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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)  (Read 52219 times)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-20) AKBINGO! (DANSO)
« Reply #80 on: November 20, 2016, 04:24:00 PM »
She wiped her lips again, she felt like she was violated. (But you know? It is Jurina who kissed you, Maru. JURINA MATSUI. You can’t be angry with that.)
Agreed!! No one can object Ju's kisses

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-20) AKBINGO! (DANSO)
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She wiped her lips again, she felt like she was violated. (But you know? It is Jurina who kissed you, Maru. JURINA MATSUI. You can’t be angry with that.)
Agreed!! No one can object Ju's kisses

Agreed ! those people who kept rejecting Ju kiss need to be brought to Hospital and get their head checked! seriously!

and thanks for the updates author san!

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AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-23) Jurina (I)
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thank you for another chaotic chapter  :lol: i think i'm gonna drool too lol... yaoi detected :inlove:
Please wipe your drool off. XD
She wiped her lips again, she felt like she was violated. (But you know? It is Jurina who kissed you, Maru. JURINA MATSUI. You can’t be angry with that.)
Agreed!! No one can object Ju's kisses

Agreed ! those people who kept rejecting Ju kiss need to be brought to Hospital and get their head checked! seriously!

and thanks for the updates author san!
Jurina, the kiss monster. XD

Here's the next arc~ Enjoy~

Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

JURINA took another check of her mail notifications before taking a bite of her katsudon. She refreshed and refreshed but the mail that she is waiting for still hasn’t arrived. How long will that person make her wait? Has she even saw and read her mail.

The SKE dressing room is so lively. Everyone is so busy and excited; preparing for the upcoming event. At one corner, Azuma Rion and Furuhata Nao are seen reviewing their music sheets for their sax and piano duet while on the other corner, Takayanagi Akane is looking at her gallery for the pictures she will present everyone later.

The SKE’s lone ace was about to take another bite when Milky entered the dressing room.

“WARU-KUUUN!” Milky shouted. She got everyone stopped at what they are doing and greet the former SKE kennin. She greeted them back with her fisher smile. She looked around and saw no traces of Maru. Jurina almost dropped her katsudon.

“What’s up, Milky?” She asked with furrowed eyebrows.

Milky ran towards her. “Have you seen Waru-kun, Jurina-chan?”

“Waru-kun? Do you mean Aniki?”

Milky just nodded; her face cannot be painted. Now that she asked about that, they haven’t seen even the shadow of Hoshino Maru. After her unmasking, she has begun to take the internet by storm again. The twitterverse couldn’t handle the UZA performance they did.

eienDD: That #UZA is just so amazing. The girls danced like never before.

mmGofficer: #MMGUnmasked What a great way to introduce her to the public. Aki-P is really something. He is a genius! MMG is so cool and cute at the same time!!!

AKBNG: They just made a performance of a decade. Where can you find an idol group digging up a song and killing it again a hundred times? That MMG really mixed well to them, I may say.

Maru received a lot of good comments but she is not excused to the negative ones. Comments such as

WTF is AKS thinking making a non-member center a song? That is worse in making Miyawaki or Matsui a center. This whole thing is fucked up.

Paruru found that MMG in Korea, right? Is she Korean? Someone with Korean blood? (There are still citizens who can’t forget the past. It’s the same thing in Korea.)

If I were her, I would consider getting the mask back now.

That caused a serious heated argument between fans and antis. They really don’t know what the plan of AKS is for this Hoshino Maru. Even the girl herself is not taking any kind of interviews. Now the fans are betting if she will come out and perform during the AKB Fes 2016 which will be shoot in a moments from now.

“I haven’t seen Aniki around.” Jurina answered. “Have you seen Paruru-chan? She might be with her.”

Milky shook her head. “I already saw Paruru-chan but Waru-kun is not with her. Paruru-chan looks really exhausted. I heard that her health is not improving.”

“Paruru-chan’s immune system is really weak. Especially now that the weather is slowly changing, she is prone to cold. Her schedule is also tight which makes her restless.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Milky heaved a sigh. “Where is this Waru-kun?! I finally had the chance to work with her again. Jaa, I’ll go look for her at the HKT dressing room.”

That’s all and Milky left. Jurina just shrugged her shoulders and continued eating. She checked her twitter only to see a tweet from her SKE co-member, Churi. The said member is hanging out with non-other than the other half of WMatsui, Matsui Rena.

“I guess her phone isn’t broken. She can clearly see mails.” Jurina sighed.


She suddenly jerked when she heard that call. She looked at the door only to see Sakura looking worriedly at her. She’s already in her costume. As expected of the young ace. In public she calls her Jurina-san but in private she only addresses her as Juu. This makes Jurina somewhat happy.

“Are you okay?” Sakura asked. “You somehow looked lonely.”

“I’m saving my smile for later.” She lied and winked at the other ace.

Sakura just shrugged her shoulders and put an envelope on the table and slid it near Jurina.

“Milky-san forgot to give it to you.”

“What’s this? Bir—“

“Shhh!” Sakura halted her from reading it aloud. “It’s a top secret.”

She then winked at her and left. Jurina was left speechless. She smiled foolishly remembering how Sakura winked at her. “My girl has definitely grown up well.”

THE THREE-HOUR show is already about to finish but there is no sign of Maru. The audiences are enjoying the show but they are anxious about a certain girl’s appearance. Even Paruru hasn’t got out to perform as well.

They are already in ACT 5 where the Special Units will perform. Milky already surrendered contacting Ijiwaru for she is not receiving any of her calls. If Maru doesn’t appear before she performs Warukii then she is sure about punishing her just like what she did to Sayanee after that Danso taping. Maru told her everything that Sayanee did together with Juri.

Ame no Pianist is already about to end when Maru arrived at the studio. She immediately went in front of the stage with her camera ready for battle. She seemed like she is rushing. Her white with black stripes hoodie somewhat caught the attentions of the audience. They’ve just seen her bare face once but her face is already the internet that they can’t mistook her. (AKBingo episode hasn’t been aired here. Last time was just a shoot.)

“She has her camera with her. Does that mean she is not performing?”

“I thought she will also perform?”

“I think UZA is just one shot for her.”

Maru ignored all the buzzes she could hear from the background. All she wants is to enjoy the current show as well. If she isn’t stuck with something, she could’ve been there and watched the show from the start.

The 25th song ended and a very familiar song started playing. She was surprised to see Paruru and Sakura got out and perform Heart Gata Virus with NMB’s 2nd Generation Ace, Yagura Fuuko.

“It looks like I arrived in a good time.” She whispered to herself.

Paruru and Sakura saw her. The three performers’ presence plus Maru’s has energized the crowd once again. The said unit performed well with the cheer of the crowd.

“Haruka looks tired.” She thought as she focused her camera on her. “Look at those eyes.”

She suddenly got surprised when Paruru looked right to her lens. The salty queen gave her a very sweet smile. Somehow that made her heart thumped wild.

“What?!” She suddenly removed the camera from her eyes. She felt her heart and it is still beating fast. “Did I drink a lot of coffee today?”

Maru tried to calm herself and continued with her job. She was not able to meet Paruru for days because of the girl’s schedule while she was also in Shinobu’s care during those time.

“Well, she seemed happy seeing me. Is that what she gives me after not replying at my messages?” Maru continued to talk to herself.

The HGV performance and was followed by Candy performed by Yuki, Tomu and Miru. Next to it is Warukii. Maru already knew that song with just the intro. Milky rose up from under the stage and started singing. Maru’s head is nodding in the beat of Warukii.

Milky smiled widely after seeing Maru; she almost got out of tune due to excitement. Maru just raised her hand to greet her. Milky performed her last Warukii performance that will be shown on tv with the loud cheers from the audiences. Her wings fell off but it didn’t matter. She even used it to appeal to the camera. As expected of Milky.

Maru laughed when Sayanee came out as Warunee. Sayanee asked the audience which they like more. Everyone answered ‘Warukii’ together with Maru.

“As expected it is always Warukii, right?” Milky said.

“But I am also trying hard as well, right?” After Sayanee’s line they continued singing. When the song finished Jurina immediately entered the stage to perform Kiseki wa ma ni Awanai together with Haruppi and NGT’s Kato Minami.

Jurina shouted ‘Aniki’ when she saw her. Thankfully she didn’t shout it on her mic or else she’ll have to teach a pup a lesson later. Haruppi waved to her and she waved back with a smile. She had a nice time talking with her oshimen back at the AKBingo taping. She somehow overcome the awkwardness she once had whenever Haruppi is around. What worries her now is the fact that people may see her as a guy and not a girl.

After the entire special unit performances is ACT 6 which involves the AKB48 Band. It started with Team 8’s First Rabbit followed by NGT’s Iiwake Maybe performances. Coming next to it is HKT’s Melon Juice, NMB’s Seishun no Lap Time and SKE’s Kataomoi Finally. When it is time for AKB’s Ponytail to Shushu’s performance, Maru was searching for a certain salty idol but she is nowhere to be found. She suddenly got curious. Paruru is there. She even performed Heart Gata Virus but why is she not performing with the group.

All the members came out to perform Halloween Night but there is still no sight of Paruru. This somehow made her worried.

Encore came and the new single was performed. She finally saw Paruru which made her heart at ease. But, no matter how she looks at the girl, she feels like there is something wrong with her.

They also performed 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki and To be Continued as the last encore song. A cake was taken out for Sayanee. Today is her exact birthday. Maru bit her lips for she has not prepared any gift for her. Well, she just took a lot of her good pics as a gift.

And that’s how AKB48 Fes 2016 ended. It was a waste that she wasn’t able to start it. She may not have the chance to watch next year’s fest but she is really happy she managed to watch it live and take pictures of it.

Maru headed to the backstage shortly after the taping ended. She was surprised that the younger members are greeting her politely. ‘Shouldn’t it be the other way around?’ she asked herself.

She was surprised when a sudden puffer fish jumped to hug her.

“Waru-kun! I thought you are not coming!” Milky said while hugging her tightly.

“W-Wait, I-I can’t breathe…”

Thankfully Sayaka was there to pick Milky away from the struggling Maru.

“Stop punishing her with a tight hug because she’s late.” Sayanee turned to Maru and smiled at her. “What’s up, son? You missed me?”

Maru rolled her eyes. Somehow she has already got used with Sayanee calling her ‘son’.

“Your chin is still amazing.” She dissed her. Sayanee’s eyes widened. She locked her head in her arm and messed her hair.

“It’s my birthday, you idiot. Is that you greet someone who is celebrating her birthday?”

Milky laughed at the two important people in her life. Jurina suddenly arrived. She also arched her arm around Maru’s neck giving more weight to her.

“What’s up, Sayanee?” She asked innocently. “Why are you torturing my Aniki?”

“This kid has a very disrespectful mouth.”

“S-Stop! You are also torturing me, pup!”

Maru finally found the strength to free herself from the two. She fixed her hoodie and hair that got messed up. “Anyway, have you seen Haruka?”

“Ehh~” Jurina looked at her with a meaningful smile. “Are you looking for Haruppi?”

“Haruppi? I don’t call her with her first name. It might confuse them.” Maru innocently answered. “I’m talking about Shimazaki Haruka.”

“Oooh~” Sayanee and Jurina backed off with annoying faces.

“Seriously, what’s with the two of you?” Maru squint her eyes to the two aces.

“If you are looking for Paruru-chan, she’s just over there.”

Maru looked at the direction where Milky is pointing. There she saw Paruru still in her Love Trip costume, leaning on the wall and is busy with her phone. Maru got her gaze locked on the beautiful damsel. She made her way to the sea of idols to get to Haruka.

She was about to call her when Yuihan suddenly appeared and gave Paruru a pat on her head. The same hand traveled to the other girl’s waist and pulled her closer. Maru saw how Paruru smiled after seeing Yui. What they were talking about wasn’t audible but it seems like both of them are having fun.

Maru froze to where she is standing. She heaved a deep sigh and turned back to the three. Sayanee and Jurina noticed how she backed out after seeing Yui.

“What happened, Aniki?” Jurina asked. “I thought you are going to say hi to Paruru-chan?”

Maru just smiled. “I changed my mind. I’ll just go and give this memory card to Togasaki-san.”

That’s all and Maru ran off. The three just watched her turn right and disappear from their eyes.

“What’s that for?” Jurina murmured. “Suddenly backing out with that kind of face.”

“Kiddo must’ve been—“


Sayanee was not able to finish her statement when they heard a loud bumping sound from the direction where Maru went. The noisy hallway was silenced by that sound. The girls flocked to the area where the sound came from. The three also went to check it out.

They saw Maru on the floor holding her head. They rushed to her and helped her.

“What happened to you, Waru-kun?” Milky worriedly asked.

Jurina looked at the glass door with visible little cracks on it. “Don’t tell me you bumped on the glass door, Aniki?” She asked in disbelief.

Maru raised her head. She looks so dizzy; she shook her head strongly to fix her circling sight.

“I-I didn’t see the glass.” She answered in embarrassment.

“Are you sure your eyes are already okay? Sayanee asked. “Are they getting worse aga—“

“O-O-O-OUCH!” Maru suddenly yelped. She got quite a big bump on her head. “Can you help me go somewhere else? It’s so embarrassing, everyone is staring at me.”

“Okay, kiddo. Got it.”

Sayanee and Jurina helped her stood up while Milky followed them.

“WHERE are we going?”

Maru asked giving the bump on her head a cold compress. She is on a car together with Sayanee, Jurina and Milky. She is sitting in between Jurina and Sayanee while Milky’s on the passenger seat.

“I don’t even know, kid.” Sayanee answered. “Milky just dragged me too. Do you have any idea about this, Jurina?”

“Eh?” Jurina hid her phone. She was just checking her mail again. “I don’t know anything as well.”

The manager dropped them in front of a hotel in Roppongi. Maru looked around. Night life in this area is really alive.

“Thank you, manager-san, for giving us a ride.” Milky winked at the driver and he blushed furiously. She then went to lead the other girls inside the hotel. “Let’s go.”

“As expected from a fisher.” Jurina grinned at her.

They all went to the 11th floor of that seemingly grand hotel. They all stopped at room 1108.

“Are you all ready?” Milky asked them. Sayanee and Maru just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Milky slowly opened the door. The room is dark with all the lights off. They followed Milky as she stepped inside. And then together with some popping sounds, the lights turned on.

“Happy birthday, Sayanee!!!”

Sayanee was surprised to see the gang present. Yui and Paruru are there. HKT’s two-top, Sakura and Haruppi are also there. The MaYuki pair is also present despite their busy schedules.

Milky pushed her in front of the cake and everyone started singing happy birthday. They have already sung earlier at the NHK Hall but they are singing again for her.

“So it is Shakure King’s birthday party.” Maru said.

“Seems like it.” Jurina answered. She then went inside to sing with them. Maru just stayed to where she was standing for some seconds before she got her phone and started taking pictures.

Sayanee was in the verge of tears when she blew the candles. She never thought that she could celebrate like this despite the business of the day.

“Milky organized everything for you, Sayanee.” Yui said with her hand arched on Paruru. Maru noticed it and she just shook of the foreign feeling.

“You did it for me, Milky?” Sayanee slowly pulled Milky for a hug before she gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Thank you so much.”

Milky giggled and returned a hug. “I organized a party where we can celebrate with our friends who we usually meet in Tokyo. The girls in Osaka will surely throw you a party, too.”

“So much gay in this place.” Maru thought. Everyone is like giving their message to Sayanee but she’s just watching. Jurina stood beside her so she will not feel out of place.

“I’m the only one from SKE here, Aniki.” Jurina whispered.

“So what?” Maru asked.

Jurina smiled. “It just means that you are not alone.”

A faint smile was fainted on Maru’s face. “I don’t fling that way, Koinu.”

“Anyway, are you straight?” Jurina casually asked which surprised Maru.

Maru looked at her from head to toe but then her weird expression changed.

“Now that you asked it,” she started. “I don’t really have any preference. I just don’t think I will fall in love with someone.”

“Eh? Liar.” Jurina commented in disbelief. “How can you not fall in love with all of these cute girls around you?” She even presented the girls who are busy chatting.

Maru looked at the girls and one girl caught her attention but she just rolled her eyes.

“Impossible, pup. It’s just impossible. I told you I don’t believe that romantic love lasts.”

“Do you really mean that?” Jurina asked. “I thought that was scripted.”

“That’s the truth.” Maru bitterly answered. “But somehow, I am hoping that they won’t end just like that.” She is pertaining to the pairs present inside the said hotel room.

Jurina laughed at her answer. “Let’s just hope SayaMilky won’t turn like—“she stopped midway of her sentence when she felt a pinch in her heart.

“I didn’t say anything, Koinu. You said that.” Maru answered and then took a stolen picture of Jurina’s buffering face.

A flash suddenly blinded the two of them. It came from Mayu’s phone.

“Yadda, Mayuyu!” Yukirin called her. “Don’t just take pictures of them with a flash like that!”

“I just want to make sure I can take their pictures well!”

“Seriously, Mayu-chan! Are you shipping them?” Yukirin asked with hands on her waist.

Mayu turned to her and smile brightly. “HAI!”

Mayu then skipped to Yukirin’s side and showed her the photos she got. Yukirin just bowed to them as an apology in behalf of her Mayu.

“Do you want to be shipped with someone from the group, Aniki? Jurina suddenly asked.

“Your questions really have good sense and value, you know?”

“Just answer my question, Aniki. You are being shipped with Sakura-tan and Paruru-chan, right? If that AKBingo comes out, there will be people who will ship you with Haruppi as well. And people like Mayu-chan will also ship you with me. Who will you choose?”

Maru glared at her. “It would be really nice if people will not ship me with anyone.”

“Why?” Jurina asked. “Shipping won’t be bad.”

“It just won’t last, pup.”

“Here we go again.” Jurina sighed. “It won’t last if you will go away. Are you going somewhere?”

Maru took another look at the girls who are having fun. She just smiled. “Just seeing them having fun like this… This is enough for me.”

“You sounded like an Ojii-san.”

“Haru-san! Juu!” Sakura came to them and handed them some cupcakes. “Why are you excluding yourselves from us?”

“Look who’s talking.” Maru smirked at her.

Sakura smiled at her and grabbed her free hand. She dragged her to the other table. All the other girls followed them. Jurina looked at the invitation card Sakura gave her earlier.

“Invitation to Sayaka and Maru’s Birthday Party”
Maru was shocked when she saw a cake especially made for her. Thanks to her aloofness, Milky managed to tell Sayanee that they are also having a surprise celebration for Maru. It was a chocolate cake with pink and white stars on it. On a chocolate card it says, ‘Happy birthday MARU <3’

She looked at everyone around her with surprised eyes. “W-What is the meaning of this? It is not my birthday.”

Milky stepped forward to explain everything.

“We’ve been wanting to celebrate your birthday long ago but you went to Korea right after SSK. Your birthday was the exact same day as the SSK, right? This folks were there with you but they didn’t even greet you.” Milky looked at Paruru and smiled. “I and Paruru-chan prepared this surprise for the two of you.”

Maru looked at Paruru but she immediately noticed Yui’s hand on the other girl’s waist. Again, she shook off the annoying feeling and smiled at them. “Thank you, Haruka.”

Paruru just smiled at her. She felt like there is a wall that suddenly stood up between the two of them after that AKBingo shoot. She then turned to Milky and thanked her, too.

They started to sing the birthday song again but this time it is for Maru. It really felt nice to hear her name being sung. It felt good blowing the candles of her own cake. It felt wonderful seeing her name written on a birthday cake. Her own name… Not someone else’s.


Still waiting for your questions. XD How about I don't update if the number of questions do not increase? Lol. I'm definitely not in Salt mode. I hope you had a good time reading. :)
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-23) Jurina (I)
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It felt wonderful seeing her name written on a birthday cake. Her own name… Not someone else’s.
eh? nani, nani? not someone else's?
thank you for updating, and please keep your work shortcut48-san :cow: :cow:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-23) Jurina (I)
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Julinahhh  :inlove: :inlove:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-23) Jurina (I)
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Maru-kun, I think you're starting to fall for Paruu

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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-27) Jurina (II)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

“LOOKS like Maru-kun is enjoying Jurina and the two HKT girls’ company.” Sayanee commented as she looks at the other sofa.

Maru is eating and talking with the said girls. It’s the table for people who are underage and can’t drink alcohol. Although they are quite sure that Maru can drink due to the amount of sake they found at her fridge before.

“Of course her oshimen is right there.”, Mayu commented.

“It is good that she is getting along with them, right?” Milky said before she took a bite of the meat served to them by the hotel.

Sayanee suddenly remembered the scene earlier at the backstage. She also noticed the extreme closeness Yui and Paruru are showing to each other. During the AKBingo taping Yui seemed like she was close to breaking when Paruru went on to wake Maru from the hypnosis with a kiss. They were also awkward to each other that time but what happened and they are suddenly like this?

Normally Paruru will be at Maru’s side but she keeps on sticking with Yui like the old days.

“Paruru,” Sayanee called the salty girl who was about to eat her salad. “Did you know that Maru-kun bumped her head in a glass door earlier?”

“Eh?” Worry got painted all over her face. “She did?”

“Yes, she did!” Milky answered. “She just didn’t hit the door, she almost broke it. I’m glad her head didn’t bleed.”

“Why don’t you go and check her?” Sayanee suggested.                                   

She saw how Paruru pondered her suggestion with Yuihan just looking at her, waiting on what she is going to do. Paruru just smiled and tilted her head a little.

“I guess Hoshi is okay. She seems okay to me.”

“Ehhh~” Sayanee’s sure something wrong is going on between these three’s actions.

“Minna!” Jurina suddenly jumped in front of them holding microphones. “Why don’t we do some Karaoke battle?”

“Man, Jurina.” Mayu moaned. “We just performed for more than three hours, right?”

“Don’t be such a kill joy, Mayu!” Jurina pouted. “It would be nice if we can enjoy this party as one group!”

“Well, you have a point, Jurina.” Yui said. “What will be the price of the winner then?”

“Hmmm…” Jurina thought aloud. “We’re sleeping here as well, right? How about the winner takes the bed to herself and the losers will sleep wherever there is a space to sleep.

“Yosha!” Mayu pulled her sleeves up. “I’m gonna show you the meaning of regret, Jurina. Remember that you started this.”

Jurina gave Mayu a smirk. “See, you got excited as well!”

Mayu jumped out of the table and grabbed the other mic from Jurina. They went to the spacious karaoke of the said room. Anyway, this room they rented is being used to hold big parties that’s why it is really spacious.

“Gosh…” Yukirin groaned. “They just decided by themselves again.”

Yuki stood up to follow them. Milky also stood up and held Paruru’s hand.

“Let’s go, Paruru-chan. This looks like fun. Let’s force Ijiwaru-kun to sing!” Milky excitedly said as she drags Paruru. The salty girl was surprised but she just let Milky take her.

Yui released a sigh with a smile on her face. “I guess we should go too, Sayanee.”

“What happened?”

Yui was halted by Sayanee’s sudden question. She looked back at the Namba girl with a curious face. “What happened to what?”

“Don’t try to act innocent, Yui. You know what I mean.” Sayanee looked at her with a serious face.

Yui gave out a smile. “Paruru finally gave a response to my long-standing confession.”

That’s all and Yui left Sayanee hanging. She ran towards Paruru and stole her from Milky. She then grabbed the mic from Jurina who is giving the opening remarks of the Karaoke Taikai. Everyone was surprised at the sudden move of the General Manager.

With all of the attention on her, Yui started talking.

“Hmm… Before we go on with this joyful night, I want to announce something.”

“Yadda, don’t tell me you are graduating Yui-sou-chan!”

“It’s not that Jurina!” Yui laughed. She looked at the girl by her side and smiled at her. She took one deep breath. “I and Paruru… We have moved out from the ship zone!”

Everyone smiled after hearing her announcement. Moving out of the ship zone is one of the codes they use inside the group. But it looks like Maru and the two young HKT girls are yet to learn this code. It is so evident with their faces.

Yui laughed after seeing their cute, curious faces.

“We’ve moved out of the ship zone. It just means the same as moving out from the friend zone.” Yui raised Paruru’s that she is holding. “We are finally a couple! Official couple!”

“So the response she got is positive.” Sayanee murmured to herself. She took a view of Maru who is just silently looking at the lovey dovey YuiParu. It looks like she is having a lot of thoughts in her mind now. “Your move, kiddo?”

Everyone clapped at their announcement. Maru tried to clap as well.

“No one will be surprised if you get out of that zone!” Mayu commented; waving the mic in her hand. “You, guys, are like a couple for years now!”

“Yeah! That’s an inevitable outcome!” Jurina seconded. “Let’s start this battle now!”

Yui laughed at them. “Thank you, minna.” She then guided Paruru to sit on the sofa.

“Aniki! Sakuratan! Haruppi! Come on over! What are you waiting for?” Jurina called the girls who are still on the dining table.

“So troublesome…” Maru sighed as she stood up. “Don’t make me sing, I’m just going to watch.”

“Unfair! Everyone has to sing!” Mayu said.

“I’m sorry, Watanabe-san, but my singing voice is like a cat being killed with a bread knife.”

They all laughed at Maru’s statement. She took her sit together with Haruppi and Sakura. Sitting arrangement goes on the L shaped sofa like this:

          Yuki    Mayu     Yui   Paruru   Milky   Sayanee   





                              Karaoke Monitor

The Karaoke battle started. Most of these girls have really good vocals. They have been singing for years and it is automatic for them to improve their singing. Maru cannot deny that Sayanee and Mayu’s vocals are really something.

It was a rather crazy karaoke battle. Mayu and Jurina kept singing until Yuki decided to only have one song and the score for that song will be their final score. When it was Sakura’s turn, they all went to the point when they have to cover their ears because her pitch was all over the place. Maru knows that Sakura is not good with Karaoke but she didn’t know that it is that bad.

They all have great scores, excluding Sakura. Paruru managed to get a good enough score after singing Maeda Atsuko’s Flower. Sayanee is leading the score charts with a magnificent score of 98, coming after her is Mayu with 97 and Yuki with 94. Jurina grumpily passed the mic when she only scored 90 at her final song when she scored higher with her first songs. Maybe her voice got really tired already.

“I guess we know now who will sleep on the bed.” Sayanee laughed at them.

Jurina and Mayu rolled their eyes. Their arms are crossed and cannot accept the defeat.

“Eh?” Milky jerked as if she remembered something. “Waru-kun hasn’t sung yet.”

Everyone eyes Maru who is currently busy at her phone. “Don’t ask me to sing, I told you I’m not going to—“

She almost choked when Sayanee suddenly appeared in her back and gave her a reverse facelock. “Sing or you will die.”

“Shakure King! Y-You smell like booze! G-Get of me!”

Maru felt someone sat on her lap and hugged her. She felt a very ticklish, soft blow on her neck. It was Milky who is also already light red because of alcohol.

“Let us hear you sing, Waru-kun.” She seductively whispered.

“S-Stop! I-I can’t sing!!!” She tried to free herself but Sayanee is too strong and Milky makes her weak. What made it worse is when Jurina started tickling her on her side. She almost shrieked when Jurina’s finger suddenly pierced her. Everyone laughed at the torture scene.

“F-Fine! I will sing! But don’t regret a-abou—“

“Just go and pick a song!” Mayu said while swirling her glass of wine. She looks mad because she lost from Sayaka with only one point. “Don’t make me wait or el—“

“Hai! Hai! I will sing!” Maru nervously answered. Sayaka pushed her in the front. Using the remote control she shakily searched for the song that first came in her mind. She got more nervous when she found it and pressed the play button.

“Are you singing a Korean song?” Haruppi asked after looking at the title of the song.

“I can’t sing your songs and your songs are the only Japanese songs I know. Your pitch is different than my voice’s.” Maru explained, trying to regain her cool. She even adjusted the key of the song that she picked.

The song started playing. It sounded like a sad song that started with the sound of an acoustic guitar. The intro is just short so she started singing right away. (A/N: This song is 그럴 겁니다...잊을 겁니다 by CN Blue. Translation is from me. You can play it while reading. XD)

그럴 겁니다 잊을 겁니다

(I will forget you, I will…)

오늘부터 난 그대란 사람

(Starting today I will forget you.)

모르는 겁니다 한번도 본 적 없는 겁니다

(I don’t know. I will pretend I never saw you.)

길을 걷다가도 스친 적 없는

(Even if we accidentally meet, I will not look at you.)

Everyone suddenly felt goose bumps. She started a bit shaky but her voice is really good. They don’t understand a thing of what she is singing but the pain in her voice is so evident. It is one of her favorite songs. Maru is singing while looking on the floor; trying to avoid everyone’s graze.


괜찮습니다 잊었습니다

(It’s fine. I forgot everything.)

바쁜 일상에 행복하죠

(I’m happy with my busy life)

근사해 보이는 사람도 만나고

(I will meet someone great too.)

She tried to raise her head only to meet Paruru’s eyes. She didn’t cut the connection of their stares but Paruru broke it first by bowing her head down. Maru felt a sudden pinch in her heart. Maru just closed her eyes and just focused on singing.

사랑이 다 그렇죠 시간이 가면 희미해져

(Every love is the same. It will all vanish as time passes by.)

기억조차 할 수도 없겠죠 Oh

(There’s not even a single thing to be remembered.)


사랑이 가면 또 다른 사랑이 다시 올 겁니다 꼭 그럴 겁니다

(When a love goes, another love will come but it will end up the same)

지금은 아파도 조금만 지나면 아물 겁니다

(It may hurt now, but endure it a little and it will be nothing.)

그럴 겁니다 잊을 겁니다 나도 그럴 겁니다

(I will forget it. I will forget you. I will do the same.)

“Yabbai, Sayanee, you might lose the bed.” Jurina whispered to Sayanee as she is now sitting to Maru’s seat. Sayanee just put signaled her to stay quiet.

“Listen to your Aniki.” Sayanee said who is obviously caught up with Maru’s singing.


어렵진 않아요 오늘만 아프면

( It’s not hard even if it hurts today )

모든 게 잊혀질 겁니다

(I will forget everything)

달라진 일상에 어색할 뿐이죠 Oh~ NO

(All I have to do is get used to my changed life.)

The chorus repeated and a lot more emotion surfaced as she sang. Haruppi even started to tear up even though she can’t understand a thing. The same thing with Sakura; her eyes are fixed to her singing savior. The emotion she is delivering with her song is swallowing their hearts.

Paruru tried to have a look of Hoshi again. It hurts seeing her like that. It is very rare that she is being moved by a song. It somehow felt that it is being sung to her. She suddenly felt her hand being pressed by Yui. She looked at her girlfriend who is smiling at her. She tried her hardest to smile back.

모두 지울 겁니다

(I will erase everything)

꼭 그럴 겁니다

(I surely will)


사랑이 가면 또 다른 사랑이 다시 올 겁니다 꼭 그럴 겁니다

(When a love goes, another love will come but it will end up the same)

눈물이 흘러도 조금만 지나면 웃을 겁니다

(Tears may fall but I’ll endure and I will be able to smile again.)

그럴 겁니다 (이젠)

(I will do that. [from now on])

잊을 겁니다 (이젠)

(I will forget you. [from now on])

상처가 아물 듯..

(Until the wounds heal)

그럴 겁니다 그럴 겁니다 잊을 겁니다

(I will… I will... I will forget you.)

The song finished and Maru slowly opened her eyes. She turned to the screen to see what score she got.

“72.” She’s just two points lower than Sakura. “You see, I can’t really sing well.”

She turned to the girls with mouths wide open. They couldn’t believe that she only got that score.

“I know it is bad. Don’t look at me like that.” She went back to her seat after Sayanee moved out.

“It was really nice, Haru-san.” Sakura commented. “I almost cried.”

“It is! It is!” Haruppi seconded while wiping the tears from her eyes. “I got really moved.”

Milky suddenly hugged her from behind. “Of course, my Waru-kun is best at everything. She’s a perfect human!” Milky then kissed her at her cheeks which also surprised Sakura and Haruppi.

Maru wiped the kiss mark off of her cheek. “Don’t just kiss me like that!” Maru shouted, flustered.

Jurina, as the host of the battle, stood up from her seat and grabbed the mic. She’s still in shock with Maru’s singing but she has to do something to break the ice that the girl has made.

“SAA! The winner of the battle is the annoying birthday girl, Saya-CHIN!”

“YOSHAAA!” Sayanee raised her fist as a sign of victory. “Who are you calling SayaCHIN, puppy?!”

“Okay! Now, let us all go to bed because it’s already 1AM.” Jurina declared.


“YOSHA! Let’s now start the second game of the night!”

Sayanee and Maru shook their heads after hearing Jurina’s unlimited, energetic voice.

“Seriously, Koinu, what’s the matter with you?” Maru asked her. They are already in their futons around the bed where Sayaka is. “I thought we are going to sleep now?”

Mayu and Yukirin already left. Even though the management has granted them free schedule tomorrow they still have works from their agencies in the afternoon that’s why they had to go. All of them who remained are either free in the morning or free all day.

Sayanee is on top of the bed but she doesn’t like the view from up there. Maru is being surrounded by the girls including Milky. She invited Milky to the bed but the girl insisted that she likes to sleep beside her Ijiwaru. Even Maru finds it a little troublesome because she can’t move freely.

“Let’s just have a little chitchat before we sleep. Let’s talk about things that we have never told anyone before!”

Sayanee rolled her eyes. “You just want some gossip, right?”

“Yes!” The puppy cheerfully nodded. Actually, she’s just doing it because she wants to know more about her Aniki. She makes her so curious but she just doesn’t know how to properly approach her. Every time she looks at Maru’s eyes, she always sees mystery.

“Sure!” Milky suddenly affirmed. She’s lying on Maru’s lap. “It sounds nice! You begin, Jurina-chan!”

Sayanee heaved a sigh. She went down of the bed and sat with them for a while. “You start, pup, because you’re the brain of this.”

“Ehhh?” Jurina started thinking. “What could it be?” She looked at everyone and an idea came into her mind. “Actually… I and Mayu-chan were into a relationship before.”

“EEEHHHHH?” Based on their reaction, she’s right to think that they have never heard about it before. Jurina just proudly smiled.

“Majisuka Gakuen 2?” Yui asked. Jurina just nodded. “As I thought, there was something fishy between the two of you during those times!”

“I and Mayu-chan got so close that time. Those were the times that she had conflict with Yukirin because of Sae-san. CenNezu became more than a ship.”

“But you were with Rena-san, back then, right?” Yui asked again.

“Yeah. I was really a stubborn kid.”

“Was?” Maru asked with a troll face.

Jurina smiled faintly. “I promise that in my next relationship, I will be loyal.” She then looked at Sakura and winked. Sakura immediately blushed and looked at another direction.

“Hai! My turn.” The tipsy Milky raised her hand. “Actually, I took a measurement of Sayanee’s chin while she was sleeping long time ago!”

“Ya! Nandeyane?!” Sayanee threw a pillow on her Milky while everybody is taking their time to laugh. The turn was passed to whoever has something to say. Everyone is just giving hilarious secrets.

“I actually farted during a rehearsal and then I told them that it was Sakura who farted.” Haruppi cheerfully said which made Maru laughed hard. Sakura didn’t find it funny. Haruppi forgot that an oshi was there so she kind of felt embarrassed but it seemed like Maru enjoyed it so she shrugged it off.

“I actually saw Haruppi’s fart collection in her house. She farts in a jar and closes it tightly so her fart won’t escape. She even labels them with the date!”

“Sakura! That’s not your secret! That was mine!” Haruppi cried at Sakura’s revenge.

“I actually took a picture of Sayanee while she was changing back when I was a kennin in NMB.”

“What the hell, Yuihan!” Sayanee blurted out. “Why would you do that? And why is it about me again?!”

“I sent them to your fan girls from AKB.” Yui laughingly answered.

“I got a lot of Yaoi manga at home.” Sayanee said while blushing terribly.

“All of Japan already knows that!” Milky commented.

When it was Paruru’s turn, she took a very long time before coming up with an answer. “I really don’t like the smell of Yui’s futon.”

“Wait! You also already told the whole Japan about that before in AKBingo!” Yui snickered.

Jurina turned to Maru with a wide smile on her face. “Aniki, the floor is yours. I know you’ve been thinking of something, right?”

Maru smiled thriftily. Jurina was right. She has been thinking of what to say. Something that she hasn’t told anyone about? Well, that would be an awful lot. She took a look of the girls around her and sighed. Milky sat up to hear what confession Ijiwaru is about to make.

“Well, this might destroy the mood but... let me tell you a story…”



It felt wonderful seeing her name written on a birthday cake. Her own name… Not someone else’s.
eh? nani, nani? not someone else's?
thank you for updating, and please keep your work shortcut48-san :cow: :cow:
Sorry, I guess you still have to wait for Wednesday for this???  8)2

Julinahhh  :inlove: :inlove:
Here she really is~ I know this chapter might give you a feeling like 'is it really for Jurina?' But yeah, it is~

Maru-kun, I think you're starting to fall for Paruu
Bitter Maru: definitely not happening.

See you again on Wednesday~ :)
Oh! And the song's title in English is 'I Will Forget You' (which is very obvious) It has an English version 'Teardrops in the Rain' also from CN Blue but the message of each is different. I prefer the Korean one. It is Bitter Maru's life anthem. XD Anyway, so much info just for this song. XD
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Oohh that CNBlue song is on my favorite playlist for a long time. Never thought someone gonna use it in fanfic. Yeah it is such a sad song.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-27) Jurina (II)
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thank you for the heart-breaking scene shortcut48-san :cry: :cry:
too bad MaYuki pair can't join them beacuse of works :(

“Well, this might destroy the mood but... let me tell you a story…”
there's more a sad story on wednesday? :cry:

anyway, thank you for an update :cow:
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i... don't really listening to k-pop before (PLEASE DONT KILL ME)
i do listen to J rabbit a lot but not anything else much
so err..this is the fist time  i listen to this song you put...
its a song just for this chapter (why...why do you do this???)

now I'm a bit angst

... please pardon me, and let me reminiscing this golden sweet Jurisaku part from the last chapter to brighten myself

She then winked at her and left. Jurina was left speechless. She smiled foolishly remembering how Sakura winked at her. “My girl has definitely grown up well.”
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-30) Jurina (F)
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Things That Mix - 48G Fanfic

Please read this chapter with a warm heart~


“I DIDN’T think that it was that… how should I say it? Terrible?”

Jurina murmured. She is with the other girls at another TV guesting to promote their latest single. The shoot just finished and they are now in the dressing room. It has been three days since their last gathering and it is the first time that they have talked about it.

“I didn’t know that such things happen in real life. It sounded like a drama.” Yui sighed.

Everyone nodded. It has been three days but they are still in shock.


“Well, this might destroy the mood but let me tell you a story…”

Everyone fell silent and opened their ears. Based on Maru’s tone, it looks like a very serious story. She took one deep breath.

“There was once a couple who loved each other even though they are from different nations. The guy is really rich, while the girl was just a worker in his company. He fought for her even though his father is against to marriage with a foreigner.

In the end they got married. They lived at the girl’s country where the power of the guy’s company is also overwhelming. They were happy about the upcoming birth of their twins. It was a boy and a girl. The guy’s family values the male for many generations so they focused more on the boy and prepared a name for it.”

Maru smiled bitterly and sighed.

“Unfortunately, the boy was not even breathing when he was delivered. The girl was perfectly fine. She was very healthy. But no one rejoiced to her birth. Everyone is mourning to the death of the heir. With much disappointment and frustration, the father decided to raise the girl as a boy, giving her the name that was prepared for her brother.

The girl was raised believing that she is a boy. Her parents kept on trying in order to have a son but it would always turn out to be a girl. After knowing the gender, the guy would immediately order his wife to abort the baby.”

Everyone gasped after hearing that statement. Maru paused to smile due to their reactions. She tried to lighten up the mood by rising up the tone of her voice.

“The girl was imprisoned at home. She was made to wear boy clothes, her hair was kept short. She never went to a normal school. Tutors would just visit her every day. The number of people she knows can only be counted by fingers.

The pressure from her grandfather has killed the human in his father. There were times that he would just hit her wife without any reason at all. He would also do the same to his child. She never experienced being caressed by her father. She would always tremble in fear every time she sees him.

She lived that kind of life. For 13 years she believed that she was a boy. Her birthday is being celebrated but the name on the cake is always somebody else’s. It was by that age that she got her first period. She thought that she was sick so she consulted her mother about it. She was given medicine. After the first period, she never got one again. The medicine she was given was actually a pill that will produce more male hormones. Her body was once again manipulated.”

Sayanee’s face crumpled. She bit her lower lip because of anger towards Maru’s family..

“She studied about it… secretly… Those pages that her science tutor would always skip. She was enlightened but darkness covered her heart. She stopped taking the pill and her father has noticed her hair getting long. She got tortured to the point where her head would always hit the ground. Until there is no blood, her father will not stop.”

Maru combed her hair with her finger. Jurina immediately noticed the scar on her forehead.

“Years went on like that. The grudge in her heart kept on growing until she is 17. Once again her father was on berserk, hitting her mother continuously. That was the point when she couldn’t handle it anymore. She got a knife and stabbed him when she found an opening. She watched how her father fell on the ground with blood flowing from his chest. She watched him die with a huge smile on her face.

The thought of freedom filled her mind for a moment until she heard her mother mourning for the dead guy. She got confused. ‘Why are you crying?’ She asked her. ‘We are finally free now.’ But her mom just kept on crying. The sound hurt her ears and it drove her crazy. The police came but instead of her, her mother was taken away and got imprisoned.

Her grandfather came from his country and took her with him, taking her away from her mother. She was left there for more sufferings. It didn’t take long that the controversy of her family was exposed and their business got bankrupt. At least her grandfather managed to hide it for two years. Her grandfather died due to stress and the allowance she is receiving stopped coming.

The weight of the guilt with having her mother suffer in the prison because of her was so heavy. She tried to finish herself since nothing good is happening but she would always wake up as if nothing happened. It was probably because her body is already used to the pain. She became a wanderer for three years… Barely surviving.”

The aura of the room was really heavy. Everyone is just looking at Maru or looking somewhere else. She isn’t saying that the girl in the story is her but they are very sure that it is her.

“Was the story boring?” Maru asked, trying to avoid their stares. “Just hang on, it is about to be finished.” She took another breath before continuing.

“The girl with no name came to the point of where she stood in a train station platform waiting for the train to arrive. Her mind was so fixated in killing herself but she was saved by a couple. She was kindly treated and the couple welcomed her to their home. It was the first time she felt warmth in her whole life but the episodes of her trying to kill herself didn’t stop.

Through those couple, she got to know Japan and a huge idol group from that country. She found hope in their songs and their stories. She even studied the language and became good at it in a very short time because it was the first time that she wanted to do something.

But then the girl… tried to kill herself again even after meeting two of those idols that she admires. She received news about her mother dying on the prison after catching a deadly disease. The guilt flooded her once again and she went nuts but then she survived again.”

Maru smiled. “And now, with all the crazy things that happened to her, she is with those idols. Having fun like a normal person with no dark pasts. It is crazy, right?”

Milky, Sakura and Haruppi are already crying. Milky jumped to hug her and she just let her be.

“Don’t cry, Miyuki.” She said with a cracked voice. “You should be scared at me because I killed someone before.”

“Baka.” Sayanee blurted out. “You were in a tight situation back then.”

“Would it justify my crime?” Maru laughed. “I’m surprised that you are not running from me after hearing that story.”

“You got such a tough life, Maru-chan.” Yui said with a very sad voice.

“I just want to be honest with you all. You’ve been trusting me even though you really don’t know me. I also want to see if you will still see me as the person you treat as a friend after hearing that story. You even made a cake with my name on it…” Maru’s voice started to crack even more but she can still handle her tears. “It made me happy. If you all leave today because of my past, it will be fine with me—“

“Stop saying things like that, Hoshi!” Everyone turned to Paruru who is also in the verge of tears. “Everyone here liked you because of who you are to us. You aren’t fake...  you are always sincere. Please don’t…” She paused for a moment to bite her lips. “Don’t say things like that.”

“T-Thank you for entrusting us your secret… Especially to me who you just recently got along with.” Jurina stated. She was surprised that her idea would turn out like this.

“No worries, Koinu. I felt like I will be spending more time with you, guys, from now on that’s why I want be honest with all of you.” She sneered. “If this secret leaks I already have suspects. And don’t even pity me because of this. I would really hate you if you started acting out kinder towards me.”

Maru stood up and walked away from them.

“Where are you going, Haruhi-san?” asked the teary Sakura.

“I’m going to sleep at the sofa.” She answered as she stopped by the pillar. “I know I surprised all of you. It will be a little awkward if I stay. I’ll give you all time to digest it.”

That’s all and she left. Everyone was left silent. Paruru wanted to go after her but she couldn’t go. Jurina just broke the ice again with her voice and just invited everyone to sleep.


“LET’S just face her like normal.” Yui broke the silence. “Maru-chan has rested her trust on us. She even risked her relationship with us when she told us the truth. Let’s help her to forget about her horrible past.”

“ARGH!” Sayanee messed her own hair. “Should I stop calling her son? I already got fond of it!”

“I think she will think that we are being careful of her feelings if we stop calling her with what we used to call her.” Yui answered.

Everyone nodded in sync.

“She will be having a hard time now that the whole Japan is curious of knowing who she is.” Sayanee sighed. “We just have to support her and cover her up if something happens.”

“I’m just wondering how Aki-P will present her.” Jurina said. “Will she be absorbed as a member? I can see Aniki hanging out with Shinobu-san these days. Is she being trained in secret?”

“I don’t know, Jurina.” Yui leaned on the wall. “There are things that Aki-P won’t tell me as well.”

Sakura suddenly stood up from her seat. “I’m going to visit Haruhi-san, today.”

“Wait.” Jurina halted her by holding her by her arm. “Don’t you have any schedule after this?”

“I got the rest of the night empty.” Sakura answered and then she went on. She gave a bow to the others before marching out.

“Ahhh!” Haruppi sighed. “I want to go to Maru-san as well but I have to go back to Hakata tonight. Uhhh! I want to see her, too.”

Jurina shook her head a little and then grabbed her bag. “I’m going to see Aniki as well. See you later, peeps!”

SAKURA was surprised to see Jurina catching up. She was about to ride the elevator when the Sakae ace suddenly popped out from her back. The elevator opened and they both went in.

“Are you also going to see Haruhi-san?” The Kagoshima girl asked after pressing the button for the first floor.

“I like to see Aniki as well.” Jurina leaned on the wall. “Are you sure that she is home?”

Sakura nodded. “I asked Shinobu-san earlier about her and she told me that she got the day off.”

Jurina slowly nodded her head. She looked at the floor indicator with a plain look. “Are you somehow… interested in Aniki?”

Sakura couldn’t help to look at Jurina after hearing that question. She closed her eyes and leaned her head to the wall. “If I get interested to her, will there be any conflict?”

Jurina’s ears twitched after hearing Sakura’s answer. She looked at her with furrowed brows.

“But I told you that I like you, Sakura!” Jurina almost shouted with her fists balled. “Am I still not enough for you?”

Sakura took a look at her with sad, tired eyes. Jurina was taken aback.

“Juu…” Sakura called in a low voice. “You always say that you like me… That I am yours… But…” Sakura heaved a sigh. “Are you even mine?”

The elevator bell rung just right after Sakura dropped the question. Jurina was unable to say anything. The elevator’s door opened and another person is waiting for it.

“Are? Jurina? Sakura-chan?”

The attention of the two was caught by the lady standing outside the elevator. The familiar voice made Jurina’s head turn in an instant to confirm who the owner is. She was right.

“R-Rena…” Jurina stammered after finally finding her voice. Right in front of her is the girl that she has been wanting to meet for the past months; the girl that she badly needed to see; the girl that she crazily missed.

Sakura noticed Jurina’s reaction and just tried to smile at the lady in front of them.

“Good evening, Rena-san.” She greeted. “I’m sorry but I shall go first.”

Before leaving she gave a look to Jurina and whispered. “This is what I mean.”

That’s all and she left, trying to conceal the frustration in her face. Jurina looked at the other Matsui who is wearing a faint smile on her face.

“It’s fancy meeting you here, Jurina.” Rena started. “You had a fight with a girlfriend?”


“IT’S NICE to have coffee again, isn’t it?”

Rena asked with a smile on her face. They went on a nearby café where they sat near the window. It is raining. Probably it is one of the last downpours of summer.

Jurina is just looking at her Frappuccino while mixing it. Rena noticed the low mood of the younger Matsui which made her look outside.

“Are you worried that Sakura-chan got drenched?” Rena asked with a hint of pain in her voice.

Jurina rose up her head and looked at Rena. She is indeed worrying of the other girl. She shook her head to wake herself up.

“How’s everything, Rena?” She asked. Her voice was full of longing.

Rena smiled and took a sip of her Americano before answering. “Everything is going on smoothly. My career as a soloist is better than what I expected.”

“It’s good to hear that.” Jurina uttered under her breath. “SKE is doing well too. We were having separate promotions from the main group.”

Rena nodded. “Yeah. I heard them from Churi.”

“You’ve been hanging out a lot with her, right?” Jurina bitterly asked.

“We’ve been seeing each other a lot lately. Just having some girl-talks and all.”

“Why weren’t you responding to any of my mails?”

Rena just looked at her cup coffee and sighed. The wonderful smile is still pasted on her face.

“Because I am trying to move on…”

Jurina suddenly felt cold water being splashed on her. She traced the pain in Rena’s voice even though it is being concealed by her smile. Ashamed, Jurina fell silent and started to stare blankly at her Frappuccino.

“It was kind of hard being in love with a girl who finds everyone cute and kisses them, right?” Rena tried to look at Jurina but immediately lower her gaze. “We were official but you couldn’t help but look at other girls, right?”

“It’s not like—“

“I closed my eyes about your relationship with Mayu-san during our relationship. But you didn’t regret it and even had more girls aside from me.”


“I tried to make you jealous by also flinging with other girls but it didn’t work. You never seem to mind it at all.”

“Rena, it’s not what—“

“So tell me…” Rena raised her head and looked straight to Jurina’s eyes. “Do you really think I will come back and open up the wounds after I became free from you?”

Guilt overflowed from Jurina’s soul after hearing Rena’s statement. Was she really that wild before? Is this how much she has hurt her?

“I…I’m sorry, Rena… I was young back then…”

“That would always be the excuse, right?” Rena took another sip of her coffee. She was surprised herself that she has managed to remain calm after saying everything that she has been carrying in her heart for a very long time.

Rena took her phone and opened her mailbox. She looked at it while snickering and she is even blushing. This made the guilty Jurina curious. Rena showed her a video after turning up the sound of her phone. Rena cannot control her laughter.

“What the hell is that?!” Jurina’s eyes widened when she saw who the person in the video is. It was her, sleeping at a futon, mumbling.

“R-Rena…” she heard herself saying while fast asleep. “I want to see you…”

She suddenly heard annoying laughter from the one taking the video. Then the focus of the camera went to Sakura who seems like an accomplice but her face cannot be painted.

“Look who’s jealous.” The person behind the camera snickered again but in a more controlled way. She was careful not to wake the victim and the others.

Sakura’s face crumpled even more. “Stop it, Haruhi-san!” Sakura whispered but with a puffing face.

“A-Aniki!” Jurina gasped. “She took this?!”

She saw Maru’s arm extended to Sakura and pinch her nose. “Cute.”

“Rena…” They heard Jurina mumble again and Maru laughed once more.

“Stop it! Juu will be angry if she sees this!”

Sakura grabbed Maru’s phone and ended the video. Rena couldn’t stop laughing while looking at the shock painted at Jurina’s face. She then took her phone back and started looking for something.

“That girl is really funny.” Rena said in between snickers. “She sent me this. I don’t know how she got to know how to contact me but she’s really interesting. Ah! Here!”

Rena showed her the message part of Maru’s mail.

Good evening, Matsui Rena-san. I am the ‘Aniki’ of a puppy called ‘Matsui Jurina.’ I don’t know if you know me but they call me MMG before. I’ve sent you a video of this miserable puppy to make you laugh. You can do whatever you want with this because she is a really annoying puppy.

But if you don’t mind… Please try to meet her again…

Jurina gulped. So the reason Rena is in front of her now is because Maru made a move to make them meet.

“Of course I know who MMG is.” Rena said with a smile. “She’s the one that made twitter explode last time, right? But suddenly asking me to meet you is kind of hard so I asked her a favor.”

Jurina just looked at Rena with her curious face. Rena smiled at her.

“Just look at my wallpaper.”

Jurina did what Rena said. She pressed the home button and then voila. She almost cracked when she saw Maru’s face as Rena’s wallpaper. Rena gave out another laugh.

“She is really cute in that pic, right?”

“If you are saying that she is cute with dog ears and a collar while posing like a dog, I will say that this is hilarious!” Jurina laughed at the said picture. “How could you even get that picture from her?”

Rena took her phone back and looked at her wallpaper. “It is the payment for me to meet you.”

The smile from Jurina’s face faded after hearing Rena. She suddenly remembered the fact that Maru doesn’t like her pictures being taken but she took a ‘cute’ selfie with dog ears just to convince Rena to meet her. However she looks at it, she cannot see anything that Maru will benefit for doing something she is embarrassed to do just to convince someone to meet somebody else.

“You got a very nice Aniki, Jurina.” Rena put her phone back to her bag before looking back at the surprised puppy. “I told her how I really don’t like to meet you for now but if she will send me a picture of her without a mask, I might change my mind. I even asked her to wear dog ears and a collar because she said that she is an aniki of a puppy. I really thought she will give up. With my little knowledge about her, she is not the type who will post her picture in SNS. But she sent me one without hesitation even though she looked so much embarrassed at that photo.”

Rena finished her cup of coffee and released a sigh. “For a cute girl to ask me a favor like that, how can I not grant her wish?” She even blushed while saying those things. Rena likes cute girls from the very start. She then composed herself and looked at Jurina.

“Today… will definitely be the last time that I will meet you in purpose. Let’s free each other, Jurina. Don’t be overcome by guilt. You move on as well. I’m getting used with the life I have now. Go on and enjoy your life as well.”

Rena picked up her bag and stood up. “Thank you for everything, Jurina.” She smiled at Jurina and started walking away. But she’s not even a meter away when the frozen Jurina got thawed.

“Rena!” she called her while still stuck in her seat. The other Matsui looked back at her with a curious face. Jurina took a deep breath. “I’m really sorry… But I really loved you!”

Rena smiled at her with her most beautiful smile.

“I love trains.”   


MARU was about to drink her dosage for the night when her doorbell suddenly rang. She immediately swallowed the pill and gulped a glass of water before going to her door. She looked at the small monitor by her door to see who it is and she rushed to open the door.

“Sakura!” Maru almost shouted when she saw the Kagoshima girl drenched from the rain. Her eyes are swollen and she seems lost.

Maru immediately grabbed her inside. She looked at her left and right before she closed the door. She made sure that no one has followed Sakura. She’s not even in a mask or anything.

Maru locked the door and turned to Sakura.

“What happened to you, Sakura?” Maru worriedly asked with her hands on Sakura’s shoulders. The girl lifted her head up and looked at Maru with those swollen eyes. A drop of tear rolled down her cheeks which made Maru more worried.

“What the heck, Sakura? Don’t just cry like that in front of me.” Maru grabbed her bag and accompanied her to the bathroom. “Go and take a bath first. I don’t want you getting sick. I’ll leave some clothes here. About the undies, I’ll go buy and come back as fast as I can.”

Maru closed the door but then opened it again. “Get yourself together, Sakura. I’ll be back really quick. Don’t open the door until I come back, got it?”

Sakura gave a weak nod. Maru extended her arm to wipe her tears away. Sakura just felt the warmth from her hand. “I’ll be back.”


This is only a fanfic. Don’t go after my head please. XD

Thank you everyone for your warm comments! This chapter is so long so I won't be talking much~ Still, see you in the comments~ :)
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-30) Jurina (F)
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I died. "I love trains."  :panic:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-30) Jurina (F)
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w-wha... Wmatsui and jurisaku.... maru is a nice person ne... :cathappy:
"I love trains"  :banghead: :banghead:
keep living maru-san :( I'm glad that you survived till now :(
what now author-san? a marusaku ship?
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-30) Jurina (F)
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*Manly Tears*

Hope Cherry is ok


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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-30) Jurina (F)
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“Juu…” Sakura called in a low voice. “You always say that you like me… That I am yours… But…” Sakura heaved a sigh. “Are you even mine?”

The elevator bell rung just right after Sakura dropped the question. Jurina was unable to say anything. The elevator’s door opened and another person is waiting for it.

“Are? Jurina? Sakura-chan?”

The attention of the two was caught by the lady standing outside the elevator. The familiar voice made Jurina’s head turn in an instant to confirm who the owner is. She was right.

“R-Rena…” Jurina stammered after finally finding her voice. Right in front of her is the girl that she has been wanting to meet for the past months; the girl that she badly needed to see; the girl that she crazily missed.

“It’s fancy meeting you here, Jurina.” Rena started. “You had a fight with a girlfriend?”



wmatsui and Jurisaku


(excuse me i need to dying in the moment...too many feelings...ANGSTTTTTTTT )

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 11-30) Jurina (F)
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-01) Drabbles #1
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I guess I dropped something really hard yesterday. Here is something to light up the mood. (I hope so.)

TTM Drabbles Presents:


Some time ago when Maru’s face hasn’t been revealed yet

Sakura is being flooded by questions from the fans about the Mysterious Masked Girl.

How does Maru-sama look like?

Please give us even just a clue of how MMG looks like.

Describe her features, please, Sakuratan!!!

Sakura sighed with all the requests she is receiving from the fans. She then typed:

Maru-san has a really cute face. Sometimes her stare is scary but she really has kind eyes. Hmm.. Sometimes her smile is a little awkward but it’s a charm point, I think.

Sakura posted her reply to the fans in her 755 account. Comments from the oshis came so fast.

Description is so bland. It doesn’t really give us any idea!

“Geez.” Sakura types as fast as she could.

Wait, I’ll try to draw Maru-san!

Sakura dropped her phone and went on to get some pen and paper. She was busy drawing but her 755 log is still busy.

Sakuratan is drawing Maru-sama? Yabai! Hahaha.

I know where this is heading. lol.

HAHA. Never forget.

*Sakura’s portrait of Nakanishi Chiyori, Murashige Anna and Wakatabe Haruka

“Done!” Sakura smiled proudly at her portrait of Maru. “This resembles Haruhi-san so much. Too bad I’ll be posting it for free.”

Sakura took a photo of her drawing and uploaded it right away.

This is how I see Maru-san. This definitely looks like her. Trust me.

Lol. Thank you Maestro Sakuratan!

I’m crying so much with this. Thank you! HAHA!

Sakura just nodded proudly at the comments she is receiving when a Line message came in.

Haruhi-san: Sakura, what the hell is that?

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-01) Drabbles #1
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I’m crying so much with this. Thank you! HAHA!
I'm crying too :lol: what a masterpiece :lol:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-01) Drabbles #1
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (UPDATE 12-04) Drabbles #2
« Reply #99 on: December 04, 2016, 01:37:45 PM »

MARU was given a segment in AKB48 SHOW where she will read tweets about her. Aki-P asked her personally to do this. It was her first time to appear on TV without any other members to support her. The General Manager, Yuihan, is present but she will not be a part of the interview. She’s just there for some moral support.

Yuihan: Good luck, Maru-chan! Do your best! *raises her fist* How do you say that in Korea? Fighting~!

Maru: *sighs* Thank you, GM. I’m really nervous but I’ll try to do my best. I don’t care if they bash me but I’m kinda anxious of their questions.

Yuihan: Don’t worry, they will not ask hard questions.

Program Director: Hoshino-san, come here now. We will be starting now.

Maru: *gulps* I’ll be off then.

Yuihan: *Slaps Maru’s back for motivation* Have fun, Maru-chan!

Maru went straight to the seat prepared for her. She tried to sit comfortably as the PD explains further more.

PD: We will just do this in one take so just feel free, okay.

Maru: H-Hai!

PD: Okay, we will start in 3, 2 ,1 ACTION!

*cameras started rolling*

PD: Do some sellf-introduction please

Maru: U-Uhm… Good day, everyone. I’m Hoshino Maru. I’ll be on your care.

PD: Start reading the tweets.

Question from __misaki46-san: Do you have any plans to grow your hair longer?

Maru: I don’t know. It has grown quite a bit now since I met Shimazaki Haruka-san and Miyazaki Miho-san. I haven’t cut my hair since that. My curls are getting visible and I’m having rashes in the nape because of the hair. I think I should cut it. I just don’t imagine myself with hair longer than this.


From infinitze-san: What do you think of AKB’s new generation.

Maru: Uhm… I sincerely hope that they receive favor from the people as well. I don’t want them to just imitate the seniors but make their own names. They should realize how important it is that they are being called as the new generation. It means they are the ones continuing the dreams the seniors had for the group. While on that, they should have dreams for their selves as well. I believe that AKB is a place where dreams are being fulfilled. And AKB inspires a lot of people not only in Japan but across the globe. I don’t want AKB to disappear just like that.

Follow up question: Do you have someone you like from the new generation?

Maru: I do. *goes to the next question*

Program Director: Who is it?

Maru: The sender didn’t ask so I’m not saying it. *tucks tongue out*

PD: *face palm*

From MatsuiLee-san: If you are going to be stuck in an island, whose member will you choose to be with you? Why?

Maru: Hmmm… This is one tough question. Do I really have to drag someone if I get stranded in an island? *thinks carefully* Maybe I would want to be with someone like Watanabe Mayu-san or Sashihara Rino-san? Why? They have huge hordes of fans. The oshis will not rest until they are found. I believe we will be saved in no time. We won’t even last a day in that island. *smiles proudly at her brilliant idea*


From shortcut48-san: Why are you so unpopular?

Maru: *pauses to think about the question* I wonder why this person asks me about this. *reads the question again* I don’t know. *shrugs her shoulders* Wait, I think I know who this sender is.

From Genkikid-san: Maru-kun, I think you're starting to fall for Paruu…

Maru: *eyes widened* *throat started drying* *gulps* I-I-I don’t know if this is a question or what. I wonder if you are Miyuki or Koinu hiding in that username Genkikid-san. They always tell me the same thing.

PD: Just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Maru: *turns as bright red as a ripe tomato* W-W-What the heck! The sender didn’t ask me to confirm it so I won’t say anything about it. *zips her mouth*

Last question from LuckyMatsui: If you are to be a boy, who is the member that you prefer to get married with? And if all the members were boys, who do you want to be your husband?

Maru: *pauses for so long*

PD: It’s a question so you have to answer it, right?

Maru: *still on a pause*

PD: Answer it or the sender will be angry!

Maru: Hmmm… *claps once* And there you have it everyone. This segment is already over! See you again if ever this segment will be revived. *stands up from her seat and bowed* *sees Yui standing in the corner*

Yui: *staring sharply at Maru while popping her knuckles*

Maru: *sweats heavily and goes back to her seat* W-What was the question again? *finds the question in the phone* *rereads the question* Why am I being asked with things like this? *sees a cue card from the GM*

Yuihan: [Make the shippers happy]

Maru: *reads the card with her lips* *blows her bangs in despair* If I were a boy, I would definitely go after K-Kodama Haruka-san because she is my oshimen. I think explanation is not needed with that. *breathes out in despair* And if all these members were a bunch of guys, I would like to marry Matsui Jurina-san. I don’t know why. She just came on my mind. Probably because she has a lot of money. *fakes her laughter* *looks at Yuihan*

Yuihan: *smiling happily because Paru’s name was not mentioned* *raises an okay sign*

Maru: *releases a sigh of relief* Okay, we’re finished, right? Thank you for all your comments and questions. If this happens again, please make your questions easy to answer.

Staff: But the viewers will find it boring if it’s like that.

Maru: *releases her breath slowly while looking at the PD* okay! *raises her hands* Go and ask anything! I will wait for it! Arigato gozaimasu~! Hoshino Maru-deshita~


Maru dropped dead from her seat. Yuihan came to congratulate her with a somehow well-done job.

Yuihan: *rubs Maru’s back* Nice job, Maru-chan. You really showed off your character.

Maru: *looks at Yuihan with blank eyes* I felt like my seat was burning.

Yuihan: *helps Maru to stand* Welcome to this world~

Maru: I lost all my energy already. *remembers a certain username* I will roast that person for making an interview about me instead of uploading a chapter.



On the other hand...

Fans transferred to Mayu’s 755 from Sakura’s log.

Mayu-san, please draw Maru-sama for us!

Mayu’s eyes twinkled and started drawing. She uploaded it right after taking a picture of it.


Cut here. I purposely didn’t upload a chapter so you can all take a rest from all the happenings with the story. I’ll be back with the main story in Wednesday. Sorry for all my drawings. Especially to my drawing of Maru, it might fail to reach all your expectations of her. You can still keep the Maru on your imagination if you don’t like my drawing. Haha. I know Mayu-san can do better than this. :) *i told you guys... Maru is an iron board*

Anyway, thanks again for reading this. Please continue to join me as more of this story unfolds. Have a nice week~!

Question: Should I continue with this interview thingy? If you yes then please send me materials. HAHA. Thank you~ If you wanna go anonymous then tell me. :)
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