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Author Topic: YONJUHACHI JOGAKUEN (SayaMilky, YuiParu, YuriAnnin+) [Ch. Update: March 4, 2019]  (Read 18664 times)

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HAha I know, for me the geinin movies was a love quarrel, If you change the "comedy show" with "love" you can said that it was a romatic movie.

About this yuiparu fic I'm gonna wait for the next chapter

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Dear Friends,

Did you enjoy reading the first part :) ?

@Yuki88: Hm... I wonder about that myself, too... Hehe...

@Haruko: I agree. When I watched the movies, I ignored every part where Milky went out with her boyfriend, imagining that they weren't exist, so I could watch them as a SayaMilky love story *chuckle*.

Thank you for everyone who's been waiting. Here's the second part of this YuiParu story :)



A week had passed since that day at the shrine. Shimazaki Haruka didn’t know whether it was because of the shrine deity’s blessing or just the small town’s clean air, but her chronic asthma was really getting better. However, recovering completely in just one week was really impossible. It was especially true for her leg injury. She had less difficulty in breathing, but her leg was still hurting from time to time, especially at night when it’s colder. She could only hope that it wouldn’t get worse when the winter come.

Since she couldn’t recover fast enough, Haruka had no other choice but to attend school in that small town. Studying had never been a priority for her. She was not really good at it. However, her parents insisted that, even if she chose to keep working as a model or an actress in the future, she still needed to at least finish high school.

Her father was the director of Yonjuhachi Jogakuen. He inherited it from his father a few years ago. So, naturally, that was where he enrolled her.

To be honest, Haruka didn’t want to move to her father’s hometown and went to Yonjujo. All her friends were in Tokyo after all. She didn’t know anyone there. The middle of the second semester was not a good time to transfer school either. Even if the school were bigger, even if most of the students hadn’t attended the school since kindergarten, everyone would already know everybody by then—and she’ll be the only stranger among all.

That was probably the reason why she felt like everyone’s eyes were on her as she walked along the corridors that morning. She was a stranger. Someone they had never seen before. Someone that piqued their curiosity.

It was even worse since her father was walking with her. Every single person—students and teachers alike—stopped and bowed when they saw her father. It made Haruka’s first day at that school felt even more awkward. Did they really have to do that? She thought. If she knew it would be like that, she would insist to walk to the teacher’s lounge all by herself—even though she had no idea where that place was.

“Papa, I think I can find the teacher’s lounge by myself,” she tried to say.

“I cannot let you do that. I don’t want you to get lost on your first day of school,” her father replied.

Shimazaki Haruka mentally rolled her eyes.

“I will be fine, Papa. I can just ask someone for the direction to the lounge,” Haruka tried to argue.

“Do you really hate me so much that you don’t want to be seen walking with me?”

“You know that is not the case,” Haruka frowned.

Seeing her expression, her father chuckled.

“I know, I know. But, the bell is going to ring soon. So, rather than wandering around the hall way all by yourself and getting lost, it will be better if you have someone who can show you the way.”

Right after he said that, he saw a student coming out of the student council room they had just passed.

“Ah, Yokoyama-san!” he called.

The student turned to see her caller. When she saw the director, she immediately bowed and said her greeting.

When Haruka heard the greeting, she thought that the voice sounded strangely familiar. So, she turned around and saw the girl she met at the shrine a week prior. Her face was instantly lighted up. She felt a bit relieved seeing that there is someone in that school that she knew—and knew her—after all.

“Good morning. Could you please do me a favor?” her father asked.


“This is Shimazaki Haruka. She is new.”

The girl turned to see Haruka when her name was mentioned. Haruka bowed a little and smiled. The girl just bowed a little too as a response. There was no indication that she recognized Haruka. Her face was stoic. She acted like she had never seen her at all.

“Could you please show her the way to the teacher’s lounge?”


“Thank you,” the director smiled.

The girl just bowed a little to the director then turned to Haruka and said, “Please follow me, Shimazaki-san.”

With a smile and a wave from her father, Shimazaki followed the girl in silence. She was puzzled. Was this girl actually a different person? She seemed very different from the shrine maiden Haruka met a week ago. Yet, at the same time, they really look alike—at least, physically.

“This is the teacher’s lounge,” the girl said as they reached the door to the lounge.

“Ah, thank you,” Haruka said.

The girl just bowed a little then walk away.

“Aah… Ano…!”

The girl stopped and turned toward Haruka. There wasn’t any change in her cold expression at all. Haruka felt like she’s losing the nerve to ask.

“Ah, it’s nothing. Sorry.”

The girl just bowed once more and resumed walking, leaving Haruka alone in front of the teacher’s lounge.

“How strange…,” Haruka mumbled while tilting her head a bit to the side, “I was really sure it was her.”

To be continued...


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Poker face Yui at school! Perhaps she has a reputation to hold there?
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She is Haruka!
Why don't you just being a sweet miko than a stoic highschool girl?-,-

Gonna wait the next chapter, author-san!
Thanks for the update^o^/
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Dear Friends,

Real life kicked in so I needed the whole two weeks to come up with a new part for this YuiParu fic. Thank you for reading the previous parts. An extra thanks for all of you who clicked the "thank you button". Another extra thanks for you who left a comment or two. :)

@Yuki88: Perhaps... Guess you just need to wait for another chapter or two to find out about it :)

@junchan48: Eh? I guess she needs to be both sweet and stoic for the sake of this story *chuckle*

So, here it is, next part of the story. Hope you'll enjoy reading this as well :)

*p.s.: I was recalling a song called "Notice Me" by Jenna Anne while thinking and writing about this part. Just in case you're interested in listening to it as well, you can find it here :)



Shimazaki Haruka grew frustrated. For some reason, that Yokoyama girl was not talking to her. Within a few weeks of school, Haruka had been even more sure that Yokoyama and the girl she met at the shrine were the same person. Yokoyama was famous for being one of the two most idolized “princes” from the first year after all. It didn’t take long before Haruka learned that the girl’s first name was Yui—the same name she heard from the shrine maiden weeks ago. But, somehow, the girl still acted like she didn’t know Haruka at all.

On Haruka’s first day in Yonjujo, half an hour after taking her to the teacher’s lounge, Yokoyama walked in the hall way while Haruka was delivering her self-introduction in class A. Through the open door near the back of the class, their eyes met. But, the girl soon averted her eyes, not showing any recognition at all. They also saw each other in the hall way a few times over the past few weeks. But, no. Not even a smile or a mere nod—no recognition at all. Once, Haruka was having lunch with Watanabe Milky from class N and some other friends she made, and then Yokoyama came with Yamamoto Sayaka. She thought both of the girls were going to join them. But, it turned out that, soon after her eyes met with Haruka’s, Yokoyama excused herself—saying that she still had something to do in the student council room.

Haruka felt really annoyed by the situation. She was not used to being ignored—left alone being avoided. Even if Yokoyama didn’t remember their meeting at the shrine, they did walk together to the teacher’s lounge that one day. Why wouldn’t the girl talk to Haruka at all?

“Arrgh…. Did I do something wrong…?”

Shimazaki Haruka growled in frustration as she hugged her knees and put her head on them. Class A was having a joined gym class with class K. She was sitting on the side of the basketball court with some other girls while watching the teams from the two classes playing against each other. Seeing Yokoyama in the court made Haruka wondered about the strange situation between them all over again.

“Are you okay, Paruru?” Nakamura Mariko asked.

She was one of Haruka’s classmates and also one of the friends she made over the past few weeks. Since she sat next to her, apparently, the girl seemed to hear Haruka’s frustrated growl.

“I’m all right,” Haruka tried to smile.

Right after she said that, the other girls cheered and clapped. Yokoyama just scored another two-point, widening the score gap between the two teams. Her fans were calling her name like crazy.

“Yui-han is so cool, isn’t she?” Mariko said while clapping her hands.

“Yeah…” Haruka just mumbled while turning her head back to the basketball court.

“She is good looking, always scores at the top of the class, the ace of the basketball club, member of the student council... The kyudo club even asked her help for a competition although she wasn’t a member,” Mariko counted with her fingers, “Aah…she’s so perfect, it feels unfair.”

Haruka looked at Mariko who was smiling and said, “You seemed to know a lot about her, Komari.”

“Hm?” Mariko looked her way, still smiling, “Ah, everyone in the school know that facts. But, I did share the same class with her last year in middle school.”


All of a sudden, there was a shout. Then, there were some shrieks from the other girls. They turned around just in time to see a fast ball coming their way. Haruka immediately tried to cover her head with her arms while Mariko also tried to protect her with her arms around Haruka. But, then, in a blink of an eye, Yokoyama was there, slapping the ball away—letting herself fell down right in front of them in the process.

“Are you okay?”

Yokoyama asked as she tried to get up. She ran her eyes on each of the girls sitting there until her eyes met Haruka’s. Concern was evident in her eyes and—for the first time—she didn’t avert them. She held her gaze until Haruka mumbled a weak, “Arigatou” and Mariko assured her that they were all okay. Then, without saying another word, Yokoyama turned back to the court, barking a request for her team mates to be more careful.

Shimazaki Haruka didn’t know whether it was the threatening ball or Yokoyama’s stare. But, her heart had never been beating as hard as it did that day.

To be continued...


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Gosh! Gosh! Gosh!
Seriously Yui, why so stoic? Dunno.
And glad you protected Paru from the ball. Hehehe
Even though It's first day for a new semester, I can't help but read fanfics.
Hehehe. I'm a person who can't help but love AKB48 Group. I'm a silent reader please treat me well. I'm the kind of person who gets crazy over my favorite pairings

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Dear Friends,

Looks like the fic will be even longer than I initially thought it would be...

@Janix123: Hmm... Guess you'll still need to wait for a couple chapters or so for the reason... hehe... How did it feel, starting a new semester by reading fanfics? *chuckle*



Shimazaki Haruka took a deep breath. Almost five hundreds stone steps were laid in front of and up above her. Did she really want to do this again? Was it really necessary? She started to have doubts. But, then, as she held onto the railing tight, what happened earlier that afternoon was replayed in her mind.

The school had ended for the day. She was walking in the hall way, trying to decide whether she should wait for her father so they could go home together or just went on ahead. While she was still thinking, she heard some music coming from somewhere. Since she didn’t have anything to do at the time, she let her curiosity lead her to a small room right next to the music room. A worn out yellowish paper was pasted on the door. Light Music Club—those were the words printed on the paper.

The door was only closed half way. She could take a look inside from the gap between the sliding door and the door frame. There were only three people there: Yamamoto Sayaka who was playing a guitar, Watanabe Milky who was singing while doing some amusing poses, and… Yokoyama Yui on the drum. It’s not Yokoyama’s presence that caught Haruka by surprise. It was the expression on the girl’s face. She had never seen the girl smiling widely, left alone laughing out loud like she did with Sayaka and Milky that afternoon. Absent-mindedly, Haruka started to lean on the door frame, watching the whole performance in front of her eyes. Then, in one of her twirls, Milky spotted her leaning there.

“Ah, Paruru! What are you doing there? Come on in and join us!” Milky said while approaching Haruka, trying to pull her in.

Just like that and the expression on Yokoyama’s face changed 180 degrees. No more laugh. The smile was completely gone. Just like Sayaka, she stopped playing right when Milky stopped singing along. But, at least, Sayaka welcomed her and asked her to sing with them as well. Yokoyama was not.

“Ah, it’s all right… I really can’t sing,” she said, sensing the awkward change in the atmosphere.

“Now, now… Don’t be shy,” Milky smiled.

Haruka shook her head, trying to change the topic by saying, “I didn’t know you all are in the light music club.”

“We’re not!” Milky said and laughed.


“There was a light music club here once,” Sayaka tried to explain, “But, the members had either been graduated or already in their third year and are really busy with their study. When I heard about it, I asked one of the sempai and she said that it’s okay if we want to use the room and the instruments.”

“Sayanee here wants to revive the club, but we don’t have enough people to do so,” Milky added.

“I see.”

“Since you said you can’t sing, do you play any instrument, Shimazaki-san?” Sayanee asked.

“Eto… My father taught me to play the piano when I was little. So,…”

“Eee? Really?” Sayaka exclaimed excitedly, her eyes were full of hope.

“You should join us, Paruru! We actually have a keyboard, waiting to be played!” Milky chimed in.

“Eeh? But,… I can’t actually play well…,” Haruka hesitated while sneaking some glances to Yokoyama who had been silent all the time.

“It will be okay! Right, Yui-han?” Sayaka asked, looking back at Yokoyama.

“…It’s up to her,” the girl said without looking at Haruka.

“Yui-han here can actually play many different instruments! She can teach us if we want!” Milky tried to assure Haruka while holding both of her hands.

“Eeh? Is it…,” Haruka took another glance at Yokoyama, “…really okay?”

Sayaka and Milky nodded vigorously. Both were giving her the puppy dog eyes—something she could not really resist. She tried to look at Yokoyama, trying to see her reaction, but the girl was looking at her phone.

“If that is so…”

Right when Haruka was about to give her answer, Yokoyama stood up and started to gather her bag.

“Sorry, Girls. I really need to go back to the student council room now.”

Just like that and the girl left. Milky could only look at the girl’s retreating back, dumbfounded. She started to question what Yokoyama Yui’s problem was while Sayaka tried to calm her down.

Haruka felt really bad. She believed that Yokoyama was leaving so abruptly because she was there. Sayaka, who seemed to understand what was going through Haruka’s mind, tried to assure her that she shouldn’t mind Yokoyama. The girl had always been like that and it didn’t mean that she disliked her—or so Sayaka said.

Shimazaki Haruka tightened her grip on the railing. She honestly liked the girls’ performance that afternoon. It seemed really fun and—although she couldn’t really sing well—it would be nice if she could join in. But, she would not be able to do that if Yokoyama still treated her like a stranger—and avoided her like the plague. So, sooner or later, they needed to talk. If the girl treated her like that in school, she thought, coming to the shrine might change that attitude and they would be able to have a nice conversation—just like they once had, weeks ago.

Was that all? Haruka had started to climb the first stone step when the question crossed her minds. Was that the only reason she wanted to climb those stone steps once again? Wasn’t it more because of the increase in her heart beat whenever their eyes met? Wasn’t it more because of the pain she felt in her chest whenever the girl ignored her? Wasn’t it more because she longed to see that smile again—the warm smile she once showed her when she visited the shrine?

Haruka shook her head, trying to wipe the thoughts away. She didn’t want to think too much about it. She didn’t want to think about what it might actually mean. She was ready to continue climbing the stone steps again. But, a voice made her stop in her track.

“What are you doing here?”

She turned around to see Yokoyama standing at the bottom of the stone steps, still in her school uniform. Haruka’s heart started to race. The pain started to come back as well,

“So, it was really you…,” Haruka said in a whisper.

The girl raised one of her eyebrow a little, unable to understand what Haruka was saying.

“It’s a long way up. You may get injured if you force yourself to climb the stairs again.”

The words were kind, but the expression was not. It was cold—even colder than the wind that was blowing that late afternoon.

“I come to see you. We need to talk,” Haruka said, determination was in her eyes.

“You don’t have to come all the way here for that. You can see me at school,” the girl started climbing the stone steps herself.

“But, you didn’t want to talk to me at school!”

The words stopped Yokoyama in her track, just a few steps up from where Haruka was standing.

“You didn’t even want to look at me at school. You acted like I wasn’t there. You acted like you can’t stand being in the same room with me. What did I do? Did I do anything wrong? If I did, I am really sorry. But, you need to say it. I can’t understand anything if you don’t say anything to me!”

Yokoyama didn’t move, nor did she say a word.

“I just want us to be friends…”

Haruka was on the verge of crying. She didn’t really like to show any emotion to anyone. But, right then and there, she felt like her heart was about to burst. She didn’t like what she felt. She felt hurt. She just wanted the pain to go away.

“…I don’t want any friend.”

Yokoyama finally said without looking her way.

“But,… But, you are friends with Sayaka and Milky!”

“They are rare exceptions.”

“Can’t I?” Haruka dislike the tone of begging in her voice, but she continued, “Can’t I also be included in that exception?”

There was silence.


The plain rejection hit Haruka hard. She could feel the tears started to form in the corners of her eyes. She looked to the ground, not wanting Yokoyama to see her tears—just in case the girl decided to turn around to face her.

“Is that all?”

Haruka didn’t give any answer to that question voiced by Yokoyama.

“If you want to pray at the shrine, I’ll help you to climb the stairs. But, if you don’t…,” Yokoyama turned her head to the side, “Please go home.”

That was it. That was the last straw that toppled the pile of emotions she held back. If her heart was a cup, it was the last drop of water that filled it before the contents went overflowing.

“I’m sorry for bothering you then,” she said, swallowing back a sob that threatened to escape from her throat.

Right after she said those words, she turned and walked away. She didn’t want Yokoyama to hear her crying. So, after a few steps, she walked faster, and then she ran to her car, to the driver who had been waiting for her a bit further from the stairs. Unbeknownst to Haruka, the other girl on the top of the stone steps was tightening her fists, also trying her best to hold back her tears.

To be continued...


End note:
I'm thinking of changing the PoV in the next chapters since I guess I'll need it in order to reveal the reason behind Yui's attitude. But, I can actually stick with Paruru's PoV to do that as well.... Hmm... I don't know. I'm not sure which will be more interesting... What do you think, Friends?

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You may reveal it through a change of pov, but you can also do it without changing the pov haha.
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The decision is up to you, author-san. Cuz I'm sure the outcome will be interesting. Lol
And I feel kinda sad for Paru because Yui is acting cold towards her.
And I hope Yui is doing that for a good reason.

And also, reading fanfics during my first day was fine but I don't know if I'll be active in jphip for a while. Sorry in advance if I won't be able to comment when the chapter is posted. Peace.
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  • sayamilky? yuiparu? sayaparu? okay desu...
YuiParu yay.. :inlove: so far so good  :k-great: as expected from you :twothumbs

what is wrong with yui, really..  :catglare:

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Somehow i could feel what paruru was feeling there...nice work, author san....👏👍 and it's up to you whether you want to change it or not...
Try to think which one that you feel it's gonna be easier...good luck💪😉

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My fav pairing Yuiparu and Sayamilky :heart: !! I never get tired reading your story again and again. and now it become a habit of mine to check your thread everyday waiting for new update. I hope that someday I can write like you do. Thanks for writing and please update it soon, I have a fangirl heart that need to be tamed everyday   :bow: :bow:

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading the previous chapter. Thank you for leaving me some thanks. Thank you for all the comments.

@Yuki88: Again... Yuki88-san... You really are not helping...  XD *And I am just as indecisive as you are *chuckle*  p.s.: This is out of topic, but I just realize why I felt that Cap looks familiar. I actually had a high school friend who looks a bit like her, lol.

@Janix123: Nah... Honestly, I'm not really confident about this story... Not really sure whether it will really be interesting or not. But, I'll still try.. Yui does have a good reason, though *or so I thought*. And, it's all right. The chapter will still be here for you to read when you're back online :) Wish you all the best with your study.

@Haruko: She did seem cruel, didn't she? Hehe...  XD

@jurenatsumina: Thank you  :)  You'll know pretty soon... It won't be in this chapter, but I'll start giving hints on Yui's problem starting in the next one.

@no-chan: You did? I hope I didn't make you feel down because of the story, then... And thank you  :)  I did try to think about it. But, then, I was still unable to decide *chuckle*

@Fynn: Wow, thank you  :)  Now I feel bad for taking a week to come up with a new chapter :P I actually read your MaYukiRena story and I think you're a good writer yourself. I was just hoping that the story will not end just there. It will be nice to see a continuation and read what actually happened with Mayuyu before... Hehe...

So, here's the next part of the story, Friends. In the end, I decided not to decide *chuckle*. Well... For this chapter, I decided to change the PoV a bit although I went back to Paruru's PoV toward the end.  It may be a mix of Paruru's and Yuihan's PoVs in the next chapters after this, though... This one is just like a bridge that connect the previous chapters with the next ones. I hope that you'll still enjoy reading it, though...



“Seriously! What is wrong with Yui-han?” Milky grumbled, “Why can’t she be nice to Paruru! The girl didn’t do anything, yet Yui-han treated her like she was guilty for each and every problem in the world!”

“Calm down, Milky…,” Sayaka tried to calm her down.

They were sitting on a bench in the school yard, having their lunch together.

“But… But… She really acted like that! Now, I can’t even spend some time with Paruru when I am with you! You know why? Because Paruru is now trying her best to avoid Yui-han! Since you two are best friends, now Paruru doesn’t want to be around you either, in case Yui-han is tagging along with you! So, because of that, now I can’t spend some time with both my best friend and my girlfriend!”

“Milky… Calm down…”

“But, I am really really mad at Yui-han now! Why does she hate Paruru so much?”

Yamamoto Sayaka sighed. She gave up on trying to calm Milky down. She just stared at her bento, moving the rice here and there with her chopsticks without really picking anything up. She let Milky to continue her ramblings about how Yui was wrong to treat her best friend like that.

“You know, Milky…,” she started to say after a few minutes, “Sometimes, things aren’t just what they seem to be…”

Sensing something serious in Sayanee’s tone, Milky abruptly stopped protesting.

“What do you mean?”

Sayaka turned to look at her with a sad smile on her face, “I mean… There is a reason behind everything we do. Sometimes, some people just find it difficult to explain that reason to others, to show their true feelings to others… Thus, they may seem cold or mean to us…”

“Huh?” Milky tilted her head, unable to comprehend.

“In other words, I don’t think Yui-han hates Shimazaki-san. On the contrary…”

“On the contrary…?”

Sayaka stayed silent. She let Milky to think about it herself. Then, after a few seconds, Milky’s expression changed.

“Eeeeeeh?” she said in disbelief, “You mean,… Yui-han actually likes Paruru? Like, really really like her?”

“I’m not saying she does. But, it’s possible.”

“If that’s true, then why was she being mean to her?”

Sayaka sighed, “Like I said, there’s a reason behind everything we do. Yui-han has her own reason, too. It’s not my place to say what that reason is.”

Milky was about to ask further, but then, she saw her best friend walking by herself not too far from them.

“Paruru-chaaaaaaaaaan!” Milky called while waving her way.

Shimazaki Haruka stopped walking and turned her head toward the girl. She smiled and waved back when she realized that it was Milky calling her. Then, she saw Sayaka next to Milky. She bowed her head a bit—just enough to let Sayaka know that she saw her. She was ready to start walking again, not wanting to stay any longer since Sayaka was there. But, Milky was already running toward her, hoping for a small chat. While Milky was happily talking about the new fashion magazine she bought the day before, Sayaka decided to walk up to them as well. Shimazaki Haruka seemed a bit uneasy, but she didn’t move—perhaps knowing that it was too late to avoid Sayaka then.

“Ano… Shimazaki-san,” Sayaka said in a sudden, “Here.”

Milky stopped talking. Both she and Haruka stared at the folded piece of paper on Sayaka’s hand—the one she held out to Haruka. Feeling that it would be rude to leave Sayaka hanging, Shimazaki Haruka took the paper from her hand.

“What is this, Yamamoto-san?” she asked while unfolding the paper.

“Yui-han’s email and phone number.”

“Eeeeeeh?” Milky was the one showing the surprised reaction.

“After everything that happened, I understand if you hate Yui-han now. But, if you’re still interested in making friends… If you want to know why she acted the way she did… Please do try contacting her,” Sayaka said with a serious look on her face.

“Eeh? Sayanee, is this really okay? Won’t Yui-han be mad because of this?” asked Milky.

“It’s all right,” Sayaka smiled, “She will surely be mad at me for giving out her contact details without permission. But, I think, this is for the best.”

Shimazaki Haruka looked at Sayaka’s smiling face, then she looked at the paper in her hands. She didn’t say anything. But, it was clear that she was thinking about what Sayaka had just said.

“Yui-han moved to Yonjujo during the second year of middle school. I had known her since then. It’s never easy to make friends with her. She’s always quiet. She helps others whenever her help is needed. But, she keeps people at bay, not wanting to get any closer with anyone. We were paired for an assignment over the summer break once. So, I asked for her contact details and we started sending emails to each other. That was when I realized that she could communicate her thoughts better through long mails and we started to be friends.”

Sayaka paused to take a deep breath.

“I didn’t get it as bad as you, so I can’t say whether this will work for you as well or not. But, I guess, the key was not the email itself. It’s more about the persistence. The continuous effort to build better communication with each other. So, the question now is not whether Yui-han would reply your mail or not, but whether you would still be sending her mails even when she doesn’t send any reply at all. Would you still try to make friends with her even if she pushes you away again and again? Would you still insist on being friends even when she is being harsh? If you can answer these questions correctly, you’ll probably be able to find the reason behind Yui-han’s actions and attitudes toward you.”

Right after Sayaka finished her last sentence, the bell rang—a sign that the lunch break was over. Milky whined since she didn’t get to finish her lunch. But, she proceeded to walk back to the bench and gathered hers and Sayaka’s lunch boxes. She walked up to Haruka again after that to say bye and asked Sayaka to hurry up to their classroom before the teacher came.

“Just think about it. Please,” Sayaka said before bowing her head a little then running to catch up with Milky who had started walking fast.

Even after they were gone, Shimazaki Haruka was still standing on the same spot. She wrapped her fingers around the paper, crumpling it up. She was ready to throw it into the first trash can she could find on her way back to her classroom. But, then, the echo of Yamamoto Sayaka’s last few words lingered on her mind.

Would you still try to make friends with her even if she pushes you away again and again? Would you still insist on being friends even when she is being harsh? If you can answer these questions correctly, you’ll probably be able to find the reason behind Yui-han’s actions and attitudes toward you.

To be continued...


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Author san...thx for the update... :thumbsup didn't made me felt down...actually it's a good thing to be able to feel that feeling...making the story much more interesting...
Can't wait for the next update...please take your time...
Sorry for not being much of help before😅😅

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Will yui get mad at sayaka? or will she be grateful instead?  :grin:
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Dear Friends,

It's been a while, isn't it  :) ? Thank you for reading the previous chapter. Extra thanks for clicking the thank you button and leaving comments. I am sorry for the delay. Things happened and I was reading more than writing lately.

@Haruko: She really will, won't she   XD ?

@no-chan: I'm glad it didn't leave you with some negative feelings. And about not-helping, don't worry, you're not the only one *chuckle*. No, really, no need to worry. Sometimes, any possible development in a story seems equally interesting that we just can't choose one, isn't it  :P ?

@jurenatsumina, Kirozoro, & weirdasspotatoe: Ooh, you'll see, soon  :lol:

Here is the next chapter. It's a rather short one, but I hope you enjoy reading it  :)



Yokoyama Yui was sweeping the yard that afternoon when she heard the bell of the shrine rang. She turned her head, shifting her attention from the dry fallen leaves on the ground to the praying altar in the distance. She saw a familiar figure, so she stopped what she was doing and walked closer.

“If it isn’t Sayanee,” she smiled, “What a rare sight to see you here, praying at this time of the year.”

Yamamoto Sayaka just grinned before saying, “Is your uncle here?”

“Huh? Yes. He’s at the back, having his tea. Why are you asking?”

“I think I need some extra praying and some blessing from the high priest, just in case,” Sayaka chuckled.

“Eeeh? Whatever your wish is, it must pretty big, then,” Yui raised her brows, “If it’s anything that will happen in the near future, I can only think about the final exams. But, considering your grades, I don’t think you need any extra prayers for that.”

Sayaka laughed, “No. It’s definitely not about the exams.”

“Hm… Then, I wonder what that wish of yours is.”

Sayaka looked down, sighed, then smiled, “I think I need some extra praying and blessing to make sure that you won’t get mad at me…”

“Huh?” Yui looked confused, “Why is that? I am not mad at you.”

“But, I think you will…”

“Why would I be?”

Sayaka stole a glance at Yui who was then standing with her arms folded in front of her chest.

“…Because I gave your number and your email address to Shimazaki Haruka.”

It took Yui a second before she could comprehend Sayaka’s mumble.

“YOU DID WHAT???” she exclaimed when the words finally sank in.

“See?? I told you that you’ll be mad at me!”


Yui tightened her grip on her broomstick. Sayaka looked like she was ready to flee at any second—just in case her best friend decided to launch an attack, chasing her around with the broomstick in hand. But, Yui was just standing there, trying real hard not to do just that.

“I am really really sorry,” Sayaka finally said while bowing deeply in front of her best friend, “But, I did it for you.”

“How can you even say that you did it for me!? I never asked you to! You know how I feel about this! You know how hard this all is for me…!” Yui said, feeling betrayed.

Sayaka raised her head, standing up straight.

“I know... That is why I said I am really sorry,” she said, full of guilt, “And... because I also know that you are hurting inside, I believe that I am doing the right thing.”

Yui stared at her angrily. Rage was evident in her eyes. But, Sayaka held her gaze, feeling determined.

“She is not someone from your past, Yui-han. She was not the one who hurt you. It’s not right to treat her the way you are doing right now. Holding her responsible for something she had never done… You’re not being fair to her. You’re just hurting yourself in the process as well.”

Yui averted her gaze. She looked to her side, not wanting to acknowledge the truth in her best friend’s words. Looking at the sight in front of her, Sayaka just sighed deeply.

“I just want you to be happy. I want you to live a life with no regrets. But, if you continue going with this pace, there will surely be a lot of things that you’ll regret.”

Sayaka paused for a second, trying to find the right words to convey what she had in mind.

“It won’t be easy, but please do try to forgive and let go. If you cannot forgive and let whatever happened in your past go… at least, please try to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for once again falling for someone you thought you’re not supposed to. Forgive yourself for not being able to admit it. Then, you’ll probably be able to see things differently. After all, Shimazaki-san is a good person.”

Yui gave no response. She stayed silent, still refusing to look at Sayaka. So, Sayaka took a deep breath and smiled.

“Jaa… I think that is all from me. I am sorry if I said too much. I understand if you’re even more angry at me right now. Later on, if you’re not mad at me anymore, I am just a phone call or a text message away. Do contact me anytime you feel like it.”

Sayaka then turned around and walked away. She left, leaving Yui still standing at the same spot, reminiscing a certain past she had been trying really hard to forget.

To be continued...


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