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Author Topic: YuiParu Sayamilky Family - chapter 16 (25/05/2017)  (Read 19781 times)

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Re: YuiParu Family IV (some Sayamilky)
« Reply #20 on: May 22, 2015, 06:05:08 PM »
Haruki will have a friend :fap
update soon author-san  :)

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Re: YuiParu Family 5 (some Sayamilky)
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I kinda rushed the ending.... lol!
Oh and @Hikachi_Jayne  I was going to write on how they did it to have a kid but I didn't write it, mostly cuz my only thought was insemination.
So yeah, enjoy this chap/part... Im so awkward  :nervous

The small family decided to spent the next two days at Yui's old childhood home feeling welcomed by Yui's parents. Sayaka and Miyuki also decided to stay with them, spend some time relaxing with their friends.

That morning when Yui and Haruka woke up, Haruki was still fast asleep. The night before, Yui's mother put the baby boy to sleep and attended to him when he woke up around 4am. Though Yui's mother told the couple to go back to sleep, Haruka felt bad that Yui's mother had to wake up so early and attend Haruki, but her mother-in-law was glad to do so, missing the times when she would care for Yui when she was a baby.
"Haruka, relax, she wanted to. Haruki wasn't annoying her or anything, she has fallen for him." Yui was saying, while the couple made the bed.
"I don't want her to do it, I feel bad." Haruka pouted.
Yui grabbed the pillows thrown on the floor, placing them back on the bed before making her way over to her wife taking her by the waist, "Haruka, don't feel bad." Yui pecked the girls lips, but Haruka still kept her pout. Yui gave her another and another until she smiled, "Beautiful." she commented causing her wife to blush.
"I'll relax, as long as you help out your mom." Haruka said wrapping her arms around her wife.
"I promise." Again, Yui gave Haruka a kiss, this time Haruka returned it.

In the room next door was Sayaka and Miyuki, but they weren't fast asleep. Sayaka woke up first, her eyes opening to find Miyuki's irresistible lips inches from her's. Fighting with all her strength to keep from waking the girl, she bit her lower lip only to weaken and kiss her. Miyuki didn't move, she stayed fast asleep and Sayaka went for another kiss, this time causing her to stir in her sleep. Sayaka giggled as she saw Miyuki slightly frown and pucker her lips again. 'Maybe she is dreaming?' Sayaka thought. Kissing the girl again, she heard a moan come from her. Sayaka parted, trying to hold her laughter in. Miyuki suddenly swung her arm onto Sayaka, shifting closer to her wife. Sayaka moved closer to her as well, wrapping her arms around her.
"Sayanee..." Miyuki breathed out, surprising Sayaka.
Sayaka was beginning to debate whether to wake the girl up from her dreams or not, curious as to what else the girl would do or say. However all of a sudden, Miyuki shot up in bed, placing her hand over her mouth and she looked around for something.
"Whats wrong?" Sayaka looked at her worried. When Miyuki caught in the corner a small black bin, she jumped out of bed and grabbed it, puking in it.
Sayaka jumped out of bed, rushing to her side and holding her hair up, as well as placing a comforting hand on her wife's back, soothing it.
Once Miyuki finished puking, Sayaka saw how she was about to wipe her mouth with her hand but quickly she used her, well Yui's shirt, to wipe away whatever vomit she had on her mouth.
"Better?" Sayaka asked.
Miyuki gave her a slight nod.
"Are you sick? Was it the food from yesterday?" Sayaka asked and asked.
Miyuki rubbed her tummy and walked over to the edge of the bed and sat on it, placing the bin down beside her.
"I don't think it was the food." Miyuki shook her head, still rubbing her stomach, feeling a bit of a rumble, like round two was coming.
Sayaka made her way to sit beside her, placing her hand on Miyuki's back, running up and down, trying to comfort her wife. "If it wasn't the food then..." she paused trying to figure out what else could cause her wife to become sick like this. Miyuki only watched the girl, waiting for her to connect the dots.
"Morning sickness!" It clicked. Sayaka looked over at Miyuki, with a smile, glad to get the answer, but Miyuki just rolled her eyes and slightly laughed at the girl.
"I guess, it starts." Miyuki pouted. She had seen Haruka go through it, not being able to do much because almost everything made her feel ill.
Sayaka's smile turned upside down, "I'm sorry, honey..."
Miyuki reached up, placing her palm on Sayaka's cheek, "It's alright. At least now we are sure we will be having a little baby." Miyuki smiled.
Sayaka couldn't resist but to smile back at her, like always.
Miyuki was about to go in for a kiss but Sayaka backed away, "Oh no, You just vomited."
Miyuki made a sad face, but quickly turned it into an evil one, pouncing on Sayaka to kiss her all over.
"Girls," They heard a faint knock along with Yui's mothers voice coming through the door. "Breakfast is almost ready!"
The two stopped fighting in bed and Sayaka answered back, "Okay, we will be out in a minute."
Sitting back up in bed, Miyuki felt sick again and rested her head on Sayaka's shoulder, not wanting to puke. Sayaka wrapped her arm around her asking, "Want to throw up again?"
Miyuki shook her head, "Just give me a minute to lay like this with you."
Sayaka didn't reply, she only placed her hand over her wife's belly.

Once Miyuki felt a little better, with no feeling of vomiting again, the couple headed to have breakfast finding their friends already sitting having breakfast.
"Good morning, did you two sleep well?" Yui asked, as soon as she spotted the two coming to sit.
"It was nice. It's good not having to wake up to go to work." Sayaka grinned.
As soon as the two sat across the couple, Yui's mother came in placing a plate of fruit on the table.
"Good morning, Sayaka, Miyuki." she greeted. "Did you two sleep well?"
Yes we did, Thank you." Miyuki smiled at the elder woman.
"Good. Let me bring you some juice. Help yourselves." She pointed towards the food on the table. Sayaka's mouth watered at the sight of the food, but Miyuki caught a glimpse of it and felt sick to her stomach again, placing her hand over her mouth.
Haruka caught the girl looking away from the food while Sayaka took a plate and placed some food. Once she had her's, she took Miyuki's plate, "what do you want, Milky?"
She glanced at Sayaka trying to grab her attention from the food. "Uh... I'm not hungry." Miyuki whispered. Sayaka finally turned to her and realized from the face she had, she was feeling ill again.
"Oh, well..." Sayaka didn't want the girls to suspect anything so she added some fruit to the plate. "What about some honeydew?" Sayaka placed the plate with honeydew in front of Miyuki.
Miyuki weakly smiled, but the scent from the cooked food was disgusting to her. Sayaka weakly smiled, moving closer to Miyuki, "do you want to go lie down for a bit?" She whispered.
Miyuki shook her head.
"Are you alright, Miyuki?" Haruka asked. She and Yui had been watching the two, curious as to what was going on.
"I'm fine, I'm feeling a bit ill, but I'll be fine." Miyuki picked up her fork cutting a piece of honeydew. But before she took a bite she gagged. Getting up from her chair she ran to the nearest restroom with Sayaka, Haruka, and Yui following behind.
"What's wrong, Sayaka?" Haruka asked, worried for her friend who was now in the bathroom with a locked door, while the three stood in front of the door.
Sayaka and Miyuki planned to tell their friends about the pregnancy, but they haven't had the chance to and they wanted to announce it in some spectacular way.
"Well..." Sayaka shrugged "you know... The food from last nights trip over wasn't good."
"Really?" Haruka asked, "I'm feeling fine and we had the same thing."
"Uhm..." Sayaka couldn't think of what to say.
"I'm pregnant." Miyuki saved her, popping her head out the door announcing her pregnancy.
"Surprise!" Sayaka threw her hands up, trying to sound enthusiastic, but everything was too fast and the couple couldn't catch up.
"Your pregnant?" Haruka asked, trying to figure out if she did hear what her friend said.
"Miyuki is pregnant?" Yui also asked.
Sayaka brought her arms down, "Uhm, yes."
The Sayaka and Miyuki couple watched the Yui and Haruka couple waiting for a response after seeing their mouths literally hang open.
"Really?" Haruka clasped her hands together a smile appearing on her face and her eyes watering.
Miyuki finally stepped out the bathroom and nodded at her friend. "About six weeks now."
Haruka opened her arms and pulled Miyuki into and embrace. "Congratulations! I'm so happy and excited!!" Haruka yelled, squeezing her friend.
"Congratulations, Sayaka!!" Yui jumped towards Sayaka hugging her as well.
Sayaka and Miyuki smiled, glad to hear their friends finally say something, instead of hear them complain about the couple not telling them sooner about the pregnancy.
"What's going on?" Yui's father asked as he walked by with Haruki.
"Tell him." Yui broke the hug and pointed at Sayaka then to her father, gesturing her to announce it to him.
"Miyuki and I, are having a baby!"
"Congratulations! Hey, mama," he called out to Yui's mother as he walked towards the kitchen, "Sayaka and Miyuki are having a baby!"
The couples heard quick steps coming toward them, laughing as they saw Yui's mother running towards them and congratulating them, glad to know another baby would be around.

Late afternoon, Haruka was with Yui in the bedroom changing Haruki's diaper. While she changed his diaper, she watched Yui laying on the bed talking to Haruki. Sometimes Yui would talk to him like he was grown up while other times she spoke gibberish and made cooing sounds to him. She always enjoyed watching how Haruki would react to Yui, by the small movements he made.
"I love you, baby. Yes, I do!" Yui cooed. Haruki then gave slight kick, surprising Haruka.
"Woah! Your son is going to be a kick boxer or soccer player." Haruka laughed as she began dressing Haruki in his onesie his aunt Sayaka got him.
"A fighter would be cool or a ninja." Yui looked up grinning at her wife.
"A ninja!? So he can sneak out of the house when he is older?" Haruka shook her head, "no way! We will sign him up for soccer." Haruka finished changing him and Yui sat up in bed, taking Haruki in her arms, wrapping him in the blanket he was laying on.
"He seems a lot better. Has he coughed in awhile?" Yui asked.
Haruka grabbed the dirty diaper from the bed to throw away, "he does seem better doesn't he? I think your mother has magic powers."
Yui chuckled, "no, I think it's you taking really good care of our son."
Haruka threw the diaper away returning to sit beside Yui and Haruki. "I feel like I haven't since he became sick. I mean, he had a sore throat and cough, he is tiny and I still decided to take the trip over even if he became more ill."
"Haruka, don't worry, he is getting better, you're not doing a bad job. You are a good mother! Look at him he is happy." Yui showed the adorable baby to Haruka, causing her to smile. "You're a wonderful mother." Yui leaned to Haruka giving her a kiss on her cheek.
"Thank you, honey." Haruka whispered. The baby suddenly tried kicking under the wrapped blanket.
"He really does have a strong kick." Yui laughed.
After a moment, they heard a faint knock at the door, "come in." Yui said. The minute her mother popped her head in, Haruka stood up from the bed.
"How are the two of you?" She asked.
"We are fine, mom." Yui smiled at her mother.
"Good, I was just curious. Also I was thinking," she opened the door more and stepped in, "you should take Haruka, Sayaka, and Miyuki out around town, enjoy yourselves."
"That's a great idea!" Yui grinned looking over at Haruka, "what do you think?"
"What about Haruki, he is still getting better."
"Just wrap him up and add a hat on him and keep him in his stroller, also it's a warm day." Her mother-in-law explained.
"I don't know..." Haruka was still worried Haruki would become sick again.
"Well think about it, I don't want to bother anymore." She said, ready to head out the bedroom.
"We will think about it, mom." Yui smiled.
She left the room, shutting the door behind her.
"Let's go, it will be fun. If you want we can leave Haruki with them just for awhile."
Haruka quickly shook her head, "no I don't want to bother them with babysitting."
"I don't think they will mind."
Haruka thought about it, she didn't want to bother her in-laws with babysitting.
"Why don't we all go then. Together. We will wrap Haruki up in his warmest blanket."
"Let's go the four of us, my parents won't be bother to take care of Haruki. Have you seen them? They have been completely in love with him!" Yui tried convincing Haruka.
"I don't know..." Haruka was hesitant. She didn't want to leave Haruki, but Yui looked too eager to go around her hometown and if Haruki went he will probably catch something. "The three of you go, I'll stay."
"No, Paruru! Please." Yui busted her puppy eyes and popped out her lower lip.
"You will just leave your son like that?" Haruka pointed at her son in Yui's arms and crossed her arms.
Yui looked down at Haruki and replied, "we are going to be gone a few hours, he will be fine, we aren't leaving him forever."
Haruka sighed, "okay, but put him to sleep first I already fed him."
Yui looked back up, "yay!" She cheered softly not wanting to scare her son.

Before leaving the house, Haruka and Yui kept listing things about Haruki to her parents, making sure Haruki would be in good care. It was going to be the first time they would be away from Haruki and it did worry them since after Haruki was born their life began to revolve around him. When Sayaka and Miyuki finally pushed the couple out the door, they were ready to head out around town.
While they walked around with Yui pointing out things she remembers from her childhood, Haruka kept worrying about Haruki. Miyuki clutched onto her arm and walked with her trying to distract her. "Stop worrying, Haruki is fine."
"I miss him already." Haruka pouted at her friend.
"Why don't we go into one of these shops and buy him something." Miyuki tried cheering her up, hoping she could help her friend have a good time.
Haruka nodded and pointed to a shop, "that one, it looks colorful. Maybe I could find something for your baby." She smiled placing the palm of her hand on Miyuki's belly. Miyuki couldn't help but smile, "I'm so excited! But I'm nervous too."
"You'll be fine." Haruka assured her friend, "it's just taking care of another life; feeding them, bathing, no sleep, etc."
"Oh yeah, that helps." Miyuki said sarcastically.
Haruka just laughed and dragged her along to the shop, leaving Sayaka and Yui.
"Where you going?" Yui asked, watching them run off. Haruka pointed at the shop and Yui gave her a nod as an, okay.
"Should we go with them?" Sayaka asked.
Yui shook her head, "let's go here." She pointed to a candy shop.
The two walked in eyeing every candy they had, their mouths watering.
"How was Miyuki feeling?" Yui asked as they walked around the shop.
"She said she is feeling fine, but doesn't morning sickness last?"
"It's different for some ladies."
"Ah, I see." Sayaka nodded.
"How are you feeling?" Yui suddenly asked.
"Me?" Sayaka pointed at herself, "I'm feeling fine. I don't have to throw up or anything."
Yui laughed, "No, not about that. Well you might catch the morning sickness too just for being around Miyuki so much. But what I meant was about having the baby. Are you excited, terrified, nervous?"
Sayaka didn't reply quickly, she tilted her head as she picked a bag full of Miyuki's favorite candies. "I'm all of the above," she answered, however a smile crept up and Yui saw a sparkle in her eye. "But I'm mostly happy." She turned to Yui and placed her hands on the shoulders shaking her with a grin on her face, "I'm going to be a, Mama! I thought I wouldn't be excited, but when Miyuki and I talked about it and went through the process, it made me nervous until she told me she was pregnant!"
Yui had a wide smile seeing her friend like this. Before Sayaka didn't want a kid, especially at a young age.
"I'm glad. And what are you hoping for a boy or girl?" Yui asked as Sayaka let her friend go.
Sayaka tilted her head again and looked up pondering. "Hmmm.... I really want a girl, but Miyuki wants a boy. Although however I see it, we will be happy with him or her."
Yui laughed, "That's true."
"I'm just worried for her, what she will go through."
Yui agreed, through morning sickness, feet swelling, easily tired from everything, and giving birth, Yui wanted to take all that from Haruka and place it on herself.
"Yeah, but if you go through it, Miyuki would say the same thing. All you can do is be there for her and don't make her angry, it will happen." Yui warned.
"I'll get her these candies!" Sayaka took the warning seriously.
The two continued picking out some candies, meanwhile Haruka and Miyuki were looking at some clothes and toys for kids at the shop nearby.
"Have you two told your parents?" Haruka asked Miyuki while they played with a toy.
"We have. Sayaka's mother almost crushed me, she was that happy." Miyuki laughed.
"And have you two though of names?" Haruka was eager to hear if any names had been picked out.
"Not yet. Sayanee and I are still arguing about that."
Haruka laughed, "well what do you want, boy or girl?"
"Boy!" Miyuki exclaimed.
The two finished their game and moved on to see the rest of the shop. "And Sayaka wants a girl?"
Miyuki nodded, "yup! She's very excited, even if she doesn't show much of it. Last night, she laid on my stomach asking me if I did have a baby in there."
Haruka giggled, "you two are adorable." She then found a yellow blankie on display, "oh, this! I'm going to get you this!"
Miyuki had declined, not wanting her friend to get her anything, but Haruka bought it. The first gift for the baby.
The couple met up back outside and roamed around some more. Haruka would at times call her in-laws to check on Haruki. They kept informing her he was fine and just to enjoy her day out. But, she still missed her son and Yui did too, just didn't want to show it much.
Once they finished shopping they had dinner and after headed back home.
"How was he?" Haruka asked the minute they walked in the house.
Her mother-in-law smiled, "He was fine. Only cried once for food."
"Is he hungry?"
"No we fed him the bottle you left." She informed Haruka.
Taking Haruki into her arms, she felt happy to see him and hold him. "How was your day with grandma and grandpa?" Haruka asked Haruki. The baby only yawned and Yui laughed.
"I'm guessing fun."
"Right?" Haruka agreed.
"You should all go rest now. It's getting late." Yui's mother said helping Yui with some bags.
"I got it mom." Yui said taking the bags back.
"I didn't realize we were out so late." Haruka was shocked. She had been worried for her son and still returned late.
"It means you enjoyed yourselves." Yui's mother said.

The girls put their things away and stayed up chatting a little longer before going off to bed.
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Re: YuiParu Family V (some Sayamilky)
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Hello author-san! This story interesting me!
Hope this one still continued ^.^
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: YuiParu Family V (some Sayamilky)
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omg they are so cute!! :D love it
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Re: YuiParu Family V (some Sayamilky)
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lovely moment  :inlove:      Haruki will meet new friend soon.

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Re: YuiParu Family V (some Sayamilky)
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Hi author - san, thank for update new chap :)

I'm not ship YuiParu befor but when I saw the title is strange for me and make me curiosity. It's a interesting story ^_^

Hope you continue :)

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Re: YuiParu Family V (some Sayamilky)
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hehe. . i think it will be so awkward if you write how they made a son. hehe

good story author-san. keep it up. :-D *thumbs*

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Re: YuiParu Family 6 (some Sayamilky)
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Here is Chap 6! Enjoy...

Before leaving Yui's childhood home, Haruka decided to make breakfast for her in-laws, as a thank you for letting them stay the weekend.
Haruka woke up extra early, with the help of Haruki of course, and headed to the kitchen with Haruki wide awake in her arms. She bought some things the day before while the four were out exploring and Haruka asked her wife what was her parents favorite dish for breakfast. Yui walked around the market with her pointing out what she needed and explained to her how to make it.
With just one free hand, she took out what she needed for the dish and placed them on the counter. While she turned back to the refrigerator she felt an arm wrap around her, surprising her, she dropped an egg.
Turning to find Yui she groaned, "you scared me."
"Sorry." Yui apologized, "I came to help."
Haruka sighed, "I want to make it myself."
"Fine, just hand me Haruki." Yui raised her arms motioning her to give up their son to her. Haruka turned her whole body and carefully placed Haruki in this arms. "Good morning, baby!" Yui kissed her son on the forehead. That baby always made her day.
"What about me?" Haruka pouted.
Yui looked up and laughed, "good morning, baby." She said in a more seductive tone, leaning in to kiss her wife on her lips.
Haruka quickly smiled enjoying the feeling on her wife's soft lips. "Now, move I need to clean this up and make breakfast before they are up." Haruka pushed Yui away gently. Yui just moved a couple feet away and watched her wife work her magic in the kitchen.
Once she was done, she cleaned up the mess she had made. The whole time she was cooking she would have to listen to Yui's instructions again, not wanting to fail on making the dish and her in-laws say it taste good with fake smiles on their faces.
Before finishing the last few dishes, Haruki was becoming fussy, he wanted breakfast and of course Yui couldn't supply him with milk. Handing him back to Haruka, Yui finished the last of the dishes and Haruka left to the bedroom to feed her son.
Yui finished the dishes when she was greeted by her mother, "good morning!" Yui turned, a grin appearing on her face. "Good morning, mom!"
"What are you doing? I woke up and smelled something delicious." Yui watched as her mother peeked over at the stove.
"Haruka, made you and dad breakfast. It's your favorite." Yui explained.
Her mother clasped her hands together, thrilled that her daughter in law made breakfast. "I can't wait to try it! Where is she?" She asked.
"She went to feed Haruki." Yui informed her mother.
"I'll go thank her." She quickly said turning to leave the kitchen.
Yui didn't think her mother would go sorry. Her wife while she was breast feeding, but all Yui could say to try and stop her was, "wait!" But her mother was off.
Yui trailed behind her mother, watching to see if she would just open the door. She knocked though. "Haruka, it's me." She called out.
Yui could faintly hear her wife respond saying, come in. Her mother opened the door and walked in closing the door behind her.
Yui prayed for everything to go well, still she stayed nearby just to make sure to burst in when the yelling starts.
In the bedroom, Yui's mother came in thanking Haruka for the breakfast and that she will wait for her to sit and eat with her. Haruka smiled at her telling her it was no problem.
Just as Haruka thought she was going to leave, she watched her mother in law approach her and sit on the bed beside her. "Haruka, I want to thank you for something else."
Haruka looked at her confused, "for what?"
"For being a part on my daughters life."
Haruka was shocked at her statement, she never thought she would hear that from her, ever.
"Yes, I was against it before, but looking at the two of you it made me realize, I should have been there for her, well both of you. I apologized before, however from the look of it you still seem uncomfortable around us. Please know, I am sorry for what I said to you before, I am grateful now, I see my daughter happy as could be and now with this bundle of joy," she placed a gentle hand on Haruki's head feeling his warmth. "I see only happiness between the two of you."
Haruka couldn't help but become teary eyed listening to her.
"You are part of our family, ever since we brought you in after you parents accident, I'm just sorry I treated you the way I did, I should have fixed things with us before."
"Well we can start now." Haruka stopped her from saying anymore, she didn't want to start bawling in front of her and Haruki. Her mother in law wrapped her arm around Haruki's shoulders and Haruka laid her head in her shoulder, her tears falling. She knew now things would be different, she would have this family like before. The family that took her in when she was younger, caring for her. She missed having to be around this house and around her in-law's.
"Okay," Haruka heard a sniffling mother in-law, "let's go try this breakfast."
Haruka lifted her head finding her smiling down at her, causing her to return a smile as well.
That morning everyone had their breakfast and after the girls packed their bags and got ready to head home. Yui's mother packed some snacks and gave Haruki some of Yui's old toys and clothes from when Yui was a baby. Now with a packed trunk, the girls said goodbye to the Yokoyama parents, promising to return soon and Yui's parents promised to visit them in the city.
Finally waving goodbye they drove back home.

Returning home was quite nice, though they had some relaxing time at Yui's parents home, they were glad to be home in their own bed.
As Haruka placed Haruki in his bassinet, Yui came into the house dragging all the bags she could carry from the car.
Haruka ran over helping her, "don't carry so much your going to hurt yourself."
"I'm strong!" Yui placed the bags down and flexed her arm.
Haruka laughed. "Yes, very strong!" She wrapped her arms around her wife's neck and leaned in for a kiss, with some tongue of course. Yui was enjoying this moment, especially since the last time the two did 'it' was around Haruka's third trimester of her pregnancy, it had shocked Yui how Haruka hand become so touchy towards her. She still remember see the night, it was a month away from Haruki's due date and Haruka began grabbing Yui all over in bed, kissing her neck and biting her bottom lip while they made out. Although Yui enjoyed it, definitely enjoyed it, she was worried she would hurt Haruka or the baby. Haruka kept explaining to Yui that it would be okay, that she read the baby books and asked her doctor about sex during pregnancy and that it would be alright. Yui worried for awhile, but decided to let in since her wife was just too grabby, plus in Yui's eyes Haruka was gorgeous, even with her big belly, and she had been wanting to have her and taste her again.
Yui remembers Haruka telling her that it felt different having sex while being pregnant, that it was really good, but after Yui worried too much about hurting her and the baby so it was the last time she and Haruka had sex.
Now the time they have is usually is with Haruki or work or sleeping. The two haven't had a chance to spend time together by themselves, they had thought about it while Haruki would be sleeping, one time they almost did, but Haruki woke up crying. They believed that if they try it would be awkward with Haruki right there. However, in present time, nothing mattered. The two were furiously kissing, their hands roaming down each other's backs. Yui kept pulling Haruka closer, her hand on the nape of her back holding her tight in place, while Haruka dug her fingers into Yui's hair.
Yui then, began moving her hand down to Haruka's ass, giving it a tight squeeze causing Haruka to gasp in between Yui's lips. Yui smirked, satisfied at what she can do to hear the most pleasurable sounds from her wife. With this eco I g hit and heavier, Yui then pushed Haruka up against the wall never breaking the kiss. But as soon as Yui reached under Haruka's shirt, Haruki's wail was heard. The two quickly stepped away from each other, breathing heavily and their faces completely flushed. Within a couple of seconds of catching their breaths the two headed to the bedroom and tend to their son.

The other couple, Sayaka and Miyuki, headed for their home. Arriving in front of the house, Sayaka parked her car and Miyuki zoomed out the vehicle running straight to the front door of their house and unlocking it in a rush.
The poor girl was feeling ill on the ride over trying to hold in the puking, pulling over once for Miyuki to vomit on the side of the road.
Sayaka parked the car and grabbed their belongings taking them in the house and rushed to attend to her wife. She found her laying in bed an arm draped over her eyes and her hand resting on her stomach. Sayaka walked over, laying beside her wife, "still feeling sick?"
Miyuki nodded, removing her arm from her face wanting to snuggle against Sayaka, like a pouting puppy wanting their owner to pet them. Sayaka wrapped her arms around her, holding her tightly.
"Get some sleep, babe." Sayaka whispered to Miyuki. And she did, after awhile Miyuki knocked out while Sayaka hummed some song for her.
Around ten at night, Miyuki woke up thirsty for some cold water but she was too lazy to get up. Instead she woke up Sayaka who had fallen asleep after her. She shook her wife and Sayaka only grunted out a, 'what?'
"Can you get me some water," Miyuki whispered, "with ice!" She added.
Sayaka slightly shook her head. Miyuki pouted and pleaded for her to get up and get her some water. Sayaka whined like a kid, not wanting to open her eyes and get out of bed.
"Pretty please." Miyuki kissed Sayaka.
Sayaka opened one eye catching Miyuki smiling. "If I get you your water, will you give me more kisses?"
Miyuki nodded, grinning at her wife.
Sayaka smiled, opened her eyes, and released Miyuki to get out of bed.
When Sayaka returned with a glass of water, with ice, Miyuki chugged it down, satisfied by it.
"Now where's my kisses?" Sayaka pouted.
"What kisses?" Miyuki joked.
Sayaka pouted and Miyuki mimicked her pout. "Let me brush my teeth." Miyuki got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.
"So you're feeling better?" Sayaka asked.
"For now. The sickness comes and goes." She called out from the bathroom.
"That's good... Hey! Do you have an appointment tomorrow with the doctors?" Sayaka remembered Miyuki mention it.
Miyuki popped her head out as she brushed her teeth, giving her a nod in response.
"What time? Maybe I can ask for a break at work or I can get out early." Sayaka waiting for her wife to finish and return to bed.
Once Miyuki finished, she made her way back to bed and laid beside Sayaka again. Her wife again wrapped her in her arms and the two cuddled, "my appointment is at one, during your lunch break."
"Okay. What are the going to do?" Sayaka asked.
"They will check my health and prescribe me vitamins to take. Also I have a lot of questions. I'm actually a bit nervous about having a baby..." Miyuki admitted.
Sayaka raised a brow, "really? I thought you were excited."
"I am!" She exclaimed, "but I'm nervous too. I'm growing a little baby boy in me then he's just going to come out of me!" Miyuki began using gestures. "It's going to hurt! Also what if we don't cut out to be good parents!"
Sayaka gave out a snicker, "we will be awesome parents, and as for birth, I'll make sure they drug you."
Miyuki laughed, "just make sure you are there with me."
"I promise. I'll be with you and the baby, for anything you two need." Sayaka smiled, leaning into Miyuki's lips for a kiss. "Also, what do you mean boy? It's going to be a girl!"
Miyuki shook her head, "no, it's going to be a boy!"
Sayaka argued back, "girl!"
Miyuki huffed, "what if it is a boy?"
"It won't because it will be a girl." Like a kid, Sayaka stuck her tongue out at Miyuki.
And of course, Miyuki did the same. He two began making faces at each other like children. The two ended it with both bursting into laughter for a face Sayaka made. "We are having a baby and we still act like children."
"Well, then we get to play with out baby." Miyuki laughed.
"Have you thought of any names?" Sayaka asked.
Miyuki shook her head, "not yet... Have you?"
"Girl names." She laughed.
"Think of boy names too."
Sayaka laughs more, "it's going to be a girl why should I think of boy names."
Miyuki whacked Sayaka's arms and the two argued 'til one in the morning about baby names and whether it was going to be a boy or girl.

How's the story so far? good? alright? Well if you have any questions about it go ahead and ask I'll answer as best as I can lol but if you're confused about something let me know cuz I know I am not the best at writing. Also uh... what else was I going to say... Oh yeah ! I wanted to ask you peeps, because I am not sure yet, but Do you guys want Sayamilky to have a boy or girl? Let me know, okay? Well I'm off to continue some other fics like the Untitled one and a new one I'm working on, also yuiparu and sayamilky...

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Re: YuiParu Family 6 (some Sayamilky)
« Reply #28 on: June 10, 2015, 12:31:37 AM »
a girl... Maybe  :lol:

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Re: YuiParu Family 6 (some Sayamilky)
« Reply #29 on: June 10, 2015, 01:54:58 AM »
A cute cute cute baby girl please~ haha interesting :)
hey could you make scenes with Haruki's other aunties? A visit hehe
just love to read alot of fiction story

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Re: YuiParu Family 6 (some Sayamilky)
« Reply #30 on: June 10, 2015, 06:16:29 AM »
well maybe twins will be great a boy and a girl
haha so that the two of them would be happy at the same time
since Sayanee and milky are fighting for the gender.

your story is great I had fun reading this whole fic 😁
same as your other fic "untitled"

and other than sayamilky as haruki's aunts would there be others?

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Re: YuiParu Family 6 (some Sayamilky)
« Reply #31 on: June 10, 2015, 06:17:33 AM »
its gonna be a girl :D
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Re: YuiParu Family 6 (some Sayamilky)
« Reply #32 on: June 10, 2015, 07:03:55 AM »
A girl for sure~
Then you can make stories about Haruki and Sayamilky's baby girl~
That will surely interesting>0<

I always wait for this fic, author-san. Thanks for the update^^
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Re: YuiParu Family 6 (some Sayamilky)
« Reply #33 on: June 10, 2015, 11:47:36 AM »
I hope sayamilky baby is girl  :bingo:
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family- replies...
« Reply #34 on: June 11, 2015, 11:19:23 PM »
HI! So many of you are saying, GIRL! :) hmmm...

@deguchi - Other aunties? like other pairings such as, Atsumina or Wmatsui, or kojiyuu ect.. or like anyone else? lol

@yuuri14 - Twins, not a bad idea...   :roll:
Maybe i should add some other aunties huh..? Also I'm happy :twothumbs to hear you're enjoying this fic and the 'Untitled' one :D

Thanks you guys for reading and commenting, I am happy a lot of you are enjoying it  :cow:
I know I don't reply much in comments, it's because I sometimes overthink and I'm not sure on how to reply, but I want to so I will try once in awhile.
I will update as soon as I can, okay?  :P

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 6 (replies)
« Reply #35 on: June 12, 2015, 03:33:02 AM »
i hope its girl. but with handsome face .hehe
author-san. . iam feel so awkward read the "lovey dovey" part. XD
but still good strory. *thumb*

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 7 (Sayamilky only+guest)
« Reply #36 on: June 19, 2015, 10:51:36 AM »
@Hikachi_Jayne- Cute!
But lovey dovey parts are exciting! haha im just kidding, I get you, I get like that too when I read other fics  :D

SayaMilky only

Sayaka was late to Miyuki's appointment, she told her she would be there early, but work kept her a little longer. She ran into the medical office, bursting through the door scaring half the women there, Miyuki included. Embarrassed by Sayaka's ruckus, Miyuki hid her face in her hands with the hope of her wife not finding her. It didn't work. Sayaka gave a faint smile to the women around her, and the one man sitting next to his wife, keeping her head low as she made her way to take the empty seat beside her wife.
"Sorry, I'm late." Sayaka whispered. She took a quick look around the waiting room to see if anyone was still glaring at her for scaring them. There were pregnant women in there, Sayaka thought she needed to be ready to run if they attack.
"I don't know you." Miyuki muffled through her hands.
"Babe," Sayaka moved closer to her wife, "come on, what about the time we spent together, you and me on the couch."
Miyuki removed her hands from her face and glared at Sayaka for the things she was saying.
Sayaka grinned, succeeding in her plan to embarrass her even more.
"I will slap you in front of these people." Miyuki whispered so no one would hear. Sayaka stifled her laugh. "Sorry, sorry!" She apologized. "So, have they called you in?" She asked.
"Clearly not since I'm still sitting here." Miyuki said grabbing a magazine from the short table beside her to cover her face from everyone
"Well, you could have gone in then back out."
Miyuki sighed.
"Yamamoto Miyuki." A nurse called out.
"Here." Miyuki placed the magazine down and quickly stood up, Sayaka following behind like a puppy.
The nurse led them to an examination room down the hall, "the doctor will be wit you shortly." The nurse informed before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.
The two looked around taking a seat on the examination table. Sayaka looked at Miyuki checking out the computer next to the bed, fidgeting her fingers. She reached to take her hand, figuring it would calm her.
"Relax," Sayaka held her hand tightly, "I'm here." She smiled at her wife.
Miyuki smiled back, glad to have Sayaka. "It's our first check up." She commented.
Sayaka nodded, when a light bulb appeared over her head, "ah, let me take a picture of it!" She reached into her pocket with her free hand and took her phone out.
"Sayaka." Miyuki laughed.
"Ready?" Sayaka stretched her arm out, looking for a good angle.
Miyuki rested her head on Sayaka's shoulder and she took the picture. Looking over the picture, they were satisfied with it. "Perfect! We can put this in her photo album."
"His." Miyuki corrected.
"You want to start?" Sayaka asked, ready for a fight.
Miyuki smirked, "you know I'll win."
"Oh yeah?" Sayaka leaned inches to Miyuki's face, trying to hold back from kissing her. Miyuki was doing the same, she wasn't going to lose to her wife, and she didn't, Sayaka couldn't stand being inches from her and not get a taste of her lips.
"I win." Miyuki grinned after the kiss.
Sayaka didn't care, it was a win for her too.
They heard the door handle turn at that moment and the two pulled away from each other, sitting up straight. When they saw the doctor come in the two were surprised to see a familiar face.
"Atsuko." Sayaka said, staring at the doctor closing the door behind her.
Atsuko smiled at the two, "hello, you two. I will be you doctor from now on." She informed them as she sat on a stool and rolled over to them. "Now, you are," she looked over Miyuki's paperwork, "six weeks along and you haven't had a check up since you found out you were pregnant, right?" Atsuko asked looking back up at the couple.
Sayaka and Miyuki had their mouths hanging open, awed that she was here in front of them. The last time they saw her was a little after Yui and Haruka's wedding.
"Really, how long are you going to be staring?" Atsuko asked.
"Just one more minute." Sayaka replied.
Finally gathering themselves, Miyuki answered, "yes six weeks along and yes first check up after finding out. Also, when did you come back?"
Atsuko laughed. "A little over a week. Listen, I need to do the routine check up because I have patients waiting. How about we schedule a get together?"
"Yeah, we have to now!" Miyuki exclaimed.
"Alright!" Atsuko laughed again. "Now, Sayaka hop off the bed and take my chair while I check out Miyuki."
"Don't flirt with her in front me me, please I get jealous." Sayaka joked, hopping off the bed.
"I can't promise anything." Atsuko grabbed her stethoscope over her neck placing it in her ears, while she grabbed the blood pressure cuff.
Sayaka watched how Atsuko worked and how Miyuki stayed calm and still watching her pump air into the cuff and checking the small gages needle move. Once Atsuko had the numbers, she released the air and took off the cuff. From Miyuki's arm.
"Your blood pressure is good. Glad to see Sayaka isn't stressing you out."
"Hey! I'm a good wife." Sayaka claimed.
"Sure, you are." Atsuko joked and watched Miyuki giggle. "Now, lay down in bed and pull your shirt up and unbutton your jeans." Atsuko turned grabbing a pair of purple latex gloves, then pushed this big computer next to the bed, and threw the gloves on. Taking a clean white towel from the cabinet, she ordered Sayaka to move to the other side of the bed, beside Miyuki.
Miyuki laid in the bed, her shirt pulled up just below her breast and unbutton her jeans, Atsuko tucked the white towel over her opened jeans and pulled them slightly down revealing her hips.
"Wait, am I getting an ultrasound?" Miyuki asked, she wasn't informed of this.
"Yeah, they didn't tell you?" Atsuko simply asked.
Miyuki and Sayaka both shook their heads.
"So we get to see the baby?" Sayaka eagerly asked.
The couple were surprised but excited now.
"The gel will be a little cold." Atsuko said, squeezing a tube of a clear looking gel below her belly button. Miyuki felt the coolness but it felt good. She then took a small remote looking type of gadget placing the end on Miyuki's belly. Pressing a few keys on the keyboard, Atsuko began to move the transducer around and the three looked at the screen. Atsuko quickly found the fetus, but Sayaka and Miyuki kept watching the screen, unsure of what to find.
"Right there." Atsuko pointed on the screen. Sayaka moved over Miyuki to take a closer look and Miyuki raised her neck from the bed trying to get a closer look as well.
"That? That tiny thing is our baby, it's in her?" Sayaka asked. All this was new to her, she's seen it in movies and read about it but to actually experience this was brand new.
Atsuko nodded, "yeah, it's as big as a pea."
"As a pea?" Miyuki asked.
"Yup. Now here is the yolk sac and here's your baby. And do you see this right here," Atsuko pointed at something small moving pretty fast. The two girls nodded seeing what she pointed at. "That's the heartbeat."
The couple were at awe just watching this tiny thing move, they now knew they had a tiny human growing in Miyuki and the heartbeat was their proof, it was alive and growing. Miyuki was extremely happy that she couldn't stop smiling and Sayaka stared at the screen her mouth hanging open, taking Miyuki's hand into hers.
Miyuki looked up at her wife and found her crying. "Sayanee, are you okay?"
Sayaka turned to Miyuki, tear drops falling from her face. "That's our baby." Sayaka pointed at the screen.
Miyuki nodded, "it is."
"I'm going to print out some pictures for the two to take home and then we are done." Atsuko removed the remote looking thing from her belly and wiped away the gel.
Sayaka then placed her hand over Miyuki's tummy. All Miyuki could do was smile, glad to see her wife happy.
"Here you go." Atsuko handed the sonograms to Sayaka. She took them while Miyuki buttoned her pants up and fixed her shirt, sitting back up on the table with the help of Sayaka.
"Now, let's talk about what you need and what to expect for the next nine months." Atsuko smiled at the two. She loved her job.

Sayaka was taking Miyuki home then after she was headed back to work. Before the two left the clinic they made plans with Atsuko to meet up again and catch up on things.
"Can I go show Haruka?" Miyuki held onto the sonogram asking Sayaka happily.
Sayaka shook her head, "no, wait until I'm out of work and we can take it to them." She took the sonogram from her hands and stared at the cute pea.
Miyuki wrapped her arm around Sayaka's as they walked home, she still couldn't get over on how Sayaka would stare at the sonogram, like she had fallen in love all over again. It's the same look she's witnessed before, whenever she would stare at her in the most random moments.
"Sayaka, I love you." Miyuki whispered.
Sayaka took her eyes off the picture and looked over at Miyuki smiling, "I love you too." She leaned down kissing her wife on the lips.
"Let's get you home and something to eat. Remember what Atsuko said, you have to eat for two!"
"You just want to see me fat." Miyuki pouted.
"So, you'll still be beautiful." Sayaka grinned. Miyuki couldn't help but smile.

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 7 (SayaMilky only+Guest)
« Reply #37 on: June 19, 2015, 01:35:39 PM »
sayamilky loveydovey hehe their cute for first time parents
Acchan's here yippie 😊 so by chance the pair is AtsuMina?

to author:
yes i really like both of the fics it a thumbs up 👍

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[WMatsui Pair]
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 7 (SayaMilky only+Guest)
« Reply #38 on: June 19, 2015, 01:42:46 PM »
SayaMilky's baby. Cant wait for the baby to be born.
Atsuko's here? Is there a possibility of Atsumina here?
Cant wait for the update!  :shocked:
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 7 (SayaMilky only+Guest)
« Reply #39 on: June 20, 2015, 12:44:43 PM »
So freaking cute!!!! I hope there is Atsumina there. Hope you'll update soon.  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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