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Author Topic: The Impaler vs. Okami - chapter 1 (SakuNaa/JuriSaku) 9/07/2017  (Read 591 times)

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"Chapter 1"

Nanao Dracula, the son of the infamous Vlad the Impaler is waiting patiently for his servant to arrive. It has been a week after he sent off Dimitri to get the girl that will save him from the imperfection of his world.

A man barge into his room, he was badly injured on his right arm. The prince stood up on his chair and walk to his servant.

"Where is the girl?"

Dimitri bowed his head and fell on his knees. He didn't even bare to look at his Majesty's eyes.

"She was locked up on her room. His Highness saw me and had my right arm almost mutilated."

Nanao clenched his fist, knot forms on his forehead, his eyes turn into red and fangs begins to appear.

“I will get you, Laura.”

Sakura giggled as she writes her new story about Nanao the son of Vlad the Impaler, which was a fictional character that she made up, who fell in love with the King’s daughter of their rival Kingdom. She’s already done with the first few chapters, it’s been a week after she finishes her 1st story, about a werewolf boy, Jun the protagonist, who fell in love with the girl named Cherry, a human. You already know what happened. The mother forbids his son to never fall in love with a human because they will see them as monsters and kill their kind. Son didn’t listen and found this cute girl and fell in love. They promised to be together. The revelation of the forbidden love. Humans vs. Werewolves. The two lovers stopped the fight between their kind. The fighting has been stopped, but Cherry’s father didn’t like the idea of her daughter to be with a filthy werewolf. Cherry’s family leaves town to live somewhere far. The end. Sakura’s choices of stories don’t have a happy ending, she likes the pain brought by her stories. Sadomasochist? Kind of.

“How was your exam?” Sakura’s mother asked.

“Hmmm... It’s okay.”

“You sure?” Sakura’s father asked while reading his newspaper.

“Yup, I’m sure. Oh! I’m done with my food now. Thanks Mom.” She stood up and kissed her mother and father on the cheeks.

The sound of an old typewriter can be heard in Sakura’s room. The same typewriter that her father bought for her 11th birthday. Since she was a child, her dream is to have a typewriter where she writes her stories like a real Writer and she was very delightful when she got it.

Sakura stopped typing, closed her eyes and thinks of the next scene in her ongoing story. After a few minutes, no ideas came up, she stood up and decided to lay down on her bed for a quick nap.

Dreamland, Sakura is now on her dreamland where all her created characters came to life, surrounding her and waving at her. Her eyes roamed around and all of them are there, no single one left, Sakura can’t help to smile, then suddenly a fluffy hand takes Sakura’s hand, it was Fifi the fluffy bear. Fifi was created by the 5-year-old Sakura. The bear was dragging her to sit on the fluffy pink sofa, facing her old typewriter. Click. Her old typewriter just typed on its own, making Sakura screeched. The blue sky was painted gray, a strong wind came which makes Sakura squints her eyes. She heard her fictional characters shouting and clapping as if their idols were there. After a few minutes, the strong wind stopped and the sun came up. Sakura opened her eyes again and saw two guys standing in front of her. One was dressed up somewhat like a Disney prince, for except the color of his clothes is dark red. Sakura also noticed that this guy seems pale and his eyes glowing red. Her eyes were shifted to the other guy, who dressed ordinary, he’s wearing white long sleeves and black pants and his eyes was covered by his bangs. Sakura just stared them with confusion as they were smiling brightly.

“Finally, I have found you……. Laura/Cherry!” They said in unison.

“Eeeeeeeeh?” that’s all Sakura said.


So here I am again, wasting your precious time. Sorry if there are Grammartical errors, I'm not really good at english soooo.. Don't hate me. I don't know when will I update again, but I promise you. Yes YOU! I will not drop this story.

Oh btw, this is a mini series. Don't know how many chapters, but yeah. See yah~ on the next update

Thank you for reading  :theking
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Re: The Impaler vs. Okami (SakuNaa/JuriSaku)
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Vampire Nana and werewolf Jurina...

Oooh~ now Sakura is dreaming of being in the stories she wrote.

Very interesting~ ^w^)d

Can't wait to see more!

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Re: The Impaler vs. Okami (SakuNaa/JuriSaku)
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okay i move on from wmatsui :( BUT NOW LETS SHIP JURISAKU

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Re: The Impaler vs. Okami (SakuNaa/JuriSaku)
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JuriSakuNaa~~  :heart: :heart: :heart:
Look at what these showrooms are making shippers do. Hahaha.
Looking forward to the next chapters~ Ganbarou~
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Re: The Impaler vs. Okami (SakuNaa/JuriSaku)
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woaah a fanfic with my akb's oshimen as main chara (okada nana) nanao drakula eh, great seems i'll have another great fanfic on my reading list  :) :thumbsup

p.s : i originally am yuunaa shippers but i think sakunaa is not bad hahaha

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