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Author Topic: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (37/40) [WMatsui] - 12/09/2018  (Read 136593 times)

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You really gave us a chapter with sweet moments. :wub:

After all the tough chapters, after all the drama and the broken hearts (our hearts, jurina's heart, rena's heart and your heart too), this sweet moment when they holds hands or when Rena lost herself into Jurina's eyes... God! I can´t help it but I was so move!  :heart: :heart:

Airi again doing a great job talking with Churi and this last giving a second chance to Rena and Jurina's relationship. I feeel so hopeful!!
I wanna believe that Jurina and Rena are going to make the right choice and let theirs hearts speak.  :yep:

Thanks, Sophcaro

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (36/?) [WMatsui] - 29/07/2018
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Очень зрелая, умная и интересная работа. Читается на одном дыхании, невозможно оторваться!

I really liked this work. I read all night. Thank you very much for the hard work, all the characters are alive.

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (36/?) [WMatsui] - 29/07/2018
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Whenever it comes to Destiny and the series, it always made me think on where and how to start commenting on it, as it always has so much feelings in it.
FYI, I always read your fic at night before sleep, sort of a bedtime story for me so, don't mind me if I forget to make a comment. So here I am, making one as promised after a long released of chapter 36.
Let's start with the small moments that WMatsui have but still could affect Jurina in a way, like the nervousness, raced of heartbeat and a blush creeping on Jurina's face, it's sort of making me smile as I read it
I should give a thumbs up for Churi and Airi for giving them chance to be alone. WMatsui got a lot of things to fix.  XD XD And.... the way Rena teased Jurina,reminiscing the past ... :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
First snow together  :heart: :heart: :heart: that's totally a great way to wrap a chapter up  :thumbsup :thumbsup
Totally loves this chapter so much
Keep up the good work and as usual, update soon  :cow: :cow: :cow:

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (37/?) [WMatsui] - 12/09/2018
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Jurina fell awfully quiet when she and Rena reached their hotel and they stepped out of the elevator at the second floor, feeling disturbed by the realization that her time alone with her was about to come to an end. A few hours ago, when Jurina had left the hotel with the three girls in search of a restaurant, she didn’t know how this unexpected reunion would turn out. Would it be awkward? Would it be tense?

If there was one thing she surely hadn’t predicted, it was that it would go so extraordinarily well. As Jurina replayed in her head every single one of her interactions with Rena, she couldn’t help but feel relieved about their gradual, regained closeness. And what about this ultimate moment of intimacy they had shared later in the evening when she had without thinking, yet so casually, slipped her hand inside Rena’s while they both contemplated the first snow of winter?

Jurina observed attentively the older Matsui while she stopped in front of her room and rummaged through her bag, strongly wishing she could come up with a good excuse to prolong the evening between them. No, she absolutely wasn’t ready to split ways with Rena yet. Not when she had felt such a strong connection with her tonight, a connection she almost feared to have lost forever.

Once Rena retrieved her keycard, she glanced back at her hesitantly. “I guess… I guess this is goodnight?”

“I-I guess…” Jurina forced herself to smile, doing her best not to show her increasing disappointment. “Maybe we’ll meet this weekend at the convention? Or we could go the four of us together?”

Jurina could tell the older girl had been slightly caught off guard by her suggestion as she didn’t respond immediately.

“Yes, of course. We can go together…” After a moment, Rena nodded, pleasure softening her features. “But to be honest, I still don’t fully understand,” she made a short thoughtful pause, then continued. “This kind of convention was never really your thing, and I fear… I honestly fear you’ll quickly feel out of place and get bored.”

“What if I’ve changed?” Jurina said challengingly, but knew she wasn’t deceiving her in the slightest when Rena’s face lit up with humor. “Fine. Maybe I didn’t think it through and was just looking for an opportunity to change my mind after such a long shooting?”

Rena let out a small laugh at Jurina’s last, brutally honest confession. “Yes, that makes more sense to me.”

They exchanged a thoroughly amused, knowing look.

Silence settled between them and Jurina played nervously with the rectangular magnetic card in her hand, knowing she couldn’t delay the separation any longer. “Alright… I guess it’s really goodnight then?”

“Sleep well, Jurina…” Rena’s mouth curved into a shy, affectionate smile. “See you tomorrow morning.”

Jurina gave Rena one last lingering look until reluctantly turning on her heels, crossing the small corridor to approach her room on the opposite side. As she raised her arm and began to slid the keycard in the lock of the room 22, she felt slightly dejected, frustrated she had miserably failed to find a way to hold her up. When she suddenly remembered the white scarf she was wearing, her hand stopped midway.

“Wait, your scarf!” She unwrapped it from around her neck and turned around hastily, relieved to discover that Rena hadn’t entered her room yet. “Thank you again,” she reduced the short distance between them and held it out with a small, nervous look of gratitude.

“Oh, right…” A flash of recognition passed over Rena’s features as her gaze temporarily fell upon the familiar scarf in Jurina’s hand, before she shook her head lightly in protest. “You don’t need to thank me again. I’m just glad it could be useful.”

Jurina’s heart skipped a beat at the warm smile Rena was sending her, more than ever conscious of the strong reactions a simple demonstration of affection from Rena always so easily unleashed within her. As Rena extended her hand to retrieve the scarf, Jurina brusquely tightened her hold on it.

“Do you want to come inside my room?” she blurted out, only to face Rena’s complete astonishment. “I mean,” she added swiftly. “Until Airi and Akane return from the movies, we could spend a little more time together. What… What do you think?”

“I-I…” Rena stuttered.

Jurina swallowed a nervous lump, grasping that her invitation could be perceived as coming out of nowhere. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but shoot her a hopeful look, having the strong sensation that she would regret it later if she didn’t seize that chance. She could almost see the gears turning within Rena’s head as she opened and closed her mouth a few times, her absence of reply making it more than clear than she felt torn about it.

Jurina slowly let go of Rena’s scarf, now fearing to have been too presumptuous. It was true that she had spent a great evening and every minute she had passed by Rena’s side had made her realize how much she had greatly missed her, but maybe she was letting herself get carried away. “F-Forget what I said, okay?” Jurina’s face clouded with uneasiness. “It’s fine… I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Without second thoughts, Jurina stepped backwards and turned around, before feeling a hand catching her arm hurriedly. “Yes! I do want to come inside.”

Jurina span round and lit up from inside. “You do?” Jurina repeated, bewildered, somehow wanting to make sure she had heard correctly, only to watch Rena nodding positively back in reply.

Jurina, feeling her heart beat with excitement, heard Rena following her closely while she approached the room 22 she shared with Akane, the next moment sliding the keycard and letting the older girl in. Jurina followed her quietly as Rena slowly made her way inside and halted in the middle of the room, briefly sweeping the place, before settling her gaze on her in expectation.

“You can leave your coat on the chair,” Jurina kindly suggested, motioning the single chair in front of the table. “Make yourself comfortable. Do you want something to drink? There are also some snacks in the minibar.”

“No, I’m fine,” Rena gave her a small thankful smile.

Jurina returned the smile shyly and removed her jacket, opening the closet to place it on a hanger. Soon, she couldn’t resist another glance at her and she tilted her head to the side, observing discreetly the older girl while she gingerly folded her black, winter coat on the back of the chair as instructed, then moved towards the direction of the window and spread apart the white curtain.

Jurina’s eyes were transfixed on the feminine silhouette, enthralled by Rena’s pensive expression as she stared out the window, seemingly absorbed in her own little world, until she noticed Rena’s delicate features softening significantly, a mixture of awe and joy lightening her small brown orbs. “I love snow. It’s so calm and beautiful.”

Jurina smiled despite herself; a wave of nostalgia instantly swept through her. Rena might have unquestionably matured over the years, she always found her incredibly cute when she let her guards down and allowed the little child inside her to express itself. Rena’s previous murmur of words had stirred something familiar within her, and the memory of a particular evening of December 2014 came rushing back to her mind.

Jurina closed the distance between them and came to stand behind Rena, quietly admiring with her the sight of the snow falling in abundance outside. After a little while, she slowly drew her attention back to the girl in front of her, bathing in her presence and relishing the comfortable, peaceful silence enveloping them. Soon, she couldn’t keep her thoughts to herself any longer and spoke up. “Do you remember that year we both got invited at Mayu’s place for Christmas?”

After a brief moment’s reflection, Rena gazed back at her. “Yes, I do,” she answered, her confusion manifest. “Why are you asking?”

“It was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep,” Jurina started enthusiastically, surprising herself when she discovered how that particular moment between them was well imprinted in her head. “You joined me in the kitchen and chastised me for drinking so much water, stating that I wouldn’t stop going to the toilet for the rest of the night.”

The corners of Rena’s mouth curved upwards in amusement. “And I was right. How many times did you get up that night? Three times? Four? More?”

“T-That’s not the point,” Jurina’s cheeks burned in remembrance. “Anyway.” She ignored deliberately Rena’s teasing tone and went on. “Later on, it began to snow, and you went to stare out the window straightaway. Do you remember our conversation?”

“Ah… N-No, I don’t,” Rena avoided her gaze swiftly, turning her head back towards the window.

“Eh, really?” Jurina exclaimed doubtfully, somehow wondering if Rena was being entirely honest with her. Nevertheless, she chose not to insist and continued. “You were like a little child, so amazed and excited by the view of the snow falling outside.” A fond smile touched Jurina’s lips as the pleasant memory replayed in her head. “I knew that you always loved snow but to me… after watching you and spending so many hours, so many years by your side, no one, nothing could possibly be more fascinating than you.”

Jurina’s heart was thumping nervously as the confession left her lips, seeing Rena’s flustered expression while she kept her attention on the window, noting the fingers holding the curtain now clenching the fabric tightly. Rena didn’t need to speak: her whole body language said volumes and Jurina could tell the compliment had affected her, even though Rena appeared slightly destabilized, not knowing exactly how to react.

The moment was interrupted when Jurina heard Rena’s phone vibrating in the room and, when Rena took a step back and turned around, their eyes met instantly. Jurina detected some momentary, unusual vulnerability in Rena’s expression, until the latter shyly looked away and made her way towards her coat. Jurina began to ask herself if she hadn’t gone a little too far, until she heard her own cellphone beeping as well.

Jurina attempted to brush away the troubling thought and approached the table where she had left her phone, soon noticing that she had received a text from Akane.

The movie is about to start. Airi and I have been thinking that it might be a little late by the time we come back to the hotel and we don’t want to take the risk of waking you up. We think it might be a good idea to switch rooms and Rena and you could share the room tonight. It’s just a suggestion; take the decision you feel is best.

Eh? What is she talking about? Rena will never accept such an arrangement. Jurina gaped in disbelief, glancing up in Rena’s direction apprehensively. While she was still having difficulty processing Akane’s improbable idea, she witnessed Rena’s stupor as she was checking her messages. Concerned something serious might have happened, she immediately left her phone aside, giving the older Matsui her undivided attention. “Rena? What is it?”

“No, it’s…” Rena’s cleared her throat nervously. “It’s Airin. She sent me a text and suggested that we could tonight… It’s nothing. She’s just being silly.”

Jurina’s eyes widened in realization. “She asked if we could switch rooms?”

Stupefaction touched Rena’s face. “How do you…?”

“For some reason…” Jurina let out a small, awkward laugh. “Akane sent me a text to suggest the same thing.”

A sudden tense silence surrounded them.

“I don’t know what they were thinking about,” Rena murmured, her discomfort palpable. “Don’t worry, I’ll let Airin know that it’s not possible. I will not… I refuse to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“Uncomfortable?” Jurina blinked in perplexity, until her expression darkened when she suddenly got a good idea of what Rena was referring to. Now, she blamed herself for not having addressed the subject with Rena until now: she should had done it much sooner. “I’m sorry…” Jurina couldn’t help but look away, feeling ashamed. “I’m sorry for leaving your apartment the way I did three months ago. And I know I should have contacted you again after that day, it’s just…” she struggled to control her emotions as the words came out. “I wasn’t in my right mind at the time.”

“What are you apologizing for?” Rena’s baffled, questioning voice broke the air.

Jurina perceived the sound of Rena’s feet moving on the carpet and, when she stopped in front of her, she glanced up uncertainly, shuddering despite herself when Rena laid a gentle hand on her cheek. “Please don’t apologize. I’m the one who didn’t think properly when I offered you to stay at my place.” Her flesh prickled as Rena’s fingers traced hesitantly, yet tenderly the line of her cheekbone. “I was so concerned about the rain pouring outside, that I failed to take your feelings into consideration and I put you in an awkward position. If there’s one person who should apologize again, it’s definitely me.”

When Rena creased into a sudden, tentative smile, Jurina felt words failing her. A part of her still felt awfully bad for the way she had behaved that evening, when her host only showed kindness and thoughtfulness towards her. Yet, it relieved her to see that Rena didn’t seem to hold it against her. “And I’m not upset that you didn’t contact me after that. I knew I owed it to you to wait and be patient. And even…” her voice sunk to a semi-tone. “And even accept your decision if you chose not to forgive me.”

“W-What are you…” Jurina’s brows drew together in a deep frown. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m fully conscious of the terrible pain I caused you,” Rena stammered, slowly removing her now trembling fingers from Jurina’s cheek. “And I’m not naïve enough to believe that explaining myself or apologizing can make things right between us. Why would you forgive me? Or even want me back in your life?”

As her murmur of words died away, Jurina’s heart sank, struck by the sudden despair and insecurity in Rena’s voice. Silence stretched out between them and Jurina considered how to respond, feeling the muscles in her stomach clenching nervously. As Rena’s eyes never once left hers, Jurina searched her heart for an answer, only to realize in dismay that her mind had completely blanked.

“I-I’m sorry,” Rena stumbled over her words. “Maybe this was a bad idea after all. Maybe it’s best if I leave.” Rena held her gaze apprehensively, waiting for a confirmation. Jurina, frozen on the spot, asked herself what was wrong with her when her lips remained desperately sealed, uncapable of forming a single word. “It’s alright, Jurina…” The moment after, Rena pressed a hesitant, small kiss on her cheek. “Don’t worry, I understand.”

Jurina immediately tensed, sensing the finality in Rena’s last affectionate gesture. When she saw the older girl withdrawing from her and turning on her heels, she got alerted. Jurina was left quite shaken by this conversation, but knew she wasn’t the only one when she stared at Rena’s retreating form and distinguished the suspicious prickling behind Rena’s eyes as she went to retrieve her coat.

When Jurina saw Rena beginning to dress up, panic bubbled within her, grasping that she had indeed every intention of leaving. Somehow, she was having a good feeling that if she didn’t get a grip of herself and intervene right now, she would be passing next to something very important. So why on earth were her thoughts such a jumbled mess? Why did she have so many contradicting feelings and emotions going through her head?

This evening, she couldn’t deny that she had sincerely enjoyed Rena’s company, even searched to engage in a conversation with her at every occasion. Was it - as she had tried to convince herself during her graduation concert when she and Rena had been reunited again after three years of separation - pure platonic feelings for the person who had had such a great impact on her life, on both a professional and personal level? Or was there a subliminal message that she was obstinately refusing to see?

Do you want her back in your life? Would you give her another chance?

Her last conversation with Mayu came to the forefront of her mind and she felt her stomach tighten, panic turning into despair at the sight of Rena walking away. Even though Jurina refused to admit it back then, she was now conscious that her best friend was right all along and it was time to stop lying to herself. And if there was one thing she was absolutely certain of, if was that her heart wouldn’t handle losing Rena again. “Please… Please don’t leave. I want you to stay.”

Jurina held her breath anxiously, watching Rena abruptly stopping as she was about to open the front door and leave. Jurina didn’t know how long she waited, hoped and prayed for the older girl to accept to listen to her, feeling the cold black shadow of fear hovering over her heart when Rena turned at last to look at her. “I don’t think… Are you sure?”

Jurina couldn’t stand the distance between them anymore and, slowly, with shaking steps, she made her way towards her, reading the uncertainty in Rena’s faltering gaze as she came to face her. “I forgive you,” Jurina let out, surprising not only Rena but also herself by how naturally the words rolled off her tongue as if it had been a hidden truth, an evidence. “I forgave you a long time ago.”

Without thinking twice, Jurina put her arms around her and held her close, determined not to let her go, not before she had managed to fully explain herself. “I want you back in my life,” she confessed at last, realizing how unbelievably blind she had been all this time. “But if I do, I know…” she added in a feeble whisper. “I know I’ll become greedy and will end up yearning for something that I’m afraid I can’t have anymore…”

“Y-You do?” Rena’s voice shook with emotion. “What do you…” she took a moment to regain discipline over her voice, before carefully wrapping her hands around Jurina’s neck, bringing them closer. “What do you mean by something you can’t have?”

Jurina remained silent, petrified to have already overstep too many boundaries. Her true feelings now appeared crystal clear: she didn’t feel an ounce of doubt within her as she heard her heart hammering against her ribs and reveled - more than she would ever have imagined - in their renewed physical closeness. Yes, she wished nothing more but to recover her tender complicity with Rena, the person who had so effortlessly captured her heart so many years ago.

However, just as Mayu had so clairvoyantly underlined, she was also conscious that she would refuse to settle for less than what they once had: she wouldn’t accept to be relegated to the role of a mere friend. How could she, when her feelings of love had finally burst free, after keeping them locked within her for three, long years? Despite it, Jurina was fully aware that her own personal feelings weren’t the only ones that needed to be taken into consideration in this complex situation.

Nevermind how much she could sense Rena’s authentic attachment to her, she feared the probability of having misinterpreted the signals she was sending her. Three years was an extremely long period of time. What if Rena didn’t view her in that way anymore? Jurina was terrified of asking yet she knew she couldn’t back away anymore, not when she had already said so much. “Don’t you… Don’t you already have someone else in your life?”

“No, I’m not… I’m not seeing anyone,” Rena replied, confusion evident in her voice.

Jurina felt a wave of relief sweep through her; her heart filled with hope. “Y-You’re not? But what about-” she stopped short, swallowing the words. “What about Masada-san?” she finally managed to whisper, realizing how the simple mention of the male actor – Rena’s co-star in three dramas, notably Destiny - still managed to make her feel ill-at-ease after all these years. “You two must have gotten closer over time?”

Jurina waited, dreading the answer, when she suddenly felt Rena slowly extricating herself from her arms. “Jurina, look at me.” Jurina could do nothing else but comply when Rena’s gaze plunged deeply into her eyes, her hands coming to her face as Rena cupped both her cheeks. “I never had feelings for Yosuke. I never could…” her voice trembled; tears welled up within Rena’s eyes. “I never wanted to be with anyone else. Can’t you see? Can’t you see that I love you?”

Jurina felt a swirl of emotions as relief and unlimited happiness submerged her all at once. Her heart pounded an erratic rhythm and she delicately caught Rena’s hands between her own, feeling them slightly shaking inside her palms. When she witnessed the silent tears of disarray glistening on Rena’s face, she moved one hand to wipe them away, before she drew Rena gently towards her and embraced her.

“I love you too,” Jurina’s voice broke, feeling her own tears of happiness fall. When she sensed Rena’s body trembling and her uneven breathing against her cheek, she laid her head on top of Rena’s shoulder, not afraid anymore to pour her heart out, confess a love she had so foolishly tried to keep buried deep inside her. “I love you, Rena.” She nuzzled her nose in the crook of Rena’s neck, breathing her in, needing to capture her scent once again. “I never stopped loving you.”

“Jurina…” Rena’s voice quivered.

Jurina tightened her hold around her, gently kissing the side of Rena’s neck, refusing to let her go now that their mutual feelings had finally been exchanged without filter. Jurina didn’t know how long they stayed inside each other’s arms without speaking but, after a little while, Rena was the one to slowly tear herself out of her arms, their eyes locking as their breathing came in unison. Rena’s tears had now dried up and her small, brown orbs shone with undeniable hope. Jurina couldn’t resist but slide her trembling fingers down Rena’s cheek, then lightly across her lips, reveling in the feel of the soft flawless skin she was refamiliarizing herself with.

When Rena reduced the short distance between their lips, Jurina held her breath in anticipation, a little taken aback when Rena halted her progression a few inches from hers, as if somewhat still hesitant. Jurina knew she was the one who needed to make the next move: to reassure her, to prove that she genuinely meant everything she said. Tentatively, she moved forward, meeting Rena’s lips halfway. As Jurina gently pressed her lips on hers and their lips brushed against each other’s for the first time in three years, in a slow but tender kiss of reacquaintance, Jurina felt fully alive again.

Jurina ran her fingers tenderly through Rena’s long brown hair and moved her mouth over hers, relishing its softness, gaining more confidence. Their lips parted for a fleeting moment but Rena soon initiated a second kiss, Jurina feeling her heart beginning to beat faster as the touch of Rena’s lips on hers sent a shockwave through her entire body. The kiss was as tender and light as a summer breeze and Jurina drank in the sweetness of the moment, feeling a rush of warm emotion as she could feel Rena’s mutual longing, her same eagerness in savoring every second of their poignant reunion.

After several slow, lingering kisses, Jurina pulled away, finding herself having a hard time controlling her racing heart and handling her overwhelming emotions. As she stared back at the beautiful - equally emotional girl secured in her arms, Rena’s tender smile as her mouth formed another soft ‘I love you’ melted her heart all over again. Rena’s lips brushed a warm kiss across her forehead and Jurina fluttered her eyes closed, glowing inside at the special, distinctive display of affection. 

“I want you to stay tonight,” Jurina heard herself saying.

Her statement was followed by a moment of silence.

“Is it… Is it really what you want?” Rena asked and, this time, Jurina witnessed no sign of Rena’s previous edginess, only sincere attention and caring. When she noticed Rena’s gaze falling on her lips intently, she smiled to herself, realizing the older girl was irresistibly drawn to her lips as much as she was already addicted to hers. “Alright, stay here. I’ll go and fetch my things.”

Rena put words into action and took a step back, yet Jurina couldn’t help but pull her back into her arms, the urge to kiss her once more too hard to resist. As Rena’s lips instantly met hers in a gentle, drugging kiss, Jurina was conscious that it was also her own personal way to try and erase once and for all from Rena’s mind any sign of indecision she had demonstrated before, and that she was extremely serious about her feelings for her.

“How long…” Jurina’s lips gently brushed against hers as she spoke. “How long will it take you?”

She felt Rena smiling against her lips. “Just a couple of minutes.” The older girl broke the kiss halfheartedly. “I won’t be long. I promise.”

“Alright…” Jurina finally agreed to let her go and followed her quietly as the older girl slowly walked away. When Rena’s fingers clutched the door handle, about to turn it and leave, a small, concerned look appeared on her face as she turned around to face her. “I love you, Jurina. Please don’t doubt my feelings for you.”

Warmth spread through Jurina’s chest at Rena’s renewed declaration of love. Now, she realized Rena shared the same wish as hers and she similarly wanted to be assured that her feelings had also been properly conveyed. “I know you do,” Jurina whispered back, bringing their lips together in another kiss of reassurance.

When their lips parted, Rena kept her eyes fixed on her for a long, pregnant moment - seeming to stare right into her soul - before her features relaxed substantially into a smile of pleasure and she finally made her way out. For a while, Jurina remained standing on the spot, listening to the sound of Rena’s feet drawing away in the corridor, before hearing the distinctive noise of another door opening then closing a few seconds later.

Jurina let out a blissful sigh – her lips still tingling pleasurably from all the gentle, affectionate kisses she and Rena had exchanged. Somehow, she wanted to believe ardently that, after all the indisputable moments of hardship and pain she had went through - not only in her private life but also in her gratifying yet challenging career as a young idol - life was giving her another chance to be truthfully happy with Rena again.


While the TV played faintly in the background of the hotel room, Jurina couldn’t help but watch once more the nocturnal, rare show offered to her through the window, the snow that had stopped falling a few minutes ago now covering entirely the streets of Tokyo. Jurina didn’t know how long she stood there in silence, gazing outside contemplatively, her thoughts directed way too often towards the older girl who had resurfaced in her personal life in the most unpredictable way.

When she distinguished the front door opening behind her, followed by the characteristic sound of Rena’s suitcase rolling on the carpet, Jurina’s heart fluttered with expectancy. She didn’t have time to turn around that she felt two arms slipping around her waist from behind without warning. It didn’t take her long to settle back and enjoy the feel of Rena’s warm arms around her, soon linking their hands and lacing their fingers together. As she relaxed back into Rena’s embrace, she wished she could freeze time and make this peaceful moment between them last forever.

“Of course, I remembered,” Rena murmured softly against her ear, dropping her chin on Jurina’s left shoulder, following her gaze outside. “But I still believe snow is such a wonderful, precious sight. Don’t you agree?”

It took Jurina a moment or two to understand what Rena was referring to and, when it finally clicked, she smiled inwardly. “I knew it. You lied to me.” Jurina pretended to be offended, but knew by Rena’s low and amused chuckle that she wasn’t fooled.

“You know compliments always make me feel a little uncomfortable,” Rena gently reminded her, placing a slow, tender kiss on Jurina’s cheek. “And somehow, after all these years and what happened between us…” she whispered with a hint of melancholy in her voice. “I didn’t think, I didn’t believe that you-”

“That I would still believe it?” Jurina chimed in worriedly, turning around to face her. “Even if we were separated and far away from each other, I would never change my opinion on you. You are beautiful and fascinating. And I’m not the only person to believe it. So why can’t you see it too?”

“No matter what I say, you will never stop saying those embarrassing things, will you?” Rena buried her burning face against Jurina’s shoulder.

A soft and loving curve touched Jurina’s lips and she gathered her in her arms, pressing an affectionate kiss against Rena’s temple. “No, never…”

The strident sound of Rena’s phone alarm-clock startled them both.

“Ah, sorry…” The older Matsui gave her a small, apologetic look and disentangled herself from Jurina’s embrace. Retrieving the device from her pocket, she briefly checked the time on the screen then shut the alarm off, before explaining when she noticed Jurina’s small confused look. “Before leaving for Tokyo, I set an alarm on my phone as I knew I would need to wake up early tomorrow morning. I wanted to be sure not to get too carried away this evening.”

“Ah, you’re right,” Jurina’s eyes widened in realization, having almost entirely forgotten about her weekend’s plans with Akane. “I guess… I guess it’s best if we don’t go to bed too late then if we don’t want to feel exhausted during the convention.”

“Yes, it’s going to be a very long day,” Rena admitted truthfully. “But we could still watch some TV if you like.” She added tentatively, directing her attention towards the entertainment program playing on the screen behind them. “Or anything else you want. I don’t mind, really. What would you like to do? Just tell me.”

Jurina considered her tempting offer, clearly wishing to prolong the evening between them a little longer, before shaking her head in protest. “No, you’re right. It wouldn’t be reasonable. It’s getting late, and you still haven’t opened your suitcase.”

Rena met her eye hesitantly for a moment. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure…” Jurina concealed a smile. Her lips reached for hers, cutting off any future protest. “Go and unpack, I’ll go and get myself prepared.”

Jurina closed the double curtains and switched the light off, plunging the bedroom in the obscurity. Stepping away from the window, it took a few seconds for her eyes to get adjusted to the partial darkness surrounding her, before her attention got drawn to the female figure already lying underneath the blanket. When their eyes met across the room, they looked at each other and shared a lingering smile, Rena’s face softly illuminated by the dim light of the reading lamp above the bed.

Jurina made her way towards her and took a seat on the untucked twin bed, seizing her Smartphone and cautiously verifying that the sound was properly muted for the night. When Jurina raised her eyes from the screen, she found Rena watching her again, before noticing the older girl scooting further away on the bed and pulling the bedcover aside. At Rena’s silent invitation, she didn’t need to be asked twice, raising up to slowly join her.

After sliding between the sheets, Jurina laid on the side, her gaze travelling over Rena’s face in contemplation. Her fingers instinctively moved to Rena’s forehead, brushing away a few strands of hair and carefully replacing her fringe to the side. Her fingertips traced lightly over her eyes and nose, rememorizing every inch of her skin, before sliding along her cheeks then down her chin.

Her eyes moved into Rena’s and never left hers, seeing nothing else but the girl smiling back at her tenderly. When Rena’s lips seized hers in a deep emotional commitment, warmth filled her from within and she slowly fluttered her eyes closed, her heart feeling light and carefree, knowing there was no other place on earth she wished to be more at this moment than in Rena’s warm, loving arms.

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (37/?) [WMatsui] - 12/09/2018
« Reply #704 on: September 12, 2018, 02:35:08 PM »
S-so beautiful  :shy2:
Every words I read it feels so real it's like my mind imagining these action and make me feels like an audience that watching them.
I can't wait for your book!!!
Since it's chapter 37 already... Chap 40 end?  :glasses:

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (37/?) [WMatsui] - 12/09/2018
« Reply #705 on: September 13, 2018, 06:37:33 PM »
This chapter is perfect
All the reminiscing part, makes me couldn't stop smiling
Finally, they sorted out their feelings and nothing could be even better than that
Now... I should go and reread the series again, it gives too much feel for me
 :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup as usual
update soon~~~

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (37/?) [WMatsui] - 12/09/2018
« Reply #706 on: September 14, 2018, 04:37:55 PM »
Oh wow! Just when I thought what happened in Chapter 36 couldn't get any better, you proved me wrong, author-san!
I enjoyed this chapter very much. I felt like I'm falling in love again and again and again and again with the characters.
Definitely 100/100!

Reading this chapter definitely made my day. It made me happy, occasionally blushed and awww-ed by Jurina's awkward yet CUTE behaviour towards Rena. It gave me warm feeling and I felt like hugging both Matsui while saying, "My precious!" Yep, Jurina was being super cute in this chapter. She was always a confident person, but she was cutely awkward here and I have a soft spot for Jurina for that.

Quote from: Sophcaro
“Do you want to come inside my room?” she blurted out
“Yes! I do want to come inside.”

WAY TO GO, GIRL! It was cool to finally be brave, Jurina!

I fell in love with Rena's character again, even more than before. After long, painful, and torturing chapters in which Rena hurt Jurina (even if it was for Jurina's sake), I had to admit that I almost lost my faith in WMatsui. This chapter made my faith in both of them restored.

I especially liked the whole scene when Rena "forgot" what Jurina said in Mayu's place back in December 2014. (Jurina's mushy words made me blushing a little haha!) When Rena admitted that she actually remembered Jurina's words, I was like uwaaaah... :farofflook:

I would like to give a pat on the shoulder (and maybe some ice cream, too) to Airi and Akane for being a BFF. Not every hero wears a cape. :cool1:

That moment when Rena asked Jurina this:

Quote from: Sophcaro
“Or anything else you want. I don’t mind, really. What would you like to do? Just tell me.”

And Jurina was like, "Let's go to bed to literally sleep."

The scene was very logical and reasonable. Jurina was being kind and thoughtful, but I couldn't help but screaming in my head, "You could ask ANYTHING and you chose to sleep instead? Really, J?" :err:

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this chapter. Some readers might want to know what happened next and want you to update soon. But nope, not for me. I want to prolong this warm feeling inside my heart after I read this chapter. I'll cherish those sweet and fluffy scenes until then you update the next chapter.

Thank you, Sopcharo-san. I mean it.

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (37/?) [WMatsui] - 12/09/2018
« Reply #707 on: September 14, 2018, 10:04:01 PM »
This chapter is so beautiful. For a really long time, finally they're together. I don't know how to describe my feeling after having read this chapter. I really happy with them. Also crying . LoL

Actually, I don't have an account and always reading it like a shadow reader but cuz of your fiction, I don't wanna just read it and appreciated it alone. I want you to know that your fiction is great. And I really love it. I know that a great fiction like this is not easy to write. Thank you for your hard working. I hope I will have a chance to buy it in hardbook and have it in my collection books. Thank you so much. Really thank you for such a good and beautiful story. Please, Don't give up on your writing. Even if it hard to write but please don't give up. Keep going. Your work is so amazing. 😊

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (37/?) [WMatsui] - 12/09/2018
« Reply #708 on: September 18, 2018, 04:56:36 PM »
Hi author-san, it's been a while~
I'm sorry it takes so long to write a comment since the new chapter released but like usual I read this chapter as soon as it was published in JPHIP  ;)

I love this chapter so much that I read this chapter slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Great job, author-san!!!!
Somehow I can feel that the end is near and it's saaaaad :cry:
Please don't make the final chapter too soon. We need more fluffy moments here!!!  :P :P
See you on the next chapter which I wish it won't be the last.

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (37/?) [WMatsui] - 12/09/2018
« Reply #709 on: September 23, 2018, 05:35:04 AM »
Hi, Sophcaro.
Well, first of all I would to say that I've already read four times this chapter and every single time it was awesome.
The first time I found myself  crying at the end, like "Oh God, finally!!" I was so touched.

I thought it's appropriate to tell you how you move the feelings of other people.
It's been four years since this adventure started with Heartbeat. I still remember the first time I read the chapter one of what would be the beginning of this trilogy. I was so excited to find such a good wmatsui fanfic!
Chapter after chapter I have experienced so many feelings: anxiety, happiness, sadness, frustration.
To think that we're close to reaching the end is something overwhelming.

I've enjoyed every piece of this chapter. From the obvious plan of Airin and Akane to the awkward behavior of Jurina and Rena around each other. And the most important part: when they are finally sincere with each other!!

"Can not you see that I love you?"
It was worth waiting so long for this phrase in Rena's voice.

Thanks for this chapter. Thank you for those kisses and confessions. Thank you for giving us hope.

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Re: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (37/?) [WMatsui] - 12/09/2018
« Reply #710 on: September 23, 2018, 11:10:19 PM »
This chapter has been happiness, in the form of fanfiction.
A long time waiting for this moment. It has been beautiful.
The only regret is that this story is giving its final touches.
After so many years I will miss reading it and its updates.

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