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Author Topic: UNEXPECTED || AtsuMina, KojiYuu, MaYuki, WMatsui || Chapter 6 Update! (053115)  (Read 20156 times)

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Re: UNEXPECTED || AtsuMina, KojiYuu, MaYuki, WMatsui || Chapter 2: Our Pasts
« Reply #20 on: December 23, 2014, 12:38:19 AM »
Takamina is remembering something... But still a flash here and there....  :?

Yuko and Mayu knew each other already... Yeah....  :inlove:

Rena and Jun...???? still dunno what's going on?

Can't wait to see what's going on next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: UNEXPECTED || AtsuMina, KojiYuu, MaYuki, WMatsui || Chapter 2: Our Pasts
« Reply #21 on: December 23, 2014, 03:12:51 AM »

What's with Rena? :depressed:

So, Haruna is driving Yuko away...why? :dunno:

Takamina is remembering something eh? I wonder what's that. :hehehe:

As expected from Yuko and Mayu. :mon thumb:

Please update soon! :mon bye:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: UNEXPECTED || AtsuMina, KojiYuu, MaYuki, WMatsui || Chapter 2: Our Pasts
« Reply #22 on: December 24, 2014, 02:02:10 AM »
Matsui Jun?!?!? Is that Jurina brother or it was Jurina?!?

What happen to Takamina at the end of the ch?

Why Mayu needs two more ppl?

Update soon

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Re: UNEXPECTED || AtsuMina, KojiYuu, MaYuki, WMatsui || Chapter 2: Our Pasts
« Reply #23 on: December 30, 2014, 11:27:30 PM »
Hello hello!! I really like this! There's a lot of mysteries in this story and just makes you wanna keep reading~ :D

Matsui Jun??!! Is he supposed to be related to Jurina or something?? Oh man I can't see the link yet so I'm really looking forward to wmatsui part  :lol:

HAHAH Oshiri sisters though  XD XD but I wonder what Mayu meant by two lines~~~ Really interesting! I wanna know how Mayu & Yuki are related! Well they are rivals, but it seems more than just "rival" of that nickname or something :huhuh

Do update soooon :thumbsup :twothumbs

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Re: UNEXPECTED || AtsuMina, KojiYuu, MaYuki, WMatsui || Chapter 3 Update!
« Reply #24 on: January 17, 2015, 02:29:46 PM »
Heyhoo minna-sannnn!!! :D :D :D sorry for the long update. School already started and schoolworks are pilling me :bleed eyes: here is the chapter 3, sorry for grammar mistakes and typos you'll found

@SNSD.ProudPinoy.WMatsui: thank you!! XD Reading your comment makes me happy :wub: hehe you have great intuition~ but to find the real answer, stay tune okay? ;)
@black_maa: hopefully this chapter makes you understand more :hip smile:
@Kairi65: thanks with the spirit~ XD of course you typo lady :P
@cisda83: here is the update, I hope you like it :hip smile:
@ChibiRine: I know Rena's part is confusing, I'm sorry :bow: keep reading and you'll know the answer :D
@Kirozoro: hahaha sorry I can't answer all your questions because if I do that means I spoil the story~ keep reading okie? ;)
@EMPRE33: hello! XD here is the update sorry if its long~

Chapter 3: Mysterious Meeting

Yuko POV

Strange. Yesterday when I met this girl whose desk is next to me, she was cold as if I was the most vile that should not be sitting next to her. But now she does otherwise. It all began when I was following behind and trying not caught by her. She went to the park behind the school carrying a lunch box and sat on a bench under a shady tree. She opened her lunch box and it turns out it was....

Raw meat?!
My eyes are not mistaken is not it?!

I rubbed my eyes to prove that my eyesight is not problematic. In fact what I see it is not an illusion or imagination or because of my eyesight problems. It is real! She ate it joyfully. I dropped open and eyes wide. Could this be a dream? I pinched my arm hard that cause I shouted loud enough. Oops! Looks like she's aware of me because she stopped eating, stood up from the bench, and approached me. My voice was quite loud to be heard by her. This is bad! Hastily I'm looking for a hiding place but none! I tensed as I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I swivel my head to see who the owner of this hand. need to look I already know who the owner is.

"Hey Oshima - san!" Kojima Haruna, a girl who I thought was cold and unfriendly but beautiful and sexy smiles to me?! I shudder but it feels disrespectful if I did not reply to her greeting.

"Uh...hello K-Kojima-san." I'm so stuttered like this. Luckily she did not realize the strangeness of me.

"What are you doing here? Do not have lunch?"

"Etto...." Come to think of reasons precise and rapid Oshima Yuko! "Oh! I want to get some fresh air here hehehehe..."

The reason seem ridiculous but at least I have than nothing. She also does not look suspicious so no need to worry. "I see. Well then, wanna going to class together?"

She smiled and looked very pretty. I was hesitant to accept the invitation because of the event that I saw a few minutes ago. Just smile plastered on her beautiful face now sends a strange feeling to my heart and into my brain so I nodded. She seemed pleased with my reaction. Finally we walked together to the class. On the way she opened a conversation.

"Oshima-san, just call me Haruna okay? Do not need formal to me." She pointed to her face and spoke in a tone that was cute. In contrast to yesterday's tone. Once again she made ​​me shock.

"Okay but with one condition you should call me Yuko, agree?"


The bell rang signaling the first recess is over. During lessons I could not focus and stop smiling. I still couldn't believe Haruna smiles and chat with me! All that is around me does not seem to exist, the voices are not heard clearly, there is only a lap time in my mind when we were both together. I think I was like being on the verge of seventh heaven! Really fun and create a warm sensation in my chest.

Time passes very quickly. 2 hours have passed and now it's second recess. At first I wanted to go and talk to her again but some girls invited me ( rather forced ) to eat together in the cafeteria. Sigh, so be it, I was powerless. We eat while chatting lightly until it is dismissed by a female student, a junior, who suddenly appeared. She wanted me to follow her so I followed her.

She speaks with me in the garden behind the school
Turns out she was a lonely child that I found in the garden ten years ago
Mayu or familiarly I call Shiriri-chan

She asked me to come to her house after school. To suppress me, she said she would wait at the school gate after school. I promised her I would come. I'm very curious about what she calls the "meeting" later. What are we talking about? Is it very important to me so I should ignore the other important mission which is to know Haruna closer and to find answers of what she did earlier during break time?
Jurina POV
The second recess over

Who is the person named Jun? Is he Rena's former girlfriend/boyfriend?
What is this feeling? There is pain in my chest
I'm waiting for Rena to answer my question while holding the pain
I hate this pain, suddenly come and give out of breath effect
From pouting to frowning, that is what my lips form now

" I...." She paused to bite her lower lip. "I...uh..."

"Come on Rena what's wrong with you?" I feel the emotion broke into my head crown.

"I just feel are the person..I've been looking for..."

I rolled my eyes as a sign I'm getting irritated. "You said the same thing when you confess love to me. Did you get amnesia when you awake?" I asked sarcastically.

"Not that I mean but...Jun is—"

The sound of the bell cut Rena's sentence which was about to say. She was in a hurry packed her lunch box and move. I snorted see her go away without a word. Lazily I tidied up my lunch box as well and moved. I was just going to open the door of the school roof but someone chuckle from behind me. I look back and see her. The cold and without expression of class 2-A, Watanabe Mayu. Saw her, I was getting really bad mood. Instantly I crossed my arms and eyebrows twitched. She approached me, still chuckling. Her lips formed a smirk.

"Matsui Jurina am I right?" She opened the conversation.

"What do you want?" I turned the question put cold face.

She held out her hand to me. "Hajimemashite, I'm Watanabe Mayu from class 1-A." Her face was now no expression. The smirk she formed a while ago is gone.

"No need to introduce yourself. Everyone in this school already know you are the most intelligent student with the highest IQ in this school, and also you are the youngest businesswoman who inherits a large company The W corp." I did not budge from my original position, still crossed my arms. It does not bode well for the girl in front of me because she does not like it if debased or lectured. Thanks for my bad mood.

"....after school meet me at the school gate. You and a few others including me would gather at my house to talk about something. If you escape," She looked at me with a look that is very scary and cold. "You will know the consequence Matsui Jurina."
She walked to the door. Before she held the doorknob, she turned a little to me. "You will know the answer of your question, in short you will not regret it if you come. " After she said like that she disappeared without a sound, and she closed the door very slowly. Like a rat.

She said I would get answers of my question? So, she heard, rather eavesdropping my conversation with Rena?!
Half of myself is angry but the other is very curious to know the answer.
I can not wait for school to over.
Takamina POV
After second recess

"I'm fine Sashi." I tried to get up. My hand on my work table to support myself in the student council room. Not my actual table but already belongs to someone else soon. And shortly after I think so, the girl I mentioned earlier indirectly appear just like I do telepathy.

"What happened Sashihara?" She closed the door and looked at me intently.

"Takamina-san suddenly lost her balance and moaning in pain, holding her head. is common hap—"

"Thank you for bringing my documents requested Sashi. You can exit and re-follow lessons in the classroom."

She shrugs her shoulder and then left the room. The room became very quiet after she got out. I want to open a normal conversation with her but after she saw what was happening, I thought she would demand an answer in mind. I sighed and sat down.

"From the little I got symptom where my head ache suddenly like stabbed. Doctor keep as secret the name of the disease...but not a great thing to know for me. The important thing I have painkillers."

Acchan approached. "Never mind, you should not tell me if that's your personal problem." She patted me on the shoulder with a smile. " Oh by the way, now I understand what I need to do as president. Thank you Minami."

Why is she calling me Minami?
Unintentionally or indeed so?

"Minami? ...Did you call me that by accident? " I looked away. She is the first person other than my family called me by my first name. My heart quickly. Looks like this happened because I'm nervous, causing my heart to be like this.

"" She smiled mischievously. "Am I not allowed to call Minami?"

"Etto...erm...whatever you say."

Better she called Minami than Takamini. Somehow now Acchan laughed at me. Is my facial expression weird? Or is there something stuck in my face? I decided to wait for completion laugh alone. No need to wait long, just a few minutes, she was holding her stomach and smiled broadly after laughing.

"Very funny expression Minami! You're embarrassed I call you by the first name huh? Look at your face as red as a tomato!" She laughed for a second round. If only there was a hole in this room, I want to jump into it to hide from this embarrassment. Arrgghh why are you blushing cheeks?! See, now I laughed at!

Our moment is interrupted by the arrival of someone who I do not think will come here. Acchan and I instantly fell silent. The person closed the door and walked towards me. She looked at Acchan before focusing her eyes at me.

"Takamina-san can we talk privately?"

I looked Acchan hesitantly. Fortunately she understood that she had to get out to leave us alone. After her reflection does not appear in this room, I began to open up my voice.

"What are you doing here, Watanabe?"

"After school meet me at the school gate. I want to discuss something with you in my house."

I shook my head. "I can not, I'm busy."

"Really? Didn't you already no longer served as a president of the student council? After all isn't the person who had just come out, already understand how to perform duties as a position that she received? You're busy, it's just an excuse."

"You do not know what activities I have Watanabe Mayu. You should not accuse me of lying!" If came a situation like this, I admit I was irascible.

"Hm...I know exactly what your activities today. You forget who I am?"

She smirked. Although the principal praising my brain intelligence, the junior who stand before me now is smarter. I forgot that she was the owner of a large company that manufactures surveillance equipment such as CCTV. She apparently also heard my conversation with Acchan. Hopefully she did not hear about my nickname problem. Unfortunately this person, do not want to be a member of the student council when first offered. In fact, if she joins, she would be very helpful.

"I'll take your silence as you agreement to come. See you later Takamina-san."

She has not changed...literally can make the opponent could not move. I hope this discussion is not about something that is not important. Oh wait, I can take advantage of this. I agreed to join the discussion, she should be able to get Acchan's phone number as a return for me hehehehe.

Wait a minute, why do I want her number?
Normal POV

School bell rang out signaling learning time is over. Mayu quickly gathered her books and put into bag. She aims to be the first up at the school gate. Teacher who teach in class today unexpectedly gave an impromptu homework for the students. So their class was the last to exit. But the corridors are still crowded by students from other classes, so Mayu somewhat relieved by the sight. She hopes these three she asked to meet her at the school gate still not home. When Mayu wants to run, someone grabbed her wrist from behind.

Mayu looked back.
Mayu made ​​a clicking sound of mouth.

"Let me go."

Yuki instead pulled into a spot. Mayu can not fight because Yuki force more powerful than herself. They arrived at the deserted school auditorium. Ruggedly, Yuki releasing the grip and throw Mayu to the middle of the room. But with alacrity Mayu could prevent herself from fall touching the floor.

"I'm not going to let the plan go smoothly." Yuki broke the silence.

"What? You want to fight me? With pleasure."

Yuki nodded and took something out of her bag, as well as Mayu. Before they issue their respective possessions, they held a staring competition. They analyzed their opponent, searching for their weakness. Finally after some minutes they stopped their current activity and bring out their things...

A Smartphone.
Yukirin's black.
Mayu's white.

"If I win you have to carry me to the school gate Yuki." Mayu turned on the device.

Yuki did the same. "Fine. If I win you owe me 'that thing' Mayu."

"Well, since the last time we play I have won, I select the game. Let's play Let's Get Rich!"

5 minutes later...
"Shit! You definitely cheating!"

"What? You accuse me without proof!"

"Tch! I've no time Yuki! Alright you win this time. I will give "it" later!" Mayu was about to walk out of the auditorium but Yuki for the second time stop her, holding her wrist. Her eyes turned into a sharp and black aura surrounding her.

"As I said earlier, I'm not going to let your plans run smoothly."

Mayu swallowed her saliva hardly. She is just a normal human that could be afraid. Even though she hates defeat, she better do what the girl in front of her pleases.

She did not want to die yet.
She is still young.
Mayu did not want to die young.
She wants to be a success person and reach her dream before die.

Well sometimes the hurt one prayer is granted by the god upward. Because in sudden someone entered the auditorium. Mayu's eyes sparkling though she didn't show it and keep her expressionless face. Yuko came and approached those two while shook her head.
"Hey Shiriri-chan I've been waiting at the school gate but you are not there. I asked your classmate and they said you were going to here with the new transfer student." Yuko looked at Mayu's hand and then smirk. "Aaah~ you two are having private time huh? No wonder you guys here in this quiet place because you wanna do "it" right? Okay we can postpone the meeting Mayu-chan~" She whispered. "Have fun with your girlfriend~"

Yuko was going to take her leave but a shout from Mayu make her refrain. "She is not my girlfriend! Stop there! Let me follow you."
This time Mayu struggling to loose and succeeded! Immediately she runs to Yuko after that pulled her out of the room. Yuki who is alone there, in the quiet room, sighed. While walking toward the exit, some words escaped from her mouth. Which are...
"Sad we're ended up like this, Mayu..."

To Be Continued...

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It very good, quickly to new chap

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Is there a possibilities, that something will happen and it won't be something good...  :wth  coz Mayu asking for others to meet  her in house.. hmmm..
And Takamina, you  need Acchan phone number.. it's for sure..  XD
Also - there is still some mystery!  8)
Waiting next update!  :)
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Ah... Yuko and Minami are so cute...

Ah... Jurina, Mayu????

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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What is mayu's plan , exactly  :dunno:   :kekeke:
She is such a badass  :hiakhiakhiak: i mean how cool mayu when she was intimidating people with her aura  :hehehe: :mon lol:
And those lets get rich competition .. :mon lmao:  :mon lol: what a 'thing'  :mon dunno:
Update soon  :gmon hot:

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i wonder whats the 'it' Mayu and Yuki are talking about.. :O

and why Mayu invite those guys.. :?

hmm...update soon! :cathappy:

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Hmmm i'm curios why Mayu invited the others to her house?

What is this 'it' Mayu and Yuki talk about?

Why do i have this feeling Mayu and Yuki are close in the past

Update soon

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Hey! This is a great update!!!  :lol:
Hmmmmmm~ I wonder what are they going to talk about at Mayu's house... How are Yuko, Jurina & Takamina related to Mayuyu??? Really wanna know more  :on lol:
And the relationship between Yuki & Mayu? It's so mysterious yet I really want to know! But seriously the two of them... Settling stuffs by playing Let's Get Rich??!! Seriously??!! HAHAHA that was so epic & hilarious ><

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Hellooooo minna-san, do you miss me??? :lol: XD so sorry I'm 'missing' for quiet long time  :bow: here is chapter 4~ I hope you like it! :hip smile: as usual sorry for grammar errors and typos. The last, sorry I can't reply your comments for now because I'm in hurry now :panic: I need to study for tomorrow's exam. Wish me luck! And thanks for your comments!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Chapter 4: The Truth

Takamina POV

5 minutes had elapsed but where is she? She asked me to meet her here, but she herself is  nowhere to be seen. Surprisingly school gates look more crowded than usual. There is someone who is surrounded by girls. Shouts and cheers from them deafening me. I sighed and then look for something that can be used to plug my ears. Someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind in the middle of the search. I do not think that someone is Acchan. She smiled before starting the conversation. It seems it has become a habit of her.

"What are you doing here, Minimi?"

Ehhh?! She called me what??? Without feeling guilty, she just smiled even wider. Just now she makes my heart flutter suddenly because she called me by my first name only. Now she called me by any other name...what's wrong with her...

"Why are you silent? Are the commotion of the girls were too loud to the point that you do not hear me?" She pouted.

"You called me Minimi...-___-"

"Eh am I wrong calling you that?" She giggled while covering her mouth. I did not answer the question because I'm sure she just wanted to tease me. I put on a flat face while she was still giggling. My attention is diverted from Acchan to girls who had gathered around a person, they slowly away as a girl walking towards them. Is not the girl who mobbed Matsui Jurina, the super popular junior? And the girl who walked up to her...oh! I remember the news that brought by Sashi.


"Takamina-san! Today is truly horrendous day!" Sashi broke down the door of the student council room. I glared at her because of her behavior. She finally laughed bland and closed the door very carefully.

I folded my arms. "What news Sashi?"

"One of students of our force named Matsui know she's like what isn't?" I roll my eyes as a sign of annoyance. "I know all the students in this school."

"Nah, she was in the cafeteria...she kissed our junior who is very very popular, Matsui Jurina! Instantly cafeteria stormy and crowded. I was so hard to get out of there." After Sashi said that, my eyes widened. What? The girl who had a princess image and neat personality as Matsui Rena do such a thing? What was the motive behind her action?


"Mou Minami! You're ignoring me..."

I snapped back to reality when Acchan whinning to me. "I'm sorry I'm sorry. I was thinking about some things. I'm here waiting for someone. It was late afternoon you'd better go home before sunset."

Now Acchan pouts. "So you were rid of me? Are you waiting for your boyfriend or girlfriend?" She snorted and then turned around to leave without waiting for an answer. Before that she looked briefly. Somehow her aura changed.....

"I can look after myself. No matter how late I get home."

"Acchan wait! Hey!" She did not stop when I call. Looks like she's really upset...I felt guilty for ignoring although I do not mean to do so. What should I do if I meet Acchan later? Oh! I remember someone said if our friends angry or upset, give her something as a token of apology. Objects that will be given should stuff she likes. Yossha! Then I'll ask for help from Mayu to spy on her later. Fufufufu...

My mind instantly shattered by the sound from across. Matsui pairing seemed to be arguing. It looks interesting, I have to listen to their conversation. Slowly I approached them and took a considerable distance to be heard.
Jurina POV

"Jurina, I want to take you somewhere." A voice came from outside the crowd. These girls blocking my view that is looking for the source of the voice. Without much effort, the girls away by themselves, showing a figure that I recognize. My girlfriend who is also senior to me, Rena. She crossed her arms as she approached me.

"Hm...seems like I can not go now," I stuck my hand in my neck. "Gomen Rena, I'm waiting for someone.."

Rena was silent and looked at me. I feel she's been cranky because of my rejection. She is difficult to understand by me. When she confessed her love she literally straightforward and does not know fear. A few hours ago she was like hiding something and acted awkward because I'm a little mad at her. Now she's changed again. I've used to be the boss in a relationship (Boss means I dominate in the relationship)
but my relationship together with Rena, I do not know who is the boss. Well, she had twice acting like a boss and I only once. Sigh, I had to stay still to know what her goal is.

Rena walked up to me and she stopped in front of me REALLY close! Our noses almost touching. She stared into my eyes. "Waiting for someone who will confess love to you hm?"

"Aaa...etto not," I swallowed hard. "I'm friend. Yes my friend."

I smiled with forced. Friend? I do not even know that rat! But what can I do, Rena will be suspicious if I just say "girl". When Rena will open her mouth again, I saw her from afar. That Mayu and someone who I had never seen before. Finally, the goddess Fortuna on my side! But it turns out they are not up to me, instead up to the president of the student council, not far from where I was standing. I did not realize she was there...

Then Mayu together with Takamina-san and an unknown person was walking towards me. After we're close enough, Mayu directly holding my wrist. "Come on, we've run out of time." Before Mayu could pull me, Rena stop and let go of my hand from Mayu. "Jurina and I will go somewhere," Rena is now changing her tone, her eyes were slightly bulging. "You can go at any time but not now."

Mayu sighed and pulled out her smartphone. "Well I'm not in the mood to quarrel. Give me your email or something that could be contacted."

"This is my email address." I do not want to make Rena wait because she looks...scary. After giving my email address, unexpectedly Rena pulled me into my car! She sat in the driver's seat and I could not do anything because she immediately started the engine and drove onto the highway.

We were both silent for a journey to a place I do not know where. Today is quite tiring day so unknowingly my eyes feel very heavy like overwritten by five tons of stone, and I immediately drifted to the fantastic world of dreamland.
Yuko POV
On the way to Mayu's house

I never know Shiriri-chan could drive a car. Gosh she was underage! Was evident on her face no worries or fears of police which at times could stop her car. Thanks to the hard work she could buy this elegant car...I'm very proud of her. I regret I had to move out of town because of my father's work, causing us apart. Thankfully we can meet again.

I smiled while groping a necklace I worn. This necklace was a gift from my parents, there is a diamond on the pendant, and the whole necklace is made of silver. This necklace sometimes makes me deja vu. Until now I still look for the truth of this necklace, a necklace which passed down from generation to generation...

Oh I forgot to say. Behind me there was someone who was short...pfftt she looks very cute. Well I know my height only slightly higher than her but she still shorter. Seen from the windshield, she was silent as she twisted the ring she wore on her ring finger. Was she engaged already? She looks thinking of something and after a few minutes looking at her silently, she smiled a little (?). I wonder why she is smiling alone? Well let her be.

Finally we got Mayu's home that looks like palace. God this kid really worked hard at a young age. We entered the palace and sat in the living room. There is a butler with a pretty face approached her. The butler looked cute~ he also had a pretty good butt. I grinned.

The butler was gone after Mayu whispered something to him. Mayu cleared her throat. "Can you stop grinning and out of your LaLa-land, Yuko?"

I burst out laughing. "Well, we have a call oshiri sisters not without reason Mayu-chan~" I grinned again. "That butler had a nice butt, you're smart to choose men Mayu-chan!"

"She is a girl."

Instantly me and the midget girl stared with eyes grow big. I also make a wide O shape of mouth. "Maji?!" Me and the midget girl asked in unison. Mayu just rolled her eyes and sighed.

Not long after, the butler who actually is a girl came with a set of cup complete with a luxurious and sparkling teapot. Drinks has come~! She puts everything carefully and then bent on us all. Mayu stopped her. "They don't believe that you're a girl. Introduce yourself." I facepalmed. Mayu said it with a straight face as if she did not have a zest for life. Tsk tsk tsk.

"Hai Ojou-sama. My name is Ikoma Rina, I am 100% female, miss." He bent with butler style again.

"Hey if you are female, why wear butler outfit instead maid?"

"I'm more comfortable with butler outfit, Miss." Mayu added. "Besides, she is also a tomboy and a beautiful girl's face and handsome at the same time according to me is very rare. So I allow her."

Hm...why Mayu a bit awkward? Looks like she is hiding something. I see Ikoma also smiled awkwardly. Strange. I rubbed my imaginary beard but did not say anything more. Let the time to answer what exactly they hide.

"Yuko-chan, let me introduce, she is the president of the student council. Need correction, she soon will be "ex-president". She is your underclassmen. Takamina-san, introduce my childhood friend who recently moved to our school."

I held out my hand. "Oshima Yuko desu!"

"Takahashi Minami. Call me Takamina."

"What? Takamidget? o(*゚▽゚*)o "

"Hey! It's Takamina! ( ̄Д ̄)ノ "

Mayu had smiled at me for the sight. It was not long because Mayu take her smartphone and typing. Not long after she was finished and invited us to drink. She herself just crossed her arms on her chest and tapped her shoe to the floor as a sign of patience began to run out. I sip my tea while not stop glancing. Why is she in a hurry?
Meanwhile on the other side
Jurina POV

Rays of the afternoon sun hit my sleeping face. My dream was....thrilling enough, weird, creepy at the same time. I opened my eyes slowly, apparently we've arrived at a strange place but it feels familiar to me. Rena was not in the car. Looks like she was out first and leave me here. I open my seat belt and get out of the car. Around me there are only trees and plants as well as the road is not paved. Under large shady tree, someone is sitting underneath it, looking far into the houses under a small hill. Yes, we were there on the hill. I did not expect Rena brought me here.

I walked very slowly intending to startle her. Unfortunately it did not work because Rena immediately turned around with....a sad look? I sat beside her, staring at her deeply. "Hey why brought me here?"

"This place..." She stopped and looked far into the houses again. I followed what she did. The wind blows some fallen leaves and our hairs. This is almost the same moment occurred when we were both on the school roof when Rena confessed love.

"Full of memories"


Rena face to me. "Do you feel anything?"

"Well...yes. This tree was familiar..." Rena shift my view of the tree by her hand that holds my hand. "What is wrong? Why do you look sad?"

Rena lowered her head and wept silently. I was surprised because she's suddenly like this. Panic threatened me, I hastily wiped her cheeks. "Why are you crying? Tell me, what is my fault?"

No answer came out of the tiny lips. She sobbed and this time covered her face with her hands. Somehow I feel out of breath seeing her in this condition. I removed her hand away slowly, wiping her tears with my thumb. Not a word appears, that there was only the sound of sobs begin to subside. I stared at her, waiting for her to stop crying. I decided to break this silence.

"To be honest...I do not like to see you crying like that..." I looked away. Heartburn overflowed into my cheek. This is strange.


Silence again.

"Do not cry again okay?" Ringing phone makes me distracted for a second time. There is an e-mail message received and turns it was from Mayu. She asked that I must come now because it was getting late and she did not have much time. Huh that rat just acts busy! Whereas I do not want to leave Rena for now.

"Rena, I have to go now. Let me send you ho-"

"No need," she smiled sadly. "My house is close from here, go."

I did not comment further. Before getting into the car, I saw Rena once again to make sure she was okay. My mind is still wondering what on earth until she cried, why the tree looks familiar, and what is the meaning of my dream which Rena was in it...I rode with a feeling of chaos.
Normal POV

Jurina had arrived in Mayu's house and assembled with two other people. Instantly situation becomes quiet and heavy, no one spoke. Either they feel scared by the cold gaze of Mayu or the situation supress them. Mayu cleared her throat, making it these three person startled.

"I do not know where to start. Let me arrange the words for a few minutes. You do not need to be so strained. While I prepare, you can do a relaxing activity."

Takamina stroking her chest and sighed with relief. Yuko clenched her fist and said "yes!" without sound. Jurina immediately playing with her smartphone. Each began to dissolve in the created comfort but Yuko's stomach growling aloud when things are really quiet. The only sound audible is the tick of clock. The entire attention on her now. She scratched her head.

"Mayu-chan~ ehe may I ask for food?" Mayu nodded and without wasting time Yuko step on her foot directly into the kitchen. There she met with Ikoma who was washing the dishes. "Hey Ikoma-chan, can you make food for me?"

Ikoma smiled afterwards wiping her wet hands, folding up her sleeves, and began to take ingredients from the fridge. Mayu's house is very quiet, Ikoma did not speak just the sound of the ingredient fried sounds, from the living room is also no sound. Yuko is not the type of person who likes such silence so she opens her mouth but do not know what she wants to talk about. Apparently Ikoma realized that Yuko difficulty finding topics. She smiled broadly.

"Want to know one of the secrets of Mayu-san?"

Yuko's eyes sparkled. "Of course!"

Ikoma turn down the fire in the stove and went to Yuko. She looked around before whispering. "You have to promise not to tell anyone okay?" Yuko thrusted her pinkie. "If I break I'm not going to pass the exam." Yuko grinned.

"Alright," they relate to each other little finger.

"Actually, Mayu-san is otaku." Yuko squinted. "I already know. I expect Mayu's secret not Mayu's fact."

"Hey I'm not finished yet. In addition to the manga and anime lovers, Mayu-san likes danso. She sometimes spend a long time in her room to try men clothes. One of the reasons why I wear butler outfits is because she asked...rather ordered me to wear it. She said I was very nice for danso and she envy it. I do not understand why she ordered me that in fact hm...can be said I'm her rival in danso, to perform danso. Strange right?"

"According to me she was envy in positive terms. Not envy but actually admire you hahahaha."

"Yuko-chan have you finish eating?!" Mayu shouted from the living room, startling them both.

"Hurry up and eat Yuko-san! I forgot that Mayu-san had surveillance equipment everywhere. I'm dead >_<" Ikoma thrust plate of food that has been cooked.

"Calm down Ikoma-chan~ As long as I'm here Shiriri-chan can't lay a finger on you (・ω・) "

Yuko immediately devoured her food quickly and soon her plate clean with no residue. She returned to the living room after thanking Ikoma. Everyone is waiting, the clock showed it was night time. Yuko sat next to Mayu that clutching a carved small wooden box. Mayu hinted Takamina and Jurina to get close. She opened the box containing a silver bracelet and an earring made by silver as well.

"I'm going to start from the main."

Mayu give the bracelet to Jurina while she wears the earring. Yuko and Takamina looked at each other, confused about all of Mayu's actions. The wooden box was put on the table in the living room. Mayu cleared her throat afterwards. "Yuko-chan, remove the necklace you're wearing. Takamina-san show the ring you're wearing."

They did what Mayu asked with questions revolve in their minds. Mayu looked at the four things a while. "Those Necklace, earrings, rings, and bracelets are the strength and our shield. We as hunters, strength and protection are the two main things that necessary—"

"Wait a minute. What do you mean by 'we as hunters'?" Takamina interrupting. Her eyebrows furrowed and her expression shocked.

"Yes. We foursome is a blood-sucking creature hunter, if you know what I mean. Yuko-chan," Mayu looked at her and nod in reply by Yuko. "You are our leader. From the beginning until now we serve you. This century, without you know, and it is common knowledge, vampires and humans compete with each other to become the ruler. Humans have intelligence and technology but vampires have supernatural powers. Therefore, the competition between the two sides have not reached the end point. However, lately many rulers were from vampire, the less human. We are commanded to exterminate them. Yuko-chan's family is the greatest hunter family and has led many hunters from hundreds of years ago. My family is the head's right hand. Takamina-san's family is a strategy advisor. While Jurina's family is a provider of weapons."

The three were shocked to know this truth. Not crossed their minds when Mayu lying or joking in view of the expression on her face now. "I know a lot of questions you guys want to ask. As I promised, Yuko-chan, Takamina-san, Jurina, I will answer your questions this afternoon. Listen carefully..."

To Be Continue...

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