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Author Topic: One and the Same (WMatsui) - COMPLETED  (Read 17897 times)

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
« Reply #20 on: January 10, 2016, 01:43:20 PM »
Sugoiii ..
I like you're story line ..
I cant wait for the next chapter

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
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thiz story is so good! update soon  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
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hey ,i forgot to left comment..

basically you made this ff use Rena's POV ? do you plan to use it till the end?

and i'm waiting for ur update

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 3
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Yo guys I'm back~

I guess this is a little bit earlier update? Lol I tried :P

This story is all going to be in first person (Rena's) POV so sorry if you don't like that haha :lol:

Thanks everyone for the reviews! If there are any silent readers, I hope you're enjoying this as well~
And ya if you've got questions feel free to ask  :yep: I don't mind answering XD

One and the Same

Chapter 3

The Student Council met up every day after school under the pretense of ‘discussing school matters’, but really we just hung out in the meeting room. It was the only room that other students couldn't get in so we could talk about whatever we wanted. That's when I finally opened up a bit.

I never expected to make friends with the other members but it was nice. I had friends other than Yuki.

I didn't have the chance to make friends since I didn't go to school for a couple years. I had a private tutor from my last year of middle school until my second year in high school, so I didn’t really interact with other kids my age. Yeah I know that sounds cliché but that's how it was. I had some...other things going on during that time and my parents wanted me to learn and participate in their businesses so I could take over after college. At least they'd let me go to college. They hadn't planned on sending me to high school but somehow Yuki convinced them.

I still didn't enroll until my second year though. Man the commotion caused by my transfer...SUCH a nightmare. Everyone gossiped about the ‘heir of the Matsui Corporation returning to education’ and when I showed up for the first day, a bunch of guys confessed to me right away. It was downright embarrassing. That’s when Yuki started teasing me about being a beautiful angel and crap like that.

Oh but we did talk about something important for once in our meeting. The dance. I had completely forgotten about it, and I was actually going to this one. Obviously, Student Council was in charge of the planning, decorations, and basically everything. Last year I showed up to help with preparations but left when it actually started.

Anyways, the meeting was over for today and we all headed downstairs by elevator. Yes, we had an elevator because apparently rich kids can't climb the stairs to get to the third floor. Talk about a fire hazard since no one actually knew where the stairs were hidden.

Takamina wanted us to come with her to pick up a new transfer student that was arriving today. She'd been abroad to study acting so she wasn't able to make it back in time to start school. It seemed that Yuko and Takamina were both really excited to see her. I guess they’re old friends or something.

So that's why we all piled into Takamina’s personal limo and headed to a private airport.

“So who’s the new girl?” Jurina was actually showing interest for once in her life. She was leaned forward in her seat like she was actually curious or something. It was a good thing that limos fit a lot of people, so we weren’t all squished together and I had plenty of space to keep an adequate distance from...that girl. I still remembered the feeling of sitting on her lap and it made me mad and embarrassed all at once.

“What's her name at least?” Mayu asked. “Maybe we know her or her family.”

True, if she was rich enough to get here by private jet then her family must be a famous one.

“You'll find out soon~” Yuko didn't give us a single hint as to who it could be. Way to sound leery.

“I'm sure you’ve heard of her family so we’ll just let her introduce herself to you.” Takamina’s answer was much more reasonable so the topic was dropped after that. They all chatted amongst themselves while I was just content staring out the window.

I have to admit though...I was curious. Takamina also mentioned that she would be joining the Student Council as soon as possible. I wondered who could have enough influence as to make their way into the ranks so easily...It had to be another girl from a notable background. All of us seemed to be elites in both society and school. Not to mention our class ranks were all in the top ten as well.

“We’re here!” The limo stopped and Yuko was the first to hop out, not forgetting to drag Haruna with her. Takamina, Mayu, and Yuki followed suit while Jurina and I were the last ones to climb out.

There was a huge airport off to the side that was known as the main international airport in Japan. But we were quite a ways off in an area of hangers and there was a single private jet parked in front of us. If I remembered correctly then the airport was called...

“Acchan!” Yuko tackled the girl that had just made her way down the steps of the plane. Good thing she wasn't carrying any luggage because the force of Yuko’s tackle knocked them both over. She snuggled against the girl like a koala not even bothering with the fact that all of us were watching. Yuko never acted like a proper lady and didn't seem to care about how people saw her at all. I envied her easygoing nature sometimes.

“Acchan! It's been a long time!” Takamina made her way over and pulled the girl to her feet.

As soon as she got up, Yuko glomped onto her arm. Clingy much? “I missed you Acchan~”

The girl chuckled and patted the squirrel on the head. “Hai hai Yuko, I missed you too~” Then Takamina pouted and the girl just chuckled again, “Of course I missed you too, Minami~”

That was a surprise. No one ever called Takamina by her given name. Hmm...I'm sensing a possible relationship here...

“So this is the new student?” Haruna’s tone was somewhat icy as she glared at the newcomer. Well this is a new development.

‘Acchan’ was immune though and just introduced herself. “Yep~ my name is Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you~” Her gaze wandered over each of us and then tried to bow as well as she could with Yuko still hanging off of her.

Ah...yes, that’s what it was. The airport was known as Maeda International Airport. Another big name company.

After we all said our greetings and names, she leaned over and whispered something in Yuko’s ear suspiciously. Oh no she had better not get in between Kojiyuu or else all hell’s gonna break loose. Remember what I said about the airheaded ones?!

But it was all avoided since Yuko nodded and immediately let go, switching to clinging onto Haruna’s arm instead.

“By the can just call me ‘Acchan’ if you’d like. I’m sure we can all be good friends~” She flashed a small smile and it seemed genuine enough, which was surprising. I should know, I give fake smiles all the time. It takes a fraud to know one.

Everyone agreed with the nickname and we decided to go out to eat before heading home. Takamina and Yuko needed to catch up with Acchan and we all wanted to get to know her better since she’d be joining us in our exploits in the Student Council. Acchan’s butler brought her stuff to the car and off we went. But there was some trouble deciding where we should go...and that’s when Yuki suggested that same café she and I went to when we were shopping the other day.

“Oh! You mean that one by the mall? I love that place!” And so with Acchan’s consent, we ended up going there.

We attracted some attention from the ride we arrived in but it settled quickly. Fortunately, there was a large circular booth in the corner of the place because Yuko just wouldn’t have it if we’d split up where we sat. And it would’ve been horrible experience squeezing eight people into one tiny booth.

A waitress came over to take our orders quickly and Yuki raised an eyebrow when I ordered melon pan again, but she kept quiet.

Takamina cleared her throat and we settled down, giving her our full attention. “I have an announcement to make—”

“Are you and Acchan finally getting married?! Congrats man!” There was a chorus of congratulations after Yuko’s outburst and Takamina flushed bright red.

“No! Of course not!” She spared a glance at Acchan who had this gloomy aura around her. “At least...not yet.”

This made Acchan look up and Takamina smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of her neck. “Well I haven’t even asked her out yet...but that’s beside the point!” She was finally getting back on topic. “I wanted to say that I’m relinquishing my position as president.”

Everyone protested loudly and Takamina shouted, “Let me finish! Jesus Christ calm down would you? I was going to say that Acchan is going to be our new president. I’ll still be in the Council just not as the President.”

Nobody protested that but I thought that it’d be a waste of Takamina’s abilities. “I’ll step down too.”

“Huh?” Takamina looked dumbfounded.

“I think you should have a position in the council. Vice President will do just fine since you’re a natural leader anyways. And I think you’d be better suited to help Acchan too...” I glanced over at the said girl, who was staring down at her lap.

Takamina blushed a little and said thanks. I guess she was used to being made fun of and not praised. She accepted it though and I was secretly a little glad to be relieved of my duties.

Time passed quickly after that. We talked about whatever we wanted and Acchan shared some stories from her, Takamina, and Yuko’s childhood. Some were really interesting and I almost did a spit take at one point. I guess I couldn’t expect anything less from that trio. It didn’t take long for me to realize that they were like the best of friends. Haruna realized that too and sulked but Yuko started sticking to her again halfway through a story and her face lit up considerably. They were sickeningly sweet sometimes but then again sometimes it was alright. I don’t think that Yuko has ever asked Haruna out, but it was kind of a mutual understanding type deal. Haruna was a tsundere so she’d most likely deny it anyways, but Yuko wouldn’t give her up for the world.

Atsumina was also undeniably a thing. They went together well and now there was one more person that could make Takamina blush furiously. It was quite entertaining to be honest.

I had only met Acchan a couple hours ago but I already liked her. She was like that nice girl next door that everybody could just get along with. And we didn’t need to keep a lid on our conversations since she joined in wholeheartedly. She was one of Yuko’s friends after all.

I even talked about myself and Yuki (since the Reaction Queen always made a good topic to make fun of) much to the others’ amusement and Yuki’s dismay. All in all the night was thoroughly enjoyable. It was the first time I’d ever hung out with a group of friends and I had tons of fun.

Sadly, it was getting late and everyone went their separate ways. Takamina offered us a ride home but we all had our own personal cars anyways. There was only one who didn’t call for a ride... Jurina.

I noticed this but chose not to bring it up. Takamina left first since her limo was waiting outside the entire time and she felt bad for the driver. Yuko went next but Haruna hopped in her car too, leaving together. Mayu and Yuki wanted to walk home and I protested since her parents absolutely wouldn’t approve of that but she assured me she’d be okay. So I let her go since I didn’t want to interrupt her and Mayu’s private time because that was definitely why they wanted to walk home together.

So that left Acchan, Jurina, and me... What an odd combination.

“I think I’ll walk home too. It’s been a while since I’ve been in town, so I want to roam a bit.” Acchan said.

I asked if she’d be alright and she replied that she’d be fine. She also said that Takamina’s chauffeur already dropped the luggage off at her house, so I didn’t need to worry about that either. I suppose she’d already decided that I was the worrying type. “Fine~ But call if you need help with anything.”

All of us had exchanged numbers with each other so she had mine if she needed anything.

“Hai~” Acchan waved back as she left the café, the door swinging shut with a ding from the bell.

And then there were two.

I looked at Jurina, silently questioning her but she didn’t pay me any heed. She was so quiet and stoic all the time I’d forget she was even there. But then other times I’d be acutely aware of her presence... I just chalked that up to another one of the weird things about her.

Jurina dug in her bag and produced a set of headphones, hanging them around her neck and then looked at me. “What? Something on my face?”

I resisted the urge to punch her and just smiled, “Nothing~ Just wondering if a young girl like you can get home safely. Shall I escort you?”

I held my arm out for her to take and she just snorted. “And to think, I prefer this sarcastic side of you to the overly civil one.”

I shrugged and we walked out of the café together. It was getting kind of cold since it was already fall and I shivered involuntarily.

I noticed Jurina smirking at me. “Cold?”

“Shut up.”

We walked in silence until about a block later when she broke it. “Why are you following me? Don’t you have some limo to pick you up?”

“Don’t mind me, I just wanted some fresh air. Besides, my house is in this direction.” There was no way in hell I’d let her go home alone. It’s far too dangerous at night, especially in the city.

She scoffed and put her headphones on, completely disregarding my presence. Well that’s what I get for saying ‘don’t mind me’.

I fell into step behind her since it’d be awkward to walk side by side without talking. But following her just made me feel like a creepy stalker. I sighed and rubbed my hands together in an effort to warm them up, but as soon as I stopped they felt even colder. And I wasn’t paying attention so I ran straight into Jurina’s back, apologizing immediately.

“Watch where you’re going. Pay attention or else how are you supposed to protect me?” She was mocking me again. Then she held out a pair of gloves and I stared at her stupidly, not sure what was happening. “Here, put these on.”

My mind still didn’t register what was going on. Man I was being really slow today.

“Are you dense or something? Your hands are cold right? Put these on.” She commanded me again and I took them reluctantly, muttering a soft thank you. The gloves were already warmed up and that’s when I realized that Jurina had been wearing them before she gave them to me. Now her hands were bare. “And stop walking behind me like a creep, just walk next to me would ya?”

She started walking again without waiting for me to catch up. I hurried and fell into step next to her, but I felt bad about taking her gloves until a solution popped into my head. I handed her my left glove, then grabbed her right hand with my left and intertwined our fingers.

“What the hell are you doing?” She looked at me incredulously.

I rolled my eyes, “Trying to keep your hands warm, idiot. What did you think I was doing?”

Jurina blushed a bit and stared straight ahead, tugging on the single glove. “...Thanks.”

I wasn’t sure if I’d heard her right since it was so quiet and my brain was a bit addled at the moment... Did she just blush? Oh my gosh she looked so cute for a second there! She blushed! Jurina actually blushed! There was no way I was going to let that slide. “Aww you’re blushing~”

“Shut up.” Now our positions were reversed. Let’s see how she likes the receiving end of the teasing for once.

“So the cyborg can actually show emotion~”

“Who the hell are you calling a cyborg? The only cyborg I know is Mayu. Why don't you try a better comparison?” Jurina huffed while trying to fight the heat in her face. I also noticed that her headphones were back around her neck. She wasn’t listening to music anymore? I wondered why.

“Hmm you're right, Mayu is a cyborg. Then maybe you’re a wolf? That seems to fit well. A lone wolf that shows no compassion for others.” I mused.

Jurina didn't answer and stayed quiet. But I wasn’t done.

“But then again...maybe you’re not so stoic after all. You DID just blush adorably. Deep down I bet you’re just a puppy.” This made her blush again and she refused to look at me. “A cute little energetic ball of fur~”

I was suddenly reminded of when Yuki questioned if I liked puppies. It’s not that I didn't like them, they were just really energetic to the point of being annoying. Surprisingly, I could easily imagine a young Jurina being really energetic and cheerful. It was actually cute to think about.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Huh?” I didn't even notice that I was grinning. “Oh um...nothing. Don't worry about it.” I tried to change the subject so she wouldn’t notice the red tinge on my cheeks. “So where do you live? We’ve been walking for a while now...”

“We’re almost there.”

This part of town we were in wasn’t anywhere close to where I lived. In stark contrast to the luxurious suburbs, there were a lot of cramped apartment buildings and supermarkets. The streets were really narrow and bare too...

Jurina suddenly stopped in front of one of the buildings. I didn’t notice and kept walking, it had caught me entirely off guard and I nearly tore my arm off since we were still holding hands.

She was staring up the stoop at the front door. “This is where I live.”

I looked up and gave the apartment complex a good once over. It wasn’t too shabby, the brick walls were old looking but the bushes lining the sidewalk were trimmed nicely and the white wooden door was clean enough, each window had a small cozy balcony too. Still though...this wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to offend her or anything. Anything that came out of my mouth could sound sarcastic or downright condescending depending on how she took it. Best keep my trap shut. But I should’ve known something was up the minute she didn’t call for a car...

“Not what you expected, right?”

I shook my head, “Not even close.” Shit that sounded so rude just now.

Jurina laughed and I took a side glance at her. It was nice, she threw her head back and her face was lit up in a wide smile with her cheeks still a little pink from the cold. Honestly, the sound was......pleasant. I don’t know how else to put it. It was like the sun coming out from behind the dark clouds, well at least to me.

“You see...” She said after she had calmed down from her unprecedented giggling fit. “This is why I like you. You say what you think without holding back, and that side is really refreshing.”

She...likes me? That’s all I got out of that.

“But that’s why I hate it when you’re pretending to be something you’re not. It’s also why I don’t like society or people, it’s all a big façade. A front they put on to make them seem nice, presentable, polite.” She spat out the last word like it was poison. “It makes others like them, but it’s not really them so what’s the point? And society just encourages it. It’s a form of conformation that we follow unconsciously, just because we care what others think about us. And it’s stupid.”

I didn’t have anything to say to that. I completely understood where she was coming from and she summed up my own viewpoint pretty accurately. I never realized that she thought about things the same way I did, and that we had so much in common. So actually there was a lot I could say, I could agree for one...but my brain wasn’t functioning at the moment. Gah, why does she keep doing that to me?

But by this time I had realized something, one thing that I knew for sure...

Despite growing up with distinct backgrounds and pasts, her thoughts and behavior were just like mine...

We were exactly the same.

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 3
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Dang.. :ding: :ding: :ding: :ding:

i always choose the right time to stalk..happy to see ur update~~..thanks for tha update~

*re edit later

coming back fangirling :on gay: :on gay:

imma so in love with u keiyuu chan~~

please accept my fragile heart~~  :luvluv2:

D awwwww....u make em so smoothly done~


it makes me grin too much... :nya: :nya:

and it did makes me unconsciously skip too..=='

make me forgetting where i am at hence gettin the awkward stare.. :err:

but moving become more and more interesting~

and nahh..its okay even if its only rena pov..cause rena the main~



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Imma just too excited right now for the new update..forgive me  :on lol:

once again thankyou for the update be waiting for next

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 3
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this is just great... like always, you write really good!
so it seems Rena started to like Jurina.
I'm still wondering about Jurina's turning point. what makes her cold...
I'll be waiting for the next!

thanks for the beautiful chapter  :deco:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 3
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Aaaaah wmatsui so cuteeee ~
This fic is really awesome

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 3
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You've updatedddddddd!!!!!!! Man, I'm stoked! You've given us an entertaining update as usual! It helps that you've brought Acchan into the fray as well XD Atsumina~ And gosh, I was so happy when I saw that you've given a ton of development to Rena and Jurina's relationship! They're very interesting and witty, and so dang cute in this chapter! I can't wait to read more!

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 3
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rena likes jurina now!!
thanks for this sweet chapter~ hehe

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 3
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I can imagining blushing Jurina>< How cuteeeeeee~~~
Jurina is not that bad, Rena-san. You'll fall for her~
Nice shoot, kiddo! You like her, huh? Theb go get her!

Gonna wait the next chapter~
Keep going, author-san!^o^/
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 3
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:mon crazyinlove: :mon crazyinlove: :mon crazyinlove:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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I know it hasn't been a week but I felt like spoiling you guys Lol :lol:

A lot goes down in this chapter so PREPARE YOURSELVES XD
(I played around with the font size a little :P)

And kudos to any of you that noticed those little hints I dropped about something happening in Rena's childhood or why Jurina's so cold.
The next chapter (chapter 5) will be some backstory and explanation of Rena's past.
Then chapter 6 will give a reason for Jurina's cold demeanor.

One and the Same

Chapter 4

Jurina and I gradually grew closer after that day we walked home together. We still weren’t that close and that awkwardness between us hadn’t gone away yet, but it was still a huge step up from how we were before. Our friends hung out a lot in and out of school and I also noticed that Acchan was sporting a dark bruise on her arm, but she shrugged it off, saying she tripped while she was touring the town. I seriously doubted that but what was I going to do about it?

I spent less time at home (which I don’t count as a loss) and had even gone out with one of them at a time and got to know them all as well as I knew Yuki, and that was a feat in and of itself. There was only one person that I’d never spent any alone time with, and it was Jurina.

I wanted to invite her out but I was never the one that did the inviting, others always asked me first, I was still kind of shy when it came to people. Also whenever Jurina and I talked, it usually turned out to be a serious and philosophical discussion, not that I didn’t enjoy having intelligent conversations.

She’d also explained her family condition and some of her background. Apparently she was raised by her single mom and they weren’t exactly the wealthiest people around, but she said that they got along just fine. That’s also the reason why they lived in a small apartment and she even told me that the sole reason why she got into AKB High was because Mayu paid for it. Jurina’s grades had dropped near the end of middle school (for some reason she didn’t elaborate on) and wasn’t able to get a scholarship. Mayu did, even though her parents could’ve just paid for her to get in, and begged her parents to use the money on Jurina instead. This was all so sad I was about to cry, but I was also touched that she’d shared something so personal with me.

It was the weekend again and I had to stay home this time since we hadn’t made any plans. It struck me that it’d been a long time since I was home alone for hours. I’d gone out every single day after school and on the weekends with Yuki too, but Yuki had a date today and I wasn’t about to be the third wheel.

So I lazed around, flipping through channels on the TV and even took a nap at one point. The shows were ridiculously boring because my parents had blocked all the entertaining ones. Damn overprotective sticklers. They weren’t home - what a shocker - and I was dressed in sweats and an anime t-shirt. If they did show up though (which wasn’t the least bit likely), the maids would fuss about them, giving me just enough time to sprint to my room and change into an appropriate nightgown, one befitting of the Matsui family’s heiress.

But for now I was bored. Oh nothing to do, nothing to do at all...

I was so bored that I even requested some chores to do. I wanted to do SOMETHING but that backfired completely. The maids ended up freaking out and forcing me to sit on the couch as they cleaned everything in sight. I think I made them panic so they were making sure everything humanly possible was done and that I wouldn’t report them to my parents. How droll.

I gave up on the TV quickly though and headed back upstairs. I decided to sneak my laptop out and watch some anime to kill time. Most people didn’t realize that I was a serious otaku, it doesn’t show right? Oh and I found out that Mayu really liked anime too, which was a huge bonus because now I had somebody that I could fangirl with. And we did plenty of that when Yuki wasn’t around.

I was about to put my headphones in when my phone buzzed. I snatched it off my desk and saw that Yuki had sent me a message, telling me to meet her at the mall. I rolled my eyes, the mall again? That girl needs to cut down on her shopping, seriously.

Nevertheless, I found myself climbing out of the car in front of the shopping center. Yuki’s impossible to ignore. Trust me, I found out the hard way.

It was easy to spot the couple with Mayu waving at me like a madman. Jeez what had HER so excited?

“Okay why am I here?” I stopped in front of them with a pout. “I had plenty of good anime to watch online yet I’m here, being a third wheel on your date.” Maybe I was exaggerating a bit and probably could’ve toned down the sass but eh, it was one of those days.

“Somebody’s being a negative nelly~ And we just wanted to hang out with you. Right, Mayuyu?” Yuki glanced over at her girlfriend for support, who just nodded with a smile. Then Yuki turned back to me with a wide grin and I was starting to regret coming out. They had obviously planned something what with those sweet smiles of theirs giving it away.

“Hey sorry I’m late.”

Oh I see. This is why they called me here out of the blue. I spun around and was met with a very familiar face.


“Hi...” I greeted her cautiously, still not sure how to act around the girl or what those two behind me were planning. But it seemed nothing was out of the ordinary as we went inside, window shopping and hopping from store to store. It was always so tiring to shop with Yuki.

Just when I started relaxing Yuki said, “Oh I have to go to the bathroom! Mayu, will you come with me?” Mayu agreed and they left with Yuki shouting back. “Don’t wait for us! Go shop around and we’ll just meet up later!”

I thought Yuki was just being herself, since she always dragged someone (usually me) to go to the bathroom with her. But then realization hit me that I was alone with Jurina and that they were definitely not planning to come back. “Shit...”


I smacked myself on the forehead. “We’ve been ditched. They’re not coming back. Ugh I should’ve seen this coming... This is probably all Yuki’s plan too. I noticed Mayu sending apologetic glances at me when Yuki wasn’t looking.”

Jurina just shrugged, “Probably...Well let’s keep going. We’re already here anyways.”

She had a point so we wandered around aimlessly. Without Yuki’s guidance, there weren’t that many stores that we wanted to go in.

“So what were you doing when they called you?” It was my lame attempt at starting a conversation. I’d known Jurina for three months already but there was still that awkward atmosphere around us.

“Just listening to music. Taking a walk. I do that sometimes.”

I nodded, “That sounds like you.”

“Oh and you know me so well?”

I looked at her to see if she was mocking me again...but she wasn’t. Her lips were upturned in a slightly playful smirk and I went along with it. “Of course I do~ I’d say I know you even better than Mayu by now.”

Jurina chuckled, “Really? What makes you say that so confidently? Care to put that to the test?”

“Oh no you didn’t just ask me that, Matsui Jurina.” I scoffed as she grinned my way. “Challenge accepted. And you should know that I hate to lose.”

“Fine then. I’ll ask you an easy question about myself and you answer what you think is right. Ready?”

“You bet.”

Okay so it turns out that I didn’t know anything about Jurina. But after that session of 20 questions I had learned a lot about her, her favorite food and color, her hobbies and pet peeves. We actually took turns asking and so she knew all that stuff about me now too. It was fun and I probably just told her more about myself than I had to anyone else, like ever. It was easy to be myself around felt like she’d just take whatever I threw at her and probably throw something back for giggles. It was nice.

We had sat down on a couch in that section of the mall, the rest area that was provided for shoppers you know? But the other seats were all taken up and we had to share the remaining recliner. I felt embarrassed at first, since I was pressed flushed against Jurina, but quickly got over it. She didn’t seem to mind so why should I?

But it was already dark outside and we probably had to get going soon. Jurina lifted herself out of the comfy chair first and I found myself missing the feeling of her warmth next to me.

She said she’d walk me home and I told her she didn’t have to, but she insisted, saying it was in return for walking her home the other day. I could’ve flat out rejected her and called the car, but I just couldn’t bring myself to. I kinda wanted to walk with her. Her company was...comfortable, something different from what I was used to. I guess I’d been hanging out with the prissy rich kids too long that I’d forgotten what it was like to have a real friend, besides Yuki I mean. But even Yuki had to put on a front for others and Jurina wasn’t like that. She never did anything she didn’t want to do and didn’t conform to what others expected. I was proud of her in a way but also jealous. I felt like a shitty person compared to her.

And didn’t she say that she hated people like that? People like me...

“Hey, Jurina?”

“Hmm? What’s up?” Her tone was light and she seemed to have a skip in her step as we walked down the street.

“Why are you being so nice to me? I thought you hated people like me...”

She halted, turning to face me so suddenly that I almost backed up out of reflex. “I think you misheard what I said the other day. I said I LIKE you, not the other way around.”

“But you said you didn’t like people that put on a façade...” I stared at the sidewalk, purposely avoiding her gaze.

I heard her sigh before saying, “I’m only going to say this one more time so listen carefully. It’s true I don’t like it when you’re being all fake and stuff, but that doesn’t mean I hate YOU. I said I LIKE you dammit, haven’t you been listening?”

She sounded so exasperated and it caused me to look up. I met her eyes and nearly stopped breathing right there because her gaze was just so...breathtaking. Cheesy, I know. But she was so serious and her warm brown orbs were reflecting all these emotions. Her gaze used to make me uncomfortable since it was so intense and I could never read her before but all of a sudden I understood completely. She liked me. She had said that so many times but I never caught what she meant. What a dumbass I was. But did I feel the same? I had to ask myself since I never really considered it before... Mayu was right, I was dense and maybe in denial. After putting some careful thought into it, my answer actually came to me quite easily.

Jurina was still looking at me expectantly and I smiled, completely ecstatic to tell her how I felt. I was practically exploding inside and if I didn’t say it right away then I might die right this instant.

But I got interrupted.

A scream tore through the night and my blood nearly froze at the sound of it.

“Didn’t that voice sound familiar?” Jurina pointed out. I nodded as we both came to a silent agreement, already sprinting down the block in the direction it came from. We rounded the corner into an alley and found...

“Acchan?” I was confused as to why Acchan was out so late and surrounded by like ten yankees. She was in a fighting stance and then I also noticed that there were already a few lying motionless on the ground. I could smell the blood in the air...But Acchan was still backed against the wall and needed help, NOW.

I went and straight punched a guy in the throat as he turned when he heard me saying Acchan’s name. He immediately started choking and collapsed on his knees while I took care of a few of his friends. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jurina fighting too and it was damn cool. She was kicking guys in the face and I secretly admired her flexibility, those kicks looked like they hurt too.

Unfortunately that meant that I was distracted and left an opening for someone to attack.

Searing pain shot through my skull and I groaned, leaning on the brick wall for support. My vision was a little blurry and I could only see red in one eye, must be the blood from where I got hit.

“Rena!” I heard Jurina’s voice but was too disoriented to respond. The guy that hit me stepped up with a steel pipe and snickered, lifting it high above his head to finish me.

But it never connected.

“Hehe...” I wrenched the pipe out of his hands and licked my lips. The blood flowed freely down my face and I could taste the coppery substance on my tongue.

“Using weapons...” I tossed the pipe aside with a clang and cracked my knuckles, they were already covered in blood from the guys I beat earlier. “ foul play.”

I grinned maniacally and chuckled, taking a step towards him and he seemed to be trembling, trying to back up but the wall was in the way.

Now the roles were reversed. And I took sadistic joy in his fear. “Hahaha...HAHAHAHAHA~!”

My fist flew towards him and one hit knocked him down for the count, but I didn’t stop there. I wanted him to pay... I wanted him to suffer... I held him by the collar and pushed him against the bricks, pummeling his face again and again. His face was bloodied and unrecognizable and he had already lost consciousness quite a few punches ago...

“Rena! Stop!” I felt arms around my waist and paused in my ministrations.

“Jurina...” I knew the arms had to be hers. “Nee...Okotteru~?”

“Please just stop... I don’t want to see you beating him anymore...” She sounded so fragile...

My arms dropped to my side as I let myself be pulled away from the guy, his body sliding down to the ground listlessly. I started blinking rapidly, I was confused... What the hell just happened?

It was a few moments until recognition set in. Damn...NOT AGAIN!!

SHIT! I stomped my foot on the ground and pried Jurina’s arms off my torso. I tore away sprinting out of the alley as fast as I could. Tears were falling down my cheeks and I could tell because the salt hurt my split lip. I can’t believe I let that happen...I promised that I wouldn’t...I promised her...And Jurina was there to witness it...Then I left her in that alley without any sort of explanation...

“FUUUUUUCCCKK!!” I screamed as I ran away, utterly disappointed with myself.

I ran and ran. I always ran. From the real me. From the relationships I could have had. From the people who try to help me and from the people who need my help.

I don’t really remember much of what happened after that. Everything was a blur and I was all disoriented, tripping and stumbling all over the place. I might’ve been hyperventilating a bit too. But I think I just wandered around the streets until Acchan found me. She didn’t even ask me anything, and I think the silence was worse than if she would have. She just wrapped a blanket around me and took me to her house. I remember that I was ice cold and shivering like crazy while she cleaned my wounds, just the one on my head and my knuckles. She said that I had dislocated my wrist and might have a minor concussion, and she was surprised that I hadn’t passed out from the blood loss yet. Head wounds bleed a lot you know.

I stayed over at her house that night, and the next few nights after that. I couldn’t go home, my parents would be furious if they found out what happened but I think Acchan took care of it. She probably told them that I was just fine and wanted to stay over for a project or something. I didn’t go to school on Monday either. I just...I couldn’t face Jurina. I just couldn’t. It pained me to think about how scared she’d sounded when she told me to stop. My heart was breaking and there was nothing I could do. I’d never felt so helpless before...

Not even when my best friend died.

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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Rena is gekikara ~
Scary lol

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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Yattaaa update fast i'm happy
Thank you

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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is airin the bestfriend that died?

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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Yayy fast update!!
Ahh... Gekirena...
I hope jurina will be fine with that, but she looks scared...
More fast update?

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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You've updatedddddd! And so soon! You're great, ya' know that? This update was so exciting! So much thrill and action and damn, Rena! What's she going to do now? That Gekikara part left me speechless! And right when things were going so well, too! I can't wait to find out what Jurina's reaction to her is!

Amazing as usual!

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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wow... gekikara appears.
that must be frightenning to see gekikara punched that guy non stop.
and... that JuriRena's date.... it's great.
thanks for Yuki who dragged them....
thx for update, quickly update !!!  :twothumbs

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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oooooooooh!! gekikara appeared!

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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:thumbsup :thumbsup *re edit later

*coming back with ice cream

urghhhh..the weather is hot
*gives ice cream to keiyuu chan update~~~~~

hmmmm??...dead friend..??..
whose HER?? rena fault..??
but...the answer for the confession..TAT..shoot

Thankssss for tha updateee..waitin for next chapta~~~
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