The only one that I love is Airin, not Jurina. She shook her head.

But- She touched her chest. -this heartbeat wouldn’t lie to me. I… I’m confused.

Her mind was distracted by the ringtone that came from her phone. She got a new message from Airin. ‘Let’s meet tomorrow. ’ It was a simple and short message.

What is this? She even didn’t put any emoticon in it. Rena could notice that Airin want to talk about something important. Usually, Airin would ask whether she was busy or not first before asked her to meet. It was lucky for her because she didn’t have an exam on the day after tomorrow. ‘Okay. Where? You want to come here?’ She replied Airin message.

She didn’t have to wait too long because she already got a reply from Airin. She was surprised because Airin asked her to have a dinner together in a fancy restaurant.  She scoffed. Pfft… I think I have to buy a new dress. Suddenly, she had an uneasy feeling about it. Wait. Why Airin ask me to meet there? It’s not her type to eat in a fancy place like that. She gasped. D-does she wants to ask Churi to marry her?! Does she want me to become her witness or something?! A sudden pain came into her chest. I will hate her forever if she doing that to me.


As soon as Rena finished her exam, she drove her car toward the shopping mall. Just like she planned last night, she wanted to buy a new dress. She entered almost all boutiques in that area. I have to looks extremely hot tonight, maybe Airin will change mind after she realize how gorgeous I am. That ‘stupid bird’ is not worthy to become my rival.

When Rena was about to explore a boutique on the top floor, she heard her phone rang. It was a call… it was from… Jurina. She sighed. “Moshi moshi.” She decided to pick up the call after ignoring Jurina for about 3 weeks.


It was the only word that Rena heard from Jurina. “Do you call me to ask about my answer?” She said it straight to the point. After she asked it, she could hear Jurina’s laugh.

No, I’m not. I only want to hear your voice. I’m glad you’re fine.” Jurina paused for a while. “You know… you don’t have to avoid me. Just forget about my confession, I already knew the answer. Well… have a nice day. I have to go filming, bye.

*THUMP!* “J-jurina, wait! That’s not-” Rena heard Jurina ended the call. She tried to call back but Jurina didn’t pick up her call. She typed a message for Jurina. ‘I will never forget about your confession. I can’t forget it just like that! Please wait a little longer, Jurina. I will give you my answer soon, I promise.

Rena waited for a few minutes, but there was no reply from Jurina. She sighed. ‘I’m sorry, Jurina. I have to convince my heart first before I take my decision. I know this is a selfish request, but… I need a time.’ She put her phone back into her handbag after she sent the text to Jurina.

After half an hour, Rena found what she want… a sexy red dress and a pair of black high heels. Perfect. She looked at her watch. She still had 3 hours before the dinner time, so she decided to buy ice cream before she went home.

She stepped into the ice cream shop. Her heart almost fell when she saw Churi sat alone in that shop. She had only met Churi once, it was about 3 years ago… but she would never forget her eternal enemy’s face. What is she doing here? Does she want to buy a dress for tonight as well?

But then… Rena saw a man came to Churi’s table. She narrowed her eyes. Airin never tell me that Churi have a brother. Her eyes grew wide with shock after she saw Churi fed him with the ice cream in Churi’s hand. SHIT!! THAT BITCH!!! I WILL KILL HER!

Rena walked toward Churi’s table in a full speed and she was ready to give some strong punches to Churi. Airin dumped me because of her!! I’m suffered for a long time because of her!!! How dare that bitch betraying Airin?!

Rena stood in front of Churi. “Hey.” As soon as Churi lifted her head to look her, she slapped Churi strongly. If it was it a game, she already got 10 combos for that hit.

Churi was utterly shocked. She stood up immediately. “M-Matsui san. W-wait… let me explain.” She looked so panicked.

Rena didn’t know how to react about it. Should she be happy because after this, Airin would totally become hers? Or! Should she be sad because her best friend was fooled by Churi? “Explain it to my hand, SLUT!” She gave another slap onto Churi’s cheek. She didn’t care about other people who looked them.

Churi saw that the man beside her was about to stand up, so she quickly prevent him. “Can you please leave us alone? Wait me in the car, okay?” The man looked hesitate to leave her alone. “She is Airin’s friend.”

Rena didn’t know what was going on between Churi and the man because he became totally calmer after Churi told him that she was Airin’s friend. She saw the man left her and Churi alone. “WHO IS HE?!” She clenched her fist.

Churi still managed to smile even though her cheek already red because of the slaps that Rena gave to her. “Can we sit first, please?”

“I will kill you for sure, Takayanagi.” Rena glared at Churi.


Airin looked at her watch over and over again. Where is she? What make her so long? It was already 7:30PM; Rena was late for 30 minutes. She felt so uneasy. Does she have a meeting with Jurina, so she cancelled our dinner? She was about to call Rena, but the figure that she waiting for already walked toward her. “Rena!” She raised her hand as a signal to Rena. She looked so flawless in that dress.

Rena smiled and then she sat in front of Airin. “Sorry, I’m late.”

“It’s okay.” Airin smiled back. “I’m about to call you.” She raised her hand to give a code to the waitress to bring the food which she had pre-ordered onto their table.

“Where is Churi?”

“As usual, she always busy with her animal shop.” Airin answered it without looked at Rena, she was busy to read the menu book. She wanted to make sure that she already ordered Rena’s favorite dishes.

“Why she didn’t come with us?”

“One of her parrot is sick, so she wants to take care of her parrot.”

Rena nodded. “I see…” She stood up. “Let’s go to my home.”

“W-wait…” Airin seemed surprised. “We have to eat first. I’ve ordered the food for us.”

“You can have a dinner in my house. I will order my maid to cook for us.”

Airin looked disappointed. “B-but… Rena, it’s really expensive. I’ve paid this food in advance.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “Don’t play dumb with me, Airin. We both know that money is never become our problem. Just leave it and give it to anyone in this restaurant.” She turned around.

“Rena~” Airin tried to persuade Rena.

Rena turned her head at Airin direction. “Go-home-NOW.” She glared at Airin.

Airin was taken aback. She was totally confused. But it seemed she didn’t have any choice except following Rena’s order. She stood up and left the restaurant.

Both of them ride their own cars to Rena’s home. They couldn’t talk in the way home since they drove the different cars. In just 20 minutes, they had arrived at Rena’s home. The climbed up the stairs and entered Rena’s bedroom.

Rena sat on the edge of her bed while Airin sat on a chair near the desk, the sat facing each other. Rena didn’t know how to begin the conversation and Airin also couldn’t say anything because she had no idea about the thick atmosphere between them.

Rena pressed the intercom button. “Can someone please bring 2 hot lemon tea into my room?”

“P-please????” A maid answered through the intercom.

“Yes. Please Yoshida-san.”

O-okay, Matsui-sama. ------------ kyaaa!!! Matsui-sama knows my name sh-” The maid released the intercom button.

Airin tilted her head. She knew very well about what happened just now. First, Rena never used ‘please’ to her maids before; she always gave a harsh and absolute order. She never used that kind of ‘help’ tone. Second, it was the first time Airin heard Rena called her maid name and especially… with the honorific and politely. There are only 2 people in her life, me and Jurina.  I wonder who could change her drastically like this, is it me or Jurina?

In a few minutes later, the maid came into Rena’s room. The maid bowed at Airin and Rena before she put the 2 glasses of lemon tea onto the table. It was surprising Airin even more, when she saw Rena bowed her head a little to the maid. The maid almost collapsed because of the sudden shock from Rena’s act.

“What is it?” Airin spoke up to break the silence.

“Just finish your drink before we begin to talk.” Rena grabbed one of the glasses and then she began to drink.

Airin saw Rena drank the lemon tea in one go, just in a blink of eye… the glass already empty. She wanted to grab her glass as well, but her eyes widened when she saw Rena was about to throw the glass at her direction. She tilted her body reflexively to avoid the glass. The glass ended up with hit the wall and it broke into the pieces. “Rena, WHAT THE FUCK are you doing??!! You almost hurt me!!”

Rena scoffed. “What’s the difference? You’re dying anyway.” She still sat on the edge of the bed with a smirk on her face.

“Are you crazy, Rena?!”

Rena stood up; she still looked so gorgeous in her red dress. “Yes, I’m crazy.” She walked toward Airin. “I’m crazy because of you!”

Airin surprised as she felt a pain on her cheek. Rena slapped her. “What’s going on here??!!” She held her red cheek.

“What’s going on here, you said.” She glared at Airin. “I’m the one who should asking you about it. What’s going on with you and Churi???!!!” She raised her voice.

Airin frowned. “What? Are you still mad at her because I chose her instead of you?! Are you still jealous at her?! You don’t have to act so childish like this!!” She glared at Rena.

Rena slapped Airin’s cheek again, but this time… with the tears rolled down on her cheeks. “DON’T-PLAY-DUMB-WITH-ME-ANYMORE!” She pointed at Airin’s face. “I met Churi today… she was with her FIANCE!!!” She grabbed Airin’s collar. “How dare you, Airin…. HOW DARE YOU FUCKING LIE TO ME FOR YEARS!!”

Airin’s eyes widened. Her heartbeat became uncontrolled. She felt the chills in all over her body. “Sh-she tell it to y-you??” She stuttered.

Rena pushed Airin onto the wall. She gave Airin another slap again. “Yes. She told it to me after I slapped her face twice. She tell it ALL!!!”

“D-did she tell you a-about something else??” Airin looked so panicked. She even forgot about the pain in her cheek.

Rena’s tears fell even more. “YES! She told me everything.”


Churi still managed to smile even though her cheek already red because of the slaps that Rena gave to her. “Can we sit first, please?”

“I will kill you for sure, Takayanagi.” Rena glared at Churi.

“I’m sorry for keeping this as secret from you for a long time.” Churi began to talk after Rena sat down. “I and Airin are not dating. We’re not dating since the beginning. Well… I was in love with her, but she never loves me back.”

Rena frowned. “HUH?!”

Churi sighed. “As you know, we become friends since we were still in high school. Then we went into a same university, and that was when I confessed my feeling toward her. But… she rejected me. She said that she loved somebody else, her childhood friend.”

*THUMP!* Rena felt her mind went blank.

“One day, she asked my favor to become her girlfriend for a day.” Churi looked at the floor. “That day was 3 years ago, the day when me met, Matsui-san. Airin planned it all.”

“WHAT?!” Rena hit the table.

“Please, calm down Matsui-san. Let me finish it first.” Churi continued her story after Rena gave a nod. “At first. I was angry at her too. It was like… she used me to make you jealous. But I was wrong… there was a big reason behind it.”

“What is it?” Rena looked impatient.

“Have you ever wondered why she doesn’t work even though she’s smart? You surely know her better than me, Matsui-san… Is she a lazy, brat, and spoiled girl? NO! It’s a big ‘no’, she’s a really nice girl. Am I right?”

Rena was puzzled. She never thought about it before.

“When she was not being able to go out with you, what’s the reason that she said?”

“S-she in the hospital… to accompany her mom.” Rena tried to guess the direction of their conversation. What’s her point? “She went to the hospital every week.”

“Why she even need to accompany her mom? Airin is an architect, not a doctor or nurse or anything.”

Rena clenched her fist. “So she didn’t go to the hospital?! She lied to me?!”

Churi sighed. “I’ve told you to calm down. Airin is not that kind of person; she’s actually an honest girl. It’s true that she went to the hospital, but not to accompany her mom.” She bit her lips. “She’s sick, Matsui-san.”

“What do you mean?!” Rena felt her blood was about to burst out from her vein. “Just spit it out!!” She yelled at Churi because Churi remained silent.

Churi covered her mouth with her hand, tried to hold her tears. “Remember when she said that she went to Paris to study 2 years ago?” She saw a nod from Rena. “I know that I’m not a right person to tell you about this, but if I not… you’ll never know the truth until the worst thing happen.” She took a deep breath. “Actually… she didn’t go to Paris… s-she went to New York for…. surgery.”

*THUMP!* Again… Rena’s heart beats rapidly. “W-what surgery?” She was not ready to hear Churi’s answer, but she knew that she had to hear it.

“She has breast cancer, Matsui-san. She went to New York to ‘cut’ her left bosom and did the therapy for a year. But… 6 months ago, I heard from her that… the cancer has spread to the right bosom. She refused to ‘cut’ her bosom again. She’s dying, Matsui-san!! Please be there for her. She loves you… you’re her first love and I’m sure you will be her last too.” Finally… Churi couldn’t hold her tears anymore.


“Why, Airin? WHY?!” Rena sobbed. She couldn’t hold the deep pain in her heart anymore.

Airin lowered her body slowly and then she sat on the floor. She leaned her back onto the wall. “I’m sorry, Rena-chan.” She stared at the ceilings. “You ask ‘why’… because I hate to say goodbye to you. Just look at us now… it’s look like our farewell, right?”

Rena shook her head. “I will never say goodbye to you.” She bit her lips. “Airin…” She walked toward Airin and the she sat beside Airin. She wrapped her right arm onto Airin shoulder and then she pulled Airin’s body closer. “Tell me all.”

Airin rested her head on Rena’s lap. “About my cancer?”

“No.” Rena caressed Airin’s head.”About us.”

Airin closed her eyes, enjoyed Rena’s hand that gently caressed her head and her cheek. “I don’t know since when I’m falling in love with you… because I’ve started to like you when we were still in elementary school. So, my feeling is developed by itself.”

“Why do you never confess it to me?”

Airin held one of Rena’s hands. “When I was still a kid, the reason is quite simple… I was shy.
Then… when I was grew up a bit older, my reason was… you’re too pretty for me, I wasn’t sure that you have a same feeling with me.
Afterward… when I was in high school, the reason was… you have a boyfriend back then, you loved him a lot and you even cried every night when you broke up with him.
Finally… when I was in college, you were single back then… I planned to confess my feeling toward you, but… at that time, I had just known that I had a cancer and my mom told me that it was still can be cured. I postponed my confession because I didn’t want you to know my disease.”

Rena shed her tears. “Baka! You should tell me your feeling! You didn’t have to through all alone.”

“I planned to confess my feeling right after my surgery and my therapy was over, because at that time… I already know that you had a same feeling with me, I’ve told you before… that birthday present made me realized your feeling.”

Rena cheek blushed. “You know… the red rose was my friend idea. It made me looked so stupid.”

“Well… thanks to your friend because I didn’t see it as a stupid thing.” Airin smiled at Rena. “It even gave me hope and spirit in facing the surgery.”

“I’m glad.” Rena cupped Airin’s cheek.

“But…” Airin lost her smile. “In just some months after my therapy was over, the doctor said that my cancer…” She bit her lips. “…already infect my other bosom. The doctor told me to do the surgery again, but I rejected it… I didn’t want to look ugly when I die later. Can you imagine a girl without breast?” She laughed bitterly.

“That’s not funny, Airin! And you’re not ugly!!”

Airin raised her hand to caress Rena’s cheek. “Thank you.” She pulled back her hand and turned her head. “You know… I even planned to not tell you about my feeling and my disease until I die.”

“Don’t mention about die again!” Rena pouted.

Airin ignored Rena’s words. “But then… Jurina came into your life. She changes you a lot. You look brighter, happier and nicer toward other people. At first I think it’s a good thing because if I die, you won’t be too sad… she will be there for you. She will take care of you well if I’m not around anymore.”

“Airin!” Rena became too sensitive about ‘die’ word.

“But weeks ago, when you told me that she confessed her feeling to you… I don’t know why but… I’m jealous and angry. I’m sorry for not telling you about this… last week, I met her and warned her to stay away from you because you’re mine. I even planned to confess my feeling to you tonight in the restaurant. But it seems it already ruined.” Airin sighed.

“Eh???” Rena looked surprised. So, that’s why Jurina said the weird things on the phone this afternoon? She thought that I’ve chosen Airin?

“Are you angry at me? You know dying people will act so childish and stubborn. People who’s about to die is quite sensitive. Well… I’m uglier than her and she’s so famous. Be with her, Rena. She’s a really nice girl and I know that you start to love her as well.” Airin smiled. “You two look perfect together.”

Rena seemed really irritated about Airin’s words. It was like Airin had given up. “Don’t say ‘die’ again!! I’m being serious here, Airin.” She glared at Airin. “And one more thing… stop saying that you’re ugly. You’re still same in front of me Airin… I don’t care about your breast! Well, yeah… I’m not a pervert girl, so… I guess it’s not a problem.”

Airin laughed.”Okay. I’m sorry, Miss Not-pervert. ”

She went to New York to ‘cut’ her left bosom.’ Churi’s words popped out in her head. She knew that it was a crazy request but… “Airin… c-can I see it?”

Airin seemed confused. “See what?”

Rena’s cheek blushed crazily, but she really wanted to see what it was look like. “Y-your.. umm.. your…” She pointed at Airin’s chest.

Airin got what Rena mean. “You said you’re not pervert!!” She said it jokingly.

Rena smacked Airin’s head. “Not your right breast!!” She still blushed. “I want to see your left breast…” She wondered why she didn’t notice it since a year ago, right after Airin come back.

Airin smiled calmly. “You don’t have to see it. It will make you freaking out, Rena-chan. I don’t want you seeing my ugly side.”

Rena groaned. Why she keeps persistent to say herself is ugly?! I have no choice. I have to make her become more confident. She pulled Airin and forced her to sit. She changed her position, so she can comfortably pinned Airin onto the wall and sat on Airin’s lap. “How many times I have to tell you that you’re not ugly?” She looked straight into Airin’s eyes.

“R-rena… I...” Airin couldn’t say anything. Rena’s face was too close to her and it caused her heartbeat rate increased. Her eyes grew wide when she realized that Rena began to unbuttoned her blouse.  Rena was about to unclasp her black-laced bra. “Don’t.” She held Rena’s hands… she hope Rena would stop.

It’s okay, Airin.” Rena whispered it.

Airin closed her eyes when she felt Rena’s hand unclasped her bra.

Rena took off the bra carefully. When she was about to put it away, she noticed something inside the bra. So… this is why I didn’t notice it. The bra was made especially for the breast cancer patients; it had a fake breast that made from silicon in it so no one would notice it from outside.

Airin hissed when Rena’s icy fingers began to trace her left breast. Rena didn’t touch her right side.

“It’s not as scary as you said, Airin.” Rena saw a big scar on Airin’s skin. Her left bosom is completely… ‘gone’. “Nothing wrong with this…” She touched the scar that caused by the surgery.

“Really?” Airin frowned. She was confused because Rena’s reaction was so calm. “Are you not freaking out after you seeing this?”

Rena smiled. “Why should I? It looks normal and not ugly at all.” She gave a quick kiss to the scar. “Well… I’m sorry for forcing you to take off your clothes.” She chuckled. “Put your clothes back, Airin. We will have a dinner.”

Airin showed her big smile. “Okay~” She felt happy because her best friend didn’t afraid of her. I’m relieved.

Rena excused herself to see the maids. Rena went out from the bedroom while Airin putting on her clothes back. Rena rushed into a bathroom outside her bedroom, and then she locked the door. She started to cry. She punched the wall. God!! Why her?! WHY?!!! She tried hard to not cry too loud, she was afraid that Airin could hear it. Why she should bear the DAMN CANCER?! She punched the wall over and over again. FUCK!


Jurina had just finished the CM filming. She seemed pretty tired and sleepy. She and Mayu sat on the back seat of their car while the driver drove the car toward their house.

“Jurina, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Mayu. I’m just… tired.” Jurina moved a bit to get closer to Mayu, and then she put her head on Mayu’s shoulder. “Can I sleep here?”

“No problem.” Mayu let the other girl slept on her shoulder. She let out a sigh. Shall I reject some jobs so she can take a rest for a couple days? We can go for holiday… just two of us. She looked out through the window. Go overseas will be great. She smiled.

A few minutes later, Jurina groaned as she heard her phone rang. She picked up the call lazily without looked at the screen. “Moshi moshi.” She still shut her eyes.

Am I bothering you?

Jurina’s eyes opened in instant and she lifted her head from Mayu’s shoulder. “No! Of course not, Rena-chan.”

Mayu glanced at Jurina who became completely different from a few seconds ago. Jurina’s battery became fully charged just because she got a call from another Matsui. It’s impossible for us… I think she’ll prefer to stay here with Rena rather than spend a holiday with me.

“Why do you call me, Rena-chan?” Jurina smiled even though she knew that Rena couldn’t see it.

Do you have a time tomorrow? Can we meet? Umm… in my house.

Jurina almost threw up everything that she ate for dinner in 2 hours ago. “H-house? Y-your house??”

Mayu grabbed her skirt and grip onto it strongly. She could guess what was going on although she couldn’t hear Rena’s voice.

Yep, if you don’t mind. I’m too lazy to go out. My house is about half an hour from the bridge.

Jurina’s sense said that there was something different in the way Rena talked to her. “Wait a minute.” She turned her head to Mayu’s direction. “Can you please check my schedule for tomorrow? Do I have some free time?”

Mayu looked at her phone and did what Jurina said. “You have three shows tomorrow and two photo shoots. Your schedule will be finished at 8PM.”

Jurina nodded. “Rena-chan, I’ll be there at 9PM. Is it okay if we only talk for an hour?”

Ahh… it’s too short. Can you stay overnight in my house? Tell to Mayu to not worry about you since my house is totally safe.

“Sure. I can.” Jurina said it without too much thinking. “See you tomorrow.” They ended the call.

Jurina looked at Mayu. “Please let me stay in Rena’s house for a night tomorrow.” She received a deathly glare from Mayu. “R-rena said that her house is safe and… I- I feel that there’s something wrong happened to her. I’m so worried about her.” She tried to convince Mayu. “Please~”

Mayu couldn’t refuse those cute-plead-puppy eyes that begged her to say ‘yes’. She sighed and then she turned her head. “Be sure that you arrived back to our home at 7AM because you have schedule at 8AM.”

“Yay~” Jurina hugged Mayu. “Arigatou~” She showed her cat smile.

Mayu didn’t say anything. She even didn’t yell at Jurina as usual for hugging her.


Jurina arrived in front a gate. She took out her phone and read the address once again. I’m on the right place. She put her phone back into her pocket and then she drove her motorcycle entered the gate. She saw a post guard near the gate. “Hi, sir. I’m sorry. Is this Matsui-san house?”

The guard stood up quickly. Jurina even thought that the guard stood too quick as if he was afraid of her. “Good evening.” He bowed. “Are you Matsui Jurina-san?”

Jurina nodded.

“Matsui Rena-sama have waited you. You can leave your motorcycle here, miss. I will take care of it” The guard pointed at a couch inside the post guard. “Please kindly wait inside, someone will pick you up.”

Jurina took off her helmet. “Okay.” She gave it and the key to the guard. The guard brought her motorcycle away. She guessed that her motorcycle will be parked in somewhere. She entered the post guard and sat on the couch. About 2 or 3 minutes later, she saw a golf cart stopped in front of the post guard.

“Good evening, Matsui Jurina-san. Please get in.” The driver said it to Jurina.

Jurina scratched her head. “Are we going to ride this?” She saw the driver give her a nod. Is Rena-chan’s house still far away from here? Why I even need to ride this thing?

After the driver saw Jurina had sat comfortably, he started to drive toward another gate that not too far from the main gate. He kept driving until they arrived in front of a big house.

The hell! This is her house??!!! Jurina shocked after she saw how big Rena’s house. She stepped out from the golf cart as the driver gave her a signal that they already arrived. She turned her head to the left and then she saw a fountain inside the garden in front of her house. Wow.

“Matsui Jurina-san.”

Jurina turned her head to the right, she saw a maid bowed at her. She bowed back. “Nice to meet you.”

“Please follow me.” The maid smiled at Jurina.

Jurina walked behind the maid. As soon as she passed the main door, she could see many luxury goods inside the big house. W-wait… Am I ‘messing up’ with a Hime?! Thankfully that I didn’t do anything bad to Rena, or else… I will be crushed by her family easily. She climbed up the stairs and then they stop in front of a door.

“This is Matsui-sama’s room. You can go inside since she already gave us an order to escort you here.” The maid bowed at Jurina and then she went away.

Jurina knocked the door. “Rena-chan?” She knocked the door over and over again, but still… she didn’t hear any answer from inside. She decided to open the door and stepped into the room. She saw a familiar figure slept on the bed. Ah… she’s sleeping. She closed the door carefully; she didn’t want to wake the Hime-sama.

Jurina walked toward the bed and looked at the familiar figure closer. Oh sweet baby Jesus!! She’s so damn cute while sleeping! She couldn’t stop staring at Rena’s angelic face. She couldn’t stop herself to not admiring Rena’s sleeping face. She took out her phone and then she took a picture of Rena. She shocked because the ‘clicking’ sound from her phone was quite loud.

Rena opened her eyes immediately.  She saw Jurina stood in front of her bed while holding the phone. “What are you doing, Jurina?!” She sat up quickly.

Jurina hid her phone behind her back. “N-Nothing!” She shook her head.

Rena gave a suspicious look to Jurina. “Are you taking my picture?”

Jurina flinched. “Pfft. N-no. Of course not! Why should I?”

“You definitely were taking my picture.” Rena stood up and tried to reach Jurina’s phone. “Give it to me! You have to delete it!”

Jurina lifted up her hand and dodged Rena’s hand easily. “You look so cute while sleeping.” She chuckled.

“No! I’m look terrible!! I don’t put my make-up!” Rena still tried to get the phone. “Give it to me!”

Jurina put her arm around Rena’s neck. She pulled Rena closer until their faces were close enough. “No, you look so gorgeous… even until now, you still look cute.” She said it softly in front of Rena’s face.

Rena stepped back. “You’re such a flirtatious girl.” She couldn’t hide her blushing cheeks.

Jurina smirked as she saw Rena already gave up. She put her phone back into her pocket. “Yes, I like to flirt, and don’t forget to mention about my ikemen face too.”

Rena slapped Jurina’s arm. “You’re so noisy!”

Jurina shrugged. “Yes, I am.” She said it with a grin in her face.

Rena hissed to show her annoyance. “Whatever.” She replied sarcastically. After that she turned around and crossed her arms.

Jurina smiled. She felt happy because she was able to meet Rena after some weeks without talking with each other. “Rena…” She back-hugged Rena. “I missed you.”

Rena felt so comfortable when Jurina’s arms wrapped her waist. She felt safe and her worries also went away from her mind. If I want her to hug me like this forever, is it means that I’ve fallen for her? Then… how about my feeling to Airin? Rena bit her lower lip. How can I leave Airin when she really needed me? Why my love for Airin decreased drastically when I already know how big Airin’s love for me? Airin had loved me even when I didn’t know what love is.

“What happen?” Jurina put her chin on Rena’s shoulder. “I’m sure that you wouldn’t ask me to come here only to tease you, right?”

Rena sighed. I don’t have someone else to share my thought about Airin. Jurina is the only one person in this world that I trust the most after Airin. She turned around again to face Jurina. She looked at Jurina’s eyes and her hands cupped Jurina’s cheeks… she caressed Jurina’s face gently.

Jurina still wrapped her arms onto Rena’s body. “If you remained silent, I can’t help you. Just tell me about all things that troubling your heart.”

Rena felt relieved because Jurina asked her problems instead of forced her to answer the confession. She felt that Jurina really understood her feeling. “Airin…” She began to cry.

Jurina frowned. So, is this about Airin? She didn’t feel irritated because Rena mentioned her rival name, she just felt anxious about what happened to Airin. “Yes?”

“Airin have cancer and she’s dying!” Finally, Rena let it out. She burst into tears after she said it.

Jurina’s eyes grew bigger… she was really-really-really shocked. She pulled Rena’s head onto her chest, she let Rena cried there and soaked her shirt. She tightened her hug and caressed Rena’s head to calm her. She remained silent because she didn’t really know what to say. She couldn’t imagine if something like that happened to Mayu. “Shhh… Rena. I’m here. I’m here. We can through this together.” She rubbed Rena’s back.

“I… I…” Rena sobbed. “I don’t know what to do. Help me. Help her!” She cried hysterically.

What should I do? Jurina tried to hold Rena tighter because Rena started thrashing in her arms… crying uncontrollably. She didn’t expect that Rena’s problem could be that bad. She carried Rena and then she put Rena onto the bed. She lay beside Rena as well because Rena didn’t let her go, Rena gripped her shirt tightly. She didn’t have any choice except let Rena cried in her hug. “If crying make you feel better, then let it out. I will be here for you tonight.”

Jurina wanted to ask more the detail about Airin, but the situation seemed impossible to ask about it. She decided to wait until Rena calmer.

After cried for 2 hours, Rena fell asleep in Jurina’s arm. Jurina wiped Rena’s tears carefully and gently, she didn’t want to wake Rena. Jurina looked at her watch. 1AM, I still have some hours to sleep. She kissed Rena’s forehead. “Good night, Rena-chan.” She closed her eyes and tried to sleep.


Jurina opened her eyes slowly. As soon as her eyes completely opened, her eyes met with the clock that hanging on Rena’s wall. FUCK!!! She woke up quickly and checked her phone. I forgot to make the alarm!! She saw her phone screen; there were 36 missed calls from Mayu. Oh my God, what should I do??!!

Jurina looked at the girl who still slept beside her. I can’t leave her like this. She stood up and walked outside the bedroom. She closed the door carefully and then she leaned her back onto the wall. After that… she called Mayu.


Jurina flinched as she heard how Mayu answered her call. “M-mayu… I can’t.”

What do you mean you can’t?!! I’ve told you to go home at 7AM!!! It’s already 10 o’clock! You have to arrive here in 15 minutes; I don’t care if you have to fly or what!

“Mayu, please. I can’t leave her alone. Please cancel all of my schedules for a week.” Jurina said it without thinking twice.

WHAT??!!” Mayu yelled at Jurina again. “Are you crazy?!

“Please understand me, Mayu. I will tell the reason later.” Jurina hope that Mayu would let her pass this time.

I don’t care about your fucking reason! Come here now. Do you realize that you put me into a big trouble?!

“I know. I know. But please, Rena’s problem is quite big right now… I can’t leave her alone.”

Mayu scoffed. “So all of this is about Rena. You care to death about her problem, but you put me in a pinch?! I’m in trouble too!

Jurina lost her patience. “Mayu! No. Manager-san, just do what I said! I pay you for managing my schedule, not to tell me what to do or scolding me!!” She could hear Mayu gasped.

“……..” Mayu remained silent for a few seconds. “FINE! Enjoy your time with your FRIEND, Matsui-san.” Mayu hang up the call.

 5 seconds, Jurina realized her big mistake in just 5 seconds after Mayu ended the call. She grabbed her own hair. Damn! What I’ve done?! I did it again… I make her sad again.

“You don’t have to do that, Jurina.”

Jurina turned her head as she heard a familiar voice came from her side. “No, I have to do that. You need a friend now.” She said it gently. “I won’t let you cry alone. And umm…” She scratched her head. “I want to become Airin’s friend as well. Can I meet her today?”

Rena surprised by Jurina’s answer. She walked toward Jurina and then she hugged Jurina. “Thank you. I don’t know what happen to me now if we didn’t meet at the bridge on that night. I’m really glad to have you here and I’m sure that Airin will be happy too.”

“This is what friends are for.” Jurina stroked Rena’s hair.

“Ummmm….” The maid coughed. “Matsui-sama and Matsui-san, the breakfast is ready.” She bowed at Rena and Jurina with her blushing face.

Rena and Jurina were shocked because they didn’t notice the maid presence. They quickly let go of their arms from each other.

“Okay. Thank you. We will go there in 5 minutes.” Rena answered the maid.

The maid excused herself from the double Matsui.

“Wow. If there are paparazzi here, I’m sure that we will be in a front page of some newspapers this morning.” Jurina grinned.

Rena chuckled. “Well… I guess we’re lucky this time.” She reached out her hand to hold Jurina’s hand. “Let’s eat.”

Jurina nodded and then she followed Rena to the dining room. “Rena-chan… you’re a really rich girl. Fortunately, I didn’t rape you on the bridge at that night or else… I might be crushed by your family in instant.” She chuckled.

Rena smacked Jurina’s head. “Baka!”

They sat facing each other and enjoyed the dishes that made by Rena’s chef.

Rena looked around. “Wait… why all of you keep standing here?” She talked to some maids behind her. “I even didn’t remember that I’ve ever accompanied by all of you before. Is it supposed to be only Yoshida-san who take care of me?”

One of the maids bowed at Rena. “W-we are so s-sorry, Matsui-sama. We promised that we’re not going to disturb you.”

Another maid bowed at Rena as well. “W-we will j-just standing here and look at….” She pointed at Jurina. “We are her fans.”

Rena saw all of her maids nodded without took off their eyes from Jurina. “WHAT?!”

Jurina laughed out loud. “I’m sorry, Rena-chan. I couldn’t hide my star aura.”

“Shut up.” Rena threw the tissue paper box to Jurina, but unfortunately… Jurina could catch it perfectly with a smirk in her face. It even made the maids held back their scream because Jurina looked so damn cool. Rena rolled her eyes.

“Matsui Jurina-san, can we take a picture with you and get your signature? Please~” A maid folded her hands and pleaded at Jurina.

“Sure you can.” Jurina smiled at the maids. “I can’t refuse a cute girl request anyway.” She winked. “But is it okay? Since my morning face is quite horrible.”

“No-no-no! You’re still handsome and cool as usual.” The other maid answered Jurina.

“Thank you.” Jurina showed her cute-puppy face to the maids. “But let me finish my breakfast first, okay?”

Rena saw her maid jumped happily. She glared at Jurina. “You’re totally a flirty girl!”

Jurina shrugged. “It’s called as fan services, Rena-chan.”

“Ugh! I shouldn’t ask you to come here.” Rena seemed annoyed.

“Really? Because in a few minutes ago you’ve just dramatically thank me for being on your side. Remember?” Jurina enjoyed herself while teasing Rena. It’s better to see her mad expression than to see her tears again.



It had been 3 days Jurina slept over in Rena’s house because Rena forced her to stay there. Both of them became extreme closer and knew each other better just in 3 days. They didn’t do many activities because most of their time was spent to discuss about Airin and her cancer. They even went to the hospital where Airin’s mom worked and asked the detail about the disease.

Rena was extremely upset, sad, and stressful when Airin’s mom told them that based on the doctors prediction, Airin only could survive less than a year because Airin refused to ‘cut’ her bosom again.

Airin’s mom was the strongest woman that they had ever seen, both of them ended up with admiring Airin’s mom. Airin’s mom accepted and respected Airin’s decision to not do the surgery, she looked ready to lose Airin someday but there was no hopeless in her eyes… it was difficult to express in words about how Airin’s mom facing her daughter’s condition.

Jurina and Rena asked Airin’s mom permission to let Airin slept in Rena’s house for some days. Airin’s mom agreed with them since Airin needed to feel the happiness as much as she could. Rena and Airin’s mom went to Airin house to pick Airin up, on the other hand Jurina decided to go home to pick her clothes.

Rena kept persistent to ask Jurina to wear her clothes, but Jurina refused it. Not only because she needed her own underwear *cough*, but she also wanted to talk with Mayu. Jurina had to explain everything before Mayu became more misunderstood.

Jurina took a really deep breath before she pressed the bell. “Mayu, please open the door. It’s me, Jurina.” When she was about to press the bell one more time, Mayu already opened the door. Wait… sh-she smile?! Did Watanabe Mayu have just smiled at me??!!

“Come in.” Mayu smiled at Jurina and let her entered the house.

Jurina scratched her head. She’s not raging at me?! She closed the door. “M-mayu… listen, I-”

Mayu turned around. “I’m fine. You don’t have to explain anything to me.” Her smile still across at her lips. “I’ve cancelled your schedules until next Wednesday. Just tell me if you need something else.”

Jurina frowned. “Are you sure that you’re fine? You act strangely”

Mayu shrugged. “Yeah, I’m doing good. Why? Is it because I’m not yelling at you like a bitch? I’ve told you that I’m not a witch.” She turned around and walked toward her room. “I’m sleepy. Don’t forget to lock the door if you want to go again.” She yawned and then she closed her room door.

Well… this is new. Is something happened to her? Maybe her head was bumped on to something… maybe. Jurina wanted to knock Mayu’s room and talked to her once again, but she stopped as she got a message from Rena that ordered her to hurry up because Rena and Airin already arrived at Rena’s house.

Jurina sighed. I’ll talk to Mayu later. She climbed the stairs, packed her stuff, and then she went to Rena’s house again.

“Jurina!” Rena smiled as she saw Jurina stood in front of her room. “Come in.”

Jurina stepped inside slowly. She was a bit uneasy about how to approach Airin. “Hi.” She greeted the girl who sat on the edge of the bed. “Nice to meet you… again.” She gave Airin an awkward smile. “You look… good.”

Airin smiled back at Jurina. “It’s nice to meet you as well.”

There was a long silence after that. They were in an awkward situation because no more secret between them. Jurina and Airin loves a same girl, Rena… Rena confused about her own feeling… Airin rampaged at Jurina in weeks ago… Jurina barely talked with Airin, but she already knew Airin’s deepest secrets from Rena. The friendship, love, and rivalry made the atmosphere around them thickened. They didn’t know how to start the conversation.

“Jurina, I’m sorry about that night.” Finally, Airin spoke up and broke the silence. “I’ve acted rude at you and said some harsh words. I couldn’t control myself at that night.”

“You don’t have to say sorry. I understand your position and your feeling. If it was happened to me, maybe I would do something worse than that.” Jurina looked at Rena. “It’s okay to protect your best friend and someone that you love. I also would do the same.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “Guys, can you stop making me feel bad? I get it, okay? I’m the center of our problems here and I’m tired about this.” She sighed. “I don’t choose anyone. Now, no more tears and no more hatred. Then…can we have some fun?” She grinned.

Airin scoffed. “Pfft. I don’t love you anymore.” Then she gave a wink to Jurina. “I’m Jurina’s fan and I think I love her more than you.”

Jurina smirked and played along. “Yeah… don’t get so full of yourself, Rena. I love someone who can draw well.” She winked back at Airin.

Rena’s eyes widened. “H-hey!!!! Hey!!!” She looked panicked when Jurina moved her lips closer to Airin’s lips. *CHU*

Jurina grinned. “That’s why my fans called me as a ‘kissing monster’. I love to kiss cute girls.”

“So, Am I cute??!!” Airin smiled at Jurina.

“Of course! I’ve just kiss you.” Jurina hugged Airin. She acted like a super cute puppy in Airin’s hug.

Airin laughed and ruffled Jurina’s hair.

Rena looked at her best friends in a disbelief way. “I think I want to puke!” She remembered something. “Kissing monster? But you never kiss me, Jurina.”

“It means you’re NOT CUTE!” Airin started to tease Rena.

Jurina did a high five with Airin. “You get the point. She’s a grumpy girl and not cute AT ALL.”

“SHUT UP!!” Rena walked toward them and began to smack their heads. It caused Airin and Jurina hissed in pain.

After that, they laughed together. They knew that it was not the right time to show their jealousy, sadness, frustration, anger, hatred, and desperation anymore. They buried those pathetic feelings deep inside their hearts because they knew that one of their lives was too short to feel those feelings. Jurina and Rena wanted Airin to feel the happiness as much as she could. At that time they realized that in some ways… friendship will more important than love.


8 months had passed without any single tears dropped from Airin, Jurina, and Rena eyes… at least not in front of each other. But that night… no one of them could hold it anymore, especially Rena. Who could hold their tears when Airin said ‘it is the time’ to them?!

Airin became weaker since the 4th month, her skin looked paler and her body got tired quicker. At the 5th month, Airin refused to receive any therapy and she even didn’t want to go to the hospital. Finally, at the 6th month… Airin couldn’t refuse anymore because her body extremely became thinner and weaker. She went to the hospital, but still... she refused to do the chemotherapy. She said that she didn’t want to lose her hair too… she didn’t want to look ugly at her funeral event.

The 7th month, Airin was not the girl who Rena used to know anymore. No more Airin who always showed her bright smile every time they met, no more Airin who always laughed even though it was just a silly joke from her, no more Airin who stroked Rena’s hair to calm her, no more Airin who hugged her when she cried, and no more Airin who showed her love and sweetness to her even though she made a damn mistake. Airin at the 7th month was the girl who just lying on a hospital bed, the girl who couldn’t smile and didn’t have an enough power to talk, the girl who just shed her tears without able to wipe it by herself, and the girl who her life was supported by hospital equipment.

Finally… the 8th month, Airin completely couldn’t move her own body… she even couldn’t moving a finger. Her hair was still there since she refused to do the chemotherapy and still… refused to cut her bosom again. She looked amazingly thin, as if only her bone and skin that left in her body.

It was a night in the end of the month; Airin took off the medical ventilator from her mouth and said, “This is the time.” It was really shocking because she could speak after 2 months of silence.  “I saw my dad and 2 angels come to my bed 2 days ago.” She said it weakly. Her dad died when she was still a 17-year-old girl. Her dad was died because of the car accident.

Right after Airin said it, Jurina tried so hard to make Rena calmed down. Rena cried hysterically… it was so painful to be heard. Jurina hugged Rena really tight.

“Can I talk with my mom? Only us, please.” Airin looked at Jurina, Rena, and Churi who also in that room. She saw the slight nod from them and after that they left her alone with her mom.

After some minutes, Airin mom went out from Airin’s room… she cried really hard after she closed the door. It was time for Churi to go inside Airin’s room, and then… it was a time for Jurina and Rena to get in.

“Hi.” Airin smiled at them.

Jurina let go of her arms from Rena’s body because she could see a slight jealousy from Airin’s eyes. “Hey buddy. It’s nice to see your smile again.” She held Airin’s hand.

“I missed your smile as well.” Airin replied it while lying on her bed. “Thank you for these past months. You always take care of me really well… you always come to the hospital even though you’re very tired after finished your schedules. You know… I’ve considered you as my best friend.”  Her smile never left her face although it was only a weak smile. “Please take care of my Rena. I trust her in your hand. Don’t ever dare to make her cry after this because I’m definitely will curse you from heaven!”

Jurina chuckled. “Okay. But don’t get too often to watch us, because you will totally jealous.” She grinned. She stood up after she saw Airin’s smile. “Umm… I will leave you two alone.” When she was about to open the door…

“Thank you for never crying in front of me, Jurina.”

Jurina turned back and smiled at Airin. After that, she went out from the room.

Rena tightened her grip onto Airin’s small hand. Her tears were still flowing on her cheeks. “You, baka! How dare you planned to leave me alone!!”

“I will never leave you, Rena-chan. I will always watch your steps from up there. Besides that, you have Jurina.”

“Jurina is different from you!! You know me better than her! Don’t comparing yourself with her.” Rena sobbed.

“One day… she will know you better. It’s only the matter of time.” Airin smiled. “I love you, Rena… I never stop loving you.” She noticed that her words made Rena cried even louder. She decided to make a joke. “Ahh… it’s nice to die like this… still virgin and never been kissed.” She let out a soft chuckle. “Jurina’s kisses didn’t count here.”

“Pfft!” Rena smacked Airin’s head softly. “Silly!” There was a long silence after that. “Airin…”

“Hm?” Airin hummed.

“Well… about your virginity, I can’t do anything about it.” Rena blushed. “But umm… I’m glad to be your first kiss.” She rubbed her fingers together. She looked so nervous.

Airin rolled her eyes. “That was only a joke, Rena. Don’t take it too serio-” Her eyes widened as she felt a warm lips touched her cold and pale lips. She wanted to push Rena away, but she was too weak to do it. “R-rena. mmm! What ar- mmhh! Sto- mhh!” She couldn’t finish her sentence because Rena kept clashing her lips onto hers. She smiled and then she closed her eyes… she just wanted to enjoy Rena’s lips as long as she could. She didn’t want it ended because she had waited it for years to be that close with Rena. It was a warm and gentle kiss.

Rena pulled back the kiss. “Are you happy now?” She caressed Airin’s cheek.

“I’m really happy, but… I feel so tired as well. Can I sleep?” Airin closed her eyes.

Rena began to panic. “No. No!! You can’t sleep!” She touched and shook Airin’s arm. “No!!!” She cried and screamed. “No!! No-no-no! Airin, wake up!!!!”

Airin opened her eyes slowly. “Ugh! So noisy. I want to sleep. Do you think that I was dead?” She grinned.

“Eh?!” Rena stopped crying and then punched Airin’s arm softly. “Don’t tease me at the time like this!! That was a lame joke, EVER!”

Airin laughed. “You’re being too serious, Rena.” She sighed. “Now, can I sleep? Don’t be too noisy, okay?”

Rena nodded and wiped her tears. She realized how stupid her action just now. “Good night. I will be here until you wake up.”

Airin smiled and then she closed her eyes again. “See you, Rena-chan.”

Right after Airin closed her eyes, Rena heard a long beeping sound from the machine beside Airin’s bed. “N-no way…. You’re just sleeping, right Airin?” He hand trembled. “Airin?” She touched Airin’s arm. “Please answer me…” She bit her below lip.

Suddenly a doctor and some nurses rushed into the room, they checked Airin’s condition.

When the doctor was about to put the defibrillator paddles onto Airin’s chest, Rena stood up. “Don’t touch her!!! She just sleeps!!! Don’t disturb her!”

Jurina hugged Rena tightly because she wanted to push the doctor away. “R-rena, calm down.”

The doctor finally stopped. “I’m sorry. I’ve tried my best.” He covered Airin’s body and face with a white cloth.

Airin’s mom and Churi rushed onto Airin’s bed and then they hugged the cold body.

Rena stopped struggling in Jurina’s arms. “S-she said that she just wants to sleep and I shouldn’t be too noisy……” She sat on the floor, covered her face and cried.

Jurina showed a bitter smile. “See you later, Airin. I promise to protect Rena with all my might.” She mumbled it to herself.

Airin died when she and Churi were the 26 years old girls... when Rena was a 25 years old girl… when Jurina and Mayu were the 24 years old girls. They were still too young to see their friend’s death.t wants to sleep and I shouldn’t be too noisy……” She sat on the floor, covered her face and cried.

Jurina showed a bitter smile. “See you later, Airin. I promise to protect Rena with all my might.” She mumbled it to herself.

Airin died when she and Churi were the 26 years old girls... when Rena was a 25 years old girl… when Jurina and Mayu were the 24 years old girls. They were still too young to see their friend’s death.

============================ Continue to Chap 5 ============================

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#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live

We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 5. Upside Down =

We can lose somebody overnight. Your whole life can be turned upside down.
Life is short. It can come and go like a feather in the wind.


3 years had been passed and many things happened, but thankfully it’s all happened without any big trouble.

Only a year after Airin’s death, Jurina went to Rena’s house to meet Rena’s parents. She asked their permission to let Rena lived in her house, in other words… she proposed Rena.


Jurina looked really calm in front of Rena’s parents. She sat in the couch and facing both of them with a smile. Three of them talked and laughed together, in other hand… Rena just sat beside Jurina and kept silence for about an hour.

Rena grabbed Jurina’s hand and then she dragged Jurina into the bathroom. “What are you doing?!”

Jurina looked at Rena innocently. “I asked your parents’ permission to bring you to my home. Is it wrong?”

Rena smacked Jurina’s head. “You never asked me to become your girlfriend yet you already came here to propose me?! You planned to meet my parents but I know nothing?!” She looked so mad at Jurina.

Jurina scratched her head. “I think there’s no need to ask you to be my girlfriend formally since I already knew that you love me as much as I do.” She grinned. “Well… if you say so… Would you be my girlfriend, Rena-chan?” Her smile was so big and almost showing all her teeth.

“Ugh!” Rena faceplamed. “In the toilet?! You must be kidding me!”

Jurina laughed. “Look, Rena-chan.” She cupped Rena’s cheek and caressed it gently. “The way we touch each other, the way we sharing our kisses, the way we look at each other, and the way we treat each other… We’ve became a couple already. We even didn’t need to state it out loud with our lips. I’ve thought of you as my girlfriend since Airin asked me to take care of you.”


“Rena.” Jurina sighed. “I want you to be the partner of my life, not just as simple as my girlfriend. I want you be my side forever.” She smiled. “I’m sorry to not telling you first about my meeting with your parents. I even don’t expect that your mom would call you to go home because this should be only me and your parents here.”

Rena remained silent and still looked at Jurina.

“If you feel that I’m not okay to become your partner, then… you can refuse me in front of them.” Jurina gulped.


And guess what, Rena accepted it and her parents accepted it as well. Rena was confused why her parents accepted it easily.  These were the reasons…
First, Jurina actually already established a good relationships with Rena’s parents since they met in the hospital to visit Airin. Jurina often chat with Rena’s mom and dad through the phone.
Second, Rena’s mom is Jurina’s hardcore fan. THAT explained everything. Rena’s mom and Jurina often had some lunch together and talked about Rena.
Third, Jurina gave the miniature of Paris city as birthday present for Rena’s dad. Rena’s dad is an architect, so he was so happy when he received the miniature like that.

Jurina did all of those things behind Rena’s back. Rena must admit that she was a sly girl. She stole Rena parent’s heart by giving a bribe to Rena’s dad and used her charm to ‘blind’ Rena’s mom.

Rena moved to Jurina’s house a month after Jurina proposed Rena. Jurina, Mayu, and Rena lived together there for almost 2 years. Jurina’s house was quite big, so it didn’t cause any problem.

Jurina’s career increased after she starred in a movie that had a wonderful story and it successes in the market. Mayu kept busy with the managerial stuff and took care of Jurina’s contract. But Rena… didn’t have anything to do.

3 years ago, Rena left her college and focused in taking care of Airin. After Airin died, she was too depressed and sad… she never thought to continue her study. Her parents didn’t force her anymore since they knew Rena’s situation back then. And after a year, she already felt better and wanted to continue her study but… she was became too lazy and she had another dream.

“Jurina.” Rena sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hm?” Jurina lie down and covered her face with a pillow. She had just arrived at home after filming a new CM.

“Can I have… a child?”

“WHAT??!!” Jurina utterly surprised by Rena’s random talk. She removed the pillow from her face and looked at Rena. “That’s totally a silly joke, Rena.”

“It’s not a joke.” Rena pouted. “I feel so bored to be here alone. You and Mayu always go home late and I don’t have anything to do.”

Jurina sighed. “Come here.” She opened her arms to let Rena came and slept in her hug. “I’m so sorry.” She stroked Rena’s hair. “I don’t have much free time and I…. well… I’m sorry because I’m not a man so… I… I can’t make you pregnant or something….”

Rena realized that she made Jurina misunderstood. “No! No. It’s not what I mean…. I’m just bored. That’s all!” She looked at Jurina and she found a pair of sad eyes. “You don’t have to say sorry.” She kissed Jurina’s cheek.

“I promise that I will spend more time with you if I can.” Jurina knew that she wasn’t sure about that. Her schedules had increased crazily lately and she rarely got some holidays. She felt guilty to make Rena felt alone for those 2 years. She must be bored to death. She sighed. “I’m sorry… I’m sure that you regret it now… to live with me. I’m so stupid to not thinking about it first when I asked you to live with me.”

Rena really wanted to smack her own forehead for making Jurina worried. She wrapped her arm around Jurina’s waist.  “I’m not regret it! I never will!! I’m happy to be here with you. Sleeping with you like this is a happiest thing in my life.” She tried to convince Jurina that she was OK. “I love you and I don’t need anything else.” Why I make her sad when she’s tired and need some rest?! Ugh! Grow up, Rena!! Don’t be so selfish! Your boredom is not even compared with her tiredness in making money every single day! She talked to herself.

“Let’s sleep.” Jurina said it without a smile on her face, she didn’t frown either. She turned off the lamp that placed on the small table beside their bed.

Rena turned on the lamp again to make sure that Jurina was OK. She’s not okay. She saw Jurina’s tears rolled down on her cheeks. “Oh my God, Jurina. I’m okay. Why are you crying??” She wiped Jurina’s tears. “I love you. Please smile for me.”

Jurina showed a slight smile and then she turned off the lamp again. “We can sleep now.”

Rena turned on the lamp again. “You turned off the lamp so I can’t see you crying, right?” She knew it since they never slept in the dark because Jurina hate the dark room. She saw a slight nod from Jurina. “Since when you become a crybaby like this? Duh.”

“Since I’m with you.” Jurina pouted.

Rena pulled Jurina’s head onto her chest so she could caress Jurina’s head comfortably. “Let’s just forget about what I said before. I’m more than happy to be with you.” She felt Jurina nodded in her hug. “Okay, we can sleep now. I will make the breakfast for you two tomorrow.”

“Hontou ni?!” Jurina looked at Rena in disbelief way. “I and Mayu will go at 5AM.” She knew that Rena was not a morning person.

Rena nodded. “Of course. I will wake up earlier tomorrow for you.” She smiled.

Jurina, finally, smiled again. “Yeay!! I love you, Rena-chan.” She pecked Rena’s lips before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“I love you too.” Rena closed her eyes as well.


Jurina looked at many dishes on the table. “You know…. Rena-chan. I never know that you can cook.” She was astonished. She had just finished showering and ready for dinner.

Rena shrugged and then she sat in front of Jurina. “I didn’t know it as well. I wonder if it’s a kind of gift from God.” She chuckled. All that she did is only browsing the recipe on the internet and then she implemented it.

Jurina giggled as well. “Cool.” She grabbed Rena’s hand on the table. “I’m really happy to see your smile.” She gripped Rena’s hand gently and caressed it a little.

Rena felt her cheeks became warmer and she was sure that it became redder too. It had been 2 years they lived together yet she still couldn’t help the rumble in her chest every time she looked at Jurina’s adorable grin and Jurina’s lovely eyes that looked at her in a sweet way.

Both of them kept staring at each other until someone dropped something… it was Mayu. Her phone was slipped from her hand. She walked straight toward her room after she picked up the phone from the floor. She had just went back from somewhere.

“Mayuyu, let’s join us. Rena cooks something for us again.” Jurina called Mayu who was about to closed the door.

“I’m not hungry.”Mayu simply said it while closing the door.

Jurina sighed. I don’t remember when the last time I see her laugh. Yes, she’s a cold person but this become too much! She’s my best friend but it’s like… she WAS my best friend. She never angry at me anymore, but she didn’t smile either! She always said ‘yes’ to anything I told her and never be strict anymore. Sometimes, I miss the moment when she raged at me, but after that she always showed her smile and patted my head.

Jurina ate her rice with a blank expression. She kept thinking about Mayu. She even never said ‘No hug! No kiss! No touch’ anymore. I’ve tried to did it twice just to make her talked to me but… she didn’t refuse it nor mad at me. She just stood and waited me until I let go of my arms, and then she would walk away like nothing happened. She completely ignores me.

“Jurina, is the taste THAT bad?”

Jurina flinched a little because Rena woke her from her own little mind. “No, it’s not. It’s totally delicious!” She smiled after feeding her own mouth.

Rena frowned. “Is that so? But you look troubled.”

“It’s not because that. I’m just… thinking about something else.” Jurina looked at to her plate to avoid Rena’s eyes that trying to observe her. She continued to eat her dinner.

Rena was not aware about how close Jurina and Mayu in the past because both of them already act like that since she moved in. She thought that Mayu was always gloomy like that. Mayu never ate her cook; she always got ‘I’m not hungry’ or ‘I already ate’ from Mayu. She never talked with Mayu more than 1 or 2 sentences in a week. They never sat together and talked something together. They even didn’t greet when they met each other, even a simple thing like ‘ohayou’ didn’t exist between them.

Mayu always locked herself in her room right after she arrived at home. Since Mayu always locked the door, Rena had no idea about how Mayu’s room looked like and she even never saw Jurina entered the room as well.

“I’m done.” Jurina put the chopstick to the empty bowl. “It’s delicious, as I said.” She didn’t lie about it; Rena was surprisingly good at cooking. She stood up. “I’ll help you to wash the dishes.”

Rena stood up and walked toward Jurina who already brought the dishes to the kitchen. “You don’t have to.” She grabbed the dishes from Jurina’s hand. “You can sleep now. I can take care of this by myself.” She planted a small kiss on Jurina’s cheek. “I know you’re pretty tired, babe.”

“Are you sure? I mean… I’m a girl too; of course I can do cleaning or washing something as good as you.” She stuck out her tongue.

Rena put the dirty dishes into the kitchen sink. “I don’t trust your ability on the kitchen. You’re only good in acting and flirting.” She teased Jurina.

Jurina back-hugged Rena. “Let me wash it so you’ll see how good I am.” Her lips approached Rena’s ear and whispered. “If my result is outstanding, be sure that you’ll give me a prize for it.

Rena felt Jurina’s lips kissed her nape gently and Jurina tightened the hug on her waist. She felt Jurina’s warm breath swept her nape and it caused her body shivered. Rena turned back and facing Jurina. “You’re always sly as ever, Jurina.”

Jurina showed her seductive smirk. “You better preparing my prize now.”

Rena pressed her body closer to Jurina’s body. “How if… I give you the prize in advance?” She wrapped her arms around Jurina’s neck.

Jurina smiled. “That’s a really good idea, but… can I wash it tomorrow morning? Well, since I want to enjoy my prize for a whole night.”

Rena used her index finger to touch Jurina’s cheek and it slowly went downward onto Jurina’s jaw, and then moved to the collarbone and finally the finger ended on the edge of Jurina’s shirt… right above Jurina’s chest. “Deal.” She showed her tempting smile to Jurina.

As soon as Jurina heard Rena’s answer, she captured Rena’s lips and kissed her passionately as if no tomorrow.


“WHAT ARE THESE THINGS??!!!” Jurina yelled at Mayu and her finger pointed at Mayu’s room.

Mayu’s eyes widened with shock as she saw her room door wide open. “You don’t have any right to enter my room, especially without my permission!!!” She clenched her fists. “That’s my own privacy! Now, go away!!” She passed Jurina who stood in front of her room. When she was about to enter her room, Jurina grabbed her arm and pulled her away from her room.

“You owe some explanations, Mayu!” Jurina glared at Mayu.

“I don’t need to explain anything!” Mayu tried to release her wrist from Jurina’s grip. “Let go of me!!”

“Y-you smoke, Mayu?! I saw many packs of cigarettes scattered on the floor and some cigarettes in an ashtray!” Jurina still glared at Mayu and she didn’t let Mayu free from her grip. “I even saw many of empty liquor bottles in your room!!! So that’s why you always lock your room?!”

Mayu gasped. She never saw Jurina so mad at her like that and it made her felt scared. She pushed Jurina. “I have right to do anything I want! I’m not a kid!! I can do whatever I want, Jurina!”

Jurina clenched her teeth. “You can’t do whatever you want in my house!! This is my house and you have to give me an explanation about this fucking thing! Since when did you bring these stuffs into my house?!”

Somehow, ‘my house’ words made Mayu really angry. It was like she was worthless in Jurina’s eyes. I’m the one, maybe the only one, who helped her to become like today! If it’s not because of me, she wouldn’t be able to buy this big house!! I worked all day and night with her and helped her to reach her dream and career! Did she think that I can’t afford my own house?! She crossed her arms. “Then shoo me. I’ll move out from YOUR house immediately and I’m really glad to do it!”

Jurina was taken aback. “YOU!! M-” She was about to yell at Mayu again, but then she felt Rena held her arm and rubbed it slowly to calm her.

“Calm down, Jurina.” Rena looked really worried. She turned her head to Mayu’s direction. “Can we talk about this with a cold head, Watanabe-san?”

Mayu scoffed. “Don’t act so kind in front of me. It’s your entire fault!!! You’re not supposed to sneak into my room, bitch. Did you learn something about MANNER, rich girl?” She mocked Rena.

Since Mayu went with Jurina for a whole day, she was sure that it was Rena who told Jurina about it. 2 hours ago, she let Jurina went home first because she had something to do and when she came back 15 minutes ago, Jurina yelled at her and made her confused. I’m so stupid! Why did I even forget to lock the door?! Shit.

Rena utterly shocked when she received those harsh words from Mayu. She really wanted to slap Mayu’s face, but she realized that it wouldn’t help to ease the atmosphere. She tried hard to make her mind kept cold and calm. “All I want to do was cleaning your room, Watanabe-san. Is it so wrong to clean my family’s bedroom? We won’t judge you. We only want to know what happened. We know that you won’t smoke and drink with no reason. We’re here to help you.”

“Family? Pfft.” Mayu scoffed. “I’m not even your friend. I don’t need your help.”

Jurina walked toward Mayu. “Did you have just called her a ‘bitch’??!!!”

“Yes, why?” Mayu smirked.

“Jurina!” Rena called Jurina right before Jurina landed a slap onto Mayu’s cheek. “It’s okay! I’m okay. That’s not even the case, Watanabe-san is more important now.”

Mayu rolled her eyes. “Seriously, you make me feel SICK, Rena.” She dropped the honorific, but not in a good way. “I want to puke now.”

Jurina took a really-really-really deep breath. She tried really hard to calm down. Mayu is my best friend. I should know her better than anyone in the world. She kept repeating those words in her mind. “Rena, can you leave us alone for a moment?” She saw Rena’s eyes that full of worries. “I won’t do anything stupid.” She showed a slight smile to convince Rena.

Rena nodded. She believed that Jurina could handle the problem well. She went upstairs and then she entered her bedroom.

“What is this about?” Jurina asked it right after she heard the sound of the door being locked. It means Rena couldn’t hear their conversation anymore. “You’ve changed too much after I asked you to arrange my holidays 4 years ago. I did it because of Airin, she was dying back then! Why you never understand?”

Mayu walked away and then she sat on a couch. “You bring that topic again? I even didn’t say anything about it. You can do whatever you want anyway. I have no problem about it.”

“Liar.” Jurina said it straight to the point. “After that time, you become a completely different person… you never look at me in the eye when we talk, you never angry at me but never smile at me either, you don’t care about me anymore, and you never say ‘no’ to what I say to you. We’re become like a work partner only. You’re my best friend, Mayu… not only my manager.”

Mayu yawned. “Are you done talking? I’m sleepy. Your speech is getting longer.”

“I miss you, Mayu. I missed you as my best friend. I miss the time when we laughed together and did some crazy things together.” Jurina ignored Mayu and kept talking. “Tell me about your problems, Mayu. I’m here to help you solve it.”

Mayu stood up. “Good night.” She walked toward her room. “You have a filming at 8PM tomorrow, so be ready at-”

“Do you love me?”

Mayu stopped.

“You love me more than just a best friend, right? You’re jealous at Rena. That’s why you do these stupid things.”

Mayu turned back and glared at Jurina. “You wish!”

“I know you better than anyone.” Jurina slowly walked toward Mayu. “You’re definitely falling in love with me.” She looked at Mayu in the eye.

Mayu stepped back but Jurina kept walking closer.

“Is this how you show your love to someone that you love?”

Mayu felt her heartbeat rate increased as Jurina kept attacking her, right on the spot.

“I care about you, but I can’t force my heart to choose the person I love. We have to solve this thing in a good way. Please don’t act like this, Mayu.”

Mayu felt like her heart was peeled by Jurina. She didn’t expect Jurina could notice it. She felt embarrassed, angry, stupid, and desperate at the same time. She couldn’t step back anymore because her back already touched the wall.

Jurina stopped as well. “Do you want say something, Mayu? Or you keep persistent to shut your mouth and suffer by yourself?”

“Yes, I want to say something.”

Jurina smiled. “What is it?”

“I’m sleepy and I want to sleep.” Mayu smirked.

Jurina’s smile was gone in instant. “You piss me off.”

“I’m glad to do it.” Mayu walked toward her room. “See you tomorrow.”

Jurina crossed her arms while looking at Mayu. She sighed after Mayu closed the door. She facepalmed. I’m doing a big mistake for years. I make her heart broken for years. She never thought about it before. At first, she just said those questions to tease Mayu, so Mayu would tell her the truth. But right after she saw Mayu’s expression when she threw those questions… she knew that she hit Mayu’s spot. I am her problem.


“This is the last day for me to work with you and I will move out tomorrow.”

That was the first sentence that Mayu said after a month and it succeeded made Jurina frozen. “W-what?!” She looked at the figure that leaned her back on the wall.

“I’ve applied my resignation letter a month ago to our management, they accepted it. Your new manager will be introduced to you tomorrow, so come to our office at 10PM.”


“Thank you for your hard work in these 7-8 years.’ Mayu bowed at Jurina who still stunned. “Well... then, good night. I will clean up my room before I leave tomorrow so… you guys don’t have to worry.” She stepped into the bedroom and closed the door.

Rena covered her mouth with her hand. “She can’t be serious, isn’t it?”

“Fuck!” Jurina walked toward Mayu’s room. She knocked the door. “Open the door!” She knocked again. “Open this FUCKING door, Mayu!” She knocked the door harder since Mayu didn’t open it. “Goddammit!” She started to turn the door knob over and over again. “Please-please-please, Mayu. Open the door. Let’s talk about it first. You can’t leave me alone like this.” Her tears rolled down on her cheeks. “Mayu!! If you don’t open the door now, I will break it!” She kicked the door.

“Jurina…” Rena touched Jurina’s shoulder. “Relax. She won’t open the door if you keep yelling li-”

“Shut up!” Jurina shoved Rena’s hand from her shoulder. “Go to our room and just sleep. Let me finish this thing with her in my way.” She glared at Rena.

Rena was taken aback. “You don’t have to yell at me.” She was so irritated by Jurina’s words. “Fine!” She walked away and left Jurina alone.

Jurina felt so guilty to do something like that to Rena, but at that time she couldn’t think properly anymore… her best friend was about to leave her, she couldn’t imagine how her life would be continued without Mayu. “I’m so sorry, Mayu. Please forgive me. Don’t leave me!” She raised her voice again. “How can you do this to me?” She sobbed. “It’s okay if you’re tired to become my manager, you can find another job that you like… but please don’t move out from this house.”

“I’ve bought my own house. I’ll live there.” Mayu answered Jurina from inside her room.

“I can’t through this without you. Please! We still can fix our problem in a better way, not in this way.” Jurina knocked the door. “Let’s talk, face to face. I’m sure that we will find a solution.”

“Just go to sleep, Jurina. You’ll have a hectic day tomorrow, so you better take some rest.”

Jurina heard Mayu yawned.

“I’m tired and sleepy. Good night, Jurina.”

Jurina clenched her fists. “You didn’t tell me about it!! You took the decision by yourself!! Don’t you know how hurt I am?! Don’t be so selfish, Mayuyu!” She waited for an answer but she didn’t hear any voice. “I hate you!! You better not show your face in front of me again or else I will punch you.”

Jurina kicked the door once more before she walked away. She went outside and turned on her motorcycle. Fuck this shit! She rides her motorcycle in the midnight.


Rena watched Jurina from behind her back. She saw Jurina sat on the couch dan watched the entertainment news on TV. The news said that Jurina’s ex-manager (Mayu) moved to another big management and she would become manager of an actress who got a huge popularity lately; the actress was Jurina’s rival. This is bad. She saw Jurina’s body quivered in anger. This can’t be good. She walked toward Jurina. “Jurina, don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

“NO! No, it’s not!!” Jurina covered her face with her hand and began to cry. “Do you know how amazing Mayu’s work?! Mayu will make that girl bathing in popularity. She already proved herself to make me huge like today, many of managements tried to hire her in the past but she refused it all for me. But now… she received one of them. That girl maybe will be my strongest rival in the future.”

Rena noticed that Jurina became a really different girl after Mayu left her 2 months ago. Jurina almost lost the optimism in facing something, Jurina’s emotion became uncontrolled… lately, Jurina often got angry easily. Jurina’s enthusiasm in working became not as big as when she was with Mayu. She kind of remembered her past when she lost Airin, she was very unstable back then. It’s always sad to lose a friend.

“I want to go to somewhere.” Jurina stood up.

Rena looked so worried. “Where?”

“Why?” Jurina glared at Rena. “Are you become the second version of Mayu now?” She said it sarcastically.

“No, that’s not it.” Rena cupped Jurina’s cheeks with both of her hands. “I won’t prevent you. You can go anywhere and anytime, but… I just want you remember that if something bad happen to you, I will be extremely sad.” She looked at deep into Jurina’s eyes. “I love you.”

“Okay, I get it.” After Jurina said it, she took her jacket. “I love you too.” Afterward she closed the door and left Rena alone in home.

Rena sighed. There’s one more thing that change in her too. She never listens to what I say anymore. Go outside in the late of night?! Did she never think about the risk?! Now, I know why Mayu always strict to her.

On the next day, Rena woke up because of the sound of the house bell. She looked at her left. Where’s Jurina? Did she already go for work? She went downstairs and then she opened the door.

“Sorry for disturbing you, Matsui-san. Is Matsui Jurina-san still sleeping? I’ve tried to call her but she didn’t answer it.”

Rena was surprised by Jurina’s manager words She looked at the clock that hanging on the wall. 11AM. She hasn’t come back since last night?! She looked at the manager in a guilt way. “She’s not home. I will call you if she’s here.” She saw the manager’s face, he felt so uneasy.

“Matsui-san, please call me immediately okay? Jurina-san has 3 schedules for CM filming and all of them are from the big companies. It will be a huge problem if she’s not around today.” The manager looked fidgety.

Rena nodded and then she closed the door. Where is she?!! That stupid girl! She took the phone and tried to call Jurina, no answer. She tried it over and over again. Damn! Jurina still didn’t answer her call.

Rena got a huge problem in a whole day. Jurina didn’t come back until 10PM and STILL didn’t answer the call, so she had to say sorry over and over to the manager. She sat on a couch in their living room and waited Jurina. Finally, the figure that she waited for entered the house... at 1 AM. She stood up. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, MATSUI JURINA???!!!!” She couldn’t hold her anger anymore.

Jurina walked in while holding her head. “Let’s just talk later. I’m so dizzy right now.” She passed Rena just like that and climbed the stairs slowly.

“Excuse me?”

Rena turned her head to the unfamiliar figure on the door. “Who are you?” She was so irritated to see such a beautiful girl who came with her girlfriend.

“This is Jurina’s motorcycle key.” She put it onto the table nearby. “She couldn’t drive the motorcycle like that so I just drive her home. Please tell her that her motorcycle is parked in my garage.” She bowed at Rena. “See you next time.” And then she went out and closed the door.

Rena clenched her fist. “Jurina!!” She climbed the stairs quickly and rushed into the bedroom. “Who is she?!” She found Jurina lay down on the bed with her eyes shut.

“She’s Iriyama Anna,she was the co-actress in my last movie. I guess you didn’t watch it.” Jurina covered her face with a pillow. “I know that you want to rage me but I’m sleepy and dizzy now. I hope you don’t mind if we talk in the morning.”

Rena really wanted to slap Jurina’s face but she tried to hold it. She realized that there was no point if she yelled at Jurina at that night. “FINE!” She went out from their bedroom and slammed the door strongly. Where’s my ‘old’ Jurina go?! Her tears rolled down on her cheeks. She entered Mayu’s ex-room and then she slept there… or tried to sleep. There were so many things inside Rena’s mind and it made her couldn’t sleep easily.

*In the Morning*

“Good morning.” Jurina opened the door. She saw a white-skinned girl already awake and sat on the bed.

Rena sat and looked out through the window. “Did you sleep with her?” She asked the sharp question without looked at Jurina.

“What?!” Jurina began to panic. “N-no! No, of course not!! I’m not that stupid.”

“So why your motorcycle parked in her garage?”

Jurina could hear the darkness in Rena’s voice. “I just slept in her house for some hours because my head felt so dizzy last night. But then she offered me to drive me home. We didn’t do anything!” She was afraid that Rena might be misunderstood.

“Why you didn’t just go home? You even didn’t sleep here for 2 nights. Was it even needed to stay in her house? Did you know how big trouble that you made yesterday? Your manager raged at me and I couldn’t mad at him since you’re the trouble maker here.” Rena still didn’t look at Jurina.

“I will go to the office today and take the responsibility for everything I did.” Jurina stared at the floor. She still stood near the door and didn’t have any guts to walk toward Rena.

“Where have you been?”

“I… umm… I-” Jurina stuttered.

“Answer me!!” Rena turned her head and looked at Jurina.

Jurina flinched. She felt like a dickhead husband who was afraid of his wife. “O-okay…. At the first night I went to casino and play some games to relax my mind. And I was kind of there until morning.”

“WHAT??!! You did gamble?!” Rena stood up and glared at Jurina. “Then, what’s next?!”

“I umm… because I was too lazy to go for work and my mind still messed up and I was afraid to go home because you would mad at me… I…. I went to bar to kill some time and then I got drunk. I couldn’t go home like that, so I just ‘having fun’ again until I even couldn’t move again from my seat.”

“You did GAMBLE and dead DRUNK! What else??!” Rena crossed her arms.

Jurina gulped. “I slept on the couch there until Iriyama came, she coincidentally found me there, and then she kind of… saved me. She wanted to drive me home at that time but she didn’t know this house and I was unconscious at that time. So… she brought me to her house. After I woke up and could answer her question about this house address, she drove me here. The end.”

“Why you didn’t answer my call? Your manager called you as well.”

“That’s because I-” Jurina stopped as she heard her manager called her. “O-ohayou gozaimasu.” It was the manager’s turn to rage at her. She closed her eyes, she bit her below lip, and fidgeting because she was really nervous. “O-okay. I will come in an hour.” She sighed after the call ended. “Rena-chan, I-”

“Go. You’ll get more troubles if you’re late.” Rena turned her head. “We’re not done yet.”

“Yeah. I’m going now.” Jurina turned away and closed the door.


Career that Jurina built in 8 years was threatened by 1 day, the day when she did the reckless things. 3 companies from CM that should be starred by Jurina, brought these cases to the court. They said that Jurina breaking their contracts. Jurina’s management had tried to suggest those companies to solve this in a good way without involved the law, but they refused it.

They sued Jurina some huge amount of money or she had to go to the jail if she couldn’t pay the penalty. The court process had started since 3 weeks ago and Jurina’s lawyer tried his best to reduce the amount of money. It was kind of hard because Jurina had clearly done the mistake.

And it seemed Jurina’s misery wouldn’t end soon, one of the gossip magazines published Jurina’s activities in that day. They was kind of paparazzi-ing Jurina. They published the news about how Jurina played the gamble in a casino and got drunk in a pub; the news also included Jurina’s pictures. The news spreading really fast and it caused job offers for Jurina decreased drastically and all CM and dramas that had Jurina in it… being suspended.

Jurina also had to pay a huge amount of money to the casino. She didn’t remember that she could do the stupid thing like this, she put many of her bet when she drunk and again… the media could smell it. Jurina became the cover of some magazines… but not in a good way.

Jurina’s misery didn’t stop there. She had to face something ridiculous that could make her relationship with Rena worsened. There were the pictures of Jurina kissed Iriyama in the car. The pictures were also from the day when Jurina got drunk. Since both of them were the great actresses, the pictures spreading in amazingly speed. She was shocked because she didn’t remember that thing happened, Iriyama had never told her about it.

Jurina had to say thanks to Iriyama because Iriyama didn’t blame her in front of public. ‘Nothing happened between us. She just drunk and I wanted to take her home. But yeah… you know… drunken people could do an unexpected thing. *chuckled* So please don’t make this become a big issue, Matsui-san already suffered enough. Please support her.’ It was Iriyama’s comment and Jurina felt relieved when she watched the news.

Jurina knew that Rena was really-really-really angry at her, but she still glad to know that Rena still loves her after many bad things happened during that month. One day, Rena’s parents came to Jurina’s house and asked Rena to just go back to their house. They were really disappointed by Jurina’s ridiculous and reckless actions. Jurina couldn’t say anything when Rena’s parents said that she gave a bad influence to Rena. But unexpectedly, Rena defended Jurina in front of her parents. Rena even refused her parent’s offer to go back to their home.

After Rena’s parents went home, Jurina locked herself in Mayu’s ex-room and cried out loud. She didn’t let Rena entered the room to comfort her, that was a great shame for her to be that weak in front of Rena.

“Jurina, listen to me.” Rena talked from outside the room. “No matter what happen, no matter how angry I am, no matter how bad your mistakes… I still love you. I will be on your side, always.”

Jurina really glad to hear that and it caused her tears flowed even more. I’m sorry.


2 months had passed, everything became really different. Jurina got fired from her management and then they had to move into a small apartment, Jurina’s ‘old’ house was confiscated because she couldn’t pay off the debts to 1 of the 3 companies. She didn’t let Rena to ask some helps from her parents. She felt so embarrassed if Rena’s parent took part in their financial problem.

Jurina gulped when they arrived at their new house. “R-rena… are you sure t-that we can’t afford a bigger and nicer apartment?” She saw how small that place. It looked dark and dirty… the roof, the window, the floor, and the door were already rotten. She couldn’t imagine that Rena wanted to live in that kind of place.

Rena held Jurina’s hand. “Yes, we can buy the nicer one but we have to save some money for our daily needs. Just to remind that both of us are unemployed. Besides that, if we lived in the nice one… the electricity bill would be more expensive, right?”

“Are you sure that you’ll okay with this? I mean… you’re born from a rich family, you’re not familiar with this situation.” Jurina looked at Rena. “Well… my parents already died since I was in college, so… I’ve experienced to live like this. Well… not this pathetic, but at least I know how it felt became a poor girl.”

Rena sighed. “Jurina, I love you.” She gave a small kiss on Jurina’s lips. “As long as you’re beside me, I think I even can live under the bridge though.” She smiled. “Let’s through this together, okay?”

Jurina felt lucky to have Rena in her life; if it was other girl… she would leave Jurina for sure. The regret and guilt stabbed her heart again. How bad I am to bring my lover to this kind of place. She felt the warm water flowed on her cheeks. She sat on the floor and cried. “I’m sorry.”

Rena knelt so she could hug her girlfriend comfortably. “It’s okay. I’m okay.” She stroked Jurina’s head and rubbed her back to calm Jurina. “Just promise me to not do something like that again. Never do the same mistakes again.”

Jurina nodded and she rested her chin on Rena’s shoulder. “I couldn’t imagine my life without you.”

“Baka!” Rena smacked Jurina’s head. “Don’t ever imagine something like that!”

“Can I kiss you now?” Jurina asked it while sobbing. She really wanted to kiss Rena to show how happy she was to have Rena.

“Wow. That’s new. When you start to ask my permission to do something like that?” Rena chuckled. She sat on Jurina’s lap and put her arms around Jurina’s neck. “The kiss is okay, but don’t do something more than that, both of us are pretty tired today.”

Jurina wiped her tears and grinned. “Deal.”

Jurina approached Rena’s lips and kissed her gently. “I love you, Rena-chan.” She whispered it inside Rena’s mouth.


3 months had passed without any big difference, they still had a poor financial.

Rena felt so stupid to not finish her study in the college. It was really hard to get a job with a good salary if we just a high school graduate. Her current job was just as a cashier at a bookstore.

On the other hand, Jurina still unemployed. She tried to apply to many of managements but all of them refused her. They were afraid that Jurina would do the same mistake again… the showbiz world didn’t trust Jurina anymore.

Jurina was so stressed out; she didn’t go out from the apartment for 2 weeks. She was afraid to go outside because she felt that everyone would bad-mouthed her behind her back. Her prestige and self-esteem prevented her to do a small job like Rena did. Rena often gave her some flayers from the places that needed an employee like cashier, waitress, clerk, etc… but Jurina always refused it.

Usually, Rena would just sigh when Jurina refused to look for work. But there was a day when she felt really SICK of Jurina’s childish and arrogant attitude. “Can you just find a job, Jurina?! It’s been our fourth month here!!! If you don’t make your ass work, we will die of starvation soon!”

“Be patient, Rena. I will find something, I promise.”

“When? When you will find something to make money?! Are these four months haven’t enough for you?! I can’t work alone to fulfill our needs!”

“Rena, I-” She tried to touch Rena’s shoulder but Rena shoved her hand.

“I’m tired. I want to sleep.” Rena left Jurina stood alone. She chose to sleep on the rotten wooden chair rather than slept with Jurina on the mattress.

When the morning came, she took a bath quickly and went for work before Jurina awake. She worked as usual, counted money, printed the receipt for the customer, updated the bookkeeping, and any other tasks.


Rena turned around as she heard a voice that sounded familiar to her ears. Her eyes widened with shock. “Y-yuki?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Yuki smiled. “I’m glad you still remember me.” She looked at Rena’s uniform. “Oh, you work here. Such a coincidence.”

Rena was glad because Yuki didn’t sound like wanted to mock her. “Yep.” She shrugged. “How are you?”

Yuki’s smile still didn’t left her beautiful face. “I’m fine.” She glanced at other people who queued behind her to pay their books. “Here, my phone number.” She gave a white card to Rena. “Please call me after your work hours is over today. If you don’t mind, I want to talk with you. I kind of miss you.”

Rena gave Yuki the books that Yuki bought. “I don’t mind.” She smiled at Yuki.

Yuki grinned. “See you later. I will pick you up here.” She waved her hand and then she walked out from the book store.

Rena smiled. She becomes more beautiful than the last time I meet her. I’m glad she’s okay.

Right after Rena finished her job, she called Yuki. She didn’t wait too long until Yuki came. “Hi.”

“Hi. Let’s go.” Yuki let Rena entered her car. “I’m sure that you’re hungry. Let’s just find one restaurant so we can talk comfortably.” She wore her seatbelt.

When she Rena heard the ‘restaurant’ word, she felt uneasy. “A-ano… I don’t have money. I usually just cook something in my apartment.” She showed a bit of shame face. She was ready if Yuki wanted to mock her, since she was really harsh toward Yuki back then. But then, she shocked because Yuki just smile at her. It was not a mocking smile; it was a sincere smile… a warm one.

“I’m the one who ask you to go out with me, so… it’s my responsibility to make you full.” Yuki chuckled. She started to drive.

Rena relieved because Yuki so friendly toward her, she felt guilty about everything that she did to Yuki in the past. “I’m sorry.”

Yuki seemed surprised but she laughed to ease the awkward atmosphere. “We’ve just met and you already said sorry? Oh man, you even didn’t make any mistake.”

“I mean… for everything that I did to you back then.”

Yuki already expected that those topics would show up. “Don’t worry, Rena. I take it as my life experience. Well… it was fun back then though, to be with you.”

Rena was lost for words. Thankfully that they arrived, so the awkward atmosphere was fly away by itself.

Rena learned more about Yuki because Yuki kept talking about her fun experience when she was in college, and she was a cum laude… as expected. She worked as a team leader for many projects in her office and she was promoted to become a manager on next month.

Rena was not ready to tell much about herself and Yuki seemed didn’t force her. Yuki gave her address to Rena and hope that she would play there sometime. Yuki kept persistent to drive her home even though she already said that her apartment was not a pleasant place.

Yuki looked really happy to know where Rena lived. “It’s already too dark to visit your apartment. Can I come here someday?”

Rena closed the car door. “Of course. We’re friend anyway.” She shrugged. “But… umm….” She looked at the ground.

Yuki rolled her eyes. “I don’t care about how your apartment look like. I just want to talk with you, that’s all.” She smiled. “I’m going.” She turned on the engine.

Rena waved her hand. “Be careful and see you next time.” She entered the apartment building after Yuki’s car already lost from her sight.

“Where have you been?” Jurina opened the door. “You never go home this late.”

“I meet my old friend and then we go for dinner.” Rena put the plastic onto the table. “Here, for you. I’m sure that you haven’t eaten anything today.”

Jurina opened the plastic. She frowned as she saw a luxury restaurant name written on the box. Well… I’m sure that all of her friends are the rich people.

Jurina ate her dinner while Rena took a bath. It was like forever since the last time Jurina ate something nice like that. She saw Rena went out from the bathroom. “Thank you.”

Rena dried her hair with a towel. “Don’t thank me. I can’t afford to buy something like that. You can thank my friend later. ” She lay down on the wooden chair, just like last night.

“Rena-chan, please sleep with me here.” Jurina lay down on the mattress.

“It’s more comfortable here.” Rena said it in a cold way.

Jurina sighed. She’s still angry at me.

Rena closed her eyes. She was pretty tired, so she could fall asleep easily. When she awake on the next morning, she felt her hand was held by someone. She looked to the ground and saw Jurina laying there while holding her hand. Jurina moved the mattress near the chair and she didn’t wear the blanket. Rena realized that Jurina gave her blanket to Rena.

Rena woke up slowly without released her hand from Jurina’s grip. She smiled and then she put the blanket onto Jurina’s body. She kissed Jurina’s hand and let go of her hand slowly. “I love you.” She whispered it while stroking and kissing Jurina’s head.


“Rena-chan, I get a job. But umm… I only work as a taxi driver. Ano… it was the only job that I felt fit with me because I didn’t have to stand in front of too many people.” Jurina scratched her head. “I’m sorry.”

Rena smiled. “Why do you say sorry for a good news like that?”

“Huh? Good? It’s just a driver!”

Rena laughed. “And I’m just a cashier, so what’s the difference?”

Jurina grinned. “So… where’s my prize?”

Rena rolled her eyes. “You’ve not even begun to work. You will get it after you show me your first salary.” She winked.

“I have to wait it until the end of month?! Ugh!” Jurina acted like she was angry. “Ah!” She hugged Rena. “Why don’t you give the prize in advance?” She kissed Rena’s neck. “Like when you asked me to wash the dishes.” She bit Rena’s below lip.

Rena smirked. “You look so hungry.”

Yes, I am.” She planted many kisses on Rena’s neck while her hand already found itself rubbing Rena’s back.

Rena approached Jurina’s ear and whispered… “Then eat me.

Jurina smirked as she heard Rena’s words. Her lips began to clash with Rena’s lips… the gently kiss escalated into the passionate kiss, and ended up with the wild kiss. It seemed like Jurina wanted to eat Rena’s lips.

Rena put her arms around Jurina’s neck, she pulled Jurina closer to her body. She parted her lips to give Jurina’s tongue full access to enter her mouth and tasted it all. When she was about to unbuttoned Jurina’s shirt, someone knocked the door.

“Urgh!” Jurina groaned. “Tch!” She let go of her arms from Rena’s body. “Who’s that?!”

Rena chuckled and patted Jurina’s head. “Easy Jurina, we still have a lot of time.” She found it cute to see Jurina’s annoyed face. She walked toward the door and opened it. She gasped. “Watanabe-san???”

Jurina’s expression changed drastically. “What are you doing here?!” She glared at Mayu.

Mayu laughed sarcastically. “Me? I come here to slap your face for doing something mindless some months ago. You ruined our hard work in 8 years just in a blink of eye.”

“Shut up!” Jurina clenched her fist. “It’s not your business.”

Mayu scoffed. “That’s why I always strict at you. You’re just a STUPID girl who always does the STUPID things. I’ve just left you for some months but you already lived in a place like this.”

Rena wanted to run away from the battle between two best friends, but she couldn’t go anywhere. She couldn’t hide either since there was only one room in their apartment. She decided to just sit and watch. She had a feeling that Mayu still care about Jurina and Mayu had her own way to show it to Jurina.

“I said, SHUT UP! How do you know this place?”

Mayu pointed at Rena.

Jurina looked at Rena in a disbelief way. “You tell her??!! I can’t believe this!!”

“Sorry, Jurina. But she’s your friend, your best friend. I already knew how it felt to lost a precious friend and I don’t want it happen to you.”

“She’s not my friend!!!”

“Let’s see in 5 minutes later… you will keep yelling at me or you will kneel down and thank me.” Mayu opened her handbag and took something. She put an ATM Card onto the table.

“I don’t need your money, Mayu!” Jurina felt that Mayu insulted her in a worst way. “Take it back! I can survive without you!”

“It’s a waste if I give you my money to you.” Mayu rolled her eyes. “It’s your money and the detail is in this book.” She put a book onto the table. “Sorry for not telling you about it, but a bit percent of your salary automatically cut and were sent into that account for years.” She pointed at the ATM Card. “I’m saving it for you if something happen to you and you unexpectedly need it, just like now. Even though it’s still not enough to get you house back but use it well.” She turned back. “Bye.” She walked away.

Jurina stunned. “What?!” She grabbed the book and looked at the detail. She saw 15% of her money from every CM, photo shoot, filming, and many other things were saved into this account…. for 8 years!! This is a good amount of money. Shit! She ran to catch up Mayu but it was too late, Mayu already drove her car away. This is how my best friend showing her loves to me. How ironic, isn’t it? She shed her tears.


2 weeks after Mayu unexpectedly visited their apartment, that time was Rena’s friend turn. Yuki came to their apartment. Jurina was really shocked when she saw Rena and Yuki laughed together inside the apartment.

“Oh.” Rena saw Jurina stood in front of the door. “Okaeri~” She stood up and the she kissed Jurina’s cheek.

“So… she’s your girl friend?” Yuki stood up as well and then she was smiled at Jurina.

Rena nodded. “Jurina, this is Yuki, my old friend that I told you on the other day.”

“Wait… Are you Matsui Jurina?” Yuki looked at Jurina closer. “Wow. That’s explaining many things.” She smiled at Rena. “So, that’s why you live here.”

In Jurina’s ears, it sounded like… ‘So, that’s why you live here’ means ‘So, she’s the reason why you suffered here’. She looked at Rena, but Rena looked fine with Yuki’s words.

“So… you’re Rena’s old friend?” Jurina decided to talk with Yuki when Rena excused herself to buy sugar.

“Yes.” Yuki looked straight into Jurina’s eyes. “I was her college friend and… her ex.”

WHAT THE FUCK?!! Jurina was utterly shocked while hearing Yuki’s blunt confession.

“I don’t want you to put the blame on her if something happen in the future so… I’ll say it to you now. I still love her and I want her come back into my hug. I want it to be fair, so you won’t tell that she’s cheating on you because I’m the one who will approach her.”

Jurina was totally dumbfounded. Hell.

“I know her long before you meet her. She has changed a lot and I guess you’re the one who success in changing her ‘bitch’ attitude.” Yuki leaned her back onto the chair. “You’re a strong rival, Matsui-san.” She looked around the apartment room. “But I think I have some advantages here.” She smirked. “You better keep her well or I will steal her from you easily.”

Jurina’s blood heated. It was the first time in her entire life to see someone clearly stated a war with her, especially a stranger like Yuki. “We love each other! You’ll never be able to change her feeling toward me.”

Yuki shrugged. “I don’t say that it will become an easy job because I know she loves you. But! Nothing impossible, Matsui-san. Once you gave a tiny chance for me to enter her heart again, you’ll regret. That’s why I said… keep her well.”

Jurina clenched her teeth. She’s strong and I hate to say it but… this girl is so damn gorgeous and she seemed rich as well. Yabai!!


I still love her and I want her come back into my hug’ those words kept repeating in Jurina’s head. “SHIT!” She hit the steering wheel and it accidentally hit the car horn, it caused the horn roaring really loud. Oh god, that’s really surprising me. Fiuhh!

Jurina couldn’t concentrate in driving the taxi on that day. She almost hit the granny who was crossing the road, almost bumped onto the other car, almost fell into the ditch, and many other stupid things. Why?! Why she came when my life is pathetic like this?! If she comes when my career is on the peak, I’m sure that I won't THIS worry.

Jurina's shift work was finished at 8PM, after that she went back home. She didn't even care about drinking tea and eat some snacks which she could get for free from the company. All she wanted to do was only met Rena and hugged her tightly to throw her worries.

“Tadaima~” Jurina opened the door and then entered the apartment. She shocked when she saw Rena was not alone in there. Wait… WHAT?!

“Okaeri~” Rena smiled at Jurina. “You know, Jurina… Yuki came to help me cook something!” She pointed at Yuki who was holding a knife, Yuki was chopping some vegetables. “She bought some ingredients for us!” She looked totally happy.

Yuki waved her hand at Jurina. “Hi. It’s nice to see you again.” She smiled.

Jurina gave them an awkward smile. This is insane!!! She closed the door. “Okay. Happy cooking for you guys. I want to take a bath.” She was really not interested about it.

Rena seemed noticed that there was something wrong with her Jurina. “Wait.” She walked toward Jurina and then she cupped Jurina’s cheek. “I love you.” She planted a small kiss on Jurina’s lips.

Jurina smiled. Her worries went away all of a sudden when she looked at Rena eyes that looked at her in lovely way. “I love you too.” When Rena turned around, she showed a victorious smile to Yuki.

Yuki rolled her eyes. I've not even started anything.

Jurina entered the bathroom with a big smile on her face. Yuki and Rena continued to cook the dinner. Not long after Jurina finished, the dinner was ready. They didn’t have a dinner table so they just sat on the floor and ate the meals.

“Sorry, Yuki. Well… this is our condition now.” Rena apologized to Yuki because they had to eat on the floor.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Yuki smiled at Rena. “It’s not your fault anyway.” She shrugged.

Jurina played with her mind again, for Jurina ‘It’s not your fault anyway’ means ‘It’s your girlfriend’s fault anyway’. She really wanted to flush Yuki’s face with the cold water.

Rena relieved. “I’m glad that you’re okay with this.”

Yuki started to ask a good question. “By the way, Rena… why do you not looking for a job that fit to your major? We’re architects!” She looked proud to say the ‘architect’ word.

Rena stared at the floor. “Actually, Yuki… I didn’t finish my study. I stopped when I was about to enter my last year there. There was a kind of big problem happened.”

Yuki choked. WHAT?! She glared at Jurina.

Jurina glared back at Yuki. She was like… ‘It’s not my fault!’ But somehow, she felt guilty. Even though it was not her fault that caused Rena stopped her study, but she had never asked Rena to continue it either.

“I see…” Yuki tried to calm down. “Well… if you want, you can work in my team. I already knew about your ability. You’re smart enough back then… you just…. lazy.” She chuckled.

Rena chuckled as well. “Yeah… I’m sorry for making you doing my homework and project all the time. And umm… I can’t work with you. I mean… I want it but I’m just a high school graduate. If you recruit me, your other team mates will be annoyed.”

“It’s okay. I will give you a kind of test and if your result is good enough, you can enter my team. Oh! Our company has a scholarship program too. I will help you to get it.”

Jurina glared at Yuki. This bitch in action again!

Yuki smirked at Jurina. This is what I called as a START, Jurina-san.

Rena showed her beautiful smile. “Really?!” She seemed so happy.


“Rena, I don’t allow you to work with her!” Jurina said it firmly. She was so tired to say it over and over again, because Rena kept whining to her for a whole week.

“Why?” Rena was really confused because Jurina had never said the reason.

“Just… NO!” Jurina yelled at Rena.

“This is my only chance to make our life better!”

“We still can survive without that job, Rena. I’m sure!”

“Why are you so sure?! We’re just a cashier and a taxi driver now!! Wake up, Jurina!!! You’re not popular and rich anymore! We still have to pay debt to one big company!! Are you sure that we can survive in a life like this?! I don’t want to life like this forever!”

Jurina was taken aback. That was the first time Rena put the blame on her about everything that she did back then.

“You didn’t let my parent help us!! You let my parent sad to see their only daughter have a life like this. You know, Jurina…. They had never let me cleaning my own room before, so what do you think when they see me live in a place like this and cleaning our rotten apartment every damn day?!”

Jurina gulped.

“Don’t be selfish, Jurina! You can’t survive without anyone’s help! You’re so arro-”

“ENOUGH!!!” Jurina glared at Rena. “NO is my last decision. But if you REALLY want to work with her, then DO IT!” She pointed at Rena’s face. “Don’t ever insult me like that again! And don’t ever treat me like a useless person after my career destroyed, because I will get it again someday!” She turned around and walked toward the door. “Oh, and one more thing… if you don’t want to live like this, then leave. Go back to your parent and I won’t hold you back.” She went out from their apartment and slammed door.

Jurina decided to not sleep at their apartment at that night. She went to the place where she worked and then she asked her boss permission to take a taxi. She wanted to work at that night because there was nothing to do.

Jurina drove her taxi aimless while looking for someone who would stop her taxi. She was driving all night with the tears accompanied her. I know that something like this will come. Someday, she will leave me because of this… soon.


2 weeks had passed; Jurina and Rena didn’t talk to each other during those 2 weeks. Jurina slept on the rotten-wooden chair for 2 weeks. Well… that wooden chair was kind of a place for ‘the angry one’.

Jurina often found Yuki and Rena talked together in the apartment after she went back from work. And when it happened, Jurina always walked straight into the bathroom, and then she would go out after she finished take a bath. Jurina didn’t want to be there and just looked at Rena talked with Yuki like a stupid girl. Jurina walked aimless until 10PM because she already learned that Yuki already went home at 9PM.

Another 2 weeks had passed; they didn’t talk to each other for a month. One night, Jurina awakened in the midnight and wanted to go to the bathroom. She passed Rena on the way to the bathroom, and something caught her eyes. There were so many papers and books beside Rena’s mattress. She walked slowly toward the books so Rena wouldn’t wake up because of her steps. Jurina read the titles of those papers and books. It was all about… architect.

Jurina clenched her fist. So, Rena-chan decided to take the test and entering Kashiwagi’s company. It seems that bitch, I mean… Kashiwagi succeed with her plan.

Last time, Jurina got into a huge trouble when she knew that Mayu would leave her. She didn’t want to do a same mistake and hold herself to not drink any alcoholic stuff despite her mind was so messed up. She couldn’t eat and slept properly. She often daydreaming when she was driving, but thankfully she didn’t get any accident.

One day…

“Jurina.” Rena called Jurina who was about to get out from the apartment.

Jurina turned around. “Hm?” She should be happy because Rena finally called her name after 1 and half months. But no, she had already got a bad feeling about this and she was already ready to hear it.

“Start from tomorrow, I will work at Yuki’s company. I do it for us, Jurina. So please-please don’t be selfish anymore.”

This is it. I knew it. Jurina looked straight into Rena’s eyes. “So, it’s like your dream comes true, huh? Architect is cool. It’s good for you.” She shrugged. “But you don’t have to do it for us.”

Rena was confused. At first she thought that Jurina agreed with her decision, but she wasn’t sure because the last sentence seemed weird. “What do you mean? Of course I want to do it for us.”

“Don’t you hear me, Rena? You don’t have to do anything for us… anymore.”

Rena stood up. Her heartbeat’s speed was increased amazingly. She was so afraid. “Don’t say it, Jurina. Don’t say that you want to-”

“Go.” Jurina cut off Rena’s words. “Leave.”

Rena stunned and her mind went blank. She through all of these misery for her lover, but when she was about to work harder… her lover wanted to kick her out.

 “Go back to your parent and you can freely work with Yuki. Just like I said, Architect is cool… but not for me. I can through this pathetic life by myself. I can survive without you.”

Rena couldn’t hold her tears. “Why are you so STUPID, Jurina?! Why?!” She cried hysterically. “I don’t have any idea why you want to end this??!! We’ve been together for years!” She leaned her body onto the wall. Her feet suddenly became too weak to prop her body.

Jurina began to get mad. “You ask me the reason?!!! You’ve insulted me that day! Go back to your home and enjoy your comfortable life as a rich girl! Someday, I will laugh at you when I can stand with my own feet again! I will get back my fame, my money, and my glamour life!!”

Rena gasped. She shocked because her words on the other day made Jurina that upset and she even didn’t say sorry after she said it. “I didn’t mean to insult you. I’m MOTIVATING you, Jurina! I want to open your eyes.”

“Oh really? You want to motivate me by working with Yuki?” Jurina scoffed.

“I don’t get it. Why are you so angry at her? She even didn’t do anything wrong!! She just wants to help us, that’s it!”

“Help us?! Pfft. You mean… help you.”

“What’s your point? Spit it out and stop make me confused!” Rena’s cheeks were still flooded by her tears.

“Who’s Yuki?” Jurina crossed her arms.

“She’s only my college friend, Jurina!!”

“WHO IS YUKI?!!” Jurina raised her voice.

Rena was taken aback. She realized what it was about and then she began to panic. “Listen, Jurina. I didn’t want to hide it from you. I’m just thinking that it’s no need to tell you about it. But Jurina, you know that I love you… only you! Yuki is only my past.”

“She still love you! Don’t you realize it?! Don’t you look the way she gazing at you?! You even ignore my warning to not work with her!!!”

“Jurina, I-” Yes, Rena noticed it. Rena knew that Yuki still love her, but she tried to ignore it. She wanted to be friends with Yuki after all terrible things that she had done to Yuki in the past.

“I don’t want to see your face in here after I go back from work.” Jurina turned around and opened the door.

“Don’t you love me, Jurina? Why are you trying to push me away?”

Jurina stopped. “Love is not everything. We can't survive by only relying to love.” She closed the door and left Rena.

Rena sat on the floor and hugged her own feet on her chest. Love is the only one that we have now, Jurina. If you throw it away, nothing left for us.

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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 :angry: Jurina don't leave like this, Reana really loves you.

Take your time author sama  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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Putri come heeeere!! ><
where do you think you are going! @@
how can you leave it like this!! ><
you broke my hear  (;A;)
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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Nooo Jurina don't just left Rena there

Please update soon

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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Again. . . You hang up just the right Time. ! ! Shit. . . . You make me so curious Anakpanti-san. . . . Owh,,yeah. . It's ALREADY morning and yet You stiLL not post the Next Chapter. . How crueL You are. . . This make me more addicted,,U know ?? I Love It.

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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Putri-san. You killed me again. :catglare: A~ A~ so tragedy. Poor everyone.  :banghead: :banghead: I want to know what happen next?  :panic: :panic: Please update soon. :bow: :bow:
I can translate it, can't I?  :deco:
Thank you for update. :deco:
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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GOOD Afternoon madam,UHG WRoTE on my Phoenix were suck.

Its HARD To WRoTE on BIg BIG foNt

Ah Forget it

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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Again, you make another amazing story... and your story always becomes better and better than before... you're so great!!  :twothumbs
by the way, pls update soon :D
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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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Finally you post this Fanfic :twothumbs :bow: :bow:

btw I need the next chapter
soo please update it soon  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Hahaha Thank You kak  :lol: :lol: :heart: :heart: :deco:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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GOOD Afternoon madam,UHG WRoTE on my Phoenix were suck.

Its HARD To WRoTE on BIg BIG foNt

Ah Forget it

Pfft.. what Phoenix Gek-san??  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

please happy ending wmatsui

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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#7 WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live

We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

============================ ***** ============================

= 6. Timeless =

It is not even the beginning of the end.
What we call the end is often the beginning.
The end is where we start from.


After a big quarrel between Jurina and Rena last time, Jurina lived in the apartment… alone. That night, when Jurina went back from work… her apartment room already empty. Rena really left her.

A month after that, Jurina became a really different person. She was became a quiet-gloomy-cold type of person. No one had ever seen her smile and laugh anymore. She had never talked to anyone except to her boss and her customers who used her taxi service. She had no friend to share her sadness. She had no friend to share her thought about her problem. She was completely alone.

My parent, my girlfriend, and my best friend leave me alone. Sometimes I feel that I want to commit a suicide by cutting my hand when I’m in my apartment or by crushing my car onto a truck, but… if I do that, people will laugh at me.

Jurina still believed that someday she would reach the top again.

“xxx restaurant, please.”

Jurina nodded as her customer said a name of one restaurant. She drove without looked at a passenger who sat on the back seat. “Sorry, Miss. It seems I have to turn back and find another pathway.” She said it after she saw there was a bad traffic jam from afar.

“No problem. I’m not in hurry anyway.”

Jurina turned her head to her left, so she could see the rearview mirror before she turned the taxi.

“Matsui-san?! Is that you?!” The girl seemed be able to recognize Jurina after she saw Jurina’s left face.

Jurina flinched and then she turned her head to look at the girl. “Iriyama-san?!” She didn’t notice it before because Iriyama didn’t stop Jurina’s taxi by herself, the taxi was stopped by a security guard and Iriyama just stepped in from back.

“Oh my God, Jurina… Where have you been? You’re like… gone!”

Jurina was a bit embarrassed because Iriyama saw her in a taxi driver uniform. She sighed. “It’s a long story, Iriyama-san. Well… the conclusion is I have pathetic life now.” She continued to drive.

Iriyama looked at Jurina through the rearview mirror. She looks different. It’s not a face of Jurina that I remember, this Jurina looks so…. miserable. I can’t imagine if that’s happened to me. Somehow, she felt that she wanted to help Jurina. “Where do you live now?”

“Umm… in a small apartment near the xxx market.”

“Then, change our destination. We go to your apartment now.”

“WHAT?!” Jurina utterly shocked, she nearly crashed her car to a bus. “No! You can’t! Oh, I mean… that’s totally not a pleasant place. My place is too terrible for you. Besides that… I still have to work until 8PM.” She tried to say many reasons so Iriyama didn’t see how poor her life.

Iriyama chuckled. “Matsui-san, I’m not a rich girl who can’t go to that kind of place… especially my friend’s house. Don’t worry. I will not mock you just because you are not like you used to be anymore.”

“Friend?” Honestly, Jurina had never considered Iriyama as a friend. She only thought Iriyama as her work partner and her savior. Iriyama saved her life twice, first when she drunk at the pub and the second when Iriyama talked about the ‘kiss’ accident. Her face felt hot when she remembered that she kissed Iriyama.

“Yeah, we’re friend. Go to your apartment, now… or I won’t pay the bill.” Iriyama smirked.

Jurina glanced at the amount of money that she saw on the monitor. Shit, it’s already enough for my meal today. She sighed. “You’re pretty cunning, you know? Alright-alright, but don’t scream if there’s a cockroach passed your foot.” She tried to say a stupid reason again so Iriyama would change her mind.

Iriyama laughed and enjoyed her victory.

In a few minutes later, they arrived at Jurina’s apartment. Jurina let Iriyama sat on the chair.

“Do you want to drink something? I can buy it for you. I kind of… didn’t expect any guest tonight.” Jurina scratched her head.

“No. You don’t have to buy anything for me. I just want to talk with you.”

Jurina frowned as she noticed Iriyama’s serious face. “Okay.” She sat in front of Iriyama.

“Do you live here by yourself?” Iriyama looked around.


Iriyama frowned. “Where’s your friend? When the last time I drove you home, I saw a pale girl. And umm… where’s your manager? As far as I know, she lived with you, I always see her in the filming location with you.”

Jurina stared at the floor. “They leave me.”

“Ahh…” Iriyama seemed very sorry to say the question. “Sorry.”

“No problem. I already get used to life alone.”

Iriyama crossed her arms and leaned her back on the chair. “I want offering something to you.”

“What is it?” Jurina looked confused because Iriyama suddenly changed the subject.

“I will bring you back to our showbiz world. I will help you to get out from this misery.”

Jurina was really surprised. Her eyes widened. I can’t believe this! Did someone have just offering me a work?! Wait! She glared at Iriyama.”I’m sure that you’re not doing it for free. You want something from me, right?” She narrowed her eyes.

“You’re clever, Matsui-san.” Iriyama smirked. “I won’t ask too much from you. Be my girlfriend and call me Annin from now on.”

“W-wait……” Jurina was taken aback.

“Don’t misunderstand.  I didn’t like you or something sweet like that. I have 2 reasons, first… I want to break up with my fiancé and second… I want to be under spotlight with you. Can you imagine if the media ‘find’ us? We’ll absolutely become the cover of EVERY magazine. Well… our jobs will increase and I’m sure it’ll help you too.”

“Wow. You’re kind of expert to do such a sly trick like that, Iriyama-san.” A pretty girl can be scary sometime. “Actually… I have no problem with your second reason since I need some spotlights too. But about your fiancé…..” Jurina seemed hesitant.

“I just realized that he’s a gold digger. I want to break up with him in a worst way… I want him to know that he didn’t mean anything to me anymore. My plan is… after media expose our fake relationship, I want to announce it in front of public… that I decided to cancel our wedding.”

Jurina gulped. Pretty girls are surely scary. She nodded. “Okay. We have a deal here, Annin.” She started to call Iriyama’s nickname. “Do I have to sign something?”

“Oh, come on. I’m not that strict!” Annin chuckled. “I trusted you.”

Jurina shrugged. “Okay, so… When do we start?”

“Now. You’ll move in to my house… tonight.”

Jurina just followed Annin’s scenario, she moved into Annin’s house at that night and (of course) she resigned as a taxi driver. She didn’t know before that Annin’s uncle had an artist management, Annin helped her to get in. At first, Annin’s uncle seemed hesitant to recruit her, but because of Annin… she finally could enter the management after she promised to not doing a same mistake again.

At first, it was hard for Jurina to enter the entertainment world again because everybody in that management kept gossiping her behind her back, but… again, thanks to Annin. Annin really protected her from the stupid people who tried to make her down. Annin always gave her some motivations to keep trying to reach her dream again.

Jurina spent a whole week just with Annin. Annin was kind of tried to ‘fix’ her appearance that almost fade away because of the miserable life for almost 2 years. Jurina went to the beauty shop everyday and she also went to the boutique to buy many expensive and pretty clothes. Jurina felt like she entered the heaven again.

Their management set a press conference for Jurina in next week. There were many reporters from TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine signed up to attend it. The reporters really want to know about Jurina after she ‘lost from earth’ for 2 years, and it also because Annin would be there too.

The news of the press conference spread really fast and it made Jurina felt so nervous. She was afraid that everybody would mock and tease her.

“Are you ready?” Annin seemed worried because the press conference will be held in 5 minutes.

“No.” Jurina looked really pale and seemed uneasy.

Annin sighed. “Relax, Jurina. Remember… this is not the first time you stand in front of many people. You’ve been here before and you just have to get it back! You’re a great actress and I’m really proud to be your work partner.”

“I… I’m a great actress?” Jurina always heard it in the past; everybody always gave her many compliments. But that time… a compliment sounded unfamiliar to her ears, especially from an amazing actress like Annin.

“Of course you are! Where’s your confidence go, Jurina?!” Annin hugged Jurina. “Look, I’m not here just because of our agreement. I’m here because I care about you. I’m your friend, remember? You’re not alone.”

Jurina hugged Annin too. “Thank you so much.”

“No problem.” Annin let go of her arms. “So… are you ready?”

Jurina took a deep breath. “Yes. I’m ready.” She grabbed Annin’s hand and held it tightly. As soon as they passed the hall door, they saw many cameras flash attacked them.


“Rena, I think you want to watch this.” Yuki pointed at the TV.

Rena sat beside Yuki. “What is this? Why I have to watch it?”

“Just… watch.”

Rena read the title: ‘Live Broadcast from Matsui Jurina Press Conference’. She gasped. J-jurina?! The warmth was filling her heart as she saw the only one that she loved after some months of separation. She really missed Jurina.

*Live Broadcast*

Reporter: “Welcome back, Matsui-san. Where have you been? You’re gone for 2 years.”

Jurina: “Thank you. Well… I’m not ‘gone’, I’m just dying.” *chuckled* “Just kidding. For 2 years, I learn how to be a different person. I’ve experienced many good things and bad things. I hope it’ll make me become a better person in the future. Thank you for your support.”

Reporter: “Why did you decide to come back?”

Jurina: “Honestly, I was really afraid to come back. All managements also didn’t want to open their arms to me because of what I did in the past. I have to say huge thanks for a gorgeous girl who sits beside me now, Annin, she’s the one who give the light in my dark world. She supports me to reach my dream again. She’s the only one who trusts me when everyone turned their heads away from me and left me behind.” *Smiled at Annin* “Thank you for always be there for me.”

Annin: *Smiled at Jurina* “You flattering me too much.”

Reporter: “Iriyama-san, why did you decide to help her and recruit her into your management? I remember that… 2 years ago, when the kiss accident revealed, you said that you didn’t have any relationship with Matsui-san.”

Annin: “If we want to help our friend, is the ‘relationship’ become so important? I help her because I care about her, as simple as that. She’s a strong girl, if it was happened to me… I might be couldn’t survive until today. She’s a great actress, model, and entertainer… I’m’ proud to be her friend.”

Jurina: “Well… reporter-san. If the ‘relationship’ that you mean is a ‘romantic relationship’, actually… we not yet to think about it but the possibility is always there. Right, Annin?”

Annin: “Yeah, nothing is impossible.”

*Everyone in that location seemed surprised*

Reporter: “But Iriyama-san, you have a fiancé, right?”

Annin: “Hmm… about that… umm… I have no comment about it today, but just like Jurina said before: ‘the possibility is always there’.”

Reporter: “Okay, for the last question today. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make your first day ruined but I think everyone want to know about your dept to xxx company.”

Jurina: *smiled* “Don’t worry. My day is still fun even if you give me that kind of question. Everyone must have made ​​a mistake … I did a mistake, so I will pay it off. I will get my house back. So that’s why I need your supports. I promise that I will never do the same mistake and I will become a better person.”

Annin: *Hold Jurina’s hand* “My support is always for you.”

*Jurina and Annin whispered at each other when the host closed the live broadcast. They smiled at each other.*

*End of the Live Broadcast*

Rena rubbed her own hands, she looked at the TV in a disbelief way. “Y-yuki…”


“Am I mistaken or they really close to each other in a romantic way?”

Yuki sighed. “Even though they denied it, we all can see that ‘something’ happened between them.”

“Oh my God, Jurina…. Why do you become like this?” Rena covered her face with her hands and then she cried softly. “Did she forget about me just because of a silly quarrel?!”

Yuki wrapped her arms onto Rena’s body and let Rena cried on her shoulder. “Sshhh… shhh…” She rubbed Rena’s back. “You have to accept the fact that she’s not yours anymore. You can’t cry every night just because of her! She already kicked you off, Rena. You have to move on too!!”

Rena shook her head. “I trust her and I still believes that she loves me. She just needs to grow up and realize that I’m the only one for her.”

“Well… while waiting she realize her feeling, why don’t you give me a chance to make you happy? I deserve to get a chance! Can’t you see it? I never stop loving you. I work hard to become a better person just because of you. Maybe… just maybe, you belong with me… not with Jurina.” Yuki wanted Rena understood her feeling.

Rena released herself from Yuki’s arms. “Please, Yuki. We already talk about it for a dozen times.” She looked at Yuki’s face. “I don’t want to hurt you anymore! What I did to you in the past was bad enough and makes me feel guilt until now. I don’t want it happen again. I don’t see you in that way.”

Yuki sighed. “I don’t care if you make me hurt for a hundred times, Rena. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I will never leave you or push you away like Jurina did to you. What can I do to prove it to you?”

“Yuki….” Rena cupped Yuki’s face.  “I know it and you don’t have to prove it. I trust your words, but-”

“Rena!” Yuki held Rena’s hand that cupped her cheek. She gripped it gently. “If it doesn’t works for us, well… I will never prevent you to go back to Jurina. A chance…. just… 1 chance.” She caressed Rena’s cheek. “I want you to know that I need you in my life.” She wiped Rena’s tears.

Rena couldn’t say anything again because Yuki was so persistent to make Rena became hers. “Okay.” She agreed although she knew that she would hurt Yuki… again.

Yuki smiled. “Thank you.” She planted a soft kiss onto Rena’s forehead. “I promise that I will never let you sad.”

Rena smiled back. Oh God… she’s so nice to me. Can I love her instead of Jurina? She let her body covered by Yuki’s arms again. Jurina, please come back before it’s become too late for us.


Months had passed and Jurina’s career became better and better. She had never stop said ‘thanks you’ to Annin every single day and it made Annin laughed because Jurina was so cute when she showed her gratitude.

Jurina really worked hard to get the good reputation from public again. She never refused any job offer. She also worked day and night to get more money so she could get her house and her motorcycle back. She sat and looked at her saving book and she was so happy when she realized that her dept only minus approximately 10%.

Next month… I can breathe again. Jurina shed her tears.

“Hey, why are you crying?” Annin nudged Jurina’s arm.

“It’s not a sad tears. I’m happy now.” Jurina grinned at Annin. “Next month I’ll be able to pay my debt. I will get my house back and I will give you a full permission to stay there whenever you like!!”

Annin laughed when she saw Jurina’s fiery eyes. “Easy boy.” She patted Jurina’s head. “By the way… congratulation for that.”

Jurina nodded. “Thanks. It’s all because of you. If I didn’t meet you that night, I might still stay in that small apartment.”

Annin smiled. “You know, Jurina. It’s always nice to see your smile. When I met you that night, you didn’t smile at all and it scared me.”

“Okay! I will give you my big smile everyday from now on!!” Jurina started to show her super cute puppy smile.

“Silly!” Annin chuckled. “Umm… Jurina.”


“Can we announce that we’re dating? How about… tomorrow?”

Jurina was taken aback. “Huh?!”

Annin smacked Jurina’s head. “I want to break up with my fiancé, remember? You forget our agreement!” She pouted.

“Ah! That!” Jurina felt so stupid to not remember it. “I’m sorry. Tomorrow is okay. Umm… do you have any plan?”

“How about… we do like we did 2 years ago?” Annin smirked.

“Wait…. WHAT?!”


Rena usually didn’t watch TV, but lately… she often did it. She wanted to see Jurina because lately, Jurina often appeared on TV.

Rena wanted to go to the bathroom but her steps stopped because she heard ‘Breaking News from Matsui Jurina and Iriyama Anna’ from the TV. She sat back on the couch.

*Breaking News*

Breaking news: Matsui Jurina and Iriyama Anna announce their dating status to public. Iriyama-san has cancelled her wedding with her fiancé and she confirmed that Matsui-san is her current girlfriend.

*A paparazzi found Jurina and Annin kissed each other in a car.*


Reporter: Do you have any comment about that accident? Was Matsui-san drunk again?

Annin: “No one drunk there. It’s not wrong to kiss your own girlfriend, right? Why this become a big news?”

Reporter: “Because we know that you have a fiancé, Iriyama-san.”

Annin: “Oh, him? We’ve broke up.” *looked at her watch* “Sorry, I have to go filming. Bye.”


Reporter: Do you and Iriyama-san really dating?

Jurina: “What did Annin say to you guys?”

Reporter: “You both dating.”

Jurina: *shrugged* “Well… if she say so. I can’t deny it.”

*End of the Breaking News*

Rena stunned in front of the TV. What?! Rena hoped that her parent didn’t see that news because her parent must be upset if they knew it.

Matsui-sama, Kashiwagi-san is here. Do you want to meet her?” Rena’s maid talked through the intercom.

“Okay, let her in.” Rena replied it. She turned off the TV and wiped her tears. I didn’t want to make Yuki sad. She will upset again if she know that I still crying because of Jurina.

Rena opened the door when she heard someone knocked it. “Hi.”

Yuki smiled and kissed Rena’s cheek. “I miss you.”

Rena rolled her eyes. “We’ve just met last night.” She let Yuki went in to her room. “How’s your work?”

“It’s fine. It’s just fine because you’re not there.” Yuki back-hugged Rena and then she kissed Rena’s bare shoulder.

Rena turned back. “I’m sorry. I can’t make it today since I have some homework today and I had 2 exams this morning.” She looked at Yuki’s eyes. Those eyes were so beautiful. If Rena looked at Yuki’s face closer, she could find Yuki’s face became more gorgeous.

“It’s okay.” Yuki pecked Rena’s lips.

“Hey! You steal a kiss!” Rena pinched Yuki’s cheek playfully.

Yuki laughed. “Can I kiss you again?”

Rena was silent for a moment. The memory about how Jurina kissed Annin made her really mad. “Sure.” She replied it without thinking again. She let Yuki’s kissed her. Yuki was about to stop but Rena put her arms around Yuki’s neck and pulled Yuki closer. “Please, don’t stop tonight.”

Yuki utterly shocked when she heard it. She didn’t need a second thought to kissed Rena’s lips again. She put all of her passion in it. She found her hand sneaked into Rena’s blouse and caressed Rena’s bare stomach and waist. “Can I have all of you tonight?” She whispered it inside Rena’s mouth.

Rena remained silent but her lips kept moving along with Yuki’s lips.

I want every last bit of you.” Yuki couldn’t hold her lust that already took over her mind.

Yuki began to lift up Rena’s blouse. “I want to eat you up right here and now, can I?” Her breath became heavier.

Rena closed her eyes. Maybe Jurina already did it with Annin too, so why I can did it with Yuki? Her jealousy really made her blind. “It’s all yours, Yukirin.”

Yuki smiled and then she completely took off Rena’s blouse and had the time of her life.


“Finally!! Home!!!!” Jurina jumped happily when she opened the door.

Annin chuckled. “Hey, Jurina. I have another surprise for you.”

Jurina stopped. “What is it?”

“It seems you can through this without me.”

Jurina turned her head and find Mayu stood on the terrace. “YOU!!!!” She clenched her teeth.

Annin thought it would be a great surprise but it was not. “O-okay…I’ll leave you two alone. Goodbye.” She went out from Jurina’s house and then she entered her car. She wanted to go home.

“Why are you here?! You left me already!!” Jurina yelled at Mayu.

“I was in love in you, Jurina. If I kept standing around you, I will never be able to move on.”

Jurina was totally shocked by Mayu’s blunt confession. “W-was?”

Mayu shrugged. “Yeahh… I think I’m okay now. Don’t worry.”

“Tch!” Jurina turned her head. “I’m not worried about you.”

Mayu rolled her eyes. “Don’t acts like a tsundere girl in front of me or I will leave you again.”

“I don’t need you to be here!” Jurina clenched her fist. “You’ve never came to me when I was still life in a pathetic life!”

“If I offered you some help back then, are you sure that you would receive it??!!!” Mayu raised her voice. “I know you very well, Jurina. You’re too arrogant and you have a solid self esteem like a stone… you wouldn’t let anyone else help you!!!”

Jurina sighed. She’s right. I hate it when she’s right.

“Jurina… can I live here with you again? I miss you so much.” Mayu looked at Jurina with her teary eyes. “I didn’t drink and smoke anymore. That time…. I was just too stressed out.”

“I still hate you, Mayu.” Jurina crossed her arms. “But I think it’s okay if you move in again since I hate to be here alone.” She smiled. “No matter what happen, you’re my best friend. You helped me so much in the past and this is the time I pay you back.”

Mayu smiled at Jurina. She ran toward Jurina and hugged her tightly. “Thank you.” She cried so hard on Jurina’s chest.

“Hey! Where is your ‘No hug! No kiss! No touch’ goes?” Jurina imitated Mayu and teased Mayu.

Mayu punched Jurina’s chest softly. “I hate you!”

Jurina wrapped her arms onto Mayu’s body. “We hate each other. I know it.”

“Where’s Rena?” Mayu wiped her tears. “I have a feeling that your relationship with Annin is just a fake. Am I right?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Jurina was so amazed about how Mayu could know her really well. “I… Umm… I kind of kicked her out.”

“WHAT??!!!!!” Mayu smacked Jurina’s head. “STUPID!!!! You’re a stupid-idiot girl!”

“Aww!” Jurina rubbed her head. “She insulted me! She put all blame in me!! She mocked me in front of my face!”

Mayu sighed. “Listen, Jurina. If we’re stressed, our emotion becomes uncontrollable. Maybe at that time Rena almost lost her hope, she needed your support but you ended up with kicked her out. Rena really loves you, Jurina… I can see it from her eyes. Get her back before everything become worse.”

“I don’t know.” Jurina seemed hesitant.

“Jurina, she’s a girl who keep standing beside you and through so much pain with you! She’s a rich girl but she wanted to live with you in a small apartment just for you! She left her parent just for you! Oh my God, I don’t realize that you’re this idiot.” Mayu shook her head.

“I’m sure that she’s with Yuki now.”

Mayu frowned. “Who’s Yuki?”

“Her ex-girlfriend.”

Mayu smacked Jurina’s head. “Yabai!! Get her NOW!!!”

“Okay-okay. Relax. It’s already 11PM! I will come to her house tomorrow.”

Mayu shrugged. “Well… tomorrow is good enough.” She looked at her ex-bedroom. “I’m sleepy. Good night.” She walked toward the room.


Mayu turned her head. “What?”

“Sleep with me.”

“HUH?! No way!! Such a baby!”

Jurina folded her hands. “Please-please-please~ besides that, if Rena already come back here… you won’t be able to sleep with me again.” She grinned.

“Such a silly reason. But okay, only for tonight. We’re too old to sleep together, you know?”

“Yeay!” Jurina looked very happy. “Umm…. Mayu.”


“Saving 15% of my salary is a good choice, you helped me so much. Thank you.”

“No problem.” Mayu shrugged. “A stupid girl like you will always need a smart girl like me.” She chuckled.


Jurina sat in front of Rena’s parent. The situation was really different from the last time she asked their permission to bring Rena. This time was so cold, dark, and scary.

Rena’s mom began to talk. “Matsui-san, we’re really disappointed at you.”

“We’re so upset and angry, but… Rena is already old enough to make her decision. If she want to be with you again, we can’t say anything, but DON’T EVER AGAIN make her sad!!” Rena’s dad raised his voice.

“H-hai!” Jurina bowed at them as both of them left Jurina and Rena alone in the living room.

Jurina exhaled. I thought they will kill me. She took a really deep breath before she turned head onto Rena’s direction. Oh God, this is bad. She looked at Rena’s face that already heated up by anger.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING HERE?!” Rena yelled at Jurina.

“I… Umm… I kind of… want to…. bring you back (?)” Jurina stuttered.

Rena scoffed. “Me? Come back to you?! Pfft! Do you think I’m so stupid to do a same mistake?!!”

“So… be with me is a mistake?” Jurina asked it carefully.

“Yes!” Rena said it firmly. “Besides that, I’m with Yuki now.”

Jurina felt so sad and disappointed at herself. “I see…” She stood up. “Well… I think I have no business here anymore. See you next time, maybe.” She didn’t want to force Rena since it was all her fault, her childish attitude caused Rena went away from her grip. Besides that, if I keep forcing her, maybe her father will shoot my head with a gun or something. I’m not yet ready to die, Airin will rage at me up there because I make her Rena become totally suffering on earth.

Jurina hoped that Rena would call her name, but no. Rena let her went away. I did a huge mistake by kicked her out that day. She shed her tears.


“Y-yuki… Jurina came to my house… 3 days ago.” Rena said it carefully to her girlfriend.

“So?” Somehow, Yuki already knew what would happen next.

“When I looked at her face… I’m sure that I still love her.” Rena felt guilty when she said it but she had to say it.

“But she already make you suffering for a long time!” Yuki tried to convince Rena to stay.

Rena smiled. “I’m just like you, Yukirin. You don’t care how much I hurt you, you keep loving me with all your heart…. that happen to me as well. No matter how many times Jurina make me life in pain, I still love her. That’s love.”

Yuki couldn’t say anything again because every single thing that Rena said was true. “As I said before… I will never prevent you to go back with her.” She turned her head. “Don’t thank me because I hate to make a decision like this. I can’t force you become mine if it just make you sad. Now… go.”

“Are we still friends?”

Yuki shook her head. “I don’t know. Give me some time to accept it first, accept that you’re not mine.”

Rena stood up. “Okay. But I really hope we can become friends.” She took her handbag from the desk and went out from Yuki’s room.

Yuki cried alone in that room. Again… I feel it again. A damn broken heart!! After years, I still can’t have her. It’s all vain.


Jurina stopped her motorcycle near the place that had a very long not visited by her, the bridge. Jurina never went there anymore after she and Rena knew that Airin had a cancer.

Jurina sat on the bridge railings like she used to do years ago. Hi, river! It’s been a long time. Everything go well except… Rena. I get my best friend, money, fame, and glamorous life back…. But, I didn’t get Rena back. How ironic, isn’t it?

Jurina looked at the sky. Hi, Airin! Can you see me? Can you hear me now? I’m so sorry for not be able to take care of Rena, but you don’t have to worry… I’m sure that Yuki can take care of her better. I’m really a suck girl, huh? Yes, I’m suck! I’m so s-


Jurina turned her head as she heard a familiar voice called her name. “R-rena!” She climbed down the railing quickly.

Rena walked toward Jurina. “I went to your home but Mayu said you’re not in home. So… I guess you’re here since she said you didn’t have any schedule.” She smiled. "And Mayu also told me that your relationship with Iriyama was just a fake thing."

“Ah! Yeah…” Jurina scratched her head.  She didn’t know what to say.

"BUT!" Rena pouted. "I'm still mad at you because you kissed her... twice! Oh my GOD, TWICE!!!"

"Sorry." Jurina showed her guilty face. "She helped me to reach my dream again, so..... yeah... it was just a part of our agreement."

Rena sighed. "Okay, we'll talk about that later... but I'm glad she didn't take you away from me." She tilted her head. “You didn’t want to ask me why I’m looking for you?”

“Ah! Right! Why are you here?” Jurina showed her super awkward smile.

Rena smiled. “I’m here to get my partner back because I can’t live without her.”

Jurina was so surprised by Rena’s words. “Wait… HUH?!” She frowned.

Rena rolled her eyes. “Can you stop acting like an idiot? Just shut up and kiss me!” She opened her arms.

Jurina hesitated. “Why? You said before that be with me is a mistake.”

“Yes, it’s a mistake because I smile like an idiot when I’m thinking about you. I still love you, Jurina. I will love you forever.”

Jurina smiled and then she wrapped her arms onto Rena’s body. “You will?”

“Yes.” Rena cupped Jurina’s cheek. “That’s the problem. So, please don’t make me sad again because no matter how many times you make me hurt… I’ll always come back to you.” She shed her tears.

“I love you, Rena.” Jurina kissed Rena’s cheek and wiped her tears away.

“I love you too, Jurina.” She ruffled Jurina’s hair. “I missed you.”

Jurina pecked Rena’s lips. “Rena, do you remember when you said to me that you want a child?”

Rena blushed. “W-well…. Why are you mentioning about it now?! It’ll make you sad again.”

“No, I’ll not sad again. Well… I think we can adopt a child after our financial more stable than now… A girl or a boy is up to you.”

Rena didn’t know how to react about that sudden decision from her partner.


Rena frowned. “But?”

Jurina smirked. “Well… normally, a woman can’t get a child in instant. You have to get pregnant first…..” She whispered at Rena. “I will try hard to make you pregnant every night.

Rena smacked Jurina’s head. “BAKA! Stop joking around and give me a child as soon as possible!! I will be the only one who have a solid right to give her/his name, okay?”

“Deal.” Jurina laughed. “Let’s go home. Please stay with me tonight. Tomorrow I will ask your parent permission again. And PLEASE pray for me so your dad won’t kill me.”

Rena chuckled. “Ahh… Jurina. I love you so much.”

Jurina gave Rena a deep kiss and hugged Rena tightly. I get her back… my life is complete now… I’m not alone again. Even if I will die someday, at least I already have Airin in heaven and my other friends on earth. Wait, what?! I feel like an angel now.

**** Some Decades Later ****

“NO!! NO!! I can’t let her go!!! Doctor, do a surgery again and make her healthy again!!!” Jurina grabbed the doctor’s collar.

The doctor seemed so sad. “Okay, as you wish Matsui-san. Please go to the administration office to sign some documents… as usual.”

“Mom!!! Stop it! We already make her suffered by doing 18 surgeries already!!! Do you think she will happy to life like this? She’s hurt, mom!” A middle-aged woman tried to calm Jurina.

“You didn’t know how I feel!! I can’t live without her!”

The woman held Jurina’s shoulder. “I know how you feel, mom.” She cried. “She’s my mom!! I’m as sad as you! But please… stop this! Stop her pain. Do you realize that she always cry in pain every night?!”

Jurina sat on the hospital’s chair. She shed her tears. God, why You have to take her too?? Last year you already took Mayu from me… How can I live here alone?

A little boy held Jurina’s hand. “Grandma, don’t cry. Mom told me to not cry… but if you cry, I will cry too.” The little boy pouted.

Jurina smiled weakly and then she caressed the boy’s head. “I won’t cry.”

“Mom.” The woman held Jurina’s hand as well. “If you really love her and want to help her, be with her when her end comes close. Sit with her. You don't have to do anything again but really be there with her. Someday, I will do the same to you… I love you, mom.”

Jurina tried really hard to hold her tears.


Jurina knocked the door. “Rena-chan.” She sat beside Rena and then she held her lover hand.

“Jurina, don’t be sad.” Rena said it very softly. It was like a whisper, so Jurina’s ear had to really close to her mouth to be able to hear it. “I’m okay. Airin and Mayu are waiting me.”

Jurina cried softly. “I’m really jealous at Airin! She will be able to flirt with you again.” She chuckled while crying.

“Baka!” Rena smiled at Jurina. “Hey, the death is not as scary as you thought. I saw Airin and Mayu… they smile and they look really happy. They told me to tell you to not be too sad because we will meet again for sure.”

“Is this a kind of our farewell or something?”

“No… it’s not a farewell. It’s a ‘see you again’.” Rena smiled. “I love you, Jurina. The death can’t separate us too long”

3 days after that, Rena was passed away. Jurina was really sad because all of her closest friends already left her as well, Airin-> Annin-> Yuki -> Mayu -> and then…. Rena. Jurina didn’t sure how long that she could survive on earth because she was already pretty old too; especially because she had to live alone without her friends.

**** 2 Years Later ****

Jurina realized that her last breath would come. Her daughter and her grandchild held her hand gently… they were crying.  She remembered that she did it too when she was about to lose someone that she loved.

Finally, Jurina took a really deep breath and closed her eyes. Everything became so dark, cold, and silent.


“Oi, Jurina! Don’t be so lazy, wake up!!”

Jurina felt that someone shook her body; She opened her eyes slowly because it was too bright and white. She blinked her eyes over and over again to adapt the light. She shocked as she saw who that was. “Mayu??!!!! Mayu!!!!!” She woke up quickly and then she hugged her best friend. She wanted to cry but no tears came out.

Jurina let go of her arms as she realized that there was something wrong. “M-Mayu… you look so…… young?”

Yes, it was Mayu’s appearance when she was 20 years old.

Jurina covered her mouth with her hand. “H-how?!!!! Am I dreaming or something?!” She looked so surprised, confused, and panicked.

Mayu laughed. “Well… relax, Jurina. I’ve experienced that kind of ‘jet lag’ before, thankfully Annin helped me.”

Jurina frowned. “Annin is here?” She looked around and found nothing except white. “Where am I?” She looked at her body. She seemed pretty young too, maybe around 21-22 years old. She wore white clothes, just like Mayu. She smiled.

“As I told you, Jurina… the death is not that scary.”

Jurina turned around as she heard a familiar voice called her name. “R-rena chan?” She looked at the ‘people’ who stood beside Rena. She saw Annin and Yuki smiled at her. She smiled back. “Long time no see.” She turned her head slowly and she found Airin stood near to Rena…. She was holding Rena’s hand. “Hey!! Don’t touch her in such a pervert way!!”

All of them were laughed.

Airin rolled her eyes. “Pervert?! I’m just holding her hand!” She chuckled. “Welcome, Jurina.”

“It’s good to see you again, Airin.” She smiled at  Airin. Airin looked so pretty and it made her could forget how suffered Airin when she was in the hospital.

4 of them left Jurina and Rena alone as if they knew that both of them need a private talk.

Rena walked toward Jurina. Jurina was paralyzed because of Rena’s beauty. If she was still have a heart, maybe her heart already jumped around and beat so fast like a Grand Prix car. “It’s nice to see you again, Jurina. You look so handsome and cool.” She caressed Jurina’s cheeks.

Jurina smiled as she saw how Rena looked at her with a pair of lovely eyes. “I miss you so much, Rena-chan. And umm… you look so flawless!! Oh man! Cool!” She grinned.

Rena chuckled and then she held Jurina’s hand. “Thank you for giving me so much love when we still on the earth. You taught me so many thing that I wouldn’t be able to find it if I was not with you.”

Jurina smiled. “I have to say thank you as well. You never made me felt alone no matter what happened. Thank you for always be there for me. I always found your love in every seconds of my life.”

Both of them walked away while holding hands. They walked with smiles on their face as they knew that their love would live forever and it would never end.

========================== THE END ==========================

Umm... I hope you like it. I've tried my best to write it. :')

See you later in my other fics.

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
« Reply #113 on: February 04, 2014, 07:30:05 PM »
Putri-san. You killed me again. :catglare: A~ A~ so tragedy. Poor everyone.  :banghead: :banghead: I want to know what happen next?  :panic: :panic: Please update soon. :bow: :bow:
I can translate it, can't I?  :deco:
Thank you for update. :deco:

Of course you can translate it as usual.
Because it's a really long fanfic, you will surely really tired in translating it. :p

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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Umm... I hope you like it. I've tried my best to write it. :')

You have no idea how I felt when I was waiting for this story.
And that last part? I literally checked this post every five minutes. So depressing. :sweatdrop:
But I am happy that I did so. This is officially one of my favorite stories.

Thanks for your hard work. :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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I accidently started at p3
but... reading it:
Airin death: whhhhyyy!!??? sob... <- reaction
Other stuff... so angsty
End: wow you killed em all... yet its a happy ending... Airin~~~

I can't begin to put my thoughts together,
but this was awesome...
Simply put in the way S. Haruhi books are titled: Le Angsty Life of Matsui Jurina + Crew
Twas awesome
Ze end

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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hmm.... author-san I kinda dissapointed with the ending :'( too hasty :(

but I'm glad you finished this story :) keep writing amazing fic anakpanti-san ^_^

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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hmm.... author-san I kinda dissapointed with the ending :'( too hasty :(

but I'm glad you finished this story :) keep writing amazing fic anakpanti-san ^_^

Which part that you said too hasty?
I can make it more detail, in a specific part, if you want it. :)


Umm... I hope you like it. I've tried my best to write it. :')

You have no idea how I felt when I was waiting for this story.
And that last part? I literally checked this post every five minutes. So depressing. :sweatdrop:
But I am happy that I did so. This is officially one of my favorite stories.

Thanks for your hard work. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Every 5 minutes?! Wow... >.< I'm sorry to make you wait.
Thank you for your support. :D

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
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Yatttttaaaaaaaaa. . . . FinaLLy. . I've been waiting 4 u. . . When u say u'LL post the next chapter in d'morning. . . It's reaLLy makes me Look at this topic every 1 hour. . Maybe,,the end is just sooo far from I expected. But,,it's reaLLy OWESOME. ! Trims

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Re: [anakpanti fanfic] [OS] WMatsui + Yuki, Airin, Mayu, Annin - Live #7
« Reply #119 on: February 05, 2014, 03:49:03 PM »
Yatttttaaaaaaaaa. . . . FinaLLy. . I've been waiting 4 u. . . When u say u'LL post the next chapter in d'morning. . . It's reaLLy makes me Look at this topic every 1 hour. . Maybe,,the end is just sooo far from I expected. But,,it's reaLLy OWESOME. ! Trims

Sorry... my work was quite hectic on that day.

Well... tell me about what did you expect as the end? Mybe I can use it in my fic later. hahaha.

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