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Author Topic: YuiParu Sayamilky Family - chapter 16 (25/05/2017)  (Read 20762 times)

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 15
« Reply #80 on: April 14, 2017, 09:13:42 AM »
Eyyyyyyy!!! How's it going? Did you guys finish reading untitled? Because I finished it! It wasn't the best but eh... Anyways I'm going to try and get back into writing the rest of these unfinished stories! What makes it a challenge is I usually fed off seeing the pairings together and now since there's no Yuiparu it's been hard... as for sayamilky I find more fics to feed off of lmao! Only way I could explain... but yeah... I'm gonna try to write again especially cuz I'm going on a trip soon so I hope that helps my creative juices flow :P so Here's 15 it's short but I wanted to post before leaving to my trip on my favorite rocket ship lalalala~~

mistakes may be found \^•^/

The sound of the rapid beeping scared Sayaka, she looked up at the heart monitor and IV worrying over it but when it came to a nurse hearing this she only turned the sound off like it wasn't anything important. "Why does it beep so quick?" She asked the nurse before she left the room.
"It was only informing me her IV is running low. Don't worry, she is fine."
"See, I told you I'm fine."
Sayaka glanced back down at the girl in bed smiling up at her, looking up at her with eyes that glistened. "I'm just making sure." Sayaka chuckled. She was happy to find her wife didn't have a scratch on her after hearing she was in an accident along with Yui, the only thing that worried her the most at the moment was their baby. Though she smiled and acted as if she was calm, Sayaka kept thinking about their baby.
"Honey," Miyuki took Sayaka's hand, she knew her well enough to notice her worry, she knew she was freaking out on the inside and fought really hard to show she was fine on the outside, however, Miyuki knew her too well. Placing Sayaka's hand over her belly where the baby was safely in the womb she said, "Everything will be fine."
Sayaka couldn't bite her tongue any longer, "what if it doesn't turn out fine? I'm really worried." She leaned down, almost whispering to her.
Miyuki reached up, the palm of her hand running over Sayaka's cheek, "let's wait for Atsuko, okay? But I can assure you I'm fine and the baby is fine. I would know if he wasn't doing good. For now we wait. Just keep holding my hand."
Sayaka gave a nod, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, but before slowly releasing it she tilted her head and asked, "he?"

Outside in the waiting room, Yui sat with Haruki and Haruka, the two waiting to hear more on Miyuki and how her and the baby are doing. While Yui played with Haruki on her lap, Haruka sat beside her wife, watching her laughing and playing along with their son, happy to see her doing just great. She still did worry over Miyuki, which she was unable to hide.
"Haruka," Yui spoke up, taking her from her trance. "Everything is going to be alright."
Haruka couldn't help but look up at her eyes, "I know, I still worry though."
"It was a minor accident, I'm fine and Miyuki and the baby will be fine."
Haruka didn't say another word instead, she continued to watch both Haruki and Yui. Her mind still pictured the worse. If the accident had been worse she would not be sitting here with Yui watching her baby boy. "Did you get checked out yet?" She suddenly asked.
Yui shook her head, "I didn't, but that's okay. Im only going to be sore the next day." Yui didn't watch her wife as she told her this, but she would have seen it coming if she looked up from Haruki.
"You haven't!?" She almost shouted. Yui jerked back, scared of her and Haruki looked up at her mother as well, surprised at the loud voice.
"I-I..." Yui stuttered.
"Yui, you have to- why didn't you?"
"I was worrying over Miyuki, I wanted to make sure she got here and checked out."
Haruka took a deep breath, she understood what Yui was saying, but still, she wanted her to get checked out as well, the hit was still hard even if no one was badly injured. "I'm taking you to get checked." She practically took Yui by the ear and dragged her with Haruki still in her arms.
Just then Atsuko arrived bumping into the small family asking them what happened and if Yui was alright.
"I'm about to get her checked out." Haruka answered, while she gripped onto Yui's ear.
"I'll get one of the med students to check her out, if that's fine?" Atsuko asked the two, pointing behind her. The couple peeked over her shoulder and Yui's jaw dropped, this was the last person she wanted to get checked by.

The couple were relived to see Atsuko walk in after only watching nurses come in and out telling them to wait for the doctor. "Let's see how you are doing." She said to Miyuki, "I was briefed on what happened, but I want to clarify, what exactly happened? A car hit you from behind?"
 "He hit Yui's car from behind." Miyuki said, "and it did cause a scare on both of us but I think it scared the baby the most. I felt him jump and after that he was calm. However, I felt this minor cramp and I felt one awhile ago." She explained. The accident had not been that bad, the car from behind them had gotten the worst of it, causing the horn to go off. Of course it had been the man's fault for falling asleep on the wheel, literally. But just as the car hit it scared Miyuki as well as the baby and afterwards she felt a cramp, it wasn't that different from the usual period cramp but she knew there was a difference.
"Let me check." Atsuko grabbed a chart, looked over the heart monitor connected to Miyuki and her belly for the baby, she also listened to the heartbeats herself. She checked and double checked while the two watched her knowing they were in good hands.
Once she finished, she stood on the opposite side of Miyuki's bed with her clipboard in hand writing and proceeded to announce, "I don't want to alarm the two of you," she finally closed the clipboard and looked up at the couple, "but you are going to have the baby today, well tonight if everything goes right."
The couple were shocked at the news, watching her with wide eyes and jaws dropping. "We still have two months left..." Sayaka said.
Atsuko gave a nod, raising the clipboard to her chest and hugging it against herself. "Yes, however, the baby wants to come out now and we can't do much to keep the baby in."
"Isn't it bad to have the baby this soon?" Miyuki asked, worried. "Doesn't he need to stay in longer?"
"We can do that, but it isn't necessary." Atsuko reached down placing a hand over Miyuki's and smiled upon her, "your baby will be fine, he or she," she let out a small chuckle knowing the parents don't want to know the gender, "has develop. They will just be small. We would like to keep him/her here after she/he is born to check if he/she would be fine to go home by the end of the week, but like I said after your check up this morning, you are having a healthy baby." Atsuko smiled, her nose scrunching.
The couple, though worried, listened to her, trusted her, and know their friend wouldn't lie to them. If they were having the baby now, then it was happening. They looked at each other, telepathically speaking to one another and with a single nod they understood each other and were ready.
"For now, the pain will be minor, but slowly it will become stronger and painful. We did talk about epidural but you had said natural birth."
Just as Atsuko spoke about this a wave of pain hit her again. And this time it was stronger than the first couple she had.
"Ow, ow, ow." She gripped onto Sayaka's hand.
"That was a contraction?" Sayaka asked ignoring the pain of her hand.
"Yes," Atsuko answered, soothing Miyuki's hand. "And that's why I wanted to ask one more time, do you want to still give natural birth?"
Sayaka looked down at her and Miyuki up and her wife. "If it hurts too much go for it." She told Miyuki.
However, she shook her head. "Natural. If that's safe for the baby."
"Of course." Atsuko smiled. "I'll go prepare a couple of things but you won't get to meet your baby just yet, it will take a couple of hours. Nurses will come in and check on you every hour or so. Alright?" Atsuko explained. The two gave her a nod. Before their doctor left she had asked them if they had anymore questions but at the moment the two were stunned. They were having their baby sooner than planned and they weren't prepared.
They were left on their own in the room, hands still interlocked with each other's. "Are you scared?" Miyuki asked Sayaka.
"Are you?"
Her wife shook her head, "sort of... I know everything will turn out fine, but I don't feel ready."
Sayaka took a seat on the bed beside Miyuki, wrapping her arm over her shoulder and pulled her against her, "I don't feel ready either... But as long as we are together, we have each others backs, we will be ready for our baby."
With Sayaka's words Miyuki felt reassured, happy to have her wife with her in this moment.
"By the way," Sayaka scrunched her brows, "you said he... "
Miyuki laughed, "are we really going to argue about this now."
Sayaka gave a nod, "yes, because she's going to be a girl."

"I don't want her to check me!" Yui cried, keeping her voice down in the quiet room. Haruka only rolled her eyes while she sat Haruki on the table next to Yui, waiting for their doctor.
"She isn't even a doctor yet, she is a student!" Yui continued rambling.
Haruka wanted to laugh, "If she is under Atsuko's wing in this hospital than clearly she is good."
"You only say that because she was your childhood crush!" Yui folded her arms over her chest, pouting like a little kid.
Haruka pouted along with her, her hand reaching up for Yui's puffed cheek, "aw, babe, are you jealous?"
Yui's pout became a furrow, getting upset at her wife joking around about this.
"Come on, I haven't seen her since we graduated from school," Haruka said, giving her attention to Haruki now, who began to play with his pacifier. "Anyways, I'm with you." She smiled at her wife, giving her a look that made Yui become a softie again. The two leaned into each other and planted a kiss on their lips.
A knock at the door broke their moment and in came in a young doctor with a white coat and blue scrubs, her hair shoulder length, and a smile that Yui knew was for Haruka.
"Hello, long time no see." She greeted, making her way to a small chair and rolled it in front of the couple. "Hi, Haruka," she extended to shake Haruka's hand before she sat and quickly Yui swooped in and shook it for her.
"Hello, Dr. Haruu!"
The doctor, Haruu, gave a surprising look at Yui, who only grinned.
"I see you're on your way to becoming a doctor, that is cool, congratulations. Hey, have you met my and Haruka's son, this is Haruki." Yui said, taking Haruki onto her lap and showing him off to Haruu.
Haruka was embarrassed but knew Yui was being jealous. Ever since high school, Haruka noticed how she would always act around Haruu, Yui would try to show off, try to over-do whatever Haruu did, she was competitive around her. Haruka knows she did wrong whenever mentioning her childhood crush.
"I have not." Haruu said, taking a seat and rolling closer to baby Haruki. "Hey, Haruki, I'm Dr. Shimada," she emphasized, "nice to meet you. I see you have your mothers eyes." She smiled once the baby caught a glimpse of her.
Haruka smiled at the compliment and thanked her while Yui... "of course he does, he has every perfect detail of my wife." She said, lifting Haruki and giving him a kiss on the cheek, but as she held him she let out a groan of pain.
"What's wrong?" Haruka asked, worrying over her wife.
Yui told her to take Haruki and she did while Yui took a hold of her wrist. "My wrist."
"See, I knew you had to get checked." Haruka scolded.
"Let's see." Haruu approached Yui and with her cold hands, took her wrist and began to examine it as she asked what happened. "Was this from carrying Haruki too much?"
Yui shook her head to answer but Haruka spoke up first. "She and Miyuki were in a car accident."
"Ah, so that's what Dr. Maeda was talking about." Haruu said, mostly to herself. "Did it hurt after the accident?" She asked.
Yui shook her head, "I didn't notice the pain, not until I got here." She turned to Haruka apologizing. The way she looked at her, Haruka knew she couldn't be upset at her anymore, not even a scolding for not telling her about the hurt wrist. "I was worrying over Miyuki the whole time I didn't feel any pain but I had stuck my hand in between the seat when the car hit us from behind."
"Its sprained." Haruu said to her. She let go of the wrist, "I'm going to suggest using a brace for the next two weeks and a cream medication. does anything else hurt?"
Yui looked up at Haruka again with a pout. "My back is starting to feel sore..." she looked away from Haruka, back at the doctor to save herself from another glare.
"Well, I'm going to fully check you, but most likely you'll be sore for the next few days and your wrist is probably what got the worst of it." Haruu told her, adding that she would get lots of bed rest and no carrying Haruki for awhile as well. Yui pouted at the fact she won't get to play with her son for awhile. "I'll go get what I need to fully check you. I'll be right back." Haruu said, stepping out the room.
Yui still didn't look up at Haruka, she didn't like to upset her about these things, especially when she doesn't speak up. She stared at the floor in silence when she felt her wife's hand run up her back to the back of her neck causing Yui to look up.
"I know you don't like to worry me about things like this," Haruka said, "but I'd rather have you tell me than play as if everything's alright and hold it in."
"I'm sorry," Yui was quick to apologize.
"Don't say that, tell me you'll at least try to talk to me about anything and mean it." Haruka pleaded. This was one of the many things Yui would struggle with, having to tell her what's really on her mind. Most of the time she can but she had been doing it for awhile now, like their money issue after Haruki was born and sometimes work related stuff.
Yui took her wife's hand. "I promise if something is bothering me I'll talk to you about it."
Haruka gave a firm nod, "good! I don't like you keeping things from me, it builds up too much stress and you'll get sick again."
"I'm doing better, honey." Yui smiled, "I swear."
Haruka smiled in return and kissed her wife. "I love you."
Yui was satisfied with the kiss and grinned back up at her "I love you too." Leaning in for another kiss, Yui was interrupted by a knock at the door. Releasing a frustrated groan, thinking it was Haruu, the door opened up and in came Atsuko.
"Here you are!" She walked in, going straight for Haruki with a smile on her face, "I have news." She took Haruki into her arms.  "Miyuki is having her baby."
The couples eyes went wide and their jaws dropped with the news, all while Atsuko was leisurely playing with baby Haruki.

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 15 \(^-^)/
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MY GOSHHHHH. FINALLY UPDATE!!!!!! I hope that the baby is find  :twothumbs :twothumbs Pleade update soon  XD

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 15 \(^-^)/
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An update!!!\^0^/ I thought you drop this fic. Glad to see this fic is coming back!>w< And glad to know SayaMirukii finally having their baby~~~
I'm a hardshipper of many pair! lol

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 15 \(^-^)/
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All of them are fine.. thank you!! :D Im waiting for the next episode also more haruu participation
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 15 \(^-^)/
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Thanks for your hard work!

I really thought you wont be updating this anymore after finishing untitled.

I just love your way of writing and i love the fic. 😊😭😍

I'll be waiting for your next update! Thanks again!
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 15 \(^-^)/
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Finally! A baby for SayaMilky.
I do hope the baby's safe and it's a he.
Sorry Sayanee.  :peace:
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 15 \(^-^)/
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Welcome back aurhor-san!!!!
Too long. But the wait was worth it.

Ohh a trip. Where are you headed? I hope you enjoy.

Man. Its good to know that they are all fine. Except for Yui. That must really hurt.
And to think that Shimada would be in here. And to make it more interesting, she is Paru's crush. 😆

Also the baby!!! Its finally time. Wohoooo.
Can't wait for the next update.

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 15 \(^-^)/
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Replies(before I go):

@KyouyaAnis; YAss! Update!!! I will try to update as soon as I can! :)
@junchan:Didn't drop it, I've been wanting to update just didn't have time  :nervous
@Haruko: Yes. they are fine! and I'll add a little of Haruu here and there   :P
@Oshi~: I'm still updating I am just busy most of the time and I have trouble writing when the pairings aren't seen together... lol
@phoenix0i: But is is a He???  :shakeit:
@Goto24: Im off to Neverland!!! jk im off to Mexico hehe...I'm hoping I can make it silly with Shimada around and Yui acting competitive with her... probably not though lol. Remember no drama! only small drama..

Well. I need to go! I'm gonna try and write while I'm gone and hopefully be able to post it yeah! Okay. im being rushed! BYE!

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 16 \(^-^)/
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May or May not made mistakes.... Enjoy :D

Some hours went by and Miyuki was barely feeling the intensity of her contractions. Every few minutes that passed they became stronger and the break in-between grew shorter and shorter. Each time the wave of pain hit, she would take a hold of Sayaka's hand and grip tightly, almost crushing her bones.
Sayaka played it cool, acted as if she was fine as she instructed her wife to breath. When Miyuki would let go, Sayaka would turn around to mend her crushed hand.
 The moment Miyuki began to feel an immense pain Atsuko walked in announcing she was going to check her again, knowing the baby would arrive soon. Sayaka turned back to her wife and took her hand, again getting crushed but she didn't mind.
"Alright, Milky," Atsuko lovingly called out to her from between her legs. "You can start pushing."
"What?" Miyuki breathlessly exclaimed. "Now?"
"Yup. Push." Atsuko ordered and like that Miyuki began to push.

It had been awhile since Sayaka last came out of the delivery room to inform Haruka and Yui on Miyuki's progress. The couple opted to stay until the baby finally arrived, though Haruka wanted Yui to go home with their son to rest after Haruu suggested her to do so. Yui wouldn't budge though, only fidget on her chair uncomfortably because of her back when Haruka wasn't paying attention. They had been in the hospital for hours, usually with Miyuki and Sayaka, but they would also go out to get some food or care for Haruki who now is laying in kangaroo pouch against her mother.
"He looks comfy." Yui smiled, leaning against Haruka's shoulder to come face to face with her sleeping son.
"He would be more comfortable in his crib." Haruka said in almost a whisper. The hospital was about empty late at night that any sort of sound seemed loud through the halls. Also, they weren't the only ones in the waiting room there were about four people there whispering as well.
"I doubt it. Haruki, is the type of boy who loves it when he falls asleep in mama's arms." She said, reaching up to poke his cheek.
Haruka couldn't help but smile, she could never help but smile when it came to moments like this, and there is a lot of moments like it. "Did you ask Haruu for an appointment with the doctor?" She asked.
Yui gave a kiss to Haruki before sitting up and replying to her. "Yeah, I have an appointment next week and I bet I'm going to be all better which means we can try for another baby." She grinned at Haruka.
Haruka tried not to laugh at her grinning face. "Do you really think Haruki is going to be happy to have a sibling after you spoiling him so much."
The grin faded, "true... I do love spoiling him with kisses!" She leaned to plant small pecks on the sleeping boy and Haruka shooed her.
"You'll wake him." She whispered.
Suddenly the sound of a slam was heard through the halls scaring the people around, including the couple, looking up to find someone down the hall, throwing their arms up and shouting, "It's a girl!!!"
The sudden shout woke Haruki up, crying, and Yui and Haruka tried to calm him while trying to hide from their embarrassing friend. 

It was hours of labor but Miyuki pulled through with the help of Sayaka. She was with Atsuko finishing up when Sayaka returned to the room and watched how their daughter was being taken care of. Sayaka watched her, her eyes glistening as she tried holding back the tears. She watched her daughter so lovingly that all she wanted to do was hold her but, they had to make sure she was taken care of first. Sayaka turned to Miyuki who laid in the hospital bed sweating and with sleepy eyes, yet, she looked over at her, mouthing how the baby was.
"She's perfect." Sayaka mouthed back and her wife smiled, shutting her eyes. Once Atsuko finished with her, then it's was done with the new baby girl.
"You can take her now and hand her to your wife." The nurse told her as she picked up the baby and handed her to Sayaka. As soon as she took her into her arms her tears came streaming down her cheek. She saw how her little girl looked up at her, saw those same eyes she's stared into since the first meeting, it was definitely Miyuki's eyes. "Hey," Sayaka greeted, " I'm mama." The baby only blinked but still gazed up at her mother. "Come, say hi to your other mother." She made her way to Miyuki's bedside where Atsuko had to wake Miyuki back up.
"Hey," she shook her slightly, "I'm going to need you to try  breastfeeding." She said gently to her. Miyuki tried sitting up with the help of Atsuko, and once she was, Sayaka handed her their baby girl and Miyuki began to cry as well.
"She's so cute." She tiredly said, but she meant it, she was excited to finally meet the baby that was growing inside of her. "Hi, I'm your other mama." She felt Sayaka lean onto the bed beside her and she turned to her. "She's so tiny and cute. She's finally here!" She cried.
"I know, babe." Sayaka smiled down at her, leaning down for a peck, "you did great." The two turned back down at the baby, Miyuki running her finger over the soft baby's cheek and Sayaka running her hand over her soft set of hair.
"I'll go get Yui and Haruka," Atsuko told the two as she grinned at the picture perfect family. "Try breastfeeding her, okay?." Miyuki gave an okay and Atsuko left the room to fetch her friends.
"Atsuko, had told me that she was in perfect condition," Sayaka spoke up. "Even though she is early and small, she is a perfect healthy baby."
"I'm glad." Miyuki said. "I'm so happy she's here."
"Me too." Sayaka smiled. Miyuki turned again and reached for another kiss. "I love you. But not as much as her." She looked back down with a weak laugh and Sayaka couldn't help but laugh as well, she couldn't even complain.

When Haruka and Yui came in they both quietly congratulated their friends, rushing over to meet the new precious girl. However, Miyuki was already asking for help since the baby didn't latch onto her breast. Haruka quickly went in to help and finally the baby girl was able to feed.
"How are you feeling? Exhausted?" Haruka asked the new mother.
Miyuki gave a slight nod, "super sleepy! But extremely happy." She said looking up with a grin.
"And Sayaka?" Yui looked over at her friend.
"I can't describe it... maybe it's happiness! All those worries we always talked about just... disappeared when I took one look at her." Her smile was from ear to ear, Yui and Haruka knew that smile won't ever go away.
The four continued to talk, Miyuki dozing off while the baby fed, Sayaka would lightly nudge her to wake up. When the baby finished she cried as if telling her she wanted no more and Sayaka took the little girl in her arms keeping her bundled up in the tight blanket. As soon as the baby wasn't in her other mothers arms she shut her eyes and fell asleep.
"Your mama went through so much today, I think we should let her sleep." Sayaka said to the baby while she reached towards Miyuki, pulling her blanket a bit further up to keep her warm.
"We should leave and let the two of you rest." Haruka said quietly as she watched Sayaka lovingly gaze between Miyuki and their daughter.
"Wait," Sayaka finally looked up. "You two should hold her first."
Haruka pointed and Haruki sleeping. "Let Yui hold her, I'll take her tomorrow and spoil her with kisses."
"Haruki will be jealous." Yui said as she made her way to Sayaka. She took the baby and saw as she began to squirm, almost knowing she wasn't under her mothers embrace. "Shh, it's okay," she whispered soothingly. "Hi, baby, how are you?" She spoke to her like she usually would do with Haruki. "Have your mothers picked out a name?" She asked, glancing up at Sayaka who let out a scoff as she rubbed the back of her head.
Before she had a chance to answer Atsuko came in quietly that the girls almost didn't even realize it. "I see Miyuki has fallen asleep. Did the baby eat?"
They all nodded. "Good. I only came to check on the mother and baby, and I know it's late but I have one more visitor." She said and just as they looked to the door Minami walked in with a guitar case in hand.
"Hey!" She greeted loudly and all the girls hushed her immediately. "Sorry," she whispered. Making her way in, she went straight towards the baby in Yui's arms. "Is this her? Congratulations!" She excitedly said in a whisper.
"Thanks," Sayaka smiled. Minami then made her way around Yui and towards Sayaka giving her a hug and pulling away to hand her the guitar case. "Atsuko told me what happened, she also said Miyuki was asking for your gift so Yui asked me to fetch it. It's from your wife."
Sayaka took the guitar case remembering the bet, she turned to her sleeping wife and smiled, bet or no bet Sayaka was going to do everything for her wife, be her slave, even bow down to her when she wakes up. "Thanks." She turned to her friends, glad they were all there to share this moment.
"We will leave you now and come back later." Yui said, walking to her friend. Sayaka placed the guitar down and took her daughter. "Hopefully, by morning she has a name picked out." Yui smiled down at the baby.
"She will."
With their last goodbye and few kisses and pinches for the newborn, the girls left leaving Sayaka with her daughter and Miyuki resting after a long day.

It was just before the sunrise when Miyuki began to hear a light tune playing sounding sweetly in her ears. She slowly opened her eyes, looking around for the music and finding Sayaka sitting in a chair, guitar in hand and their baby in bed bundled up. She watched her wife gently play the guitars strings as she quietly sang to their daughter without even looking away. It was as if she got to watch Sayaka fall in love all over again like when they first met.
Miyuki watched her, mentally taking a picture of this moment to remember for the rest of her life. And she even listened carefully to the song she sang, catching every word and learning the song was just for their daughter, singing to her how much love she has for her. Once the song ended, Sayaka stop strumming the guitar but never looked away from the sleeping baby until Miyuki spoke up.
Sayaka turned, surprised, "Hey, when did you wake up?" She asked placing the guitar down. She stood up and rolled the baby's bed with the baby over to Miyuki.
"Her name," Miyuki spoke up before Sayaka could say anything else. "Let's name her Sayuri."
Sayaka smiled, turning down to their sleeping daughter, "Sayuri." She looked back at Miyuki, "it's perfect."

Quick announcement! I'm going to try and start working on Wolf, I'm going to delete the last chap/part I posted and rewrite it (I think it was Wolf 4?) but I am thinking about moving Wolf to Wordpress I am still not sure... I'll let you guys know once I've worked on at least three chapters/parts :) and again Thanks for still reading and waiting for posts, I know I take a long time to post and they are never that great but you still stick around <3

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 16 \(^-^)/
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Welcome back rosask-san!!!! How was you trip?
Hope you had fun.
And yes!!!! Finally. After so long. Hahahaha. Just kidding.
But I can't believe Sayanee won the bet!!!!! She would have gotten her prize either way.
And are you serious?!! Wolf will be continued?!!!  :ding: :ding: :on lol:
Yay!!!! I can't wait for them.
Looking forward to updates.

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 16 \(^-^)/
« Reply #90 on: May 28, 2017, 06:20:28 PM »
Owwww this chapter is just so heartwarming  :cry: and touching  :cry:
Its the best!!! XD
 :heart: It's just so sweet andd perfect!! :heart:

I'll always be waiting for your updates ☺️

Thank you for your hardwork rosask-san!
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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 16 \(^-^)/
« Reply #91 on: June 10, 2017, 03:46:33 PM »
i actually have been a silent reader for so long
and this the first time for me to comment
waiting for your updates~ :)

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Re: YuiParu Sayamilky Family 16 \(^-^)/
« Reply #92 on: August 29, 2017, 11:27:50 PM »
This is so cute and fluffy and heartwarming and everything nice  >.<
 I was searching for yuiparu stories because I miss them together and I found this! It's addicting!! Like really addicting! I couldn't stop smiling at all, it's just too adorable ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I'll be patiently waiting for an update haha

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