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Author Topic: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 21(Multipairing) 7/7/2018  (Read 7135 times)

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Special Chapter(Multipairing) 4/29/2018
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woah you're fast JurinaN-chan  :twothumbs
so this is how yuko meet haruna  :hehehe:
i love this chapter  :heart:
thanks for special chapter :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Special Chapter(Multipairing) 4/29/2018
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My next exam will be next week. So I took this free time for an update...


   THE NEXT DAY,  the school was in uproar after Sashi brought in the news. The newspaper sold off well that day. Students congratulates the newborn couple nonstop. Even their classmates wanted to throw a party for it, ....but it was so exaggerated so they decided to drop it, and congratulate it like a normal person. Takamina was so happy and touched by it, no one judging her for being with the popular girl, furthermore, all of them already knew they were going to end up together and already prepared themselves for it.

Now our AtsuMina on a date in Shibuya for the first time as a couple. Being the 'man' in this relationship, Takamina was the one who planned everything for today.

Following the recommend in magazine she had read before,  Takamina took Acchan in this one cafe that popular for couple.

Acchan was enjoying her cake and drink, while Takamina debating with herself if she should hold Acchan's inviting hand that on the table. She was too embarrassed to do it.

   "Nice choice. But I don't recommend this cafe for a date. Too many straight people here. Many don't judge, but some are".

   "Yuko!  What are you doing here?!". Takamina shouted irritated after seeing the squirrel girl sitting with them.

   "Not so loud Bakamina. You're attracting too many unwanted attentions. See? ". Referring to people whose giving them a weird stare.  "By the way, I happened passed by until I saw both of you in here. So why not joins you two, it has been a long time since the three of us". Yuko finished her talk and begin to sip Takamina's drink.

   "We don't need you here". Takamina took her drink back.

   "Shuush Minami. Let her be. She has been lonely since NyanNyan busy in her model life".

   "But Acchan, this was supposed to be our-... ".

   "Awww Acchan, you're so sweet. Unlike the other girl". Yuko stole Takamina's drink again. This time plus with the cake.

   "It's okay Yuko".

Takamina sits back grumpily and tried to order another, but there was too many people ,no one among the waiters listened to her calls. She gave up, she only can stared frowning at her drink and cake finished by Yuko.

   "So, where next? ". Yuko asked after finished her fills.

   "You can't be serious! ".


   "Fine! ".Takamina sit back.

   "There is a clothing store I wanna go".

   "And that will be our destination. Come Acchan". Yuko grabbed Acchan's and pulled her out.

   "Heii!.. Who gonna pay for these?! Yuko,come back here you squirrel! ".

But Yuko and Acchan already disappeared from the view. She diverted to the cashier and knows she must be the one to pay for this or she can't leave the cafe. My poor money. Stupid Yuko.

   Takamina catch up with the two and followed them into a clothes store. Yuko and Acchan picked a clothes they interest in and tried on it.  Takamina can only stays quiet seeing her girlfriend got stolen by her bestfriend. Unconsciously,  she the one who become the third wheel. Both the girls ignored her and rejected all her opinion, she also become a carrier for them. But she lose her patience when the store clerk said Acchan and Yuko is a sweet couple and it was not only the worst, Yuko and Acchan not denying it even a bit and only laughed it off.

Throwing the bags on her hands, she dashed away from there. Not apologizing for the ones whose she crashed into.

   Arriving at the empty park, Takamina kneels and sobbing herself. She don't knows if this was a revenge, but if so,  she kinda deserves it.

An arms suddenly pulls her into a hug from behind. From the perfume, she knew who was it.

   "Sorry. I was the one who invited Yuko today. We wanted to revenge you for what you did in these past months, but it looks like we hurt you so much .Once again, I am sorry ".

   "It's okay. I know I kinda deserve all this".

Acchan went infront of Takamina pulling her to stand up. " I promise for our next date, it'll only between us".

Takamina nodded. " Where's Yuko? "

   "She went home. She send her apology".

Takamina smiled. She pulls Acchan nearer her, touching their noses together. Acchan knew what Takamina wants, and she moves forward touching their lips together. It was so sweet, even how many times they had kissed since yesterday, Takamina still don't get bored and becomes more addicted to Acchan's sweet lips taste. It was so addicting.

Pulling back to catch a breath, "I love you", whispered Takamina.

   "I love you too".


   Two girls walking down the stairs. One with a pigtails and one with her freely untied long hair. They were avoiding sea of students in their way. The older one keeps blabbering something, but the younger only nodded.

Catching the lack respond from the other, Yuki pouted. And an idea came to her mind.

   "Ne Mayuyu, I am carving for some sweet, how about catch some ice cream? ".

The word 'ice cream' like a magnet to Mayu. Mayu's ears perked up, and that was when Yuki shows her victory smile.

   "Want some? ". She whispered seductively to the cyborg's ear.

Mayu nodded.

   "What are you waiting for? Let's go". Yuki pulled Mayu into running.

   "Sl-slow down".

After dodging every students, Yuki urgently forcing Mayu to change her shoes fast. The latter rolling her eyes seeing the impatiens girl.

   "Yo Yuki-chan, Yo Mayu". Sae and Sayaka came.

   "Hi too. Going for practice? ". Asked her after saw the ball in Sae's hand.

   "Yup. How about you watch our practice today? ", invited Sae.

   "I am sorry Sae-chan. But I got plan with Mayuyu".

   "Mayuyu? ", Sayaka wonders with that nickname.

Sae diverted her eyes to Mayu.

   "Don't worry exactly. I forgot Milky asked me to run an errand today. So I can't go with you Yuki-chan ".

   "What? ". Yuki dumbfounded with the sudden change of event.

   "You heard her. Let's go now Yuki-chan ". This time, Yuki got dragged by Sae. Yuki only can looked at Mayu while got dragged.

Sayaka giving Mayu a suspicious look before tailing the two.

Mayu sighed. It's for the best, right? .


   "Good job everyone. Keep up the good work,we gotta win this time. See you all tomorrow. Dismissed! ".

Got release from the coach, Sae ran to where Yuki is. Yuki handed a bottle of water to the genking girl while congratulates them for their hard work.

  "Ne Yuki-chan. Let's walk home together".


Bid their farewell to others, both of them started to walked home together. It was time for them to partway but Sae offered to accompany Yuki until she reaches her house. At first Yuki refused, but the latter not giving up until Yuki gave up.

   They stopped infront of Kashiwagi Resident. So this is where she lives. Noted.

   "Yuki. I got something to tell you. So after the competition, can you wait for me".

   "What is it? Can't you tell me now? ". The thing Yuki displeasure the most was when people kept secret from her. It was killing her inside.

   "Nope. Later. I promise. Now go inside". Sae pushed Yuki towards the door before ran from there. She left Yuki hanging curious with what Sae wanted to tells her.

Unbeknownst to them, there a shadow watching their exchange from the dark. " Ehhhh~Never know Yukirin can be such a beauty when she grow up". Her lips curling into a smile before she walked away, still with the smile plastered on her face.

   "I can't believe I told her Mayu! ". The girl on the other line shouted excitedly.

   "First, don't shout. You're hurting my ear,dumbass. Secondly,  are you a super a dumb or what?!. It was a perfect chance for you to tell her, right there. And being a coward at the last minutes, how disappointing ".

  "Well yeah. But I still did a great job, wasn't I? "..

   "If the full score is ten, I give you 2".

   "Better than 0......Thank you Mayu, I don't know how to thanks you enough for helping me".

   "Just....... Don't makes Yuki sad if she accepts you".

   "I swear with my life. Never ever I'll make her cry. I guarantee ".

Mayu hang up the call. It was a night time, the wind from the balcony makes her body colder. But she felt refreshed by it for some reason. Maybe, it related to her cold heart that getting colder each days. Staring into distance, she thought nothing. Only the silence of night as company.

To be continued

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 13 (Multipairing) 5/9/2018
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Mayu you are so dump why you let sae get a chance to confess yuki :(
Good luck for your next exam author-san  :rock: :rock:

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 13 (Multipairing) 5/9/2018
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thanks for new chapter JurinaN-chan  :mon lovelaff:
it will be saeyuki first  :deco:  :deco: you can let mayu with yuki later  :kekeke:
and good luck for ur exam :mon yeah: :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 13 (Multipairing) 5/9/2018
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First of all, good luck for your exam
Second, I got hooked by your fic and it’s so nice
I wonder how Mayuki and Sae story would turn out
Atsumina finally are together as well as saya milky
Now it seems only to be Mayuki left or is it going to be saeyuki?
For sure I’ll wait patiently for the next update

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 13 (Multipairing) 5/9/2018
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   Sae passed through Umeda's defence, catches the ball on the way, dribbling it with goal in her mind... The opponent tried to block her with all their might, but it was not easy to stop the ace,and before they knew it, Sae already throw the ball into the net later the whistle sound signaling the practice end there.

   "Okay everyone. That's it for today. Make sure you get enough rest tonight for tomorrow. Dismissed! ". The coach said.

The girls leave one by one, relieved they can go home earlier than usual. Unlike one girl, the dribbling sound echoing again in the almost empty gymnasium. The coach and Sae looked at each other before Sayaka signs the teacher she be the one to talked to her friend. The teacher left them after that.

   While Sae dribbling, Sayaka ran passed her and stole the ball in the middle.

   "Aw come on Sayaka. Give it back! ",whining Sae.

   "Nope. No more practice today. Time to go home. I don't want you to risk your health. Tomorrow is an important day".

   "I know. I also need to win this. That's why practice is the thing I need at this moment. I don't know how to face Yuki-chan if we lose". The last sentence was pointed to herself, but Sayaka heard it loud and clear.

Bewildered,that was what in Sayaka's stares. " That's the reason. All this hard work is for Kashiwagi-san,not for the team".

   "Wait, what? "

Sayaka drops the ball onto the floor,she leave the place immediately. "Just don't forget to clean up this place", was what Sae heard before the girl vanished from behind the door.


   "That's the only reason you called me out in this middle of night? ". Mayu looked at the older girl annoyed. They were inside the 24/7 hours store right now, after Mayu got a call from Yuki asking her to met her there. Yuki nodded, sipping the bubble tea in her hand. "Look Yuki-chan, yes, I know Sae-senpai longer than you, but it doesn't mean I know what inside her head. And for your remembrance, we're not in the same grade".

   Yuki nods, Mayu made the point. Apparently, our beautiful gorgeous Kagoshima princess just confronted Mayu to asked her thought after told her what Sae said to her yesterday evening. That thing seriously messed with her head. Knowing Mayu, she must knows about this. Of course our cyborg girl knows, but there was no way she let the cat out of the bag. It was Sae's job, not her.

   "Why you don't asks Rena-senpai?".

   "Welllll.....I don't know why, but I can sense Rena dislike Sae-chan somehow".

'Can't be helped, after all Rena-senpai hates player the most. Currently, Sae include in that,
thought Mayu.

   "So the only thing you can do now is to wait until tomorrow, when she tell you". Yuki nodded again. Pouts clearly can be seen on her cheeks. Mayu laughed inside, how can this girl be more cute than this?


Ring Ring Ring

   "Ugh, shut up". My hand reaches for the alarm then turns the annoying thing off. I get up from my bed only to feels something wrong with my body. My vision is blurry, I almost can't see anything in front. When I make my step, my body seems didn't have energy and weak. Fearing for the worse, I dashed to get the thermometer inside the bathroom only to groaned seeing the result.

   "Great. Just great. Out of all days, why must I got fever today! ".

No time to waste, after cleaned myself and ate some medicine, I quickly went to school. It was hard for me to go there in this kind of condition but oh well, competition is my top priority.

On my way to changing room, I encountered Takamina, Atsuko,Yuko,Haruna,Mariko,Miichan,Rena,Yuki and few others. They all encourage me, surprisingly Rena too. I thought she hates me. The smile radiant Yuki,really put my energy to to highest level. I bid them farewell to enters the changing room.

   "Here. Put this on quick". Umeda placed my basketball uniform beside me on the bench I was sitting on. Giving my thanks, I quickly change to it.

I saw Sayaka, but the odd thing is, she never looks into my way even though I called her for many times. I am not a patience person, with the fever get to my nerve as well, consciously, I grab the girl's hand only to get shoved aside.

Our interaction must catch the other girls attention because after that, the room went silent all of sudden. When I thought the awkwardness will continue, the teacher came giving her speech then let the us go when it almost time for competition.

When us entered the gymnasium, many people cheering supporting us or the opponent. From my vision, I saw Yuki sitting with the others, cheering loudly for us. Our eyes met, unconsciously my feets brought me to her. She quite suprised, witnessing how her eyes widened. People around her went quite. Takamina and others too,wearing a confused expression.

   "Wait for me, Yuki-chan ". I said then jogged back to the team. I stealing a glance back, witnessing Yuki got teased and questioning from others. I chuckled.

   "Yosh. Time to get serious".

The whistle sounded again. The opponent scored another goal, again. The opponent supporter cheering even louder while ours shouted us encouragement. This is our final round, whoever win this,is the one to get the title as a winner. But truthfully I must say, the opponent really strong. It was hard for us to score a goal. Currently, they lead by 3-1.

With my condition not at my best, I tried to catch the ball mid-air only to get crushed by someone. My head spinning again. 'No no. Not now '. The person who crushed onto me got a warning, she must do it intentionally.

My junior, Erena pulled me up, asking if I am okay. I lied,saying I am okay. The game continue. 5 minutes left. Now the opponent still leading by 3-2. My condition getting worse, from afar my teacher gives me disapproving looks. I ignored it,and tried to help Sayaka who currently holding the ball.

But I think I already reach my limit when my legs collapsed to the ground. Later, my body followed. I can't move. People looked with horror. I saw Sayaka stood there shocked, still with the ball inside her hands. Before I know, my eyelids feels heavier then everything went black.

End of Sae POV

Yuki sitting staring at the floor beneath. Mayu came sat beside her. Seeing the older girl's condition, Mayu consoles her with patting the Yuki's head in hope it will makes her feel better. This was the only thing she can do. An arms wrapped itself around Mayu's waist. Yuki placed her head on Mayu's shoulder seeking for more comfort. Her unused hand sneaking around Yuki's waist, hugging her while the other still patting the girl head.

   "Don't worry. In no time she gonna be back to her usual energetic self". Mayu tried to made the situation lighter.

   "I know. It's just.... I don't know how she gonna react if she learn that they lose the game. It must makes her depressed".

Mayu said no more. Because Yuki made her point. Sae may look strong outside, but she just fragile inside. Everyone does.

   " Ne Mayuyu".

   "Un? ".

   "I tried to turn blind eyes all these time. But I am curious, remind me so much of her. At first it was Sae-chan , but now.. the more I know you, the more I feel you're familiar. Did we ever met before? ".

Mayu's expression looked calm as usual, for Yuki's suprised because she expected the younger girl to flinched or something. Before she can asks for more, " Kashiwagi-san! Sae already up. But she don't look good and ran away. So I beg you, please go after her. You're the only hope ", begging Sayaka panting.

   Yuki immediately stood up but she hesitated. Her eyes diverted to Mayu. Mayu also stood with her.

   "What are you waiting for? Go". Mayu's voice was so soft. But Yuki immobilized in her spot, right that moment, Mayu's mask disappeared, Yuki can seen in Mayu's eyes,sad and lonely. She felt it was a wrong action to left Mayu there. She knows Sae important but, why her heart told her the opposite?.  Seeing Yuki still in the same spot, she pushed her. "Go! ". The harsh voice startled Yuki and before she knew it,she already ran to find Sae.

Yuki looked at the girl everywhere until she encountered a student who told her she saw Sae went behind the building. Thanking the girl, Yuki dashed there with all her might.

   "Yuki-chan ". Sae frozen seeing the girl she crush on were there standing in front of her panting.

   "Why you ran away? ".

   "I can't face the others. I disappoint them. I went running around saying we're gonna win, but now, it was just like I have a big mouth. If only I listened to Sayaka, we probably win the game".

Sae looked so depressed. It was opposite like her usual self. Yuki hugged the girl and patting Sae's head, the same thing Mayu did for her earlier. The action calmed Sae down somehow. When Sae was a playgirl, she the one who always comforted others but,it was a first time she being comforted.Her mind went blank. Her ears can perceived what Yuki saying anymore. Sae broke the hug, earning a confused gazes from Yuki.


   "You're really different from other. You're the only one who can makes me feel like this ". She grab a hold of Yuki's right hand and placed it on top of her chest, where her heart is. The heart beating so fast, Yuki finally understood what Sae gonna say next.

   "I love you.Yuki".

Sae kissed Yuki.


   "Well, looks like this is the end. I am happy for you, Yukirin". Mayu who witnessed everything from behind of a wall turned her gazes to the snow pendant inside her hand. "Looks like I'll never give this back to you as I promise ".

   "Oh! What do we have here? A cyborg! ". A newcomer said.

Mayu stared at the girl. "What are you doing here? ".

   "Mariko-sama invited me to watch the game. Too bad though, Sae-senpai 's team lose. But.. ". Looked behind Mayu. "...she gonna be okay,I suppose. After all, Yukirin is there to comfort her. Right, Mayu-chan? No...., Yuchan".

"Hi my name is Yuchan.Nice to meet you, Yuki-chan! ",little Mayu cheerfully introduced herself to little Yuki.

   "But,... is this okay for you? ". Concern can be sense in her eyes for the smaller girl.

   "Hopefully, I can accept it over the time. Your loved one happiness, is our self happiness as well,... right?".

   "Will you not regret this? ".

   "Of course I will,

The black short haired girl smile, showing her cat-like smile.

To be Continued

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 14 (Multipairing) 5/20/2018
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woahhh.... nice chapter as always
as I thought, Yuchan is Mayuyu
and Jurina now comes to view
Hmm... will I see Wmatsui too later on? I hope so
I can't wait how the story of Mayu, Yuki and Sae will turn out to be
I will patiently wait
update soon~

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 14 (Multipairing) 5/20/2018
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Woa sae kiss Yuki  :shock: :shock:
Is this mean mayu is single... :cool2: nah now way im here for mayu
Jyurina!!! She's here!!! :shy2:

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 14 (Multipairing) 5/20/2018
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nice! nice! nice! :yossi:
sae with yuki! will be mayu with jurina?? :whistle:
looking forward  what'll happen the next chapters  :hee: :hee:
thanks for update JurinaN-chan  :ptam-kiss:

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 14 (Multipairing) 5/20/2018
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Mayu POV

   It has been few days since the basketball competition, and the day when I lose Yukirin completely to other person's arms. I reach out my hand to the blue sky. Thinking if only I wasn't a coward, maybe...just maybe, there's still a chance for us. Probably. My lips forming a weak smile. Recalling the day when I met her again. In this school.


   "Kashiwagi... Yuki". I mumbled the name. It has been a long time since I uttered the person's name. Since the day I gave up, I never daring enough to uttersthe said person name out loud again.

   "Yah, that's right. Something wrong with my name? ". The person beside me asked. I look at the transfer student thoroughly,..this person standing beside, there was no way she can be Yukirin. Yukirin supposed to be at Kagoshima this moment. Also, she completely different from the Yukirin that I knew. Although I admit there's a bit resemblance between them. But it must be some coincidence. Its so much bless to be true.

Entering my classroom, Paruru gave a curious look. I only waved slightly before went to my seat on the back row near the window. My favorite spot. Lovetan who sat in front me starts rambling about some gossip she got during recess. I wasn't paying attention to it. My mind full about the new girl. For some reason, it keeps bugging me. I know I need to find the answer after this seeing how  distracted I was during classes.

The moment the bell rings, I dashed out from class without saying a proper farewell to teacher earning a few curious looks from students that I passed into on the hallway.

'Student Council '

It was the only place I can get my answer. I opened the unlocked door, find no one inside which a relief for me. Starting from the cabinet full of document of the students of 2nd year, I rummaged through it making quite a mess.

The door behind me clicked opened and a gasps came after that. Yuko stood there startled by the room condition. It looks like it just got ran by hurricane.

   "Mayu-chan, what the heck??!!!!!! ", she screamed out. Can't blame her. If I was in her shoes, I'll do the same.

   "Not here",mumbled me quietly. "Oshiriko-chan, where's Kashiwagi Yuki's document". I stood up, facing her.

   Still in daze, she replied, "Yuki-chan?. There inside my drawer", pointing to her president desk.

I quickly pulled out the drawer and took out the document,placed it on top of the desk. I began opened it and read the whole content of this person named Kashiwagi Yuki. The more I read it, the more I can't believe myself. My fingers tracing the words one by one. Yuko must noticed how shaken I was when she stared questioning me with her panic voice. Instead of telling her, I quickly flew out of the room with my right hand clenching into my chest where my heart lies.

For the first time in 6 years, my heart began jumping with joys. My stomach doing a flip-flop so many times, causing a huge smile that I thought I never can made again. Students who witnessed this side of me must freaked out by now. For the first time since I live in Tokyo, this is the first time my cyborg heart began to make a rhythm again. And this all, thanks to a girl named Kashiwagi Yuki.

Leaving from the school ground, the corner of my eyes caught a pair of students walking down the road at my left. There she are, with Rena-senpai. I ran to catch up with them. I called her name, but the distance too far, I fasten my pace. I never been good in running.

Suddenly the stopped. Me too. They were talking about something. And I got a feeling it was me they were talking about. What is it, I wonder.

   "So what are you gonna do about it? Are you still gonna wait for her,or you know, forget about her?". I heard Rena asking. I took some distant from them but enough to hear their exchange.

I gulped. Yukirin stayed silent a moment before continues, little did I know, her answer gonna broke my heart. "I guess it's finally time for me to move on...". Deg. "..I guess a long distance friendship is not gonna work out in the end. After she left, she didn't keep her promise at all. No call,no letter and the visit during holiday she talked about,only a dream. I am tired of waiting,Rena".'No Yukirin, please, I have a reason '. "If you asking if I angry Rena, no I am not... Just dissapointed ".

   'Just dissapointed... Just dissapointed.. Just dissapointed '.

For the second time, my heart died. It's a lot worse than she hating me. Rena-senpai  turned her head around, and just in time, my body pulled to the other side hidden. I look at the person, finding it was Yuko.

   "Shhh.. You can cry on me", just she said that, she placed her hand at behind my head and moved me slowly onto her chest for me to lean on her. My trembling fingers touched my cheek, since when did my tears fall?

Chuckled hopelessly, thinking,guess cyborg also can cry huh?

End of Flashback

I rather she hates me, though. Than her dissapointed in myself. I failed as her friend.

Yukirin, maybe it was better if we never crossed each other path from the start.

Or maybe,a bit better, if I never knew who you are that day.

Guess I must blame Yuko for this,huh.

   "My predicament are right. You must be here", such a familiar voice voiced from behind. I get up from the floor I just laying on earlier to look at the intruder. "Come on, class is about to start", said Jurina.

Without saying anything, I went toward her following her out of the  rooftop. While walking ,my eyes only staring bore at her back until at the some point, I whacked her head, hard, earning a painful groans from her. Her groans just like a puppy got hit by her master.

She throw me her famous puppy eyes. Got none from me. "Why are you here? And what's up with that uniform? ", pointing at the uniform she wearing that so so so much similar to the one I am wearing right now. "Don't tell me you stole it? ".

   "WHAT?!! No!  I am a new student here. Jya Jya surprise!! ". She opened both her arms,giving me her cherish grin. "This was the reason why you should never skip a morning class. By the way, my seat beside yours".

   "Great, just great. From now on, my peaceful high school day lives officially destroyed ". I massaged my throbbing temple.

   "Heiii that's horrible thing you were saying there! You make me sound that I am so bad and hard to taken care of". She pouting. During 60 seconds, all the horrible memories caused by her fell upon me flooding into my brain like a movie. I raise my brow. "And this wouldn't happens right now, if you would never trick me choosing a high school opposite from yours! ".

   "I did it for my sake. The only happiness for me, is for you to away from my life picture",said me Emotionless.

   "Mayu-chan!!! How can you be so cruel!?!! Stop behaving cold toward your own girlfriend!!!! ".

   "Girlfriend? "

A voice that definitely wasn't ours repeating Jurina's final word. Jurina turned to looks at the owner then formed an 'O' shaped mouth. Don't tell me...

   "Mayuyu, you have a girlfriend? ".


End Of Mayu POV

To be Continued
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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 15 (Multipairing) 6/11/2018
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"Mayuyu, you have a girlfriend?"

Oh God.. who is that? Yukirin?
Interesting still waiting for next chapter 👍👍

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 15 (Multipairing) 11/6/2018
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From my prediction :glasses:
This past episode the only one that call mayu, mayuyu is only yukirin  :glasses: :glasses:
So it probably yukirin.

Anyway thank you again for the nice episode jurinaN San  :twothumbs

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 15 (Multipairing) 11/6/2018
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Gaaahhh i need moreeee!!! :frustrated: :frustrated:

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 15 (Multipairing) 11/6/2018
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   "Mayuyu, you have a girlfriend? ".

Jurina and Mayu stood in awe, not expecting the appearance of the other girl. The warning 5 minutes bell already rung earlier.The
third floor corridor Jurina and Mayu were in now already empty with every students already in their own respective class or still on their way to it to prepares themselves for afternoon lesson. Never they thought there were still a single soul remained at the moment near them. Unfortunately for Mayu, that person was the girl who Mayu has been avoiding for the past days.

Yuki piercing gazes on her asking for a reply she avoided it. Just looking or talking to the older girl only brings her more pain than she already has. At Yuki's side, Yuki pondering why the younger girl avoided her eyes and refused to answer the simple question. For unknown reason, it made her heart clenched painfully. Mayu's face when she ordered her to find Sae after the competition flashing through her mind. 'Did I make a wrong choice?...Mayuyu, look at me', Yuki thought hopefully. 

Jurina who has witnessing the awkward scene decided to took the matter in her own hands and step forward to Yuki to lessen the tension that already forming in the air.

   "Hello! ". She greeted the older girl cheerfully with her usual energetic tone. It succeed in diverting Yuki's attention from Mayu to her. "My name is Matsui Jurina, I am a transfer student who just entered today. Mayu's classmate and her bestie. Nice to finally meet you in person, Kashiwagi Yuki-senpai ", Jurina properly introduce herself,not forgot to added a little smirk in the end when she pronounced Yuki's full name.

Yuki felt it was a little odd for Jurina to know her name, but chose to not payed attention to it. Seeing how friendly Jurina was,  she pop out the question again only this time it was for Jurina. "Are you Mayuyu's girlfriend? ".

Jurina hold herself from showing out her smirk. The reaction of the older girl caused a spark of excitement inside her.  "Mayuyu, huh. It's such a cute nickname. Maybe I'll call her that too~". Rather than answering, she tried to ticked off the older girl a bit to prove her theory. It worked. It made Yuki's blood boiling a bit, but she tried to play it cool. Sensing Yuki not gonna erupt, Jurina continued. "We have been together since our 1st year in middle school. We always got put in the same class, sitting beside each other and going through things together a lot. Basically, you could say that I know Mayu more than Yuko-Senpai,probably,maybe more than her own cousin, Milky.So can you guess now, Yuki-senpai, me and Mayuyu ,what are we?". Jurina smiled, her eyebrow raised waiting for reply.

Somehow, Yuki feels that this new girl provokes her in some way. It was hard to not feel irritated by this smug punchable face before her. Black only needs a little more push to surfaces, Jurina on the other hand became excited like a puppy sensing the black aura surrounding Yuki.


   "Iiittaiiiiiiiii!!!! ". Jurina rubbed the sore spot on top of her head. Mayu just hit her head to stop her from provoking Black any longer. Mayu knew how scary Black was, and she rather hadn't seen it.

Although it was hard, Mayu faced Yuki and explained everything to her. "Sorry about that. This puppy here is Mariko-senpai's cousin, she likes to prank people just like Mariko-sama. And to answer your question, we're not a couple. She's not my girlfriend. That was one of her jokes she pulled on you. Once again, sorry Yuki-senpai ". She bowed.

   Yuki sighed. Thanking Mayu for butt in the conversation, or she may lose control of herself. 'C'mon Yuki, put yourself together. She's only a kid '.

   "Boohhhhh, you destroy the fun cyborg. I just wanna ask her what she think of us. If we look like a couple or not". Jurina pouted, launched herself on Mayu rubbing their cheeks together.


Using her remaining strength, Mayu succeed in pushing Jurina off her. But it was too much force that Jurina can't balance herself. Mayu reached her arm out in order to helped the girl but it too late. Jurina shut her eyes expecting a pain from the impact but the pain never came rather she collided with something before fell on it. Surprisingly, it feels soft and... warm?

She lifted herself up away from whatever beneath her. When Jurina opened her eyes,she was sure she stopped breathing for seconds gazing at the beautiful doe eyes who staring at her back looking as suprised as she was. Jurina gulped. The pale fair skin ,long raven hair with a cute bangs and the catching swirling brown orbs, Jurina wondered if she was seeing an angel right now. Her eyes divert to the angel's lips, staring at it. Unconsciously she licked her lips. Jurina not know what came over her, like she just bewitched with some kind of invisible magic, her body moves on its own,her head leaning closer to her destination before felt a surge of electric running through her body.

'Oh god', that was what passing Mayu's and Yuki's mind that moment. Until......

'PAK!!!!!! ' , echoed in the deserted hallways.

   "Ouch Ouch Ouch....", whimpers Jurina everytime the cold cloth touched her redden left cheek. Mayu rolled her eyes, she stopped. Jurina looked on the mirror that provided inside the infirmary to witnessed her still swollen cheek. "Its still red. Take some times for it vanish to properly", voiced Jurina. Her left fingers running down her left cheek checking the damage that had been done to her pretty face.

   "Basically, it was yours fault. You fell on top of her, sorry for that because I was the one pushed you, but it doesn't meant you need to kiss her. I am impressed Rena-senpai managed to hold herself back there, or not, you probably got beaten to pulp already".

   "Heiii!!!! It was just spur of moment", retorted Jurina. In more calm voice, she continues, "Honestly, I also can't explain what happened back there,it was... something mystical!! There an urge inside my body whispered for me to kissed her. That was the first I desperated to kiss someone so badly".

Memories of Jurina kissed every girls in old school came back. For nth times, such a familiar words repeated by Jurina as an excuse for her improper doings. Whenever the puppy caused trouble, she became the one fixed it.  Mayu didn't know how many times she saved the puppy, it was risking life situation for her. . 

   "I fed up with the lame excuse you put on everytime you kissed a girl who was not yours to begin with. Come on Jurina, everyone in our old school know that you're player. Remember the first time we met, you even tried to pick me up", said Mayu throwing her arms in the air. Jurina scratches her not so itchy head. Embarrassed with the past. Mayu was the first person who ever rejected her, truthfully. Maybe, that was the reason of why she stuck together with Mayu. Unlike others, only Mayu brave enough to knock some sense inside her. "Just please keep your horses together. I don't want another headache. Come, let's go back to class", said Mayu before step out first leaving Jurina still sitting on one of the infirmary beds. Jurina chuckled slightly. Yeah, maybe Mayu cold towards her, acting all annoyed whenever she presence, but it doesn't mean she never care about Jurina's well being. That was one of things, why Jurina liked Mayu a lot. 


Rena bang her locker shut startling the members inside. All of them further they distance from the furious Matsui Rena. A furious Rena, meaning Gekikara. And the thought of the alter ego of the Ace enough making them shivering in fear for their dear life. Tani Marika, a favourite kouhai of Rena pushed Airin her senpai forward. Airin struggles, she also scared of this dark  side of Rena, but more members kept pushing her from behind. When she thought she done for, Rena already left the changing room. Relief for her life, she shot daggers towards the younger members behind her whose smiled sheepishly avoiding an eyes contact.

Rena marched out from the main entrance of the school building still with flames in her eyes. Nobody dared enough to crossed path with the school famous Gekikara queen. In her mind, there an image of Jurina. Rena stabbed it with all her might. 'How, how dare she!! That was'. Her fingers touched her lips. There still lingering warm of the younger Matsui there.

Coming out of nowhere, an arm tangled itself around Rena's left. Caught of guard, Rena ready to punished whoever it was, but halted when saw it was Yuki. The warm of Yuki's smile enough to calm her down.

Yuki poked Rena's cheek. "Are you still angry about the kiss? ", asked Yuki.

   "Shushhh. You don't need to say it outloud. The school didn't need to know about this matter". Rena silenced Yuki. Turning her head back and forth from left to right, afraid if someone overheard Yuki, especially the hungry wolves from Newspaper Club. Imagine the whole school knew about the earlier accident will affect her in many ways. She know who Matsui Jurina is even before she met her. There a rumor of a new girl who transferred in 1-A , junior class. Airin's girlfriend was the one who told her during recess time. Seeing how the girl and others fangirling over this new student, Rena knew it will cause an uproar if they knew the incidentally kiss. An increase of haters was the last thing she needs.

   "Awww, little Rena is shy. Cute~". Yuki squeals pinching the other girl's cheeks. But sensing the mood of the other worsen a bit, Yuki stopped and cling her right arm back around Rena's left arm. They continued their walk. " But Rena, I am surprised you didn't pushed sooner. You always a quick reflexes person ".

Rena's feets stopped moving. Stayed frozen in ground. Yuki who realized the latter,also stopped her legs, turning her body to look at her friend. Too her suprised, Rena's face red as tomato. With a steam out from her ears.

   "Rena? ".

'Yuki's not wrong. Why I didn't.. '.

Sae just walk out from the building after came back from staff room when she saw Rena and Yuki not too far. Her athele legs fasten catch up with the two. Instead doing her usual greeting, she made her presence noticed by wrapping her arms around Yuki's waist from behind startling the girl. The little display of affection from Sae earning quite an attention from other students who still on the school ground. Some of them squealing over the couple and some taking a picture (SaeYuki's fans) as momento. There also silently crying in the back.

   "Hi", whispered Sae near Yuki's ear. 

   "Hi too", replied Yuki, giggling a bit feeling ticklish with Sae's warm breath on her neck.

Rena's mood dropped sour with the lovely mood. "No PDA,please. I'll taking my leave first".

   "Eh Rena, let's go home together ",invited Yuki. She felt bad to let her own friend walked alone. 

   "And become a third wheel? No thanks. I so do not need to see what you're gonna do next,or hear about it. See ya". With that Rena took her steps to left the two lovebirds.

But in the middle sea of students standing on the school ground, her doe eyes catched Mayu standing in one of them looking straight at the couple she just left earlier. Her face shown no emotion at all. Their eyes met. There was pity in Rena's eyes for the younger girl. Mayu was the one first broke the eyes contact. Shoving her hands inside her pockets, she left the place waiting no more.

To be Continued



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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 16(Multipairing) 12/6/2018
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This is a nice update.
An unexpected kiss for wmatsui, this is so nice
I couldn’t wait to see more interaction of the two of them
For Mayuki, it’s a bit sad that Mayu couldn’t tell Yuki about the truth
I wonder what was keeping Mayu from contacting Yuki
I’ll patiently wait for the update

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 16(Multipairing) 12/6/2018
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   'Such a peaceful afternoon'

   Was what our energetic puppy here thought. While waiting for next class to starts, Jurina taking this time exploring her new school. Along the way, there many excited noises disturbing the silent whenever Jurina passed them. Being a player she was, Jurina throw some winks and kiss for her fan girls as fanservice. Dear lord, hope the infirmary has enough beds for the victims.

   Or what Jurina's thought, her relaxing afternoon completely destroyed when Yui and Sayanee appeared before her sprinting toward her. There a piece of paper in Yui's hand.

   "MATSUI!!!!! ", roared the cat loving girl, aka student council president.

   "Yabai", murmered Jurina, then sprinting off avoiding from being catch by the two girls.

   Successful in running away, finally Jurina can stops catching her breath. Feeling exhausted Jurina sat leaning on the tree hoping to catch some rest when a disturbing noise from branches annoyed her. She looked up finding a cute blue bird panties above her. That was when she realized there a girl on the tree.

   Rather than weirded out by it, she find it amusing.

   "What are you doing monkey girl? ", voiced her out.

   "Aahhhhhhh!!! ". The girl startled with Jurina's voice, she lose her holds and stumble falling from quite a height.

   Jurina's quick reflexes told her to catch the girl, and she did before the girl kissed a ground beneath her.

   "Th-thank you,and sorry for troubling you", the girl expressed her gratitude and apologies. Her cheeks a bit red.

   "No worries. I can't let such a cute girl fall, aren't I?". Jurina winked to the girl that still in her arms. 'Oh, she become redder. Interesting '. Jurina let the shy girl down on the ground carefully. "So, may you answer my question? What are you doing up there? It's not such an everyday sight seeing a girl climbing a tree while talking to no one".

   "I am talking to my friend.. My bird friend". The girl emphasize the last word when Jurina throw some questioning glance. She bit her lips. 'She must freak out by now. Talking to some weird girl '.

   ".....Interesting. Bird girl, huh".

   "W-wait, aren't you.. freaking out by what I just said. I meant, I talked to someone who aren't human".

   "So what? Everyone have their own things. Don't let people judge you for who you are. That's the thing I hate the most in this society. People always discriminate others, but not themselves. So disgusting". Jurina made a truly disgusted face thinking about it. "By the way, I am Matsui Jurina. And you are..?". Extended her hand.

   Feeling astonished by Jurina's words, she accepts the girl's hand. Shaking it. "Takayanagi Akane. Second year student from 2-A".


   At some neighborhood, there were three figures walking down the road. Their heads keeps turning back and forth looking at the name plate each houses owns. Far in front, there a line figure standing staring at the most biggest house, no a mansion in the neighbourhood.

   "Oi, Gachapin, what are you gaping at? ", Mariko, one of those three figures admonished the stone girl.

   "We were from same middle school", she mumbles something. "I know she from a rich family,  but I never thought....that..thatshe this RICH!!!!! ". Her arms flailing at the mansion before her.

Mariko turned looked at it. Her eyes diverted to the name plate, almost having a heart attack after. Yuki and Rena behind her also having the same reaction as her. 'Now I understand what Kojipa worried about. If was her, I totally feel the same'.
"But how can that pervert looking old man having a luxury life as a princess? ", uttered Mariko in disbelief. 

   "That's rude!".


   "Oh Rena-chan, Yuki-chan, you came!. Come inside, the others already here", invites Yuko.

   The five of them entered the mansion with Yuko leading them to one of the rooms. Opening the door, the room occupied by a big LCD television, many kind of consoles game, sofas, a big coffee table and other things that made them in awe. Takamina, Acchan, Haruna,already inside making themselves comfortable.

   They gathered circling the round coffee table. With Yuko - Haruna - Mariko - Miichan - Acchan -Takamina - Rena and lastly Yuki between Rena and Yuko.

   "So what's the occasion? It's rare for you to gathers us like this", Takamina decided to voiced her curiousity.

   "Not too mention, you forbid us from telling this gathering to Sayaka and Sae", this time was Mariko. The others stay silent waiting for answer.

   "Didn't all of you notice there something odd about them?".

   "Odd? Sae and Sayaka? ".

   Yuko nodded.

The girls flashback their memories.


   "Ne Yuki-chan, let's go home together". Sae shows up beside Yuki's desk.

   Not looking, Yuki who still busy with her stuff nodded, later realized something. "How about Akimoto-san? ".

   Sae flinched. "N-not today. She's busy with something. Just the two of us".



   "Sayaka-san, what are you doing here? ", Rena asked to her classmate who standing in the doorway earning quite an attention from the students inside the dojo. To calm them, Rena volunteered herself to asked the basketball captain.

   "Nothing. Just watching".

   Rena raised her brow. "Sae-san not with you? ".

   Sayaka shakes her head. Feeling dejected.


   Takamina, Acchan, Mariko, Miichan, Haruna, Sae and Sayaka were eating lunch together. Unlike usual, the Twin Towers didn't spoke to each other at all. Thinking it was the lingering effect of their loss, their shuddered the odd.

   "Nope". Answered them unison.

   Yuko bang her head onto the table. "Some friends you are".

   "Okay. Let's just say they were fighting for real. What we're gonna do about it? ". Miichan looked at Yuko.

   "They never fought before. So it's hard to say if they will apologize or not", Mariko said.

   "Not too mention, Sae-san a hardheaded one", commented Rena.

   "From Sayaka's personality, she must debate with herself right now if she wanna apologize or not", Takamina said. Haruna nodded. Her right hand playing with Yuko's hair.

   "This is hard", mumble Acchan,clings to Takamina's arm.

   Yuko grin mischievously, giving them a bad vibe about this. "That's where we come in".


Saturday Evening

Yuki and Sae on a date in amusement park. They were holding hands and Sae literally dragged Yuki everywhere that sparked her interest. Poor Yuki, unlike Sae, she was not great in sport which she find it was hard to kept up with the energetic goofball beside her. Sae was so excited today, because for the first time, Yuki invited her somewhere, alone, with no others around. It was like a blessing ,for all these time, Sae the one who always invited Yuki outing. Not the other way around.

Unbeknownst to Sae,there many pair eyes that watching both of them from a far. Some of the owners even put on a weird disguise to his themselves. The truth was, it was part of SaeYaka Reconcile Plan made by Yuko during the gathering in her place. Yuki in charge of inviting Sae to this amusement park so the plan can work out.

   "Okay. Step 1 successed. Now where is Sayaka? We can't start this plan without the other main actress". Takamina looked at Mariko and Milky.

   "Yuko texted said they already here. So we only need a right time to act", Mariko replied. Using a walkie talkie, Takamina sent this information to other groups. There a bit of talking between her and Acchan, it will only progressed further if Mariko didn't snatch it away.

   "Heiii! ".

   "This the reason why we can't put couple in the same team. Knowing Acchan who is childish, she may pleading you to have a date here abandoning the mission. Knowing you who can't RESIST her, you probably let her have her way toward you. And there's no way  I let you two off the hook and leave this mission to us and make us all suffer alone", stated Mariko.

   "Heiii. We're not that bad!".

   "Hah!Tell that to my hand. I don't want to hear such words from a person who skipped class several time since she got into relationship only to be found inside her secret spot with her lover making out like there's no tomorrow". Mariko rolled her eyes. Takamina looked down ashamed. It was truly the most embarrassing thing in her life when Yuko burst inside the garden taking a pictures of them before ran spread it around the school. Thanks for that, the lovers punished by their homeroom teacher. "Seriously, the more you are together, the more you become alike with the KojiYuu couple".

   The sky turned dark. Sae and Yuki were tired from all the rides they ride on earlier. That was when Yuki got a text from Yuko. For a highlight of this date, Yuki pulled Sae to Ferris Wheel. Sae looked so delighted with Yuki's behavior. While waiting for turn, Sae tugged Yuki's hand that inside her, to catch Yuki's attention.

   "Yes, Sae-chan? ".

   Sae pecked Yuki's cheek. Yuki blushed slightly from the gesture of ikemen girl beside her.
   "What was that for? ". Touching her cheek.

   "For today..and everything ".

   "Sae-chan ".

   Yuki bit her lower lips. There bitterness inside. Knowing how happy Sae was, she can't helped but felt terrible. Sae thought she did this to deepening their bond, but it was only a facade, it was all Yuko's idea. If not for plan, Yuki never thought she will ever invited Sae out somewhere. It was always the other way around.

   Not long after, it was their turn. But rather than both of them entering together, Sae got pushed by Miichan and Takamina inside while Yuko got out from gondola. Without Yuki, the Ferris Wheel continues rotating again.

   "Sae? ". Familiar with the voice, Sae looked above from the ground seen Sayaka there sitting looking at her puzzled. "What are you doing? ". Sayaka helped the genking girl to stand up.

   "That was my line".

   "I was with Yuko until you came in".

   "Well, I was with Yuki-chan ". Answered her short. The air around them became awkward. They were sitting avoiding each other. It was better to stay silent until the Ferris Wheel stopped. But the thing was, 10 minutes already passed by, but there were no sign it gonna stop anytime soon. 'What the hell?!'.

Beneath them there quite a ruckus going on inside the controller room. Yuko was sitting inside handling everything while Takamina, Miichan, Acchan, Haruna, Mariko, Sayanee, Yui, Tomochin and Milky keeping the workers away.

    "Oi! Let us pass! You damn girls! ".

    "That's not a toy. Quit playing with it! ".

    "Aww come on, relax. I'll pay for this later. In the meantime, let us do what we want to do", shouted Yuko.

    "Sashi,are they done yet?! ", Takamina turned looking at the girl sitting with her equipment on a table.

   "Not yet. They still don't speak to each other during the whole ride", reported Sasshi. Paruru there beside her managed the listening device. Actually, they secretly put mini microphone on both Sayaka and Sae without their notice. The Ferris Wheel will never stopped until they finish their little problem.

   "Now I am scared of Newspaper Club", Rena who standing beside her spoke out. "How you manage to purchase all these things? ".

   "We have our way". Rena knew the girl not going to revealed further so she stop asking.

   Paruru who silent this whistle time finally spoke something. "I have been wondering, this was supposed to be SaeYaka plan. So why those two are there as well? ". Her eyes focused on one of the gondola.

   "I wonder". Sasshi and Rena also looked up to where Paruru's attention was.

Inside another gondola

   Mayu was literally cursing everyone else. Never thought it will ever came, where Yuko betrayed her. The trust she has on the older girl disappeared the moment where the midget pushed her inside one of the empty gondola and the worst part was, Yuki later thrown inside the same manner as her as the Ferris Wheel began to move.

   Same as SaeYaka, Mayuki also not spoke any words since. They sat silently opposite each other. Mayu didn't know what to say, while Yuki actually nervous being put together with the younger girl in this small space. Biting her lower lip, Yuki finally opened up conversation after getting enough courage.


   "H-Huh? ".

   "Did something wrong to you? ", Yuki asked the question she has been meaning to ask this whole time but didn't get a chance to. Mayu stupefied, no, not because of the question, she knew the question gonna come, but what caught her off guard was,... Yuki was crying.

To be Continued

Okay everyone, that's all. My hands are hurting from typing. Gonna post the next chapter soon. It's holiday, so I took this time to update as many chapter as I can. Only if I don't get writer block.



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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 17(Multipairing) 14/6/2018
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   ... Yuki was crying.

   Mayu literally went panicked seeing the love of her life crying because of her. Getting up from her seat, she stood in front Yuki stroking her head in action to calmed her. Yuki's arms made its way around Mayu's waist with her head leaning on Mayu's stomach. This gesture seriously uncomfortable for Mayu, but pushing the older girl away was the last option in this kind of situation. To balance herself,her left hand against the wall glass behind Yuki while her other hand still on Yuki's head, stroking her. This gesture always made Yuki calmed in the past. And it still have the same effect now. Yuki's tears immediately stopped.

   "I am sorry,for letting you see this side of me. I was always a crybaby back then, now I guess I still do", whispered Yuki,enough for Mayu to heard her words. Mayu smirked. Nostalgia hit her the moment Yuki said that. Loosen her holds, Yuki looked up into Mayu's eyes, piercing with warm gazes. "Why? Tell me".

   Mayu took a step back, making Yuki completely lose her holds onto her. Staring outside the window, the scenery outside took her attention. Slowly went back to her previous seat, she told Yuki one of the reason to Yuki's question.

   "To give some space to you and Sae-senpai. Every lovebirds need some space after they got together,right? I only fulfilling the request without being mention. I don't think Sae-senpai will be happy if I stick around you two and interrupt your private moment", Mayu explained, the floor beneath her her became her interest. Yes, Yuki still not knows her identity as her childhood friend, but Mayu knows, no matter whoever she was, Yuki still can read throughly her.

   Unexpected with the outcome, it weirded Mayu out as Yuki were laughing at her. Furrowing her eyebrows, Mayu now worried about the girl's mind.

   "Baka", uttered Yuki as she flicked the cyborg forehead. "Now I understand why they keep teasing us whenever Sae-chan and I were together. I thought it was only a joke among you guys, never I know that you all believe those rumor". As Yuki said that, she hold her stomach trying to stifle her laughter that about to erupted again.

   A clueless Mayu staring back at her. Still can't registered Yuki's words.

   "You said you're smart cyborg, but you still don't get this simple thing? ". Waiting no further, Yuki finally said it herself.    "Mayuyu, me and Sae-chan we're not going out".

   "What? ".

On another gondola

   The Ferris Wheel that still continues rotating, Sayaka and Sae began to felt funny in their stomach, and it was not a good sign at all. Finally at some time,

   "I am sorry", Sae blurted out.

   Sayaka's eyes widened, truly not expecting an apology words at all from the short-haired opposite her.

   "I know you're mad,if only I heard and did what you advise me, probably we will never lose the game in the first place, and me troubling the team that day, I feel guilty about it. Once again, I am truly sorry! ". Sae bowed.

   "......It's only a half".

   "There's more? ". Sae straighten her back. Eyes meeting to the other.

   Sayaka nodded. "I don't mind you likes Kashiwagi-san. But I do mind, the effort you gave in basketball only for her. It makes me angry. Knowing how little us to you".

   "It's not like that! ", retorted Sae. " Basketball, everyone in it, is precious to me! All the practices I had made, it was all for us. So don't said that you all mean little to me. Because you're not! ".

   "I know. Maybe, at that time, I let the pressure shallowing my well being. Me too, I am sorry ". After the talk, they laughed together. It was such disbelieved they let this little misunderstanding got between their friendship.

Meanwhile the others

   "..Me and Sae, we're not going out".

   "Eeehhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!????? ".

   All Mayu's and Yuki's conversation has been heard by the others. Oblivious to Yuko's secret plan, Sasshi also has put mini microphone in Mayu's hoodie following Yuko's order. Thanks for that, they clearly heard the confession.

   "That's a lie! Absolutely a lie!! ", Miichan shouted, not taking the news quite well. Never her information has been wrong before.

   "But, aren't they never declare they are going out with each other to us? We just assumed everything since we know Sae-chan confessed her love", Acchan pointed out.

    "How about you Rena? Did Yuki ever tell you anything about them". Asked Takamina to the one who most close with Yuki.

    "Well,.. no".

    "So was Sae got rejected or what?! ".

    "Shuuush. She going to explain now ", Sasshi silenced them. All ears on the speaker.

Back to Yuki and Mayu, the cyborg completely shocked with Yuki's past sentence. Her cyborg brain loaded every alphabets, registered it many times, to made sure she not hearing thing.

    "That's not a funny joke you got there, Yuki-senpai ". Something inside Mayu almost snapped. How dare Yuki tried to hid her relationship from her? She only turned her heart worsen. "I saw both of you kissed! And I know you are in love with her. Stop lying ". Without her realizing it herself, she raised her voice against Yuki. Yuki didn't budged.

    "I am not".


    "I love you, Yuki".

    Yuki felt Sae's warm lips against hers. It was too sudden, it stunned her. But after awhile, she began to move her lips. Sae smirked against the kiss, too much happiness to contained, she deepen the kiss after feeling Yuki's respond. Too much pleasure, Yuki almost moaned, until there a flash brought her back to reality. She strongly pushed Sae off her. Breaking the kiss.
    "Yuki-chan? ".

    "Can..can you give me a time?".

    "Why?!! I thought you feels the same as I do".

    "Please". Yuki begged Sae.

    Noticed Yuki desperated expression she never seen before, she nodded understanding. Even though she wanna pushed things further she knew there a line where to stopped. And now Yuki drawing that line. Things only worsen if she continues. 

End of Flashback

    "Wow", amazed Mayu. So all these times, it has been a misunderstanding.

    "The reason of why Sae-chan close with me for these past days cause she want to stole my heart. Making sure the answer I will give later is the one she desires ".

    "You don't love her? ".

    "Love is a big word, Mayuyu. Yes, I like Sae-chan. But my like for her is not equal to love. For me to love someone, it takes time. But, you're not wrong, I do have crush on Sae, but it's too soon for us to date each other. I want to know her better first".

    Finally, the ride stopped. Yuko and Takamina immediately got punished by Sae and Sayaka the moment they got out. Thankfully, the others punishment never came because they needed to ran away from team of guards that had been called to handle their rebel against the workers.

    Escaping from the guard, all of them laughed together. Sayanee and Milky were holding hands, Yuko as usual clings to Haruna like a koala immediately got pushed away by the girl,  Acchan also the same but her girl not do what Haruna did to Yuko but blushed from shyness, Mariko and Miichan bickering about the listening device in Sasshi's arms while Sasshi stopping them from snatching the device away and Paruru,Yui also Rena further on behind tailing the others while chatting. Sayaka patted Sae's back, gave courage to the girl. Sae grinning, then went to Yuki's side putting her arm around the girl's shoulders. Yuki smiled.

    From behind, Rena's and Yuko's eyes on the trio in front them. Where Sae walking at Yuki's right side and Mayu at Yuki's left side chewing some gum with earphones in her eyes. Both Sae and Yuki were chatting, sometimes, Yuki will pulled the younger girl in the same pace as them if she saw Mayu walked faster or slower.

    "Now the question is, who's the one in your heart, Yuki-chan? ", whispered them to themselves.

To be Continued

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 18(Multipairing) 15/6/2018
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Wow.. just wow..
Now you make me curious on how things will go on after this as Mayu sort of knows that Yuki and Sae wasn't a couple
I wonder if Mayu would start making a move or not
Can't wait to see your new update

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 18(Multipairing) 15/6/2018
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   The upcoming cultural festival created a festive mood around the students of AKB Gakuen. It was what the students always has been waiting for every year. No matter where you looked to, you will saw stalls and posters everywhere. The building also became more colorful than before, thanks to the art students, whose putting their efforts in painting it after given the permission from principal. These was the days where students can did what they wanted that against the school rules in another normal day. Instead of studying, the classes given the permission to used the school times for planning and making everything for making this upcoming festival successful.

   For her first time celebrating festival in her new school, Yuki amazed with all the activities of the classes and clubs. It more merrier than in her old school. Well, it was Tokyo after all, so no suprised there. Putting on student council arm band, Yuki proceed to checked on everything, listed it, and made sure there no problem with the preparation. It sure was tiring, but she felt pumped up doing it. After everything okay, she made her way to visited the school dojo searching for her bestfriend. She encountered Airin, Airin pointed at the dressing room and that was where Yuki final destination would be.

   But what greeted her, totally out of her league. Bowing several times, she immediately closed the door leaning on it.

   "DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! ", came from inside.


   Feeling embarrassed, Yuki did not dared to looked up to her bestfriend face. Rena there stood beside looking ashamed. Finally, she opened her mouth.

   "It's not what you think".

   "Sooo, what happened? ".

   Rena sighed.


One hour ago,

   "So Airin, how is it going with your girlfriend? ". Rena asked still busy cleaning the equipment.

   "Good. What's with that question ", Airin raised her eyebrow.

   "Nothing. I just heard some stuff from kouhai that your girlfriend close with this one girl. And I heard the girl is a charmer. So, I am just wondering ".

   "Everything perfect, really. I already met the girl once, and I totally like her. She's fun to be with, even she a kouhai. Now I see why she so popular. Maybe, you can hook up with her".

   "Are you crazy?!! ", shouted Rena. Turning her body around to faced her friend. Looking at her like she was some kind of space creature. "Did not you heard me that she's a charmer? You knows I hated player the most. And what did made you think I swing that way?!".

    "So now you're telling me that you're a straight? Wow Rena marvelous ", Airin said sarcastic. "So made Kashiwagi-san? Is she actually a boy in disguise? ".

    "That was all in the past. Now I saw her as my sister that I need to protect from".

    "It doesn't change the fact that you ever loved her before. By the way, I am not saying you swing that way, but both ways. Bisexual. I mean, your first crush was a boy from kindergarten ".

    Rena ready to retorted back. As she hates losing. But someone beat her to it.

    "What are you talking about? ",a girl with birdie face came asking innocently. "Hi my frog prince".

    "Hi my cutie birdie girlfriend ". Airin hugged Churi's waist,then giving a peck to her lips.

    "Hi Rena-chan ".

    "Hi Churi".

    "What are you doing here? I told you I'll come back to class later".

    "I miss you", muttered Churi, earning a squeal from Airin of how cute her girlfriend was. "Owww,I miss you too",nuzzled closer to her girlfriend neck. Rena looked elsewhere. A bit hurt feelings hit her right on her heart. "Oh, I brought my new friend. I think it's good for Rena-chan  to meet her".

    "Well, okay. I'll be glad to", Rena tried to sound happy. It was exactly troublesome for her to met a stranger.

    Churi called her friend in, and the moment Rena saw her, she totally regretting saying those words. 'No.I am not glad to'. Throwing some invisible daggers to a cheeky smiling Jurina. Jurina smiling at her.

    "Hi, Jurina.Nice to meet you again".

    "Hi too, Airin-senpai.And it's a pleasure Rena-chan ".


    "Rena-chan? Wait! You two knew each other? ".

    "NO! /YES! ".

    Rena growled at Jurina who in returned send her a grin. Airin protecting Churi beside her, afraid if Rena lose control went berserk, even though she didn't got any idea what was going on between the two Matsuis. Tension in the air.

    Rena changed her hakama into the school uniform growling in the process. When she in the middle buttoning her button, there presence she sensed inside the changing room with her. She turned her body around only to got smashed against the locker with both her sides trapped within the arms.

    Jurina stared at Rena's flustered face, grinning when it got redder. Her eyes downcast to Rena's still unbutton clothes, gulping when she saw the older Matsui put on a black bra. Unconsciously she bit her lower lip. The event in the past will repeated again, if only Rena didn't voiced out.

    "Get.Off. Me".

     The sly grin back to Jurina's face. Her eyes met Rena's eyes. A staring battle start. "No can do... You See Rena-chan, you're the first person who slap me in the face after a kiss. It never happened to me before".

    "Heh. Glad to be your first. And don't call my name without my permission".

     "I so do not need the permission. I do what I want, and I get everything that I desire".

     "But not me. I am not an easy person".

     "I know. But just wait. Let's see until the end. Who's gonna win. By the way,.. ". Jurina's right hand trailing down between Rena's chest, Rena tried hard not to moan and tried to pushed the younger Matsui off, but the younger too strong. She took both Rena's wrists in her left hand pushed it up against the locker. Jurina's knee in the middle of Rena's tights. Jurina leaned closer to Rena. Only a few inch apart before their lips met. "I know I am gonna win. After all, you're only a lonely soul Rena. I saw in your eyes, that you longing some affection whenever you saw couples interactions around you. Sooner or later, you will beg to me, for me to give you what you heart desire. Anytime, anywhere. I don't care. Just say those words, and I'll give what you wanted". Each sentences, Jurina getting close to her destination. Rena already weaken in her arms.

But that was when Yuki came, shattering all Jurina's intention. Rena regained her senses back, immediately pushed the girl off and ran after Yuki.

End of Fashback

    "It's her game. Don't worry. I am not gonna let that brat have her way with me", said Rena. She didn't told Yuki the full story, only where Jurina started acting strange towards her.
    "If you said so. But if something come up. Tell me, I'll help you".
    "Please Yuki, I so do not need to see you went Black to everyone ", joked Rena. Both of them giggling.

    Something caught Yuki's eyes. That something was everywhere, and girls that passed by them kept talking excitedly about it.

   "Ne Rena. Is it just me, or I saw many girls kept talking about Mayuyu".

   "Oh. That. Mayu-san really getting more popular whenever the festival comes".

   "Why is that? ".

   "How to put it. Well, this sounds crazy but it's the truth. Actually, our school has a tradition whenever the festival days comes, there will be a special club re-alive during those days. That special club named 'Danso Club'. It created by our past alumni few years back, in reason for help the girls didn't die from loneliness. It's absurd. I know", explained Rena. Yuki nodded.

   "So what does this Danso Club thing related to Mayuyu's sudden popularity?".

   "Mayu-san loves anime related. And danso one of those. So she must gonna participating in the special club event.  I heard from Yuko-san that Mayu danso before at her middle school making her popular. I saw her pictures, and I swear they are not kidding. She really Ikemen in her danso form. Because most of the girls came from the same middle school as her, it's not a surprise if there fans among them".

   "Oh". Yuki's eyes looked at the crowd of girls fawning over Mayu's picture. Something creeping inside her. She dismissed the thought quickly.


   Over with Jurina, she clearly smiling like an idiot everytime she imagined Rena's earlier face. 'If only that giraffe didn't come, we must already..... hehehehe'. A certain fantasy running wild inside her mind. She already reached the juicy thing when someone decided to put a stop to her imagination with slamming her head with a crumpled newspaper.

   "Ouch! Owie".

   "Thanks Mayu". Takamina faked coughed. That earned attention from Jurina. "Basically, you all already know why we're here today, right? ".

   "Actually, we have given a mission to takes an undergarments of every students in this scho—!!!!!Ouch!!!! .That's seriously hurt. Why you smacked me with your bag and not newspaper?!! ". Yuko pouted.

   "Thanks once again, Mayu". For a second time, Takamina faked a coughed again. "Back to the main topic, as we already know, this school has tradition where every festival comes, the Danso Club will be active again during those days. So as the members elected to be a member of this special club, I wantball of us to think an event we gonna hold this time".

   "How about a danso cafe? ", Nakanishi Yuka a third year from class C suggested.

   "No way! We already did it last year. We need to spice things up", earning disapproval from Oya Shizuka from third year class A. 

   "How about drama? ", came from Kumi, a second year of class A.

   "With all boys in it? Are we gonna make yaoi drama? ", denied Maeda Ami, a first year from class B.

   "We also need to make a script if we want to make a drama. It's bothersome. After all, we still need to participate in our class and club event", said Muto Tomu, a first year from class B. Sayanee and Yui beside her nodded with their classmates reason.

   "This is harder than I expected ", sighed Takamina. After hearing few more ideas been thrown at,then always managed to got denied by others.

   "A-Ano, h-how about a fashion show? ", suggested the usual quiet Ikoma Rina a first year from class C. 

   "Fashion Show? ".

   "Y-yeah. W-where we did some danso with the clothes we chosen on our own".

   "That could actually work", Takamina nodded. Everyone seemed agreeing with it.

   "Nice idea, Ikoma-chan", Yuko gave a thumb up to the kouhai.

   They resumed discussing the whole event. During the discussion, Mayu didn't pay attention at all. She only nodded whenever someone asking for her opinion. Her right hand kept twirling the pendant hanging around her neck hidden behind her uniform. Jurina noticed this but decided to saved it for later.


Watanabe Resident

   Mayu stood in front the mirror. Undressing herself, revealing her white milky body bit by bit. After her fully naked, the scars hidden behind her clothes this whole time finally revealed. Scars made from the tragedy caused by her selfish childish self.

   "You're the cause of my son's death! Don't you dare come near here! "

   "You cursed child! Because of you stubborness, my brother and his wife dead!".

   "How could you?! They was your parents!!! ".

   Mayu reopened her eyes. Her eyes stared blankly at the mirror.

   "Yukirin". Her hand reached to the snow necklace, putting it closer to where her heartbeat was, she closed her eyes once more time. This time, playing all her memories of her dear childhood friend.

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART Chapter 19(Multipairing) 21/6/2018
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It seems that Mayu has hard past and now I sort of know the reason why she couldn’t meet Yuki but still, I want to know the whole story
I can’t wait to see the reaction of Yuki seeing Mayu in danso
And... Jurina and Rena relationship progresss is something I couldn’t wait to see
Update soon, author
I’ll be waiting :)

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